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ISSUE 6-2017 SESSION 2 WEEK 2 JULY 15, 2017


Los Angeles
Department of
Parks and

Schedule Updates

We are having another Great Session and have hit our max number of Monday 7/17
JGs for 2nd session. JGs have really made an effort this last week to learn SCV JGs Visiting
all about Lifeguarding and push themselves to do new things. We had
our COLOR Break out this past Thursday and now when the Instructors Tuesday 7/18
announce COLOR Day, make sure you have your teams color bracelet LACo Fire &
ready to be put on. GO RED!! Yellow vs Blue

This week is full of activities with SCV JGs visiting on Monday and LACo Wednesday 7/19
Fire Air Operations coming on Tuesday (if no Local Fires are happening). BEACH DAY!!
Also we have our BEACH Day Field trip to Port Hueneme on Wednesday.
This will be a fun day at the beach. Please bring extra towels and maybe Thursday 7/20
a sweatshirt due to the beach is always colder than the lake! KONA ICE $3-$5

7/21 in SAN DIEGO
Only for JGs who
1 2 3 have been invited
for event.
Be at the LAKE BY 7:00 Just a reminder to be Reminder that the
PICK UP between kind to one and other. earliest drop off is 1/2
3:30-4pm hour before program

ISSUE 6-2017 SESSION 2 WEEK 2 JULY 15, 2017

This year we are reaching out and will be donating

to 3 non-profit organizations that will help many
families in need. 1st Session did a great job and all
3 organizations expressed how grateful they are
for our donations. Lets continue with 2nd Session!
1. Family Promise of Santa Clarita Valley assists
homeless families with children by offering shelter,
meals, and support services. This program
requires background checks for children's safety
and provides support for life long sustainability.
They are in need of shampoo, conditioner, soap, toilet paper and deodorant.
2. San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission assists families with children by establishing a plan for
restoration and self sufficiency. This organization offers life skills programs and training onsite. Not
only does the SFV Rescue Mission feed and house homeless families but they also plan field trips
and special events! This mission is in need of toys and nonperishable foods.
3. Santa Clarita Valley Food Pantry's mission is to "alleviate hunger throughout the Santa Clarita
Valley." This food pantry has been serving the community for over 30 years. I feel this organization
will be greatly advantageous from our donation. They are specifically in need of canned fruit and
other canned food items.
Please Bring Items starting this week. We have boxes in the office.
We will be making trips each week to donate the items.

JG Regionals:
This Friday July 21st Castaic JGs will be meeting up with the other LACo Lake Jr. Lifeguard Programs
to compete at the 2017 California JG Regional Competition in San Diego -Silver Strand Beach. This
comp. is only for selected JGs due to the limited number of JGs that can compete in each event.
Next Wednesday July 26th All JGs from Castaic will be competing in our LACo Lake Jr. Lifeguard
Competiton at Bonelli Lake. More info to come out next JG Watch. GO CASTAIC JGS!!


We have finally received our order of more Rashguards. We have a
limited number that we will start selling at 8:30am on MONDAY
Morning from the back door of the JG Classroom (BISC-same location
where we had uniform handouts) We will not give out any rash guards
until 8:30. Please make sure to get the right size so you will need to
have your JG with you to try-on. You may also park in LOT #1 is you
plan to get a rash guard on this morning.

Steve Himes aka Scuba

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