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Abstract Submission

Full Name:- Bijit Sinha

Email ID:-
Mobile no.:- +91-8527950462
Designation:- Masters in English
Name of Institution:- Delhi University
Country:- India
State:- Delhi
Address for Postal Correspondence:- D-1/29, Model Town 2, Delhi-1100009.
Sex:- Male
Title of Paper:- Alternative Exploration of Graphic
Implementation of the School Curriculum
within familiarized premises

Alternative Exploration of Graphic Implementation of the School Curriculum within

familiarized premises

In consideration of the shortening attention span of the primary level student and the recent
upsurge in visual-audio texts implicated into the established schools of the metropolitan cities
and the like, we duly notice an overall effectiveness of the aforementioned, which manages to
imbibe the learning process in its entirety while keeping his/her boredom at bay. But it can be
said that its major failing relies on the fact that its framework assumes the student body as a
unified categorization rather than acknowledging the implied cultural diversities and varying
social backgrounds at a similar degree, which would eventually result in polarized levels of
grasping and retaining of the study material. What this paper seeks to achieve is an attempt to
arrive at a central understanding of how to promptly and properly arrive at an implicated
process of visual audio based rewarding processes. For example, utilizing the game design of
TETRIS and replacing the changing blocks with the authenticated choices of English articles,
for a, an, the for each varying block, just so that it could correctly fit into a sentence, with
alternating beeps signifying a correct or wrong choice respectively might be put into good
use. Moreover, in an attempt to use the bio and the picture of each school premise as a
template for a language exercise might also seem fruitful as well as relatable to the primary
student. Summing it up, the paper would attempt to chart out these unconventional methods
so as to arrive at a conclusion of whether these methods would actually be validated in the
long run.
Key Words: Primary Student, TETRIS, Audio-visual text, English grammar, school