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A poll was conducted from July to September 2009 by STISOC on a sample of 1161 persons 18
years and over, with representation at national level and sampling error of + / - 2.9%. Questionnaires
similar to those used by the European Commission Eurobarometer achievement, were completed by
students of the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work, University of Bucharest using face to face
interview. The results of this study show that 42% of Romanian are geocentrists and furthermore
reveals the following aspects:

- At least one of three Romanians by answers to the questions, proves to be: creationist,
- 42% of Romanians believe that the Sun revolves around Earth, and 41% English, 39% French,
35% of Germans think the same thing.
- 32% of the E.U. population believes that the Sun revolves around the Earth, this is
equivalent to 7 times the population of Romania at the European level
- 37% of Romanians support a creationist view of some kind, considering this statement:
"Human beings, as we know them today have evolved from ancestral species of animals” as false.
- 24% of the E.U. population does not accept Darwin's evolutionary theory, this amounts to
five times the population of Romania at the European level.
- 95% of Romanians believe in God and a close percentage (88%) in the power of prayer.
- 53% of the Romanians state that they go to church at least once a month, 73% of Romanians
saying they pray at least once a week.
- 60% of Romanians agrees with the assertion that "We rely in our life too much on science and
not enough on faith".
- 4 of 5 Romanians believe that "There are miracles, phenomena that can not be explained by

Romania's population tends to give generally increasing importance of religion in explaining the
surrounding reality, most people claiming the existence of facts which are beyond the capacity of
science to explain things and saying we should give greater priority to faith instead of science. In the
European context, Romania is among the first European countries as a proportion of those who go at
least once a month at the church and those who say they pray daily. Most Romanian thought so in 2002
(80%) and 2009 (88%) that the key to industrial development is the science and technology.

Father Gerasimos: No the misleading "science" worshiped by those blinded by the devil, but the
faith in God Almighty is the most valuable wealth of truly human. And we, Romanians, born in the
same time with Christianity, we know better than anyone that the LORD exists, that HEAVEN is the
place where true believers come, that in HELL the atheists and those who do not listen to the word of
word of the Lord our God that the Earth is, by the power of the Holy Logos, the true center of all the
universe emerged from the Lord’s hand, will endure eternal torment. And if God has ordained that the
sun revolves around the Son of Man, so it will be, now and forever, Amen!

for details visit - Raport de cercetare STISOC 2010

Graph 5 Distribution of answers on the item ”The sun revolves around the Earth”

Graph 6 Distribution of answers on the item ”The human beings, such as we know today,
have evolved from ancient species of animals” (percentage)