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Danny Ward

When you find yourself waiting for life to do


Section 1 Synopsis

Section 2 The Market

Section 3 Budget

Section 4 Market Research

Section 5 Perspective Festivals

Section 6 Investment Opportunity

Section 7 Extras
Ward Films L.L.C.

The Market
The motion picture industry has, for the last 30 years, been dominated by major
studio blockbusters. The focus on opening weekend numbers, DVD and action
figure sales, and celebrity appeal, has overshadowed the success of the
independent film market, which is growing exponentially. The success of films
such as “Juno”, “Once”, and “Little Miss Sunshine” are proof that audiences
crave small, well written, character based films.

“Cleveland.” will attract a wide range of audiences. The rich, quirky, true
characters will remind audiences of their friends, lovers, parents, children, and
co-workers. The true to life situations allow audience members to really connect
to the story and escape into its simplicity. Each character speaks to and will
attract a different target market audience.

Technilogical advances in digital media, editing softaware, online video

software, and production equipment have opened a door to independent
filmmakers to make high quality productions. No longer does “low budget”
coinside with “low quality”. And in our current economic climate, spending less
on production will allow a greater chance of turning profit once in theaters.

Through markets such as,,, ifilm, The

Independent Film Channel,, The Filmmmakers Network, and many
others, independent fimmakers are finding new and unique ways to distribute
films world wide. “Four Eyed Monsters” (which Danny Ward acted in), was the
first feature film to stream, reaching a world-wide audience. This
filmed also formed partnerships with websites such as, who offered
them $1 for every member they brought in (up to $100,000.00). The path of an
independent is not limited to film festivals any longer.

Cleveland. is a micro-budget, independent feature based in real life situations,

based on real life characters dealing with real life problems. Based on the
success of other films from recent years of this style (i.e. “Garden State”,
“Waitress”, “Lars and the Real Girl”, “Igby Goes Down”, etc.) and the wide
range of audiences “Cleveland.” will attract, Ward Films L.L.C. has great
confidence in “Cleveland.”.
General budget done with the following considerations:

CLEVELAND. by Danny Ward

primarily locked/donated locations

some cast no pay
shooting HDminiDV

Director: Danny Ward 24 Shooting Days

Producer: TBA 5 Rehearsal Days

Acct# Description Page Total

1200 PRODUCER 2 $6,000
1300 DIRECTOR & STAFF 2 $4,000
1400 CAST 3 $13,127
Total Above the Line $23,127
1500 EXTRAS 4 $0
1600 PRODUCTION 4 $2,500
1700 ART DEPARTMENT 5 $6,000
1800 SET OPERATIONS 5 $3,400
1900 SET LIGHTING 5 $5,000
2000 CAMERA 6 $22,500
2100 SOUND 6 $8,550
2400 WARDROBE 6 $1,000
2500 MAKE-UP & HAIR 6 $500
2600 TRANSPORTATION 7 $7,500
2800 FILM & LAB 7 $1,200
4000 COMPANY EXPENSES 8 $4,500
Total Production $94,977
3200 EDITORIAL 7 $10,000
3300 MUSIC 8 $0
3700 TITLES 8 $0
3800 PUBLICITY 8 $7,000
Total Post-Production $24,500
CONTINGENCY @ 4% $4,779
Ward Films L.L.C.

Investment Information

Limited Liability Company

A Limited Liability Company (Ward Films L.L.C.) consisting of “investors” and the
“production team” will be formed to produce and arrange distribution of the feature film,
“Cleveland.”. Investors are limited in liability to the amount of their investment.
The investors advance the film’s budget (approx. $125,000) to the production team,
holder of all “Cleveland.” rights. The investors and production team share net receipts
from sales and/or distribution of the film worldwide.

Definition of Units
Fifty units of $2,500 comprise the total production budget of $125,000. Each unit
represents 1 percentage point of the LLC ownership, and ultimately, 1 percentage points
toward profit participation. There is no cap on the number of units bought by a single
investor. (Executive Producer credit will be awarded to any investor who buys ten units
(20%) of the LLC.)
Funds from units sold are held until a threshold of $75,000 is reached. At that point,
principle photography of “Cleveland.” will begin.

Investment Return & Profit Participation

First revenues received by Ward Films L.L.C. go to the investors until 100% of the
original capital investment is returned.
After the 100% capital return is reached, any deferments to production personnel, cast
and/or vendors must be paid.
All remaining net receipts are split 50% to the investors and 50% to the production team.

Risk Statement
Investment in the independent film industry carries a heavy risk. There can be no
assurance of financial success of any motion picture since the revenues are dependant on
public acceptance of the film along with various other contributors such as competing
films of the same genre placed in the market at the same time, economic factors, and
other unpredictable factors.
The independent film industry continues to undergo significant changes due to readily
available technology, open markets for screenings, more and more festivals every year,
and the ease with which the media can make it appear. Although these developments
have made available alternate and competing forms of leisure entertainment, the
advancements have also made possible the creation of certain additional sources of
This production is in the organizational stages. It is subject to all the risks inherent in the
creation and development of an independent film.