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Vol.1 No.1 (General Serial No.1)

Sept. 2004




that are frequently talked about today are computers

and large-scale integrated circuits, and the technology

of elect ronics plays an important part in the
implementation of both of the two. Secondly, this

department of our school enjoys a very good
reputation in the acadamic world, where you can get
a first-class education.
The fundamental qualifications are that you
should be physically and mentally healthy and you
also have to get an excellent mark in the national
entrance examinations, and the latter is quite
I think its rather unnecessary for me to offer you

very specific suggestions in attending such exams. You

have already developed a proficiency in coping with

fierce competitions. With your 1 percent inspiration

and 99 percent perspiration, youll succeed.

In your last letter to me you asked for some

advice in choosing your prospective major. I strongly
recommend Department of Electronic Engineering
of our school. Firstly, as far as the major itself is
concerned, it is one of those fastest developing fields
Vol.1 No.1 (General Serial No.1)

of technology these days. You know that two topics

Sept. 2004




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An Analysis of the English Proficiency of [D]
the Chinese Students as Reflected in the
National CET Test

Absract: This paper analyses the English proficiency

A Stratified Processing Model for
of the Chinese university students, both quantitatively
Production of a Genre
and qualitatively, based on the results of the national
College English tests. The Mean Graded Scores also
Abstract: Guided by theories of genre analysis, with
show that there is a drastic imbalance in the English
Martins Stratified Model in Functional Linguistics
proficiency level of the students and in English
as the framework, this paper makes a tentative study
language teaching among different institutions of
Vol.1 No.1 (General Serial No.1)

on the cognitive production processing of a genre.

higher education and different areas of the country.
Based on an investigation, this paper proposes a
The data and analysis presented in the paper will
stratified cognitive production model which suggests
provide an objective and accurate description of the
a very complicated interactive top-down process in
Chinese studentsEnglish proficiency level at the
Sept. 2004

production of a genre.
Key Words: genre analysis; functional linguistics;
Key Words: language testing; reliability; validity;

a stratified cognitive processing model

English proficiency; College English teaching