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+ TO + Ving
agree risk
refuse avoid

would like like/dont like

prefer prefer
want love
need enjoy
deserve dont mind
expect hate
hope dread
cant stand

plan imagine
decide suggest

promise spend / waste time

tend continue, keep


encourage quit
give up

manage practice
go (+activity)

Regret to Regret Ving

(inform you) (feel sorry about the past)

Try to, but Try Ving

(made an effort) (a piece of advice to smb)

Forget to Forget Ving

(didnt remember to do smth) (didnt remember youd done that already)

Remember Ving
Remember to (you recall that youve done smth)
(dont forget to do smth)
Stop Ving
Stop to (stop one action totally)
(stop one action to do another)
More likely to Look forward to Ving Put off Ving
Its better to By Ving What about Ving?
Its best to Be interested in Ving There is no point in Ving
It would be a good/bad idea to Its (not) worth Ving
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