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A Journey to the Center of the Mind, Book III – The (First Ten) FBI Years

James R. Fitzgerald

Chapter 20 (Unabom case) Bonus Chapter

Near the end of Chapter 20, among other evidence, I reference the various reading

materials and books found in Ted Kaczynski’s Lincoln, Montana, cabin during the April 1996

search of it. I parenthetically mentioned in that chapter that I would include a separate listing of

the books, etc., in one of JCM Book III’s bonus chapters. Well, here it is.

Enjoy reviewing the eclectic collection of books and other reading materials that the

Unabomber felt were important enough for him to maintain in his own personal “library” within

his 10’ x 12’ cabin in the woods, alongside his bomb making materials, of course.

As Oscar Wilde wrote, “You are what you read.” I would tend to agree with ol’ Oscar

here, certainly as it applies to Kaczynski.

So…how many of the Unabomber’s book have YOU read?