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KaVo HealOzone

Relieving pain.
Winning patronage.
Retaining patients.

Thorough and painless caries treatment

and prophylaxis is possible in every dental
How important is caries prophylaxis
and caries treatment for you and
your practice?
Finally pain-free: Marketing suggestion:
Ozone caries treatment for dentists who are Beating pain with high-tech. Minimally
committed and highly patient-oriented invasive caries treatment A patient
Afford yourself and your patients pain-free
caries treatment with KaVo HealOzone. Supported by informational and educational
You will find there is less stress for both you materials for the patients in your locality, use
and your patients who will be glad to come KaVo HealOzone to set your practice apart
back to you for treatment and ensure loyal with a clear and positive statement.
patronage of your practice. "That's the dentist who gives high-tech pain-
free caries treatment." The word will get
around fast. And we'll help you spread it.

Sustainable healing without drilling

Tooth-preserving, painless caries treat-
ment of roots, fissures and proximal
Remineralisation and hardening within
4 - 12 weeks
Root canal disinfection (endodontics):
Always the trendsetter be:
full endodontic treatment in just one
Ozone is the treatment of choice for the
experienced practitioner applying a clear
prophylactic concept. Disinfection of cavity or preparation
before placing dental restorations
As a trendsetter, you are constantly open to
new ideas and technologies. Your strategy 100% disinfection of all surfaces where
has always been one of caries prophylaxis a vacuum seal can be achieved
and systematic therapy, right?
No free ozone enters the oral cavity or
KaVo HealOzone lets you stride in a comple- airways (vacuum sealed)
tely new therapeutic direction: A pharmaco-
logical approach to the management and No known side effects with our patented
treatment of caries. Not only can HealOzone delivery system
be used for caries treatment, but it is also
effective for disinfecting surfaces treated
the conventional way. It is also suited for
orthodontics, endodontics and for treating
hypersensitivities, aphthae and herpes, too.
Fulfil an age-old patient dream: Ipain.
didn't become a dentist to inflict
Whenever and wherever pos-
Eradicate caries painlessly. sible, I aim to alleviate pain and
stress for my patients, and for
myself, too.

Patients who are happy to come back Non-invasive or minimally interventive

combined with thoroughness:
It's in your hands!
Modern curative methods that are less one-
rous on both the patient and treating practi- Sustainable and thorough caries treatment
tioner in equal measure. without anxiety for your patients. No matter
whether you utilise KaVo HealOzone to
With KaVo HealOzone, you will notice that a
enhance disinfection of mechanically treated
burden is removed from your shoulders in
diseased sites or you decide to administer the
multiple ways. Indeed, you will treat caries at
full treatment with KaVo HealOzone, you will
an earlier stage. Without needles, without
notice the difference it makes.
probing, without drilling. And you will eradi- egael
cate fissures and proximal caries gently but
KaVo HealOzone treatment is free of pain,
nlganhg stuhnydet
vibrations, needles and probing. Free of all eon

eb l

thoroughly nevertheless. This will ensure that
those things that previously caused constant


your patients are happy to return for their
anxiety and tension.
regular check-ups.
Put an end to all that:
Even when caries is detected, treatment is
Your patients will thank you.
always pain-free.
Your results are unbeatable? Our prophylaxis concept is logical
and proven.
Naturally, I treat with the most
Now you have support. up-to-date procedures and tech-

Progressive: The spot-on alternative to dril- Your patients rely on you. And they know
ling that is gentle to dentin and enamel and you employ curative dental procedures
lowers the stress factor. systematically and pragmatically
Don't just stop caries, but intentionally leave If you have to drill, then you know exactly
previously diseased, ozonised tooth substance why. When you utilise ozone treatment for
in situ to become remineralised and hardened specific indications, you do so knowing your
again within 4 to 12 weeks. patients' trust equally in you and this modern
procedure and they have good reason to do High-tech without drilling
And that's not the only thing revolutionary
so! Treatment of deep caries, while
about KaVo's HealOzone treatment.
And when you employ KaVo HealOzone to previously diseased material
complement the use of your conventional, is preserved and re-hardens
more familiar methods, then you are utilising Incipient and large pit and
the aspects of each procedure that you value Diagnosing caries: KaVo Situation before the Situation 12 weeks after
fissure caries, reliably detected
HealOzone treats the ozone treatment. the ozone treatment.
for good reasons and that expands the likeli- with DIAGNOdent
diseased portions of the 60 seconds' disinfection Caries are reversed and
hood of you making your good results even tooth under a vacuum with ozone the texture of the trea-
better. Endodontics root canal
(treatment time 40 - 50 ted site is of a markedly
seconds) harder consistency
Orthodontics: before attaching
brackets, when adjusting the
Full prophylactic treatment

Therapy of hypersensitivities,
herpes, aphthae

Root canal disinfection:

Ozone penetrates into the
entire root canal system
down to the very last corner
Discover the patient magnet Itherapeutic
continually keep up-to-date on new
modalities to ensure reve-
nues for my dental practice, and enable
of the 21st century: me to offer my patients more attractive

KaVo HealOzone
There is nothing that attracts patients You are a practitioner who patients prefer
more than dental treatments, free from to go to, and whom they recommend to
anxiety and pain. others
Take away the pain and patients of every age Invoicing example with a turnover of 180 per day. You lower your patients' resistance to check-
will even be happy to pay a little more. Above ups when they no longer feel anxious about
and beyond that, a modern procedure like Assumed annual earnings over 200 workdays 36,000 the results of their exams.
KaVo HealOzone will help you set yourself
apart in the market. And the word will spread
One-time investment costs 13,804 Educate your patients about this novel inno-
vative technology. We have prepared helpful
at lightening speed. Annual material requirements
information material just for this purpose.
Pain-free, gentle, thorough."
(ampoules, silicone cups, filters) 3,144 You can display it in your waiting room or
"High-tech looks." "Stands out in the crowd." Servicing costs 500 send it with your mailings.
When you use KaVo HealOzone, all these
Your additional earnings with an amortisation
kinds of recommendations by your pleasantly
within one year and without any depreciation
surprised patients will recommend you and
for wear and tear 18,552
your practice.
Added revenues right from the start: On average, five caries treatments are car-
ried out daily in European dental practices. This calculation is based on three
treatments a day.

Complete fissure disinfection before This is what patients think about

sealing approx. 120 KaVo HealOzone
Herpes/aphthae approx. 20 100 % of the patients treated
The costs per tooth vary from with KaVo HealOzone would
25 to 60 submit to repeat treatment
Prices calculated on the basis of the 99 % were delighted about the
practice's costs per minute factor treatment
You will work profitably with daily 97 % will recommend to others
the KaVo HealOzone treatment
sales of as little as 90
they received from their dentist
Ask us about our leasing and financing offers!

All data are reference values from applied practice.

All prices are stated in euros.
Numerous international studies
speak for themselves.
Whether non-invasive or minimally interventive:
Risk-free, tooth preserving, long-term efficacy.
Validated method, proven mechanism of action
1. The efficacy of ozone on carious diseases without cavity forma- Karin Christine Huth, DDS, Ekaterini Paschos, The study by Baysan, published in 2002, is a good example for the
tion in permanent molars. DDS Prof. Korbinian Brand, MD Prof.
empirical proof of efficacy of the procedure. It proved that KaVo HealOzones broad spectrum of indications
A controlled-prospective clinical study. Reinhard Hickel, DDS.
HealOzone can be used to reliably stop root caries progression.
Pit and fissure caries: Significant successes
CLINICAL RELEVANCE: Within a period up to 3 months, the appli- Published in: Am J Dent, 2005 Four groups of root caries were compared: demonstrated in prophylaxis and treatment of
cation of ozone gas for incipient carious diseases without cavity Aug;18(4):223-8.: open carious lesions
formation reversed and/or slowed the progression of the carious I. Not treated
disease process in patients at a high risk for carious diseases. II. Treated with ozone alone Cervical caries: Achieves valuable preservation
III. Treated with ozone followed by sealant of tissues in especially sensitive areas, treat-
IV. Treated with sealant alone ment of hypersensitive cervical areas
2. Clinical reversal of root caries through the use of ozone in an J. Holmes, UKSmiles Dental Practice,
18-month controlled double-blind trial with a randomly allocated 3 Old Row Court, Rose Street, Wokingham, The follow-up examinations were performed using the electrical Root canal treatment: Complete root canal
control group. Berkshire, RG40 1XZ, United Kingdom carious monitor (ECM), using DIAGNOdent and a clinical index over a (endodontic) treatment possible in a single session
three-month period. The values in groups II - IV improved after one
CONCLUSIONS: Leathery non-cavitated primary root caries can be Published in: Gerodontology 2003 Dec; Orthodontics: Reliable disinfection and
and three months, respectively.
predictably arrested non-operatively with ozone and remineralising 20(2):106-114 prevention
products. This treatment regime is an effective alternative to conven- The values in the untreated control group I worsened compared to
Soft tissue treatment: A 20-second exposure
tional "drilling and filling" baseline. Ozone can consequently be used as a non-invasive treatment
proves effective against aphthae and herpes
modality for treating root caries. The 12-month follow-up examination
confirmed this result.
3. Efficacy of root canal disinfection with ozone and calcium J. Noetzel1), J. Nonhoff1), J. Wagner2),
hydroxide S. Baraliakos1), K. Neumann3) and KaVo HealOzone provides added benefits in the treatment of pit and
A. M. Kielbassa1) fissure caries: The sterilising effect of ozone at the fissure itself befo-
1) Policlinic for Conservative Dentistry and Periodontology, Clinic
ozone was highly effective against Enterococcus faecalis. Root canal and Policlinics for Dento-Maxillo-Facial Surgery, Campus re sealing improved the bond at the sealant-tooth interface
Benjamin Franklin, Charit - University Medical School, Berlin
preparation and irrigation with NaOCl or CHX promoted disinfection (Universittsmedizin Berlin) (Celeberti and Lussi, 2006).
2) Medical Institute for Infectious Diseases, Campus Benjamin
efficacy even more significantly. Franklin, Charit University Medical School, Berlin
(Universittsmedizin Berlin)
The application of gaseous ozone in combination with chemomechani- 3) Institute for Medical Informatics, Biometrics and Epidemiology,
Campus Mitte, Charit - University Medical School, Berlin
cal preparation thus appears to provide sufficient disinfection of root (Universittsmedizin Berlin)

canals infected with Enterococcus faecalis in vitro. Published in: DZZ - Supplement 2005 Special
edition, Zahnmedizin Interdisziplinr, 26 to
30 Oct. 2005, ICC Berlin, Abstract 391
4. Efficacy of a single ozone application in reducing bacteria in M. J. Wicht1), R. Haak1), S. Kneist2), M. J. Noack1),
patients with deep caries in deciduous teeth 1) Policlinic for Conservative Dentistry and Periodontology,
University of Cologne
A single ozone application led to a reduction ... of caries-inducing 2) Biology Laboratories, ZZMK, FSU Jena
pathogenic microorganisms in the superficial layers of untreated
Published in: DZZ - Supplement 2005 Special Tooth 36 X-ray finding: Root filled X-ray finding: X-ray finding: X-ray finding:
carious dentine. Longer application times did not lead to any greater edition, Zahnmedizin Interdisziplinr, 26 to 30 X-ray finding of on 21 Mar. 2003 1-year follow-up 2-year follow-up on 3-year follow-up on
efficacy. Oct. 2005, ICC Berlin, Abstract 322 9 Mar. 2003 11 Mar. 2005 6 Apr. 2006
Thoroughly and painlessly
Caries-free in just a few steps.
With high-tech
Ozone: 2100 ppm Easy to use, easy to explain. HealOzone, the Simply safer. No free ozone whatsoever
Flow rate: 100 x/s talented all-rounder for everyday use. enters the oral cavity or airways.
Ozone is one of the most effective oxidants Ozone is highly effective against microorga- lesion or into root canal, until a vacuum is
available. Ozone quickly kills bacteria nisms. The system ensures 100% protection of created and detected under the silicone cup.
including carious pathogens, as well as the oral cavity and the airways. No ozone is Appropriately sized cups are available for the
Moisture trap
viruses and fungi. It also disinfects wounds generated or pumped to the diseased fissure, different tooth sizes and shapes.
and stops bleeding.
Ozone KaVo HealOzone generates its active prin-
Ozone ciple from the oxygen in the atmospheric
neutraliser air. The vacuum created under the silicone
tooth cup sucks ozone to the site to be
pressure treated. After the required treatment time,
all the ozone is aspirated off and broken
back down into oxygen again.
Air dryer Vacuum Immediately after this treatment, the den-
cartridge pump tist initiates remineralisation of the now
disinfected area. When given a special kit,
the patient can continue this reminerali-
sation treatment themself at home for a
Atmospheric air is while afterwards.
drawn in Standardised cleaning Clinical diagnostics (with an Laser fluorescence measurement
(PROPHYflex and KaVo Pearls) index, e.g. CSI) (with DIAGNOdent pen);
and drying Then:
1. Air dryer with automatic humidity 4. Ozone concentration of 2100 ppm Selective, minimally invasive
sensor ensures that air humidity is at a flow rate of ~ 100 x/s in the extension of fissures (RONDOflex,
stable and that the ozone concen- vacuum-tight silicone cup KEY Laser)
tration within the silicone cup
5. Moisture trap prevents moisture
remains steady
from contaminating the ozone
2. Differential pressure sensor neutraliser
registers leaks and activates the
6. Ozone neutraliser reduces O3
ozone generator
to O2 and releases neutral air into
3. Safe Closed-system the practice environment
ozone generator generates ozone Extended fissures Disinfection with HealOzone Finalised extended fissure
7. Vacuum pump low pressure to
from atmospheric oxygen (applied for 40 - 60 seconds) sealing (X Flow, Dentsply)
prevent ozone from leaking out of
the system.
Etching + conditioning of
surfaces and fissures
Light curing
Help your patients discover
a new groundbreaking
caries therapy.
Your patients desire pain-free treatment. Free informational and educational materials and convincing
Tell them about the amazing possibilities. arguments to support you and your practice
Research has shown that in most cases, Patient brochure to hand out or display in your waiting room
with good preparation and careful expla- Tooth loss Prevention in healthy teeth
nation, patients are willing to pay for a Educational poster
Bridges Monitoring
pain free treatment option. Use every Informational DVD with supporting sales arguments for you and Professional teeth cleaning
opportunity to educate your patients in Removable dentures
your dental team Fissure sealing
the benefits of HealOzone. Fluoridation
Audio CD for waiting room The use of HealOzone as
Most patients accept that nowadays any supportive measure in Use of HealOzone in
Note pads with scheduling reminders prophylaxis as preventive
up-to-date, quality-oriented dentistry will restorative dentistry measure
virtually always entail a personal financial Information bulletins on the topic of caries treatment with
commitment, with most dental cover only KaVo HealOzone for your regular patient address
reimbursing for the minimum standard of
care. Have your practice listed on the, the
website platform for interested patients willing to pay extra for
We will support you in educating your quality dental care
patients accordingly.

Tooth decay Initial lesion

Fillings Monitoring
Crowns Professional teeth cleaning
Endodontic treatment
Extended fissure sealing:
Use of HealOzone for disinfec- cured with HealOzone
tion in invasive/conservative
dentistry Use of HealOzone in minimal-
intervention dentistry with
curative indication
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