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Advanced Placement United States History

Summer Reading Assignment

American Colonies: The Settling of North America by Alan Taylor

Penguin Books ISBN 978 0 14 200210 0
1. Set up your paper according to the template on p. 2 and respond to each question in a
well-developed paragraph. All specific evidence used to support your arguments are to
be followed by a page reference in parenthesis at the end of the sentence.
2. Your work is to be typed in 10 point Times New Roman font, with all paragraphs single-
spaced. You will skip one line between each question. The questions are underlined and
in bold print. Your responses are to be typed in regular print. You may download the
next page, view in Edit Document format, and type in your responses.
3. Bring a hard copy of your work on the first day back to school. Save your work on your
computer, as you may also be asked to submit your paper electronically at a later date.
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Summer 2017 Reading Assignment
AP U.S. History

American Colonies: The Settling of North America by Alan Taylor

Read only the chapters assigned:
Chapter 2 - Colonizers
1. Describe the impact of contagious diseases on the growth of Christianity in the Americas.
2. Foods from the New World radically improved Europeans diet, nutrition, and its subsequent population.
What (incredibly ironic) impact did this then have on the Americas?

Chapter 3 New Spain

1. Though Las Casas criticisms of conquistador treatment of Natives led to some reforms, why did they fall
short in effect?
2. What were the motivations for Spanish Colonization?

Chapter 5 - Canada and Iroquoia

1. Compare and contrast the French and the Spanish in terms of colonial objectives, methods, and effects.
2. Compare and contrast the Natives and French attitudes regarding trade in Canada.

Chapter 6 Virginia
1. Compare and contrast the Spanish colonial experiences with the English attempts in Virginia.
2. Describe the impact of the headright system on the development of the Chesapeake region.

Chapter 7 Chesapeake Colonies

1. How were the goals and results of Bacons Rebellion different?
2. What factors caused the increase in African slaves in the mid-/late-1600s?

Chapter 8 New England

1. Which traits of New England settlers most differed from settlers of the Chesapeake? How did these impact
unique developments of these regions?
2. In what ways was New England economically different from the Chesapeake? How did these differences
influence the political and social development of New England?

Chapter 9 Puritans and Indians

1. How did colonists and Indians come into conflict?

Chapter 10 The West Indies

1. Why did sugar thrive in the West Indies but not in the mainland English colonies?
2. Why did West Indian planters discourage religious conversion of African slaves? What was the ironic
impact of this?