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No. EVENT (July-December 2017) (January-June 2018)
B. Tech. 2nd Year, 3rd Year, 4th Year
BPT 2nd Year, 3rd Year,4th Year, 5th year
nd rd
BCA 2nd Year, 3rd Year, BBA 2 Year, 3 Year 10th July 2017 15th January 2018
1. nd
MCA 2 Year, 3 Year, MBA 2 Year
nd rd

M.Tech 2nd Year

B.Tech, BPT, BCA, MCA, BBA, MBA, M.Tech (1st year) 17th July 2017 (New Batch) 15th January 2018
B.Tech. Lateral Entry (2nd Year)
Late Registration - - Within one week from date of registration, after due approval and with late fee. No Concession on attendance.
Late fee and late registration is not applicable for 1st year (New Batch) in Odd Semester only (1st Semester).
Orientation / Commencement of Classes

2. Commencement of Classes for 2nd Year, 3rd Year, 4th Year(All 11th July 2017
First Year Orientation (New Batch) in all the programs 19th July 2017 16th January 2018

First Year Classes (New Batch) 20th July 2017

Freshers function of 1st Year Students To be announced
Annual Fest of University To be announced
Convocation To be announced

4. Online Examination 16th-18th August 2017 7th -9th February 2018

5. Attendance Review before Mid Term-I Examination 25th August 2017 05th March 2018
Mid Term-I Examination & Results
Examination Schedule 28th-30th August 2017 07th -09th March 2018
Showing of Evaluated Answer Sheets to Students (Latest by) 6th September 2017 14th March 2018
Marks Display (Latest by) 8th September 2017 16th March 2018
7. Attendance Review before Mid Term-II Examination 9th October 2017 2nd April 2018
Mid Term-II Examination & Results
Examination Schedule 11th-13th October 2017 04th -06th April 2018
8. Showing of Evaluated Answer Sheets to Students (Latest by) 23rd October 2017 10th April 2018
Marks Display (Latest by) 25th October 2017 11th April 2018
9. Make-up Examination(Against Mid Sem. Exam. for Medical Cases) 6th-8th November 2017 12th-13th April 2018
10. Students Feed Back Collection 9th-10th November 2017 12th-14th April 2018
11. Makeup day for disrupted classes 13th-15th November 2017 16th-17th April 2018
12. Classes to be Over 15th November 2017 18th April 2018
13. End Semester Attendance Review (up-to) 17th November2017 18th April 2018
End Semester Examination (for All Programs)
Final Project Viva/ Evaluation of Dissertation 20th-25th November 2017 19th-23rd April 2018
14. Practical Examination Schedule 20th-24th November 2017 19th-23rd April 2018
Theory Examination Schedule 28th Nov 2017-12th Dec 2017 24th April-5th May 2018
Exam Results
Results Submission 16th December 2017 10th May 2018
Meeting of University Result Committee (for All Programs) 28th December 2017 28th May 2018

Freezing the Grades/Submission of Final Grades to Registrar 3rd January 2018 1st June, 2018
Declaration of Results by Registrar 11th January 2018 4th June, 2018

Vacations, Winter Project & Summer Internship

17. For All Programs(Except Final Year Students) 13th Dec.2017-14th January 2018 6th May-8th July 2018
Next Academics Session (2018-19) Registration begins ODD SEMESTER
9th July 2018(Old Batch)
16th July 2018(New Batch)

1. Raksha Bandhan 07th August 17 (Monday) 1. Basant Panchami 22nd January 18 (Monday)
2. Janmashtmi/ 15th August 17 (Tuesday) 2. Republic Day 26th January 18 (Friday)
Independence Day 3. Maha Shivratri 13th February 18 (Tuesday)
4. Ganesh Chaturthi 25th August 17 (Friday) 4. Holi 02nd March 18 (Friday)
5. Id-Uz-Joha* 02nd Sept. 17 (Saturday) 5. Good Friday 30th March (Fiday)
6. Mahalaya 19th Sept. 17 (Tuesday) 6. Ram Navmi 25th March 18 (Sunday)
7. Dushehra/Navaratri 26thSept.-5th Oct.17 (T u e s - T h u r s )7.Eid ul Fitr* 15th June 18 (Friday)
8. Gandhi Jayanti 02nd October 17 (Monday) 8. **
9. Diwali 18th Oct.-21st Oct. 17 (Wed-Sat)
10. Guru Nanak Jayanti 04th November 17 (Saturday)
11. Fateh-Dwaz-Duham 02nd Dec17 (Saturday)
*Subject to visibility of moon
12. Christmas 25th December17 (Monday)
**Two days local holiday will be given as per Govt.

Students Vacations, Winter Project & Summer Internship

Dushehra/Navaratri 26th Sept. 2017 5th Oct. 2017
Diwali 18th Oct. 2017 21st Oct. 2017
Winter Project/Industrial Training 13th Dec. 2017 14th January 2018
Summer Internship (Except Final Year Students) 11th May 2018 8th July 2018

Faculty Vacation
Navaratri, Dussera, Muharram, Gandhi Jayanti 26th Sept. 2017 5th Oct. 2017
Dhanteras, Deepavali, Govardhan Puja, Bhai Duj 18th Oct. 2017 21st Oct. 2017
Faculty Vacations (Winter)@ 16th Dec. 2017 13th January 2018
Faculty Vacations (Summer)@ 11th May 2018 6th July 2018
@Subject to Research/Project Work