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The province of Zamboanga del Norte once again listed as Top Five (5) poorest province
in entire country. It was the poorest in the region way back in 2007 and remove from the top ten
list after the LANDO BIBO launched by the former Governor Rolando Yebes. In 2015, the
record took again as the poverty incidence became the main concern of the entire province. Most
of the common income depends only in the agriculture such as farming where main crops corn,
rice and coconut as the source of livelihood is dependent onto how the trade flows in the market
of region, and the weather condition.

It is situated in the coastal area fronting the Sulu Sea, and known for its abundance in fish
and other sea products. Fishing is the primary source of income where every barangay
constituents along the coastal area mostly depends their income and could be a huge factor to
uplift their minimum earnings in every household that contributes to economic condition in the
entire province and addressed the high rate of poverty incidence.

One of the cause of economic instability is the peace and order situation and illegal
fishing. It is one of the many aspects that the small fishing farmers would practice the destructive
type of fishing due to the conflict of interests among the big fishing owners that entered the
boundary of limits among the fishers where small vessels are affected and force them to took the
other opportunity that would create trouble, unlawful and damages and destructions in the
resources and supply. Big industry like canning that situated in Zamboanga City is one of the
business operators in the sea along the region. Many pur seine intruders that illegally entered by
season that throw away the small fisherman and harvests as much as they can. This is how the
trading economically affect the primary livelihood income of the common fisherman and became
a traditional way of businesses that the poverty remains the biggest problem over the decade.

Over the decades, the province of Zamboanga del Norte repeatedly suffered too high of
poverty incidence. Its primary source of income specially in the Municipality of Labason that
includes the Nine (9) barangays in which most of it where majority barangays that composed the
town where fishing fed the family and provide the basic needs. Then the initiative of the
organization , and to specifically addressed the problem where members mostly
are fish farming dependent, the proposed project is being planned by the majority and officers in
the vision of helping the barangay community and fisherman to invest and earned beyond the
usual income in the purpose to uplift the low level of lifestyle among the households where
fishing is their source and to produce more supply in the market to fill the demands of the
consumers for a better economic progress inside the locality and outside.

It purpose is to provide a credible fishing vessel to advanced the traditional way of

fishing equipment as the answer to the common problem as stated and create a positive income
not only to a few but to a large member of laborers and perpetrators. The project will be properly
managed and maintained by identifying its possible consequences and negative outcome to
ensure the goal achieved. Its income will be systematically managed by the officers under its
rules and regulations that every member will satisfies the income and provide a capital for
another investment purposes. Its main office will be stationed in the barangay Gil Sanchez as the
center of project implementation due to its demographic locations and status of family income of
people that fits the project regarding their tribes and cultures. The people of barangay Gil
Sanchez represent the true face of a poor community that Government should take considerations
as the people willing to work hard and run the project successfully for the benefit of the
organization and welfare of every member willing to improved and supposed the long time
suffering of the lowest level of earnings ever since.