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COURSE INFORMATION COURSE OBJECTIVES yy The ability to use effective technology that assists leader-
ship success
Catalog Course Code: MAN 630 Through the various components of study and application, stu-
yy Become competent in Keynote, presentation skills, so-
dents will realize these objectives by completing the following
Three-Letter Course Abbreviation: EXL-O cial media, Google Docs interactive team projects, and
personal learning networks (PLNs)
yy The ability to use industry sources to research and locate
COURSE DESCRIPTION appropriate traits that leaders possess
This course examines the qualities necessary to be an execu- yy Knowledge of successful traits that all leaders tend to
tive leader in todays entertainment business field. Various possess By the end of this course, students will be able to:
industries are examined to ensure an understanding of a yy Comprehend integrity, influence, reputation, change, yy Describe the nature and characteristics of leadership
given industrys leadership styles and traits. Students explore and other traits as outlined in the Maxwell and Greene yy Use primary and secondary research skills to conduct
effective decision-making processes, power and influence, texts research on selected case studies
mentoring, leading organizational change, negotiation skills, yy The skill to personally evaluate and reflect on leadership yy Apply leadership concepts to real-world activities
and investing in and managing relationships to achieve busi- traits
ness goals. yy Demonstrate competent oral and written communica-
yy Assess strengths and weaknesses with emphasis on tion skills
overcoming personal weaknesses
COURSE MATERIALS yy Address challenges as a creative problem solver
yy An understanding of skills necessary to facilitate commu-
yy The 48 Laws of Power, Robert Greene, Viking Adult nication for effective leadership yy Utilize critical-thinking skills

yy Developing the Leader Within You, John C. Maxwell, yy Study and understand public speaking, personal influ- yy Understand the importance of being a socially respon-
Thomas Nelson ence, international differences in communication, and sible leader
nonverbal communication yy Create and publish a professional blog
yy A familiarity with new learning technologies
yy Access and organize the latest research in relevant DEGREE CONNECTION
subject areas in leadership using online blogs, Diigo
EXL builds on prior courses, such as Mastery: Personal De-
libraries, RSS feeds, Twitter, and Twitter feeds
velopment and Leadership, in which students utilize previous
knowledge and skills gained in the study of technology, digital
literacy, research skills, collaboration, and business feasibility.
EXL provides an opportunity for students to assess their lead-
ership strengths and develop personal leadership milestones.
Executive LeadershipOnline Industry Connection


yy Business/Leadership (MIT)
Leadership is a key component to business success in
todays competitive marketplace. Understanding proven yy Harvard Business IdeaCast
leadership traits as well as how a leader provides vision and yy BusinessWeekClimbing the Ladder
direction for a group is a beneficial skill for business success.
In addition, a professional blog is an essential tool for estab- Magazines
lishing a presence among industry peers.
yy Entrepreneur
yy Fortune
Research is an important aspect of any business plan, en- Books
deavor, or successful organization. Students must become yy The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen R.
familiar with tools and resources that allow them to excel Covey, Free Press (2004)
as leaders. As such, students will conduct research relating
to leadership, personal branding, and blogs. By performing yy How to Win Friends and Influence People, Dale Carnegie,
these tasks, students will acquire leadership-related tools Simon & Schuster (2009)
and information as well as gain experience in dealing with
leadership and followers. This research will then be used as TOPICS COVERED
the foundation in the development of an online and in-person
yy Social Networks for Leadership
professional presence.
yy Keys to Leadership
ADDITIONAL RESOURCES yy Creating Positive Change
yy Leadership Problem Solving
To develop a better understanding of Executive Leadership,
be sure to take advantage of the many resources available to yy Staff Development
you. Here are some suggestions for further research that you yy Self-Discipline
may find very helpful in this course: yy Leadership Attitude
yy Leadership Integrity
yy Leadership Priorities
yy Reputation
yy The Leadership Hub
yy Leadership Strategies
yy John Maxwells blog
yy Groupthink
Executive LeadershipOnline Learning Activities

LEARNING ACTIVITIES Case Assessments GoToTraining Session Quizzes

Based upon the Maxwell and Greene readings, cases will be Virtual sessions will be held each week, and students will
Discussions provided that will apply to the concepts in the textbooks. Stu- complete a quiz after viewing the session. These sessions
Discussions in Weeks 14 are conducted on the FSO plat- dents will be presented with leadership situations and will be are best attended live. Students who are unable to attend
form. Topics include: Personal Leadership (Week1); Six Steps required to answer and clearly demonstrate which concept is can view the archived session via a link that will be posted on
in Effective Decision Making (Week 2); Traits of Everyday relevant to the given case scenario. FSO.
Leaders (Week 3); and Greene and MaxwellA Personal Re-
flection (Week4). Leadership Presentation Pareto Principle Assignment
This assignment is a narrated Keynote presentation based n this assignment, students will use an Excel spreadsheet
Projects upon a successful leader that students admire or may want to incorporate the Pareto principle into their lives for a week.
Professional Bio to work for in their chosen industry. The presentation will This spreadsheet will help students organize their priorities
incorporate a modified PechaKucha presentation style with and distinguish what is important from what is not.
In this assignment, students will create a professional bio twenty slides (twenty seconds per slide). Students will con-
to use in the portfolio they will create later in their program.
duct research about the leader, access resources from their Leadership Mastery Journal Post
This bio will share students information as well as their pro-
personal learning network, and prepare a presentation about
fessional accomplishments, degrees, etc. In this assignment, students will publish a new personal
the leadership attributes and practices that make the leader
journal post on Tumblr related to their original Mastery: PDL
timeline goal for this course. For this post, students will con-
sider what they learned from the course content and how
they might apply it personally or professionally.
Executive LeadershipOnline Grade Weights


Discussion Boards (4 at 3% each) 12% Rubrics are available for download with each activity on FSO.
Professional Bio 10%
Leadership Presentation 10%
Pareto Principle Assignment 5%
Leadership Research Paper 10%
Leadership Mastery Journal Post 5%
Case Assessments (2 at 15% each) 30%
GoToTraining Session Quizzes (4 at 2% each) 8%
Professionalism (GPS) 10%
Total 100%


Some tips to keep in mind when studying Executive Leadership:
yy Ask questions and share ideas. Interact with peers as well as
your instructor.
yy If you are unable to attend a GoToTraining session live, be sure
to watch the archived session. You can still benefit from the in-
formation and discussion that took place.
yy Check announcements and discussion boards daily for tips and
yy Make sure that all of your work is presented professionallythis
is a very important career habit to develop.
yy Keep in mind that everything you are learning in Executive Lead-
ership will have a practical application in your career.