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USP/Your Name Connie Wallace

w USP/Your ID #: 004752689
Candidate Name: Chris Gomez Candidate ID #: 023748070 Ob. Date: 5/2/17

Domain A: Making Subject Matter Comprehensible to Students

Score: Integrating
TPE 1: Specific Pedagogical Skills for Subject Matter Instruction
Standing at his door, Mr. Gomez distributed the Bell Work for the day. As the bell rang, he entered the
room and gave his explicit instructions for the Bell Work, and he briefly previewed the lesson for the
day. Following the bell work, Mr. Gomez intentionally reviewed previous lessons regarding the
Spanish conquest of the Aztecs prior to moving forward with the days lesson. He then clearly defined
the term pictograph as a primary source. He stressed the importance of perspective when analyzing a
primary source such as a pictograph. He then clearly and explicitly gave directions for the days
Domain B: Assessing Student Learning
Score: Integrating
TPE 2: Monitoring Student Learning During Instruction
TPE 3: Interpretation and Use of Assessments
Through a quiz as Bell Work, Mr. Gomez intentionally assessed what the students had learned in prior
lessons. During the lesson, Mr. Gomez moved from student to student purposefully assessing their
work and asking questions about their work.

Domain C: Engaging and Supporting Students in Learning

Score: Integrating
TPE 4: Making Content Accessible
TPE 5: Student Engagement
TPE 6: Developmentally Appropriate Teaching Practices
TPE 7: Teaching English Learners
Mr. Gomez gave very clear directions for the days lesson. He made the content accessible by
extensive use of modeling what the students were to do as well as showing the project on the Smart
Board. He met the needs of English language learners by modeling, explaining via the smart board,
and allowing them to demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of ways.
Domain D: Planning Instruction and Designing Learning Experiences for Students
Score: Integrating
TPE 8: Learning About Students
TPE 9: Instructional Planning
Mr. Gomezs lesson was highly organized. Mr. Gomez had already placed glue, small sheets of
construction paper, and scissors at their desks prior to the 7th graders coming to class. He quickly
distributed the assignment once the Bell Work was completed. He clearly directed the students to
choose and transfer a Spanish conquistador and an Aztec (copies of pictographs) to the colored
construction paper, cut them out, and glue them to their graphic organizer. Finally, he directed them to
answer the questions listed on their graphic organizer using their text book as well as a study guide he
had provided.

Domain E: Creating and Maintaining Effective Environments for Student Learning

Score: Applying
TPE 10: Instructional Time
TPE 11: Social Environment
Mr. Gomezs classroom is neat and materials are readily accessible. He is consistently well
organized with all of the supplies that he will need for the lesson at hand. He began his lesson
promptly at the beginning of class by meeting his students at the door for the opening lesson (bell
work). He consistently does this. He attempts to promote a sense of community, student
collaboration and group responsibility through a variety of group strategies.
Suggestion: Chris, you need to work on offering more variety in your lesson. When you see that the
students interest is waning, you need to change strategies.

Domain F: Developing as a Professional Educator

Score: Integrating
TPE 12: Professional, Legal and Ethical Obligations
TPE 13: Professional Growth
Mr. Gomez is always professionally attired while modeling an ethical commitment to quality teaching
as demonstrated by his meticulously planned lessons. He welcomes constructive criticism. In our
after- class meeting, he stated that he regularly attends faculty meetings and other meetings required of
a credentialed teacher on staff.

Summary Statement
Chris, for my next observation, I would like to see you divide your lesson into different parts. Teach
half English and half social science. Then, divide those periods into different activities same subject,
different activities/strategies.