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General Intercessions

12th Sunday Per Annum
1. For the Church, that She will seek to spread the good news of Jesus to

the entire world. We pray to the Lord.
2. For our nation, that we will enact laws which protect the sacred

institution of Marriage. We pray to the Lord.
3. For those who are sick and suffering, that they will find healing of

body and soul. We pray to the Lord.
4. For those serving as missionaries, that they will persevere in their call

to bring Christ to others. We pray to the Lord.
5. That all will be generous in supporting the Church throughout the

world. We pray to the Lord.
6. For the men and women of the armed forces, especially those who

serve in foreign lands, that they will be safe from all harm. We pray to the Lord.
7. For those who have died, that they may soon see the face of God and

live. We pray to the Lord.

12 Sunday Per Annum Good Evening / Good Morning, welcome to St. Rose of Lima Parish on this Twelfth Sunday of the Liturgical Year. We welcome all our visitors especially our visiting priest, Fr. Elias Rinaldo. Together let us now pray our Vocation Prayer found on the inside cover of your Breaking Bread Missal: (Lector Leads the Prayer beginning with Lord Jesus, Son of …) After the prayer he/she continues: Please stand and join in singing our Processional Hymn, found in the Breaking Bread Hymnal, _____________.

Announcement after Holy Communion:

At this time we will take up a collection for the Church in Sudan. Please consider giving to this worthy cause.