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Amin Al Husseini, the Grand Mufti of

Jerusalem, played a central role in Hitler's

relationship with Iran and in setting the stage
for a post-war alliance between Iran's
Islamic Republic and Europe's radical right.
Common goals with common roots.

I. A Little Background on Iran

Deep Memories of A 560-334 BC The Achaemenid Empire was the Great Persian Empire, which
Great Persian Empire flourished under King Cyrus and then King Darius, until its fall under
Alexander the Great.

Cyrus and Darius are legendary symbols of Persian Imperialist power and
strike deep chords inside the Iranian psyche.

Hitler admired the Persian Empire as an example of expansionist Germanic


637 AD Muslims invade Iran. By the 11 th century AD, 100% of the

Cyrus the Great population is Muslim.

II. The Volkisch Movement and the rise of the

fascist left.

Germany 1920
Back to 1920 Germany Germany is defeated and humiliated by the Treaty of Versailles, which
marks the end of WWI. The winds of fascism are blowing in Germany and
the Volkisch movement takes hold of defeated Germany.

Volkisch Movement The Volkisch movement develops the idea of an occult force, which ties
into the glory of the Aryan past. It claims to be a mystical faith, which
Romantic Nationalism worships nature, emphasizing the connection between the Aryan race and
German soil. The superiority of Aryan blood cannot be proved scientifically
but rather through intuition. Modernity and science are seen as a threat to
The Birth of
national identity.

Urban materialism, rationalism and science are seen as an evil conspiring

German Fascim to destroy the Aryan spirit.


From The Thule Society (1919) becomes a bastion for the occult radical right
and Volkisch ideology. It concerns itself with Aryan origins and rapidly
The Thule Society focuses on racism and combating Jews and Communists. The Nordic
peasant is seen as the superior being. Thule is a mystical Nordic location,
seen as the Aryan Atlantis.

In 1919, Anton Drexler combines the Thule Society with radical right
worker's organizations and eventually, with Adolf Hitler, forms the National
Socialist German Workers' Party, generally known as the "Nazi Party".

To the Nazi Party

The Volkisch movement has 2 major consequences.

Germany for Germans 1. America and the Jews are not Aryan. America's multiculturalism is
a threat. They are seen as the importers of modernity, and as the
evil city-dwellers and scientists who are conspiring to destroy the
Aryan land and race. They have no place in a Germany for
The Sanctity of Nature
2. The sanctity of nature and the animal kingdom are paramount
since the Aryan race mystically finds its superiority in nature. This
purity must be preserved and the impure elements of society must
be destroyed. The very fabric of society must be purified.

III. Hitler's Rise to Power

From Romantic Nationalism to Nazi

Volkisch Propaganda The Weimar, democracy, which governs Germany after WWI, is perceived
as a pawn of the Allied victors.

Hitler preaches that Weimar threatens the German soil and spirit with
urbanization. Hitler praises the irrational character of Aryan superiority
over science. He empowers the German public with an ideology of natural
superiority and promises to re-establish the great Aryan empire.

He presents himself as a strong advocate for ecology and the preservation

of nature.

Hitler the Ecologist

Promises to re-establish
the Great Aryan Empire

1933 Hitler comes to power. He passes laws regulating the slaughter of animals
and the cooking of lobsters. Meat-eating is associated with industrial
capitalism. An international conference is held in Berlin over animal and
environmental protection. Hitler becomes a vegetarian and Goering sets
up natural reserves for animals. Himmler turns to Buddhism and describes
the shooting of birds as “murder”.

In contradistinction to the purity of nature and of the animal kingdom, the

Jews are portrayed as „city-dwellers' and „meat eaters'. They represent
American industrialism and nature's enemy.
Hitler Comes to Power
In this way, Hitler skillfully unites the broken German people and
Industrial Capitalism empowers them with an irrational sense of superiority and a common
and the Jews are the enemy. The winds of WWII were gaining strength.

IV. Hitler Forms Ideological and Commercial

Alliance with Iran
Foreign Affairs Bureau . Hitler establishes Germany's Foreign Affairs Bureau. The mission of the
bureau is to send envoys to other countries to initiate strategic alliances
1933 with Germany. It is met with great success in Persia (Iran today).

Hitler makes contact

with Iran

Iran's Alliance with . Reza Shah Pahlavi seizes power in Persia in 1925 and develops close ties
Hitler's Germany with Hitler's Germany in 1933.

1935 Seduced by Hitler's ideology of racial purity, he draws attention to the fact
that both Germans and Persians are from the Aryan (Indo-european) race.
Business Partners He renames Persia and calls it Iran (in reference to Aryan). A change
suggested by Hitler's banker Hjalmar Schacht to Iran's embassador to

. Reza Shah seeks to diminish Britain's monopoly over Iranian oil reserves
and draws closer economic ties with Nazi Germany.

. Between 1933 and 1939, Germany's trading with Iran increases five-fold,
and by 1939, Iran has the greatest trade turn-over with Germany than
any other country.
Reza Shah Pahlavi
.The Foreign Affairs Bureau establishes many institutions in Iran. Nazi
Gestapo agents are sent to Iran, which becomes a major center for Middle
Eastern agitation against the British.

Fritz Grobba Fritz Grobba is Hitler's envoy. Called the „German Lawrence of Arabia',
promised a pan-islamic state stretching from Casablanca to Tehran.'

V. Amin Al Husseini, the Grand Mufti of

Jerusalem, acts as mediator between Nazi
Germany and Iran.

The War for Oil


WWII WWII breaks out. Hitler seeks to take-over the world and establish his
Aryan empire. Amin Al Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, is by his
Hitler and the Mufti side in Berlin and is considered to be the Fuhrer of the Arab world.

He shares with Hitler a virulent anti-Semitism. Amin al Husseini seeks to

establish an Islamic empire with Jerusalem as its capital. He pushes for
the eradication of European Jewry and establishes Muslim SS Nazi troops
in the Balkans, which participated in the ethnic cleansing of Serbs, Jews
and Gypsies.

Failed Pro-Nazi Coup in Amin Al-Husseini instigates a pro-nazi coup in Baghdad, Iraq. Kharaillah
Iraq Tulfah is his right-hand man. Tulfah is Saddam Hussein's mentor and
uncle. Germany sends weapons and aircrafts to Husseini. Coup fails and
1941 the British secure their hold on Irak and its oil.

War for Oil Amin Al Husseini's intention was to provide Iraqi oil to fuel Hitler's war
machine. He flees to neighboring Iran.

The Mufti relocates in . Forced to flee Iraq, Amin Al Husseini relocates in Iran. He once again
Tehran tries to funnel Iranian oil to Hitler's army in Czekoslovakia and Austria
using the Anglo-Iranian Oil Co.
Third Reich backs
Islamic Jihad . Amin Al Husseini arranges deal with Germany in exchange for permission
to launch Islamic Jihad against the Jews and the Allies and obtains
War for Oil guarantee from Nazi Germany of a Pan-Arab state, which would include
full control over Palestine.
. Sensing the threat, Britain and the Allied Forces invade Iran and cut the
Mufti's oil supply to Hitler in October 1941.
0ctober 1941

. Amin Al Husseini hides in the fascist Italian Embassy of Tehran and flees
The British Triumph
to Egypt, disguised as an Italian delegate. He then finds his way to Berlin,
where he broadcasts his vision of a Pan-Islamic empire on a daily radio
show. He founds and leads the Hanzar Division of Muslim Nazis in the

VI. The Allies Appoint a New Monarch

Mohamed Reza Shah

The Allies appoint a
new monarch
. Britain has no confidence in Reza Shah Pahlavi, in light of his allegiance
Mohamed Reza Shah to Hitler's Germany. He is replaced by his son, Mohamed Reza Shah as
leader of Iran.
. The new leader, also known as the Shah of Iran, embraces close ties with
The Shah of Iran the West. After WWII, he pushes for reform and favors Western
capitalism. He calls it the „White Revolution'. Although popular at first, his
economic favoritism towards Britain and America become increasingly
White Revolution
unpopular throughout his reign.

His regime becomes increasingly oppressive, as he imposes more and

more restrictions on the Iranian people, limiting their freedom and
offending their attachment to traditional values. He is eventually
denounced as a puppet of the West.
American Puppet?

1953 The Shah is driven out of power and secular Prime Minister Mossadeq is
voted in by the people. Mossadeq had promised to nationalize the oil fields
Shah ousted by the of Iran and re-empower the people by fighting against US and British
people exploitation and special interests.

CIA and British MI6

launch Coup d'Etat

Monarchy restored.

Prime Minister Mohamed Mossadeq

In light of this, the CIA and the British MI6 conspired with the Shah to
overthrow Mossadeq and re-establishes the monarchy. Praised as a great
ally of the US for 25 years, the Shah was accused by the Iranian people of
being a brutal and corrupt dictator, who had sold out to the Americans. He
was helped by his brutal secret police called the Savak.
Democracy Rebuked

VII. Ayatollah Khomeini's Rise to Power

From Romantic Nationalism to Islamic

1963 Khomenei, the future Ayatollah of Iran, opposed the Shah's White
Revolution. He denounces Industrial capitalism as an enemy to Iran
Ayatollah traditional values. He opposed universal suffrage for women, the fact that
religious minorities could hold office and equality for women in marital
Ruhollah Khomeni

He is placed under house-arrest for 8 months and then exiled for 14 years
by the Shah. He spends those years in the holy Shia city of Najjaf in Iraq.
Aspen Conference A symposium is held by the Aspen Conference, which lays the ground work
for the Iranian Revolution against the Shah.
Persepolis, Iran
It outlines a path to reverse the Shah's industrialization program and
1975 return Iran to a pre-modern Islamic state. It is attended by prominent
Europeans, many from the Club of Rome (a global think-tank).
Professor Ali Shariati
Professor Ali Shariati becomes the main voice of the Muslim Brotherhood
in Iran. He had a huge influence on the youth and led an anti-materialist
rebellion based on Sufi concepts mixed in with Marxist ideology. The
revolution would not have had its popular appeal without him.

The Soul of the


The War on Professor Shariati preached a mystical, irrational anti-materialism, pitting

a nature-loving Islam against an evil industrialist America.
Modernity and America
He praised martyrdom as the ultimate act, claiming that the „willing
Volkisch Undertones acceptance of death is the only legitimate escape from the material world'.
He was the spokesman Khomeini needed to fire up his Islamic Revolution.
Martyrdom for Islam
He was assassinated before the Revolution even took place.

The Fall of the Shah . From 1971 to 1977, the Iranian economy falls into a recession under the
Shah and the Iranian people become increasing unhappy with the level of
1971-1979 governmental corruption and oppression. Khomeini's influence grows.

1978 . September 1978. Khomeini comes out of exile and returns to Iran. Civil
unrest erupts as he preaches for the fall of the monarchy and the
establishment of an Islamic Republic.

He is forced to leave and France offers him political refuge.

Calls for a Revolution

Khomeini Khomeini spends 8 months in a luxurious Paris hotel.

Exile in Paris He continues to push for the establishment of an Islamic Republic.

Sponsored by Hitler's He draws international attention to his cause with the help of the French
Swiss Banker media and becomes a media sensation.

Francois Genoud, Hitler's Swiss banker, covers all his expenses. His
influence continues to grow.

VIII. The Iranian Revolution

1979 to today
The Iranian Revolution Ayatollah Khomeini returns to Iran and the Shah is forced out and goes
into exile. Khomeini declares himself Supreme Leader of the new Islamic
1979 Republic. Sharia law now officially rules Iran.

Khomeini: As the Supreme Leader, he has absolute power over the country's military,
internal affairs and foreign policy.
Supreme Leader


Supreme Law

US Embassy in Tehran Ayatollah Khomeini makes a demonstration of strength in November 1979.

In response to the US helping the Shah, Khomeini holds 52 Americans
Hostage Crisis hostage at the Tehran embassy for 444 days, causing an international
crisis and emboldening the Iranian Revolution.
Nov 1979
Pan-islamism was uplifted throughout the world by Iran's act of defiance.

Iran-Iraq War Saddam Hussein of Iraq attacks the Iranian Republic in its infancy in order
to seize the oil-rich Arab provinces of Khuzikstan. Iran fights back and
1980-89 regains the land at considerable expense.

In 1982, Saddam Hussein offers a truce but Khomeini refuses to stop

fighting until Iraq becomes an Islamic Republic. Over one million people
will die in the name of Jihad martyrdom. The war ends with no winners but
Iran finds itself unified and Khomeini has more control over Iran.

Hezbollah The Revolution Begins to export itself as part of its imperial aspirations.

Party of God Hezbollah created with headquarters in Syria. Aka Islamic Jihad, Jihad
Islami. Call themselves “Party of God”. Radical Shi'ite Muslim group,
backed by and based in Iran. Created at time when Iranian Islamic
Revolution actively exporting itself. Directed from Iranian embassy in
Damascus, Syria.

Also inspired by Amin Al-Husseini's original vision of Pan-Islamic


Will join Arafat in War against the Jews and the Christians.

Hezbollah becomes active force in destroying Lebanon and attacking Israel

Imad Mughniyeh
from Lebanon border. Imad Mughniyeh, who originally trained under
Arafat's Force 17 militia, heavily trained in Husseini's ideas, becomes
number one man in Hezbollah organization.

240 US Marines killed in Hezbollah sends suicide truck on US embassy and Marine barracks in
Hezbollah suicide attack Beirut, Lebanon. Two hundred and forty (240) American marines and
diplomats die in attack. Also, many instances of Western hostage taking.

Imad Mughniyeh heads the operation. He will later become prime suspect
with Osama Bin Laden in organizing September 11 th 's attack on America.

US Embassy

Beirut, Lebanon


The Islamic Republic Iran maintains close ties with Europe's radical right underworld. Iran
and becomes a major center for Revisionist ideology, which seeks to deny the
magnitude and occurrence of the Jewish holocaust. It continues to be a
Europe's major center for „Volkisch' ideas of anti-science and anti-Americanism. Two
important figures are Roger Garaudy and Ahmed Huber.
Radical Right

Roger Garaudy .Roger Garaudy is a French intellectual with communist beginnings who
converted from Catholicism to Islam. He was active in the Aspen
Islam and The West Conference, from which he received millions of dollars.

Project He subsequently establishes the International Institute for Dialogue of

Civilizations and participates in the Muslim Brotherhood project called
„Islam and the West'. The goal is to create a zero-growth version of Islam
Attack on Progress
to infiltrate the West in order to draw recruits for the coming empire.

„Islam and the West' declared: "We have to return to a more spiritual
conception of life. . . . The first lesson of Islamic science is its insistence on
the notion of a balanced equilibrium which would not destroy the
ecological order of the environment, on which collective survival finally
depends." This argument was used to attack "Western" science and
technological progress in Europe and North America.

Roger Garaudy 1995. Garaudy authors a book called „The Foundation Myths of Israeli
Politics', which denies the magnitude and truth of the holocaust. He is
fined 160,000 francs by the French authorities and gets 9 months parole.
Holocaust Denier

1998. He is greeted as a king in Iran and personally welcomed by

Ties to the Republic
President Khatami of Iran and the Ayatollah Khameini himself.

. .Other revisionists have found friend and refuge in Iran, for instance:
Jurgen Graf , Wolfgang Frohlich, Ahmed Rami, David Irving, Ernst Zundel
and the Institute for Historical Review in California.

Ahmed Huber Albert Freidrich Ahmed Huber (aka Ahmed Huber), born in 1927, is a
Swiss journalist, who became a major financier of radical Islam and pan-

He is an avid admirer of Hitler and highly active in Europe's radical right


After his involvement with the radical left Algerian rebels against the
French in the 1950's, Huber converted to Islam through the offices of the
Hitler Admirer Muslim Brotherhood.

Muslim Brother At first he followed into the path of Pan-arabism with President Nasser of
Egypt, whereby Nasser promised safe-haven for former SS officers in
Egypt exchange for help on „Jewish affairs'. When President Sadat of Egypt made
peace with Israel, Huber left and joined Ayatollah Khomeini.
Safe Haven for Nazis
He meets Amin Al Husseini, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, as well as
Contact with: Francois Genoud, Hitler's Swiss banker. While in Egypt, he also befriends
Johannes Van Leers, former chief of Nazi propaganda under Hitler. He
actively funds an anti-American and Anti-Israel agenda through his
Amin Al Husseini leadership of a secret fraternity called Avalon Gemeinschaft. This group
unites former SS officers with younger radicals such as Horst Mahler,
Francois Genoud Jurgen Graf and Ahmad Rami.

Johannes Van Leers Finally, Ahmed Huber establishes the Al Taqua Bank with Muslim
Brotherhood members Youssef Nada and Ali Gholib Himati. The Bank was
since shut down by authorities for transacting with groups such as Al
Qeida and Hamas and financing terrorist acts.

Ahmed Huber is thought to be the main financier and instigator of the

holocaust denial movement in Iran.

Avalon Gemeinschaft

Secret Society

Al Taqwa Bank

Financing Al Qeida and


President Mahmud Ahmadinejad becomes Iran's 6 th president. Ayatollah Khameini

is Supreme Leader.
Ahmadinejad says that the holocaust is a myth and told reporters that
2005 „Israel will be wiped off the map.'

In parallel to this, he has refused to bend to pressure from the UN security

council, which has asked him to end his nuclear program of uranium
enrichment or comply with rules and regulations.

Holocaust is a Myth

„Israel will be wiped off

the map'

2006 The July War or Second Lebanon War. Hezbollah launches „Operation True
Promise' under the guidance of Hassan Nasrallah and most likely chief of
Second Lebanon War operations Imad Mughniyeh. Hezbollah troops cross into Israel and attack
a patrol killing 3 Israeli soldiers and kidnapping 2, while diversionary
rockets are launched into Israel.
July 12 th to August
14th 2006.
Israel calls this an act of war and responds with a devastating series of
airstrikes. Hezbollah launches over 4,000 well prepared rockets into Israel
from Southern Lebanon. Weapons are supplied by Syria and Iran.

The war last 33 days with no clear victor but extensive damage to
Lebanon's infrastructure. Hezbollah is emboldened by the conflict.

On 11 August 2006, the United Nations Security Council unanimously

approved UN resolution 1701 in an effort to end the hostilities. It was
approved by both Lebanese and Israeli sides:
Hassan Nasrallah
• disarmament of Hezbollah
Leader of Hezbollah
• withdrawal of Israel from Lebanon
UN Resolution 1701
• the deployment of Lebanese soldiers and an enlarged UN force (UNIFIL)
Mughniyeh the Martyr in southern Lebanon.

Feb 13 th 2008. Imad Mughniyeh is assassinated by a car bomb in

Damascus, Syria. He was Head of Special Operations and master terrorist.
Hezbollah accused Israel of his murder. Israel denied any involvement.