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A Festival Honoring the Prince of Travelers

Tangier, Morocco, July 17, 2017 --( Now on its second year, the International Festival of Ibn
Battuta pays tribute to the legendary Ibn Battuta, hailed today as the Prince of Travelers.

The festival honoring Ibn Battuta's legacy relives the journey he undertook seven centuries ago across
many predominantly Muslim countries. Starting at a young age of 21, his journeys spanned three decades,
traveling from the far west of Africa to the far east of Asia. He shared his learnings on the road,
emphasizing the need for cultural respect and understanding which the culture of traveling can provide.

Many of today's travelers have visited countries that were used to be inaccessible. These trips, however,
have not really strengthened the relationships amongst people from different nations. Judgments and
discrimination happen due to little understanding of other people's values.

These challenges are what this festival seeks to address. The Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta's
Honorary Chairman Mohamed Dekkak stated that the festival theme, Travelers, the Ambassadors of
Peace introduces a deeper sense of the culture of traveling which is to promote universal values, mutual
tolerance and open mindedness.

The Association President Aziz Benami adds, We work on promoting travel as a way to cultivate mutual
understanding and peaceful dialogue. Doing so, we align with the values exhibited by Ibn Battuta, who
have shown that travel can be a source of peace.

About the International Festival of Ibn Battuta:

Presented by the Moroccan Association of Ibn Battuta, the International Festival of Ibn Battuta aspires to
raise attention of people who are not especially familiar with the achievements of Ibn Battuta, and widen
the knowledge of those who wants to learn more about him. To encourage exchange of ideas, the festival
has interesting line up of social and cultural activities set for local and international visitors. People may
watch film shows, theater plays, carnivals, musical and cultural shows and attend conferences as well as
art exhibits. It will be a huge interactive event attended by people coming from the travel community,
literature, music and arts.

The event will take place on November 9-12, 2017 in the city of Tangier, Morocco. Visit for more information.

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