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Challenges and Rewards of Being a Manager:

Pros and Cons

It is quite rewarding to become a manager as it is one of the positions that an employee

would like to get promoted or appointed to, as it would mean greater salary pay, and more on

seeing if everything is going according the the flow of the system, to accomplish the desired

outcome of the company or of the organization. However, being a manager is not fully a bed of

roses, but challenges and obstacles comes along the path of this position.

Generally, it is rewarding with the name speaking for itself. It is a higher position than

the usual rank-and-file employees doing most of the labor. Being the manager, you get to see the

flow of the business and if it is going to the right direction to success. You determine the best

game plan to achieve the objectives laid down. The managers ensure that employees are doing

their jobs and supervises them to achieve their work efficiently and effectively. With this as the

job assignment, a manager has authority with the people under him. Power is perceived within

the hands of the manager, although thus limited to the power delegated to him. This gives him

the power to do certain tasks like organizing trainings, setting work schedules, appraising staff,

and generally to the things concerning the growth and direction of the business.
A manager may be best attributed to a leader of a group, or a coach to a sports team. He

should be greatly influential to his team members, because their only real power comes from the

work that the team will lay down.

Being a manager gives one person a sense of success. Most of the working force dreams

of getting a managerial role as they are motivated by money, power, and prestige. These

aspirations to many people defines what a successful life is. However, it is not just about the

bragging rights that is truly important in the life of a manager, but it also gives one a sense of

personal accomplishment. Being appointed as a manager means you know the flow of the

business and that the company trusts you in putting it in the right direction

However, as mentioned, being a manager comes with challenging obstacles. As a

general belief, nobody likes the boss as it is a hierarchy in terms of positions. Being on top

means you will be the one responsible to making decisions. Politics exists in an organization so

this may mean that people below you may not be always in favor of your judgmentssome may

support your belief although others may oppose.

The goals of a manager are usually long-term. This means that the desired results will

not be seen immediately. A manager, together with his team has to wait long which may mean

quarterly, or maybe even annual just to see if they are headed to success. As aforementioned,

managers carry out the objectives and creates a road map into achieving these. Therefore, there

will be a lot of work to cover just to see if the the objectives have been carried out.
Also, being the one responsible for the team means the manager will have to be the one

legally liable for acts committed by people under him. Managers are usually the ones to sign

documents and be the ones to keep their employees safe therefore free from harassment. Thus,

when a manager fails to do these responsibilities, he may be held liable. Moreover, the law

favors the labor force more than the the management. In disputes between the worker and

employer, and although the management having their own rights, out of concern for those with

less privileges in life, the Supreme Court has inclined more often than not toward the worker and

upheld his cause in his conflicts with his employer. However, it has been laid down that the law

should always favor labor as it has been duly mandated to equally protect and respect both sides.

Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of being a manager would set the track if

management is right for a person aspiring for the position. It is indeed true that management is

not right for everyone, but it is never wrong to aspire for this kind of this position as long as one

is oriented with the rewards and challenges that may come through their way and how they will

be able to maneuver these obstacles for the work to flow the correct route. As a person, each one

will have their own special skill in terms of establishing relations with people, getting the job

done, dealing and solving inevitable conflicts, and therefore having contingencies to these

problem that may arise, and most importantly, putting the company or the organization in the

right track to success.