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The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), a relatively small party whose ideologies ar

e supportive of the right to choice and civil liberties, have nominated the youn
gest candidate in this year’s Federal Election. Benjamin Walsh, 18, of Pascoe Va
le in Melbourne’s Northwest has been nominated by the LDP to run for the federal
seat of Deakin in Melbourne’s east. Mr. Walsh is a full time secondary student
and hopes to attract attention to the ideals of the LDP.
Mr Walsh had this to say: “I am hoping to attract a larger portion of votes for
the LDP in the seat of Deakin than received in the 2007 election. I think a lot
of young people will be very interested in our policies, particularly those conc
erning Internet censorship, euthanasia, abortion, gay marriage, classification o
f video games and our opposition to the nanny state attitude of our government.
Our pro choice stance on personal affairs will likely also be of interest to vot
The LDP has candidates in many of the marginal seats throughout the country as w
ell as running senators in most states and territories. Policy is generally cent
ered around libertarian philosophies and ideals and has the potential to attract
a considerable portion of the voting public who are likely to respond to the “s
maller Government and greater responsibility” stance of the party.
Candidates of the LDP are hoping to persuade swing voters or weakly-aligned vote
rs from the three major parties (ALP, Coalition and the Greens).
“We are hoping to show voters that the Greens, who publicly denounce the Interne
t filter on the basis that it is against their false libertarian ideals, are act
ively supporting the very architect of the scheme (Senator Stephen Conroy, Minis
ter for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy) through preferences i
n Victoria. As for the other parties, we are hoping that their archaic and draco
nian policies indicate to the public that they are simply no longer capable of d
elivering what they promise“, Walsh stated.
He went on to say, “I think this election is unlike one we have ever seen, most
voters prefer neither the ALP nor the Coalition and so I think the Greens will g
ain more votes than last election. This is why I believe it is important that vo
ters are fully informed and aware that the Greens are no different, at least in
practice, than either of the other two ‘ugly sisters’. I have this to say to peo
ple who are still unsure about who to vote for: vote for the LDP to ensure that
the senate and lower house have a civil liberty friendly voice.”
The current Member for Deakin, Mike Symon, who won the seat in 2007 with help an
d the backing of a trade union, is expected to engage in heavy campaigning to re
tain the seat from the Liberal candidate Phil Barresi, who has a senior position
in the Australian Retailers Association that represents big businesses in the $
292 Billion sector.