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Anabolic Finishers - Chest and Back
The question that is often asked is will my non-restricted limbs see a benefit? So can it be
used for chest, back and glutes. The answer is...YOU BET!

Chest can be occluded by applying bands to the top of your shoulders.

As we discussed in the introduction, the bands should be applied with a level of tightness
that allows blood to flow into the muscles but that will restrict the outward flow so as to elicit
a pooling effect in the target muscle you are working.

If you can barely move your limbs while they are occluded, then chances are the bands are
too tight, and if you are not in absolute agony by the end of your session then you probably
need to tighten the bands a little!

As a general rule of thumb, the most common recommendation regarding band tightness
is to tighten them to approximately 70% of maximum tightness. This will allow blood to flow
into the muscles while still preventing the venous return out of them.

We are talking about nervous system activation throughout your entire body. By wrapping
the arms or legs, the nervous system senses extreme fatigue in the limbs. To compensate,
your nervous system recruits more muscle from in the limbs that are not restricted or
occluded. Basically your body is going to do whatever it can to maintain force and keep itself
from failing.

Research published in Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging found that restricting
blood flow to the arms and performing the bench press actually resulted in a 16 percent
increase in muscle activation of the pecs. Research has also found that individuals who train
their legs with BFR and follow it with an arm workout actually get more growth in the arms
than when training them separately.

While the reason for this is unclear, it is possible that growth factors released from BFR and/
or circulating metabolites are able to enhance the metabolic effects in the non-BFR arms.
Thus, training chest, back, or glutes with the arms or legs restricted may be beneficial for
inducing growth in those muscles. | 3
Anabolic Finishers - Chest and Back
Anabolic Finishers Cycle
Anabolic Finishers are performed by doing three high-rep sets in short succession, followed
by another three sets for the antagonistic muscle group.

Notice that with these we are predominantly using isolation exercises.

This is because by the end of your workout you are going to be fatigued, and performing
these Anabolic Finishers is going to be incredibly taxing on your system.

Your form will likely break down as the burning pain sets in, so using isolation exercises with
minimal weight will ensure that you are not putting yourself at risk of injury.

As you get to the second and third sets of these Anabolic Finishes every fiber of your being
is going to be screaming at you to stop because of the pain, so your job is to ignore these
impulses and get through it no matter what it takes.

If you really want to develop an Alpha Physique then you have to adopt an Alpha Mindset,
and that involves going above and beyond when performing crazy monstrous finisher sets
like these!

Before Starting...

Before you start the Anabolic Finishers, remember that the emphasis is on light weight for
high reps.

The studies proving the benefits of occlusion training typically used around 20% of subjects
1RM, so leave your ego at the door and prepare for pain!

It is recommended that you take a couple of minutes rest between each exercise as this will
allow you enough time to remove the bands, compose yourself, and then reattach the bands
after a minute or two.

Removing the bands between exercises will also allow your blood flow to return to some
semblance of normalcy, making the second exercise even more painful when you occlude
the muscles again. | 4
Anabolic Finishers - Chest and Back

Note - You are doing these workouts with your arms restricted by the bands - you will see a
benefit in your chest... trust me. Secure the bands as outlined for your arms and train your
chest. All of the same principles apply in terms of weight and rest.

A Workout

Machine Chest Press
1 x 30 (rest 30 seconds)
1 x max reps (rest 30 seconds)
1 x max reps
Immediately followed by...

Dumbbell Chest Flys on a Slight Incline

1 x 30 (rest 30 seconds)
1 x max reps (rest 30 seconds)
1 x max reps

B Workout

Dumbbell Bench Press on a Slight Incline
1 x 30 (rest 30 seconds)
1 x max reps (rest 30 seconds)
1 x max reps
Immediately followed by...

Pec Deck
1 x 30 (rest 30 seconds)
1 x max reps (rest 30 seconds)
1 x max reps

Note: You absolutely must use a light weight and be very careful when performing the
second exercises in this Anabolic Finisher.

By this point your chest and shoulders will be in an extremely vulnerable position, placing
you at great risk of injury.

Consider performing the movement with empty hands for a few reps to feel the limitations of
your range of motion, and even after that you will probably only need to use 2.5 lbs or 5 lbs
dumbbells. | 5
Anabolic Finishers - Chest and Back
Shoulders & Back

A Workout

Pull Ups
1 x max reps (rest 30 seconds)
1 x max reps (rest 30 seconds)
1 x max reps
Immediately followed by...

Rear Delt Dumbbell Fly on a Bench

1 x 30 (rest 30 seconds)
1 x max reps (rest 30 seconds)
1 x max reps

B Workout

Lat Pulldowns
1 x max reps (rest 30 seconds)
1 x max reps (rest 30 seconds)
1 x max reps
Immediately followed by...

Dumbbell Lateral Raises

1 x 30 (rest 30 seconds)
1 x max reps (rest 30 seconds)
1 x max reps

Note: Again, extreme caution and strict form is to be used when performing these exercises.
If you are unable to perform at least several full pull ups without jerking your body up and
down then use a lat pulldown machine because your shoulders are placed in an extremely
vulnerable position at the bottom of a pull up and poor form coupled with occluded muscles
is a recipe for disaster. | 6
Anabolic Finishers - Chest and Back
Bringing it All Together
Now that you have all of the Anabolic Finishes, this is how I want you to bring it all together:

Week One
Arms A Workout
Legs A Workout
Chest A Workout

Week Two
Forearms B Workout
Calves B Workout
Shoulders & Back B Workout

...and so on.

These workouts are set up in a manner as not to interfere with one another.

With this in mind, you perform Anabolic Finishers for arms and forearms on separate weeks,
legs and calves on separate weeks, and so on.

If your training plan is set up such that you want to add a finisher and it occurs twice a week,
not to worry it will still work for you. | 7
Anabolic Finishers - Chest and Back
Securing Arm Bands (Video Demonstration)

For my arms I use a simple wrist wrap that can be found at any
fitness supply store.

Loop the elastic over your thumb. | 8
Anabolic Finishers - Chest and Back
Move the wrist wrap to the outside of your arm and above your
bicep. Where the shoulder and bicep meet.

Wrap it around the top of your bicep. | 9
Anabolic Finishers - Chest and Back
Secure the velcro in place.

Test your capillary refill by gently squeezing the end of your finger on the
fingernail. When you squeeze your finger gently it will change color to
white(ish) and when you let go the color will come back. This is a very
quick one second test to make sure your band isnt too tight. If you cant
feel your arm ITs Too Tight! | 10
Anabolic Finishers - Chest and Back