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KTI, Tangerang January 2017

Factors - factors Associated with Maternal Satisfaction Against Ante Natal Care
in Cikokol Health Center Tangerang


In efforts to reduce Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) in Indonesia, the Ministry of

Health launched the National programs (Making Pregnancy Safer - MPS) with
one strategy being pursued is to improve the quality and coverage of health
services. According to data from Demographic and Health Survey at 2010. The
maternal mortality rate are 263 per 100,000 live births. The maternal mortality
rate in the province of Banten at 2014 are 230 cases, ranging into the spotlight
associated difficulty in reaching the MDGs target in 2015 are 102 per 100,000
live births. The ability to provide health care still require improvement to higher
quality. A high quality service will gives satisfaction to the patient. As a results of
a preliminary study in Cikokol health center in Tangerang District on August-
September 2016 there were 11 women (36.66%) are satisfied with the services of
the ANC from 30 pregnant women. This study aims to determine the factors
associated with maternal satisfaction of pregnant women in the ANC. This study
uses an analytical study design, with cross sectional approach. Samples of this
study were 47 pregnant women. The data used in this research is the primary data
where expectant mothers filled out a questionnaire and the data were processed
using SPSS version 17. The variable that has a significant relationship with
satisfaction of pregnant women in the ANC are tangibles( p value = 0.001, p
<0.05), reliability ( p value = 0.021, p <0.05), empathy (p value = 0.001, p
<0.05). While the variable that no significant relationship with satisfaction of
pregnant women in the ANC is responsiveness ( p value = 0.06, p> 0.05). And the
assurance dimension ( p value = 0.054). Based on this research the dimensions of
tangibles, reliability and empathy are associated with the level of satisfaction of
pregnant women to antenatal care in Cikokol health center in Tangerang
District. While there are no significant relationship with the satisfactions are
responsiveness and assurance. In order to provide the satisfaction that should
improve service infrastructure.

Keywords: Pregnancy, Satisfaction,tangible, reliability, empathy, responsiveness,


Glossary: 24 (1992 2007)