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Nursing Situational Goal and Intervention Evaluation

Diagnosis Analysis Objectives

Nursing Chronic Short Term: Independent: Short Term:
Diagnosis: obstructive >Within 4 >Elevate the >Goal
>Ineffective pulmonary hours of head partially met
airway disease (COPD) duty phlegm of the bed >Difficulty of
refers to chronic
clearance will be 45○ breathing was
bronchitis and emp
related to hysema, a pair of liquefy & (semifowler’s) lessened
increase two commonly co- expectorated position. It Long Term:
production of existing diseases of & maximize lung > Pt. was able
mucus in the the lungs in which further expansion to
tracheobronch the airways becom complication thus sustain understand
ial tree as e narrowed.[1]This will open airway adherence
evidenced by leads to a limitation be >Advised to to the
productive of the flow of air to prevented.; do therapeutic
cough, and from the lungs Long Term: bronchial regimen.
causing shortness
crackles, chest >After 3 days tapping to >Pt. Was able
of breath. In
pain & back contrast to asthma,
of loosen to
pain. the limitation of duty, pt will secretions & understand
airflow is poorly be able to for proper
“Inuubo ako”, reversible and verbalized better management
as usually gets understanding expectoration. of his
verbalized by progressively worse of >Encouraged condition &
the pt. over time. COPD is condition, to follow the
caused by noxious therapy increase fluid prevent
Cues: particles or gas, regimen and intake if measure.
most commonly
>Increased RR side effect not
from tobacco
– 29 smoking, which
of med. contraindicate
>With triggers an > After 3 days d.
crackles abnormal inflamma Pt will >Emphasized
>With chest tory response in be proper
pain the lung.[2][3] The demonstrate disposal of
>With back inflammatory behavior to secretions.
pain response in the improve Dependent:
larger airways is adequate >Nebulize
known as chronic lifestyle with
bronchitis, which is changes to Salbutamol,
diagnosed clinically
improve Combivent
when people
regularly cough adequate as ordered by
up sputum. In oxygenation & attending
the alveoli, the prevent physician
inflammatory exacerbation
response causes of
destruction of the the disease.
tissues of the lung,
a process known
as emphysema.
The natural course
of COPD is
characterized by
occasional sudden
worsenings of
symptoms called
most of which are
by infections or air