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THE STATE OF TEXAS} } AFFIDAVIT FOR ARREST WARRANT OR CAPIAS COUNTY OF DALLAS. } BEFORE ME, the undersigned authority, on this day personally appeared the undersigned affiant who, after being duly swom by me, on oath stated: My name is B. MORALEZ #843, and | am a peace officer of the City of ving, Dallas County, Texas | have good reason to believe and do believe that on or about the22nd day of March, 2013, one COATS,CURTIS tl, did then and there in the City of trving, Dallas County, Texas commit the offense of THEFT PROPERTY <$1,500, a violation of section 31.03(0)(3), Texas PENAL CODE, a CLASS. "A MISDEMEANOR. ‘My belief is based upon the following facts and information MORALEZ,BRIAN #843, Officer, Irving Police Department, who participated in the investigation of the aleged offense, furnished to me, the Atfiant, n04-12-43, the following information (On 12-13-12 the defendant leased a Apple Tablet computor from Flexi Compras located at ‘3916 W. 183 Irving TX Dallas County. The defendant and Flexi Compras entered into a lease agreement which required the defendant to make thirteen payments for the purchase of the ‘computer. The defendant made only one payment of $308.92 on 12-13-12, Victor Goodson ‘works for Flexi Compras as a manager and has sent the defendant a ten day lottor requesting the roturn of the property. Tho defendant has not responded to the letter or returned the computer. This has resulted in a $521.07 loss for Flexi Compras. On 03-22-13 Victor filed a police report for theft and stated Flexi Compras doos desire prosecution. 130006386 - 0001 | believe this information furnished by a fellow Peace Officer is credible. WHEREFORE, Afiant requests that an arrest warrant or capias be issued for the above accused individual's) in accordance with the law. EM, AF SWORN TO BEFORE ee April, 2013. Magistrate / Notary Public / Peace Officer pursuant to 602.002 Texas Govemment Code (Cross out inapplicable authorities) MAGISTRATE’S DETERMINATION OF PROBABLE CAUSE (On this the 12th day of April 2013, the undersigned Madistrate hereby acknowledges that he thas examined the above affidavit and has determined that pfobable cause exists for the issuance of ‘a capias for the individual(s) accused therein and hereby orfers the Clerk of the Court of proper jurisdiction to issue a capias for the arrest of said individualfs) MAGISTRATE, IN AND FOR DALLAS COUNTY, TEXAS Booking Nuxbe: Report Nuaber: 130006386 - 0001