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1.1. Background of the Study

Now a days, the young generations mostly like to take soft drinks rather to plain water. They
take soft drinks to meet thirsty, alternative of water and some people who take soft drinks as a
fashion. Soft drinks become a prestigious and compulsory product in our day to day life for
celebrating any of our happiness, enjoyment, entertaining our guests. For meeting the need of
these young generation different soft drink companies introduce different types of soft drinks
in the market.
There are different products with different flavors such as cola, lemon, clear, orange and
energy. But cola flavor was the first to be introduced of them.

1.2. Significance of the problem

Consumers usually face a broad array of products and services that might satisfy a given
need. How do they choose among these many products and services? Consumers make
buying choices based on there perception of the value that various products and services
deliver. Consumer value is the difference between the values the customer gains from owning
and using a product and their cost of obtaining the product.
Customers do not often judge product values and costs accurately or objectively. They act on
perceived value. Consumers’ satisfaction depends on a product’s perceived performance in
the delivered value relative to a buyer’s expectations. If the product’s perceived performance
falls short of the customer’s expectations, the buyer is dissatisfied. If performance matches
expectations, the buyer is satisfied. If the performance exceeds the expectation, the buyer is
Consumers are the ultimate target point of every business organization. Traders are the
channels through which the organization can reach to its consumers. Better knowledge about
the consumers and traders will help the organization to reach its goal. Perception of people
varies person to person. There is no accurate measurement to identify their perception. So,
marketers need to focus on the customer’s perception to reach its ultimate goal. Companies
conduct with consumers through different channels who have a very important role for the
company. They are the only channels; a company can deliver their products to consumers
very efficiently. They also able to get rapid and quick market responses and change through
these channel members. The performances of the channel members are also important along
with the quality of the product.
A lot of soft drinks companies come to serve the consumers’ need. Every company comes
with new tastes, packaging, size, quality, promotional efforts. It has been experienced that
absence of proper knowledge about consumers’ perception and trade (retailers and
distribution) perception towards soft drinks allows the manufacturers to be reluctant to
produce quality product which could have the acceptance to the consumers. If the soft drinks
companies are viewed as objectively, it will be seen that the ultimate effort, depending on the
product. Though soft drinks are impulse products, the customers of these buy them with little
planning or search. Cost and convenience are the very important issues for these types of
products. So, to survive in the market with competitive advantages need to adjust every
important issues such as products, price, place, packaging and promotional activities with the
customers’ requirements.

1.3. Problem statement

The research will be conducted to identify the “Students’ Buying Behaviors of Cola
Drink”. It is a study which will be conducted on the basis of marketing mix- product, price,
place, packaging and promotion, referred from the book “Understanding Business”.
Consumers usually face a broad array of products and services that might satisfy a given

1.4. Limitations of the Research

There are some major limitations to this research. These are as follows:

• Respondents will not always be ready to give an interview and it will create a

pressure on time duration.

• Lack of knowledge of the respondents

• Shortage of adequate time

2. Objective of the Research

The research includes all cola drink products. This flavor introduced the first soft drinks
product in Bangladesh. Now there are many companies who provide several kinds of cola
drinks. This research is undertaken to determine the consumers’ perception about Cola Drink
based on marketing mix to find out students’ buying behavior of cola drink.

2.1. Broad Objective:

 To know students’ buying behavior of cola drink.

2.2. Specific Objectives:

All the following objectives will be analyzed based on many factors:

1. To find out the current level of awareness of Cola Drinks.

2. To find out the consumer perception about the different attributes of Cola Drinks.

3. To find out the satisfaction level of soft drinks consumer’s about the different attributes of

Cola Drinks.

4. To find out the consumers perception about the price level of Cola Drinks.

5. To find out the effectiveness of the different features of packaging of Cola Drinks.

6. To find out the media and other activities for promotion and its effectiveness of Cola

3. Methodology

3.1 Data Collection Method:

Information will be collected through interviewer administered questionnaire method. The

questionnaire will contain several questions with close and open ends accommodating

additional quarries for understanding the opinion of the respondents and having an insight

into the matter.

3.1.1. Sources of Data:

From the broad objectives, specific objectives were developed centering on single and

multiple concepts. The research requires primary data to meet the specific objectives.

Primary data:

Primary Data will be collected from the 17th Batch of BBA Department, Jahangirnagar


3.1.2 Types and Sources of Information

Every source of information of this research is given points according to degree of Validity,

Reliability, Sensitivity and Accessibility to measure the strengths and weaknesses of every


Validity: It defines the degree of relevancy of the information being sought regarding the

nature of research.

Reliability: It deals with the nature of the respondents of sources. It defines the stability or

flexibility the sources of information.

Sensitivity: The degree of precision of the information needed for the research is the basis to

measure the sensitivity of information. Here, sensitivity mainly deals with the accuracy of the

information drawn from the source.

Accessibility: Accessibility of any source is very important issue to be considered in


3.1.3 Survey Technique

Depth Door to
Mall E- Telephone Mystery
Data Intervie Door Mail
Intercept mail Survey Survey
w Survey
Current market structure
of Cola Drinks X X X X X X X

Current level of
awareness about of X  X X X X X
Cola Drinks
Consumer preference
level X  X X X X X
Consumer perception X  X X X X X

Table- 1: Survey Technique

3.2. Sampling Techniques

3.2.1 Population

Population or universe of this research is the 17th Batch of BBA Department, Jahangirnagar


3.2.2. Sampling Frame

Target respondents of this research include:

 Students.

3.2.3 Sampling Plan:

Consumers are selected considering occupation.

3.2.4. Sampling Method:

Since it is not possible to get all the lists of these respondents, this research tends to follow

Non-probabilistic method. Students are selected according to convenient basis.

3.2.5. Sample Size

Sample size for this research:

• Student- 15
4. Data Analysis

4.1. Plan of Analysis Technique:

Several statistical and analytical methods and tools will be used for analyzing

the data from the survey. They are

4.1.1 Taking of soft drink:

We surveyed on 15 students of the 17th Batch of BBA Department, Jahangirnagar University

and found that all of them take soft drinks. Following figure shows the information.

Figure 4.1.1: Taking of soft drink

4.1.2 Time of taking Cola Drinks:
From the survey we have found that students take soft drinks different times. They are shown
in the following figure.

Figure 4.1.2: Time of taking Cola Drinks

4.1.3 Reason of taking Cola Drink:

In conducting the survey we have found that 25% students take cola drinks for refreshment,
25% take cola drinks after having food & 50% take cola drinks to get comfort on hot sunny
Figure 4.1.3: Reason of taking soft drinks

4.1.4 Preference of Soft Drinks:

According to the survey we have found that 33.33% of the student like Cola Drink & 66.66%
like other soft drinks.

Following figure shows the information.

Figure 4.1.4: Preference of Soft Drinks

4.1.5 Advertisements:
In our survey, we found that all the students like advertisement of Cola Drinks.
Following figure no. 4.1.5(a) shows the information.

In our survey, we also found that all the students like TV media.
Following figure no. 4.1.5(b) shows the information.

Figure 4.1.5(a): Likeness to advertisements

Figure 4.1.5(b): Preferred media to advertisements

4.1.6 Packaging of Cola Drink:
In our survey we found that 75% students by bottle of 250 ml, 0% student buy bottle of 500
ml, and 25% students buy 1 liter & 0% students buy other quantity. Following figure show
the information.

Figure4.1.6: Packaging of Cola Drink

4.1.7 Accuracy of price:

In our survey we found that 50% of the students will continue to buy Cola Drinks if the price
increases & 50% of them will not buy anymore.
Following figure show the information.
Figure4.1.7: Accuracy of price
4.1.8 Preferred brand of Cola Drinks:
In our survey we found that 50% of them like Coca cola, 25% Pepsi cola & 25% RC cola.
Following figure show the information.

Figure 4.1.8 Preferred brand of Cola Drinks

5. Conclusion

In this report on "Student’s Buying Behavior of Cola Drinks" we have surveyed, invested
and observed the customer's attitude, demand & want to define their buying behavior.
We collected the primary data very carefully. Later on, after analyzing the surveyed results,
some importing findings have been identified. Research findings include taste, quality,
advertisement, popularity, and promotional activities, complain of the product. It also finds
the brand loyalty and the Varity of the product.
Now customers are very careful when they buy Soft drink. They determine the quality, price,
promotional activities etc. So, it is difficult for a company to maintain handsome revenue.

In fine, we can say that this report is completed in a very short time, which probably could
not expose "Student’s Buying Behavior of Cola Drinks" fully and accurately. But I hope
that this study begets substantial effectiveness.

6. Recommendations

Consumers’ Recommendations:

 Decrease the price to increase the sales

 Increase the quality to develop the product line and the image
 The product should be more available to the consumers

Our Recommendations:

 The present quality should be maintained & should develop in future

 To make the product more available to the consumers the company should develop a
strong distribution channel in JU campus
 The packaging of the product should be developed to be more attractive to the

Appendix part

i) Bibliography:

• Nickles, James McHugh & Susan McHugh (2008-2009).

Understanding Business
ii) Questionnaire:

…………of Business Administration

Cola Drink Consumer Survey

The result of this survey will be used on academic purpose only. The information will be kept
confidential. There is no wrong answer in this question paper. Please feel free to express
your judgment. Your cooperation is highly appreciated. Thank you
Sex: Male Female

Q1. How often do you drink soft drinks?

A. Daily B. Weekly C. Monthly D. Not specific

Q2. Which flavor do you prefer more?

a. Cola b. Orange c. Lemon d. Soda

Q3. What are the factors that you consider while buying a soft drink? (Rank the most

1 2 3 4 5

Q4. Usually which packaging do you buy for yourself?

250ml 500ml. 1 litter Other………………………

Q5. What are the reasons for buying a cold drink? Please Specify.
For refreshment After having food To get comfort in hot, sunny day Other………………

Q6. When I buy the soft drink, I feel I am getting my money’s worth.

Strongly Disagree Disagree Neutral Agree Strongly Agree

1 2 3 4 5
Q7. What do you think about the promotional strategy of these products?

Very Good Good Neutral Poor Very Poor

5 4 3 2 1

Q8. Do you like the advertisements of cold drinks?

 Yes  No

Q9. What kind of advertisements do you like more?

 Story based  Aggressive  Star based  Animated

Q10. What is your preferred media of advertisement?

 TV channels  Newspapers Billboard  Magazine

Q11.Can you recognize the brand if it is not labeled?

Yes No

Q12.If the price increases will you continue to buy the cola?
Yes No

Q13.Which brand of cola do you prefer most?

Coca cola Pepsi cola RC cola others………………..

If you have any comment on this product


Date: Signature

Thank you.