12 Basic Things We All Can Do Right Now To Advance The Cause of Our Liberation from "The Afrikan Word

, Dedicated To The Reconstruction of African Civilization and Culture" A newsletter published by Dr Batu A. Shakari 1. Learn about Yourself, Your People, Your History, Your Civilization and Your Culture (start buying African-Centered books, video tapes, audio tapes, etc., so that you willl come to Know Yourself, Love Yourself and Be Yourself). 2. Stop inferiorizing Yourself by imitating the appearance of others, and start accepting and respecting your own appearance by loving and wearing your hair the way it naturally grows, cherishing and keeping your skin color the way it naturally glows, and embracing and appreciating your physical features the way they naturally show. 3. Select an Afrikan name for yourself and every member of your family, for through re-naming yourself you are taking one of the most important steps towards reclaiming yourself. 4. Purchase Afrikan-made and Afrikan-oriented clothing for yourself and every member of your family, and wear then as often as possible. 5. Wear Afrikan-centered jewelry such as necklaces, rings and bracelets that depict Afrika, The Ankh, Nefertari, Rameses, etc and wear them as often as possible. 6. Keep a map of Afrika and an African Flag (Red, Black and Green) on display in your home at all times as a constant acknowledgement and reinforcement of your identification with The People, Land and Culture of your origin. 7. Stop Smoking, drinking and using drugs (except for the treatment of legitimate medical conditions), and start treating your body like the holy sanctuary that it is. 8. Understand and internalize the truth that all Afrikan People are One People, all Afrikan Land is One Land, and all Afrikan Knowledge is One Knowledge; and teach these principles to your children. 9. Learn to always seek the highest truth (the best way) in all that you do in life, and always recognize that knowledge and truth are infinite treasures that we must pursue on a constant basis for us to achieve and maintain progressive advancement and empowerment from generation-to-generation.

10. Commit yourself to positive change (both in thought and action), and start contributing on a consistent basis to the building and maintenance of institutions that are working for the total freedom and independence of all Afrikan People throughout the world, and the rebuilding of our own modern and independent civilization and culture. 11. Love and want for your Afrikan Brothers and Sisters what you love and want for yourself. 12. Always remember that a house divided against itself cannot stand, and therefore we must remain eternally united as a people.

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