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101 Important Points as Per Vastu

1. Choose a east, north or northeast facing plot & building.

2. Main gate & main door should be perfectly placed.

3. Always Prefer perfectly aligned cases- otherwise at least align the building.

4. Prefer building or a plot in a sector which is aligned.

5. Prefer road in North or East.

6. Prefer all four sides of the building to be open.

7. Brahamsthan should be open to sky.

8. Prefer four, three or two side open buildings only, in case of one side open building, the brahamsthan
should be open to sky is mandatory.

9. Avoid Sick Building syndrome & environmental aggression in building.

10. Bsence of Geopathic stress & grids in land.

11. Prefer plot boundary through wall or trees.

12. Create elementary balance in and around building.

13. Too many openings in north &east with too less openings in south & west.

14. SW & S should be heavy & high with no water body.

15. SW should have a 90 angle.

16. SW should have less open area with heavy trees.

17. There should be a store or heavy cabinates in SW of building.

18. NE being magic corner should be light, open, ventilated & well used during day & for learning.

19. No water body in BS, S, W, SW, NW or SE in any case.

20. It is considered inauspicious if water from other houses flows towards our building or if our building
is low in comparison to other buildings around.

21. Prefer double height ceiling in N,E or NE.

22. Prefer east more open than west & north more open than south.
23. Activate NE through water bodies, windows & white light.

24. Complete south & west of building should be shaded either with trees or awnings.

25. Avoid basements if possible, otherwise in N, E or NE.

26. Prefer Purity of land- contamination frees (no bones etc).

27. Prefer compact soil.

28. Flow of telluric energy-8 & a place with good vibes is a vastu friendly place.

29. Prfer soil with light colour, smooth to touch & good taste.

30. The soil should be damp.

31. There should be Good vegetation around. 18

32. The land must have a Positive history.

33. Avoid buying a dilapidated house.

34. Prefer square or rectangle shape of land.

35. Avoid triangular or weird shapes of plot or building.

36. Avoid a small plot or building between two high or big buildings.

37. Slope should be towards East or North in any case.

38. Big trees should only be in S, W & SW.

39. Absence of veethishoola or a dead end.

40. Absence of physical Vedha like - stambha Vedha.

41. Absence of underground Vedha like- koop Vedha.

42. Absence of other Vedha like chitra, shilpa & najar Vedha etc.

43. Avoid a cremation or burial ground nearby.

44. Avoid a garbage bin or nala nearby.

45. Avoid a temple, masjid, gurudwara, church or pir nearby.

46. Avoid a crowded public place for a residence nearby.

47. Avoid an electric tower or a factory near a residence.

48. Prefer a park or good amount of vegetation for a residence.

49. Avoid jail, police station etc nearby.

50. Avoid a complete shady tree in front.

51. Avoid parks with ancient buildings nearby.

52. Guard the building with a swastik symbol, and white light.

53. Prefer staircase only in SW, S or W.

54. Prefer a borewell in north or northeast.

55. Avoid any water activity in the southern belt, it will lead to instability.

56. Prefer a tulsi plant in NEE.

57. If the plot is big prefer planting auspicious trees in their respective directions.

58. Avoid thorny, milky and other inauspicious trees & plants in all cases.

59. Avoid too much of black in the building.

60. Avoid monotone colours in house- too much of any colour. Make it colourful.

61. Prefer using green & yellow somewhere in house. Prefer vastu colours.

62. NE extension in plot or building is auspicious.

63. Northeast & BS should be free from any loading.

64. Even if the plot is not in a square or rectangular shape, the building & their rooms must be in good
ratios and should follow bio harmonics.

65. Bedroom should always be in south, west or southwest.

66. Bedhead should be in S or E.

67. Avoid mirrors in bedroom.

68. Avoid electric gadgets in bedroom as far as possible.

69. Keep prayer room in E or NE to energise it.

70. The house must have clear cosmic & cosmotelluric channel.

71. Avoid negative energy in box bed - keep linen.

72. Avoid negative paintings in bedroom.

73. For good sleep use green in bedroom.

74. Washrooms should be in NW or west, They must have a big window.

75. The layout of washroom should be as per Vastu.

76. Kitchens should be placed in SE, S or E. it should also have cross ventilation.

77. Avoid sink & stove in a linear alignment and close to each other.

78. Avoid black & use yellow as base colour in Kitchen.

79. Avoid metal furniture.

80. Avoid study & kids room in south belt , prefer in E, N or NE.

81. Avoid sitting over girds & stressed areas. 19

82. Avoid toilet, kitchen & puja next to or in front of each other.

83. Prefer objects of loading like cabinates, sofa, bed etc in S, W or SW of a room.

84. For any important activity like sleeping, puja or study avoid door in front or back.

85. Avoid using contaminating building materials. Use natural materials.

86. Main gate should open inwards & should be properly guarded.

87. Entry is permitted from all four sides in case of religious buildings.

88. Prefer a living or drawing room in north, northeast, east or west. Avoid south & southwest.

89. A home office can be preferred in NEN, SWS or east of the building.

90. Prefer overhead tank in west or SW. avoid in N, E or NE.

91. Prefer construction towards south & southwest of building on the terrace. Walls in S, W & SW should
also be high.

92. Do not use more than three types of wood in a building, avoid old building materials.

93. Prefer Shilanyas & Grihapravesh to be done on the right muhurtha.

94. Vastushanti can be or should be performed after renovation, reshifting, vastu rectification etc.

95. The columns & beams should be planned as per the mamra & atimamra points.

96. Every room should have natural sunlight & should be more than atleast 100 lux.

97. None of the room should have sound level more than 75 decibals.
98. Every room should maintain room temperature below 33 degrees & humidity between 50% to 70%.

99. The EMR should not go beyond 1 microtesla anywhere in the building close to the usable area.

100.The inner space or occupants have to be positive and good perceivers.

101.Create positive environment in a building through app colours, music, aroma, plants etc.