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24 Inches

A MF Romantic Comedy

By Alexis Angel

Copyright 2017 by Alexis Angel

All rights reserved

This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places, and incidents either are
products of the authors imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to
actual events or persons is entirely coincidental. This work is intended for adults only.

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*Whats better than one foot of man meat inside of you?*

*Well, how about two?*

Anders Carter and Logan Kane. Two of the baddest cover models
in the entire romance market.

Whether its my 8 pack abs. No woman is immune.

But thenshe comes into the picture. Lana Hartley.

Now all of a sudden were playing her game. Trying to jump

through her hoopscompeting with each other.

Shes something else entirely. Strong. Sexy. Sassy.

*And her big question iswhy have one, when you can
have two?*

Now were gonna open up a whole new world for her. Make her
see things she never dreamt possible. Change the way she sees
the world.

And were gonna do it by using our bodies.

Well let you guess which parts...

**Come join Alexis Angel in this full-length standalone

romance. No cliffys but it's going to be a scorcher with super
duper hot scenes. HEA? You know it, babe.**

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The Page Flip issue seriously kills page reads for me, so Im
thanking you in advance!


Alexis xoxoxox



Y OU ' VE HEARD that sound before and you know what it is, darlin'.
Youve read other shit from Naughty Angel Publishing.
Okay, for the uninitiated, Ill spell it out.
That's the sound of the flat of my palm hitting Trisha's ass.
It's juicy and plump and my cock looks amazing going in and out
of her pussy as she's bent over on all fours.
"Oh baby, that feels so fucking good," Trisha moans, and I
can sense the lust in her eyes. She's wanted this for a long time.
And I'm finally giving it to her better than any man she's ever
been with. She's not going to be able to fucking walk after I'm
done with her. But after I shoot her as high into orbit as I'm
going to, she's not going to want to. Hell, she won't even
remember her fucking name by the time I'm done.
And who the hell am I exactly?
My name is Logan Sanders. And I'm going to rock your
fucking world.
That's right. You heard me. I'm that Logan Sanders. The one
who showed up on the last book, Dick Juice, from Naughty Angel
That's right baby. I'm the book boyfriend. I make the model
come to life on the cover. That's my abs you're licking when you
run your tongue against the screen.
That's my fingers you're imagining to be caressing you when
you're touching yourself.
That's my face and my eyes piercing into your soul when they
decide to show my face. Seriously, I don't know why sometimes
they cut me off. Not show my face. It's like, I know my face is
fucking gorgeous. You're looking at several thousand more sales
with my face on the cover.
Now, now don't shake your head. Don't roll your eyes. I
know this. I have fucking data to backup my
Yeah, I work for Naughty Angel Publishing. They share their
data with me pretty openly. You've heard of Naughty Angel
Publishing. I know you have. Fuck, you're reading their book
right now. You've seen the books on the charts.
I mean, shit, if you read 12 Inches, about Aidan Stone, that's
my fucking boss. Aidan is married to Abby Cleveland, and
together they started this operation. I used to know Aidan from
our days working at the nightclub, Python. Then when he started
this publishing business with Abby he went ahead and brought
me on. Started me as an exclusive cover model. And fuck, did my
books do well. Really, really, fucking well.
That was about a year ago. Each month its been more covers.
And more money. Enough money that I don't have to worry
about work now. Enough that I can afford the nice suits that I
sometimes pose in. We're talking several million dollars in
Yeah, the covers did that well.
I mean, come on, you read them, right? Of course you did. If
you want to cum, you're reading Naughty Angel Publishing.
Books like 12 Inches, DILF, Dirty Daddy, Client 5, Scandalous, Mr.
Presidentbooks that will make you fucking squirt by the end.
Or leave you quivering and fucking horny so that when your
significant other walks in the door you're jumping them like a
crazed fucking hyena.
Yeah, I know what's going on here. Don't you blush at me or
even think of flipping the page and skimming over. I'm serious.
Instead, imagine yourself in my giant fucking armsmy
muscles rippling as I hold you and pull you close to me.
Imagine putting your head against my cut pecs, drilled with
diamond precision. Or running your hands and your tongue
down my 8-pack abs. Not even 6-pack. 8. Eight. As in I'm so cut,
you can tell the definition of two more ab muscles than
other men.
Imagine trailing your fingers down farther. Grasping my 12-
inch cock. Squeezing it. It's so fucking thickit's got the girth
of a coke can, so you might need two hands. But think about how
it grows and thickens and starts to come alive in your hands as
you look into my soulful blue eyes. My rugged face and strong
jawline. Think about how your heart will fucking race as my cock
expands outwards and then points out at you, like a lewd jib on a
sailing ship.
That's right, baby girl, think about how you'd get me on my
back and then look at my cock with worry. How the fuck are you
gonna put something like that inside of you?
And I'd fucking guide you. Slowly. Inch by inch. Till you're
fucking filled up. Till you know you'll never be more filled up in
your fucking life. And then when I start to fuck you, think about
how you'll fucking forget everything. You'll lose track of
everyone. You'll forget your fucking name.
All you'll want is more.
More cock. More Logan. More fucking. Till you collapse from
the pleasure, or black the fuck out.
Those are the only two options.
I know because that's exactly what's happening to Trisha
right now. I'm fucking her so fucking good.
"Ungh, baby, I'm going to--" she doesn't get a chance to
reply before an orgasm rips through her and I cover her mouth,
not letting her breathe.
She's trying to breathe but she can't. Her brain is being
slightly asphyxiated and the orgasm is ripping through her and
she literally starts to shake from the pleasure.
Orgasms are amplified many fucking times over when you're
not breathing. Each sensation is magnified about ten to a
hundred times because your brain is all of a sudden hyper
fucking aware that something is going on.
"Unnngh," Trisha moans once I let my hand drop from her
mouth. The orgasm has been amplified and is still rippling
through herrippling through her body.
She's thrashing and I feel her pussy clenching down on my
cock and I'm about to fucking cum too.
"Cut!" comes the cry of the director.
I grunt and cry out in frustration.
"Don't cum, Logan," I hear Aidan say as he walks into the
room. "Remember our bet. You lost the basketball game fair and
I sigh savagely and pull out of Trisha who collapses in a
twitching heap of flesh.
Aidan is right. This Sunday at the gym we were playing
basketball and had a three-point shot making contest. The bet
was that if I won, Aidan had to wear a dress to work. And if he
won, the next time we were filming and turning some of the
Naughty Angel Publishing books into films, if there was sex
involved, I wouldn't be able to cum.
"That's a good shot today," the director comes up and tells
us. I grab a towel to cover myself and my monstrous raging
erection. It's still not satisfied, and it's throbbing inside the
"I think Ethan is going to be pleased with our progress," the
director says to Aidan and I. He's talking about Ethan Kane, the
world's largest pornography content creator. See, Ethan and
Naughty Angel Publishing just recently signed a contract. We
provide the stories and licensing, and Ethan provides the
experience to make virtual reality porn using our stories.
Another way for our readers to immerse themselves inside the
worlds created by Abby Cleveland.
I nod, going over to put my shirt on. Trisha is putting on a
robe. She smiles at me shyly. I smile back, but try to keep it
I know she's probably coming over later on tonight. After the
fucking I just gave her, it's a pretty sure fucking thing. She's
going to want to have sex again. Then she's going to want to
come over tomorrow. If I don't control it, she'll want to start
calling herself my new girlfriend.
I make a mental note to make a point to let her know that this
relationship needs to have a definitive fucking end date.
One thing that Logan Sanders does not do is relationships.
I fuck. And forget.
That's my motto. I'm honest and upfront about it. You wanna
come on the rodeo and take a ride on me?
I'll give you the time of your fucking life.
But then the ride is over and it's time to let the other women
standing in line have their turn.
It's only fucking fair.
That's what we're doing today, darlin'.
It's time to go on the rodeo. It's time to get fucking nasty.
So, you've heard all about me. All about what I'm working
with. You know what you get when you pick up anything that
says "Angel."
It's your decision.
Turn the page. And blow your mind.
Or bow out now.
No one is gonna fucking hate you if you don't like over the top
shit. If you don't like hot men, cussing, dirty talk, sex, and cum.
Lots and lots of fucking cum.
If you are ready to make the leap, then go find yourself a quiet
fucking corner. Take those panties off. Get the fingers or the
vibe ready.
And hold on.
Because I'm about to come. And so are you.
Don't say I didn't fucking warn you.


J ack Kerouac once said, One day I will find the right
words, and they will be simple. Thats a pretty
sentence, isnt it? Id just make one tiny change, which would be
replacing simple with profitable.
Hey, dont look at me like that.
Life in the big city isnt cheap, you know? Especially for a 25-
year-old girl just out of college. Not that I should be
complaining; I have a roof over my head, and a job that isnt
so bad.
I guess Im just ambitious.
Oh, Im rambling already, aint I? Sorry about that! Let me
introduce myself.
My name is Lana Hartley, and Ive always dreamed of
becoming a writer. Theres something magical about putting
words on a page, carefully placing them one after the other and
building something that just pulls people in.
Thats why when I finished my degree I started hunting for a
job in a publishing house. I mean, although it might be cool to be
a starving author, I have a shoes habit that needs to be nursed.
Fate would have it that I finished college at the same time the
novel 12 Inches hit the shelves. You know that book, dont you?
Yeah, right, thats a silly questionI mean, who doesnt know 12
Inches, right? I still remember all the craze surrounding that
book, the way crowds gathered in lines that stretched for blocks,
waiting for the bookstores to open so that they could lay their
hands on a copy.
I usually dont tell this to anyone, but I was one of these
people waiting in line. And the moment I finished the book
(which was just a few hours after buying it, I devoured the thing),
I knew whom I wanted to be like. And that person was Abby
Lucky for me, she rolled the profits from Twelve Inches into a
publishing house, Naughty Angel Publishing. And do you know
what a publishing house that has just started operations needs?
It needs employees.
I didnt even bother with sending my resum. No, the
moment I knew Naughty Angel was hiring, I drove through the
city and knocked at Abby Clevelands door myself. Nothing beats
showing youre proactive.
It worked.
I became one of Abbys personal assistants and a staff writer
and, more than just meeting my idol, I took one more step in my
path toward becoming an author. The way I see it, working at
Naughty Angel might be exactly what I need in order to publish
my first novel. And thats why its after hours and Im still at the
office, clutching a manuscript to my chest and standing like a
statue in front of Abbys office.
Okay, here goes nothing, I whisper to myself, and then rap
my knuckles against the door.
Yeah? I hear Abbys voice from the inside and, feeling my
heart punching against my chest, I open the door and step
inside. I thought you had already gone home, Lana, Abby tells
me, a look of surprise on her face as she raises her eyes from the
documents on her desk.
Beautiful and talented, shes everything I aspire to be.
Besides, she also knows how to write some wicked steamy sex
that helps. I cant even tell you how many times I enjoyed
myself reading her sex scenes, one hand on my iPad, the other
on my okay, thats too much. After all, were just getting to
know each other.
No I stayed behind, I start to say, feeling beads of sweat
starting to take shape on my forehead. I dont get nervous
around her these days, but todays a special day; after all, Im
going to try and pitch her my manuscript. And shes Abby
fucking Cleveland; I want to impress her! I wanted to, uhm,
show you something.
What is it? She sits up straight behind her desk, leans back,
and offers me her smile. For someone as famous as she has
become, shes one of the most kind and down-to-earth people
I know.
Its a manuscript Ive been working on, I tell her, the words
feeling heavy on my tongue. Sitting down on the chair facing her
desk, I place the manuscript I was clutching to my chest down
onto her desk.
A manuscript? Thats interesting! She sounds excited, and
thats a good sign. But maybe shes just being nice to me. She
reaches for the pages and starts reading, her eyes moving slowly
over my words. I sit in there, awkwardly waiting as she reads,
and I cant stop myself from saying something.
Ive named it The Virgin Market. Its a bit different from
what Naughty Angel publishes: its a dark romance, but --
Oh? Abby raises her gaze, her eyes meeting mine. A dark
romance? Oh-oh - I no longer hear excitement in her voice.
Crap! Honey, just like you said we dont publish dark
romance. Right now the market isnt buying books with darker
storylines. If you had something in the style of Alexis Angel or
Mona Cox, Id be happy to take a look But dark romance just
isnt marketable right now.
Oh, I say, doing my best not to sound defeated and failing
Im sorry, honey.
No, its perfectly okay! I say, trying to sound cheery even
though I feel as if the moon fell on top of my head. Ive poured
my heart and soul into The Virgin Market and, apparently, I was
investing in a genre that doesnt sell.
Great move, Lana, great move.
To make matters worse, I really need the money. Living in
New York is expensive as hell and, even though my salary isnt
that shabby, Im struggling to get by. Im living in a small studio,
but I really cant afford it; soon enough Ill have to move
somewhere else and find roommates. And thats something I
really dont want to do. I mean, who wants to live with a bunch
of strangers? Oh, if only Naughty Angel bought my manuscript,
Id be able to keep afloat for a few more months.
Okay, lets do this, Abby suddenly says, pushing the
manuscript toward me and offering me a comforting smile.
Why dont you finish your novel, and then well wait four
months Maybe the market shifts!
I look at her, a bit stunned, and then find myself smiling.
Yes! Thank you! I say, picking up my manuscript and
standing up. Four months is a long time, and Im not so sure if
the market will change but at least theres hope! Thank
you, Abby!
Dont thank me. At least not yet, she smiles, but Im too
excited to register her words. Returning her smile, I turn on my
heels and leave her office, a skip to my step. My initial pitch
might've failed, but you heard what Abby said: in a few months
shell reconsider.
I guess I can still become a real writer, after all.


When I Buy A House, This Is The Kinda Men I Want In It!

I S IT JUST ME , or does it seem like Naughty Angel Publishing has A

LOT of books in the Top 100 lists? Like way
more than Bad Boy Publishing. I wonder what Grady over at Bad
Boy thinks about the fact that Aidan Stone and Abby Cleveland
are spanking his ass? And not in a good sexual way either, but
like in a humiliating defeat kinda way lol.

S O HERE S the rundown if you didnt know about Grady and Bad
Boy Publishing. Hes the CEO of that company and hes watched
the company slide way down from where it used to be. I mean, I
dont wanna say its because I left, but Im sure that Abby Angel
starting Naughty Angel Publishing has had something to do with
the changing fortunes of the steamy contemporary romance

B UT YOU KNOW , its not just Aidan and I. We have the most
wonderful staff and authors that work with us. And were so
proud of them. Theyre all releasing books this year too! So were
really SOOPER DUPER excited!

S PEAKING OF , theyll all be at the MaxSex Reader Convention at the

end of the month in Tampa. So you should totally come over and
support your favorite Naughty Angels! The chief angel, Abby
Angel, yours truly will be there as well as her handsome hunky
8-packed piece of man meat, Aidan Stone. Well be signing
autographs and giving away copies of 12 Inches the book that
basically started this media empire.

B AD B OY P UBLISHING will be there too, so if youre a fan of their

work, go check them out as well. Im not gonna hate on another
set of authors I think personally that the company is run pretty
shady, but I dont want any drama, ya know? I just wanna go
about selling smut and making you ladies cum.

I F YOU HAVEN T YET , be sure to join Dirty Lil Angels on Facebook.

Were giving out a vibrator a week for people who answer the
questions of the day that we pose. And these questions whoa.
Its a good thing this is a closed group that your family and
friends dont see because if youre not getting wet within
minutes of joining the group, then you need to check your pulse
because youre prolly all passed out from all the arousal that
went through your head LOL.

T HAT S all for me for now, Angels. Ill be sending NLs pretty
frequently and this is my happiest time every day, when I can
send out a NL and connect with fans. Have a look at our catalogs
below if you want to pick up something to read, otherwise always
remember, that I am totally here for you. My job is to bring
happiness to my readers. Thats why I do everything that I do.
Including writing books that feature me. ;)


"C 'mon darlin', sucking on that cock lollipop isn't nearly as

tasty as sucking on this," Logan says, grinning and grabbing his
crotch. "I can promise you that."
There's phallic candy galore hereany flavor and any shape
even pussies, tits, and assholeswhatever you're in the mood
for to be honest, and the two women with thick, purple, cock
lollipops shoved into their mouths blush, and give Logan a
quick wave.
I roll my eyes. "Why do you always feel the need to make an
ass out of yourself? Do you really think women fall for that?"
"Judging by the fucking action I get, I'd say so. You should
give it a try, Anders," he says, trying to get under my skin.
"I'll pass."
Attending the MaxSex Convention as a cover model used to be
fun before I was stuck babysitting Logan. I'm supposed to
stand here, flex my abs, sign autographs, and meet with
hundreds of fans, but instead, I'm standing here looking after a
grade-A goof ball.
I've been in this industry long enough that nowadays the best
part about these conventions is the people watching. I'm
serious. From the dark dungeons where all the BDSM fans
congregatedominatrix and slave role play, whips, chains,
flogging, and even the occasional bruiseto girls in lingerie
swinging on sex swings, to obscene amounts of sex toys, and
even the occasional flasher who thinks it's a good idea to flash
his pathetic junk until security finds him and throws him out.
"How long has it been since you've been laid? A week? A
month? Or a year?" Logan says, while lifting his shirt and
flexing for a woman.
"What makes you think I don't get laid?" I say. "I've probably
had more women and more meaningful relationships than
you'll ever experience in your lifetime."
"There you go again," Logan smirks. "With your talk about
'meaningful relationships.' That's your fucking problem. Drop
the relationships and you suddenly have 31 fucking flavors of
pussy at your disposal. And who doesn't like that?"
"You're a real shit show," I say. "You act like an overgrown
"You wish, man."
Just then a woman approaches us. She walks past me, and
directly up to Logan.
"Can I touch you?" she asks. "I've never seen abs like
yours before. Not in real life, anyways."
"Sure, darlin'," Logan says, lifting his shirt up higher. "Don't
be shy. Trace those ridges. They're nice and hard for you."
The woman lets out a nervous giggle, but I watch her face
flush as she closes the distance between them, and runs her
fingers across his chiseled stomach. Her fingers dip in and out of
every ridge, slow and careful, as if she's milking every minute
of this.
As she's doing this, a whole new crowd of women approach,
each one begging to put their fingers on Logan.
I shake my head.
I've had enough of Logan. If I have to stand next to him for
another minute, I might quit. So I decide to step away from our
booth and take a walk.
Just as I'm walking past a row of rainbow-colored vibrators,
each blinking brighter than a nightclub, a woman taps me on the
"Anders Carter?"
"In the flesh," I smile.
"Oh my God! I'm such a fan! You have no idea. I mean, every
time I see you on the cover of a Naughty Angel's book I have to
instantly buy it," she gushes.
"Thanks gorgeous," I smile, pulling up my shirt from the
waistband of my pants and flexing my abs for her.
"Oh myyou are even more gorgeous in real life!" she
I sign the book she's holding, and then continue on my way.
If I don't leave now, this woman will keep me glued to this spot
all day. And that's not in my contract.
As I continue to make my way past the booths, other women
approach me and I give them all the same actrippling my abs,
flashing them a bright smile, signing their books, and even
posing for selfies, but I make it a point to move on quickly.
I love my fans. I really do. But the industry has left me feeling
I hear my name again, and turn around, expecting to lift my
shirt for another fan, but instead, I see an entirely different kind
of woman.
"Hi, I'm Lana Hartley," she says, offering me her hand.
I give it a firm shake. It's soft, manicured, and delicate. "Nice
to meet you."
Theres something about this woman that's different. And
the way she tucks her hair behind one ear is fucking cute.
"Good turnout, huh?"
"What?" I ask. I realize I'm so taken aback by this woman
that I completely missed what she just said.
"Oh, I just said that there seems to be a good turnout at this
year's convention," she says.
"Yeah, not bad. Lots of fans. Lots of publishers," I say. "It's a
good year."
She nods, but she isn't smiling. There seems to be sadness in
her eyes, and I can't quite put my finger on why. I look down,
noticing that she's holding a stack of papers.
"And what do you have there?"
"Just some writing," she shrugs.
"A full manuscript?"
"Close to full, but it doesn't matter. Apparently, the market's
moved on."
"What's the problem?"
"I've been shopping it around to traditional publishers
Abby, from Naughty Angel Publishing suggested I do thatbut
no one seems to want to take it," she says.
"Can I read it?" I ask, and she seems to perk up at the offer.
Fuck. She's really cute. "Sure, I'd be happy to review it. I've
been on dozens of covers; I think I'm a pretty good judge of these
things," I say, winking.
"Good point," she laughs, and there's innocence in the lilt of
her voice that's hard to ignore.
Just as she hands me the manuscript, I look over and see
Logan getting pulled into a room by some woman, but before I
can worry about what he's getting himself into now, I flip open
Lana's manuscript.
And I'm immediately sucked in.
It's good.
Really fucking good.


I cant say no to a fucking pretty lady.

Especially when she presses her tits against my
chest and whispers indecent words into my fucking ear. Words
like I need your cock right now. I just cant fight that kind of
shit, you know?
Thing is, thats exactly the kind of shit that happens to me all
the fucking time And now more so since Im at the MaxSex
convention, showing all my adoring fans my impressive wall
of abs.
Come with me I really need that cock, the woman Im
with whispers again, running one hand down my naked chest
and taking it all the way to my crotch. Yup, Im getting really
fucking hard right now.
Lead the way, I tell her with a wide grin, allowing her to
grab my hand. With a foxy smile, she starts walking down the
main floor of the convention hall as if she owns the place, and I
trail after her taking deep breaths, trying hard not to show
everyone in here the gigantic boner inside my fucking jeans.
I walk slowly, strategically allowing her to walk in front of
me. You see, this way I can have a nice view of her ass. And what
a fucking view! Shes much shorter than I am, a brunette with
wicked eyes but really, her greatest assets are her fucking rack
and her curvy ass. I just want to run my hands up her skirt and
take her ass cheeks into my hands.
Here, she says, looking back at me over my shoulder. She
has led me down a stairwell, and now were walking down a
corridor that looks eerily deserted. She stops in front of what
looks like a service door and, showing me one lustful grin, she
chuckles lightly and then pushes the door open.
We step inside what looks like a storage room, cardboard
boxes piled everywhere around us, but I dont waste any time
taking in the scenery. No, I just close the door with the tip of my
feet and go straight for her; placing my hands on her hips, I force
her to turn on her heels and press her against the door.
Now, what did you say you needed? I ask her, locking my
eyes on hers and finally allowing all that boiling blood to turn my
cock into a fucking slab of concrete.
That cock, she whispers, reaching for my crotch and giving
my member a hard squeeze. And I need it right now, she
continues, unbuckling my belt in a fury and pulling my zipper
down. Wasting no time, she sends my pants and boxers down to
my knees and then starts stroking me, her hand flying back and
forth over the length of my cock.
Fuck, youre in a hurry, arent you? I laugh, tangling my
fingers in her hair and making her throw her head back. I lay my
mouth against her neck, kissing her skin fiercely, and then allow
my hands to trail down the side of her body. Resting my fingers
under the curve of her ass cheeks, I pull her up and into me; she
reacts fast, lacing her legs around my waist, and I spin around
and press her body against the wall. I feel the tip of my cock
brushing against her wet panties, and I react without even
thinking twice.
Sliding one hand under the hemline of her skirt, I flick her
panties to the side and move my hips forward, the tip of my cock
now brushing against her wet naked pussy.
Do it, she moans, digging her fingernails into my back and
bucking her hips at me.
Right away, I chuckle and, with that, I thrust. I feel her
inner lips parting, and then her inner walls are wrapped tight
against my cock as it slides deep inside of her. She moans louder
now, her fingernails crisscrossing over my shoulder blades, and I
start fucking her with the kind of raw intensity women love.
Oh, fuck, yeah. Thats so so GOOD! she moans, her lips
looking for mine as she says it. She crushes her mouth against
mine, and starts swaying her hips fast, driving me completely
fucking mad.
Fuck, I groan as I ravage her pussy, my tongue dancing
around hers. Im thrusting so fiercely now that my muscles are
tensing up in a hurry, beads of sweat pooling on my forehead.
Harder! Harder! HARDER! she moans and shouts, her voice
a crescendo of ecstasy. I oblige happily, giving her pussy all of
my pent-up lust. After spending a couple of hours showing
women my naked chest, and feeling the way they fuck me with
their eyes well, lets just say I really needed to unwind.
Im gonna -- she starts, but then her voice fades into a
faint whisper as her inner walls tighten up around my cock, her
fingers on my back turning into claws.
I keep fucking her as she comes, and it takes just a couple of
fucking seconds for pleasure to overtake me. Closing my eyes, I
allow my cock to start pulsing hard inside her pussy and, a
heartbeat after that, Im gushing my load into her aching pussy.
Ah, fuck, this feels good.
Then, I hear the sound of the door swinging open in a hurry,
and it sounds just like thunder. I look to the side, surprised, and I
see a man in a dark suit stepping inside the storage room. Hes
thin and pale, and his hair looks too perfectly combed for my
Hello, there, the guy says, his voice like fingernails being
dragged over chalkboard, and I notice hes pointing his
cellphone at me and the woman Im with. He clicks his phone
and then the flash lights up the whole room.
What the fuck? I groan, putting the woman down and
sliding my cock out of her in a hurry. What the fuck do you
think youre doing?
I pull my pants up in a hurry and then start closing the
distance between that pale motherfucker and I. Meanwhile, the
woman I was with is looking from me to the newcomer and,
apparently wanting to have nothing to do with the two of us, she
just fucking bolts.
Yeah, thank you for the fucking support.
Stop right there, the guy hisses as he notices Im getting
dangerously close to him: as I approach him, I realize I know who
he is. Of course, with a fucking grin as sick as the one he has on
his face, who could it be but that fucking asshole Grady, the CEO
of Bad Boy Publishing?
What the fuck are you doing here? Im not going to ask you
again, I growl, balling both of my hands into fists and staring
him down.
Do you know who that woman was, Logan? he merely asks
me, ignoring my question.
Does it fucking matter? I shoot back, realizing that I didnt
even ask her name before I slid my twelve-inch cock inside of
her pussy. In my defense, she was in such a hurry to feel my cock
that I didnt have the time for it.
Oh, yes it matters, and it matters a lot. Her name is Carla,
and shes the wife of the Writers Guild of America's CEO, Grady
tells me, and I can tell by the tone in his voice that hes quite
pleased with that fact.
So? I didnt know she was fucking married, I shrug,
although Im starting to feel as if theres quicksand under
my feet.
So? Youre not that dumb, are you? he chuckles, waving his
cellphone in front of me. I now have proof that you engaged in
sexual intercourse with the wife of one of the most powerful
men in the industry. And now, if you want to keep on working in
this industry You better do as I say, Logan.
Oh, fuck.
I take one step forward, trying to reach for his phone, but he
just takes one step back and his grin becomes deeper and evil.
You can take my phone. But itll do you no good. Ive already
uploaded the photos to a private server. Theres nothing you can
do now.
What the fuck do you want from me? I ask him, fully
knowing that Ive just become trapped by one of the most sleazy
bastards in the industry. Ever since Naughty Angel overtook Bad
Boy Publishing, Grady has devolved into quite a fucking asshole.
Thats why I never accepted any gigs coming from Bad Boy
Its quite simple, Logan. Theres a manuscript floating
around Naughty Angel Publishing. Its a new romance novel,
written by a Lana Hartley.
Whats that gotta do with me? I ask him, although I can
already feel where this conversation is heading.
I want you to make her sign with me. I want Lana Hartley to
sign with Bad Boy Publishing, he lowers his voice now, and I
cant help but feel a shiver running up my spine. And I also cant
help but laugh.
You want one of Abby Clevelands developing writers to sign
with you? Good fucking luck with that, I tell him. If he really
wants that to happen, he has totally lost his mind. No one
working at Naughty Angel Publishing would sign with Bad Boy
Publishing. And forget about all the hatred between these two
companies, changing from one to the other, its a total
downgrade when it comes to a writing career.
Well, Logan. Thats what I want. And youll make sure it
happens. Or else you can say goodbye to your career, he
finishes, placing his phone into his breast pocket and turning
around to leave.
I say nothing as he leaves, realizing that Ive got no other
Fuck, I whisper to myself, feeling the shadows around me
growing longer. Fuckin Grady.


I slam Lana's manuscript down on the coffee table,

and sink back into the leather of my sofa, lifting my
feet up. I shake my head in disbelief, folding my arms behind
my head.
It's unbelievable. I'll be honest. My expectations were low.
Jaded? Definitely. But it's the truth. So much is pure crap out
there, and few manuscripts stand out to me.
The kind of manuscript that sparks, sharp and fast as flint.
The kind of manuscript that moves you.
Let me ask you a question. Have you ever read a book that
changes you?
That changes your perspective?
That makes you feel something you never thought you
could feel?
That blows your mind because it feels real? It just feels so
authentic that it might be happening to you, or someone
you know?
Well, that's what's happening to me right now. I'm serious.
I feel like a changed man. That's not even an exaggeration.
No joke.
Lana Hartley's manuscript, The Virgin Market, has fucking
changed me. I feel like my eyes have been opened.
Jesus fuck.
I mean, it's like I've got a new lease on life. That may sound
dramatic, but do you know what I mean?
If you don't, let me explain it another way for you.
One minute, I'm floating on a sailboat, in the middle of a
windless ocean, and the next, I feel like a huge gust has just
blown across me, filling my fucking sails and making me fly. I
have new direction.
That murky mud puddle of life isn't sucking me down with
that lipless mouth.
I'm a new fucking man.
Reading Lana's The Virgin Market manuscript has made me
realize that I've been a jaded person for so long. Too long.
The industry that I had appreciated for so many years was
devoid of any fucking color to me. It was like living in a black and
white world. I had been walking around in some dazed stupor,
bored, and uninspired, and cynical.
I'd sooner smirk at a book, than feel inspired by it.
But now? Right now, my world has gone full fucking color.
Funfetti style.
Glitter on top of glitter on the floor of a New Year's Eve party.
Get the picture?
What? You think I'm exaggerating?
With as many bad stories as I've read, I know a good one when
I see it.
Lana Hartley is good. Real good. And she hasn't even landed
her first book deal yet.
She's a natural, and she deserves to be published. That much
I know.
It's hard to believe that not a single publisher has bid on her
Are they not paying attention? Why don't they see what I see?
Who the fuck cares about market trends?
If a story is good; it's good. And this isn't just good; it's
It takes you into a character's head, and enables you to stay
thereexplore the landscape, so to speak.
It's of the highest fucking caliber. Trust me.
But now I need to find Lana. I have to tell her what I think
before it's too late. Before she feels like throwing it into a fire or
I know she's feeling like the book was an epic waste of her
time, but I believe she could have a best seller on her hands.
Correction. I don't believe. I know.
But fuck, I don't have Lana's number. That's one thing we
failed to exchange during the MaxSex convention. What was I
Clearly, I wasn't.
We were both too busy eye-fucking each other.
LoganI bet he has her number. There isn't a single woman
in NYC who isn't in that guy's contacts list. You think I'm
joking? That guy gets around.
I scroll through my phone, find his number, and call him up.
He picks up on the second ring. "Miss me already?"
It's still morning, and he sounds like he's been drinking. Or
fucking. Or maybe both.
"Funny. Look, I need a favor," I say.
"Well, well, well look who gives me a call when he's in a
pinch," Logan laughs.
"I'm serious. I need to get in touch with Lana Hartley. Could
you give me her number?"
"Lana?" he asks, his tone suddenly serious.
"Yeah, she gave me a manuscript to review at the convention
and it's fucking amazing. Grade-A stuff," I say. "I want to
help her."
"Is that the The Virgin Market manuscript?"
"You've heard of it?" I ask.
He's silent for a moment, and then continues. "I think I
overheard Lana talking about it at the convention or
There's something about Logan's voice that's strange, but I
ignore it. I'm on a mission.
"Anyways, can I get her number?" I ask, bringing him back to
the point of my call.
"I don't have it," he says flatly.
"Bullshit, Logan! C'mon man. I just need this favor," I plead,
trying to not sound desperate.
"Sorry, I uhIreally don't have it," he says, his words
coming out in short, halting bursts.
We hang up, and I can't help but think that Logan is hiding
something from me. But why? Why would he care if I talk to
Lana? Is he fucking her or something?
I ignore that thought. I can't worry about what's going on in
Logan's life. Not now.
I find Lana's website, and click on her contact link, writing
her a quick message and being sure to include my phone
number. After I send it off, I think about her manuscript again.
The thought of it makes me shake my head.
I think back to the books that have jaded me, and after
reading Lana's manuscript, it dawns on me. I realize why I got
into this business in the first place.
It was never about the money.
It was never about the fame; I never did it for vanity, or
It was never about the pussy (even though there's a lot of it).
No, none of that.
It was always about the stories.


A lright, people, keep in line! I shout to the crowd

gathering around Abbys table, but they dont even register my
words. Theyre like zombies, except instead of wanting brains
they want Abbys autograph.
Even though security is cordoning off the area and trying to
keep the crowd in check, I feel that were going to get mobbed
sometime soon. More than a writer, Abby is like a rock star. And
no wonder, she single handedly changed the industry with her
Okay, you go now, I wave at an elderly lady and she moves
toward Abby, clutching a hardback copy of 12 Inches to her chest.
She has kind eyes and long white hair, and the wrinkles in her
face tell me that she had her 70th birthday a long time ago.
Youd think that 12 Inches would play better with the younger
crowd, but Abbys book drew the interest of pretty much
everyone. Even men are crazy about 12 Inches but I guess I
shouldnt be surprised about that, with the steamy sex and all.
Calm down, everyone! I cry out again, watching as a few
women try to cut the line, causing the people ahead of them to
start muttering. Thinking it best to get from behind the desk and
coordinate everything closer to the line, I start walking around
the desk.
Im about to reach the place where the line ends, when I feel
emptiness under my right footyou see, I completely forgot
that we set up Abbys desk on top of a small dais, and now Im
going to pay for that gap in my memory with a humiliating fall.
Fu-- I start to say as the floor seems to reach toward me, but
then I feel one arm around my waist and, next thing I know, Im
back on both of my feet.
Watch out, I hear a man say, and I turn on my heels to
watch my savior. The moment my eyes land on him, I go into a
momentary coma. I mean, where do I even start to describe the
delicious human being standing in front of me? If I told you he
looks better than Michelangelo's David, Id be just grazing the
You know who Im talking about dont you? That guy from the
last convention, Anders Carter.
More than a head taller than me, he looks like he has just
stepped out of a movie set. His smart gentle eyes, combined with
the five oclock shadow on his cheeks, give him a rugged
appearance; but, at the same time, his full lips balance all that
ruggedness. And, Jesus, he looks stylish as hell, even though
hes just wearing jeans and a button up shirt under a dark
sweater, he looks roguish and effortlessly cool.
Hey, you okay? he asks me, snapping his fingers right in
front of my eyes.
Oh, yeah. Im okay, sure, I start to say, or should I say
mumble? I cant even think straight with how hot this guy looks!
You looked like you were spacing out, he chuckles, and
then smiles. My eyes drink up the way his mouth moves, and I
feel my heart skip a beat. So, this is crazy, huh? Working with
Abby Cleveland must be insane.
It is, I nod, running one hand through my hair and praying
to the Gods that I dont look too stunned. Did you come to talk
to her?
No, I came because of you, Lana, he tells me, and its as if
my heart has just exploded inside my chest. Oh. My. God. Did I
hear it right? Am I having the kind of dream where a hot man
shows up out of nowhere, ready to relive 12 Inches' hottest
Im sorry. Can you repeat that? I ask him, my heart beating
so fast its about to rip its way out of my chest.
Lana Hartley, he repeats, this time pronouncing my name
slower. Yup, this is really happening. Thats you, right? he
continues with one amused smile.
Yup, thats thats me. Im Lana, I stammer, not really
knowing how to handle this situation and feeling completely
stupid. Weve met before, and here I am introducing myself
again. But I just cant help but be this stunned: why is a man like
him looking for me? God, I hope hes not an undercover IRS
agent or something like that. Although, with the luck I have,
thats probably what this is about.
Nice meeting you again, Lana, he chuckles, his smart eyes
never looking at mine. I came here looking for you and you fell
straight into my arms. Hows that for a coincidence?
You came here looking for me I repeat after him, still
feeling shell-shocked.
Yeah. Your manuscript, The Virgin Market, I just finished it
and I was blown away, Lana. I really was. I'm guessing you
didn't get my email?
No, I never got itand get out of here. Youre joking. Is this
a prank? I ask him as I take one step back, looking around as if I
expected TV cameras to pop out of nowhere to record my
dumb face.
No, not at all. I loved it and -- Theres a ringing sound
coming from his pocket, and that stops him mid-sentence. He
takes his phone out, looks at the screen and then turns his gaze
toward me. Look, your manuscript got me thinking, and I have
ideas floating around in my head But youre busy right now,
he waves with one hand at the out-of-control crowd behind me,
so what do you say we meet for dinner? Back in New York, I
mean. I really want to discuss The Virgin Market with you.
Sure, I reply, having no idea what else to say. Theres a
knot in my throat, and even my mind is in complete disarray.
Does Friday sound good? At Per Se?
Yeah, Per Se sounds good, I continue, still not believing
that this is really happening. Like, one of the hottest models in
the industry comes out of the woodwork to tell me he loves my
writing? And now he wants to meet me for dinner to talk about
my book? Please, tell me, did I win the lottery or something?
Because this sure as hell is my lucky day.
Great, well talk then, he says and then reaches for my
hand and shakes it, his long fingers brushing against the palm of
my hand. I feel a shiver going up my spine at his touch, and I
cant help but bite down on my lower lip. Until then, Lana.
Cant wait.
Until then I cant wait either, I repeat his words and, the
moment they leave my lips, I feel warm blood rushing to my
cheeks. Oh God, why am I blushing like a teenage girl?
See ya, he says, flashing me his delicious smile and turning
around to leave.
Anders Carter, I mutter under my breath as I watch him
leave, my eyes stuck to the back of his head.
Somehow, I have the feeling that my lifes about to change
for good.


OMG! You gotta hear this gossip!!!!

S ooo.I just heard the most awesome and delicious

piece of gossip EVER!

I T TURNS out that Lana Hartley our own newbie author here at
Naughty Angel Publishing is totally gonna go out on a date
with none other than handsome cover model Anders Carter!

OMG I WANNA BE a fly on that wall. What is gonna happen? Is he

gonna take her out to dinner? Will he pick her up in a limo? Will
he pull out her chair for her? Shes prolly gonna hate me for
posting her personal life on the NL that goes out to like 30,000
readers, but Ive always been straight with you and shared
everything so this is par for the course for me.

OMG! I wonder if theyre gonna fuck? Is he gonna totally do her

and make her cum? God, so Ill be honest, Ive peeked at Anders
in the past and homeboy is definitely packing some major lust
muscle down there. I mean weve all seen him with his shirt off
in books like Mr. President and Scandalous, but you know doesn't let us show their cocks LOL.

S O IS Lana gonna see it? Is she gonna touch it and squeeze it? Is
she gonna smear the pre-cum that comes out of it on the tip and
then jerk his shaft? God, what a lucky girl huh? I wonder if shes
gonna suck his cock or go all the way? Wow Im pretty filthy
today; I wonder if Aidan is reading this NL. Like hes my husband
and I love him, but this is his fault. Hes made me into a sex
fiend with all the constant sex that he makes me have with him.

O KAY , he doesnt make me have sex. We just have it and its

good. But when I dont have his cock inside me I keep imagining
cocks now being inside me. So this is good because now Im
thinking of cocks inside of her.

U HMM , that sounded a bit weird but you get what I mean! I hope!
Oh boy. I bet a bunch of people just unsubscribed right now.

O H , congratulations to Melissa Lee who just won our vibrator

contest last week in Dirty Lil Angels. The next one has gone up
with the release of Client 5 so make your way over to the private
Facebook page and get your freak on. Dirty Lil Angels has
probably contributed to the orgasms of a few thousand women
by now.

O KAY , so enough about Lana. Lets talk about me. Actually, I cant
stop thinking about Lana on this date. I mean shes really cute
looking and awesome so Im so happy for her. I hope her and
Anders have lots of freaky sex and make lots of book babies!

I N FACT , if you see Lana on Facebook, be sure to wish her luck on

her upcoming date! I dont think shell need it, but she should
know that all us Angels are thinking about her as she goes out
with this cover model. And hopefully spreads her legs lol!


R ed Sisley lipstick, tight fitting black dress, and a

matching pair of Sergio Rossi high heelsthats my outfit for
the night. Tonights the night Ill meet Anders at Per Se, and I
want to bring my A-game to the table.
Apparently, hes my first fan, and I decided to dress to
impress. Of course, it also helps that hes hot as hell itself. Its
not everyday that men like him decide to hit me up for dinner,
you know? Sure, I have my fair share of suitors, but none like
Sure, yeah, I know that this isnt exactly a date. He invited me
for dinner because he wants to talk about my manuscript, Im
well aware of that. At first I was kinda surprised, but why should
I be? Anders is one of the hottest cover models doing romance.
And if he liked my manuscript, who knows? So, this is more
like a business meeting than anything else. But that doesnt
mean I cant look my best, right?
I leave my apartment building in a hurry (Im already five
minutes late), and hop inside the first taxi I see. The drive to Per
Se takes around ten minutes, luckily, and I get there just in time
to be fashionably late.
Taking one deep breath to calm my nerves, I then step inside
the dimly-lit restaurant. The place is completely packed (its Per
Se were talking about after all), but I somehow spot Anders
right away. Hes sitting at the end of the dining room by himself,
an open bottle of red wine sitting in front of him. I take one
more deep breath and make my way toward him, putting a smile
on my face and trying to hide my nervousness.
You came, Anders tell me as he sees me. He stands up in a
rush and, walking around the table, he pulls back my chair and
waits for me to sit.
Oh. Hey, I say, surprised with him pulling my chair out for
me. I mean, handsome and a gentleman? You dont see stuff like
this nowadays, that much I can tell you. Chivalry is a dying trait,
after all.
Glad you came, Lana, he tells me as he goes back to his
seat, grabbing the bottle of wine and pouring some into my
Thank you. Why wouldnt I come, though? After what you
said about my book, I had to.
Yeah, your book, he smiles, the lines around his eyes
telling me his is a genuine smile. This isnt a play of some sort;
he really enjoyed The Virgin Market. That was probably the best
book Ive ever read, Lana.
Oh. Its just a manuscript. Its not even polished, I say as I
feel blood rushing toward my face. Someone complimenting my
book like that is akin to having a man checking my ass out,
except its even more intimate.
I know, but still Pardon my French, Lana, but it was
fucking amazing. I dont even know where to start. It just moved
me, you know? And the sex fuck, he says, breathing the
words out in a rush, and then reaches for his glass and downs the
wine all at once, as if just talking about the sex in The Virgin
Market was enough to raise his body temperature.
I I dont even know what to say, I mutter, not really
knowing how to answer something like what he just told me.
No need to say anything. Its the truth and you look even
more beautiful when you blush, by the way, he continues, that
confident delicious smile dancing on his lips. Is it just me, or is it
getting warmer in here? Sweet Jesus.
T-thank you I whisper, reaching for my own glass and
taking a sip. I dont know about him, but my body temperature is
rising, and its rising fast. Im struggling to think of what my
next words are going to be when the waiter pops up out of
nowhere, eager to take our orders. We order oysters and pearls,
one of the most popular dishes at Per Se, and then Anders takes
control of the conversation.
He keeps on talking about The Virgin Market, raving about it
as if my manuscript was the best thing he had ever read. With
him sitting across from me, his lips moving so seductively, I can
barely register whatever hes saying But the glint in his eyes,
the sweet tone of his voicethats enough for me to know that
The Virgin Market really moved him.
You know, to move someone because of something you wrote,
its magical. Its a writers dream come true.
There was something primal about it, you know? he
continues, his eyes locked on mine. Most of the stuff you read
nowadays is just too plain But this was raw. It was fucking
intense. The kind of sex you had in here, you know Its going to
be a hit, I can tell.
Its nothing special, I try and act humble because, really,
I dont know what to say. I just wrote these scenes because
they work for me, you know? I figured that if that worked for me,
maybe itd work for readers as well.
And youre right about that, he smiles, nodding at the
waiter as he arrives with our plates. At least it worked for me.
I look down at my plate, feeling boiling blood once more
reaching toward my face. I cant help but imagine him reading
my manuscript, his cock growing hard as he reads the sex I
wrote In a way, I should be embarrassed; instead, I just feel
horny as hell.
Im glad it worked for you, I finally find the courage to say.
Most people think books like these are a womans domain, but I
think theyre wrong. Men can enjoy it as well.
I couldnt agree more After all, sex is a team effort, right?
I raise my gaze to meet his, and my heart skips a beat as I see
something glint in his eyes. Whats that? Lust? No, no, it cant
be. But, whatever it is in the way hes looking at me, its making
my thong grow damp.
Its definitely a team effort, I reply with a whisper, taking
one more sip of wine as I imagine what a brilliant team effort I
could make with Anders right now.
The conversation veers into more relaxed territory as we eat,
and I end up telling him all about my dream of becoming a
writer. I tell him all about the short stories I wrote when I was
just a young girl, and I recount the way I secured my job at
Naughty Angel Publishing. I dont know, but theres something
about Anders that just makes me want to tell him all these
things. Around him, I feel safe and secure and, in a weird way,
I trust him.
Youre following your dream, thats good, he replies after
my five-minute monologue. Most people just settle in life, you
know? My parents and friends thought I was insane when I
decided I wanted to be a model, but I did it all the same, and it
paid off.
It sure did I nod. After all, Anders used to be one of the
most sought-after models in the industry. And I say used to
because, a few months ago, he started appearing less and less.
But youre not doing covers nowadays, are you?
No, he tells me, leaning back against his seat and offering
me his smile. I did that for a long, long time, and now Ive been
trying to get into producing and publishing.
Oh, I merely say, not having the courage to tell him that
its a complete shame that I wont be able to look at his ripped
body on the covers of romance novels anymore.
But, he cuts in, almost as if he could read my thoughts,
your book really gave me an itch. It made me want to take my
shirt off.
Now, instead of simply skipping a beat, my heart skips
thousands of them. It stops dead in my chest, and all words I
could offer him become trapped in my throat. My book made
him want to take his shirt off oh God, what does he mean by
that? Does he want to model for The Virgin Market, or does he?
I could see that working, I start to say, a plan taking shape
inside my mind. But I think Id need to audition you first. The
moment the words leave my mouth, its as if time stands still. I
just look into his eyes, waiting for his reaction; in a deep corner
of my mind, I almost expect him to be shocked and reject me
right off the bat. Instead, thats not what happens.
My limo is just around the corner. Why dont we take care of
that right now?

L ike I told you, I dont normally get so worked up over a

book like this, but talking with Lana and hearing her
passion for the story got me all worked up in a way I havent felt
in a long time. Again.
More so than I did after I finished the shit.
Holy shit, I even offered to do the cover. I havent done a
cover in forever. I'm just bowled over by her intensity.
Speaking of intensity, she's practically dragging me to the
limo. I swear, if she's like this in the car there is no way we are
going to make it all the way to the hotel room with our clothes
still on. I'm trying to keep pace, but the idea of a naked Lana
sucking my cock in the back of the limo, or even better that
amazing ass bent over the seat as I pound away at her pussy
while we watch the city pass by, makes me lose a step.
Come on, she urges and I redouble my efforts to not be left
behind. This is one ride I wouldnt miss for a million bucks.
Thank God the driver has the door open for us as we reach the
curb. I dont think she looked before she dove headlong into the
car. Lana drags me with her. I just barely get my head low
enough to miss the top of the door frame. I think a massive head
wound would really put a damper on what is about to happen.
Where to, sir? The driver asks after me ducking just a bit to
peer into the car.
Uh, the hoteleventually, I hurriedly get out as she tugs at
my tie.
Understood, sir, the driver says before closing the door.
The thing is that I believe he understood exactly what I meant. It
takes a special talent to be a driver.
Lana obviously doesnt give a damn about the driver or our
final destination. She has only one thing on her mind. I havent
even stopped bouncing from flopping onto the seat before she is
on me. I watch as she frantically pulls at my belt and slacks.
There is a fleeting moment where I consider helping her, but I
decide against it because I'm afraid that Ill lose a hand if I get in
her way.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, she mummers in frustration. How come
these things fall right off on prom night, but are such a pain in
the ass the rest of the time? Her question is ill timed because as
soon as the words are out of her mouth my fly springs open. Her
hands plunge into my pants. The excited twisting of her fingers
is strangely erotic.
Finally in furious desperation she gives up on a surgical
extraction and decides on the blunt approach. Lana pulls her
hands free of my underwear. Gathering the waistband of my
pants and boxer briefs, she gives them both a vicious tug. I lift
my ass just in time as all the fabric I was wearing is wicked down
my legs to pool around my feet.
Not standing on any type of ceremony, she wraps her lips
around my cock as she dives forward, taking so much of me into
her mouth that I feel the head of my cock touch the back of her
throat. She is immediately pulling back. The strong suction she
is applying is intensified by the slightly rough texture of her
tongue dragging against the underside of my shaft as she
pulls back.
Her slender fingers encircle the rest of my cock. She squeezes
me to a nearly uncomfortable point. She never crosses the line,
her grip the perfect compliment to the work her mouth is doing.
The voraciousness of her need is intoxicating.
Lana starts stroking my cock in time with the bobbing of her
head just as the driver pulls the car into traffic. I have had
blowjobs before, but never on the move like this. The gentle
swaying of the moving car adds to the stimulation. Fuck this is
Lana works her head up and down my cock for most of the
next block before she pulls free of me.
Get those off, she orders while tugging at my shoes.
Somehow we manage to get my pants all the way off me without
any major accidents. Lay down on the floor.
There is not a snowballs chance in hell I'm going to disobey
her. With a little twisting and turning I manage to get past her
and onto the floor in short order. Lana is on her own schedule
and doesnt waste a second before she is swinging her leg over
my head so that she's straddling my face with her pussy.
The wafting scent of her need hits my nose just a second
before her perfectly shaved pussy presses against my face. I
cant resist the urge to taste her sweet nectar. My tongue dives
directly between her folds at the same time as she leans forward
and, once again, takes my cock into her mouth.
I work my tongue up and down, dipping deeper into her
opening before dragging the tip over her clit. The repeated
motion of her rocking up and down on my cock is pulling and
pushing her pussy away from my face at an irregular pace. The
car hits a bump just as she's moving her pussy back toward my
face. My tongue buries deep inside of her. I can feel her moan
with pleasure and surprise through my cock and my tongue
simultaneously. This is so fucking new and exciting. My cock
hardens just a little bit more. It feels like the skin on the head of
my cock might split from all the tension. I havent been this
hard in years. Fuck this woman is amazing.
Fuck me, Lanas muffled words declare. I want you to fuck
me right now. Her words become clearer as she moves her soft
thighs from around my ears. I think this is a great idea. I give her
just enough time to scramble off me before I'm getting to my
knees. Somehow when we shuffled to the floor we had managed
to arrange ourselves so that my head was pointed toward the
front of the car. Lana just crawled toward the back of the car.
She's bent over the back seat of the limo.
I get my knees under me, and position myself between her
legs. I roll the short skirt of her dress over her round hips. I
know she's in a hurry to get some, but I have to take a second to
appreciate the view. Her ass is shaped like an apple. What a
fucking sight to behold. She's just going to have to tolerate my
selfish indulgence.
What the fuck are you waiting for? she impatiently asks
turning her head to look over her shoulder for an explanation. I
really dont have a good answer for that question, so instead I
grab her hips and jam my cock forward. I slip all the way into her
pussy without hesitation. Holy fuck! Her hole is dripping wet and
hot. Scorching hot. It feels like my cock is on fire the moment I
enter her. The feeling is amazing.
I start to pull back and the cool air chills her juices that have
smeared on my cock. The alternating sensations make my head
swim. I start to push forward. Lana shoves her ass back at me.
The combined thrust buries my cock balls-deep in her burning
pussy. Fuck, yes. The words escape my lips.
Pound my pussy, she screams. I use my grip on her hips to
start hammering away at her. At the same time she reaches back
and starts rubbing her clit. She somehow manages to keep
rocking back into me and arch her back at the same time.
This fucking feels great, but the best part is how much she's
into this. I've never been with a woman who is so fucking horny.
Oh fuck, I am going to oooohhh ffffffuuuuuuckkkkk!
Her body seizes. I bury my cock in her pussy. Not moving, and
just letting her orgasm happen around me. Finally her body
eases and starts to relax. I pull back intending to resume fucking
her, but she has other ideas.
Get that cock over here. I want to suck your cock again. Her
words shock me. I want to taste my own cum on your cock.
Dont be so shocked. I love the way my pussy tastes when served
on a hard cock.
It's amazing how quickly and efficiently you can move into a
small space. Normally, there is an entire, implied side of
etiquette surrounding oral sex. The basic overall rule is to make
it as pleasant for both people as possible if you want it to happen
again. With that idea in mind, I had never considered the
possibility that a woman would want to suck my cock after I had
been in her pussy. I guess you could classify it as a subsection of
the "You never go ass-to-mouth, rule. However, this is
something that she is in to, am I to say no? I somehow manage
to quickly roll to the side and end up sitting on the same seat
she's been leaning on. At the same time she moved out of my
way falling face first onto my cock.
Lana is so eager I dont think I could stop her even if I wanted
to. Her head is flying up and down the shaft of my cock at a
blinding rate. Slurping and sucking sounds echo through the
cabin of the limo as she devours the majority of my cock. The
irregular suction is all at once frustrating and exhilarating.
God damn! I love the way my cum tastes. Working in the
romance industry I have gotten used to the idea that everyone
around me has some type of hidden kink, but for the most of
them writing is how they get that out. There are very few that
live out their fantasies. But, holy hell, when you find someone
who does like to live out their fantasies, hold on!
Lana wraps her hand around my cock at the base of my shaft
and starts pumping in time with her sucking. Fuck I love it when
a woman does that. Her stroking and sucking is driving me
toward the edge. I can feel the pressure building inside my sack.
My balls tighten. The cum rushes through my cock. There is no
stopping it now. I feel it erupt out of my head. Lana stops
moving her head but keeps her hand sliding up and down my
shaft, forcing every drop out of me. I shiver as the last drop
leaves my cock.
Good, she starts to speak before making one last, dramatic,
swallowing motion. Dont think we are done. I'm no where
close to being satisfied. Lana finds the button to lower the glass
partition between us, and the driver. Please take your time
finding the hotel. In fact, just keep driving until I tell you to head
to the hotel.
I figured as much, maam, the driver responds before
raising the partition for her.
This is a special opportunity and I plan to take every
advantage of, she says, turning back to me. You got yours and
now it's time I get mine. I want you to lick my pussy. I want you
to make me cum with your very talented tongue. Her mouth
turns into a sinister grin that speaks volumes about whatever is
about to happen.
I watch as she reaches over to the little panel of switches and
activates the sunroof. Once it is open she stands up poking her
head through the top of the car. She pulls the skirt of her dress
up exposing that perfect ass. Get to work. I hear her order
muffled by the passing wind.
I shuffle my way around her and kneel before her. She
spreads her legs apart a little more when my tongue touches her
flesh. The bouncing of the car over the road makes it hard to
keep a consistent pattern, but the added challenge adds to the
thrill of the situation.
I run my tongue between her folds. The sweet and musky
scent of her juices fills my nostrils and coats my tongue. I find
her clit with the tip of my tongue. I flick it several times before
tracing around it. I can feel her making sounds from the
vibrations coming through her body. The only sound I can hear is
the rushing wind through the sunroof.
The car hits another bump and my tongue slides across her
body wildly. I reach up, grabbing her ass and pull her tightly to
me. She shuffles her legs, spreading herself open to me a little
bit more. I roll my eyes up and see that she's gripping the top of
the car tightly. My tongue finds her center again and using my
hold on her I begin to lap at her pussy. My tongue drags through
her pussy, the delicate flesh soaked in her cum. The tingling
sensation, the heady aroma of her arousal combining with the
rocking and jostling motion of the car is making my head swim.
The whole experience is thrilling. I've never fucked a woman
with such primal and exhibitionist urgency. It's only been about
two minutes since I blew my load down her throat, and I'm
already getting hard.
Her skirt has fallen back down covering my head and creating
a sense of privacy. Just like I'm in my own little world and I have
private, exclusive access to her perfectly shaved hole. I begin
moving my fingers over her ass cheeks as I keep her tightly
pressed to my face. The car jostles again. My hands instinctively
clinching, spreading her cheeks apart. The tip of my fingers
brush over her asshole, causing her to thrust her hips into my
face. I keep my finger there running the tip over her sensitive
flesh. The attention causes her body to react, her hips thrusting
into my face and then pulling back against the placement of my
Anal play is not usually a first date activity, but just about
everything we have done since we left the convention has been
decidedly "not first date." My cock has reached its full hardness
in less than five minutes. I've never recovered this quickly, but I
know that she is going to have to work very hard the second time
I play with her asshole and move my hand further between
her legs. I'm searching for her opening. I find it. I work my
finger around the bottom of her slit until the tip of my finger is
coated in her juices. I pull my hand back slightly once again,
finding her back door with my now wet fingertip. I smear the
wetness around her hole before pressing my fingertip into
her ass.
There is almost no hesitation as her body accepts my probing.
I use my new grip to pull her tighter to my face. My tongue
pushes deeper inside of her, while at the same time my finger
moves further into her ass. She continues to thrust her hips,
obviously enjoying the double penetration. The pumping of the
car on the road interjects an element of surprise sensation to the
whole ordeal.
And suddenly her body stops thrusting. I feel her knees lock,
and the muscles around my finger clinch down tightly. Not a
second later my face is covered. Her cum is not just leaking out
of her pussy it's exploding out of her. Spraying all over me. I lean
back just slightly, letting her warm cum splatter over me.
The exhilaration of her release causes her knees to buckle.
She drops to her knees in front of me, as she eyes her juices
glistening on me. Without saying a word she leans forward and
begins licking my face; I never considered the possibility that a
woman obsessed with her own cum would be this incredibly
sexy. But, she makes little savoring sounds and she licks her own
juices off my face. Each of her sounds cause my cock to throb.
She finishes her cleaning of my face by grabbing my head and
kissing me. Her cum-soaked tongue dives into my mouth. Her
fingers curl around my hair, tugging at my scalp as our tongues
battle for dominance.
I break the kiss by grabbing her shoulders. I can push her
away to arms length watching her pant for breath for just a
moment before twisting my arms so that her body turns and
once again she falls forward bent over the backseat of the limo. I
move forward, grabbing her hips with reckless abandon causing
her to gasp, my raging cock instantly finding her dripping wet
pussy. I thrust into her ferociously, burying my cock fully inside
of her. Once again she gasps in surprise but quickly turns her
gasp into a moan of pleasure. I quickly start making short rapid
thrusts in and out of her. The point of this is not to get me off or
to make her have an orgasm. The point of what I am doing now is
to make sure that my cock is covered completely with her
"Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes. That's it. Right there. Fuck me just
like that," she screams as I jackhammer away at her from
behind. If there was any doubt in the drivers mind what was
going on in the back of his car before this moment, that doubt is
completely erased. Not even the supposedly soundproof glass of
the partition would prevent him from hearing her. I am
relatively confident that the street heard her. Of course she has
no idea what I'm planning, because I didn't take the time to
explain it, but I am certain that once I move onto the next part of
my plan shes going to experience a bit of a surprise. "Holy fuck,
youre fucking huge. It feels like you are fucking the center of
me. Don't stop pounding me, you fucker."
That should just about do it. I pull my cock free of her pussy,
and just like I predicted, she lets out an involuntary but
disappointed moan at the sudden absence of my cock. I look
down at my shaft for just a second. The glistening reflection
from the sunlight streams through the still open sunroof and
confirms that I have gathered enough of her wetness. I flex up
on my knees just slightly and push my hips forward once again.
Like a laser guided missile, the tip of my cock finds the center of
her asshole. My cock makes contact with that sensitive skin and
she realizes what is about to happen. Her head jerks back, her
long hair flailing with the sudden movement, "Fuck. Yes," she
manages to scream before her hole yields to the pressure of
my cock.
The head of my cock slips into her, her own cum easing the
entrance. I take a moment to enjoy the constriction of her
reluctant muscles around me before I use my grip on her hips to
push my way, fully, into her. I had thought that her pussy was
scorching hot, and if that was the case, her ass is the center of a
volcano. The heat soaking through my cock from her body is
amazing. The feeling causes my own head to fall backward. I put
my cock back until I can feel her body squeezing me at the base
of my head. If the first part of this car ride was about Lana, the
second part of this car ride is going to be all about me. Taking my
fingers deeper into the soft flesh of her hips, I pull her toward
me, once again viciously injecting myself into her body. The
thrusting feels goddamn amazing.
"Holy fuck! Goddamn, yes! she screams, urging me onward.
I pull back again and once more ram my rock-hard cock into her,
the force causing her to lurch forward. "Don't stop. Destroy my
ass with your monster cock. It feels so fucking good. Don't you
dare stop!"
The way her body is squeezing my shaft there is no way in the
fucking world I'd stop at this point. We're on the same exact
page, and I am going to fuck her ass long and hard. She's already
got me off, so I know that I can last for a long time and her slutty
hole is going to pay the price. Somehow I don't think
she'll mind.
I bury my cock deep inside of her and instead of pulling it
completely out again I start using short rapid strokes back. I love
the attention of a head, hand, mouth, pussy, or ass on the base
of my shaft. I let her clenching hole stroke me, and that perfect
spot. The taboo thrill of fucking her in the ass combined with the
heat of her body production of her tight muscles builds the
excitement inside my body. The entire time I'm hammering
away at her, showing no regard for her comfort and pleasure,
simply satisfying my own desperate need keeps up her
commentary. Her words are urging me on, her desperate pleas
for me to continue fucking her ass adding to the building of the
imminent release that we both know is coming.
I lengthen my strokes, but I don't relent on the speed. I know
that spread across her hips there are 10 individual bruises
forming where my fingers are digging into her body, but I don't
care. I am so close and I need this release. This is truly all about
me at this moment. The throbbing of my cock is a persistent
reminder of my quick pulse. I time my thrusting to that
Lana suddenly stops her pleas for more. Dont cum in my
ass. You have to stop before you cum. Her sudden change
brings me to a screeching halt. My cock is very deep inside of
her, and when I stop the fronts of my thighs are pressed against
the backs of her thighs.
"What the hell?" is all I can think to say.
"When we get back to the hotel there are going to be people
there, and I don't want to try and deal with them while your cum
is running out of my ass and down my legs, she explains
"What the fuck? is the only question I can think to ask. My
mind quickly jumps to the assumption that this bitch is going to
leave me with a case of blue balls. Physically I react to this
sudden change in direction by pushing forward on her hips. I
pull my cock out of her ass in preparation for being thoroughly
pissed off.
Apparently Lana takes this movement to indicate that I'm on
the same page that she's on. Luckily, she is much quicker than I
am, but I'm preparing to be angry, and she quickly turns around
so that she's on her hands and knees directly in front of me.
"Cum in this hole, she says before lunging forward and
taking my entire cock into her mouth. So much for the never go
ass-to-mouth rule. Without waiting for an invitation Lana
starts rocking back and forth, stroking my shaft with her lips.
The sensation feels nice, but it's not the same.
Are you going to fuck my face or not? she snaps, letting my
cock fall free of her lips. I must not be keeping pace. "Grab the
back of my head and fuck my throat. I want to gag on that giant
cock until you cum down my throat.
That will pretty much make up for it. I might've been a bit
slow on the up-take this time, but now that she has explained
what she wants I dont hesitate. I grab the back of her head,
getting a firm grip on her hair. Using all the strength in my arm
and all the momentum I can get from my hips, I ram my cock
into her mouth. I feel my shaft bend down following the arc of
her throat.
Her body rebels against the sudden insertion. Her throat
muscles spasm in succession around my shaft. I watch her back
arch as I pull back on her head. Thick strings of saliva cling to
her lips and my cock stretches as I pull back. Her eyes roll up in
her head to meet mine. Tears streak down her face. I might have
been tempted to stop, but the message in those eyes was clear.
She wanted this, truly wanted this.
I ram my cock back into her mouth. Once again, my cock
bends and her throat contracts. This time I dont pull back.
Instead, I reinstitute the short, jabbing strokes. Each time I push
into her face her body jerks and her throat contracts. Lana makes
a high keening sound as I pound into her throat.
Her hair whips around wildly as I continue to fuck her face so
that it is wrapped around my head. I pull back on her hair letting
my cock come completely out of her mouth. Again the thick
strings of saliva stretch between us. She sucks in frantic breaths.
I give her a moment to catch up. The tightening of my grip on
her hair is a signal that we are about to start again.
Cum in my mouth. Keep fucking my face until you unload,
she pants out before I ram my cock back down her throat. Just
like with her ass and pussy, I switch up my thrusting, pulling
back until only the head of my cock is in her mouth before
roughly ramming it back into her.
The dominance I feel over her reignites the building of the
coming orgasm inside me. As the urge to unload my balls grows
closer, my strokes shorten once again. Lana makes the high-
pitched noise as her body continues to convulse against what is
happening to her.
I pull my cock free, giving her a chance to catch her breath
one more time. Do it, is all she says before I feel, through my
hand tangled in her hair, her push forward. My hand catches up
and her face slams into my body. I can feel her nose pressed
against me as my hips add a little more insistence.
Her throat squeezes tightly around the head of my cock. Her
lips feel like a vice around the base of my shaft. Her arching back
changes the angle. Fuck, I'm so close.
A few more short thrusts and I feel my body reacting. The
flood of cum is unstoppable. Her involuntary noise vibrates
through my cock. I feel my balls tighten and then my hips thrust
forward seemingly on their own as the cum rushes through me
one more time. Lanas body shivers with objections as my cum
explodes into her throat. Crashing waves of pleasure erupt out of
my cock. I can feel my own cum surrounding the head of my cock
as she struggles to force it down. My fingers locked tight into her
hair, holding her face against my body.
The cum stops flowing but I dont release her. I keep my cock
buried in her until her body finally calms down. My cock is
starting to soften before I allow my hips to pull back. The thick
strings mix and twist with the white strings of my cum, again,
stretching between us with some breaking and falling to the
Lana sucks in air greedily causing her body to heave. I allow
myself to fall back, landing on the seat and running along the
side of the cabin of the limo. I pant for breath as I watch her
recover. After a few moments her hand reaches up. One delicate
finger gathers up the lost strings of cum from her chin. She
sticks the finger in her mouth, securing her lips around her now
glistening skin before pulling the finger back to reveal that it's
perfectly clean. She finishes the move with a very satisfied
Leaning back on her calves she smiles at me. The Cheshire
Cat grin of hers splitting her reddened face. The expression is a
stark counter-point to the streaks of mascara running down her
There are very few men in this world who really know how to
fuck a woman, she says running her fingers through her hair.
That is why I write about them.
How is this better than having my cum running down your
legs? I ask, curiosity getting the better of me.
These things work very well as a mirror, she states, turning
her attention to her own reflection in the glass of the partition.
You can head to the hotel now, she informs the driver by
lowering the glass just a little. The drivers yes maam cuts off
as she raises the partition and focuses on fixing her appearance.
Do you always fuck like that? I ask, not really sure what else
to say and instead letting my thoughts fall out of my mouth
Youd better put these back on, Lana says grabbing my
pants from the floor of the limo and tosses them at me. Not
normally. Finding a man who is willing to fuck like this is really
hard. Like I said, that is why I write about men that fuck women
like that. I have to get the frustrations out somehow. She still
has that grin on her face.
Is there anything else you want to do? the wording sounds
lame, but apparently there is no corralling my curiosity post-
She looks at me with a lascivious grin.
Maybe round two?

A lright, its time to fucking shine, I think to myself as I

press the elevator button that leads onto the floor where the
Naughty Angel offices are.
I dont really want to do this, you know? But do I have any
fucking choice? No, I dont. That asshole Grady has made sure of
that. I either do his bidding or I might as well start looking for a
new job. And I like what I do, thank you very much. You dont
expect me to start working as a personal trainer or some shit like
that, do you?
So, yeah, its not like I have a choice, but to convince that
Lana girl to sign with Bad Boy Publishing. I dont know her, but I
already feel bad for her, signing with Grady is worse than signing
with the fucking devil himself. But, you know its a dog-eat-
dog world, and a mans gotta do what a mans gotta do.
When the elevator doors swing open, I step right outside. The
whole floor is wide and spacious, and I can see dozens of
imposing sleek desks lined between a huge glass panel with the
Naughty Angel Publishing logo engraved on it. In front of that
panel, is a wide counter with a young man sitting behind it, the
receptionist. I make my way toward him and lean against his
desk casually. The receptionist looks like hes in his early
twenties, long hair to his shoulders, and hes wearing a suit. By
the looks of it, hes an intern, but hes the gatekeeper all
the same.
Hey, man, do you know where I can find Lana? I ask him,
and he raises his head and eyes me suspiciously.
Lana Hartley, the staff writer? he asks me, narrowing his
eyes slightly. I think that hes recognizing me, which is only
natural I mean, who wouldnt fucking recognize me? Im a
fucking legend.
Thats the one.
Yeah, shes right there, he says and waves casually behind
him, pointing at a girl sitting at a desk in the middle of the floor.
Shes tapping at her keyboard at a furious pace, her look of
concentration making her face shine.
That one? I whisper, suddenly losing my train of thought.
The girl the receptionist is pointing at is fucking beautiful. I hope
that you noticed I didnt say she was hot or some shit like that
no, I really wanted to say beautiful. Yeah, shes hot as well, but
Fuck, I dont think Ive ever seen someone like this.
Now, I dont believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in
boners at first sight. And if Im not careful right now, Im going
to be popping one soon enough.
That one, the receptionist replies, but Im no longer paying
any attention to what hes saying. Ive already walked past him,
my feet carrying me toward that fucking beautiful angel.
Lana? I call her cautiously, and the sound of her fingers on
the keyboard stops immediately. She raises her eyes from the
computer screen and looks at me, surprise taking over her face.
Her cherry lips are slightly parted, and they look like theyve
been designed with only one intent: kissing.
Uh, thats me, she tells me, tucking a lock of hair over her
ear. My heart skips a beat at that simple but elegant movement,
and I feel my cock twitch inside my pants. Jesus, what the fuck is
wrong with me?
Good, Ive been looking for you, I say, trying to act like my
usual confident self. Without asking for permission, I steal an
empty chair from an adjoining desk and sit across from her.
Looking for me? Why? she asks me, and her surprise is
genuine. She has absolutely no idea that some powerful people
have set their sights on her. Poor girl.
That's right. What are you working on? I wave casually at
her screen, and her eyes dart to whatever she was writing there.
Uh, its a its a romance novel, she replies hesitantly. A
dark romance novel, she then corrects herself, and then offers
me one shy smile.
The Virgin Market, right? I ask her, and her eyes widen
with surprise once more. She wasnt expecting me to know this
much. Thats right. I know about it, and thats the reason
Im here.
Youre here because of my manuscript? Her jaws drops
slightly, and she leans back against her chair as if she hadnt
heard what I just said. I can tell that shes struggling to keep her
eyes on my face, but thats something Im already used to.
Women always want to devour me with their eyes; its just part
of the job. Which, right now, is fair enough I mean, Im
devouring her with my own eyes as we speak.
Thats what I said. Ive heard youre still looking for a
publisher and, you know, Id like to learn more about it might
be we could collaborate in the future.
Youre Logan Sanders, arent you?
The one and only, I smile, reaching across her desk and
offering her my hand. She shakes it hesitantly, and my cock
twitches inside my pants once more as I feel her fingertips
brushing gently against the palm of my hand. Fuck, Id give a lot
of money to feel these fingers wrapped tight around my cock.
Nice to meet you.
Nice meeting you too, she smiles, and I can tell that shes
already relaxing a little. Theres that dazed smile on her face, but
thats normal. Women love me, you know?
I thought youd be older, I find myself saying, my brain
momentarily shutting down. Usually Im a quick thinker, but
sitting across from a woman like Lana, it seems that my brain is
working at a slower pace.
Yeah, sorry. I just wasnt expecting you to be this Fuck,
why the hell am I saying all this shit? I almost told her I didnt
expect her to be this fucking hot and beautiful. Luckily, I still
have time to correct myself. Young. I didnt expect you to be
this young. Ive heard good things about your book, and I never
expected someone so young to be able to write something so
Thank you, she replies, a pale crimson color taking over her
cheeks. Fuck, the way she blushes is intoxicating.
I cant wait to lay my hands on it.
On what? she asks me and, for a moment, I think of
everything but her book. Right now, I just want to lay my hands
on her face and pull her mouth closer to mine. I want to feel her
perky breasts pressed against my chest, and I want to take in her
scent as I brush my lips over the smooth skin of her neck
Your manuscript, I tell her, my lips suddenly turning dry.
Okay, I got to chill the fuck out or else Im going to blow this. Im
here to make her sign with Bad Boy Publishing, not to charm
her. Right now, I need to be thinking with my brain instead of
my cock.
Lucky for me, I can think with both at the same time.
Id love to read it, I continue, lowering my voice and
leaning slightly toward her. What do you say? You could come
over to my place and we could talk about it some more.
Look, I know. This is a fucking risky play Im doing. But this is
how I fucking operate. And, judging the silly grin on her face
this is going to work.
What the fuck are you doing here? I hear someone say, and
I dont even need to turn around to know who it is. Id recognize
that voice anywhere. Anders fucking Carter, once again raining
on my fucking parade.
With a sigh, I turn around in the chair and face him, and there
he is, looking at me as if he had just seen Satan himself.
Ah, fuck.

"W hat are you doing here?" Lana says, looking at me with a
surprised expression on her face. Her eyes grow wide. But Logan
doesn't give me any time to answer.
Instead, he cuts in. "What the fuck am I trying to do?" Logan
scoffs. "I can't believe you even asked me that. I think the better
question is, what the fuck are you trying to do? And yeah, Lana's
right, why are you even here? Who sent you an invitation?"
I'd like to hit him. I really would. But instead, I take a deep
breath because honestly, that would be too easy.
"Quit trying to pretend you're here out of the kindness of
your heart," I growl, holding his gaze. His eyes flash at me like
pieces of steel, hard and cold, but if he thinks he can intimidate
me, he's lost his fucking mind.
Not a fucking chance.
Logan laughs. "You think you have a VIP access to this office
or something, where only you're permitted?"
He's mocking me, but I answer him in a serious tone. "No, I
think I'm here on business, which of course you know nothing
about," I say, unconsciously balling one hand into a fist and
shoving it into my pocket.
If it wasn't contained in my pocket, I don't know what would
happen. I might do something I'd regret.
With my fist in my pocket, my rage is contained. It's safer
that way.
"You can go ahead and play the high and mighty card all you
want," Logan smiles, "but it's getting old. You need to find
something new to grab onto."
I look over at Lana. She's standing there, more beautiful than
ever, and I say, "Lana has already promised to work with me. We
made a deal."
A new emotion registers on her face.
It washes over her like a wave over sand, smoothing out the
landscape below it, so you hardly recognize what it once was.
Is it anger on her face? Is it confusion? Is it surprise? I can't
tell, but I know it somehow isn't good.
"Excuse me?" she blurts out. "This is my manuscript we're
talking about. Let's not forget that. And this is my body. I'll
repeat that. My body. And don't look at me like that. You two
have both been eye fucking me from the moment you entered
the office."
We both turn to her, with blank looks on our faces because we
aren't used to hearing her talk like this, and then she turns
to me.
"I haven't promised you a goddamn thing, Anders. So, you
can go crawl back into whatever fantasy world you were
living in."
"ButLana," I say, and she cuts me off, refusing to let me
finish that thought.
"I'm serious, Anders. This is non-negotiable."
"But you can't go with Logan," I say, "You just can't." And I
watch as Logan stands up from his chair, and cocks one eyebrow,
shaking his head at the accusation.
"I can't?" she says, turning to me again, and emphasizing the
word 'can't.' "And why is that, hmm?"
"You just can't," I say.
"I'm gonna need more than that," she says, placing both
hands on her hips and letting out a truncated laugh. "You just
standing here telling me I can't do something isn't enough to
convince me. In fact, it just pisses me off. The word 'can't' isn't
even a part of my vocabulary."
I shift on my feet, and think before responding.
I'm in murky waters now, and I need to fucking tread
I didn't want to do this.
I didn't want to go down this path, and throw Logan under the
bus, but he's leaving me no choice.
Now I have to. My back is up against the fucking wall like a
fucking caged animal.
"Because," I say, pausing before continuing. "He's really a
bad guy."
As soon as those words leave my lips, I wish I would've said it
differently. Maybe have given an example. Because now it
sounds pathetic. But I didn't say those things when I should've.
And now it's too late.
Lana and Logan stare at me.
Then Lana looks to Logan, and I see a smirk form across
his face.
"Nice one," Logan laughs. "Is there anyone else in this office
you'd like to lodge a complaint about me with?"
Lana turns and looks back at me, and I scowl.
This isn't turning out how I had planned.
An awkward hostility is growing.
"He doesn't look like a bad guy," she smiles, stepping closer
to Logan.
I know exactly where she's going with this. And I don't like it.
A fierce competitiveness boils up in my veins. In my
very core.
"You don't know him," I say, and this time, Logan lets out an
audible laugh. It seems to come up from the pit of his stomach
and it makes Lana laugh too, like some infectious virus has
jumped from one person to the other.
"Laugh all you want, but I'm serious," I say.
"This guy?" she says, pointing at Logan. "This blue-eyed,
chiseled, teddy bear?"
Logan smiles. I can tell he likes where this is going. The tide
has turned in his favor, and my stomach sinks at this realization.
It feels like a fucking losing game at this point, but I refuse to
let Logan have the upper hand in this.
"Let me try him out," she says with a smirk. "I'll let you
know if he's as bad as you say he is."

I cant believe Im doing this.

I ditched Anders just so I could be with Logan, a
man I barely know. I must be going out of my damn mind. But, in
a way, I feel like I did the right thing. Anders doesnt own my
body, and he sure as hell doesnt own my book. As fun as it was
to, ahem, audition him it was just that.
I hurry after Logan as he crosses the street, heading toward
the hotel thats just in front of Naughty Angels offices.
Where are we going? I ask as I catch up to him, but he just
flashes me a grin as he looks back at me over his shoulder.
Seriously! I continue, and this time he stops, turning on his
heels as he reaches the sidewalk on the other side of the road.
Were getting a room. Right fucking now, he whispers,
placing both of his hands on my waist and pulling me into him.
All thought vanishes from my mind as I feel his body pressed
against mine, his hard cock throbbing against my inner thigh
from under his jeans. Any objection? I just look into his eyes,
open my mouth to say something, but then close it again. No, I
dont have any objection to getting a room with him. None at all.
Thought so, he whispers, leaning into me. I stop breathing
as his lips almost touch mine, but then he pulls back at the last
second. Jesus.
Grabbing me by the hand, he pulls me inside the hotel room
and walks straight to the receptionists desk. We need a room,
he says nonchalantly, and the young receptionists eyes dance
from Logan to me. She cocks one eyebrow and, without saying a
word, just hands Logan a key as he slaps his credit card on the
Thank you, honey, he tells her and then, reading the
number on the magnetic key, drags me all the way toward the
elevator. We step inside in a hurry and I turn to him as the doors
close in on us.
What was all that about with Anders? I demand to know. If
hes going to fuck me, at least I deserve some answers. No love
lost between the two of you.
Cmon, why are you bringing Anders into this, Lana? he
asks, his voice so deep that I feel my heart melting inside my
chest. Were doing fine, just the two of us, he continues, his
tone dropping as he takes one step toward me, both his hands
back on my waist. His voice and his touch are enough to cause a
flood on my pussy, and I feel the fabric of my thong sticking to
my skin.
Leaning into me, this time he doesnt stop at the last minute.
My eyelids start drooping and, by the time theyre fully closed,
Logan has his lips pressed against mine. He tastes of oak and the
sea, a raw kind of manliness pulsing under his skin.
Pushing me back, he pins me against the elevator mirror and
parts my lips with the tip of his tongue. Kissing me as if he
needed to do it in order to survive, I do nothing except surrender.
One of my hands darts straight to his crotch, and I flatten the
palm of my hand against his hard cock, its shape pulsing against
my stretched fingers. Hes hungvery, very hung.
When I thought that no one could compete with Anders,
Logan just had to show up. Well, all for the better, right?
See, babe? Lets just enjoy the moment the two of us, he
says, pulling back from our kiss and whispering these words
straight into my ear.
Lets, I agree with a nod, and thats when the elevator
doors swing back to reveal a brightly lit corridor, red carpet
covering the floor. I stumble outside the elevator in a daze, and
let him guide me toward room 32Cour room. He slides the
magnetic key card in its slit, and the door opens with a subtle
clunk as the lock turns.
I take one step inside the room, Logan trailing after me. He
closes the door with the sole of his shoe, and then hes on me in
a fraction of a second. He doesnt even allow me to turn around
to face himhe just takes his hands to my hips and pushes me
against the wall, pressing his built chest against my back.
I press my forehead against the wall and, at the same time, I
jut my ass back. His hard cock pushes against my ass from under
his pants, and I cant help but start to sway my hips from side to
side, nestling his hard member between my ass cheeks.
Youre so fucking hot, he whispers as he brushes my hair
over my right shoulder and then takes his teeth to my neck,
grazing at my tender skin. I wanted you from the moment I
first saw you, he continues, each of his words making me grow
more and more wet.
Im right here, right now, I whisper back at him, every cell
in my body aching to feel his body.
I know, he says, both his hands going down from my waist
until his fingertips meet the hemline of my dress. Moving
slowly, fully knowing that hes driving me completely insane, he
slides his fingers under my dress. A shiver goes up my spine as I
feel his fingertips making the hike over the curve of my ass
cheeks, both of Logans thumbs brushing against my ass crack.
Hes playing me like a true maestro, no doubt about that.
Sliding one hand down my ass, he then moves it between my
legs; turning it around, he presses his fingers against my damp
thong, gently stroking my pussy over the fabric.
Oh, I like this he whispers again, tracing soft circles with
his fingertips, smearing my fluids all over my pussy and leaving
a total and complete wet mess in there. I like this very much
Taking one hand from under my dress, he slides up the side of
my body, and then flattens it against my left breast. His fingers
curl inward slowly as he squeezes it, and a soft purred moan
leaves my lips as he does it, my hard nipples burning against the
inside of my bra.
If you like it then have it, I say, the words feeling like
nails as they come up my throat. My heart is beating fast, and I
cant even think straight.
Thats exactly what I intend to do, Lana, he replies in a
heartbeat, the hand he had on my breast now climbing up to my
shoulder. Pushing the strap of my dress to the side, he does the
same on my other shoulder, the top of my dress drooping over
my breasts. With a tug on the fabric, he bunches up my dress
around my waist, his anxious fingers crawling up the long groove
of my spine until they meet the clasp of my bra. He undoes it
with a quick flick from his fingers, and I swallow hard as I feel
the cups falling down the curve of my breasts, my rosy tips
peeking over their edge.
You look so fucking stunning, he says and then, without a
warning, he pushes the straps of my bra down my arms, yanking
it out of me and throwing it on the floor. Taking out the hand he
has on my pussy, he moves for my naked breasts, squeezing
them both at the same time. I let out another soft moan as I feel
my nipples brushing against the palm of his hands and, allowing
instinct to guide my movements, I thrust back and press my ass
against his crotch.
And you feel so fucking hard, I find myself saying, rubbing
my ass against his cock and enjoying every second of it.
I cant hardly believe the 180-degree turn my life just took.
One moment I'm struggling to get any eyeballs on my book, and
the next I have the two hottest models in the industry fighting
for my attention. And theyre using their cocks to wage war on
me. I knew being a writer was the wisest decision I could've ever
I want to fuck you so bad, Logan groans, tangling his
fingers in my hair and yanking my head back. Fighting against
his hold on me, I move fast and turn on my heels, pressing my
back against the wall and taking both my hands to his chest. I
push him back and, not waiting for it, he takes two awkward
steps back. Following after him, my hands still on his chest, I
guide him all the way to the bed, only stopping when the back of
his knees are against the edge of the mattress.
Youll get your chance, Logan, I tell him, a surge of
confidence welling up inside of me. Youll get your chance
But nows my turn, I growl and, with that, I give him one hard
push. He falls back on the mattress, arms sprawled to the side,
and I jump on top of him as fast as I can, my knees on either side
of his waist.
Youre not that submissive, are you? he whispers, and I can
tell that hes enjoying my sudden aggressiveness.
Only when it suits me, I whisper back at him, leaning
forward and pulling his lower lip between my teeth. As I do it, I
take my fingers to his chest and I start to work on his shirt,
popping button after button. The moment Im done with it, I
untuck his shirt from his pants and place the palm of my hands
over his stomach, feeling the hard and firm contour of his wall of
abs. I run my fingertips over them, carefully counting them, and
unsurprisingly enough, hes got an eight pack. Guys like Logan
and Anders arent the top models in their industry because of
luck, that much is a given. Their bodies are an asset and one
that pays a lot of dividends.
Still straddling him, I pull my mouth back from his and start
unbuckling his belt, my eyes never leaving his as I do it. I want
to see what youre hiding in here, I tell him as I pull the belt out
from his pants, my fingers quickly moving toward his zipper and
pulling it down.
Youll do more than just look at it, Im sure, he shoots back
without even having to think of it, and my reply is a steady grin.
Flattening the palm of my hand over his boxer briefs, I press
down on his cock hard, perhaps harder than I should have. Logan
groans but, at the same time, a devilish grin takes over his lips.
He likes it rough, huh?
I curl my fingers around his cock and give it one hard squeeze,
not even stopping when Logan starts wincing. Then, with a
growl in the back of my throat, I hook my fingers on the hem of
his boxer briefs and tug them down. As I send both his pants and
underwear down his knees, his cock springs free to salute me at
once, pre-cum glistening on the tip.
And, just like I imagined, the thing is monstrous. Much like
Anders, he must be around twelve inches which makes this my
best week yetI mean, twenty-four inches of perfect cock in
just a few days? You cant compete with this.
Not bad, I tease him, biting down on my lower lip as I grab
his pulsing member.
Not bad? He cocks one eyebrow, an amused smile on his
lips. Just wait until I use it on you
Ill hold you to that promise, Logan, I whisper, flicking my
wrist and moving my hand up and down the length of his shaft.
Just touching him, feeling the warmness of his member spread
to my fingers Ah, its almost magical.
It almost pains me to let go of his cock, but thats exactly
what I do; I want him naked right now. I slide my hands up his
stomach and chest and push his shirt down his arms; at the
same time, he kicks off his shoes and pants, and only then do I
go back to his cock. Sliding a few inches down his body, I angle
his cock upward and, without breaking eye contact, I lean
My lips part slowly and, by the time the tip of my tongue
touches his cock, my eyes are fully closed. I taste the saltiness of
his pre-cum and, feeling the warm embrace of lust and
adrenaline, I open my mouth as wide as I can and allow his
twelve inches to roll down my tongue. I go down all the way, only
stopping when I feel the tip of his cock firmly pressed against
the back of my throat; I hold my position there, only moving
back so that I can catch my breath.
His cock pops out of my mouth with a wet sound, but I keep
on working him with my hand, stroking him up and down while I
look back into his eyes.
You can write and you can suck, he groans, that devious
grin still lighting up his face. Youre a girl of many talents,
arent you, Lana?
You have no idea, I reply without thinking, and take my
mouth back to his cock. His thickness pushes down on my
tongue and against the side of my cheeks, filling me up so
perfectly I could do this forever. Its surprising, really; hes as
thick as a can of soda, just like Anders, and the first time I saw a
cock like that I seriously doubted itd fit inside of me.
But here we are now.
Bobbing my head up and down, I suck on him eagerly, giving
him my all. His hands land on my head and, tangling his fingers
in my hair, he starts guiding my coming and going motion. He
sets a more furious pace, the sound of my sucking filling the
empty hotel room like the first notes of a song. Hes enjoying it,
at least as much as I am right now.
I take my free hand to his balls and start caressing them,
rolling them over my stretched fingers as I start sucking him as
fast as I can. My eyes are still closed, but I dont need sight to
enjoy what Im doing.
The moment I feel his cock spasming against my tongue, I
react by instinct and pull back, allowing his gigantic member to
pop out of my mouth. Gripping it firmly, I look back into Logans
eyes and let confident words float out of my mouth.
Dont you dare cum, Logan I didnt come here just for a
blowjob, I tell him, and he sits up on the bed and places two
fingers under my chin.
Neither have I. Im not like Anders, you know? he chuckles
and, before I can think of a snarky comeback, he just crushes his
mouth against mine, drowning out my words. Im not going to
cum he says as he pulls back, taking in a deep breath, until
you do. And youre going to do it quite a few times.
You like to talk a lot, dont you? I smirk at him as if I have
everything under control but, deep down, my pussy is clenching
and my heart is racing. I just want to feel his cock inside of me,
and I need that right now. Why dont you show me what you
can do?
Oh, Ill fucking show you, thats for sure, he whispers,
tangling his fingers in my hair again. Pulling my head back, he
takes his lips to my neck and nibbles at my skin, his free hand
going up to my right breast. Instead of squeezing it, he just
pinches my aching nipple between his index finger and thumb,
rubbing it as hard as I squeezed his cock moments before.
Oh, this is going to be good.
When his fingers finally fall from my nipple, he slides his
hand down the side of my body and laces my waist with his arm.
Moving fast, he forces me to lie down on the mattress while, at
the same time, he kneels by my side. He doesnt waste any time:
he grabs at my dress and yanks on the fabric, pushing it down
my legs in a hurry.
Now at a gentler pace, he lays one hand on my ankle and
moves it upward until his fingertips are brushing against my
inner thigh. He traces the contour of my thong gently and then,
when I least expect it, he pulls it against my outer thigh. I hear a
tearing sound and then the damp fabric simply slides off my
body, my naked and wet pussy finally exposed and vulnerable.
You look beautiful, he says, his eyes roaming down from
my breasts to the wetness between my legs. No, fuck that. You
look perfect, he corrects himself, softly placing two fingers on
my pussy and moving them up my inner lips. Taking his hand
out from between my thighs, he then raises his two fingers and
takes them toward his mouth; he brushes them over his lips and
I feel my heart skip a beat as I see them glisten from my own
fluids. He licks his lips dry with the tip of his tongue and then
Fucking delicious, he breathes out, and I simply cant
control myself when I watch him do that. I prop myself up on
one elbow and, taking my free hand to behind his neck, I pull
him toward me. He rolls to the side as I spread my legs, and his
naked body fits right between the space Ive just opened, his
hard shaft dangerously close to my drenched pussy lips.
Placing one hand next to my head, he uses it as leverage to lift
his body off mine. Then, with his free hand, he grabs his cock
and angles it so that its pointing straight at my pussy.
Do it, I breathe out, looking into his eyes and enjoying the
hunger I see dancing there. He wants to devour me, to ravage
me, to fuck me and he wants to do it hard. Do it.
Without saying a word, he brings his cock down so that its tip
is touching my folds, but he doesnt thrust. Instead, he brushes
it up and down the length of my pussy, and then surprises me by
slapping the fat head of his cock against my clit. I let out a moan
as he does it and, acting on sheer instinct, I lace my legs around
his waist and draw him in.
He doesnt fight back.
His hard mast slides inside of me fast, stretching me wide,
and I throw my head back and let out a piercing scream, one so
hard that I wouldnt be surprised if everyone on this floor heard
mehell, I wouldnt be surprised if my scream was heard from
across the street, at the Naughty Angel offices.
Driving his cock deep into me, Logan only stops when his full
length has been devoured by my insides. Then he slides out, only
his tip embraced by my wet pussy lips, and he thrusts again. He
builds up a rhythm, soft and slow, and he places the hand he had
by the side of my head under the nape of my neck.
So fucking tight, he whispers as he comes for me, his
parted lips reaching for mine. We kiss, our tongues lost in a
frenzied dance of hunger and lust, desire and sin. My breasts are
pressed against his chest, and I feel every movement of his body
more than just my pussy, even my mind and soul are vibrating
with the pleasure Im feeling. Its just so wild and intense, and
gentle at the same time
I place my hands on his back and, dragging my fingernails
across his ripped muscles, I only stop when I feel the curve of his
ass cheeks with the palm of my hands. Harder harder I
beg of him, and he doesnt wait to oblige. He starts pistoning
into me with a kind of wild fury, his cock hammering my pussy
so fiercely that I see fireworks going off behind my shut eyelids.
Harder, Logan, harder I continue to say, even though Im
not so sure if I can take it any harder. But harder is how he goes,
his hips moving so fast that I cant even tell if his cock is sliding
in and out of me anymore. Not that it matters, anywayall that
matters is that his thick cock is straining against my inner walls,
pleasuring me to my core and ravaging me like no other man has
well, no other man except Anders, of course. As good as Logan
is, Anders matches him, thrust by thrust.
Taking his hand out from under my neck, he slowly curls his
fingers around my neck, choking it softly. I moan as he does it,
feeling the pressure of his fingertips on my skin and flesh, and I
start swaying my hips wildly.
You like it hard, dont you? I hear him say as the pressure
of his fingers on my throat intensifies. He does it until pleasure
is flooding my brain, and he stops right before I feel any pain.
Logan knows exactly what hes doing right now, and hell, its
driving me completely crazy.
I -- I do. I want I want it hard, I admit between moans,
barely capable of any rational thought. My insides are clenching,
and theres a kind of hard pressure mounting inside of me, as if I
had a thousand needles stuck inside of me biting at my muscles.
And, just like that, I explode.
Logan takes his fingers off of my throat, and a wild scream
climbs up in a fraction of a second. I open my mouth to scream,
but I dont even hear the sound of my voice. The pleasure Im
feeling right now is so muchalmost too muchand it
demands all the attention of my brain. I cant see or hear a thing,
and all I can experience is the wild ecstasy running through my
veins in a rush.
Oh God Oh my God I moan, clawing hard at Logans
back as he slowly slides his cock out of my pussy. He kneels
between my spreads legs and, taking a lungful of air, I prop
myself up with both my elbows.
Enjoying yourself, arent you? he chuckles, looking at me
with the expression of a man who isnt satisfied yet.
I am, I whisper, my eyes falling down to his cock. His
twelve inches are glistening, my fluids covering his length, and I
suddenly feel irresistibly attracted to it. Cupping his balls with
one hand, I lean in and open my mouth wide, taking his cock into
my mouth all at once. I wrap my lips tight around the base of his
cock and then roll them back, taking my own fluids into my
mouth, tasting my own wetness.
Well, well youre a wicked one, arent ya? he asks me, but
I dont even need to answer him. I just lock my eyes on his, and
he reads the expression on my face.
More, I merely say, the word falling out of my lips like a
brick. He attacks me like a hungry tiger; his hands go to my waist
and he turns me around fast, forcing me to lay down on the
mattress, my back turned to him and my breasts pinned between
me and the mattress.
I grasp at the sheets and, gritting my teeth, I prepare for
whats coming. He lays his body on top of mine, and then I feel
the tip of his cock sliding down the length of my ass crack until
its nestled between my inner thighs and brushing against my
pussy lips.
This time I dont need to say a thing; he thrusts immediately,
driving all of his inches inside of me in one single movement of
his hips. Without wasting a single second, he starts rocking his
hips fast; his cock slides in and out of me at a furious pace, and
thats all it takes for me to feel that pressure building once more.
Yup, thats rightjust a few thrusts and Im almost ready to
come again.
But, then again, should I even be surprised? Guys like Logan
are on a completely different league; they dont play the same
rules the other mortals do. In a way, guys like Logan and Anders
are Gods walking among their lesser counterparts. And do you
know whos the lucky girl who has two Gods fighting for her
attention? Yeah, thatd be me.
Fuck, Logan, thats so so good, I moan against the
sheets, biting down on them as my body rocks back and forth,
matching the pace of his thrusts.
Yeah, it is, he groans, and I can hear in the tone of his voice
that hes grinning wildly. No wonder, though, a man that fucks
like this must do it with a grin on his face all the time.
OH, FUCK! I shout, even surprising myself as my scream
erupts in my mouth. I bite on the sheets as I thrust back against
Logan, impaling my pussy on his cock. Pleasure erupts through
me, making my blood boil as if I were standing inside a furnace.
FUCK! I cant help but shout again, and I dont even know if
my heart is racing, or it has stopped altogether.
Fuck? Thats exactly what were doing, babe, Logan
whispers, sliding his cock out of me. Instead of letting me catch
my breath, he just hooks his fingers on my hips and pulls me up,
making me go on all fours. Then he presses the tip of his cock
against my pussy once again; keeping me in place, he drives his
cock inside me with one brutish movement.
I open my mouth to shout again, but my throat is spent from
the effort I just did that all that escapes from between my lips is
a weak whimper. That whimper turns into a moan as Logan takes
his thumbs to my ass and starts caressing my crack; his fingers
go up and down the length of my crack, and then he presses one
down against my asshole.
Thrusting hard, he starts rubbing my hole with his index
finger; then, without a single warning, he just slides deep into
me. My eyes roll in their orbits as I feel his finger inside my ass,
and I grit my teeth while I bunch up the sheets with my hands,
my fingers turning into claws.
So good I half-purr, half-moan, my eyelids so heavy that
they feel like theyre made out of concrete.
So fucking good, yeah he groans, pistoning his cock into
me as if he has just entered into a trance. Matching his rhythm, I
start swaying my body, and I feel my skin prickling as the sound
of my ass cheeks slapping against his thighs reach my eardrums.
I keep my eyes closed as we fuck, only focusing on the way he
pleasures my ass with his finger and my pussy with his cock.
Before I even know it, that sweet pressure is building up
inside of me again, my pussy tightening around his cock like a
vice. Dont DONT STOP! I shout at the top of my lungs and,
as if my words had a magical effect, I feel his cock throbbing
hard against my insides.
I come again in a flash, my mind going blank just for a
fraction of a second. Its as if theres a storm inside my skull,
one made of wind, thunder, and lightning. One so vicious that it
simply cant be tamed. And thats exactly the way I like it.
Im gonna cum, Lana, I hear Logan groan, and that sets off
something inside of me. Before I can even think of what Im
doing, I let myself fall forward on the mattress, and then I turn
around fast. Lying down in front of him, my head level with his
cock, I reach for him with my lips.
I take all of his inches inside of me and, using both my hands
and mouth to stroke him, I drive him to the edge of climax and
throw him off it. In the blink of an eye, his cock starts pulsing
almost too violently against my tongue, and then I feel his warm
seed flooding my mouth.
He fills me up in an instant, and it doesnt even take a second
for his cum to start dripping out of my mouth and down my chin.
I keep my lips wrapped around his cock as he cums, trying to
take as much as I can and not caring one bit about the thick
strands escaping from between my lips.
Jesus fuck, he groans with a hoarse voice, tangling his
fingers in my hair as he cums. When his cock gives its dying
spasms against my tongue, he holds still for a few seconds and
only then starts to slide his cock out. Show me he whispers,
placing two fingers under my chin and forcing me to look up at
him. I want to see it
Obliging, I smile at him and then open my mouth wide,
showing him the mess his seed caused inside my mouth. Then,
without him needing me to tell me what to do, I close my mouth
and just swallow, the raw taste of his semen burning its way
down my throat.
Nice girl, he smiles at me, and I kneel in front of him.
Brushing my thumb over my lips, I pick a stray lock of cum that
hangs there; then, without a moments hesitation, I take my
finger to his mouth. I part his lips with my thumb and, sliding it
inside his mouth, allow Logan to suck on it and his own cum.
Nice boy, I shoot back with a chuckle, finally throwing
myself on my back. Theres an exhausted smile on my lips, but
my heart's content.
First Anders, now Logan. Even if I never publish The Virgin
Market, Im already happy Ive sat down to write it. Because, if
theres something better than royalties, its gotta be twenty-
four inches of pure pleasure.

This? Or That?

S O TODAY S NL is dedicated to a very special newbie author who

we have here at Naughty Angel Publishing. Her name is Lana
Hartley and youve seen her mentioned prolly a few times. She
doesnt have an Angel last name yet, we still call her Lana
Hartley, but thats only because she hasnt published anything
yet. But already, shes taken the office by storm with just the
shit that goes on around her.

I MEAN , no one can focus on anything because all everyone keeps

talking about is whether she should settle for Logan or Anders.

S O TODAY , Im gonna do a this or that question for all readers of

the Naughty Angel Newsletter. What do you think? Logan Kane?
Or Anders Carter for Lana Hartley?

W E RE NOT gonna use their profile pictures because this is a text

only email, but let me describe the two men.

A NDERS IS THE STRONG , silent alpha. Hes not too much of a bad
boy. But hes rock solid and stable. Hes used to always staying
on the straight and narrow and you can tell that once he settles
on a girl hes going to make that woman happy forever. Sure,
hes been with plenty of chicks I think, but hes always upfront
and honest if he doesn't see a future. Hes reliable and punctual
and will be the kinda guy who shops for groceries with you and
handles paying all the bills and takes care of everything so that
you can sit and watch Girls. Hes going to own your body, and
there wont be any question that you totally belong to him.

L OGAN K ANE IS the bad boy out of the duo. Hes a dirty, dirty boy
too. I think hes slept with more women than I can count. Hes
like Aidan used to be I figure. But underneath all that is a heart
of gold. Hes gonna give you a wild time if you fall into his orbit.
Expect that Mr. Bad Boy will swirl you up into his orbit and your
life will be like two hundred times more exciting. Hes never
gonna drive a minivan. Hes never gonna wanna move to the
country and give up his condo in the city. Hes probably gonna
let you decide how to raise the kids and help them with their
homework, but he will always love you and respect you. You will
never be boredthats for sure.

S O BOTH MEN have their pluses and minuses. Anders is strong and
silent and alpha. Logan is alpha and a bad boy. I think they both
totally love Lana. But who is she gonna choose? This is so
interesting! We may even write a book about it!

OF COURSE , youre more than welcome to come find out the gory
details as they happen at Dirty Lil Angels on Facebook. But until
then, tell me what you think by responding to me here!

H UGS AND K ISSES and Lots of Love!


fter what happened with Lana, its been hell to focus on

Even at the studio, where I just fucking give it my all, I cant

seem to focus on my poses. Even the photographers have
noticed that Im not my usual self. Ive phoned in my last photo
shoots, and thats the first time Ive ever done something like
that. Even when I show up at photo shoots as drunk as a skunk, I
always pour my fucking soul into what I'm doing.
But now
Well, fuck it, let me just say it out loud: now I cant stop
thinking of Lana. Or, to be more precise, I cant stop thinking of
her sweet pussy. Its just perfection itself turned into flesh.
Delicious, tight flesh.
Of course, it also doesnt fucking help that Anders has been
breathing down my neck all fucking week. Always giving me shit
about giving up on Lana and her manuscript Jesus, what the
fuck is up with that guy? After he read Lanas manuscript it
seems like he found God again. Which, if you think of it, hes
almost funnya jaded guy like Anders, to be this over the moon
with a fucking manuscript Lana must be one hell of a writer,
that much is for sure.
But does he really have be such a hard ass about the whole
thing? I guess that he just cant tolerate that Lana hasnt decided
to go with him right out of the gate. Well, tough luck; its never
easy for any man when Logans around. Thats just how I roll.
Its in my fucking genes, and I never apologize for it. Ever.
One more, I wave my empty glass of whisky at the
bartender, and he just gives me one curt nod and brings back the
bottle to the counter. He pours me some more and I take another
sip, closing my eyes as I feel the burn of the whisky on my
throat. Im not that big of a drinker (after all, I have an eight-
pack to look after), but I figured that a few drinks would help me
take my mind off Lana, even if just for a few hours.
Im at The Flatiron Room, and just like always, the place is
completely packed. Im sitting by the counter, drinking a Nikka
whisky and listening to the jazz quartet playing at the end of the
dimly lit room. A few women are eyeing me from their tables,
and I can tell that Id be able to get some action if I was so
Unfortunately, its just the fucking opposite. The more I
drink, the more my mind drags me back to the few hours Lana
spent with me at the hotel, her naked body aching for mine, my
hard cock pulsing hard inside her pussy, andahem, fuck, you
see what Im talking about? That woman is a drug, theres no
other way to put it.
Maybe fucking someone else would help. Maybe these two
women sitting by themselves in the corner they sure as hell
have been looking my way ever since I stepped in here. Maybe I
could bring the two of them back to my apartment.
Ah, fuck, no! Just to think about fucking someone else I
dont know, okay? It just seems fucking wrong.
What a coincidence to see you here, I hear someone say,
and I turn around on my stool to meet Gradys heinous face.
What the fuck are you doing, showing up like this? I ask
him, surprised to see him here at a regular bar. I figured that
assholes like Grady only got out of the house to eat cheese and
drink wine with their cunt friends. I guess I was wrong; live and
Just happened to be passing by, he tells me, that
sociopathic smile on his face. Man, what I wouldnt pay to be
able to wipe that smile off his face with my fist. Hes lucky Im
only on my second glass of whisky, or else Id be taking a swing
right now.
Yeah, sure, I whisper, turning my back to him and going
back to my whisky. He sits on the stool next to me, and my nose
tells me that he must bathed in cologne before leaving the
I need that manuscript, Logan, he starts to say, and I just
sigh. Here we fucking go again. That fucking manuscript. Why
the fuck is everyone so obsessed with that thing? Are the words
Lana put down on the paper made of solid gold?
I heard you the first time, you know?
I think you did, yes. But I want to make sure youve
understood all of the implications. If you fail, you --
Yeah, yeah, youll fucking ruin me if I fail. I got that, okay? It
just isnt that easy to steal a writer from under Abby Clevelands
fucking nose. Besides, Anders Kane is already after Lana
as well.
Yeah, Anders. Ive been trying to seduce Lana, but Anders is
doing his fucking best to cock-block me.
If Anders is involved Grady starts to say, but I think hes
talking more to himself than to me. That must mean that
manuscript is good. Very good. That just makes it all the more
important for you to get me that manuscript and make Lana sign
with Bad Boy Publishing. I need that book.
Im on it, alright? Jesus fuck, I sigh, taking a bill out of my
wallet and placing it under my now empty glass of whisky. I
cant drink a single drop more with Grady by my side; he just
makes my stomach fucking turn. I never liked the guy but now,
after meeting Lana, I just hate him even more.
Shes just a young woman, trying to follow her dream, and
this fucker is already trying to take advantage of her. Hes a
really classy act, no doubt.
Grabbing my coat from the counter, I throw it over my left
shoulder and, without bothering to glance back at Grady, I start
making my way out of the bar.
Thanks for ruining my fucking night, Grady.

N o matter what I do, Logan is on my heels making

things difficult.
He's trying to get around me. Sneaking in visits with Lana.
It all pisses me off.
Typical Logan.
It's really not surprising.
And who knows what he's saying privately to Lana? But I
can't worry about that. I knew I had to make things right, so
Lana has agreed to meet with me yesterday and we talked.
We met for coffee, and I apologized as she blew the steam
from the top of her latte.
"I didn't mean to speak for you," I said, and she seemed to
I'll never forget her words. She said, "Apology accepted, but
remember that I can make my own decisions."
She said it with such finality. And she's right.
I never should've put words into her mouth. I assumed way
too much, and way too fast. I was excited to work with her on the
manuscript, and I jumped the gun, plain and simple.
And it didn't help that Logan was breathing down our necks,
complicating the situation.
I won't make that mistake again. That much I can promise.
Lesson learned.
So now I'm meeting with Lana again, at the Naughty Angel
Publishing headquarters, and I plan to keep my cool. She either
wants to work with me, or she doesn't.
It's ultimately up to her.
But if she wants my help, I'm here for her.
I think I can help turn her manuscript into a best seller,
topping the charts.
I walk into her office, and see her sitting behind a desk. She's
wearing black heels and sheer nylons, and the way her legs are
delicately crossed at her knees make my cock twitch.
Don't ask me why. My cock has a mind of its own sometimes,
but I can tell you that she looks fucking sexy. I can picture
running my hands up her thighs, and up further still, up into
"You're here early," Lana smiles, truncating my train of
She stands up from her desk, and walks over to me,
embracing me in a hug. I wish I could extend the embraceher
smell fills my brain, and the way her warm breasts press against
my chest drives me wild. I can feel my pulse race at her touch.
"I thought I'd surprise you," I say.
"Well, you and Logan both," she says, pointing to the other
side of the office, and then I see him.
Logan's already here, and sitting in a chair, in the corner of
the room.
What the fuck?
That bastard.
Do you see what I mean? The guy doesn't know when to quit.
Lana continues. "I'm just surprised that all of a sudden, both
of you want to be involved in my dark romance. I mean, one
minute, it's a manuscript nobody wants to touch, and now you
two seem to be competing over it."
"You shouldn't be surprised," I say. "The Virgin Market is
good. It has a lot of potential."
"But it's not finished yet," Lana says. "I still have a bit of
work to do."
"I can help you with that," Logan jumps in. "I have an idea.
How about you and I slip out of here for a little brainstorming
session? What do you say? Maybe over dinner and drinks?"
"Here's a better idea," I say, cutting in. "How about you and I
talk about the manuscript for a bit and brainstorm what you still
need. I'm confident that I can help you bring it over the finish
line. After all, I've actually read it. I have ideas forming in my
mind already."
"What makes you think I haven't read it?" Logan says,
standing up from his chair in the corner and walking toward me.
I can feel the air around us thicken with a sudden tension.
It's like dark clouds forming on a horizon, threatening to turn
into a full-fledged storm.
"I find that hard to believe," I say, a smirk forming on
my lips.
"What's so funny?" Logan growls, closing the distance
between us.
"Everything," I shrug. "Look around. You coming in here and
suggesting that you can help Lana with this book is hilarious."
"Fuck off, Anders," Logan says.
I feel my pulse pick up and my face redden. The urge to slam
my fist into the middle of his face returns, and I fight to
suppress it.
"You know what" I begin to say, but Lana cuts me off.
"Enough!" Lana shouts. "Both of you. I'm tired of this. It's so
exhaustingthe fighting, the bickering, the one upping and shit
talking. So, now I'm ordering both of you to follow me. Now."
Neither of us moves. Logan and I are speechless at Lana's
request, and frozen in place.
"C'mon," she says again, motioning us forward.
We both start walking, following her out to God knows where.
As we move, we walk down the hall and past Abby's office.
Lana pokes her head in.
"I'm going to borrow the conference room, if that's okay,"
she says.
"Sure, that's fine," Abby replies. "I'll let everyone know the
conference room is occupied."
Lana thanks her, and then turns back to Logan and I. "Keep
following me down the hall. We're almost there," she says.
Once we finally reach the conference room, she closes the
door behind us, and orders us to sit down.
Logan and I both sit, anxious to hear what she has to say.
"I've made a decision," she says, looking at us both.
I realize I'm practically holding my breath. The suspense is
killing me.
What if she decides to go with Logan? What then?
It's her book. I'd have to accept that.
"I've decided that you both will get to publish with me,"
she says.
What did she just say?
Both of us?
How is that gonna work?
I look over at Logan, and he looks back at me. I can tell we're
both thinking the same thing.
"I'm making this book a mnage," Lana says, "And I want
you both."

I m not even sure what Im doing. The words just

found their way to my mouth, you know? But the
moment they rolled over my tongue I knew they were the right
I want these men. Both of them.
And I want them right now.
Acting as fearless as I can, I close the distance between them
and I. No hesitation whatsoever to my movements, I turn my
hands around and go straight for their crotches; flattening the
palm of my hands there, I feel their hard cocks pulsing against
my fingers and I know that Im on the right path.
They want me as well, and their desire for me overcomes
everything else.
Lana, this -- Anders starts to say, but I just need to look
into his eyes to make him fall into a deep silence. Somehow, Ive
broken out of my awkward shell, and Im spreading my wings as
a confident woman, just like Abby Cleveland herself.
This is exactly what I want, I tell Anders, my eyes never
leaving his. And this is exactly what the two of you want I
continue, trailing off as I shift my gaze from Anders to Logan.
Lana, Logan merely says, not knowing what other words
to use.
Thatd be me, I grin, and then curl my fingers around their
cocks, enjoying the way they seem to be throbbing violently
inside their pants. I dont even think about my next move; Im in
execution-mode right now.
I lower myself until my knees are on the floor, but Im careful
enough to never leave their cocks as I do it. Then, still looking up
at them, I unbuckle their belts and pull them out of their loops
with two fast tugs. The leather slides out easily, and I just throw
the belts behind me as I move for their zippers; pulling them
down, I let my eyes widen as I see the two enormous pythons
theyre hiding under their boxer briefs.
Oh, God, I can barely believe that Ive got twenty-four inches
of delight right here and all of it just for me.
Holding my breath, I curl my fingers around the hem of their
boxer briefs and, biting down on my lower lip, I tug them down.
Their cocks spring free in half a heartbeat, and I become
lightheaded as I watch them jump up to salute me. Sweet Jesus, I
dont even know what to do with them.
Pushing both their pants and boxer briefs down to their
knees, I wait as they do the rest and kick off their shoes. They
then step out of their pants and boxer briefs, and I just look up at
them with a wicked grin; no words are needed, and they
immediately find out what I want of them. Slowly but steadily,
they unbutton their shirts and throw them on top of the rest of
their clothes.
Now standing fully naked in front of me, I take a couple of
seconds to appreciate the living sculptures standing right there.
Their muscles look like theyve been sculpted out of a slab of
marble, and that over centuries. Theyre so perfect that they
seem to have been designed by God himself, his intent to create
two perfect specimens that writers could use as models for their
covers. Sure, it might seem a bit shallow, but even God needs to
have his fun, right?
Enjoying the sight? Logan asks, apparently finding the
words he had lost before.
You have no idea, I whisper as I reach for the two of them,
my eyelids drooping as I curl my fingers around their shafts, the
warmness of their skin spreading to my body and making my
mind boil with anticipation.
I start stroking them right away, enjoying the way I flick my
wrist and send my fingers up and down the length of their cocks.
Each fraction of a second I spend stroking them feels like a
heaven-sent moment, and before I know it, Im already leaning
I go for Anders first, parting my lips slowly and allowing the
tip of my tongue to explore the head of his cock. I trace slow
circles around it, tasting the saltiness of his pre-cum, and then I
pull back and move toward Logan.
Shifting from one to the other, I keep on doing that until my
mind starts demanding something more.
Just do it, Anders tells me, his voice so heavy that I almost
feel his words hitting me over the top of my head.
So demanding, I whisper at him, but at the same time, Im
opening my mouth as wide as I can. I wrap my lips around the tip
of his cock and, not a moments hesitation to my movement, I
move them all the way down. I only stop when I feel his cock
firmly pressed against the back of my throat, his full twelve-
inches filling me in such a way that breathing is almost a chore.
Stroking Logan at the same rhythm, I start bobbing my head
back and forth as fast as I can, the sound of me sucking on
Anders cock filling the whole room. I only stop when I need to
come up for air and, in all honesty, it almost hurts to feel the
emptiness inside my mouth when Anders cock pops out.
Fuck, Lana, that was he starts, looking at me with a look
of pure savage hunger.
I know, I tell him, feeling exactly that same savage hunger
taking over me. Then, turning my attention toward Logan, I open
my mouth once again and guide it toward his cock; having
already warmed up with Anders, this time I dont even start with
the tip. No, this time I just open my mouth and let my head fall,
impaling myself on his cock so hard that I almost think hes
going to make a hole through my skull.
Stroking and sucking, I close my eyes and work on their cocks
for God knows how long, the notion of time fading away as if it
was just a stupid concept invented by the modern world. Right
now Im doing something so primal and wild that concepts such
as these dont even apply. Im in fairyland right now, and it feels
fucking amazing.
Alright, Lana, you had your fun I hear Logan say, and I
take out the cock in my mouth and look. Theyre both looking
down at me with an eager smile, and I feel a shiver going up my
spine as I try to guess whats in their minds. Now its time you
have even more fun Logan continues, and now my
anticipation has grown into a fiery anxiety.
Yes please, I purr as they pull me up to my feet. Placing
both hands on my waist, Anders takes charge of the situation
and pushes me back until my ass cheeks are pressing against the
edge of the conference table. Then, grabbing me by the ass, he
pushes me up and sits me down.
Logan walks up to his side and, never taking his eyes off
mine, he places his hands on my knees and forces me to spread
my legs. Good girl, he whispers, his fingers now pushing the
hemline of my dress up to my waist, revealing the drenched
fabric of my lace thong.
I doubt shes a good girl, Anders says in that voice of his as
he goes down to his knees, his wide shoulders keeping my knees
a part.
Oh, Im a good girl when I want to, I chuckle, leaning back
and placing both my elbows on the table. I close my eyes as
Anders rests his lips over my knee and then drags them inward,
taking his mouth dangerously close to my pussy. He lays soft
kisses around my groin, never actually going for my thong, and I
start growing impatient; I move my hips from side to side, trying
to get him to press his mouth against my pussy, but he just
places one forearm over my waist and forces me to keep still.
I want your mouth on me, I breathe, reaching for Anders
and tangling my fingers in his hair. Reaching for Logan with my
free hand, I grab his hard cock and start to stroke him
backhandedly, my hand moving awkwardly but keeping a steady
The lady asks the lady gets, I hear Anders say from
between my thighs, his breath caressing my skin, and then he
just presses his open mouth against the drenched fabric of my
Oh God! I yelp as he starts on my pussy over the fabric,
doing it so fiercely it almost seems like he wants to suck my soul
through my pussy. And it feels amazing.
Fuck, youre delicious, Anders growls, and then uses two
fingers to flick my thong to the side. He runs one fingertip over
the length of my wet inner lips, and then he replaces it with the
wet tip of his tongue, flicking it upward until it meets my clit.
Using his tongue to draw soft circles around my clit, he keeps on
licking me until I feel a soft electric buzz under my skin, my
hand now moving faster over Logans cock.
I want some of that too, I hear Logan say and, giving me no
time to protest, he grabs me by the wrist and forces me to let go
of his cock. He then goes down on his knees by Anders' side,
placing one hand under the back of my knee and making me put
my leg over his shoulder.
Anders moves slightly to the side, his tongue still running
around my clit, and that gives Logan the opening he wants.
Leaning forward, his head under Anders, he opens his mouth
and places it over my drenched folds, sucking both of them into
his mouth.
Oh my God, oh my God, I repeat over and over again as they
work me with their mouths, my mind like a broken record. That
soft electricity that crackled under my skin is now becoming
something fiercer and violent, like a whip that makes my whole
body tremble as it hits my soul.
Wrapping his lips around my clit, Anders starts pressing
down on it with the tip of his tongue; at the same time, Logan
takes his mouth off of my pussy and places two of his fingers
against my inner lips. Doing it fast, he slides them inside me to
the knuckles, curling them upward and taking his fingertips
straight to my G-spot. The moment I feel the pressure on my G-
spot and clit, its as if a tidal wave has just crashed against my
mind; I feel my thoughts being crushed under the weight of
glorious pleasure, and then theyre dragged off me as if they
never existed in the first place. Right now all of my rationality
has left me, and Im purely a body being steered by instinct
Taking my elbows off of the table, I let myself fall back and
take my hands to my breasts. Squeezing on them as I arch my
back, I let that violent orgasm overtake me, every single muscle
in my body twitching and spasming.
That was amazing, I whisper, opening my eyes and
looking up at the ceiling, feeling as if Ive just awoken from a
trance. Both men escape from between my thighs and go up to
their feet, their cocks drawing all of my attention. Propping
myself back up on my elbows, I throw them a lewd look. What
else do you got for me, boys? I tease them, my pussy pleading
for so much more.
Well, I got this right here and its all yours, Logan says
without a moments hesitancy, grabbing his cock and
positioning himself right between my legs. Taking a step
forward, he hooks his thumbs on my thong and then yanks it
down my legs. Looking at me with a devious grin, he brings my
thong up to his face and presses it against his mouth. Smells
delicious, he whispers, more to himself than to me, and then
throws my thong behind me. His grin widens and then he slaps
down the head of his cock against my clit... and, God, I feel as if
Ive been hit by lightning.
Gritting my teeth, I reach for him with both hands, my
fingers turned into claws, and dig my fingernails into his perfect
iron ass cheeks. I pull him into me with all the strength of my
body, and he offers no resistance. His twelve inches slide inside
of me hard, his thickness pushing my inner walls back; letting go
of his ass, I throw myself back on the conference table and turn
my head to the side so that Im looking straight at Anders.
Theres still space in here, you know? I purr, running my
index finger over the space between my lips.
Not for long, Anders growls, climbing up on the conference
table and going down to his knees, his cock casting a long
shadow over my face. He holds his huge member by the root and
angles it down; I do the rest, craning my neck and parting my
lips; I take his cock just like that, its tip pressing against the
inside of my cheek.
As if they were in telepathic communication, both men start
bucking their hips at the same time. Logans cock slides in and
out of my pussy at a steady pace, and the same happens with
Anders as he fucks my mouth.
I remain like that for God knows how long, completely
submitting my body to their masts. As they keep on fucking me,
Anders starts working on the straps of my dress, pushing them
down my arms and yanking my dress down until its bunched up
around my waist. Leaning forward slightly, he then takes his big
hands to my bra and squeezes my tits over it, my flesh shifting
under his touch.
Even though I have Anders cock buried deep inside my
mouth, I cant help but moan; the sound is a throaty one, and I
can almost feel the sound waves traveling along the length of
Anders shaft.
My hard nipples are aching, and it feels as if theyre
screaming for someone to release them from the bra theyre
stuck in; lucky for me, my bra has a front clasp, and Anders is
already working on it. With a quick flick of his fingers, he undoes
the clasp and pushes both cups to the side, revealing my breasts
and rosy tips.
Fucking beautiful, Logan groans, taking his left hand to one
of my breasts and pinching my nipple between his index finger
and thumb. Anders does the same on my other breast except
instead of pinching my nipple he gives one hard squeeze to my
whole tit.
Fuck! I moan, turning my head to the side and making
Anders cock pop out of my mouth. I throw my head back,
bumping it against the surface of the table, and take one deep
breath as I feel Logan picking up the pace, his cock suddenly
sliding in and out of my pussy at an urgent rhythm.
Opening my eyes, I see Anders cock and balls just hovering
over my face and I crane my neck once more. Parting my lips, I
use the tip of my tongue and start running it up and down the
length of his shaft; then, inevitably, I go all the way down toward
his balls.
Mmm, I moan, opening my mouth wide and sucking one of
his balls in. I take it into my mouth and roll it around, lapping at
it with my tongue. My body sways back and forth as Logan fucks
me at the same time and, even though its hard to keep focused
on what Im doing with my mouth, I somehow remain in control.
Fuck, Lana, thats -- Anders starts to say, but I just open
my mouth even wider and take both of his ball into my mouth.
They fill me up as much as his cock does, and I cant help but
wonder about the amount of cum theyre busy producing right
now. When these two unleash their load on me Oh, thats
going to be one hell of a show that much is for sure.
Oh, Logan oh, dontdont stop! I moan out, popping
Anders balls out of my mouth. Theres a pressure on my belly,
and its spreading toward all of my muscles, making them tense
up. I cant believe it, but Im almost ready to come again.
Harder! I cry out, begging him to slam his cock into my pussy
as hard as he can. And thats exactly what he does.
With his hands on my hips, making sure that his thrusts
dont send me down the table, Logan starts pounding me with
the ferocity of an animal that has just escaped his cage. I hear his
balls slapping against my skin, and it feels as if Im being hit by
pelletspellets the size of tennis balls, that is.
Oh, God, fuck, I moan, closing my eyes and grabbing
Anders cock. I start stroking hard, at the same rhythm with
which Logan is fucking me, and that just helps the anticipation
build in every single cell of my body. Before I know it Im gritting
my teeth, my eyes are rolling in their orbits, and my brain is
swimming in a river of endorphins.
Arching my back, my spine bending and bending, I finally
release all the tension in my jaw and let out one big scream. Or I
try to, anywayacting fast, Anders places one hand over my
mouth, muffling my scream and stopping the whole office from
hearing what were doing in here.
Not that itd matter, anyway. I think.
You see, Naughty Angel Publishing is a pretty forward-
thinking company. And, with Abby Cleveland at the helm, I
doubt anyone would care that two gorgeous men are fucking me
right now. But Anders is right, I guessbetter safe than sorry.
Now thats a start, I hear Logan say, his voice pulling me up
from the river of pleasure I'm drowning in. He slides his cock out
of me slowly and, as he does it, I sit up on the table and look
from one man to the other.
Oh, yes, it was, I purr, pushing myself off the table and
going up to my feet. Turning on my heels so that Im facing
Anders, I grab his hand and pull him after me; he comes
willingly and, moving fast, I place both my hands on his
shoulders and force him to go down. He goes to his knees
without a moments hesitation and, the moment hes under me,
he reaches for my bunched up dress and pulls it furiously down
my legs. I kick it off to a corner of the room, and thats the only
thing I have the time to do; Anders raises his arms and places
both his hands on my ass cheeks, pulling me into him and taking
his mouth straight onto my drenched pussy.
Oh, I moan as I feel his lips on me, his tongue furiously
working up and down the length of my inner lips. I throw my
head back and smile as he devours me but then, needing more
than just his mouth, I take one step back and look into his eyes.
Lay down, I tell him, surprising myself with the commanding
tone of my voice.
Are you giving orders now? I hear Logans voice, and I turn
to him and simply grin.
Seems like she enjoys being in charge, Anders says, but at
the same time, he obeys my command. He lays down on the
carpeted floor, his cock pointing straight up, and I take one step
toward him, placing both my feet on either side of his waist.
Locking eyes with him, I lower my body over his cock and place
my knees on the floor; grabbing his cock, I angle it so that the tip
of his cock is right against my wet pussy.
More than being in charge this is what I enjoy, I whisper,
lowering my hips at once and impaling myself on his gorgeous
thickness. I throw my head back as I do it, my eyes rolling in
their orbits, and I feel flames burning up my pussy from the
inside out.
What are you waiting for? I ask Logan, looking back at him
over my shoulder.
I thought you wouldnt ask, he laughs, and then walks all
the way toward me, standing to the side. I grab his cock with one
hand and, wasting no time, open my mouth wide and take his
cock between my lips. The moment I feel his thick twelve inches
pressing down on my tongue, I start rocking my body, swaying
my hips back and forth over Anders cock.
Anders has his hands on my ass, guiding the movement of my
body, and Logan has tangled his fingers in my hair to guide the
movements of my head; surrendering to their guidance, I close
my eyes and simply enjoy how it feels to have two cocks sliding
in and out of me, every single cell in my body suddenly
electrified by a high voltage current.
Even though my mouth is filled, I start moaning all the same,
the sound climbing up my throat and vibrating through the
length of Logans cock. The sound of my voice seems to echo
inside my skull and, by the time I realize what Im doing, Ive
already taken Logans cock out of my mouth.
Oh God, I moan out loud, replacing my mouth with my
hand and stroking him as hard as I can. My fingers move up and
down his length at a furious rhythm, and I match that same pace
with my hips, straddling Anders with a kind of fiery intensity.
My hair is cascading down my shoulders now, and a few locks are
already plastered on my forehead, beads of sweat forming up on
my forehead.
I think Im gonna I think Im gonna -- I start to say, but
I never get to finish my sentence. Pleasure darts up my spine in a
fraction of a second, ecstasy exploding inside my head like a
thermonuclear bomb. Letting go of Logans cock, I almost
collapse on top of Anders, my fingernails buried deep in his hard
pectorals. Fuck, I groan, grinding my teeth together so hard
that I wouldnt be surprised if they shattered.
Slight twitches have taken over my pussy lips, and I feel it
tightening up and relaxing around Anders shaft; easing up as I
come, his thrusts start to become slower and slower until he
finally stops altogether.
I remain frozen in place, with Anders cock still buried deep
inside of me, and try to catch my breath. Only when my lungs
seem to be working normally again, do I roll to the side, carefully
sliding those twelve inches of pure insanity out of my pussy.
Come here, both of you, I tell them both, looking from one
to the other as I kneel close to them. Anders sits up on the floor
and exchanges a quick glance with Logan; then, obeying me,
they both stand up in front of me, their cocks the most glorious
things Ive ever seen. Theyre glistening from my own fluids, and
they seem even harder than before
I still cant believe this is happening, you know? When I
started working at Naughty Angel, I never expected Id end up
completely naked and on my knees in the conference room, two
handsome and ripped men looking down at me with their hard
cocks pulsing with desire.
But thats life; one day youre writing a book, the next youre
in an impromptu wicked threesome. Stuff like this happens
every day, right? Right?
Raising my hands, I take them to their cocks and curl my
fingers around their shafts. Showing them my wickedest grin, I
start stroking them as hard as I can, milking them for all
they have.
Im going so fast that I feel my wrists burning up, but that
only makes me go even faster. Before I know it, Im gritting my
teeth and sweating even more from the effort. I keep my eyes on
them, enjoying the expression of pure bliss thats making their
lips curl into a smile of pure ecstasy.
My strokes are fast and flowing, and thats due to the way my
own fluids coat their length; it doesnt take long for them to
surrender to me. Their cocks start pulsing hard against my
fingers, and I dont even have the time to close my eyes: two
ropes of thick and gooey cum jump out from the tips of their
cocks and hit me right on the face.
I keep on stroking them as they cum, unleashing a veritable
river of cum upon my naked body. Their semen splatters all over
my chest, heavy beads going over the rising curve of my breasts
and then down and around my aching lips. In less than a minute,
half of my body is covered in their seed, and I can barely blink
without having my eyelids stuck together.
Fuck! Logan half-groans-half-laughs, and thats when I
finally feel the dying spasms of their cocks against my fingers.
Slowly, I peel them off their cocks and throw myself back,
collapsing on the floor and allowing a wild laugh to erupt from
my lips.
This feels like a dreamthe wet kind.
I take deep and ragged breaths, and I hear them do the same.
Then, they lower themselves and lay by my side, their hands
going straight for my tits. They squeeze them eagerly and,
flattening the palm of their hands over my nipples, they start
smearing my body with cum, rubbing it all over my skin and
turning it into a slippery mess.
This was amazing, I find myself saying, and my own voice
feels like its coming from the other side of the universe. Im so
dazed that I cant even think straight.
It was, Logan agrees softly, propping himself up on one
elbow and then leaning toward me. He brushes his lips against
the cum on my mouth, and then Logan does the same. Parting
my lips, I allow my tongue to slip out of my mouth and, before I
know it, Im kissing the two of them at the same time.
Lips and tongues and cumright now, theres a party going
on in our mouths, and its the kind of party I thought only
happened in books.
But you know what? Ever since I started writing The Virgin
Market, Ive slowly started to realize that, sometimes, real life is
better than fiction.
Especially when it involves men like Anders and Logan.
Ah, this is better than winning the lottery.

These covers will make you drippy!!

S O TODAY , Aidan came up to me and showed me the new covers

that we have for next month's releases and OMG! So hot! I mean,
if these covers dont make you drippy, then I dont know what
will lol.

S PEAKING OF A IDAN AND I, watch for us to show up at signings over

the next month in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Francisco,
Charlotte, Austin, New Orleans, and Topeka! Thats so many
places! Were literally going to be living in hotel rooms for the
remainder of the month when we arent in the Naughty Angel
Publishing offices! All that room service! All those massages! On
demand pornoooh I love hotel rooms.

Y OU KNOW the turndown service that they do? Then how they put
the chocolates on your pillow? Its like my favorite time of day!
And then Aidan turns on some PayPerView porn and starts
kissing my neck and my knees start to go weak. And then his
hands cup my tits and he starts pinching my nipples and he
pushes down my panties (my skirt is already off by the moment
we get into the room; what can I say, I like walking around the
room in my thong showing him my ass and making him all
growly lol!).

A ND THEN WE have sex with the windows open overlooking the

city. Thats like a big huge thrill because there are tall buildings
all around us, ya know? So like theres always the chance that
someone is gonna see. Like what if there was some office worker
in a building across the street that had some sort of really bad
day and like a series of bad meetings and he has to work late
because he got in trouble and hes like OMG FML and then he
turns over and he sees me bent over as Aidan fucks me. Ive been
working out lately so Im as lithe and slender as I was before the
baby, and so he sees Aidans massive cock go into me as he slaps
my juicy ass and grabs my tits.

I BET THAT SAD LIL office worker would all of a sudden be having
the best day of his life. Hed prolly whip out his cock and cum a
whole bunch (because in this fantasy the guy hasnt had sex in a
while). And then hed go home and hed still be horny from what
he saw and hed totally jump on his wife and shed be like ooooh
because the two of them havent had sex in a while!

SO YA , we end up helping people no matter where we go LOL.

I T S A VERY rosy picture because Naughty Angel Publishing is a

very rosy and happy company. Were very pink and teal and
happy and fun. But Lana Hartley one of our newest Angels
keeps telling us we should be going dark. Like I dunno, so todays
question of the day is: Should NAP be publishing dark romances?
Do y'all like dark romances?

L ET me know by responding back, or in Dirty Lil Angels

Facebook group, and you could end up winning a free copy of 12

T ILL THEN , stay sexy everyone!

H UGS AND KISSES and lots of love!


T he Los Angeles Convention Center is packed with

romance writers and readers. It's a high-tech facility with an
art-filled lobby and glass-walled pavilions. The crowd is
buzzing. There are a number of other romance cover models
working the crowds, flexing, posing for pictures, doling out hugs,
and signing their autographs.
There are also dozens of author panels scheduled for the day
too, and the line up is impressive.
This convention feels completely different from the last
MaxSex convention. Instead of being the annoyed and
disgruntled babysitter, I'm having fun this time.
I'm letting loose and enjoying every minute of this.
I'm enjoying the fans, the authors, and the outrageous swag.
I'm enjoying the new books scheduled to hit the market, and
hearing about the latest industry trends. The cynicism I had
earlier has evaporated.
I wasn't joking when I said I felt like a new man after reading
Lana's manuscript.
"Look at this," Lana says, smiling and waving something
at us.
Logan and I both look over at her. She's standing at a table,
holding a pink keychain pinched between her fingers, waving it
around in the air to get our attention. It works. She gets our
attention and we walk over to her.
At the key chain's tip, Lana is pressing a small knob that
changes the message on the keychain with random spins.
"What is it?" I ask.
"It's a 'decision maker' keychain," she says. She looks
amused. "This is one of the most clever author swag items I've
ever seen."
"Kind of reminds me of one of those plastic magic eight balls
that I had as a kid. I could ask it a yes or no question, and then
flip it over to see the answer," Logan says. "A message would
appear out of this dark purple solution and float to the screen."
"I think we should try it," Lana smiles. There's the hint of
something devilish on her lips, and I think I know where she's
going with this and I like it.
"Okay, but you have to come up with the question,"
Logan adds.
I nod my head in agreement. "Yeah, your game, your
Lana thinks carefully for a moment and then grins. "Okay,
fine. I've got it," she says. "Should all three of us go find a
private room and well you know?"
We huddle around the key chain as she presses on the knob
and the messages spin, and spin, until finally landing on one. We
look down and read its answer:
"Definitely not!"
"Well, that thing's no fun," I laugh. "Why does it have to be
such a prude?"
"But you know we don't need permission from a key
chain," Logan grins, dropping his hint.
"You know something else? This is nice," Lana says, a
genuine smile spreading across her face. "Real nice. I hope it
stays this way."
"What do you mean?" I ask.
"Well, like I've noticed a change in you," she says, pointing at
me. "You're different. You're fun. You're outgoing. You aren't
the jaded man I first met. You've done a total 360. You're
actually having fun at this convention!"
Logan laughs. "Thank God for that."
And then Lana continues. "And both of you are getting along.
You two used to mix together about as well as oil and water, and I
could forget about ever having you two in the same room unless I
wanted to incite a riot! Don't you remember that?"
"Those days are over," Logan says, and I nod my head in
"That's definitely behind us," I say.
"Why all the fighting in the first place?" Lana asks. "I mean,
what was the deal between you two anyways?"
I shrug. "That's just kind of how this business can be
sometimes," I say. "It's cut throat, and competitive."
Logan chimes in. "This business can turn friends into
enemies, and it's easy to lose perspective if you are so focused on
numbers and competition."
"I agree, completely. The most important thing is to never
stop having fun," I say. "I learned that the hard way as you
can see."
"Well, I'm glad I prevented you two from starting WW3,"
Lana laughs. "I like you both much better this way peaceful
and fun."
We all laugh at that comment.
But she's right. Just a few weeks ago, I could've never
predicted this.
Us three. Together. Here. And all of this.
The collaboration. The creative energy.
The harmony of it all, you know?
We work so much better as a team, than we ever did a part. As
separates, we are competitive, and closed off, and paranoid.
And the bottom line is this: None of it matters if you're not
having fun.
That's the honest fucking truth.
Just as that thought materializes, Logan pulls his vibrating
cell phone from his pocket, and I watch as he reads a text
He shakes his head. "Sorry, guys, but I've gotta go," he says.
"What?" Lana replies, looking surprised. "Right now? But the
day is young. We've just met up"
"I know. I'll make it up to you, I promise. It's justuha
business matter I have to attend to," he replies.
"What's so urgent?" I ask. I've known Logan for a long time,
and this seems so uncharacteristic.
"IuhI'll tell you guys about it later. Just auhproject,"
he says.
And with that, Lana and I watch Logan leave.
Logan's acting odd. I recognize that, but I don't say anything
to Lana.
As soon as he read that text, his entire facial expression
changed, from a carefree and fun glow, to something stern and
serious. And did he look worried? Or was that just my
I wonder what's really going on.

I cant believe Grady just summoned me as if I were

one of his minions. But thats exactly what he did,
and that over a fucking text message. And I have no choice but
meet him.
He opens a door that leads to a service stairwell, and I follow
him down until were both out of earshot. Hes lucky Im not a
fucking sociopath murderer, or else Id be tempted to just push
him down the stairs.
What is it? I ask him, already fed up with being here. I
already know what hes going to ask me about.
How are things going with Lana, Logan? he asks me,
turning around to face me, and narrowing his eyes. I ball one
hand into a fist, but then I just sigh and allow myself to relax.
Right now, I want nothing more than to punch this fucking prick
in the face, but my hands are tied. Theres nothing I can do that
wont make everything worse.
Im working on it, Ive already told you that fucking much,
havent I? I tell him with a shrug, trying to act as if everythings
under control. Of course, as you know, theres nothing under
fucking control. Right now, my life is like a fucking train wreck.
On one hand, I cant stop thinking about Lana, and on the
other Well, on the other hand this fucking bastard wants me to
manipulate her. What else do you need from me?
I need to see some fucking results, Logan. Thats what I need
from you! he replies, raising his voice. His words echo through
the empty stairwell, and I just sigh again. I need that
manuscript, he continues, now lowering his voice until it
becomes almost a whisper. He takes one step toward me, trying
to act all threatening and shit, but hes much shorter than I am.
If I wanted to head butt him, Id have to bend down.
I heard you the first time, you know? I reply, sighing and
running my fingers through my hair.
You have three weeks, Logan. Not a second more.
Three weeks? Thats --
Thats when the Romance Guild conference takes place, he
cuts me short, not allowing me any time to feed him any bullshit
excuse. And Ill need to have Lana working with Bad Boy
Publishing by then.
What the fuck is up with that manuscript, Grady? Whys
everyone going crazy about it?
Do I look like I know? In case you have forgotten, you still
havent given me the manuscript. But theres some buzz in the
industry And, besides, I want to make that bitch Abby pay for
what shes done to me and to Bad Boy Publishing.
Jesus fuck, man, that much hate is bad for your health, you
know? I tell him but, in truth, I couldnt give any less of a fuck
about his health.
Hate? This is business. Welcome to the real world, Logan.
I open my mouth to reply (or, well, to tell him to fuck off) but
whats the point? I just shrug and turn around, making my way
up the stairwell and leaving him behind in the shadows.
Three weeks! Thats fucking insane. I have no idea how Im
going to make Lana sign with Bad Boy Publishing in just three
weeks. Even if I really wanted to do it, Id have no idea where to
start. Despite not knowing her way around the industry, Lana
isnt the kind of woman that can be played that easily; shes
fiercely loyal to Abby Cleveland, and thats just for starters.
Besides, shes really passionate about her manuscript, and I
doubt shed sell her rights to a soulless publishing house like
There you are! I suddenly hear her voice, moments after I
just stepped into the main floor of the convention hall. Shes
making her way through of crowd of Abby fans, some of them
wearing Twelve Inches shirts, and shes dragging Anders after
her. Come with me, she tells me without waiting for my reply,
using her free hand to grab me.
I let her lead the way, and I exchange a glance with Anders as
we start walking up a set of stairs at the end of the convention
hall. They lead to the private quarters of the higher-ups, people
like Abby Cleveland and other CEOs.
Where are we going? I ask Lana, but she doesnt stop.
Instead, she waves her staff badge at one of the security guys
controlling this private floor, and then hurries down a large
corridor. Stopping in front of two double doors, she snags a key
out of her purse and places it inside the lock.
One second later and the three of us are stepping inside a
large but cozy lounge. There are three couches in the middle of
the room, facing a large flat screen TV, and theres a large glass
table on the corner, a bowl of fruit, and a bottle of red wine on
top of it. On the far end of the room, theres no wall; instead, a
huge floor-to-ceiling glass panel offers us a perfect view of the
convention hall below us.
Where -- Anders starts to ask her, but she replies before he
has the chance to finish his sentence.
This is Abbys private lounge, she says, her voice sounding
devilish and each word that leaves her lips brimming with lust.
Oh, I see where this is going.
Turning her back to us, she slides the key inside the lock once
more and locks us inside, the sound of the lock turning making
my heart feel like a fucking hand grenade.
She comes here whenever she has a break and now its my
turn to take a break, she whispers, walking past both Anders
and I, and pulling the heavy blinds on the floor-to-ceiling glass
panel. Now sheltered from prying eyes, she finally turns on her
heels and looks at us.
I just couldnt wait, she starts, slowly whispering each of
her words.
You couldnt wait for what? Anders asks her, but her
answer is an obvious one. Closing the distance between us, she
takes her hands to our crotches and grabs our cocks mercilessly.
I couldnt wait for this. I need your cum. Right now.
Oh, thats the best fucking thing Ive heard all day.

T hey come for me at the same time, their eager fingers

wandering over my body. Closing my eyes, I allow their
fingertips to wander over every square inch of my body, their
hands taking in the shape of my curves.
I have a hard time believing that this is happening, but
theres no way around it; I feel their hands on me, their lips
brushing over the smooth skin of my neck and, more than
that, Ive already felt their hard cocks on my mouth.
This is really happening. This isnt a dream.
I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that
these two men dont mind sharing me, you know? It happened
once, and now its going to happen again. Im the luckiest
woman on Earth, theres not a shred of doubt in my mind. In
fact, I wouldnt be this happy if I had won the lottery. Because
this is so much better...
Trust me.
Leaning into me, Anders presses his lips hard against my
neck and starts nibbling at my skin, pulling it between his teeth;
at the same time, Logans hands trail down the side of my body
and he grabs my ass hard, his fingers digging into my flesh.
Grinning, I part my lips and allow Logan to enter my mouth,
our tongues dancing together as Anders lips enjoy every inch of
naked skin on my neck. Closing my eyes, I drop one hand and
flatten it over the front of Anders pants, feeling his hard cock
over his pants. I do the same with Logan, my heart tightening up
inside my chest as I realize that, soon enough, these two cocks
are going to be deep inside of me.
All I have to do now is unbuckle their belts and pull their huge
cocks out, stroking them until they become even harder and
ready to completely demolish whatever sanity still lives inside
my head
You need your cum and youll have it, Logan says,
pulling back from my kiss and offering me a devilish grin. Every
last drop of it.
Thats exactly what I wanted to hear, I shoot back,
squeezing their cocks hard under my curled fingers. Returning
my grin, Logan lets go of my ass and takes his hands to my tits,
flattening the palm of his hands against my round breasts before
squeezing them in such a way that I cant help but moan hard.
At the same time, Anders rests his hands on my shoulders
and hooks his thumbs on the straps of my dress. Wasting no
time, he pulls them down my arms, making the front of my
dress droop over my tits to reveal the outer edge of my bra.
I want to see whats under this, Logan whispers teasingly,
curling his fingers around the edge of the right cup of my bra and
pulling it down, my hard nipple revealing itself to both men.
Looks delicious, he continues, and then leans down, parting
his lips and wrapping them around my rosy tip, sucking it into
his mouth and running soft circles around it with his tongue.
While Logan takes care of my nipple, I feel Anders fingertips
moving over my shoulder blades. Then hes on my clasp and,
with a quick flick of his fingers, he releases it. The moment the
bra is unclasped, both men pull back from me; each one of them
grab a cup, and I lift my arms as they simply yank the whole
thing off of me, the cool air of the room caressing my now naked
Like what you see, boys? I tease them, taking my own
hands to my breasts and giving them a squeeze. Their eyes seem
to light up as I do it, and so I squeeze harder, enjoying my own
Youll be the end of us, Lana Anders whispers, lowering
himself and placing one of his knees on the floor. The moment
his knee touches the ground, he reaches for me with both hands
and grabs the fabric of my dress; tugging on it, he pushes it until
its all bunched up around my waist and then gives it another
hard tug, sending it down my legs. The moment the fabric pools
around my ankles, I simply step out of my dress and smile at
them, now wearing only my petite thong.
Dont talk about the end, Anders, I reply. Were just
getting started.
With that, I close the distance between him and I, and press
my naked tits against his chest. I feel my burning nipples
brushing against his shirt, and I rest my fingers over his leather
belt; unbuckling it, I then pull the zipper down and turn my hand
around so that I can curl my fingers around his hard cock.
Using my other hand, I reach for Logans crotch and,
somehow, manage to unbuckle his belt using only one hand. I
pull his zipper down as well and grab his cock, closing my eyes as
I feel both their members throbbing against my fingers.
Suddenly, I let go of their cocks and take one step back.
Undress. Now, I tell them, sounding more confident than
ever. Between you and I, the tone of my voice even surprises me.
I enjoy when they dominate me completely, but I guess that
being the boss can be fun as well.
Bossy, Logan laughs, his eyes roaming up and down my
almost naked body. I like it. Then, never taking his eyes off
me, he starts unbuttoning his shirt, taking his time with every
button. Anders follows his lead and starts undressing as well,
starting by un-tucking his shirt.
They pull their open shirts down their arms at almost the
same time, and my heart tightens up into a fist as I see their
washboard abs coming into sight. God, theyre just so
Going down on one knee, they untie their shoes and then take
them off before stepping out of their pants. Standing only in
their boxers, they hook their fingers under the hemline but then
Logan stops.
No you can take these off yourself, he tells me, and my
body reacts before my mind does. Before I know it, Im already
on my knees in front of them, my hands reaching for their boxer
briefs. Grabbing them, I yank them down as hard as I can,
making their cocks jump up to salute me.
Hello there, I purr, running my index fingers up the length
of their shafts. Then, doing it as slow and teasingly as I can, I
curl my fingers around their thickness. I start stroking them
slowly, looking from one to the other; every time my heart beats
I start picking up the pace, and it doesnt take long for the
movement of my hands to become a blur. Im not sure if you can
even say that Im stroking them; more than that, Im inflicting
wicked punishment upon their cocks.
And, oh, theyre loving every second of it.
I can tell by the way their lips curl, by the way their eyelids
flutter almost imperceptibly and of course, by the way their
tree trunk cocks throb against the palm of my hand.
Want more? I ask them, allowing my tongue to slip out
from between my lips. I lean forward, reaching for the tip of
Anders cock with the tip of my wet tongue, but I stop
millimeters away from it. I do the same with Logan, teasing
them both endlessly until they simply cant take one more
second of this kind of punishment.
Logan is the first to snap.
With a growl on the back of his throat, he grabs his cock with
one hand and grabs my hair with the other; then, holding my
head still, he simply shoves his cock into my mouth. I have no
other option but to open it as wide as I can, allowing his meaty
thickness to slide over my tongue and ram the back of my throat.
The moment I feel him inside my mouth, I tighten up my lips
around his shaft, and thats when he starts to rock his hips.
Moving them back and forth, he fucks my tight little mouth as if
he was put on Earth to do it.
Not wanting to leave Anders behind, I keep on stroking it,
doing it at the same pace with which Logan is fucking my mouth.
We remain like that for a few minutes, the wet sound of Logans
cock sliding between my lips echoing through the room.
Then I simply fight back against his hold and throw my head
back, taking a mouthful of air. My breathing is ragged and
shallow, but I dont want to lose momentum; as such, I just
throw my open mouth straight into Anders cock, allowing it to
slide deep into my mouth and against the back of my throat.
I give him exactly the same treatment I gave Logan, but this
time Im the one in command. Instead of having Anders rocking
his hips, Im the one bobbing my head back and forth,
completely devouring his cock.
Then I feel him throb against my tongue, and thats when I
stop moving. I just throw my head back and allow his cock to pop
out of my mouth in a hurry. I dont want this to be all over just
yet, after all.
Lets make this even more fun, I tell them both and, as I
say it, I position myself on all fours in front of them. I wiggle my
ass from side to side, and Anders immediately gets the meaning
behind my words. He walks around my body and knees
behind me.
Anders is busy back there, so I guess Ill just remain here,
Logan laughs, grabbing his cock and rubbing it over my lips from
side to side.
I expect Anders to flick my thong to the side and press his
cock against my wet pussy, but thats not his opening move;
instead, he hooks his fingers on my thong and simply rips it off
me, completely ruining it in the process. Its an expensive thong,
a La Pearla one, but what the hellId ruin every single piece of
underwear I own if that meant I could be used and abused
like this.
Fucking beautiful, every piece of you, Anders whispers, and
then places his hands on my ass and starts squeezing my cheeks
as he spreads them wide, caressing my ass crack with his
thumbs. His fingers move up and down, up and down, and then
he just dives headfirst.
The moment I feel Anders' mouth against my pussy, the only
reaction I have is to open my own mouth and allow all of Logans
length inside of me. Without wasting a single breath, Logan
starts pistoning his cock into my mouth while, on the other end
of my body, Anders starts devouring my pussy with his mouth.
I close my eyes as I feel his tip jabbing at my insides, and then
he turns his head slightly sideways and sucks both my folds into
his mouth. Kissing, licking, and suckingthats how he ravages
me, and I cant help but moan, the sound traveling from the back
of my throat and vibrating through Logans cock. Id moan
louder but, you know, its not like I can do it with a twelve-inch
cock rammed down my throat.
Not that Im complaining.
You cant believe how fucking fine the sight is from here, I
hear Logan say, and thats when Anders presses his index finger
against my asshole. Softly pressing against it, he starts rubbing
it until he finally presses harder, sliding it all the way into
my ass.
Right now, theyre working on my mouth, ass, and pussy
and all at the same time. Swear to God, I dont have anything
inside my pussy and Im already burning up with pleasure. My
body is tensing up like a nocked arrow, and Im arching my back,
my spine bending so much that it feels like its about to snap.
Instead, what snaps is my mind.
It feels like a detonation has just happened inside my skull,
one hard enough to turn my brain into mush. The orgasm roars
inside me like a wild lion, and my muscles go from tense to
twitching, every square inch of my naked body burning up.
Im still shaking when Anders replaces his mouth with the tip
of his cock. I perk up almost immediately, my brain snapping to
attention, and Anders doesnt hesitate: he slides his cock into
me, his twelve inches straining against my inner walls on the
way in. His cock hits deep and hard.
Moving in unison with Anders, Logan grabs me by the hair
and holds my head in place; then he starts thrusting wildly,
fucking my mouth with a renewed eagerness. Matching up to
Logans pace, Anders grabs me by the hips and starts pounding
into me with all of his ferocity, his thighs slapping my ass over
and over again, the sound of flesh on flesh echoing through the
whole room.
I have no idea if Abby ever used this room to fuck, but the
acoustics in here are really begging for it. I mean, every single
moan that leaves my lips seems to bounce off the walls and come
back to me with a newfound strength, and you can imagine how
Anders constant thrusts must sound right now. Its like a
symphony, one built on sin and pleasure.
I could fuck your pussy for hours, Anders groans behind
me, and Logan picks up as well.
And I wouldnt mind having my cock inside your mouth for
hours as well, he says, the wet sound of his cock sliding over my
lips making my mind spin and waltz. Right now, Im in Heaven.
The kind of Heaven where you can find twelve-inch cocks
everywhere, I mean, each one of them hard and ready to give you
the experience of a lifetime. Its a dream come true, really.
And Im not saying all of this just because Anders and Logan
are hung as hell (even though they are), or because Im fucking
both of them at the same time (even though I am). Im
completely over the moon because these men know how to
handle a woman. They know how to wield their cocks and bodies
to leave a woman weak in the knees.
Oh, God, and to think that I used to believe I knew about sex.
When it comes to sex, I guess you could call me a virgin before I
met these two. I mean, I was experienced and whatnot, and I
never imposed limitations based on taboos or whatever but sex
with them is something else entirely.
Its perfection.
Oh, God, this is so fucking good, I breathe out as Logan
suddenly takes his cock out of my mouth, my saliva making his
shaft glisten.
Yeah? Logan grins. Were just getting started, babe.
With that, he walks around my body and kneels next to
Anders. A second later, I feel his arm brushing over my stomach,
and then he has two fingers on my clit. Rubbing it with the kind
of experience only men like them have, he makes me feel as if
Im about to explode into a million pieces.
With Anders cock inside my pussy, and Logans fingers on
my clit Well, its only a matter of time, right? And that time
amounts to just a few seconds.
I start hissing through my gritted teeth and, allowing
momentary insanity to overtake, I start thrusting back at Anders
and forcing his cock to go even deeper inside me. Feeling me
close to the edge, Logan rubs my clit even harder, and I simply
come undone.
This time I dont have a cock inside my mouth, so I do what
any other girl in my situation would: I open my mouth and let
out a scream loud enough to tear down the walls and shatter the
windows. Luckily, that doesnt happen. Worst-case scenario,
someone outside the lounge has just heard me shout, but does it
even matter? No, it doesn't matter in the slightest; I mean, were
at a romance conference where a lot of writers are trying to
peddle their sex-filled books to readers that crave crazy sexual
adventures. It isnt that big of a stretch to assume that some
writers are actually living the life, right?
And I pride myself on living the life. I mean, its nice to put
down words onto paper and create all these crazy storylines
inside my head But nothing beats the real thing. Its pretty
much like writing about recipes; its all fine and dandy, but
theres nothing like getting your hands dirty and starting
to cook.
And what were cooking right here is one fine meal; let me
tell you that.
Still up for more? Logan asks me, taking his fingers off my
clit and kissing me on the cheek.
Always, I say as I turn to him, smiling.
Good girl, Anders laughs, sliding his cock out of my pussy.
Sitting up on the floor, Logan then grabs me by the waist and
pulls me into him; I fall on top of his body almost immediately,
and sit across his lap. I dont need any instructions; I just grab
his cock and press its tip against my pussy, rubbing it up and
down the length of my wetness.
I always want more, I tell Logan as I lean in to kiss him, my
breasts pressed against his toned chest. As our lips touch, I lower
my lips and allow his cock to slide inside of me. Im ready to start
swaying my hips when I feel Anders hands on my ass once
more. Except this time he isnt coming for my pussy,
He presses his index finger against my asshole right away,
and this time he slides it in almost immediately. I moan as I feel
it going inside of me, and then Anders starts fingering my ass as
I feel Logans cock pulse hard against the inner walls of my
Take it, take my ass, I find myself saying, my voice so
hoarse it almost sounds foreign to my own ears. But it sure as
hell doesnt sound foreign to Anders; obliging me, he takes his
index finger out of my ass and presses the tip of his cock there,
its fat head stretching my hole wide as it struggles to make its
way in.
When he finally manages to get his twelve-inches inside of
my ass, Im so dazed that I can barely think. Hell, I cant even
hear or see anything, even though my eyes are wide open. I guess
that having both of their cocks inside me like this just demands
all of my brainpower.
And they havent even started to thrust.
Ready? I hear one of them say, but I dont even know who
says it. It doesnt matter anyway.
Yes, I hiss through my gritted teeth, and then both men
start rocking their hips as if they were one. Their cocks slide in
and out of my pussy and ass like a well-oiled piston, and each of
their thrusts push me closer to the boiling point.
Oh, fuck, fuck, I start muttering, placing both my hands on
Logans chest and digging my fingernails into his muscles. I start
dragging them across his chest, leaving red marks behind, but I
dont care. Im out of control, and the wild animal inside of me
has escaped its cage.
Hearing my moans, they start going at it even faster, and I
feel both my pussy and ass stretching beyond whats
recommendable. But what the hell, even if my bodys ruined, its
all worth it. Right now, the pleasure thats coursing through my
veins would make everything worth it.
If you gave me a million dollars right now in exchange for this
experience, Id refuse them without even thinking twice about it.
No money in the world would be enough to replace the kind of
intense emotions Im feeling right now.
D-dont stop, I find myself saying as an electric pressure
starts making my insides clench. I feel both my pussy and ass
tightening up around their thick shafts, and I know that Im
seconds away from a mind-bending orgasm. Not that it's
something to write home about; with these two, Im always
seconds away from a mind-bending orgasm. Even when Im
asleep and dream of them, I almost always end up coming, and if
I dont, I just wake up and slide one hand down my panties to
finish the job.
But right now, I dont need to do anything; theyre handling
the whole situation, and all I have to do is submit to the way
theyre fucking me. Which, really, isnt that hard of a job.
As a writer, I hate to say it, but this beats writing about sex.
OH GOD, I explode, my voice once again bouncing off the
walls and coming back to me as a lustful symphony. I feel the
sting of pleasures needle under my skin, and it feels as if even
my mind is being prickled by the intensity of it. My insides are
clenched tight, and my mind is spinning at a thousand miles per
hour, and still they keep thrusting, ramming their cocks into my
pussy and ass so fast that my eyes are rolling in their orbits.
And I dont want them to stop.
Keep keep going all the way I tell them between
moans, eager to have all of my holes filled with their warm seed.
I sway my hips back and forth, trying to match theyre imposing
rhythm, and the results come fast.
Still digging my fingernails into Logans chest, I moan once
more as I feel their cocks pulsing at the same time, as if there
was a telepathic link between them. I feel thick ropes of cum
coating my insides, and their groans penetrate my mind and
ricochet against my skull like a lost bullet.
Theyve finally stopped thrusting, their bodies as tense as a
nocked arrow, and it seems that the only thing moving in this
room right now are their cocks. They keep on spasming inside of
me, gushing an immense fountain of cum into me.
Fuck, Anders groans, finally pulling his cock out of my ass.
Allowing exhaustion to take over, I roll to the side and allow
Logans cock to pop out of my pussy as I do it. I sprawl my limbs
on the floor and just look at the ceiling as my chest rises and
falls, my lungs working overtime to establish the normalcy.
Which is going to take a while, admittedly; I mean, you dont
recover from a string of orgasms like this just by snapping your
fingers, you know?
Somehow, I manage to sit up on the floor and then get up
with my wobbly legs. Lucky for me, thats all I have to do. Anders
and Logan both stand up as well, and Anders picks me up from
the floor and carries me in his arms, walking toward one of the
couches. He lays me there and then they sit next to me, one on
the left side, and the other on the right.
Closing my eyes, I throw my head back and smile, more to
myself than to anyone else. Then, with my eyes still closed and
feeling the leather of the couch under my naked body, I place my
hands on top of theirs and just enjoy the silence, my heart still
beating hard against my chest.
None of them say a thing, and thats exactly what the
moment demands of the three of us. We just remain in silence,
our naked bodies glistening from the post-sex sweat.
Right now, I feel happier than Ive ever felt.
And there are no words that can describe that.

T he hostess places a cheese board and glass of pinot

noir down in front of me. "Here you are sir," she says, "Is there
anything else I can get for you?"
I shake my head. "No, thank you," I say, and I look at her
name tag, "Sheila. I appreciate it."
She smiles with the appreciation of hearing her own name.
It's true that a person's name is, to them, the sweetest of
Need more friends in your life? Just remember names.
Seriously. Works like a charm.
I lean back into the tall, wing-backed chair of the Marriott
Hotel lounge, and look out the window, across Los Angeles, and
see Staples Center in the distance. I take a sip of the wine, and
allow myself to drift into the deep oak and berry flavors that
wash over me. I then chase it down with a bite of creamy Brie.
Just as I'm about to take another bite, Logan comes up from
behind me, and sits down in the adjacent chair.
"What a day," Logan says. "I think I'll join you for a drink."
"Taking a break from all of your adoring fans?"
"As much as I love this industry, it isn't easy being a romance
book cover model," Logan says, shaking his head.
"It's all part of the game," I say, giving him a shrug. "You
gotta take the good with the bad."
"Is that the wine talking?" Logan laughs. "You make it
sounds so easy. Hell, you make it look easy."
I take another sip of my wine. "No, it's not easy, it's work."
Logan begins to laugh.
"What's so funny?" I ask.
"I'm just remembering that time you had to wear that khaki
jumpsuit with Aviator glasses and the photographer kept telling
you to 'look more serious' and thrust your pelvis forward."
I chuckle. "I remember that. After about 20 takes, I was ready
to walk out of that fucking studio."
"It's tough when photographers say things like, 'look
dangerous but not threatening,' or 'you look too remote, reel the
reader in,' or even my personal favorite, 'convey hiding and
anticipation,'" Logan says, and we both laugh. "But I always hit
the gym before a cover shoot, or do some pushups, or even bicep
curls to pump my muscles up. It works, and helps a lot."
"It's definitely not the Fabio era anymoreno one is hand
painting these covers," I say.
"No kidding. The tool of the trade today is Photoshop. This
gamethis romance cover model industryis fucking
"Sometimes images are Frankensteined togetherthe head
of one guy, the body of another. And of course, one minute,
you're a star. The next, you're kicked to the curb."
I nod my head in agreement. "It's all about your face, man.
With thousands of covers each year, publishers and authors want
unique facessomething fresh and new and different. All hail
"I guess after a while, 6-packs or 8-packs all start
looking the same, you know? A bicep is just another bicep,"
Logan says. "When a cover is about the size of a postage stamp
on a screen, you've gotta make an impressionand fast."
"It takes models and authors, and spits them out," I say,
gulping down the last few drops of my wine. I didn't mean to
sound so jaded, but it definitely came out that way.
I signal the hostess over and order another round, this time
for both Logan and I.
"You know something? You're so free."
"What do you mean?" Logan asks, cocking one brow in a
confused expression.
"A small part of me wishes that I could go back to
those days."
"The days where we're all young, dumb, and struggling?"
Logan laughs. "You have it pretty good."
"No, the days of innocence. When the industry hasn't jaded
you, and the horizon is sunny and clear and full of possibility," I
say. "Those days. Just wait till you've been in the game as long as
I have."
"Look man," Logan says, "and I'm saying this with honesty
you're a fucking legend. You're fucking amazing. Your
gravitas and grace, and you've always had your shit together."
"I'm just like anyone else," I say.
"No, man. You're a role model for a lot of us including me.
And let's be fucking honest, hindsight is always 20/20, and
nostalgia or memory, or whatever the fuck you want to call it,
always makes the past look unrealistically rosy. Believe me,
you're in a good place."
The hostess hands us our wine, and we both sit back, taking a
sit. A silence descends over us, and then Logan speaks. "You
probably don't have to deal with the stuff I'm going through."
He says this almost under his breath. His entire tone and
body language tells me he's holding something back, and that
he's carrying something that he probably needs to get off of his
It's not my place to pry, but I'm curious.
"Like what?" I ask.
Logan looks out the window with a faraway look. He opens his
mouth to say something, but the moment is cut short when Lana
"Here you guys are," she says. "I was looking all over
for you."
Logan looks relieved for the interruption. I wonder what's
bothering him so much?
"Hello gorgeous," he smiles, motioning for her to join us.
"Care to sit and have a glass of wine?"
"I have some good news," she says, not answering his
question, and judging by the 100-watt smile on her face, I'm
guessing this is a big deal.
"Well, don't hold us in suspense, do tell," I say.
"I've finished my manuscript!" she shrieks. "The Virgin
Market is ready for the market. It's edited and everything!"
"That's great news," Logan smiles, and I nod my head.
We both stand up and give her a big hug.
Then, instead of ordering Lana a single glass of wine, I motion
for the hostess to bring us an entire bottle. This is cause for
"I'm so excited," she beams. "I think we should celebrate
beyond the wine."
Logan and I look at each other, wondering what Lana means.
"I want to show you both a chapter," she says. "And I want
both of you to act it out."

A ct it out? Logan asks me, that deliciously wicked

grin taking over his lips.
Thats right but first, theres something else I want to
show you, I tell them, reaching inside my purse and taking out
two neatly folded pieces of paper. I place them both on the table
and push them across.
Whats this? Anders asks, grabbing one of the papers and
unfolding it. He leans back against his chair, his eyes scanning
the document as I wait anxiously for their reaction.
Wow! Logan cries out, arching his eyebrows as he stares
down at his copy. Are you sure of this? he asks and, even
though I cant really read his reaction, Im hoping hes happy
that I trust him.
Im sure, yeah, I smile, reaching across the table and
grabbing their hands in mine. I trust you, both of you, and I
want your help in this.
This is a big step, Lana, Anders says, his tone a solemn
one. Youre giving us the power to legally represent you, which
means --
Which means that you can sign a contract on my behalf, I
finish Anders sentence, still smiling. Ive thought long and hard
about this, but its the right move. After all, I trust both Logan
and Anders, and I think that enlisting them to my cause will help
me secure a nice deal with Naughty Angel Publishing itself.
I dont even know what to say, Anders continues,
squeezing my hand in his and returning my smile.
Me neither, Logan nods.
You dont have to say anything. You just have to help me
out, I laugh, feeling more happy and secure than Ive ever felt
in my entire life. Whenever Im around these two, I dont know,
everything just makes sense. Its as if I was a puzzle, and Logan
and Anders were the two remaining pieces for me to become
Also, I continue, the scene I say, pushing my chair
back and slowly moving up to my feet as my gaze shifts from
Logan to Anders.
Youre lucky Ive already booked us a room, Anders tells
me, going up to his feet with Logan. He walks across the table
and grabs my hand; he then starts leading the way, taking me
across the hotel bar and making a beeline toward the elevator.
Whats the scene? Logan asks, barely able to contain his
I have quite a few we could reenact Anders whispers,
turning to me as the elevator doors close. His breath is heavy
and, looking down, I notice that his cock is already as hard as a
rock. Whats the one on your mind?
Youll have to wait and see, wont you? I tease them both,
walking past them as doors open. I step into the corridor and
then bite on my lower lip as I wait for Anders to find our room. It
takes him only a few seconds to locate the right door and open it.
The three of us step inside in a hurry, and the air around us
seems to be crackling with electricitythe electricity of
Now, I start, turning my back to them and sashaying my
way to the bed. I sit on the edge of the mattress and fold my legs,
hiking up the hemline of my skirt a few inches, enough to give
them a glimpse of my lace thong. Lets see what happens
As they walk toward me, I move fast and hook my fingers on
their belts; yanking, I position them so that theyre both
standing in front of me, their cocks tenting their pants.
Unbuckle your belts, I purr, taking my hands off their pants
and grinning at them. They exchange a quick glance, but they
dont hesitate; unbuckling their belts, they pull them through
the loops of their pants and then let them fall at their feet.
Unzip, I continue, enjoying the way my voice makes me sound
so bossy right now. Theres something to be said about making
two grown men obey you like this.
As they unzip their pants, my heart skips a beat as I see the
contour of their hard cocks, their thick shapes stretching the
fabric of their boxer briefs. God, Im struggling hard; right now,
all I want to do is reach for them and rip the clothes off their
bodies. But I wont do that; I came here to act out a scene, and
thats exactly what Im going to do.
Now, undress and leave only your boxer briefs, I continue
with a slight chuckle, enjoying the look of confusion on their
faces. Oh, they have no idea whats on my mind. I know that
Anders has read the manuscript, but he still hasnt figured out
which scene I want to reenact.
Well, its going to be one hell of a surprise.
Moving slowly, they unbutton their shirts and allow them to
slide down their arms, the ripped muscles of their chests coming
into sight. I let my eyes wander over the grooves between their
abs, the hard contour of their pectorals, and their broad
shoulders and then they take off their shoes and push their
pants down, finally standing in front of me with only one tiny
piece of clothing on their bodies.
Happy? Logan asks me with his cocky smile, and I look at
him with one cocked eyebrow and a devilish grin.
You have no idea, I purr, raising my arms and resting my
hands over their stomachs, feeling the steel-hard shape of their
abs under the palm of my hands. Sliding my hands down, I curl
my fingers on their boxer briefs and, doing it as slowly as I can, I
push them down.
Their cocks come into sight fast, springing free at once. I start
chomping on my lower lip as I see their two masts saluting them
and, throwing all patience out the window, I simply push their
boxer briefs down their legs as hard as I can.
Perfect, I whisper, sitting up on the bed and allowing my
eyes to roam from one naked body to the other.
Now what? Do you just want us to stand here? Logan
continues with his line of questioning, and I can tell that hes
dying to throw me on top of the bed and fuck me silly. But no,
hes not going to be doing that right now.
What if I do? I chuckle, enjoying the look of frustration on
their faces. At the same time, I lean back on the bed and spread
my legs, resting my heels over the edge of the mattress. Their
eyes go straight for the space between my thighs, and I just know
that theyre mentally tearing my thong into shreds right now.
Take it off me, I whisper, pulling my skirt up to my waist
and showing them my wet thong. They exchange another glance
and then take a step forward; moving as if they were one, they
place their hands on my knees and then slide them up my leg,
only stopping when all of their fingers are grabbing my thong.
They start pulling it down slowly and, with each inch the fabric
slides down my body, the wetter I become.
With my thong finally off my pussy, I sit back up and look
from one man to the other. Now, I whisper, allowing one hand
to slide down the front of my dress and resting two fingers over
my clit, I want you to stroke yourselves.
Is this? Anders asks me, and I know that he has finally
realized whats on my mind.
Yes, it is I whisper, warm blood rushing to my cheeks.
Im slightly embarrassed but, at the same time, I feel so excited
that its insane. Im acting out one of the scenes in my book;
how crazy is that? Ive put words down on the paper, and now
Im breathing life into these words.
What? What are you talking about? Logan asks, his eyes
betraying all the confusion going on inside his head.
Wait and youll see, I promise him, and then arch my back
and start rubbing my clit, allowing my two fingers to dance over
my pleasure bud. Electricity starts crackling under my skin, and I
allow waves of pleasure to caress my body.
Their eyes widen as they see me pleasure myself and, before I
know, they start stroking themselves. I watch them do it as if
Im hypnotized, barely blinking as I follow the back and forth
motion of their hands. Seriously, if you never saw a man stroke
himself while he watches you masturbate, youre really
missing out.
Theres just something about the absence of touch, you
know? Something depraved and insanely delicious.
You like that? I ask them both and, taking my fingers off of
my clit, I bring them to my mouth. Parting my lips, I slide them
inside my mouth and suck on them, wetting them. I take them
back down to my pussy, but this time I simply ignore my clit. I
press my index finger on the crevice between my inner lips and
then slip it inside my pussy, curling it upward and only stopping
when my fingertip is pressed tight against my G-spot.
I bite hard on my lower lip as I feel a maddening pressure
start to build inside of me, and I do it so hard that I wouldnt be
surprised if I started tasting blood anytime soon.
Fuck, thats hot, Logan breathes out, and he starts stroking
himself so fast that I have no idea how long its going to take
him. I mean, I can already see pre-cum glistening on the tip of
his cock.
It is, isnt it? I whisper, sliding one more finger inside my
wet and warm pussy. Flicking my wrist, I start fingering myself,
building up a slow and gentle rhythm as I hear both their breaths
growing more urgent and ragged.
Are you really going to do it, Lana? Anders asks me
suddenly, and my eyes lock on his. I smile at him, showing him
one lewd smile.
Of course I am, I say with a devilish chuckle, and then turn
to Logan so that I can enjoy the frustration and confusion on
his face.
What the fuck are you two talking about? he groans,
flicking his wrist so hard that the motion of his hand has became
a blur.
Keep on stroking that big cock for me and youll see soon
enough, I tease him, a moan bubbling up to my lips as I take my
free hand to my clit and start rubbing it again. Working on my
clit and G-spot at the same time, I feel my muscles start to tense
up, and I know that Im already dangling over the edge. Just one
slight push and Ill tumble down into pleasures abyss.
And that sounds perfect, doesnt it?
Sliding the third finger inside me, I feel my pussy stretching
to accommodate me, and thats when the orgasm hits. For the
first time since they started stroking themselves, I close my eyes
and throw myself back onto the mattress, pressing my legs
together and trapping my fingers inside my pussy.
Oh God, I moan, ecstasy stinging every inch of my body like
an angry wasp. Sliding my fingers off my pussy, I grab at the
sheets covering the mattress and bunch them up as my muscles
spasm and twitch, all kinds of wicked thoughts tap-dancing
inside my skull.
You look so fucking beautiful when you come, Logan tells
me, and thats when I open my eyes to look at him. Moving fast,
I sit up on the bed and then position myself on all fours, facing
them. Their cocks are right in front of my face, and so I do the
only logical thing; I launch myself forward, opening my mouth
as wide as I can and taking the whole length of Logans cock
inside me.
I start bobbing my head furiously while I grab Anders cock
with one hand and start to stroke him at my own rhythm.
Sucking and stroking, I close my eyes again and surrender to the
ferocity of instinct. I do it for God knows how long and I only pull
back from Logans cock when my neck starts complaining from
the effort. Of course, I only do it so that I can switch up
between them.
Taking my mouth to Anders, I gobble up his cock in an instant
and give him the same treatment I gave Logan. I work on both of
them until I feel them more than ready to explode, and thats
when I stop altogether.
Dont move, boys, I laugh, going up to my feet in a hurry. I
waltz all the way to the minibar on the far end on the room and
open the cabinet standing on top of it. From the inside, I grab a
martini glass and then make my way back to my two men.
No fucking way, Logan cries out, a look of pure disbelief on
his face. Are you really going to--?
Thats right, I laugh, sitting back down on the bed and
waving the glass at them. Give me all you got I purr, and I
dont need to say a word more. They grab their cocks again and
start stroking themselves furiously, deep concentration making
the lines in their faces deeper and deeper.
I want you to fill it up to the brim I continue to say,
teasing them as they work their cocks just for me. I want you to
-- The words fade away into nothingness as I hear Anders
groan. I turn to him as fast as I can and, grabbing his cock with
my free hand, I angle it down and place the glass right in front
of it.
A fraction of a second later he starts cumming, his white
warm seed tainting the clear surface of the glass.
Fuck, Logan says and I turn to him just in time to see the
look of pure ecstasy in his eyes. Lucky for me, he knows exactly
what I want from him; he angles his cock down and points it at
the glass, shooting thick ropes of cum into it.
I look at the glass in a trance, watching as their cocks spurt a
never-ending river of cum. It only takes a couple of seconds until
they fill it up to the brim, and still they keep on cumming, their
seed dripping down the rim and cascading down the outside of
the glass.
This is fucking insane, Logan laughs and I know that,
despite his words, hes enjoying every second of it.
I know and thats why its fun, I reply, finally taking the
glass from down their cocks as they finally stop cumming.
Raising it up, I wave it from side to side, feeling thick beads of
semen going over my knuckles and then falling onto the floor.
I start taking the glass to my lips, but then I stop before my
tongue touches the rim. I look from Anders to Logan, and then
give them a soft smile.
You know I never did anything like this, I admit, having
no idea why Im saying it. But I trust the two of you. I feel safe
around you and, more than that, I feel free. I want to do all kinds
of dirty and wicked things with the two of you starting with
this, I let my voice fade into a whisper, and then I run the tip of
my tongue over the rim of the glass. I move it around, licking the
rim dry, and then part my lips and tilt the glass.
The moment I do it, I feel the salty warmness of their cum
coating my lips and tongue. It has a fiery taste, as if every single
drop was all of their manliness distilled into a drink.
Tilting the glass even more, I let their seed fall into my
mouth, most of it now dripping down my chin and neck. I keep
on doing it until the glass is completely empty, and then I jump
up to my feet in front of them, holding all the cum I can inside
my mouth.
Youre driving me insane, Anders says out of the blue and,
reaching for me, he places one hand under the nape of my neck
and pulls me into him. He crushes his mouth against mine and,
before I can do anything about it, he shoves his tongue past my
lips. I kiss him eagerly, enjoying the way our tongues are
wrestling over a blanket of cum, but then I feel Logan pulling me
by the arm.
He pulls me into him and kisses me, not a word leaving his
lips before our mouths enter a collision course. I kiss him as
fiercely as I did with Anders, enjoying the way the taste of both
men take control of every single thought floating inside
my head.
As Im kissing Logan, Anders places one hand on the small of
my back and presses his body against me. Then he just leans in,
resting his lips over the corner of my mouth. Logan softens up
his kiss and gives Anders some space and, the moment he does
it, the three of us surrender to the most devilish and wicked kiss
anyone has ever shared.
And you know what? As dirty and sinful as this moment
might be, its one of the most beautiful moments of my life.
More than being about sex, this moment is about release and
acceptance. Theres no one in here to judge us but ourselves, and
none of us are interested in judgment. No, the only thing were
interested in is pleasure.
We should definitely act out the rest of the book Logan
says, pulling back from me and smiling. I smile back at him,
watching his lips glisten from all the cum there. Then I turn to
Anders and offer him the same smile, the intensity of the
moment still forcing my heart to thump fast inside my chest.
You know what? I always thought that being a writer, despite
it being my dream, was a lonely and thankless job. But I was
wrong; being a writer is fun.
Especially when you can act out your favorite scenes.

W ell, Im back at the bar.

Except, this time, Im not alone. Nope, Ive
brought a little something with me: Lanas manuscript. Ive
chosen a small booth at the corner, far from all the confusion
surrounding the counter, and Im nursing an aged Macallan
while I think of everything going on in my life right now, which
is a fucking lot, by the way.
Another one, I ask a waiter as he passes by, and it takes
him half a minute to return to my table with the bottle. He pours
some more whisky into my glass and, before he can leave, I just
tell him to leave the bottle.
Are you sure? he asks me hesitantly, his eyes dancing
from mine to the label on the bottle.
Yeah, Im sure. I know thats an expensive bottle, but I can
afford it. Im a fucking legend in the industry; remember that?
And being a fucking legend pays handsomely.
Very well, sir, the waiter says, placing the bottle down on
my table and then turning on his heels. With a sigh, I take the
glass to my lips and take a small sip; then, I just throw my head
back and down the whole thing at once, the burning scotch
settling in my stomach like fucking TNT.
Like I told you before, Im not that big of a drinker, but this
time I really need a fucking drink. Well, drinks. I just cant get
Lana out of my fucking head. Shes in my thoughts and dreams,
whether Im asleep or awake. She has wormed her way into my
mind and soul, and I simply cant shake her off.
Every waking minute Im thinking of her.
And after the conversation I had with Anders, I cant stop
feeling like a giant piece of shit. Im falling for the most
beautiful and gentle woman Ive ever met, while at the same
time Im working behind her back, conspiring with that fucking
bastard Grady.
Fuck, I whisper to myself, closing my eyes and rubbing my
temples, a fucking headache already brewing inside my skull.
Opening my eyes, I stare at the manuscript next to the bottle,
and I stare at the title for what seems like an eternity.
Before I even know what Im doing, Ive already flipped the
page and started reading.
What happens next blows me out of the fucking water.
I completely forget where I am, and the words seem to jump
out of the paper and right into my mind. Why the fuck didnt I
read this before? Two glasses later and Ive rolled up the sleeves
on my button up shirt, and Im completely devouring Lanas
book. I sit on my booth, completely oblivious to the band playing
on the small stage, and I even forget about the Macallan bottle. I
lose track of time, and I only stop when I read the words
The End.
This book Its a fucking masterpiece. No wonder everyones
going crazy about it. This is a complete game-changer. Whoever
gets his hands on The Virgin Market is going to make a fucking
killing. Even though the market isnt that receptive to dark
romance novels, Lanas book is going to flip the script on that.
Fuck, I cant make her sign with Grady. I cant make her give
something like this on a silver platter to that fucking asshole.
But I dont have a fucking choice!
Hold on.
Maybe theres a way out of this mess Im in. Theres someone
who can help me out: the one who has been writing my checks
for these past months. You know who Im talking about, right?
None other than one of the titans in the industry, Abby
I go up to my feet in a hurry and almost run toward the
counter. There, I pay my tab and the bartender behind the
counter hands me my helmet. Nodding my thanks at him, I rush
out of the bar and make my way toward my motorcycle, parked
right in front of the bar.
I put my helmet on and jump on top of the bike, revving up
the engine in a hurry. I know Ive already had a few drinks, but
this is fucking important. I need to see Abby right now. I need to
show her Lanas book, and I need to tell how important it is for
her to publish it.
If Abby agrees to publish it, then the whole thing is out of my
hands. Theres nothing I can do despite his threats. And then, if
he wants to ruin me with the pictures he has taken of me Well,
so fucking be it.
I swerve in and out of New Yorks traffic, making my way
toward the penthouse where Abby lives in downtown
Manhattan. I drive so fast it feels like Im flying over the road,
the two wheels burning the pavement under them.
It takes me less than ten minutes to halt to a stop in front of
Abbys apartment building, a tower that seems to be reaching for
the skies. Jumping off of my bike, I take off my helmet and enter
the building, completely disregarding the doorman.
He follows after me, yelling something, but I cant even hear
what hes saying. Right now my brain is solely focused on the
task at hand.
Sorry, I got something I need to do, I tell the doorman and I
enter the elevator, pressing the Close Doors button multiple
times before he can reach me. I give him a wink as the doors
close in on me, and then I just look at the panel of the elevator
completely dumbfounded and press one of the buttons
I was in such a hurry that I didnt even bother with checking
the floor where she lives. Fuck! No matter, even if I have to
knock at every single door in this building, thats what Ill
fucking do.
What the? I mutter as I feel my phone buzzing inside my
pocket, and I fish it out. Theres an unknown number blinking
on the screen, and I pick up the call. Yeah?
Logan, what the hell are you doing at my apartment
building? I hear a feminine voice say from the other side of the
line, and my heart starts racing as I realize its Abbys voice.
How did you know?
The doorman issued a wide warning to everyone in this
building that we had an intruder. Judging by his description, I
figured it could only be you. Now, care to explain what youre
doing here? Or should I just let him call the cops on you?
I need to see you. Its important, I tell her, hoping that she
notices the urgency in my voice.
This better be good, Logan. Im on the top floor, she sighs,
and then ends the call without waiting for my reply. I press the
round button thats going to take the elevator all the way up and,
by the time the doors swing back, Abbys already waiting for me.
Shes leaning against her doorway, her door open, and shes
wearing a short nightgown that hugs her perfect body in a
maddening way. Lucky for her, theres only space for one woman
in my mind right now, and that woman is Lana.
So? she asks me in an impatient tone, tapping one foot
against the floor and looking at me with one arched eyebrow.
Closing the distance between her and I, I push Lanas
manuscript into her hands.
You need to read this. Right now.

Yay! Happy Finishing Day Lana Hartley!

T HAT S RIGHT ! Lana Hartley has just finished her manuscript. We

havent read it yet, but she says it's the best work shes ever put
together. To which, Aidan replied, Isnt it the only work youve
ever put together?

B UT ALL KIDDING ASIDE , were totally excited to read it. This is the
part that I LOVE! Because we get to see if we let Lana into the
company as an author! Shes been doing a lot of PA work, but if
she becomes an author, she gets to put Angel behind her name
and pick a pen name to write under. Her career is basically made
at that point because we give her advances and stuff and she can
focus on doing what she does best, which is write.

S O WHAT IS the title of the book called? We cant tell you till we
finish reading it LOL! And guess what? We have a cover concept
all set if it matches what were hoping, but again, we need to
write it. Oh, and if Lana gets the job then we roll out like a big
New Release Giveaway with tons of swag and well have signed
paperbacks and youll see Lana in all the signings and
conventions with her own booth!

A ND TO THINK , when we first brought Lana in, she just had an idea.
Even if she doesnt get the manuscript into our publishing
process, I am so damn proud of her for finishing the manuscript
and getting her shit together.

A ND GUESS WHAT ? Apparently on the way, shes picked up two fans

of the male variety. That's right! A one Logan Kane and Anders
Carter! Apparently big bad cover models from Naughty Angels
Publishing are way into her. And everyone in the office wants to
know who Lana is gonna choose? Theres #TeamLogan and
#TeamAnders. I dont know if I have a team yet because I totally
love both of those guys, but people are all about like oh hey, you
know Im #TeamAnders and stuff and its hilarious.

W HAT TEAM IS L ANA ? Well, shes being really coy about it and not
saying anything. Its like she wants both haha. But like that
kinda stuff only happens in the books we write, ya know? Not in
real life. So Im sure that whatever we dirty ladies are fantasizing
about isnt gonna happen. And dont say you werent fantasizing
with me lol. Because I was totally thinking about like two giant
cocks from Logan and Anders taking Lana and shooting her up to
paradise OMG! Like one in her mouth and one in her pussy! I bet
Lana is turning so red reading this right now. I wonder if Im
putting any ideas in her head. Like if they both stand over her
with their big cocks that are all hard do they slap her face with
it? Thats hot. What if they cum on her? OMG that would be so
hot! I would pay good money for a manuscript like that to
publish! Something like that would be published
immediately haha!

A NYWAYS , that's enough of my crazy sex fantasies!

S TAY SEXY EVERYONE ! Well keep you updated on what goes on with
Lanas book!

H UGS AND KISSES and lots of love!


I n my dream, I'm running. To where, from where, or

from whom, I have no clue. But instead of running,
I'm moving in slow motion as if I'm moving through sand, or
water, or maybe even molasses. My body is tense, and heavy.
There's a weight pressing down all around me.
I try to speak, but my words are thick and slow to form. They
stick in my mouth, unwilling to come out. My throat tightens
with the effort.
There's a horizon, but I can't see beyond that, and the
landscape is barren. Martian and unfamiliar.
I hear a car horn in the distance, but I don't see a car.
I pivot my head in slow motion, and still hear the sound. I'm
looking for the object. It's getting closer, and closer, and
My eyes snap open.
The dream dissolves, but I still hear the repetitive sound of a
horn. Is that real, or remnants of my dream?
Then I realize it's not a car horn at all, it's my phone, and it's
buzzing by my bed, on the nightstand. It's teetering on the edge,
nearly ready to fall on the floor.
I reach for it, and answer. "Hello?"
"Did I wake you?"
It's April, my agent. She sounds flustered and upset, and I'd
say if she's calling me this early, it must be important.
"It's fine. I need to get up anyways," I say. "But you're awake
"You sound funny," she says, as if she hardly believes I'm
awake at all. And that's partly true. My mind is still foggy with
"Well, you just so happened to have snapped me out of a
weird ass dream," I say.
"You'll have to tell me about that dream some other time.
Have you been on Facebook this morning?" she asks, and then
backpedals. "Never mind. I take that back. You just woke up.
Stupid question. But you need to go to Facebook. Right now."
"I'll check it out in a little bit," I say with a yawn. "I think I
need coffee and a shower first before I jump on social media. One
thing at a time."
"No, it's important," she says. "Turn it on now. This can't
wait. I mean it!"
"Slow down. You sound as if someone's dying. What's the
urgency?" I ask.
Outside, I hear New York City coming to life. Sirens are
blaring in the distance, and the sun is slicing through my
curtains. Why is it that the sun always shines in just the right
way that it lands in my eyes? I swear. It always happens.
"It's Grady," April says, bringing my mind back to the
"What? You mean, Grady of Bad Boy Publishing? That Grady?"
"Yes, that Grady. And he's hosting a live Facebook feed. You
have to watch it."
"I don't give a fuck about Grady," I say. "Why would I want to
watch his live feed? I can think of a million other ways I'd rather
spend my time. Watching one minute of Grady talking is the
equivalent of taking 10 years off of my life."
"What is this, a game of 20 questions?" April asks. "C'mon,
just trust me on this."
"Okay, give me a sec," I say, running my fingers through my
hair and swinging my feet off the bed.
I reach for my iPad and tap the Facebook app.
It loads. My personal stream flashes on the screenpeople
posting various pictures of pets and babies, and beach vacations,
and plates of food, and cocktails, and selfies and well, you get
the picture. The usual.
Typical stuff.
And then I see what I'm looking for.
Sure enough, Grady's hosting a live feed, and his entire
network is tuning in. I join, just so I can see what's fueling
April's near hysteria.
She's right.
This isn't good.
"Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" April asks.
But I can't speak.
Just like in my dream, words seem to be cemented in my
My mind is racing a hundred miles an hour and I'm at a loss
for words because there's too many. I know I'd like to strangle
Grady, but beyond the anger, I'm also confused.
Deeply confused.
"Hello? Are you still there, Anders?"
April sounds increasingly agitated.
"Yeah, sorry," I say. "I'm still here. Just stunned."
"I know. Me too. I know how much The Virgin Market meant
to you."
On the live Facebook feed, Grady is talking about The Virgin
Market. He's bragging to the world that he has a copy of the
manuscript, and not only that, but he also has the rights to
publish it.
Grady has a shit-eating grin from ear to ear. He says that
Lana gave him permissionand not only that, but he's saying
she signed over the rights for The Virgin Market to Bad Boy
He's gushing.
I've never seen Grady happier. In fact, he's so happy that he's
talking into the camera with his hands.
"It's going to be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G," Grady beams. "If you
haven't already, reserve your copy today. This is a sizzling
release you won't want to miss."
What the fuck?
"Did Lana actually give Bad Boy Publishing permission to
publish her book?" April asks.
"Are you kidding me? Over her dead body! I know Lana, and
she would never sign a contract with them."
"I don't know, Anders. If Lana didn't sign a contract, how did
Grady get a copy of the manuscript?" April asks.
She's right. None of this makes sense. Someone would've had
to given it to him.
Then Grady says something even more shocking, as if I
wasn't stunned enough already.
"The cover model for this book will be none other than Logan
Kane, and believe me this is gonna be a real scorcher."
Logan Kane? On the cover of Lana's book?
I feel my blood pressure climb and my pulse is drumming its
own beat in my neck.
I'm pissed.
I'm more than pissed. I'm fucking livid.
"Let me make some calls," I tell April. "I'll get to the bottom
of this."
And we hang up.
The first person to call? Logan.
I need to talk to him.
I dial his number. It rings and rings, but he isn't answering.
I hang up and try again with the same results.
If he isn't going to answer my calls, we'll have to deal with
this the hard way.
I'm driving to him in person.

O ne fucking more I grunt, pushing the bar up,

my chest feeling as if its about to burst. My arms are
shaking, and theres sweat running down my forehead and into
my eyes. But I manage to do two more reps, one more than I
expected to, and only then do I place the bar down onto the
steel rack.
Sitting up on the bench, I wipe the sweat off my forehead
with the back of my hand and close my eyes for a couple of
seconds, feeling my heart hammering against my chest.
Ive spent all morning in the gym, working hard to clear my
mind; so far, Im not sure if its working. My conversation with
Abby helped matters, but Im not so sure how I feel right now.
Well, I feel fucking tired and soreafter all, three hours of
working out like a madman has consequences, but that aside,
everythings a fucking blur.
When I open up my eyes, I gaze out the windows at the far end
of the gym, and I look just in time to see Anders pulling up to the
parking area in his sports car. I watch as he kills off the engine
and then walks through the front door, his footsteps heavy and
alarming. I look at him surprised (he usually works out in the
afternoon, after all), and I start making my way toward him.
And thats when I see the rage in his face. His lips have
become a snarl, and I can almost see flames burning under his
Hey, whats goin -- I start, but he gives me no time to
finish my sentence. Raising his fist, he cocks his arm back and
takes a swing at me. I try to step out of the way, but its already
too late; his fist connects with my face and, for a moment, I
almost think Im going to fall back. Somehow, I manage to
remain up on my feet; I take one step back and take my hand to
my mouth, feeling the leaden taste of blood on my tongue.
What the fuck, man? What was that for?
Do you even have to ask, Logan? he whispers, each of his
words loaded with so much rage that I cant help but take a step
back. Youve betrayed Lana. Youve betrayed me Youve
betrayed everyone around you. And for what? Money?
I --
How could you do something like this? he continues,
completely ignoring me. And forget about Lana and I. Abby
Cleveland has always treated you right, giving you her best
covers for you to work on Is this your way of thanking her? You
fucking steal from her?
Anders, calm the fuck down. Its not --
I dont even want to hear your bullshit excuses, Logan. Ive
had enough of you, he says and, for the first time since he came
into the gym, he has finally lowered his voice. Hes calm now,
but theres a hint of sorrow in his words. He sounds jaded. Just
like he used to be before Lana showed up with her manuscript. I
thought that I was wrong about you, you know, and right when I
start to think that Ive treated you wrongly these past few
months, you have to go and fuck it up. I was right; youre in this
to make a quick buck. You dont care about anyone.
I care about Lana! I whisper, gritting my teeth and making
a fucking herculean effort not to snap. He might not believe it,
but I care more about Lana than I care about anything else. You
need to let me fucking explain!
Fuck you. How can you even say that? he asks me, and
theres a blend of surprise and disgust in his face. You care
about her? If you truly cared about her, you wouldnt have sold
her manuscript to Grady.
I just stare back at him, having no idea on what to say, and
then Anders just shakes his head and turns on his heels. I stay
frozen in place as I watch him leave, but then my body reacts; I
run after him and, grabbing his right arm, I make him stop. He
turns to face me, and the look on his face is one of pure
Let go of me, he whispers, and his words are so cold that I
just do what he tells me to. I take my fingers off of his arm. Im
through with you, he adds, and turns again to leave. This time I
dont stop him; I just watch him go, my heart feeling like a
fucking stone inside my chest.
Running one hand through my hair, all of it drenched in
sweat, I let out a heavy sigh.
Fuck, I whisper to myself, and then make my way toward
the bench. Sitting there, I look out the window and watch as
Anders gets inside his car and leaves. Hes probably going to
meet Lana right now and, no matter how much I want to, I cant
go after him.
It fucking breaks my heart that right now, I cant be with her.
But thats for the best, right? At least thats what I should be
thinking, but I just cant. To know that shes going to be in
Anders arms and that I wont be there as well Fuck, that shit
just crushes me.
With a sigh, I stand up and place a few more heavy plates on
the bar. Lying back down on the bench, I raise my arms and place
my hands under the bar, curling my fingers around it. Tensing
up, I arch my back and push the bar up, slowly lowering it until
its brushing against my chest. With a loud grunt, I start pushing
it up, over and over again, doing it until my arms go numb.
And then I just keep on doing it.
Right now, I gotta keep my mind off Lana and Anders.
Whatever it takes.
So much fucking depends on it.
No matter how hard it is.

A h, theres nothing better than to wake up and feel

happy and healthy.
And thats why today I decided to roll out of bed and attend a
yoga class. I drank a smoothie, packed my gym clothes, and went
on my way with a skip to my step. I mean, I had every right to be
happy! I have two handsome men by my side, and the chances of
having The Virgin Market published are looking better and
Of course, things change. Fast.
I was leaving my yoga studio when I took my cellphone out of
my pocket. The moment I saw ten missed calls from Anders on
my screen, I knew in my core that something was wrong. I tried
to call him back, but he didnt pick up; then I unlocked my phone
and realized that he had left me a text message as well.
Lana, somethings wrong. Logan fucked you over, the text
read, and my heart sunk like a rock. Instead of walking home like
I originally planned, I just called a cab and hopped inside.
Five minutes have passed since I read that message, and right
now, Im unlocking the door to my apartment. Stepping inside, I
throw my gym bag and yoga mat onto the couch and try to call
Anders again, pacing around my living room like a woman
gone mad.
God, I mutter, frustrated as I hear the endless tone of the
unanswered call against my ear. Sighing, I scroll down my
contact list and stop my thumb over Logans name. Im about to
call him when I notice that I have a Facebook notification. I press
down on the red icon, and the app launches quickly.
And then my heart stops.
The first post on my feed is a live stream from Bad Boy
Publishing, and in the screenshot I can see their CEO holding a
manuscript in his hand and smiling at the camera. I dont even
have to press play to know what's happened; I just put the pieces
together inside my head.
Suddenly feeling my legs growing weak, I make my way
toward the couch and sink down on it, still staring at the screen.
I start dragging my thumb over the screen, the room spinning
around me as I realize the kind of posts flooding my newsfeed.
Not an hour has passed since the Bad Boy Publishing live stream
hit the Internet, but a lot of news publication have already
picked up the story.
My eyes devour headline after headline and, for a short
moment in time, I almost believe that Im having a nightmare.
Bad Boy Publishing rocks the romance industry, one
publication reads.
Bad Boy Publishing steals rising star from Naughty Angel,
says another one.
Grady scores win over Abby.
Lana Hartley - the new face of Bad Boy Publishing?
And it goes on and on.
But you want to know the worst headline? The one that made
tears start to sting my eyes? Logan Sanders will be the face of
The Virgin Market, a promising novel from Bad Boy Publishing.
I stare at the screen for God knows how long, completely
losing all notion of time. My hand starts to tremble as a sob
makes my chest convulse violently and I drop the cellphone onto
the floor. I bury my face into my hands and let the tears stream
down my face, heavy sorrow gripping my heart.
No, no, no. This cant be happening, this cant be happening.
I trusted him!
I I loved him!
How could Logan do something like this? I allowed him to
legally represent me because I trusted him, because I needed his
help and he used my trust to cut a deal with Grady, Abby
Clevelands sworn enemy.
Another sob takes over my chest and I let the tears flow freely
and out-of-control. Im so lost right now that I can barely hear
the sound of someone knocking at my door. Only when
whoevers there starts pounding his fist against the door do I
hear it.
Wiping my eyes with the back of my hand, I find the strength
to stand up and amble all the way to the door. I press one eye
against the peephole and see Anders standing on the other side.
Anders, I cry out as I open the door and, giving him no time
to react, I press my body against his and rest my face on his
chest, my arms wrapped tight around his chest.
Hey, hey, its okay, he whispers, placing one hand on the
back on my head and the other on the small of my back.
No, it isnt, I sob, allowing him to come inside the
apartment and closing the door behind us. Its its awful!
I know, Lana, but he starts but then trails off, and I
realize that he doesnt know what to tell me right now. He
trusted Logan as much as I did, and he never saw it coming.
How could this happen? I continue, pulling back from him
and looking into his eyes. His expression is one of sadness but,
more than that, theres strength under that sadness. Somehow,
that makes me feel better. I wipe the tears from my eyes and
take a deep breath, trying to calm myself.
I go back to the couch and sit down with Anders by my side.
I dont know what got into him, Lana, I really dont Grady
must've offered him a cut of the royalties, or a fat commission.
Either way we cant undo it, Lana. And Im sorry. I truly am. I
should've never allowed you to give Logan that document.
Hey, its not your fault, I whisper, placing my hand on top
of his and managing a weak smile.
I should've known better. I should've protected you.
No! You were perfect, Anders none of this is your fault, I
try to convince him, but he just looks out of the window and
sighs heavily, running one hand through his combed hair and
disheveling it.
Fuck, Im so sorry, Lana. I know you didnt want things to
happen like this.
At least youre here, I whisper, resting my head against his
shoulder and placing my hand over his chest, feeling his
heartbeat under the palm of my hand. I take a deep breath,
feeling his scent, and close my eyes for just a couple of seconds. I
allow his closeness to calm me down, and it doesnt take long
before the tears dry in my eyes.
Ill always be here, he whispers into my ear, and his words
feel like the best thing that has happened to me today. I press
my body against his and open my eyes; looking into him, I
manage a weak smile.
Always, Lana. Because He runs his tongue over his lips,
and then a deep seriousness takes over the lines in his face.
Because I love you. More than anything.
I keep on looking into his eyes, completely stunned, and I find
my lips moving of their own accord. I love you too, I tell him in
one single breath, and next thing I know Im reaching for his
mouth with mine. Softly, I brush my lips against his and let him
wrap his big arms around my tiny body.
I love you, I repeat, enjoying the way the words seem to roll
over my tongue. I love you, I love you, I continue, and then I
turn on the couch and climb on top of him, opening my legs and
straddling him.
He places his hands on my thighs, over my yoga pants, and
rests his forehead against mine.
I promise you. Whatever happens, Ill always be here
for you.
With that, he comes for me and kisses me again, the tip of his
tongue gently parting my lips. Taking both my hands to his
chest, I start unbuttoning his shirt, taking my time with each of
the buttons. I feel my knuckles brushing against his naked skin
as I go and, by the time I push his open shirt down his shoulders
and arms, the sorrow from before has been replaced by a
deep urge.
An urge to feel all of Anders love.
I want you. Right now, I breathe out with a heavy tone, and
he just smiles at me and allows his fingers to slide around my
ass. Cupping my ass cheeks, he pulls me into him and I let
myself go; I press my crotch against his and start swaying my
hips in a coming and going motion, pressing my pussy against
the bulging shape under his pants.
I throw my arms over his shoulders and pick up the pace,
grinding against him more and more furiously, allowing an out-
of-control desire to take over my mind. I lose myself in his kiss,
our tongues dancing around one another; right now, everything
else is forgotten. Logan, Bad Boy Publishing, Grady none of
that exists right now.
Taking one hand to Anders belt, I unbuckle it in a hurry; then
I move down to his zipper and push it down. I feel his cock
brushing against my fingers from under his boxer briefs, and
then Anders does the rest; raising his hips from the couch, he
pushes his pants and boxer briefs down to his knees, his cock
springing free and slapping my inner thighs harshly.
I need you, I want you, he tells me as he kisses me, the
words slipping out from his mouth as we lock lips. I pull back
from him, my heart aching from having our mouths separated,
and I stand up on the couch, my feet on either side of his hips.
Looking down at him, I pull my blouse over my head and throw it
behind me, then taking off my sports bra.
Anders eyes seem to widen as they see my hard rosy nipples,
and he places his hands on my knees and slides them up my yoga
pants. Curling his fingers around the hem, he starts pulling
them down, revealing my small black lace thong.
Raising one foot after the other, I allow him to undress him,
and I only lower my body over his when the only piece of
clothing on my body is my thong. I dont even bother with taking
it off me; I just grab the fabric, pinching it between two fingers,
and flick it to the side. Then I press my drenched folds against
his mast, my eyes rolling in their orbits as I feel his cock
throbbing hard against my pussy.
I want you inside of me right now, I tell him, panting, and
raise my hips slightly. Using one hand, I grab his cock and point
it up, straight at my pussy; I then lower myself so hard that
theres no other way to describe what happens but to say Ive
just impaled myself on his twelve-inch cock.
His thickness slides fast inside of me, pushing my inner walls
back harshly and completely demolishing my aching pussy. The
moment his cock is sheathed inside of me, I waste no time and
start riding him, using my knees and lower legs as leverage to
push myself off the couch and jump up and down on his lap.
My arms are once more thrown over his shoulders, and my
head is thrown back. Violent moans are exploding in my mouth
as I ride him, and the movements of my body grow wild and
erratic with each passing second.
Fuck, thats so good I cant get enough of how tight you
are, Lana, he says in a soft tone, taking his big hands to my ass
and squeezing my cheeks. Then, moving as if something had
possessed him, he grabs my thong and pulls it against my outer
thigh. I hear a ripping sound and then the fabric simply slides off
my skin.
Grabbing my thong as he fucks me, he brings it up and
presses it softly against my lips. I take a deep breath, feeling my
musky scent climbing up my nostrils and leaving me completely
Smells good, doesnt it? Anders says, and then he takes my
thong to his mouth and he does the same, drawing long breaths
and surrendering to the maddening scent of my pussy. Fuck,
youre the best thing that has ever happened to me, he
continues, throwing my thong to the side and grabbing my ass
Maybe it was the scent of my pussy but, looking into his eyes,
I see that a fire has ignited there. He starts thrusting upward,
ramming his cock into my pussy with a kind of fatalistic intent;
all of his inches move fast, sliding in and out of me, and I almost
lose consciousness as I submit to the way hes fucking me
right now.
My pussy tightens up around his cock and then a violent
orgasm simply explodes inside me, making my bones rattle and
my muscles twitch and spasm as if Ive been hit by lightning.
Come for me, Lana he breathes softly into my ear, and
that just amplifies the pleasure running through me right now. I
dont even think about what Im doing; I just do it.
Rolling to the side, I make his cock pop out of me and then I
go on all fours on the couch; I wiggle my ass back at him as an
invitation, and he wastes no time. He kneels behind me and,
caressing my cheek with his right hand, he then lifts it off me,
but that only to bring it down again. He smacks my ass hard, and
he does it over and over again; he does it so hard and so
repeatedly that I just know Ill have a hard time sitting down
after this.
Not that I care.
Fuck me Just JUST FUCK ME! I beg him, shouting at the
top of my lungs.
Youre in charge, I hear him laugh and then, a fraction of a
second later, I feel the tip of his cock brushing against the length
of my pussy. A second later and his twelve inches are once again
sheathed to the hilt inside of me, their thickness demanding all
the attention of my brain right now.
I cant think, I cant breath; right now, I cant do anything
except surrender.
And thats exactly what I do: I surrender.
Grabbing the armrest of my couch hard, so hard that my
knuckles have turned white, I remain frozen in place as Anders
slams his hips against my ass, fucking me so viciously that I see
fireworks going off behind my shut eyelids.
Harder! Harder! I beg of him and, each time I say it, he
obliges. He starts fucking me so hard that I have no idea if Ill
ever be able to walk for the remainder of the day. And by God, it
feels completely amazing.
By the time I feel his cock starting to spasm inside my pussy,
Im already on the verge of exploding once again. My muscles
feel as if theyre on fire, a storm raging under my skin.
Oh my GOD! I shout, and thats when the orgasm hits
me at full force. Amplifying the whole experience, I hear Anders
groans and, a moment later, the warmness of his semen spills
inside my pussy.
His cock pulses over and over again, and it only takes him a
couple of seconds to fill me up to the brim. I feel his cum
dripping down my inner thighs and onto the couch, but what the
helltaking stains off my couch is the least of my concerns
right now.
Moving slowly, Anders pulls his cock out of my pussy and,
leaning in, he laces my waist with one arm; throwing himself
back onto the couch, he sits down on it and pulls me after him. I
let him pull me into him, and I sit across his lap, throwing one
arm around his neck as I look into his eyes.
I love you, Anders, I tell him, leaning in and brushing my
lips against his. Thank you.
For what?
For being here, with me, I tell him.
Youll never have to thank me for that, he says with a
smile, caressing my face with the back of his hand. I just smile at
him as a reply, but I know that he can read the sadness in my
eyes. Despite how good this moment was, theres a hole inside
my chest this very minute. Youll miss him, wont you?
I I start by trying to make up an excuse, but I quickly give
up on it and settle for the truth. Yes. Yes, Ill miss him We
were one, the three of us, I tell him, all of my sadness wrapping
up my words.
I know, he just says, and pulls me into his embrace.
I know.

F ourteen.
Thats how many days have passed since I found out that
Logan signed me with Bad Boy Publishing. I still cant believe
that he did it, you know? After giving him all of my trust, he
went and did something like this I would've preferred for him
to plunge a knife into my back, because this hurts more than a
blade in my flesh.
But what I can do about it? Let me answer that for you: theres
absolutely nothing I can do. Nothing but wait until Grady reveals
The Virgin Market at the Romance Guild conference, presenting
it as a Bad Boy Publishing production.
From what Ive heard, hes backing my book with the whole
might of his company. A big marketing budget, and the biggest
booth and stage at the convention Hes trying to revive Bad
Boy Publishing with The Virgin Market, a book on which I poured
my very soul into.
Its sickening, and my stomach turns whenever I think of it.

T WO .
Only two days until the Romance Guild conference starts.
Time doesnt stop, and with each tick of the clock, I take one
step further toward the inevitable.
I still havent decided if Ill be there, though. Even though
Grady has snagged the rights to The Virgin Market, he doesnt
own me.
Ive been thinking of just skipping the whole conference. I
can just stay at home with Anders, and try to forget about the
whole thing. I mean, why would I want to attend something like
that? God, this feels like someone has just stolen my baby from
my arms, and being at the convention kinda makes it look as if I
approve of the whole thing.
But, on the other hand, thats my book. Im the one who
wrote every single word in there and, even though Bad Boy
Publishing might be my publishing house, that doesnt mean I
shouldnt be there to support my creation.
Im so torn.

Thats how many times Ive cried over everything that
happened. Im actually surprised Ive only cried three times; I
think that this whole experience, for better or worse, is turning
me into a stronger woman.
Still, even though Im becoming stronger, that doesnt mean
Im strong enough. At least not yet. Forget about my book, even
though it pains me to know that now Im under the Bad Boy
brand, that pales in comparison to what Logan did to me. Thats
where the real pain comes from.
He betrayed me, and for what? For money? I just cant
understand why hed do something like that, especially when
there was something magical whenever the three of usme,
him, and Anderswere together. Why would he ruin the best
thing to happen in all of our lives?
And, God, as much as I hate to say it I miss him. I miss him
so much. And I hate that I miss him. I wish I could be someone
even stronger, someone that would just shrug the whole
situation off and move on.
But thats not me.
To make matters worse, I feel like Ive betrayed Abby. She
gave me an opportunity of a lifetime, and now my manuscript is
sitting somewhere in Gradys office instead of hers.

T EN .
I havent been to the office in ten days. I just cant go there.
To think that I may meet Abby I shudder whenever I think of
it. I just cant look her in the eye, you know? Sure, I could try to
explain to her everything that happened, but would it matter? In
the end, The Virgin Marketis already in Gradys hands and no
apologies from me will ever change that.
Sure, she told me I could try different publishers but even
though I went down that route, I never submitted anything to
Bad Boy Publishing. I know everything about the convoluted
story that happened between Grady and Abby, and I would've
preferred for The Virgin Market to never be publish than to go
with her main competitor.
But thats exactly what happened.
I thought that I could trust Logan; in fact, I was certain of it,
and look where that got me.

O NE .
Right now, theres only one certainty in my life: Anders. He
was the first one to come up to me, singing praises about my
book, and he stuck with me ever since. Whenever I cried and
sobbed, he was there. Whenever I felt angry and frustrated, he
was there. And whenever I needed someone to share my
happiness, he was also there.
By God, I love him more than anything.
Dont hate me for saying it, though, but this love feels
somewhat incomplete. Me, Logan, and Anders There was
something there, you know? Something deep, deeper than
anything Id ever found in my life. And now Logans gone, and
were like a puzzle with a missing piece; we look pretty and
happy but, in the end, were incomplete.
Its kinda funny, isnt it? A few weeks ago I was just a silly girl
with a silly dream. I wanted to become a writer more than
anything, to see my name engraved on the covers of books all
over the country. And now that Im on the verge of achieving all
that, my dream has somehow become a hollow one.
Ive lost one of the men I love, and that just that just
breaks my heart, okay? Because I love Anders, but I cant stop
myself from loving Logan as well. I loved what the three of us
had, and I feel that Logan stole that happiness from me.
And all this time he hasnt even called me once. He just
vanished into thin air. Hes probably busy in the studio, working
on the cover for The Virgin Market, and that makes me feel even
more awful about the whole thing.
But it doesn't matter.
There are only two days left until the convention starts and,
then and there, this whole situation will finally come to an end.
For better or for worse.

I cant believe Im here.

Ive talked with Anders about whether I should
show up at the convention or just skip the whole thing
altogether, but he told me I should show up. And, as hard as it is
for me, I know I did the right thing.
Like Anders told me, whoever publishes my book, itll still be
my book. And I stand for each and every word I put down on the
paper. Ive worked many hours to make The Virgin Market a
reality, and Im not giving up on my dream just because the CEO
of Bad Boy Publishing managed to cheat his way into a contract
with me.
Ill live to fight another day.
Right now, though, Im standing to the side of the Bad Boy
Publishing stage. Theyve set up a massive apparatus, and right
now Grady and a few other people I dont know are up on the
stage, getting everything ready for the big reveal.
Everyone in the convention room has been talking about how
this event is going to mark the return of Bad Boy Publishing to
the big stage. Im torn; in a way, I feel like Ive betrayed Abby
and Naughty Angel Publishing, even though I had nothing to do
with all of this. On the other hand, Id love to see my book
become a success But it just makes me feel so awful to think
that might happen under the Bad Boy brand.
Ah, life was so much easier before all this.
You okay? Anders asks me, taking my hand in his and
giving it a gentle squeeze.
Yeah, Im okay, I tell him, looking into his eyes and
managing what I hope to be a confident smile.
Itll be okay. Im here, no matter what, he says, his fingers
tangled on mine. Watching his smile, and the way hes holding
my hand right now Well, I cant help but believe him.
Alright, everyone! A loud voice booms through the huge
speakers mounted overhead, and the whole crowd goes silent.
Every pair of eyeballs in the room turn toward Grady, now
standing in the middle of the stage, a wide grin on his face and a
mic in his hand. Are you ready for this?
YEAH! The crowd roars in a single voice, and I can tell that
people really have big expectations for this launch.
As the CEO of Bad Boy Publishing, its my immense pleasure
to announce to you that were about to release a book thatll
change the romance industry for good. Youve probably heard
quite a few rumors about that, and let me assure you: its
all true.
People start talking in a hushed tone, but then Grady
continues to speak and drowns out the voices from the crowd.
Now, let me show you what Im talking about, he
continues, walking toward the end of the stage. A red curtain
that reaches for the ceiling hangs there, and Grady just goes for
it and grabs it; with a harsh tug, he pulls on it and the whole
thing just falls down, revealing a giant sized poster of the The
Virgin Market cover.
My jaw just drops as I look at it.
My eyes dance over the purple font, the title The Virgin
Market shining like bright neon. And on top of it, wrapped in
dark shadows, theres Logan; hes sitting down with his naked
chest, looking straight at the reader with a look that screams
please, take your panties off. Its a perfect cover, better than
anything I imaginedthe only detail Id change would be the
Bad Boy logo on the right corner of the cover.
They really went all out on this one, Anders says, and he
has to lean into me and scream out the words. Right now, the
whole crowd is chattering about the cover, and it sounds like a
swarm of angry wasps. I let my gaze roam over the hundreds (or
should I say thousands?) of people packed together, all of them
staring up at the cover of a book I wrote, and I cant help but feel
a little excited. As much as this whole deal with Grady sucks, its
still my book were talking about.
Ive finally become a real writer, just like I always wanted. I
just never thought itd feel this bittersweet of an achievement.
Now, I know you ladies want to see more give it up for
Logan! Grady shouts into his mic, and thats when I see Logan
walking up the stairs on the other side of the stage. Hes wearing
a button-up shirt and jeans but, as he makes his way toward the
center of the stage, he gets rid of his shirt quickly enough; he
throws his shirt toward the crowd, and I watch as an overly
excited woman jumps up in the air to grab it.
Grabbing a chair, Logan takes it all the way to edge of the
stage and then sits on it, making the same pose hes doing on
the The Virgin Market cover. God, he looks magnificent.
And now, Grady continues, doing his best to talk over the
high-pitched voice of women going into hysterics as they stare
at Logan. A round of applause for our rising star, Lana Hartley.
Thats my cue, huh? I guess it cant be helped.
Taking a deep breath, I walk up to the stage and smile down at
the crowd, suddenly feeling dizzy as I realize the amount of
people crowded together right now. I cant believe that so many
people are here because they want to read my book. As much of a
bastard as Grady might be, I gotta give it to him, he really went
all out with promoting The Virgin Market.
Smile, Lana, smile, Grady whispers as he walks up to me, a
fake exuberant smile on his face. You might not like this, but
its for the best. Youll make lots of money with your little book,
and well all go home happy.
It isnt about the money, I whisper back at him through my
gritted teeth, my whole body tensing up as I resist the urge to
simply slap him.
Oh, youre right. Its also about payback. More than the
money, I wanted to steal you from Abby, he tells me, and now
his grin becomes genuine, except it's a devilish grin, one that
could only show on a petty mans face. A man like Grady.
I stare at him, saying nothing, and he just shrugs. Play your
part, and soon enough this will be over, he tells me, and then
he turns to face the crowd once more.
Now, weve prepared a little surprise for you Whos ready
for that? he asks, and you can already guess what the crowd
replied. A loud yeah erupts on the mouths of everyone looking
up at the stage, and Grady calls upon Logan again.
Getting up from the chair he was still sitting on, Logan joins
Grady and I. Our eyes lock and he offers me a sad smile. I dont
want to, but my lips react before I can think of what Im doing
and I smile back at him.
Closing the distance between him and I, he leans toward me
and whispers a few words into my ear, one of his hands resting
on my waist.
Itll be okay. I promise, Lana.
I know I shouldnt but I believe him.

I ts show time.
The spotlight is on me, and Grady hands me his
mic. Taking it from his hands, I then walk to the edge of the
Is everyone ready for this? I shout, my voice echoing
through the cavernous main room of the convention. The crowd
shouts a loud YEAH in unison, and I let my eyes wander over the
thousands of people waiting for me to start playing the video
trailer. I let all the eyeballs down there devour my fucking naked
muscles for a few seconds more, and then I turn back.
Alright, its time to burn down the whole fucking house.
I walk to the other end of the stage and I meet Lanas eyes
again, and I feel that fucking sadness well up inside of me once
again. Anders is by her side and; while his face is stone cold, the
lines in Lanas tell me a story of sadness, disappointment, and
heartbreak. And that fuck, thats hard.
But like I just told you: its show time. And the show Ive
prepared for tonight is going to bring the whole house down.
Allowing a fucking glorious smile to shine on my face, I turn my
back to the crowd and step behind the mixing table where a
laptop is set up. I place my finger over the touchpad, and let the
cursor hover over the video trailer, and then, sure that no one is
watching what Im doing, I take an USB pen out of my pocket and
slide it into one of the laptop sockets.
Opening it, I then press play on the sole video file Ive stored
inside the pen.
Everyone has turned to look at the projection behind me, but I
dont bother with it; the file Ive chosen for this presentation is
an audio one. Yeah, as you can guess, I didnt exactly play the file
with the video trailer.
I lean back against the table and prepare for fucking
Armageddon to start.
I now have proof that you engaged in sexual intercourse with
the wife of one of the most powerful men in the industry,
Grady's voice explodes through the speakers, and I turn my gaze
toward him so that I can enjoy the look of pure surprise and
desperation on his face. Serves you right, motherfucker. And
now, the tape continues, if you want to keep on working in
this industry you better do as I say, Logan.
I hear the crowd muttering as the audio file continues
playing, and I grin as I watch Grady run toward me, his hands
desperately reaching for the laptop. Unfortunately for him, hes
much weaker than me (you know, all these fucking muscles
arent just for show), and all I have to do is stand up and press
one hand against his chest to keep him out of reach.
Not a fucking chance, asshole. Everyones going to hear
every word of it, I tell him to his face, still unable to wipe that
grin off my face. This is my moment of triumph, and I deserve to
enjoy it with a fucking grin on my face.
You see, when I went to Abby with the manuscript, she was
already aware of everything that was going on. Shes a smart
woman, no fucking doubt about it. Remember the woman with
whom Grady fucking blackmailed me? Carla, the wife of the
Romance Guild CEO? Yeah, she really wasnt the wife of that guy.
That woman that Grady refers to, is right there! I say,
pointing to fake-Carla - whose real name is Jennifer. The crowd
turns to face her and she gives a shy wave.
She was actually a fucking Naughty Angel working for Abby.
Call it corporate counter-espionage, if you will. She played
Grady, pretending she was the wife of an important guy, and
then all she had to do was allow him to hang a noose around
his neck.
Back when Grady burst into the room where I was fucking
her, she pretended to leave, but left a small recording device
tucked inside one of the cardboard boxes in the storage room
where we were. The moment she saw Grady and I leave, she
retrieved it and went straight to Abby.
Now, you probably have a few questions. Like, why didnt
Abby fucking stop all this from happening? Why did she let
everything unfold like this? I know these questions are on your
mind because I had them as well. And I voiced them to Abby. And
her answer was a ruthless oneas badly as she wanted to sign
Lana and buy her manuscript, she needed to take Grady out first.
He had been trying to destroy Naughty Angel Publishing ever
since Twelve Inches rocked the industry and, like a lioness
defending her cubs, Abby fucking prepared for battle. Really, I
gotta give it to her; she played everyone like a fucking
mastermind, pulling the strings behind the scenes.
Too bad she didnt fucking tell me till I knocked on her door.
Gave her the manuscript. She took one look at it and looked at
me, with that perfect body of hers.
You have no idea whats going on, do you? she asked with a
smile. Wanna come inside?
Thats when Aidan and Abby explained the whole thing. How I
had to go along with it. Couldnt tell anyone.
And now that Grady is out of the scene, getting Lana out of
her contract with Bad Boy Publishing is going to be a fucking
walk in the park. I just hope she fucking forgives me for
everything I did.
THIS IS FALSE! ALL OF IT! Grady screams as the audio
comes to an end, and the silence in the whole convention room
is so deafening that youd be able to hear a pin drop; well, I
mean, youd be able to hear a pin drop if Grady hadnt entered
full desperation mode.
Im sorry, buddy, but youre pretty fucked right now. And
theres no way out of this.
You played me, he hisses, taking wide steps toward me and
balling his fists. You fucking played me!
Yeah, and so fucking what? Are you going to fucking hit me,
little man? I laugh straight into his face, placing one hand on
his chest and pushing him back. He stumbles back awkwardly
and he almost falls down on his ass. Rage washes over his face,
and I can tell that hes ready to charge me.
Well, if he wants it that much, I can crack his skull.
Lucky for him, it seems I wont get that chance because right
now, theres someone walking up the stairs and onto the stage.
Abby Cleveland.

B abe, I probably would back up a few steps from

Logan before he hits you in the jaw for getting in his face, I say
with a smirk as my heels click on the stage as I walk towards
The crowd is eating it up - and why wouldnt they? This is the
stuff that Naughty Angel books are made of, if you ask me.
Yeah, Ive learned a lot since we started this company. The
indie publishing business is a tough one. You need grit. And
strength. Ive been lucky. I had Aidan. I cant imagine the people
that get into it on their own.
What are you doing here?! Grady sneers at me, but I can see
the fear on his face.
Im pretty sure were going to be asking you that in just a
few minutes, I respond back cooly. Sure, Im wearing sexy, I got
the heels, the pearls. But if I can go toe to toe with this asshole if
I need to.
Oh yeah, in case you dont remember, I used to date this
asshole before I found the love of my life. Thats right. Grady and
I used to date back in the day. I caught him cheating on his desk
with another author. My career wasnt doing too well - it was
probably because Grady was fucking other girls. But thats the
day I decided to go about it on my own.
With my PA at the time, Cheryl, who is still with me, and of
course with Aidan, we built Naughty Angel Publishing. Into what
it is today.
Only one thing was left to do before we could really expand
I had to take down Grady and Bad Boy Publishing.
Jennifer, can you please come up on stage, I say turning
to her.
She comes up with a smirk.
Remember her, Grady? I ask, facing him. You thought she
was the wife of the Romance Guild CEO at one point, when a
simple internet search would have proved otherwise.
He blanches as I continue. But you were so ready to get
something from Naughty that you jumped at the chance to find a
way to destroy us. You totally fell into the trap that she
suggested where youd extort poor Logan Kane into stealing a
Grady is silent.
What you didnt know, is that Logan is fiercely loyal. And he
came to me before he delivered it to you. And if he hadnt come
to me wasnt even a worry because unlike your company, I know
the people that work for me are happy. And loyal, I say,
delivering a strong condemnation of Gradys practices.
But its time to end this here and now.
I dont know how you became CEO of Bad Boy after
everything that went down, babe, I say and pause, But in this
state, whatever you did was enough to warrant your arrest for
blackmail and extortion.
On cue, two special police officers walk onto the stage from
the back.
Now wait just a second! Grady protests.
Thats when I see Anders. He storms up the crowd and
towards the stage.
Im a bit surprised. Call it momentary shock. I didnt see this
coming. Anders is usually strong and silent.
But this time, hes already bounding on the stage towards
One last goodbye before the cops take your ass to jail! he
shouts and swings his arm back. He makes a fist and lets a
powerful haymaker land on Gradys face. Grady falls back and I
wince as I hear a loud crunch.
Youll pay for this! Grady shouts, wobbling and trying
vainly to get up on his feet. All of you!
But its too late.
The cops have reached him already cuffing him and reading
him his right. Hes sputtering and salivating - not sure whats
going on. Hes upset - thats for sure.
Honestly, getting arrested may have saved his life.
But he brought this on himself. He shouldnt be surprised. It
all started the day he crossed me.
The crowd is looking on in stunned silence.
Well, now that thats sorted out, let me be the first to
welcome Lana Hartley as the newest published author from
Naughty Angel Publishing, I say and the crowd gasps. I see
Lanas face light up.
Thats right, babe, I say with a smile. I always love this
part. From this day onwards, youre known as Lana Angel for
anything associated with the company.
People are clapping her on the back and congratulating her.
Logan is beaming. Anders is smiling. Lana has tears in her eyes.
And yes, babe, well bring dark romance into Naughty, I
say, as the crowd oohs and ahs. Its about time we did that. And
you can head it up.
I clear my throat and project my voice again. Anders hands
me a microphone.
As the first publication of dark romance under Naughty
Angel Publishing, Id like to announce the impending release of
The Virgin Market, I say. More spontaneous applause. More
people crowding around Lana.
Her life is about to change now.
But we need an author name or pen name, I tell her,
speaking over the murmurs of the crowd. Have you thought of
what that could be?
Lana takes a moment to bring herself back from Cloud 9.
She looks at me and with a straight face full of decisiveness
she says to me, Dark Angel.
Theres a pause as Lana considers her next words.
I want to write with you, she says. I want to co-write with
you asDark Angel.
I smile.
What a sexy name, no?

O h, man, I have no idea who thought of placing these

luxurious lounges in convention centers, but theyre
the best things right after sliced bread. And you can probably
guess why, cant you?
Thats right, the moment Abby finished burying Grady, I
dragged both Logan and Anders up to the lounge reserved for the
higher-ups at Naughty Angel Publishing. Im not exactly a
higher-up (at least not yet), but I think I deserve to use this
lounge right now. And I dont think many people would disagree
with me on that.
Grab the glasses, its time to fucking party! Logan shouts,
grabbing a bottle of champagne from the table and placing his
thumb under the cork. Flicking it up, he makes the cork fly up
into the ceiling and ricochet down to his feet; champagne flows
out of the bottle in a rush, and I run toward the table and grab
two glasses, placing them under the river of alcohol and filling
them up to the brim.
I hand Anders one of the glasses and take the other one for
me; as for Logan, he doesnt even bother with picking up the
glass. He just grabs the bottle by its neck and throws his head
back, chugging champagne heartily and then wiping his lips with
the back of his hand. Hes really into this celebration, and really,
can you blame him? Moments ago everyone thought he was a
bastard, and he managed to redeem himself in just a few
It feels so good to be with you two again, I tell them, taking
a sip out of my champagne and looking from Anders to Logan.
Thats right, Anders says, walking up to me and then
turning around to face Logan. Listen, man, the things Ive said
Ah, forget about that shit, Logan says happily, waving his
hand at Anders. Its in the fucking past. And, besides, you were
just looking after Lana. I would've done the same.
But --
Seriously, no fucking buts. Right now, we need to celebrate!
he cries out with a grin, taking the bottle to his lips once more.
Thats right a little celebration is in order, I agree,
walking up to Logan and taking the bottle out of his hands. I
place it back on the table and, next to it, I set down my glass.
But I was thinking we could do something other than drinking
if you know what I mean, I continue, lowering my voice until
it becomes a lustful whisper.
Oh, I know what you mean alright, Anders laughs, setting
his glass next to mine and then taking his hands to my waist.
And I happen to agree with you.
That makes it three of us then, Logan says, joining the fray.
Good, I purr, biting on my lip and looking at Logan.
Because Im really in the mood for something hard. I want
you two to use and abuse me.
Thats something we can definitely do, Anders replies,
leaning in and brushing his lips against mine.
Then do it, I whisper back at him. Because right now I
want it rough.
Oh, the lady wants it rough? Logan laughs, his voice
making a shiver of anticipation climb up my spine. We can
definitely do rough, he continues, closing the distance between
him and I, and stealing me from Anders embrace. Then, placing
his hands on my waist, he pushes me back until the backs of my
knees meet the couch, and then he forces me to sit down. Right
now, you belong to us, Lana. You and your body, he whispers, a
note of delicious depravity and dominance tainting each and
every one of his words.
Standing up by Logans side, Anders then leans into me and
grabs the front of my dress. Without saying a single word, he just
pulls it from opposite sides and rips it apart, the naked skin of
my chest and bra coming into sight. Logan joins him in a
heartbeat and together, the two of them simply tear the dress off
my body and turn it into tatters.
I sit there on the couch, looking up at them and wearing only
my La Perla lingerie, and I feel my pussy becoming as wet as the
Pacific ocean. I can see it in their eyes; this time they arent just
going to fuck me. Theyre going to ravish me; theyre going to
demolish my pussy and my sanity and I simply cant wait
for it.
Without a sound that almost sounds like a growl, Logan goes
down to his knees in front of me and, placing his hands on my
knees, he forces me to spread my legs wide. I part them,
allowing him to fit his body in that space, and he dives into me
in a heartbeat. Taking his open mouth to the wetness between
my thighs, he presses his lips against my drenched thong and
starts sucking on my pussy over the fabric.
I tangle my fingers in his hair as he does it, pulling him into
me and thrusting against his face, and that just makes him suck
harder. While Logan is focused on my pussy, Anders places his
hands in the space between the couch and my back and finds the
clasp of my bra; undoing it in a hurry, he then yanks my bra off
and flings it to a far off corner. He then climbs on top of the
couch and, kneeling there, he leans into me and grabs both my
tits, squeezing them eagerly.
Taking one hand off of Logans head, I grab Anders' hair and
pull him into me; he parts his lips at once and goes straight for
my right nipple, wrapping his lips around it and lapping at my
rosy tip with his tongue.
I close my eyes and moan, succumbing to the way they work
me with their mouths. I press my back against the couch and
take deep breaths, trying to remain conscious enough to enjoy
the moment. Its harder than it seems; let me tell you that.
When two men like them are pleasuring you like this Fuck, its
a struggle to keep in control of my mental faculties; my body just
seems like a puppet, and the one pulling the strings is none
other than my instinct.
Lets get this out of the way, I hear Logan say from between
my thighs, and then I feel him curling his fingers over the hem
of my thong. Before I can prepare for it, he just pulls the fabric
against my outer thigh and rips it off me, completely ruining
another one of my La Perla thongs. God, I gotta start buying
cheaper lingerie, or else these two are going to be my
financial ruin.
The moment the thong is off my body, Logan returns his
attention to my pussy; but now that theres no barrier between
his mouth and my wetness, his hunger seems to have doubled.
When he presses his lips against my clit, he presses against it
with his tongue and starts sucking hard on it, almost as if he
wanted to suck my soul through my clit. Sure, it might sound
absurd, but just because you never had a man eating you out like
Logans doing right now.
I know, I know Im bragging. But what the hell, Ive earned
the right to brag! After two weeks of desperation and tears, Ive
finally emerged victorious, and I think that allows me a bit of
leeway, wouldnt you say?
Thats so Oh, God, so good I moan as Logans lips fall
from my clit and he focuses on my folds. Tilting his head
sideways, he sucks my inner lips into his mouth, running his
mouth up and down their length as he scoops up my fluids with
the tip of his tongue.
Youre really chatty, arent you? Anders suddenly says, and
I turn to him just in time to watch him stand up on the couch
next to me, his crotch dangerously close to my face. Maybe its
time you do something else with your mouth, he tells me with a
grin, unbuckling his belt and pulling the zipper down.
As I watch his cock throb under the dark fabric of his boxer
briefs, I simply cant restrain myself and I reach for it and tug it
down. His cock springs free immediately and slaps the back of
my hand; I try to grab his cock, but Anders is faster than me.
Tangling his fingers in my hair, he pulls my head toward him
while, with his other hand, he grabs his own cock and angles it
down. Next thing I know, Ive opened my mouth wide and his
twelve inches are already rolling down my tongue, only stopping
when they hit the back of my throat.
I close my eyes and let a moan tickle the back of my throat as
Anders starts thrusting, rocking his hips back and forth, fucking
my mouth while Logan devours my pussy.
And when I say devour, I really mean it. The way Logans
eating me out right now God, where do I even start? He flicks
his tongue at my inner lips with the expertise of a man who has
lived a thousand lives, and now he has his thumb pressing down
on my clit as well. Tongue, lips, and fingersthats how he
drives me to the brink of an orgasm.
Grabbing Logans hair with both of my hands, I pull him into
me with all my strength while I thrust my pussy against his face,
rubbing my wetness against his mouth. Matching my fiery
movements, he starts working on my clit and pussy even more
furiously, and that orgasm finally takes over me.
Slight spasms make my pussy lips tremble and twitch, and I
wrap my lips so tightly around Anders cock that he even stops
thrusting and simply slides his whole inch out of my mouth. The
moment he does it, I throw my head back against the couch and
let a loud scream explode from my lips.
OH MY FUCKING GOD! I yell, still swaying my hips and
rubbing my pussy against Logan. I want more! I continue,
losing all semblance of control.
Oh, theres more. So much more, Anders says, climbing
down from the couch and kicking off his shoes. Stepping out of
his pants and boxer briefs, he then takes off his shirt and looks
at me with the kind of look that says Im going to fuck you so
hard youll leave this room in a fucking wheelchair.
That might not be romantic, but hell its just so arousing.
Oh, yeah. Theres a lot more to come, Logan says after
taking his mouth off of my pussy and looking up at me with that
wicked grin of his, his lips and chin glistening, and beads of my
cum dripping down his skin. Cmere, he tells me, grabbing my
hand and forcing me to stand up. The moment Im on my feet,
he turns toward me and undresses in a hurry, his shirt and pants
leaving his body faster than I can let out a sigh. Then he switches
places with me and takes over the couch; lying down, he pulls
me after him.
Instinctively knowing what he wants, I climb on top of his
naked body and straddle him on reverse, my pussy facing his
mouth, and my mouth facing his cock. I love this position;
theres just something so sinful and intimate about it. It makes
me feel exposed while, at the same time, it just awakens that
relentless depravity inside of me.
Hooking his thumbs on my hips, he pulls me into him and I
let myself go, crushing my pussy against his face. The moment
his lips touch my pussy, he starts jabbing at my insides right
away. Matching his moves, I grab his cock and gobble it up in a
fraction of a second, only stopping when my lips brush against
the skin around the base of his monstrous cock.
I start a coming and going motion, my head flying up and
down as my lips roll over the length of his shaft, and I do it even
faster as Logan continues eating me out. Then, to top it all off, I
feel the couch pads shifting as Anders kneels right behind my
ass. He takes his hands to my ass cheeks and gives them a hard
squeeze, and that right before he just spreads them wide.
I dont even have the time to react. He just leans forward and
brushes the tip of his tongue up the length of my ass crack,
stopping right on my asshole. He licks it harshly, crushing his
mouth against my ass, and then simply takes his index finger
there and starts sliding it into me. Without even pausing to let
me catch my breath, he starts fingering me right away, and that
just makes me lose it.
Raising my head, I let Logans cock pop out of my mouth and
let out another scream, this time one that sounds more like a
roar than anything else. The sound of it is so primal and intense
that I even feel my skin prickling.
A second later and I feel a knot on my throat, a heaviness
sinking into my stomach as electricity starts crackling under my
skull. My eyelids droop and I place my hands on Logans ankles
to push myself up; sitting on his face, I grab my tits and give
them a hard squeeze as I start to cum, my whole body feeling as
if Ive just been dipped into the oil inside of a frying pan.
By the time the orgasm has washed over me, I have locks of
hair plastered to my forehead, beads of sweat stinging my eyes
and falling down my back. Taking a deep breath, I slide my body
off Logans and sit down on the couch, leaning back and
preparing myself for the main course. Because, as exhausted as I
am right now, Im always ready for the main course, especially
when the main course is twenty-four inches long.
Come here, Logan says, curling his fingers around my wrist
and pulling me into him. Surprised by his quickness, I let my
body fall on top of his once more and I straddle him, except this
time Im facing him. I want your tight pussy, Lana.
This pussy? I tease him, grabbing his cock and brushing its
tip against my pussy lips. Why dont you come and get -- I
start to say, but he shuts me up real quick by placing his hands
on my waist and pushing me down while he thrusts up at the
same time. His cock parts my inner lips in a hurry, and his
twelve-inches fly deep inside of me before I can even let out
another scream. The tip of his cock seems to crash against my G-
spot, and it feels as if my spine has turned into a tower engulfed
by flames.
God, Im almost delirious right now.
Leaning forward, I rest the palm of my hands and then start
riding him fast and hard. My hips sway back and forth over his
cock, and I close my eyes as I surrender to the way he matches
every single movement of my body, driving his cock deeper into
my pussy. Hes grabbing my ass at the same time, squeezing my
cheeks, and then he cranes his neck and simply crushes his
mouth against mine; parting my lips with his tongue, he ignites
something inside me and our kiss turns into something feverish
and almost violent.
Im so lost in Logans kiss that I dont even notice Anders
kneeling behind me and between Logans legs. He just moves
there, almost stealthily, and the next thing I know, he has his
hands on my hips and the tip of his cock pressed tight against
my asshole. Oh, God, here we go again: another wild ride at the
twenty-four inches amusement park.
I cant get enough of your ass, Anders says as he starts
sliding his whole cock inside of me. I stop moving as he does it,
holding my breath and gritting my teeth, and I only resume the
swaying motion of my body when his whole twelve-inches are
inside of me.
To be honest, though, even though Im swaying my hips
Im barely moving. Its not that I dont want to; its just that
with their cocks filling my ass and pussy at the same time, I
dont have lots of room to maneuver in. Not that it matters,
anyway; they have both taken charge of the situation, and their
cocks are working furiously to compensate my stillness.
Fuck, fuck, fuck, I repeat over and over again, just like a
broken record. It seems I cant get my brain to function properly,
but its not like thats priority number one right now. The
priority, as it always is whenever Im inside a room alone with
Anders and Logan, is to enjoy the moment and fuck as much as
I can for as long as I can. Hey, dont judge; it might not sound
good, but trust me when I tell you that it feels amazing.
Thats exactly what were doing, babe, Logan laughs,
placing one hand behind my neck and pulling me toward him. I
bend over, offering Anders a better angle to fuck my ass, and my
lips meet Logans. We kiss once more, and this time we dont
break apart, we just keep on kissing as the two of them fuck me,
and I even forget to stop breathing.
I only come up for air when my lungs feel like two balloons
about to pop and, then again, I only do it because Id just collapse
otherwise. Ah, the limitations of the human body.
I want you to cover me in your cum I tell them as
they ram their cocks into my holes, their movements growing
more frantic as I speak. I want it, I want it bad, I continue, not
even knowing what Im saying. Forget about sanity and
rationality; madness and lust are behind the steering wheel this
very moment. But so what? If there ever was a moment for that,
that moment is now.
That can be arranged, Logan whispers, and thats when
Anders thrusts so hard that fireworks simply go off inside my
skull. Bright colors light up the back of my eyelids and, for a few
seconds, I become momentarily blind. My pussy chokes Logans
cock like a vice, and I feel that heavy pressure weighing down on
me as if I had the whole world on my shoulders. Then that
weight simply vanishes and, in its place, a wild and raging shot
of ecstasy makes its way into my veins.
I press my forehead against Logans chest, but this time I
dont even moan or scream. I simply quiver as my whole body
twitches and trembles, almost like as if I were having a seizure.
My eyes are rolling, my breathing is ragged, and I feel on the
verge of losing consciousness, and I really mean it.
Somehow, though, I manage to hold onto consciousness.
Now, lets make that wish of yours come true, I hear one of
them say, but Im still so dazed that I cant even make up to
whom that voice belongs.
Anders starts thrusting again, that viciousness back to the
movement of his hips, and all it takes are just a few strokes for
his cock to start pulsing harshly against my inner walls. Without
a moments hesitation, he slides it off my ass and then I feel
thick ropes of cum landing on my shoulders and dripping down
my back. I look back at Anders over my shoulder, watching as he
remains knelt behind me, stroking his cock and gushing his load
over my back and ass, the strands flying from the tip of his cock
in a wide arch.
Fuck, Im gonna cum, Logan suddenly says and, moving
fast, he pushes me back. I sit on the couch between both men as
Logan kneels opposite to Anders, and then their cum rains down
on me. I turn my head up and grin, my eyes closed as I slide
down from the couch to the floor; then they stand up, grabbing
their cocks and stroking them to the last drop.
I remain kneeling on the floor until they empty their loads
over me. My face is completely covered in their gooey seed, and I
feel heavy beads of semen sliding down the rising curve of my
breasts. Both my chest and back are a mess, and I simply cant
help but start moving my hands back and forth over my skin. I
smear their cum all over my skin, my fingers sliding up from my
stomach and onto my tits, my nipples slippery from the heavy
layer of semen that coats them.
Oh, thats it, I laugh, throwing my head back and opening
my mouth. The moment I do it, they point their cocks there and
fill me up to the brim, the warmness of their seed coating my
tongue, the saltiness of it making me feel lightheaded for a
minute. This is perfect, I say, the words coming out harsh and
rough; I mean, its not easy to speak when your mouth is
brimming with cum.
I wanna share, I continue to say, and even though the
words come out of my mouth all messed up, they understand
what I want. They kneel, each man on either side of my body,
and then they lean into me at the same time. Each one of them
focuses on one corner of my mouth, our three tongues dancing
and fighting over the slow flowing river of cum thats dripping
out of my mouth right now.
Turning to Logan, I then suck on his tongue before doing the
same with Anders. Then, looking from one to the other, I simply
swallow up all of the cum inside my mouth and offer them one of
the most happy and satisfied smiles of my life.
Why? Because Im whole again.
I love you. I love you so much, I whisper, softly laying my
hands on top of theirs.
I love you too, they repeat in one voice, and their words
wrap themselves around my brain like a warm blanket. I look at
them, enjoying the way they lips glisten from their own cum,
and the way theyre looking at me right now.
Theyre looking at me not as if I were the only woman in the
world, but as if I was the only right woman. And, really, thats
saying something.
And to think that this whole thing started months ago, when I
decided to knock at Abby Clevelands door to ask her for a job. I
guess I got more than I bargained for; more than a job, now I
have a publishing deal with the best publishing house in the
market, Im a fully fledged Naughty Angel, and Ive snagged two
gorgeous men that fuck me as if their lives depended on it.
If it sounds like Im bragging, thats because I am. Now, dont
get all envious on me. There are more men in the world, and Im
sure that youll find one (or two) of your own. Sure, they wont
be Anders or Logan (these are taken, sorry!), but as long as they
make both your heart and pussy happy well, thats what really
matters, isnt it?
You know, even though I always had this dream of becoming a
writer, Ive never been a big believer of the follow your dreams
trend. Even though I couldnt help but try my luck, deep down I
felt I was walking down a road that would end up in heartbreak.
And, for a desperate moment, things really seemed to point
that way.
But then love saved the day. Just like in a romance novel.
Just like ins The Virgin Market.

New Release!!

H OLD on to your panties ladies! Because have we got a release

for you!
Thats right! Two hot alpha men are going to show this lady a
good time!
Naughty Angel Publishing is proud to announce The Virgin
Market!!!! The first ever dark romance brought about under this
publishing company. As a debut work from Dark Angel!
Who is Dark Angel you ask? Maybe you dont recall seeing her
in the lineup?
Thats okay! If you havent seen the Facebook video thats
going viral or heard from word of mouth, then Dark Angel is the
newest author to join the umbrella of angels that we have here.
What can you call her when youre not referring to her work?
Well, we know her as Lana Angel! And you can too!
It seems like just yesterday that Lana was knocking on my
door in New York City. Said she wanted to write but she was
willing to start from the bottom up. So she started as a PA. And
now look at her - shes managing a new pen and her book is
already tearing up the charts.
I hear shes moved into a brand new fancy condo with her two
gorgeous boyfriends. The ones that pierce her every day from
both directions oooh. They literally make her quiver with ecstasy
Im thinking. I wonder if they grab her tits and suck them while
they pound her pussy? Make her squeal in pleasure. Or if they
make her groan and shake as they thrust.
I wonder what they talk about after they cum copious
amounts of semen all over her. Like shes gotta be the luckiest
Angel ever.
Anyways. Wanna catch a sneak peek at what the book is
gonna look like? Or what Lanas life is gonna turn out to be like?
Well, heres a lil secret.
Im sure youll find it if you keep reading.
Its like a hidden gem. Or some yummy treasure that you find
in the middle of a lot of stuff. Only, its an Easter Egg. If you
search hard enough, looking around, Im sure your paths will
one day cross with Lana.
But before you can do that, youre gonna have to see how the
story turns out.
Because the one thing better than a happily ever after isan
even happier forever after! LOL!

M y name is Lana Angel and Im a bestselling writer.

Do you know what that feels like? It feels like
Ive entered the Hall of Gods to join their ranks. Remember how
I looked up to Abby Cleveland? How I wanted to be just like her?
Yeah, I finally got what I wanted.
Except, instead of scoring a boyfriend out of the whole deal, I
managed to score two of them. But back to my writing career.
The Virgin Market sold thousands of copies, and it beat all
expectations. I single-handedly made dark romance a genre that
people flock to. I mean, there are writers cranking out cheap
knock-offs of what I wrote! How insane is that? Lana Hartley,
trailblazer and setter of trendsyeah, you can write that down
on my tombstone when I die.
Its unbelievable, really. People stop me in the street, shoving
their copies of The Virgin Market under my nose and begging me
for an autograph. To be honest, I still havent learned how to
cope with this sudden stardom, but Im loving every moment
of it.
Besides, it helps that I have Abby Cleveland in my corner,
rooting for me and giving me all the advice I need. More than
that, she has made me a part of the Naughty Angel inner circle,
and Ive met all of the big players in her company.
It kinda boggles the mind if you think that Naughty Angel
Publishing started the way it did; Abby broke all the rules and
somehow, managed to remain true to herself. Despite all odds,
she made 12 Inches a reality and crushed the romance market.
To think that the same thing is happening to me I mean,
it's almost unbelievable, dont you think? Weeks ago I was just a
staff writer, one of a dozen of assistants, and now here I am, a
key player in the best publishing house in the romance industry.
And, yeah, if youre wondering, The Virgin Market really
turned my bank account into a success. Remember my studio
apartment? Yeah, thats long gone. Now Im living it up in a
three-bedroom apartment with all the amenities a writer like me
needs. Now, I just need to convince Logan and Anders that I
really, really, need a cat.
But dont think that a writers life is an easy life. Oh, no, far
from it. In fact, right now its 3 am and Im still sitting at my
desk, staring at my laptop and slowly making the words appear
on the screen. Thats right, Im already hard at work on my new
manuscript. Want to know what it's about? Sorry, hun, but I
really cant tell. Youll have to wait until I release it so that you
can dive in.
Just between you and I though, Ive been getting a lot of
inspiration from all the sex Ive been having. I have two
insatiable men by my side, after all. It seems like I have more sex
than meals nowadays. And, no, Im not complaining.
Still awake? I hear Logan say, and I raise my eyes from the
laptop to stare toward the other end of the living room. Hes
standing there, his hair disheveled and his eyes still puffed from
sleep, and hes wearing only boxer briefs.
I was just finishing this chapter, I tell him with a smile,
typing three more words and finishing off for the day. But now
Im ready to go to bed, I continue, saying that more to myself
than to him.
Cmon, he says, walking all the way toward me and forcing
me to go up to my feet. Then, he bends over slightly and places
one arm under the back of my knees; reacting fast, I place one
arm around his neck and allow him to pick me up from the floor.
Such a gentleman, I laugh, placing my free hand against his
naked chest and feeling his heartbeat under the palm of my
hand. I let him carry me all the way toward the bedroom, and my
eyes dart to Anders almost immediately; hes already lying there,
under the sheets, and he opens his eyes lazily as he hears us
come in.
Just in time, he yawns, sitting up on the bed. I was having
an insane dream
Was I in it? I ask him as Logan puts me down on the bed
and climbs up next to me.
You and Logan, Anders whispers softly, a wicked grin
dawning on his lips. The kind of grin that says I hope you
werent getting ready to sleep, because I have something on
my mind.
Your dirty mind never stops, I laugh, lying down and
pressing my body against his. Logan lies next to me, on my other
side, and spoons me. I feel his cock harden up against my ass
cheeks and I do the only thing I can, I jut my ass back, rubbing
his cock with my ass.
In case youre wondering, yeah, I share a bed with these two.
Im a famous writer, and I live with the two most handsome men
who have ever walked the Earth. Yep, Im living the dream! And
what a dream it is
Placing one hand on Anders chest, I slide it down his body
and under the sheets, and I only stop when his erect mast stands
in the way. I curl my fingers around Anders cock and, at the
same time, I thrust back against Logans.
Need some inspiration, uh? Logan whispers against my ear,
kissing my neck and running one hand through my hair.
I always need inspiration, I reply with a hoarse voice,
feeling a wetness taking over my pussy. I close my eyes and
surrender to their embrace, happiness making my heart dance
inside my chest.
This is my life now.
And, more than all the sex, money, and fame, theres one
thing I prize the most about my new life: the love of these
two men.
Theyre my whole life, and Im theirs.
And thats what love is all about.

I hope you liked the feature presentation of 24 Inches.

I always view novel releases like a day at the fair or something

fun. At least thats how when I buy a book, I look at it. I go to the
beach, or to my balcony, with a nice tall vodka tonic and lounge
chair and get ready to spend an entire afternoon.
So even though this novel was 55,000 words, I wanted to give
you some more content.

To fulfill this goal, here is what I am providing some extra

First, we will start with a copy of Scandalous, by Alexis Angel.
This book is no longer published and provided for free with
every copy.
Then we have Client 5, by Alexis Angel. It has an added new
epilogue as well! This book is no longer published and provided
for free.
This then has a copy of Man Chaser by Alexis Angel. This
book is no longer published and provided for free.
And then a copy of Wicked Lil Brat by Alexis Angel.
And then a copy of DILF by Alexis Angel.
And then a copy of Dirty Daddy by Alexis Angel. This has
never before been seen in added content and is provided
exclusively for you today as a thank you!
After that, I have two short stories.
Lanas Market, a short story by Dark Angel.
All followed by, Lanas Gamble, which is a short story by Dark
Both are never before seen and brand new. They will never be
published anywhere else separately.
Our goal in this is simple.
To entertain you as long as we can to give you the best
experience with the words that we hold so dear. Because while
we may be in various corners of the world, the fact that we are
sharing these brings us closer together we feel.
Thank you so much for reading!



Scandalous: A Secret Baby Dark Romance

Just looking at him is enough to melt my panties. Thats why

Im not wearing any around him.
Lance Anders. Hes cocky. Hes arrogant.

Hes too beautiful to be real.

Buthes entirely forbidden.
Im in a forced marriage to his father. A prisoner in a literally
loveless partnership that only exists through blackmail. I have
too much to lose.
Besides, Im 15 years older. That makes me wiser. And my
brain tells me to stay far away from him when he comes to visit
for the summer.
Hes too risky for me to touch. Too taboo for me to taste. One
touch of this Devils lips and I know Ill be damned.
Then why am I captivated by those deep, soulful eyes?
Why cant I get enough of that shirtless body? And that bulge
in his pants. Is that really his?
Maybe Heaven can wait
Scandalous is a full-length standalone romance that will have
your naughty bits twitching with delight. No cliffhanger. HEA

I look down at the sight of the nasty slut sucking my
cock greedily and I grunt with a self-satisfied air. Shes getting
into it. Her body isnt the best, but I dont fucking care. Shes the
Presidents only fucking daughter, and shes giving me head
while my bare ass is resting comfortably on the Presidents
Thats right. Im sitting in the Big Chair itself. Right behind
the Presidents desk in the Oval Office. Its night of course, and
no one else is in here.
Heres a history lesson for you. The Presidents desk is called
the Resolute Desk because it was given as a gift to the United
States from the HMS Resolute from Her Royal Navy.
If Abby doesnt have good aim, its also going to be called the
Lance Anders splatter pad for when I cum all over it after this
Lance Anders, thats me, alright. And thats probably the only
reason that Secret Service hasnt hauled me away from here, or
building security hasnt been set on me yet.
Because Im supposed to be here.
Allow me to introduce myself if you havent been keeping in
touch with CNN and Politico like the other Washington DC
junkies that surround this place. My name is Lance Anders of the
New York Anders Family. My father is Michael Anders, the
billionaire scion of the media empire bearing his nameAnders
Before you think what a great man my dad is though, let me
just correct you real quick. It was my grandfather who built the
fucking company to what it is today. Starting with newspapers,
and then moving on to radio. Then magazines. Finally television
and film. And toward the end of his lifethe man worked till he
diedthe Internet.
My dad, well, he just built on it. Went into fucking politics. He
says it's to protect the family business. Whatever. He just
probably likes the power. I dont remember much, when he and
my mom were married - I think I was 2.
Oh right, I call him my Dad because hes all Ive ever known.
My mom died shortly after marrying that asshole. He became my
legal guardian. But well talk more about how I havent talked to
him in forever. Right now Im fucking this bitch.
She moans again lewdly and I think I love politics. My Dad
said I should go into politics too. Thats basically why Im here as
a White House Intern right after my senior year at Yale. My dads
the Mayor of New York City, and with a few favors and a few
strings pulled, hes put his son in at a job where he can sit in the
Presidents chair and get a blowjob from the First fucking
Speaking of which, I look down. Holy fucking shit! Abby is
bobbing her head up and down my shaft like a fucking pro. My
cock is in a world of its own. Its throbbing so hard, ready to
cum that it must have its own fucking heartbeat. Yeah, my dad
definitely wouldnt approve of this.
But you know what? He probably wouldnt approve of a lot of
things I do. Definitely doesnt approve of the line of tattoos
gracing my arms and chest that I got in college while playing
football. Definitely doesnt approve of the fucking assembly line
fucking I do of the female species. Although, theres nothing I
can really do about that. The women, they seem to throw
themselves at me.
And hey, can you fucking blame them? Im 21 years old.
Young, with blue eyes and dimples. A ripped fucking body. The
body of a fucking Greek god. A fucking gladiator. 8-pack abs. I
bench twice my weight easily. I have a body fat index of 5%.
But thats what brings the ladies to me in the first place. First
year co-eds, sorority sluts, graduate student assistants,
professors, housewives, and now First Daughters. They coo with
lust as I take my clothes off and kiss between their neck and
their shoulder. Then they get my pants off.
And their eyes bug the fuck out.
Because they see it.
My cock.
12 fucking inches of lust muscle. Veiny, and thick as your
wrist. With its head that turns an angry color of purple, and at
first theyre afraid.
Lance, I dont know. they say out loud with fear and
trepidation in their voices. They try jerking it, but they usually
need two hands. I get them off once with my fingers and tongue.
And then no matter their protests, I get them to take just the tip.
Ill probably only be able to sink in half way into them. But by
then theyre clawing at my back and screaming for Jesus.
Theyve blasted off and gone into orbit, their minds no longer on
this level of existence my cock is so good. By the time Im done
with them, theyve forgotten their fucking names. Theyve
forgotten their boyfriends, lovers, spouses, parents, you name it.
All they know is Lance fucking Anders. All they want is Lance
I grunt savagely as Abby continues her ministrations on my
cock. I need to fuck, just thinking about all these women.
Hey, get up, I command. She looks at me for one second
but them I pull her up with my arms. She squeals as I turn her
over and bend her on her daddys desk. I lift up her skirt and
yank down her panties. Fuck, I may have ripped those panties.
But they were boring cotton briefs. Not really worth the loss, if
you ask me.
Abby squeals again in excitement and juts her ass out. I waste
no time and put on a condom and position my head into the
mouth of her pussy and shove into her canal.
Oh my fucking God, Lance! Abby moans out loud.
She starts squirming on my cock, like a bug pierced by a
needleher arms writhing all over the desk. I dont notice
because Ive closed my eyes and Im imagining all the various
girls Ive fucked over my short lifespan.
Is it a lot? Sure. I wont lie. But Ive always taken care to be
safe and Ive always been honest with the girls. Ive told them
that Im young. Im not looking for anything permanent. Hell,
Im looking for one night. Maybe two if theyre really good and
Im in the mood. A week is the absolute max. Two weeks? Fuck
that. After that, well be friends, but they have to remember my
motto: One and done.
Sure when my cock is going in and out of them like its doing
to Abby they nod their head and bite their tongue. But as soon as
they cum? As soon as they recover from that amazing fuck?
Theyre getting all clingy. Theyre making plans to go up to the
Cape to meet their fucking parents. Theyre renting hotel rooms
in the middle of the afternoon where we can go and fuck.
Listen, I dont know what to say if you dont believe me. Take
a look at Abby right now, if you dont think Im telling you the
truth. Shes going crazy, grunting and groaning like a fucking
animal in heat. Her eyes are clouded up with fucking lust. Her
hands are desperately trying to grab hold of something.
She hits one of the phones along the side of the desk. I dont
know which one. But whatever, she actually feels pretty good.
Shes a bit of a slutat least thats the word around the West
Wing. Shes not tight. Ill grant you that.
Oh baby, Im going to fuck you so hard! I tell her.
Is it me or is she talking in a very low voice? I bend over closer
to hear her without breaking my stride.
Oh unggggghh, baby, its so daaaa.good, she moans
I close my eyes, and go back to imagining the women Ive
been with. So much Ive wanted to do with them.
Tell me how much you want it, I tell her. I hold onto her
hips and increase my tempo.
Oooohh, Abby coos. Eeeeee, she pants. At least thats
what it sounds like. I havent opened my eyes yet. Just going by
auditory impulses.
Tell me how much you fucking love my cock, I say, getting
closer and closer.
Khee bhol cho Abby says and I have no idea what shes
saying now, but Im not going to lie Im not really paying
attention. Im maybe five seconds away from exploding. A
veritable geyser of semen is going to shoot out from my
monster cock.
Im going to cum all over your fucking face, I grunt as I slow
down my thrusts.
Kheee, Abby says in a high pitch voice. Shes speaking
garbage now. Unintelligible. But thats just the effect I have on
I finally open my eyes and look at her. Her eyes are wide and
shes looking back at me in fear.
Three more strokes. Two. One.
Fuck, no time to turn her around.
I pull out and whip my condom off.
Im gonna cum, I say with a nasty sneer of pride.
The door bursts open.
I look up.
Its the President of the United States. Hes being followed by
three Secret Service people.
But its too late for me. Im cumming. Bolts of lightning and
electricity have seized my body and paralyzed my muscles. My
nuts have tightened and twisted and I feel myself spurt. All over
his daughters ass. I unload rope after rope of thick, viscous
white cum on his daughters ass cheeks and lower back. Despite
the fact that this 22-year-old First Daughter just got caught in
the Oval Office with a White House Interns cock inside of her,
and despite the fact that her eyes tell me shes afraid of
something, which has to be my cock because she cant help but
sigh in pleasure as thick, heavy spurts of hot jizz land on her
lower back and ass.
I grunt like a savage and start looking at my handiwork. The
first shot hits the right ass cheek. I moan lewdly as I see it. I
cant help it. The second shot hits the left. The third rope hits
her lower back and pools right above her ass before trickling
down her thighs. The fourth shot hits right on her crack,
dribbling downward. The fifth shot goes and smears the right ass
cheek again.
Fuck, I gasp, as my orgasm subsides and my cock starts to
dribble cum out.
In a fog of sex, Im vaguely aware that the President has
rushed to the desk. Im slowly becoming aware that the Secret
Service agents are standing at the entrance to the Oval Office.
What I dont understand is why the President doesnt seem to
be paying any attention to Abby and I. Is his daughter that much
of a slut that hes basically given up on her?
Thats when I notice hes saying something.
Fuck, hes talking into the phone.
Wait, hes talking into the phone?
The phone was on?
Dimitry, please understand that this in not a provocation of
war! the President yells into the phone and thats when I snap
back to reality. America is not looking to fuck you and cum on
Russias face!
Oh. Fuck.
Kakvo Kazvash! the voice yells on the other end.
He says the missiles are ready for launch if youre lying, a
voice says and I notice that the Presidents Russian translator is
behind him. I didnt even notice him.
You remember as I was fucking Abby and her hands were
going all over the place as she was squirming?
Remember the phone she grabbed?
Im just realizing right now. It was red.
Dimitry, we have no desire for war! I swear to you! The US
and Russia have come a long way together. Dont let two stupid
kids cost the lives of billions of people! the President yells.
Beads of sweat are forming on his brow.
My cock starts to twitch, its resting semi-hard on Abbys ass.
Were frozen, all watching what's happening.
Apparently, the Russian President got put on speakerphone
and misinterpreted my telling Abby the things I wanted to do to
her as threats of war.
Theres a long silence.
Daubs Vedanya! the voice on the other end of the line says
and the line clicks as it goes dead.
The President looks to his translator who nods. He sighs
visibly and clutches the desk.
My heart rate slows. Fuck, that was close.
I pull away from Abby and start putting on my pants. Abby
turns around to look at me. I hastily put on my pants and grab
my shirt and shoes, putting them on as I start walking.
I need to put as much distance between me and the Oval as
If anyone needs me, Ill be at the Executive Building, I say,
almost out the door.
Wait just one minute, Lance, the President says from
behind me.
Fuck. I was so close to getting out of this one as well.
I turn around to face the fucking music.
Guess dad wont approve of me almost starting World War III
now to add to the long list of other things, huh?
Oh well, I hear hes gotten married. No time like the present
to go see who he conned into his fake marital alliance.

F rom the Desk of Amanda Adams, the Professional

Gossiper of Page Two.

W ELCOME TO P AGE T WO G OSSIP , heres what were hearing around

the halls of power:

T HOUGHT YOU WERE SAFE ? Had a great day yesterday? Well, how
would you like to know that we almost all died? Thats right. Im
hearing that the United States came closer than it has in a long
time to a complete and all out war with the Russians. Thats
right. Administration officials and the Pentagon are obviously
not saying anything confirming something like this, but my
spies in the White House tell me that it all started with some
You read that right, readers. Someone was getting some in
the Oval Office, and accidentally pushed the wrong buttons and
got on the phone with the Russians. What was said hasnt been
found out yet, but it was aggressive enough to get the Russian
president, Dimitry Belevich, to put his finger on his own nuclear
Yup. We didnt believe it at first either, but apparently the sex
was so rough that the Russian president thought it was a prelude
to war when he thought he was being spoken to.
Cant believe it? Our sources swear up and down that its true.
Whats more, a few are even telling me who the man with the
nuclear libido is, and this youre not going to believe.
Turns out the man with the explosive sex in his loins is none
other than Lance Anders. Thats absolutely right. Lance Anders
the prodigal son of the Mayor, Michael Anders.
If youre reading this on the subway and need to sit down, Im
with you, babe. I didnt believe it at first. Lance just graduated
from Yale this year and hes only been at the White House as an
intern for about a month. He was recommended to the job by
both the Mayor and the Democratic Congressman from
Manhattan, Vivian Hawthorne. With so much political capital by
him, we thought Lance would be a shining star in
Washington D.C.
But if you're having trouble breathing thinking how Lance
almost caused World War III, guess who his partner in
crime was?
Now for this, our sources are going deep undercover. If the
White House found out they were talking to me, theyd not just
be fired, but theyd probably be sued to. Theyre telling me it was
the First Daughter, Abby, who was doing the nasty with Lance.
And was doing it so loudly and so lewdly that the Russian
president who was listening thought our country was getting
ready to go to war.
Thats right. Turns out Americas Sweetheart isnt so much of
a sweetheart but a sexpot. Which just goes to show that you
shouldn't believe everything that those in power are telling you.
Who knows what deep, dark secrets they could be hiding?
But fear not, citizens of Gotham, because Amanda Adams is
always listening and always ready to spell the juiciest, dirtiest,
nastiest secret for your enjoyment and pleasure. And it looks like
Lance is going to be coming home to daddy so that means were
going to be extra busy.
Which means, batten the hatches, New Yorkers, and hide
your daughters. Lance Anders is coming back to town after being
away for four years. He and his father have been rumored to not
get along; its doubtful even that Hizzoner went to Yale for his
sons graduation ceremony, seeing as Mayor Anders was in
Moscow at that time.
So, its going to be an interesting summer, to say the least.
Till we find more, this is Amanda Adams signing off. Keep your
ears open, New York.

I hear Michael come through the door downstairs and I

can sense my heart rate increase. Its been six
months since weve been married, so were still technically a
newlywed couple.
I hear footsteps downstairs. Hes in the foyer. Most likely
checking his mail. If I know Michael, hell check the mail, throw
out to shred what he doesnt need, and come upstairs. Once he
comes upstairs, hell come to our bedroom. Hell change a bit
maybe get out of the suit and tie, or maybe even just take off his
coat. Hell wash his face, put on some slippers and head to his
upstairs office. Thats right. Michael has an upstairs office in
addition to his downstairs study. This entire townhouse on the
Upper East Side revolves around Michael. Once there, hell either
let me know what our plans for dinner are, or whether hes
eating alone in hIs office. Hell have people on speakerphone
with the television on. God knows what he does in there.
Like I said, its been six months since weve been married, but
I know his after-work routine like nothing else.
But tonight, Im going to be putting a slight dent in those
Im lying in bed. Ive just freshly showered. Ive shaved my
legs. I got waxed a few days ago so Im all good down there. I
have my Elizabeth Arden on. Totally brand new lingerie from La
Perla. A very expensive strip of lace black cloth that makes up a
thong and barely covers my swollen pussy lips. A matching lace
black bra. Stockings and garters. Im lounging on the bed, my
slender legs splayed out slightly, giving myself a wanton air. My
face has a smoldering look; my eyes are as filled with lust as
theyve ever been in my life.
Im dying for sex. Im craving a cock. I need to get fucked. If
this doesnt entice Michael, nothing will.
I look at myself in the mirror. I know I look good. Guys have
been telling me that all my life. I mean, I try not to let it get to
my head and I really hope I dont come across as if Im stuck up,
because Im really not. I was just blessed with some good genes,
but its hard work. I work out every day. I get on my Peleton and
join a global spin class in the mornings. I do yoga, CrossFit, and
Pilates. I try to eat well, although I do love chocolate. And wine!
All that, to keep what I have. Because Im 35, and I know these
looks won't last forever. That Ill stop turning heads one day.
Men won't stare on the street anymore. Theyll be looking;
they'll be leering at the next pretty young thing that comes their
way. Shell be 21 years old with nothing in her brain.
I used to be like that. I remember those days, after I graduated
from Dartmouth. Looking to have fun. To party. I used to live in
the city with some roommates, and then on my own. I used to
modelnothing serious, but enough to pay the bills and buy
makeup, champagne, brunch, and clothes as well as pay for rent.
Guys came flocking. And I used to have my pick.
But no one was ever good enough for daddy. And when your
father is the Governor of New York State, you kind of have to do
as he says. So I waited until he started introducing me to men he
considered eligible. Only they were either too old. Like 90. Or too
fat. Like 400 pounds. Or married too many times in the past. I
much rather preferred my generation, thank you very much.
So daddy and I fell into a routine. He didnt like my prospects
that I chose, and I didnt like the prospects that he found. I
couldnt just elope. I had to be the good daughter.
And then came the day that daddy left the Governors
Mansion in Albany. And an elder gentleman by the name of
Michael Anders came up to the house in Westchester. I know he
came over because it was Christmas and I was home for the
holidays. Mom showed him to dads office and they spoke for a
long time.
When they came out, dads face was white as a sheet.
I think this will work out to both our advantages, Mr.
AndersMichaelsaid, shaking my fathers limp hand before
turning to me. I watched as his eyes scanned my lithe body. But
he did nothing else but stare. And then he turned and left.
Over the next three years, it seemed that dad and Michael
were close. He called in a lot of favors. His contacts helped
Michael raise money for a successful bid to become Mayor of
New York City. He helped push through legislation that required
state approval by calling in and using old favors. He even
appeared as a surrogate for Michael on television. It seemed that
dad did everything Michael could ever ask of him.
Until seven months ago, when dad came to my apartment. He
looked older than his years, although he still kept in shape at 61.
He sat me down, and took my hand, looking into my eyes.
You need to get married, baby girl, he told me. I need you
to marry Michael Anders.
Now, the age difference Michael and I is 15 years. Hes 51. Left
to my own devices, theres no way I would ever consent to do
something like that. And sure, I argued. I told him I had control
of my own life. That I was my own person.
At one point, I even asked why he would suggest that I needed
to do something as vile as what he was asking. But then I saw the
look on my dads eyesfear, anxietyit was the look of a man
who sees everything hes worked for his whole life on the
precipice of being taken away from him.
Michael had something on my father. Something bad enough
that he was able to demand his only daughters hand in
Always the good daughter, never knowing how to stand up for
herself, and also afraid of what saying no would do to my father,
I instead said yes.
That was six months ago.
But enough about me for now. I can hear Michael coming up
the stairs. His footfalls are heavy, but measured and my heart
starts to beat with anticipation as I see his shadow on the
He enters the room and turns his head to see me.
How was your day, dear? I ask with a coy smile. I spread my
legs a bit further apart, to give him a better view.
Michael turns fully to me and takes a few steps toward me.
His eyes scan my body. I smile lasciviously, letting my inner
desire come through. I don't care if hes 51 now. I dont care
what he looks like. I need to have sex with my husband.
His eyes continue to travel my body. I let my one hand lightly
brush across the material of my bra, bringing his eyes to my
boobs. Let him feast on those. I use my other hand to trace a line
from my belly button down to my crotch. I see his eyes travel
down with me.
Hes entranced. Good. I need him to be hard. I want to
unbuckle that belt of his and lower his pants. Then take his cock
in my mouth and lick the shaft before taking the tip in my
mouth. Get him good, hard, and lubed up. Then I want to climb
on top of his cock and ride myself to an orgasm.
Just thinking about having sexnot caring who it's withis
getting me wet. As noticeably as possible, I slip one finger inside
my thong and push it down, feeling the folds of my pussy
respond to my touch. My lips are swollen. From desire.
Not just for this man, mind you. But for sex. In general.
You could say Im desperate for a good fucking. Thats what's
causing me to lie there in the most vulnerable state Ive ever
allowed myself to be in in front of anyone. Nearly naked, with
one hand fingering my pussy willing to subject myself to all
manner of sexual objectification.
Michaels eyes travel my body back up to my face.
He looks at my parted lips. I wonder what part of me he wants
He opens his mouth.
I have a lot of work to do tonight, Jocelyn, he says and my
heart starts to beat faster and louder. I dont think Im going to
be able to do anything tonight.
Whats going through me right now is probably what youre
wondering? Ever been rejected for sex before? From a man? Its
almost unheard of for women to be told no. What does that make
me feel like?
Shameful. Discarded. Unwanted. Ugly.
You name it.
But you go on without me, Michael says coldly. Looks like
youre doing just fine on your own.
And with that he turns toward the dresser, takes the coat of
his suit off, grabs his slippers and puts them on and turns back
to the door.
All without a second glance in my direction. Im lying there
like some unwanted sex doll.
Fuck. This was all a waste. My entire marriage is a waste. My
life is a waste.
But before you go telling me to cheer up, babe, let me just clue
you in on why I even did all this. Why I went to La Perla. Why I
basically tried to initiate this whole intimate encounter.
Had Michael succumbed, it would have been the first time in
our marriage that we had actually had sex. That our relationship
would have been consummated.
See, it wasnt bad enough that I was forced into this marriage.
Whats worse is that for the last six months, ever since weve
been married, I dont think Michael Anders has touched me once
in private. Never a kiss unless it's in front of the camera. Never a
stare of desire when were alone.
Some couples have their whole relationships based
around sex.
Ours revolves around a lie.
Michael stops at the edge of the door right before walking out.
Without turning to me, he speaks to me.
By the way, he says coldly. Lance has gone and gotten
himself fired from the job I arranged for him at the White House.
So hes coming over to stay the summer with us. I think I want to
use him for the re-election campaign.
Ive never met Lance. Michael has mentioned him maybe
once. When we were getting married and signing the papers.
And today. So I guess thats twice.
I trust that youll act appropriately around him, Michael
says. We cant have any surprises like what you tried to pull
tonight happening while hes here.
And almost as an afterthought, as he leaves, he adds, Ill be
having dinner in my office. Dont wait up.
And with that hes gone.
Leaving me near naked and horny in my gilded cage.
Remember when I told you I wasnt stuck up about being told
I was beautiful? You probably didn't believe me all the way. Well,
this is why I dont let my beauty go to my head.

C oming home isnt supposed to be such a fucking

miserable experience, but thats what you get when
youre fired after fucking the Presidents daughter and risking
WW III. Im lucky Im not in a fucking Guantanamo cell right
now, so I guess its not that fair of me to complain.
But still, can you fucking blame me? Ive never been close
with my father, and I havent even met my new stepmother.
Especially after having to read in the newspaper that my father
fucking remarried. He couldnt even pick up the fucking phone
to let me know. So, yeah, Im fucking sorry if Im not overly
excited with the prospect of being around two people who are
only family on paper till November comes around. I mean,
theyre probably only husband and wife on paper as well. My
father isnt exactly someone who cares about women, if you
know what I mean. Knowing him as I do, he probably arranged
the whole fucking thing as another power move. For ol Michael
Anders, everyone around him is nothing more than a fucking
pawn to be moved across a chessboard. I actually feel sorry for
the poor woman he pulled into that fucking arrangement.
You can drop me off here, I tell the cab driver as the
silhouette of the townhouse I grew up in emerges at the end of
street. I give him a folded fifty-dollar bill and leave the car,
carrying just a backpack over my shoulder. I never liked to move
around carrying bulky suitcases. Besides, this is fucking New
York City. What I dont have, I can just fucking get.
I walk toward the building and take a deep breath before
going up the stairs that lead to the entrance. Balling my hand
into a fist, I rap my knuckles against the door, cursing the day I
decided to leave my own set of keys in my old bedroom. If no
ones home, Ill have to wait here as if I were a lost pup.
If youre from New York, then I bet youre going to roll your
eyes right now. Because youre gonna ask yourself why Im not
pulling up to Gracie Mansion, where the Mayor of the City
traditionally lives.
Well, I got news for you. My dad is so fucking wealthy that he
made it a campaign pledge to not move in. Instead, he brought
the fucking mansion staff to his own townhouse - which is still
located in the Upper East Side in Yorkville.
Yeah, thats the kind of asshole my Dad is.
LookIm sorry if I sound fucking pissy, okay? You dont
know what its like having to come back with my tail tucked
behind my legs. Back to a man who never fucking cared about me
in my entire fucking life.
I almost wonder whether Id want no one to be home.
Luckily, the sounds of footsteps on the other side of the door
reach me and the door swings open a few seconds after.
Lance, right? a beautiful woman asks me, politely smiling.
She looks radiant, in a pair of skinny jeans and a blue silk blouse
thats tucked in. Shes roughly five feet and seven inches, a
slender beauty, but she has the most toned legs I have ever seen.
They lead up to a sumptuous looking heart-shaped ass thats
framed exquisitely in her jeans and a small tapered waist. Her
slender and flat tummy yields the most impressive set of tits
that I have ever beheld; these giant breasts are struggling
against her blouse and are easily D cups. They dont sag, and
dont detract from her figure. Even her neck is elegant, long, and
smooth. She has a cute face with a pair of luscious lips, slutty
eyes, and hair that comes to her shoulders. In two short words:
fucking beautiful.
Yeah Thats me, I manage to say rather dumbfounded.
Jocelyn? I ask, feeling like a complete fucking idiot now that
shes in front of me: I never even bothered to look at a photo of
her before coming back home. To be honest, I didnt do it
because Well, because I didnt expect my stepmother to be this
fucking hot. I just knew based on what my Dad cared about that
it was probably some political fake marriage. I knew her name
was Jocelyn, and that she was a thirty-something woman from
New York, but I had no idea that she looked like a fucking
Yes, thats me, she replies in that polite tone, smiling
gently. I extend her my hand, trying to be as polite as her, but
she waves my hand away. Leaning into me, she brushes her lips
against my cheeks, laying a simple kiss there. The moment her
lips touch my skin I feel my cock twitching, and I have to focus
really hard to not pop a boner right here and now. Thatd be
fucking rich, greeting my stepmother with a boner.
Were family, she simply says, taking my backpack and
stepping aside so that I can get in.
We are, I repeat after, walking into the hallway and trying
hard not to stare at her cleavage. Jesus Christ, how the hell did
my father marry a woman like this? Is my father home?
No, Im sorry, Lance. He said he had a few meetings he had
to attend, but he should be home any time now. Of course. Its
not like my fucking father would wait on me. Alright, sure, its
not like I deserve to be waited on after my little stunt at the
White House But even if I did, Im pretty sure he wouldnt
fucking bother to be home waiting for me. Its not like I give a
fuck about it; Im pretty used to stuff like this by now. I hope
you dont mind being here alone with me, she continues, my
cock twitching again as a response to her words. Fucking hell,
where did this woman come from?
Its okay, I tell Jocelynmy stepmotheras I run one hand
through my hair. I look into her eyes, all of my thoughts turning
into something no one should ever know about. Im already
imagining myself peeling the clothes off of her body, her naked
figure slowly revealing itself to me
Focus, I tell myself inwardly, trying not to make a fucking fool
out of myself. What am I fucking supposed to say to her now?
Chit chat until my father gets home? Oh, fuck no - two more
minutes around her and Ill have a boner so massive Ill pass out
from lack of blood. Im kinda tired from the trip. Im just going
to unpack my bag and take a shower, if thats alright with you.
Oh, of course, she replies, handing me my backpack again.
Turning my back to her, I walk up the stairs to my room as if I
were in a daze, my heart kicking against my ribcage. Holy fuck,
how am I supposed to fucking live inside this house all these
months? With that fucking woman walking around? Thats just
torture, if you ask me.
I step inside my old bedroom and throw my backpack on top
of the bed, slamming the door shut as I take one deep breath. I
knew my father was ruthless enough to marry for political gain,
but I never would have thought hed end up with someone as hot
as Jocelyn. I dont mean to be a fucking ass about this, but its
not like my father cares for the beautiful sex. He never really
admitted it to melet alone to the worldbut theres no doubt
in my mind about where his interests lie. Good for him if hes
into men, I guess. I just find it in poor taste to drag someone into
a fucking loveless (and most likely sexless) marriage.
I walk into my bedrooms private bathroom and close the
door, locking it. I strip naked and hop into the shower, turning
the faucet on and waiting for the water to warm up. Here, some
privacy to myself, all my fucking self-restraint goes out the
window. I close my eyes for a full second and thats all it takes
for my mind to dart back to Jocelyn. Just like that, I feel my cock
hardening, warm blood rushing to it. Look, I know shes my
stepmother and all that, but its not like I can help it.
As steam starts to blanket the bathroom, I step under the
running water, throwing my head back and trying to clear my
mind. Of course, thats not what happens. In fact, its pretty
much the opposite. The moment I close my eyes Im flooded by
the mental snapshot of Jocelyns body, and before I even know
what Im doing, Im fucking grasping my cock, moving my hand
back and forth over it.
Theres no use in fighting this; it might be a fucked up thing
to do, but Im jerking off while thinking of my fucking
stepmother. I imagine what it would be like to slide my hands
under her blouse, to feel her perfect round tits under my fingers
as I squeeze them My imagination fills in all the blanks, my
heart racing as if it were actually happening. I can almost taste
the flavor of her mouth, her full lips pressing against mine as I
cup her ass
I start to stroke hard, my hand moving fast as I struggle to
breathe. My mind produces her imaginary moans, the grip I have
on my cock turning into her tight pussy. God, and to think shes
somewhere in the house, waiting for my father to get home!
Then, I hear the door to my room opening and my heart
almost fucking explodes.
Im sorry to barge in, I hear Jocelyn say from the other side
of the bathroom door. I just came to leave you a dry towel. Ill
let it on this side of the door.
Thats Thank you! I say hurriedly, stroking faster than
ever, the sound of the running water luckily drowning out the
sound of my movements. You didnt need to.
Of course I did, she says very slowly, my cock spasming
harder and harder as the sound of her voice caresses my
eardrums. Were family now.
Family, I repeat after her, straining to get the word out as I
press my forehead against the wall, my cock pulsing viciously
against my fingers. I explode like that, the sound of her honeyed
voice still echoing in my mind as ropes of thick cum spurt from
my dick.
I remain still, holding my spasming cock in my hand until I
hear her leave the room. Only then do I realize I was holding my
breath as I came, my fucking lungs aching to start working again.
Looking down at my hard cock, drops of cum still dripping
down my shaft, I cant help but feel buckets of fucking
adrenaline coursing through me as I fully accept what Ive done;
I fucking jerked off to my stepmother.
It seems like this is going to be an interesting fucking
summer, after all.

O h my God, hun. Dont look at me like that!

I cant believe the thoughts that have been running
through my head. Lance Anders is my stepson! But I swear I
cant help but feel irresistibly attracted to him. I mean, I had
seen pictures of him, and I knew how gorgeous he was But to
see him in the flesh Now thats a completely different thing.
Ever since he walked in through the door, I cant help thinking
about those big arms. That deep chest. That flat and sculpted
stomach. Those abs I got the barest of peeks of.
And that bulge. Oh, my. Is that his
No. It cant be.
Its so big.
Closing the door to my bedroom, I lay back down on top of the
mattress, sighing heavily as I stare at the ceiling. Michael is still
in his study, working as usual, as if nothing could ever disrupt
his workaholic routinenot even the return of his only son. He
and Lance only traded a few curt words over dinner, and I took it
upon myself to make the younger Anders feel welcome here. But
I should be careful. If I dont keep a cool head, I might do or say
something stupid. Its not as easy as it seems, though. Every
time Im close to him I feel my pulse quickening, my eyes taking
in his perfectly built body.
Ive been without sex for far too long, thats whats going on
with me. And now Im under the same roof with a young, sexy-
as-sin man. Thats an explosive combination. But I need to think
straight. Sure, Im stuck in an ice-cold marriage, but I still have a
ring on my finger. And, of course, that perfect man is not only
my stepson, hes also far younger than I am.
But, hell Is there any harm in just fantasizing for a while? I
can let my imagination run wild for a few minutes. Whats the
harm in it?
It feels perfect just laying here, my pussy growing wet as I let
thoughts of Lance flood my mind. I can't seem to stop thinking
about him... About taking off his shirt. About licking his nipple
with my tongue. He's at least a foot taller than me, towering
over me with that imposing frame of his. I'd love to stare up at
his icy blue eyes as I lick that amazing chest of his. As I run my
hands down his abs. Those chiseled and intense abs. I wonder
how often he works out.
Lance has gone from wearing jeans in my head to now just
wearing boxer briefs. They're nice and tight, showing me a
perfect outline of his cock. It's thick and bulging, hanging
between his legs and holding promises of mind-numbing
What is going on with me? I feel really hot and I'm flushed,
my insides clenching as desire courses through my veins. The
warmth that was permeating my nether regions has now spread
all across my body, and while it's not a bad feeling, it's not
comfortable either. It demands more It demands release.
I can't think straight. Hes my stepson... But he's also so
gorgeous. So hot.
I want to go down on my knees and take off those boxer
briefs. God, I bet that cock is enormous. I wonder what it would
taste like. I wonder if it would fit in my mouth.
My mind is thrashing about as I picture running my tongue
along Lance's shaft, but he stops me. He's got big, strong hands,
and he lifts me up and puts me down on the bed. He lifts me like
a feather, the muscles in his arms coiling as he moves.
Biting down on my bottom lip, I give up. Theres no use in
trying to control myself right now. Breathing hard, I move my
hand down and over my tiny nightgown, reaching between my
thighs with just my fingertips. Theres one last moment of
hesitation, but then I slide my fingers under the fabric of my
black lace thong. A shiver goes up my spine as I press down on
my clit, rubbing it in hurried circles as I picture Lance's naked
body, his cock pointing upward as it pulses with desire for me.
With my free hand, I squeeze my right breast, caressing my
hard nipple and pinching it gently between my thumb and index
finger. I keep doing it until I feel my body boiling, imagining that
my hands are Lances.
I can't feel my toes. I mean, I can feel themas in I know
they existbut I'm feeling tingly all over. I know if I keep this
up I'm going to cum soon. There are three points of absolute
bliss in my body. My nipples and my pussy. I feel like leaving my
tongue hanging out and drooling. Just letting the pleasure wash
over me. This feels so good. It might be wrong, yes, but I deserve
this. If my own husband wont take care of me, I have to do
something about it Even if Im using my stepson to fuel my
Oh my God. A wave of pleasure goes through my body and I
involuntarily shake all over. I'm shuddering and alternating
between this nice warm feeling and an earthquake of ecstasy
that's gripping me. My limbs feel heavy, and even breathing is
starting to feel like a hard task. I feel like just giving up. I should
really stop thinking.
I think it's only been a few minutes, but when I look at the
clock next to me, I realize that the ability to figure out how much
time has passed is beyond me at this point. All I can think about
is Lance pushing his cock into me. In and out. Thrusting with his
long, thick, hard, cock. All I want is to feel his enormous length
deep inside me. Filling me up.
God, what am I doing? Am I really touching myself while
thinking of Lance, my own stepson? He is part of my family now!
This is wrong Completely wrong. But that's what makes it feel
so good. Oh my God. So good.
I imagine myself going on all fours, Lance pushing his cock
inside of me as I moan, and I realize I need to go harder. I slide
my fingers further down, pushing them past my pussy lips and
sliding two of them deep inside of me, my imagination turning
them into Lances shaft.
My entire body shakes; waves of pleasure cascade through my
brain, my eyes roll up in my head. Its a sweet delicious pain, one
that blends with relentless pleasure. It feels so good, so right
Oh, God, I can barely believe what Im feeling.
I'm going to come soon. I know it. I'm trembling and I'm
thrashing. My legs have a mind of their own and my fingers are
feeling the folds of my pussy. I readjust my fingers and move my
hand to bring my thumb over my clit.
And then I explode.
Pleasure rips through my body and I arch my back, moaning
hard through my gritted teeth while I try to be as quiet as
possible. I don't even know what I'm doing anymore. I've
forgotten everything. I can't feel my body, I can't feel my face.
I've left my body. Waves of sweet ecstasy clear my head of
everything. I can't remember who I am. All I can do is revel in
the seizure that has gripped my entire body. But it doesn't stop
there. There's no way to come down.
Tears are coming from my eyes at the agonizing pleasure
that's coursing from my pussy. My nipples feel like theyre
burning in the most delicious fire. I can't breathe. My back is
still arched, my body coiled like a spring.
My clit is throbbing, sending waves of delight up my spine. I
push my fingers a little deeper, scared at what's going to
happen. Just the slightest push.
My eyes are closed, but I see stars explode. It's like my brain
has shut down completely. I don't even know what I'm doing at
this point. My entire body is on fire. My soul is on fire. My spine
is tingling and shuddering and every single nerve in my legs, my
throat, my hands, my face, my breasts, and my thighs is tingling
with electricity. I'm crackling. I'm lightning. I might as well
be dead.
I don't know how, but I manage to keep breathing as wave
after wave of electricity rushes through my skin. I'm shaking
and trembling and moaning and I don't know whats happening.
All I know is that I might not come out of this river of sweet
pleasure alive. I might be lost in it.
Eventually, I'm able to grasp thoughts. I'm breathing heavily.
I'm panting. I'm gasping. I'm drenched in sweat.
I'm exhausted. And all because of Lance Anders God, it
might be painfully hard, but I need to control myself, to do
whats right. I cant do this again, fantasize about him Nothing
good will ever come out of it. Even if he wasnt my stepson, Im
35 while hes only 21.
Sighing, I huddle under the sheets, and only then do I realize I
have a smile on my lips. Sure, this was wrong and I wont be
doing it again But it felt good. I needed this. Oh, I needed this
No other man has ever affected me like that. Ever.
I need to find out more about him.
But how?
But hes already made my body shake too much for now. In
another minute, Im off into a dreamless sleep.

I wake up and look at the clock. Its already 7:30 am. I

yawn and get up, wondering what fresh source of
sexual frustration today is going to bring.
Dont look at me like that. If you tell me youre sexually
frustrated too, hun, Im just going to roll my eyes. I swear.
Sure, maybe your husband or boyfriend isnt as active as he
used to be. And if youre single or widowed now, I truly am sorry.
But Im not. Im married to a man. A very powerful man who
should be exuding confidence and control due to his position as
mayor of the greatest city in the world. But he doesnt touch me.
Not once. Not ever.
My fingers can only do so much. A vibrator can only do so
much. Do you remember that phrase we used to toss around
when we were girls and used to be silly? I say we, as in
collectively, this generation of women, by the way. What was
that phrase oh yeah. Dildos are great, and vibrators are fun
but nothing can beat the almighty tongue.
Remember that one? I think when I was in college my friend
was the one who quoted that to meJoyce Walkerand I used to
live by it. Why use something battery operated or made of plastic
when you could get guys to get you to paradise?
At least until I got married. Thats when Michael came into
my life and completely erased any notion that my husband
would be my sexual partner in life.
Maybe I could have walked that road by myself, but one of the
first things Michael ever did after I moved in was to take my
drawer of dildos, vibrators, and bullets, and throw them out.
They have no place in this house, Jocelyn, he told me
harshly. If the staff ever discover them or word gets out that my
wife is using toys to pleasure herself, then the scandal could be
Then why dont you pleasure me? I remember asking him,
taking a step closer. I used the cute pouty face that had worked
wonders for me in the pasteverything from getting me out of
having to watch football with a boyfriend, to an A+ from a
professor in Comparative Literature in college.
Because, quite frankly, I have more interesting things to do
with my life, Michael said as I stopped and realized my come
hither look wasnt working. Youll just have to go take a cold
shower. Im late for a meeting anyways.
Thats been my life for the last six months. Sexual drought.
Ive gotten very good at running and exercisingalthough it
gets me horny at times looking at other peoples bodies. Ive
tried to take up sewing. Ive done a lot more cooking. Hell, there
are some afternoons I just self-medicate and drink a bottle of
wine by myself, trying to forget.
Everything seems to make me hornier.
So, anyways, thats what I mean when I say I wonder what
frustration is going to happen to me today. Because as bad as it
was before, its honestly only gotten worse.
Since he moved in.
Who? Come on, babe.
Who do you think.
Mr. Apollo himself. Lance Anders, with the body of a god and
the face of an angel. An angel of lust that is.
I put on my robe over my teddy and head down the stairs.
Michael has already left for work and against my better
judgment Im curious to see what Lance is up to.
Hes not on the first floor when I get downstairs, and thats
when I hear a thud.
Hes in the gym.
I know I shouldnt go down there. The gym and pool are in the
basement of the townhouseits a New York thing for people
who dont have backyardsand Lance working out is guaranteed
to get my hormones raging.
But maybe, thatll be a good thing. Maybe I can use that to go
for a run, or something.
At least, thats what I tell myself as I race up the stairs, wash
my face, put on a pair of yoga pants and a sports bra and put my
hair back in a ponytail.
I pause to put some color on my face before heading
What? Im just looking a bit presentable. If Im going out for a
run through Central Park, I might as well look the part too.
Besides, if Lance notices, maybe hell.
Hell what? Take you in his arms? Take his new stepmom and
wrap his arms around her? Fuck her? Please. Im behaving like a
silly girl.
Nevertheless, the butterflies in my stomach are in full force
as I head to the lower level.
The basement at the townhouse doesnt look much like any
other basementits well lit and looks like the hallway of a
hotel. I hear music playing from the gym and I walk to it and
open the door.
There he is. Hes on a bench, shirtless, lying on a towel. Hes
got a pair of basketball shorts on and some sneakers, but thats
all the clothes hes wearing. I watch as he lifts a barbell loaded
with weights and benches it. I watch as his muscles strain, his
pecs flex and his abs contract.
Those are 8-pack abs. Ive never seen any before, but thats
the very model of muscle definition. Hes got a perfect V-cut
going down his abs. The look of intense concentration on his
face is amazing; he doesnt even realize Im standing there until
he finishes his set and gets up for some water.
He gives a start as he sees me, standing there, staring at him.
Jocelyn Lance says, as he looks at me. I can tell his eyes
are travelling my body, just as mine are travelling his.
Im shameless in how I devour his body. I look at his nipples
and wonder what it would be like to run my tongue under them.
Im sure hes looking at my tight fitting yoga pants but I cant be
sure hes thinking what I want him to think.
I might just be an old lady to him. Someone past the age of
consideration. He was caught fucking the Presidents daughter,
of all people. Lance must be used to 21 year oldshes probably
got an age limit on the girls he sleeps with.
Can I help you? he asks me, and I realize Ive been staring.
Too long.
So long its starting to look improper.
I need to say something.
Im going for a run, just wanted to see what you were
doing, I manage.
Youre running on the treadmill in here? he asks me,
nonchalantly, taking a step closer.
No, I cant be anywhere near him. I need to leave now.
Ill be running in the Park, around the Reservoir, I tell him,
backing away. He takes another step and all of a sudden I know
that if I stay I wont be able to control myself.
I head as quickly as I can to the exit located on the other side
of the gym that leads up to 88th Street.
Jocelyn, Lance says again, but I dont stop, my legs pump
me up the stairs and before I know it, Im in fresh air. I start
jogging at a slow pace west, toward the Park.
That was really stupid of me, the way I acted back there. Dont
worry, hun, you can say it.
Im 15 years older than Lance and Im acting like a teenager.
Worse than a teenager. Like a lovesick little girl with a crush.
Except Im not a little girl. Im a 35-year-old grown woman
whos acting like a fool in front of her stepson.
You cant see me, but Im mentally kicking myself as I enter
the park and start running around the jogging path around the
I need to stop ogling Lance around the house. I need to stop
lusting after his strong back muscles when he walks around
I need to focus. My life isnt that pretty right now. And thats
probably why Im transferring this lust onto him. Im being
blackmailed into staying in a marriage to a man who obviously
doesnt love me. But I cant do anything or else my fathers
legacy crumbles.
I need to stop thinking about Lance and start worrying about
what Im going to do. Maybe this run will clear my head. Maybe
I dont know what happens but all of a sudden Im falling and
hitting the ground. Before I can even register whats going on
Im being picked up by a pair of strong hands.
Shut up, or your dead, bitch, a gruff voice tells me.
Now, as the Mayors wife, Im entitled to NYPD security when
I go out. But more out of practicality Ive never used the
protection service. Im a born and raised New Yorker, I can
handle anything.
I open my mouth and raise my hands, and get ready to
Without realizing what happens the side of my face all of a
sudden starts to sting and I realize Ive been slapped.
No screaming, or youre dead! the voice tells me with
urgency. Youre too pretty to kill before I get a chance to
fuck you!
I look around me, desperately trying to figure out whats
A man in a black hoodie, with his face covered is holding onto
me. His skin is dark, but I cant tell what nationality. Hes got
loose sweatpants on and I can smell liquor on his breath.
With one strong grip, hes holding my hand. The other one he
reaches over and places on my ass, giving it a squeeze.
I feel like throwing up as a shudder of disgust goes
through me.
The man doesnt waste any time. Theres no joggers running
by me to call out for help, and he starts dragging me toward the
Like I said, dont fucking scream, or this will end even worse
than its going to, understand? he asks.
I cant move. I realize I should yell. I should kick him, but hes
too strong. And hes dragging me at an insane angle.
I cant believe this is happening to me.
But just because I dont have a good vantage point now, dont
think Im beaten, hun.
When a man tries to take advantage of a woman, remember
what weve always been taught. Just bide your time, be patient,
and when ready, kick them in the balls extra hard.
I just need to find my opening.

I dont fucking know what came over me, but the

moment I heard Jocelyn walking up the stairs I was
already lacing my sneakers and putting on a shirt. Ive already
ran fives miles on the fucking treadmill before moving on to the
weights, but I cant fight against this fucking urge to go
after her.
When my eyes found her, tight yoga pants and all One
fucking look, and that was all it took for me to become fucking
hard. Fuck, could she be any more fucking irresistible? I almost
dropped my fucking jaw to the floor when I saw her.
But shes my fucking stepmom. I cant do it.
Welcome to my fucking head the last few days. Looking at her
tight fucking ass as she bends over and getting fucking hard.
Then realizing who she is and hitting myself. Watching her tits
jiggle. Then realizing shes married to my Dad and I dont want
to fuck with that shit.
It sounded like a fucking good idea: get to the basement, work
myself to fucking exhaustion, and hopefully Id have a clearer
head afterward. Yeah, not a fucking chance in hell. By now my
mind is already busy weaving the most fucking indecent kind of
thoughts it can; I can already picture my fingers tracing her
perfect curves, my hands on her ass as I fucking pull her into
me Fucking hell, Id give an eye and a fucking arm to have her
on her knees, my cock halfway in her mouth as she looks up at
me. Now thatd be a fucking sight. Of course, if that happened
Thatd only be the fucking start of it all. What, do you think Id
be able to fucking stop once she had her lips wrapped tight
around my shaft?
Out of control as I am right now, I know I should stay fucking
put, but I just need to see her again. Im not thinking straight,
but to be honest, I couldnt give any less of a fuck about that.
I hurry up the stairs, but shes nowhere to be seen. She has a
fucking head start, but I figure I can catch up with her easily.
Theres a breeze as I step outside, and my skin prickles as I feel
the fucking cold air of New Yorks morning. Rubbing my hands
together, I start jogging down the fucking street, heading
straight to the Park.
There, a few morning souls are already running around the
lake; I ease my pace, looking around for Jocelyn, but she seems
to have fucking vanished. Fuck, I hope she didnt decide to go
somewhere else. Maybe she thought Id follow after, and if that
was the case, she fucking nailed it, and decided against coming
this way.
Im almost ready to turn the fuck around and head back home
when I catch a glimpse of a woman running in the fucking
distance, following a trail that sneaks its way among rows of
imposing field maples. I squint my eyes, taking in the distant
shape of the runner; its her, no fucking doubt about that. Even
though Im too far away to see her face, Id recognize that sweet
ass anywhere. Fuck, just one look at her and my cock is already
fucking twitching.
I pick up the fucking pace, running after her with a spring in
my step. I dont even know what Ill fucking say to her once I
catch up, but hey, whats the harm in jogging with my
stepmother? Thats not a fucking crime, last time I fucking
checked. Well just bond as stepson and stepmother. Oh, fuck,
who am I trying to fucking fool? I didnt leave the house because
I wanted to bond, whatever that fucking means. I did it
because Fuck, I have no idea why. After seeing her this
morning, yoga pants hugging her slender legs, her sweet lips
almost begging me to rest my cock between them... I just knew I
had to come after her.
Im already within shouting distance but I keep quiet,
deciding to surprise her. And thats when I fucking see hima
fucking guy in a black hoodie, a kerchief covering his face,
fucking jumps out from behind the trunk of a maple tree and
pushes Jocelyn to the fucking floor. She loses her balance and
goes down fast; her knees hitting the ground as the man takes
one wide stride toward her. He grabs her by the hair and pulls
her into a hedgerow, making me lose them out of sight.
Fuck, fuck!
My heart starts to fucking race, and for a moment, all I see is
fucking red. Theres murder in my fucking veins right now.
Whoever that fucking bastard is, he has no idea about the world
of fucking pain he has just stepped into; he has just signed his
fucking death sentence.
Running like a fucking train, I chase after the two of them. My
feet hitting the floor at an anxious frantic pace, I cover the
distance between me and the fucking hedgerow in just a few
seconds. I stop, and looking around, notice movement between
two fucking bushes. Moving like a fucking bulletand as fucking
murderous as oneI jump into the bushes, my hands turning
into fists.
The fucking bastard has her pinned down on the ground,
struggling to part her legs and rest his body on top of hers. The
motherfucker is trying to fucking rape her! I feel rage coursing
through my veins, my muscles tensing as I hurry toward the two
of them.
Jocelyn is putting up a fucking fight, though. She has the flat
palm of her hand on his face, trying to claw his fucking eyeballs
out, but the man simply pushes her arms to the side. Then, he
reaches behind his back, pulling a fucking knife out from his
back pocket. Motherfucker.
Hey, let her fucking go! I shout as the man presses the
blade against her neck. I lock eyes with Jocelyn, fear making her
eyes wide as the man turns to look at me. His eyes bore into me
like nails, suddenly realizing that he has a fucking problem on
his hands. He has no idea how big of a fucking problem.
Right now, he has one fucking choice to make, and I can see
the gears turning inside his head as he considers his options; he
either lets her go and bolts, or tries to get rid of both of me and
Jocelyn, eliminating all witnesses. As he gets up and turns to me,
his fingers curled tight around the knifes handle, the choice he
made becomes clear as fucking crystal to me.
Youre fucking dead, boy, he hisses, lunging at me and
trying to fucking slice me across the chest. Boy? Jesus fucking
Christ, hes already trying to fucking stab me, did he really have
to call me boy? That just makes me want to fucking knock his
lights out even more.
I take one step back, getting out of his reach, but he comes
after me, the fucking sun reflecting on the blade as he moves it
above his head and brings it down. Fuck, I cant dodge him
forever; if I simply keep getting out of reach, my luck is going to
fucking run out and Ill end up with that knife buried five fucking
inches deep in my chest.
Fuck, I curse under my breath as my back hits the trunk of
a large fucking tree. Death in his fucking eyes, the guy in the
hoodie closes the distance between me and him and changes his
grip on the knife, grabbing it underhandedly. He raises his arm
and then brings it down again, aiming for my fucking heart. This
is it; I cant dodge him anymore.
Moving fast, I take one step toward him and raise my arm up
in the air, trying to block him. His forearm hits mine as he
presses down, the tip of the blade hanging two inches above
my head.
Who did you call a boy? I ask him with a grin, gallons of
fucking adrenaline raging through me. He wasnt expecting me
to be so fucking bold, so I take his moments confusion to ram
my closed fist into his fucking face. Theres a nauseating
crunching sound as my hand crashes against his nose, and the
man tumbles back, letting go of the knife and bringing both
hands to his ruined face. His kerchief is turning fucking red,
soaking the blood from his broken nose.
Youre fucking dead, he hisses again, rage burning in his
eyes. Like a fucking madman he throws himself at me, trying to
grab me by the neck. I sidestep him easily and fucking punch
him again, this time my fist landing on the side of his face. He
tumbles onto the ground, falling flat on his ass. I take the chance
and jump on top of him, fucking pummeling him with my close
fist. This motherfucker tried to fucking rape Jocelyn, and if I
wasnt around... Fuck.
Lance, stop. Hes out, I hear Jocelyn say. Shes sitting back
against a tree, her voice weak and fearful. If it werent for her,
Id keep punching until there was nothing left, fury guiding me
as I remember this fucking bastards intentions. Adrenaline still
coursing in my veins, I get up, leaving the unconscious fucker
sprawled on the ground, and walk toward Jocelyn.
Are you okay? I ask her, looking into her eyes. Her lips are
dry, and theres an expression of pure terror in her face, as if
only now her close call started to sink in. Did he hurt you?
Im Im she starts, but the words get lost as a fucking
violent sob takes over her. I reach for her, taking her in my arms
as she starts to cry. I place one hand under the nape of her neck,
gently caressing her.
Hey, hey Its alright. Im here now, I whisper into her,
and she hugs me tight, her head resting on my shoulder. I close
my eyes, just holding her close and waiting for her to calm down.
Her tits are pressed against my chest, and I have to take a
deep breath to focus on whats happening. Its not that easy,
thoughher warm skin, her breasts, the way she has her arms
around my chest That mental image from before, my cock deep
in her mouth, hits me again, and I have to take a deep breath.
Fuck, I just want to lean in and kiss her. I feel warm blood
surging toward my cock, and I start getting fucking hard. And,
fuck, Im only wearing basketball shorts. If I pop a fucking boner
right now, theres no fucking way Ill be able to hide it from her.
Breathing deeply, somehow I manage to regain a fucking
semblance of control. I should get a fucking medal for this: Zen
Master of the Year.
Lets go, I tell her. Ill take you home. I stand up, pulling
her up to her feet; with one arm over her shoulders, we head out
from the bushes and into the trail. I almost want to leave the
fucking bastard there, choking on his own blood; he sure as fuck
deserves it, but saner thoughts prevail. Grabbing my cell phone,
I call 911 and inform them of what just happened. The dispatcher
asks me to remain here, waiting for the police, but theres no
fucking way Im going to be hanging around this place with
Jocelyn. Im taking her home right fucking now. The NYPD can
get our fucking statement there, as far as Im concerned.
Thank you, Lance she whispers, grabbing my arm tightly.
Theres real gratitude there; I simply smile, not knowing what
else to say. Im just glad I was around, because if I wasnt Fuck,
I dont even want to think about what could have fucking
Lets just get you home, I say, hailing a cab the moment we
leave Central Park. What a fucked up way to start the day.
Already sitting inside the cab, Jocelyn leaning against my
shoulder, I breathe in deeply and try to settle my nerves. Fuck,
the moment I saw her being attacked, I just fucking lost it. I
never felt anything like it; I lost all fucking control I could have
killed that fucking bastard. And all because I cant stop thinking
about Jocelyn.
Fuck, Im going insane.

W hat the fuck were you thinking? Michael

shouts, slamming his fist on the desk as he goes
to his feet. Going out by yourself Dont you have anything
inside that head of yours?
I should have been expecting this. Somehow, I naively
thought my husband would have a comforting word for me after
finding out that I almost got raped. Of course, I couldnt be more
mistaken about that.
Youre supposed to be helping me with this goddamn
campaign, not being a liability, you stupid bitch! Michael yells.
I have the urge to take the glass vase and hit him over the
head with it. The frustration is immense just being in the same
room as this man. This isnt a marriage. This is torture.
Every day.
But whatever he has on my father - whatever could destroy a
storied career and get him to come to me with fear in his eyes
makes me stay. Because Michael scares me. Every day. With his
cold demeanor. His calculating strategy.
Michael got home at the same time the NYPD officers were
leaving; they got here an hour after the incident to get a
statement, and he immediately asked me what was going on. We
went to his office, and he listened to me without interrupting
once, but I could see a vein pulsing in his temple, rage building
up inside of him.
It wasnt my fault I try and tell him, but he wont have
any of it.
It wasnt your fault? You left the house without your security
detail! You never take them anywhere! Of course it was your
fault! Walking along in tight clothes he says, shaking his
head. Of course youd be jumped on. Youre still a stupid little
girl. Were not in Kansas, anymore, he sneers.
I can hardly believe that hes laying all the blame at my feet.
Youd think that a high-society man like Michael Anders would
be more forward thinking, but no Like many other men, he
just prefers to blame women for everything. But unlike other
men, he wont ever touch me. How does he know my clothes are
too tight and Im flaunting myself if he feels nothing for me?
Whats going on? I turn on my heels as I hear Lances voice.
He has opened the door to Michaels office and has stepped
inside, one eyebrow raised in curiosity.
Whats going on is that you two are idiots, thats whats
going on! Michael continues, the tone of his voice growing
more furious by the second. It wasnt enough that Jocelyn got
attacked, you had to go and give a beating to the guy! Do you
have any idea on how that might play out in the media?
Lance simply looks at his father, an expression of
bewilderment taking over his face.
I cant believe what Im hearing, he starts in a low tone.
Your wife almost got raped, and youre wondering about how
that will affect your election? Are you fucking kidding? What
kind of man are you?
Im the kind of man who has fought for everything that he
has. This house, the job I got you at the White House
Everything came from my hard work. From my sacrifices. Thats
the kind of man I am. Not that you can see it, Lance You know
nothing about hard work or sacrifice.
This is your wife, Dad, Lance says with sarcasm in his voice.
You might want to take care of her.
Dont tell me who to take care of, Michael shoots back. If I
had any sense, I should have let the state keep you after your
Mom died. Youre nothing but an embarrassment to me now.
This campaign is your one chance to redeem yourself.
I feel Lance tensing up, and as he opens up his mouth to
speak, I grab his arm, stopping him. When he looks at me, I
simply shake my head. Escalating this wont help matters.
Im going back to my office, Michael says curtly, walking
between Lance and I without glancing at us. We stay there in
silence, hearing the click of Michaels shoes across the hallway,
and then the door opening and slamming shut.
That fucking bastard Lance whispers to no one in
particular, heading out of the office as if he were in a trance.
Hes seething; even though he wont show it, I know that his
father's words have gotten to him. I follow him to the living
room, trying to forget Michaels words as I get out of his office.
They hurt, sure, but Im used to his coldness by now.
Lance is sitting on the couch in the family room, staring
blankly at the TV. Theres some old movie from the early 00s
going, a romantic movie of sorts, but I doubt hes actually seeing
any of it.
After a few minutes I hear Michael walking down the hall and
opening the front door. He slams the door and I hear his
motorcade start up and drive away.
I have no idea what to say to Lance, but I sit down next to him
all the same, placing one leg up on the couch as I turn to
face him.
Thank you, I say, looking him in the eyes and trying to
steer the conversation away from his father. I dont know what
would have happened if you didnt show up when you did I
shudder, the memories of what just happened flooding me
Hey, dont worry Its over, thats all that matters. His
expression softens as he speaks, a smile dawning on his lips.
God, I could kiss him right now I could just lean in, take his
hand in mine and press my mouth against his. It would be so
easy. Too easy.
I turn to face the TV, my heart beating fast. Breathing in, I try
to calm myself and watch the movie on TV, but much like Lance,
all I can do is stare absently at the moving pictures, unable to
focus on whatevers happening.
We sit in silence for a long while, simply staring at the TV
there, a half-naked young Keanu Reeves is kissing Charlize
Theron. Even though Ive already watched it when I was younger,
the name of the movie simply alludes. Then, suddenly
remembering it, I squeal like a young girl, grabbing Lances arm.
Oh, I love this movie Sweet November! I lay down on the
couch, placing both my legs across Lances lap.
Never saw it, he responds, smiling as he sets his forearms
across my legs. A shiver goes up my spine as I feel his skin on
mine, but I try and push forbidden thoughts to the back of my
mind, tucking them away. Its harder than it seems, though.
You should, I respond, grabbing the remote and pulling the
movie back to the beginning. And you will, I add with a grin.
Oh, God, what am I doing?
Youre really making me watch a romantic comedy? he
asks, raising one eyebrow playfully.
Of course, I tell him. And its not a romantic comedy Its
a drama, actually. Im speaking, but I can barely hear my own
voice. All that I can think about is that Im on the couch with
Lance, and we have the house completely to ourselves.
Oh, even better, he says, rolling his eyes with a smile. I sit
up briefly, flexing my abs to punch him lightly on the shoulder,
my heart tightening as I feel the hard contour of his bicep, and
then turn my attention to the TV. I lay there as the opening
credits roll by, suddenly feeling extremely self-aware of the fact
that my legs are sitting on Lances lap. He has his hands resting
on them, his long fingers spread over my tanned skin Thank
God I changed into shorts when I got home... Oh, what am I
saying? Pull yourself together, Jocelyn!
Easier said than done, of course. The warmness of his fingers
spreads up my legs and into my thighs, and I start breathing
harder. Slightly moving his fingers, Lance starts massaging the
muscles in my upper legs, rolling his hands back and forth over
my skin. His touch is an innocent oneat firstbut I start to
grow wet all the same, my whole body burning from the inside
out. Theres just no way I can control it, so dont try to
blame me.
That feels good, I purr, smiling at Lance. He looks at me,
his hands still moving back and forth, massaging my legs,
driving me completely insane You sure know how to use your
You have no idea, he replies, and I cant help but imagine
his fingers crawling up my leg, brushing against the growing
wetness between my thighs.
Maybe I do, I tell him, slightly parting my legs and allowing
his fingers to slide over and above my knees. My mind is
burning, and I can already feel my thong growing damp.
When I move my legs over his lap, my mouth turns dry as I
feel Lances hard cockits tenting his pants and pushing
against my legs, making my insides burn even more fiercely. I
want to look at him, to let my eyes wander down to his crotch,
but I still myself; I dont dare do it, afraid of what might happen,
so I keep my eyes glued to the TV. By now, all I see is a blur in
front of me. My brain is busy with trying to picture his cock,
imagining how it would feel rolling down my lips...
My eyes might be frozen in place, but I cant say the same
about the rest of my body. I move my legs again, opening them
even more as I lift my knees and rest my feet over his lap. My
heart is racing now, my feet so close to his crotch that all I need
to do is move them an inch to feel his hardness. I almost feel
nauseous, rationality and desire locked into a bloody fight inside
my brain. Whatever it is thats happening here, Im not sure if
Im going to be able to stop it. Or if Im going to want to stop it.
While Im struggling internally, Lances fingers keep
massaging my legs, drawing closer to my inner thighs with each
passing second. My unconscious pulling the strings of my body, I
part my legs wide, allowing Lances hands to start rubbing the
tanned skin on inner thighs, his fingers pressed on the line
where the hem of my shorts and skin meet. My God, Im so wet
right now. My fingers twitch slightly, and I almost grab his hand
and press it against my pussysomehow, I manage to restrain
myself, my heart on the verge of bursting.
His fingers go just one inch above the hem of my shorts, and
my feet start moving as if they have a mind of their own, rubbing
Lances leg over his jeans, much in the same way hes doing to
me. My feet roam dangerously close to his crotch, but he says
nothing. Neither of us wants to be the one to break, but if we
keep going like this Its going to happen, sooner or later.
Im aching to let my feet move just an inch upward, to feel his
hard cock pushing against me More than anything I have ever
wanted in my life, I want to do it. Take a hold of yourself, Jocelyn,
I hear the voice of reason whispering at me. Get out now! It
continues, act your age! Lance is young, and young boys cant
control themselves, but you can, Jocelyn. You can.
Look, I know, I know: hes my stepson, and hes fifteen years
my junior. I know all that. But after so long without feeling a
mans cock getting hard for me After so long without feeling
someone burning with desire for me... Theres only so much that
I can resist. But I need to do the right thing, and I need to do it
now: I grit my teeth and try to command my body to move, to get
out of the couch. For a split second, I almost think Ill be able to
do it, but at the last moment, what my body does is allow my feet
to brush against the steel-hard shape under Lances jeans.
Do you know why people fear heights? Its not because
theyre afraid of falling; its because theyre afraid of jumping
down, the pull of the abyss too much for them. And thats
exactly what Im going through in this exact moment, but
theres no fear anymore, because Ive already jumped down. Like
I said, the pull of the abyss can be overwhelming. Especially
when the abyss looks so irresistible.
I let my feet wander over to his crotch and I hold my breath as
I feel his thick shape straining against the rough fabric of his
jeans. Remembering to breathe again, I use both my feet to
gently press down on his erection, softly rubbing on it. I move
them in a back and forth motion, massaging his cock and feeling
it pulse against me. I can hear the distant whisper of rationality
inside of me, but Im too far gone to listen to it. Im all out of
brakes now - and Im on a collision course with sin.
Lance says nothing for a long while, his fingers still moving
over my inner thighs, but I feel his muscles brimming up with
tension. Finally turning to me, he cuts through the silent
tension, his words coming at me heavy and coiled.
What are we doing? he says, his eyes on mine. I have no
idea what were doing, but I know what I want to do right now.
Run, run, I hear that little whisper inside of me. Leave now
while you still can.
Without saying a word, I take my feet out from his lap, my
eyes never leaving his.
Go now, the whisper continues. Go now and dont look back.
But its already too late. I lean over to Lance, and pressing my
lips against his ear, I purr.
Can you keep a secret?

C an you keep a secret? Jocelyn asks me, and I see a

wicked gleam of desire running through her eyes. It
takes all my concentration to not cum in my pants right there
with her body straddling my lap. Her pussy rubbing itself on my
I nod my head, unsure of what else to say.
Before I know whats happening, Jocelyn leans forward. I can
smell her perfume and my nostrils flare up.
Shes looking directly at me. But as shes looking shes using
one hand and all of a sudden I feel her trace the outline of my
pulsing cock through my jeans.
She begins to squeeze it lightly. Up and down. Until she
reaches the tip. Shes like an expert shoe salesman. Only shes
not. Shes my dads new wife, and as much as I fucking hate him,
shes still his wife. That makes her my fucking stepmom.
But thats not enough for me to stop her. My cock throbs in
sweet pleasurable agony at this point and I can feel precum
leaking out as Jocelyn massages the tip through my jeans.
My eyes open in amazement at the sheer licentiousness of the
situation as she squeezes length of my shaft up to the top, where
she runs her palm around the head.
Jesus, Lance, she says with a sharp intake of breath. Your
cock is huge. Ive never known anyone that has a cock this big.
Thats what they all say. Twelve fucking inches, remember?
Twelve inches that I told you if you had met me, youd even want
to put inside of you.
I cant help it. Im getting carried away in this situation. Lust
is clouding my thoughts.
My face contorts into a nasty sneer of pride. Its even bigger
out of its jeans, baby, I say without thinking. Its not my
stepmom in front of me anymore. It could be any girl.
Although no girl could be as fucking hot as her.
I could tell it was big, she says, drawing her words out in a
breathy whisper. Just not this big.
Jocelyn bends in closer, this time with a nervous anticipation
on her part and begins to unzip my fly. She slowly slides it down
and undoes the button.
I cannot believe this is happening. I lift my ass a bit as she
gives my jeans a tug.
Okay, this is fucking insane. My stepmom is leaning over so
close now that I can see down her shirt that she changed into
after we got home.
I can see her magnificent fucking tits swinging freely, not
sagging at all and I could die fucking happy right there.
My jeans are relatively loose enough that Jocelyn is able to use
one hand to pull them down to my knees.
And thats when my cock, loosened from the constraints of
my jeans, pops up, pushing my boxer briefs out. It creates a lewd
tent inches from her face.
I can see someone is a bit excited, she says, looking at me
with a smile. Are you sure you can keep this a secret?
I nod my head. Oh yeah, I moan as she raises herself over
me. This time, Im staring right at her chest. The time for hiding
my interest in her is gone. I bring my right hand over and rest it
on her ass, squeezing it through her black yoga pants.
Can you follow directions? she asks me.
Depends on whether I like them or not, I tell her with a
smirk. Can you?
Mm-hmm, she says, almost distracted by the sight of my
cock. Do you like my hand on your cock?
Yes, I do, I say to her, wondering what her game is. Do you
like my hand on your ass?
She nods her head, not saying anything.
Its so fucking tight, I just want to rub my cock all over it, I
tell her, not believing the words coming out of my mouth.
This is like some twisted dream. Way beyond anything I could
ever jerk off to. My Dads new wife sitting on my lap, straddling
me, with her hand around my cock.
Her eyes are focused on my cock, as her hand moves up and
down, carefully jerking me off. Im still wearing my boxer briefs,
but Im not complaining. Nor am I making any move to take
them off. Whatever she wants to do. This situation is too fucking
crazy as it is.
Im silent, watching her. Her breathing is coming in gasps.
Im going to cum soon. No way I can fucking sit here and take
this from an angel like her.
Thats when I hear a clatter in the kitchen. Both of us look
toward the sound, her hand coming off my cock in an instant.
Theres a pause and then muffled feminine cursing in
Its Rosapart of the cleaning staff for the townhouse.
Fucking Christ.
Jocelyn gets off of me and stands up in a heartbeat. She looks
at me, and I see a flash of despair go over her eyes.
Its nothing compared to what Im fucking feeling right here.
My cock is so fucking close to erupting. But its out of the
question with Rosa in the other room.
Sighing, I stand up and put my boxer briefs back on, and zip
up my jeans.
Jocelyns already left the room without another word.
It takes several deep breaths before I do the same.
I need to fucking calm down.
That shit was close. Any minute we could have been found
out. No way Rosa would keep something like that quiet. The
tabloids would pay a pretty fucking penny for a story like that.
And that would be it for me. And Jocelyn.
No, I want you to listen to me as I tell you this. Because this
shit is important.
I cant let something like this happen with Jocelyn. Ever.
If you see something like this happening, just fucking tell me
to get the hell out of this situation, okay?
Im dancing on the edge of the fire here. And I need your help
before I get fucking burned.

I go into the townhouse through the back entrance,

not wanting to cause too much of a fuss. I dont need
the footman, the bellman, the doorman and the various
members of the staff to stop what their doing and set it down to
wish me a happy birthday today. I dont want to be a bother
to them.
Besides, if I really wanted to give myself a birthday present, I
should try and do what Ive been doing the last three days since
the incident with Lance and I on the couch. That is, to avoid him
Although in my case, the only way Ive been able to avoid him
has been to spend as much time away from the house as
Its doable. With Michaels campaign not getting into full
swing for a another couple of weeks, it gives me time to myself.
Sounds easy enough, right, hun?
Nope. And before you get upset at me that I may have tricked
you into answering, please let me just say that I love the fact that
youre here and listening to me. Ive never had someone like this
who I could talk to about anything and everything.
Even my girlfriend from college who I met for lunch at 40
Carrot today for yogurt couldnt understand what I was
complaining about.
So he doesnt fuck you, this Michael, she said as we began
to scoop our yogurt and looked at the people walking into and
out of Bloomingdales. You better count your blessings, girl.
Its not that, Cheryl, I told her with a sigh. Its just that
Michael seems to despise not just having sex with me but
everything about me.
I dont know, girl, she says looking at me. Why would he
do everything you say he did to marry you if hes not even going
to talk to you or try to paw at your beautiful body? And dont tell
me it was to win some election.
But thats exactly what it is, I think to myself as I replay
Cheryls words as I walk into the darkened townhouse. Thats
exactly why he kept me around. The optics of a beautiful wife are
much better than being single.
Oh, right, I forgot to mention that I went to lunch with Cheryl
to celebrate my birthday. I officially turned 36 today. Married to a
man who doesnt love me. In a marriage that I cant get out of.
Well, I guess it could be worse. Mom and dad are probably
pretty aware of the fact that Im not going to be able to give
them grandkids anytime soon. So thankfully they dont hassle
me about that.
But still, Id like to be able to someday. I dont know if thats
something to realistically plan for anymore, though. Not with
Michael at least.
I walk through the darkened house. Michael is probably at a
work function or a campaign related event. I dont know where
Lance is. But thats more of a relief than a worry.
If Lance were here, I dont know if Id be able to control
myself. Not today, of all days.
Thats when a single light goes on in the living room. I turn
around and gasp.
I really should make sure things are as they are before telling
you about them.
Because there stands Lance, in front of the window
overlooking Carl Schurz Park. I didnt spot him at first because it
was dark, but I see him quite clearly now.
Hes standing next to a table with two glasses of champagne
and the bottle in a chilled ice bucket. Next to the bottle and ice
bucket is a multi-layered tray, holding an assortment of
delectable itemscanapes, chocolate covered strawberries,
grapes, mini-quiche.
I gasp.
Happy birthday, Jocelyn, he says, taking a glass and
walking up to me.
I hadnt expected this.
I hadnt expected anything.
How did you know? I manage to ask as he walks up to me
and hands me the glass. I never told you.
I can smell his cologne. I can feel the warmth of his large,
hard body as he stands next to me and we clink our glasses
before taking a sip.
Come on, he says teasingly. Youre a fucking public figure,
I looked you up on Wikipedia, he says to me with a smirk.
I blush. I dont know what to say. What does a girl say in this
Oh? I manage, completely off balance. And do you
Wikipedia everyone you know?
Lance shrugs. I was curious.
Thats it. My mind is spinning at a mile a minute.
Why did he look up my age? To see if anything with me was
appropriate? Could he be interested in me?
Well, of course, he must be interested in me. I had his cock in
my hands the other day. I was sitting on his lap. Making a fool of
Hey, Lance says, taking a step closer to me. He bends his
knees, bringing his face more on level with mine. You okay?
I close my eyes, trying to keep the tears away. God, does he
know just how much I want him? How when I leave the house to
go to the gym nowadays I keep imagining his body that day that I
saw him working out? How every spare moment I think back to
Central Park and nestling my head in his chest after he
rescued me.
Its nothing, I tell him, shaking my head and opening my
eyes and trying to smile. Im just sad Im growing old, I lie.
He takes my champagne glass from my hands and places it on
the table. While there he pushes something on his phone and
the speakers in the living room come to life, playing soft,
smooth, simple jazz.
Age is just a number, Jocelyn, Lance tells me. Its what
you do with your life that tells people how old you are.
And when did you become so wise? I ask him with a teasing
smile as he comes close to me once more. You dont sound like
the Lance Anders I know.
Is this what you fucking want? he asks me and takes
another step closer, looking down at me from his height.
I giggle. I cant help it.
The one who takes what he wants and doesnt let the word
no stop him? I ask, batting my eyes.
I dont know if Im the one who takes the step closer or if its
him, but all of a sudden I can feel my body pressed into his.
It feels so right, feeling my breasts press up against his chest.
Feeling his arms encircle me. Once having made contact, I want
more. I can feel myself pressing against him as I continue to look
up at him.
Why did you do all this, Lance? I ask him, the thought
going through my head that this is some elaborate prank for
some reason. I dont know why Im thinking it, hun. Why the
whole fancy setup?
Why the fuck not? Lance growls down at me, looking at me
with smoldering eyes as we start to sway to the gentle music in
the background. Its your birthday, Jocelyn.
Im your stepmom, I say back to him.
I dont know why, okay? I dont know why I feel awkward
around him, when hes done something so sweet as put together
this surprise for my birthday.
Fine, fine, you got me, its not awkwardness Im feeling. Its
nervousness. Ive seen his giant cock. And I want it inside of me.
But standing here close to him, as he holds me, Im starting
to feel something different too.
What is it?
No, youre not, Lance replies back. Hes calm. Hes
collected. Tonight youre just a woman, Jocelyn. And Im just
a man.
What exactly does that mean?
Are we just a man and woman who are friends? Relatives?
God, I cant believe I had his cock in my hands. Through his
jeans, but still.
Why cant I just close my eyes and enjoy the moment? Why
am I trapped in his stare, looking up at him and only vaguely
aware of the world around me?
Im so much older than you, Lance, I whisper. And Im
really sorry about the other day. We cant let something so crazy
ever happen again.
Its true! Can you believe the scandal involved with
something like that?
He brings his face closer to me. Dont be fucking sorry, he
hisses. I cant get it out of my head.
What? He cant get me out of his head?
Thats sweet, I say to him, my panties melting as I think
back to being on his lap, legs wrapped around him, looking at his
cock. I can tell Im more than wet at this point. If Lance wanted
to take me, I dont think I would stop him.
No, I most definitely wouldnt stop him. Id spread my legs
and let him pull my thong down. Then Id wrap my legs around
him as he put that giant cock inside of me. His eyes would go
wide at what Id do and say. Id be the last thing from boring
to him.
What are you thinking? Lance asks me, a smirk playing
across his face.
Its a secret, I say with a coy smile.
I think I can guess, he tells me. I squirm my body against
him a bit more. His cock is hard and its rubbing against my
inner thigh. It feels so good.
What, then? I ask, hoping beyond all hope that hes in my
head. Dont keep a lady waiting.
Youre no lady, he says with a grin and as I give him a mock
pout, I see that he truly is in my head. Because he leans over and
brings his mouth to mine.
And we kiss.

H oly fucking shit. What the fuck is going on?

I cant believe this. My tongue is literally
opening up Jocelyns lips. Far from being the invader, her tongue
lashes out and its wrestling mine in my mouth now. I feel her
tongue massage mine. I reciprocate.
This is so much fucking hotter somehow than the other day.
This feels more intimate. More real.
This feels more like love than lust.
I dont even realize but my hands are pulling her closer.
Theyre squeezing her ass. Running up and down her back.
Shes grinding her crotch over my cock.
And yet, we still continue to kiss.
Im not gonna lie. It was fucking awkward after the other day.
After Rosa inadvertently interrupted us on the sofa.
I mean, give me a fucking break. She only had my cock in her
hands, jerking it off. There was only one way that situation was
going to go. With me exploding with thick, white ropes of gooey
cum all over her.
We both knew thats where it was headed. I saw it in her eyes.
They were filled with desire. Her entire face was contorted with
lust that afternoon. She just didnt give a fuck how old she was,
how fucking young I was, who we were, or where we were at. She
just wanted my cock. And I wanted her entire fucking body.
But the real world came and intruded on us. We had to call
it off.
The last few days I havent seen her around as much. But holy
shit, when I discovered today was her fucking birthday, I knew
that I had to get past any sort of awkwardness that we had with
each other.
Fuck, it didnt seem like this morning that anyone else was
going to celebrate her birthday with her. Dad probably doesnt
even know. Or if he does, he just wants to actively show he
forgot to bring out the sentiment that he doesnt fucking care.
Because hes a sociopath.
So that left me. I had the day, and the townhouse staff to help
me whip something up.
And now, because of it, shes holding onto my arms and
kissing me passionately.
Im fucking rubbing her back and running my fingers through
her hair. Im hard. Painfully fucking hard. As in my cock is going
to break if we keep this up.
Are we headed to sex again?
But its different this time. Last time we were in a similar
spot, we werent kissing. That was just pure lust.
This time, theres something different.
I feel her tongue trace the outline of the roof of my mouth and
then come back down and gently massage my tongue. I return
the favor.
This time, we are kissing. This time its gentler. As if were
falling for each other.
Shit. Thats even worse.
And then, as is our fate, I hear the front door slam open.
I dont care if the fucking Teachers Union doesnt like the
changes were proposing, tell them after the election the fucking
voters forget about everything anyways, dads loud voice comes
through. Hes either talking to an aide or into his phone.
A light goes on in the hallway.
Jocelyn pulls back immediately. So do I.
We disentangle ourselves from each other. Her chest is
heaving from holding her breath in this long. Im looking at her.
I dont give two shits about the MTA funding right now, dad
says. Hes definitely talking into his phone.
I see Jocelyn turn her head as the footsteps come toward the
living room. She doesnt bother looking at me, but rather
collects herself and briskly walks out of the opposite exit to the
living room. She wants to avoid dad.
Shes gone not a second before he comes into the room. He
sees me standing next to a table filled with food and champagne.
What are you doing here? he asks me.
I didnt really plan this excuse out, but it just comes naturally
to me. Todays Jocelyns birthday, I tell him.
He stares at me blankly for a second. I hope hes not trying to
figure out which Jocelyn Im talking about.
So? he finally asks. Thats what all the food and
champagne is for?
Want to join us? I ask him darkly.
What a fucking horrible motherfucker. I mean, sure, I was just
kissing her a few minutes ago so maybe Im not saint, but I
didnt go about marrying her, and if what she says is correct,
never fucking touch her in the whole time Ive known her.
No wonder Jocelyn is crushing all over me. For the first time
in a long ass fucking time, someone is showing real, genuine,
affection for her. Someone is showing desire for her.
I think joining you would be a waste of my time, dad says,
turning around after hanging his top coat in the closet. I have
plenty of better things I could be doing with my time.
Dad, I paused and watched him as he froze at hearing me
call out to him. At least go upstairs and wish her a happy
birthday then.
Dad seemed to consider, but then shrugged his shoulder. If
that's all it takes for her to feel better, then Ill leave that to you,
son, he tells me. No one is better than you in winning
people over.
Jesus fucking Christ, I say. Shes your goddamn wife.
Shes a political prop, he says to me. And dont you dare
talk to me like all of a sudden youre my son.
Im silent. Seething.
Youre nothing more than an orphan that I bought with my
credibility. Youre more like a window dressing for me. Never
forget that, he says to me, looking me in the eyes, telling me
hes deadly serious.
He turns, having gotten the last word.
And with that, hes gone.

I curl my arms in another set of bicep exercises and

watch my movements in the mirror. I look good. I
don't fucking care how vain you think I am. I'll admit it. It's no
wonder I've banged nearly every type of woman there isco-
eds, professors, housewives, and even the President's daughter,
which I now sort of regret.
Besides, after the last two days since Jocelyns birthday, I
need to clear my head.
Weve been fucking too close to the fucking fire. Twice. The
first time, I could understand. Her fight or flight response was
kicking in and she was going through adrenaline after her close
call. I was there.
The second time, on her birthday. That was a fucking
different animal. We kissed. And held each other fucking close.
No, I fucking need to shake myself of her.
I look around the gym at the odd mix of people. Even though
this gym offers up a strange, and sometimes annoying blend of
gym goers, I never miss a day of working out. Let's face it; you
don't get the ripped body of a gladiator by just sitting around,
right? I'm a fucking machine, and I plan to keep it that way. As
I'm curling my rock-hard muscles, I overhear a couple of
teenagers next to me.
"No way. Steroids are expensive. You know what you
need bro?"
"What?" the other kid asks.
"You need some McDonald's in your life."
"Now you're trippin'."
"Here me out. I'm not kidding. Just eat the chicken nuggets
every day. There's a lot of growth hormones in those nuggets;
it's borderline unnatural. Those chickens are all breast and no
legs and shit. It's an easy way to get steroids. I'm telling you."
I chuckle a little as I hear their conversation, and then my
eyes immediately fall on a group of women standing a few feet to
my left. I overhear them talking too.
"I don't like lifting weights. I'm afraid I'm going to lose my
breasts," she says, slightly massaging them with her fingertips.
"That's a misconception. Weight lifting is one of the best
ways to stay in shape. You don't want BMI problems, do you?"
"Girl, I definitely don't have BMI problems! I've got 99
problems but my ass sure as hell isn't one of them."
When she says that, I can't help but check her ass out. She's
right. Her ass is nice. Not as nice as Jocelyn's ass, but still nice.
Shit. There I go again. I really need to stop thinking about my
dad's wifemy stepmom. But I can't. She's way hotter than I
ever expected. But my mind is jolted back to reality when I
overhear some of the worst pick-up lines that I think I've ever
heard in my life.
From a sweaty, hairy-chested middle-aged guy on the bench
press to a woman nearby: "We should train together because I
hear it's good for bone density."
And then from another man: "My personal trainer told me I
had to come talk to you."
This line seems to work for a minute because the woman
stops, and gives him a confused look, and then the man
continues, "He said I should talk to you for a few minutes as part
of my routine. If I told you that you had a beautiful body, would
you share your training regimen with me?" And then it dawns on
her that this guy is talking out of his ass, and she walks away. I
swear, these men are cluelessit's embarrassing. And you know
what? That's fine because it gives me a leg up. They should
watch me in action and learn a thing or two. I decide to do one
more rep before leaving, and as I reach for the weight, I feel a
hand on my shoulder. I turn around and see her. That perfect
outline of the female body could only be one person. It's Jocelyn.
"Hey stranger," she says. "What are the chances? I had no
idea you worked out at this gym."
She's being cordial, and I appreciate that. She could've easily
seen me, and quickly slipped out the back door, or at least out of
"I guess New York isn't so big after all," I shrug with a smile.
"It might not be as big as some things," she replies, and I
swear she takes a quick glance at my cock. Did that really just
happen, or am I imagining it?
Are we really going to go down this road a third time?
"I guess you could say that," I say, deciding to play along.
Theres only one way to find out. Im going to give her an
opening and see how far she fucking wants to take this.
"So tell me. Is the rumor true?" I ask.
She doesn't respond, but just furrows her brow, so I continue,
"Do all women really love retail above all else?"
The confusion dissipates from her face. "Retail therapy is a
thing." The way she responds with her head cocked back, and a
slight smile parting her thick, juicy lips, makes my cock twitch.
Damn. She's something else.
"Then I have a proposition."
"Oh yeah? What's that?"
"I say we get out of this place and indulge in a little retail
Sometimes you've got to be bold. I watch as she determines
whether or not this is a good idea. I can almost picture the inner
workings of her brain. One side urging her to stay at the gym and
do the sensible thingget her workout in and not fraternize
with the ill-behaved stepson. The other, wilder side of her brain
and I'm now beginning to think she has a wild sideurging
her to leave. I begin to wonder which side will win when she
"Sure, let's blow this joint." I can't believe my luck. And did
she just emphasize the word blow?
"Let me grab my things from the locker room," she
continues. "I'll meet you out front."
I watch as she walks away, her perfect ass sashaying across
the gym and I can't fucking believe she's agreed to hang out with
me. I drop the weights and quickly grab my things from the
locker room as well. By the time I walk outside, I see her
standing there, carefully applying lipstick. I feel like I'm on a
roll, so I say, "I have an idea. Let's count shoulders."
"What are you talking about?"
"Watch me," I say, standing directly in front of her. I start
counting, tapping my shoulders first. "One, two" and then I
move my hand to her shoulders, "Three, four." And now that I'm
done counting and I've created an excuse to touch hersee what
I just did?I drape my arm across her shoulders and say,
"Let's go."
She smiles, but pulls away. "Easy there," she laughs. "I'll
give you credit. You are bold. I like that in a man."
Good. At least she sees me as a man, and not a kid. I know
there's a sizeable age difference between us, but it's no different
from the one between her and my dad. "Would you expect
anything less from the Lance Anders?" I reply.
"How much woman can you handle?"
Holy shit. The way she just asked that made my heart leap
into my fucking throat. I can't even answer that question, so
instead I smile and order an Uber for us. She watches as I pull the
app up on my phone.
"What kind of ride are you? Long or short?" she asks.
"I'm the longest ride you'll ever need." Like I said, two can
play this game.
She raises an eyebrow and simply smiles.
We take the Uber to Saks Fifth Avenue. I figure I can't go
wrong with this storethere's designer apparel at every level
shows, accessories, housewares, and when we step out of the
car, I see her face light up and I know I've definitely made the
right choice. I follow her into the building as she walks at a fast
clip to the women's clothing, her heels clicking against the floor.
She changed at the gym and is no longer wearing yoga pants.
She's wearing a tight black dress and heels, and honestly, I can't
keep my eyes off of her. Does she always go the gym with an
extra change of clothes? I wonder to myself.
"Here's what I'm looking for," she says. I look around and see
we're standing in the women's blouse section. "What do you
think of this one?"
I honestly think any fucking blouse would look amazing on
her, but I simply say, "I like it."
My answer doesn't seem good enough because she gives it
another critical look. She holds the shirt in front of her, one
hand on her hip. "I think I should try it on."
I nod my head and follow her to the dressing rooms. I find a
bench and sit down.
"I'll wait right here," I say. I lean back and check my phone
no calls or texts, which is goodand I wait.
"Lance? Can you come here?"
I make sure no one is looking before heading into the dressing
rooms. Are men even allowed back here? "Where are you?" I ask,
just above a whisper.
"Right here."
I look to my left and I see her holding one door open slightly
ajar. I slip inside. The room is small and it's forcing us to stand
unusually close to each other. I watch as she starts to unzip her
"I just need your opinion."
With her dress unzipped, I watch as she pulls it off of her
shoulders. Her perfume fills my senses. My heart is seriously in
my fucking throat. It's beating at a frenzied pace and I can't
believe this is happening. The top of her dress is now completely
off and hanging at her hips. I can't help but gaze transfixed at
her perfect breasts. Those two perfect scoops cupped in a lacey
bra. Do I dare touch her?
I immediately think back to the question she asked me at the
gym. How much woman can I handle?

T he moment my shirt comes off, I know I have him.

More than I had him on the couch the other week. Or during
my birthday.
There is no stopping now.
Im going to do this, hun. No stopping me.
Ill probably go to hell afterwards.
His eyes are on my cleavage, and he seems hungry to feel my
breasts. He closes the door to the dressing room and I look into
his eyes, my heart drumming wildly inside of my chest. I could
get used to having men look at me like this, insatiable hunger
flickering behind their eyes. After months of sharing a bed with
a husband who doesnt even look at me, theres no way that Im
going to let an opportunity like this slide by me Hes my
stepson, sure, but so what? One hard look at him and my pussy
grows wet, desire raging through me. He looks young,
handsome Delicious. No wonder he has such a reputation. As
his stepmother, I think its my duty to find out if the rumors are
true... Oh, why are forbidden things the most irresistible ones?
My pussy is already wet, my drenched underwear sticking to
my skin. Theres a whisper inside of me, one that tells me to
stop, that what Im doing is wrong But I just push it to the back
of my mind. The blood that runs through me is charged with lust
and sinful thoughts, fanning flames of wickedness in my mind
and making me forget all about right and wrong.
I tried to avoid this. I knew how dangerous it would be for me
to be near Lance. Hes simply too irresistiblehandsome,
wicked, relentless. But here I am now And theres no going
back. Theres no stopping whats about to happen. Im going to
have him, come hell or high water.
Come here, I whisper, taking one step forward, my eyes
never leaving his, and I grab him by the scruff of his shirt.
Pulling him into me, I press my mouth against his, parting my
lips and brushing my tongue against his. I start unbuttoning his
shirt, my eager fingers flying down the fabric as I expose his
chest. My eyes take in the perfect shape of his pectorals, the
irresistible ridges in his abs.
With one hand on my waist, he takes the other to my hair,
grabbing it viciously. He pulls my head back and, leaning toward
me, starts kissing down my chin toward my neck; once there, he
starts nibbling at the soft skin gently. I close my eyes as I feel his
lips against my neck, my rational mind slowly drowning in an
ocean of pleasure.
Ive been wanting to do this since the first time I saw you,
he whispers into my ear, a shiver going up my spine.
I know, I tell him, grinning. Do you think I dont know
what you were doing when you went to take a shower?
With jerking movements, I tug on his shirt and make the rest
of the buttons pop out. I run my hands over his chest, feeling his
warm skin under my fingertips. It's absolute perfection. I just
want to feel every single inch of his body and surrender myself to
him. And theres no stopping me now. Screw the consequences,
whatever they might be.
What I was doing?
Yes, I continue, grabbing the fabric of his shirt and pulling
it down his shoulders and throw it to the floor. Grinning, I take
one hard look at him, my eyes wandering over his chest once
more. I cant even hear my own thoughts over the loud
drumming of my heart. You were thinking of me, werent you?
Thinking of bending me over and having your way.
What if I was? he asks me, breathing heavily. You wanted
me to be thinking of you
Yes Yes, I did. Smiling, I let my hands slide down his
chest until they meet the hem of his pants. I unbuckle his belt
and unzip his fly, sliding my hand down his pants and caressing
the bulging shape thats tenting his underwear. I start stroking
him over the fabric, my fingers curled tight around his cock. Hes
gigantic, his member pulsing against my hand in such an intense
way that my insides clench in anticipation. But what else was I
expecting? A guy with a reputation like Lance.... Bad attitude and
a huge cock; it seems like these two things go hand in hand. And
hes still so young, so delicious ...
Leaning into him, I lay my lips against his, and then start
kissing down his jawline. I trace the contour of his neck and go
down to his chest, feeling his hard and ripped muscles against
my lips.
Guided by unconscious cravings, I go down on my knees then,
pushing his pants and boxer briefs down as I do it. I want to see
what hes hiding between his thighs. His cock springs free in a
heartbeat, jumping eagerly into my hand. My fingers curl around
it once more, feeling its warmness against my skin. A shiver
goes up my spine as I realize how big he really is, my delicate
fingers barely able to grip him. But I start stroking him all the
same, my eyes locked on his as my hand goes back and forth at a
low teasing rhythm.
I open my mouth wide, leaning forward and taking his glans
in my mouth. Sucking on it, I let his flavora salty and manly
oneinundate me. My eyelids droop, and before I even know
what Im doing, Im moving forward, his whole shaft sliding
inside of my mouth. I start to suck, bobbing my head back and
forth and twirling my tongue around his glans. It tastes amazing,
the scent of manhood crawling up my mouth and lodging itself
on my brain like a perfect blanket.
Cupping his balls as I suck him, I caress them and roll them
over my fingers. Then, as he kicks off his shoes, I push his pants
and underwear all the way down and throw them into the corner.
Pulling back for an instant, I stroke him as hard as I can, my eyes
widening as I try to comprehend the huge member right in front
of me; it simply goes beyond anything I have ever imagined
For once, real life is better than any late-night fantasy. I cant
help but wonder how well a young guy like Lance can wield such
a huge cock.
My skin prickles as, slightly leaning forward, he places both
his hands on my shoulders and, very slowly, slides them to my
back. My skin prickles as I feel the warmness of his fingers;
then, finding my bras hook, he unclasps it, letting it fall down
my arms and onto the floor. Theres no need for instructions; the
moment my naked breasts come into view, he grabs them
gently, his fingers brushing over my hard nipples.
I lean forward so that I can start sucking him again, his shaft
rolling over my lips easily. With my hands on his buttocks, I start
bobbing my head back and forth as fast as I can; matching my
own rhythm, he starts thrusting, his fingers running through my
hair as he ravages my mouth. I close my eyes, half-expecting
him to not resist the way Im sucking him. I wouldnt complain if
he came inside my mouth, not at all. But, of course, young men
like Lance are never satisfied with one simple blowjob. They still
have so much energy inside of them They want more, always
more. And thats exactly the kind of attitude I need right now.
Stop, he says suddenly, the word coming out of his lips like
a groan. He grabs my wrist, making me stop my stroking motion,
and gently pushes my head back. I let his cock slide out of my
mouth, and then allow him to pull me up to my feet. My turn,
he says curtly, placing his hands on my shoulders and pushing
me back against the wall. I go willingly, simply looking at him as
he pushes his body against mine, his naked chest pressed
against my breasts. We kiss again, our tongues dancing around
each other as his hands go up and down my side, exploring the
curves of my body as if I was the most wonderful woman on
Earth. And, the way he touches and kisses me, I just know that
hes never been with a woman such as myself. A woman my age.
Oh, sweet Lance, hes just now realizing that he has wasted his
time with the girls his age
I part my legs slightly so that he can fit between them, his
hard throbbing cock pressed tight against the front of my skirt. I
hike it up to my waist as his hands go up my leg, his fingers
caressing my inner thigh and dangerously reaching for my
thong. The moment he presses his hand against my pussy, the
wet fabric of my thong the final frontier, a violent shiver of
desire goes up my spine.
Like it? I grab his wrist and make him press his hand on me
harshly, my pussy becoming even wetter as I succumb to that
sweet pressure.
I fucking love it, he blurts out. Taking the lead, he flicks my
thong to the side and, kicking patience to the curb, slides one
finger inside of me. I feel a scream climbing up my throat, but I
grit my teeth and stop it just in time, remembering where I am. I
cant even begin to image what Michaels reaction would be if
Lance and I were caught right now; hed go insane, knowing he
had a scandal on his hands. He just doesnt see that scandalous
things are the best ones. His wife fucking his son I can already
imagine a vein popping in his brain.
Lance brushes his fingertip against my G-spot, darts of
pleasure hitting each and every one of my nerve endings. My
eyes are closed, and I cant hear a sound; my brain can only
process one thing, and thats the pleasure he is inflicting on me.
Which is exactly what I want. I need all of my brain power to be
solely devoted to pleasure right now. After all, why would I want
to focus on anything else when I have Lance right here? Hes so
much younger than me, and so eager to please me When
pleasure knocks at your door, you answer it, especially if youre
in a situation like mine, one where pleasure has became a distant
I place my hands on his back, sliding them down to his
buttocks and grabbing his ass hard, my fingers digging into his
flesh as his cock pulses against my body. As I feel the perfect
curves of his ass, he starts to slide his finger in and out of me at a
vicious pace. My pussy is boiling, an eruption of pleasure
threatening to overwhelm me. Actually, it isnt a threat: its
merely a fact. I know its coming. And when it does, I dont even
have time to moan. I simply surrender to the avalanche that
overtakes me and pulls my rational mind down into the depths
of a decadent and sinful world.
My fingers turn into claws and I hook them in his buttocks as
I come; driven by instinct, I bite down on the tender flesh of his
neck, my whole body twitching from the sudden orgasm. He
keeps going, sliding his finger in and out of me, without even
allowing me to catch my breath. Stopping for one second only,
he uses it to grab my thong and pushes it down my legs; he then
does the same with my skirt, leaving me naked against the wall.
He takes one step back, his hungry eyes wandering over my
body, and I shudder in anticipation. It's amazing what two
people can do in such a tight space.
You look even more beautiful than I imagined He says, a
hungry smile dawning on his face. I cant wait to taste you.
Then dont, I tell him with a wicked grin, anxious to feel his
mouth against my wetness. Leaning in, he starts kissing my
neck, his lips tracing a downward line over my body. I feel his
mouth between my breasts, and then his lips wrap themselves
tight around one nipple. Arching my back, I let a low moan
tumble out of my lips as his mouth moves down to my stomach,
laying gentle kisses over my navel as it continues its downward
Much in the same way I did before, he goes to his knees, his
mouth dangerously close to my pussy. He starts to kiss my inner
thighs, teasing me mercilessly as I squirm. God, I want to feel his
mouth on my pussy, his tongue on my clit I want him to eat
me, to devour me as if I were the most delicious thing he had
ever tasted in his whole life.
I tangle my fingers in his hair and reel him in, forcing him to
press his mouth against my wetness, his tongue lapping at my
clit eagerly. I lift one leg up and place it over his shoulder,
allowing him to easily fit his head between my thighs. Opening
his mouth wide, he sucks my drenched folds, taking my juices in
his mouth as his tongue starts to jab at me, parting my inner lips
and sliding in and out at a maddening pace.
I rest my hands on his, feeling dazed by the way he moves his
head. Grabbing locks of stray hair, I keep pulling him into me
violently while I thrust my hips against his face, rubbing my
pussy all over his mouth. Relishing it, he redoubles his efforts,
sucking and licking in a way that turns a never ending sequence
of hushed moans into a long drawn out one. I have to bite my
lips and remember where I am, trying to focus so that I dont
moan louder than I can. Im actually surprised I havent lost all
semblance of self-control. But Im close Really close.
The moment he focuses on my clit, his lips wrapped around it
as he presses down with his tongue, my whole body shakes as I
come. I pull on his hair as hard as I can, throwing my head back
as I grit my teeth, suppressing a wild scream of savage pleasure.
Im still shaking when he slides two fingers inside of me,
moving them in and out in a matching rhythm to that of his
tongue. Hes not even eating me out; hes fucking me with his
mouth. And it feels so right After months of frustration, this
seems like Heaven on Earth.
I dont even know how its possible, but the first orgasm still
hasnt died and Im already coming again, cresting the peak of
pleasures mountains as my body is consumed by burning
intense pleasure. My limbs are flailing and Ive lost all control of
my body. Im like a puppet, carnal pleasure pulling the strings
and guiding me toward another dimension One where only
ecstasy matters.
Guided by the desire to achieve that carnal transcendence, I
take my hands to his face and make him look at me, locking my
eyes on his.
I need you in me. Right now, I tell him, the tone of my voice
a commanding one. Lucky for me, I dont have to command or
beg; hes ready to give me what I want right now. He goes to his
feet, a devilish grin on his lips.
You dont need to ask. Theres nothing that I want more,
he says, pressing his body against mine. He grabs his cock with
one hand and presses its thick head against my inner lips; gently
swaying his hips, he rubs his glans against me, my body and
mind buzzing with excitement as I bury my fingernails in his
back. With my fingers acting like hooks, I motion for him to
thrust, to pierce me with his cock and fuck me like Ive never
been fucked before. But he takes his time; he keeps on gently
rubbing his cock against me, never allowing it to go more than a
few centimeters inside of me.
Why are you trying to tease me? I whisper into his ear.
Youre just teasing yourself, Lance You want that cock inside
of me as bad as I do.
I do, he whispers, and then, the whole world explodes. He
thrusts violently, his thick shaft sliding inside of me with one
single stroke and scorching all of my nerve endings. His cock
stretches my inner walls as it goes, making me wonder about
how it's possible to have something so huge inside of me. I
might not be young anymore, but I still pride myself on having a
pussy as tight as a virgin.
He starts ramming it inside of me harshly, his fingers going
down my back and nestling under my buttocks. He pulls me up
and into him, lifting me off from the floor, and I lock my legs
around his back. With my arms over his shoulders, I pull him in
and make him move even more viciously, each thrust of his like
a stab of pure pleasure, a mind-numbing high that would put
any kind of drug to shame. In fact, just two thrusts and Im
already an addict. Ive always been partial to big cocks, thats
true, but with Lance it feels like this is my first time I mean, is
there anything better than experiencing something like this?
Even if its as wrong as original sin. Oh, screw thatthis being
forbidden makes it even better.
Rocking his body against mine in a back and forth motion, our
bodies fuse into one, our muscles moving as if we are part of the
same machinery. My brain is working overtime trying to process
all the information that my nerve endings send it, but its almost
impossible; theres a limit to how much pleasure I can handle.
It doesnt take long for me to come again, my pussy
tightening around his cock as I claw at his back. I do it hard, my
fingernails sliding across his skin with enough strength to draw
blood. A grin dawns on my lips as I imagine how hes going to
look after Im done with him. When he looks into the mirror
tonight, hes going to have the memories of what were doing
here etched right into his skin. Hell remember how he fucked
his own stepmother, how she moaned into his ear...
A violent scream climbs up my throat and I purse my lips,
throwing my head back against the wall as I order my brain to
keep my mouth shut. I have to watch myself. We're in a public
dressing room. Even so, I cant stop a moan from escaping into
the cool air of the room, my body burning up with orgasmic
I tremble, shiver, and twitch, all of me burning in ecstasy.
I like hearing you moan, he whispers against my ear, his
lips seductively brushing against my skin. Makes everything
even better.
Then why dont you make me moan louder? I tease him, no
actually knowing if I can survive this. Have I ever felt this much
pleasure? If a moan like that escapes my lips, will security be
knocking on the dressing room door?
Oh Dont worry, were just starting.
He pulls back, my skin prickling as I feel his cock sliding out,
and puts me down. With a grin on his lips, he places his hands
on my waist and turns me around. I place my hands against the
wall, shoulder height, and jut my ass back at him. His hands run
down my side and he moves them over the curve of my ass,
grabbing my buttocks hard. He presses his body against mine,
the warmness of his skin spreading through me; with his cock
firmly pressed between my buttocks, I start rocking my body,
grinding against his cock.
I exhale sharply, ready for whats to come; I reach for his cock
and, grabbing it, push it down. Placing the tip against my folds, I
let go and place my hand back on the wall.
He eases into me gently, my pussy resting against the tip of
his erect cock. As he moves, I have to grit my teeth as he pierces
me, my inner walls once again accommodating his long
thickness. When hes in me to the hilt, he starts to move with a
slow and gently rhythm. But I dont want to move slowly. I want
to go fast. I want to go furious. I start jutting my ass back,
moving my hips with a ferocity I didnt know I had in me.
Harder I tell him harshly. Fuck me harder Im your
stepmother, do what I tell you to, I find myself saying, not even
capable of filtering my own words.
Bossy he whispers with a smile. He starts fucking me
hard all the same, placing his hands on my hips and pulling me
in as he thrusts, my mind almost destroyed by the intensity of
his thrusts. My back arches as I succumb to the hard sway of his
hips, my body sandwiched between a man thats half a decade
my junior and a slab of concrete, no escape possible. And, really,
why would I want an escape? He should be the one wondering
about escaping, because Im not letting him go anywhereat
least not until my body is utterly and completely spent, that is.
Holding me against the wall, his rhythm starts to grow into a
mind numbing crescendo, his cock hitting me so fast that I can
already feel the blood inside my veins starting to boil. I moan
through gritted teeth, closing my eyes as all existence starts to
fade away. I cant see or hear, I can only feel. The whole universe
seems focused on the place where our bodies meet and fuse, his
cock pounding my pussy without a single hint of mercy.
I come once again, my body completely electrified. I rest my
forehead against the wall, hitting it repeatedly as I try to cope
with the raging joy that courses through me. This is fucking
Heaven. Transcendence. Ive never been religious, but this is
almost mystical.. Think Im exaggerating? Im not. Im out of
control, I know, but thats just a side effect of being fucked like
this. And, really, its not even a bad side effect; who doesnt
want to lose control from time to time?
Its like that, without any kind of mental brakes or
whatsoever, that I let a loud moan tumble out from my lips. I
almost dont even care if anyone hears us. Sure, if Michael ever
found out about this, both Lance and I would be in deep trouble
But who cares about that right now?
He pulls his cock out and places his lips against my neck,
kissing me tenderly. Then, he makes me turn on my heels, my
back against the wall. My hands go to his chest and, clawing at
his pectorals, I smile mischievously.
My hands slide up to his shoulders and I push him back,
motioning toward the small bench in the corner of the cramped
cubicle. He doesnt complain as I guide him there, making him
sit as I look upon him, hunger making my eyes widen. He licks
his lips, his eyes never leaving mine, and I climb on top of him,
my legs open wide as I sit on his lap. My hands slide down his
chest and, once again, his cock is in my hands.
Guiding his thick member to where I need it to be, I let it
pierce me like a spear, his shaft going in easily. I dont give him
time to process whats about to happen. I simply start rocking
my body against his, my buttocks slapping his legs as I go up and
down, back and forth. I move wildly, still out of control, and
close my eyes as he reaches for my tits, grabbing them eagerly as
I fuck him in abandonment. He has fucked me the way I wanted
him to; its time for me to show him that a woman my age also
knows how to please a man.
I ride him hard, and I ride him fast, punishing his cock with
all my strength. I feel drops of sweat pooling on my forehead,
but these only make me go faster. My muscles are already
aching, but I dont care. Im a woman on a mission, and I wont
be denied. I grin as I feel sweat dripping down my back, down my
face and into my lips, the salty taste of it coating my tongue.
Acting on instinct, I get up in a rush and, before he can do
anything, I turn my back to him and ease myself down on his
cock again. His hands go down my back to my ass, and he slaps
my cheeks hard as I start riding him in a reverse position. My ass
bounces up and down, slapping his body again as I try to survive
the onslaught of pleasure that rages through me like a wildfire.
I feel my mind starting to dissolve, pleasure the only
remaining thing inside my head. God, I needed this Forbidden
as it might be, Lance is fucking me like Ive never been fucked
before. To say he knows what hes doing is putting it lightly.
He slides his fingers further in over my ass cheeks, his
fingertips brushing against my crack. A shiver goes up my spine
as he presses on my asshole, gently caressing it as I keep on
riding him. Pressing down, he slides his finger one inch inside
my ass, and then starts to move it back and forth at a steady
rhythm. With him fingering my ass, I feel closer to oblivion than
I have ever been.
I clench my jaw, breathing through my nose as my muscles
start to spasm. I dont even feel the need to scream anymore; my
body does all the talking now, my muscles jerking as I come once
more. I might be coming, but Im too far-gone to stop. I keep
riding him with violent movements, my buttocks bouncing up
and down as his cock ravages me, his finger flying in and out of
my ass faster now. Somehow, though, he still manages to resist
my assault.
But not for long, that I can promise you.
He allows his finger to slide out of my ass as I go up to my
feet, towering over him like the Queen of Wickedness. He looks
at me with a grin on his face, sweat on his forehead, and I grab
his hand.
Lay down, I whisper at him, my voice holding promises of
pleasure. Like a good boy, he knows exactly what I tell him to,
lying down on the cramped floor, his cock pointing up at me.
Guided by instinct, I immediately plant each feet on the side
of his thighs. I squat down, grabbing his cock and pointing it
straight up. I brush it against my pussy lips, his glans rubbing
against all of my length, and only then do I go lower. I go as slow
as I can, his shaft gently lodging itself inside of me. Then I start
to jump and down over his cock, moving as fast as I can and
pushing through my exhausted muscles. I might be tired, I might
be spent, but Im not a goddamn quitter. I will see this through.
It happens fast.
Before I know it, his cock starts to spasm and I feel a
warmness inside of me. He starts to cum, his semen gushing
inside of my pussy like a fountain, filling me to the brink and
dripping down his cock. It goes on for what seems like forever,
an endless torrent of thick cum inundating me as I finally ease
myself down and stop moving, allowing myself to savor the
sweet ecstasy that courses through us both. Still cumming, he
hooks his fingers on my waist and thrusts upward. I let out a
surprised moan as the tip of his cock goes as deep as possible,
yanking one final orgasm out of my system. I lean forward,
grabbing his ankles as flames of indescribable pleasure crash
against my body and turn my mind into ashes.
I roll to the side, completely spent, and smile as I feel thick
strands of cum dripping out of my pussy and down my legs.
Looking at him, I realize hes still cumming, thick strands of his
white juices shooting up in the air.
Hes literally cumming in quarts.
Come for me, baby, I whisper, and then I correct myself.
Come over me. Gritting his teeth, he goes up to his feet, his
cock spasming out of control. I kneel under him, opening my
mouth and allowing his semen to coat my tongue. Filling my
mouth to the brim, his cum starts dripping down my chin and
onto my breasts. I grab his cock then, and I point it at my tits; his
warm juices hit my skin in a heartbeat, completely covering both
of my breasts.
Using both of my hands, I smear his fluids all over my chest,
my fingers sliding easily over my skin. And still he keeps
cumming, almost as if to confirm that this is, in fact, reality and
not just a wild dream. Yes, this is very real. Im fucking my
stepson, someone deliciously younger than me. Dont judge;
being married to a man like Michael makes someone like Lance
completely irresistible.
When his cock finally stops, I lock eyes with him, my lips
curling into a devilish grin.
I cant leave here like this I tell him, still rubbing my own
breasts with his cum. Youll have to take care of it now, Lance.
As if my words were a whip, he goes down to his knees in front
of me.
Did you think I wouldnt take care of it? He presses his
mouth against mine, and we kiss as if tomorrow would never
come, swapping all of the cum in my mouth and letting it drip
down both of our bodies. He sucks on my tongue, taking all the
cum into his mouth, and then licks all the drops hanging on my
lips. I wouldnt let you leave without tasting every single inch
of your skin
He keeps going further down, his tongue following along the
lines left by his semen. When he gets to my breasts, he takes his
time, licking them eagerly, his tongue lapping at my cum-coated
lips frenetically. I throw my head back as he runs both his lips
and tongue all over my chest, scooping every last drop of cum
into his mouth and licking me dry.
When hes done with it, he reaches for my pussy, brushing
two fingers against my folds and taking into his hand the cum I
still have there; then, he takes his fingers to my mouth and
presses them over my lips, thick drops of cum going down from
his fingertips into my lips. I open my mouth and let him slide his
long fingers in, sucking them dry. Slowly, he takes them out of
my mouth, a delighted smile on his lips.
Youre not done yet
Who said I was? Almost growling, he places his hands on
my shoulders and pushes me down onto the floor; hes on me
before I even know what hes doing, his mouth hungrily pressed
against my pussy. He devours me again, making sure that every
single drop of cum in my body goes into his mouth.
When he takes his mouth off of my pussy, Im grinning as if I
were a young girl again. I sit up on the floor, my heart still
racing, and look up at Lance..
This was just... he starts, the expression of ecstasy on his
face somehow making him look even more handsome and
younger. I know exactly what he means, so I just nod, still
breathing hard. His lips are still glistening from all of the cum he
took in, a perfect memento of what weve just done. This was
perfect, and wrong. Very, very wrong.
Oh, crap, what am I doing with someone so young? Someone
whos my stepson?
Well, Ill tell you what Im doing, hun. Im living. The way I
want to.
For the first time since Ive been married, Im doing
something that makes me happy.

the beer.
et me get another one, Mike, I say to the bartender,
holding out my pint glass and taking the final sip of

Fuck, I don't even know if the guys name is Mike still. I

mean, the bartender behind the counter when I came in this
afternoon was called Mike, but I cant remember what he looks
like now. Ive been drinking pretty heavily, if you cant
fucking tell.
Its now night, around 8 pm, and Ive been here a few hours at
the Village Pourhousea giant sports bar off Union Square. It
gets a good NYU crowd, but more than that, the drinks are
reasonably priced and people leave you alone if you just want to
get blasted, watch television, and be by yourself.
And right now, the only two things I want in this fucking
world are to drink to forget and be by myself.
Yeah, okay, I know this isnt the best thing to be doing in the
world. The media catches me getting wasted in a bar, theyre
going to have a fucking field day.
But I fucking need this. I dont care what the fuck is going on.
I mean, you would be doing a lot worse if you were in my
shoes, okay. Dont even try to fucking tell me that you would be
all calm and collected after you ended up fucking the hottest girl
youd ever fucking met in the fitting room of a fucking Saks Fifth
And not just any woman off the street.
No, that would make things too easy. Then it would just be
sexand hey, you know me, Im cool with having just sex,
No, this is going too fucking far.
This time Ive crossed a line that I dont think I can come
back from.
This is my fucking stepmom were talking about here. Just
recently married to my stepdadthe Mayor of New York City.
Its not that Im worried that Im in trouble or anything. I
mean, Im not even fucking related to my dad, so theres no way
Im related to her.
But the optics of this situation. Shes my dads wife. I have
never, ever, ever had sex with a woman who has been in a
relationship. Ive never cheated on any woman Ive been with
and Ive always drawn the line on sleeping with women who
were in relationships.
I mean, look at me. This body gets me enough girls to fuck.
Im able to pick and fucking choose and till now Ive always
picked to not be a fucking home wrecker.
Until today. Until the hottest fucking woman on the face of
the planet threw herself at me with the power of a fucking
tornado. I didnt even have any free fucking will in this situation.
It was almost like I was just there for the ride.
But afterwards, when my feet came back down to earth, I
began to realize what I was doing. And now I get that what we did
this afternoonwe can never do it again.
You got that right. You heard me. Look at my face. Im
fucking serious. I am never going to lay a hand on Jocelyn
Anders. Ever again.
I slap my hand down on the bar, and immediately draw the
looks of the bartender. But fuck it. Im getting out of my seat and
getting out of the bar, anyways.
Its close to 9 pm by the time I get off the uptown 6 and walk
the one block from the train to my dads townhouse. Most
Mayors of New York City move into Gracie Mansion, the dwelling
reserved for the person who wins the office. But my dad, Michael
Anders, is different. First off, his townhouse that he owns on his
own is much larger than Gracie Mansion. So it never made any
sense for him to move. Secondly, the amount of money he
makes on interest in one month from his inherited holdings is
more than the annual salary of the positionso he basically only
accepted $1 as a token salary four years ago.
I gotta hand it to the guy. He knew how to play the people and
the media. Both events went down with great fucking fanfare
and people looked at him as this benevolent leader. I think
that's the image he was going for. And more than that, they
looked at the fact that he wasnt getting paid as a way to
reinforce in their heads that he already had enough money that
he wouldn't be swayed by any special interests.
Thats the kind of cunning mastermind Im going up against
if I keep fucking his wife.
But I dont need to worry about that because Im never doing
something like that again.
I walk inside into the lobby of the townhouse and see Jocelyn
walking up to meet me. Shes gotten home and shes wearing a
black skirt that comes five inches above her knees, showing off
her fucking gorgeous legs. Shes got a silk blouse that's maybe
one size too small, hugging her stomach and tits like a second
skin, leaving nothing to the imagination. To top it off, shes got
these pearl necklaces and when I see them, the only thing that
goes through my fucking head is how much Id love to cum on
her neck and give her another fucking kind of pearl necklace.
Jesus motherfucking Christ. My cock has started twitching as
she walks over. She looks at me.
Hi, Lance, she says, clearing her throat a bit.
Wheres dad? I ask, looking her into the eyes. She meets
my stare.
Fuck, with as fast as my hearts beating, with the fact that my
fucking cock seems to have its own heartbeat, how is it that Im
not just staring Jocelyn in the eyes, but meeting her stare and
not looking away.
Your fathers in the living room, she says, gesturing her
head back. I wanted to talk to you.
Im silent. Im not sure what the hell there is left to say.
Jocelyn takes a step closer to me.
All I have to remember to do is not move from my pledge. Im
not going to lay a hand on my dads wife. This is sick. Its wrong.
But she most likely never took a pledge like that. She places
her hand on my arm as she takes a step closer. I can smell her
Lance, what happened today, she says and pauses. Of
course we were going to talk about this. Theres pretty much
nothing else to fucking talk about. I just fucking met this
woman. Its like the only memory we have together. What
happened today was a mistake and can never happen again.
Wait a second.
Did she just say what I think she did?
What do you mean? I ask. Shit. That didn't come out right.
I just need to nod my fucking head and then go upstairs.
Lance, Im married to your father, Jocelyn says. And its a
marriage I need to protect because other people are counting
on me.
I never knew this. Is she telling me that she was forced to
marry dad?
Its just that, I hadnt had sex in over six months, Jocelyn
says and looks into my eyes as if imagining just a few hours ago.
I think we both got a little carried away.
Oh, thank the Lord. Shes not going to make things difficult.
This is going to be okay. Hopefully, well be able to file this away
and never have to think about it again. We can move on and not
let this affect us.
Then why does it feel like she just punched me in the gut? I
mean, Im supposed to be feeling relieved right? Why does a part
of me feel terrible?
But Jocelyn takes my silence for consent. She smiles.
Im glad we got this sorted, she says and smiles even more.
I just wanted to make sure we talked about it, before it
Well guess what, Jocelyn. Its already fucking weird. Theres
no way it can get weirder.
After a moment, Jocelyn looks at her watch.
I think Ill head to bed then, she says. Shes looking at me
and I can tell shes debating whether to give me a hug or a kiss.
She decides against it when I just stand there silently. Im not
trying to be mean. If I fucking touch her, or she touches me, Im
not letting her go.
I know that if she tries to hug me and feels my throbbing 12-
inch cock pulsing against her thigh, shes going to go fucking
I know that if she runs her hands down my abs, Im not going
to stop. Nothing is going to keep me from my goal of ravaging
her again and pumping obscene amounts of my fucking semen
all over her gorgeous body.
So she instead looks away and turns her back toward me,
walking to the stairs.
I cant say that I dont spend the next two minutes watching
her ass sway back and forth as she climbs the steps.
Is there even any way that a woman can climb steps
sensually? Is that even a fucking thing? Because if its not, then
my stepmother has just made it one.
God, just saying that makes me feel like Im doing something
dirty. It makes me stand there like an idiot for at least 5 minutes
after Jocelyns disappeared down the hallway.
Eventually, I climb the stairs myself and head to my bedroom.
I strip my clothes off, grab my cock, and think about jerking off.
To those big titties of Jocelyn's. That round, perky, juicy ass.
Those slender fucking legs.
No. I need to stop this.
Tomorrow morning, Im going to call some of the sluts I used
to bang in high school. Work out all my issues by literally fucking
the shit out of them. Making sure they cant walk afterward by
fucking them so hard. Thats what Ill do.
A bit relieved at my plan, it doesnt take long for the alcohol
to do its work and put me to sleep.


A ND IT SEEMS like just two seconds later my eyes are opening up

again, looking around. Its fucking morning. Already.
I yawn, and notice that my cock is still hard.
What the fuck is going on? I know its probably morning
wood, but Im really hoping that my dick took a break between
when I sort of passed out and this morning. Im hoping it took a
breather, and got some sleep before rising to attention for me
this morning. Because last night, I hit the epiphany.
I need to just fuck this thing I have for Jocelyn out. I need to
find a girl. Any fucking girl. And I need to fuck the living shit out
of her.
Itll lead to a much happier family life.
Believe it or not, this actually brings a smile to my face. Im
going to give the cock a good workout, and its not going to
involve my dads wife. And then Ill be good to go. Not distracted
at every turn by Jocelyn Anders. Hell, if dad asks me to
campaign, which Im pretty sure he will, Im going to need to
fuck whatever girl I find to make sure I have a clear head during
the day.
I finally have a plan. Yesterday.that was just hormones
taking over. Im the master of my fucking domain.
I put on a pair of basketball shorts and a t-shirt and head
Its still early enough that dad and Jocelyn will probably still
be having breakfast.
I walk down the hallway to the kitchen and breakfast nook of
the townhouse and I hear voices coming from there.
I step in. Dads reading the newspaper and a series of
whatever on his iPad. Hes not really paying any attention to
Hes a fucking fool. Because shes sitting there in a pair of
black yoga pants that barely come up to her waist. And a black
sports bra. Literally, thats all shes wearing. Shes having a cup
of coffee and I look at her bare midriff and her flat tummy and
curvy fucking ass. Her tits are gorgeous and my cock, which was
getting ready to take a break, is back at being rock hard again.
Oh, youre up, dad says to me as he notices me standing
there. Since you dont work anymore, Im going to need your
help on my campaign managing social media, he says.
I stand there watching him.
Well talk about it later. Right now, I need to take a
conference call, dad says getting up and walking toward the
opposite end of the kitchen, past the large island and
refrigerator and stove. Its like one of those cavernous kitchens
with two entrances, usable by a large staff if needed to entertain.
Once I get done with my call, well talk, Lance, dad says as he
steps out.
Leaving me with his gorgeous wife whos barely wearing
Fuck. What was that promise I made yesterday?

T his is insane. Im insane. Lance is insane. Were all

going to Hell.
How the hell was I even thinking I would get away with this?
And what is wrong with me? Putting something like this on?
After what I did with him yesterday?
I cheated on my husband. Ive broken the sacred vows of
marriage. I bet thats what youre thinking when I talk to you
now, isnt it?
I know you probably hate cheating. I do too. I have a
subscription to Kindle Unlimited and Ill stop reading right there
if my story has cheating in it.
At least two days ago, thats what I would have told you.
Because after six months, I forgot what sex tasted like. What it
felt like. I forgot what it felt like to have a man want me. And if
that man was as gorgeous and hot as Lance, well I would have
never comprehended that something could happen like that
to me.
Even if we left a bit awkwardly, all day I couldnt stop
thinking about Lance yesterday after what happened at Saks.
I woke up this morning and my pussy was wet from dreams
Id been having. I can still remember them. Theyre burned into
my brain. How Im in something cute, like a lacey white bra and
panty set, but Im giving Lance a blowjob.
Thats right. I dreamt of giving my stepson a blowjob. Go
ahead. Judge me, ladies. Tell me Im nasty. Im perverted. That
Im rocking the cradle. That hes only 21 and Im taking
advantage of him at 36. That just makes me wetter when you tell
me Im not supposed to do that, okay? It makes the thoughts
that Im having in my head of turning toward Lance and
spreading my legs for him to enjoy the body feel even more
delicious and taboo.
Fine. I know. Im sick. Im twisted. Maybe I could even go to
jail, who knows. Although, hes not really even my stepson. Hes
Michaels stepsonnot related to Michael at all. But just the fact
that he looked at me as he was fucking me and said, Dont tell
dad what were doing, has gotten me all wet again. I can tell my
cheeks are turning red.
Hes looking at me. Michaels not here. Its just me and Lance
in the kitchen.
I hear Michael press the speakerphone on his phone in the
office. The dial tone comes on. I hear numbers being pressed and
then the voice of a man. Michaels on a conference call.
He doesnt even think to shut the door. Sure hes down the
hall but he has the volume on so loud I can hear all the way in
the kitchen.
He never even considers me.
Lance is eyeing my body. I can tell. The way men used to eye
me wolfishly before Michael married me.
I need to stop this. I need to stop him. Technically, were
I get up from my chair and turn around. I start to walk to the
counter, feeling his eyes on me. The last thing I saw before I
turned around was the bulge in his basketball shorts. He was
tenting. That foot long cock.
Oh God, did I just wiggle my ass for him? Did I just shake it for
him? Do I still want him?
What am I doing, hun? Why am I acting like this?
There are millions of women who havent had sex in six
months, right? Marriage is about more than sex, right? Michaels
never so much as kissed me on the lips. In public, its always a
pretend peck on the cheek. Hes never touched me. Im pretty
confident he blackmailed my father into forcing me to accept his
marriage proposal.
But sure, that was wrong. But does it excuse my cheating
on him?
No. I need to stop this. Im at the kitchen's island. I put the
coffee mug down and close my eyes. I hear Michael speaking
from his office.
I bend over the counter, jutting my ass out. Toward Lance. I
know hes still there. I know hes looking at my ass.
Yes, okay, I know. Shake your head at me, dear. Tell me Im a
slut, if you want. I honestly am so confused.
Im swaying my ass in front of a young mans cock and telling
you I dont want to cheat.
Maybe I need to just go somewhere else?
Thats when I feel his hands on my arms. I feel those strong
hands first.
Then I feel his rock hard cock against my ass crack. The yoga
pants are thin and I gasp as I feel his monster dick running over
my ass. I want to whimper in delight.
Lance, we cant do this, I say with noticeable shudders. I
want it so fucking bad. I cant cheat on your father.
Just thinking about what I said as Lance runs his cock up and
down my ass is enough to get me close to cumming. What is it
about this guy? Im not usually into younger guys. I like older
men, D/s type stuff. This is just so insane.
I know Jocelyn, Lance says in a deep voice and I feel his abs
and chest against my back. His body is pressing up against me.
Hes shirtless and I feel where his abs are rubbing against my
bare back. Oh God. I close my eyes.
I cant cheat, I say.
Do you love him? Lance asks.
I dont answer. I cant tell Lance the truth. That I didnt even
know Michael six months ago. That I havent learned anything
about him since.
Does he get you fucking wet, like I do? Lance asks me. Im
thinking about that question when I feel his hands leave my
arms and wrap themselves around me.
I need to put a stop to this. I need to
His right hand travels to the waistband of my yoga pants and
not even hesitating, dives in. I gasp as I feel his fingers go
underneath my thong. Two fingers press down to the entrance of
my pussy. Rubbing me delicately. Back and forth.
Fuck, Jocelyn, Lance says into my ear. Does dad do this?
Michael has never done anything like that to me in our entire
I didn't think so, Lance says. Hes not someone who likes
My eyes are half closed. My head lolls back into his. He leans
over and kisses my neck right above my shoulders.
You dontknow that, I manage to say. My breathing is
coming in shorter gasps now as I feel Lance and his finger gently
rubbing the hood of my clit, pressing down on it. Hes going to
make me cum.
I do, Lance says back strongly. Because I think my stepdad
is gay.
What the hell did Lance just say?
Thats right, Lance says softly into my ear, rubbing his
tongue against it. His cock is grinding against my ass. His tongue
is tracing outlines in my ear. His fingers are flicking my clit. And
his voice is permeating my brain. Its a wonder Im still
Am I just hearing what I want to hear?
My dad is most likely gay, Jocelyn, Lance says softly. He
doesnt love you. And Im willing to bet hes never fucked you. In
fact, he would be fucking disgusted if you tried.
All those times Ive tried to seduce Michael. All those times
he looked like he could care less.
How did I ever miss this?
How could I have been so blind?
Does this make what Lance is doing right now okay?
I dont know, but for the brief moment my brain has given me
a reprieve, I feel the tension exit my body.
Ill figure out later whether this is still cheating.
Right now, Im going to cum. Im going to enjoy this so much.
Lances hard body is pressing even harder against me. His
pecs are pushing into my back. His left hand is now squeezing
my tits hungrily. His mouth is planting kisses on the nape of my
neck and hes dragging his tongue up and down my upper spine.
And his fingers. Oh God, his fingers are smacking, flicking,
and twisting my clit.
Michael cant see us, of course. Hes too busy talking loudly to
know whats happening in the kitchen. How his stepson is
defiling his wife.
And how shes enjoying it.
Just another few flicks. Another set of kisses.
Just another few seconds of that foot-long cock pushing into
my ass and Im cumming.
Its his fingers that really push me over the edge. Like a slow
burning fire, I close my eyes and give myself over to it. Within
seconds, my body is burning. I momentarily dont care if Michael
walks in. I forget all about Michael. I cant hear his voice. I can
only feel the pressure against my clit. And its like my whole
body feels it. My whole body, engulfed in pleasure.
Wave after wave of seizure inducing pleasure.
I lose track of everything. I cant even tell you if I was
But I can tell you that when I open my eyes again, I see that
Lance is holding me up. My legs must have given way.
He has his left arm under my shoulder and hes easily holding
me up with no effort. He could probably bench me with one arm.
I turn my head and look at him.
If hes right, if Michael is gay and this marriage is just a sham,
then Lance may have been my savior. In more ways than one.
I need to find out as quickly as I can.
So that I can properly reward him.

F rom the Desk of Amanda Adams, the Professional

Gossiper of Page Two.

W ELCOME TO P AGE T WO G OSSIP , heres what were hearing around

the halls of power:

A ND THEY RE OFF . The New York City Mayoral race has begun
yesterday with the current Mayor, Michael Anders squaring off
against the Democratic ex-Mayor of New York City, Jim Jenkins.
Youll remember Jim Jenkins as being the mayor four years
ago, defeated in a speaker of an election.
Sources close to the Anders campaign concede that the last
election had razor thin margins chiefly due to the fact that the
Mayor was seen as lacking any family. In fact, if you remember
the man we call Hizzoner today was seen more like a billionaire
dilettante who inherited his fathers business and kept it
running, had an estranged son, and had been a widower for
pretty much the last two decades. Those same sources are telling
me that four years later, Michael Anders is a changed man. Hes
close with his son and has a new wife who he is very much in
love with.
So everything should go fine, right? Not so, say advocates of
Jim Jenkins who are willing to talk to me. They say that the
current mayor has plenty of holes and areas where things dont
add up. They think the whole thing is more of a sham and
theyre out to prove it. But before they can do that, they all
pretty much agree that they need to define their candidate.
Four years ago, the city was reeling from massive
unemployment, sky-high crime, and a wave of homeless people
blanketing the city. People blamed Mayor Jenkins for a falling
quality of life in the city. But the ex-Mayor plans to show the
pendulum has swung the other way. His campaign is going to try
and make the point that Manhattan has turned into a giant mall
that only very rich people can live in, cops have gotten to the
point where theyve started harassing citizens for minor
offenses, and the job market is so tight that businesses are
leaving the city because they cant find any workers.
But at the heart of the matter, I think both sides can agree
that it was always a question of who was able to portray the
greatest job as a leader. The family man with the ability to let a
sprawling city of 8 million get out of his control, or the
billionaire scion of a media company who brings a corporate
mentality to everything he touches.
New Yorkers are going to have to make a choice and they have
about six months to do it. Those six months are going to be
crucial to figure out what kind of man the citizens of Gotham
want leading their city.
Keep your eyes open to this paper and your ears to the
ground, my fellow New Yorkers. Till we hear more, this is
Amanda Adams signing off. Keep your ears open, New York.

T here are cheers coming from the crowd of supporters.

Posters with the words "Anders for Mayor" are being waved. I
watch as my stepfather takes the podium, waving to the crowd.
"Thank you! Thank you all for your support," he says into the
microphone. "I am joined today by my loving family," he says,
pointing to both Jocelyn and I with his palm outstretched. "My
beautiful wife, Jocelyn, and my son, Lance, I love you both, and
as we gather here today I know there are many things on all of
our mindsNational Security, the economy, advances in
technology, among other issues, but I want us to never lose sight
of what is most important, and that is the love and devotion of
With that, the crowd cheers even more and I try my best not
to roll my eyes. Who is he fucking trying to fool? When was
family ever his top priority? But I get it. He needs to play this up
to win favor in an already tight mayoral campaign.
And then he continues, "It's been said before, but is worth
repeating here. The love of family is life's greatest blessing.
Love, trust, sacrifice, helpfulness, respect, and commitment
should not be taken lightly, but valued and held high. Today, and
every day, you should be thankful for your family. Your family is
priceless and being a part of it means that you're a part of
something very special and wonderful, and bigger than yourself.
Strong, healthy, loving, and nurturing families form the basis of
our future! Let's never forget that New York!"
I see he's really fucking laying it on thicklike peanut butter
thickand the crowd is going wild. I mean it. They're really
eating this shit up. Especially with the thin margin of victory
during the last election, he knows he needs to push this issue
not just with his supporters, but with his opponents as well, to
cover his ass. I look over at Jocelyn to see if I can detect any hint
of emotion from her face, but she's standing stoically, looking
ahead, smiling, clapping, and for all outward appearances,
playing the part of the Mayor's happy and devoted wife. She
looks perfectly put together. I don't fucking blame her. Play the
game or get eaten. But she notices that I'm looking at her and
she whispers, "We can't keep doing this, Lance."
It's what I don't want to hear. I mean, I know she's right, but
I can't seem to bring myself to admit it. Why is it that I want this
woman so fucking bad? I can have any woman I want. Why
this one?
"I know," I whisper back, but even when I say it, we both look
at each other in a way that suggests we only half believe what
we're actually saying.
"I'm a married woman; we need to take a break from each
other," she continues at a soft whisper.
"But how do you stay with him? I've seen the way he doesn't
even look at you at home. It's like you don't exist."
"I owe it to my father to make this marriage work. It goes
beyond just Michael and I, you know. Like I said, a lot of people
are depending on me. And besides, Michael isn't a bad man. I
don't have a terrible life with him."
"So, you're saying you're happy living in the same house with
a man who doesn't love you? A man who refuses to show you the
affection you deserve? A man who won't so much as touch you?"
As soon as I say that, I regret it. I know I've struck a sensitive
nerve because there's a pained look on her face.
Instead of answering my questions, she says, "You're young,
so much younger than I am. What could we possibly have in
common, in the grand scheme of it all? And besides, you're my
son. Albeit, my stepson, but can't you understand that this is an
impossible situation that we've found ourselves in?"
Of course she's right. I fucking know she's right, but it kills
me to admit it. I hate it. Instead of responding, I let her words sit
in my mind and I look ahead and listen as my stepfather wraps
up his speech, driving home his point even further, "Instead of
just talking about family values, let's start really valuing those
closest to us and make a difference in the generations to come.
As your Mayor, I promise to uphold these values both publically
and privately, and together, I know we will bring the real
meaning of family back to modern families here in New York."
Hearing him say these things is almost unbelievable. I know
as soon as he gets home tonight, he won't heed his own advice.
He won't so much as look at Jocelyn and I. He'll have the TV on,
or disappear into his study. I watch as he waves to his supporters
again amid cheers, and then steps away from the podium.
Staffers are now making their rounds through the crowded
room, handing out handshakes and pats on the shoulders to
supporters. I see that my stepdad has his eyes on one staffer in
particular, a young, dark-haired man. He must be new because I
don't recognize him. He's broad chested with well manicured
hair, and he stops him for a quick moment. They are standing a
few feet from Jocelyn and I.
"Do you work for UPS or something?" he asks the staffer.
"I'm not sure what you mean, sir?"
"Well, I could've sworn I saw you checking out my package
just now," he says in a bold and brazen tone. He's smiling so big
that I can see his teeth.
"I see," the staffer says, smiling in parallel when he
understands the euphemism. He seems to immediately warm
up, "In that case, I just may be the delivery driver you're
looking for."
I can hardly believe what I'm seeing and hearing. A minute
ago, my stepdad was pointing to Jocelyn and I, talking on and on
about family values, and now here he is, hitting on a staffer.
Actually, I shouldn't be surprised at all. I mean, I know him all
too well, but what's shocking is that he's willing to do this at a
public event, and risk making himself look like an ass. I'm trying
not to stare. I mean, honestly, if he wants to continue to fuck up
his marriage and throw away a woman as gorgeous as Jocelyn, I
say let him. I'll gladly fucking step in, but I can tell Jocelyn is
hurt. She's hearing this too, and is trying to pretend as if she
isn't, but it's pretty fucking obvious as we continue to hear him.
It only confirms what I've already told herMichael is gay.
The staffer extends his arm and ever so slightly brushes his
hand against my stepdad's suit. "By the way, I love this suit; it
looks great on you, but I must admit, I'm curious to see what it
would look like crumpled on the floor of your limo. My name is
Kenneth, in case you don't remember I'm sure you'll be
screaming that out later."
Michael is licking his lips, and I don't mean that figuratively.
He's really fucking licking his lips. He responds with a hungry
smile, whispers something into the waiter's ear, which elicits
another smile, and then he walks over to Jocelyn and I.
"You two go ahead and ride in the next limo together," he
says, only giving us a cursory glance. "I'll go ahead and catch the
one right after."
We nod, but don't respond. I mean, what's there to say? We
all know what he means by that, but Jocelyn and I do as he says
and proceed like nothing is amiss.
A limo pulls up within minutes. I open the door and usher her
in first. She steps in, one slender, heeled foot after the other.
She hasn't said a word for a while, and instead keeps looking off
into the distance as if she's deep in thought, but as soon as the
door closes, I watch her push up the divider that separates us
from the driver. As soon as she does this, my heart begins to
hammer in my chest. What's she doing?
I don't know what to say, and I honestly can't keep my eyes
off of herher perfect breasts cupped in a sexy back dress that
hugs her like a second skin, and her legs that beg me to run my
hands between them. Fuck, my cock is twitching just looking at
her. It has a mind of it own. And then she does the unexpected;
she sits right next to me, and carefully places her hand on my
thigh. He right breast is nestled against my arm, and I can feel
her warmth and smell her perfumea delicate rose fragrance
that only heightens her femininity. My entire body is buzzing
with anticipation.
With her hand moving between the tender insides of my
thighs she whispers, "Forget what I said earlier. I don't think we
should take a break at all."

I cant believe that after a speech like that Michael

would take the limo with that staffer of his. Family
values, yeah, right; they only seem to matter when they benefit
his career. But why am I surprised? Lance was right. Michael is
gay, and Im nothing but a pawn to him
Why should I restrain myself when Michael doesnt? If he can
do whatever he wants, so can I. And that means, of course,
Lance. What else? Even after telling him all about the reasons we
couldnt possibly be together, I still crave him. How could I not?
After our first time together, I can barely think of anything else.
Closing the divider between the driver, and us I move closer
to him in the seat, my eyes on his. I can see it all theredesire,
hunger, lust. Everything that my husband denies me, his son has
in excess.
Im breathing hard already, my cheeks flushing as I realize
that I wont be able to control myself. Reaching for him, I lay my
hand on top of his and squeeze his fingers gently. Were sitting
side by side, looking at our reflection in the mirror that faces us.
Take me, I whisper, turning into him and looking him in
the eye; Lances lips curl upward into a slight grin and I dont
need to explain myself further. He leans into me; electricity
pulsing between our lips when they press together. Both his
hands are on my face, his lips brushing against me softly. I
want you to have me, I pull back, looking into his eyes. Theres
a mischievous expression on his face, one that tells me he
already knew I wouldnt be able to resist him.
If thats what you want, he smiles then, his hands going to
my lower back as his mouth presses against mine once more. I
grab his jacket and, with all the patience in the world, take it off
of him; my fingers then go to his collar and I start unbuttoning
his shirt, anticipating how it will feel to brush my fingers over
the smooth skin of his chest.
Its what I need, I tell him as I come up for air. Sliding his
hand under the opening in my dress, he rests the tip of his
fingers over the dimples in my lower back, in that narrow patch
of naked skin just before my thong. A shiver goes up my spine at
his touch, my mind burning as I succumb to desire. So what if
its wrong? What if its scandalous? Sometimes we all need a bit
of scandal in our lives. Particularly if it involves someone as
young and handsome as Lance.
His fingers go around my hips and he rests them over my
waist, tracing the contour of my thong as he goes. My heart is
already beating fast, and its not because of lust and desire. Sure,
theres that too, but somehow its different now. Its something
more powerful, more wickedly sinful. As we touch, the
alchemy of our bodies turns wrong into right, forbidden into
I finish unbuttoning his shirt and brush my fingers over the
hard lines of his abs, tracing their contour as if Im taking
measures. I let my hands climb up to his chest and then they go
to his neck; his own hands go up my side and, grabbing my face
gently, he parts his lips and slowly brushes his tongue
against mine.
How is it even possible to crave someone so much?
His hands go up my body, settling on my shoulders as he
hooks his fingers on the straps of my dress. He pulls them down
my arms, the front of the dress drooping over my breasts and
baring my bra.
He looks at me, licking his lips unconsciously as he looks at
my almost naked chest, and then pulls me back into him once
more. My naked skin brushes against his, and I can feel it
prickling, goose bumps all over me. Trapped in his embrace, I
feel his fingers on my back as he unhooks the velvety bra I still
have on. I let it slide down my arms, my hard nipples sending a
ripple of electricity down my torso as the cool air of the room
laps at them.
I sit still, letting Lance take a good hard look at me. He isnt
smiling or grinning; he just sits there, by my side, looking at my
body as if Im the last woman on earth.
You cant imagine how much I want you. How much I need
to feel my cock inside of you, he says as I grab at his shirt and
take it off his body, running the open palm of my hands down
his arms. I smile at him, and without taking my eyes off of his, I
let my fingers trace a slow and tortuous line over his chest and
abs, and then down to his belt. Hooking my fingers around it, I
pull Lance into me, our foreheads resting against each other. I
reach for him with my mouth and tenderly bite his lower lips.
I can imagine it, I say, I need it as much as you.
His hands go down over the curve of my backside and he
grabs me there, our bodies pressing against each other. With my
naked breasts against his chest, I swear I can almost feel his
heart drumming away.
I unbuckle his pants and then I pull the belt out from its
loops. My hearts louder now, almost racing. As softly as I can, I
brush the tip of my fingers over his crotch, feeling the shape of
his erection straining against his pants. To feel his desire for me
is almost magical.
Taking my time, I unbutton his pants, his length pressing
against the back of my hands as I do it. My body is already aching
to have him in me; but why rush? I want to take my time. I
deserve this.
His pants unbuttoned, I brush my fingertip from the base of
his cock to his tip, over the smooth fabric of his boxer briefs.
Hes pulsing with desire, but he has no other choice but to let me
take the lead, allowing me to drive him insane before he finally
I keep on brushing against his cock just like this, the tip of my
finger going up and down, up and down in an endless loop. I look
at him and hes gritting his teeth, hunger flashing behind his
eyes. Hes under my spell... as much as Im under his.
I grab the hem of his boxers, and careful not to touch his cock,
I lower them. His massive erection springs free, pointing up and
straight at me as if accusing me of tortuous teasing. Just like I
love it.
Still without touching it, I grab the hem of his trousers and
slowly start pulling them down his legs as I go down to my knees
on the limos carpeted floor. I look up at him, a grin on my face,
and I know hes bursting with anticipation.
He kicks off his shoes hurriedly, and then I pull both his
pants and boxers off, my hands then brushing against his lower
legs and up. Its almost as hard for me as it is for him. I want to
tease, yes, but with his naked body so close to me, Im teasing
myself as well.
My hands climb up his legs and to his waist, my eyes not
leaving his for one simple second. His cock is throbbing, almost
jumping in place as if begging for me to touch it. Its almost
impossible to resist.
My fingertips go around his waist, and then I lower them to
his inner thighs, feeling the warmness of his skin as his
breathing starts to grow anxious. I lean into him, his cock just
one inch away from my parted lips; but I remain in place, still
not touching it. His body is tensing up, and I know how hard hes
resisting the urge to simply grab my head and thrust his hips
at me.
I open one hand, and with my open palm, I caress his balls,
feeling their weight. Theyre full with his seed, and I can barely
wait to have him panting, his cock shooting his load deep inside
me... Just by touching him there, his cock starts pulsing,
thickening even more than what I thought would be possible. I
let go of his balls and let one single finger brush over his cock all
the way from his root to his tip; I then take it off and go back
down to the base, repeating the process over and over again. Im
actually surprised by the way hes resisting his own wild urges. I
know I wouldnt be able to.
I tilt my head sideways, and leaning down, I plant my lips on
his shaft. My kiss is soft, my mouth barely touching him, but
even so I can feel the warm blood that runs through his cock
I part my lips slightly, feeling more of his flesh on me, and I
suck gently, kissing his shaft on a downward line all the way to
his balls. I then go back up, stopping just one inch away from his
tip. Pulling back, I look at him and let my tongue slowly escape
my lips and reach for his tip.
His hands go to my head when my tongue touches him, but he
simply lays them there, not moving at all. I start tracing circles
around his tip, smoothly brushing my tongue over his glans. I
know he cant wait for me to start sucking on him, and I just love
how the anticipation is almost palpable.
It feels so good He whispers, his voice loaded with
It does, doesnt it? Without even grabbing his cock with my
hand, I open my mouth and carefully engulf his whole tip,
pulling back slowly over it. He tangles his fingers in locks of my
hair, and when I look up at him, I notice he has his eyes closed.
I just love how you handle my cock He says, breathing
harder than before. I do it again, his glans inside my mouth, and
then I slowly start lowering myself, his cock rolling over my lips
and deep into my mouth. I press his thickness upwards with my
tongue, and the moment I feel him exhale sharply, I grab his
cock with my right hand. His hands on my head jerk a little,
almost as if he has been shocked, and I cant help but feel my
pussy becoming moist and dampening my thong.
Pulling back over his cock, I accompany the motion with my
hand, and when enough of his cock is out of me, I grasp the rest
of it with my other hand. Like that, I slowly start bobbing my
head; I close my eyes then, his flavor and scent completely
taking hold of all of my thoughts and pushing me toward a
frenzied state.
I start going faster, grabbing and caressing his balls with one
hand while I suck him. I never imagined I would take so much
pleasure out of sucking a man, but then again, I have never been
with a man like Lance. God, who would have imagined that
having your mouth filled with a cock this massive would be one
of the best feelings in the world? And Im just talking about
having him in my mouth, because when his cock is sliding deep
into my pussy How much better can all this possibly get?
Im going as fast as I can now, and Im not even using my
hands. His fingers on my head guide me as he thrusts, my mouth
working with complete abandonment. I go like this until I feel
the muscles in my neck starting to hurt; I pull back, his cock
popping out of my mouth, but I dont allow him any rest. I
immediately start to stroke him, moving my hand so fast Im
surprised I can even do it at all.
I notice hes grabbing at my hair harshly, but I dont care. I
continue to suck him, and when I realize it, Im already moaning.
I always thought that women who moaned during a blowjob were
pretty much making a show out of it. Well, let me assure you
right now, thats not whats happening here. If Im moaning, its
not because I want to; its because I need to. And believe me, if
you ever have a cock this thick and long inside your mouth,
youll be moaning too.
Taking his cock out of my mouth, I stop to catch my breath;
then I tilt my head sideway, and lick the side of his shaft until I
reach its roots. Going further down, I kiss his balls, sucking one
in; it pops into my mouth easily, and I roll it over my tongue, my
lips not allowing it to escape. When I finally let it go free, I turn
my attention to the other one, lapping at it with my tongue
before sucking it in. Theyre massive and heavy holding all his
delicious semen inside of them
I just cant help but open my mouth as wide as I can, taking
both of his ball inside of me. I suck on them hard before I finally
turn my attention to his shaft. I slide my tongue in a straight
upward line, stopping for a heartbeat on his tip, lapping at it
with my tongue and just sucking his glans with my eager lips. I
hear him grunt slightly, and the sound of it sends shivers up and
down my spine.
He starts thrusting wildly now, and my mouth is open wide as
his cock slides in and out of me. Im not big on cursing, but
theres no other way to put this: hes fucking my mouth, and it
feels fucking amazing.
Fuck he grunts suddenly, his pace winding down. Hes
close to coming, and hes trying to resist the urge to do it Well,
its not his call. I always liked to take the lead and be the
dominant one. And Im his senior A boy like him has no other
choice but to submit to my whims.
Come for me, baby Just do it I whisper, taking his cock
out of my mouth just to get the words out. I dive into it again,
and even though hes pulling his hips back, trying to get his cock
out of me, I accompany his motion and push my mouth even
further down. He tries pushing me back with his hands, but I
push back against the hold he has on me; he has nowhere to run
to, theres no escaping me and he knows it. Im the predator and
hes my prey. Hes mine.
Grabbing his cock by the base tightly, I start sucking with as
much effort as I can muster, bobbing my head back and forth as
if my life depended on it. It doesnt take long for his cock to start
pulsing against the inner side of my cheeks, and knowing that
hes close, I push through the pain on my neck and keep going as
hard as humanly possible.
Fuck! he blurts out again, this time louder. His fingers curl
against my scalp, and with one mighty thrust, he cums into my
mouth. Its warm and salty, and as it gushes in a torrent over my
tongue, I can feel my skin prickling. I remain still, his spasming
cock inside of me as he shoots his seed, filling my mouth until it
cant hold anything else, both with his cock and his cum.
When his fingers on my head relax, I start pulling out,
tightening my lips around his cock on the way out. I look up at
him then, making a grimace out of it as his cum is still filling my
mouth; hes breathing hard, but theres a grin of satisfaction on
his face.
Still looking him in the eyes, I open my mouth, showing him
all of the cum I have in my mouth. His face lights up with a
devious grin and he takes my hand in his, pulling me up and into
him. I let myself go willingly, feeling my knees sore from all that
time kneeling at his feet. Not that Im complainingoh, not
at all.
As soon as Im at his level, I lean forward and press my mouth
against his, parting my lips and letting his tongue in. I feel his
semen starting to drip down my chin as we kiss, but I couldnt
care less. He sucks on my tongue, and then rolls his inside of my
mouth, stealing back all of his cum. The moment he pulls back
from me, I wipe my chin with the back of my hand, swallowing
whatevers left inside of my mouth. Grinning, he does the same,
his Adams apple moving up and down as his own fluids go down
his throat.
Dont think that means were done, he says, that lustful
grin on his lips. He takes his hand and places it right over my
crotch. Nows my turn.
My heart thrashes inside my chest as he says it, and my pussy
almost bursts like a dam. I become so wet that I start to feel even
my dress becoming damp. And no, Im not exaggerating.
I cant wait to see what you have in store for me, I tell him
as he pushes me back against the seat, sliding his fingers under
my dress; he pulls me into him, crushing his mouth into mine.
We kiss in abandonment, Lances tongue brushing against my
lips and cleaning it dry of the drops of cum still hanging there.
His hands keep going up my legs, and he slides them under my
body, cupping my ass cheeks harshly as he gently bites on
my neck.
Keep it hard for me, baby, I whisper into his ear, grabbing
his cock and stroking. I didnt need to worry, hes still as hard as
concrete. Even though Ive teased him to no end and forced him
to cum inside of my mouth, hes still hard! And he didnt even
need five seconds to rest and recuperate. Oh, the world does
belong to the young ones, it seems...
His fingers rub my ass cheeks, his thumbs going over my
crack and pulling at my thong. With his hands over my
underwear, he forces his way around my waist, bunching up the
fabric of my dress, and plants one hand right over my pussy and
thong. Im so wet that his fingers slip over my crotch, as if Im
covered in oil. Pressing his open palm there, he rubs it against
me until I throw my head back and start moaning hard.
He takes his hand out for one quick second, just the amount
of time necessary for him to push my dress up to my waist. As
his fingers brush against my skin, I feel them wet and slippery,
completely covered in my juices.
Once more, he presses hard against my pussy, and I start
stroking him in a backhanded motion, my hand moving over his
length almost too clumsily.
My eyes are closed, so I dont see him leaning into meall
that I feel are his lips wrapping themselves tightly around my
nipples and sucking hard on them, one hand of his cupping my
breasts and pulling at them.
I dont know how thats even possible, but Im becoming even
wetter. I can already feel my fluids dripping down my inner
thighs; such is the mess my loins are in.
I moan in anticipation as he starts tugging on my dress,
pushing it down my legs in a hurry; I kick it off, lying back
against the seat just in my completely drenched thong. Exactly
the way he likes it, I bet.
He grabs my ass, squeezing hard while he pulls at the small
string that covers it. He pulls and tugs at the part of my thong
that goes around my thighs, slowly sending it down on one side
and then on the other. Soon enough, only a small wet patch of
fabric is covering my pussy.
Lance goes from one nipple to the other, licking and sucking,
and taking his time with my tits. I grab his head and force him to
suck on my nipples harder, the flesh in my breasts molding to
the pressure of his mouth. Softly, he pulls on my right nipple
with his teeth, biting on it with a kind of careful and tender
pressure. My mind stabbed by pleasure, he finally starts to softly
kiss his way down to my belly, going to his knees like I did
before. There, he takes his time, kissing around my waist as if
that un-tanned line of skin marked border territory. But
eventually he goes over it, his lips seductively kissing my groins.
Im fighting hard not to thrust my pussy against his face, but if
he had the mental fortitude to resist me, I can do the same.
Or, well, I can try.
Pulling me into him with his hands on my ass, he presses his
mouth over the small patch of thong that still covers me,
sucking eagerly over my pussy. I cant help but sway my hips as
he does it, knowing that my out-of-control wetness is now on
his lips and tongue, and that my most secret scents and flavors
are now his to taste.
He opens his mouth and slowly closes it, as if hes trying to
devour my pussy; then, suddenly becoming tired of not having
me completely naked, he bites on my thong and pulls it down my
legs with his teeth, rubbing his hands up and down my side.
I look at him, his cock still proudly standing between his legs,
waiting for its turn to ravish me. I feel his eyes crawling all over
me, enjoying every valley, hill, and curve of my body, mentally
ravaging every single inch of me.
He takes his thumb and presses it just one inch above my clit,
applying downward pressure, and I feel that electric tingle
coursing through me. I dont even understand how he can
possibly know my body so well. Even I, alone in my bedroom and
having some me time, cant touch myself the way hes doing
right now. Someone as young as him shouldnt have this kind of
experience But he has, and Im the luckiest woman around.
He continues rubbing my clit, all while stretching his fingers
and brushing one of them gently between my pussy lips in a
coming and going motion. I slowly move my hips in his
direction, barely able to control myself; he just applies a bit more
pressure on my clit and I stop immediately, my whole body
feeling an intense current of electricity running through every
single fiber in it.
I cant control myself. Its impossible to resist while he
tortures me like this.
I grab his wrist with one hand, and I push it against my pussy,
trying to force him to do anythingpress against it, finger me,
lick me. Anything! I need him; I need his body Fingers, mouth,
cockI need everything in him.
But hes strong, and no matter how much strength I apply,
his hand doesnt budge. He simply looks up at me, grinning as if
he knows exactly the kind of maddening torture hes putting me
If you want my cock, youll have to wait, he tells me, and I
almost want to scream in frustration. The good kind of
frustration, of course. I know that the more he tortures me, the
more Im going to explode, but I just dont want to wait. Like a
kid on Christmas, I dont want to wait until its midnight to
unwrap my presents. I want it now, all of it!
Lance I I stammer, running my hands through his hair
back and forth, summoning whatever endurance theres in me to
resist his touch.
What do you want me to do? he asks, slowly stroking my
clit as he looks up at me. Tell me.
I look at him, but my mind is completely blank. What do I
want him to do? How about everything? He jumps in to help me
then, that grin full of mischievousness dancing on his lips.
Maybe I should do this? He leans into me, and without
touching me with his mouth, he simply lets his tongue press
right over my clit. The muscles in my legs tighten and I start
pulling at his hair, not knowing what to do. Or maybe this? He
slides one inch of his finger inside of me, and I immediately try
to thrust my hips upward so that he goes all the way in.
Someones very, very eager...
I pant as he slides his finger all the way in, curling it in a
hooking motion and stroking somewhere inside my pussy that
makes sparks fly behind my eyelids. With his finger nestled
there, he simply rubs it against my insides; he leans into me, his
lips wrapped tight around my clit, dancing with it as he flicks his
tongue in precise maddening motions.
Im trying hard not to moan, but its getting harder to resist.
Really hard.
Sucking while his tongue laps at my clit, he starts rubbing
with his finger faster, and I can feel my insides boiling and
clenching. Im pulling at his hair desperately and, thank the
gods, he has eased his hold on me and now I can sway my hips
freely. I place my legs over his shoulders, locking him in place
and reeling him in while I press his face against my pussy,
rubbing myself against him, my mind completely devoid of any
semblance of rationality. In this precise moment, Im just
One harder flick of his tongue against my clit and a
thunderstorm consumes my mind. I pull him into my pussy so
hard that I can even feel his teeth against my flesh, and I come
just like that. My whole body trembles as I thrust at him, goose
bumps all over my skin.
He pulls back, leaving only his finger inside; instead of taking
it out as I come, he keeps on fingering me without mercy. My
whole body is trembling and theres a violent pressure mounting
on my insides. Something inside of me is clenching and I try and
grab Lances hand; he looks up at me, a grin on his face, and
redoubles his efforts.
Lance, I think Im I think Im what? I dont even know
what Im feeling! But, judging by the look on his face, he knows
exactly what hes doing. I grit my teeth, close my eyes and Oh
God, what is this? My whole body is contracting, and it seems as
if Im about to explode. Really explode.
And thats exactly what happens.
My pussy clenches around his finger and an orgasm spreads
through me like a flood. And I mean that quite literally; Im
gushing! Im Im squirting! Oh, God, I really am squirting, and
in a way I never thought was even possible. The pleasure is so
intense I feel all of my muscles burning. More than three
decades in me and I never experienced anything like this. Warm
fluids shoot out of my pussy and drip down my folds, pooling
between my thighs on the leather seat.
My limbs flailing, I throw my head back against the seat,
breathing hard. He comes up, sitting by my side, and touches my
cheek, caressing it, and lays his lips against mine. I can still taste
my pussy on his mouth and by god I love how it feels.
But he isnt done yet. His finger is still inside of me and,
instead of pulling it out, he starts sliding it in and out of me. He
starts slowly at first, almost as if hes trying me, but Im as wet
and ready as I can be. He goes faster, faster, faster, and soon Im
pressing my legs together, locking his hand into place as he
fingers me toward insanity.
When he pushes one more finger inside of me, I have to grit
my teeth. My body is still trembling and shaking, and even so, I
can already feel that storm of pleasure building back, the roar of
delight inside my mind.
He starts biting at my neck, pinching my nipples at the same
time with his free hand. I throw my head back, my hair falling
over my shoulders, and I choke down a scream as something
explodes inside my mind. I come... I come really hard. But he
doesnt stop. This time, I know hes not going to allow me any
kind of rest.
Were going for it all the way. No brakes, no nothing.
I grab his cock, and wanting to have him inside my mouth just
once more, I lean toward him and engulf him with my lips. He
pushes his cock down my mouth, pushing through his last
inches until my lips are almost touching the root of his length.
Its hard to believe that I can actually fit all of his impressive
length in my mouth.
But, more than having him in my mouth, I need him
inside me.
Fuck me, Lance I need it now, I simply whisper. Before I
know it, he pushes me back on the seat, laying me down;
pushing my knees apart, he settles his body between my legs.
Oh, youll get everything you need from me, he tells me. I
look in anticipation as he edges closer to me, his thick glans
reaching for my inner labia. I shudder as he presses it there,
rubbing his tip along my pussy and up to my clit. He then slaps
his shaft against my pussyonce, twiceand I almost bang my
head against the door in my madness.
Then give it to me Because I need your cock right fucking
now, I say, opening my legs wide. I cover my mouth with my
hand as I let out a scream: he enters me fast, his shaft sliding
deep inside of me and sending shards of absolute rapture from
my pussy to my mind.
He thrusts at me like that for God knows how long, his body
pressing on mine; I lace my legs behind his back, not locking
him into place but allowing him the freedom to move in and out
at will, which he does. His thrusts are so strong and violently
delicious that I feel the car start to sway from side to side, almost
like a plane going through light turbulence.
He continues until all strength leaves my body, my legs
sliding down from his back to the floor as all muscles in my body
become taut. He pounds me even strongly then, feeling my
weakness, and I have to bite hard on my forearm so that I dont
scream as I climax again. The car keeps on swaying harder with
each passing second, but Lance either doesnt notice it or
doesnt care.
I want to scream. I want to do it loud and mindlessly. Only
God knows how Im still capable of controlling myself right now.
Any other man would have stopped by now, succumbing to
exhaustion. But not Lanceyoung as he is, there are no brakes
on him. He wont stop until his hunger is sated, and I bet that
even then hell still be aching for more. How do you even satisfy
someone like him?
My limbs flailing and my mind burning, he keeps on ramming
it inside me; with the last ripples of ecstasy still receding from
my mind, a new and bigger wave crashes on me, numbing not
only my body and mind, but my soul as well. Everything in me is
on its knees and praying for rapture.
I dont know how many orgasms he wants to inflict upon me,
but I want to turn the game around. I escape from under him,
and before he can even realize what Im doing, Im on all fours
on the seat.
He doesnt need to be told what to do. I dont even have the
time to breath out; hes already behind me, slapping my ass and
rubbing his thick fat glans over my pussy as I wiggle my
backside. He rams it in me in an instant, and before I can even
control myself, I let out a violent scream. Hes ramming me so
hard I lose all notion of where I am. I dont care about anything
anymore. My universe is pleasure, and pleasure is Lance.
His body moving in a frenzy; I have to place my hands on the
doors handle so that I dont fall forward. He keeps ravaging me,
his thrusts turning the sway of the limo into hard rocking. I feel
the cars body going from side to side, the metal screeching
subdued as it moves. It feels as if we are not in a limousine, but
on a boat during a storm.
I let myself go and, as my pussy tightens like a vice around his
cock, I cum my brains out all over again. I have to grit my teeth
as hard as I can, my lungs begging for me to scream out.
Sir? Is everything okay? I hear the driver say through the
intercom. I look back at Lance over my shoulder, my eyes
widening as I realize that the driver noticed the ruckus we were
causing. How could he not? We almost turned the limo into the
Titanic! The car Well, something was happening to it
right now.
Lance doesnt seem fazed by it, though. He simply shrugs and
reaches for the intercom, pressing down on the main button.
We noticed it as well, he manages to say, a fake calm on his
voice. Thats not normal at all You should take this limo for a
check-up once you drop us off. This car is in no condition to be
driving anyone around.
Yes, sir. Will do, the driver tells Lance. He looks at me with
a carefree smirk and whatever fear I had of being caught
vanishes away immediately.
I jut my ass back at Lance and start thrusting back in his
direction. He grabs my hips and starts pounding me again, this
time not even bothering to start slowly; he just goes all in right
from the start, his whole length sliding in and out of me so fast
Im seeing white lights behind my eyelids. The car starts to rock
from side to side again, but this time the driver doesnt say a
thing. Maybe he suspects whats happening in the back, maybe
he doesnt. By now, I couldnt care less.
I want to scream, and this time, I almost do it. I moan, my
voice quivering as Lance fucks me senselessly. The screams
trapped inside my body travel all the way to my brain, almost
making me explode.
Youre going to come he says, slapping my ass with the
back of his hand. And youre going to come hard.
Make me I reply, rocking my backside against him with
the same brashness hes pounding into me; no more than thirty
seconds and I go from my hands to my elbows, hair falling down
on my shoulders as I feel the thunder of climax drawing close.
Sweet pleasure courses through my veins, but I dont stop.
Somehow, I think that Lances insatiable hunger is rubbing on
me; he just makes me feel younger. I push past all my limits and
continue thrusting back at him until I can feel an ungodly
pressure mounting inside of me; if I dont come soon, Im going
to really explode. But before I can come, he laces my waist and
pulls me back.
Still with his cock in me, he lies down on the seat as I roll into
a sitting position over his cock, my back turned to him. I let the
orgasm come then, grabbing Lances ankles while I sway my hips
back and forth, left and right, all over his cock. Electricity and
flames devour me, but I dont stop. I cant stop. Only when my
body becomes completely spent will I do it, and only because I
wont be physically capable of carrying on.
So good I moan, not even knowing if my heart's still
beating. I want more. Instead of swaying my hips, I stop doing
that and prepare to use what little energy still remains inside of
me. I start jumping on his cock, and I do it hard. Hes cupping
my ass as I go, and I lean just a bit forward, slightly bending his
cock down and imagining the pressure hes feeling right now.
Fuck, he exhales sharply, slapping my ass again.
His whole body becomes rock solid and I cant help but jump
on him with all the strength that I have in me. Suddenly, he
hooks his fingers on my waist and pulls me down onto him. I sit
on his crotch as his cock goes as deep as it has ever been inside
of me.
Oh my God!
Suddenly, I become nothing.
Pleasure rages through me in a way Ive never felt before,
utterly consuming my mind. Im high on sex; Im high on Lance.
And as his cock spasms again, his load shooting deep into me, I
moan so hard that my voice starts quivering. He keeps cumming
for a long while, the seconds ticking away as a torrent of semen
takes hold of me.
Only when he becomes still, do I roll to the side and lay back
against the seat, my limbs sprawled. I didnt even notice it, but
Im covered in sweat, locks of hair plastered to my face. I want to
speak, I want to move, but theres not a single reserve of energy
inside of me. I gave it my all, and in return, Ive been sacrificed
at the altar of pleasure.
Lance turns to me and kisses me on the cheek.
Just lay back Ill take care of you.
Yes... I nod, Lances lips travelling down my neck. His
mouth hikes down between my breasts and over my stomach,
only stopping when he has his head right between my legs.
Tenderly, he starts licking my folds, taking care of the cum
thats dripping down my thighs. Pushing his mouth into me, he
sucks my folds in, wrapping his lips around them and taking in
every single drop of cum I have on my pussy.
Satisfied, he goes up, lying back with his body pressed against
mine. There Much better now, he whispers, smiling at me. I
run one lazy finger over his lips, an errant drop of cum still
hanging there.
Yes Much better. With him, everythings better.
I close my eyes and smile, taking a wicked sense of pleasure in
knowing that Michael is riding the limo in front of us,
completely oblivious to what just happened between his son
and I.
Serves him right, I think with an exhausted grin.

F rom the Desk of Amanda Adams, the Professional

Gossiper of Page Two.

W ELCOME TO P AGE T WO G OSSIP , heres what were hearing around

the halls of power:

I F YOU THINK this election is getting nasty, youre not the first to
think that and youre not the only one. Cheer up though; every
day that passes is one day closer to the election. But, one thing
everyone is thinking and asking me is this: If were already so
low less than a month into the election, how much lower and
dirtier is it going to get before we get to the voting booths?
Lets do a rundown of what weve seen so far.
The campaign of Mayor Anders has accused Jim Jenkins of
being a Socialist, scaring voters into thinking that should
Jenkins get elected, police will no longer be able to use guns as
they patrol the streets. Mayor Anders' campaign surrogates said
in speeches all last week that Jim Jenkins is so opposed to gun
control that he would ensure that police start doing their beats
with TASERS, night sticks, and stun guns.
Not to be outdone, at a major campaign speech, Jim Jenkins
suggested that should the Mayor get another term, his policies
would include shutting down public schools that run on taxpayer
money in support of private schools, raising the price of
educating our little New Yorkers in training.
Do you want to have to choose between a broken, burned,
and underfunded public school, or a private school? Because
thats the choice under Michael Anders! Jonathan Franks, the
campaign manager for Jim Jenkins was quoted as telling this
paper afterward.
The Mayor's campaign shot back that Jim Jenkins' policies
would include not prosecuting most crimes and opening up the
prisons and letting out hardened felons.
You want that man locked up for being a child sex offender
to start looking at apartments next to public schools? Because
with Jim Jenkins as mayor, theyre going to be able to do just
that, the Anders campaign manager retorted when asked for a
follow up.
With Jim Jenkins being portrayed as a soft-on-crime bleeding
heart liberal and Michael Anders being portrayed as a corporate
fascist, voters arent left with much of a choice of picking the
better man. Instead, theyre left with finding the least of two
evils. Thats right, fellow Gothamites, its not about who we love
anymore. Its about who we hate the least.
But one thing is becoming pretty abundantly clear. With the
policies being twisted so badly, both campaigns are relying more
and more on their families to burnish their credentials and raise
their favorability ratings. Jim Jenkins showed up at Coney Island
on Saturday with his wife Martha and their daughter Jennifer to
eat at Nathans Hot Dogs and ride the Cyclone before taking
some pictures.
And Mayor Anders has brought out his family plenty of times,
bringing his son and newly married wife to every single one of
his campaign rallies and making a big show of taking them out to
dinner at Bubba Gumps Shrimp Factory in Times Square.
So, it looks like this campaign is going to be won or lost based
on who is hated the least. And a lot of that can be based on who
has the most lovable family.
Thats all for today, but were digging up as much as we can
about both families. Till we hear more, this is Amanda Adams
signing off. Keep your ears open, New York.

I knock on the door to dads office with a fucking

weight in my stomach. Its been three days since the
limo. Since I was balls deep into Jocelyn. Just thoughts of my
hands holding her supple, curvy, lithe body inspire my cock into
a frenzy of twitches. Fuck. I cant be thinking like this because
while my cock doesn't seem to care, Im dying of fucking
guilt here.
Thats right. Im feeling guilty. I hope that doesnt
surprise you.
Ive never in my life done anything like this. This goes way
beyond just fucking a married woman. First, shes older than
me. Im 15 years younger than her. I would have never
considered anything like this before coming back to the city.
Second, shes married to my dad. That makes her technically my
Now hold on there. I know based on everything youve seen so
far, youre going to tell me to calm the fuck down. That 15 years
is nothing. You probably know a couple where the woman is 15
years older than the man and they have a happy marriage. And
then youre going to move on to tell me that Michael Anders
married my mother after I was already born. That when she died
a year later, he assumed the role of guardian, but hes not
technically my biological father.
Fine. From a technical standpoint, no one is related, okay.
You fucking got me.
But were not talking about technicalities here.
This is the man who fucking paid others to raise me. The man
I resented my whole life for always being busy and never having
time for me. The man who was always wrapped up in his life and
viewed me as an accessory to trot out to make him look good by
talking about how he was raising the son of his dead wife.
In short, hes the only father Ive ever fucking known.
And so what do I do? I fuck the one woman who maybe he
thought he would find happiness with? Really? Is that what Ive
come down to?
Have I fucked so many women in my life that now I need to do
things that shock the senses? Has normal fucking just gotten too
boring for me?
You going to stand there or are you going to come in,
Lance? dad asks from his desk. He's staring at me, an annoyed
look on his face. Hes got two tablets and a computer open in
front of him and its obvious hes busy. The television is on in
the far corner of the room and he puts it on mute.
I step into the office and walk to the desk. What am I even
going to say here? Hey dad, hows the mayoral race coming? By
the way, Im fucking Jocelyn. Just thinking you should know
because it's the right thing to do.
How do you even go about telling another man youre
sleeping with his wife?
What do you need? dad asks, cutting through all the clutter
in my head and going straight to the point. Im busy so I cant
give you that much time. So be quick.
I sigh. He looks at me with sharp eyes.
I wanted to talk to you about Jocelyn, I say after a moment.
He looks at me and sighs as well. Does he know?
Dad leans back in his chair. Sorry I didn't invite you to the
wedding, Lance, he says and takes off his glasses. But there
really was no wedding.
Yeah, but you know, there wasnt even any advance notice,
I reply back to him.
Dad looks at me for a moment. Lance, youve been here for
quite a few days now and youre just coming to me with this
question? he asks. Whats prompting you to ask now? If you
were really this upset about not knowing, this would have been
the first thing you asked me.
What the fuck? Leave it to this guy to search for the ulterior
Although, to be honest, dont I have the ulterior motive here?
I mean, Im making this conversation because I feel guilty about
Jocelyn. Hes right to an extent.
Im just asking you because it seemed like a good way to get
into the conversation, I tell him, trying to appear nonchalant.
Its not like weve gotten much time to talk since I got back.
He appears to consider this.
But I mean, thats the usual, though, isnt it? I ask, adding
that one last bit in.
It seems to convince him that Im legitimate. He sits back
upright and places his elbows on the desk.
I knew her father. You were away at school and youre old
enough now that youre not really much of an asset to someone
whos looking to portray being a family man. Plus, yourantics
arent really going to endear any of the demographics I need help
with. And the only grandkids Id have would all be illegitimate.
So I needed a wife.
Im silent, processing everything hes just said. It sounds so
cold. So fucking calculating.
So just like that, you what? Introduced yourself and got her
to say yes? I ask him.
Dad sighs again, as if stalling for time.
Lets just say, he says and pauses, considering his words.
Lets just say it was in the best interests of Governor Carter to
give me Jocelyns hand in marriage.
Whoa. What the fuck is dad just telling me right here. Best
Wait one second, I say, forgetting the guilt for a moment.
Best interests of the Governor? Are you telling me this is some
sort of payment?
Im telling you that this is none of your business, Lance,
dad says, a hard edge of steel hiding behind his voice. And its
in your best interests to drop this.
Im not fucking dropping something when you basically tell
me that you may have coerced someone to spend their fucking
life with you, dad! I say heatedly. Especially when theres
unanswered questions about
But I cant finish because dad whips his head in my direction.
Unanswered questions? he snaps at me. Unanswered
questions about things we shouldnt be talking about?
Im quiet as I watch him bring himself under control. Then,
with an almost deathly chill in his voice, he says to me. Be
careful how far beneath the surface you want to dig, son. Im
used to this world. I have no problem burying anyone. Especially
someone whos past his useful life as my son.
Was that a fucking threat? Are we fucking going to war?
Work on the campaign and help the family and I promise
you, youll be rewarded, he continues. But start bringing up
the past or stick your nose where it doesnt belong, and don't be
surprised if you start getting burned.
This man did not sit here in his ornate fucking office and
threaten me. Im the closest thing to a son that hes fucking got.
This would just be a dark wood-paneled room with an old man if
all the shit that Ive suspected comes out. The late night visits
with Kenneth. Seeing the two of them kissing on the balcony.
No, I cant let this man bully me here and now and not
respond back to him.
If you want to sit there and threaten me, Dad, I say to him
as I stand up. Then Im ready to take this to the next level. But
Im not leaving till I get some answers as to why Jocelyn felt
forced to marry you.
Oh, give it a rest, okay? Your dad seduced the Governor, kept
the evidence, and then when he was ready, went to Governor
Carter and has been holding it over his head since then, a voice
says behind me. I turn around and see Kenneth Loomis standing
there with a grin on his face. Dont tell me you never suspected,
Lance? he asks me as he steps closer.
I turn my head to look at dad. At first theres a momentary
flash of annoyance and concern on his face. Then that changes to
But apparently my own father thinks Im not worth the
fucking effort required to lie.
Youyou fucked the Governor to marry his daughter? I ask,
turning around to face dad. What kind of fucking man is my
father? For maybe the millionth time, Im so fucking relieved
that Im not related to him by blood. That Im really just his
Dad, yeah I know, but Im used to calling him that by now
he just shrugs. I didnt do anything to marry Jocelyn, son, he
says to me, raising his head to look at me.
Thats right, Kenneth says coming over to stand by dads
side. That woman was just a fringe benefit. An afterthought to
the real goodies that the Governor helped him get.
Im still trying to fucking comprehend. Dad, blackmailing the
Governor. Getting God knows what from him. Favors? Power?
But Jocelyn Carter, probably the single most beautiful woman
Ive ever fucking met ending up as just a fucking afterthought.
Holy fucking Christ.
My world is in a state of complete numbness. Shock.
Just fucking kill me now. A forced marriage that was just icing
on a much larger cake.
This is too fucking much. I cant believe the callousness. The
fucking waste. I get up from my chair.
Close the door on your way out, will you please? Kenneth
says to me as I stalk to the door. I turn around to look at him. His
hands are on my dads shoulders, a lascivious smile playing on
his lips as he brings out his tongue to lick them. Were going to
be a littlebusyin here.
I dont have the fucking strength to argue.
I do as Kenneth asks, close the door, and go toward the
front door.
I need fresh air.
I need to find Jocelyn.

I 've never considered myself a great cook, but looking

at the dinner spread on our dining room table, I'm
proud. I went all out, planning four courses for the eveningan
asparagus, green onion, cucumber, and herb salad, a mushroom
and leek soup with thyme cream, grilled lamb chops with a sweet
chutney sauce, and to top it all off, I even prepared a rich and
decadent chocolate lava cake. You know, the kind of warm cake
that oozes in the middle.
I'll admit that I had some help from the housekeeper, Rosa,
but I still feel like I pulled off a miracle. I've been harboring
guilt, and I needed something to re-direct my attention to, and
today that something happened to be a four-course meal.
Michael doesn't seem impressed though. He's limply picking at
his plate of salad, his fork pushing the vegetables from one side
to the other, but Lance is devouring it all. "You outdid yourself,"
he says to me. "This is impressive."
His hands are dancing from the soup, to the salad, and back
again, but he also seems to be holding something back. He's
lifting his eyes to me in cursory glances. What I wouldn't give to
be inside of his brain right now.
Then he looks up, clearing his throat. "I wanted to say
something," he begins, and a momentary wave of panic washes
over my chest. What is he going to say? "I've decided" he
pauses and I can almost feel myself holding my breath. "I've
decided to go to Europe for the summer."
Europe? For the entire summer? Why is he doing this? I don't
respond and I work hard to stifle my surprise. I casually continue
to take small and calculating sips of the creamy soup, allowing
the earthy flavors to dance around my tongue. Michael merely
shrugs his shoulders and wipes his mouth with his napkin,
"That's nice Lance."
I can detect the disappointment in Lance's face. He was
expecting something more out of his father. That much is clear.
But as quickly as that disappointment appears, he replaces it
with an air of indifference. He's trying not to let his father get to
him. "I've decided to take a direct flight to Heathrow airport
next week."
I look over at Michael to see if he's going to say anything else.
Perhaps he'll ask Lance what his plans are? Why London, of all
places? But no, he doesn't say another word. It seems like he's
refusing to engage in any kind of conversation with his son.
Maybe he doesn't care at all why he's leaving. Instead, he
continues to take uninterested bites of his food, his eyes cast
down on his plate. I watch as a small sliver of cucumber gets
stuck on his bottom lip. Maybe this is what Michael wanted. I'm
too shocked to say anything. I never anticipated this happening.
So instead, I simply nod at Lance when he glances in my
direction. And really, what can I say? There a lot of things that
I'd let spill from my mouth, but not in front of my husband.
Michael takes a few more bites of dinner and then excuses
himself from the table, his chair squeaking against the
hardwood floor. Lance takes his cue and leaves as well. I watch
them both walk off, and with everyone leaving I start to clear the
table. As I'm carrying dishes to the kitchen, Michael re-appears.
He is slipping his arms into a coat, and seems to be in a hurry.
"Where are you going?" I ask.
"Out. Don't bother waiting up for me."
He says it with such finality that I don't bother asking
anything else. And just like that, he grabs his keys and walks out
the front door.
I decide I've had enough emotional ups and downs for one
evening, and I head upstairs to soak in a bath and then go to bed.
I walk into my master bathroom, and start the water. Bathing is
a ritual that I enjoy, and I look around for the perfect accent. I
see ita purple and white-swirled, lavender-scented bath
bomb. That sounds relaxingthe perfect remedy to clear my
headso I undress and drop it into the water, watching it spin
and fizz until the water is frothy and the entire bathroom smells
like I'm sitting in a field of lavender flowers. The warmth of the
water stings my skinI like my baths hotthe hotter the
better, and I slowly sink my shoulders down further into the
perfumed heat of it all. My noisy thoughts die down and become
hushed, and a sense of tranquility settles over my body like a
familiar, comfortable blanket. And it's only when my fingertips
become wrinkled raisins that I decide to get out.
I finish preparing for bed, and when I finally find myself
slipping in between my sheets, my mind begins to race again. I
shut my eyes and try to drown it out. Go to sleep, I tell myself,
trying to will it to happen. But it doesn't work. I keep hearing
Lance's words replaying in my mind, " I've decided to go to
Europe for the summer." What made him decide to go to
Europe? And why for the entire summer? Is he trying to end
things between us? Is he trying to avoid me? Or did something
happen between him and his father? Things seemed sort of
strained between them at dinner. If so, why not just come out
and tell me that's what he wants? Does he think I can't handle
the truth? As much as I don't want to admit it, the idea of not
having him here makes me feel lonely. I'll be physically and
emotionally starved. What am I going to do without him? I crave
his strong touch. My mind goes back to that first day in the
dressing room at Saks Fifth Avenue and the day in the limo
both close quarters his strong, rock-hard body so close to
mine. My pulse quickens just thinking about it. I also think about
his icy blue eyes, and the way they can pierce through me in
unexpected ways, and his massive manhoodthe way he fills
me up like no other man. I grow wet just thinking about him.
Then I hear footsteps coming up the stairs. It's Michael. I can
smell his cologne, and judging by the way his feet fall in uneven
movements, I know he's drunk. I can even hear his shoulder
dragging against the wall for upport. He's trying to steady
himself. It's amazing he even got himself home. I wait and
wonder if he's going to come into my room. But when I hear him
walk past my door, I know he is heading for the couch in his
study and he isn't going to say anything to me. I hear him flop
down in his upstairs study and within moments he is snoring.
What am I doing? Maybe Lance was right. It's like I don't exist
to Michael. I'm just a means to an end. How can I be happy living
in the same house with a man who doesn't love me and who
refuses to show me affection? He didn't even once thank me for
tonight's dinner. And with Lance in the house, I crave affection
even more. I crave Lance. His touch. His body. His manhood. I
need him. There's no way I can fall asleep right now.
I decide to do something that I never thought I'd do. I quietly
step out of bed. I don't know why I'm being so quiet. Michael is
passed out. There's no way any amount of noise will wake him
up tonight. But I continue to take light steps down the hall until I
reach Lance's room. I lean toward the door trying to detect any
sounds, but there's nothing. He must be asleep. I slowly turn the
knob and push the door open. I see him, with his full figure; the
light from the hall illuminated the chiseled muscles of his chest.
He's asleep. I walk in toward the bed, and then I lift the
comforter and join him.

I open my eyes as I feel the door cracking open, soft

footsteps making their way toward my bed. My eyes
try and adjust to the fucking darkness in the room, but all I see is
a silhouette walking toward me and sitting down on the bed, the
mattress shifting under the added weight. Thats all I need,
though. I could recognize these feminine curves everywhere.
What are you doing here, Jocelyn? I whisper as she pulls
softly on the sheets, getting under them. She nestles her sweet
body close to mine, the touch of her warm skin waking up that
old fucking hunger. I turn to her, laying one hand on her waist as
my eyes meet hers. Just touching it almost makes me lose all
fucking control.
I just had to come, she whispers, my eyes following the
movement of her full lips. She just had to come? Oh, Im going to
make her come, alright.
She places one hand over my bare chest, her fingers sliding
down toward my stomach and over my abs. It doesnt take long
for my fucking cock to twitch and harden, desire pulsing in it; by
the time her fingers go over the hem of my boxer briefs, theyre
already tented over my bulging. Turning her hand, she curls her
fingers around my member, pressing her body tightly against
mine. I need this, she says, softly squeezing my cock.
You came to the right place, then, I reply, a smile taking
over my lips as I move my hand up her side, her nightgown
hiking all the way up to her waist. I let my fingers climb to her
shoulders, and I slowly peel the nightgown off of her body,
losing it somewhere among the sheets. My forearm brushes
against her naked breasts as I undress her, and I realize shes not
wearing a bra; after I took her nightgown off, the only piece of
clothing on her body is a fucking black lace thong. Just the way I
fucking like it.
I know. The right place is wherever youre this close to
me, she murmurs, pulling my boxers down. My cock jumps free
immediately, slapping her across the back of her hand. Kicking
off my underwear, I sigh heavily as she curls her fingers around
my cock, her soft breathing against my neck filling my blood
with the unstoppable rage of lust. Could she be any more fucking
Inching closer to me, she crushes her mouth against mine,
her tongue sliding past my lips as she starts moving her hand
back and forth over my cock. Shes stroking me softly, her hand
moving in a patient up and down rhythm, her petite fingers
delicately hugging my thick shaft.
Closing her mouth, she nibbles at my lower lip, pulling it
harshly; letting go, her lips move down to my neck, laying soft
kisses across my skin. With her free hand, she throws the sheets
back, her mouth moving down my stomach in a maddening line
of lustful promises. With her tongue, she traces the contour of
my abs, licking them as if she needed to taste my body to know
that Im fucking real and not just a figment of her imagination.
Oh, Im real As fucking real as I can possibly be.
My hands are on her head, my fingers running through her
silky hair as her lips draw close to my pulsing cock. Kicking and
punching, my heart beats faster, anticipating whats to come.
She wraps her luscious lips around my tip, slowly sucking as she
keeps on stroking. I close my eyes, savoring her mouth on me
and fucking let delight overtake me.
Deeper, I groan, pushing her head down. I dont even give a
fuck; instinct and desire are running the show. She goes
willingly, parting her lips wider and allowing my cock to slide
inside of her mouth and over her tongue. Feeling the warmness
inside of her mouth, my cock pulses harshly as she keeps on
going deeper; she goes until her lips are touching the skin at the
base of my cock, and then she holds her position for a few
seconds, pressing on my shaft with her tongue. Only when I sigh
heavily does she roll back, her lips once again wrapped tight
around my glans.
I leave one hand on her head, but I move the other down her
back, reaching for her ass. I squeeze one cheek, the flesh
molding to my fingers; flicking one finger under the string of her
thong, I caress the crack between her ass cheeks. As I touch her
dangerously close to her asshole, she starts to bob her head up
and down, keeping a steady but unbridled pace. I move my finger
inside her ass, and slowly build up its rhythm; it doesnt take
long for me to be fingering her ass at the same fucking pace
shes sucking on me.
Youre so fucking good I whisper, the fingers in my free
hand curling into fucking hooks and grabbing her ass harshly.
She responds by picking up the rhythm, moving her head so fast
I cant help but groan in pleasure. Instinct taking over me, I push
my finger deeper between her cheeks, sliding it further inside
her ass. I move it back and forth as fast as I can, her inner walls
squeezing tightly. Come here I want to taste you too, I find
myself saying, pulling on her waist. I need to taste everything in
her, every single inch of smooth skin Her lips, breasts, pussy
and asseverythings fair game to me. My cock pops out of her
mouth as she raises her head, but she never takes her hand out
of my shaft.
Turning her body around so that her ass is turned to me, she
lifts one leg and moves it over me, her knees on the side of my
head. One of my hands on her waist, I use the other one to flick
her fucking thong to the side; I raise my head then, pulling her
down at the same time. My mouth pressed tight against her
soaking wet pussy, she leans forward once more, pushing my
cock between her lips.
I breathe in her sweet scent, letting it go all the way up to my
brain. Sucking on her folds, I run my tongue over them, her
fluids coating my tongue shamelessly. She tastes fucking divine,
and it doesnt take long for me to lose all control, using both my
lips and tongue to devour her. I push my tongue past her inner
lips, jabbing at her insides as I keep her still with my hands
firmly resting on her hips.
We please each other with our mouths, working on one
another in a feverish state of frenzied lust. With my eyes closed,
I surrender to pleasure, sparks of electric sin like fucking thorns
on my mind. She is grabbing my cock harshly, moving her
mouth and hand in unison; her tongue is moving erratically,
almost as if she couldnt control herself. I figure thats right,
judging by the way shes moving her fucking hips and pressing
her pussy against my mouth. Eventually, she takes my cock out
of her mouth, a throaty moan cutting through the silence as she
arches her back.
Leaning back, shes now sitting on my face, my fingers
hooked on her hips and keeping her in place. Still, she keeps on
stroking, now more furiously than ever. If I weren't
concentrating on how delicious her pussy tastes, I probably
would have already cum. Now thatd be a waste; Im far
from done.
Jocelyn grinds against my face, her fluids dripping down my
chin as I keep on sucking eagerly. With one hand over her right
leg, I reach for her clitoris and press my thumb over it, moving it
in fast circles. I can already feel her body tensing up, electricity
pooling in her muscles. It wont take long for her to explode. I
still have a trick up my sleeve, though.
Moving my tongue back over her folds, I reach for her ass, and
then start to lap at her hole eagerly. I feel her shivering, my
mouth working on her ass with the same eagerness I ate her
pussy out. Jesus fucking Christ, why does everything in this
woman have to taste so fucking good? I keep on licking her until
I feel her on the edge, a strong violent orgasm preparing to burst
inside her body. If shes on the edge, Im ready to pull her off of
it. Licking her ass furiously, I drive her utter and completely
mad; shes moaning louder now, and I just know shes about to
And thats exactly what happens; a few quick jabs from my
tongue and I feel every muscle in her body tightening up, a
whispered moan of pleasure bouncing off the walls of the room.
The sound of her voice caresses my eardrums and travels all the
way up to my brain, making me lose whatever fucking self-
control I still had in me.
Her body is still trembling when I push her off of me; she falls
on the mattress with her stomach down, and I go on my knees
behind her. I take one second to look at her perfect shape, the
curves of her body calling to me. Gritting my teeth, I feel my
cock desperate to fuck her, but everything in due time.
I inch closer to her, and grabbing her thong, I pull on it as
harshly as I can, against her outer thigh. The sound of ripping
fabric comes immediately after, and I throw her torn underwear
to the floor. I place my hands on her ass, squeezing and
grabbing, and then I smack her as hard as I can with the back of
my open hand. A muffled cry of pleasure reaches me, and I look
down, seeing her with her head buried against the pillow, trying
to silence her need to moan.
This isnt exactly the smartest thing we could be doing,
fucking while my father is asleep on his own bed But what the
fuck, its not like hes going to find out about us anytime soon.
Hes probably happy to have the bed all to himself.
I dont fucking get it; how can my father marry a woman like
Jocelyn just to keep her trapped in a marriage like theirs? Sure,
he might be fucking gay, but what the fuck? To keep a woman
like this without sex should be fucking illegal. Fuck it; if my
father is happy to have his bed all to himself right now, Im also
happy to have his wife all to myself, as fucked up as that may
sound. Yes, I said it. I couldnt be happier to be fucking my own
stepmother. Fucking sue me.
I lay on top of her, one hand moving under her body and
grabbing one breast while I position my cock against her ass. My
fingers gently playing with her hard rosy nipple, I place my lips
against her ear.
How bad do you want it? I whisper, pressing my cock
between her ass cheeks. She immediately starts to thrust back,
grinding and stroking me with her cheeks. Tell me.
Bad, she murmurs, turning her head to the side. I want it
so bad, Lance.
Are you sure? I tease her, grabbing my shaft with one hand
and pressing it down, moving it between her thighs so that my
tip is brushing against her wet folds. I have to take a deep breath
so that I dont thrust right away. It takes all my fucking
willpower just to keep talking. Im not hearing you beg.
Please she mutters, struggling to get the words out.
Please I want you to fuck me. I need you to. I oblige, pleasure
washing over me. But I dont go all the way in. I only feed one
inch into her pussy, her folds hugging the tip of my cock as she
tries to thrust her hips back. Please I need you inside of me.
Fuck me As hard you can, she purrs, each of her words feeling
like someone is driving a fucking knife through my heart. I cant
resist this anymore. No fucking way. Teasing time is over.
I grit my teeth and thrust hard, my shaft burying itself deep
inside of her. I go all the way in, closing my eyes as I feel the
warm embrace of her pussy. My hands are on her ass, grabbing it
as I start to rock my hips against her. She has her mouth on the
pillow once more, moaning against it as I thrust. The sound of
her muffled voice caresses my eardrums like a spell, and I feel
my rational mind shutting down. My mind goes blank, and my
fucking thought process turns into incoherent whispers of
decadent lust.
I dont even bother with building up the fucking rhythm: I go
hard right from the start, my thighs slapping her ass as my cock
fucking ravages her. My shaft goes in and out of her incessantly,
beads of sweat starting to pool on my forehead; I just fucking
ignore them and keep moving, fucking her as if I had never been
with a woman like her. And its true; Ive fucked my way through
countless, nameless women But Ive never found someone like
her. Never.
Maybe it has something to do with the fucking age difference;
after all shes much older than I am Older and fucking
delicious, that is. Or maybe it has to do with the fact that shes
married to my fucking father. Whatever. I dont give a fuck about
the fucking why; all that matters is that shes here, her pussy
aching for my cock.
Oh, God she moans, turning her head to the side and
grabbing at the sheets. Please, dont Dont stop! she cries,
breathing loudly through her gritted teeth. I do exactly what she
fucking asked me, and I keep fucking her until her pussy
tightens around my cock like a fucking vice. Her muscles start to
twitch, and I feel the delicate, and yet violent, spasms of her
pussy around my shaft. I remain in place as she burns in
pleasure, only sliding my cock out when I notice her breathing
returning to normal.
Rolling to the side, I lie on my back and turn to her, placing
my hands on her waist and pulling her into me. Moving with fast
cat-like movements, she climbs on top of me, straddling me
while she grabs my cock with both of her hands. I have to hold
my breath and close my eyes so that I dont come right here and
now. Somehow, I manage to resist.
You cant go, she whispers, her eyes locked on mine. Her
lips are slightly parted, an expression of anxiety on her face. I
feel the fucking gears inside my head starting to turn as I try to
decode her words.
What? I ask, having no idea about whats she fucking
talking about all of a sudden. Im not going anywhere; youd
have to fucking drag me out of the bed for me to leave right now.
Europe Dont go.
Why not? Europe, so thats fucking it. Of course.
Because if you go She raises her hips slightly, angling my
cock so that my glans is rubbing against her pussy lips. Then
whos going to take care of you like this? She continues to rub
my tip against her pussy, moving it up and down with slow
teasing movements. I can feel desire fucking pulsing through
me, my cock straining against the grip she has on it. If you
leave, then you wont be able to be in me like this any longer.
As she speaks, she lowers herself over my cock, allowing one
inch to slide inside of her.
Shes getting back to me, fucking teasing me just like I did
before But, in a sense, this isnt teasing at all. Although her
voice is honeyed and sensuous, her words couldnt be any more
fucking honest. If I leave, theres no Jocelyn anymore No more
of her body, of her pussy and tits. No more mind bending
orgasms, and no more of that tender warmness I feel inside my
fucking chest whenever she looks at me...
I thrust upward, trying to ram my cock deep inside of her, but
she resists.
No, she says, a commanding tone in her voice. Shes
fucking torturing me and she knows it. If you have to leave,
maybe we should stop right now It would only make it harder
for you, to remember how it feels to have your cock in my tight
She has a point in everything shes saying, but its not like
its going to make me stop now. I hook my fingers on her hips
and pull her down as hard as I can, thrusting upward at the same
time. My cock pushes past her folds, and straining against her
inner walls, goes all the way in. Jocelyn throws her head back,
her hair cascading down her shoulders as she sighs heavily.
I reach for her breasts, squeezing them both as we start to
rock our bodies against one another. She places her hands on top
of mine, making me grab her harder; swaying her hips wildly,
she then takes the lead and rides me as if this is the last time
shes going to be with a man. My cock nestled deep inside of her
pussy, I close my eyes as I feel her body moving, my hands going
down from her breasts to her ass. I slap her cheeksonce, twice
and then I squeeze them both as hard as I can, moving my hips
upward and trying to match her movements.
It only takes a few seconds for the motion of our bodies to
match, almost as if we were one. She leans into me then, locks of
her hair brushing against my chest, and presses her lips against
mine. We kiss as if our mouths were drawn to fit in one another,
our tongues dancing in circles as I start to thrust harder.
Youre not getting rid of me this easily, I whisper into her
ear, suddenly realizing that I cant just pack up and leave to
Europe. Not now Not after Jocelyn. Its dark, and all I can see is
the vague outline of her figure, but I can feel her smile. A wide
one. A happy one. She starts riding me harder, moaning louder
as if she didnt care any longer if my fucking father hears us.
Im staying, I say, this time out loud. Im saying it to her as
much as Im saying it to myself. Im actually staying, and Ive
decided this with my cock twelve fucking inches deep inside
of her.
What else can I fucking do? Leave the States after meeting a
fucking woman like Jocelyn? Sure, it doesnt look like our
situation is going to fucking improve much more, but still I
just cant move on as if she didnt exist. I cant be that fucking
Youre staying ... she whispers, bucking her hips with such
viciousness that I cant help but groan. Here... she continues,
getting the words out despite her hard breathing. With me!
With that, she explodes again, her pussy spasming and
massaging my shaft as she digs her fingernails into my chest.
Breathing heavily while her body convulses, she claws at my
chest, her fingernails leaving red marks across my pectorals. I
keep thrusting while she comes, feeling my own body close to
the breaking point.
Two hard thrusts and Im almost ready to join her, my cock
spasming harshly against her inner walls. In a heartbeat, Im
gushing a torrent of cum inside of her, each spasm of my
member sending electric waves of pleasure up my spine, every
single muscle in my body tensing up to the point of ripping
apart. Its almost unbearable.
Fuck I mutter through my gritted teeth, fireworks going
off behind my eyelids. I keep cumming for what seems like
forever, thick strands of semen dripping from her pussy and
onto my shaft.
Sighing, she waits for my cocks spasms to subside, and she
finally climbs down from my body. But instead of simply rolling
to the side, she goes on her knees and leans forward, her parted
lips meeting my now sensitive glans. She takes it in her mouth
and sucks hungrily, moving her lips down my shaft and cleaning
it dry. As she goes back, my cock pops out of her mouth; she
grabs it gently, tilts her head sideways and starts licking the
whole length of my shaft before finally scooping up all the cum
that pooled at the base.
I lay back as she licks me dry, still trying to catch my fucking
breath. I say nothing; fuck, I cant even think straight right now,
pleasure still coating my mind. Jocelyne goes to my side as she
finishes, one arm across my chest as she inches closer to me. I
turn to her, and she loses no fucking time; she presses her
mouth against mine, the salty flavor of my semen hitting me
We kiss as if there was nothing else in the whole fucking
universe but us, the cum in her mouth dripping into mine as our
tongues wrestle against one another. When she pulls back, there
are a few drops of cum on my chin, making their way down my
jawline; smiling, she scoops them up with the tip of her tongue.
Im not the only one in need of some cleaning up, I
whisper, my heart still beating like a motherfucker. My hands on
her waist, I turn her around and pull her into me; she doesnt
take long to realize what I intend to do, and climbs on top of me,
easing herself down on my mouth. Swaying her hips, she rubs
her drenched pussy against my lips, cum dripping down from
her folds and into my open mouth. I open it as wide as I can,
feeling my warm semen sliding from inside of her and down to
my tongue.
We remain like that until her pussy is dry, my mouth
brimming with cum. Only then does she roll to the side, looking
at me with anxious eyes. I know what she fucking wants, and so I
just go ahead and fucking do it. I swallow, the saltiness of my
load fucking clawing at my throat on the way down. Fucking
Jocelyn This woman drives me fucking insane, thats a fact.
Every time Im with her is like fucking Christmas.
Throwing herself back on top of the mattress, she presses her
body against mine. We say nothing for a long fucking while,
simply staring at the ceiling as we hear our own ragged
breathing, exhaustion lacing our bodies.
Then, hesitant, I feel her reaching for my hand. She grabs it,
gently squeezing my fingers, and I squeeze back. We remain in
silence, the long shadows in the room tumbling over our bodies
as if they were trying to caress our naked skin. Ive never been
what Id call a romantic, but this This right here, this is
fucking perfection. Forget everything you have ever heard about
poetry, music or paintings; the only art form that can explain
love is good old hard fucking. Trust me.
Youre right I finally manage to say, the words coming
out of my mouth as if I wanted to say them all along. Theres no
way Im leaving. No fucking way. She responds by squeezing
my hand harder and I smile absently, knowing that for once I did
the right fucking thing. I cant be away from you.
Neither can I, she says, whatever there is between us
suddenly becoming very fucking real.

F rom the Desk of Amanda Adams, the Professional

Gossiper of Page Two.

W ELCOME TO P AGE T WO G OSSIP , heres what were hearing around

the halls of power:

T HAT S RIGHT , New Yorker, the people have spoken and

apparently you cant get enough of Lance and Jocelyn Anders.
At least that's what internal tracking polls have shown within
the Anders For Mayor campaign. Sources inside the campaign
are confirming for me what the majority of us think when were
alone and watching the television: Hizzoners bad boy son is hot.
And his new wife of less than a year isnt too bad either. In fact,
the photogenic family is one of the major reasons that Mayor
Anders is retaining a slim 5-point margin of victory in most
head-to-head matches against his mayoral rival, Jim Jenkins.
Thats right. Bad boy Lance better get a car for Christmas,
because his good looks and hot body, on display at his fathers
side throughout the campaign are attracting New York City
voters and propping up his dads campaign. His stepmom,
Jocelyn, is doing her own good among male voters as well.
When asked in a Fordham University poll who the sexiest
person out of both the candidates and their families were, New
Yorkers had no divisions among them. 89% agreed that Lance
Anders was the sexiest man involved in the mayoral election. An
even greater 94% of respondents agreed that Jocelyn Anders was
the sexiest woman involved in the race.
49% of New Yorkers even admitted that the reason they
showed up to events or tuned in to the news was to catch a
glimpse of Lance or Jocelyn Anders.
In fact, my spies inside the Anders campaign tell me with
numbers like this, theyre a bit concerned how much people
must dislike Hizzoner for the margin of advantage to only be 5%
over Jim Jenkins.
Weve always known that Lance was a bit of a handful. As the
prodigal son of the mayor, his biological mother died when he
was only 10 years old, and his stepfather has raised him. Over
the last several years, the two have been estranged according to
family sources, but theyve seemed to put whatever issues aside
for the election as son has been next to father every step of the
way. In college, sources tell us Lance lived up to his bad boy
credentials, partying and living it up in a big way while also
excelling at his studies and playing varsity football for Yale. After
college, he went to work at the White House as an intern, but
youll remember he was caught having sex with the First
Daughter and almost started World War III, leading to his
Jocelyn, on the other hand, comes from the politically
connected Carter clan. Her brother is planning on running for
Governor of New York State in two years time. The marriage
between Jocelyn and Michael was certainly a whirlwind, and the
two tied the knot in a private ceremony in Westchester. While
theyve been seen in public together, a few close to the family
hint that there may be troubles beneath the surface between
Hizzoner and his wife. But nothing that weve found out enough
to confirm and print.
But whatever the case, we know well all be watching Lance
and Jocelyn as they stand behind Michael. Will that be enough to
lead us to vote for Michael? Only time will tell.
Thats all for today, but were digging up as much as we can
about this election. Till we hear more, this is Amanda Adams
signing off. Keep your ears open, New York.

F our.
Thats how many months ago Lance Anders set foot into
Michaels Upper East Side townhouse. How many months since I
opened that door and set my sex-starved eyes on that gorgeous
body of his. Thats roughly the number of months since I tried
walking into his room when he was in the shower. Since I almost
gave up on the sofa after he rescued me in the Park. Since my
birthday. Since I saw him at the gym and went over to touch his
shoulder. Then invited him to my dressing room at Saks. Four
months since he first put his giant cock inside of me and shot me
into orbit. Its like I havent come down since.
Thats how many times Michael has asked and wondered why
Lance is still here even though the election is just shy of a month
away. Lance was supposed to only stay the summer. But Michael
doesnt care about anything except staying as Mayor. Who knows
what he has planned after that, he doesnt tell me.
Zero is also the number of times that Michael has tried
touching me. He just doesnt care about me. I know Im beating a
dead horse and you get itMichael may not be into me. Michael
may be gay. Youre aware. But listen to me, hun, because this is
important to me. I need you to understand this. Im not the kind
of girl who goes around cheating on her husband. Im not some
slut who sleeps with her stepson because there was nothing good
on television during the day. If Michael hadnt been cheating on
me, and its pretty obvious nowadays when he walks in, or if he
hadnt forced my father to give me up for marriage, or even with
all that, if he had shown me even the slightest bit of affection I
would have never looked at Lance as hungrily as I do now.
OK, well, let me rephrase that. I would have looked at him
hungrily. I mean, hes young. And hes so hot. But I would have
controlled myself. I wouldnt have flirted at the gym. If Michael
had even given me a hug in the six months we were married.
Forget about fucking. I dont even want a kiss. A hug. Or a caress.
Even a nice word of affection. Anything.
Can you imagine what its like to be treated like an employee
in your own marriage? To sleep next to a stranger? And if you
wake up with your arms and legs wrapped around them to have
your partner look at you with disdain and scorn? So much so that
you put a pillow between the two of you so it doesnt happen
When I cum my brains out on Lances cock, Im not just doing
it to have sex. Im doing it because I havent found love
anywhere else in this world. And Lance gives it to me
Thats how many points separate Michaels lead from Jim
Jenkins. Everyone is confident it should be enough to carry the
day. I dont really pay much attention to it. Lance and I are
usually having sex. But we both know we need to keep this
relationship a secret till after the election. The public cant find
out. I dont think Michael would really care at all if he found out I
was sleeping with someone. But he would kill me if he lost the
election because of me. Then hed kill my father. Then Lance
would most likely kill him. I can see the fire in both mens eyes.
They may not be related to each other, but it burns brightly
the same.
Two hundred.
Thats where I lost count when I try to think of all the times
that Lance and I havebeen together. Ah, were all grown up
here, right? Thats the number of times hes fucked me. And
trust me, multiply at least three orgasms for each time and
thats how many times Ive cum. Its like nothing Ive ever
experienced or felt before. There are simply no words. Ive quite
literally become addicted to Lance Anders. I know theres an
opioid addiction problem in the country now, but to me, Lance is
my drug of choice.
At least once a day, sometimes two or three. If Michael is
travelling, then even more. The benefit of youth Ive discovered
is that Lance is ready to go at a moments notice. And once hes
done, hes only needing maybe another 15 minutes before hes
ready again. And each successive time the sex is longer and
You name it, weve done it. One afternoon, not long ago, he
found me lounging next to our pool in the basement. I was
wearing a cute new two piece bikini. Lance had just come back
from the gym.
Its new, I said to him, looking at his reaction.
He didnt hide it, but adjusted himself to show me his huge
erection that was tenting his sweat pants. Looks like you like
it, I said to him, feeling lascivious. I dont know how I get like
that but he completely brings it out in me.
He didnt say anything that time. Just got on his knees and
began to lick my tits, moving my bikini top to the side. Then he
proceeded to take his clothes off and fuck me so hard while I ran
my fingers and my tongue over those chiseled abs. Those pecs.
Those 8-pack abs. I must have cum at least half a dozen times by
the time he finally told me he was getting close. I still remember
that afternoon because he must have cum in quarts, because he
spurted for what felt like forever onto my tits. Imagine your tits
covered in warm, hot, gooey, cum. Then imagine yourself using
your finger to scoop it up into your while he watches and
gets hard.
You can guess what we did after.
Thats how many days ago Lance and I basically went from
having sex before we realized that theres something a lot more
real to this relationship. Its not just him fucking me. I mean,
that night when I snuck into his room to keep him from going to
Europewe both sort of knew then. But aside from that one
time, we never really talked about it. Until a month ago.
How many women have you been in love with? I asked him
one day. We had just showered together. He had surprised me
while I was in there. But I didnt mind. I lifted my leg onto the
wall and he took me while soaping up my tits. It was a good thing
he held me, because when I came, my knees gave way. He ended
up holding me as he fucked me, completely in controltreating
me like a total sex object. I loved it.
But afterwards, as we lay in bed together and watched the sun
rise to high noon, I wanted to know more about this young man.
I already knew a lot. How his mother died when he was ten. How
with no surviving relatives, his stepfather became his primary
guardian. The courts allowed it and expedited the process
anything for an up and coming Congressman it seemed. But
Lance quickly realized he got a guardiannot a father. His life
was a series of boarding schools and visits to New York when
photo-ops were needed.
I know about the wild period that Lance had, from high school
through college. How he did anything at all to get attention,
having been neglected his entire childhood.
None, Lance answers my question and pulls me closer to
him. Im not the falling in love type of guy.
Everyone is at some point or another, I told him. I cant
believe Im asking him, a man 15 years younger than me. I sound
like a teenager! I dont know why I was so determined to hear
him say that. I should be over such things.
I agree, Lance said, and looked into my eyes. Ive never
been in love with any woman.
I looked back at him, nodding. I could live with the fact that
he just viewed this as sex, if it came to that.
But Im in love now, he continued, apparently not noticing
my near complete emotional collapse a second earlier. With
this amazing girl I know.
And, yes, hun. He really did just call me a girl. Not a lady. Not
a woman. A fucking hot girl.
I should have stopped him there, but he wrapped his arms
around me and turned to his side. Shes cute, and funny. She
makes my fucking dick so hard I think its going to break, he
said to me.
So romantic, geez, I said back, rolling my eyes. But I was
Shes sweet, kind, and makes me want to protect her, he
kept going, not bothering to care what I said or did in response.
And I want to be with her for the rest of my fucking life.
Do you kiss your mom with that mouth? I asked him,
No, he replied to me and then grinned. But I lick my
stepmoms pussy with it all the fucking time.
I gasped. It still puts shivers down my spine as I imagine him
telling me that. Its sinful. But so delicious. It was noon. The sun
was streaming in onto our naked bodies. And he was telling me
he loved me.
But he was also smirking. And without another word, he
pivoted his face lower, showing me with kisses as he traveled
down my body.
He kissed down my breasts. And my stomach. Until he
reached the folds of my pussy. I sighed. Then gasped.
All of a sudden, he stopped, and looked up at me.
I love you, Jocelyn, he said to me. And I still remember the
giant smile that went through my face. In case you didnt get it
from before. Youre that girl.
I cant remember much more after that because he made me
cum so hard I think I blacked out for a few moments. But I do
remember that. And thats all I need.
Thats how many days ago Lance and I were out, having lunch
at Per Se, when a reporter from the New York Daily Journal
stopped by.
Youre Mrs. Anders, he said. Mind if I take a picture with
you and your lunch date?
I know that it was a common term. Lunch date doesnt have
to mean a romantic date. Two people can enjoy lunch together
and make a date of it. But is that how Michael would interpret it?
Would it hurt the campaign?
All of a sudden, the feeling of absolute joy that I felt a month
ago as Lance told me he loved me began to evaporate. Instead I
saw the scandal. The newspaper headlines. Michael divorcing
me. Running my name through the mud. One thing I knew for
sure is that Michael excelled in the politics of personal
destruction. And Lance. He would try to go after Lance. And
Lance would fight back.
They say theres a big reason you shouldnt cheat. I honestly
dont consider myself to be cheating, hun. But I still lied, I think.
And it made me feel sick.
I barely managed to excuse myself and make it to the
bathroom where I ran into a stall and threw up, heaving until I
was exhausted. It wasnt till at least twenty minutes later I came
out again.
Thats how many hours ago I realized that I may have gotten a
panic attack three days ago and gotten sick, but it didnt explain
the next morning. Or this morning, for that matter. And I know
my body, I can tell when something is different. And the fact
that Im late.
Thats how many minutes ago I checked the pregnancy test I
bought at Duane Reade. Its the second one Ive checked. I went
ahead and went downstairs and bought them an hour ago after
feeling like it was something I needed to do.
Thats exactly how many ideas I have as to what the hell Im
going to do now that Im pregnant.

I t's been an entire week of worrying myself sick, and

honestly, I'm physically sick even without all of that
worrying. If I smell coffeesomething I normally loveit has
me running to the bathroom with wave after wave of nausea. If
you've never experienced morning sickness, consider yourself
lucky. Seriously. It's brutal. Why do they call it 'morning
sickness' anyways? Morning, night, afternoonit doesn't
discriminate. It'll hit you whenever and where ever it wants to.
And let me tell you, even ordinary things like toothpaste and my
favorite perfume make me sick. I tried to set up a spa date with
one of my old friendsI thought that maybe I needed to get out,
get my thoughts cleared, pamper myself a bit, and re-connect
with the people I've been close withbut I couldn't have been
more wrong. I had to apologize to the massage therapist for
vomiting in her waist basket when I knew I wouldn't make it to
the bathroom. I swear, the smell of all those candles with the
fragrant lotion just sent me over the top. It was overkill.
I wish I could describe that smell to you, or any smell that
gets jumbled to your senses when you have morning sickness
because I know what you're probably thinkingspas smell great
and you're right, they do unless you're suffering from an
extreme case of morning sickness. But do you want to know what
my body thought of the scent? My body treated it like it was the
smell of belly-button lint on a hot summer day, or the cognitive
dissonance that happens when you think you smell a slice of
peperoni pizza, but realize it's someone's body odor. You see
what I mean? Not good. Not good one bit. All I can say is that this
last week has been a total life adjustment, and the constant
worrying just amplifies it a thousand times. I've been feeling so
sick every single day that when I saw Michael reading the
newspaper this morning during breakfast, it hit me. I have to tell
him. I can't put this off any longer. He thinks I've just had a
touch of the flu or something all week. How long can I keep that
ruse up? You can only lie for so long before it catches up with
you, and besides, you want to step off a sinking ship before it's
underwater, right? I'd rather sit down and tell Michael what's
going on, than have him find out some other way. Honesty is the
best policy. I've always believed that. I know you probably don't
believe me, given everything that's transpired between Lance
and I, and I can't blame you. But I mean it.
I can hear Michael sitting at his desk in his study. My heart is
thumping in my chest like a rabbit caught in a steel trap. I'm
quietly pacing the hallway. I know I need to just do it. I need to
gather every ounce of courage I have and walk into his office. It's
now or never, but every time I reach for the door, my hand
shakes and I pull it back. What's wrong with me? I've always
prided myself on being a strong woman. I need to pull it
together. I need to own up to the truth of the matter and speak
honestly with my husband. Right now. Do this Jocelyn. I have no
idea how he's going to react, but I can't worry about that right
now. I step toward the door again. I can hear that he's just
finished taking a call and has said goodbye to whoever was on
the other line. Now's my chance. I need to step in before he's
distracted with something else. I take a deep breath, ignore my
hammering heart, and I push the door open.
Michael looks up from the book in front of him. It's a self-
help book of sorts about effective leadership. I can tell he's
confused. I never walk in here, so I'm sure he's wondering what
the hell I'm doing in her now.
"Can I help you?"
The way he asks is so impersonal. It's as if I were walking into
a store and a clerk asked me the same thing. It's like we're
strangersguests living under one roof and sharing a bed, but
outsiders to one another.
"We need to talk," I say. As soon as I say it, I wish I had used a
better set of words. Whenever someone says they need to talk, it
casts an ominous shadow over a conversation before it even
starts. But I couldn't help it. It was the fist thing to tumble out of
my mouth. Can you blame me? It took every ounce of courage I
could muster to even get this far. And sure enough, I see Michael
frowning. His brow is furrowed into a deep crevice across
his face.
"What could you possibly need to talk about right now? Can
you see I'm busy? This campaign requires my full attention,
I feel my entire body twisting into knots. I see that small talk
isn't going to work with him, and besides, I don't know how
much longer I'm going to last under his penetrating gaze, so I
just come out and say it.
"I'm pregnant."
It's like an intense weight has been lifted from my shoulders,
and for what seems like an impossibly long amount of time,
there's silence. It's a deep and troubling silence. The kind of
utter silence that you get on a dark, snowy night where the wind
has stopped and no living thing can be heard or seen. I've been
told that snow absorbs sound, and now I also feel that words can
absorb sound too. I want Michael to say something. Anything.
But my confession is met with an unsettling calm. I sit down in
one of the chairs and watch the emotions written on his face.
There is a moment of total clarity where he truly understands
that this baby isn't his. It's impossible, he knows. But then I can
see another moment where his mind is working overtime; trying
to figure out whose baby this belongs to. There is a moment of
pain when he feels the sting of my infidelity, but that's so
fleeting that I almost doubt that I saw it. His face then morphs a
final time, and this transformation is terrifying. It's hateful and
exacting. He folds his hands together on top of his desk and
leans back into his chair, carefully keeping his eyes locked
on mine.
"Well then, this is cause for celebrationI'm going to be a
father again."
At first I don't know what to say. Do I need to remind him
that this baby isn't his? I mean, that goes without saying, right?
What kind of a game is he playing?
"Michael, I"
He cuts me off. There's a sharp glint in his eyes. "This is
my baby."
"No, this"
"Our new son will be named Michael Anders Jr. and this is my
baby," he says, banging his fist down on top of the desk, his lips
"And what if it's a girl?"
He ignores my question and continues. "If I ever hear you say
otherwiseif you so much as make a hint otherwiseI promise
you'll regret the day you met me. I can, and will, bury you."
Im silent. Michael leans forward.
And if you ever want to keep any semblance of a father - one
who hasnt been publicly humiliated worse than you can ever
imagine, with a wife thats left him in his old age - if you want to
keep your parents as the darlings of society, then youll keep
your mouth shut, dear wife, Michael says quietly.
That was the final dagger. It's no use arguing. This will be
Michael's baby, and no one will ever think otherwise. I know
Michael's a powerful man. He has wealth, power, prestige, and
connections. I don't want anyone to get hurtespecially not my
father or Lance. There's no way I'll ever tell him that this is
actually Lance's baby. He can't know. I don't even want to think
about what he'd do to Lance if he knew. I'll take this knowledge
to my grave.
"It's no secret that I don't have any interest in you
whatsoever," he says. His voice is cold and distant, and even
though I've known this to be true for our entire marriage, it still
hurts to hear him say it. "But it's important that we keep up
appearances for the publicfor the sake of this campaign. You
will not compromise my bid for mayor."
I watch as he pulls a cigar from his desk drawer and lights it. I
never see him smoke anymore. In fact, I thought he quit. I watch
as blue smoke fills the room. On the one hand, I'm relieved to no
longer be hiding and carrying this secret from Michael, but on
the other hand, I know I've only been partially honest and that
still sits inside of me like a boulder.
He exhales and continues, "You can't go public." He's like a
lion that has cornered its prey. He can feel that power, and it
spurs him on. He's opportunistic, and he's out for blood.
"I understand," I say, resigned and submissive.
"Good. Now let's have this baby."

I have a bad feeling. A bad fucking one. Deep inside of

me theres something gnawing, something poking
holes in the happiness Im feeling. Ive never been a fucking
superstitious kind of guy, but I cant help it Im fucking
worrying and I dont even know why. Its just a bad fucking
I have no reason to feel like this, though: Ive met the perfect
woman and everythings going just great between the two of us.
We had a rocky fucking start, thats for sure, but things are
better now. Sure, its not a fucking perfect situation, with my
father and all But as long as we have each other, everything
will work out. Right? Yes, thats fucking right.
Of course, life never does what you fucking expect it to do.
Worry turns into a sinking feeling in my stomach the moment
I get home; Jocelyn is leaving my fathers office, looking down at
the floor with an expression that tells me there's bad fucking
news coming my way. She shuts the door behind her and heads
down the corridor, not even noticing Im here. I reach for her,
gently grabbing her arm and pulling her to me.
Hey, hey. Whats wrong? Something happened with my
father? She stops, dead in her tracks, but doesnt even fucking
look me in the eyes. Are you okay? Slowly, she raises her eyes
and faces me; her pursed lips a distant impression of her smile.
Everythings okay, Lance, she says, ice coating each one of
her words. She takes one step back, forcing me to let go of her. I
just dont know how to tell you.
Tell me what? I ask, not liking the fucking direction this
conversation is taking. What the fuck is going on?
Its over, Lance. It was good while it lasted, but She licks
her bottom lip, pausing while she tries to find the right words,
but then just repeats herself. Its over.
Over? What the hell are you talking about? I reach for her
again, pulling her into the kitchen and slamming the fucking
door behind us, making sure that were out of my fathers
earshot. We cant be over! What is this fucking nonsense?
Looking at me, Jocelyn manages a faded smile. Were over.
Its time to put an end to it. I know you cant, so Im doing it
for you.
I stand there like a fucking asshole, looking at her with an
expression of pure disbelief on my face. Why is she saying all
these fucking things? This doesnt seem like her.
Why? I ask her, the sound of my fucking voice sounding
foreign to my own ears. This cant be fucking happening. She
opens her mouth to speak, but then closes it again, almost as if
she doesnt know what to say. Running one hand through her
hair, she bites down on her lower lip, and I see her eyes starting
to water. I try and reach for her, but she turns her back to me,
looking out the window. I dont even know what to fucking say,
so I just wait for her to regain her composure.
Just go, Lance. You wanted to leave, didnt you? To go to
Europe? So go. Theres nothing holding you here. She couldnt
be any more fucking wrong about that. How can she even say
this when she was the one that asked me to stay?
I cant leave. You know that I cant leave you, I say, my
heart racing, and this time it isnt a pleasant fucking feeling.
Theres fear in my bones, fear of whats happening right now.
Fear of losing the best fucking thing that has ever happened
to me.
Not anymore, Lance. Just face it: this was fun, but its time
we both face the real world. Youre just a kid, and Im your
stepmother. What did you think would happen?
I take one step toward her, and grabbing her arm, make her
turn to me. There are fucking tears streaming down her face, and
I brush the back of my hand over her wet cheek. Just seeing her
cry makes my heart fucking tighten up, rage coursing through
me. I just want to punch whomever or whatever is making her
feel like this, and the worst fucking part is that I dont even
know where to direct my rage.
Do you want to know what I think? I think that I love you. I
think that I want to be right here, close to you. She shuts her
eyes, and I feel her close to the breaking point. Somehow, she
manages to hold her own, even though shes on the verge of
sobbing. I pull her into me, putting my arms around her and
holding her tight, my hand on the back of her head. We remain
like that for a whole minute, standing in silence as I hear her
heart steadily beating against my chest. Itll be okay, I
whisper, not knowing if I believe my own fucking words.
Whatever it is, itll be okay I love you, thats all that
She remains in silence, but then two heartbeats after my
words, she pushes me away. Brushing away her tears, she looks
me in the eyes, an icy kind of determination there. I feel as if the
whole world is crashing around me and I cant do a fucking thing
about it. Im fucking powerless.
But I But I dont love you. I never did, she says, the words
cutting through me like a fucking knife. My heart tightens inside
my chest, and I feel my blood turning into ice. It cant be true
Its just not fucking possible. She loves me, I know it.
Youre lying Why are you saying these things? I ask her,
feeling as if someone was trying to pull the ground from under
my feet. This cant be fucking happening.
Lying? Youre just a kid, Lance. I never loved you, she
repeats, the words hitting me like a brick again. If someone ran
over me with a fucking tank and then shot me in the chest I
wouldnt feel half as bad as I do right now. Youre nice to look
at, and you sure know what youre doing between the sheets
But thats all there is to it. What do you think I was going to do?
Throw away a stable life because of a fling with a kid?
I stand there, my feet fucking glued to the floor as I take in
her words. Im listening, but I do not comprehend any of it. Why
the fuck is she saying all this? And why the fuck is it getting so
hard to breathe?
Then why did you pretend? Why did you fake it all
this time?
I never thought youd actually believe all that. It was just a
fling. Something to keep myself busy. A fantasy. Nothing less,
nothing more. And now, its time for it to be over.
With that, she walks past me, hitting me with her shoulder. I
dont turn as she leaves the kitchen, not even bothering to close
the door. I remain there for what seems like forever, not
knowing what to do. Everything was going so great And
now this.
I think of going after her, but to what fucking end? She seems
hell bent on crushing what we had, and I cant force her to
fucking love me.
I take two steps toward the counter and uncap one of the
whisky bottles my father keeps around. Reaching for a glass, I
pour myself a hefty dose, downing it in one single gulp. Then I
pour myself another, giving it the same fucking treatment. It
doesnt take long for the alcohol to rage through my veins, a
soothing sensation taking over me.
What the fuck do I do now? I was a fucking idiot! What the
fuck was I thinking? Shes right Whatever we had between us,
it was doomed right from the fucking start. Shes my
stepmother, for fucks sake! Did I expect my fucking father to
give us his blessing? Did I expect the whole world to fucking
applaud as we broke all sorts of taboos? How could I be so
fucking naive?
But then I remember the first time I saw her, every curve in
her body calling to me, her beautiful face like a fucking mirage
Maybe it was wrong, but it was fucking bound to happen.
I leave the kitchen and head to my room, walking up the
stairs as if I was in a fucking daze. There, I close the door and sit
on the edge of the bed, my eyes wandering to the corner of the
room: the suitcase I thought of taking with me to Europe is still
there, staring back at me as if it were fucking mocking me.
Maybe shes right Maybe I should just fucking pack up,
leave, and put everything that happened behind my back.
London, Paris, Berlinall cities brimming with beautiful
women I can go anywhere I fucking want.
But its not that fucking simple and, deep down, I know it. I
cant wipe my memory clean and go on about my life as if she
had never crossed my life. Because she did. She fucking did...
And now thats she gone, Im fucking lost.

F rom the Desk of Amanda Adams, the Professional

Gossiper of Page Two.

W ELCOME TO P AGE T WO G OSSIP , heres what were hearing around

the halls of power:

W ELL IF YOU ever wondered whether the stork that brings babies
had any party affiliation, we now know he may very well be a
Republican. Thats all because of the rather timely press release
from the Mayors office today that he and his wife, Jocelyn
Anders, are expecting a child.
Thats right, New York. Hizzoner is going to be a father.
The news of Jocelyn Anders being pregnant is expected now to
burnish an already stellar view that the city has of him as a
devoted family man. Who can resist a tiny baby wrapped up and
looking cute?
It also comes with the added bonus of being impervious to
any of the attacks that Mayor Anders rival, Jim Jenkins, has
thrown at him in the past in terms of politicizing his family just
to score points with the voters. You can bet that Michael Anders
isnt going to hesitate bringing out a pregnant Jocelyn to every
ceremony and campaign stop now.
But what about the other male Anders in the family? The hot,
bad boy? My sources in the Anders campaign confirm he hasn't
been seen in the last couple of days, but heres a bit of juicy
gossip for you. Deep cover sources tell me that there was some
sort of blow-up between the now pregnant Jocelyn and Lance.
Can the pregnancy of his stepmother be vexing for the Mayors
prodigal son? Well, we dont know for sure, but it sure looks like
it. Is someone possibly getting jealous that they wont be getting
all the attention from his parents? Well, New York, Ill tell you
this; if Lance ever needs attention or thinks hes being
neglected, Im sure there are a million women in this city who
will be more than happy to show him a good time and take care
of his every need.
With about a month left until the election, it certainly looks
like the Mayor has his re-election in the bag. Since his
announcement of his wifes pregnancy, hes launched a vast
array of proposals designed to better support the working
women of the citya demographic that hes struggled with in
the past. Is it going to be enough to push him over the edge?
Well, lets just say this; if the Mayor plays his cards right, he may
actually end up not just winning, but winning with such a
landslide vote that hell go into the next term with the people of
the city united behind him.
But before you start getting comfortable and thinking that its
time to move on to the next thing competing for your attention, I
wouldn't be doing my job if I didnt say that I think theres still
questions that need to be answered. Isnt it just a little too
convenient that this baby is on the way right before the election?
And does Hizzoner have any secrets that could end up coming
out at the eleventh hour that might take away from his baby
bump? A lot can happen in a little under four weeksand
theres still a lot of balls in the air, so dont get too comfortable,
Gotham. Till we know more, this is Amanda Adams signing off.
Keep your ears open, New York.

T his city was built on the values of family, Michael

says to an approving audience. And it's gotten us through the
tough times. We will only be great by continuing to cherish our
values and holding ourselves to a higher standard!
I look toward the clapping and cheering audience. Theyre
enthusiastically holding signs that read Bring Back Our Values
and Anders - Character Counts.
If they only knew.
I pledge that my second term in office will see the
restoration of the old values that made this city the center of the
world, Michael declares. And that people who flout those
values dont get a free pass while the rest of the city follows the
rules and plays fairly.
People nod and clap. Michael looks over in my direction. Its
just for a second and its a fleeting glance but I know hes
checking on me.
I bring my hands to clap and give a weak smile. It should be
enough to let me continue to blend in the background.
Besides, Im the pregnant wife, remember? I can be excused
for having to leave. Or wanting to sit down.
Dont think I havent thought about it.
Every. Single. Morning.
Just saying that I cant make it due to the pregnancy. That I
cant stand next to this man and smile and clap while he tells the
people of the city how much values are important to him.
My friends, if every one of us cherished the same family
values that are under assault, wed have a stronger, more vibrant
city without spending a single cent!
The crowd loves this. Not surprising. They see a charismatic
leader with his pregnant wife standing next to him and they
think hes figured out this world. Well, he's figured it out
alright. Hes figured out the art of manipulation. Of blackmail
and deceit.
I know that I personally am a stronger candidate since
Jocelyn got pregnant, Michael says, running out the tired
phrase all over again. Hes got to remind New Yorkers about his
pregnant wife. In case they missed it on the ads that are on the
subways, buses, and taxis. Or the commercials playing on
television. She tells me I have to be home by 8 pm so you know
what it makes me do? It makes me work harder and get up
earlier. So I can be there for her exclusively in the evening.
Yesterday Michael didn't even come home in the evening. I
only saw him this morning, wearing the same clothes. He looked
well rested and I knew he had been with someone else. He didnt
even think to explain it to me. He just nodded in my direction
and went to shower as I watched him silently.
As he was showering, I looked at his clothes. I still remember
the smell of the cologne. It took me all of two seconds to know
where Ive smelled it beforethats Kenneths signature
I mean, how many times has Lance told you about Michael
cheating on me. How many times have I?
But Im sorry, hon. I don't mean to come across like what I
just sounded like. Im not trying to be a bitch.
And before you tell me its okay, Im not upset that Michael is
cheating on me with a man. Im really okay with that part, if you
can believe that. I mean, God works in mysterious ways. If
Michael is attracted to Kenneth, or to another man, me
spreading my legs and flashing my tits isnt going to work on
him. Considering that hes never even kissed me, I dont really
feel betrayed or hurt.
No, what really riles me more than anything else is that
Michael gets to go have his fun while the one man that I want
that I craveis out of my reach. The one man
Lance, my son, Michael booms and just hearing that name
snaps me back to reality. I don't really care what crock of bullshit
Michaels feeding them. I want Lance. I want his arms around
me. I want him squeezing me against his hard body. I want to
feel his giant cock pulsing against my pussy as he grabs my ass
and squeezes it. I want that salty semen of his to fill me up, like
it has so many times. I want to ride him until he makes me cum
and the worlds problems melt away.
And then afterwards, I want him to hold me as I bask in
contented satisfaction. In his arms, I know that I was happy.
Lance, Michael continues. Couldnt be here today, because
he's doing some important work for the campaign in the Bronx,
but Im sure that even he would agree that his life has turned
around greatly since hes come home and had the stability of
Now thats a low blow. Michael not only neglected his stepson
to the point where Lance acted out. But now hes taking credit
for Lances turnaround?
You know what, I really dont care anymore. I miss the man
who's the love of my life. But I cant be with him because Im
blackmailed into staying in a loveless marriage. To have a baby
for a man thats hiding his identity from the world.
Lance would be the first person to agree that a happy,
trusting, and honest home is what makes him successful,
Michael says.
I cant help but scowl. There are times that I hate this man.
They seem to be happening more and more frequently. If there
was only some way to get out of
Not liking what you hear? a voice whispers into my ear.
Its too low to be caught by the crowds or the cameras.
I turn around slightly to see Kenneth standing next to me.
My first thought is if it looks odd that Kenneth is talking to
me during Michaels speech. But after doing plenty of these
campaign stops I realize that form the crowd itll only look like
logistical discussions between members of the campaign.
Theyre fixated on Michaels oratory. Not on me.
Did you not hear me, Mrs. Anders? Kenneth asks again. I
know youre not the biggest fan of the Mayor.
Now my body freezes. I dont know if its fear. Kenneth isnt
one to inspire fear. Hes more catty than anything else. But there
is caution. And wariness. Whereas Lance could kill someone if he
got angry enough, I know Kenneth could meticulously plan their
complete destruction.
Your posture is telling me that you can not only hear me, but
that Im right, Kenneth says and this time I turn toward him.
What do you want, Kenneth? I hiss under my breath. I can
hear the audience break out into cheers and applause at one of
Michaels lines and I only hope that I wasnt supposed to be
smiling and waving.
But the moment passes and Michael continues on. Kenneth
simply looks at him. I want whats mine, he says to me. I
want to be with the man Ive fallen in love with, and the man
youre trying to take away with that fake pregnancy of yours.
What makes you think this baby is fake, Kenneth? I
ask him.
He smiles at me sardonically. Silly rabbit, I know youre
really pregnant, but I know thats not Michaels baby.
Now the hairs are rising on the back of my neck. If Kenneth
knows that this child isnt Michaels then who else knows. And
if Michael thinks I told, then all bets are off. Hell go after dad as
easily as he throws away garbage.
The look must be translating across my face because Kenneth
lowers his voice.
Relax, Jocelyn, he says to me. No one gossiped, if thats
what youre worried about.
It is. But if no one has been gossiping, then who could
As far as everyone knows, you and Michael are in so much
fucking love, Kenneth says. And you're expecting that child
like two proud and happy parents. It makes me sick.
How does Kenneth know?
And in case you were wondering, I heard about your baby
straight from the horses mouth, Kenneth says, his eyes
traveling to Michael. Theres an inescapable look of lust in them.
Michael has just finished a line and the crowd is clapping again.
He turns his head slightly and sees Kenneth and I speaking.
Thats right. Straight from the horses mouth. As he was
fucking me doggy.
I cringe at the thought of my husband having pillow talk with
this man. Hes so fucking slimy.
And Michael told me it was a secret, sure, Kenneth says,
gently touching me on the arm. But theres no warmth to it,
despite what it may look to the crowd. But I dont like it.
At last, I get the courage to reply back.
I shrug. Doesnt matter if you dont like it, hun, I tell
Kenneth. If thats what Michael wants.
The fingers squeeze harder on my hand.
Michael doesnt know what he wants half the time until I
tell him, Kenneth says. He doesn't realize that you don't
deserve him. He doesn't understand that the population of this
city doesn't care who hes sleeping with.
I remain silent as Kenneth continues. But thats fine. He
doesnt have to make the hard choices. Thats why he has me.
And Im making the choice for how he has to deal with you, Mrs.
What do you mean? I ask Kenneth. His eyes are looking at
me coldly, evaluating me.
Youre no good for him, Kenneth says to me matter-of-
factly. If anyone ever finds out that baby isnt his, it could mean
ruin politically for his future. Wed be stopped at the mayoral
We? I ask, with an arched eyebrow.
The crowd cheers again and Kenneth waits until it dies down.
You need to leave him, Kenneth says to me.
I shake my head. I cant do that. He doesn't know the
conversation Michael and I have already had.
I dont think you understand, Jocelyn, Kenneth says to me,
looking at me shaking my head. Michael may have threatened
you, and he may carry through it, but its nothing compared to
what Ill unleash on you if you dont leave him.
Now Im curious. What's worse that Kenneth could do?
Ill not only expose your father, but Ill pull enough strings
that when you finally do have that baby, Social Services will
come take it away because youll be an unfit mother, Kenneth
hisses. And Michael will be long gone after that shit comes out.
He wont be able to protect you.
Im frozen as I hear the words that my baby might be
taken away.
Sure, youll be able to deny that the baby isnt yours, but
once Michael starts getting hit, hell throw you overboard to save
himself. And then no one will be around to defend you, dear,
Kenneth says, taking a moment to pause and look into my eyes.
You wont win in this situation, so its time to make sure you
end up losing the least, he tells me. Im still frozen. In shock.
Awe. Disgust. Revulsion. But Mrs. Anders, if you cooperate with
me and do exactly what I tell you to do, maybe you can mitigate
some of those losses.
I dont believe it. I cant believe it. My baby is being used as a
bargaining chip.
If you leave Michael, and do it convincingly, and make the
world believe you guys split, Ill not only not hurt you, Ill help
you land on your feet after Michael starts destroying your father.
I stare at him.
But you only have one week to end things with Michael,
Kenneth concludes. One week to break off your ties to
that man.
I wonder if Im in a weird twisted dream brought about by
pregnancy. I cant believe just a few weeks ago I was routinely
enjoying mind-numbing sex with Lance. And now, this?
Why? I ask, simply. Thats all I need to know.
Kenneth seems to consider a moment before answering,
Because I love that man in ways you would never understand,
he replies. And I want whats mine without you taking it away
from me.
I try to reply, but Michael finishes his speech and the crowd
goes wild. News reporters and bodyguards crowd around us with
the reporters asking questions or taking pictures and the
bodyguards ushering off the stage.
I know Kenneth wants to speak more, but he just looks at me
and says, One week, before a bodyguard comes over and
ushers me off the stage and toward the waiting limo.
One week in which to end a marriage.
And lose my soul at the same time.
But anything to protect my baby.
No, our baby. Lances and mine.
Our baby.

S ince Jocelyn broke up with me that I haven't been the

fucking same. How could I? It might be a fucking dumb
thing to say, but she ripped my fucking heart out and stepped all
over it. And I still can't take her out of my fucking mind. I'm
going fucking crazy here, that much I can tell you.
I thought of packing my shit up and catching the first plane
out of the fucking States, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. Not
yet, at least. Not while my mind is in fucking tatters. Before I
make a decision, I need to fucking unwind, and what better way
to unwind than to be in a place packed to the ceiling with hot
sluts? That's exactly the reason I'm out tonight. Yes, that's
right; Lance Anders is fucking back, ladies. At least for today.
"Whisky, neat," I ask the bartender, leaning on the counter
and scanning the dance floor. The fucking nightclub is
completely packed, and since I've chosen one of the most
exclusive venues in New York, it's packed with hot young ladies.
Just what I fucking need right nowwomen, bright lights and
loud music.
A few of the women on the dance floor are already eyeing me,
but I don't feel like going up to them. If they're that interested,
they can be the ones to approach me, and they can also buy me a
fucking drink, once they're at it. Its a brave new fucking world,
ladies, fuck chivalry. Yeah, Im in a foul fucking mood, in case
you still havent noticed. Can you fucking blame me?
Thought so.
"You're Lance Anders, aren't you?" I hear someone say from
the side. I turn toward whoever is talking to mea twenty-
something blonde wearing a dress so tight it should be fucking
illegal. Her tits are almost jumping out of her bra, and her eyes
tell me everything that I need to know; she's on the look for
some fucking action tonight, and she has set a target on me.
Maybe she thinks I'm famous, maybe it's because I'm better
than all the chumps in this place. Whatever it is, I don't give a
fuck. Shes hot and has the curves to prove it, so she gets my
fucking acknowledgement.
"That's me. Lance fucking Anders," I tell her, gulping down
the whisky the bartender has set in front of me. I point to the
glass and ask him for another one. He could just leave the
fucking bottle, as far as I'm concerned, but I don't want to look
like a fucking drunken asshole, even though that's probably
what I am right now: a fucking drunk with his heart in fucking
pieces. Yeah, yeah, Im a fucking clich, get over it.
Moving subtly, she comes up to me, laying her hand on my
arm. She's fucking trying to reel me in, and I might just let her
do it. I mean, why the fuck not? Its not like I owe it to someone
to be fucking faithful. Not anymore.
"I've heard about you," she tells me, a fucking lewd smile on
her lips, a hint of white teeth showing. Her eyes wander all over
my body, and I can almost bet the fucking slut is picturing me
naked. If I had a dollar for every time a woman looks at me like
this, Id fucking rolling in money.
"Yeah, what did you heard about me?" I ask her, turning my
attention to the whisky in front of me. She's fucking hot, I'll
give her that, but it's not like I'm fucking interested right now.
It's fucking weird, to be honest; if this were happening before
Jocelyn came into my life, I'd already be taking her to the
bathroom so that I could fuck her brains out. Id make her moan,
Id make her come; Id spray my cum all over her face without
even worrying about how shed look like when leaving the club.
Yeah, Im an asshole, didnt you know that already? I'm not
saying that something like it won't happen, but it's going to take
a lot fucking more than her just knowing my name. I'm
flattered, sure, but please try fucking harder.
"I've heard... rumors," she says, licking her lips wantonly,
almost as an invitation to slide my cock deep in her mouth. "I
was wondering if there's some truth to them."
Rumorsyeah, they spread like fucking wildfire. My mind
automatically translates what she's saying, and the true
meaning behind her words is twofold: is my cock as big as people
say, and do I want to fuck her? The answer to the first question is
yes, to the second one is maybe. Hey, Im not ruling out a
fucking thing.
"My name is Samantha," she tells me, replying to a question I
didn't fucking make. I look at her, expressionless, and take a sip
of my whisky. She doesn't seem taken aback by my silence and,
in fact, takes it as fucking encouragement. "I live just around the
corner. Five minutes by cab." Well, this one is as blunt as they
fucking come. I like that. I mean, I would like it more if I could
get Jocelyn out of my fucking mind, something that's starting to
look more and more like an impossible fucking mission.
Fuck! I need to man the fuck up, and I need to do it right now.
Why the fuck am I sitting here, wallowing like a little girl? I'm
Lance Anders, and I'm fucking better than this. Its time go
fucking crazy.
"Do you have a goldfish?" I ask her, grinning as I take the
whisky to my lips. Her eyes widen, and she finally seems taken
aback, surprised by my response.
"A goldfish? I... No, I don't have one," she replies, not
knowing what else to say.
"That's a pity. Because if you had one... You could take me to
your apartment... so that you could show it to me. I have a weak
spot for goldfish." Her eyes widen some more, but then she
smiles, realizing what I'm saying. Yeah, it's true; these girls will
go for something as dumb as what I just fucking said. It's not
like I needed to say it, though, she was already down for taking
me to her place... But why ruin the fun? I just fucking love to
mess with cock-hungry women like her.
"Oh. I was being silly. Of course I have one... I completely
forgot about. And I'd love to show you my goldfish." Oh, I bet
you would... I bet you fucking would. Maybe seeing her, ahem,
goldfish is exactly what I fucking need right now.
"Well, lead the way," I tell her, downing the rest of my
whisky in one single gulp and giving the bartender a neatly
folded bill, tip and all. She grabs my hand and pulls me in,
turning her back to me and guiding me through the crowd. I
follow after her, and a few girls stop dancing as we go through
first they fucking eye me, and then they turn to Samantha,
jealousy flickering in their eyes. Fucking nasty creatures,
Finally emerging on the other side of the fucking dance floor,
we go past the bouncers and out the door, into the cold air of the
street. She holds my arm as if I were her fucking boyfriend, her
body close to mine. I hail for a taxi, and we get inside; she tells
the driver the directions, placing one hand on my knee as she
leans toward the opening in the divider. I'm definitely in a
fucking off mood; if this was any other day, I'd already have my
hand on her pussy, and I would make her cum at least once
before we got to her place. Well, at least Im going to her place,
so I guess that's a fucking victory.
Just like she said, five minutes and the taxi stops in front of
an apartment building. I pay the driver. a rastafari guy with a
thick accent, and he gives me a fucking wink and a nod, knowing
that I'm about to fucking score. Thanks, random taxi driver, I
appreciate the fucking support.
Samantha and I leave the taxi and I follow after her as she
gets inside the building. She calls the elevator and we step inside
as the doors open with a subtle ding. Inside the cramped metal
box, she grabs my arm again, looking up at me expectantly. I
simply smile, not giving her the fucking reaction she's
expecting. If this were a good day, she'd be having her second
orgasm of the day before the elevator reached its fucking
destination. As it is, all I manage to do is fucking smile at her.
Fucking pathetic.
We get inside her tiny apartment, and she doesnt even
bother with turning the lights on. The moment she shuts the
door shes on me, her huge tits pressing against my chest as she
looks into my face expectantly. Her eyelids start to droop, and
she parts her lips, waiting for me to lean in and kiss her. Jesus
fucking Christ, why is my heart racing? Fuck, and it isnt racing
because Im getting fucking hard, let me tell you that. Its
fucking racing because this is fucking wrong! What the fuck am I
doing here? Fuck!
I take one step back, pushing her away from me. Her eyes
widen, confusion taking over her face.
Is there something wrong? she asks, fear settling in.
Yeah, I say at once. Wheres the fucking goldfish? With
that, I turn on my heels and fucking bolt.
I leave her there, completely stunned, and enter the elevator
without even bothering to look back. This was fucking harsh of
me, I know, but fuck! When she pressed her body against
mine, one name echoed in my mind: Jocelyns. I fucking love
her. What the fuck was I thinking, going out at night looking for
fucking trouble? The woman I love is at home.
She told me it was over. She told me I was nothing more than
a fling. But her words dont ring true, and fuck me if Im going to
give up on her without going to the bottom of this!
As I step out into the cold New York streets, theres a look of
determination on my face. I feel fucking renewed. My head is
clear, my heart is in the right place: Im not giving up on the
woman I love. The situation might be a fucked up one, if I take
my father into consideration, but I dont give two fucks
about that.
For the first time in my fucking life, I know what the word
love means. And it means everything.

T his is my first major appointment. Where is he? I take

my phone out of my purse and tap it on. The screen comes to life
and my eyes scan for the time. 2:15. Michael's late. It looks like
he isn't even going to show up, and I guess I shouldn't be
surprised. He wasn't particularly interested in joining me today,
but during breakfast this morning, he opened his newspaper and
without so much as looking in my direction, he agreed to come to
keep up appearances. "Maybe a reporter will see us walking out
of the office," he said, almost to himself. Is that really all he
thinks about?
"Mrs. Anders, we're ready for you." My mind snaps back to
the present.
I look up from my phone and see a nurse holding a clipboard.
Well, it looks like I'll need to handle this appointment solo. He's
definitely not going to show up. I gather my thingsphone,
keys, and purseand head back. The nurse begins by taking my
vitalsweight, temperature, and blood pressure. She asks me an
assortment of personal questions, such as when my last period
was, and whether or not I smoked or drank prior to conception,
and if I'm taking pre-natal vitamins. It almost feels like an
interrogation. I'm not used to this. After answering, she
instructs me to undress and put on an unflattering paper gown
it' a far cry from the dresses in my wardrobeand then she says
that the doctor will be with me shortly. As I'm lying on the exam
table, my mind starts to race again. I mean, here I am, pregnant
with another man's baby, and to top it off, that man happens to
be my stepson. How in the hell did my life take this turn? But
before I can mentally answer that, I hear a soft knock at the
door, and my OBGYN walks in. He's in his mid-50s with a bushy
white mustache. He has a jovial twinkle in his eyes.
"Are you ready to see your baby today?" he asks with more
enthusiasm than I expected.
Wait. I didn't realize I was going to see anything at this
appointment, and I'm immediately nervous. "I am," I say,
simply. Shouldn't I be feeling more excited?
"There won't be a whole lot to see, but because you are at
approximately the 6-week point, we should see a heartbeat."
"Oh wow."
"Pretty great, right?"
I nod my head.
"But before we take a look, I'd like to review your chart with
you. I see that you're 36 years old. I don't want to scare you, but
we consider that advanced maternal age, so we need to closely
monitor things."
Did he just say 'advanced maternal age'? What is that
supposed to mean? Am I really that old? He notices my alarm
and quickly finishes with, "But you look fantastic. I see you're in
great physical health and I don't foresee any problems, so let's
go ahead and take a look. Lie back. I'm going to use this wand.
We call it a 'magic wand.'" He says this and chuckles. I'm not
sure whether to laugh or not. Is he planning to stick this wand
inside of me? I watch as he rolls a condom down the wand and
lubes it up. Yep, he's definitely sticking this inside of me. I try to
relax and keep my eyes on the small screen to my right side.
Within a few moments, a black and white image appears,
followed by a fast, rhythmic sound that seems to glow white.
"That's the baby's heart beat."
I squint my eyes and gaze at the screen. There, right in the
middle, is a small image that resembles a gummy bear and sure
enough, there is a beating heart. I'm not an overly emotional
person, but when I see that, I cry. A mixture of emotions are
surging through melove, fear, resolve, courageyou name it. I
wipe my eyes, carefully avoiding my mascara.
"It happens to everyone," the doctor says. "The first
appointment is always emotional."
"You can say that again," I laugh. I wonder what Michael
would've thought or felt, standing in this room today. But now
I'll never know.
Once the appointment is over, I drive back home. On the seat
next to me is a printed sonogram picture. The doctor gave it to
me so that I could share it with Michael, although I doubt he'll
care. I keep this picture in my hand as I walk into our home. The
hall light is on, which is strange. Michael must already be here.
"Hello?" I call out. There's no reply. I walk upstairs. I still
don't hear anyone, but I can smell a hint of cologne and there are
a number of different lights on throughout the house. It's not
Michael's cologne that I smell, but still something familiar.
Where do I know that smell?
I walk toward his study. There's a light on. He must be
answering emails or reading one of his books. I turn the knob
and push the door open. What I see in the middle of the room
makes me drop the picture in my hand, and it flutters to the
"Oh fuck, yes," Michael says. He's sitting in his chair, and
there's a man's face in his naked lap. His hands are buried in the
man's dark hair, and he's rhythmically pushing it down on his
cock. I recognize the man as Kenneth. Now I recognize the
"Come for me," Kenneth growls. I can hardly believe what
I'm seeing. I knew Michael and Kenneth were having an affair,
but I never thought they'd bring it here. Michael grunts and
cums hard into Kenneth's mouth until he's completely drained,
every last drop. It seems I arrived just in time for the finale. His
cock spasms, and I watch as it dies down. I can see thick strands
of cum drip from his mouth, and coat his tongue and lips.
Kenneth is still on his knees and gets up slightly, placing his
hands affectionately on Michael's chest. "You can have this
every dayyou are I, pure blissjust say so. We can be happy
together," Kenneth says, and then leans in to Michael, pressing
his lips to him. He brushes his tongue against his lips, and
Michael sucks it eagerly, cleaning it of the cum that covers it.
It is only at that point that both men notice my presence at
the doorway. They both pull away from each other and gaze at
me, wordless. There is a thickness to the silence, and for a
moment, no one knows what to do. Kenneth seems pleased that
I've just witnessed it all. A sly grin dances across his face.
Michael is stunned, and debates how he should respond. I can
almost see his mind working overtime. Then he finally speaks,
"Really now, Jocelyn. Don't look so surprised." He bends down
and picks up his pants, carefully pulling them on, one leg at
a time.
"You were supposed to be at the doctor appointment with me
"I changed my mind," he responds, shrugging his shoulders.
"And besides, this was only a fair turn of events. While you go
off and fuckwhono, I don't even want to knowwhoever it
is that you're fucking, I'll get mine."
I look at Kenneth and he nods his approval. He looks ecstatic
and casually runs his fingers through his hair, smoothing it back
into place. I bet this was his idea to be here, in this house, with
Michael today. It would make sense.
"As you wish," I say, all emotion hidden. I tell myself that I
shouldn't care. This was always a marriage of necessity. A favor
for my father. I've never loved Michael and he's never loved me.
Michael clears his throat and says, "Good, now if you know
what's good for you, you'll close that door and run along."

S ometimes, love means letting go.

I swear, I fucking tried. After that fucking awful
night out, I went home ready to take on the world. I wouldnt let
anything get in the wayin my mind, Jocelyn and I were meant
to be together, and I wouldnt allow for that not to happen. Of
course, that was nothing more than a childish thought. It
fucking hurts to put it like this, but she was fucking right: Im
nothing more than a kid, and I was living nothing more than a
fucking fantasy.
But theres one thing that I wont let go of: I love her. I
fucking love her. With all my being. To be honest, I dont think
Ill ever love another woman like this. Its just fucking
impossible. So why am I not going after her? Im astonished that
you still have to fucking ask. Have you read the newspapers?
Have you seen the fucking news on TV? Shes happy. Fucking
happy. Swear to God, it hurts like a motherfucker to say it, but
Jocelyn is happy. And shes carrying my fathers child. Let me
put it like this so you can understand it: Im going to have a
fucking brother. How can I come crashing into her life now? How
can we ever be together like this? Fuck, Id do anything to have
her with me, but I wont fucking ruin her happiness I fucking
wont. It might cost me my own fucking happiness, but I dont
give a fuck. As long as shes all right, the world will keep
spinning on its axis
Thats why I left in the middle of the night, not bothering to
tell a soul that I was leaving. I packed my shit up in a duffel bag
and called a cab. Half an hour later I was checking in at the Plaza,
laptop propped up on my knees as I booked a flight to London.
Yeah, thats right, come tomorrow morning, Im getting the
fuck out of New York. Maybe being on the other side of the
planet, as far from her and my father as I can fucking get, will
help. Or maybe it fucking wont. Whatever, Ill take the British
night by assault and Ill work through everything by going back
to being good ol Lance Anders.
Yeah, sure, I know what youre thinking. Things didnt
exactly go the way I intended the last time I tried to work
through things like that. But, listen, this isnt the way I wanted
things to go. But what do you want me to fucking do? Try and
break Jocelyn and my father apart, now that theyre waiting for a
child? Im an asshole, sure, but Im not a fucking evil bastard. I
have fucking limits. It might not look like it, but theres a
fucking conscience inside this pretty head of mine. Dont believe
me? Well, fuck you then.
Laying here on the bed of my hotel room, my head is racing,
going at an hundred miles per hour. My mind is fucking
brimming with scattered thoughts, a big gaping hole in my
chest. Inside my heart, theres fucking emptiness. I never felt
like this. Never.
Theres a knock on my door, but I dont even bother with it.
Im fucking crushed right now. Sprawled on top of the bed, Im
just staring at the ceiling while the seconds go by. Its not like
Im fucking busy, but I wont let room service fucking interrupt
me. Besides, I have the fucking Do Not Disturb sign hanging
outside the door, so these assholes can go fuck themselves.
Theres another knock, this time louder. Jesus Christ, do not
disturb means do not fucking disturb, whats so fucking hard
about it? I sit up on the bed and, sighing, go up to my feet and
walk to the door. Im already in a foul fucking mood, and having
someone knocking at the door isnt fucking helping. While Im
crossing the room, whoever is on the other side starts to knock
more insistently. Fucking hell.
Im on my fucking way, I say, feeling more and more pissed
by the second. What the fuck? Cant I fucking wallow by myself
for one fucking minute? Let a man be, for fucks sake. Seething, I
grab the handle, turning it. The door swings open and my heart
almost stops beating.
Hello, Lance. I have to blink twice in order to be sure that
Im not fucking dreaming. Jocelyn? What the fuck is she doing
here? Going somewhere? Yeah, the other side of the planet.
London, I tell her without thinking. Im still dazed by the
fact that she has managed to track me down. How the fuck did
you find me here?
Your fathers name carries some weight, she says with a
smile. That and you left a booking note on your bed stand.
Yeah, alright. That doesnt explain why you came halfway
across the city to bang on my door, I tell her, stepping aside and
letting her walk into the room. I turn my back to her and head to
the bed, sitting on the edge while I prepare for her fucking
speech. No hard feelings, yada yada, and some bullshit more.
Ive given that speech countless fucking times, but I never
actually thought Id end up on the receiving end of it. Karma can
be a fucking bitch, let me tell you.
I came to stop you.
Stop me? I raise one eyebrow at her. Does she think I can
stay in New York, living under the same roof as her and my
father? Im not a fucking masochist, thank you very much. Id
jump out of the fucking building before I let that happen.
You cant leave, she insists, an expression of desperation
taking over her face. Her beautiful face. Fuck, I just want to take
her into my arms right now. Okay, be fucking strong, Lance. You
can do this.
I sure can. Im leaving in the morning. And before you ask, I
didnt buy a return ticket. One way only.
You cant, she repeats, a sense of urgency in her words.
Shes desperate. Why? She takes two steps toward me, looking
me in the eyes. I love you, Lance. Please dont go.
Jesus fucking Christ, what the fuck is going on? Where the
fuck is this coming from? I look into her eyes, trying to decipher
if shes fucking playing me, tugging on my rope just to string me
along. But what I see there has nothing to do with thattheres
only truth there.
I know, she says, cutting me short. I said awful things.
Terrible things. I meant none of it. And Im sorry Im so sorry,
Lance. I wish I could take it all back.
Then why the fuck would you say those things? I ask her
softly, still not sure where the conversation is going. Even if she
loves me Shes fucking carrying my brother in her belly, for
fucks sake. And if she loves me, that makes it all even more
fucking depressing. Because now theres no fucking way well be
able to be together.
Because I was afraid. I didnt know what to do. When I
found out that I was pregnant, I I told your father and I had
no choice, Lance. He was so mad over it
Mad? He was fucking beaming during the pregnancy
announcement. The old bastard was over joyous, telling the
whole fucking world he was going to have another heir. The
fucking prick hates it that Im his only fucking son, a burden to
his political aspirations. Unless Oh, fuck. Oh, fucking fuck. It
cant be.
Dont tell me that? I ask her, my heart fucking racing.
Jesus Christ, I think Im going to be fucking sick. She simply
nods, hesitant. Holy fuck, am I dreaming? Please tell me that Im
not fucking dreaming. Im going to be a father?
Youre going to be a father, Lance, she tells me, a tender
smile lighting her face up. Suddenly, the whole world stops
spinning. Im going to be a fucking father! My heart is ready to
burst. Happiness floods me and I smile, going up to my feet. I
grab her by the waist and pick her up, spinning her across
the room.
Im going to be a father! I laugh, overjoyed. Can you
imagine it? A little Lance running around, peeking under the
girls skirts! Or maybe a little Jocelyn, ready to dazzle the whole
fucking world with her looks and smarts! Fuck, this started as
the worst day of my lifeand it became the very best one.
I love you. I love you so fucking much, I tell her, placing my
hands on her cheeks as I put her on the floor.
I love you too, she whispers into me, that desperation no
longer on his face. Theres only happiness there, making her
even more fucking beautiful, as if that could be fucking possible.
I press my mouth against hers, the touch of her lips marking the
best day of my life.
Im going to be a fucking dad!

I love you. I love you so fucking much! Lance says,

his words like honey and wine. Theyre curt and
perfect, and above all, they are everything I need to hear. After
everything that I told him, after trying to drive him away
Thats the thing with love, I think. He cant be driven away when
it really exists.
I love you too, I tell him, my heart brimming with
happiness. But I want you to prove it to me, I say with a smile,
taking one step toward him, our mouths just two inches away
from each other. Smiling back, he brushes the back of his hand
against my face, tucking a stray lock of hair over my ear.
Ill do more than that, he tells me, leaning in and brushing
his lips against mine. I feel that familiar spark of pleasure
running through me, the touch of his mouth on mine is one of
the sweetest things I have ever experienced in my entire life.
Close your eyes, he says, pulling back from me.
Why? My heart is starting to beat faster, anxiety crawling
under my skin as every fiber of my body starts to ache for him.
Just do it. I comply, my eyelids drooping before he even
finishes speaking. Theres something in the tone of his voice. He
showed up in my life as young brash boy, but hes maturing.
Hes shaping up into a man, one who towers above all other
mortals. But, in the end, it doesnt matter how much he grows
up: he will always be my Lance.
I hear him walk across the room, his sure footsteps taking
him away from he. He rummages through somethingone of
his travel bags, I assumeand then walks back toward me. I
tremble slightly as he presses something over my face, soft
fabric brushing against my skin. He places it over my eyes and
runs it around my head, tying the slender piece of fabric tightly.
Its a tie, an expensive one, judging by the smoothness of it.
Now, turn around, he whispers into my ear, his lips so close
they almost brush against it. I turn on my heels, still feeling his
warm breath against my neck. My skin prickles as I feel the
gentle pressure of his fingers on my back, sliding over my
shoulder blades until they meet the zipper on my dress, right
below my neck. Slowly, he grabs the fastener and starts pulling it
down, the sound of it like a melody. My naked back turned to
him, he places his hands on my shoulders and gently pulls the
straps down my arms, the dress drooping and falling over my
chest, hanging by my waist.
I say nothing. I simply lick my lips in anticipation as he runs
his fingers up my arms, hooking them on the straps of my bra
and pulling them down just like he did with my dress. He
unclasps it and lets it fall from my body onto the floor, my naked
nipples pulsing with raw desire.
Breathing softly but at a growing pace, Im covered in goose
bumps, desire burying its long fangs. Lance is taking his time;
were not hiding or rushing anymore, and that makes me even
more anxious for his touch for his body.
You look lovely, he whispers, his voice sending a shiver
down my spine. Sliding his fingers over my back, he hooks them
on the bunched up fabric on my waist, carefully pushing the
dress down my legs. As I feel the fabric hitting the floor, I step
out of it, suddenly feeling more exposed than ever. Im only
wearing my tiny lace thong and my heels and I feel more naked
than ever before. He has seen me naked countless times, but I
could always look into his eyes, take in his reaction. Right now,
theres only darknessthat and the warm maddening touch of
his fingertips.
I want to see you, I say, suddenly realizing that Im
breathing way harder than I expected.
I know, he runs one lazy finger over the contour of my
thong, moving it around my waist and then tracing the curve of
my buttocks. But theres nothing for you to see now You can
only feel.
Theres a wetness building in me, one stemming from the
desperate need for him thats pooling in my mind. I feel
vulnerable right now Vulnerable and wet. Could there be a
more perfect combination?
Grabbing my hands, he moves me across the room; I follow
after him, almost as if I were on a leash, and stop when he does.
Sit down, he says, and my body responds immediately, my
knees bending at the sound of his words. I have no idea where
Im standing, but I trust him Who wouldnt trust Lance? I sit
down, my buttocks finding the soft mattress underneath them.
It shifts softly under my weight, and my mind starts to imagine
how it would feel to be pinned down between the sheets and
Lances body. Now lay down, he continues, no longer touching
me. My heart beating faster and faster, I climb on top of the bed,
lying back as he instructed me to.
There are a few seconds of silence, and my head starts to spin;
its maddening to have no idea whats going on around me In a
good way. A very good way.
You cant imagine the view I have, Lance says, the sound of
his voice telling me that hes standing at the foot of the bed,
looking down at my almost naked body.
You can have more than just a view, I say, my lips curling
into a smile. As far as Im concerned, he can have whatever he
wants. I might be much older than he is, but Im more than
willing to make all his wishes come true. How could I not? Just
being here with him, wearing just a thong, heels and a
blindfold This is a dream come true right here.
I intend to. I feel the mattress shifting again, his weight
now added to mine as he climbs on the bed. Still, he doesnt
touch me. His sweet breath is on my neck, and I can almost
sense the electricity between my skin and his lips. I sigh heavily,
anxious to feel somethinganything.
Patience, he whispers, brushing one finger over my outer
thigh. He slides it up from there to my shoulders, tracing the
same path back down. I pant, my body as warm as if I were lying
in a bed of coals. Good things come to those who wait.
I dont want to wait, I blurt out, feeling my heart pounding
inside of my head. I can barely think straight.
Well, what other choice do you have? He lays his lips
against my neck, my skin prickling as a response. None. None
at all. Tracing the contour of my jawline with his lips, he finally
brushes them against my own. He pulls on my bottom lip with
his teeth then, placing one finger between my breasts and
running it down to my navel.
This is absolute torture. The sweetest kind there is. He knows
I want him desperately, that both my mind and body are boiling
with desire, but he wont bend to my whims; he keeps moving
his finger up and down my body, his tongue softly darting
between my lips as I struggle to keep control. Im already
grabbing at the sheets, my hands balling into fists as I do my
best to keep still.
Dont move, he says, almost as if he could feel the inner
struggle raging inside of me. Dont make me tie you up
Because I will. My insides clench at his words, and I wonder
how good it would be to have both hands and feet tied up, my
naked body his to use as he pleases Im growing wetter by the
second, my thong feeling sticky as it hugs my soaked pussy.
He starts to stroke my skin with his finger, gently caressing
the patch of skin between my breasts. Im aching for him to grab
them, to squeeze them firmly under his hands But he keeps
teasing me, circling the base of my breasts in the most torturous
way, never going over the curve that leads to my nipples.
Please, I mutter. Im on the verge of begging now. Oh, I
know its coming, but the wait has me knee deep in the insanity
of lust. My nipples are aching, the hard rosy tips screaming
inwardly for release. I dont know how much longer Ill be able to
restrain myself. Im tugging at the sheets as harshly as I can,
bunching them up in my hands as my body squirms.
Please? Begging already? he asks me, and I can picture the
wicked grin I know he has on his delicious lips. What is it that
you want so much?
I I start, but I have no idea on how to finish the sentence.
What do I want? Where do I even start, and is I want it all a
valid answer? Because I do want it all. I want to feel his lips
wrapped around my nipples, his tongue and fingers on my pussy,
his cock over my tongue and then sliding down my pussy. I want
everything, and I want it now.
You I want you. All of you, I finally manage to say, the
words falling off of my lips like the most genuine thing I have
ever uttered.
Im right here, he says, slowly moving his fingertip over
the curve of my right breast. You already have me. His finger
hikes all the way up, stopping just before it touches my nipple. I
sigh again, almost delirious as he starts to trace slow tortuous
circles around my hard tip.
I bet no one ever made you come like this, Lance continues,
his finger inching closer to my nipple. His words sound like a
promise, one wrapped in sin and lust, one that I cant wait to see
fulfilled. One touch and youll be gone. Moaning. Begging
for more.
I want that I want it so much. The words leave my mouth
in a hurry, my voice quivering as if I were already moaning, and
thats probably because Im really close to doing it. My muscles
are tense, and its getting harder and harder to breathe. I cant
focus or think clearly, desire brimming in my mind and pushing
out everything else. Im on a cliff of ecstasy, my feet dangling
over the edge All I need is a push; it doesnt matter how small.
Do you? he asks me, moving his lips down my neck.
I do! I say, my voice pregnant with urgency. I do! Please.
It happens in half a heartbeat. He wraps his lips around one
nipple, pinching the other one between his fingers. He does it
harshly, the sudden harshness contrasting with the gentle
torture of his teasing.
It was the push I needed. I tumble over the edge. Theres
thunder and lightning, and theres fire and chaosall I know is
that my mind has exploded. Fire consumes my body before I can
even process all of it.
Oh God I moan. Oh God! My back is arched, my spine
electrified by the high voltage ecstasy running through it. Self-
restraint goes out the window and I let go of the sheets, holding
Lances head with both of my hands, pressing him down and
making him suck on my nipple as hard as he can. He obliges,
lapping at it with his tongue and pinching my other nipple even
more harshly.
My mouth is open wide as I try to breathe, my mind still
reeling from the sudden orgasm. Christ, how was this even
possible? To come like this Im the older one here. I should be
the one holding the bag of surprises, not him! And still, in the
brashness of his youth, Lance is the one teaching me new tricks.
Im not complaining; its fun to be a student at my age,
especially when the classroom is located between the sheets.
You were right I say, sighing, No one has ever made me
come like this.
I know But what did I tell you about keeping still? He
snaps back, moving fast and grabbing me by the wrists. He pins
my arms against the bed, and I bite my lower lip as he does it.
You didnt do what I told you to.
I didnt And now I cant wait for his punishment. What
are you going to do about it? Silence is his only reply. I hear him
get out of the bed and walk across the room, stopping for a short
while as he looks for something in his bags. Then he returns
back to the bed, grabbing my wrists and pulling my arms over
my head.
This is what Im going to do about it, he tells me, roping
another tie around my right wrist and tying it to the bedpost. He
goes around the bed and does the same with my other arm.
When hes done, I tug against the fabric, testing his knots. My
pussy clenches as I realize Im not getting out of this unless he
wants me to. Im at his mercy And I wouldnt have it any
other way.
Is this it? Youre just going to tie me to the bed? I tease
him, tugging on the ties again, playfully trying to free myself.
The more I pull, the tighter his knots become.
What do you think? He climbs on top of the bed again, and I
feel his weight sinking onto the mattress right between my legs.
With his hands on my knees, he forces me to spread my legs
wide; I can almost sense his hungry eyes on my pussy, his
fingers eager to peel the thong off of my body. Youre all tied
up, almost naked I can do whatever I want now.
Whatever you want, I repeat after him, my pussy so wet
that my fluids start to drip down my inner thighs. He leans over
me, laying his lips on my stomach, and then slides them down to
the hem of my thong; there, he moves his tongue across the line
separating fabric from skin, his hands softly resting on my outer
thighs. Id give anything to look at him right now, to see the
hunger and desire in his eyes as he draws closer to my drenched
pussy Somehow, though, being deprived of my vision makes it
all better. Im forced to rely on my other senses, all of them
working overtime to amplify every little thing hes doing to me.
Without the crutch of sight, imagination runs wild and free.
I cant wait to taste you, he continues, his tongue now
moving down from my waist to my inner thigh, slowly tracing
the line of my groin. I start to lift my ass up from the mattress,
trying to have his mouth on my pussy, but he simply grabs me by
the waist and presses me down. I cant wait to tear this thong
off Ignoring my outburst, he moves his thong to my outer
groin. To run my tongue over your pussy Christ, if he
continues saying these things, Im going to come again before he
even has the chance to take my thong off.
He bites on the hem of my thong and starts to pull it down
slowly, using only his mouth to do it. I bite on my bottom lip,
squirming as I feel the fabric sliding down my legs, the cool air of
the room lapping at my wetness.
The moment the thong comes off, he places both of his hands
on my ankles and runs them all the way up to my waist, leaning
over me as he does it. I can imagine him looking down at my
pussy, licking his lips as he prepares to devour me But instead
of going for it right away, he starts kissing my inner thighs, his
lips seductively brushing against my skin.
Forgetting that Im tied up, I try and reach for his head, eager
to force his mouth against my pussy. But all I manage to do is
move my arms just a few inches, the wooden sound of the posts
echoing through the room.
Whatever I want, remember? he says, his words caressing
my naked skin on their way to my ears. You have no other
choice. God, I just want to grab his head and push him down as
I thrust, to feel his mouth against my wetness, his tongue over
my clit But hes right; Im his for him to do whatever he wants.
There's no other choice but to submit.
I need it, Lance Please, I moan, swaying my hips. He lays
one forearm across my waist, keeping me down.
Youre in luck He inches his tongue closer to my pussy.
Because what you want is what I want too. He reaches for
me with his tongue, tenderly brushing it between my folds and
circling my clit. He does it two, three times, and then he dives
into me, his open mouth fitting against my pussy.
Even though hes still holding me down, I cant help but try
and thrust, wanting to feel the sweet pressure of his mouth. He
teased me slowly and gently, but now hes using his tongue
harshly, running it up and down my length as furiously as
possible. His mouth is open wide, and as he sucks my folds in, I
cant help but let out a loud moan.
Oh, God I moan, rubbing my pussy against his mouth.
Without warning, he uses his thumb to press down on my clit,
applying the perfect amount of pressure therenot too much,
not too little. Taking his forearm from my waist, he places his
free hand under his chin, two of his fingers carefully parting my
folds. I grit my teeth as I prepare for whats about to happen, but
I dont even have the time to gasp. He slides his fingers in
quickly, moving them into me in a hook motion and curling
them upward until they meet that sinful spot deep in my pussy.
Two fingers on my G-spot, his mouth on my folds, and his
thumb on my clit, hes leaving nothing to chance. I would thank
him for it, but the only thing I can do with my mouth right now
is moan as if I were at least a decade younger. Nothing better
than a young man to make you feel alive again, that much
is true.
He keeps working me until I cant take it anymore. My back is
arched and my muscles are tensing up to the point of snapping.
Feeling the waves of climax coming for me, Lance redoubles his
efforts, licking me even more eagerly as he starts to rub my clit
It hits me like thunder, pleasure exploding inside of me,
blinding every single one of my senses. The fact that I cant see
makes it all so much better. All that my brain can process right
now is pure unbridled ecstasy, the fast pace of my heart making
it rage through my veins and boiling my blood.
Lance allows me to wind down slowly, lapping at me with his
tongue until the waves of climax start to subside. Once my brain
starts to work properly again, he pulls back from me. I see him in
my minds eye, my fluids dripping down his chin, and the desire
to taste him too takes over me.
I want you, I manage to get out between breaths, In my
mouth. Right now. Im not begging, nor am I commanding. Im
simply stating whats going to happen. He probably sees that in
my voice, because he climbs on top of me, placing each of his
knees by my side. He leans in, and running his hands through
my hair, reaches for the knot behind my head; undoing it, he
pulls the tie out, the dim light of the room almost too strong
for me.
I squint my eyes as they adjust to the brightness, the lines of
Lances body forming in front of me. Hes on top of me, kneeling
and still dressed, and has that familiar wicked grin on his face.
Tell me, again, he starts, What do you want?
Your cock my mouth, I say, whimpering, my eyes darting
to his crotch. I can already see the shape of his erection pushing
against his pants, tenting it as if his cock was about to rip
through the fabric at any minute now.
He takes both his hands to his belt, unbuckling it as my eyes
follow each and every motion he makes. Pulling the belt out of
its loop, he throws it to the floor and then starts unbuttoning his
pants, undoing each button with a maddening slowness, fully
knowing that Im aching to have him inside of my mouth. He
pulls his pants down to his knees, only his black boxer briefs
standing in the way now.
Is this what you want? he asks me, curling his fingers
around his cock and over his boxers.
Yes Yes, I whimper again, my mouth feeling dry with
anxiety. Christ, I dont think I have ever wanted a mans cock
inside of my mouth this much. Hooking his fingers on the hem
of his boxers, he pulls them down, allowing his cock to jump free
and into sight. I lick my lips unconsciously, my eyes wandering
over his thick veiny shaft, the tip already glistening with a hint
of precum.
He inches closer to me and grabs his cock, angling it down so
that its tip is hovering right above my lips. I try and reach for it,
but he moves it out of reach. Then, grinning, he slowly pushes
his cock down, brushing his glans over my lips.
Is this it? he teases me, rubbing his tip against me, but
still keeping it far enough away from me so that I'm not able to
take it in my mouth.
More I simply groan, still trying to crane my neck.
Obliging, he lets me place my lips around his glans, and I wrap
them tight, cleaning it dry of his precum with the tip of my
tongue. Inch by inch, he slowly feeds his cock into my mouth,
his thick shaft rolling down between my lips. My eyelids droop
by instinct, and I feel my whole body trembling as he pushes his
cock toward the back of my throat. He holds it there for a brief
moment, and then slides it back until only his tip is inside of me;
repeating his motion, he starts to build a rhythm. It doesnt take
long for him to be thrusting fast and hard, filling me with his
flesh as he fucks my tight eager mouth. What you want, you
get, he whispers between hard breaths, tangling his fingers in
my hair and holding my head in place.
I suck and lick as if there was nothing more important than
this in the whole world. Right now, only his cock and his
pleasure matter to me. Its a selfish feeling, really; his pleasure
is my pleasure. And thats the way it should be. Because we are
one And it feels so good to think it without feeling fear or
shame. We are one.
My eyes are still closed, so I dont see it; I only feel him
untying the knot that binds my right hand, freeing my arm. I
lose no time. I reach for him at once, cupping his balls and
rolling them over my fingers as he eases his pace. When he stops
thrusting, I take the chance and start bobbing my head back and
forth, not wanting to lose any momentum as he unties my
other hand.
Finally free, I start sucking him with redoubled effort,
massaging his balls as I curl the fingers of my other hand around
his shaft. Stroking him while I suck, I keep this pendulum
motion for as long as I can, pushing through the pain in my
neck. It doesnt take long for his cock to start spasming inside of
my mouth, and he grabs my head almost immediately, making
me stop.
No he says, popping his cock out of my mouth. Not yet.
I want to cum only once He continues, locking eyes on me.
Because when I do it, I want to do it all over you I want to see
you covered in cum, head to toe.
I cant wait, I reply, my heart skipping a beat at the
thought. But first I have to get you there.
You do.
Grinning mischievously, I place my hands on the collar of his
shirt and tug on it as violently as I can, forcing the buttons to
pop out. I repeat the procedure until his shirt is completely
ruined, his naked chiseled abs right in front of my face. Pushing
the shirt down his arms, I let it fall on top of the mattress, not
bothering to throw it out. Every second counts now, and I place
the flat palm of my hands against his pectorals; I push him back
and he goes down willingly, falling flat on his back.
Moving like a cat in heat, I climb on top of him, tugging on his
pants and boxers and pulling them off viciously.
Much better, I purr, looking down at the gloriously naked
young man underneath me. Skin on skin, I feel the heat between
our bodies increasing. It wont take much for us to reach the
boiling point. I grab his cock, never taking my eyes off of his.
Slightly raising my hips, I angle his shaft so that its pointing
straight at my pussy; I go down, but I dont go all the way. Much
in the same way he teased me, I start rubbing his glans against
my folds, torturing him.
Payback, I tell him with a grin, threatening to slide his cock
in but never actually doing it. He grins back at me, and I just
know he means trouble.
Not really, he says, placing his hands on my ass.
Remember I can do whatever I want, and then he thrusts
upward with no warning at all. I try and escape, but its
impossible; he hooks his fingers on my buttocks and pushes me
down, impaling me on his cock. I throw my head back and let out
a violent scream, the sound shrill enough to break glass.
He doesnt even let me reel from the first impact. Thrusting
violently, he starts to fuck me in such a way that I feel my nerve
endings going numb, pleasure coating my mind and choking out
every ounce of rationality that lives inside of me. Im all lust and
sin right now.
One hand still on my ass, he takes the other one to my
breasts, squeezing eagerly. I throw my head back, my hair
cascading down my shoulders, and start to rock my hips, trying
to match the fierceness of his movement. The sound of flesh on
flesh starts to fill the room, blending with my moans and
creating a melody of pleasure and delight.
With the melody of our bodies guiding me, I let one hand run
down my chest and I flatten it right above my pussy, reaching for
my clit with the tip of my middle finger. Lance eases down then,
laying back and succumbing to the sway of my hips. I ride him
fast and hard, rubbing my clit at the same time.
Losing all notion of time, I let the movement of our bodies
build that sweet madness inside my muscles, coiling them and
setting them up for release. I feel them cramping up, but I dont
care; Im way past caring. Riding Lance into oblivion, I only stop
when fireworks go off behind my eyelids.
Oh, fuck I moan, my pussy cramping up around his shaft
as I come. I lean forward, my fingernails digging into his
pectorals as I hiss through gritted teeth. Im trembling and
twitching, and I cant even open my eyes; theres really nothing I
can do now but submit and let pleasure wash over me.
Lance doesnt afford me the luxury of waiting, though. His
hands on my waist, he rolls me to the side without even taking
his cock out of me. The moment hes on top of my body, Im still
coming, my body barely able to respond.
Spread your legs. Wide, he commands, my body reacting to
the firm sound of his voice. I do more than just spread my legs,
though; I lift them up, placing them over his shoulders as he
leans into me. I want to curse, moan and hiss, but I just cant.
When he presses his body on top of mine, raising my legs with
his shoulders, he drives his cock as deep as it has ever been
inside of me. It hurts and it pleases It drives me utterly and
completely insane. And hes not even moving yet.
Bending my legs, he leans further in and crushes his mouth
against mine. The moment our lips touch he starts to thrust,
driving nails of pleasure deep inside of my brain. I pull back from
his kiss, screaming as loud as I can. Hes thrusting so hard that
the bed starts to rock back and forth, accompanying the sway of
his body.
My mind is coming apart, my body is burning up, and still he
keeps going harder with each passing second, pulling me down
into oblivion. I try and tell him that Im close, that I need him to
keep going as hard as he can But the only thing that leaves my
mouth is a weak groan of pleasure. Luckily, he doesnt need my
words to know what I need; as if he could read my mind, he
keeps pistoning harder into me.
I come undone with a moan, the muscles in my throat
working hard through sweet release. He holds his position the
moment my pussy tightens around his cock, keeping the tip
pressed tight against my G-spot as my body trembles and
twitches. My hands are on his back, my fingernails buried in his
chiseled muscles like claws.
I dont even know how, but every orgasm with Lance feels
different. It doesnt matter how many times I come, its almost
like the first time Im with him. And its just perfect.
Coming down, I pant as he takes my legs out from his
shoulders. He leans back, his cock sliding out of my pussy, and I
lay on the mattress, whimpering as sparks of electric pleasure
make my muscles twitch erratically.
Tired already? he whispers into my ear, lying by my side.
Never I manage to say, my chest rising and falling quickly
as I make the effort to get the words out. I cant get enough
of you.
Makes two of us then, he grins, placing his hands on my
waist and making me turn to the side, my back to him. He
presses his chest against my back, running one hand down my
side. His long fingers go over the curve of my ass cheeks,
caressing my crack and further down, finding their way to the
wet mess between my thighs. I feel him grabbing his cock and he
angles it down, pressing his tip against my folds. It feels so
good he whispers, sliding his cock just one inch in, another
dazed whimper leaving my lips. I love how tight you are.
I want to say something, anything, but the only thing I
manage to do is thrust back against him, forcing his cock to
sheath itself to the hilt in me. He groans into my neck, pressing
his lips there and nibbling at my skin, and then curls his fingers
on my waist. Holding me in place, he starts to thrust, the coming
and going motion of his body making me grab at the sheets.
It doesnt take long for him to be thrusting so hard that he
rolls me to the side, climbing on top of me. As Im lying down on
my stomach, he places his hands on my side, supporting himself
as he keeps rocking his body against mine. Soon his hands move
from the bed to my ass, and he squeezes my cheeks hard as he
fucks me, pistoning into me with the fury of a man possessed
by lust.
Oh, God, I moan into the sheets, feeling my heart beating
so fast it might just burst any minute now. I push back against
Lance, using the support from my hands to lift my body up from
the bed and go on all fours. He accompanies my movement
easily, going to his knees without even taking his cock from
inside of me. As hard as you can I beg him. I dont want to
feel my legs once youre done.
That can be arranged, he says, running his index finger
over my ass crack. Once Im done You wont even know your
name anymore. He keeps moving his finger back and forth over
my ass, goose bumps going through me each time I feel him
stroking close to my hole. He isnt moving his cock yet, but I
already feel a storm brewing on the horizon. Pressing his
fingertip over my ass, he slowly pushes it in, my back arching as
I feel him in me. Slowly, he starts to move his hips, using his
finger in a matching pace. A few heartbeats in and hes fingering
my ass and fucking my pussy, the pendulum motion of it almost
too much for me to bear.
With his free hand he tangles his fingers in my hair and yanks
on it, forcing me to throw my head back as a throaty moan fills
the room. Holding me by the hair, he drives his cock deeper into
me and holds still, only his finger moving. He moves it around
inside my ass, my pussy tightening around his cock as I start to
feel like a dam about to burst.
Come for me, he whispers, picking up the pace with his
finger. He pushes it in and turns it around, moving it in such a
way that I cant help but do what he tells me to. I come hard,
grabbing at the sheets as if I didnt know what to do with my
hands. Good he continues, slowly pulling his finger out. I
remain still as he squeezes both my ass cheeks, running his
hands over my fleshy curves as his cock pulses inside of my
I cant even hold my head up anymore. I have my cheek
pressed against the mattress, my body still up only because hes
grabbing my ass. He doesnt care. With one hard smack across
my buttocks, he hooks his fingers on my waist and starts to
This time he doesnt build up the pace. Oh, no, this time he
goes hard right from the start, like a man aching for a knockout
before the bell rings. Hes moving so fast I cant even tell when
hes sliding his cock in or out All I know is that hes completely
demolishing me, tearing both my mind and body apart.
The sound of his hips slapping my ass fills the whole room,
like a violent song of ecstasy, one that climbs in through my ears
and claws at my brain like a drug. And, just like a drug, it makes
me oh so high.
Dont stop Dont stop, I start repeating, like a mantra,
these two words the only ones I can still pronounce. DONT
STOP! I finally yell, coming undone as if my body was being
dropped into boiling water. I collapse on top of the mattress,
feeling Lances weight on top of me as my limbs move
erratically. Im flailing both arms and legs, the electric current
going through me severing the connection between brain
and body.

I TREMBLE as he takes his cock out from me and rolls to the side, a
whimper on my lips. Making a mighty effort, I turn toward him,
smiling weakly as I open up my eyes; I rest one hand against his
chest, and sliding my fingertips over his abs, I grab his
thick cock.
You promised me something, I say, stroking him with soft
but deliberate movements. He grins mischievously, reading
whats on my mind.
I did, didnt I? I simply nod in response, letting go of his
cock, and my hand going to his chest, pushing him off. He rolls
off of the bed and goes up to his feet, towering over me in a way
that makes my insides clench in anticipation of whats to come.
Reaching for his cock, I wrap my fingers around his shaft again;
our eyes are locked as I stroke him, my hand moving like
clockwork in a steady back and forth motion.
Never letting go of his cock, I get out of the bed, my knees
buckling under my weight as my feet touch the floor. Oh, well, I
go down on my knees right in front of him, his cock just a few
inches away from my mouth. I go for it, parting my lips and
forcing his shaft to go over my tongue and deep inside of me.
Just like he did while fucking me, I dont build up the pace. I
start sucking him as hard and as viciously as I can, moving my
head until my neck starts to burn. I keep stroking him all the
same, both my hands around his shaft as they travel up and
down at the same pace of my mouth.
While he has his hands on top of my head, Lance doesnt take
the lead; he lets me keep moving at this frenzied pace, pushing
him closer to the edge. And when I feel him there, his cock
spasming inside of my mouth, I give one final push and make
him explode.
Come for me, baby, I say, looking up at him while his cock
pops out of my mouth. My hands are moving at a frenetic pace
and he finally lets go. He groans, his fingers running through my
hair as a thick rope of cum shoots from his cock, hitting me
straight on the face. I open my mouth as wide as I can, trying to
get as much of his semen on me.
Fuck he groans, his muscles taut and hard as if they were
made of steel. His cock is spasming hard against my fingers,
shooting so much cum I dont even know how he could hold it all
inside of him. Strands of it hit my face, coating my cheeks and
tongue and dripping down my neck and chest. I cant help but
smile as I feel his warm juices coating my skin, his cock gushing
an endless river of semen and drowning me in it. I keep stroking
through it, only stopping when Ive milked him out of every
single drop, and by then, Im completely covered in his seed.
Even my hair is ruined, but I dont care. Why would I?
I lean toward him, my tongue reaching for his cock; with
gentle movements I lap at him, cleaning his tip and shaft of the
few drops still hanging there.
Look at the mess youve made, I tell him, grabbing my
breasts and smearing his cum all over my body. I run two fingers
between my tits, and scooping up a thick strand, take them to
my mouth and suck them dry, my eyes never leaving his.
Mess? I dont see any mess, he says, going down on his
knees in front of me. You look fucking beautiful like this.
I do, dont I? I run my fingers through his hair and pull him
to me, his mouth going straight my tits. He wraps his lips around
my cum-coated nipples, and using his tongue, starts licking me
eagerly. I love you so much, I say, throwing my head back and
closing my eyes as I feel his tongue running all over my chest.
I love you too, he tells me, his tongue sliding all the way up
from my neck to my chin. He goes further up, pressing his
mouth against mine; I slide my tongue inside his mouth and he
sucks on it, taking every last drop of cum inside of his own
I look at him with a wide smile, lips glistening from all of the
semen. Hes smiling back at me, the kind of smile I know he
saved for a woman like me.
I rest my hand against his cheek and lean in for one final kiss.
What do we do now? I ask, not wanting to let the real world
back in, but knowing that I have to do it all the same. Stroking
my hair, he simply smiles.
Dont worry. I have a plan.

W hen you love someone, and I mean really fucking

love someone, there are no limits to what you'll do
for that person. And now that I love two peopleJocelyn and my
unborn child, my heart feels like it's ready to explode. Back at
the Plaza, where happiness flooded my entire body when I
learned I was going to be a father, I smiled and scooped Jocelyn
into my arms, spinning her across the room. I was fucking
euphoric. One minute, I thought I was losing the love of my life,
getting ready to pack my entire life into a suitcase with a one-
way ticket to Europeit was like first being in a room where the
walls are literally crumbling all around youand then the next
moment, when I learned I was gaining it all back and so much
more, my entire emotional landscape was reversed. I had never
been fucking happier. I promised Jocelyn that I had a plan. I
wasn't lying, and now I'm ready to execute it.
I walk into my dad's house. I still have a spare key so there
was no need to knock. When I enter, I don't see or hear anyone,
but I know he has to be home. He's always home at this time.
And when I called his office, I was told he wasn't there. So I
decide to walk to his studyslowly, carefullyI don't know why
I'm trying to be so quiet. Once I walk down the hall toward his
door, I see that sure enough, the light is on. I hear him fishing a
conversation on the phone and I wait until he ends the call. I
don't want to interrupt. I need his undivided attention. Now's
my chance. I take a deep breath, turn the knob, push the door,
and enter my father's study. The room is filled with swirls of
blue smoke, and I can see a cigar smoldering on his desk, smoke
curling around it's tip in lazy half circles. Since when did he pick
up smoking again? As a kid, I remember he'd smoke cigars in his
study, sipping a glass of scotch. His study was always off limits.
That was his personal, private zone and everyone knew better
than to breach it. But I thought the smoking ended years ago. He
must be stressed. It was always a nervous habit of his.
These days, it seems as if he's always here, networking and
either buried in email, or nose-deep in a self-help book. He's
throwing everything he's got into this campaign and he seems
tired. The bags under his eyes give it away. He looks up at me,
momentarily annoyed that I've broken his concentration.
"What is it?" he asks.
"I need to talk to you."
"Lance, can't this wait? I'm in the middle of an important
"What's new? You're always busy. The mockery of your entire
campaign is that family has never come first for you. Please tell
me that irony isn't lost on you?" I say.
"If you were planning on telling me how awful of a father I've
been to you over the course of your life, spare me the sob story."
"Look, this can't wait. It's urgent."
The word 'urgent' catches him by surprise. I now have his full
attention, so I take my hands out of my pockets and sit down,
and I steady my nerves and continue, "I have a confession."
"Go on," Michael says slowly.
"It's about Jocelyn and the baby."
I watch as Michael sits up in his chair, his body erect. The
muscles around his mouth are rigid. His eyes look like broken
glass and are hinting at violence, but I continue, "herand I
we" I'm stumbling, trying to find the right combination of
"You can't be serious," he says, cutting me off.
"I love her."
"You don't know the first thing about love," he growls.
"You've dipped your dick into anything with two legs and tits.
Who are you kidding?"
"You're one to talksitting in this house married to a woman
you never loved. What kind of marriage is that? It's one of the
greatest charades I've ever seen."
"You have no idea the sacrifices I've had to make. Not just for
me. For this city. And for you."
I understand more than you think, and Jocelyn's pregnancy
well, that baby is mine, and I plan on being more of a father than
you've ever been."
Michael slams his fist down on his desk, flashing his teeth at
me. "You ungrateful little prick! I invite you into my house; I
feed you, I give you a place to live, I give you work, I introduce
you to my networksome of the most influential people in the
worldeven after you nearly cause WW III with the president's
daughter, and this is the thanks I get? You have some real
"I didn't mean for any of this happen. I swear it on my
mother's grave."
"Ha! You should watch what you say. Do you take me for a
fool Lance?"
"No, I don't. You're too manipulative for a fool. Even I know
that. Let's face it, we're all pawns in your master plans."
Youre all too stupid to even be pawns, he snarls at me. I
cant believe there are times when I alternate between thinking
of him as Dad instead of just Michael. Youre all a weight on my
feet, dragging me down.
Youre the only weight on yourself, Dad, I say, raising my
voice. My blood is pumping. Maybe if you were more open and
honest people would help you more.
Michael bows his head and rubs his hands against his
temples. His body language changes, and he seems resigned.
"It's a tough pill to swallow when the world isn't willing to
accept youperhaps can't accept you, or isn't ready to. Do you
think it's easy to live a lie? To wake up every day and don a series
of masks? No, of course you don't. You've never had an ounce of
real responsibility and sacrifice in your life. You don't know the
meaning of it."
"I do now," I say, and when it comes out of my mouth, I mean
it. "I have a family to take care of."
"I may not have been in love with Jocelyn, but I was good to
her. I hope you understand that. I tried. I really did, but then I
met Kenneth, and with him, I slowly felt my masks come off."
He stops for a moment and looks pensive, like he's struggling
to find the right words.
"There's something you should know about me."
"I think I already do."
"I'm gay, Lance."
Of course, this revelation comes as no surprise. I've known
this about my stepdad ever since I was a kidat least I suspected
it. I always saw the way he looked at other men.
"I know," I say.
"You do?"
I nod my head yes as if it's the simplest, most obvious thing
in the world.
"Well, you should also know how important this job is to me
and this election."
"I know that too."
His eyes resume their fire and he gives me an intense gaze.
We hold the gaze for a few moments, but it feels like it might as
well be an eternity, and then he speaks again.
"I can forgive you for sleeping with Jocelynwith my wife
but I can never forgive you for costing me this election."
"I don't understand."
"Then listen closely because I will only tell you this once. If
you cost me this election, you will be dead to me, and that is
exactly what will happen if you and Jocelyn are together."
"But I love herI"
"Consider what I'm saying to you right now."
"I hear what you're saying. Believe me, I have no intention on
costing you this election. I want you to win and I know you can.
You're my dadthe only dad I know. You've always been there
for me."
Michael doesn't expect the sentimental spiel and I can tell it
has caught him off guard, but I continue because I mean it. It's
the truth.
"But I do love Jocelyn and she loves me. We're going to start a
familytogether. And I promise you that it won't ruin your
mayoral campaign."
He laughs. "Oh to be young and nave. That's such a foolish
thing to say. Lance, listen to yourself for just a minute! A scandal
like this will rock every news site there is. Reporters will have a
field day with this story, don't you see? They'll be licking their
lips as they watch me bleed and run my name through the mud.
My entire campaign has been built on family values. This will be
seen as the biggest joke of all."
"That won't happen," I say. "I have a plan."

F rom the Desk of Amanda Adams, the Professional

Gossiper of Page Two.

W ELCOME TO P AGE T WO G OSSIP , heres what were hearing around

the halls of power:

W ITH TWO DAYS TO go before the mayoral election, it seems weve

started to see some balls start coming out of left field.
First we have rumors of a major rift opening up between the
Mayor and his pregnant wife, Jocelyn Anders. Sources inside the
Mayors campaign talking on condition of anonymity because
this is super secret confirm to me that the Mayor and his wife are
not, and have not been sleeping in the same bedroom for
months. It could be even before the election.
But wait, wasnt this the happy family? Wasnt the mayor all
about family values? In fact, wasnt his wife getting pregnant in
the middle of the election?
Yep. All of that was supposed to be Hizzoner, but deep cover
sources are telling me that a lot of what we think we know is
very, very different from whats actually happening.
Second curveball. Just when things were starting to go right,
it looks like our bad boy heartthrob has fallen off the wagon.
Reports have been surfacing for a few days that New Yorkers are
starting to see Lance Andersthe son of the mayorback to his
usual antics. Hes been spotted at the VIP section of Pashathe
high end Chelsea nightclub, partying into the early hours of the
Sources also tell meagain under complete anonymitythat
hes moved out of the Mayor's townhome. Thats right.
Something must have happened between the Mayor and his son
that was so bad that Lance moved out. Hes been spotted at the
Plaza and I have two sources confirming that hes been staying
there. Not just that, but this whole thing may be revolving
around a mystery lover that Lance has. Does daddy not approve
of whoever Lance is dating? Is that why he moved out? This story
is getting juicier the more layers we dig.
Third and final curveball. Jocelyn Anders has announced a
press conference for tomorrow. At the time of this printing, we
have no idea what she plans to speak about, but were willing to
guess based on the information that we have so far. We think it
has to do with the same reason that our sources are telling us
that theres marital discord between what we thought was the
happy couple. In fact, it could even deal with the baby itself. Oh,
this could end up being bigger than we even thought, New York.
In a rare step, the Mayors wife has also agreed to open up the
press conference to the public.
Shell be speaking at noon tomorrow on the steps of City Hall.
One thing we know for sure, Jocelyn Anders hails from a
political family. If shes coming out in public then something
has gone on behind the scenes that's big enough to rock the boat
a few days before the election. And whatever it is, you can bet
that were going to get you the full story behind what they say.
Till tomorrow then, New York. This is Amanda Adams signing
off. Keep your ears open, New York.

T he press are lined up in the front. The photographers

are snapping pictures. I cant understand how they even manage
to look like theyve gone through a full day when its still only
10 am.
Yeah, hon, you guessed it. Im so nervous. I almost decided to
call the whole thing off today when I woke up.
I mean, can you blame me? Im going to go in front of 8.5
million people in a few minutes right now and tell them that Ive
been a bad wife. That not only that, but Ive seduced my own
stepson. Talk about chickens coming home to roost.
I was literally five seconds away from sending Michael an
email today.
But then I felt Lances arms around my shoulder. He pulled
me closer to him in bed and I felt his cock grind against my ass.
Weve been sleeping naked every night Ive spent at the Plaza
now that Michael knows. It suits Michael just fineKenneth and
he have been romping around Ill bet.
This marriage is over. Thats for sure. But were not out of
Michaels crosshairs until we get this sorted. Lance and I can
never be happy until I go do this.
All that doubt that I was feeling in the morning? As soon as I
felt Lances strong arms hold me tightly against him, as soon as I
felt his hard, cut body behind me, as soon as I thought about how
much he loved me and stood by me while I figured this entire
situation out, and yes, as soon as I felt that massive cock of his, I
knew that I had to be in his life.
And theres no way I can continue to be in his life if I dont
do this.
I take a giant sigh and walk to the podium.
Michael and Lance have gone over all the details. For the
purposes of this press conference, Michael has felt it absolutely
essential that Lance not be there while I speak.
We need the media to focus on Jocelyn, Michael apparently
told Lance. We have one chance to come clean and get them on
our side. If it looks like were trying to play them, this could
spiral out of control. And being there with her makes this whole
thing look way more orchestrated than we want to let on.
Of course, Michael was orchestrating this. Of course every
detail had been gone over with painstaking detail. Literally, the
election for mayor of the greatest city in the world is lying as the
You sure you dont want me to come with you? Lance asked
this morning as we dressed. There had been a savage
protectiveness to his lovemaking in the shower, as he bent me
against the wall and took me from behind as the water pelted our
bodies. Or stand by you when you go on in front of the press?
Michael said it was for the best if neither of you guys I
had started but Lance wouldnt let me finish.
Fuck what anyone else says, Jocelyn, he cut me off. Then he
brought his arms around me and made me take a step closer.
All that fucking matters to me in this whole world is you. Fuck
everything else.
Honestly, just him telling me that at that moment made me
realize that no matter what, I had to be brave and get this done.
Because this was the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life
with. So what if he was 15 years younger than me? So what if he
had been my stepson? All my life, Id gone from man to man,
being told how beautiful I was that I never really knew what it
meant to be cared for by someone. Michael gave me neglect and
contempt under a shield of status and power.
Lance gave me love. He gave me his body. And I wanted to
give him my soul.
Thats literally all Im thinking about as I get onto the
podium. How after this, I want to go bury my face in Lances
chest. How Ill be able to do that without having to worry.
Maybe well get some lunch at The Spotted Pig. I hear they
make a great burger. Maybe after that some shopping.
Bergdorfs? No, I know just the place. Saks Fifth Avenue. Maybe
we could go back to the dressing room where it all started
The flash of a photographer brings me back down to the here
and now. I need to focus. There wont be any lunch with Lance if
I dont do this. There wont be any dressing room shenanigans if
I mess it up.
Thank you for coming today, ladies and gentlemen, I say,
looking down at the prepared notes I have. Ive memorized
them, but it helps to look down. The press in the front grow
silent. I can see a large crowd assembled behind them. Ordinary
New Yorkers, coming to see what the big deal is. Hoping to find a
moment in history. I continue. I will have a prepared
statement, after which I will take any questions from the
More photographs. People must be speculating what Im
going to say. Well, Im about to drop it. I wonder who will be left
after the dust clears.
As many of you know, Ive recently found out and am
overjoyed by the fact that I am pregnant, I say into the
microphone and take a deep breath. Despite reports and
statements made to the press, I am here today to set the record
straight. Michael Anders is not the father of my child.
If I had told them that I was a Martian who had been secretly
gathering data about the human race in preparation for a future
invasion, people may have looked less stunned.
In fact, theres maybe a second or two where the
photographers are too stunned to do anything but look at me. Of
course the cameras are rolling, but the flash bulbs literally
die down.
And then they come back. With a vengeance.
It seems like the brightness of a thousand suns descends onto
the steps of City Hall as the photographers furiously begin to
take pictures. I can hear the reporters right behind the
photographers decide to dispense with my earlier rules and
shout out questions. I feel overwhelmed.
But theres only one way through this.
Like all marriages, Michaels and mine faced troubles, I
begin and seeing that Im continuing, the camera flashes begin
to die down. The reporters also eventually stop shouting
questions, realizing they wont be getting answers.
Unfortunately, the problems we faced seem at this point to be
I pause and look to the audience. Theyve settled down a bit.
Their still chomping at the bit, waiting for me to finish, but
theyre giving me the courtesy now.
I have moved out of our townhome for the time being, in an
effort to allow Michael the utmost concentration in his bid for
re-election, I say into the microphone. At the end of the day,
it was the job that came above all else for him. While it was bad
for our marriage, I believe it will only lead to good things for our
city. While he may not be my husband, he shall continue to have
my vote.
The last bit was put in by Michael himself. Slick. Way to turn
every last thing about our sham marriage into a political point.
Even as I announce how Im leaving him, this is bound to get
him a few points in the polls with people who think how
dedicated he must bethat hes willing to sacrifice everything.
Michael and I are thus planning an amicable separation, I
conclude. With a termination of our partnership to be decided
at a later date.
If I could, I would divorce him today. But Michael wants to do
it quietly. A year or two into his next term. Lance and I will have
to stay under the radar, but at least well be able to openly see
each other. We wont be able to get married though. His child
wont have a father.
Its the price we have to pay for our love, I guess.
That concludes my statement, and I am now ready to take
questions, I finish and close my eyes for a second. Here it
Theres a cacophony of voices but eventually one emerges.
Ms. Anders, who is the father of your child? a reporter for
the New York Herald asks.
Im fully prepared for this question and weve rehearsed it a
thousand times. At this time, Id like to protect that
information and would ask you to respect my privacy as I
transition to becoming a private citizen, I say calmly. I cant
show them if I get flustered. That only feeds the beast,
apparently. Next question?
Mrs. Anders, any date on when you and the Mayor plan to
finalize your divorce? a reporter from the Tri-State Gazette
asks out.
I shake my head. Prepared for this one too. At this time, Im
focused 100% on helping Michael win this election and then
transition into his second term. While we both agree that we
shouldnt stay married, I want to stress that I still believe in him
as mayor and the tremendous good he is capable of doing for
this city.
Mrs. Anders, will you have any role in the new
administration if the mayor is re-elected? another faceless
reporter asks.
I shake my head again. The public spotlight is partially to
blame for the collapse of our marriage and right now I want to
transition to being a private citizen again, I answer.
Im starting to calm down. These questions were all predicted
and prepared for. I may get out of this thing alive.
Thats when a reporter raises his hand from the front and
asks a question.
Mrs. Anders, what is your relationship with Lance Anders,
the Mayors stepson?
I freeze for a moment. The reporter is looking at me, and I
realize this might just be a standard question that a curious
journalist might ask.
The Mayors son has been helping his father campaign after
moving to the city, I answer a bit weakly. I remember the advice
Michael gave me. If I cant answer the question, answer
something and attempt to move on. Dont get bogged down.
But I get bogged down and pause a little too long. The reporter
follows up immediately. The two of you have been seen on
numerous occasions outside of campaign events. What is the
nature of your relationship?
Now I pause, thinking back to the advice desperately and as
quickly as I can. Michael instructed me to not lie. Always be as
truthful as possible. Dont answer if I have to, but do not lie. But
he also said to keep it focused on the election and do not let
anything else dominate the discussion, otherwise this could spin
out of control. Fast.
I think that Lance is a fine young mandedicated, strong,
and more than capable I start, not knowing what else to say
before Im interrupted. I realize I broke another rule given to me.
Always know what youre going to say before you answer the
Yes, but let me rephrase that question, the reporter
interrupts and everyone around him quiets down. They sense the
blood in the water. Is your relationship with the Mayors son
Theres murmuring from the crowd. Of course theres
murmuring from the crowd of reporters.
II dont understand the question, I somehow say. The
truth is I understand the question completely, but Im stalling
for time. Im trying to figure out what the fuck to say!
Let me rephrase again, the reporter says, obviously aware
that he is the center of attention at this point. Are you having
an affair with the Mayors son, Lance Anders?
Now the photographers just let their fingers fly and if it was
ten thousand suns before, the glare is just too strong now. It
hurts my eyes.
I need to fight back.
I dont think thats a fair question I start. But again, Im
Its a fair question because it begs the question as to
whether the child youre carrying is from a sexual relationship
with the Mayors son, the reporter cuts me off.
Stepson, I say and quickly add. Hes not related to the
Theres a pause and I see the reporter smile. Hes got his
And Ive just well admitted to sleeping with Lance while
married to his father.
This situation is now out of control. Im about to be burned at
the stakefiguratively, but hell, maybe even literally.
Is the child Lances? a random reporter shouts out.
How long have you been having sex with Lance? another
reporter yells out.
Did the Mayor know? yes another reporter asks.
Theyre all clamoring for the juiciest story in years. And I just
handed it to them on a silver platter.
How could we not have prepared for this question?
And then I see him.
Michael. Hes standing at the back of the crowd, but I can
recognize him.
Did he set this up?
Did he set me up to crash and burn? Is this some twisted
game to win the election and get rid of me?
I can tell Im panicking on the podium. Im frozen.
I have a lawyer whos with me, but thats it. I dont do public
appearances. I dont have a PR person or Chief of Staff. Kenneth
set everything up for me.
Where is Kenneth?
Im about ready to faint, when I hear another voice.
Jesus fucking Christ, do you think you guys could learn some
fucking manners? the familiar voice says out and I snap my
head to the right.
Dressed in an impeccable suit that hugs his body like a glove
is the 21-year-old love of my life and father of my child. Lance
He apparently didnt bother to listen to his father or to me
and hes here anyways.
If youre done picking on my girlfriend, Ill take the rest of
her questions and tell you whatever you want to know, he says
with the confidence of just being a superior human being to
most men. Then he turns to me and says, Dont worry, Im here
now. Everything is gonna be all right.
And I just know that no matter what happens, Im going to
be okay.
We are going to be okay.

Y eah, yeah, I know Im not supposed to have been

here. Im not supposed to steal the fucking thunder
or whatever the fuck it is that Im doing right now.
Well, Im here. So fucking sue me.
If youre done picking on my girlfriend, Ill take the rest of
her questions and tell you whatever you want to know, I say to
the gaggle of journalists who were getting ready to tear into
Besides, it looks like she actually is appreciating the fact that
Im here.
Dont worry, Im here now. Everything is gonna be all
right, I tell her. She nods to me. Shes overwhelmed by what
she had to go throughshe hasnt had something like this that
shes been thrust into ever. It takes a lot of fucking balls to
do that.
If I ever had any fucking doubt that she loves me, its all
gone now.
Now its time for me to save the fucking day.
Get your cameras ready folks, because that baby, as far as I
know, is mine, I say into the microphone.
And boom. The photographers just let that shit fucking fly.
Theyre taking so many fucking pictures of me Ill probably be on
every single magazine and newspaper cover in the morning.
Theyll probably put the most controversial fucking headlines
they can. Think about it. The son of the mayor of New York City
just admitted to fucking his wife.
Only let's get one thing straight right from the get go here,
I am not fucking related to Michael Anders. Or to Jocelyn
Thats right. Its about time we start using her maiden name
because by the time I get done, there wont be a person in this
city who will want her to stay married.
Did your father know at the time the baby was conceived? a
reporter from the front row asks.
Are you ashamed of yourself? another reporter asks over
him. I turn to him on that one. Its the same guy who brought
out the whole line of questioning as to whether or not the babe
was minethe one who torpedoed a perfectly good press
This is the guy who Im gonna destroy first.
Ill take that questionsorry, I dont know your name, I say
into the microphone, looking at him.
Carson Maddox, from the Downtown Metro, he says back
to me.
I nod. Here I go.
Well, Carson Maddox, you asked a pretty crazy question. Am
I ashamed for what I did? I start and the reporters quiet down.
Absolutely not.
The commotion picks up again. Along with the camera flashes
and more questions.
But Im not done yet and I start speaking into the
And Ill tell you why not, I begin and the hubbub starts to
die down. When I first came back to New York, I was the Lance
Anders that the Daily Journal had gotten used to. Hard partying,
chasing after anything in a skirt, and ready to fight for
People start to quiet down and listen to me now that they
realize Im not just talking in a fucking sound bite.
I have to be honest, that kind of life is great if you want to go
through life protecting yourself from getting hurt, I tell the
crowd. But if you ever want any sort of relationship at all where
you care about someone, its not going to be possible.
A few photographers snap pictures. I continue.
I was a master at protecting myself. Not just from women.
But from my own family. Ever since my mom died, Ive been
building walls around myself. So much so that what little family
I did have left I was able to effectively sideline. I did that so well I
didnt even know what was going on in my stepfathers life till I
got to his house, I say talking directly into the cameras in the
back. But when I did finally arrive, I didnt see a marriage
between dad and Jocelyn. I saw two people who were unhappy
with each other.
Now I got their attention. Time to bring it home.
Ive always operated according to my own personal code of
honor, folks, I tell the press. Im fucking serious about this too.
I would never break up a happy home or a solid marriage. But
what I saw wasnt a happy home. And it sure as fuck was not a
solid marriage.
People are starting to soften. I can tell just by looking at their
Over the course of time I came to realize that not only was
there no love in this marriage, but it was an union that would be
better off it were dissolved, I conclude. Lets see what
counterpunch the news has.
Does your father share that opinion? a reporter from the
back asks me.
First off, hes my step-father, as Jocelyn said, I reply
without missing a beat. And secondly, yes, by his own actions
my stepfather had conceded that this marriage was not suitable
for him. Dont get me wrong, we still had a fucking argument
when I brought this up, but it was something that we all knew
was under the surface.
Do you think this will help or hurt Mayor Anders in the
campaign? another reporter from the crowd asks.
I think without having to be tied down with a marriage that
wasnt working out for either of themand without going into
the specifics let me fucking assure you that it really wasnt
working out for eitherI think this can only help my stepfather
do his job as the best Mayor in the history of this city, I say all
in one sentence. I have no fucking idea if dad will turn out to be a
shitty mayor in his second term or not, but I need to play nice
right now. Im backed against the wall enough as it is without
needing to take on someone who makes Machiavelli look like a
little kid.
If youre shaking your head at me, hear me out, okay? Can you
really deny the possibility that Michael Anderswho we already
know is capable of seducing a man and then blackmailing him
about it for the rest of his life, including to force him into giving
him his only daughters hand in marriage so he can carry on a
charadewouldnt stoop to the level of setting this whole thing
up to blow up in our faces?
Im sorry to start throwing conspiracy theories out there, but
its gotta be fucking said. Whos to say that Michael didnt just
plant a reporter in here to ask Jocelyn the question that got her
tripped up? If youre thinking the election, think about how
many pity votes he could come out getting as the husband whos
wife cheated on him. How many women would vote for him
based on the fact that they dont like cheating? And we know he
polls not so well with women.
Thats why despite all the planning, I still wanted to be close
in case anything like this went down. Because when push comes
to shove, Im going to protect Jocelyn over my stepfather.
At the end of the day, Michael Anders first and true love is
public service and holding office, I say into the microphone.
Hes better suited than his wife. He lives and breathes for
something like that. Neither Jocelyn and I are like that.
The cameras continue to roll and I can tell its time to bring it
all home.
Let me be clear and make this final point, I say in a
commanding voice. I was rescued from my aimless and
stagnating ways by this woman standing next to me. It takes a
lot of courage to come up here and admit you did something
wrong, and she did that with class, grace, and humility. I admit
that I did wrong as well. Ill probably have to atone for my sins
one day, but right now, I want to move on with my life and Im
sure she wants the same. Theres nothing nefarious going on
in that.
Lance, a female voice shoots out. Did the estrangement of
several years cause you any contributing desire in addition to
your attraction for going down this path and potentially
torpedoing his campaign?
She thinks I fucking planned this out?
I think you give me too much credit, I quip back sharply.
There is a light ruffling of laughter. All I did was find two
unhappy people when I entered their lives.
I look to Jocelyn and she smiles at me. Hopefully by the time
I leave at least one of those people is happier with me.
But you still engaged in an improper affair, did you not? the
reporter follows up. Shes not letting this one go.
I sigh. Is it cheating if there is no love in the marriage?
I ask.
Theres several murmurs of discussion and the voice replies
back. If there was truly no love, why didnt your father and Mrs.
Anders file for a relatively simple divorce? Why go through the
pitfalls of cheating on a spouse?
Where did that come from?
In my pause, the reporter pounces. In fact, isnt it true that
the only reason youre standing here today is because Mrs.
Anders got pregnant? That if she hadnt, you would simply carry
on as before.
Fuck, hes just backed me into a corner.
Michael made it explicitly clear not to air the dirty laundry,
but I dont know what else Im supposed to do now to defend
Jocelyn and me. I cant talk about the specific cases where the
marriage looks fucking fake, because itll make dad look bad.
And hell retaliate with enough overkill to steamroll us.
But on the other hand, I cant talk about knowingly cheating,
or helping a woman cheat.
Seriously, this smacks of a Michael Anders setup, doesnt it?
I look to the right of me and see Jocelyn standing there,
placing her complete faith in me.
I just wish I knew what to say.
That's when another voice comes from behind the crowd.
He didnt cheat, because the marriage was never proper to
begin with, the voice states with commanding authority.
I cant see who it is, but I see the people partsimilar to how
Moses parted the Red Sea.
And out of the corner of my eyes, I see the front row begin to
split up in different sides.
And my dad comes walking out.
He turns his back to me and faces the cameras. Maybe I
should say some words now too, give my side of the story.
Yeah, hes definitely up to something.
I just wish I knew what.

W ell, I guess you never expected to be hearing from

me now, did you?
Come on, I figure the least you can give me is a chance to get
my side of the story in, if that. This is going to be the one and
only time I get a chance to talk to you, and I guarantee you that a
few things will happen.
First, you will see why Im better than those two. Better than
Jocelynsure shes pretty, but shes a child. Doesnt understand
how the world works. Thinks that people are inherently good.
This world is a nasty, brutal place. I take what I can and I try to
keep you from taking it from me. The whole concept of family or
friends that weve created is a luxury. At the end of the day, all
you have is yourself. And nothing else matters. The murderer
sleeps as peacefully as the person he murdered when theyre
both dead.
Yes, Im better than Lance too. Sure, hes got that body. Hes
got a good heart. Bless him, he is a good person, I dont deny
that. He even has the killer instinct. No one else would be able to
turn that press conference around if they didnt. But he could be
so much more. Instead he chooses to waste it all by thinking
with the wrong head. He falls in love. Love is for suckers.
Im going to leave you with that for now because I think
youre not being completely receptive to what I have to say.
Figures. You probably want Lance and Jocelyn to end up together,
dont you? Theyre two stupid human beings and I have no time
for anyone who doesnt understand or see that.
I climb the steps to the podium as Lance looks at me. Hes
wondering what Im up to. Well, hes about to find out how a real
master handles this. I dont even bother looking at Jocelyn.
Shes probably staring at me with those cow-like eyes of hers,
wondering whats going on. Honestly, I cant believe I had to
spend as many months as I did tolerating her. Her constant need
for affection. Her constant attitude of needing love. Its
Ladies and gentlemen, I say into the microphone, giving
the press a wide smile. Youve certainly had a roller coaster of a
day today, havent you?
Theres isolated pockets of laughter. Thats how you need to
do it. Lance and Jocelyn, in their typical fashion, just bungled the
whole thing.
But then again, they were never supposed to get this far. Not
with those questions I had planted about Jocelyns relationship
to Lance and about cheating.
Thats right. I planned it. I sabotaged them. I wanted them
to fail.
Just pay attention and find out.
Everything youve heard today has been true. My stepson
has carried on a relationship with Jocelyn Carter, and she is
pregnant by him, I say. Cameras flash. Im used to it and I
continue. I can honestly say that the two of them deserve each
other. Theyre perfect for each other.
There are a few people in the crowd who smile. They dont
realize Im speaking out of contempt.
But Jocelyn hasnt cheated on me, folks, I say to the
audience, drawing them in. And Lance hasnt betrayed me. And
Ill tell you why I can say that.
Now theyre hooked. I have them right where I want them.
Its because, I say as I reach into my coat pocket and pull
out an envelope. This marriage was never formally signed
off on.
There are murmurs. Apparently the press is clueless about
marriages lasting less than a year in New York State. Let me
break it down for them.
In the State of New York, both parties upon entering a
marriage sign a marriage certificate with the magistrate who
performs that marriage, I begin and people begin nodding. I
never gave the certificate to Jocelyn to sign.
Now theres a hushed whisper going through the group.
Theyre wondering why I would do something like this and which
way this press conference is going.
Thats because at the time, I wasnt sure that marrying
Jocelyn was the right course of action, folks, I say to the crowd.
You see, I wasnt attracted to her, but I wasnt ready to tell
everyone my secret either.
Even the cameras stop. You could hear a pin drop if you
listened hard enough.
You see, Jocelyn and I never consummated our marriage
because there was no way I was attracted to her. No way I was
attracted to women in general when men were much more
agreeable to me, I say, bringing a mask of pained resolve to my
face. These media sheep are eating this up. Im going to control
the narrative for the next two days if I play this right.
All my life, Ive struggled with this double life, being
someone who my parents wanted me to be while inside I just
wanted to let my true colors shine, I say into the microphone.
But Im here today to tell you, to tell the world, that I identify as
homosexual. And if youll have me, Id like to be the first openly
gay mayor of New York City.
That does it. Those cameras that were silent? They pop up and
begin their flash. I smile in a bittersweet fashion. I practiced it
this morning as I got ready for my arrival.
I had thought that I had scared Lance enough to stay away.
That by the time I entered, Jocelyn would be floundering and
would be looking like a mess. That Id come in and save the day.
And get back at her for all the time shes wasted of mine in doing
this. Couldnt keep her damn legs closed, could she?
Yes, I was very surprised to see Lance. But I have a feeling Ive
saved him too.
From this day forward, New York, I promise to be proud and
open about who I am with not just my family, but to the entire
city as well, I say, raising my arms. People actually start to clap
and cheer. Idiots.
I notice Lance clapping next to me as well and he takes a step
Oh, he wants to play that game, does he?
I know my secret may have caused a lot of hurt and pain to
my immediate family, but I want to take this opportunity to let
them know that it was their pain that I saw I was causing that
finally prompted me to come out today. There was no way that I
could let a good and decent and intelligent woman like Jocelyn
Carter continue to believe that she was doing something wrong,
I say into the microphone. She hasnt cheated on me
technically because she hasnt broken any marriage vows. All
shes done is fallen in love with a much younger gentleman in
my son. And I think after this long on the campaign trail, I can
vouch for his character.
The crowd is eating it up. Now is where I turn to Lance and
take a step close to him. I wrap my arms around him and he pulls
me close.
He leans into my ear and whispers, Congratulations, dad,
youve just admitted to committing fraud by perpetuating a fake
I freeze momentarily.
Hes right. But he doesnt stop there. And I have enough on
you and Kenneth from the last couple of days to throw this
election into the fucking shitter for you, just to let you know.
I dont know what to say at this point.
Makes that heartfelt speech of coming out to save your
family look like bullshit when they see camera footage of
Kenneth fucking you on the staircase, he finishes and pulls
back to give me a broad, beaming smile that the cameras will
pick up. Theyll think those were words of encouragement. But
they chill my blood.
Maybe this is my son more than I thought.
Is that a bit of pride there Im feeling for him?
Depends on how he plays it. Lets see.
As if sensing this, Lance leans in one more time.
Im not getting off this podium and Im releasing all this
shit tomorrow unless you publicly take care of Jocelyn right
now, he says. And dont worry, Ive gotten video footage
stashed away pretty securely. I knew youd try to double cross us
as we planned this so I was ready to fight back.
This time when Lance pulls back, Im smiling.
So, the big oaf is capable of learning something after all. I
taught him to think a few steps ahead.
Granted, hes still playing checkers when this is chess, but at
least hes stood up to me, backed me in a corner, and is getting
what he wants from me.
I turn back to the podium.
I want the world to know that I wish Lance and Jocelyn all
the happiness in the world, I say as I turn to Lance and hand
him the envelope with the unsigned marriage certificate.
Thats why I want them to know that I have a private chartered
plane to take them anywhere in the world they want to go, as
well as an executive position for Lance in Anders Media for when
he wants to come back to work for his old man.
People watching this are literally beaming now. They think
Im a generous old man.
And Jocelyn, youll always be taken care of, dear, I say,
turning to her and giving her my fakest smile. Shes looking at
me more in shock. Stupid woman was never a good liar. I cant
imagine how she pulled off this affair for so long. I want you to
be comfortable, so youll always have a monthly allowance of
money to keep you in the lifestyle youre accustomed to.
That last one is going to hurt I can tell and its the only one I
feel regret for. Thats at least several hundred thousand a
month. But the moment I make those promises, I see Lances
eyes soften, and I know hes gotten everything hes wanted.
New York, I pledge to always be open and honest with you,
and if you still want me as your Mayor, please go vote in
two days!
The crowd cheers. I mean the reporters are cheering. This
election may just be in the bag because of this little stunt. And
my concessions to Lance and Jocelyn I think thats what
swayed the voters.
I turn towards the two of them on the podium and
approach them.
Are we good? I ask. No microphone can hear us.
I never want to see you again, Jocelyn says with a smile.
Just take the money and youll never have to, I say back.
Dont interfere in our lives, or I will fucking hunt you
down, Lance says, beaming with good cheer.
I promise, I say and I mean it. I dont need to be bogged
down by these two. I have my Kenneth. Feel free to take the jet
Well be leaving tonight, Lance says and hugs me.
Jocelyn tries a smile, but she cant do it. Thats fine. I turn to
the crowd with Lance and we both put an arm over each others
shoulder and wave.
The crowd gives us adulation to an extent I had never felt
Maybe I underestimated Lance.
Maybe you underestimated me. But Im still the Mayor of New
York City. And it looks like Ill be winning another term. Easily.
Michael Anders. Remember that name.
And considering how many stories are set in this city, youre
going to be running into me again.
I guarantee it.

I t worked. Lances plan really worked. I can hardly

believe it, but this is real: Im finally free to be with
him, the man I love. Im free of Michael. No more hiding, no
more secrecy. I can live my life the way I want to.
After the conference was over, we didnt even bother heading
back home. Its Michaels home after all, and that phase of my
life is already over. Lance and I are going to get our own place as
soon as we can, but right now a hotel room will work just fine. To
be honest, anywhere would work just fine, but I want to savor
the moment over a proper mattressI have a surprise hidden in
my purse, after all, and it requires a bed.
We check into the Plaza, barely able to keep our hands off of
each other. We rush through the check-in, and almost tumble
inside the room the moment we get through the door.
My hands on his chest, I push him back until his knees meet
the edge of the bed. I force him to lie down, and then I climb on
top of him, moving like a cat. Barely capable of thinking straight,
I cant tell if because of how happy I am or how wetI lean in,
pressing my lips against his and kissing him softly.
Youre mine now, Lance, I purr into him, running my
fingers over his chest, his tight shirt delineating the contour of
his muscles. One hand on my face, he smiles, allowing his
fingers to roam over to my neck and then tangles them in my
hair. He yanks, forcing my head back.
Youre mine too Forever, he says, craning his neck and
placing his mouth on my cleavage, his lips softly brushing
against the soft skin there.
Is my little boy turning into a man? I tease him, locking
eyes with him.
He is. You made me into one. With that, he pushes the
straps of my dress down my shoulders, baring my black lace bra.
Hooking his fingers on one cup, he tugs it down, my hard nipple
jumping into sight. Before I can prepare for it, he presses his
mouth there, his lips wrapped tight around my hard rosy tip.
Mm, I purr, a tickling sensation of delight under my skin.
I have a surprise for you I whisper, grinning wickedly. Oh,
he has no idea what I have in store for him.
I like surprises, he says, his fingers squeezing my half-
naked breast.
Then close your eyes. He does so dutifully, that delicious
smile of his almost making my heart melt. I climb down from
the bed and reach for my purse; I open it and take something
from the inside: something metallic and shiny. Yes, if you were
thinking handcuffs, you guessed right. They clink against one
another, the low sound making him raise his eyebrows, but he
remains faithful to what I told him and doesnt open his eyes.
I go back to him, sitting on his lap and straddling him.
Put your arms up, I tell him, and he does it dutifully. Before
he has the time to react, I hold my breath and move as fast as I
can, closing the metallic brace around his wrist and locking the
other end on the bedpost. He opens his eyes almost
What is this? he asks me, trying to push against the locked
handcuffs. Youre a wicked one, arent you?
You cant imagine how wicked. I place the other handcuff
on him, locking it on the bed. I finally look down at him, taking
in the scene; here he is, unable to move and escape Mine to do
as I please.
You have no idea what Im going to do to you once Im out of
these handcuffs, he tells me, my pussy growing wet at his
words. It almost makes me want to let him go right away, but I
hold strong.
Oh, is that so? And who says Im ever letting you get out? I
might just keep you here forever, mine to use and abuse I
continue, placing my fingers on the collar of his shirt as I slowly
start to unbutton his shirt, revealing his hard pectorals.
Doesnt sound that bad to me, he shoots back. I can already
feel his cock growing hard under me, straining against his pants.
Feeling his hardness, I start a slight sway, moving my hips as I
rub my crotch against his.
His shirt finally open, I lean in, my lips pressed against his
neck. I start kissing him in a downward line, my mouth
travelling down to his chest. I part my lips and let my tongue
out, lapping at his nipples while I let my hands wander over to
his belt; I unbuckle it, unzipping his fly immediately after, and
continue kissing him down his chest. My tongue runs over his
abs dutifully, their hard contour enough to make me go mad.
When I get close to the hem of his boxer briefs, I lay gentle
kisses around it, my eyes darting to the thick shape tenting his
Is this for me? I ask him, running the tip of my index finger
over his member.
Just for you, he tells me, grinning. The moment his words
hit me, I curl my fingers around his cock, gripping it harshly.
It better be, I tease him. Because Im insatiable And I
dont like to share.
In response, his cock pulses firmly against the palm of my
hand. I start to stroke him over the fabric of his boxers, my eyes
locked on his.
Insatiable works for me, he chuckles, his arms
unconsciously moving as he tries to reach for me, but the
handcuffs keep him in place. I raise my eyebrows at him, biting
my lower lip in a teasing way; I let go of his cock then, and start
pushing his pants down. When they reach his ankles, I take off
his shoes and socks, and then take his trousers out. My hands
run back up his legs until theyre over his boxers again, his cock
pulsing under the fabric. I almost pull his underwear down, but I
decide against itfirst I have to drive him insane I want him
aching and burning for my touch.
I stand up on top of the bed, each of my feet on the side of his
waist. Unblinking, I push my dress down to my waist and then I
unclasp my bra, pulling its straps down. The cups droop over my
tits and I take my fingers there; I take my time as I pull them
down, his hungry eyes widening as both my breasts come into
Throwing the bra on top of his bare chest, I push my dress
further down, making it slide down my legs. I kick it off, my
heart beating fast as his eyes take in my almost naked figure.
They widen even more as he glances over my tiny lace thong, and
I can feel him mentally ripping it out of my body.
Sitting down on top of him, I place my crotch right above his.
I rest my hands on his chest and then start to sway my hips,
moving them back and forth and stroking his cock over his
boxers. I feel it hardening even more, and I start becoming
desperate to have him inside of me To be on all fours while he
fucks me, to be stretched wide by his huge member But theres
time for everything. Right now, Im under the spotlight and its
my turn to shine.
I grind against him harder, moving my hips ferociously; I lean
into him, kissing him as I move. I wonder if Id be able to make
him cum just like this, but I dont have the mental fortitude to
remain in this position for that long So, feeling his cock
pulsing against my pussy, I go lower on his body, hooking my
fingers on his boxers; I tug them down his legs and throw them
somewhere far off in the room. Sliding my hands from his ankles
to his thighs, I lean into him, my eyes locked on his as my lips
reach for his cock. I stop right before my mouth is on him, my
smile turning into a grin of wickedness.
Come on he groans, his cock jerking.
Maybe Ill make you beg Maybe Ill drive you crazy until
you cant take it anymore. I love teasing him. I just do, one look
into his eyes and I can almost see the flames of desire there,
bright and wild and threatening to consume whatevers in
their way.
Fucking hell he sighs, closing his eyes; I take the chance
and, as soon as his eyes are shut, I grab his cock and keep it in
place as I roll my lips down his shaft. Twirling my tongue around
it, I go as deep as I can; only stopping when his glans is pressed
tight against the back of my throat. Going back up, I start
bobbing my head back and forth as fast as I can, ravaging his
cock with my mouth. So fucking good He says, the words
hanging heavily in the air.
His words make me go even harder, and I cup his balls with
one hand, massaging them gently and feeling their weight
against my open palm. Warm and heavy, they are busy with his
seed, and I cant help but be impressed by the amount of cum
they always manage to produce. My mind harkens back to the
Plaza, where I knelt in front of Lance and let him cover me from
head to toe with his seed God, that was amazing. I know Im
not exactly young, and Im not a naive virgin girl But, hell, I
never thought Id be doing stuff like that before Lance showed
up at my doorstep. Being close to him frees the beast inside of
me. And what the beast inside of me needs right now is to have
his cock inside of my pussy.
Sliding my mouth back out, I lick his whole length and then
position myself better. Grabbing his cock, I point it upward, lift
my hips up, and then start easing myself down. His glans
brushing against my thong, I flick it to the side and let it press
against my folds. I hold my positiononce again, he strains
against the handcuffs, desperate to grab me and impale me on
his cock. But Im holding all the cards here, and theres nothing
he can do about it.
See? I can do it too I say with a grin, slowly allowing one
inch of him inside of me. My heart is racing like mad, and I know
my words are hollow: Im not teasing him as much as Im teasing
myself. So I do the only thing I can, which is going down as fast
as I can, his cock pushing past my inner lips and lodging itself
inside my pussy. A moan tumbles out of my lips as I feel his
thickness straining against my inner walls, my body allowing
instinct to sit behind the steering wheelwithout bothering
with the build up, I start swaying my hips back and forth, his
shaft massaging my insides as I go.
Throwing my head back, I slide one hand down my chest and
place two fingers over my clit, rubbing it as I fuck him. It feels
good to say it; Im fucking him Its so easy to get lost in the
semantics, but this time it means Im the one in charge. It
makes sense, really; Im the older one in this room. God, just
thinking of it is enough to make me squirm.
Harder, he groans, gritting his teeth and trying to thrust at
me. I obey dutifully, raising my hips and letting them down in a
flurry of movement, jumping up and down on his cock. My ass is
bouncing and slapping his legs, and the more I do it the faster
my fingers start to rub on my clit.
It doesnt take long for my muscles to tire out, but I just
ignore it; its still early, and theres lots to be done. Screw
exhaustion. I push through the pain and only stop when my body
starts to tremble, the spark of delight igniting inside of me. My
hands start to twitch and I press my fingers against my clit,
holding them there as I let out one loud moan. I close my eyes,
savoring what Im sure is just going to be the first orgasm of
many. Really, Ive been with Lance so many times, and I never
came just once God, I knew about multiple orgasms and sex
marathons, but this is on a whole different level. Welcome to the
Sex Olympics, Im the reigning champion.
Breathing out heavily, I let ecstasy rage through me until it
finally subsides, leaving that pleasant tingling feeling inside of
me. Raising my hips, I slide his cock out and move my body back.
Hes looking at me expectantly and, while I think of what my
next move is going to be, my body reacts of its own accord.
I lean in, my lips parting as I take my mouth to his cock once
more. I want to feel my scent on his cock, his shaft wet with my
fluids And thats exactly what I do: my mouth open wide, I take
his whole shaft inside my back, rolling my lips back as I suck
him. The sweet scent of my pussy is coating his hard member,
and that just makes me lose it completely; I start sucking and
licking as if I were possessed, desire blanketing my mind and
pushing all other thoughts away.
Driven mad by pleasure, I take his cock out of my mouth,
wanting to feel him once more inside of me. I mean, here is,
handcuffed to the bed; itd be a shame if I didnt use his cock as
much as I want, for as long as I want. I stand up and turn around,
my back to him as I ease myself down over his cock; squatting
over his waist, I grab his cock and point it up at my pussy. I could
take my thong off, but I dont want to waste any time with that; I
just flick it to the side again. This time I dont bother with the
teasing; I just guide his thick hard member inside of me. I squat
down, my body swaying as I drive his cock to the hidden depths
inside of me.
Jumping up and down, I let myself be pulled into oblivion. I
see nothing, I hear nothing. All there is in the universe is his
cock, my pussy lips wrapped around it. I bounce on him for as
long as I can, losing all notion of time. Really, I dont know how
much time has passed, if one minute or one hour All I know is
that I feel pleasure pooling around the edges of my mind,
threatening to overtake me completely. Knowing that Im close,
I start to go even faster, jumping head first into an ocean of
mind-bending ecstasy.
Oh, God! I cry out as my pussy clamps down around his
shaft, slight spasms taking over of my body. I go on my knees,
straddling him in reverse, and push through the orgasm. Still
moving, I ride myself into a chain of orgasms, letting one build
up inside of me while the last one is still raging through my
mind. Like a mad woman, I scream, coming for the second time
in a row in a matter of seconds. Leaning forward, I grab his
ankles, keeping my body still as I try to catch my breath. Christ,
Im breathing so hard I dont even know how my lungs are still
capable of functioning. This is almost too much for me to take
And that makes it so much better.
Tired already, baby? I hear his voice, his cock slightly
spasming inside of me. Smiling, I pull his cock out and turn
toward him. His expression is one of pent up desirelike a caged
tiger, I have no idea what he might do once I let him loose. But,
oh, Im so anxious to do it.
Tired? Were just getting started, I meow at him, biting at
the corner of my lip. I get out of the bed and amble down to
where I left my purse; taking the keys out, I go back to the bed,
climbing on top of it. As I reach for the handcuffs, ready to set
him free, I see his anxious grin and stop. Maybe I can use you a
while longer
Use me all you want. Thats what Im here for, he says,
cementing the idea in my mind. I place the key on the bed stand
and go up on my feet again. Seductively swaying my hips, I hook
my fingers on the side of my thong and start pushing it down.
The wet fabric slides down easily, and I bend over to pick it up.
Sitting on the bed by his side, the tiny piece of wet fabric in my
hand, I smile at Lance; I take my thong and brush it against his
lips, teasing him.
I want a taste of that. Right fucking now, he growls, a
furious storm of hunger and lust raging in his eyes.
Taste me? And how would you taste me? I tease him,
sliding the thong down his chest and onto his cock. I wrap the
fabric around his member and start stroking him slowly, his
mast pulsing softly against my fingers.
You know how, he grins at me. Oh, I do know how. Licking
my lips, I go over his body and inch closer to his face, his head
pressed between my thighs. I look down at him wantonly, but he
doesnt look back, his anxious gaze is on my pussy, his parted
lips waiting for it to be against his mouth. Who am I to deny him
what he wants? Well, what I want. Moving even closer, I press
my pussy against his face as I grab the frame of the bed; he starts
sucking immediately, his lips pulling on my drenched folds as he
uses his tongue to explore my insides.
I close my eyes and moan deeply, swaying my hips as I rub my
aching pussy against his mouth. I have absolute control right
now, and theres no better feeling in the world Asides from
giving up all control, that is. With Lance, control or no control,
its all perfection. Sweet frenzied perfection.
Going hard, I angle myself so that he can lick my clit; I slow
down, swaying my hips gently as I let him set the pace with his
mouth. Soon enough I stop moving completely, succumbing to
the maddening strokes of his tongue. Hissing between gritted
teeth I take one hand to his hair, dishevel it and yank on it,
forcing him to press his mouth harder against my wetness.
Fierce moans tumbling out of my lips, I finally come against
his mouth, tightening my thighs around his head. Still he keeps
sucking, sending shards of electric pleasure up my spine while I
tremble and moan. I hold my position until the orgasm finally
washes over me, and only then do I get out from where I am.
My fingers are trembling as I reach for the bed stand and grab
the handcuff keys. I struggle to get my hands where I need them
to be, but I finally manage to get the key inside the lock. The
moment I turn it and the handcuff opens, his hand flies to my
ass, his fingers digging deep into my flesh. I think of torturing
him and keeping the other handcuff on, but I decide against it; I
dont want to torture myself as well. Getting his other arm free, I
prepare for the inevitable: right now hes a hungry predator, and
Im letting it out of its cage. He's going to pounce on me like a
tiger, and he wont stop until he has me completely spent and
devoured. Its the law of nature, and it sounds just about right.
Both his hands on my ass, he pushes me on top of the bed,
laying me down. He climbs on top of me, his body between my
legs, and presses his forehead against mine. We stay in silence
for a whole eternitya secondour eyes locked.
You have no idea how hard Im going to fuck you, he
whispers, my heart tightening inside my chest.
What are you waiting for then? I dont need to say more:
his hands go to my knees, and grabbing them, he pushes my legs
apart. His fat glans pressed against my pussy, he thrusts without
waiting, his cock sliding inside of me in a hurry. I grit my teeth
and lace my legs behind his back, urging him to go as hard as he
can. He doesnt disappoint: his thrusts are furious right from the
start, his cock pounding into me so fiercely that a sweet
numbness starts to spread through my body.
I take my hands to his back and dig my fingernails on his
muscles; he still has a few red marks on his chest from the last
time we were together, so why not give him an equal memento
on his back? I claw at him, and that makes him piston into me
even harder. Turning my head to the side and parting my lips, I
start nibbling at his ear, the soft cartilage hugged tightly by my
teeth. I bite down harder than I should have, but he doesnt even
seem to notice. With my tongue I trace a downward line to his
neck, and then I bite him there too, hard enough to leave a mark.
He groans slightly, but Im not sure if he has even registered
where the pain has come from. Hes lost in a whirlwind of lust,
fucking me as if he was born with that single purpose in mind.
Oh, fuck! I blurt out suddenly, his cock driving deeper into
me. A sharp pain goes up my spine, but the moment it reaches
my brain it has already turned into sweet pleasure. I open my
mouth to moan, but I end up screaming; ecstasy whips me, and I
come so hard I start to see dark spots on the edge of my eyes. I
have to take a deep breath so that I dont pass out, the raw
energy that roams free through my body almost too much for
me. Almost.
This is going to be good, Lance whispers into my ear,
slowing down his rhythm. God, Im trembling all over and he
still keeps fucking me, not allowing me a minutes rest. He
works me with his cock until my fingernails are like knives on
his back, stabbing his chiseled muscles as madness takes over
me. Theres a hard pressure mounting inside of me, but theres
also a weird feeling on my insides.
Lance, I--
Shh Just let go, he whispers. Im not sure if he knows
whats going on inside my body, but his words have a soothing
effect on me. I do exactly as he tells me to and just let go. The
moment I relax, I go thermonuclearmy mind goes blank and I
feel my pussy spasming and gushing at the same time. I moan, a
wild laugh climbing up my throat. Sweet Jesus, Im squirting! I
feel the fluids dripping down my inner thighs to the sheets,
drenching them in the juices of sinful ecstasy.
Youre going to be the end of me, I whisper into his ear,
feeling dizzy. I take my legs out of his back and sprawl myself on
the mattress, completely spent. He takes his cock out of me,
slowly, and then lies down by my side.
No, I wont be the end of you, he says with a chuckle,
running his hand up my side. Youre woman enough to take it.
I turn to him, a tender smile on my lips.
Yes And Im your woman, Lance, I tell him, enjoying the
sound of the words on my mouth. He smiles back at him, gently,
and brushes his hand against my cheek.
Im lucky I found you, he says, running his hand through
my hair. Youre perfect. My heart melts at his words. Here
he is, a 21-year-old with the world at his feet He has his whole
future ahead of him, and there are countless young hot women
throwing themselves at his feet And yet, here he is with me,
whispering me promises of love. By the time I turned 36, I had
almost given up on love; I never expected for it to come knocking
at my door like this, in the shape of someone almost young
enough to be my son.
Were perfect, I correct him, softly brushing my lips
against his and running my tongue over them.
We are, he agrees. Then, looking into my eyes, his smile
turns into the Devils grin. And do you know whats also
perfect? What Im about to do to you. He sits up on the bed and
I do the same; he grabs me by the waist and makes me go on all
fours, kneeling behind me. He squeezes my cheeks gently, his
long fingers over my ass. Then I hear him hold his breath and I
brace for impact: he smacks me hard with the back of his hand,
my cheeks bouncing as he touches me. He does it over and over
again, the loud sound of his smacks filling the whole room. The
sharp pain makes me grit my teeth, but it makes me ache for his
touch even more There really is something to be said about
using pain to cause pleasure.
Stopping, he runs the tip of his middle finger over the length
of my crack, stopping right before my asshole. I sway my hips
from side to side, urging him to go on, and he presses his
fingertip over it. My insides clench and, a heartbeat after that,
he starts to slide his finger in, slowly prodding my insides.
Mm, I moan, my mind numbed by the feeling.
This right here, he says, sliding his finger in and out of my
ass, its mine. Its mine and I want it. The tone of his voice
leaves no room for doubts: hes going to take my ass, and I dont
have a say about it. Which suits me just fine, knowing that he
wants to fuck me there is enough to make me desperate for it.
My cheeks become flushed as I think about it, and theres a deep
sense of urgency inside of me. Its high time to feel his cock
inside my ass. But you have to beg for me to do it.
I dont even need for him to say it twice.
I want you He twists his finger inside of me, and I gasp. I
have to take a deep breath before I can continue. I want you to
fuck me I want you to fuck my ass. Please.
Good, he whispers, leaning forward. He takes his finger out
of my ass, and grabbing his cock, rubs it along my crack, moving
his glans so that its pressing against my hole. A needle of
anxiety prickles my mind thenis he going to fit? Is it going to
hurt? I mean, to have a cock as huge as his inside of my ass Its
already an impressive feat to have him inside my pussy. Dont
worry, he says, almost as if he could read my mind, Ill take
it slow.
I trust you, I tell him, looking over my shoulder at him. He
winks mischievously at me, and I close my eyes, looking down at
the mattress as I prepare for it. His cock is still drenched in my
fluids so, as he presses it against my ass, I feel the tip sliding in,
stretching me wide. Oh, God! I gasp, his thickness straining to
get in. Oh, God! Its almost too much for me to bear, but I
dont want him to stop. I want his cock all in me, stretching me
wide and fucking me in such a way that I wont be able to sit up
straight for days. This is going to be intense.
He takes his time, sliding inch by inch as slowly as he can. I
moan all the way, a thunderstorm raging inside my head. Keep it
together, keep it together, I think to myself, breathing heavily
and trying not to pass out. This feels too good. Sure, it hurt a
little as he slid it in, but the pleasure I take from it Oh, God,
the pleasure. Every woman should feel this much pleasure, at
least once in their lives. You just don't know youre alive until
you have a twelve-inch cock sliding down your ass. And, right
now, Im as alive as I could be.
Are you alright? he asks me, almost all of his twelve inches
inside of me.
Im Im I cant speak, sweet Jesus. Im fine Fuck
me, Lance. Just fuck me. I beg, grabbing at the sheets as I
prepare for an avalanche of ecstasy to overtake me. Still moving
slowly, he starts to rock his hips, making his cock slide in and
out of my ass. Fuck! I cry out loud, my ass straining to survive
his thrusts. Oh, but who cares about survival? I start to thrust
back, pushing through the sweet pain and urging Lance to
unleash all of his wickedness upon me. He takes the hint pretty
quickly: his hands on my waist, he holds me in place as he starts
to pick up the pace. I moan incoherently as he fucks me,
completely destroying me. My insides are burning, the sweet
drug of climax coursing through my veins.
HARDER! I shout as loud as I can, my throat aching to let
the words out. Im so close to coming I can already feel it
bubbling up to the surface. Like I told him to, Lance starts to go
harder, his thighs slapping my ass incessantly until my whole
body grows numb. Fuck, fuck I hiss through gritted teeth,
my muscles tensing up only to start twitching immediately after.
I dont think I have ever come this hard. Im screaming so
hard my throat feels raw, and its like flames are lapping at my
skin from the inside out. My mind is an incoherent mess of
rambling thoughts, and it feels as if Ive descended into a world
of insanity. Tears are going down my face, and I can feel their
saltiness as they go over my lips.
Lance pulls his cock out, carefully, and I collapse on the bed,
stomach down. I dont think I have ever felt this exhausted in
my entire life. Opening my eyes, I try and force myself not to
drift off; after all, were not done yet. How could we be done if I
still havent tasted his seed yet?
Rolling to my back, I reach for his cock, summoning whatever
strength is left inside my body as I start to stroke him. My arm
moving fast, Im jerking him almost too violently; he doesnt
seem to care, though. His head thrown back and his eyes shut
close, hes groaning loudly, completely lost in pleasure.
Lost in a daze, I dont even notice the signs of his impending
orgasm. I only realize hes about to come when he grunts,
breathing out sharply through his gritted teeth. Before I can take
my mouth to his cock, thick ropes of cum gush onto my face. I
barely have the time to close my eyes, his gooey semen coating
every inch of skin on my face as I open my mouth wide. His salty
flavor hits me at once, coating my tongue and filling me up to
the brim. I dont even bother to wait for him to finish: I swallow
all the semen inside my mouth as he keeps cumming, his fluids
covering everything in their way. From my hair to my tits,
nothing is safe.
Then, with a growl, he leans in and places his hands on my
waist. Harshly he forces me to lay down on my stomach, his cock
always spasming as he goes about it. Gushing like a fountain, he
covers my back, and angling his cock, starts to aim at my ass. His
warm juices drip down between my ass cheeks, completely
covering my crack and pooling over my asshole. I remain like
that for God knows how long, feeling heavy drops of cum hitting
every square inch of naked skin.
When hes finally done, I turn to look at him, but he acts
quickly, with his hands on my waist again, he keeps in place,
lying down on my stomach.
Dont move, he orders me, Im not done yet. And then,
with no explanation whatsoever, he leans in. I feel his tongue on
my neck, licking all the cum there, and then he moves it down to
my back. He doesnt stop, tracing a perfect straight line toward
my ass and picking all the cum on the way there. He only makes
a small detour to kiss the dimples on my lower back, sucking in
all the cum that has pooled there, but soon he is on his way
Shuddering, I feel his tongue moving over my crack. When
hes close to my hole, he places both hands on my buttocks and
pushes them apart, clearing the way for his mouth. He dives in
then, pressing his lips against my asshole and scooping up all
the cum that has accumulated there. My muscles twitch as he
licks me, ripples of pleasure still travelling up and down my
spine, and I let out a loud moan as he starts using his tongue to
lick my crack, stroking me softly. I shudder and tremble; soft
whimpers on my mouth as he licks me dry. He only stops when
theres not a drop more of cum on my ass.
Finally done, he comes up, lying down by my side; I open my
eyes, taking in the beautiful sight of his cum-coated lips. Theres
semen all over his face, dripping down his chin and neck. I grin
and inch closer to him, pressing my mouth against his; with an
electric touch, our tongues dance around one another, swapping
whatever cum we still hold inside our mouths.
Pulling back, we smile at each other, and without feeling the
need for words, we swallow. I watch as his Adams apple rises
and falls, his own cum going down his throat.
If anyone came inside the room right now, theyd see two
people lying down side-by-side, their bodies covered in cum.
One would be a young man, the other would be a woman closing
in on her forties. It would be an unlikely couple, sure, but what
they wouldnt realize is that love doesnt care about details. It
doesnt care that hes younger, or that Im older. It doesnt care
that our sex is hot and dirty. Love only cares about the truth. And
the truth, my friend, is that I finally found love.
And I found it in Lance Anders, my hot young lover.

F rom the Desk of Amanda Adams, the Professional

Gossiper of Page Two.

W ELCOME TO P AGE T WO G OSSIP , heres what were hearing around

the halls of power:

A FTER AN ELECTION with more twists and turns than a roller coaster
on Coney Island, the city has finally decided on its mayor for the
next four years.
Thats right, New Yorkers, the post of Hizzoner will be once
again held by Michael Anders. Mayor Anders becomes the first
openly gay mayor in the history of New York City and New York
City becomes the largest city in the world with an openly gay
Already, Hollywood executives are rushing to City Hall to buy
the rights to the storysomething that seems like it could come
out of a racy romance novel rather than reality.
Perhaps most striking in transformation is the Mayor
himself, who gave a much more subdued acceptance speech once
all exit polls were closed, calling for unity and compassion
between all New Yorkersno longer the firebrand of moral
righteousness that he was on the campaign trail.
The Mayor, who had been accompanied through most of his
campaign by his wife and stepson, spoke alone this time around.
Sources are telling me that Lance Anders and Jocelyn Anders
left by the Anders' private jet to London shortly after their
gripping press conference two days before the election. Sources
inside City Hall were not able to confirm whether the pair had in
fact voted.
Mayor Anders, in addition to his conciliatory tone that he
took throughout the final days of his campaign after the what
many are deeming the press conference to end all press
conferences is putting in place plans that are a vast departure
from his traditional family values principles he put out during
the summer. Instead, campaign and administration officials
stressed that the first year of Hizzoners second term will be
focused on job training for displaced workers, as well as luring
more manufacturing and specialty jobs back into the city that
have been lost through automation and factory closings. The
mayor is apparently also considering an across the board tax cut
for middle income and low income families that will assist those
who are currently struggling in the citys economy.
While critics of the Mayor, who state that he can sometimes
run roughshod over his enemies, have stated that only time will
tell if his startling admission to being gay will mean a kinder and
gentler politician, already many in New York who felt alienated
by Michael Anders are celebrating.
I hate to say anything good about the man, considering I
spent the last several months saying bad things, but it looks like
after that doozie of a press conference, well see a more open and
honest Michael Anders, Jim Jenkins, his opponent commented
to me after his concession speech. He went on to state,
Whereas before, if you were unemployed, elderly, poor, a single
mother, working in manufacturing, or just basically not wealthy,
you had cause for concern, it seems that the Mayor coming clean
about his own skeletons has made him say and do some very,
very different things.
Only time will tell what the relationship with Mayor Anders
and the City of New York will be like. During that time, many of
you in Gotham will undoubtedly be wondering what happens to
his estranged stepson who seems to have for the moment
absconded with his wife.
Since the Mayor and Jocelyn Carter were never truly married
it turns out due to the form not being properly signed, theres no
real reason for a divorce, his Chief of Staff Kenneth Loomis
stated when contacted about this issue. The Mayor wishes them
both every happiness and hopes that they will keep him abreast
of news of his grandson. But in all honesty, hes probably going
to be more focused on running the city.
Citizens polled during Election Day stated overwhelmingly
that the Mayors burst of honesty was what had made them
finally favor him. Many stated that holding back such a key facet
regarding his personality had affected him in other areas in how
he presented himself to the public, which all coalesced to create
such low approval ratings for him despite his photogenic family.
I think that once citizens learned the full story of their Mayor, we
began to realize that we may not like him as a person on some
levels because hes so busy, but the job of Mayor requires
someone who will give it their all and sacrifice everything else.
And that made him the top choice, by a margin of 63% to 37%.
That about does it for my coverage of this election cycle. I
either need a vacation from politics, a long, hot shower to feel
clean again, or both.
I cant wait till Lance and Jocelyn come back to New York
thoughtheyre currently in Londonand you can bet that as
soon as they have their baby that this newspaper will be all over
them, getting the facts for your reading pleasure. Till we hear
more, this is Amanda Adams signing off. Keep your ears open,
New York.


T he limo glides next to the curb of our new home in the

city. I get out, and Lance comes out from the other side, holding
the baby carrier.
I look up briefly. I cant see the top of the tower to One57.
How did you say you came to a decision to live here, again?
I ask him.
He shrugs as we walk into the ornate lobby. I got a buddy
who lives here, he says.
Someone from your wilder days? I ask, eyebrows raised.
I cant help it. Lance looks very cute carrying little Lola Grace
in the baby carrier. A bad boy, certifiably with his tattoos, now a
A buddy of mine from a while ago, actually, Arsen Hawke,
he says.
The name rings a bell for me. The porn king? I ask.
He nods. His dad was the porn king, but he met some girl
and they run it like a business now.
The guy whos making webcams come into the
mainstream? I ask Lance. Im a bit skeptical. Hes not going to
want to film Lola Grace or something, is he?
Lance laughs. Nah, but hell probably be down to him us.
I give Lance a look. He looks at me and smiles and whatever
withering stare I may have tried vanishes. I love this man too
much to even be fake mad at him.
You know that feeling, hun? Where youre mad at your
significant other for being too cute to not let you be mad at
them? Like you try to be mad at you, but then they just smirk or
smile, or touch you somewhere and you stop being mad? And
then you get mad that they were able to take away your anger?
Let me just say that Id rather be mad about this, than where I
was one year ago. Right before the election.
We open the door to the apartment and walk in.
Its already furnished rather tastefully. I hired someone while
we were in Europe to make sure that the apartment was ready
for us.
What? I would have loved to do it myself, but its really hard
when you have to have sex three times a day and take care of
a baby.
Although, hun, the sex part - I dont have to do it. Its just
that my body seems to want it that often, is all. Like Ive been
walking in a desert, and now I finally have all the water I could
Besides, the $10 million a month that Michael pays me as a
settlement lets me not have to worry about these things.
Combined with Lances trust fund, Id say were doing pretty
good. Considering where we were.
Theres a knock at the door.
That must be Michael, Lance thinks and Im almost
tempted to say speak of the devil.
Its funny. I want to stay mad at Lance, but Ive already
forgotten what thats like. But Michael. Im not mad at Michael.
Its just a chill that runs through me when I see him walk in
the door.
He doesnt have the human feelings that are supposed to be
in people. Something like that. No way else to explain any
of this
Hello, Michael says walking in. I just wanted to stop by,
welcome you to my city, and visit my granddaughter.
Lance shakes his hand and I bite back the urge to tell him hes
not related to our little family in any way. I was never married to
him. He was never Lances father. But I stop.
Shes beautiful, Michael says bending over and examining
Lola Grace.
The baby looks up at Michael, in a few minutes shell be
crawling around the apartment, exploring. But for now, shes
content to stay bundled up where she is.
Michael gets up and turns around.
He hands Lance an envelope.
Come back to work for the company and the campaign son,
he says to him. Here is everything I have, and I think Ive met
your conditions.
The media hitting you that badly, huh? Lance asks.
Michael shakes his head. Not at all, actually, he says.
Theyve embraced this whole breaking barriers thing Im
putting up at them. Really taking the narrative of the first openly
gay mayor to heart.
Then why do you want me back? Lance asks with suspicion.
Michael shrugs. Well, considering that I have no need for a
family, having the two of you there associated with me can only
help in the polls, he says. He looks out the windows. I mean,
with the city the way it is and problems always cropping up, you
can never have too few positives on your side of the table.
Lance looks at Michael for a second. Theres a lot of history
between those two men. A lot of anger. Pain. Hurt.
Finally he nods his head. I can give you another chance, he
says and Michael smiles.
The two shake hands. Theres a moment.
Then Michael turns to me. He knows better than to take a
step closer.
Jocelyn, he says. Ive given Lance copies of everything I
had on your father. Hes free and no longer ever has to worry.
I nod. Its going to take time for me to trust Michael. But if
Lance is willing to try, I can match.
Michael says his goodbyes after a while and I turn to Lance.
He grabs me in his arms, and the two of us walk to the floor to
ceiling windows of One57. Of our new home.
Our new life. Together.
Just the way I want it.

Jocelyn really wanted to be the person that got to say goodbye to

you. But I got here first, and since its only really one of us that
talks to you at a time, I guess this is my turn.
But no, really, I wanted to tell you how fucking awesome I
think you are for making it this far. Most novels are 40,000 to
50,000 words. If youre reading this, babe, youve just digested
82,000 words of fucking story. Actually, wait, thats pretty much
what it was, wasnt it? A story about fucking? Or a fucking story?
Whatever, listen, this is all I came to tell you and I wanted to
tell you a bit about the chick who wrote this because she doesnt
usually like doing things the normal way.
So her name is Alexis Angel and she usually has all this shit
she puts down about how she likes having fun and shit and
whatever the fuck girls talk about they like to buy, and Jocelyn
even gave me a list of things to say but I fucking forgot. Its not
my fault. Jocelyn got these black yoga pants from Lululemon and
I was just staring at that ass. Wanted to fucking bury my face in
those fucking cheeks. And slap that ass while I was rubbing my
face in it. Got my cock so fucking hard I swear to God its a
fucking wonder Im even sitting here talking to you instead of
fucking her right now. But I gotta do this first because Alexis
took the fucking time to write about us that Jocelyn wont forgive
me if I forget.
What am I even talking about? Oh, right. So, you can reach
Alexis at if you want to
email her about anything. She loves all the normal shit that girls
do, but I sometimes think shes a fucking dirty girl too at heart. I
mean, she made us describe the sex we had in such fucking
detail. Like, where did you move your hand after that? How hard
did you squeeze her nipple? What did it feel like when her tongue
was at the tip of your cock? What about when it was on your
I swear, its like I should have fucking invited her with the
two of us, she seems to know every fucking thing about our lives.
Anyways, Alexis is on Facebook right now where shes
probably talking about me. You can friend her on Facebook at But shes also got a
page where she took pictures of me and Jocelyn and put it on a
cover. Her page is at:
Ok, so thats everything right? I forgot her fucking Twitter
and shit, and seriously, Jocelyn cant expect me to remember
everything when shes shaking her ass like that in my face. I
swear to God.
I think Im going to go fuck her now. Its been a couple of
hours and Im fucking horny. Oh, you havent read about our
wedding in Europe, have you? If you want to read about how we
started, or the shit that you didnt get to see - and trust me,
youve seen more into my fucking life than me at this point, I
think - then you can do all that by signing up for the Naughty
Angels Newsletter, here.
But seriously, do whatever you got to do, just know that it was
fucking good having you. And Im serious, if you had met me
before Jocelyn, or if you ask Alexis really nicely, I will totally
come over and fuck you. Yeah, you fucking read that right. Ill
come over and rub my 12-inch cock all over your tits before I
suck on them and make you fucking sigh. Then Ill eat your
pussy till you fucking squeal. Then Ill stick my cock inside of you
till you pass the fuck out.
You just gotta either be part of her Naughty Angels or ask her
on Facebook. Dont believe me? You already saw my ass on the
Prequel, didnt you?
See you around.

Moving on
Then we have Client 5, by Alexis Angel. It has an added new
epilogue as well! This book is no longer published and provided
for free.
This then has a copy of Man Chaser by Alexis Angel. This
book is no longer published and provided for free.
And then a copy of Wicked Lil Brat by Alexis Angel.
And then a copy of DILF by Alexis Angel.
And then a copy of Dirty Daddy by Alexis Angel. This has
never before been seen in added content and is provided
exclusively for you today as a thank you!
After that, I have two short stories.
Lanas Market, a short story by Dark Angel.
All followed by, Lanas Gamble, which is a short story by Dark
Both are never before seen and brand new. They will never be
published anywhere else separately.
Our goal in this is simple.
To entertain you as long as we can to give you the best
experience with the words that we hold so dear. Because while
we may be in various corners of the world, the fact that we are
sharing these brings us closer together we feel.
Thank you so much for reading!


Client 5: A Bad Boy Next Door Dark Romance

There isnt a woman alive that I cant buyand Im rich

enough to pay.
I knew I had to have Ashley since the night I saw her. She was
so f*cking gorgeous.
I know its only a matter of time before shes mine. With my
8-pack abs, chiseled face, muscles, and tats, Ive never met a
woman whose panties didnt melt just by looking at me.
Take the pants off and ain't nothing in the world gonna save
her from Arsen Hawke.
Sure, she can say whatever she wants to pretend shes got a
She can say she doesnt fall for bad boys.
She can try to scare me off by saying she comes with a high
price tag.
But none of that f*cking matters to me.
Because Ive already fallen for that curvy body of hers. For
that beautiful face and soft lips. And Ill pay anything to ravish
her. Even if it means agreeing to pay the ultimate pricemy
Client 5 is a full-length standalone romance with a
guaranteed Happily Ever After, no cheating or cliffhangers.

O h baby, I love sucking this huge cock of yours,

Sophie says as she runs her tongue up and down my
shaft in the way that only a stripper can. Its getting me so
fucking horny.
I can hear the steady beats of Lil John playing through the
club as I look down through the glass at the main stage of the
strip club. Its a pretty crowded evening, and I idly wonder if
some of the patronsthose poor, lonely schmos with no place
else to berealize that the mirrors theyre looking up at are
really one-sided and that I can look down from them at any
point. Including times like now, where Im completely naked
getting my cock sucked by a blonde stripper as a brunette one
rubs her hands all over my body.
But just as soon as I wonder, the brunetteI think her name
is Heather?starts twisting my nipples and I decide its a stupid
fucking thing to wonder about and I should just concentrate on
the task at hand. That task being namely to fuck the living shit
out of these two strippersnew girls to the club, but definitely
old hands at this game. They know whats fucking what, thats
for sure. The moment they started at the club, I could tell they
were fucking eyeing me. Deciding if it was in their best interests
to fuck me or not. Could they advance their careers by boning the
Let me take a moment to fucking introduce myself, since its
clear we havent met and youre just now popping into the
picture as I have my cock going in and out of one womans
mouth and my hands roaming the fake tits of another.
My name is Arsen Hawke.
Yes, I know what youre saying to yourself right now.
That Arsen Hawke. Yes. The 30-year old son of the billionaire
smut lord of America. The son of the man the nation knows as
the Corrupter. Collectively, my fucking dad is responsible for
putting out 83 Internet live web cams, 23 Pay-Per-View
channels, 3 magazines, and 5 different streaming porn services
through the Internet. All beamed directly into your home for
your little son or daughter to consume when youre not looking
further destroying what little of the moral fiber is left of Western
democratic values.
That Arsen Hawke that you read about in the tabloids. The
same one that you see on E! Online. With the chiseled 8-pack
abs, rugged face, icy blue eyes, and tattoos designed by some of
the most gifted artists of our time. Fuck, I dont even know why
Im describing myself. You know everything about me. You know
that Im good looking as fuck. That on the off-chance that I
decided to stop by your town or city, you would probably tell your
husband that you were going out so you could see me signing
autographs at the mall. Just catch a glimpse. Maybe youd hope
to see me take off my shirt. Maybe youd even get close enough
to see my ripped physique. Fuck, maybe I would make eye
contact with you and flex my pecs for you. Tell you to come
closer so you could see my 1% body fat body. Youd be pretty
close then, maybe Id even touch you. Thats when youd go
fucking crazy, because thats what I do to every girl around me.
Youd try not to at first, but you wouldnt be able to help
yourself from looking at the bulge in my pants. That 12-inches of
pussy pleasing pistoning that youve read about. Fantasized
about. Youd be so close to touching it. Tasting it.
If I told you to get in the limo with me, you wouldnt even
think about anything else. Fuck life. Forget every fucking
obligation you ever had. All youd want to do is get in for maybe
the most illicit and exciting moment youd ever have with
someone who is fucking larger than life.
Once inside and in private, Id take your hands in mine and
tell you that this is temporary and its nothing permanent. Youd
agree. Anything to have a taste of me. Anything for a feel. Youd
nod your head, and Id take my pants off, showing you my thick,
pulsing, veiny cock.
And fuck if you wouldn't go fucking crazy. Sure, Id let you
suck it like these two strippers right now, who are both taking
turns running their tongues around the tip of my cock. But then,
Id turn you over on all fours and Id fuck the living shit out of
you. I swear to fucking God you would cum enough times that by
the time I was done with you, you would be nothing more than a
quivering mess of flesh on the seat. Sex coma? Talk about
fucking sex amnesia.
And you would do anything for another taste of that cock.
Anything I fucking wanted you to do. Thats why Id want to get
the fuck away as soon as possible. But I would leave you with
memories that would last a lifetime as I flew off to my next
destination. Maybe Singapore. Or, maybe London. I hear its nice
this time of year.
So, yeah, that Arsen Hawke.
But there's so much fucking more that you dont know about
me. What about the fact that I haven't talked to my dad in 6
years, ever since my mom died of cancer and got no help from
him since he had already divorced her. That Ive been living on
my own, at the age of 30 at One57 on Billionaires Row in New
York City. That despite my body and looks and my fucking cock, I
have a fucking brain. Harvard fucking MBA, baby. But, no. You
don't know that about me. And quite honestly, Im not
Arsen, I want your cock inside of me, baby, Sophie moans
in her most slutty voice. I look down at her. She sees the look in
my eyes and smiles lusciously and takes Heather. The two trade a
wet, sloppy kiss for my benefit, and then turn away from me,
facing the window overlooking the club. They're both naked
fuck their stripperswhat do you expect? But what really blows
my brain is when they both bend over, jutting their asses out
at me.
Which one of us do you want to fuck first? Heather asks,
her eyes twinkling with this lust game that their playing for me.
Im only fucking human, okay? I tear open the condom
wrapper and sheath myself as I grab Sophies waist with both
hands, and push my quivering cock into her pussy. Shes wet, Ill
give her that. But not really that tight. Fuck it, itll get the
job done.
Within seconds, I have a good, steady clip going, pistoning in
and out of Sophies canal as she moans lewdly. To further
stimulate me, Heather starts licking and sucking Sophies tits.
Im building up my tempo, increasing my pace, and I can hear
my balls slapping against the underside of Sophies ass in tune
with the music.
Fuck me, harder, Arsen! Sophie screams and I oblige the
slut, pounding into her with enough force to topple someone
over. Its a good thing she has the window as leverage, steadying
herself as I go mercilessly at her cunt.
Another few seconds and I can tell Ive gotten Sophie past the
point of no return. Three more strokes, two, one, and bingo. Her
pussy clamps up around my cock like a vice and I feel her entire
body shudder.
Oh fuck! Sophie screams and I can tell that her body is
being wracked by an orgasm as her muscles clench and
My turn, Heather says and uses her hands to play with my
tennis-ball sized balls as I slow down. Heather guides me out of
Sophie and leans her back on the window, lifting her leg and
giving me easy access inside of her. I slide in, slick with Sophies
juices and begin the process again as she wraps her arms
around me.
I feel Heathers tits against my chest. Sophie is still quivering
and shaking next to me as the new song starts up.
And thats when I fucking see her.
The new dancer that gets on stage.
Shes new. I know it. Ive fucked so many of the fucking
strippers in this club, they should seriously give me some sort of
award for not catching any STDs. But then again, I always protect
myself to the max.
But this girl. Ive never seen her before.
Or have I? She seems so familiar, and shes so beautiful I feel
like I know her.
Shes got blonde hair that comes down to her shoulders.
Fuck, her face is so fucking gorgeous. With the sweetest most
innocent eyes and the most beautiful face. But so what if her face
is sweet and innocent looking; her body is fucking sinful. Tits
that are perfectly shaped and big. A perfectly tapered waist.
Slender legs. An ass that's
Fuck, Im going to cum. Im going to cum so fucking hard. I
need to calm the fuck down. I can usually go forever. What the
fuck is wrong with me?
Baby, I just felt your balls tighten up, Heather says with a
wicked grin. Its okay, I know my pussys tight.
Actually her pussy is the opposite of tight. I might as well be
fucking a plastic bag, but I somehow dont care at this point
in time.
Ive maybe only fucked Heather for five minutes now but I
pull out, and toss off my condom as if in a daze.
Its because I am in a daze. Im staring at that girl as she
twirls around on the pole.
My heart rate is increasing. Im not going to last much longer.
Both Sophiewhos calmed down and returned back to earth
and Heather get on their knees and start jerking me off. They
use their tongues to rub the underside of my cock.
And more stimulating than what those women are doing, I
look down and I see the stripper from Heaven bent over on the
pole, shaking her ass.
Holy fucking Christ.
I cant take anymore.
I fucking explode.
I shoot out arcs of cum. Rope after rope of cum is leaving my
body and I feel electric impulses go from my nuts to my brain,
paralyzing me. My muscles freeze and I can only experience the
convulsions that tear through my body.
I watch as my semen lands on Heather's forehead, her chin,
inside of her mouth, on Sophies tits, and on her nose. As I come
back to reality, I can hear myself breathing harshly. I look down
to see my cum dripping from both of their faces and chins onto
their bodies.
Normally, Id be pleased at my handiwork. But today, I search
desperately for the stripper.
But apparently, her song is over because shes leaving the
I need to go downstairs. I need to talk to her.
But thats when the phone rings.
My personal phone. My cell phone. Never ignored, because
its always important.
And only one person usually ever uses it to call me. Its no
surprise that its on the windowsill behind the strippers. I reach
over and grab it and turn it on. This better be quick. I need to go
downstairs and find this girl.
Oh, what about the ones in front of me, youre wondering? On
their knees, cooing and purring and licking my cum?
Whatever. I dont fucking care what they do tonight. Im done
with them.
Gerard? I say into the phone. He usually doesn't call in the
evenings. He doesn't usually want to interfere whateveror
whoeverIm doing.
Arsen, the calm off-English voice of Gerard comes
through. You need to meet me at the Plaza Hotel immediately.
Your father just died of a massive heart attack.
Its like I hear the fucking words, but dont understand them.
Arsen, Gerard says after a pause. Your father, Sloane, is
dead. You are now the sole owner of Hawke Media and you need
to come over. Now.
Well, fuck.
I need to get the fuck out. I need to go to the Plaza and meet
Oh, listen, if youre still here. This seems like its going to be
a fun ride. Youre welcome to stay along. If its not your cup of
fucking tea, no harm, no foul. But if you stay on and move onto
the next page, then take my fucking advice and go somewhere
you can be by yourself. And maybe take your panties off if you
dont want to do laundry. I wont have time to remind you
because I gotta get to the fucking Plaza. Like now.

E very other stripper in this club will hate me, but I've got
to say it anyways. I like it when Im on stage. But not for the
reason you think. Sure, Im getting naked and sure Im getting
"rained on." When the customers make it rain the club
actually changes a $100 bill for them for 100 singles and then
lets the customers throw the bills over you, in effect making
it rain.
It makes it a bitch to collect though. But I can deal with that.
No, I like being on stage because I dont have to hustle and
work the main floor. I can be by myself. Most dancerswe
prefer dancers and not strippersprefer earning the lap dance
cash from the clients one to one. I like being up on stage. Most
dancers only use the stage as an advertisement, to catch a mans
eye so when they go down to the floor, people remember them. I
wish I could stay up here forever.
Dont get me wrong. Its not like I cant get anyone to agree to
a lap dance. Its actually the opposite. Guys just flock to me.
Sometimes they stand in line for me to grind on them.
No, I hate this part of the night because I have zero respect
for the guys that come in here.
I mean, if theyre married, what the fuck are they doing in
here by themselves? Creeping me out is what theyre doing. I bet
their wife or girlfriend will really appreciate them coming home
smelling of cheap body spray at the end of the night.
If theyre here in a group, well, thats slightly better, but still,
kinda skeeves me out. I mean, theyre here watching each other
get hard as some girl rubs herself on them. Sure, Im okay to go
out with my girlfriends and hit on guys while theyre there. But
with women, we know its just harmless fun. These guys in the
clubthey have this glint in their eye and theyre crazed.
Dont get me wrong. Im not some innocent little virgin
whos never been told the facts of life. I mean, I work in a strip
club, right?
But something about the patrons just causes me to want to
stay on stage.
Maybe its the hundred times a night I have to make sure guys
know that they cant touch me. I can touch them. Or how theyll
try to buck their hips as Im grinding on them, just so they can
go a little deeper.
Maybe its because at the end of the day, theyre judging me
based on my looks and putting a monetary value on it.
Thats probably it. When I go out with my friends and we talk
to guys, Im not putting a dollar value on how much Id pay to
talk to the guy or flirt with the guy. Even if I make out with him
or go home with him, its not like Im asking him how much it
costs. But these guys think that they can have me just because
theyre carrying fat stacks of $20 notes.
Sure, thats what Im here for. Technically, the more I can
make them think that, the more money I make, and the more I
can pay off the student loans that funded my Art History degree
from Yale. The degree that still hasnt landed me any sort of
meaningful job.
Its been roughly one year since I graduated. Im now 24 years
old, and this is my second month stripping. It got to the point
where I had to decide whether not stripping was worth not
paying rent and moving out of the city and back home with my
parents. I must have sent out at least seven hundred resumes by
then. Gone on dozens of interviews. But ended up with nothing.
Not the sexy things you thought were going through my head
as I rub myself on the crotch of some 50-ish Wall Street guy with
a receding hairline and a pretty big paunch, is it?
I turn my head back toward the guy a little to give him some
attention. You like that, baby? I ask with a slight pout. Inside,
Im wondering if his wife knows where hes at. I saw the ring on
his finger. I wonder if he has a son or daughter and if hes put
away enough for college. Will his kids have to take out student
loans because Daddy gave me their book money this semester?
Could you, uhm, maybe turn around a little bit, darlin? Mr.
Wall Street asks me, bringing his hands up, but remembering
what I said about touching. I kinda want to see, uhm, your
Sure. They all want to see my breasts. They want me to mash
it on their faces. They want to stick out their tongues so they can
play with my nipples. Whatever.
I like it just fine sitting here, I say to him and turn back,
grinding my ass on his crotch a little faster.
There have been a few times Ive made a guy cum just by
grinding on him. Thats been funny. Hes had to walk around
with a giant wet spot. Especially if his friends were here. Once it
was just a guy. He came in his pants. I seriously didnt even
know he did until I felt his pants get all wet. I mean, his cock
must have been tiny because I couldn't feel anything. Anyways,
he just went back to his table and ordered another beer. Sitting
in his own cum. Thats the kind of people that come to these
But, your breasts
I don't let the man finish. I need to establish whos boss.
Do you see that line over there, hon? I ask him, gesturing
my head to the line of guys waiting to ask me to give them a
dance. If you dont like this, you can go back to the end of
the line.
Surprisingly, Mr. Wall Street has more self-worth than I give
him credit for. He pushes me off gently as I feel his hands on my
back force me into a position where Im standing.
Thats fine, he says. Can I have my money back?
The song isn't even half over and hes got a legitimate point.
But its people like him that attract the attention of the floor
manager and the House Mom. I know all eyes are on me as I
reach into my heels and pull out the wad of cash Ive collected,
peeling off a $20 note and turning around and walking away
toward the bar. I can hear the collective groans of at least half a
dozen people as they watch me leave. Guys who were waiting
their turn to get their cocks stimulated by my hot ass.
Whatever. I seriously don't have any fucks left to give them
right now.
I order a glass of wine at the bar, and sip it contentedly for a
Misty, a voice says and I dont even need to turn around to
know who it is. You left a lot of guys unhappy on the floor.
The face associated with the voice sits down next to me. Its
the House MomYasmine. Every club has a House Mom. We tip
her out at the end of the night. In return, she takes care of the
girls. She gets us dinner. She makes sure we don't get too drunk.
Sometimes she helps with our outfits and tells us when were up
on the main stage. But more than anything else, she makes sure
that we make money for the club.
Its not really the best idea to just walk away when you have
people lined up for you especially when some girls have no one
to dance for, Yasmine says again.
I shrug and take a sip of my drink. I needed a break, I say.
Youve been needing a break since you started, Misty,
Yasmine says, using my stage name again. My real name is
Ashley Lane. But on the floor, its like I have a pen name. And
its only professional for her to use it. Are you sure you want to
be here?
Thats the rub, isnt it? I graduated cum laude from Yale
University. Sure, Art History may not be Engineering, but its
still Yale. What am I doing at a strip club?
I need the money, Yasmine, I say to her for the millionth
time. You know that.
Isnt there anything else you could be doing to make money
instead of making yourself miserable every night from 8 pm to 4
am? Yasmine asks, as she too orders a glass of wine. This cant
be good for you.
Its not a question I havent asked before.
But there is one unavoidable truth in America for a woman
today that is kind of depressing but still hard to escape.
That truth? Sex will always sell.
No matter what you end up looking like, women can always
make money selling some form of sex. Which is basically what
Ive been reduced to because of my financial situation. A sex
I just wish I could find something that pays like this that
didn't involve I begin, looking for the proper words, but
Having to deal with men? Yasmine asks, as if shes in my
head. I look up at her because she hit the nail on the head. She
smiles at me.
If I didnt have to deal with ugly guys all night, I could still
do this, I tell her. Hell, I could do a lot more.
Yasmine pauses for a moment, as if thinking to herself. I
wonder whats going through her head.
Finally, she reaches into her bra, and pulls out a business
card. I had no idea she kept things in there, but she hands it
to me.
Take the night off, darling, she tells me as I take the card.
And call these people in the morning.
Simulated Pleasures LLC, I read aloud.
Same owner as Scorchers, Yasmine says nodding, referring
to the strip club. Only you can work from home and its a phone
sex line. They could use someone with as much imagination and
intelligence as you.
I look at Yasmine, grateful. This could totally be it!
Thank you, Yas Im about to say, but Yasmine has already
gotten up from her chair and interrupts me.
Now go home, she says. Im serious. Youre no
good here.

I T S NEARLY midnight by the time I get my makeup off, tip out the
DJ, the makeup girls, Yasmine, the waitress, as well as the club.
Im waiting on 6th Avenue for a taxicab but tonight, theyre
hard to come by. Finally, I see one that stops and I go to get in.
Just as I get inside, the door opens from the other end. A man
gets in.
This is my cab! What the fuck!
59th and Fifth Avenue, please! the man literally shouts at
the driver. I can tell he just came in from the club.
Hey buddy! I yell at him and he turns to me. His eyes widen
and he looks at me as if he knows me.
I cant lie. Hes cute. More than cute. Hes gorgeous. Hes
muscled and hes got a smirk and if he wasnt coming out of the
club, I would totally be crushing on him right now.
This is my cab, I manage to finish.
It takes a moment, and finally the guy speaks.
Listen, uhm, Miss, he says. My dad just died and the cab is
already on its way
Whatever. This is the last time Im going to have to deal with
people from a strip club.
Just make sure you give me the money before you get out, I
say and pull out my phone.
I put on my earbuds and turn on my music. I would have loved
to just stare at the guy, but his stop comes by way too fastin
like 5 minutesand he hands me a $100 note before rushing out.
34th and 8th, I tell the cabdriver, wondering what kind of
people Ill be dealing with on the phone sex line.
Regardless of what theyre like, at least Ill be safe from
people like this guy who just tossed me a C-note.
Im okay if I never have to go inside a strip club again. Or deal
with the people who frequent them.
Well, I mean, I wouldnt mind if I run into the guy who got off
at the Plaza again, though.
Just saying.

T he taxicab is taking me past the Plaza, where Gorgeous

Jerk got off, and is heading onto 8th Avenue. I look at my watch as
we approach Times Square.
Its just barely midnight. I can see Peters apartment on 50th
Stop the cab! I yell to the driver who stops with the
characteristic lack of surprise based on having seen everything
most likely in his tenure as a New York City cabdriver. I pay the
fare and get out of the car, heading toward Peters building on
the corner of 50th Street and 8th Avenue.
Peter lives by himself in a 4 story walk-up, and as someone
who graduated from college a couple of years ahead of me, the
fact that he has a job and an apartment to himself makes him a
pretty big catch in the dating pool of New York City.
I reflect on this as I take the keys to his apartment out of my
purse and open the front door.
Thats right. Hes given me a set of keys. I think he gave them
to me last month after wed been dating for two months. I
know what he sees in me. He thinks Im hot, or whatever. I
mean, I try to work out and look good. I save up for things like
dresses or heels or yoga pants. I dont spend obsessively going
shopping all the time, and Im not vain, or anything. But I try to
look cute. And I guess he appreciates it. I mean, if you ask me,
there are a thousand other prettier girls you can find at any given
momentIm not anything that special, but Peter always likes
showing me off for whatever reason.
But then again, arent I kind of doing the same thing? I know
that's what you were thinking maybe, werent you? When I said
the fact that Peter has a job and his own apartment makes him a
catch, I did my own aspect of superficial judging there I think.
I mean, on paper, thats great. But hes not perfect. I dont
think theres such a thing as a perfect guy. Hes okay to look at
hes tall enough, and hes not like super hot, but hes not ugly.
Hes just average.
We have sex. I mean, it is what it is. Its not like super-crazy
sex or anything. Like Im not yelling at the top of my lungs.
Sometimes I dont really cum. I mean, everyone knows that to be
a girl means sometimes a guys cock isnt going to do it for you,
right? And Peter isn't a big fan of going down on me, so
sometimes I just fake it to make sure everything is going well. I
mean, a part of me is really turned on and gets really wet
knowing what I can bring him to. What I can do to him.
Thats what Im thinking about tonight. Im thinking I want
to have sex. I want to fuck. But is his 5-inch cock going to satisfy
me tonight? Some nights Im lucky. If Im coming from the club,
already kind of horny, then sure, I can get off no problem. But
some days, 5 inches, no matter how hard, doesn't really do it
for me.
Maybe if Peter worked out a bit more. But every time I ever
bring it up, he talks about how busy he is from work and how
much he needs to decompress. I guess I can understand that. I
mean, the guy who shared the cab with me todayhe was hot.
Obviously doesn't miss a gym day. Gym day is every day for
someone like that.
I wonder what having sex with someone like that would be
like as I finish climbing the four sets of stairs and open the door.
Maybe tonight I can close my eyes and pretend that Peter is
the Gorgeous Jerk. If I keep my eyes closed and not think about
the body Im feelingthe slight man boobs and bit of a potbelly
I guess I could pass it off.
Oh fuck, baby, thats so good. Just like that, I hear Peter say
from his room. Hes got a one-bedroom apartment in Midtwon
West and I know he basically pays an arm and a leg for it, with
very little left over to afford.
But thats not what Im thinking about as I hear him again.
Oh fuck, fuck baby, I hear him.
Is he jerking off? Maybe I should have texted him instead of
just coming up here like this.
I don't know why I make my footfalls softer.
But then again, I also don't know why my heart is beating
so hard.
Im at the threshold to his bedroom. The door is closed. I hear
the bedsprings squeak.
Someone is in there with him.
I give myself a moment to close my eyes and prepare for the
I mean, I thought we were good together. That this was as
good as it gets. But maybe I was wrong? Maybe I wasnt good
enough for Peter? I dont know, okay. Have you ever been in a
situation like this? Because I havent. I don't know if Im
thinking right.
I open the door. I dont even both knocking.
The reaction is almost immediate.
Peter is on top of someone and he stops while he's raised up.
He twists his head back and sees me. His eyes go wide.
Ashley! Peter exclaims.
I just stand there as he looks back down to whoever it is below
him and then to me, like a deer caught in headlights.
Ashley, what are you doing here? Peter asks again.
I say nothing. No, thats not true. I think I shake my head.
Yes, Im shaking my head.
Ashley, Peter says again, as if saying my name again is
going to mitigate what Im seeing.
And what Im seeing is searing into my memory. I see Peter
get up off of whomever he's with. His dick is hard and slimy.
He tries to cover himself, but the woman grabs the blanket
and raises her head.
Shes blonde like me. She has huge boobs. Not so slender.
Kind of a fucked-up face.
Yes, okay, Im being unfair. Whatever. I have the right to be
unfair right now.
Ashley! Peter says again.
I wish there was something I could do to make everyone see
what an asshole my ex-boyfriend is.
Im not thinking. Thats why I pull out my phone.
I turn on Facebook. I select the option to go live.
Sure, Im young. I have thousands of friends on Facebook. So
does Peter. We have so many mutual friends in common. People
from Peters work are my friends.
I push the button and voila. Were live on Facebook.
Everyone, I say pointing my iPhone toward Peter who is
standing there frozen, his dick is hard. Say hello to my ex-
boyfriend. He used to be my boyfriend, but I just got home from
work a few minutes ago. Im about four hours early. And I found
him in bed with
The woman doesnt seem fazed at all. She gets out of bed and
I wince as I see her tits sway. Did he cheat on her because I don't
have as big of tits as her? I mean, I have D cups. Shes definitely
She looks to me.
Hey, love bug, she says with a wave as she picks up a pair of
panties. Im Laura. You can find me on the corner of 42nd and 8th
Avenue. I charge $100 for the half hour. $150 for the hour. Do
you want my website or something?
A hooker?
A fucking hooker?
Peter Theller, my boyfriend, was cheating on me with a
hooker who stands outside of the Port Authority Bus Terminal?
Peter Theller, I say, surprisingly calm. I just want to make
sure all my friends know, so they don't have to ask when they
find out why we broke up, that I caught you cheating on me with
a hundred dollar whore that you found outside of the bus
I zoom into his face. Hes sputtering.
I move the camera down.
Peters cock, which was as hard as a 5-inch cock could be,
starts to deflate. Despite myself, I can't suppress a smirk. This is
Ashley, turn that off! Peter says angrily.
Doesn't matter. He can try to turn my phone off. Hell, he can
break it if he wants. It's already gone live. And itll play forever.
And ever. Till the end of time.
I have nothing else to say to you, you stupid, selfish, piece of
shit, I say to him. My voice is even calm. Still.
Am I acting crazy? The jurys gonna be out on that one, babe.
But I don't work 8 hours grinding my ass on other guys cocks
not to be able to roll with the punches. And Im not gonna put up
with this shit.
Not when there are guys who look like the Gorgeous Jerk
walking around out there.
I turn off my phone and turn around.
Nice to meet you! the hooker calls out. Im Laura. In case
you didn't get that.
I don't know how, but Im out the door.
Peter is calling out to me. But I couldnt care less at this point.
I run down the stairs. They go by in a flash. All of a sudden
Im outside. I run across the street and down the stairs into the
I catch the downtown C from Port Authority. I dont know
where Im going, but Im glad that at least Im headed home.
I sit down on the bench in the train car and I think about
crying. But no. No tears for him! Never for him!
I will survive this. I will fucking survive!

I m sure that had my father been here at this point,

he would've been the first to join me in
congratulating the Board of Directors of the Metropolitan
Museum of Art on their opening of their new Impressionist
Wing, I say to the polite applause and some knowing laughter.
Im sure he would've been particularly taken with the nudes.
The laughter is a bit lighter now, people more at ease.
On behalf of the Met, I am honored that his last act was to
grant this gift, I finish and this time the applause is
Of course it fucking is. People will take money from anyone,
no matter how fucking wealthy they already are. Never mind
that half the people in this room would've never fucking allowed
my dad to come near their daughters when he was alive. And
could you fucking blame them? I couldnt. The guy literally made
billions of dollars selling smut. I must've had at least six
stepmothers in my life. I lost track after a while. Each one came
all giggly, then watched as they fell into neglect as their bodies
aged, until they left with their suitcases that they came with, and
a fat settlement check.
Now theyre dedicating a wing of the fucking Met to him.
Dont get me wrong. It cost money. But its the least I could do,
allocating a portion of the money from the sale of the live sex
webcams that he controlled and writing a check to the
fucking Met.
Thats right. Its only been ten fucking days and Ive already
started selling pieces of my dads smut empire.
Dont get me fucking wrong. I love to fuck. I mean, the first
time you saw me, I was fucking two strippers, remember?
Youre father would have been very proud of you, some
random old guy says as I descend the podium. I have no idea who
the fuck he is, but he takes the stage after me. I navigate around
all the fucking leeches that surround this place. As long as Im
making a name for myself by distancing myself from my dads
smut kingdom, and giving away some money to them, theyre
content to come let me inside. But the moment I start going
against their rules, theyll pull back the red carpet and leave me
out in the cold.
I find Gerard waiting for me outside the Met on the steps.
Hes looking through his phone, checking emails. Always a good
lawyer. Always on top of things. Hell, he basically raised me after
my Mom died and Dad started marrying women left and right.
When I moved out of the house before college because I just
couldnt get into Dad living with three other women, it was
Gerard who fucking made sure I didnt go off the deep end. Sure,
I like to party. I like to get wild. But trust me when I tell you that
Id be having a lot more than tattoos on my body if Gerard
werent there to bring me back when I started to stray.
Luca Gianonis left two emails and a voicemail while you
were inside, Gerard says. Hes still talking about the rest of
the strip clubs as being on the table.
Great. Does no one in this fucking city buy into the sex
business except the fucking mob? Id rather not sell to them if I
can help it, but if no one else is at the fucking table, I cant really
help it.
We have no more other offers? I ask, incredulous. The
strip clubs bring in close to five hundred grand a night when you
combine them.
Gerard shrugs. They also cost roughly three hundred grand a
night combined when you add it all up, he says.
Hes got a point of course. Strippers arent cheap. In fact,
theyre fucking expensive. But oh my fucking God, what a great
fucking expense to throw money at.
Ive always been a fan of strippers. But I swear its like ever
since that night a week and a half ago, I cant get strippers out of
my fucking head.
I sigh as I get into the car and Gerard gets in next to me.
You thinking of heading to Scorcher's again, Arsen? he
asks. Hes got a touch of fucking pity in his eyes. I cant blame
the guy as I nod.
I got to find this girl, I tell him. Ive been searching high
and fucking low for the stripper who was on the pole. I dont
know her name. I dont know when she works. No one else at the
club seems to either.
You want to know the bitch about the whole thing, though?
Its that same night I shared a fucking cab with her. I could've
asked her for her name at least that night.
Dont you knock me for being quiet that night. Im sorry, it
was just that my Dad had just died, okay? Sex wasnt really going
through my head at that point. This isnt like some fucking plot
hole or something you can mention in the review. You try getting
news that your estranged family member has just hit the fucking
bucket and you have to manage a sprawling multi-billion dollar
sex empire and see if you remember the small details.
The car pulls up outside the strip club where I had first seen
this gorgeous, blonde haired, perfectly curved woman ten
fucking days ago. With a name like Scorcher's, Im not sure what
I'm going to find instead. But fuck it. If I come up empty, maybe
I can fuck another stripper.
Way to look at the fucking bright side, eh?
I walk in, and instantly Im greeted by the House Mom,
Yasmines been eyeing my fucking cock for years. Shes got to
be the oldest one in this joint. And a fucking vet too, seeing girls
come and go.
Youre here for another one of my girls tonight, Arsen? she
asks me with an arched eyebrow.
Im looking for someone, I tell her. Sure shes been eyeing
me, but Ive never really given it up to her. Never really know
why. Just the circumstances werent right probably.
Lets go upstairs, Yasmine says as she turns around. I look
at her ass flex and instantly Im reminded of the blonde.
Yasmine turns her head back to look at me. To your office.
I follow dutifully. Fuck it, if I dont try to get my dick hard
thinking about boning Yasmine. But its like every time I think
about ass, or tits, or pussy, theres just one image that keeps
coming into my head.
Yeah, you fucking guessed it. The blonde goddess that I saw
last week.
We get upstairs and the music is a bit more subdued.
Yasmine slides over to me, rapidly erasing any personal space
that I may have had. But I dont mind. I wrap my arms around
her back and squeeze her ass.
Ive been waiting for this for a long time, Arsen, she coos.
I knew you were coming tonight. Youve been here every night.
But ever since you had Sophie and Heather, you havent taken
any other girl. I think I know why.
Maybe this is going to be my lucky night. Does
Yasmine know?
That explains it! She didnt want to fuck me, but thats what
she had to make it look like to the other girls.
Jesus, Ill never figure women out, you know?
Youre done with those girls, arent you, baby? Yasmine
asks. I dont know why, but I nod.
You need someone whos finally caught your eye, dont
you? she asks. Fuck, shes on the money.
You need someone who will treat you just right,
Yasmine says.
She couldnt be more clued in if she tried.
You know where I can find her? I ask and Yasmine smiles.
Her hand comes to rest on my crotch.
Wait a fucking second!
What do you mean, babe? Yasmine asks, a glint in her eyes.
But Im too caught up and I dont pay attention.
I think she was what? 5 7. Blonde hair. Body like a
goddess. Last time I saw her was ten days ago, the night I had
Sophie and Heather up here, I tell Yasmine.
Stifling a look of disappointment, Yasmine backs off.
Thats where I saw her for the first time, and then I actually
shared a cab with her, but I didnt get a chance to talk to her
much, I say.
Yeah, Im a fucking asshole because Yasmine looks
completely fucking disappointed. I guess she really did want to
fuck me tonight, huh?
But you know what? Im going to be the first one to admit that
in reality I am a fucking asshole. I got nothing to fucking hide. So
there. Ill be completely honest about it with you as to who I am.
I mean, Im sorry if it hurts your feelings, but would you
rather I lie?
Youre talking about Ashley, Yasmine says quietly.
So this Stripper Goddess has a name! Finally.
Is she working tonight? I ask her.
She doesnt work here anymore, Yasmine says and I think I
see a glint of pleasure at the total look of devastation that wracks
my face. "Her stage name is Misty, but her real name is Ashley
Lane. Don't tell anyone that I told you."
Just my fucking luck. The one woman I obsess about ends up
being the one who doesnt work here anymore.
But Yasmine has a heart of gold, because her next words are,
She started working at Simulated Pleasures last week.
Fucking bingo!
Good thing I didnt sell that place yet.
First thing tomorrow, Im stopping by there and finding out
how to get ahold of this girl.
I rush over and kiss Yasmine on the lips.
Hell, I break it off before she wants more. I know what I do to
women. And I dont want to go down that road now with anyone
but Stripper Goddess. Wait. I mean Ashley.
Thank you so fucking much, Yasmine, I say and she just
looks at me in a daze as I rush down the stairs.
I got to get ready for tomorrow.
Its going to be a great fucking day. I can feel it.

I t's been exactly one week of taking calls and I've

learned a few things: never ask permission questions,
never asked if they're married, and hot girls aren't bored. So
when the phone rings, I immediately snap into character. I lower
my voice almost to a whisper. I finger the lace of my braAgent
Provocateurand then run my hands up my stockings. I know
some people can do this job while they're washing the dishes, or
mopping the floor or something, but for me, I have to be all in. I
can't multi-task. I think it should feel authentic, and wearing
the heels and lingerie instantly gets me into character. I even
turn down the lights. I find that the darker the room is, the more
I can focus on the voice on the other end of the line.
I answer the call and sit back on my bed. I whisper in a soft,
sultry voice. The secret is to keep your voice smooth as a stick of
butter. "Hi, this is Misty. Who am I speaking with?"
I hear a man clear his throat. "Mike."
I wait for more but it doesn't come. "That's my favorite name
for a man," I purr, urging him on. "You sound strong and
"You can say I'm strong. I work constructionconcrete pump
"Oh that's good because I could use a few pumps of your hot
concrete. I'm so glad you called. My neighbors have been fucking
all day and listening to them has made me so horny"
"That makes two of us," he says.
"And I've got a secret to tell you. I'm not wearing any
"Is that right?" he replies, and I can almost hear a smile in
the way he asks.
"I've been so horny. I can hardly stand it. I haven't had sex all
day and it feels like forever. I have myself so worked up and hot
that I'm lying in front of a fan, and the cold air is making my
nipples hard. Do you like hard nipples, Mike?"
"Mm hmm," he mumbles, and I continue.
"What kind of girls do you like?"
"Young, blonde, and busty," he says without hesitation.
"Well, you're in luck. I'm 18, and I have long, blonde hair that
goes down to my tiny waist. I wish you were here with me right
now," I say, just above a whisper, and Mike lowers his voice
as well.
"What would you do to me?" he asks, as if it were a shared
"Oh Mike, I'd make sure my lips touched every manly inch of
you. I'd start by nibbling on your earplayfully, but then I'd get
more serious and move my lips down to your neck and I'd touch
your strong chestI can tell you have a strong chest just by your
voice. And I'd run my tongue over your nipples, circling them a
few times."
"And what else?" he asks.
"I'd let my mouth move down your body even further, my
tongue resting in the deep V above the waistband of your pants. I
can even taste the salt on your skin and it leaves me wanting
moreso much more."
"Is your pussy wet?" he asks.
"Oh yes, you make me so wet. I'm soaking wetit's your
voice, your bodyyou have me so turned on, Mike. My pussy is
throbbing for you. I'm in the mood to fuck."
"Cut or uncut cocks?" he asks.
"I love all cocks."
"What would you do to my cock?"
"I'd unbutton your jeans after you've had a hard day at work,
and I'd slip my hand over your cock. Both of my hands would
work their way up and down your shaft until you're nice and hard
and then I'd place my lips on it. First kissing the tip, and then
slowly basting it with my warm, wet tongue, moving up and
down your manhood."
"Mm hmm, I like that," he says.
"But I wouldn't stop there. I'd wrap my lips around your cock
so tightly and take you deep into my throat. I'd take it so deep
that I might gag. Would you like it if I gagged on your cock?"
He doesn't answer, but I can hear him breathing heavier, so I
"Do you like it when I suck on your cock like this?"
"Yesmm hmmmore," he answers at a whisperor is it a
"Good, because your cock tastes so good. I can hardly stand
it," I say, and I can hear him jerking himself offskin
slapping skin.
"Mike, my pussy is so wetI want to ride your cock. I want
you to give it to me. I'm going to straddle your lap and lower my
pussy onto your thick, hard shaft with my breasts in your face. I
want you to take my nipples into your mouth."
Then I hear Mike coming, his breathing overtaking the
conversation, so I decide to enact my own climax as a spectacular
When his breathing slows, he asks, "Can I get your phone
"Oh Mike, I'm so flattered, but my dad would kill me if I gave
out my number. I'm still in high school. I'm 18, remember? Let
me give you my four-digit calling code so you can call me again
in private."
He agrees, somewhat reluctant, and we end the call. I lie back
and stare at the ceiling. Yasmine is right, I think to myself. This
is much better than stripping. At least I can use my imagination
during these calls. At Scorcher's, what you saw is what you got.
There's no masking the fact that you're on a stage being judged.
But during these calls, the people on the other end of the line
have to use their imaginations toowhich is also great because
it eliminates my old routine waxing, makeup, manicures,
pedicures, and you name it.
I think about putting on a pair of yoga pants and heading to
the gym, but then my eye travels to the stack of bills piling up
next to my bed. Shit. Unlike Scorcher's, this job also doesn't
leave me with cash in hand every night. I better go pick up my
paycheck from the phone sex company headquarters, Simulated
Pleasures LLC.
I quickly dress and hail a cab outside. When I tell the driver
where I'm going, he gives me an odd look. Is it a look of
judgment, or something else? I can't tell. I decide to ignore it and
place my ear buds into my ears and stream music through my
phone, drowning out the outside world.
After 20 minutes, the cab pulls up to a large, non-descript
white building. If it weren't for the address, I'd never know that
this is the headquarters for one of the largest phone sex
companies in the country. I don't know what I was expecting,
but it wasn't this. I'm still listening to my music, and decide to
leave my ear buds in. I hand the driver the money and give him a
curt smile. As soon as I leave the cab, I walk toward the building,
rounding a corner.
And then I feel itlike taking a bowling ball to my back. I'm
struck in the back and I try to turn around but my arms are
pinned behind my back. Without my hands, I can't remove my
ear buds or stop the music streaming through my phone, so it's
impossible to hear what's going on around me. I'm screaming
and thrashing my head from side to side, and the movement
causes the ear bud on my right side to fall out. I can now feel a
man's hot breath on my neck, "Shut up! Just shut up right now!"
He's placing his hands over my mouth, muffling out my
screams, and I bite down as hard as I can. It's my only option and
it's instinctual. I feel the flesh of his fingers pinched between
my teeth, and that's when he hits me; he hits me hard enough
on my head to shut me up. I'm feeling dazed, but when I finally
get a look at the man's face, I'm shocked.
"Shut up! Just shut the fuck up! You want to humiliate me on
Facebook live and then ignore all of my calls for a week? Well, I'll
show you what I'm going to do about that!"
The look in his eyes is one of pure rage and a battered ego. I'm
also surprised at his strength. He was never one to work out
much, and I attributed his soft body to weakness, but he's
stronger than I anticipated. It's shocking, really. Without saying
another word, he brings his hands around my neck and squeezes.
I place my hands on top of his, trying to pry them loose, but it's
not working. I can feel myself running out of breath and in a tiny
voice I manage to squeak, "You're hurting me, stop!"
And just when my entire world starts to fade to black, he
stops. I can't believe it. I open my eyes just in time to see
another man between us now. He's bigtall, muscular, and
broad shouldered. He's not the kind of guy you want to fuck
with, and I watch as his fist crashes into Peter's face, breaking
his nose.
"If I ever see you around here again, I'll fucking kill you," he
growls, clenching Peter by the collar of his shirt, and when he
lets go, Peter turns around and runs, not bothering to look back.
"Are you okay?" the man asks.
As he looks down at me, I get the vague feeling that I know
him from somewhere. I'm rubbing my throat and besides being
emotionally rattled, I'm fine. "I want to thank youwhat you
didmost people wouldn't get involved, but you saved my life."
When I finish talking, I look into the man's eyes again, and I
realize where I know those intense icy blues fromthe cab ride
from the club.
"Wait I've seen you somewhere," I say. "You're the guy
who tried to steal my cab outside of the club the other night."
"It was an emergency. I don't normally jump into other
people's cabs."
"Look, I appreciate your help but I have to go."
"Wait. I'd like to take you to dinner, I"
"I'm sure you're a nice guy and all, but I hope you'll
understand that I'm in no mood to be setting up a dinner not
after my ex-boyfriend just tried to murder me."
"Forget him. He no longer matters. Just say yes."
I look at himhis eyes the color of perfect weather, his
strong, broad shoulders, and gentle smileand even though I'm
feeling bruised and frazzled, and I promised myself I'd never go
out on a date with a man who frequents a place like Scorchers, I
surprise myself and say yes.

W ith a last look in the mirror I close the locker door

and head out of the locker room at the New York
Athletic Club. Sure, its filled with the same fucking fancy people
that I spoke to at the Metsome of these people are still
scandalized that Im in their precious little club of theirs. But
guess what? Im now worth at least $5 billion dollars. If I want to
go around joining all the most exclusive clubs in Manhattan, I
have the money to buy my way in. They dont. Theyre sitting on
their piles of fucking reputation and fake integrity thats as
hollow as a fucking clam shell. Probably got their house
mortgaged five times over and a mountain of fucking debt.
Theyre probably just hoping that they die before the bill comes
due so everyone will at least think theyre prosperous and
dignified now. Who the fuck cares once theyre dead, right?
Well, fuck that. I told you once before when I was with
Yasmine at Scorcher's and Im telling you again. Im always
going to be fucking honest with you. You may not like what I
have to say or how I say it, but I dont give a fuck.
I hand my gym bag over to the attendant at the bar, who takes
it to the cloakroom.
I have a young lady who will be meeting me outside the
Club, I tell the matre d and he nods and proceeds to go check.
Thats right. I figured what better way to put Ashley at ease
than by asking her to have a drink with me while were
surrounded by a bunch of rich old men. Oh right. Let me clue you
in on a few things. Gorgeous Stripper from Scorcher's whom I
rescued a few days backher name is Ashley Lane. Used to work
at Scorcher's but literally, it was her last day working on the first
day I met her. Now she works at Simulated Pleasures as a phone
sex operator. She has no fucking idea who I am or the fact I own
the whole fucking thing. And honestly, Im not in any mood to
tell her.
Just seeing me in the gym would've made you laugh
hysterically. There I was with my tattoos squatting hundreds of
pounds. Benching the weight of some people. And these ancient
men, with their big egos out in the real world just stared at my
physique as they walked on a treadmill. Each of them looked at
me jealously. And when I went to shower, I knew all eyes were on
me. Well on me, and my fucking foot long pleasure stick. It
dangled from my crotch like a sex snake.
If youre rolling your eyes at me thinking its fucking lazy that
I invited a girl to have a drink with me at my gym, then you can
fucking stop. The New York Athletic Club is more than just a
fucking gym. It's got 2 bars, 3 dining rooms, a drawing room, 3
libraries, hotel rooms to spend the night, and two formal
ballrooms for events.
Its also got a swimming pool, gym, shooting range, and
fucking art gallery. A fucking art gallery. So yeah, you could say
that it might be a fucking nice place to take a girl on a date.
Especially if its a private fucking club that she normally
wouldnt have admission to.
Your lady friend is waiting in the lobby, Mr. Hawke, the
matre d informs me and I nod my head and walk out toward the
foyer. Yes, Im hurrying. Because I want to fucking see her, okay?
Told you Im honest.
And Jesus fucking Christ, this girl does not fucking
disappoint. Shes standing there in a black dress thats tight
without being indecent. It ends just above the knees. Shes got
stockings and black heels on. Her hair is made and shes got
makeup on and it makes her look fucking sexy.
I feel my cock twitch just by looking at her fucking gorgeous
body. The way those slender legs are holding up her frame. I
want to suck them one at a time until she squeals. That waist.
Fuck, that ass. The dress is just tight enough to hug her curvy ass
and I want to take each ass cheek in each hand and fucking
squeeze them. God fucking dammit. Those fucking tits. Her
dress ends in a wraparound strapless top but it showcases those
marvelous tits like nothing Ive ever seen before.
The way youre looking at me, its like youve forgotten what
I look like naked, she says to me with a smile as she walks up to
me. She hesitates and I decide for her, leaning in and kissing her
on the cheek. I can smell her perfume. Its intoxicating.
Its like seeing you for the first time, I tell her. You notice
what I did? I didnt fucking swear. See? I can be fucking civil if I
need to.
Flattery will get you nowhere, Mr. Hawke, she tells me with
a teasing smile.
Then what about vodka? I ask, taking her hand and walking
her into the bar that I came from. Because this place makes the
best dirty martinis in New York City.
Ashley gasps as she sees the interior. Yeah, this is how the
fucking other half lives all right. The bar is fucking plush. The
wood at the bar is polished to perfection.
And literally every fucking face turns to the two of us. To the
son of the smut lord and the fucking gorgeous woman on his
arm. Women stare at us hungrily, and their husbands look at me
jealously. Fuck em.
Lets get a table? I ask Ashley, but Im not really fucking
asking because I lead her over and sit her down.
Its a nice place, Ashley says as she looks around. Im
Surprised that I would come here? I ask.
Surprised that youre going through the effort, she says
and smiles at me. Oh dont get me wrong. I totally appreciate it
and love the fact that were on a real date.
What the fuck would we be doing otherwise? I ask. Im
fucking sorry but I cant help myself.
Fuck, she says, and her eyes are looking right at me. Im
silent. A part of me thought wed get right down to that and
this was some elaborate hotel so you wouldnt have to go far.
I live at One57, I tell her. So Im literally a block away.
Ashley rolls her eyes. Well that makes sense now, she says.
You think someone like me isnt able to take girls on dates?
I ask a bit curious where this conversation is going.
You stole my cab, she says with a twinkle in her eye.
Coming out of a strip club. Which is all I know about you. Sorry
for not expecting more out of you.
I laugh. She smiles at me. Youre probably looking at me
thinking Ive gone fucking crazy. Laughing at what she said.
But dont forget. Im the one in control here. Not her. My
laughing is just a sign that Im not fucking threatened. Because
Im not.
Then what the fuck are you doing here? I ask. Yeah, yeah, I
know what youre going to say. But she said fuck first.
Waiting to see how youre going to try and fuck me, she
says and leans back as the waiter brings our dirty martinis to the
table. He gives her a sidelong glance, obviously hearing the last
part of our exchange. Ashley smiles and twirls her hair in one
finger absently.
What do you do? she asks me.
I raise my glass. Steal cabs from women outside of strip
clubs so I can rescue them from ex-boyfriends during the day.
She smiles and raises her glass and we click in a toast. Thank
you for the other night, she says to me.
Dont mention it, I tell her. I was just passing by.
I hope you know that it doesnt entitle you to sleep with me
or anything like that, she says to me, staring into my eyes.
I dont think it entitles me to anything, I say to her and she
looks at me with curiosity. Where am I taking this, shes
probably wondering. But I know youre still wondering what it
would be like if I fucked you.
If Id gotten up and whipped out my 12-inch cock and waved
it around, Ashley wouldnt be any more surprised it seems like.
Thats what Im wondering? she asks me, her eyes wide.
I nod my head. Since you got on your way over here. Youre
also wondering about these tattoos you can faintly see
underneath my shirt the way your eyes are moving.
Ashley takes a sip of her martini and leans closer on the table
toward me.
What else am I thinking? she asks, this time into a bit more
of a smile. Im curious