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Epilogue - Ashley
Goodbye From Arsen
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My Naughty Angels
About the Author
Red & Blue

A Dark MFM Romance

By Alexis Angel

Copyright 2017 by Alexis Angel

All rights reserved

This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places, and incidents either are
products of the authors imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to
actual events or persons is entirely coincidental. This work is intended for adults only.

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R ed & Blue: A Dark MFM Romance

TAKE two of the most notorious men in politics and add one
bad girl. Power has never corrupted so absolutely.
Liam Jeffries and Carter Andrews rule their opposing political
parties. Both are leaders of men. Both can have any woman he
wants. But away from the cameras lies a deep seated rivalry


NOW, with their careers on the line, and their names dragged
through scandal, the one person who can save them may be
more of a badass than both of them combined. Curvy and
confident Vivian Hawthorne, the youngest Senator in the history
of the nation, has never met a bad boy she didnt turn into a
mewling kitten.

BUT CAN this Senator handle both theiragendas?

AS LIAM and Carter compete in a final showdown, a tantalizing
new possibility presents itself - one that will change their lives
forever, if it doesn't cost them the ultimate price.

COME RAISE your polls with this exciting new dark MFM mnage
romance - filled with brooding bad boy alpha males and the one
woman who can tame them! No cliffhangers or crossing swords,
but its a scorcher with super-steamy scenes that youve come to
expect from Alexis Angel. Happily Ever After? You know it.
This book is dedicated to the Naughty Angels: Joyce Walker, Lisa
Boltiador, Ida Jolley, Brittney Ketchum, Kim Lubbers, Christine
Raine Jalili, Michele Roberts VonCannon, Carla Roman, and the
lady who manages to take care of all of us: Cheryl Maddox.

W ell hello there, ladies!

Let me first begin by introducing myself. My name is Alexis
Angel. I write steamy contemporary romance. Steamy is another
word, I guess, for dirty. And dirty is another word for dirrrrty. In
fact, the dirtier the better because at heart Im just a bad girl
looking to have some fun.
Having fun is why I do this. And, Im just having fun in the
next few hundred pages, doing what I do with a wink and a nod.
Its supposed to bring out some emotions and give you a chance
to forget about your cares for a little bit. Thats all Im looking to
Some people want realism in their books. I say reality is too
depressing. So you might see certain things as over the top or
ridiculous in terms of never being realistically possible. Yeah, I
agree. Youre coming into the world of Alexis by turning the
page. Into a world where you have twin stepbrother quarterbacks
with 12 inch uhmmappendages that fall in love with their
stepsister, where you have dragons who shift into billionaire
BDSM rock stars. And its totes more exciting than the one we
live in where were mad and sad and scared and worried
sometimes. I think reality should take a second place to fun for
the time you have me.
So I just wanted to say that, in case you know, you were
hoping for like super real. The men and women in the pages
below represent the best, and worst, of all of us as a collective
whole. This is all about leaving your cares for the world behind,
as we hold hands, and just for a little while go on a journey that
makes us smile. And hopefully a lil wetter than before.
Kisses and hugs and lots of love!
Alexis xoxox


I swear to fucking God thats the sound that gets made when I
slap Naomis plump, round ass. It sounds so lewd, so profane
that I fucking love it.
Naomi moans and everything I said about lewd and profane is
just multiplied by a factor of one hundred.
Shes a nasty woman, in a good fucking way. The kind that
sticks her hand down your pants and starts massaging your cock
in public. The kind that gives the wet, sloppy blowjobs that you
need to clean up with a mop afterwards.
Oh, Liam, that feels so good! Naomi moans again, jutting
her ass back against me and shucking herself against my tree
trunk of a cock thats going in and out of her like a fucking
Thats right. Im fucking the shit out of her doggie style. Not
what you expected Americas youngest Mayor to be doing at the
World Mayors Day conference in Paris, did you?
And, no, Im not going to mimic the sounds that are
happening when my cock is diving into her pussy. The slurping,
sucking, slapping sounds that are coming from the two of us as
my monster cock ravages this poor heiress pussy.
Thats right. Heiress. Scion of the Boltiador family fortune.
Youve heard of them, right? They control nearly all the fucking
gold mines in the Philippines and the copper mines in Indonesia.
Not just that, but the fucking oil wells off the cost of Singapore
and the coal mines in Australia.
So what right? Thats probably what youre wondering. What
does an heiresss family business have to do with me fucking
Oh baby oh baby oh ba ughh! Naomi groans loudly
as my cock brushes up against a delicate cluster of nerve endings
inside of her, pushing her over the edge. Her lithe body trembles
in my hands and I feel her knees give way. I can feel the walls of
her pussy spasm and tighten against my cock. Shes cumming.
Im not that far away from cumming myself. But before I
spew obscene gallons of cum into this Trojan, let me go ahead
and introduce myself to those of you who havent seen my
chiseled face and deep icy blue eyes on the cover of Time
Magazine and Newsweek. My name is Liam Jeffries.
If you just did a double take darlin thats okay. Yes, I am that
that Liam Jeffries. The motherfucking bad boy Mayor. Americas
Youngest Mayor at 32 years old. Heartthrob of millions of women
around the world who see me with my fucking ripped body my
cut pecs and my 8-pack abs. That same self-made billionaire
who talked his way into Harvard University even though he came
from dirt-poor backgrounds. The 6 3 wet dream that you have
every time you see me on the news. Thats mainly because the
news reporters love covering me. You should see the female
reporters drool every time they interview me. And they try to
find any excuse to talk to me. Were installing a new stoplight in
New Kingstonthats the city I manageand theyll come to
my office for an exclusive. Cat got stuck in a treethey need to
do a breaking news sit down. They're all hoping for some one-
on-one time to get my rugged face on their show. And once the
cameras stop rolling, if theyre female, they get on their fucking
knees. They hike up their prim and proper skirts or throw off
their pantsuits and moan, and start polishing my knob. They
moan like a slut as they impale themselves on my monster fuck
Just how big are we talking about, Liam, youre probably
asking. Youve heard the rumors. Youve seen the hour-long
special on Access Hollywood and Extra. I think they called the
show something like Liams Legend.
Well, its no fucking legend, I can tell you that. Its fucking 12
inches of cock that swings between my legs. Thats right. Once
you go Liam, youre in a whole new world, baby.
But if you think Im bragging, then youre absolutely fucking
right, I am. Dont like it? Think Im a cocky fucking asshole?
Well, guess what baby? I completely agree with you 100%.
Don't get me wrong. Im not being cocky just to be an
asshole. Although that would be fun. But I got good cause to act
like I own the fucking world. I came from absolutely nothing. We
used to fucking live on one meal a day. My parents made sure we
went to school so we would get the free lunches we were so
fucking poor. I grew up in the Andrews Estate in New York City.
Toughest fucking place to grow up, out of the entire city. Located
smack dab in the South Bronx, I had absolutely nothing.
And now I strut the world like a fucking colossus. Because I
You like that, darlin? I ask Naomi and shes biting her lip
as I thrust one last time before pulling out.
Naomi doesn't waste any time as she gets on her knees and
takes my cock with both hands. She knows what I like. Shes
heard the stories before. From the Hollywood starlets Ive
banged who still want to get in on the action. The models. The
pop stars. The porn stars that swore up and down that if I ever
entered the industry they would only work with me.
Before I know it, Naomi has taken off my condom and is
jerking my pole with one hand as she starts massaging my balls
with another and using her tongue to stimulate the underside of
my tip. Jesus fuck. This dark-haired heiress is going to make me
Shes not the prettiest girl Ive ever seen, but Ive seen so
many that it doesnt matter to me anymore. At least thats what
Im starting to believe. Naomi doesnt even have a tight pussy.
You can tell all of those evenings getting fucked in Cannes and
then Park City and Monaco are starting to take their fucking toll
on her.
I feel a shudder travel up my spine.
I just felt your balls tighten, she tells me, looking up at me
and giving me a slutty smile.
Shes good, I guess. But I gotta tell you, Im not really
completely here in the moment with her. A lot of sex with a lot
of women, all of who compliment you on your fucking Apollo-
esque body, your two arms covered in tattoos, and your
monstrous cock, will leave you with a crazy detachment from the
act of sex itself. This woman means nothing to me.
Thats not to say that when she wriggles her tongue on the
base of my shaft and brings it up and wraps her lips around my
tips and begins to suck that I dont feel anything. Fuck, I feel
enough to push me over the edge.
Fuck, I groan loudly and feel my body go. This is it. An arc
of electricity paralyzes me as it shoots from my loins and seizes
my muscles in my body and I feel my cum racing out. I see my
cock explode a moment later.
Thick, long, gooey ropes of cum blast out of my slit and they
make a mess on Naomi that I can tell will need a fucking beach
towel to clean up.
The first shot hits her square in the forehead. It literally
splatters. She angles my cock slightly down and the second shot
hits her cheek and nose. The third sails into her open mouth and
lands on her tongue, but it starts rolling out and dribbling off her
tongue and onto her chin and her smallish tits. The fifth and
sixth shots hit her chin and neck.
Fuck, just watching this woman coat her body with my cum is
enough to get my cock twitching again. Im still dribbling the
last spurts and Naomi wastes no time, swallowing whats left in
her mouth and wrapping her lips around my tip, sucking again.
She tries her best to empty me out, and after several
swallows, finally lets my cock free with a loud popping noise.
She starts scooping up the cum that's running in rivulets
down her body as she looks at me with wanton eyes of unbridled
I think Mr. Mayor, she coos, That if you can help me get
cleaned up and get my clothes back on so we can look somewhat
presentable at the rest of the conference, that I can guarantee
those factory jobs in New Kingston.
Thats the entire refining and semiconductor operations
that youll set up there, right? No fucking tax breaksjust a
property tax abatement? I ask, making sure about our deal.
She nods at me happily, her eyes glazed over as she takes my
body in. My muscles are twitching and my cock is still at half-
mast, which really only means it's shrunk to 11 inches.
We can announce in an hour if I get cleaned up in time.
You remember when I asked you if you were wondering what I
was doing at this World Mayor Conference? What I hoped to get
by coming here?
Thats what I came for. To seduce and get 10,000 good paying
manufacturing jobs to come to my city. Each job is a union job,
which means fucking benefits and at least $50,000 salary with
paid vacation and sick time.
In hindsight, this was a walk in the fucking park. I could have
probably bargained with her for a few weeks and gotten this. But
I fucked her instead and got what I wanted. It was a fun
distraction to whatever those boring old geezers are talking
about right now.
I mean, Im just letting you know how I fucking roll, baby. Its
going to get a lot hotter from here on in, so either take those
panties off now, or maybe get a free pair ready. Maybe also get
BOB all set and make sure hes got the batteries to last, because
Im thinking youre gonna need it soon. I dont lie about shit like
this, not when it involves my glistening body. Not when it deals
with the tattoos on my massive, muscular bodytattoos that
were crafted by the most gifted artists the world over. Because
this body is going to make you cum. Either its going to get you
hot, or you're going to jump your significant other after youre
done reading about me, or if even that doesnt happen then I
fucking swear to God Im going to come out of the screen and
stand in front of you. Naked. Ready to bone.
After all, who wouldn't want to fuck me?
10,000 jobs, I say to myself. Not a bad days work, I think
youll agree.
If Naomi says with a smile, getting up on her feet, and
gesturing to her naked body. And only if you can find me a
Good thing I brought one. Always come fucking prepared.
I meant what I said above. Dont say I didnt fucking warn
you, darlin.


N ew Kingston Mayor: Jobs to CUM BACK! to town

FROM THE DESK of Editor-at-Large, Michael Anders.
As Mayor of New York City, I have an unique insight. As the
owner of my paper, here are my thoughts

IN A MOVE that is now emblematic of the new Mayor, Liam Jeffries

held a press conference today where he criticized the owners of
the Pik-A-Part Factory that will be closing its doors in less than
a month.
The factory will be moving its operations to Shanghai, China,
and removing approximately 2,500 jobs from the local economy.
Its motherfuckers like this that are destroying this
country, the Mayor said in a live televised address that was
delayed by five seconds to clear up some of the Mayors saltier
words. They think theyre really screwing this town because we
wouldn't lower their local taxes so theyre taking their fucking
jobs. But I have a surprise for those assholes.
It is standard practice now for local television studios to film
the Mayor and apply a language filter that will drown out certain
words that many have complained about. However, this
newspaper believes in printing the exact words as they were
spoken, and undertakes no such censorship.
In a further move that truly surprised all local pundits, the
Mayor then went on to announce a partnership with Boltiador
Global Industries that would bring a total of 10,000 jobs to the
local New Kingston economy as well as jump start many areas of
growth that had remained stagnant in the last decade.
Mayor Liam Jeffries is the youngest mayor to hold an office in
the history of the nation. He campaigned on a policy of helping
and taking care of the blue collar workers that he says built this
A product of Harvard University, he nevertheless casts a
contemptuous eye to his Ivy League brethren, calling them,
castrated pansies who don't have a pair of balls between
them. Instead, the mayor has championed the causes of the
working class, campaigning and governing on a platform of
being a regular, everyday man.
The Mayors antics are not without critics who complain that
he cheapens and sullies the sanctity of his office and who call on
him to strike a more mayoral and dignified approach to
conducting affairs.
Having 10,000 jobs come to the town is great, but if it means
it's because the whole world is laughing at us because they know
about how he treated that poor woman in Paris, then maybe that
wasnt the best way to go about bringing them over, said AJ
Reynolds, who had unsuccessfully ran against Mayor Jeffries in
the last election.
Mr. Reynolds refers to allegations of sexual impropriety at the
World Mayors Conference in Paris, France. The impropriety
allegedly occurred in the dealings between Mayor Jeffries and
Naomi Boltiador, heir to the Boltiador family fortune. Both
parties have denied any sort of wrongdoing, while the Mayor
took time to address questions regarding the allegations during
his press conference.
When asked whether the allegations were true, he shrugged.
It sounds like the only people who have a problem with it are
the ones who are jealous that I got to bang some hot as fuck
pussy, while they sat there sucking on their Vienna sausages,
he replied.
However, despite the unorthodox manner in which Mayor
Jeffries has conducted himself, his approval ratings have
climbed steadily throughout his first term in office and the
addition of 10,000 jobs makes many observers believe that they
will only climb despite the attempts of his many enemies.
Indeed, from the way his plan was presented, it invariably begs
the question as to how the town will react to this bad boy mayor
as more jobs from the Boltiador deal begin pouring in.
But before there is any real celebration, observers warn that
the jobs may never come in the first place. Thats because of
recently passed environmental laws that are seen by many to be
the signature legislation of Governor Carter Andrews, the
Democratic governor.
The New York State Clean Air and Water Act would raise
standards on emissions as well as increasingly regulate and place
pollution controls. These would be sufficient to not allow the
Boltiador factories from being built in the first place. When
asked to comment on this possibility, Liam Jeffries was
nonchalant as he commented, If the Governor wants to sit
there and tell me that 10,000 jobs cant come to my town
because of some law to protect some owls or shit, Ill bring them
anyways and just tell him to go fuck himself.
It remains to be seen what the Governors response will be.


T he city of New Kingston is roughly 56 miles away from New

York City and it still manages to piss me off somehow. And all
because of that bastard, Liam Jeffries. I didnt really intend to
come here today, but since Im on my way from Albany to New
York City, I figured I could take a few minutes of my time to tell
the Mayor to start toeing the line.
After all, its not every day that a small town Mayor of a
sleepy suburb tells the Governor of the state to fuck off.
I dont usually swear. I think it shows that you have nothing
to talk about. That youre a weak man. But Liam is in a whole
different category by himself. Someone should really just punch
him in the face and set him straight. What a sorry excuse for a
Yeah, hes got a reputation, and not a good one at that. Cocky
and full of himself, most politicians in New York find him almost
impossible to deal with. But thats exactly what I do for a living:
as Governor of New York, I spend most of my days dealing with
assholes like him. Yeah, you got that right on the first try: Im
the Governor of the state of New York, and Ill be damned if Im
going to allow a guy like Liam to ignore the law. Or tell me to
fuck off. In a way, hes like a whiny brat who's found his way to
the Mayors seat. But if that bastard thinks he can do as he
pleases, hes in for a surprise. If need be, Ill beat some sense
into his thick skull.
Were here, sir, my driver tells me, stopping the car in
front of New Kingstons City Hall. The building towers over us,
its wide columns giving it the semblance of an old roman palace.
The dome at the top gives it a royal flair, and somehow, it seems
fittingLiam Jeffries thinks of himself as a king. Unfortunately
for him, the real world has come knocking on his door, and Im
its messenger.
The black SUV from my security detail parks behind us, and
my men get out of the car in a hurry, eager to secure the
perimeter. I dont bother with waiting; I step out of my car
immediately, eager to get this over with. Jack, the head of
security looks at me with a resigned expression; he already
knows how little I care about protocol. In the end, though, he
respects the fact that I only care about getting shit done.
Stretching my legs, I take a deep breath as I gaze at the
building in front of me. I didnt remember it being this
imposing, but then again, I havent been back to New Kingston
in a few years.
I straighten my cuffs and button my jacket as I walk up the
stairs toward the main entrance; there are a few people leaving
the building, and they all turn their heads to look at me. Some
people are just wondering about the security apparatus, but most
of them are just surprised that governor Carter Andrews is
dropping by unannounced. If I scheduled my visit through the
regular channels, Im sure thered already be a cadre of
journalists waiting for me, and as far as Im concerned, the less
the spotlight is on me the better. Im not in this for the fame,
and I dont care about the attention; I care about getting the job
done. Thats what I was elected for.
Even though I despise the spotlight, its impossible for me to
get rid of all the superfluous attention. I became, after all, New
Yorks youngest Governor in history at the age of 29. If you add
the fact that Im worth $730 million dollars, all from tech
companies I built after serving in Iraq, and keep in shape by
working out every single day Well, you know where Im going
with this.
Yeah, okay. I've got the 8-pack abs. I've got the pecs. Ive
never done it before, but other women have measured my cock. I
mean really measured it, not just putting it in their mouths to
call it measuring. They tell me Im 12 inches, base to tip.
It seems the ladies love that.
Being single doesnt help matters too; judging by all the
attention womens magazines give me, my marital status seems
like a big deal. To be honest, I dont really mind the attention
women devote to me ... as long as that doesnt get in the way of
my job. Im more than willing to sleep with hot women, but if
they think Ill put them up on a pedestal, theyre mistaken.
If they think Ill sacrifice my time from this job to satisfy
their desire for a boyfriend, theyre a bit mistaken.
They dont know who I am if they think that.
And who exactly am I?
Im the man who won the Governors race two years ago. I
passed signature legislation that will have a direct and material
change on the people of this State, which will let them live
Despite all of this, I dont play who I am up to the media. I
cant exactly say the same about the King of New Kingston,
though. Prancing around like royalty and cutting deals like an
Emperor, this bastard must think himself above the law. Too bad
that, as far as hes concerned, Im the law.
Governor Andrews, calls out a petite blonde woman, a pile
of folders clutched close to her chest. I stop, looking at her as
she takes a deep breath and tucks a stray lock of hair behind her
ear. Judging by her white button up shirt and professional tight
skirt, she seems to be part of the Mayors entourage. Im here
to take you to the Mayors office, she says, her cheeks flushing
the moment we lock eyes. The the Mayor already knows
youre here, and hes waiting for you!
Good, I tell her, politely smiling, Im on a tight schedule,
so just lead the way.
Her cheeks flush even more and she looks down at her feet,
trying to avert my gaze. Eventually, she turns on her heels and I
follow after her. We walk to the second floor and she takes me
down a hallway, stopping in front of two wooden double doors, a
grand entrance to the Mayors office.
Go ahead, Governor, she tells me, stepping aside with a coy
smile. I look at her with a wide smile, reading the eagerness all
over her face. Id just have to say the word and shed be on her
knees in a heartbeat. But I didnt come here to allow myself to
get distracted; I have a job to do.
Thank you, I tell her, and reach for the handle of the door
and turn it. I step inside the office, my pupils widening in
response to the dim light inside: the curtains are drawn, and
aside from a lamp in the corner, the lights are out. Standing
behind a massive oak desk is Liam Jeffries, the infamous New
Kingston mayor. He has his feet propped up on the desk, his
hands behind his head, and a lazy grin on his face. I didnt
exactly expect a warm reception, but this is almost too much. I
have the sense that hes doing it on purpose, just to spite me.
Here he isthe wonder Governor in the flesh, Carter
Andrews! he says merrily, taking his feet from the desk and
standing up. He draws the curtains, sunlight streaming into the
room and filling it with a warm gentle light. Squinting his eyes,
Liam extends me his hand. Sorry, late night yesterday, he tells
me, not bothering to hide the fact that his late night had nothing
do with work. He has hangover written all over his face. Not
that it surprises me; from the stories Ive heard, Liam lives for
two things only: pussy and liquor.
I figured as much, I say, shaking his hand firmly. I can do
without all the formality most politicians love so much, but
Liams casual ways just manage to piss me off. After all, I didnt
come here to be his buddy. I came with a warning.
So, what brings such a busy man to my humble office? he
asks, sitting back down on his chair and pointing to the other
one in front of the desk, offering me a seat. I sit, unbuttoning my
jacket, and prepare my words.
You know why Im here, I tell him straight away, not
wanting to beat around the bush. The deal youve made you
have a few ways to call it off.
Oh, you came all this way just to tell me that? You could've
just called, he props his feet on top of the table again, looking
at me with that annoying grin on his face. The answer is no. I
open my mouth to speak, but he raises his hand and cuts me
short. No means no. And its a fucking no, Governor.
Here we go. Hes just a Mayor, and he thinks of himself a
king. He has no idea how close he is to having the living
daylights knocked out of him.
Like I told the news when they asked, I got three words for
you Carter, Liam says, leaning back. Go fuck yourself.
Liam, I start, saying his first name pointedly, Your deal
flies in the face of the environmental legislation Ive just
passed. I dont give two shits if Im disrespecting him by not
addressing him as Mayoras far as Im concerned, this guy is
just another idiot who doesnt even deserve an ounce of respect.
Yeah, yeah. I dont give two fucks about it. You might like to
pass all kinds of laws while youre sitting on your fancy
Governors chair, but Im living in the real world. I dont have
the time for your political agenda bullshit of the week; I became
Mayor in this city because I care about the people here, not
because I want to be another fucking cog in the states
machine. I hear his words, but I can barely believe them. I
fought tooth and nail to create a law that would protect our state
for years to come, and this guy is pissing all over it with a grin
and that while trying to feed me some fake altruistic bullshit.
Who the hell does he think he is?
Thats not how it works. You cant just do what you want;
youre a Mayor. Kindergarten is over, Liam. Listen to me and act
like a real man for once. This is like talking to a kid who has
decided to play a game intended for grown-ups. How in the hell
did this guy end up a mayor?
Thats fucking rich of you, to come here and tell me I cant
secure thousands of jobs for New Kingston. Why dont you go
visit all the people who need these jobs and tell them that they
should sign up for food stamps because youve signed some
bullshit piece of paper. I bet that would go really well,
I knew this guy would be tough to deal with, but I didnt
expect this. Hes not tough; hes an asshole, one who doesnt
care about anything. He doesnt even want to negotiate or talk
about what can be done. This damn bastard just wants to prove
hes better than everyone else. If it werent for the political
consequences of it, I could just bury my fist into his face and ruin
that pretty face of his. You pick up a few things while serving in
Iraq, and ruining pretty boys faces is one of them.
I dont know who you think are, Liam, but this isnt the Wild
West. You cant simply flood the city with factories and postpone
the consequences. And there are consequences.
Oh, I know all about consequences, Carter, he tells me,
using my first name as a provocation. Unconsciously, I feel my
hands balling into fists. Ive always hated spoiled little kids like
him. He takes his feet off of the table and leans toward me, his
grin fading away as his expression turns into a hard one. For
instance, the consequences to your words are that youre no
longer welcome here.
Im not welcome? In my own state? This guy has no idea who
hes talking to. Whether he likes it or not, he will have to bend.
In the end, everyone does. I get up from my seat and look him in
the eye, the tension in the room increasing.
Enjoy your little fantasy while it lasts, Liam. Because, in the
end, you have no power. No choice. Leaving my words hanging
in the air, I turn on my heels and leave his office.
Five minutes. That was how long it took for us to declare war
to each other. I smile inwardly; if he wants war, hes going to get
And Im going to crush him With a smile on my lips.


I swear, I dont even need an alarm clock to wake up most

mornings. Most of my friends swear that they need a couple
of minutes to snooze, or a solid 8 hours of sleep. Not me. A good
five hours and Im good to go. Hell, I could probably do with
three. Or less.
Like last night. I think I may have finally passed out after the
sex at around 3 am. I look over to the clock.
Its 6:45 am. I always wake up at 6:45 am. So what is that?
Slightly less than four hours. I can live with that. I wont be
draggy and tired all day. Besides, it was worth it. Sex is always
worth it, in my opinion. It doesnt have to always be toe-curling
sex. It can be regular sex, or even sometimes bad sex. It depends
what you end up doing with it. Its like a movie. Even if its a bad
movie, only rarely do you stop watching it. Or reading. Even if
its a bad book, you usually finish to the end. I mean, sometimes
you just DNF, but thats not this book, is it? Because you only
just met me, hun, and let me tell you, I think youre going to like
the ride I get to go on.
Anyways, back to the sex last night. It wasnt the best. The
guy, whats his name? I forgot.
I look over to my right. Hes sleeping peacefully. Poor baby.
He must be worn out. See, his cock was too small for me. I think
it was only about four and a half inches. I swearno lying. I was
actually pretty intrigued. I asked him how big his cock was at the
bar he picked me up at when I was having a drink after the
Senate adjourned for the day, and he had told me it was big
enough to make me scream.
I guess he meant scream in amazement because when I saw it
a few hours later in my apartment, while I did feel a bit cheated, I
was also really intrigued. Instead of kicking him out, I told him if
he put on two condoms (to maybe make his cock bigger?) and
gave me head while I read the latest Simone Sowood book on my
Kindle he could fuck me afterward.
He was so grateful I wasnt kicking him out he did exactly
what I asked. Thats right. The guy next to me is a lobbyist for
some group or another. Mr. Big Bad Lobbyist, thinking hes
going to go run for Congress. Too bad he has a baby dick and that
Alpha Male faade just crumbles like nothing else when faced
with a real woman. Like you or mehe cant handle us.
Seriously, babe. Ive dated a lot of guys. Im not a slut; I dont
indiscriminately sleep around. I always want to go with the
Alpha. Ive done billionaires, CEOs, actors, Senators,
Congressmen, Mafia lords, highlanders, princes, helleven a
guy claiming to be a fucking dragon.
At the end of the day, two things will happen with any of
these so called bad boys or Alpha Males. First, I will crush their
spirit because they wont be able to keep up with me. Theyll end
up becoming Soccer Dads, with beige shorts driving a minivan.
Thats after they trade in their motorcycle and leave their MC.
Second, Ill get bored with them. Because they couldnt be man
enough to handle me.
Its a curse, hun. I wish I werent so confident. But what can I
do? I grew up like this. Im the youngest Senator in the history of
this country at 29 years old. I know I look good; I have blonde
hair to my shoulders, I stay in shape by working out every day, I
know my boobs look okay and my ass is still perky. Im a hard
worker. I graduated at the top of my class from Princeton and
never looked back. When my friends were getting married, I was
working. When they were going on vacation, I was working. And
look at where it got me; Im now the junior Senator from New
York State and chairwoman of the Senate Commerce Committee.
I have an apartment in Washington D.C. at the Watergate Hotel
and an apartment in New York City on 39th and Park Avenue. I
dont have billions of dollars, but enough paid speeches to Wall
Street banks and the NRA have left me with hundreds of millions
of dollars. I can survive on that.
Sure, I grew up wealthy, in a well-connected New England
family. We summered in Cape Cod and lived on Beacon Hill when
I was growing up. But like any New England family, I was always
told that everything I would ever get in life I had to earn. If I
didnt work, I wouldnt receive any benefits.
No one owns me. Not even a political party. I watch all these
supposedly powerful men, out there peacocking and posturing
for the camera. Theyre all crippled because the parties have
them by the balls. I told the Democrats to fuck off a while ago.
Then I did the same to the Republicans. Im an American. Thats
my fucking party, babe.
But Im also a woman. And Ive just woken up. And I dont
have to pee, so that makes me horny. I dont waste any time but
slowly nudge the lobbyist whose name I cant remember awake.
He slowly opens his eyes. He looks at me and smiles sweetly.
Good morning, he says slowly.
Babe, I tell him, I need you between my legs.
He blinks a few times, and I give him a lascivious smile. That
should get the blood pumping to the right areas. I could go down
on him and get him hard, but Im not really in the mood. Plus,
with four and a half inches, how would I go about finding his
Apparently, my smile is enough for him. Men are so easy to
fucking manipulate, and within seconds, hes moved his head
down and begun kissing around my folds.
I close my eyes. Its not super good, but itll get the job done.
Kind of like buying the generic cereal at the store and not the
brand name. Sometimes you just need to budget so you can
spend your money on other things.
I pull up my phone and start looking through my emails as
Mr. Big Bad Lobbyist starts to lick my clit. My eyes close and I
shudder. It does feel good. I let myself go for a bit, enjoying the
Thats when the phone rings. I sigh. I look at the iPhone as it
continues to vibrate and I wonder for a second if I should pick up.
Its an unlisted number. Or maybe just put the vibrating
appliance down below too, help out this poor man whose lapping
at me now, teasing me and stimulating me, sending small
shudders up my body.
Oh look, I got lost in my train of thought and forgot to pick
up. Oh well. I keep my eyes closed and bring a hand to my tits,
teasing my nipples. Its too much to ask this guy to take charge.
Once you take the reins from the man, theyre loathe to give it
And then the phone rings again.
It was an unlisted number before, but this time theres no
mistaking the Caller ID.
It reads: The White House.
Right, so I should probably pick that up.
This is Vivian Hawthorne, I say into the phone. Mr.
Lobbyist tries to lift his head to see what Im doing, but I have
enough dexterity that Im able to use his other hand and push
him back down between my legs. His tongue rubs and presses
hard against my clit. I shudder in pleasure.
Senator Hawthorne, please hold for the President of the
United States, the White House operator says into the line.
I hold. This isnt my first call with the Big Man. Rather, I
spread my legs out a little bit more. I need to make this quick.
Viv? comes the voice of a the boisterous Texan on the other
end of the line. How you doin, doll?
I sigh. The President has a way about him that makes you roll
your eyes but melts your heart at the same time.
Im good, Mr. President, what seems to be on your mind this
morning? I ask into the phone.
Mr. Lobbyist keeps at it, and I can feel the first of the muscles
in my body begin to tighten. Is it me, or is the fact that Im on
the phone while Im getting head turning me on even more than
normal. I may not have cum as easily, but something about this
is doing it for me.
His tongue continues to lap at me, pressing, flicking, and
squeezing my clit. I shudder. Its good now.
Say, Viv, I need your help, and because your technically
Independent the President begins but I interrupt him, trying
to talk through the sex haze.
I am an Independent, sir, I say into the phone. I switched
political affiliation from Republican to Independent a while ago.
Before that I used to be a registered Democrat.
Right, the President says. Well, your unique nature in the
Senate can be of help in a sensitive situation.
Ooooohhh? I ask, my voice catching as I feel a finger and a
tongue now rubbing at my clit. Im going to cum soon. I cant
stop it. The fires are spreading. Im starting to go numb in my
toes. Its like this mans tongue is operated by batteries or
something. Oh God, it feels so fucking good. Fuck.
I have a small problem happening in New York, and since
it's your state, I was hoping you could take a look. It looks like
Governor Carter, with his environmental legislation that he just
passed is running into some trouble, the President says and I
have to say Im barely able to comprehend. My mind is burning
with pleasure at the sensations Im feeling.
Apparently the mayor of New Kingston, I think his name is
Liam Jeffriesand if he sounds familiar its because all the
papers call him Americas Mayor and hes the youngest or
something at being mayor everjust got a foreign company to
open several factories in the town. Bring back 10,000 or so jobs,
the President continues as I thrash my legs in sweet pleasurable
agony. This flies smack in the face of the Governors
environmental bill and I dont have to tell you it sets us up for a
pretty ugly fight between red states and blue states, Viv.
Ive slipped past the point of no return and I can feel my body
begin to have that delightful seizure as my muscles clench all
along my body.
So if you can go down there and help them negotiate this
out, it keeps the Federal government from making a bad
situation worse, you know? he asks me. Have you ever dealt
with either the Governor or the Mayor?
Oh yes! I scream out in pleasure. I feel a fire of pleasure
travel across my body and I tighten my legs around Mr. Lobbyist.
Momentarily, I forget myself. When I come to, the President is
still talking and Im breathing hard.
Wait, what did I just say yes to?

IVE NEVER MET either man. Ive been in Washington most of the
time. My staff has most likely dealt with and pretended to know
and like both men, but personally, I cant even remember what
either looks like.
Good, so maybe you have a shared place to pick up with
them, the President is saying.
Yes, I say again, a bit more subdued as the post-orgasm
endorphins start to sluice through my body.
Great, I knew I could count on you, Viv. I definitely owe you
one, and Im willing to pay up for whatever you need me to do,
the President says. Thanks and goodbye.
I dont have a chance to say goodbye, Im just laying there,
enjoying the last of my orgasm before the day starts.
Is it my turn? Mr. Lobbyist raises his head, asking me.
What a wimp. I cant believe this man runs his own business.
That before he met me, he was supposedly considered a badass
by the Washington women who swoon after powerful males.
I swing my legs out over him, and get off the bed. I need to
take a shower. And it sounds like Im going to New York.
What about me? the Lobbyist asks, getting out of bed too. I
look over his body. His cock may be tiny, but his body was
alright. Standard 6-pack abs, maybe could stand to work out a
little moreget some more definition.
I head to the shower. Anyone who has to beg me for sex isnt
getting any.
I need to shower, feel free to show yourself outbabe, I tell
him as I turn on the water and then turn to face him. He looks
crestfallen. I feel so bad all of a sudden.
Oh, dont be sad, babe, its okay, I tell him. Its not your
fault. I just dont fuck losers in the morning is all.
He nods, and leaves, tail tucked between his legs. Hopefully
he rescues some girl from someone or something to get his ego
up soon.
As for me, I have a plane to catch.


G et in. Tell the Governor that he cant openly cut down on jobs
if he wants to keep his seat next time around. Twist his arm
if I have to. Smile nicely and let him know I have a knife behind
my back. And then get the hell out. I should be able to make time
to catch the midnight shuttle from La Guardia back to Reagan if I
stick to this plan.
Thats what Im telling myself as my limo drives down along
Park Avenue past 59th Street as it heads toward the Waldorf.
I hate coming to the city. I dont mind it so much when Im
here, but every time I fly into either JFK or La Guardia, it seems
just a bit more fake. A bit more gentrified. Common people
pushed out in favor of the wealthy. International billionaires
who come in and buy $2 million dollar apartments just to park
their money. But everyone forgets the people who had to get
evicted so the old walk-up apartment buildings could get
bulldozed for these new gleaming towers.
Dont get me wrong. I dont want to go back to the days of
high crime and a broke, dysfunctional New York City. And Im
not socialist. Ive made enough money from the system, and my
investment portfolio would leave many people green with envy.
Im definitely in the 1%.
But despite all that, sometimes it makes me sad, seeing
Manhattan go from the place that brought out the best in
America and slowly turn into an upscale shopping mall for the
well-to-do. Not everywhere. And not always. And theres still a
long way to go.
But it just seems like more, every time.
I sigh. I need to get my head out of the clouds. Maybe this is
what women worry about when they dont have kids. Although,
Im only 29. And honestly, getting to be Senator was hard work.
Ive never had a chance to think about kids, and why am I even
thinking about kids right now? I mean, look at me, hun. Im
wearing Vera Wangdressed to kill in a black cocktail dress
heading to a fundraiser with the most powerful people in the
country. And Im wondering about kids? And a gentrifying city?
The car comes to a stop and the chauffeur opens my door and
I tell myself I need to just follow the script and Ill be out of here
in an hour to be able to get back onto my plane and back home.
Maybe Ill even invite Mr. Lobbyist with the small dick back to
my place. He gives great head.
I walk into the Waldorf and make my way to Peacock Alley
where the fundraiser is being emceed. Security checks my
credentials and all of a sudden Im in a sea of bowties and
cocktail dresses. People sipping martinis and laughing politely
as they talk about the problems associated with ruling the world.
Senator Hawthorne? an usher says to me, coming up to me.
He must have recognized me, although I dont do many of these
things. I nod. If youll follow me, please, he asks.
But wait, Im sticking to my plan, remember. I cant get
caught up in anything else.
Actually, can you take me to Governor Andrews? I say to
the usher. He looks at me for a moment and then nods and
begins to make his way through the clumps of people
surrounding the buffet table and bar.
We make our way for a minute until we reach a massive
fireplace and thats when I see the usher go up next to a tall man
in a tuxedo with his back turned to me. He interrupts a
conversation and the man turns to me and all of a sudden I catch
my breath.
You remember when I told you earlier I didnt want to have
kids because I needed to focus on work?
Well, hun, if this man told me to have his babies, Id hike up
my dress and spread my legs right here on the floor.
I dont even speak as I watch him walk over to me.
Senator Hawthorne? he asks and holds out his hand. Im
Governor Andrews. Its a pleasure to finally meet you in person.
I just had sex this morning. But then, why am I salivating over
his Greek god body that fills out his Armani tailored suit?
I take a moment to look him up and down. He's got a
handsome, to die for face. Blonde hair that's perfectly coiffed.
His jaw is chiseled and his face is lean. Hungry. His eyes are a
piercing blue and deep. They hold something dark. That face sits
on top of an elegant neck and one of the most fantastic
specimens of human male I have ever seen. Shoulders so broad
that they could stop a truck. A chest that you can tell has pecs
the size of wooden boards. Washboard abs. A tall, 6 foot 4 inch
sculpture of perfection with a bulge in his trousers that hints at a
package that I might want to explore.
Im surprised we have never met before, I manage to speak
through a dry mouth thats panting with desire. Considering
youve been in office for two years and Ive been a Senator for
those two years as well.
He nods to me. Ive been busy, he simply says.
My eyes travel quickly over his body again and I look at his
crotch. Whatever is down there is long. Its thick. Its pulsing.
And I want it.
Thats right. I may want to fuck him. Or not. But its my
decision. And right now, I am definitely leaning for fucking his
brains out.
Control yourself, Viv! I tell myself as I get my eyes back up to
his face.
Youre causing quite the stir in Washington, I tell him,
looking at him. It brought me down here to see what we could
do to resolve this.
Well, Im sorry Senator, but I dont usually take it well when
a small town Mayor tells me to go fuck myself because his
initiatives are going against laws that apply to the entire state,
Carter says, his steely eyes drilling into me.
Those factories dont belong in the state anyways, another
voice interrupts me and I turn around.
A slim, elegant looking Chinese woman is standing there with
a martini in her hand. Shes got a smirk that I immediately
dislike and I can tell shes not a big fan of mine either. And its
clear to me that she sees herself as the person whose going to be
fucking Carter Andrews. This state is past manufacturing jobs,
if you ask me.
I wouldnt know who you are to ask you that, Miss I say
with a smile and as much polite condescension as I can afford.
She extends a hand. Im sorry, where are my manners? Im
Tina Ling, special representative from the Peoples Republic of
China on behalf of China First Bank, she says to me. I also
head the Communist Party in Shanghai and planned this
So, youre the equivalent of the Mayor of Shanghai? I ask,
filing away the fact that China First Bank is holding a fundraiser
for American political leaders for later.
I am, Tina Ling says, with a puff of pride.
Well, Mayor, I say, smiling sweetly. This is a conversation
for just Senators and Governors. Would you mind giving us a
moment, please?
I know, hun. I know. Im being a bitch.
But just looking at her tits hanging out from that black dress,
with those slits showing her thigh. How elegant she is. How
silky. And how entitled. It just has me feeling very bloated and
angry. Like who the hell is she to come in here, have her fancy
fundraiser, and walk away with this man?
Tina must realize this because she smiles at me in a superior
fashion. Ill be at the bar, waiting, Carter, she says, and turns
to walk away.
That could have gone better, Carter says, a slight smile on
his severe face as he looks at me.
Be the bigger person and all, you mean? I ask, taking his
arm in mine and moving him toward a corner of the room.
Oh, my. Taking his arm? In mine? Drawing closer?
Its a good thing at least that I wore panties tonight. Because
Id be dripping down my legs right now if I didnt.
Being gracious is something thats usually smiled upon,
Carter says.
So when a Mayor makes some news by saying the Governor
can go fuck himself, maybe the best thing to do is ignore it and
not make a mountain out of a mole hill, hm? I ask him with a
Carters face stiffens. Thats different."
How? I ask, smiling. I know Im not listening to my own
advice I gave myself in the car. I was supposed to come in here
and steamroll over him. But Im having fun instead.
Liam Jeffries is an undisciplined, arrogant, sonofabitch, and
hes never cared about authority or rules in his entire goddamn
life, Carter says matter-of-factly. And I cant sacrifice the
future of this state just so he can be seen as the hero by his
drinking buddies up in New Kingston.
You dont mess with jobs, I tell Carter.
Jobs wont be worth a damn when everyone has asthma and
their drinking water is poisoned, Carter shoots back at me.
But you need to consider that maybe you just let him burn
out then, I reply back. Youll still be here, but let him vent.
And move on. Kill the factories with red tape.
Carter pauses for a moment. Have you ever met Liam
Jeffries? he asks me.
I shake my head. Ive never even bothered. Hes a mayor of a
small town thats a suburb of New York City. The population of
New Kingston is around 45,000. Fifty minutes from a city of 8
million. My office didnt even have a file for him.
Ive never met him nor dealt with him, I tell Carter.
Well, then, Carter says pointing behind me toward the
wall. This is who youre dealing with.
I turn around toward the television.
And for the second time that night, I gasp.
Tall, rugged, handsome, with a smirk that tells me hes
gotten his hands dirty too many times to count is a man that the
headline says is Liam Jeffries.
I can see the vague trace of a tattoo on his right and left
shoulder and one peeking up from his chest.
Hes speaking. The volume is lowered since theres a party,
but I can still hear.
These factory jobs are coming to New Kingston, Liam says.
I dont care what kind of environmental legislation theyve
passed up in Albany, but I can tell you this, that shit doesnt
mean a damn when you dont have a job. And Im bringing jobs.
Im transfixed. Im mesmerized. By his face. His eyes. His
And I know Im not supposed to curse on live television, but
if the Governor is going to get his panties in a bunch over
helping good people, then Im going to keep saying what I said
yesterday, Liam says to the camera. He can go fuck himself. Or
he can stop crying and suck a fat fucking dick.
You see now what I mean? Carter says to me, as if this
should explain everything. The man is a goddamn child. Not to
mention he probably just cost the network $500,000 in
broadcast fines for his cursing.
Im listening. Im thinking maybe I should pay a visit to New
Kingston myself, you know?
Maybe understand the situation a bit more.
Because I need to get to the bottom of this. I need to get the
facts and help them make a reasonable compromise.
Its going to be hard because right now I want to do only one
thing in the world.


O n the house, Mayor, the bartender tells me, pushing a

giant mug of beer in my direction. Ive already drunk a few
glasses of whisky, but what the fuck, you dont say no to your
citizens. Specially when theyre slender brunettes with perfect
Cheers, I thank her, taking the mug to my lips and drinking
a long gulp. The beer goes down my throat softly, settling in over
the whisky pretty easily. I already have a fucking buzz going on,
but Im not too shitfacedexactly the way I like it. Oh, come
on, I yell at the TV, my voice joining a chorus of annoyed jeers.
The fucking Jets QB just got sacked, and were already down by
fourteen points. Sometimes I think I should have become a
fucking football player and won the goddamn Super Bowl; I
mean, Id like to see the Jets win a fucking championship during
my lifetime.
Everyone has their eyes glued to the TV, watching as the team
struggles to reach the playoffs. This is why I love my city, New
Kingston. I might be the fucking mayor and all that, but I can
still hang out by the bar and be treated like a fucking regular
human being. Yes, thats right, I go to the same places the
regular Joe goes to. Despite what all those gossip magazines tell
you about me, I have my feet firmly planted on the ground; Im
not a snake in a suit, like the politicians New York presents us
with. Sure, Im fond of hard liquor and pretty women, but that
doesnt make me a fucking lunatic.
Take our governor, for instance, Carter Andrews. The guy had
the fucking nerve to walk into my fucking office and tell me with
a straight face that I couldnt bring jobs to my own city. Fucking
unbelievable. No wonder the country is in such a fucking
disarray, if guys like Carter are the best we have.
Another one, I ask the smiling brunette behind the
counter, pointing at my almost empty mug. I should have
ordered a whisky; you dont have to drink your own weight to get
drunk, but I decide to stick with the beer. Its still early, and I
want to be sober enough in case I decide to thank the young
bartender for the free drink I dont have to be any more
explicit than this, do I?
Another wave of jeers and boos takes the bar by assault, the
opposing team scoring a fucking touchdown. Well, so much for
this years playoffs. Then, something amazing happens; the
whole bar quiets down, everyone turning their attention away
from the TV. Thats almost a fucking miracle, taking into
account that the patrons here are die-hard Jets fans. I turn
around on my stool, trying to see what the fuck is going on, and
my eyes find the most beautiful woman in the whole fucking
universe. I know that Im prone to some exaggeration now and
then, but Im fucking serious right now.
She has just gotten inside, her eyes sweeping the room as she
looks for someone. I wonder who the lucky bastard might be, my
eyes and mind busy with taking in every single detail of her.
Slender, blonde haired and beautiful, she almost looks too good
to be real. I let my eyes wander over lively eyes and full red lips,
but soon after that my gaze starts to go lower. Shes wearing a
tight black dress, the fabric hugging her curves with such
perfection that I feel my cock twitching inside my pants. Who
the fuck is this woman?
Every single pair of eyeballs is on her, but she keeps looking
around lazily, not giving a fuck. She radiates confidence, and
that makes her even more fucking beautiful. Then, her eyes find
mine; her lips curl upward into a heart-melting smile and she
starts to walk across the room toward me. She was looking for
me? Oh, God, I hope she isnt a fucking reporter. She might be
scorching hot, but I just want to drink in peace, for fucks sake.
I turn around and face the bar, placing my elbows on the
counter as I take a gulp from my refilled beer and wait for the
mysterious woman to reach me. She leans against the counter,
sitting on the stool by my side, but I dont even look at her. If
shes a fucking journalist, Im shooting her down. I dont care
how fucking hot she is, I wont let her bury her fangs in me.
Youre hard to find, Mayor Liam Jeffries, she says, her
words caressing my eardrums and sending a shiver down my
spine; my cock twitches some more. I look at her, my guard still
Maybe thats because I dont want to be found, I respond.
And who the hell are you?
Vivian Hawthorne, she says, giving me her hand. I shake it
gently, her small delicate fingers caressing the palm of my hand.
Im a US senator. Well, she isnt a reporter, thats good. But
why the fuck is a US Senator looking for me in a bar this late? I
heard you already made friends with Governor Andrews. Oh,
thats why. Did that fucking asshole send a senator after me?
Oh, yeah. Were best friends now, I smirk, taking another
long gulp out of my beer. Did he send you?
She snorts as if I had just told her a joke, and then casually
leans against the counter and orders a 20-year-old Glenfiddich.
Now thats my kind of girl, one that knows her drinks.
Who do you think I am, Mayor? Im a Senator, not a girl who
runs errands.
Well, itd be a waste if you were just running errands, I say
with a grin, my eyes wandering over her body. I know I shouldnt
be this frontal, but hey, shes the one who came looking for me
after hours. And you can call me Liam. Im not a pompous ass
like the Governor.
Very well, Liam I came here because I wanted to hear your
side of the story. Your deal has caught the Senates attention,
and it seems that Carter is pretty adamant on blocking your deal.
Ive met with him already, and it doesnt seem like he expects to
Couldnt you hear my side of the story during the day, in my
office? I ask her in a mocking tone, ignoring her comments
about the deal. Or did you want to see me this bad?
Oh, I see. Youre trying to impress me with your devil-may-
care bad boy persona; dont worry, Ive heard all about it already.
After all, not a day goes by without reports of your, ahem,
escapades hitting the news. She talks back. Impressive. Most
women would just flush, happy to be talking to me and trying to
figure out a way to get me into their bed. But not this one;
whoever Vivian Hawthorne is, shes a different woman than
what Im used to. I like that I really like that.

SO, tell me, Liam Why are you this hell bent on the deal you
made? You might be committing political suicide if you clash
with Carter.
Vivian Do I look like I give a fuck about that? Political
suicide Are you fucking kidding me? Do you think that Im the
Mayor because I want a career in politics? If thats what you
think I care about, youre dead wrong.
Then what do you care about? Besides drinking.
Drinking and womanizing, I correct her with a wide grin.
Look around, Vivian. Do you see all the people in this bar? To
them, Im not the fucking Mayor. Im the guy they trust to look
after them. And I wont let them down, come hell or high water.
Carter might try and turn the Senate, the Supreme Court, the
President, or the fucking Pope against me Its all the fucking
same to me. I wont quit on New Kingston because of my political
She raises one eyebrow in surprise, taken aback by my words;
holding her drink, she swirls the whisky before taking a sip.
Thats refreshing To hear a politician talk that, she
confesses, her eyes staring into mine. Smiling, I reach for her
and take the drink out of her hands, putting it down on the
counter. I can already feel the fucking atmosphere around us
growing heavy. Maybe its the booze, but theres something in
her thats just pulling me in.
Im no ordinary politician. I talk different and I do
everything different. Better. Unblinking, she swallows in dry;
she knows exactly what Im talking about.
Everything, I say, and with that, I go for it. I just cant
fucking help it. I lean in, her eyelids drooping as I cross the
distance between us. The moment our lips touch, my mind tunes
out everything else. I no longer hear the noise in the bar, or the
loud sound of the game on TV. No, my brain is focused on one
single thing right now: Vivians lips.
No, she says, suddenly pulling back. She looks around the
bar, looking hesitant. I cant be seen with you like this I came
here as a senator. Without saying one more word, she gets up
from her stool and turns her back to me, walking out of the bar
in a hurried step. I remain sitting there, dumbfounded as I stare
at her. What the fuck was all that about? Its not like we were
fucking on top of the counter. Sure, it might not be a good thing
for me to be kissing a Senator while a shit storm is looming on
the horizon, but still...
I turn to the counter again, sighing as I reach for my beer. But
then I see her unfinished drink; theres a lipstick mark on her
glass, and I close my eyes for a full second, reliving our kiss as I
feel my cock hardening. I never became so entranced with a
woman after just one kiss Fuck, I dont care if its the booze
pulling my strings, but I cant let her go like this.
Jumping up to my feet, I grab my helmet from the counter
and head out the door into the cold air of the night. I look
around, my heart tightening inside my chest as I see no sign
from her. But God seems to be on my side tonight. I see a taxi at
the end of the street turning around the corner, and my eyes
catch a glimpse of Vivian in the backseat.
I run toward my motorcycle, get on it, and rev the engine up. I
put my helmet on, turn my hand over the accelerator, and in a
matter of seconds, Im racing down the street, the engine
roaring out loud as I push it to the limits.
Swerving in and out of traffic, I quickly catch up with the taxi,
following it until it stops in front of the Courtyard, a hotel just
outside of New Kingstons downtown. I park my bike as she gets
out of the taxi, but she doesnt even acknowledge me as I
approach her.
Stay away from me, she tells me harshly, looking back over
her shoulder. I stop dead in my tracks, wondering if I read her
wrong. But no The way we kissed, the way shes running
away She wants this as much as I do.
I follow after her, her heels clicking in the distance as she
walks past the hotels reception. Not wanting to run after her
like some fucking psycho, I stop and turn toward the young
receptionist, gifting her with a smile. She looks at me with wide
eyes, surprised to see the mayor standing in front of her.
The woman who just walked in Whats her room
number? I ask her, hoping that she wont give me some bullshit
about the guests privacy and whatnot.
Uh Its Uh, room 17, she manages to mutter, typing
something on her computer. The moment I know where to go, I
turn on my heels and start walking down the hallway. The
receptionist calls after me, but I dont bother looking back.
Vivian Hawthornes perfect body has taken over my mind, and
theres no stopping me now.
My eyes scan every door as I walk past them, and I finally find
the one with a golden 17 engraved on it. Balling my right hand
into a fist, I rap my knuckles against the door, my heart beating
like a motherfucker. What the fuck am I doing here? Minutes ago
I was just drinking a beer and watching the game, and now here I
am, my cock hard inside of my pants as I wait for the hottest
woman I have ever seen to invite me inside her room.
The rational part of me is trying to convince me to turn
around and leave. This isnt a good idea, not at all. If she has
already met with Carter and now shes seen checking in with me
at a hotel Well, if the press finds out about it, were all going to
have a field day. But before I can come to my senses and leave,
the door swings open.


I know I shouldnt open the door; I shouldnt let trouble in ...

But my body is moving by itself, and the moment the door
swings open and my eyes find Liams, all doubts and fears are
Invite me in, or send me away, he says, flames dancing in
his eyes. This is it; last chance. By now, theres only one
possible answer: I reach for his shirt, and hooking my fingers on
his collar, pull him in. He comes easily, slamming the door shut
after him; the sound of it makes my heart race even faster, and I
just know theres no stopping now. Not that I want it to stop,
whatever it is we have started.
Yes, I merely say, unconsciously licking my lips.
Wordlessly, he rests his hands on my hips and leans in, my
eyelids drooping as he presses his mouth against mine. Lips on
lips, I feel sparks of pleasure jumping from his body into mine,
and before I even realize it, he has me pinned against the wall,
his body pressed against mine.
His hands go around my waist and down to my ass, his long
fingers cupping my ass over the tight fabric of my dress. Pulling
me into him, I let him lift me up and lace my legs around his
lower back. He bites on my lower lip, his teeth pulling on it
gently, and I feel a soft moan climbing up my throat.
I throw my head back, running my hands through his curls as
his lips go down to my neck, his pearly white teeth nibbling at
my skin. Holding me close, he takes one step back and ambles
deeper inside the room, placing me down on the soft mattress. I
open my eyes and look into his, uncontrollable desire flickering
Judging by the hardness in the corner of his eyes I half-expect
him to simply rip the dress off of me, but thats not what he
does: standing up tall, he simply looks down at my eager body,
his eyes wandering over my curves as if he were reading a map. I
stare back, the way his shirt delineates the contour of his
muscles pulling me deeper into a trance of desire.
I had to come, he says, towering over me as if he werent a
man but a God. From the moment I saw you, I knew I had to
have you. And now here you are.
Here I am, I repeat after him, the way the words roll off of
my lips making my heart feel tight against my chest. I came to
New Kingston on work, and he just threw everything into
disarray What were doing is as wrong as wrong could ever be,
and I couldnt be any happier. Im not one to shrug off my
responsibilities, but something in him choked the rational part
of me, forcing the primal desires I hold in chains to come up to
the surface.
He leans into me as if he were to kiss me, but he stops before
his lips touch mine. His fingers slide up the nape of my neck and
he tangles them in my hair, yanking and forcing me to throw my
head back, his eyes locked on mine.
How bad do you want it, Vivian? How bad do you want to feel
my cock inside of you? he murmurs, my heart beating so fast
Im afraid it might burst.
Not as bad as you want it, I tell him, my lips curling into a
defiant smile. I know that, eventually, Ill surrender to him in
every possible way But if he wants to dominate, hes going to
have to earn it. He yanks harder on my hair and I gasp, eager to
feel his body pressed against mine once more.
Well see, he simply replies, slowly letting go of my hair,
his fingers sliding down my neck. Casting his long shadow over
me, he looks imposing, dominant, and irresistible. I lick my
lips, the flavor of his mouth still lingering there, and I let my
eyes wander down from his chest to his crotch. My heart
tightens some more, the contour of his cock against his pants
stoking the fire that burns inside of me: its bigger than any cock
I have ever seen, and I feel my pussy clenching as I imagine what
its going to feel like when he slides it deep inside of me. Slowly,
I raise my hand, reaching for his cock with outstretched fingers,
but he catches my wrist before I can touch him, forcing me to
No, he says, the hard tone of his voice making my blood
boil. Your dress, take it off, he commands me, peeling his
fingers off my wrist and stepping back.
Ill do whatever I -- I start, reaching for his crotch again.
He moves quicker than I could ever do, grabbing me by the wrist
and pinning me down between the mattress and his body.
Youll do what I tell you to do, he says, the words coming
out firm and steady, no room there for me to defy him. And
youll thank me for it. His hard eyes on mine once again, we
battle for higher ground; I succumb easily, desire trumping
everything else.
Ill do what you tell me to, I whisper as he goes back up to
his feet, a pleased smile dawning on his lips.
Good. Now your dress. Take it off. This time I dont reply; I
simply take my fingers to my shoulders, grabbing the fabric
there and slowly pushing the straps down my shoulders. My eyes
never leave his as the dress falls down to my waist, my lace black
bra revealing itself to him. As he takes in my chests tanned skin
and the smooth curve of my breasts, I hook my fingers on my
dress and raise my ass up from the mattress, pushing the fabric
down my legs. His eyes follow the movement of my hands,
tracing a downward line toward my waist and legs, and lingering
for a while on my tiny lace thong.
Im wet now, even wetter than when our lips touched for the
first time. I never had anyone bossing me around like this And
I cant help but submit, my body anxious to follow the
commands of a man like him.
Dont stop, he tells me, his voice still steady but betraying
the raging desire that runs through his veins. Your bratake if
off. I take my fingers behind my back and unclasp my bra, the
cups drooping over my breasts as I slide the straps down my
shoulders. Taking it off, a shiver goes up my spine as I feel the
cool air of the room lapping at my hard nipples, the rosy tips
eager to feel his touch. I look at his crotch, the outline of his cock
even bigger than before as he looks at my tits.
Even better than what I imagined he whispers with a
hungry grin, taking a step toward me. His fingers on my hair
again, he forces my head back, his lips brushing against the
warm skin on my neck. He goes down to my chest, softly hiking
up my right breast with his mouth; parting his lips slightly, he
wraps them around my pointed nipple, sucking it into his
mouth. I close my eyes, suddenly feeling dizzy; a pleasant warm
numbness spreads from his mouth into me, filling every single
fiber in my body with a blind need for his cock.
His lips go down to the hollow between my breasts, and then
up to the left one. I shiver again, his lips around my nipple as he
presses down on it with his tongue. My pussy wetter than ever, I
run my hands through his hair, disheveling it; unconsciously, I
sway my hips from side to side, the wet fabric of the thong
sticking to my pussy. Im trying hard not to lose control, but its
getting harder and harder to do.
Suddenly, Liam lets go of my nipples, standing up in front of
me again. His face alight with deviousness, he runs the tip of his
tongue over his lower lip, thinking of his next words.
Do you want my cock, Vivian? he asks me, my eyes
immediately darting to his crotch just in time to see the bulging
there pulsing and straining against the fabric of his pants, every
inch of it calling to me. Looking up at him, I simply nod.
Please. I wanted to say yes, but the desire that burns
inside of me bypassed the filter in my brain.
Take my belt off, he says, and my hands respond before my
brain has had the time to process his words. I reach for him with
trembling fingers, slowly unbuckling his belt and sliding it out of
its loops. The leather against the palm of my hand, I let the belt
slide down my fingers and onto the floor, my now empty hands
waiting for his commands. Go on, he urges me, not bothering
to be specific. He knows exactly what I want to do.
I start to unbutton his pants with careful deliberate
movements, holding my breath as his tight boxer briefs come
into sight, the thick contour of his pulsing cock making my head
spin. As I undo the last button, I open my hand and reach for the
bulging in his boxers, stopping just an inch away from it; I
hesitate, afraid and fully knowing that I might lose all semblance
of control the moment I touch him.
I sigh and go for it, telling the consequences to go to hell as
my fingertips gently touch the shape under his boxers. I trace
the contour of his cock in a upward line, only stopping when I
meet the hem of his underwear; hooking my fingers there, I pull
it down, sending both pants and boxers to his knees as his hard
cock jumps into sight.
Instinctively, I curl my fingers around his pulsing cock, my
insides burning as I realize I can barely grab it using just one
hand: hes the biggest I have ever seen12 inches at leastand
he has a matching thickness to his length.
I look up at him, almost as if I wantor needhis approval,
and I find his devious grin at once. Breathing in through my
slightly parted lips, I open my hand and move my fingers down
his cock, feeling his hard shaft under my fingertips. I caress him
like that for a few seconds, tracing the way from his root to his
tip, a hint of precum already glistening there. God, how can
everything on him be this perfect?
Your mouth, he says with a confident grin. I want it. He
doesnt need to say it twice; the moment his words reach my
brain Im already leaning in, my heart pounding so hard I can
barely think straight.
I fit my lips against his glans, slowly rolling them down until I
feel his soft tip pushing down on my tongue. Placing my hands
on his waist, I let them go around his body and I hook my fingers
on his firm ass; pulling him in, I close my eyes as his shaft slides
deep inside my mouth. I have to open my mouth wide, and still it
remains hard to have my mouth around his girth. But I dont let
his size be a limitation to what I can or cant do. In fact, its
pretty much the opposite. Feeling my mouth full with his
pulsing desire, I struggle even harder to have every single inch of
him inside of me.
I push my mouth down, his tip resting against the back of my
throat as my lips meet the base of his cock. Only then do I allow
my lips to slide back out over his shaft. I go up this glans and
then down again, bobbing my head back and forth as I twirl my
tongue around his tip every time I come up. I curl my fingers
around his shaft once more, moving my hand up and down in a
matching motion to that of my mouth. Hand and lips moving in
the same pendulum motion, I use my free hand to caress his
balls, their weight against my fingers making my skin prickle.
I start upping the pace, my movements becoming faster and
wilder each time I come and go. I only stop once to catch my
breath, but I keep my hand on his cock, stroking him as fast as I
can; leaning in again, I tilt my head sideways and lay my lips
against the side of his shaft, kissing down until my mouth meets
his balls. I suck one in, rolling it around my mouth as I keep
working him with my hand. Its heavy and warm and, just like
his cock, its bigger than anything I have ever seen. My eyes
closed, I cant help but wonder about the amount of cum he must
be holding inside him.
Moving back to his tip, I prepare to take his length inside of
me once again, but Liam places his hands on the top of my head
and stops me before I go down.
Your pussy. I want to see it, he says, pushing me back.
Smiling anxiously, I lay down on the mattress and prop myself
up on my elbows, one hand sliding down my stomach to between
my thighs. With a flick of my fingers I push my thong to the side,
revealing my pussy lips to him. I feel his eyes devouring me; my
insides ache for his cock, and the need to feel him in me is
almost too overwhelming. Then, moving so fast all I see is a blur,
he places one hand on my chest and pushes me down while he
flattens the palm of his other hand against my pussy. A violent
shiver goes through me and I open my mouth as a purr of
pleasure turns into a throaty moan.
Not wasting any time, he turns his hand around and slides
one finger inside of me, moving it in an upward curve. My body
trembles as I feel him in me, my pussy lips around his long
Climbing on top of the bed, he starts to move his fingers back
and forth, pressing his thumb against my clitoris and moving it
in fast vicious circles. With his other hand, he squeezes my right
breast, my flesh molding to his fingers as pleasure covers me
like a blanket. He pinches my nipple then, caressing it between
his thumb and index finger as he keeps ravaging my pussy.
It doesnt take long for my body to start burning up. I grab at
the sheets, bunching them up as I arch my back and surrender to
his touch. With the perfect movements of a man sure of what
hes doing, he keeps going until theres a storm brewing inside
of me, the roar of distant thunder echoing inside my mind. He
only eases up when Im on the edge, sliding one more finger
inside of me and rubbing it against my G-spot as he presses
down on my clit.
I thrust my hips upward by instinct, an electric discharge
hitting my nerves and making my muscles twitch in ecstasy.
Breathing hard, I let pleasure blanket me, my mind completely
blank as all thought gives way to delight.
As he starts to slide his fingers off me, I act by impulse and
grab his wrist, trying to keep his hand on my pussy. He ignores
me, pushing his hand back until my fingers peel off of his wrist. I
lay there, panting, as Liam gets out of the bed and stands,
looking down at my almost naked body.
Your thong, he says, my fingers immediately finding their
way to my hips. Lifting my ass up, I slide my drenched thong
down my legs and kick it off to the floor, my eyes never leaving
Liams. Good girl, he praises me as he starts to unbutton his
own shirt, the hard lines of his pectorals revealing themselves to
me. I dont even blink as he undresses, my mind burning as his
chiseled abdominals come into sight. Im biting down on my
bottom lip, my trembling fingers reaching for his body; my
fingertips against his skin, I trace the contour of his abs as he
kicks off his shoes and steps out of his pants and boxers,
standing gloriously naked in front of me.
I need it, I find myself saying, my fingers sliding down
his abs and once again curling around his thick shaft.
I know, he replies, the Devils smile on his lips. Moving
fast, he grabs both my hands and pins me down on the bed as he
climbs on top of me. My whole body is drowning in anxiety, my
pussy craving his cock as if it was the most important thing in
the whole universe. And, to be honest, right now I really need it
more than I need to breathe; at least thats what my brain tells
Letting go of my left wrist, he grabs his cock with his hand,
angling it so that his tip is pointing at my pussy lips. He moves
carefully, pressing his glans against my pussy and kicking my
anxiety into high gear; I thrust upward with my hips, trying to
have him inside of me, but he lays one forearm across my waist
and pins me down once more, freezing me up.
You want it bad, dont you? he murmurs against my ear,
rubbing his glans against my inner lips and torturing me with
Yes, I manage to say, even though my throat is feeling
tight. Please, I croak, my hands resting on his ass and urging
him to thrust. My eyes are shut, but even though I cant see him,
I sense his grin; in a fraction of a second he thrusts, his cock
pushing its way past my folds and straining against my inner
I moan as he buries his cock into me, filling me up in a way no
other man has ever done before. Even though his thickness is
stretching me wide, it doesnt hurt like I feared it would. Instead,
pleasure floods me at once, its sharp fangs burying themselves
in my mind and making me lose all control. I dig my fingers into
his shoulder blades and cross my legs behind his lower back,
feeling the sway of his body as he slides his cock out and starts to
You feel so tight, he whispers in my ear, his lips brushing
against my skin. I love tight. I smile at his words, wondering
how tight Ill be once hes done with me. Pressing his mouth
against mine, we start to kiss as our hips rock back and forth, our
bodies trapped in an almost too violent dance of lust and sinful
decadence. I push my tongue inside his mouth, tasting him as he
reaches for my breasts, squeezing them harshly as my muscles
tense up.
Feeling my pussy tightening up, Liam starts to thrust even
faster, pistoning into me with such viciousness that I start to
claw at his back, my moans bouncing off the walls and filling the
whole room.
Come for me, baby, he murmurs, ravaging me until theres
no other option but for me to explode. And thats exactly what I
do: I explode, a shrill cry of pleasure tumbling out of my lips as
my pussy clenches around his shaft. He keeps fucking me,
ripples of pleasure spreading from my pussy to all of my body as
his cock comes and goes. Only when I take my legs off of his back
does he slow down, carefully pulling out. I tremble as I feel his
gigantic shaft sliding out of me, every fiber in my body begging
for it to remain inside.
I have no choice, though: he pulls out mercilessly, not caring
one bit about what I need or want. But then, placing both of his
hands on my waist, he turns me around easily, forcing me to lay
down on my stomach, my ass up to him. Whimpering, I close my
eyes as I feel my breasts pressed against the mattress, my body
immediately readying itself for whats going to happen next.
Liam brushes two of his fingers over my pussy, parting my
legs as he lies down on top of me. I feel his hips over my ass, and
just a heartbeat after that, he has his glans pressed tight against
my pussy lips. One thrust of his and Im screaming, the
quivering sound of my voice caressing my eardrums as he starts
pistoning into me again, his fingers digging into the patch of
skin right between my ass and lower back, his thumbs resting
easily against the dimples I have there.
Harder, I whisper against the sheets, and then repeat
myself louder, afraid that he cant hear me. Harder! Maybe he
hears me, maybe he doesnt, but he starts going harder,
thrusting harshly as my breathing turns into a sequence of
screams. Completely destroying me, he runs his fingers through
my hair and pulls my head back, rocking his body against mine
as he holds my head in place. He keeps me in that position until I
cant take it any longer, every single muscle in my body aching
for release.
Perhaps he feels my body coming undoneperhaps he
doesntand he lets go of my hair; I let my head fall against the
mattress and scream into the sheets, a convulsion of pleasure
taking over me. He holds his position, his cock buried deep
inside my pussy as my muscles burn under the fires of ecstasy. I
ball my hands into fists, the soft fabric of the sheets bunched up
between my fingers as a violent orgasm runs through me.
Its the first time Im with him, and he has already made me
come three times. Sure, I know that being with New Kingstons
Mayor is a bad call But every thrust of his just makes it feel like
the best decision of my life.
I know its wrong, he whispers into my ear, almost as if he
could read my mind. But it feels so fucking right.
I say nothing to that. What can I say, after all? I could moan a
yes, but the fact that Im lying down completely naked while
he has his way with me should be the only reply he needs.
This was I mutter, slowly opening my hands and letting
go of the sheets. This was perfect.
Were not done, he says rather harshly, sliding his cock out
of me and slapping me across the ass. A feeble moan leaves my
lips as I feel his hand hitting my ass, the sound of flesh on flesh
waking my body up again. I grit my teeth as he smacks me again
with the back of his hand, pain turning into pleasure as it travels
to my brain.
Instinct guiding me, I support myself on my elbows and go on
all fours, jutting my ass back at him. I look over my shoulder for
a split second, just enough time for me to see him on his knees,
grabbing his cock as his hungry eyes focus on my soaked pussy
lips. This time he doesnt even bother with feeling my pussy
with his fingers; he simply laces my waist with one arm, using
his free hand to guide his cock home. His thickness is in me in
an instant, his shaft sliding between my folds and pushing back
against my insides once again. Arching my back, I angle my body
so that he goes deeper than before, the tip of his cock tapping
that secret spot inside of me, pleasure whipping my body with
the fury of unbridled sin. Purred moans leave my mouth, but it
doesnt take long for them to turn into screams once more, each
of his thrusts forcing me to unleash that wild and primal side of
Boiling pleasure crawling under my skin, I feel on the edge
again, my mind one step away from oblivion. And still he
thrusts, his hard throbbing cock pushing me closer toward a
climax so strong I dont even know if I can survive it. It looms on
the horizon, threatening to completely demolish me, and I wait
for it, eager and anxious.
When it finally comes, it fulfills all of its promises; my
muscles twitch and tremble, sweet ecstasy coursing through my
veins as my body convulses. Im breathing out through my
gritted teeth, my throat too exhausted to produce anything
stronger than a feeble croak. But Liams not too far behind me;
three hard thrusts and he stills himself, his fingers digging deep
into the flesh of my hips as he keeps his spasming cock sheathed
inside my pussy.
My body still moving erratically from the orgasm, I collapse
on top of the bed; he follows after me, his body pressed on top of
mine as he coats my insides with a torrent of warm cum. We
remain like that for God knows how long; his frozen body on top
of mine as sibling orgasms takes us as hostages. He keeps
cumming for what seems like forever, filling me up to the brim...
And then he cums some more. He keeps spurting until thick
strands of semen drip out of my pussy and down my thighs,
spoiling the sheets with proof of what weve done.
After an eternity of ecstasy, hes finally done. He pulls out
from me slowly, each inch that slides out of me drawing a purr
out of my lips. I expect him to collapse on the bed by my side,
utterly and completely spent, but thats not what he does;
instead, he squeezes both my ass as he leans into me, pressing
his mouth against my cum-soaked pussy. I tremble as I feel his
tongue running up and down my inner lips, scooping his own
seed, and my eyes roll in their orbits as he greedily sucks my
folds into his mouth. Licking and sucking, he only stops when
my pussy is cleaned dry, all of his load taken care of.
Liam finally lying by my side, I open my eyes to face the man
who has given me the best fuck of my life. His lips are glistening,
thick drops of cum dripping down his chin. With a tired smile, I
press my mouth against his, parting my lips as his tongue slides
inside; our tongues wrestling, we swap the thick strands of
semen he held inside his mouth, his salty flavor inundating me
at once. When I open up my eyes again, hes running one hand
through my hair, looking at me with a tender but mischievous
expression on his face. There are a few drops of cum still
hanging on his chin so, never taking my eyes off of his, I reach
for them with my tongue and scoop them up, swallowing all of
his fluids with a satisfied grin.
Vivian he whispers against me, This was fucking
perfect. I simply smile back at him, knowing that words cant
do justice to what happened between the two of us.
When I arrived in New Kingston I was already aware of the
kind of man Liam was supposed to be But nothing prepared me
for the perfect sexy God I found leaning against the counter of a
bar. And now here I am, naked and deeply satisfied... against
every rule, law, and protocol.
And it feels amazing.




FROM THE DESK of Editor-at-Large, Michael Anders.

As Mayor of New York City, I have an unique insight. As the
owner of my paper, here are my thoughts

IN WHATS TURNING out to be the spectacle of the year, rumors are

now flying that New York States junior Senator to Washington is
now getting involved in the feud between Governor Carter and
New Kingston Mayor Liam Jeffries.
Rumors began to fly Friday when the Senator was
photographed with the Governor at a Midtown Manhattan
restaurant that was hosting a fundraiser for the Governor
sponsored by China National Bank. The two were seen talking,
arm in arm, at many points. Speculation as to a romantic
interest between both leaders, who are single, was rife after the
party. Further speculation that this was due to the potential
conflict between the Governors Clean Air Bill and Mayor
Jeffries quest to bring back jobs to his state simply seemed to
add fuel to the fire.
The rumors surrounding Vivian Hawthorne reached a fever
pitch when local residents reported that she had been sighted
speaking to Mayor Liam Jeffries the next day at a local tavern in
New Kingston. The two seemed to residents and observers to be
familiar and enjoying an intimate setting.
The Mayor of New Kingston has made interactions at taverns,
bowling alleys, Little League and Pee Wee football games a
hallmark of his administration's quest to connect with ordinary
citizens. This has made him accessible to many constituents as
per his proponents, while his detractors in the Governors office
claim that the mayor has consequently lost sight of the bigger
Vivian Hawthorne herself has not been one to shy away from
the spotlight. At 29, she is the youngest Senator to serve in the
history of the United States. But at times, she has been the
center ofand indeedcourted close scrutiny. The daughter of a
wealthy New England private banker, Vivian has nevertheless
always sought to choose her own path, entering politics, and
more recently, ending her affiliation with the Republican Party.
Prior to ending her political affiliation, Senator Hawthorne was a
registered Democrat.
When asked regarding her relative disloyalty to either party,
the Senator has often commented that America wont find
solutions by sticking to the causes of the problems. When
challenged during a town hall meeting for her classification as
an Independent, the Senator showed that she had the ability to
stand up for herself when her reply to a verbal assault was, Get
the fuck out of here, before instructing her security personnel
to forcibly eject her heckler. Indeed, the Senator has often
flouted traditional norms of behaviorespecially behavior that
is still expected of women. A self-proclaimed, strong woman,
the Senator has been seen and linked romantically to a variety of
high profile men, including the Prime Minister of the United
Kingdom, several Fortune 500 CEOs, notable figures in the world
of sports, as well as many A-list Hollywood actors. When asked
regarding her very active dating life, the response that many
have gotten has been a simple shrug and a comment of, I like
sex what can I say? I want to have sex with winners, not
Indeed, the outspoken nature of the Senator has many people
watching the situation speculating that a simple feud between a
small town mayor and a very liberal Governor may explode like
nothing the state has ever seen. It remains to be seen if they
predict correctly.


B astards, I mutter, throwing the newspaper down on top

of my desk. The impact of it makes my pen roll onto the
ground. Whats the use of passing legislation if people think
theyre just going to circumvent it?
And why is Senator Hawthorne holding secret meetings with
Liam Jeffries? Who does Liam think he is? I can feel my pulse
quicken in irritation. I take a deep breath and pull a bottle of
Bourbon from a small drawer in my desk. I keep a secret stash
for moments like these. I picked it upbourbonafter the
Persian Gulf. Makes everything easier to deal with.
I bring the bottle to my lips and take a swig, and as the heat of
the liquid slides down my throat I remind myself that this isn't
the Wild West and Liam isn't some rogue cowboy. I'm sitting in
my office chair, and I swivel myself toward the window that
overlooks an untouched, forested patch of treesSugar Maple,
Beech, and Red Spruce. The natural landscape calms me.
Sure, its not New York City, but the power lies in Albany.
Lets see what Liam comes up with. Ill slap him back down so
hard hell forget his own goddamn name.
Because there is just one simple truth here, folks. Liam
Jeffries can't bring these factory jobs to New Kingston with a
blatant disregard for environmental law. He cant decide that
hes going to poison the air, water, and crops for an entire state
of 27 million people to bring in 10,000 jobs.
I won't let him get away with it. He thinks I don't care about
the people of New Kingston, but he's wrong. Im not just
thinking about their wallets, Im thinking about their lives. But
of course Liam only cares about instant gratificationand booze
and tits. Has he even considered what the future
My thoughts are interrupted when the intercom on my phone
buzzes. "Mr. Andrews?" I press the button to reply, "Yes Cathy?
"There's someone here to see you."
I don't re-call having a meeting. I quickly pull up my calendar
on my cell phone and give it a quick scroll. Nothing. It's blank
for the afternoon. "Have them make an appointment and return
another day. My afternoon is full," I lie. Having an unscheduled
meeting is the last thing I want to deal with today.
"She says it's important and that you wouldnt want to keep
her waiting."
Theres only one woman who flouts US politics so much.
Tina Ling.
I really need to get her off my back. But the problem is, shes
connected. Too connected.
Shes a Managing Director at China First. Theyre bankrolling
politicians left and right.
If I want to keep my job, continuing to serve the public, Im
going to have to deal with people like her.
"I'm sure it can wait another day," I say with irritation.
"She says it's can't wait, Mr. Andrews."
I let out a sigh. "If it's that urgent, send her in," I say with
Tina Ling walks in. Shes got on a tight back pencil skit, and a
white blouse. She struts in, her hips and ass sashaying across my
office. I'll give her credit. She's a woman with confidence. She
has black hair cropped in an A-line bob, and maybe it's her five-
inch heels, or maybe it's her red lipstick, but she now has my full
"You aren't an easy man to meet with, apparently. Do you
always make it this hard for visitors?"
"Ms. Ling, it's a pleasure," I say, standing up. I straighten my
tie and reach out to shake her hand once I realize who she is. "To
what do I owe the pleasure?"
"Let's drop the formalities from the other night, Carter. You
can call me Tina," she says with a smile. I watch as she leans on
my desk, just enough to reveal the deep crevice between her
breasts. I can't help but think about how great her breasts look.
"Have you ever visited Shanghai?"
I think for a moment before responding. "Yes, actually, I was
there for a conference once. Beautiful city, Mayor. Very
"Then you can picture the Huangpu River, and the unrivaled,
futuristic skyline of our Pudong districta true testament to
innovation and industry if you ask methe Shanghai Tower, and
the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, standing tall and massively erect,
poking into those pink spheres. I know I can appreciate a stiff
pole when I see one." I watch as her eyes glance down at my
crotch and I take a quick gulp of air. Is she looking for my cock? I
cough a bit to clear my throat.
"Ms. LingTinawhile I'm flattered that you've stopped in
for a visit today, I get the feeling that there's something you're
not saying."
"Smart man," she purrs, walking closer to me. I catch a look
at her eyes and notice the intensity of her gaze. This is a woman
on a mission. "Shanghai is one of the largest cities in the world,
and as I'm sure you are aware, it is a financial and cultural
"Yes, of course. There's no denying Shanghai's importance."
"And I am aware of the conflict brewing between you and
Liam Jeffries."
"Well, I wouldn't necessarily call it"
She cuts me off. "No need to hedge the fact that Mr. Jeffries is
a thorn in your sidein both of our sidesand I think I can
When she says this, I sit up straight in my chair, giving her
my focused attention.
"What are you proposing?" I ask.
"You're a wealthy man, but I can make you wealthier. I can
help you raise more money than you ever thought possible, and
together we can take down Liam Jeffries. You can't allow him to
run wild in the streets of New Kingstonit's criminal. The law
should be respected, don't you agree?"
She steps in closer, closing the gap between us. Her hand is
now on my arm. It's a soft and unassuming touch, but I can't
help but look down at her perfectly manicured nails and delicate
hand. She rubs her hand up my arm and rests it on my shoulder,
and continues, "Why's a strong, powerhouse of a man such as
yourself letting Liam Jeffries step all over you?"
"He's far from stepping on me. He's impulsive, yes. He's an
imprudent Mayor who thinks he can get his wayregardless of
the lawby simply winning the hearts of the people."
"And can he?"
"Not if I can help it."
"Good, that's what I like to hear Mr. Andrews," she purrs,
moving her hand to my tie now and loosening the knot. It falls
apart under her skillful touch and I get the feeling she's done
this before. My mind is telling me that I should usher her out. I
quickly move my body out of her reach even though there's a
part of me that wants to see how this will play out.
"You keep control of Liam," she purrs, "And I'll find your
And why would I need your help, Ms. Ling? I say, trying to
bring a hardened edge to my voice.
Im going to be honest with you, okay? If that were Vivian
Hawthorne standing in front of me, this wouldnt even be a
question right now. My cock would already be out, throbbing,
and ready to go.
But this isnt Vivian.
She approaches me again and this time she has my tie
completely loose now; she pulls it off slowly from around my
neck. The silk brushes against my face and as she leans in, one of
her breasts presses against my cheek. I can smell a hint of her
perfumeseductive, spicy, mysterious, and dominant. I think
back to the newspaper article, and again, my mind tells me I
shouldn't be doing this. I don't need help from Shanghai. I can
take this on myself. Besides, I need to find Vivian Hawthorne. I
need to talk to her, if it isn't too late. I gently nudge Tina away
from me and say, "It won't be easy. It looks like he my have the
help of Senator Hawthorne now, but I'm sure I can manage.
Thank you anyways."
This only brings her closer. If it's one thing I know, this
woman is persistent. She isn't letting me off the hook. She
unbuttons her blouse and I get a look at her perfect breasts
cupped in a red lace bra. How is this even happening? She has
one hand on my pants and leans in, whispering into my ear,
"Nice pants. Do you mind if I test the zipper out."
"IuhI don't think that's"
But before I can finish, I feel her pulling my belt from its
buckle and she grabs the zipper of my pants, pulling it down in
one metallic whizzing sound. My pulse is racing. I can feel my
heart hammering through my chest. It's as if she can sense it
now because she unbuttons my shirt and places one hand on my
bare chest.
"I do like a strong, chiseled, man," she purrs, moving her
other hand back down to my exposed zipper.
I try to say something but the words are caught in my throat.
"Tina, I"
"Sshh, there's no need to say anything, Carter" she says,
placing one delicate finger across my lips and I sit there,
immobilized until I can wrap my head around the severity of the
situation. The thrill of feeling her in such close proximity to me
makes my heart leap into my throat, and I quickly step away
from her.
This isnt Vivian Hawthorne.
Shes probably sleeping with Liam; he has that effect on
people, but until I know for sure, Im not going to jump in bed
with the first woman who comes knocking. And she literally
came knocking.
Youre not Vivian, I say out loud. I dont know why I
goddamn said it out loud, okay? Dont look at me.
But Tinas looking. Shes giving me a strange sort of look.
No, Im not the Senator, she says to me, flashing a
lascivious smile. Im better.
I stand there silently, wondering why Im so incapable of
movement. Ive killed men with my bare hands before in the
desert. Ive made hundreds of millions on my own. When Ive
taken a break from work, Ive pleased countless women and left
them begging for more.
Face it Governor, Tina says narrowing the distance between
us. Youre going to need me as a friend in the coming fight,
more than as a foe. I know it would be a very beneficial
Just then, I hear a familiar voice at the door.
"What's going on in here?"
I look up and see Vivian Hawthorne standing in the doorway,
her blonde hair framing the concerned look etched into her face.
"This isn't what it looks like," I say, waving one hand into the
air. "Nothing is happening." But just as I say this, my mind
registers the compromising look of the roomthe Mayor of
Shanghai with her shirt unbuttoned, and to top it all off, I'm
standing there with my pants partially unzipped.
Who's going to believe me?

"W hat's going on?" I ask. It feels like I've lost my bottom
jaw on the floor.
I can't help it. I probably should've closed the door and
walked away, but the words tumble from my mouth
instinctually. I mean, when you walk into your Governor's office,
you aren't expecting to walk in on something like this. Of all the
things that Carter could be caught doing right now, this tops
them all. Not afteryou know what? Never mind.
I blink a few times just to make sure the scene in front of me
is real.
I mean, Carter Andrews of all peopleam I really seeing Tina
Ling's shirt unbuttoned? Are Carter's pants unbuttoned? And
what is Tina Ling doing here anyways? I don't know what Carter
and Tina have got going on between each other, but whatever it
is, I don't like it. And honestly, the media would have a field day
with this if it got out.
Yes, thats right. The media, hun. Not me. Dont give me that
Im only here to get this situation between these two men
sorted so I can go back to DC. I dont care what Carter does with
his personal life, okay?
Just because hes as handsome as Apollo, with his Greek god
body. His rugged exterior. That feeling of safety I get around
him, as if the world could throw everything at me and he would
just shrug and tell it to get lost. Anyways, just because of all that
doesnt mean that hes not free to see whoever he wants, okay?
And before you say anything about Liam, let me just tell you
that Liam Jeffries is different. The sex is amazing. But its a
different feeling I get with him.
Liam is risky and fun. Carter seems like a solid oak.
I meanyou know what, hun? Stop it. I didnt mean anything
by any of that.
Its just the situation.
You got me at a bit of a surprise, and I just blurted. I dont
really feel anything at all.
Anyways, I know I've caught him off guard because I watch as
he jumps up, waving a hand in the air as if to shrug the whole
thing off. How stupid does he think I am?
"This isn't what it looks like," he says, nearly stumbling on
his words and stupidly trying to button his shirt and pants. Yeah,
right. Sure it isn't. I feel my eyes practically rolling around in
their sockets. Give me a break. But then I catch myself gazing at
his exposed chest. I never knew he was so muscular under that
"Nothing is happening," he maintains.
My eyes go from Tina's open blouse, which she's now quickly
buttoning, to Carter's unzipped pants.
"Sure, Carter. Are you telling me this is just some casual
Friday at the office?"
"I should be going," Tina says, straightening her skirt and
grabbing her shoulder bag. I have a meeting with my
I narrow my eyes and ask her, Just who are your superiors,
Ms. Ling?
She gives me a sly smile.
Im a member of the Communist Party of the Central Region
of the Peoples Republic of China, Senator, she says. I
wouldnt expect you as a Westerner to understand the concepts I
live forcommunity over self, dedication, hard work
I cant take any more.
Right, because youre standing in the office of someone who
started and made successful several technology companies
through hard work, and dedication, Ms. Ling, I say rolling my
eyes. You may not agree with our Western ideas of individuality
and self-worth, but you sure do know how to copy the good
things we come up with and then try to undercut us.
Tina says nothing to me, just stares.
Women should know when to speak in society, Ms.
Hawthorne, she says icily. I can see shes mad. Even
Or what? I ask, my nostrils flaring. Who does this bitch
think she is?
Or else the world might start to take notice of their
peculiarities, she says simply, staring me in the eyes.
Is she threatening me? My peculiarities?
If you mean the fact that Im as strong as any man and I
enjoy sex, I say to her smiling sweetly. Take a number and get
in line, because others have tried to take me down for a long
time. Youre not the first, hun.
But Ill be the last, she says and turns away. I honestly
dont know how to respond and I decide to hold my tongue.
I watch as she gives Carter a knowing nod and exists the
"What the hell was that all about?" I ask Carter as soon as
Tina is gone. Once the Mayor of Shanghai is gone, I feel like I can
speak candidly.
"I told you, it's nothing, he says looking away.
"That was certainly something."
"You're overacting. It was just a misunderstanding," he
shrugs and then turns to me. And what was that with you two?
Like watching two predators circle over each other.
Just protecting you, Governor, I say, trying to get off the
I dont need protecting, Senator, Carter answers back,
puffing out his chest. Just looking at his broad shoulders and the
way he fills out that suit gets me a little wet.
"Bullshit. It's not a misunderstanding if you saw something
with your own two eyes. Give me a break. I never thought you
were so gullible."
"What do you mean by that?"
"Did you see the way she was looking at you? Like a tiger
eyeing her prey. And don't look surprised. Be honest with me.
What's really going on?"
I watch as Carter replaces his tie and straightens it back into
place. He now looks completely different from how I found him.
It really is as if nothing happened, and I'm taken aback by how
striking his frame looks in that tailored suit. Why am I just now
noticing this?
"Listen, Tina Ling is just trying to help."
"By taking her shirt off for you?" I smirk.
"No, with Liam Jeffries."
Now I'm really intrigued. "What's Liam got to do with this?" I
"You know as well as I do that he's gone rogue."
"What are you talking about?"
"I mean that he's making brash and impulsive decisions with
no regard to environmental legislature. Sure, he's winning over
the hearts and minds of the people, but what about the
environmental impact? We need to stop thinking simply about
the present. I know that we are talking about 10,000 jobs and I'm
not trying to minimize the importance of that, but just think
about the environmental impact of those five factories that he's
proposingair and water pollution worse than anything the city
of New Kingston has ever known. With those five factories being
built in close proximity to New York Cityhomes and schools
the people of New Kingston will be subjected to unhealthy levels
of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. Have you ever seen kids get
sick because their water was poisoned? Or elderly people with
asthma and lung cancer that doesnt happen from smoking?"
"And so what does Tina Ling have to do with any of this?"
"Bottom line? She agrees with me. She doesn't believe that
Liam should be running wild with no regard for the law, Carter
says. And shes at least offering me some help.
Because Liam told the papers that you could go fuck
yourself? I ask, unable to help myself.
Carter bristles. I guess you just used him to do that, didnt
you? he asks. The moment he says it, I know what the problem
Theres a silence.
I decide to let it go.
"Have you ever thought that Mayor Ling is coming from a
selfish place? I ask him. That maybe she has a hidden agenda.
Judging by her body language, it looked pretty personal."
"Right now, everyone has an agenda Vivian, Carter says.
The question becomes, how important are the lives of the
people who cant afford allies?"
"Come on, Carter. She's thinking about her own economy.
Her own country. Shes not in it to help you save lives. If the jobs
go back to Shanghai, she wins."
"Correction, we both win."
"I suppose so."
"I know so, and she promises that she can help raise the
I wonder for a moment what Carter means by raising money?
Isnt it too early to start thinking about re-election?
"Don't looks so dubious," he says, noticing my pensive gaze.
"Although, you look awfully cute when you're deep in thought."
He flashes a disarming smile.
"Very funny."
"No, I mean it."
I watch as Carter takes a few steps toward me and I notice the
distance between us is shrinking. He's so close now that I can
practically feel the warmth emanating from his body. The look
on his face has changed, and a pregnant silence fills the air.
He clears his throat. "Can I be honest with you?"
"Of course. You can always be honest with me."
He brushes his hand up against my own. I immediately
recognize how big and strong it is. "It's women like you who
cause global warming."
"Oh yeah? What's that suppose to mean?" I smirk and roll my
eyes. But inside, my heart starts beating faster. Its like I want to
believe him and fall into his arms, you know? I want to see where
this is going.
"You're so hot you've raised the temperature of this room at
least 20 degrees."
"Is that the best you've got?" I roll my eyes and sigh again.
But Im smiling. Ear to ear.
"What's going on between you and Liam?"
Oh. My. God.
The question catches me off guard. "What do you mean?"
"Come on. Don't think I haven't noticed. What are the secret
meetings about?"
"It's nothing. Honestly."
Sex? he asks me.
I bristle. Listen, to me, Carter Andrews, I say, taking a step
forward and placing my index finger on his lips. If I didnt tell
that Communist bitch Tina about my sex life, what makes you
think Im going to tell you?
Because youre going to be having sex with me in about five
minutes, he says, his eyes boring down into me.
He thinks I cant hold out five minutes?
OK, babe, I know I can hold out for three. I think we should try
and do six.
He's standing so close to me that his cologne is clouding my
judgment. The smell is classically masculine, and confident, with
a hint of spice and the airiness of the Mediterranean
Sandalwood, juniper, sea salt, and citrus. In other words, it's the
kind of scent that makes you want to lean right in. I look at the
computer on his desk and notice his open browser. I touch his
arm softly and say, "You still use Internet Explorer?"
"Observant. Do you always look on people's computers?"
"I guess that means you like things nice and slow, huh?"
"Sometimes, I'd say so." He leans in and drags his fingertips
across my cheek. Our eyes are locked on each other and my pulse
"I suppose," I say, "But sometimes you need to think outside
of the box."
"I'd like to think inside of your box," he says with a smile and
reaches over to run his fingers through my hair. His touch sends
a shiver down my spine and it takes all of my resolve to not
quiver under his strong fingertips. He senses this and drags his
fingers gently across my lips. His hands then move down to my
shoulders. He traces my collarbone and slowly runs his fingers
down my bare arms. My entire body is tingling. I hook one of my
own fingers on his belt loop and pull him into me. He gives me
an intense gaze and everything that happened beforewith Tina
Ling and Liam Jeffriesmelts away. The only thing that matters
is this moment. Carter's touch sends a jolt of electricity through
my core that makes me want to stay with him in this office
forever. I reach up and rake my fingernails through his hair, and
he reciprocates by placing his hand on my head. Suddenly, he
grabs a chunk of my hair and pulls it back, exposing my neck and
mouth, and he leans in, pressing his lips against mine. Our
mouths open as we take each other in, our tongues pressed up
against each other, twisting and flexing. I pull back slightly and
nibble on his bottom lip. More, I say, "Don't stop." Without a
word, he grabs my hips and leans into me as he presses his
mouth against mine for a second time. I feel an unconscious
moan escape from my body as he brings his hands down to my
breasts, cupping them in his palms. As he gives them a squeeze,
my mind is reeling.
I look at the clock real quick before surrendering myself to
Four minutes and thirty seconds.
I hate it when hes right.

T he moment our lips touch, theres no stopping us. Call it

attraction, call it lustas far as Im concerned, you can call it
whatever you want. The name doesnt matter. What matters is
that Carters hands are on my waist and hes pulling me in, his
body pressed against mine. Parting my lips, I slide my tongue
inside his mouth; he mimics me and does the same, our tongues
dancing around one another in lustful circles.
How did I get to this point? First Liam, and now Carter. I
should be a bridge between them, the one to fix the mess they
pulled New York into. But here I am, kissing Carter days after
letting Liam inside my hotel room. Instead of solving anything,
it seems that Im just making matters worse. And the worst
part? I dont care. Not now Its impossible. How can I worry
when Im kissing a man such as Carter, when Im feeling his
eager mouth pressed tight against my own?
While we kiss, I press one hand against his chest and let it
fall, my fingers sliding down his crisp white shirt until they meet
his belt. I open my hand, trying to reach for the bulging in his
pants, but moving in a blur, he grabs me by the wrist, stopping
me. His grip is strong, and even though I fight against it, I just
cant free myself. Pulling back from our kiss, he looks me in the
eye, a hard edge to his gaze.
On your knees, he tells me, the tone of his voice leaving no
room for doubts or hesitation. Of course, that only makes me
want to fight back harder. Who does he think he is to be bossing
me around? Im a Senator, not his secretary. Not one to take
orders lightly, I try and grab his cock again.
Holding my wrist even harder, he takes his other hand to my
hair, and tangling his fingers in it, yanks hard, forcing me to
throw my head back; then leaning into me, he presses his lips
against my ear. I said, on your knees, he repeats, carefully
intoning each word. This time, there really is no maneuvering
around his commands. Before I can even respond, my knees
grow weak and I go down in front of him, my heart drumming so
fast it might just explode.
What am I doing, going down on my knees like a submissive
little girl? I should be the one taking the lead! So why in the hell
am I taking his words like gospel?
My belt. Take it off, he says, and I have to bite down on my
lower lip so that I dont snap back at him. Christ, whats
happening to me? And why am I growing so wet? My thong is
already drenched and sticking to my skin, eager to please the
man towering over me.
Why should I do what you say? I finally manage to say,
looking into his eyes.
Youll do what I say, he responds, a grin dawning on his
face. Because if you do it, Im going to fuck you so hard youll be
ruined for other men. How can I possibly respond to that? Im
not one to run away from a challenge And now he has me
curious. Very, very curious. If hes half as good as Liam, this is
already worth the price of admission.
Ill obey I tell him, licking my lips seductively. But you
better keep your end of the bargain.
You already know my track record, Vivian. I dont break
promises. Ever. That remains to be seen, but the tone of his
voice exudes confidence. He really believes what hes saying
And Id bet a full years salary and my favorite purse on the fact
that he knows how to walk the talk.
Not taking my eyes off of his, I reach for his belt and unbuckle
it, then pull it out from its loops. I throw it down on the floor
hurriedly and wait for his next command. Go on, he simply
tells me, and my fingers move as if they have a mind of their
own. I unbutton his pants eagerly, his cock tenting his tight
boxer briefs. My eyes immediately dart to his long and thick
shape, widening at the sight. God, I dont know if hes as good as
Liam, but he sure as hell seems as big as him. No wonder these
two are butting heads... These guys must have so much
testosterone raging through their veins that its almost a wonder
they can hold office. They were born in the wrong erathey
should be Vikings and Kings, pillaging and plundering They
could pillage my house any time they wanted to, Id be sure to be
waiting for them.
Gulping, I hook my fingers on the hem of his boxers and tug
them down, sending both pants and boxers flying to his ankles.
My hands on his naked thighs, I look up to him, expectantly. He
doesnt say a word; he simply grabs his own cock, pushing it
down and pointing it straight at my mouth. Moving his hips
forward, he brushes his glans against my parted lips. I let my
tongue out, scooping the few drops of precum glistening on his
You want it bad, dont you? he asks me, almost as if hes
taking as much pleasure from having his cock on my lips as he is
from teasing me. But its true; I do want his cock. I want to feel it
inside my mouth, to measure it with my tongue and feeling it
pushing against the back of my throat. I want to let him fuck my
mouth so that I can imagine how its going to be like when hes
between my thighs, ravaging my soaking wet pussy.
I do I want it bad, I finally say. This time Im not saying it
to please him. Im saying it because its the truth. I want his cock
so much that I feel my heart tight inside my chest, aching and
anxious. Give it to me, I ask him, anticipation taking hold of
me. He tilts his head slightly, looking down at me with that
devilish smile on hips, almost as if hes waiting for me to
continue speaking. Then, I finally do it. Please, I add. Its the
magic word; the moment I utter it, he tangles his fingers in my
hair, keeping my head in place as he pushes his massive cock
between my lips and over my tongue, sliding it all the way in. He
only stops when my lips are touching the skin around the base of
his cock, my eyes locked on his. Theres hunger in his eyes; I can
only imagine how much he wants to fuck me after seeing me like
this, down on my knees with his cock deep inside my mouth.
Good girl, he says, sliding his cock out. Still keeping my
head in place, he starts moving his hips back and forth, his cock
moving at a steady growing rhythm. It doesnt take long for him
to be fucking my mouth eagerly, the wet sound of it coming and
going making me grow even wetter. Swear to God, I used to be
such a decent woman I dont know what it is with guys like
Liam and Carter, but they bring out the worstor should I say
best?in me.

EVENTUALLY, Carter stops moving and allows me to take some

control. I start bobbing my head back and forth, eagerly running
my lips up and down his shaft. With one hand, I caress his heavy
balls, feeling how big they are; like Liam, everything in Carter is
plus-sized. Hey, Im not complaining. Oh, no, far from it.
Popping his cock out of my mouth, I let my tongue roam free
over his shaft, and I go all the way down to his balls. Tilting my
head sideway, I press my lips around them, sucking one in.
Rolling it around my mouth, I open wide and suck the other one
in, almost struggling to get it inside. Satisfied, I go back from
where I came, my tongue hiking all the way up his shaft.
Stand up, he says curtly, kicking off his shoes while he
speaks. I go up to my feet, looking at him entranced as he starts
to unbutton his own shirt. My eyes widen as his muscles reveal
themselves to mesweet Jesus, he isnt a man Hes a God!
How the hell can a man be so gorgeous, so perfect? His muscles
look like they belong on a statue carved by the best Renaissance
masters. I just want to lean into him and run my tongue over his
perfect abs.
Letting his shirt fall down his arms, he then steps out of his
pants and boxers, standing fully naked right in front of me. I
want to attack, to jump on him and impale myself on his cock
right away, but thats not the dynamic weve built between the
two of us, so I just stand still, my heart drumming a frenzied
song against my ribcage.
Turn around, he tells me firmly. I do it, immediately
turning on my heels. Your dress, he simply says, confident
that I can read in between the lines. And thats exactly what I do:
I take my hands to my shoulders and push the straps down,
sliding the fabric down to my waist. I keep tugging on it, swaying
my hips from side to side as the dress falls down my legs.
Stepping out of it, I suddenly feel exposed, his eyes on my half-
naked body while I cant look at his perfect naked body.
I shudder as I feel his touch on me, his fingertips running up
my side and going all the way up to my back; his fingers moving
along the back of my bra, he unhooks it, pushing the straps
down. It falls easily, dropping to the floor as sweet electricity
flies from my wet pussy to the tip of my hard nipples.
His fingers go back down to the hem of my thong, and he
traces its contour, going over my ass. Using only one finger, he
moves it along between my ass cheeks, slightly pressing against
the string of my thong. Im so wet I dont even know how Im
not moving. I just want to turn around, push him to the ground
and ease myself down, flicking my thong to the side as I push his
shaft past my folds.
Fuck me Just fuck me already, I find myself saying,
suddenly feeling desperate for his cock.
Such a dirty mouth he whispers into my ear, pressing his
steel hard cock between my ass cheeks. I like that, Vivian. I like
that a lot. With his hands on my waist, he takes two steps
forward, pressing my body against his desk. One forearm across
my shoulder blades, he bends me over his desk. Leaning on my
elbows, I throw a few papers he has on his desk to the floor but
he barely notices it. Unable to restrain myself anymore, I start
thrusting back, swaying my hips and grinding against his cock as
my pussy burns with desire. I stroke him using my ass cheeks,
moving up and down and feeling his cock pulsing against me in
sweet desperation. He wants it as much as I do; I just know it.
I half-expect him to simply flick my thong to the side and
bury his cock into my pussy, but thats not what he does. Instead
he goes down to his knees, and then leans forward and grabs my
thong with his teeth. Using only his mouth, he peels it off of me,
sending it down my legs. Once Im fully nakedI only have my
heels on nowhe places both his hands on my ass cheeks and
spreads them wide. I feel him leaning in, and before I can even
take one deep breath to ready myself, he flicks his tongue
against my pussy. He runs it along my length, back and forth,
moving it further in with each stroke.
All of a sudden he presses his mouth harshly against me,
sucking in with all his might. I moan loudly, momentarily
forgetting where we are, or maybe I just dont care that much
right now. I close my eyes, picturing the sweet image someone
would have if we were to be seenCarter on his knees, his face
pressed against my pussy and ass while Im bent over his desk. I
can already imagine a picture of this gracing the centerfold of a
racy magazine. Thatd be a riota Senator and a Governor, going
at it as if sex was their middle name.
His fingers are digging into my ass, my flesh molding to his
hands as he sucks on me as harshly as he can. Im moaning as if I
needed it more than air, pleasure coursing through me with such
violence that I just snap. I hiss through my gritted teeth, moving
my forearms across his desk and sending whatevers in the way
tumbling to the floor. A lamp, papers and a legal tomeI dont
care, it all goes flying to the floor as I flail my arms, coming so
hard that bright lights go off behind my shut eyelids.
Youre delicious, he says, pulling back from my pussy and
going up to his feet. Hes behind me, his cock once again resting
between my ass cheeks. He leans into me, kissing my neck, and
the scent of my own pussy crawls up my nostrils, making me
lose whatever trace of sanity I still held in my mind.
Using my hands to push against the desk, I turn around as
fast as I can, facing him. He seems surprised by it, his eyes
widening, but it takes less than a heartbeat for a grin to grace his
Feisty, uh? Theres also surprise in his voice, but the
pleasant kind of surprise. He wants me to lose control He
wants me to rebel against his orders and teasing. And, by God,
thats exactly what I do.
Just fuck me already, I say, pressing my mouth against his
and tasting my own pussy in his lips. My fingers trembling with
anticipation, I curl them around his cock and sit up on the desk,
pulling him into me and parting my legs so that his body fits
between them.
Theres no snappy comeback or command this time. He
simply presses his glans over my folds and, with a simple thrust,
slides it all the way in. I end our kiss, a cry of pleasure escaping
my lips as his thickness stretches me wide. Im still not sure how
I can fit cocks like his inside of my pussy; theyre so thick that I
feel his pulse against my insides, each slight spasm of his shaft
sending shivers up my spine. If I keep seeing guys like Liam and
Carter, my pussy is never going to be the same again.
The rhythm of his thrusts doesnt build up. Theres no
crescendo or growing tempo; it simply explodes into existence,
fierce and wild. He pounds me mercilessly; a cascade of moans
tumbling out of my lips and bouncing off the walls. My pussy is
burning up, his meaty cock ramming into me and making
electricity pool in my muscles. Lacing my legs behind his back, I
reel him in, my fingers clawing at his back.
Yes I moan, losing all control. Oh, fuck, yes It was
true; hes as good as Liam, if not better. You cant really compare
stuff like this, but what do you want me to say? The two of them
are just on a level of their own. I have to compare them.
He grabs my hair, yanking on it and forcing my head back;
leaning in, he starts nibbling at it, biting harshly. The sharp pain
of his teeth on my skin climbs all the way up to my brain,
blending in with the pleasure his cock is inflicting on my pussy.
Its the perfect cocktail, one that makes me drunk in sex and
Oh, God! Fuck! I shout, the electricity that pooled in my
muscles is suddenly breaking free. It travels through my body,
unleashing a violent orgasm. My muscles twitching, I succumb
to ecstasy.
Come for me, Vivian Come hard, he whispers into my
ear, the sound of his voice amplifying the pleasure Im feeling.
God, even his voice is perfect. Deep and steady. Firm. He talks
just like a man should talk. This is how I imagine the God Kings
of old spoke, with a voice exactly like this. If Carter were more
perfect than this he would have to be a dream, for sure
A growl climbing up my throat, I take my legs off of his back
and place my hands on his chest. I push him back and he
stumbles, his cock popping out of my pussy. Before he has the
time to do anything, I climb down from the desk and go up to my
feet. I dont know what happens, but something takes over me
and I take one step forward, jumping up and into him. He reacts
fast, grabbing me by the ass while I cross my legs on his back,
my arms going over his shoulders; stumbling as he picks me up,
he goes back until his back is against the wall.
I dont even allow him a seconds rest; I ease myself down on
his cock and start jumping up and down as fast as I can, impaling
myself on his member. I press my forehead against his, staring
at him with a wicked grin on my lips.
You kept your end of the bargain, I tell him between
breaths, struggling to get the words out. You do know how to
handle a woman.
Did you ever doubt it? he says, grinning back at me as he
starts to thrust, the rhythm of his thrusts matching the one of
my jumping motion.
Not anymore, I respond, my mouth on his again as we start
to kiss, our tongues battling as we surrender to the frenzied
movement of both our bodies.
Carter keeps fucking me as if he couldnt tire out, his hips
moving so fast I cant help but wonder how he can even move
like this. God, hes a politician, not a super athlete, and yet, he
looks like one. And fucks better than one too.
His outstretched fingers caress the space between my cheeks,
and suddenly, he moves his index finger, placing it right above
my asshole. I gasp as he slides it in, my insides burning up at
once. Thats all that it takes for me to come again, my twitching
body ready to collapse; if he wasnt holding me, Id just fall down
onto the floor, convulsing as if I were having a seizure. Well, I
guess Im having a seizure One of pure unbridled ecstasy.
God This was This was I cant even speak. Even if I
could, I dont even know what I would say.
God? Theres no God around these parts Only me, he
whispers, carefully putting me down on the floor. I keep my arm
around his neck and I pull him down; he goes on his knees and
then I push him back. Somehow, Im still capable of moving. I
climb on top of him, straddling as I grab his cock and angle it
toward my pussy. Rubbing it against my folds, I ease myself
down on top of it, letting my body fall on his cock like a feather.
How am I even still conscious? With this quantity of hormones
raging through me, Im actually surprised I havent passed out
Swaying my hips over his body, I ride him as if this is the last
time Im ever going to be with a man. Because, hell, if neither
Liam nor Carter ever fuck me again, Im really going to be ruined
for other men. And if that happens Screw it; it was totally
worth it. Even if this is an once-in-a-lifetime thing, Im
overjoyed that I have the chance. And Im not letting it go to
waste, that much I can promise you.
Fuck, I hiss, raw boiling pleasure exploding inside of me. I
throw my head back and scream, the sound of it climbing up my
throat and vanishing in the air. This is absolute perfection, and it
still isnt over. I dont know how much longer I can take it, but I
sure as hell am eager to find out. Know your limitations, right?
Thats what they say; its a good thing I never care about what
other people say.
I collapse on top of Carters body, breathing heavily as I try
hard not to pass out. He strokes my hair tenderly, but that just
for a fraction of a second, before I even know whats happening,
he pushes me down to the side. Feeling the carpeted floor under
my skin, I whimper as I hear him sitting up; positioning himself
behind me, he makes me roll to the side and lay on my stomach.
His hands are on my waist and he pulls me into him; I jut my ass
back up, going on all fours.
He dives into me and I let out a loud moan, his hands pushing
my ass cheeks apart as he rests his mouth against my asshole,
jabbing at it with his tongue and sliding it inside. I squirm under
his wet touch, but its over before I can even breathe out; after
that, he presses his thick glans around my hole, rubbing it in.
Do it, I moan, my voice so low the words are barely audible.
Do it, I repeat, thrusting back at him. Its going to hurt; with a
cock like that, theres no chance that it isnt going to hurt, but I
want to do it all the same. I want pain and pleasure, I want it all
to blend into an intense cocktail and I want to be drunk on it.
Yes, Im an U.S. Senator, but Im also a dirty girl. Sue me.
Are you sure? he teases me, the tone of his voice a mocking
one. Are you sure you can take it?
No, Im not sure But do it. Do it. Now! I plead, and he
doesnt waste any time; he starts to push his cock against my
ass, feeding inch by slow inch inside of me. When his cock is
deep inside of my ass, he slides it back out; he repeats that
coming and going motion, slowly but steadily, until my ass is
stretched wide enough for him to pick up the pace. And thats
exactly what he does. His fingers still hooked on my hips, he
starts to thrust, slapping my ass cheeks with the chiseled
muscles of his thighs.
He fucks me relentlessly, my cries of pain not bothering him
the slightest. To be honest, I dont care about them either And
thats because Im not really crying in pain. Sure, Id be lying if I
said this doesnt hurt. But, oh, its so worth it So fucking
worth it. If I could feel this kind of pain every day for the rest of
my life, Id die as the happiest woman who has ever lived.
I bet Liam didnt fuck you like this, he whispers, his cock
pulsing the moment Liams name leaves his lips.
He didnt I confess, memories of Liams naked body
flooding my mind. Im the luckiest woman on Earth; I swear to
God. How on Earth did I manage to find two guys like Liam and
Carter? To be fucked by them? The why doesnt matter, really,
what matters is that it has happened That it is happening.
Right now.
Good Because when you touch yourself tonight, I want you
to be thinking of me. I want you thinking of my hard cock deep
in your mouth, in your pussy, and your ass
Im breathing hard, but I still manage to chuckle, a grin on my
Oh If I touch myself tonight, Ill be sure to be thinking of
you. My grin widening, I continue to speak. But Ill also think
of Liam As I mention his rival, Carter starts fucking me
mercilessly, shutting me up and forcing me to moan. Menthey
love competition. You cant blame me if I use that against
them Especially if I use that to get them to fuck me as roughly
as they can. Because, right now, thats exactly what Carter is
doing; hes trying to obliterate all thoughts of Liam from my
mind. Its impossible for him to do that, but luckily he has no
idea about that.
Right now, though, thoughts of Liam vanish from my mind.
To be honest, all thoughts vanish; his cock ramming into my ass,
its just impossible to think of anything. My moans turn into
screams, and I just let go; I collapse on the floor, Carters cock
popping out of my ass as I lay down, curled up and twitching. I
cant even open my eyes, and when I try to move, my body
doesnt respond. I just lay there on the floor, waves of violent
ecstasy taking my body by assault and dragging me into the
depths of one strong orgasm.
Thatll take care of Liam, I hear Carter saying. I can almost
feel the smug grin on his face. Close, but no cigar; how can I ever
forget a man like Liam? Sure, Carter is as good as New Kingstons
mayor, but theres no way I can pick a clear winner. Thats just
When I open my eyes and look up at Carter, hes already
standing over me, stroking his thick veiny cock while hunger
flickers in his eyes. Somehow, that lights up a fire inside of me,
and I manage to go on my knees. Im surprised Im still capable
of moving, but I do it all the same, groaning as I move.
My hands fly to his cock, and curling all of my fingers around
his shaft, I start to stroke him as fast as I can. I want his cum I
want to taste it just like I did with Liam. God, what happened to
me? When did I become a girl this dirty? Oh, politics Its true
what everyone says, its a dirty business. They just dont imagine
how dirty it can get, especially when men like these are involved.
Come Come for me, I urge him, opening my mouth as
wide as I can and sticking my tongue out. The sight of it makes
his cock spasm against my fingers, and soon enough there are
ropes of warm cum gushing from his tip.
His warm semen fills my mouth quickly, coating my tongue
with its saltiness. Strands of it fly up and into my face, but I
dont care; wherever his cum goes, Im alright with it. As far as
Im concerned, he could cover me head to toe with his seed,
painting me in white as if I were a wax figure.
The final spasms of his cock dying out against my trembling
fingers, I finally let go of his cock. I smile at Carter, my mouth
brimming with his cum; thick drops are already dripping down
my chin.
He goes down on his knees, breathing hard, and grabs me by
the hair. Grinning wildly, he pulls my head in and presses his
mouth against mine. Our mouths open wide, cum starts to run
between the two of us, dripping down both of our chins and
flowing between our tongues. This is madness, I knowbut
could there be a sweeter kind of madness? Check me into an
asylum if this is insanity, because I want to be raving mad.
Losing my mind has never been more worth it.
Pulling back from my kiss, he grins at me, lips glistening
while semen drips down his chin. I reach for him, scooping up
the semen on his skin with my tongue and then swallow it all.
He doesnt even blink, completely entranced by me.
Now thats a good girl, he whispers, looking into my eyes.
Returning his gaze, I cant help but wonder how in the hell did
this happen? Im a U.S. Senator stuck in a legal battle between a
Governor and Mayor And Ive already fucked the two of them.
God, what was I thinking? This is not a backwater state; this is
New York were talking about. And here I am, taking a small
problem and turning it into a shit storm.
I close my eyes and take a deep breath. Theres still pleasure
running through my veins, and I wont let reality ruin it. I wont
allow it. Theres plenty of time for self-loathing and worry But
nows not the time.
Nows the time to savor ecstasy. Sighing and feeling as if I
were floating on Cloud 9, I throw myself back, lying across the
carpeted floor with one of the widest smiles of my life. What did
I do to deserve this? Liam and Carter in a matter of days
Eat your heart out, ladies. Im a lucky girl, what else can I say?



FROM THE DESK of Editor-at-Large, Michael Anders.

As Mayor of New York City, I have an unique insight. As the
owner of my paper, here are my thoughts

FOR THE LAST two weeks since Senator Vivian Hawthorne inserted
herself into the feud between Mayor Liam Jeffries of New
Kingston and Governor Carter Andrews, there has been what
politicians would like to call progress, but everyone else would
call stagnation.
At this point, the negotiations are secret.
And with negotiations continuing in both Albany and New
York City, rumors have started to circulate as to a possible
relationship between the outspoken junior Senator from New
York State with one or both the men on either side of the issue.
In perhaps a sign that this side story is taking on a life of its
own, a Quinniapac/CNN poll was recently commissioned, which
asked respondents whether Senator Vivian Hawthorne would be
better off to be found romantically linked to either Governor
Carter or Mayor Jeffries.
Respondents were split roughly equally, with 51% of
responses saying they would favor that the Senator take up with
the Governor while 49% of the responses indicated a connection
with the Mayor would be seen as more favorable.
At the heart of this issue is which direction the Senator will
lend her supporteither for protecting the climate or preserving
American jobs. The Governor has recently signed a signature
piece of legislation that seeks to make New York State
independent from foreign oil and resources as well as provide a
cleaner and less polluted future. The Mayor of New Kingston
however is looking to bring back the jobs that have decimated
his town. In a surprise coup, he was able to secure the
commitments to invest and open several ore processing and
refining factories within the town, guaranteeing an increase of
10,000 jobs and a boost to the local economy.
However, the two paths forward are diametrically opposed to
one another. The factories that the mayor secured from Boltiador
Enterprises would run afoul of the new legislation. Into this feud
the Senator has decided to weigh in as she gets into a
complicated history between the two men. Supporting either
side would all but kill the other sides position and determine
the course of the states domestic policy in regard to the
environment and jobs for the next several years.
The romantic relationship that may or may not exist between
the Senator and either of the men further complicates matters
and brings a closer eye to what must be frenzied negotiations
behind closed doors.
New Kingston residents who have seen the Mayor and the
Senator are adamant in their belief that the two are involved
romantically while those who know the Governor are speaking
on the condition of anonymity that there have been intimate
encounters between the two. Neither side is acknowledging the
issue at this point, but photographs have shown her in a variety
of close encounters with both men that have only furthered
To perhaps add an even stranger twist to the entire situation
is the fact that the Communist Party representative who serves
as the Mayor of Shanghai has been openly advocating for the
Boltiador family to open their factories in China. Sources who
are close to the situation describe a powder keg that is ready to
explode with one wrong move. It will be up to the voters to the
media to see who lights the first match.

I swear to fucking God I just want to throw this fucking tablet

across the room and break it into a million different pieces.
I thought Id take the morning to enjoy reading the
But what else is fucking new nowadays when I read the
newspaper. The New York Daily Journal might as well be called
the gossip column on me, that fucker Carter, and Vivian.
Weve had four meetings in the last two weeks and each time
Ive tried to get close to Vivian, she puts her defenses up. Either
the newspaper is right and shes fucking Carter or shes playing
us both.
It almost wouldn't be so bad if Vivian wasnt fucking Carter.
You know, in addition to that one time she had sex with me. Oh,
she hasnt said anything to me about her and him at all, but
fucking well placed sources report that the fucking Governor is
spending way too much time in Albany with his office door
closed whenever Vivian Hawthorne is visiting.
What the fuck am I even bothering myself with this shit for?
Im acting like a lovesick kid in high school. Yeah, Vivian was a
great fuck. She has a fucking smoking body, sure. Shes got tits
you just want to grab and squeeze and suck. An ass you want to
smack. Legs that go on forever. Jesus, even her fucking neck is
beautiful. And that pussy. Jesus fucking Christ that tight pussy is
worth its fucking weight in gold.
But at the end of the day, this woman knows what it's like out
there. Hell, shes played the field a lot longer than me. This is
one powerful broad were talking about here. She used to be a
fucking Democrat. Then she became a Republican. Then she
went Independent.
Dont look at me like that, okay? I did my fucking research on
her after we fucked. I know what kind of person Im fucking
dealing with. And let me tell you; you do not want to fuck around
with her. Thats for goddamn sure.
Of course Ive learned it's important to know all about my
enemies. I mean, they may not be enemies the way some of the
people here had enemies when they went out to fight in wars.
But if theyre like the people who were out there in the shale oil
fields of North Dakota when I was first wildcatting, or the
corporate boardroom snakes that I had to deal with, they were a
whole different level of dangerous.
Too many fucking times, people came at me with a hand
reached out for a fucking embrace while they smiled and hid a
knife behind their back. The only that fucking saved me was
knowing what they were all about. And I mean knowing every
single fucking thing. What they liked, didnt like, who they
fucked, who they loved, you name it. So if another wildcatter was
trying to steal me out of my claim to a piece of land, you can be
damn sure I fucking knew that he had a mistress in Montana
while his wife was waiting for him in Tennessee. A few years
later, if a private equity banker was trying to take pieces of my
company public and forcing my hand, I knew how to deal with
him because I knew all his fucking deepest darkest secrets. I
knew that he was visiting a fucking Thai massage place every
other day during lunch for a rub and tug. I knew that he had
incorporated himself to pay less in taxes. So when he did finally
push too far, I knew exactly how to snap back against him.
That's how I know who Im fucking dealing with Carter and
Vivian. Jesus Christ, Carter Andrews is a real piece of work, you
know that? Son of the real estate developer that built Andrews
Estates in the Bronx. Yeah, that hell hole that cops were even
afraid to go into almost 30 years ago. Sure, its cleaned up
somewhat now, but it used to be a piece of shit. The NYPD had a
fucking precinct office across the street because they were there
every fucking night. Someone was always getting stabbed, shot,
beaten up, or raped. They used to sell drugs in the stairwells.
Hookers used to walk up and down the fucking walkways inside
the Estates during the fucking day.
The bitch of it is, that the Estates were built in the 1950s as a
place for returning veterans from Korea and all the other wars to
settle down in. Have a nice, comfortable middle class life. And
sure, it may have been like that for a while. But then like all
fucking wealthy billionaires, the property was built, the city paid
all the fees and shit that the developers charged, and then
because it was affordable housing, people just forgot about it.
And by forget, that means they forgot about the people who
ended up moving in there too.
How do I know all this?
Because I fucking grew up there. I fucking walked past the
Irish gangs that roamed the hallways, looking to recruit me. I
used to walk back from school with books inside a pizza box so
that the kids wouldnt hassle me. Because if they saw me with
books, they would have kicked my fucking ass.
But then I started growing up. I started working out. Playing
sports. And I started getting bigger. Thats when it got even
fucking worse. Now they wanted to pick a fight to see if they
could beat me.
My parents both had jobs, mind you. They both worked every
day of their lives, till they died. God rest both their souls.
But I never forgot where I grew up. And why it was like that.
Because people stopped caring about the everyday American.
And those people had no fucking voice.
Because of elites like Carter Andrews. And his father.
Thats why the fucking environment can kiss my fucking ass
right now. People in this town need jobs. They need dignity.
But Vivian Hawthorne? Sure, shes a blue blood. Family came
over on the Mayflower. Dad ran a successful asset management
But from everything I can tell, this woman doesn't take any
shit. Shes a strong, independent woman. She knows what she
wants. And she goes after and gets it.
But along the way, she doesnt put any skeletons in her closet
either. Shes good. Too good.
But thats the problem, right now. Because people who.
Wait, did you hear that?
I get up from the chair that Im sitting in. I had thought that I
would take the morning to relax with a cup of coffee in the
library, but apparently thats not going to happen now, based on
the fact that I hear the sound of a car engine out in the driveway.
I walk toward the front door, anticipating someone coming up
the porch. Im dressed in a pair of pajama bottoms. Thats all. I
dont give a fuck. Let whoever is at the door get a good look at
my fucking ripped torso. If its a woman, she can have a nice
long drool at my defined pecs and 8-pack abs. If its a guy, well,
maybe hell get jealous. Otherwise hell get hard. Either way, I
got nothing to fucking hide.
The bell rings, and I open the door.
Ive never seen her before. Shes Asian. I figure from
everything I know, Im guessing Chinese? Slim. Nice pair of tits.
Shoulder length black hair. Slender. Black pencil skirt.
Mayor Jeffries? she asks in perfect crisp English. I dont
know why I was expecting any different but I shake myself the
fuck awake.
Since when do beautiful Asian women come knocking on my
fucking door?
Well, actually, dont try to answer that because I had this one
reporter come through and knock I think maybe three weeks
ago? Although she was Japanese. Anyways, came with some
flimsy excuse about wanting to interview the youngest mayor in
America. Ten fucking minutes. Thats how long before her skirt
was hiked up around her waist and she was calling out to God as I
rammed my cock into her fucking cunt. Made her cum so hard
she was literally trembling.
Are you okay? the lady asks again and I snap out of
whatever that was up there.
Hi, yeah Im the mayor, I say to the woman, instinctively
putting out my hand. You are?
She shakes my hand. Shes got a firm grip. My name is Tina
Ling, and Im representing the city of Shanghai in the Peoples
Republic of China, she says to me.
She looks me in the eyes. Can I come inside?
I nod and let her through.
She walks by me without another glance and I swear to God I
cant help but cock my head a bit and look at her ass as she walks
What can I do for you, Mayor? I ask slowly as I close the
door. Would you like to sit down?
Thats when she turns to me.
Actually, I wont be here long, Mr. Jeffries, she says all
business. I came all this way to talk to you in person because I
think its important that you should know what I can offer you.
Well, fuck. I wasnt expecting anyone to offer me anything, so
I guess I can listen to her.
I know what youre trying to do with the Boltiador Family,
Mr. Jeffries, Tina Ling says, not even bothering to address me
by Mayor. I dont normally care, but in this instance it seems like
shes doing it on purpose. And Im here to offer you a deal not
to bring them here to this town.
What. The. Fuck.
Tina Ling continues.
Before you say anything, just know that Im prepared to
offer enough to make it worth your while if you decide to play
ball, she says taking a step closer to me. The people who are
backing me on this have very deep pockets. Deeper than yours.
Theres no way they can have deeper pockets than me. Does
she know what I used to do? The billions I made in oil and gas
I know about the billions you made in oil and gas exploration
before settling down to thissmall town life, she says as if
fucking reading my thoughts. But let me assure you, my
backers are infinitely more well funded. As well as much more
connected than you.
So youre here to bribe me? I ask.
If she thinks she can buy me out, then this bitch has another
thing coming.
Im not here to buy you out or anything that would offend
you, she says silkily. Jesus fucking Christ. Is she seriously in my
head? Are you telling her what Im thinking? Because I swear to
God if youre playing double agent on me
What Im offering you is instead a chance to do more good
than youre currently doing now, she adds quickly. I
understand you want to help the people of your town. But this
town isn't the only one suffering, Mr. Jeffries. Other towns
across New York State are also dealing with job loss. But right
now youre just one mayor. I could offer you the opportunity, if
youre willing to pay the price to not just bring 10,000 jobs, but
100,000. Or a million. To this state. And eventually, to this
What exactly is she offering me?
The connections and the backing to take the good work that
youre doing here, and take it to the statehouse. Or the US
Senate. Or even one day, maybe the White House, she says,
answering the question in my head. Fuck it, I give up trying to
wonder if the Chinese can read our minds nowadays.
But its time to actually say something here. This bitch has
been talking for way too fucking long.
I already have the connections I need to get these factories
here, I tell her, looking her in the eyes. And after we get the
factories back, well move on to other towns. And if I ever do
decide to be Governor, Ill do it on my own fucking merits. Not
being bought and paid for by a special fucking interest.
You? Tina asks, cocking her head and taking another step
closer. I can all of a sudden smell her perfume. Have
Im working with Senator Hawthorne, I say, not knowing
what else to say. The truth is, Im trying to win her over. Maybe I
should have fucked her harder. Although that wasnt possible.
She was basically a quivering mass of flesh in a sex haze by the
time I was done fucking her.
You are too funny, Tina Ling says in a snort that leads to a
I dont even realize how, but all of a sudden she runs a hand
down the side of my abs.
I tense up. But my cock fucking twitches.
No. Not for this bitch.
The Vivian Hawthorne is your inside connection to get this
deal passed? Tina Ling asks me. You really are just a mayor
that sits and drinks with the poor commoners, arent you?
I think youd better get the fuck out off my fucking house,
lady, I tell her with gritted teeth.
She shrugs. If the person youre counting on to get your back
in this is the woman thats sleeping with the Governor of this
state and defending the legislation that will kill your factories,
then sure, I have no problem with that, Tina Ling says and
takes another step closer to me. She lifts herself on her feet and
leans in closer to me and whispers. But if you want real friends.
Not ones who are spending time with your enemies having
brunch at the Harvard Club, or friends who will take care of you.
And make youhappy, then give me a call.
I feel her hands on my abs again, and then slide down. She's
at the waistband of my pajamas and she slides her hand in.
I gasp. But she quickly pulls out. I feel something else. I look
Shes left her business card.
Shes stuck her business card in the fucking waist band of my
fucking pajama bottoms.
I didnt have anywhere else to put it, she says to me,
smiling sweetly.
She turns away from me and walks to the door. I turn around
to watch her open the door.
I did have fucking pockets, you know, I say to her, trying to
get something in this conversation.
I know, she says without looking back. We make those
pajamas in a factory in Shanghai. Call me if you decide you want
to get serious about your future.
And just like that, shes out the door and walking toward her
I watch as she drives away, thinking about what she said.
Vivian and Carter.
I think about what the newspapers said.
Theyre probably both in Manhattan right now.
Maybe its time I paid them a visit.

T hese high ceilings, crisp white tablecloths, and that

signature 'Ivy League Scramble' with eggs, sausage, and goat
cheese makes me feel at home. I've brought Vivian here to the
Harvard Club for brunch, and I can tell that even she's
impressed. I know what you're thinking, this is a club
exclusively for Harvard alumni and that makes me some sort of
effete liberal.
In fact, if youre so inclined, the whole Harvard thing with my
protecting the environment makes me one of those wimps you
see on television.
You couldnt be farther from the truth.
You want to know why Im against Liam? Really?
I watch as Vivian delicately nibbles at her Berry Bowl, placing
one berry at a time in between her lipsraspberries,
blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries. Watching her lips
redden under the stain of the berries makes my cock twitch.
Its been two weeks since my office. Two weeks of meetings
either meeting with her directly, or her and Liam. And every
time Ive tried getting close to herher defenses go up. What am
I doing wrong?
In fact, why am I even bringing her here? To impress her?
What am I? 16? Trying to wow a girl into letting me in her pants.
Why am I so affected by her?
"Recognize anyone you know?" Vivian asks. I'm looking
around, not because I expect to know anyone, but because the
last thing I need right now is my cock tenting my khakis. I need a
"I'm a Harvard alumni," so the likelihood of me running into
an old friend is pretty high. Maybe someone I played football
with. Maybe an old study group partner.
"I see, well I"
Her response is cut off when her phone rings. It's a shrill and
high-pitched ring tone, and I have no idea how she can stand to
have that on her phone. People are looking at us, frowning. The
club rules are strict about the use of cell phones. Ringers have to
be set to silent, so I'm expecting someone to lodge a complaint.
"It's my office. I have to take this; I'll be right back, I'm really
sorry," Vivian says, waving to me with her hand apologetically. I
watch as she scoots her chair back and exits the room to answer
the call. I can't help but look at the way her perfect ass sashays
across the dining room floor and out of my view. I don't use the
word 'perfect' lightly, but even I'll admit that she's a damn near
perfect woman. Her petite but curvy frame coupled with the way
her blonde hair cascades down and around her shoulders, drives
me wild. I reach down to take a sip of my coffee when I hear a
commotion coming from the back of the room. It sounds like it's
coming from the entrance, and I look around to find the source.
"Sir! This is a member's only club. I'm going to have to ask
you to leave!"
I turn around to see a man from the security desk waving
down someone who is trying to enter the dining room as a non-
member. He seems to be walking fast.
"The fuck it is! Do you know who I am? I'm here on important
business; give me a few fucking minutes," he says with a snarl.
Wait a minute the man in question is heading straight
toward me and I recognize that voice anywhere. It's Liam
He storms up to my table, one fist balled in his pocket. I can
tell from his posture that this is going to be a hostile visit. "Who
the fuck do you think you are, Carter?"
"It's nice to see you too, Liam," I say, standing up to greet
him with a fake smile. Given his agitation, it doesn't seem like a
good idea to remain sitting. There's no way I'm going to let him
get the best of me. If he's going to cause a scene and call me out
in front of all these people, he better be ready for the
"Fuck you, Carter. I know all about your little plot to take me
"Well, that's dramatic."
"Is it? Mayor Tina Ling paid me a fucking visit and how do you
think that went?"
Shit. What's she doing visiting Liam? Was that before or after
she had my pants unbuttoned?
"You tell me. And if I were you, I'd keep my voice downthis
isn't the kind of place you want to air out your dirty laundry, if
you know what I mean. That'd be poor form for the Mayor of
New Kingston, don't you think?"
"You know what's poor form? You fucking trying to take away
10,000 jobs from the city of Kingston. That's what. You
Democrats are all the sameshouting and crying about the
fucking environment. That's all a fucking hoax. It's just a way
for you to push your agenda of moving fucking jobs and getting
to tell us what to do."
Now he's really pissing me off, and I find myself clenching
my jaw. "Are you seriously kidding me, Liam? You think I dont
care about those people in your town? Thats why you go on
television to go tell me to go fuck myself? Because you think I
care more about a goddamn owl?"
"Because I fucking know how to get things done. It's you and
your big government fucking"
I cut him off mid sentence. "You know what your problem is,
Liam? Your ignorance. You don't really give a shit about people!
Because if you did, you'd give a shit about all of the pollution
you're planning on subjecting the citizens of New Kingston to
with these five factories of yours. Way to go, Mayor," I say,
clapping my hands in mock support. "What good is a damn job
when your citizens overtax your healthcare system because
theyre being poisoned in their own homes!" I'm oozing
"Ha! You're out of your fucking mind, Carter. Are you really
interested in seeing the unemployment rate spike to
unprecedented levels? People will be out on the streetfamilies
decimated. Are you really thinking about what it means to not
bring a paycheck home for your family? To have to fill your
bathtub up with water because you know your water is getting
shut off for non-payment. No, you wouldn't know anything
about that. You've been wealthy from the moment you took your
first breath. So you can go fuck yourself if you think I'm falling
for any of your nonsense."
"Watch yourself," I growl, flashing my teeth. "You're the one
not thinking. You're so narrow minded that you can't think
about tomorrowabout future generations. It's not all black and
white Liam."
No, its all about black and white with you, Carter, Liam
says, snarling at me. What the fuck are you doing here with
Vivian, anyways?
I'm trying to not let Liam get under my skin, but his presence
is causing my pulse to quicken, and I find myself clenching my
jaw. He isn't hearing a thing I say, and he better watch how he
talks to me.
My relationship with Vivian is something you wont ever
understand, Mayor Jeffries, I tell him coldly. You dont have
the patience to deserve a woman like that.
"You better watch yourself Mr. High and Mighty Governor,"
Liam says, a spark of pure anger in his eyes. "You think you have
it all, don't you? You think you've got the new legislation and the
Senator behind you, but let me tell you something asshole. That
cute blonde you're trying to impress here today? Well, I've
already slept with her, so I hope you enjoy my sloppy fucking
That's it. Now he's really overstepped his bounds. I don't care
who's watching. It's my instinct to reach back and throw my fist
right into the middle of Liam's face. It hits him with a sickening
thud and I see a thin line of blood leak from his nose. The punch
catches him off guard and he stumbles back into the table
behind him. There's a husband and wife dining at that table, and
their drinks are knocked over, the contents spilling into their
"Hey, watch it!" they say, raising their arms in protest.
But before anyone can respond, Liam flies into me, throwing
a punch that grazes my jaw. Our arms are now locked together
and we tumble onto the dining room floor. The outside world is a
blur, but I vaguely hear shouts and murmurs coming from fellow
diners. People have their cell phones out. Are they recording us?
I can hear security trying to break us up, but Liam isn't slowing
down and neither am I. I refuse to let him get the best of me. I
have my knee on his chest and I hit him again, but now there are
two police officers yelling in our direction, "Break it up!"
Liam and I let go of each other, and one officers yells for us to
get on our knees with our hands up. We both comply and as soon
as we go, they walk over, pull our hands behind our backs and
place them in handcuffs.
"Do you have any idea who you're handcuffing?" I ask.
"Save it for the judge, tough guy. We've seen enough from the
two of you. We're taking you in."
"To the county jail?" Liam asks. "You've got to be kidding.
I'm the Mayor of New Kingston. You can't do this."
The officers aren't listening and they begin reciting the
Miranda warning, "You have the right to remain silent. Anything
you say can be used against you in a court of law"
Liam looks over at me and shakes his head in disgust. "Great,
now look what you've fucking done."
"What I've done? You're the one who came marching in
picking a fight."
"Knock it off, both of you," one officer says. "You can both
cool off in county."

I know I probably shouldn't have approached Carter like that

in the middle of the Harvard Club, messing up his brunch
date and all, but you know what? Fuck him. He didn't need to
take the first swing, did he? Fuck him and his liberal agenda
putting fucking owls before jobs. Fuck him and his plotting with
Vivian. If he thinks he can steamroll me like that, he has another
thing coming. Let him watch me as I fuck Vivian and then shoot
his fucking owl. Then chop down his goddamn tree. And set fire
to the whole fucking forest.
At least the people will have jobs.
I'm pacing back and forth in the holding tank like a caged
tiger. I can feel the frustration of the situation coursing through
my tense muscles. Carter has already been bailed out of this
fucking place and here I am. I'm waiting for my lawyer to show
up. Where is he? He should've been here by now. I don't even
have a watch to look at, but it feels like I've already been stuck in
here for an eternity.
He better get here soon because I don't know how much
longer I can be in this place. The people in here are characters
to say the least. One guy scratched the cell wall so hard his
fingertips were rubbed raw, and the next claimed he once ate a
shit burrito and I really don't want to know if he's telling the
truth. I don't know if there's a more awful place I can be sitting
right now, to be honest.
Just as I'm getting crazy sideways stare from a fellow
detainee, and I'm feeling like I may have defend myself, a guard
approaches. "Mr. Jeffries, let's go. You're free to leave."
I let out a sigh of relief. Thank god; I mean, I wasn't going to
last much longer in this place and I have much more important
things to do. 10,000 jobs are at stake here. I stand up and walk to
the sliding gate. The guard let's me out and I'm greeted by my
lawyer. He walks over and gives me a solid pat on the back.
"Rough day, huh?" "What took you so long?" I ask.
"I came as fast as I could. You're lucky this incident isnt all
over the news. I heard you made quite the scene."
"Look, I didn't start this."
"That's not what I was told. I'm hearing you stormed into the
Harvard Club ready to pick a fight with the Governor."
"Not a fight. A discussion, OK? I just needed to talk to
Governor Andrews. But I guess the Governor is more hotheaded
than anyone anticipated. He threw the first punch."
"You never should have been there."
"Instead of telling me where I should and shouldn't be, just
do your fucking job as my lawyer and fix this shit storm. All of it.
"Yes, sir. It'll be tricky, but I'll work my magic."
"That's what I like to hear," I say, resting my hand on his
shoulder. I pay him enough damn money to be my lawyer. That's
the least he can fucking do. We walk outside and the daylight is
momentarily blinding. How long was I locked in there? I wonder.
My lawyer ushers me to a parked limo.
"Over here, Mr. Jeffries," he points.
The limo is black with deeply tinted windows, and I can't see
inside of them. The driver steps out to open the door for me and
usher me in.
"We'll talk again soon," my lawyer says, and waves goodbye. I
watch as he walks off and then I scoot into the backseat of the
As soon as I'm inside, I look up and see an unexpected face;
it's Carter.
"What the hell are you doing here?" I ask.
"I'd like to ask you the same damn thing."
"Is there something I should know, Carter?" My voice is
"Why do you always think I'm plotting against you?"
"Because you are." Does he think I'm that much of an idiot
that I don't know he's been plotting against me with Vivian. I
mean even Tina Ling, the Mayor of fucking Shanghai, knows
about it.
"Look, I'm not planning on landing back in jail anytime soon,
but if you keep this up, it's not going to end pretty. That much
I'm sure about."
"I'd fucking watch it if"
"Vivian and I are on the same page," Carter says, cutting me
off mid-sentence. "I know this is all stemming from my meeting
with herall this pent up hatred of yourslet's be honest,
we're both adults here, but listen to me Liam, she cares about
the environment just as much as I do. And she cares about
following the new environmental legislature."
"That's funny because she clearly wasn't on the same page
with you when I was sleeping with her the other night." I watch
as Carter balls his fists again, and jail be damned. I know I just
said I want to get as far away from this place as possible, but I'm
ready to hit him where it hurts, both physically and emotionally.
And I refuse to let him have the first punch this time. If he wants
this to get physical, I'm ready for him.
Just then, the door of the limo opens and I see a flash of
blonde hair emerge. It's Vivian. What is she doing here? How
does she know we're both in this limo?
"This needs to stop," she says, sliding into the backseat with
us. "You're both leaders. The people of New Kingston need you
to cooperate and quit this fighting. We aren't going to
accomplish anything with you two acting like angry
"That's convenient," I say. "It's easy to come here and say
that when you're the reason why we're fighting in the first
"Me?" she asks, looking at us with a surprised look on her
"Don't look so shocked," I say. "First you search me out at a
bar, and you sleep with me, and then you find Carter and devise a
secret deal that's aimed at taking me down."
Vivian laughs as if I'm not making any sense. Like I'm crazy.
"Liam's right," Carter says, and for the first time he seems to
be on my side. "You need to choose. Who will you pick? Is it me
or Liam? You can end this needless bickering."
"No," Vivian says flatly.
What exactly is she saying no to, I wonder. "No, what?" I ask
out loud, unable to mask my confusion.
"I don't need to choose," she replies.
Carter and I both give each other puzzled looks. What exactly
does she mean? But when I look back at her, the answer becomes
clear. She slowly places one hand on my thigh and another on
Carter. We both can't believe what's happening and neither of
us can speak. She reaches over and lightly touches my cheek,
and then my lips with her fingers. With her other hand, she
slowly drags her fingers through Carter's hair. Then she leans in
and before I know what's happening, she presses her lips into
mine. The moment our lips touch, I know she's in control. My
cock is twitching to life. All of my self-control is dissolving
under her touch and there's no telling what I'm about to do.
She leans over and drags her lips across Carter's neck,
stopping to nibble on his ear and then finally moving to his lips.
I know Carter's thinking the same thingthat he can't fight
this. We both can't, and can you blame us? Vivian is a smart and
sexy woman, and the way her blouse is hugging her perfect
breasts like a second skin makes me want to rip it right off her
She lets out a sigh as her lips move back to mine. We open our
mouths and take each other in, our tongues pressed up against
each other in a dance that I don't want to see stop. Desire is
rippling through my body as her lips begin an exploration of my
"Don't stop," I tell her. Even as I say that, I know we
shouldn't be doing this. I can be placing my jobmy entire
career at risk. I shouldn't be here right now, in this car with
Vivian and Carter. But she kisses my chin, my ear, my cheek, and
moves down to my neck, and then even lower still, tracing the
contours of my collar bone. A jolt of electricity travels down my
spine. I take a deep gulp and can feel my Adam's Apple bob. She
feels it too and stops to lick it with her tongue. This woman is
unbelievable. I close my eyes and run my fingers through her
hair, and then I surprise myself by grabbing a handful of her hair
and pulling her back, exposing her neck and mouth. I lean into
her and press my lips to hers again.
When I release her, she keeps one hand in between my thighs
and leans over to Carter. Desire is burning in his eyes.
"I want you both," she purrs. And this time, neither of us
asks her to choose.

L iam and Cartertwo men born to conquer and lead. But

now, for the first time since I met the two of them, its my
turn to take the reigns. I do it because they need me to do it, and
I do it because Well, what else could I do? Choose? Please.
Sitting between the two of them, the soft purr of the limos
engine barely making itself heard, I run my tongue over my lips,
the taste of both men still lingering there. I look from one to the
other, the hesitancy in their eyes giving way to something
You cant Carter says, the words coming out of his mouth
heavy and unsure. We cant.
I show him my smile, placing both of my hands on their
Who says? I ask him, leaning in and pressing my mouth
against his again. He simply closes his eyes and surrenders to my
kiss, his tongue eagerly sliding inside of my mouth and dancing
around mine. We can, I continue, turning to Liam now. And
we will.
This is insane, the young mayor of New Kingston starts, but
leaning toward me all the same, pressing his lips against the
skin on my neck. I place my arm around his neck; running my
hand through his hair as I look into Carters eyes.
It is. Thats why its so good, I whisper as Carter leans into
me, kissing my neck alongside Liam. Theyre both enemies,
rivals, and now here they are, forgetting all about their
differences as their lips savor my skin. There should be more
women in politics; there would be a lot less conflict that way.
I part my legs slightly, allowing their hands to slide up from
my knees and under the hem of my dress, their fingertips
caressing my inner thighs. Even though theyre the most
dominant men I have ever known, they are moving carefully,
almost as if they were walking across a layer of thin ice. But soon
enough theyll realize that the ice wont break under their feet,
and then Ill have my fun.
Their fingertips keep hiking up my leg, the small patch of
fabric over my pussy growing wet with anticipation. I throw my
head back and close my eyes, sighing as my pussy aches for their
touch. Liam is the first one; using only the tip of his index finger,
he brushes it over my thong, feeling my wetness. I grab his
wrist, and looking into his eyes, part my legs wider and press his
hand over my pussy; he flattens the palm of his hand there,
moving it back and forth as a warmness spreads from there to all
of my body.
Allowing Liam to keep busy with the space between my
thighs, Carter takes his hand from under my dress and takes it to
my chest, resting his open fingers on my right breast and
squeezing it eagerly. He moves to my left one but then, not
satisfied with feeling them over my dress, his hands move to my
shoulders and he starts to peel the fabric off of my skin.
I gasp loudly as Liam presses harder against my pussy, the
fury of desire threatening to overwhelm me. Carter pushes my
dress down, the fabric easily sliding down my arms and baring
my lace black bra, the smooth curve of both my breasts drawing
the attention of both men.
Leaning forward and taking my back out from the seat, I allow
Carter enough space for his fingers to go over my shoulders and
find the clasp of my bra; a flick from his fingers and it comes
undone, the cups hanging loosely over my breasts. I dont even
wait for Carter to do it. I grab my bra and push it down my arms,
my hard nipples jumping into sight.
Carters eyes go from my lips to my breasts, and I tangle my
fingers on his hair, biting my bottom lip as an invitation.
Are you just going to look? I ask, pulling his face against my
chest. He doesnt resist; he comes at once, his parted lips finding
the way to one rosy nipple and wrapping themselves around it.
Yes I moan subdued, the touch of both men on my body
blending inside of my brain and turning into a cocktail of
deliriously forbidden whispers.
As I surrender to their touch, I let my hands roam up their
legs, my fingers tracing a steady line over the soft fabric of their
dress pants. I go all the way to their waist, my fingers just an
inch away from their crotches. My mind is bursting at the seams
with the anxiety of desire, and taking a deep breath, I finally
submit to it.
Opening my hands, I flatten them over their crotches, feeling
two hard shapes bulging under their trousers.
Oh, God, I pant, feeling them more than ready to ravage
me. My heart starts to race, a growing thump-thump-thump
drowning all thoughts inside my mind and leaving just one:
Carter and Liam, theyre going to take me, theyre going to make
me theirs. Fantasies are built on thoughts like this But this
right here is everything but a fantasy. They're here with me,
their hard cocks pushing against my hands, and this couldnt be
any less of a fantasy.
Flicking my thong to the side, Liam brushes one finger of his
against my folds, running it up and down along the length of my
pussy. I tremble, a shiver going up my spine as I feel him
pressing down on my clit at the same time, my pussy aching for
more So much more.
Youre so wet, Liam whispers against my ear, the way his
lips move against my skin making it prickle. You just had to
have this, didnt you? You just had to have the two of us.
Yes Yes, I did I moan, Liam sliding one finger inside my
pussy, slowly moving it past my folds while Carter nibbles at my
right nipple, pinching the other one between his thumb and
index finger.
Here we are then, Carter says, squeezing my breasts
harshly. Both of us.
Both of you, I repeat, the words rolling over my tongue like
wine. Throwing my head back, I start to breathe heavily as the
rhythm of Liams finger starts to grow; he moves it back and
then all the way in, curling it upward and pressing against my G-
spot. Gently pulling at the skin on my neck with his teeth, he
slides another finger inside of me, electric sparks crawling up my
Now, Carter whispers, his voice fanning the flames of
desire inside of me, Can you take it? He slides one hand under
my dress, placing his hand right above Liams and using his
thumb to press down on my clit. I open my mouth to answer his
question but, with both men using their hands to work on my
pussy, the words get lost on their way up my throat. All I can do
is to let out a loud moan, my insides clenching as a response to
the electricity pooling in my muscles.
They keep moving their fingers until theres no place in my
body for all that electricity to hide; my muscles tense up and
then start to twitch, releasing waves of pleasure that crash
against my mind, each wave promising much more pleasure
than this.
Slowly, they take their hands out from between my thighs. I
open my eyes, a smile of satisfaction on my lips as I look from
one man to the other.
I can take it, I manage to say between breaths, my lungs
working as if I had just finished a half-marathon. I can take it
all. With that, I curl my fingers around both their cocks,
gripping them tightly over their pants. The question is Can
you handle me? I ask them, grinning wildly. Their response is a
silent one But its the correct answer all the same.
Their hands moving like claws, they hook their fingers on the
fabric of my dress, hanging limply by my waist, and push it down
my legs. I raise my ass from the seat, allowing the dress to slide
down easily, and then sit back down, their eyes wandering all
over my almost naked body.
Turning to the side, I place both hands on Liams lap, my
fingers pulling at his belt and unbuckling it. It comes free, the
sound of leather and metal blending into a sensual sound, and I
start unbuttoning his pants without a breath in between. As his
cock pushes against my hand under his boxer briefs, Carter runs
his hands down my back, resting them on my lower back; he
gives me a slight push, nudging me toward Liam so that he can
get a hold of my ass.
Leaning in, I look up at Liam before focusing on his cock, its
thick shape straining against his underwear and begging my
fingers to be set free. Im happy to oblige, so, grabbing at his
underwear, I pull it down; his cock springs free at once, its tip
glistening from the drops of precum hanging there.
I missed this, I purr, looking up at Liam as I let my tongue
out from between my lips, its wet tip brushing against Liams
thick glans. I circle it with lewd movements, never taking my
eyes out of Liam as I do it. He places his hands on top of my
head, and I can almost see the struggle behind his eyes as he
debates whether to force me down or allow me to do my thing. In
the end, he simply places his fingers on my head, running them
through my hair as he throws his head back against the seat.
Not as much as I missed it, Liam sighs, my tongue now
running down his shaft. While I take care of Liams pulsing
member, Carters hands are squeezing my ass; the thin string of
my thong the only barrier between him and all that I hold
hidden. His fingers spread wide across my ass cheeks and he
pushes me forward slightly; willingly, I go on all fours on the
seat, both ass and pussy turned to Carter as my mouth is solely
devoted to Liams cock.
I part my lips, resting them over Liams glans, and slowly roll
them down; once his tip is inside of my mouth, I move back,
sucking as I go. I repeat that gentle teasing motion, sucking and
licking while Carters fingers trace the contour of my thong,
going between my ass cheeks all the way down to my drenched
pussy. All of a sudden, he pushes my thong to the side and dives
into me, pressing his hungry mouth over my naked pussy. A
spike of pleasure piercing my mind, I let my lips go down Liams
shaft, my mouth taking all of his long inches in.
Theres no rhythm or reason to the way I start moving my
head; I simply bob it up and down, as best as I can, stroking Liam
with my lips while my tongue laps at it. Its hard to keep a steady
rhythm when theres a man such as Carter behind you, his
mouth devouring your pussy in a way that would leave me
moaning and purring if it werent for the fact that my mouth is
already busy.
While Carter licks me, he has his hands resting on my ass,
massaging my cheeks and keeping me in place as his tongue
runs back and forth across my pussy. Raising one hand, he
brings it down again in a fraction of a second, laying it flat across
my right ass cheek with a loud sound of flesh on flesh. He does it
again, this time with his other hand, smacking me in such a way
that I have to take Liams cock out of my mouth, an anxious
moan climbing up my throat.
Maybe its because I moaned, or maybe hes keeping his own
secret rhythmall that matters is that he starts licking me with
a renewed effort, his tongue sliding inside of me and causing my
insides to burn. Hes devouring me furiously, his mouth open
wide and pressed tight against my pussy as he pushes me toward
the climax.
Dont. You. Stop, I manage to say between my gritted
teeth, still unable to wrap my lips around Liams cock. But dont
think Ive grown lazy; my fingers are curled tight around his
thick shaft, and my hand is working him at a steadyalthough
Carter says nothing, not daring to take his mouth off of my
pussy. But, faithful to what Ive just told him, he doesnt stop.
Instead, he runs one finger between my ass cheeks, caressing my
asshole gently while his tongue slides in and out of me. I feel a
violent shiver going up my spine, and I start stroking Liam even
harder, my fingers gripping him so tight that a lesser man would
just grab my wrist and make me stop.
Oh, fuck I hiss, closing my eyes as I feel slight spasms
taking over my pussy, readying it for the second orgasm of the
day. Feeling me close, Carter presses down with his thumb,
slightly pushing it inside of my asshole. My insides clench as I
feel him go in, and just like that, I come undone. Fuck! I cry
out, thrusting my hips back against Carter and rubbing my
wetness all over his face as ecstasy caresses my mind. He keeps
licking me while I come, only pulling out when he feels my
muscles relaxing.
Now you have something else to miss, he says, and I look
over my shoulder at him, a grin taking over my lips as I see my
fluids dripping down his chin. He moves his arm as if he's going
to wipe his mouth with the back of his hand, and I stop him
without thinking of a good reason why.
Dont, I simply say, the words hanging heavy in the air. He
doesnt ask why, nor do his eyes widen in surprise; instead, he
grins back at me, a flicker of lust in his eyes.
Sitting upalthough I never let go of Liams cockI place
one hand over Carters crotch, massaging his hard cock over his
pants. That wicked grin still adorning his lips, he leans into me;
my eyelids droop by instinct, the scent of my pussy hitting me
before his lips do. He crushes his mouth against mine, Liams
cock suddenly forgotten as I savor myself on Carters lips.
Delicious, Carter whispers at me as he pulls back, his eyes
on my mouth, probably seeing how my skin glistens with my
own fluids covering it.
I know, I smile, my hand once again moving up and down
over Liams cock. Using only one hand, I start unbuckling
Carters belt, my fingers moving slowly but surely. I unzip his fly
in the same fashion, and then turn my hand around so that I can
feel the bulging shape under his underwear pressing against my
open palm. I waste no time; I pull his boxer briefs down,
immediately wrapping my fingers around his throbbing shaft. I
lean back against the seat, biting my lower lip as I stroke both
men, this time my rhythm no longer an erratic one.
Where do I even start? I purr out loud, looking from Liam to
Carter. Letting go of their cocks, I slide down the seat, my knees
hitting the floor as I turn to face then. Maybe Ill start with you,
Governor I whisper, moving my hand up Carters leg, my
open fingers brushing against his shaft. Or maybe with you,
Mayor My other hand crawls up Liams leg to his cock, my
fingers grabbing it gently. Decisions, decisions
Let me help you decide, Carter says, reaching for me and
tangling his fingers on my hair; with no hesitancy in his
movements, he pulls my head in, forcing me to lean in toward
his cock. He allows no time for a slow boil, so I just open my
mouth as wide as I can, his cock sliding inside of me over my wet
tongue. It fills me up in an instant, pulsing against my tongue
and the inside of my cheeks, and I dont stop until his glans is
pressed tight against the back of my throat. Only then do I roll
my lips back to his tip, sucking him on the way out. His cock
slides out of my mouth with a loud pop, but before I can take him
in again, Liam runs his hands through my hair and yanks,
pulling me toward him.
Be nice, boys You can both play, I say with a sensuous
smile, grabbing Liams cock and angling it toward my mouth. I
let his shaft past my lips, lapping at it with my tongue as it goes
I never liked to share, Liam says, resting both his hands on
top of my head and forcing my head down. I allow him to guide
me; only moving back after all of his length has been inside of
That makes two of us, Carter responds, moving closer to
meand Liamas he motions to grab my hair. I pull back
before he can reach me, both of their cocks in my hands as I look
at them mischievously.
I guess you need a lesson then, the both of you, I tell them,
leaning slightly in toward the space where their bodies meet. I
tug on their cocks, forcing them to turn toward me; theres some
hesitancy, but then Liam kneels on his seat, his cock just a
couple of inches away from my lips. Not the kind of man to be
left behind, Carter does the same as Liam, and I angle his cock
toward my mouth. This is a start, I purr, running my tongue in
circles around Carters glans. I do the same with Liam and then
back again, each time I do it their cocks closing in on one
When their tips finally meet, I reach for them with just my
tongue, licking them at the same time. Not giving a damn about
what they think, I angle both of their cocks and point them at
me; I open my mouth at the same time, as wide as I can, and
allow both shafts inside of my mouth. It should be impossible to
have my mouth on two cocks like these at the same time, but Im
doing it. My jaw hurts, and their thickness is straining against
my cheeks, but Im doing it.
Slowly, I push my head down, their cocks sliding deeper into
my mouth. I only stop when I cant go any further, more than
half their lengths still left outside my mouth. I hold my position,
using my hands to caress their balls; moving my fingers gently, I
feel their weight and warmness against the palm of my hand,
and I cant help but think about the mess theyre going to cause
when both men finally reach their climax.
I try to bob my head back and forth, but I can barely move
with my mouth so full. As it is, I just twirl my tongue against
their shafts, slowly rolling my lips back out. Sucking their glans
hungrily, their manly flavor wrapping itself around my mind like
thorns, I finally allow their members out of my mouth.
I breathe in deeply as I start to stroke them again, changing a
glance with Liam and then with Carter. They might be rivals, a
political divide between them, but right now I see nothing but
desire in their eyes. They dont care if they have to share me; the
only thing that matters is that Im here with them, eager as ever
to use men like them to my own ends.
Never taking my eyes from them, I let go of their cocks and
slide my thong down, lifting my knees from the floor as I push it
through. Fully naked, I go up to my feet and turn around, my
back to Liam; without even bothering to undress him any
further, I grab his cock and lower myself over it. I stop when I
feel his glans against my folds, and I rub it along my pussy for
just a heartbeat. Not wanting to tease myself, I close my eyes and
ease myself down, Liams cock moving past my inner lips and
straining against my inner walls. When hes in me to the hilt, I
turn my head to the side and lock eyes with Carter; hes looking
at me and Liam as if he were hypnotized, a hunger in his eyes
that wont be denied much longer.
Dont worry, I havent forgotten about you, I tell him with a
grin, reaching for his cock with my hand. Grabbing it firmly, I
start stroking him, moving my hand as I start to sway my hips
against Liams body.
I wouldnt let you forget about me, Carter simply says,
reaching for my tits and squeezing them, my flesh molding to
his fingers. I close my eyes again, surrendering to the sway of my
own body and the feeling of Liams cock deep inside of my pussy.
Its hard work being with two menyou cant simply focus on
your own pleasure. But Im not complaining; thatd just be silly.
Liams hands are resting on my lower back, his fingers
brushing over the tiny dimples I have there as he starts to rock
his body against mine, thrusting upward. It doesnt take long for
his thrusts to replace the sway of my hips. I merely keep in
place, grinding against him as he moves up and down. Wanting
to devote all my attention to the cock deep inside of me, I let go
of Carters cock and look him in the eye.
I want you to stroke yourself, I tell him, a note of
dominance in my words. I want you to do it while Liam fucks
me, I continue, my voice quivering as Liam starts to thrust
harder. Carter doesnt bother responding; he returns my gaze,
unblinking, and grabs his cock. Never taking his eyes off of me,
he starts to stroke himself, moving his hand at a steady but
anxious pace.
Enjoying the view, I let one hand slide down my stomach and
press two fingers over my clit, rubbing it fast. I have to grit my
teeth, my brain suddenly overloaded; it has to deal with the sight
of Carter stroking himself, my fingers on my clit, and Liams
cock pushing back against my insides. All in all, its almost too
much for me to take. Gritting my teeth, I breathe out deeply, my
fingers moving even faster as something wild and fierce grows
inside of me.
Yes I mutter, hissing through my gritted teeth as I feel
my body tensing up. Oh, yes Like a bullet flying out from the
muzzle of a gun, I go off; I scream my lungs out, not even
bothering to care if the driver can hear us. We should be safe
enough, since the whole limo was built to be soundproof, but I
have my doubts that a scream as loud as mine will go unnoticed.
I dont have the time to ponder stuff like that though; theres a
surge of electric pleasure in all of my muscles, and I close my
eyes as my pussy clamps around Liams cock. I throw myself
back against him, the fabric of his shirt on my back, and simply
surrender to the waves of pleasure lapping at my body.
Good girl, Liam whispers against my ear, squeezing my
right breast while he speaks. I chuckle at that, his words waking
up that deviousness inside of me.
Theres nothing good in me, Liam I say, a gentle laugh
leaving my mouth. Im a bad girl, through and through.
Lets see how bad you are when Im the one fucking you, I
hear Carter saying, his words jolting me back into action.
Without allowing myself a moments rest, I get up, making
Liams cock pop out of my pussy. I climb on top of the seat and
go on all fours, swaying my ass from side to side toward Carter.
Lets see then, I say, Carter hooking his fingers on my
waist. My hands are on Liams legs, my eyes on his erect shaft,
but Im fully focused on my pussy right now. Carter has knelt on
the seat right behind me, and hes pressing his glans against my
wet folds, rubbing it against me without thrusting. Anxious to
feel him his shaft, I push my hips back, his cock sliding two
inches inside of me.
If thats how you want it, Carter whispers, pushing his cock
all the way in. I gasp as I feel his thickness stretching me wide,
his cock moving fast and mercilessly. Without wasting time, he
starts to rock his hips, sliding his cock in and out of me while he
keeps his fingers hooked on my waist.
My brain coming to terms with the way Carters ravaging me,
I finally give Liam the attention he deserves: I grab his shaft with
one hand and lower myself over it, parting my lips and allowing
him inside my mouth. My wetness is still coating his shaft, and I
cant help but twirl my tongue around it, licking it dry of my own
Carters cock in my pussy and Liams in my mouth, I let my
body be moved by instinct and desire. I sway my hips, thrusting
back against Carter, and keep moving my head in a coming and
going motion over Liams shaft.
I want to moan and I want to scream; the only thing stopping
me from doing so is Liams cock, his length pushing my tongue
down as it slides in and out of my mouth. That doesnt stop me
from dangling over the edge. Both their cocks ravaging me, its a
matter of seconds until that electric buzz bubbles up to the
surface; I feel it under my skin, tiny sparks of pleasure pulling at
the edges of my mind. The urge to scream becoming too strong
to deny, I raise my head and take Liams cock out of my mouth.
Fuuu-- I start, the word dying on my lips as it turns into a
frenzied scream of ecstasy. I feel the muscles in my throat
cramping up, but that doesnt shut me up. Oh, noI hiss and
moan all the while, riding my orgasm all the way to the end. My
muscles are trembling and twitching, and when they finally stop
I feel exhaustion taking over me; its as if pleasure gave way to
concrete, my limbs feeling too heavy to move. The moment
Carter pulls out, I simply roll to the side and collapse on top of
the seat, breathing so hard I feel on the verge of passing out.
I lay back, forgetting about everything around me as I let my
lungs work themselves into a normal state. When the orgasms
start to subside, I open my eyes. Carter is still kneeling on the
seat, his cock right above my face, and Liam is kneeling at my
feet; I spread my legs, allowing Liam to kneel between them, and
grin at both men.
Show me what you've got, I purr, my voice laced with
exhaustion. Come for me I tell them, and they grab their
cocks at the same time. Their eyes on my body, they start to
stroke themselves, moving their hands at a frantic pace. I moan,
not because of something my body is feeling, but because of the
pleasure coating my mind; after all, what could be more
pleasurable than having both Carter and Liam jerking off over
my naked body?
I hear one of them groan, and the very next second, a rope of
cum hits me across the chest. I dont know if it came from Liam
or from Carter, but in the end, it doesnt even matter; one
second after that they both start coating me in cum, their cocks
gushing all over me. Their warm juices cascade onto my skin
eagerly, thick strands of semen painting my body in pale white.
So fucking good I moan, grabbing my tits and rubbing
their cum all over. Im not one to curse, but it just feels
appropriate right now. How else would I put into words what Im
feeling right now? Because this is fucking good, theres no other
way to put it.
I move my hands from my breasts to my stomach, sliding my
fingers all over my skin, smearing myself with cum. With my
eyes still closed, I open my mouth, sticking my tongue out as an
invitation; they take the hint pretty quickly, their saltiness soon
all over my tongue. My mouth brimming with cum, I let them
spray the rest of their load all over the rest of my body. Still lying
down on the seat, I dont dare to move; I keep still, frozen in
place as I feel fat drops of cum drip down my skin and onto the
I close my mouth, but, before swallowing, I open up my eyes; I
want to see the look in their face as I do it. Glancing at Liam and
then at Carter, I finally allow their cum down my throat, their
flavor blending into something so mind numbing that a violent
shiver goes down my spine.
Winding down, I rub my tits again, moving my thumbs over
my drenched nipples and trembling it slightly as I do it. Every
inch of skin is sensitive, my nerve endings responding to every
subtle touch. It seems like that the aftermath of pleasure is even
more pleasure.
See? I ask, willing my body to move as I sit up, placing my
hands on their legs. Sharing is fun. They say nothing, but the
satisfaction plastered all over their faces tells me everything that
I need to know.
Sharing is fun, indeed Especially when Im the one being


FROM THE DESK of Editor-at-Large, Michael Anders.
As Mayor of New York City, I have an unique insight. As the
owner of my paper, here are my thoughts

THE NEW YORK political world was stunned yesterday as out of

nowhere, the long simmering feud between Governor Carter
Andrews and Mayor Liam Jeffries moved from a war of words to a
literal war of fists.
The altercation occurred at the Harvard Club in Manhattan
during a brunch between the Governor and Senator Vivian
Hawthornewho has been seen by many as the one person who
can bring this situation to a more stable, calmer resolution.
According to witnesses, Mayor Jeffries, from the town of New
Kingston, stormed into the club and an angry escalation of words
between the two men ensued. Sources are not clear who began
the fight, or who may have emerged as the victor, as police were
quick to respond to the scene and take the two men into custody.
A curious situation confronted both a tiny town that serves as
a suburb of New York City, as well as the greater State of New
York. Both constituencies existed for a brief time with their chief
executives incarcerated.
The situation was finally resolved when Senator Hawthorne
stepped in and bailed out both men.
The situation has many legal scholars puzzled and perhaps
more importantly, many social commentators decrying a crisis
of leadership.
It seems to us at the Editorial Board that the bad old days of
Albany style backroom politics is back. That the corruption has
returned. And to those who disagree with us and believe that this
is simply the heated passions of two sides of the political
spectrum coming to a disagreement, we point out that rather
than let the voters decide which way to go, both men are now
advancing their own cause based on stubbornness. Secret
negotiations, welcomed at first by the Editorial Board because we
thought a quick resolution would be imminent, has now instead
created a culture where back room deals and scandal instead rule
the day.
It should be evident to any observer that the fact that Senator
Hawthorne has been romantically linked to both Liam Jeffries
and Carter Andrews means her judgment is compromised when
it comes to both men. This resulted, most likely, in the fact that
she bailed out both men. Any situation where two politicians
have romantic links to each other cannot be one that can be
called fair and unbiased.
And where does this sordid triangle then leave the citizens of
New York State? They watch as both their environment becomes
polluted and sickly and their jobs leave for other shores. As the
politicians end up fighting each other in the court of public
opinion as well as really fighting each other, the people of this
state can only hang their head in shame.
But sadly, as bad as the conduct is between the two men, the
real blame lies not with them, but in the actions of Senator
Hawthorne. This paper believes that the conduct of the Senator
has been egregious in its utter lack of professionalism. We would
like to publicly condemn the Senator for letting an explosive
situation deteriorate to the point where two men are engaging in
fisticuffs. And the cause for the deterioration? Because the
attentions of both men must have stroked the Senators vanity.
For shame, Senator. For shame.

I 'm sitting in my office, transfixed by the landscape outside

of my window.
We cant do anything unless we get the people back to
fucking work! Liam bursts out.
I sigh.
The Boltiador Global factories puts out more pollution than
anything we would ever allow, I say to Liam. Youd never even
get a chance to break ground; the state would close that shit
Wed keep building, Liam says, smirking. Fuck that
Yeah, except we wouldnt turn on the fucking water or
power, then what? I shoot back. That was petty. But I feel petty.
For the last week and a half ever since Vivian, Liam and I
had sex together, weve made some progress. Weve understood
what each side wants. Which is leaps and bounds ahead of where
we used to be before.
Did we really just both need to bone the shit out of Vivian to
start talking at the table?
Is that all it needed? Is that the secret to working across the
aisle? As Liam would call it, fucking the shit out of each other?
If I'm being honest with myself, I still can't believe what
happened between us in the limo. That momentas
unbelievable as it wasis replaying itself in my mind over and
over. I tell myself that I can't let that happen again. I need to
stay focused.
I know, youre thinking about it too.
I told you I had a monster cock swinging between my legs.
Unlike Liam though, I dont go tell every single goddamn person
that asks. Its like going to the grocery store and waiting to get
your change and telling the cashier you have a 12-inch pecker. I
dont do that. But it gets the job done.
But that was then. This is now. And I cant let the people of
this state suffer because I gave in to Liam because I got soft on
the environment. On protecting their health and well-being. No,
what happened in the limo is a one-time incident. Iweneed
to move on.
The intercom on my phone buzzes. I can tell from the flashing
red light that the call is coming from my secretary.
"Yes, Cathy?" I answer.
"Governor Andrews, Jason from Strategy needs to see you.
Hes outside. Right now."
"That's fine. Go ahead and add it to my schedule. I'll be free
in another hour, Cathy."
"Thank you, Mr. Andrews. But he says he needs to see you
I sigh. Its always like this with him.
But the thing is, when he needs to see me, he really usually
needs to see me.
I look over at Vivian and Liam who are sitting at the table.
Can we pick this up later? I ask.
Liam looks at me and pulls out a bottle of bourbon. That used
to be my bottle, but he got a hold of it. He takes a long swig.
Given the events of the last few days, I feel like I need it too.
I reach out my hand and Liam hands me the bottle. I take a
drink. The warm liquid slides down my throat in a fiery trail, and
puts me at ease. If I'm going to take this meeting with Jason, I
might as well be relaxed.
Governor Andrews? my secretary asks again.
I look at the time again. Shit. Its been almost five minutes
since she called.
Vivian gets the hint.
Why dont we pick up later? she asks.
She looks amazing per usual. Her blonde hair frames her face
and reflects the light of the office. She's wearing a low-cut
dress, and her cleavage absorbs my attention. Or at least in my
mind it does. Did I really just say that I wanted all of this to end
between us? Because now I'm already having second thoughts.
Seeing her again makes my pulse leap for the millionth damn
time today.
"Look, we got a lot fucking done today, didnt we? Liam
asks. Can we unwind a bitmaybe say we schedule a dinner for
this evening?" Liam asks, looking at me and Vivian.
Hes inviting me to dinner.
This is the strangest and most twisted affair Ive ever had.
Vivian looks at Liam for a second. Then she looks at me. As if
deciding internally if she wants to do this. Because with dinner is
going to be booze. In the city. Theres only one thing were going
to do after that.
Its a bit unconventional of a relationship, isnt it? I ask
She looks at me and smiles.
"If unconventional is what were after, let's meet at a circus-
themed restaurant," Vivian suggests.
"And where do you suppose we find something like that?" I
ask intrigued.
"Le Cirque," she responds, as if it's the obvious answer.
"I wouldn't say that's exactly unconventional," Liam chimes
"How many restaurants do you know are circus themed?"
Vivian asks. "I'd say that's a little out of the box."
Is it wrong that all I'm thinking about is Vivian's 'box' right
now? I can't stop staring at her perfect breasts in front of me. I
think I'd agree to just about anything if she suggested it.
"Le Cirque is iconic," Liam quips. "That's a signature
midtown restaurant."
"I'm free tonight. What time?" I ask.
"Let's make it 8 pm," Vivian suggests. "You two bring your
gorgeous selves, and I'll bring the acrobatics."
My heart leaps again as I wonder what exactly she's implying.
Acrobatics? Is she referring back to what happened between us
in the limo?
"Done," Liam replies.
I also go ahead and agree with Liam, "Count me in."
We say our good byes and they walk out of the office. I sit back
for a moment in my chair and think about how easy it was to
speak with both of them. It was all so cordial. Hell, even the
meeting was good. Liam is right. We actually are getting
somewhere. Were going to get this deal done. This couldnt
have been more different from our encounter at the Harvard
Club. I mean, one minute, I'm putting my fist into Liam's face,
and the next, we're making dinner reservations.
I remember my impending meeting with Jason, Chief
Strategist, and I snap my laptop closed and go to my desk. Vivian
and Liam have left. I push the button to my intercom to summon
my secretary.
Cheryl, you can let Jason in now.
As if waiting for the word, Jason, my Chief Strategist, bounds
in. He's always been a high-strung person, but today he seems
especially frazzled. When he turns his head, his body bounces
along sharply with his every movement.
With him is my Press Secretary, Michele.
She looks up at me. "Have you seen the news Governor?"
"I just got out of a meeting. I haven't seen anything," I reply.
"Well then, you better crawl out from whatever rock you're
buried under and watch this," she says, walking over to a nearby
television. She clicks it on, and I watch as the screen comes to
A reporter is speaking in a hurried tone. "Again, if youre just
joining us, we have breaking news being reported by the New
York Daily Journal of yet another scandal in Albany. Thats right.
New York State has had its share of political mischief, but this
time, all levels of government seem to be involved. Political
operatives on both parties are outraged in what they say is some
of the worst abuses of power this state has ever seen. Revolving
around Governor Andrews and his decision to block the
investment of several factories from the Boltiador family and
further move more jobs to China, inside sources tell me that a
deal is being put into place that would do just that.
Well, its not that bad, actually.
At the heart of this decision is a desire that has nothing to
do with government, but a desire to be romantically involved
with the states junior Senator to Washington, Vivian
Hawthorne, the reporter continues.
Okay. That might be pretty bad.
The Governor has been in a very unorthodox mood lately,
acting in a very strange manner according to those close to him.
Last week, he was involved in a fight that led to a temporary
arrest in New York City. And now, sources confirm that hes
working with the Mayor of New Kingston to find a politically
expedient way to move 10,000 would be jobs from the state and
send them to China, the reporter continues.
Yeah, this isnt looking that good. They dont understand,
thats not what were trying to do. Were trying to figure out a
workaround. Maybe not bring over the highest polluting
operations but more skilled work.
The Governor is also being implicated in revealing his plans
and working in concert with Chinese Communist Party leaders in
secret, the reporter concludes.
Okay now that is bad.
Well have more after these messages, the reporter says as
the news cuts to GEICO commercial.
"Ive never been so relieved to know I could save 15% on my
car insurance by switching to GEICO."
"What the hell is going on Governor?" Michele asks, her
brows furrowed in worry.
How has the media caught wind of this? I'm wracking my
brain and nothing makes sense unless Vivian and Liam are the
only people who would know about this conversation. Could that
really be true?
I don't know Michele," I say, shaking my head. And that's the
truth. I really don't know how in the hell this has been leaked.
"Well, you better figure it out, and fast. You're going to be
racing against the clock on this one. We're going to need to come
up with a new technique to manage this one. As two of your
senior advisors, I have to say that this isn't casting you in a
favorable light with the public." I watch as she places both
hands on her hips defensively.
"Don't you think I know that?"
"Well, you seen so nonchalant," Michele shrugs. "You can't
sit here and expect everything to be OK."
"Is that what you call this? If so, you've been fooled," I growl
in irritation. "I'm anything but calm. I'm downright outraged."
"We need to avoid any further negative media coverage,"
Michele says.
Fine. I hate to do this. But Im going to have to.
"Okay, listen, lock it down then, I say to Amy. No
communication inside or out until this blows over. I have a
dinner with Vivian and Liam
I would cancel that now, Michele says, her face
incredulous. Or you might as well quit.
Cancel it, I say.
Radio silence? Michele asks.
I nod.
"We won't be taking any additional calls or emails until
further notice," I say. "Make sure everyone is clear on that."
She nods her head in agreement and hurries off to share the
Again, I search every corner of my brain for answers, and the
only name that keeps comes up is Vivian's. Could Vivian be
behind this media leak? Could Liam?
Did one of them just stab me in the back?
We just spoke and everything seemed fine. I didn't detect
anything out of the ordinary. If anything, it was one of the
friendliest meetings we've ever had outside of the limo.
If one of them is behind thiswhy?

A nother beer? the bartender asks me and I nod my head,

watching the television.
The people around me are fucking quiet. The bar around me is
pretty quiet too. Theyre watching the TV, glued to what theyre
Carter cancelled dinner yesterday. But I got it. What I dont
get is how this is blowing up.
And its blowing up badly. Every hour brings more and more
shit to be thrown so it can hit the fucking fan.
Preliminary reports obtained by the New York Daily Journal
indicate now that a three way sex triangle has evolved between
Mayor Liam Jeffries, Governor Carter Andrews, and Senator
Vivian Hawthorne. Sources at the paper are tight lipped as to
how this information was obtained the reporter on television
Fucking media. Fucking reporters. We were so fucking close
to a deal. We were so goddamn close to figuring a lot of this shit
Of course the people who know me in New Kingston dont
know what to say to me. They stay away, not sure who or what I
am anymore. Actually, Im not sure who or what I am anymore.
Have I betrayed the people of this town? Ive been fighting for
them. I wasnt looking to sell them out.
However we can confirm from what were hearing that the
three leaders were close to putting together a deal that was
acceptable to the Governor. No word of the specifics of that deal
has emerged right now the reporter goes on and I realize hes
just made it sound like I was ready to sell out this town all for
some pussy.
Jesus fucking Christ. I need to get ahold of this train before it
destroys everything Ive worked to build. I take out my phone
and look through my contacts. I see it right there. I need to call
him. I need to call Carter.
I never thought Id ever be in this situation, but fuck it. Ill do
anything for the people of this town. And right now, the only
thing that theres left for me to do is go to the one person I used
to hate to see if I cant make this right.
Office of the Governor, the voice on the other side of the
line addresses me upon picking up my call. She sounds like an
intern. Working for free. Maybe put it on her resume for after
college. Hoping to get picked up by one of the political clubs
around the state. Maybe run for office one day. Look to break the
fucking glass ceiling.
Let me talk to the Governor, I say curtly, taking a sip of the
beer thats in front of me.
I wait for a minute as the girl on the other end of the line
takes a breath. Im sorry, but the Governor isnt taking any
calls right now, she answers me calmly.
Hes probably in a meeting. I can understand what that guy
must be going through. I mean, it may sound like a fucking
clich, but after we had sexand yeah, I didnt fuck him or
anything like thatbut whatever we did together Im classifying
as sexI did a lot of thinking. Sure, the guy grew up wealthy.
But that doesnt make him responsible for the problems that I
had growing up. Hes not the cause of it. I can see that hes
trying to do what he thinks is right. So what if I dont agree with
him 100% percent of the time? Were both fucking American and
we love this country. And this state. Were trying to do the right
thing in our own way.
Let me leave a message for him then, I say patiently. Shes
just doing her job. No need to get snappy with her.
Im sorry, the Governor isnt taking any calls or messages at
the moment, she replies back without any pause this time.
What. The. Fuck.
What the fuck is going on? Is Carter trying to lock me out of
this? Doesnt he fucking realize that I have as much invested in
this shit as he does? That if hes locking me out and trying to
make plans that could screw me over thats not fucking cool?
What do you mean hes not taking any fucking messages? I
snarl into the phone, my annoyance coming out. A few of the
people in the bar look my direction. Theres wariness in their
eyes. As if theyre trying to feel me out. Why are you even
bothering to pick up the goddamn phone then? Why not just
turn it the fuck off?
Im sorry, the girl repeats. The Governor isnt taking any
calls, making any comments or responding to any messages,
Mayor Jeffries.
Wait. Did you read that? Did you see what she said?
She called me Mayor Jeffries. She knows who I am. She knows
why Im calling.
Which means that Carter must have given explicit
instructions not to take my call. Hes up to something. Hes
planning something.
And he knows Im not going to like it.
You remember what I told you about understanding where he
was coming from? You remember what I said about him being an
okay guy?
Well, I was fucking wrong now, okay? You can forget every
fucking word I said.
Carter Andrews is a fucking snake. His Dad was a slum lord
and he grew up with a silver fucking spoon that was bought by
the suffering of the poor.
I take another gulp of my beer and hear the reporter on the
television talking again.
At the heart of the matter are the residents of New Kingston,
led by their mayor, who are fighting for the economic survival of
their towncourting the wealthy Boltiador family who has
extensive mineral and refining operations around the globe to
set up several factories in the community, potentially bringing
tens of thousands of jobs and a much needed shot of vitality to
the local economy. However, this initiative goes up squarely
against the signature environmental legislation designed to
protect the state that was recently passed by the Governor. As
each man belongs to opposing political parties, it was widely
believed that the Independent Senator, Vivian Hawthorne would
be available to intervene I stop listening when I hear some
people rustling and the door to the bar opening.
Fucking Christ. Just what I need right now.
Dressed in an expensiveand very tightskirt and blouse
that hugs her body like a second skin, and looking every bit the
elitist walks in fucking Tina Ling.
Luckily, no one in the bar really knows who she is. She walks
straight toward me, not even batting an eye at the stares that
shes getting. I guess the people who know me around here
arent really surprised at beautiful women coming to meet me
here anymore.
But seriously. Thank God no one knows who she really is. The
fucking Mayor of Shanghai. Who is actively lobbying the
Governor and I to let the Boltiador factories move to China. If
that shit ever came out, these people here would kick my ass out
of town so quick and end my political career so quick, Id be lucky
if I ever got elected to a housing board.
Im not surprised to see you here, drinking your day away,
Tina says, pulling out a chair but standing instead. Careful, too
much beer and youll lose your alluring figure.
I snort. I still look good. The world might be going to shit, but
I still got my muscles. My gorgeous fucking body. And my foot
long pussy pleaser swinging between my legs.
But if my cock ever twitched for Tina, those fucking days are
gone. I look at her coldly. Theres only one woman in my life
now, and shes made in the fucking USA.
What the fuck do you want? I ask, growling.
She reaches over and runs a hand down my arm. Nice to see
you too, Mayor Jeffries, she coos. Looks like youre having
what you would call a bad fucking day.
What the hell do you care? I ask sharply, and I can tell
people are trying hard to pretend not to listen while straining to
catch a glimpse of our conversation. You came up all the way
from the city to tell me that?
No, Tina says, after a pause. I came to help you.
I laugh darkly. By giving up and letting you take those
factories? I ask her, looking into her dark eyes. By sacrificing
those jobs.
She signs and leans closer as she whispers into my ear. By
knowing who your friends are, and helping them now, so that
they can help you later.
I can feel the hairs on the back of my neck rise. I can feel her
hand rest itself on my thigh and give me a gentle squeeze. It
slowly starts travelling up, heading toward my cock.
Ms. Ling, I say, controlling my temper and keeping my
voice at a whisper as I turn to her and look her in the eyes. I
have never said this to a woman, but get your fucking hands off
of me before I knock you the fuck out.
Tina seems to straighten up at my words and her demeanor
changes. She looks at me coldly.
Id watch your back if I were you, Liam Jeffries, she says as
if talking down to a fucking peasant. You never know when you
might lose even this, she says gesturing toward the bar.
And with that she turns around and begins to walk away.
I watch her go, and wonder if I should have maybe taken her
back to my place. That ass, as it flexes would tempt any man. But
Ive had better with Vivian.
A few minutes pass after Tina walks out of the bar and I
realize the only thing keeping me together in all this is thinking
of Vivian. And the night that we hadme, herand yeah,
Carter. I could sit here and think about that night all day but
wouldnt you know it, the news anchor has got to fucking keep
ruining my day.
I listen in fucking horror as he begins, The Daily Journal has
also confirmed just now the fact that there is a fourth player in
what is turning out to be the political scandal of the year in this
quagmire. A Miss Tina Lingfrom the Peoples Republic of
China and apparently the head of the local Communist Party in
Shanghai. Ms. Ling is the de facto mayor of Shanghai and has
just confirmed to this station in an exclusive statement that she
has been meeting secretly as well with Liam Jeffries about the
possibility of relocating the Boltiador family factories to China to
comply with Governor Carters environmental legislation.
Fuck. Im fucking sorry, but I have no more fucking words.
This entire political world is filled with snakes. And if theyre not
snakes, then theyre fucking vipers.
Can I get another fucking beer? I ask the bartender.
She nods, her face dark, and pours me a pint. Then she looks
at me as she spits in it. And calmly places it in front of me.
Yeah. I fucking deserved that right now.

A lright, hun, I think I can understand Carter cancelling

yesterday. I mean, hes got a problem with someone inside of his
team or someone outside whos trying to screw him. When a
Democratic Governor gets accused of sending jobs over to
Communist China, the last thing he probably wants to do is go
out to Le Cirque with a Senator who is an avowed Independent
and likes sex, and a Republican playboy mayor. At least, not to a
restaurant where a steak costs $115 before sides.
So yeah, I mean, I can totally understand calling off dinner.
But then, as the situation gets worse the next day, I would have
maybe thought hed give me a call to keep me apprised of the
situation, you know?
But even if he didnt I guess I can understand that. Hes
probably thinking that its best right now to be in lockdown
modecompletely hermetically seal himself off in a bubble.
Thats why hes a man, and Im a successful woman.
When shit like this hits the fan, I usually go the opposite
route. Go find allies as quickly as I can, and build a wall. Its how
all the times in the past some zealot has tried to make an issue
about me being a fallen woman Ive had the political capital
and firepower to blow them out of the water.
I mean, Im telling you this, but you probably already know.
When youre in trouble, you can retreat, or you can reach out to
those closest to you.
I would have told this to Liam over dinner yesterday night,
but we both decided over text that if Carter was in trouble,
maybe we should just postpone by one night. I mean, weve
actually done a lot of progress on getting these guys to see eye to
eye. And I think well like the outcome.
But dinner tonight? I got a phone call from Liam a couple
hours ago, where he politely begged off.
I just need some stuff I gotta fucking do, he said into the
I thought to myself that either something else has happened
or hes a bit worried. Maybe even someone on his team is telling
him to put some distance between him and I.
Is everything okay? I ask. Sure, Im a bit worried.
Its fine Liam says and trails off. Just some things I got
to sort out.
Well, that leaves me with no plans for dinner, you know? I
mean, if I had known, Id have flown back to DC. I was really
hoping to let our relationshipor whatever we have going
between both mengrow and evolve.
I know, I know. Ive been hot and cold with both of them.
First I sleep with Liam. Then I have sex with Carter. But, you got
to understand, hun, after each time, I just couldnt decide.
I still cant choose.
Liam has qualities that are irresistible. Carter has facets that
make me want him more than anyone else. I cant get either
men out of my head.
Thats why I pulled away from both of them.
Thats why I stayed away.
And thenin the limo?
Lets just say I got tired of not being able to decide. And let me
tell you, babeindecision paid off.
But I dont know if I can keep doing this.
I mean, have you ever heard of a public servanta Mayor, a
Governor, or even a Senator having a relationship like this? Who
would even vote for me? The Anti-Monogamy Party? Yes, it
really does exist, by the way.
This entire situation is wrong. Its immoral. Itll cost me
votes. Itll give fuel to the fire for those people who paint me as
this oversexed corrupter of Western democratic values. The
Conservatives will hate me for sleeping with a Liberal. The
Liberals wont like that Im sleeping with a Conservative. Pretty
much the only people who will be in my camp are women who
like hot men.
Dont smile. This is serious.
This is what Ive been thinking about all nightafter a quick
salad for dinner and a few glasses of wine.
Im lying in bed, lounging after a long hot bath, and
wondering just where in the hell Im supposed to go.
I havent watched any television today. Cut myself off from
the news. All so I could think about what kind of a grave Im
digging for myself.
I mean, imagine a life with Liam and Carter as we try to juggle
our political careers.
Mmmm. Actually, lets just imagine Liam and Carter first.
Imaginationit might not be as good as the real thing, but
its pretty close. Especially when youre all by yourself and the
memories start bubbling up to the surface.
Laying in bed, wearing nothing but a skimpy nightgown and a
lace thong, I close my eyes and take a deep breath. The memories
start to flood me, and I remember how it felt to run my fingertips
over Liams and Carters naked bodies Pressing my legs
together, I feel that familiar wetness grow between my thighs as
the memories become more vivid. My nipples become hard and
sensitive, and the rosy tips brush against the fabric of my satin
gown as my chest rises and falls steadily.
Vivian. I hear them whisper my name, their voices echoing
inside my mind. Vivian, they repeat, the sound of my own name
making my throat grow dry. I run my tongue over my lips,
wetting them, and remember the taste of both mens mouths.
They tasted like a man should tasteleather, and salt, and warm
desireand their lips fit against mine as if the whole world had
conspired for us to kiss.
I take one hand to my shoulder, my skin prickling as I push
the strap of my gown down my arm. The fabric droops over my
right breast, baring it, and I brush two fingers against my hard
nipple. I dont even dare open my eyes, afraid that reality might
push away the dream state Im inI imagine both men here,
lying next to me, their hands on my body as they explore every
curve of my body.
Rubbing my nipple between my thumb and index finger, I
sigh heavily, that familiar electric feeling spreading from my
nipple toward my inner thighs. My pulse quickens, and with
every beat of my heart, my pussy grows wetter. I press harder on
my nipple, pinching it, and I start to feel the wet fabric of my
thong sticking to my skin.
Behind my closed eyelids, I see Liam and Carter brushing
their lips down my skin, their mouths eager to taste me To
devour me. I open my legs wide, almost as if they were really
here with me, and allow my hand to slide down to my stomach
and then further down.
I reach for my thong and press on my clit with two anxious
fingers. One touch and my breathing becomes deeper, a slight
moan caressing my lips as I press down harder. I feel the urge to
push my thong to the side, and to slide the fingers Im using
deep inside of my pussy. I almost do it, but I manage to resist it; I
dont want to rush this. Imagination might be all that I have, but
thats not an excuse to be hasty. If anything, its more of a
reason for me to take my time.
I push down the other strap of my dress and bare both my
breasts; using both hands, I squeeze them as I arch my back, my
pussy burning in a slow boil. I hold off for as long as I can, but in
the end I cant resist the fire between my thighs: raising my ass
from the mattress, I hook my fingers on my thong and push it
down my legs. Slowly, I let my hand slide to my inner thighs, my
heart drumming louder and louder as I go near my pussy. Using
only one fingertip, I brush it lightly against my wet folds in a
upward motion, only stopping when Im touching my naked clit.
Biting on my bottom lip, I press on my clit with two fingers and
start moving them in a gentle circular motion.
It doesnt take long for my soft pace to grow into maddening
punishment. I remember how it felt to go down on my knees and
see the two most perfect men I have ever met looking down at
me, and that Well, that just makes it impossible for me to
touch myself in a way that youd call gentle. I let instinct take
over, my fingers moving furiously over my clit as pleasure rages
through my veins. With my free hand, I go back to grabbing my
own breasts, squeezing them harshly as I imagine Carter sucking
on one nipple while Liam uses his tongue on the other.
Why cant they be here right now? Why does reality have to be
so harsh? Forget all about money or status; Id give all of that
away just to have them in my bed right now. But Im all alone,
the sins of imagination my own company I wonder if theyre in
their homes right now, stroking themselves as they think of my
naked body. God, I hope they are. I really do. Thinking of them,
alone as I am, remembering how it felt to have their cocks ravage
my mouth and pussy That just makes me wetter.
Gritting my teeth, I let go of my clit and move my two fingers
downward; I push them past my folds and move them inside,
curling them upwards as if they were a hook. I go straight for my
G-spot and press against it, electric sparks crawling up my spine
and setting fire to my brain. But its not enough; I want more.
Much more.
I let go of my breasts and move my free hand down my
stomach; once again, I start rubbing my clit as I press harder on
my G-spot, the sparks of pleasure growing brighter and wilder. I
moan, the sound caressing my eardrums and covering me in
goosebumps; arching my back, I start to moan even louder, that
harsh pressure mounting inside of me.
For an instant, its as if Im back in the limo with Liam and
Carter, their naked bodies pressed against my own Their cocks
stretching my pussy and mouth. My body theirs to use and
abuse. All this flashes behind my eyelids in just a heartbeat, but
its enough; my pussy becomes tighter around my fingers, and I
feel the whip of pleasure lashing out at my mind. I come hard,
my fingers trembling over my clit as the muscles in my arm start
to twitch.
Oh, God I moan, easing the pressure on my G-spot. I
almost take my fingers out, but the memories of the moment the
three of us shared refuse to go away. Instead, they become even
fiercer, almost as if it was all happening again. My fingers start
moving in and out at a furious pace, responding only to the deep
cravings in my unconscious. I keep rubbing my clit with renewed
effort, the lashings of pleasures whip becoming even more
I might be alone, but I wont let that stop me from diving
head first into the sweet oblivion of ecstasy. Besides, with an
imagination like mine, it would be a waste to simply crawl under
the sheets after having one orgasm. If I can come endlessly with
them, I can do it by myself. Im a grown girl, and I know how to
take care of myself.
I throw my head back and hiss through my gritted teeth, my
fingers moving in spasms but keeping up their merciless pace.
Beads of sweat are already forming on my forehead, my muscles
tensing up from the effort, and that makes me go even harder.
The tension builds up until I cant take it anymore; my
muscles feel as if they are about to snap, and I can almost hear
my bones rattle. Opening my mouth to scream, I let pleasure
turn into sound as a devastating orgasm takes control of my
body. Convulsing in a frenzied state, I keep my fingers inside my
pussy and press my legs together, keeping my hand in place.
Im coming, but that doesnt mean Im done. The more
pleasure courses through me, the more of it I need. I keep
moving my fingers over my clit, rubbing myself as I imagine
Carter and Liam ravaging me. I can almost feel their cocks in my
mouth, in my pussy, in my ass I imagine Liams hands all over
my body, squeezing my ass cheeks, and my mouth pressed
against Carters. I imagine all that and then some more, my
mind completely unhinged.
Oh, God, oh, God, I moan over and over again, ecstasy
stabbing every single one of my nerve endings. I keep pushing
through it, and for a fraction of a second, imagination blends
with reality. For a heartbeat, theyre really here, ravaging my
body with their thick cocks.
I dont even feel my fingers moving anymore; I know theyre
still on my pussy, but my movement is no longer a conscious
one. Im working on instinct alone, my body a mere puppet to
the screaming needs of desire.
Oh, God.
My clit is burning now, and electricity is frying my mind. Im
moaning hard, my throat turning raw from the effort, and I still
keep going. Im about to explode in a few seconds and I --
Oh, fuck! Oh, FUCK!
The bright flames of ecstasy light up my mind, a scorching
white heat burning in my chest. My fingers are no longer
moving; the connection between my mind and body has been
severed, and a million tiny spasms take over my muscles.
Twitching and convulsing, I feel myself drowning in an infinite
ocean of pleasure. I dont even know how Im still breathing
right now. I dont know how Im still alive, or if Im still alive at
all. And it doesnt matter, none of it does; when you feel what
Im feeling right now, few things seem to matter.
I sprawl myself on the mattress, breathing heavily as if I were
doing it for the first time in my life. And I feel alive So fucking
alive. Slowly, I open my eyes and take in the world around me,
the colors of my room more vibrant than I have ever seen them. I
feel the smooth cotton of the sheets under my naked skin, the
sound of my breathing like a melody. It seems that I have opened
my eyes and stepped into a world of fantasy, one where magic is
real and your innermost desires can come true.
Laying here, that gentle tingling under my skin, one certainty
dawns in my mind: Liam and Carter, I need them both in my life.
Thats the realization.
Thats what I needed all this time for.
Okay, perfect. Its decided. Somehow Im going to make it
Pleased with myself, and in my post-sex afterglow, I yawn
and get the remote and turn on the television.
The news pops up.
If youre just joining us, the mayor of New Kingston, Liam
Jeffries, has been connected in a sexual pay-for-play
arrangement to a noted member of the Chinese Communist
Party. Liam Jeffries is alleged to have tried to sell the Boltiador
Global commitment to build several factories in New Kingston to
the Chinese. The jobs would be transferred to China and the
Governor and his environmental bill would be blamed. In return
Liam Jeffries would get backing from Chinese front companies in
the United States. These revelations were made by the Chinese
official, Tina Ling, herself earlier today, the news reporter says
before continuing into even more salacious details about
speculation of a threesome between me, Carter, and Liam and
then talking about sinking poll numbers.
So both the guys I slept with separately and then together are
now in the public eye for corruption or bribery. They may be
impeached perhaps or indicted for corruption.
Pretty much gonna say this is a low point in my dating life
right about now.
But why can I still not stop thinking about them?


FROM THE DESK of Editor-at-Large, Michael Anders.
As Mayor of New York City, I have an unique insight. As the
owner of my paper, here are my thoughts

IN A SCANDAL that has the political elites of state in stunned awe,

the Daily Journal has obtained an exclusive interview with the
Mayor of Shanghai, Ms. Tina Ling, who has stated to this paper
that the mayor of New Kingston, Liam Jeffries, has been
attempting to build a campaign war chest for a possible bid for
In a Machiavellian ploy, Ms. Ling details how Mayor Jeffries
secured a promise by Naomi Boltiador to open several new
factories in the economically hard hit town of New Kingston,
New York. Those promises were secured apparently with full
knowledge that the operation of those factories would fly in the
face of recently passed environmental legislation that has been
heralded by Governor Carter as necessary to improve the health
and welfare of all residents.
The Mayor apparently began to negotiate with Ms. Ling
immediately after instigating a political as well as physical fight
with Governor Andrews in what is being viewed as a debate over
jobs or the environment. At heart, Liam Jeffries was apparently
looking for private donations from wealthy Chinese individuals
as well as Chinese backed corporations doing business in the
United States for his run for Governor in two years time.
Miss Ling asserts that had the mayor been successful in his
plan, the factories would have opened in China with the
Governor being blamed for preventing job growth in New
Kingston and Liam Jeffries capitalizing upon the populist anger
to sweep into the statehouse.
Ms. Ling further alleges that Senator Vivian Hawthorne has in
fact been working with Liam Jeffries and has manipulated the
Governor into nearly signing a deal by trading sexual favors.
The revelations are being met with near universal
condemnation from leaders on both sides of the aisle who are
stating that if true, Liam Jeffries may have destroyed his political
career. Additionally, by engaging in such amoral bargaining, it is
possible that he may have violated several tenets of campaign
finance laws that could potentially lead to a felony.
Several prominent Republicans have already called for a
Justice Department investigation into whether these allegations
are true. The Daily Journal has stated and continues to state that
these are currently allegations only. However, the damage has
already been done in many quarters. Upon hearing of these
allegations, the Mayors approval ratings in a state-wide poll
dropped to the lowest ever recorded, at 34%.
This latest revelation is yet another twist in a scandal that has
all the hallmarks of a made for TV movieincluding a complex
sex triangle between Senator Hawthorne, Governor Andrews,
and the Mayor.
Sources close to Republican and Democratic party officials are
now reporting that both sides are considering a bi-partisan
effort to investigate the role of Senator Hawthorne in this
matter. Should the allegations of sex for policy changes be true,
all three could find their careers on at irredeemable risk.
When asked why she was coming forward at this stage, Ms.
Ling commented, Its in the best interests of my country that
we maintain a fair and level playing field. Corruption like this
deserves to come out and be exposed to the light.
Only time will tell what other secrets come out into the light
in this rapidly unfolding scandal.

"T ell her I'm busy," I say, shaking my head, "I'm not taking
any calls from Vivian right now, and that's final."
I turn to look at my Press Secretary, Michele Von Cannon with
her curly hair bouncing back and forth, exposing her emotions.
They stare at me blankly before Michele decides to break the
"But the image that's circulating in the public isn't a good
one. We need to act quickly, Carter. My job is to get us back on
track. Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad idea to speak with the
Senator," Michele suggests.
Shes right, Governor, a voice says. You need some
I turn to see Tina Ling. I grimace.
How did you get in when I basically said no damn calls and
no damn visitors? I ask sharply. I look to Michele and she just
Tina struts across the plush carpet of my office with her
hands on her hips. I can't help but wonder what she's still doing
here. Addressing me she says, "If your plan is to barricade
yourself in this office and ignore the outside world like some
child with his fingers shoved in his ears, I urge you to re-think
your strategy. The world will eat you up, Carter. You have no
Do she think I was born yesterday? I wave her off with a flick
of my wrist and find myself clenching my jaw, but quickly relax
it. I need to stay cool and calculated. I can't lose my shit right
now. Between these two women trying to fill my head with what
I should and shouldn't do, and the media hounding me day and
night, I don't know what's worse. I need to shut them all out.
Right. One thing at a time. I stand up.
I think you should leave whichever way you came in, Ms.
Ling, I say coldly.
I look at the dark-haired Tina with a look in her eyes that says
she's full of secrets.
Are you sure? she asks, taking a step closer to me. She
doesnt pay any attention to Michele as she places a hand and
runs it down my bicep. Like she doesnt exist. It might be so
much more enjoyable if wecollaborated?
Dont think that Im not tempted. Take the easy way out. Sell
out. A few favors here. A few strings there. And maybe whoever
the puppet masters behind Tina are can help me make this all go
And Id never be able to look at myself in the damn mirror
Like I said, I think you should leave, I say coldly. Quite
frankly, I dont trust you. And I need people around me whom I
can trust.
Theres a flash of anger in Tinas eyes. It gets past the
affected sexual stare. But just as quickly, she suppresses it.
Youll remember this moment when youre drowning,
Governor, she says to me. Youll remember I offered you a life
raft and you spit in my hand.
And then she turns and walks away.
Theres a pause and I look at Michele.
"Listen, I need to sort things out. So in the meantime, no
calls," I say. "Trust me. I know what I'm doing."
Michele nods. What do you want me to do? she asks me.
What do I want her to do?
What do I even want to do? Look out for number one? Protect
my signature piece of legislation?
I need to reset. Before I ever let Liam get under my skin by
telling me to go fuck myself.
But how?
I begin to think.

I SET UP A PRESS CONFERENCE, and within a few hours, I find myself

standing at a podium in front of a crowd of attendees. The
atmosphere is tense. Everyone's shifting their gaze from me to
the crowd around them, and back again. I know I need to choose
my words wisely.
"Thank you all for joining me today, especially under such
short notice. I'm sure it's no surprise to any of you that there
have been outlandish claims being made in the media against
me. I urge you all to not fall prey to this fake news. I'm standing
here today to set a few things straight."
I take a pause and look around the room for an added
dramatic effect.
I continue, "There's something that I want to publically say
for the record. I will not be making any deals with Mayor Liam
A reporter speaks, "But what about the 10,000 jobs? Are you
saying that you won't be backing the five factories that Mayor
Jeffries proposes?"
"That's correct," I say. "I care deeply about the people of New
Kingston, and I feel that the best way forward is to not repeat the
past. We need to think beyond factories."
The reporter asks again, "But if you cared so much about the
people, you should care about their jobs, shouldn't you?"
"There will be other jobs," I assure the reporter. "The bottom
line is that laws are set in place for our protection."
There are few inaudible mumblings and I continue, "What is
law needs to be respected and followed. How do you suppose the
world would operate if everyone viewed themselves as rogue
cowboys? Well, I'll tell you. It would be chaos. Legislation shields
us from that pandemonium. And the environmental legislation
was set up to protect not just the current citizens of New
Kingston, but all of the people of this state. Because of this
undying belief, Mayor Jeffries' factories will not be built."
Just then a voice interrupts me. "That's not the deal we had."
Now everyone is talking and the room is in disarray. Liam
Jeffries is approaching the podium and he continues, "Why don't
you tell everyone what's really going on?"
There are audible gasps coming from the audience. The room
is now filled with shocked faces, mouths opening and closing
like fish caught on a line. What the fuck is Liam doing here? It
figures that he'd come here and try to steal the publicity.
"You talk a big game, Mayor," I snap. "It's just too bad that
you don't give a shit about this city."
Liam throws his arms up in the air in an exaggerated pose.
"Oh come on, Carter. Is that the best you've got? It's amazing
how quickly you change face. Publically, you tout the law, but
behind closed doors?" He pauses and looks around the audience
for emphasis and addresses them now. "Behind closed doors,
Governor Andrews was making deals with myself and Senator
More gasps erupt from the audience. One reporter chimes in,
"Governor, is this true?"
"Of course it's true," Liam responds before I can even speak.
"Governor Andrews was making deals well before he decided to
sabotage me here, in front of all of you."
"Ridiculous!" I shout. Enough is enough. Liam's had his say,
and now I'm going to shut him up for good.
"For all of your altruistic talk," I say into the microphone,
"You're one of the most anti-humanitarian people I've ever
encountered. Here you are, poised to ruin our city with smog and
toxic run off, ultimately bringing more harm than good to the
people of New Kingston."
With that, Liam's entire body language changes and he
charges the podium, running at me full speed. One security
guard steps in front of him. "I can't let you go beyond this
point," he says, waving one hand up. Liam slaps his hand out of
the way and proceeds. A second security guard places his body in
front of him, and Liam pushes him. The security guard stumbles
back, tripping under his own weight, and just as Liam
approaches me, a third security guard gets in between us. "Sir, I
have to ask you to step back," the security guard commands.
"Step away from the podium."
The guard looks intimidating. His neck is as thick as a fire
hydrant, but Liam doesn't give a shit. He barrels through him
and gets right in my face. I can practically feel his breath on me.
"Fuck you Carter," he says. Before I can react, he cocks his
arms back and releases it into my face, which is the last thing
I'm expecting. His fist smashes into my left eye; it leaves a
white-hot searing pain, and while I'm shocked, my immediate
reaction is to kick his ass. Fuck him. If he thinks he can storm in
here and push me around, he's mistaken. Enough is enough.
I don't say another word and I reach back. Now I have
momentum and I hit him in his jaw. Maybe that'll shut him up, I
think. But he's furious and it only spurs him on. He tries to hit
me again, and I dodge him, swinging at him another time, and
then another. I feel like I can't stop for a moment. Before I know
it, we are a tornado of arms and legs, swirling around the
podium. I feel a seam in my coat rip, and that only pisses me off
As we are tumblingknees and elbows hitting the floorour
bodies bump into the podium and it topples into the audience
with a crash of the wood against hard floor. You can hear the
static of the microphone pop and give off a squeal of static
feedback. I vaguely hear some people scream, but my focus is on
Liam. Every muscle fiber is poised to take him down. My pulse is
racing and my entire body feels like its on fire, from the anger
coursing through my veins, to the thumping pulse in my temple.
"Admit it," I say, through gritted teeth.
"Admit what?" Liam asks. "Admit that you're going to
fucking lose this battle?"
"No, admit that you and Vivian were conspiring against me!"
I yell, swinging for him again and connecting with his shoulder.
"Ha! Is that what you think, Carter?" Liam snaps. "You're the
one with conspiracies. Why are you making things so much
harder than they need to be?"
Just then, two police officers jump on the stage.
"Break it up," one officer says, spreading his arms between
Liam and I. "Step away from each other!"
We're still breathing heavy, but we've stopped fighting.
Another officer steps behind Liam and places his arms in
"We're taking you in," the officer commands.
I step back and brush the hair from my eyes. Liam looks at me
with a gaze that flashes pure anger.
"Not this again," Liam mutters, lifting his gaze to the ceiling.
He turns to me and asks, "When will you learn, Carter?"
As I watch the officer escort him out of the building I wonder,
learn what?

"T here's someone here to see you," the guard says. "Looks
like you're being released." He says this as I'm tracing
the swollen lumps on my face with the tips of my fingers. I can't
fucking believe Carter had the nerve to throw me under the bus
in front of all those peoplein front of the fucking media! It was
downhill after that. Everyone fucking knows that. But did you
really think I was going to fucking stand there and take it? No
way in fucking hell. I'm just glad I'm getting out of this place. I
swear, if one more nut job was going to approach me, I think I
was going to lose my shit. Being thrown in jail for a second time
wasn'tand still isn'ton my fucking agenda. I have better
fucking things to do with my time, like maybe give Carter
another fucking piece of my mind.
"Looks like you've had better days." I hear a velvety voice
behind me and I turn around, seeing Vivian. Gorgeous Vivian
with her blonde hair cascading down her face and shoulders, and
her perfect curves highlighted in a small, strappy dress. Fuck,
can a woman be any more perfect? Seems unlikely, and like I
said, I don't use the word 'perfect' often. I'm glad to see her. I
mean it, and not just because she's bailing me out of this fucking
placealthough that helps. In fact, I've never wanted to see
someone so badly in my life. She's exactly what I need to get my
mind off of all the shit that transpired over the last fucking day.
"Let's get out of here," she says, motioning us to the door.
"Vivian, my intention wasn't to turn Carter's press
conference into a media circus. I hope you know that. I just"
She stops me mid-sentence, placing one of her delicate
fingers across my lips. "You don't need to explain. I know."
Feeling her touchher skin on mine, sends a jolt down my
"There' a limo waiting for us outside," she says, and sure
enough, as soon as the glaring sun of the day hit our eyes, I see
the black limo waiting for us by the curb. We both walk over to it,
open a back door, and slide into the long leather seat. She tells
the driver to take us to her apartment, and he nods approvingly
without question.
"Your place?" I ask. I thought maybe she'd want to go
straight to the office.
"Oh come on, do you really think you can go back to your
officeor even your own apartment right now? You know there
will be a frenzy of reporters vying to snap pictures and to get you
to explain what happened back there at Carter's press
conference. They're out for blood and just like wild animals; they
can smell a drop of it a mile away. Liam, you pushed past three
security guards and toppled a podium into a crowd of people,
remember? Do you really want to have to explain that right
When she says this, my temple throbs. I realize I have a fierce
headache, and I know she's right. The press conference was a
mess. It didn't look good. I need to lay low, at least for the
moment. And looking at Vivian right here and now, the tops of
her perfect breasts spilling out of her dress, her perfume and the
warmth of her body sitting next to mineI have a sudden urge
to touch her. It may not be the perfect moment, but it's the
truth, and going to her apartment seems like the best possible
outcome after spending an afternoon in jail.
We arrive at her apartment and I follow her in. It's a nice
place with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the city skyline.
The space is clean and modern with hardwood floors. I can hear
Vivian's heels clicking as she walks. I look out across the city
buildingssome flooded with light, and some dark, some big,
and some small, and everything in betweena city filled people
going about their lives. What are they thinking? What are they
all doing while I sit here with bumps and bruises and a throbbing
headokay, two throbbing heads, but one is in my pants? My
reverie is cut short when Vivian turns on her flat screen TV and
the local news appears. We both freeze and look at the screen.
"Impeachment hearings in the city against Mayor Liam
Jeffries are scheduled to commence today," a reporter says into
the camera. "Lawmakers will bring formal charges against the
Mayor to determine whether or not he should remain in office.
The big question still lingers; has Mayor Jeffries abused his
power in office? Has he really sold out the very people he
pretends to befriend? Weigh in, and let us know your thoughts
on Twitter using the hashtag #ImpeachJeffries."
"I had nothing to do with this," I tell Vivian, shaking my
head. "This is ridiculous. It's all lies."
"What you did or didn't do doesn't matter," she says, waving
me off with the flick of her wrist. "People will believe what they
want to. Let the media turn this whole thing into a spectacle. Let
them turn it inside out. But right now, drink this. I'm turning
the news off."
I watch Vivian from the edge of her sofa. I sit back, leaning
into the leather. She walks over to me and hands me a glass of
amber liquidbourbon with a single over-sized ice cube. It
never fails, she always fucking knows exactly what I like. I grab it
in one hand and swallow the fiery liquid in a single gulp. It leaves
a warm trail in the pit of my stomach and my body relaxes. I look
over at Vivian and want nothing more than to wrap my arms
around her and pull her into my lap.
"Here's an idea," I say with a smile. "How about I give you a
kiss, and no pressure, but if you don't like it, you can just return
it. Simple enough, right?"
"Clever," she purrs, sitting next to me on the sofa. With her
legs slightly open, I steal a glance at that dark and secret cavern.
Her face is now close enough to mine that I could lean in and kiss
her. I can feel the electricity of her nearness coursing through
my body. I want her, and I want her now. But she pulls back,
eyeing me with caution.
"With you facing a possible impeachment, I think I can do
better than fraternize with the likes of someone such as
yourself," she says. There's a sarcastic and teasing spark in her
eyes, and a smile tugging at the corner of her red and glossy lips.
Her lips are ripe for the taking, but I decide to play along.
"Is that so?" I ask, looking her up and down, her body posture
nearly leaning into mine. My cock is coming to life and
struggling against my suit pants.
"You know something?" I ask. " I've got to hand it to you
you sure know how to raise a man's cock. I'm not one to always
make accurate weather predictions, but I'd definitely say that
you can expect more than just a few inches tonight."
"Well, look who's found himself and his corny lines again,"
she purrs. "You've always been a cocky one."
"Is it such a bad thing that I want to bend you over this sofa
right now?"
"You tell me," she purrs. I watch as her body language tells
me a thousand words.
I extend my arm and stroke her blonde hair with my
fingertips, and then grasping behind her head, I knot strands of
her hair in my hand. With a tug, I pull her head back. Her mouth
opens and I lean in, first kissing the corner of her lips, while her
hot breath mixes with mine. Our tongues meet, sinking into
each other. My lips curl into a smile. This is exactly what I
fucking wanted. And now that we're herelike thisnothing
else matters. "We shouldn't do this," she whispers, pulling away
a few inches from my mouth.
"Who fucking says?" I ask, leaning in closerso close that
my lips are grazing hers again. "If it feels right, that's all that
matters." I kiss her again, this time taking her bottom lip in
between my teeth, and running fingers down her neck. She
places her hands on my cheeks and throws her head back. I
smile, kissing the length of her neck until I reach her collarbone.
I hear her moan and I can feel her shiver under my touch. I bring
my hands down past her shoulders. The heat of her body, and
the soft touch of her skin only adds fuel to my desire. I move my
hand to her warm thighs. Her legs open under my touch, and I
push my fingers against her skin and under the fold of her dress.
"Take me," she purrs, as both of our bodies melt into one of

I stand in front of him, my mind grinding to a halt. Whenever

desire starts to flow through my veins, its hard to think
straight. Domination, submissiontwo opposite concepts that
turn into something almost impossible to grasp whenever my
eyes find Liams.
Since I was a little kid I had this rebel streak inside of me.
Everyone told me to behave like a little girl, to be nice and polite
to everyone. To submit. Of course, what I always did was pretty
much the opposite of that. To punching young kids in the nose
and refusing to go into a more feminine career (whatever that
means), I always chose the road less travelled by. I never
submitted to anyone, and I always refused to be treated like a
young little girl. It just wasnt me.
But as Liam closes the distance between us, his fingers
tangling themselves in my hair Right now I cant help but feel
like a little girl, more than willing to submit to the strong man in
front of me. And, with Liam, it feels right.
I dont know what the hell you did to me, he whispers,
grabbing locks of my hair and pulling on them, forcing me to
bare my neck. But I cant stop thinking about you He lays
his lips on my neck, kissing me all the way to my chin. I cant
stop thinking about your naked body About the way you moan
when Im inside of you.
These sound like good things to think about, I say, running
my tongue over my lower lip.
They are, arent they? And, with that, he presses his mouth
against mine. We brush lips slowly, our kiss growing wilder and
wilder with each passing second. When our tongues meet, I feel a
stab of ravenous desire in my heart, an almost violent need to
submit and obey the man in front of me. To let him lead me into
I want you to fuck me, I whisper against his ear, my lips
brushing against his skin, as hard as you can. I want you to use
me, Liam. Im yours. As the words leave my lips, my heart
starts to race at a hundred miles per hour, my insides clenching
as my brain tries to comprehend what Im really volunteering
You didnt need to say it, he yanks on my hair, forcing me
to look into his eyes. Im going to fuck you hard, Vivian, no
matter what you say.
Yes, please I mutter, a growing wetness taking root
between my thighs. I can feel my heart pounding against my
eardrums, a legion of scattered thoughts fluttering inside my
head. Please, I repeat, my voice sounding meek but genuine.
A subtle grin dances on the corner of his lips and he lets go of
me, taking a step back; I stand still, allowing his eyes to take in
the curves of my body. Raising his arms, Liam reaches for me,
hooking his fingers on the fabric of my dress, right below my
I hold my breath, his grin widening at the same time; in a
heartbeat, he pulls on my dress with all his strength, ripping it
apart. My body sways as he tears the fabric apart, pulling it out of
my body with viciousness.
Much better, he says, looking at my half naked body. I let
my eyes fall from his face to his crotch, and I notice the bulging
shape there, pushing against his pants. I might be as wet as the
Pacific, but he isnt lagging behind, his cock so hard I half expect
it to rip its way out of his pants.
I wait for Liam to tell me to go down on my knees, but thats
not what he does. Still in silence, he takes one step forward and
places his hands on my hips, pushing me back. I stumble until I
feel my back against the wall, my eyes widening in excitement as
I try to guess his next move. Grabbing me by the waist, he makes
me turn around and face the wall, my ass turned to him. I place
my hands in front of me, at shoulder height, as he runs the tip of
his fingers down from my neck to the clasp of my bra.
Unhooking it, he then pushes the straps down my arms,
allowing the bra to simply drop to the floor.
And it keeps getting better he whispers, leaning against
me. His hands on my waist again, he moves them up over my
stomach, stopping just before his fingers meet my naked
breasts. With slow deliberate movements, he traces their lower
contour, moving his finger back and forth steadily, and then
finally goes over their curve. A slight shiver goes through me and
I close my eyes, feeling him so close to my nipples that they
become even harder.
As he teases me, I jut my ass back, trying to press it against
the bulging in his pants; he keeps himself out of reach, though,
holding me tighter with the hand he has on my waist.
Well get there Patience, he whispers, nibbling at my
earlobe as he allows his fingers to brush over my right nipple. I
let out a heavy sigh, a warmness spreading from my nipple to
the rest of my body, that electric buzz crawling under my skin.
Pinching my rosy tip between his thumb and index finger, he
keeps building up the desire inside of me, driving it so high that
my mind goes blank.
His lips are on my neck now, and he starts to kiss my skin on
a downward linefrom my neck he goes to between my shoulder
blades, and then makes the hike down my spine until his lips are
touching the place were skin and thong meet. Parting his lips, he
bites down on the small string of underwear and starts peeling it
off, the fabric sliding easily over my ass as he pushes it down my
The moment I step out of my thong, completely naked and
exposed, he squeezes my ass cheeks, rubbing them with the
palm of his hands. I spread my legs wide, my hands still on the
wall as I prepare myself to whatevers in his mind. My skin
prickles as I feel one of his fingers on me, gently sliding down
between my ass cheeks; barely any pressure to his touch, he
moves it all the way down until hes touching my wet folds.
Caressing my wetness, he leans forward; I gasp as I feel the wet
tip of his tongue on me, pushing past my inner lips. Jabbing at
my pussy with it, his movements remain slow but deliberate, his
lips never touching me.
Oh, God I whisper to no one in particular, pressing my
forehead against the wall. I close my eyes and let my brain be
overwhelmed by the pleasure coursing through me. When his
teasing becomes simply too much for me, I move my hips back,
trying to press my pussy against his face; instead of resisting,
this time he places his hands on my waist and matches my
movement, pulling me into him harshly. The moment his mouth
touches my pussy, I cant help but gasp, my lungs struggling for
Im just getting started, he tells me, pulling out from me
just to say these words. He dives into me again, eagerly pressing
his mouth against my pussy and sucking as hard as he can; he
pulls my folds into his mouth, running his tongue along them as
he keeps my ass cheeks spread wide.
Im moaning... and Im moaning hard. Each stroke of his
tongue sends a high voltage current up my spine, making me
even wetter and desperate for his cock. But still he keeps sucking
and licking me, working me with his mouth until Im hissing
through my gritted teeth.
Then, with no warning whatsoever, he curls his fingers on my
hips and makes me turn around. My back against the wall, I look
down at him, my heart beating wildly inside of my chest as I
notice his lips glistening with my fluids. He doesnt afford me
the luxury of looking at him anymore, though without waiting,
he places one hand under my left ass cheek and makes me lift
my leg, placing it over his shoulder. One leg on the ground and
other resting on his shoulder, my pussy is left open wide for him
to devour, and thats exactly what he does; closing his eyes as he
leans in, he fits his mouth against my aching pussy, jabbing at
my insides with his tongue. I pull on his hair, pulling him into
me as I sway my hips from side to side, rubbing my wetness all
over his face. He doesnt seem to mind. In fact, he seems to
relish it, redoubling his efforts.
It feels so So good I moan, throwing my head back as
he laps at my clit with his tongue, circling it and then pressing
Using only his tongue, he drives me to the edge of madness
but, not quite satisfied with it, he starts brushing one finger
against my folds. Moving it up and down, he teases me, but
never slides it in; he waits for me to reach for his wrist, and
before I can grab it, he slides his finger inside of me, curling it
upward in a hook motion. His fingertip pressed tight against my
G-spot, he starts rubbing that sweet trigger of madness while he
keeps on torturing my clit. He knows what hes doing, and he
wont stop until a climax forces me to moan as loud as I can.
In the end, it doesnt take long for him to get what he wants.
My body tenses up, electricity gathering in my extremities, and I
finally open my mouth and let a quivering moan out. My hands
go weak, and I have to place my forearms against the wall,
supporting me as a wild orgasm rages through me. Liam keeps
licking me while pleasure makes my heart almost explode, only
slowing down when my moan turns into a soft purr of ecstasy.
Delicious, he says, looking up at me as he pulls out from
my pussy. As always, he adds, that devilish grin on his lips as
he takes my leg out from his shoulder and goes up to his feet.
Standing right in front of me, his hands on my hips, he leans in.
I smile, meeting him halfway and pressing my lips against his,
my tongue sliding into his mouth. My own scent and flavor hit
me at once and, just like the last time, it makes my insides
clench, desire fluttering inside my chest.
Running my hands down his chest, I hook my fingers on his
belt, looking him in the eyes expectantly. With a grin and a nod,
he gives me the go ahead, allowing me to unbuckle his belt and
pull it out from its loops. I take a deep breath, trying to steady
my trembling fingers as I start to unbutton his pants. One by
one, the buttons come off. His hard cock pushes against my
knuckles from under his boxer briefs and my heart tightens at
the touch of his hard shaft. I turn my hand around and grab it
viciously, sighing in ecstasy as I feel his thickness pulsing
against my fingers. I can barely wait to have him inside of me,
stretching my pussy as it buries itself into me.
You want it, dont you? he says, laying soft kisses on my
neck. I simply nod, barely able to think of anything to say. Oh, I
want it so bad; he has no idea how much. How bad, Vivian?
Bad, I croak, my pussy so wet that I feel my own fluids
starting to drip down my inner thighs.
Prove it. On your knees, he tells me, my legs buckling
under my weight as if he had cast a spell on me. He lets go of me
and takes one step back, his smart eyes never leaving mine. I go
down as if all my strength had left me. Gulping, I reach for his
waist, grabbing at the hem of his boxer briefs; I tug on them,
sending them down his legs with his pants. His cock jumps free,
precum glistening on the tip. Thick and long, it stands ready at
attention, pulsing with the desire to feel my mouth.
Its yours, Liam says, kicking off his shoes and stepping out
of his clothes. Grinning, he unbuttons his own shirt, his fingers
moving fast but without any hint of hurry or anxiety. As the
button-up shirt slides down his arms, I reach for his cock, my
fingers slowly curling around his shaft. Its warm and pleasant to
the touch, and that just makes me want to ram it inside my
mouth at once. Lucky for me, thats exactly what he wants me to
Reaching for me, he brushes my lips with his thumb. This
sweet mouth he whispers, his cock pulsing against my
fingers, anticipation running through it. I want to fuck it. He
takes his fingers to my head then, running them through locks
of hair and grabbing them; keeping my head in place, he moves
closer to me, his cock dangerously close to my mouth. Use your
tongue, he commands me, and my body responds at once.
My tongue pushes its way out from between my lips, reaching
for his glans; touching it, I the saltiness of his precum makes me
shiver, and I start to circle his tip with sensuous strokes. As his
hold on my hair eases, I lean forward, tilting my head sideways
and running my tongue down his shaft; I go all the way down
until I can lap at his heavy balls. Opening my mouth, I suck one
in, rolling it inside my mouth as I twirl my tongue around it. As I
allow it out of my mouth, I go back up his shaft, this time
allowing my lips to rest against his glans.
Heres my mouth, I say, looking up at Liam, my lips
brushing against his velvety tip as I speak. Didnt you want to
fuck it? He replies with a grin, the pressure of his fingers on my
head intensifying. Slowly, he moves his hips forward, pushing
his cock past my lips. I part them, allowing his shaft to roll over
my tongue until all of his length is snuggled deep inside my
mouth. Only when my lips touch the skin at the base of his cock
does he pull out, his shaft moving back until only his glans rests
over my tongue. Our eyes lock, and for a fraction of a second, I
can almost see electric sparks in the cool air around us. Just one
heartbeat after that and he slides his cock in, moving it back out
in a fraction of a second. Rocking his hips, he starts to fuck my
tight mouth, fulfilling his delicious promise.
The sound of his cock sliding in and out of my mouth scorches
all the thoughts flying around my head, leaving only a warm
feeling of pleasure. My eyes are closed, my brain fully occupied
with how it feels to have Liams meaty thickness rolling over my
lips and tongue, ravaging my mouth as if he were doing it to my
As if guided by a God of Lust and Sin, my hands move by
themselves, my fingers digging deep into Liams ass. Firmly
grabbing him, I urge him to go faster and harder. Obliging, his
cock starts going at a faster rhythm, the wet sound of his cock on
my lips driving me to the edge of madness. I feel a slight spasm
over my tongue and Liam finally starts slowing down, his thrusts
winding down patiently.
When he takes his cock out of my mouth, I take a deep breath,
my lungs straining from the lack of air. Its hard to remember to
breathe when twelve inches of cock are ravaging your mouth,
that much I can tell you.
Theres an expression of dazzled delight on Liams face, and
seeing all the pleasure hes taking from using me, makes my
heart beat even faster. I want him to use me more So much
He turns on his heels, my eyes following his naked body. As
he moves, his perfect ass cheeks clenching, I bite my lower lip by
instinct. God, I cant help but feel lucky to be right here and right
now, with this perfect slice of man. What more could I ask for?
As if trying to answer my own question, the memory of the time
I spent with Liam and Carter in the limo flashes behind my eyes.
You could ask for that, my mind seems to say, bringing to the
surface the memory of Liam and Carters cocks inside of my
Come here, Liam says, derailing my train of thought. Hes
sitting on the edge of my bed, an inviting look on his face. I go up
to my feet and start walking toward him, my eyes almost unable
to stop looking at his hard cock. Christ, I just want to ease myself
down on top of it and feel it piercing me.
I go up to Liam, standing in front of him as my chest rises and
falls, my lungs working overtime to get the air in. He reaches for
me, his hands resting on my ass, and reels me in. Following his
lead, I place my knees on the edge of the bed, each by the side of
his waist. I sit across his lap, feeling his hard cock brushing
against my navel, the desire to impale myself on it growing
I know what youre thinking, he says, looking me in the
eye. You want me inside of you, and you want it now.
Yes, I nod, my throat growing dry. His fingers are digging
into my ass, stopping me from jumping on top of him and sliding
his cock inside of my pussy. He knows that I want it bad and hes
dangling the fact that its going to happen soon right in front of
me, teasing me.
Still with one hand on my hip, he uses the other one to grab
his cock, and then he pushes it down against my pussy. Rubbing
his glans against my wet folds, he keeps his eyes focused on me,
that mischievous grin on his face.
I want it now I moan, trying to thrust.
I can see that, he chuckles, keeping me in place. Then, a
flicker of deviousness flashing in his eyes, he throws himself
back on top of the mattress. Go ahead then, do your worst,
Thats all I need to hear; I grab his cock and, angling it
upward, I raise my hips and lower myself over it. His glans
pushes against my folds and I throw my head back, gasping as I
feel his thickness stretching my insides. His shaft slides inside
of me easily, even though it strains against my inner walls all the
way, each inch of him making my breath grow ragged.
Oh, God, yes, I moan, all of his thick inches lodged deep
inside of me. His glans is pressed against that secret sweet spot
in my pussy, and I start swaying my hips, moving them back and
forth. I lean into him, pressing my mouth against his and
igniting a frantic kiss; our lips part, opening up the stage for our
tongues to dance and then wrestle against one another. We keep
kissing until I cant do it anymore, his cock claiming all of my
attention. Fuck I hiss, digging my fingernails on his chiseled
Sitting up straight, I throw my head back, my hair cascading
down my shoulders as I start to ride him harder. My fingers run
down from his pectorals to his abdominals, and I trace every
ridge and valley in his muscles, each perfection impossible to
compare Unless, of course, were talking about Carter. These
two can go toe-to-toe on whatever area you want to compare
them in.
Just like that, I find myself missing Carter again. Like a
lingering memory in the cellar of my mind, his absence makes
my heart grow tight and anxious. What I wouldnt give for him to
be here with us, his hands running all over my naked body while
I keep swaying my hips, Liams cock fucking me. As good as
Liam is, nothing can compare to how I felt during that brief
moment in time, both men ready to put their differences aside
and do my bidding. I know that it was good to be true, that
something like that couldnt possibly last but That doesnt
stop me from missing that moment. To the day I die, Ill never
forget about it. Being with Liam is perfect, sure, and the same
happens with Carter... But being with the two of them was
simply transcendental. It was Heaven.
Hey, what are you thinking of? Liam whispers, and Im
brought back to reality. I almost lie and tell him that Im not
thinking of anything, but the look in his eyes somehow brings
the truth out of me.
Carter, I blurt out, not giving my brain enough time to filter
out what Im saying. It was different with him. With the two
of you. Liam stays silent for a long moment, decoding my
words, and I almost regret having said what I just did.
Yeah It is different, he finally admits, the thorns in my
heart fading away. I didnt screw it all up by mentioning Carter,
thank God. But Im here now.
You are, I smile, feeling his cock pulsing inside of me. I
build up my rhythm again, pushing all thoughts of Carter to the
back of my mind. It doesnt take long for my brain to be so busy
with all the information my nerve endings are sending it that I
become fully focused on the nowthe past and the future
become abstract concepts, and all that matters is Liam.
I ride Liam as hard as I can, willing my muscles to push past
their exhaustion. Wanting to create the perfect storm in my
body, I slide my hand down my stomach, and use two fingers to
press down on my clit. Rubbing it while I rock my body against
Liams, I feel the fury of pleasure building in me. I keep pushing
myself, knowing that the breaking point is close.
Liam joins forces with me, his hands on my waist as he starts
to thrust; I stop moving my hips, allowing him to do the heavy
lifting, and just focus on my clit. All it takes is a couple of thrusts
from Liam. I throw my head back and let out a mighty scream,
the sound of my voice bouncing off the walls and coming back to
me. My pussy clenches around his cock, squeezing his shaft
tightly, and I feel the spasms of ecstasy crawling under my skin.
When the muscles in my throat start complaining from all the
screaming, I resort to a low growl, pleasure turning into sound.
This was I start, leaning toward Liam and kissing him
gently. This was--
Just the start, he says, completing my sentence. With that,
he starts to thrust again, my now sensitive pussy sending stabs
of pleasure and pain all over my body. I dont even have the time
to take a deep breath, but thats okay; the payoff is big enough
for me to go without it.
I like the sound of that, I say with a grin, slowly starting to
sway my hips again. As my body recovers from the orgasm, I stop
swaying and start jumping up and down his cock, his shaft
piercing me violently. I go hardas hard as cantrying to
match the rhythm of his thrusts.
His hands are on my ass, his fingers spread wide as he raises
his hands and lowers it back down. The sound of his hand hitting
my ass echoes dryly through the room, and he does it again, hard
enough to leave a mark. I moan each time his hands fall on my
ass, the pain running up my spine as it turns into pleasure.
It doesnt take long for that sinful energy to start building up
in my muscles again, and I do exactly the same as before; I take
two fingers and press them on my clit, rubbing it in fast anxious
circles. Alongside that electric feeling I feel something else
inside of me A kind of tense pressure that urges me to go
harder on my clit. And thats exactly what I do, Liam smacking
my ass once again as my cheeks bounce over his lap.
Thats it Liam whispers, and even though my eyes are
closed I can feel the grin he has on his lips. Dont stop now,
baby. Go all the way, he urges me, almost as if he knows the
kind of pressure thats building inside of me.
When the pressure is almost too much, I hesitate, not
knowing if I should go all the way, but then I remember his
words, and all hesitancy goes out the window. Riding him hard
and still rubbing my clit, I come with a cry of pleasure, my pussy
squirting a translucent fluid.
Oh, God, I moan, my fingers still moving fast over my clit
as I squirt. This is insane; I cant help but think as I look down,
my fluids dripping down Liams waist. He doesnt seem to mind
though; his satisfied smile couldnt be any wider even if he tried.
My muscles are still twitching when I roll to the side,
completely collapsing on top of the mattress. Liam turns to me,
runs his hand through my hair and lays a gentle kiss on my neck.
Tired? he asks me, the tone of his voice telling me that he
already knows the answer to his question.
Never, I respond, turning to him and kissing him. As we
lock lips, he climbs on top of me, my legs parting so that he can
fit his body between my thighs. He grabs both my ankles and
lifts my legs up in the air, resting them over his shoulders as he
leans into me. My body bends as he pushes on my legs with his
shoulders, and he grabs his cock and places it right against my
pussy; he leans even more, pressing his lips against mine as my
legs support his weight.
Good, he finally says. Because Im not tired at all. With
that, he thrusts, his cock sliding easily inside of me; the position
Im in allows him to go deeper than before, the tip of his cock
pressing against my depths and fanning the bright coals of
desire that carpet my mind.
I let out a cry of pleasure and that spurs him into action - he
starts to thrust immediately, moving his hips so fiercely that,
even though my brain is sending the order down to my throat, I
cant stop screaming. My own fluids acting as lubricant, his cock
slides in and out easily, Liams pace making me feel vulnerable
to the jaws of ecstasy once again.
I open my mouthI dont know if to moan or to screambut
all that leaves my lips is a shy groan. My muscles are becoming
taut again and, even though Ive just came, Im almost ready to
do it again. Each thrust of his pushes me closer to it, and its
only a matter of time till I burst again.
He keeps his body pressed against my legs, keeping them up
in the air as he ravages me. The position Im in makes it easier
for his cock to reach my innermost spots, the hidden depths in
me burning up. Its so fucking easy to be consumed by ecstasy
when Im like this.
Dangling over the edge again, I close my eyes and surrender
to the sweet embrace of pleasure. I come again, my body
shivering as if I were running a fever; Im bunching up the
sheets, my fingers tugging at them harshly as my body
convulses. He keeps fucking me through my orgasm, mercilessly
using his cock to pound into me as waves of pleasure explode
inside my head.
How many times have I already come since he pressed his
body against mine? I have no idea, and I dont care; with Liam,
theres no way I can keep a count. When youre coming more
than twice in a row, it just becomes meaningless.
Feeling my spasms coming to an end, Liam finally takes my
legs out from his shoulders, and then pulls his cock out from my
pussy. Kneeling between my thighs, he looks down at me.
Come for me, Liam I start to say, the words leaving my
mouth before I can think them through. Stroke yourself and
come over me Without needing further instructions, he curls
his fingers around his cock and starts jerking himself, his hand
moving furiously as his eyes take in the sight of my nakedand
It doesnt take him long; breathing hard through his gritted
teeth, I notice his chiseled muscles bulging as they harden up,
his whole body becoming as tense as a nocked arrow. His cock
spasms slightly and I let out a moan of anticipation; not even a
second after that, he starts to cum.
Spraying my pussy, stomach and tits with his cum, Liam lets
out a loud groan of ecstasy, never letting go of his cock. A few
strands of his salty seed hit me square in the face, but most of it
falls across my chest, burying both my breasts in a river of
semen. I lay back as he cums all over me, my hands going to my
breasts; his cock still gushing, I start squeezing my tits, rubbing
them and smearing his juices all over my naked skin. It just feels
right to be covered in his seed, and so I keep rubbing it all over
my body until his orgasm starts to recede.
When he finally stops, he doesnt let go of his cock; he
remains looking at me, cum dripping down his shaft and into his
hand. I look into his eyes, smiling, and his lips curl upward in
That was so good. So unbelievably good, I whisper, sitting
up and feeling thick strands of cum sliding down my body.
Locking eyes with Liam, I rub the open palm of my hand between
my breasts, until its completely coated in cum, and then take it
to my mouth. I dont even blink or look away from him; using
only my tongue, I lick my hand dry, allowing his flavor to dance
inside my mouth.
It was, he agrees, finally letting go of his cock and sitting
next to me. But you were right.
I was?
Yes. I can see it in your eyes. Somethings missing. His lips
turn into a serious line, and I can see him trying to escape
Carters shadow, but failing to do so. Its true; after the moment
the three of us shared, things will never be the same. I know it;
he knows it. I just wonder if Carter knows it.
Somethings missing, I agree, leaning in and pressing my
lips against his. But were here now.
We are. Just the two of us.
Just the two of us How much better would it be if I could say
something slightly different? Something like... Just the three of
us. It sounds so much better, doesnt it?


FROM THE DESK of Editor-at-Large, Michael Anders.
As Mayor of New York City, I have an unique insight. As the
owner of my paper, here are my thoughts

IN PERHAPS WHAT many people are calling an inevitable conclusion

to the culture of corruption that this paper has reported on
extensively, conservative and liberal lawmakers today came
together in a bi-partisan effort to send a strong message to the
people that the age of pay-to-play politics has ended in New
York State.
Early yesterday morning, lawyers were sent to formally
deliver a notice of subpoena to Governor Carter Andrews in
corruption hearings that will be held in front of the State
Congressional Ethics Committee.
At the heart of the matter is whether Governor Carter
Andrews received financial assistance from foreign sources in
order to send jobs overseas under the guise of an environmental
law. Governor Andrews is expected to be the only one who has
been contacted to testify.
From the State House to City Hall, the town of New Kingston
has also followed suit and begun a petition drive to begin
impeachment proceedings against Mayor Liam Jeffries. This
follows allegations from high ranking Chinese officials that the
mayor attempted to sell to a foreign government the Boltiador
family commitment to build factories in New Kingston and
sought to parlay that into a series of campaign contributions for
a possible gubernatorial run in two years time. If impeached, the
youngest Mayor in the history of this country will also be the
youngest elected official to ever be removed from office.
As the accusations mount and the investigations into both
men begin to gain traction, observers are noting that one person
has not yet been held accountable for the sordid descent that
this states leaders are going through. Senator Vivian Hawthorne
has managed to stay relatively safe despite leading both men
into situations that could end their career.
It is my considered opinion as Editor-In-Chief that we not
forget the part that Vivian Hawthorne has played in corrupting
these men. Openly flaunting her sexuality in front of a nation as
one of its leaders, she has severely misused the trust that the
citizens have placed in her. At the Daily Journal, we believe that
neither men would have walked down this path toward scandal
had they not been seduced and corrupted by Vivian Hawthorne.
It stands to note that both the Governor and the Mayor had
impeccable careers until they crossed paths with the Senator. It
also stands to note that had the Senator not intervened, it is very
probable that a solution would have quite likely been found.
Instead, due to the interference of Vivian Hawthorne, both men
were led astraycolluding in a manner that smacks of old-style
backroom corruption, and engaging in lewd and lascivious sexual
conduct that warrants censure in and of itself.
This Editorial Board strives to be fair and objective in its
reporting of politicians that guide our lives. However in this
instance, it is hard to find even one area that the Senator has
that does not deserve condemnation. Our only hope is that
citizens take the fight to their representatives and demand a
recall of Vivian Hawthorne before she can do more damage.

B ury her, Tina says, leaning over the desk and focusing her
eyes on me. Shes already on the ropes; all you need to do
is give her a final push. If you bring Vivian down, theres still a
way out of this. She pauses, unblinking, and then adds a
sadistic its kill or be killed.
Settling back on my chair at the head of the desk, I look at my
Chief of Staff, Curtis. Hes sitting next to Michele, my Press
Secretary. He was the one who scheduled this meeting, anxious
to stop this situation from reaching the point of no return. Going
down the road of sitting down with Tina Lingwho I dont trust
and know is lying. But he seems to think theres no other
recourse. So he summoned her as well. The most important
members of my cabinet drove up to the NY State Executive
Mansion, and now here we are, huddled in a room as we decide
on the fate of Vivian Hawthorne.
I want to solve this as much as Curtis does, but Im not sure I
like what I see in Tinas eyes: blood lust. We have become like
the Spanish Inquisition, deciding who we are going to set fire to.
There are no acquittals or assumptions of innocence; someone
will have to burn, that much is a given... And my job is to make
sure it isnt the Governors office going up in flames.
It might not be pretty, but Curt starts, fidgeting with his
thumbs. He has that look in his face, the same one people have
when theyre trying to figure out if they should turn left or right
at the intersection. On one hand, hes my Chief of Staff, but on
the other He just cant hide how much he agrees with Tina.
Mrs. Ling is right. This is our way out. This is our opening
And we should take it.
I look from one to the other and then around the table,
anxiety in everyones eyes; theyre ready to pile up the wood,
grab the pitchforks and light the torches. All they is need my nod
and Vivians body strapped to a pole. When did the Governors
cabinet turn into a lynch mob?
All in all, there are thirteen of us around the tablean oddly
fitting number for such a somber meeting. Everyones waiting
for me to say the word. They have no idea what theyre asking of
me. And if they do, they just dont care. After all, their careers
are on the line as well At least, thats one of the points Tina
has been hammering on since this meeting started. Shes trying
to rouse my cabinet and undermine my authority, and she isnt
even hiding it.
Is that what everyone thinks we should do? Go after the
Senator? I ask, my throat feeling as dry as summer wood.
Theres a nervous silence in the room, and then Curtis clears his
Its the only way, he starts, flat certainty in his voice. We
take her out, lay the blame at her feet. Once shes out of the
Senate, we might just be able to place someone more amiable
in her position. I stare at him in silence, trying to clear my
mind and think through what hes saying. This is my job after all
to make tough calls. Ive made countless decisions since I
assumed the title of Governor, a lot of them hard ones, but this
one towers above all others. For the first time in years, I have no
idea on what I should do. Throwing Vivian under the bus would
be the easy way out, but Im not sure if Im the kind of man
capable of doing such a thing.
Youre the Governor, Carter, and these people are not your
friends, Tina starts, and I can see almost everyone around the
table nodding in silent agreement. This is politics, youd do well
to remember that.
Shes right, Curtis agrees, although somewhat hesitantly.
He always hated this part of the job, getting me to agree on
something he knows I dont want to do. He sounds sour and
hesitant, but still he pushes through. Theres a lot at stake
here. We cant let personal feelings get in the way.
What hes really trying to say is that I cant think clearly. That
I've allowed my feelings to stop me from seeing what should be
done. And, as much as it pains me to admit it, hes right.
Because what theyre asking me to do isnt a simple political call.
Theyre asking me to throw the woman I love under the bus. The
woman I love, I repeat the thought to myself, letting it echo
inside my head. The woman I love.
Carter, Tina says, taking my silence for weakness. Her
hunger for blood is so overpowering that she doesnt mind who
she buries her fangs in. Do it. Everyone knows this is the right
call, she continues. Do it, bury her, go for the kill; her eyes tell
me. Beautiful as she might be, right now she looks like a wolf,
laying low with a snarl and baring its teeth as it sneaks toward
its prey. She knows my own cabinet is taking her side, and shes
positioning herself as their unofficial speaker, trying to press me
to the give the order.
I never liked being pushed around.
No, I say, going up to my feet and staring at her. Whatever
happens, whatever the consequences, I wont go after Vivian,
even if it costs me my career. How could I do it when all these
memories still linger in my mind? When I cant forget the way
her skin feels under my fingertips, or the way our eyes lock when
our bodies are pressed together How could I go after the
woman I love? No, I wont do that.
Tina leans back against her chair, her lips pursing as a scowl
takes over her face. Her eyes have gained a hard edge, and I cant
help but think of her as lacking a soul, her slender body and
delicate smile nothing more than transportation and cover for a
sociopathic demon. My Chief of Staff looks from me to her, but
he remains in silence; no words are being said, but hes smart
enough to know that a battle of wills is going on between me and
this mysterious womanCommunist Party member, China First
Bank representative, even Mayor of Shanghai. Even though he
might think shes right, Curtis is loyal to a fault and wont take
part in a cabinet revolution.
You have no idea what youre doing, Carter, she hisses,
going up to her feet. Theres more than just anger in her voice;
theres hatred. Look around you; even your own cabinet knows
that youre a shame to the Governors office. And all because of
that woman!
For the first time in days, I feel peaceful. Hesitation has
finally given way to clarity. Tina Lingwho does she think she
is? And why is she even sitting here? She doesnt care about New
York, but I do, and in their own way, so does Liam and Vivian. We
might not agree on everything, but our purpose is the same. And
here I am, listening to Tina as she tries to pit the people who care
about this state against one another.
Tina, dont take this the wrong way I say, a polite smile
on my lips as I stare her down. But you can go to Hell. Im the
New Yorks Governor, and youre no longer welcome here. Im
not even mad right now. I feel at ease, my course of action
suddenly becoming self-evident. I cant believe Ive let a foreign
politician string me along for so much, but theres still time to
fix my mistakes. Theres a way out of this.
I know you came once and I told you to go, I say to her.
And I know Curtis invited you again and I heard you out
completely. I can safely say now that I truly want nothing to do
with you. Ever.
Theres silence.
Youre going to regret this, she seethes, pushing her chair
back. Her body is tense, her petite frame charged with the fury of
someone who just had her prize snatched away at the last
minute. With one final look of contempt, she turns on her heels
and storms out of the office, slamming the door on her way out.
Curtis eyes follow after her, an oh-shit expression plastered all
over his face. No one in the room says a word, but I feel their
eyes boring on me like nails.
Thank you for letting me know where you stand, I start,
slowly addressing each one of the members of my cabinet. Let
me assure you; theres a way out of this, and it wont require for
us to sell our souls in order to save our careers. Your trust in me
is, and has always been, well placed. Now, if youll excuse me, I
head for the door, buttoning my jacket on the way out, I have
work to do.
Heading straight for the courtyard, I feel my resolve
hardening with each step I take. My driver is smoking a
cigarette, leaning against the car with a wistful look on his face,
but he puts it out the moment he lays eyes on me, straightening
up almost as if he were a soldier who just saw his commanding
Get the engine running. Were moving, I tell him as I step
inside the car. Im going to solve thiswhatever it takes. I tell
my driver the directions, and it doesnt take long for the car to be
rolling down the highway.

T here are of course multiple ways to look at this

situation, my attorney, John Barlow, is telling me as he
leans back in the chair in my library. But the only way thats
going to get you through it is by looking at it from a perspective
of saving yourself.
I shake my head and take another sip of the scotch. Honestly,
I have no fucking clue whats going on anymore. Every time it
seems like Im making some progress or even Vivian and I are
getting somewhere or Carter and I are patching things up,
something seems to drop and make things even worse.
I mean, this has been a litany of getting slapped around by
life, if you ask me. Talk about what could go wrong actually going
wrong? I'ss as if someone sat down and made a list of all the bad
things that could happen to us and then actually made them
happen. All so someone else could read about it and be
Well, as much as I hope you are entertained, I hope you
fucking know that it's not fun being impeached by the people
you used to call your friends.
Or watching the woman you love being forced to stay the fuck
away from you.
Or watching someone you could have gotten along with pretty
well end up stabbing you in the fucking back.
So, yeah, I hope youre entertained. Because my life is a piece
of shit right about now.
I dont even know if I can save myself right now, John, I
say, taking a deep sigh.
He looks at me and says, Sure you can, Liam. Youre just
going to need the mental discipline to be able to follow
I look at him with a puzzled expression as he continues.
Youre going to need to follow along with what Carter is going
to do and blame everything on Vivian Hawthorne. How you were
working toward a deal with Carter before Vivian came in the
picture. How the only reason you spoke to Tina Ling was to get
all possible viewpoints. Remember, Tina and Vivian were at
some fundraiser a couple weeks ago put on by China First Bank.
Thats where you snare that sumbitch Carter too. How because
you dont play the money game theyre trying to get you out.
Im fucking shocked as I look at the lawyer sitting in front of
Jesus, you want to take a breath in between stabbing people
in the back that many times, John? I ask my lawyer. I dont
think Vivian or Carter would ever fucking work with Tina Ling,
and I dont see how Vivian could ever have led us to the shit
show thats going on right now.
John shrugs. It doesnt matter, he says looking at me with
an almost open expression. What matters is that we start
getting it out there and get the media to start smelling for it.
Before you know it, theyll have done most of the work for us.
Theyll dig out a story, but more than likely theyll put enough
allegations and half-facts that they find out there that itll
cloudy up the waters enough to get you out of the predicament
youre in now.
Jesus fucking Christ. John leans back in his chair, satisfied
with himself for coming up with a brilliant approach.
How long you been doing this, John? I ask. Hes supposedly
one of the best political operatives there are in the state. And I
can see why. The man has the compassion of a snake.
Fifteen years, he beams at me proudly. Ive helped too
many politicians through too many scandals. I cant even
remember what they are anymore.
John is the type of consultant and operative that people call
when shit really starts hitting the fan hard. Hes the person they
call when they need someone to fix up a giant and colossal
fuckup that they may have committed.
Hes also probably right. Muddy up the waters. Confuse
people. Give them a common enemy to get angry at. And theyll
devote less of their energies toward trying to crucify me. Its a
model that politicians on both sides of the aisle have used
before. And theyll use it again.
Whats even more fucking telling is that John doesnt have
any sort of allegiance to the fucking truth. The truth is to him
whatever he fashions and other people believe. If all of a sudden
people started believing in ghosts, John would probably accept it.
But hed have a plan ready to get people to start believing
anything else as well.
Theres nothing fucking real about this man. Its all 100%
Thats not what I got into politics for. Theres nothing fake in
how I grew up. Nothing fake in the misery of being poor.
John? I ask, walking towards the hallway as I head out the
Yeah, Liam? he answers, curious as to why Im walking
Get the fuck out of my house, I say to him.
Theres a pause. I hear him sigh and shuffle some papers in
the other room and slowly get up and walk down the hardwood
floors till he comes to the hallway.
You sure? he asks with a pained expression. Its only
going to get uglier.
I shake my head. I dont care how ugly everyone else gets, I
tell him. I didnt get into politics to start throwing people under
the bus.
John nods. Youre a good man, Liam, he says to me as he
walks out the door. He pauses and looks at me. Maybe too good
for this game.
I close the door and take a sip of the scotch Im still holding. I
got home to take this meeting with John and decided midway
through that I needed a drink. I just didnt want to deal with the
level of fucking bullshit that saving myself was going to entail.
And thats the thing, isnt it? I could maybe save myself.
Throw some people under the bus. Owe a few favors.
But then what? Someone else would come knocking looking
to get back at me for fucking over their friends. Like a fucking
vendetta. And someone I owed favors to would collect. And Id be
building more fucking alliances and spend even more time
protecting my fucking back.
This is what our politicians do all fucking day. No wonder shit
is so fucked up.
But I mean, am I any different? Sure, I came into this job
determined to help people. I didnt want these people in New
Kingston to keep going on with their lives without someone
hearing their voices. Because its one thing to be poor in
America; this country still gives you the chance if you want to
pull your shit together and make a living somehow to give your
kids a better life.
But its another thing to be powerless and voiceless in a
fucking democracy. When no one can hear your voice calling out
in pain, no one is going to stop doing it.
But once youre heard, youre 90% of the way there.
Maybe I could have done things differently is all I mean, you
know? Maybe I was being just like the people Im complaining
about when I sat there and told the press that if Carter had a
problem with the factories he could just fuck off.
Why the fuck did I do that? Because he stopped on the way to
the city to tell a small town mayor what to do? Because he made
me feel smallthat he fucking owned meand I wanted to
show him?
And Tina Ling. Why couldnt I just go and come out and let
people know what was going on with her? How she was trying to
fucking bribe me, and maybe even fuck me. Oh, right. Because I
was worried what Vivian would think. But it all came out in the
end anyways, didnt it? Now everything is fucked up.
But it doesnt have to stay like that, I think.
What? You think it cant get any worse, right? I bet youre
even wondering how we could ever get to a HEA from here.
Well, I dont know the answer to the second question. Or even
the first.
But I do know that Carter and I were on the cusp of something
close. We had something worked out almost. But we let it all fall
to shit.
I think I know how I can bring it back again. No, Im sorry, but
I cant tell you. Youll find out soon enough.
Dont give me that look. Just know that its going to be fixed
soon. And no, I wont tell you even if you suck my cock, so please
dont fucking try it, babe.
I head once more from the library where I was sitting and
finishing my scotch to the hallway where I open the door.
I need to get to New York City where I can find Carter and
I open the door.
Thats when I see Carter walking up the steps to the deck that
leads to my front door.
His motorcade is quietly waiting for him in my driveway.
We need to talk, Liam, Carter says. I think we need to
figure out a way to fix this now that theyve started attacking
I nod. And smileslightly.
Im willing to work with you if it means protecting Vivian, I
say to him. I mean it.
I was angry at Carter for talking down at me. But I cant let
anger cloud theloveI feel for her.
I think I would agree if you said, Were going to make those
fuckers sorry they ever fucking bothered to fuck with us,
Carter says with a smile.
What the fuck? You think Im 12 years old or something,
Carter? I ask with a smile.
No, Carter says, extending his hand. But Im willing to
work with you to find a solution to this mess. Because I cant the
two of you out of my head.
Its a good sign if were already thinking the same fucking
Carter walks inside. Were going to have a lot of talking to do.

I m staring out of the window as the car cruises through NY

traffic. Its rush hour, and I should be using the time to go
through the dozens of emails sitting in my inbox. Or maybe I
should return a few phone calls and try to find a foothold in this
New Kingston debacle. But tired as I am, all I do is look out the
window, taking in the moving view of the city.
The sidewalks are full with people going on about their day,
the intricate Albany politics nothing more than a footnote to
their personal lives. It never ceases to amaze me how the fate of
millions are decided by a handful of people, and how little
everyday Americans actually care about it. But thats why people
like me exist; as a Senator, its my duty to carry their burden,
doesnt matter how heavy.
Of course, thats also Liams and Carters burden. Governor,
Mayor, Senatorit really doesnt matter what they call us, what
matters is that we exist to serve. Too bad that everyone has their
own definition of service, and thats exactly why were all
sharpening knives even though were on the same team.
And here we are, my driver says, looking at me through the
rearview mirror. He reaches for the handle of his door, ready to
go around the car and open my door, but I just wave him away.
Dont worry, Bill, I smile at him, clutching my briefcase to
my chest as I open the door. Have a good evening.
Likewise, Senator, he responds merrily, changing the radio
station to something more to his liking. By the time he settles on
a station, Im already standing on the sidewalk. I turn toward the
entrance to my apartment building and I freeze. I have to blink
twice in order to make sure that what Im seeing isnt a
Carter and Liam stand in front of the door to my apartment
building, talking in a hushed tone. I walk toward them as fast as I
can, a panicky feeling growing inside my heart. These two are
prone to share words and fists, and I want to get between them
before that happens.
Whats going on? I ask them as they turn toward me. Liam
has his usual smirk on his lips, but Carter is donning a smile as
well. Im taken aback by their easiness, and I look from one to
the other, trying to get an answer to my question.
Here she is! Liam says, glancing at Carter. Right on time.
We were just talking about you, Carter continues, a serious
but carefree expression on his face, if thats even possible.
About me? Whats going on, guys? I repeat, looking from
one to the other. They remain in silence, but finally Carter
reaches for the buildings door and pushes it back.
Why dont we get inside? Before anyone decides to start
snapping pictures. I nod, and walk past the two men. They
follow after me, still in silence, and I call for the elevator.
Youre not punching each other, so I guess thats a good
sign, I tell them, leaning against the marble wall as I wait for
the elevator.
Smart as always, Senator, Liam says in a mocking tone,
folding his arms over his chest. I open my mouth to respond, but
Im cut short by the sudden ding of the elevator doors; they open
and the three of us step inside. I press the button to my floor,
and in a couple of seconds, were being carried all the way to the
So, whats this all about? I start, anxiety making me eager
for answers. I look from one to the other, my heart beating fast
as I realize Im all alone with them.
This This is about doing the right thing, Carter says,
taking one step toward me. I look him in the eyes, not really sure
of the meaning behind his words. I turn to Liam, but he simply
nods at me, agreeing with Carter.
And whats the right thing, Carter? Tell me, because Im
dying to know. Without a single word, he leans into me, slowly
closing the distance between our mouths, and presses his lips
against mine. I dont move as he comes for me, my eyelids
drooping by instinct. This is the right thing, he whispers,
pulling back from me. I dont even have the time to think about
whats happening: as Carter pulls back, Liam comes closer and
lays his lips against my neck, one hand resting on my waist.
The right thing, Liam repeats Carters words, his lips close
to my ear. You were right, Vivian Its different when were
together. I want to ask them about New Kingston, about the
factories and the jobs, but I cant seem to put the words into a
coherent sentence. It seems that politics will have to take a
backseat for the time being.
Are you sure? I whisper, looking from one to the other as
my pussy grows wet. God, I just want to hold them both and have
their bodies pressed against mine But I have to make sure they
know what theyre doing. That we arent just digging a bigger
hole for ourselves.
Ive never been more sure in my entire life, Carter says,
leaning into me and kissing my neck. I close my eyes and sigh,
the lips of both men caressing the soft skin on my neck.
We want you, Vivian, Liam whispers, placing his hand over
my knee and sliding it upward to the hem of my slim fitting
skirt, his fingers moving under the narrow cut. We want you
You have no idea how I wanted to hear that, I purr, my eyes
still closed as I throw my head back and let both men kiss my
I think we have a pretty good idea, Carter says, his hand
resting on my hip. Im almost oblivious to the outside word and,
if it werent for the loud ding of the elevator doors opening, I
would just let them take me right here.
They let go of me almost immediately, and I step into the
hallway, my mind blanketed by a mental fog. My hands are
trembling as I reach inside my purse, looking for the keys;
cursing under my breath, I finally find them. I try and get the
right one inside the keyhole, but excitement is running so high
inside my body that all I manage to do is scrape the opening
without getting the key inside. Carter places his hand over mine,
and steadying my fingers, we get the key in and turn it. The three
of us step inside my apartment in a hurry, Liam slamming the
door shut behind us.
Finally, I whisper, turning my attention to the men behind
me. The same grin is in their face, almost as if they are thinking
of the same. Before I can even blink, they are on me, pressing me
against the wall as their mouths fly straight to my neck again. I
let go of my briefcase and purse, allowing them to fall on the
floor with a dry thump. My hands now free, I run them through
their hair, my head thrown back as I sigh heavily.
Im ready to let them fuck me right here, against the wall, but
Carter grabs my hands and guides me down the corridor. We get
as far as the living room, and then he pushes me toward the
leather couch at the center; I fall back, the leather shifting under
my weight.
Ive been wasting time, Carter whispers, as much to
himself as to me. A smile dawns on my lips, his words are
assurance that were doing the right thing. Liam is standing next
to him, and without taking his eyes off of me he bumps his
elbow against Carters arm.
You dont imagine how much, he says, both their bodies
swaying as if they dont know who has the right of passage. As
far as Im concerned, they can come at me both. My eyes wander
down from their faces to their chests, and I let them fall further
down until I find their crotches. Theyre both hard, the shape of
their cocks showing from under the fabric of their pants.
Reaching for them, I place my still trembling fingers against
their pulsing members, feeling them brimming with desire.
You told me you wanted to do the right thing, I tell them,
raising my eyes. Lets do the right thing, then, I purr, trying to
make myself clear. Of course, they dont need innuendo or hints
to understand what Im getting at. After all, they were the ones
waiting for me downstairs. And I hold no illusions about the
reason they were there Sure, they might have seen a way to
cooperate in the political arena, but the championship trophy in
their dispute has always been me. And now theyve finally
realized that we can all win. And that includes me, of course.
You heard the lady, Liam tells Carter, sitting down next to
me. Never taking his eyes off of mine, Carter sits on the other
side, his hand going straight to my knee.
I heard her, loud and clear, Carter says, his fingers sliding
up to the hemline of my skirt. I lean back against the couch,
lacing my arms around their necks and surrendering to their
touch. As Carter slides his fingers under my skirt, Liam has his
hands on my blouse, slowly unbuttoning it. I hear the buttons
coming undone, Liams knuckles brushing against my bare skin,
and I cant help but sigh again.
With my blouse finally open, Liams fingers trace a straight
line from my navel to my cleavage. The lace bra Im wearing has
its clasp on the front so, with a simple turn of his fingers, Liam
unhooks it and pulls the cups to the side. A gentle electric buzz
grows under my skin as I feel the fabric sliding over my hard
nipples, the rosy tips anxious to feel Liams touch. He takes his
time, thoughinstead of going for it straight away, he brushes
his index finger around the base of my breasts, going back and
forth with maddening motions.
As Liam focuses on my breasts, Carters hand moves between
my thighs. I feel his fingertips brushing over my groins, his
steady pressure applied over my thong. Then, as if both men
were in tune, they move. Liam leans into me, his parted lips
reaching for my nipple, and Carter flattens the palm of his hand
over my pussy. Its almost as if two explosions happen at once.
The electric crackle of Carters touch climbs up my spine,
blending with the feeling of Liams lips on my nipple, and sends
a river of delight all the way to my brain.
Now this is teamwork I moan, my fingers busy with
disheveling their hair. I bite my lower lip as Carter starts to rub
his hand against my pussy, the drenched fabric sticking to my
skin. I start to raise my hips from the couch, pressing my
wetness against Carters fingers; he presses harder against me,
my insides clenching. Yanking on Liams hair, I pull him into
me, forcing him to crush his mouth against my nipple. Both men
pressing hard on my body, the bonfire of lust starts to become
brighter inside my mind.
While he kisses my nipple, his tongue lapping at the hard tip,
Liam takes his hands to my shoulders and pushes my blouse
down. His long fingers then go back to my tits, squeezing them
eagerly as I keep his head in place.
Not wanting to wait, I take my hand out of Carters head and
reach for the zipper on my skirt, pushing it all the way down
with an anxious movement. The zipper flies down easily, baring
a hint of my thong and the tan skin of my outer thigh. Thats
enough to make Carter go off like a bomb. With a growl climbing
up his throat, he takes his hand out from my pussy and tugs on
my skirt, pulling it harshly. I raise my ass from the seat, allowing
him to undress me, and then lean back against the couch with a
devious grin on my lips.
Wearing only my black lace thong and heels, I finally feel
ready to be sacrificed at the altar of sin. Because, make no
mistake about it, this is sinmaybe not in the religious sense,
but theres still that inherent sense of wrongness to what were
doing. Were skirting both the law and common decency, and if
Im being completely honest, it just makes it feel even better.
Liams lips are wrapped tight around my nipple, sucking it
hard, and I decide that I want to find out what else his lips can
do. I push his head down, and after offering some resistance, he
finally starts kissing down my stomach. Knowing what I intend
to do, Carter takes his hand out of my pussy, opening the space
for Liam. But he doesnt remove himself from action, of course
he takes the fingers he just had pressed against my pussy and
brushes them against my lips, making my own scent inundate
me. I open my mouth and suck on his fingers, imagining that
Im sucking on something far better You dont need me to tell
you what Im imagining, do I? Good.
When Liam reaches the place where skin and thong meet, I
push him further down; he goes willingly, immediately pressing
his open mouth against the drenched fabric that covers my
pussy. Not one to lose time, he starts to suck on me over the
thong, and I feel my fluids going through the fabric and into his
Let me help you with that, Carter whispers against my ear,
and then takes his hand to my pussy. Liam pulls back, and taking
the opportunity, Carter grabs on my thong and flicks it to the
side. There, he simply says as Liam dives into me, his hungry
mouth ravaging my pussy.
I sway my hips, my body contorting as Liam flicks his tongue
against my clit. Each time he strokes it against my small but
sensitive gland, I feel thunder roiling inside of me, a storm of
pleasure drawing near.
Trying to keep my conscious mind from drowning, I take a
deep breath and turn my attention to Carter. Slowly, I reach for
his shirt and start to unbutton it, my heart almost skipping a bit
as his chiseled muscles come into view. It doesnt really matter
how many times I see him naked The sight of his body is
always a welcome one. And if it looks good, let me assure you, it
tastes even better.
I lean into him and flick my tongue against his nipple, using
my lips to nibble at his skin. I then let my mouth run down to his
abs, and I lick them as if I needed to prove theyre real. My hands
are busy with his belt, unbuckling it and pulling it out of his
loops. When it comes undone, I throw it somewhere to the floor,
immediately turning my attention to his crotch. I lick my lips
unconsciously, seeing the thick shape tenting his pants. Tracing
its contour with the tip of my index finger, I then flatten my
hand against his cock, grabbing it as harshly as I can. Carter
groans slightly, and that makes me even more hungry. Using
both hands, I tug at his pants, forcing the buttons to pop out by
themselves. Then, his tented boxer briefs coming into view, I
curl my fingers around his cock and start to stroke it.
Seems like you missed me, Carter says, squeezing my tits
with his hands.
You have no idea, I manage to say, the warmness of Liams
mouth on my pussy forcing me to work extra hard to form a
coherent sentence. A sharp sound leaves my mouth as I grab
Carters pants and tug on them violently, sending them down his
legs with his boxers. My eyes widen at the sight of his cock;
somehow, it seems even bigger than I remembered it to be.
Thats the thing with well-endowed men, you never really get
used to their cocks. In my book, thats a good thing.
Do you want to know what I missed? Carter whispers into
my ear; running his fingers through my hair and curling them
around it. I missed that mouth of yours. I dont even have the
time to respond; he just grabs his cock with his free hand, and
angling it toward me, pushes me down. I have no other option
but to open my mouth and let his cock in, his thickness filling up
my mouth. He pushes me all the way down, the tip of his cock
only stopping when it meets the back of my throat; I make a low
moaning sound and he finally eases the pressure, allowing me to
roll my lips back. I think of coming up for air, but I forget all
about it as I feel his shaft sliding over my tongue. I go back down,
curl my fingers at the base of his cock, and start bobbing my
head in a pendulum motion.
Its hard to keep concentrated when theres a massive cock
inside of your mouth and a mans tongue against your pussy, but
I do my best. Moving my hips from side to side, I rub my pussy
against Liams face as I keep on sucking Carter, juggling both
tasks inside my head the best I can.
My coming and going motions over Carters cock become
more erratic as Liam opens his mouth wide, sucking my folds in
while he presses down on my clit with his tongue. Licking my
pussy while he touches my clit, he turns that bonfire of lust into
a raging inferno of ecstasy. I have to take Carters cock out of my
mouth so that I can moan, my lungs begging for me to scream.
Dont hold back Come, Vivian. Theres more where that
came from, Carter tells me, grabbing his cock and brushing its
tip against my lips. His words caressing my mind, I come
undone; I sit back up and take both my hands to Liams head,
pulling him into me as hard as I can.
Fireworks go off behind my shut eyelids, and I feel my
muscles twitching as pleasure rages through them. As Im
coming my brains out, Carter squeezes my tits, using his index
finger and thumb to pinch on my left nipple. The sharp pain in
my nipple joins the raging river of pleasure and adds to it, my
whole body being consumed by ecstasy.
Breathing hard, I let my hands slide down from Liams head
and I lean back against the couch, my muscles still twitching. Of
course, their hunger is so fierce they dont allow me a minutes
rest. I hear Carter kicking off his shoes and stepping out of his
clothes, and then his hands are on me. Curling his fingers
around my naked hips, he pulls me into him and I roll to his side,
opening my legs wide and straddling him.
You just cant wait, can you? I whisper lazily, opening my
eyes and looking at Carter.
What do you think? he shoots back at me, hooking his
finger on my thong and tugging at it. He pulls the fabric against
the outer side of my thighs, and with one fierce yank, he rips my
thong off of my body. Then he grabs his cock and pushes it
down, rubbing his glans against my folds. Actually I can wait,
Vivian, he continues, changing gears. He keeps rubbing his
cock against my pussy, driving me completely crazy. I ache to
feel him inside of me, to feel his thickness destroying my tight
pussy, and so I start to thrust at him. Now whos the impatient
one? he asks, his lips curling into a pleased smile. Mercifully,
he lets go of my hips and thrusts upward, his cock impaling me
at once.
Fuck, I hiss, his thickness straining against my inner walls
as it slides deep inside of me. Arching my back, I let instinct take
over me and I look to the side. Liam is sitting on couch, his eyes
entranced by the movements of my naked body. Dont be shy,
I tell him, the words coming honeyed and lustful out of my
mouth. As I speak, he places his hand over the bulging in his
pants, massaging his own cock. Thats it, I moan, Carters
cock almost stopping me from saying anything.
Still swaying my hips, I keep looking at Liam as he unbuckles
his belt and starts to unbutton his pants. His hard cock pushes
against his knuckles, and with an almost anxious movement, he
pulls both boxer briefs and pants down his legs. In a heartbeat,
he has his fingers wrapped around his thick veiny cock.
Stroke Yourself I say between breaths, running my
tongue lewdly over my lips. As if my words were a command,
Liam starts moving his hand up and down, a rhythmic cadence to
his movement. With a wink and a devious smile, I let him to it,
turning my attention to Carter. And now, lets see how much
youve missed me, I say, biting on my bottom lip.
Smiling, Carter cups my ass cheeks, his hands following the
motion of my body. He then starts to thrust, replacing the pace
of my hips with his own. I keep moving, though, the sound of my
ass slapping him across the thighs filling the whole room. Riding
him fast and hard, I grit my teeth and breathe out sharply, my
tits bouncing as I move.
I could stay like this forever, he whispers, leaning in and
wrapping his lips around one hard nipple. Using one hand, he
slaps my ass, thrusting even harder as he does it. The sound of
our flesh crashing against one another fills the whole room and
caresses my eardrums, and lulled by that melody, I let that sweet
tension build up in my muscles, my whole body aching for
As if he could feel another orgasm building up inside of me,
Carter opens his hands wide, the tip of his fingers caressing the
space between my ass cheeks. Using only one finger, he reaches
toward my asshole, gently caressing it as I keep on swaying my
Come, Vivian, let go, he whispers into my ear, pressing his
finger against my hole at the same time. I dont know if it
happens because of his cock, his finger, or his words But it
happens. My body tenses up in half a heartbeat, and it explodes
in the other half.
This time there isnt a moan on my lipstheres a scream. A
loud one. I throw my head back and scream as loud as I can, my
lungs working overtime. I close my mouth, but even then I keep
hissing through my pursed lips, my voice acting like a release
valve for pleasure. My hands are on Carters chest, my fingers
digging in his muscles as I feel the last spasms of my orgasm
running through my body. When it finally dies out, I open my
eyes and look into his.
Seems like you really missed me, I purr, lifting one leg and
rolling to the side as his cock slides out of my pussy. Sitting back
on the couch between the two men, I turn toward Liam, mischief
in my eyes. Hes still gripping his cock, slowly stroking himself
as his eyes seem to devour my naked body. And I didnt forget
about you I say, running one finger down his abs and onto the
base of his cock; I curl my fingers around his shaft, and he finally
lets go of himself. I still feel the high voltage of my orgasm
running inside of me, but I dont want to waste any time;
without any rest, I dive right into action again.
My eyes never leaving Liams, I start leaning into him,
parting my lips as I point his cock at my mouth. I go on all fours
on top of the couch, my ass turned to Carter as my lips brush
against the tip of Liams cock.
You look delicious from here, I hear Carter say, and just like
that he dives into me. I feel his hands on my ass, parting my
cheeks as he leans into me and presses his mouth against my
pussy. I gasp, but thats all that I have the time to do; as I feel
Carters lips on my wetness, I lean forward and take Liams shaft
into my mouth. I start to suck him hungrily, readying him for
whats to come.
My body sways back and forth as I thrust back against Carters
mouth, and at the same time, bob my head up and down over
Liams cock. With both men at my disposal, I simply close my
eyes and let desire wash all over me. Then, Carter decides to turn
it up a notch; with his hands still spreading my ass cheeks, he
lets his tongue slide upward from my folds to my ass crack. He
moves it until it's right above my asshole, and then he presses
down on it. I feel a violent shiver going up my spine as he rests
his mouth against my ass, licking as eagerly as if he were still
focused on my pussy.
God I moan, taking Liams cock out of my mouth as
pleasure turns into sound inside my throat. I keep stroking him,
though, my hand never stopping its pendulum motion over his
shaft. Gritting my teeth, I feel that ravenous need for pleasure
growing inside of me with each stroke of Carters tongue against
my ass; the moment he pulls out, coming up for air, I let that
need fuel me and I move as fast as I can. I turn around on the
couch, still on all fours, but this time with my ass facing Liam.
I lock eyes with Carter, my wetness dripping down his chin.
We exchange a devilish smile as I hear Liam kicking off his shoes
and taking off his clothes, and then I start swaying my ass from
side to side, as an invitation.
My turn, I hear Liam groan from behind me, his fingers
hooked on my hips as he pulls my ass into him. I bite my bottom
lip as he presses his glans against my pussy lips, slowly feeding
his thick shaft into me. My eyes roll in their orbits, Liams cock
stretching me on the way in, as instead of quenching my thirst
for pleasure, it only makes it grow even more.
Breathing hard, I still manage to grab Carters hand, and I
guide him toward his own cock. Never taking his eyes off of me,
he wraps his fingers around his shaft.
Your turn as well, Carter I purr. I want to see you
stroking yourself while Liam fucks me. Thats all he needed to
hear; as if my words were a command, he starts to move his
hand, stroking himself at a growing pace.
I keep my eyes on Carter as my body starts to sway, Liams
cock sheathed to the hilt in me. In a matter of seconds, he starts
to thrust, his cock sliding in and out of my pussy in a vicious
crescendo. My eyelids droop by instinct, the sound of his thighs
slapping my ass claiming all of my attention.
Harder I find myself saying, the sound of my voice
sounding foreign to my own ears. Fuck me as hard as you can,
I pant, thrusting back at Liam. Im not sure if he even listened to
me, but he does exactly what I wanted him to; he starts to fuck
me with all the coiled wildness he hid inside of him, his cock
pounding me furiously.
You sure like it rough, Liam says, and even though I cant
see him, the sound of his voice tells me all about the wicked grin
he has on his lips. Then, still thrusting, he raises one hand and
smacks my ass cheeks as hard as he can. I let out a loud moan,
the impact of his fingers on my flesh sending a high voltage
current all the way up to my brain. He does it again and again,
enough strength to his smacks to leave a mark, and I cant help
but let the sound of quivering moans climb up my raw throat.
Soon, his thrusts unleash the furious tide of pleasure upon
my body, and I feel my muscles coiling. I curse under my breath,
my eyeballs feeling as if they were on fire, and then I come with
a shrill cry of pleasure.
My hands are on Carters leg as he strokes himself, and I bury
my fingernails in his skin, hissing through my gritted teeth all
the way. As I come, the surge of climax raging through me, I hear
Carters breathing becoming harder, as if seeing me come was as
pleasurable to him as fucking me. I force my eyelids open just so
that I can look at him, like I expected, his eyes are wide and
focused on me, taking in the scene as if he were in front of the
most beautifully lewd painting in the world.
As Liam slides his cock out of me, I tremble slightly, my skin
prickling as the waves of pleasure recede. Exhausted, I roll my
body to the side and sit up on the couch, throwing my head back
against the headrest and taking a deep breath. With my eyes
closed, I let sin take over my mind. I have already let Liam and
Carter take their turns with me Maybe its my turn now. Call
me greedy, but why settle for taking turns when you can have it
all at the same time?
Youve had your fun, boys I purr, fully knowing that Ive
been having way more fun than them. This is why being a
woman is so wickedly goodno limits to how many times you
can come and keep going. Now its time for all of us to have
Even though my muscles are complaining and Im still
breathing hard, I go up to my feet and turn on my feels. Facing
the men who Ive come to loveyes, loveI present them with
an expression of unbridled lust. They return my gaze, lust also
flickering in their eyes.
Who wants this? I ask in a low tone, sliding one hand down
my stomach and brushing one finger over my drenched folds.
And who wants this? I continue, taking my other hand and
using it to squeeze hard on my ass cheeks.
Youre going to drive us fucking crazy, Liam responds,
going up to his feet as his lips curl into a grin.
Thats the idea, I tell him, a shiver going up my spine as he
goes behind me, his hands resting on my waist. He pushes me
forward, Carter reaching for my hand at the same time; I sit on
Carters lap, and he allows his cock to slide immediately inside of
my pussy.
I lean forward then, feeling Liams parting my ass cheeks. He
crouches slightly and, grabbing his cock, presses its tip against
my asshole. God, I cant believe that Im about to be fucked by
two guys And not just two guys, Im talking about Liam and
Carter. It seems that even the wickedest fantasies can come true.
Straddling Carter, his cock deep inside of my pussy, I lean
forward and rest my head against his shoulder. My eyes are
closed shut, and I take a deep breath to relax my body as I feel
Liam pushing his cock inside of my ass. I feel his glans sliding in,
and I whimper as he allows his shaft to follow after it. Once hes
buried deep in me, I take another deep breath, allowing it all to
sink in; right now, the two biggest cocks I have ever came across
are inside of me. And the men to whom they belong are more
than eager to ravage me completely.
Liam takes the lead and starts sliding in and out of me,
moving his hips at a careful but anxious pace. When his pace
starts to pick up, Carter starts moving his hips as well, thrusting
upward and ramming his cock into me.
Fuck, I mutter, their cocks stretching me wide and
unleashing the violent flames of hell inside of my body. I feel
their burn under my skin, my mind turning to ashes as the
scorching heat of pleasure consumes it. Their thrusts start to
grow wild and fierce, their intensity almost too much for me to
bear; my lungs are working hard and I cant help but dig my
fingernails deep into Carters shoulders. Oh, fuck, fuck, I
repeat as loud as I can, the sound of my voice drowned by the
sound their thighs make when slapping my own body.
Time becomes a meaningless construct; aside from their
cocks, nothing else exists. Their thrusts become fast and
relentless, the thickness of their members lashing out at my
nerve endings. My pussy inner lips are wrapped tight around
Carters cock, but my ass is choking out Liams, and even though
I should be way too tight for guys like them, they still manage to
fuck me in a way I never even knew to be possible.
I want I start, trying to get the words out between
breaths. I want you to Fuck me hard And I want you to cum
all over me. I finally manage to say, my words making my heart
tighten up inside my chest. Somehow, I know that my next
orgasm will rip me apart. I can already feel it building inside of
me, that threatening pressure pushing against my nerve endings
and choking them out with pleasure. And I feel it in my mind
too, like sharp blades of insanity that carve themselves deep into
my brain.
I dont even know when I started doing it, but Im screaming
now. My out of control voice fills the whole room, and I feel tears
of ecstasy streaming down my face.
Dont Dont stopthats what I want to say. But the
words get lost along the way, my whole body hijacked by a
nuclear detonation. Somewhere inside of me, something goes
off, a shockwave of pleasure spreading under my skin like
wildfire. My pussy clenches around Carters cock, and I even feel
my ass tightening around Liams. Tensing up as if my muscles
were turning into concrete, I finally let myself be overtaken by
climax; screaming as loud as I can, my throat burning with pain,
I come as hard as I have ever came.
My whole body is trembling, a feverish state of delight taking
over my limbs. I flail them from side to side, momentarily losing
all control. And still they keep thrusting, their cocks moving in
and out of me at that maddening pace. My body is burning, and
theyre fanning the flames.
Then, I feel their cocks spasming inside of mejust tenuous
twitches of anticipationand I push through the effort to speak.
Come Over me I repeat, my voice quivering.
Liam pulls his cock out of my ass and I roll to the side at once,
making Carters shaft pop out of me. Sitting down on the couch,
Im still trembling as I open my eyes just in time to see Carter
going up to his feet, both men towering over me with their cocks
in their hands. Could there be a sight any more perfect than
this? If youre wondering, the answer is no. Come for me,
boys I repeat, urging them on as they start to stroke
themselves, their hungry eyes devouring the sight of my naked
and spent body.
I cant help but moan as the first ropes of cum fly out from
their cocks and into me. Their cum hits me straight across the
chest, white splatters of it covering both my tits as I squeeze
them. I run my fingers over the curve of my breasts, the palm of
my hands brushing against my cum-coated nipples, and while I
do it, they keep on gushing their load all over me.
Slightly sliding down on the couch, I position myself so that
their cum gushes straight onto my face. I open my mouth, taking
as much of it as I can over my tongue, and when Im brimming
with semen I simply swallow, their salty flavor going down my
throat as a memento of their desire. The warmness of their
fluids covering my skin, I keep on rubbing my hands all over my
body, smearing myself with their load. It drips down my face, tits
and stomach, and it goes all the way down to between my thighs,
covering my already drenched pussy in thick strands. I never
take my eyes off of them, too entranced by them to even blink.
Fuck, you look beautiful, Liam says with a smirk; the
spasms of his cock dying out against his fingers.
She does, Carter agrees, his last drops of cum dripping
down from the tip of his cock to his closed fist.
And I taste even better, I respond, licking the cum off of my
lips, my tongue moving in a slow and lewd way. Parting my legs
wide, I invite them in, and they go down on their knees at once.
As if they shared the same mind, they both lean into me at the
same time, their ravenous mouths going straight for my
drenched pussy. I lie back against the couch and close my eyes,
surrendering to the way they flick their tongues at my folds,
scooping the ropes of cum that have dripped down to my pussy.
Sighing heavily, I reach for them and place my hands on their
heads. I run my fingers through their hair as I sway my hips
slowly, rubbing my pussy against their faces. They only stop
when they have licked me dry, and when I look down at them I
see both their mouths brimming with cum. Placing my fingers
under their chins, I pull them up into me as my lips curl into a
grin. They come willingly, sitting by my side and leaning into me
at once.
Our mouths touch at the same time, and we open them
immediately. In an instant, they use their tongues to push the
cum they hold inside their mouths into mine, and I take it all in
hungrily. We kiss in a blind frenzy, semen dripping down our
chins as we swap it from mouth to mouth; our tongues lapping
against one another amidst the wet mess.
You were right, Vivian, Carter says, his lips glistening as he
pulls back.
I was?
Yes. Sharing is-- Carter starts to respond, but Liam cuts in
without allowing him to finish.
Fucking amazing, he completes, his wicked grin matching
the honesty in his words. I smile back at them. Its true; to share
and be shared is indeed amazing.



FROM THE DESK of Editor-at-Large, Michael Anders.

As Mayor of New York City, I have an unique insight. As the
owner of my paper, here are my thoughts

IN A MOVE HIGHLIGHTING the arrogance of elected officials, Senator

Vivian Hawthorne, Governor Carter Andrews, and Mayor Liam
Jeffries were all filmed as they engaged in a bizarre and taboo sex
ring at Mayor Jeffries New Kingston home.
It was only a few days prior that this newspaper declared that
it was the presence of Senator Hawthorne that had derailed both
mens careers and that statement proved to be very prescient as
investigative footage surfaced of both men engaged in
simultaneous sex acts with the fallen Senator.
Additional photographs of a younger Senator Hawthorne have
also been retrieved from prior romantic interests that show a
lewd, crude, and completely degenerate woman occupying one of
the premier positions of leadership in the state.
State legislators were quick to act, issuing subpoenas to
Vivian Hawthorne to testify in front of the State Ethics
Committee in one month's time in addition to Governor Carter
Andrews. This quick action by the State Legislature underscores
the level of disgust at the political elite of Albany and the desire
to root it out and start fresh within state politics.
A sample poll conducted by the New York Daily Journal found
that Vivian Hawthorne had dropped in popularity and approval
among New York State voters. Her approval rating after the
release of the video, in which she engaged in simultaneous sex
with both the Governor and the Mayor, stood at a shaky 25%,
with 3 in 4 respondents saying that serious articles of
impeachment needed to be considered as a possible option.
The Editorial Board of the New York Daily Journal has long
held that the differences in policy between Governor Andrews
and Mayor Jeffries were of a nature that closed door negotiations
between the two men could have resolved them. But the
entrance of the Senator into the fray created a perfect storm
where Ms. Hawthornes wild and unpredictable nature have
brought both mens careers to the precipice.
It remains to be seen how the corruption charges play out
against the Governor as well as the Mayor. Experts are now
speculating that the entire proceeding may lead to the repeal of
the signature environmental law as well as directives by the
State Legislature prohibiting the Boltiador family from setting
up factories in New Kingston due to the scandal associated with
their original plans. While some would consider this a sad and
ironic twist to the entire spectacle, others have commented that
it represents that both the environmental law as well as the
agreement to secure the investment for the factories were built
on shaky foundations that would not have been able to last much
All eyes will thus be on the State Legislature as they conduct
their corruption inquiries in one month's time. Should the first
day of testimony lead to an understanding that a greater degree
of scrutiny and action is needed to be taken, then the entire
political establishment of the state will most likely be impacted.
Whatever the outcome, there is one thing that is certainit is
expected that should the Boltiador family be refused the right to
invest in New Kingston, they will most likely open their factories
in Shanghai.

S ixty.
Thats how many days ago I first got the call from the
President asking me to go sort out a feud between a small town
mayor and the Governor of New York State before it became a big
mess. Well, I did something. I dont know if sorting it out is
exactly the right word for it.
Ive taken to not commenting to the Press. Im not worried
about myself. Well, actually, hun, dont tell anyone, but I kind of
am. Ive never been so reviled in the political world as I am right
now. And its not just the Daily Journal. Its like all the media
sense blood, and so theyre piling on. Trying to find any angle at
all that will sell more papersor glue more eyeballs to the
television or computer screen and raise more ad revenue.
The heart of this matter is pretty simple. Jobs, or the
environment. I dont know how sex became a part of it. But you
take any woman who likes sex in this political climate and you
place her between two men like Carter and Liam, and the press is
going to salivate.
Sometimes I wonder if we just shouldnt put up a mattress on
the corner of Broadway and 42nd Street and have sex right there.
Let the world get it out of its system. Trust me, if I thought that
there was a chance it could work to get everyone off of our backs,
Id do it. Because I guarantee you the ethics investigations, the
impeachment, all of that would stop. People wouldnt be
whipped into a frenzy anymore. But all it would do would
probably be to whet their appetites. Theyd want to take close up
shots of Liams cock going into my pussy. Theyd want to see my
lips wrap around Carters cock. And then theyd paste it all over
the Daily Journal and sell more copies.
No, the only way to confront this is going to have to be head

Thats how many men Ive fallen in love with. I know, hun.
Youre shaking your head with a smile at me, arent you.
Thinking that I need to grow up to fully understand what love is.
That Im 29 years old, how can I even think that Im in love? Just
because Ive gotten orgasms that leave me breathless. Getting
shot into orbit and coming back into a sex haze doesnt mean
Ive fallen in love, I bet youre thinking. It means Ive fallen in
Well, the lust is definitely there. Dont get me wrong. You
know that tingling you get between your legs when you think
about a big cock stretching you open? Feeling filled up? The
dampness that you feel. How you can feel your panties stick to
your lips when you read about or imagine wrapping your lips
around the tip of a nice, thick, large cock? As someone grabs
your nipples and twists them. Smacks your ass? The drippiness
you feel and the flush that goes through your body? How all you
want to do at that point is find a quiet corner and just touch
yourself, even if its one finger against the clit. You just want
more of that feeling, but you know youre headed to the
precipice and youre going to explode the more you push
yourself? You know that feeling, babe?
Yeah, imagine that times two. Because thats Liam and
But what you dont see, and what you havent really gotten,
because Alexis probably hasnt included it, are those times in the
month where the three of us have basically moved into Liams
sprawling house in New Kingston and really lived together.
How Liam makes us breakfast in the morning. He gives Carter
extra bacon. He makes sure to get a grapefruit cut for me. Every.
Single. Morning.
How Carter explains the remote to me. I swear to God I dont
understand why there are three. Apparently one for the
television. One for the Roku. And one for the sound. It sounds
like the entire system was thought up by men, you know? Give it
to a woman, and youd have one remote.
The way both of them hide the newspapers from me some
mornings. Or my tablet. As if they dont understand that Ive
been called a lot worse than The Whore of Washington. That
Ive gone through a lot more and have thicker skin than they
realize. So the prospect of a Daily Journal headline that simply
has my picture with the world SLUT doesnt faze me. It startles
me. It makes me wonder what kind of a world we live in. But I
can move on.
The way, after we have sex, the way both men hold me. But
how they casually are able to let the other have me. Ive never
realized how insanely hot it is to let one man watch me as
another fucks me. And then they take turns sometimes,
watching, desiring, celebrating me.
How its gotten to the point where I know what each of them
is thinking. How Carter is viewing this as a rational debate that
hes going to win on facts when I know that the system is going
to want a sacrifice. Liam understands that. He doesnt
understand that I can see in his eyes hes preparing himself to be
that sacrifice so Carter and I can continue. Carter thinks hes
going to convince the legislators with his arguments. Liam
thinks hes going to bulldoze past them. Their both wrong. And
if I dont do anything, theyll both end up losing their careers.
But I love them. So Ive been busy myself.
I know I said thirty before, but this is important. Thats the
number of days that weve had to prepare to testify in front of
the Ethics Committee. The impeachment vote in New Kingston
is literally the next day. From the beginning, it all seems
perfectly staged to me. As if someone has been working very
hard behind the scenes to orchestrate up to this moment. Im
sorry if I feel like Im throwing out conspiracy theories, babe, but
it seems like all of this is falling into place just too easily.
Ive been working with my staff to sort through it, spending
more time at Liams place than in Washington. Its started to
affect my regular daily schedule. I havent voted since the Senate
has been in session and Ive missed multiple committee
meetings. I know there have been important meetings that Ive
missed because Im tied up here. But I need to make sure I see
this through.
Carter and Liam begun by working together, but they realized
they were expecting different things. Carter is expecting a
chance to give his side of the story. Thats not going to happen.
But Liam is expecting a political knife fight. I know its going to
be a third option. I know there is one piece to the puzzle that Im
not getting.

TEN, Fifteen, and Twenty.

That Carters, Liams, and my job approval ratings,
respectively. Over the past month, our negative opinion ratings
have shot through the roof as people start believing the constant
barrage from the press that Ive turned Liam and Carter into
corrupt, job-killing, environment-destroying, sex-crazed
Its gotten to the point where Liam and Carter have insisted
that one of them go with me when I go outside.
Ive never needed a man to protect me. Im not going to
change that just because a few people are upset at my sex life.
But, the possibilities of having sex in public are too good to
pass up. So sometimes I pretend to play the hapless damsel in
distress and it really gets them going. You can literally see both
their cocks grow hard. I mean, in real time, you see the tent
forming in their trousers. Its pretty amazing actually. Two,
thick, 12-inch cocks. Thats like, what? Two feet. Of lust muscle,
as Liam calls it, inside of me? Can you imagine how hard it is to
get anything done with those two men walking around shirtless
in the house?

Thats how many days we have until the Ethics Committee
calls Carter and I to testify. Ive been working and my staff has
been getting me information round the clock. I know Im close to
figuring out whats going on to cause this whole thing. I can
sense Im getting closer. I just dont know where or when Im
going to hit the jackpot.

Thats how many minutes ago I got a phone call. I cant tell
you from who just yet, hun. I know, Im sorry. Youre really not
going to know even if you skip to the end, so dont even try. And
dont try now just to spite me. I know Im stubborn like that
sometimes too. Just know that Im going to go out for a while.
Dont tell Liam or Carter if they ask, either. I think I might be
on to something. But Im not sure yet if its legitimate. I need to
head into the city. And the last thing that Liam and Carter will be
happy with is me going into New York City by myself without any
security. But Ill be fine. Ill put on some yoga pants, a
windbreaker, and some shades. No one will recognize me.
Im borrowing Carters Jag, in case he asks. Just move to the
next page and pretend you didnt see me leave, babe. Please.
Their careersmy careermay very well depend on it.

T he cameras flash as I walk into the crowded chamber. Its

the day of the Ethics Committee investigation as they weigh
indicting me on corruption charges. But from the look and feel of
things, youd think it was the first day of the goddamn circus.
I sit down at a table, as the lawmakers sit in a raised dais that
forms a semi-circle facing me. The audience is behind me, with
press kneeling across from me, underneath the legislators.
Youve seen this image a thousand times. Congressional
hearings. Raise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth,
the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you God?
Well, I do. And if people are listening to me as I tell them the
truth theyll see that there is no corruption here. Just thinking
about the futuresomething we should all be doing.
Governor Andrews, thank you for coming down to see us
today, the Democratic Majority Leader begins. Of course hes
thanking me. The camera flashes are enough to blind you if you
look at them too closely. This is more press coverage than hes
gotten all year. He's been keeping a low profile ever since those
rumors of him and that underage Girl Scout came out on TMZ.
Not that they were able to prove anythingthe girls family all
of a sudden moved to the Bahamas and seemed to have a large
infusion of cash into their accounts. It boggles my mind that this
man is in the same party as me. But what really gets me is that
hes sitting in judgment over me, determining if Ive maybe had
a lapse in judgment that I need to be investigated by him.
Thank you, Senator, I say back. The New York State
Legislature is broken down into a State Senate and State
Assembly. Its the Senate that does the investigating. The
Assembly just does the rubber stamping whatever I tell them to
do. Right. You dont need to correct me. They used to rubber
stamp whatever I told them to do. Back when I had approval
ratings that were in the double digitsway higher than the 9%
theyre at now after falling sharply the last two days.
Lets go ahead and get started, shall we, the Majority
Leader says. But before we do, Id like to invite an outside
counsel to also participate in the questioning considering that he
has been so helpful in uncovering some of the more disturbing
facts in this situation.
Okay. So thats unusual. You don't usually see outside players
come into an Ethics Committee investigation. Because you
havent had a chance to properly vet them. You don't know what
kind of bias and agenda theyre coming in with. Plus, there was
no real notice. I didnt get a chance to prepare.
For lack of a better word, its a bitunethical.
Shows you the kind of damn snakes Im dealing with here.
But thats okay. Because Im Carter Andrews. I became Governor
based on my sheer ability to get things done. No one, and
nothing, can take me down.
That's what I think. Thats what I know. And I still believe it
even when the Mayor of New York City, and Editor-In-Chief of
the New York Daily Journal walks in. Theres some hushed
The chair recognizes Michael Anders, Mayor of New York
City. Due to his position as the head of the Anders Media empire,
he serves as Editor-In-Chief of the New York Daily Journal and
has uncovered a great deal of the pertinent facts in this
investigation, the Majority Leader says, as if reading from
notes. He lifts his head to look at Michael. Mr. Mayor, you have
the floor to ask your questions.
Michael nods. I cant believe the Majority Leader, as a
Democrat, is okay with letting Michael Anders grill me. The
Mayor doesnt have a political party affiliation, but anyone whos
read the Daily Journal over the last two months realizes that
theres some sort of bias there behind the tone of the newspaper
against me.
Michael Anders clears his throat.
Governor Andrews, he says into the microphone. Can you
please state your full name, your office and how long you have
served in that office for the record?
I wonder what the Mayor is going to go for as I answer,
Carter Andrews, Governor of New York State for the last two
The Mayor nods from his raised seat on the dais.
And would you conclude that your signature achievement in
the first two years of your office would be what you refer to as
the New York State Clean Air and Water Act? Michael asks.
I nod, but then realize I need to answer. I do, I say. Its true.
Youve heard me say it before. And Im more than happy to say it
again. The environmental legislation that I got through the State
Legislature is going to save lives. Its already saved lives.
Michael nods and asks. And Governor, were you in any way
encouraged or prodded to push this legislation through at the
expense of all others by any outside party?
What kind of a stupid question is that? I lean forward and
simply say, No.
As if expecting this, Michael retorts with a, I find that very
hard to believe, Governor, that you would sacrifice pushing
through a transportation bill, a crime bill, and a jobs bill, just to
push through environmental legislation.
We still have two more years, I respond back.
You plan to work on those initiatives, next? Really? Michael
asks, voicing incredulity.
Yes, I answer back. Im only going to answer questions
here. When he gives me a chance to make my case, thats when
Im going to verbally rip his goddamn throat out.
And that once you passed the environmental bill, you
started attending fundraisers hosted by China First Bank; can
you explain that as well? Michael asks and Im silent. I only
went to it because I had to. I hate raising money. But it's a
necessary evil. Can you explain why up until passage of your
environmental legislation you were never invited to a China First
Bank fundraiser, but all of a sudden afterwards you found you
had the time.
Dammit. This isnt going to look good when I tell him the
truth. I was busy being Governor before, but once that priority
was taken care of, I began to think about the next four years and
the kind of fundraising Id have to do.
But you didnt think of that before? Michael asks. You
didnt once ask for or receive an invitation to go to an event
sponsored by China First Bank? You never thought to yourself
that if you started fundraising as you call it, earlier, youd have to
raise less each day? All of a sudden these doors began to open up
only once you passed the environmental bill, is that your story?
I know what Michael Anders is trying to do here. I can see his
strategy. Hes a snake.
Everyone knows the billionaire mayor of New York City is
looking to move up to becoming Governor one day. Everyone
knows hes got his eyes set on a prize even bigger than that.
It all falls into place now. Hes trying to clear the way.
Well, then hes got another thing coming. Its time to take my
case directly to the people.
Governor Carter? Michael asks, eyeing me with an evil
smile. Did you have an answer?
I take a sigh. This isnt how I wanted to end up describing my
actions. But you dont always get a chance to pick and choose the
time and place of the battle.
I think youre a bit confused as to the nature of the
environmental bill if youre asking me that question, I say
bluntly. And I think it displays a curious lack of awareness in
government for you to ask me that.
There are some muted whispers that go through the room.
Ive just stood up to my interrogator. But I dont stop. I need to
keep going.
Imagine if you will turning on the water at your kitchen sink,
and seeing thick brown sludge come out, I speak into the
microphone. I can see several of the photographers turn white at
the thought. Imagine getting tumors from eating tainted beef.
Having your lifespan shortened by twenty years because you
inhaled too much methane. Thats all we attempted to stop.
Is that so. In that case can you Michael Anders tries to
continue but I stop him. Hard.
Yes that is so, Mr. Mayor, I say sharply, raising some
eyebrows. And if you stopped once to look at the people who
live in this stateaside from the other wealthy Manhattanites
you surround yourself withyoud see that New Yorkers are
getting sicker at a much higher rate than the rest of the nation.
Theyre also dying at an younger age.
Are you trying to say I don't know the Michael is about to
start again but I cut him off.
Im trying to say, Mayor, I say with a damn sneer. That
you dont care about anyone other than yourself. You could care
less about me, the environment, or even the jobs you think my
bill is going to kill.
Youre out of line, Governor! Michael shouts. And as
someone who is standing here testifying in the hopes of avoiding
a corruption and bribery scandal, youre not doing yourself a bit
of good.
I think back to the Mayor and everything surrounding him.
How he only came out as gay six months ago, right before the
New York City mayoral election. This man fooled a city of 8
million. Its time for someone to show the world who he really
You want to know what I think? Michael asks me
aggressively. I don't get a chance to answer. But I bet you hes
going to tell me anyways. I think you had a secret quid pro quo
deal with the Chinese, Governor. Maybe not a dealthat implies
intelligence. But they tugged at your heartstrings. Poor
environment. Save the owl. Or something like that.
Jesus Christ. Im sitting there, silent as he continues. And
then once you did what they told you to like a good little boy,
they decided to start rewarding you. There is angry grumbling
all around me. People cant believe this garbage, can they?
But, unfortunately Governor Andrews, this time you got your
hand caught in the cookie jar. And now it's time to pay, Michael
I got to admit. This man has played me very admirably. This is
going to be a lot more of a knife-fight than I realized.
Thats when I hear a voice behind me at the back of the
chambers near the door.
Mr. Mayor, if youre going to start accusing Governor
Andrews of things, you better say it to my face too, Liam says,
as people begin to whisper and low murmurs start rippling
through the hall. That way I can see that smug look of yours on
it before I bash it in with my fucking fists.
Yeah. This wasnt how I had intended for today to go down,

M r. Mayor, if youre going to start accusing Governor

Andrews of things, you better say it to my face too, I say
out loud as I see people turn around to look at me. Of course they
know who I am; my face has been on enough papers and
televisions in the last two months that Ill never be able to go to
a strip club by myself again without getting photographed. That
way I can see that smug look of yours on it before I bash it in
with my fucking fists.
Thats when the hearing bursts out in commotion. Im
guessing that they dont get that many lawmakers fucking
threatening each other in here too often. Its too bad, really.
Really does work well in getting all the fucking bullshit cleared
I start walking toward the main witness table that Carter is
sitting at.
I told him when we first started preparing. I told him that just
explaining his case wasnt going to do it.
We had to be prepared for a fight. And Im sorry to say, but I
was fucking right.
I know youre looking at me and wondering what the hell is
going on. Why should I give any fucks what happens to Carter
Youre probably rolling your eyes. Youre going to chalk it up
to saying that this is a plot point that could have been better
developed. That the author was in too much of a fucking rush to
get to the end and how did the transition fucking happen where I
went from getting into fights with my fists with this guy who Im
standing next to defending him.
Well, youd be fucking wrong, first off. But thats okay. We all
make mistakes. Except yours fucking truly. But you wouldnt
care because if you and I were talking, weve already established
that you would be wanting to fuck me. And yes, every time we do
talk, Im going to raise the fact that you want my fucking cock. I
mean, its 12 inches of
Mr. Jeffries, this is a closed session and you are severely out
of line, the fucking prick Mayor of New York City who is
somehow leading this circus says out to me coldly. You either
need to sit down or leave, but I cannot have you disrupting these
Dont worry about him. I dont give a flying fuck about
Michael Anders. If you want to still talk about how thick and
veiny my hard cock is, Ill pull it out right here. I bet the press
would love that.
But no, you want to know why Im even here defending this
Carter fellow after weve locked horns so many times in the past,
right? Jobs, Vivian, you name it.
Mr. Mayor, I dont know what youre doing up there
questioning Carter, I say out loud and in a clear voice so
everyone can hear me. But if you're really looking to probe for
corruption, you need to hear what I have to say. Otherwise this
isn't an inquiry. Its a fucking lynching.
That gets everyone all excited and they begin to murmur all
over again until the Chairman calls for order. Hes clearly not
happy over whats going on. But then again, hes already fucking
half-asleep. Probably dreaming about the day he gets out of this
job and starts working giving paid speeches to people who are
looking to curry favor in the government.
There cant be anything you could say to defend this man,
Mr. Jeffries, Michael Anders says to me. You notice he doesnt
call me Mayor? Like hes the only mayor in the fucking world.
Just because hes the leader of the greatest city on earth.
I want to speak on the record, and if you dont think its
relevant, then Ill get the fuck out, I reply back. I got to stay
cool. Grace under fucking fire.
Theres a moment while Michael Anders looks at me. He
knows Carter and I love the same woman. He knows Carter has
spent a fair amount of time with Vivian in New Kingston. But he
also knows that at the beginning Carter and I hated each other.
Oh, right. What changed is what you wanted to know, right?
Very well, you can speak, but if you make a mockery of this
process, or if you continue to display contempt with your vulgar
language, I will ask the Chairman to call for your removal,
Michael Anders says, pretending hes being oh so gracious.
Listen, why dont you try to see what changed instead of me
just telling you, okay? And if at the end, I get carted off to jail, or
anything else, Ill explain it to you.
Because this shit is about to get real. Like right now.
If I know Carter, he gave you the example of turning on your
water at your sink and seeing brown sludge come out, I begin
and Michael begins to nod. Carter is looking at me in a mixture
of surprise, wariness, and curiosity. I bet a part of him thinks
that despite all the sex weve had the last fucking month Im still
going to stick a knife in him or something.
But the fact of the matter is that when you dont have a job,
or a voice in your future, you dont really care about that brown
sludge, because thats what you fucking feel like as a person, I
say and I can tell Carter now thinks Im going to fucking back
stab him. Michael is quiet.
I grew up in Andrews Estates, I say and some people widen
their eyes. They must not have known that about me. All they
knew is this oil and gas tycoon that became the youngest mayor.
They dont know this side of me. The government paid Carters
father for it. Then they shoved some families in there. Then they
forgot about them. Checked off some boxes and moved on. I
know what its like to feel left behind. Not part of the fucking
The hearing room is quiet now. You could hear a pin drop.
You want to see a modern day equivalent of what Andrews
Estates used to look like before it got torn down, come on down
to Main Street in New Kingston and look at the shops that are
closing. The people who wake up with nowhere to go. The kids
who have both parents out of work. People with nothing to do, I
As much as I agree with you, Mr. Mayor, Michael Anders
says to me, nodding now and using my title. Thats what were
investigating today. Did Governor Carter Andrews use an
environmental bill to enrich himself from special interests and
cast the people of New Kingston to the fires.
Hes talking to me like I'm a fucking baby. But I keep my cool.
So basically, in this instance, these people have only two
choices, right? Because thats what youre framing it as. The
Boltiador family factories, which will go against the
environmental bill. That means theyll be spewing out some
pretty toxic shit. Poisoning the water. Salting the earth. Or
economic starvation. Is that it? I ask Michael directly. I know
hes not going to be able to answer. When the only choices you
give a group of people are to work and be poisoned, or not be
poisoned and starve, youre still not giving them any fucking
Everyone is looking at me like Im a bit crazy now. I bet youre
scratching your head trying to follow along. But dont worry. I
said Id come for a knife fight. And I fucking brought my knife.
So if you dont think the Boltiador family factories are a good
thing, what is it you want exactly? Mayor Anders asks.
I want to not have to be placed in that choice for my people,
I answer. I want these corruption hearings to focus on why and
how huge groups of Americans have been left behind. To
understand and fucking fix what led to this situation in the first
Now Carter begins to nod. I think he gets it.
I want you to ask yourself, Mayor Anders, I say, getting
ready to pull out my knife. How many times did your paper, as
it was discussing my sex life, spending time attacking Senator
Hawthorne for her sex life, or Carter Andrews for hishow many
times did your paper even ask why these jobs were so important
to these people in my town that they were willing to risk
poisoning their future for them? Why were the people calling out
for change in the first place?
If possible, its even quieter. I am so going to enjoy twisting
this knife.
But thats not what this government does anymore, and
thats why I ran for mayor, I say. When faced with an issue
about the environment or jobs, we focus on who had sex with
who and who got bribed by who to find the bigger scandal.
Carter is smiling.
Im going to finish this off.
The biggest scandal in this room is that were sitting here
talking about a good man facing investigations because all he
wanted to do was help people lead a healthy fucking life. Sure,
his priorities are different from mine, and we disagree about
what to do in the short term, but at the end of the day we only
want whats best for the people of this state, I say and take a
deep breath, making sure to draw a pose. I end it with a question.
Do you?
Boom. The cameras start to click and the people are talking to
themselves as if Ive just unleashed the dogs of war.
The Chairman calls for order. Bangs his gavel several times.
Finally, over the din, Michael manages to speak up.
The charges of corruption are very real here, Mr. Mayor,
Michael says. Both you and Carter Andrews may have had
severe lapses of judgment because of Senator Vivian Hawthorne
and this may have led you to be compromised by an economic
rival. You may have tried to create the exact problem you
described. There is a very co-ordinated case of corruption here.
Hes not backing down from that. He truly believes that he
can fucking get away with trying to prove Carter is corrupt, that
Im on the take, and that Vivian is a sex-fiend.
I did my bid. I tried to defend Carter Andrews. I dont mind
casting my lot with him, anyways. If he goes down, Ill be proud
to go down with that fucking guy.
Because like I said, we may disagree on a lot.
But I fucking respect him for standing up for what he thinks
is best for people.
I fucking love him.
Nothing more profound to say, Liam? Michael Anders
sneers at me. He knows hes got me. I see Tina Ling in the
audience. She gives me a wistful smile. She probably thinks she
tried to warn me. Fuck them all.
The only corruption going on here, Mr. Mayor, a voice says
behind me and I roll my eyes. I know that voice anywhere. I cant
believe she had to get into this too. Is the game that you've
been playing with the voters of this state.
As much as Im fucking worried about her, I cant help but
admire the fucking tight body of Vivian Hawthorne. That dress is
wrapped around her in such a way that I can feel my cock twitch.
I could fuck her right now. I wouldnt care about any of the
people here. Just put her down and bone her. Fuck everyone else.
Id be too busy sucking on those titties. Playing with that pussy.
But if there is ever one time to focus, now is it.
This is completely inappropriate, Senator! the Senate
Majority Leader declares.
Is it? I thought this was a corruption hearing, Vivian says
walking up the aisle. And boy do I have a story of corruption for
She sees Carter and I, and smiles broadly.
Were going to be okay I think.
Fuck it, Im actually pretty fucking sure. Because Michael has
just gone white as a fucking sheet.

I thought this was a corruption hearing, I say as I walk up

the aisle. Im wearing my Jimmy Choos todayjust for
this. I also have my lace black La Perla thong. It's my lucky one,
the one I was wearing when I first had sex with Liam. Its a
wonder he didnt rip them off. I mean, the way he took me was
like an animal. Those eyesthey were so intense. Those
muscles. That huge monster cock. And then when Carter got in
on the action. I swear it was like I waswait a second. Why do I
keep drifting off thinking about fucking at times like this? I need
to be on point. Besides, I was saying something profound.
Something that you can end chapters with. Right.
And boy, do I have a story of corruption for you, I finish as I
walk up to Carter and Liam. They both look at me and I think
back to what I was just thinking and I smile broadly at them.
Michael Anders, sitting on the raised dais above me has just
gone white as a ghost. All color drained from his face. He
manages one final desperate play.
Arrest that woman, Michael croaks.
Arrest yourself, I shoot back. From here, he doesnt look
like a billionaire media magnate at all anymore. I have a story
to tell.
You remember when I had to go real quick the other day? I
couldnt tell you where I was going? Told you to cover for me?
This committees time is valuable, Senator, the Majority
Leader tells me as his position as Chairman of the Ethics
Committee. Although in truth, he might as well just hand the
gavel over to me or to Michael or even Carter or Liam. Hes lost
control of these proceedings and he knows it.
This wont take but a moment, Mr. Chairman, I tell him. I
turn around to face the audience. In fact, we have most of the
principle cast of characters in this room.
I scan the crowd. There! I raise my hand and point to Tina
We have Tina Ling, who has made no secret of the fact that
shes representing the city of Shanghai, China, I say to the
audience, no longer talking to the committee. The
photographers leave their spot underneath the raised dais of the
Committee and go to the sides of the room to snap pictures of
me pointing toward Tina. Shes even told us her affiliation with
the Communist Party of the Peoples Republic of China, I finish
and pause.
I look around the room. Everyone is hanging on my words. I
feel some of the old power coming back.
What she didnt tell us is that shes also a Managing Director
of the China First Bank, Mr. Chairman, I say, whirling around to
face the Committee. And that may be okay. Unlike the United
States, we cant regulate what other jobs public officials have
and they are likely going to have different rules.
Michael looks like hes going to be sick. I think hes figured
out where Im going.
But where it does become a problem, members of the
Committee, I say with a smile. Is when China First Bank has a
majority shareholder thats a corporation headquartered in the
United States.
This causes ripples of conversation throughout the room. A
US corporation working with a Chinese corporation with ties to
the Communist Party? If the public ever found out something
like this, there would be a backlash.
And Im about to cause one.
What we didnt know, that some will find interesting, I say,
and again relish the pause that I give everyone. Is that China
First Bank is in fact owned through a series of other holding
companies by none other than the same holding companies that
own Anders Media.
For a moment there is nothing but silence as people
comprehend whats going on. I decide to get in the last word.
I don't think itll be quiet enough to talk for the next few
For those of you who dont get what Im saying, this whole
thing has been orchestrated by none other than that man, I say
pointing a finger toward the dais. Michael Anders, the
billionaire CEO of Anders Media.
Again, for a second theres nothing but silence. Its a lot to
take in.
And thats when the commotion starts. It starts with a
whisper. One person looking over their shoulder to the person
sitting next to them. Could it be? Looks are exchanged. Glances
are given. People are a bit nervous. Is it true?
And then someone whispers something. Maybe I cant
believe it or Can you imagine?
All of a sudden the person sitting next to them chimes in. And
then the person next to them has to speak a little louder. And
then you hear something from the next row. But the people next
to you didnt. So you repeat it. A bit louder. And then someone
hears you. And they repeat it. And you think of something. You
say it, all pretense of whispering gone now.
Order! The Chairman shouts and bangs his gavel.
But this time, its no use.
The audience does quiet down a little bit as the Chairman of
the Committee keeps banging his gavel, but Michael speaks up.
Wheres your proof for these wildly inaccurate accusations,
Ms. Hawthorne? Michael asks. How do we know this isnt just
some stunt youre pulling to save your own career from your
licentious behavior?
And I was ready for that. This is actually where I went off to
the other day when I got to the city.
Normally, Id have no proof, Mayor Anders, I say and
people quiet down. Theyre wondering if I just got them riled up
as an excuse to stall. But I got a phone call and went down to
meet someone the other day.
Michael looks up as I turn to the doorway.
A tall, well-dressed young man walks in. Hes 6 3, well-
built, and you can see that he knows how to carry himself.
People know who he is, and if you were right there, youd know
exactly who he was too.
He walks up to me. Michael is even paler now as the man
stops near me, and smiles up at Michael.
Hi, Dad, he says.
General commotion in the courtroom abounds again. But hes
not mistaken. Thats Lance Anders standing next to methe
stepson of Michael Anders.
If youre just coming into this universe for the first time,
youre probably going to need a bit of a catch up.
And its perfect timing, because the Chairman bangs his gavel
a few more times.
Senator Hawthorne, we all know the mayors playboy son,
but what has this got to do with anything? he asks. I can tell
hes a bit irritated that he isn't following along like some people.
But I figure itll be good to fill in all the dots anyways.
You see, Mr. Chairman, I say as I pull out some papers from
my briefcase. The paper trail that I was able to get my office to
pull together after I talked to Lance and got the details about
what his father did told most of the story, I say.
When he keeps looking at me, I continue. Michael Anders, a
billionaire media mogul is also serving the beginning of his
second term as the Mayor of New York City, I say. But hes got
massively negative disapproval ratings outside the city and its
clear that once hes done with his job as mayor and he only has
this one term left because of term limits his options are
The Chairman starts to nod. But theres a problem. Because
of his negative approval ratings, national office is going to be
hard. He cant challenge a senior Senator, but he can sure take
on a junior one. And even if that fails, he can discredit the
Governor and possibly have an open option there. This was all
designed so that Michael Anders would have something to do
once the people kicked him out of the mayors office.
People are beginning to put the pieces together. I continue.
Being a woman who enjoyed sex didnt help. Michaels stepson,
Lance, recently got married to and had a baby with his ex-wife,
Jocelyn. The whole country knows. You dont escape from
something like that without raising serious questions. Michael
probably views it as Jocelyns fault and blames all confident
I see, the Chairman says, nodding. And what about Liam
Jeffries and the impeachment in New Kingston? he asks.
I pull out some more papers. These documents show that
China First Bank received substantial payments from the local
Shanghai Communist Party to bring the Boltiador Family
factories over to them. Theyve been trying to sabotage this deal
to build the factories in America. A discredited mayor who
reached out to big business would send shockwaves through the
business community. Large corporations would think twice
about re-investing in American small towns again for a long,
long time.
There. All the pieces are connected now. It all makes sense.
I have to hand it to Michael Anders. The guy is a diabolical
But he had one fatal flaw. He allowed Lance to continue
working in his company as he ran the city. Not realizing that
Lance Anders was a decent human being. Sure, he had his bad
boy days, but Jocelyn seems to have tamed him. Thats another
story, by the way, that has its own HEA. But its actually quite
Scandalous, and I should probably let you get to it on your own.
Im telling you all this right now because there is no way I can
talk. Tina Ling is on her feet and I see her try to slink away,
heading to the door.
But its a good thing that the State Police are here, because
they block her. Michael Anders is sitting there, frozen,
Order! the Majority Leader shouts. Order!
After a few more bangs of the gavel, he finally gets a measure
of quiet.
Senator Hawthorne, the Chairman says, looking at me with
apology in his eyes before turning to Liam and Carter. Mayor
Jeffries, Governor Andrews. Its obvious there is more than
meets the eye in this situation. I think its time for us to regroup
and understand exactly what is going on in light of this new
People are starting to clap and smile. Both Carter and Liam
approach me, theyre beaming with grins from ear to ear.
As such, Im exercising my authority as Chairman of the
Ethics Committee to clear you of any reason to be investigated,
he says forcefully but Im more focused on the men around me.
I hereby end this hearing and declare no ethics have been
compromised at this time!
He bangs the gavel, but Ive stopped paying attention. My
arms travel to Liam, who is closest to me and he brings me
closer. His face finds mine, and our mouths touch. I close my
eyes as we kiss, tasting his tongue massage mine.
People are clapping and cheering as I back away and Carter
takes me in his arms. We share another kiss and if it wasnt for
the fact that Liam turns to me and says, We have a surprise for
you back at my place, then Id have started grabbing their
crotches right there. Im so turned on.
I dont know how Im going to control myself to wait till we
get back home.

F rom the Editorial Board of the New York Daily Journal

To date, there has never been a time in the storied history of
this newspaper that the organization has had to issue a blanket
apology to so many people. The Daily Journal has been known
until recently for its quality of journalism that created a gold
standard to aspire to.
After the events of yesterday during the Ethics Committee
investigation, it became obvious that those days have slipped
away from this paper.
The New York Daily Journal was purchased by Anders Media in
1995 in a cash sale. There was a clause that was written in that
the Editorial Board, at any time of its choosing, could vote to
separate the paper from the wider Anders Media empire if the
Managing Editors were able to raise the necessary capital.
As the treacherous actions of Michael Anders were exposed
yesterday by Senator Vivian Hawthorne, the Managing Editors of
the newspaper met for an emergency closed door meeting. All
Managing Editors were present with the exception of Michael
Andersfor necessary reasons. A vote was taken to separate the
paper and each Managing Editor agreed that it was the best
course of action.
While not proud of the tactics used by this organization in the
last two months, we pledge to the people of New York City and to
the nation and world that we will do better.
Already, steps have been taken toward this goal.
A formal notice of separation and payment for independence
has been filed with Anders Media. We anticipate that within one
month we will be able to spin-off this newspaper into an
independent corporation that will never again be able to be
biased in its reporting and coverage the way it was during this
latest affair.
The issue of protecting the environment while providing
economically sustainable jobs cannot be solved by hunting for
the latest scandal. It cannot be done by shaming those working
in their own way to find a solution. Yet that is what we engaged
in, and we apologize profusely.
We wish to announce that Michael Anders is, after a vote by
all Managing Editors, no longer affiliated with this news outlet,
and is himself now a target of multiple Justice Department
investigations that were announced yesterday. He may still be
the Mayor of New York, but we believe that his hold over this
important source of news is gone. We will nonetheless cover the
investigation into his dealings objectively. The District Attorney
has announced plans to indict Michael Anders on corruption
chargesan indictment that will most likely necessitate that he
resign from his position as Mayor.
Tina Ling has been apprehended by the FBI for her role in
allegedly attempting to bribe elected officials within the United
States of America. Early this morning, China First Bank
announced its plan to liquidate itself into its parent company
and cease to do business in the United States. The Peoples
Republic of China also weighed in, announcing that Ms. Lings
membership in the Communist Party had been revoked. How
much of this was due to covering themselves from an
embarrassing revelation and how much of it is due to individual
malfeasance on Ms. Lings part will most likely never be known.
As of now, Ms. Ling is being held at Rikers Correctional Facility
in New York State.
This paper would like to issue a heartfelt apology to Governor
Carter Andrews, Mayor Liam Jeffries, and Senator Vivian
Hawthorne. The way that they were covered, the levels to which
their privacy was invaded, and the assumptions that were made
were inexcusable. We can only hope that they forgive us.
At the same time we apologize to them, we would also like to
applaud the efforts that they have undertaken to both protect
the environment as well as keep the jobs necessary for a healthy
After yesterdays spectacle, it was a surprise to see the three
leaders hold a press conference where they outlined plans that
they had finalized with Boltiador Global Industries over the
course of the last sixty days. These conditions were agreed to
after the Ethics Committee investigations and involve a variety
of tax credits to Boltiador Enterprises to bring in low polluting
factory jobs to New Kingston.
Those tax credits will be offset with a variety of payments that
the Boltiador family will pay to clean up any environmental
damage as result of the factories.
The terms were so easily discussed and agreed to that the
Boltiador family committed to building yet another two factories
specializing in green energy and environmentally friendly
upgrading tools to make older factories more energy efficient
and less polluting. This additional investment means an extra
4,000 jobs to the local economy.
Already, the celebration for the impending prosperity has hit
the residents of New Kingston, who have voted overwhelmingly
to drop all impeachment proceedings against their bad boy
What the Mayor of New Kingston does in his spare time with
the Senator and the Governor is of no business of ours. Our
investigation concludes at the mention that five new factories
are to be built, revitalizing the economy of New Kingston.
We wish all of the wronged parties in this entire episode
nothing but our heartfelt apologies. We also wish them luck in
the brave new world they have ushered in for us.


THE NEW YORK Daily Journal Editorial Board


I pour the white wine into my glass and take off my heels,
feeling the soft carpet under my feet. Walking over to the
large windows of our new apartment, I take a sip out of the
Chardonnay wine and look at the sprawling city underneath. The
sun is setting on the horizon, its orange glow flooding the New
York skyline and painting it in mellow tones. Soon enough the
night will fall, and true to its soul as the city that never sleeps,
the Big Apple will light up like a Christmas tree
New York might just be a city to some, but its everything to
me. Its my home, now more than ever. Its a concrete jungle,
yes, one where you have to prove what youre worth before you
get what you want; but its my city nonetheless, and I wouldnt
have it any other way. After all, it was New York City that gave
me the most important thing in my life: love.
I smile, remembering how it all felt so hopeless before. Liam
and Carter were involved in a bitter fight, and I was right in the
middle of it, trying to solve the unsolvable and making it even
worse every step of the way. But now here I am, standing in a
brand new penthouse, bought by us for us.
To be honest, I dont really care about it. I would be just as
happy with a tiny house or a one-bedroom apartment, as long as
these two were by my side. Sure, I love the view from up here,
and I dont mind the luxuries, but its their love that makes it
Taking another sip from my wine, I let its vanilla and oak
taste settle on my tongue, and I close my eyes for a second.
Carter and Liam will be home soon, I think to myself, allowing
the sweetness of my thoughts to echo inside my mind.
Home, I whisper to myself, smiling. Its still hard to
believe, but weve built a home for ourselves. Even though we
didnt know how the world would react to what we had between
us, we raised our chins and went right ahead. Against all odds,
Im now the happiest woman on Earth.
I open my eyes as I hear a key turning in the lock, and I turn
on my heels to face the door. They step inside the apartment
together, and I just look at them in silence, that silly smile in my
lips. Dreams do come true.
Were home, baby, Carter says, walking up to me and
kissing me on the lips, his hands on my waist.
Are we having a party? I fucking love parties. Liam laughs,
a grin on his face as he picks up the bottle I left on the coffee
Oh, shes having a party, all right. And she started without
us, Carter chuckles, pulling back from my kiss and looking me
in the eyes.
I was just having a glass, I tell them, moving toward the
center of the living room and setting my glass on the table, next
to the bottle. Although now that youre here, I dont need the
wine to unwind anymore.
You dont. We can make you unwind pretty easily. Liam
looks at Carter, unspoken agreement flashing in their eyes. They
are hiding something from me, and I want to know what it is.
What? I ask them, looking from one to the other. Tell
Fucking hell, Vivian. When are you going to learn the virtues
of patience? Liam laughs, mocking me as he runs one hand
through my hair, a gentle smile on his lips. We have a
I love surprises. Especially when they come from Liam and
Carter; I know the kind of surprises these two can plan, and they
never fail to disappoint. Does it have anything to do with the
off limits bedroom? For the past few days they have kept one of
the spare bedrooms locked, and I wasnt allowed a key to it. I
asked them countless times why they didnt allow me there, but
they never gave me a straight answer. It seems that Im about to
find out what theyre hiding there.
Oh, it has everything to do with that room. And youre going
to love it, Carter whispers against my ear, standing behind me
as he presses his body against mine. Close your eyes, he tells
me, and I do it without bothering to know why. A few seconds
after Ive sunk into darkness, I feel him sliding a soft thread of
fabric around my head and over my shut eyes. It smells of Carter,
and I dont need to touch it to know that its his tie. He ties it on
the back of my head, and then places both his hands on my hips.
I gasp as he picks me up, one arm under my knees and the
other one around my waist. I place my arm around his neck and
let him carry me, my heart beating in rhythm with the soft click
of both their shoes. When Carter puts me down, I feel the
softness of a mattress under my backside and I lay back, anxious
to surrender myself to whatever it is they intend to do. Blinded
by Carters tie, somehow I can still feel their eyes on me. After
all, where else would they look when Im right here with them,
my tight black dress hugging the curves of my eager body?
Do you trust us? Liam asks me, and I simply nod, not saying
a word. Id trust them with my life, and they know it. Good, he
says, and then I feel him wrapping something around my wrist.
Carter must be on the other side of the bed, because I feel
another thread of fabric around my other wrist. They push my
arms over my head, and then the fabric they put on me becomes
tight around my wrists; I try and move my arms only to find
resistance. My insides clench as I realize they have tied me up to
the bed And I cant see a thing. Im blind and defenseless,
vulnerable to whatever it is they want to do with me And I love
it. Oh, God, do I love it.
You know, you look really good like this Tied up and with
no way to escape from us, I hear Liam say, and I cant help but
smile at his words.
What makes you think that I want to escape? I ask,
allowing a expression of defiance to take over my face. Then, I
feel the mattress shifting under someones weight, and I purse
my lips. Its frustrating that I cant see whats happening around
me, and that just makes me want them even more.
Thats all that I needed to hear, Carter whispers, and then
his hands are on me, running up my side. A shiver goes up my
spine as I feel his fingertips brushing over my neck, and then
down to the skin between my breasts. Running his hand across
the collar of my dress, he then moves it all the way to the straps
on my dress. He hooks his fingers there, and tugs on the strap;
my arms are raised and tied up, so I wonder for a moment about
how hes going to take my dress off, but then the answer comes
with a strong ripping sound. Carters hands are still pulling at
my straps, but Liams are on my collar, tearing the fabric apart.
Together, they push my ruined dress down my body, and I
squirm in place as I feel it sliding down my body. My naked skin
against the soft sheets, I push against the ties that bind me, my
whole body tensing up as I suddenly feel exposed; here I am,
wearing nothing but a lace bra and thong, and I cant even see
the look on their faces.
I tremble in place as I feel a pair of lips against my neck, and
then another one between my breasts. Sighing heavily, I
surrender to the darkness, their mouths savoring my naked skin
on a downward trajectory. I feel them moving down my stomach
at the same time, their lips gently kissing every inch of my body
until they meet the hem of my thong. I sway my hips from side
to side, and then someone presses a forearm over my waist,
pinning me down to the mattress; frozen in place, theres
nothing I can do but submit.
We can do anything
Anything we want
I bite my lower lip, a growing wetness between my inner
thighs. Yes, they can do anything And I cant. My heart beats
in heavy frustration, but that frustration comes laced with a
perverted sense of surrender. All my life, I always needed to be in
control; now, Im letting go of it. And, as frustrating as it might
be, it feels so fucking right.
You can do anything I repeat their words, letting them
roll over my tongue as a sinful mantra. Im waiting, I
continue, urging them to act on their promises. My words have
an effect, but its not the one I intended; they simply let go of
me, the mattress shifting as they get out of the bed. I can do
absolutely nothing about it, so I simply try and listen to
whatever it is theyre doing, the loud drumming of my heart
making that a difficult task.
I hear a metallic clink; the buckle of a belt? And then theres
the rustle of clothes. Are they undressing? It seems like it, but
theres no way for me to be sure. Its maddening to know that
theyre probably naked by now, their chiseled muscles and hard
cocks so close to me.... and yet so far. I cant touch them, I cant
see them, and yet, I know theyre here, burning with desire.
Frustration doesnt even start to describe it. This is torture.
Youre torturing me, I moan, pushing back against the
knots in my wrists.
We are, Liam says, his voice telling me that hes standing
up at the side of the bed. And dont you just love it?
You cant imagine how much, I think to myself, still trying to
fight back against my bindings. I open my mouth to tell him
that, but the words die on my throat as I feel the mattress
shifting again as they climb on top of the bed. I imagine them
naked, their hard cocks pointing up as they gaze at my half-
naked body, and that is almost enough to make me go mad. A
low growl of desire rises from my throat, and I feel a burning
need building up inside my muscles. God, I need them to do
Almost as if they could read my mind, I feel a pair of fingers
on my outer thighs curling around my thong. Theres a pull, and
then my underwear is sliding down my legs. My clit throbs and
burns as I can almost sense their eyes devouring my wet pussy,
their own eagerness making the atmosphere in the room become
heavy and electric.
Please, I find myself saying, having no idea about what it is
that I want. I just know that I want it. As a response, one of them
spreads my legs wide and positions himself between them; in an
instant, theres a mouth on my stomach, soft kisses making
their way down. Squirming, I almost stop breathing as I feel the
tip of a wet tongue going down my mound and reaching for my
clit. Theres a moment of hesitancy, and then a gunshot goes off
inside my mind as that same tongue presses down on my clit. I
gasp as I feel it, and thats all I have the time to do - before I can
even prepare myself for it, theres a set of lips wrapped tight
around my clit, sucking eagerly. Oh, God Im Going crazy in
here, I say, half-moaning and half-whispering, the words
hanging heavily in the air.
Thats the idea, Liam whispers against my ear, making me
realize that Carter is the one responsible for the burning in my
Your cock I moan, throwing my head back against the
mattress as I arch my back. I want it.
Of course you do, Liam responds, and I feel him moving.
Im breathing hard now, anxious to know what hes going to do
while Carter devotes himself to devouring my drenched pussy. I
feel something brushing against my lips and I react on pure
instinct; I open my mouth wide and crane my neck, wrapping my
lips around Liams delicious shaft. Hes probably on his knees,
grabbing his own cock and aiming it at my mouth, and thats all
he needs to do. I go as far as I can, allowing his cock to roll over
my tongue until his long inches are all inside of me; then, I start
to move my head in a coming and going motion, trying to focus
on what Im doing while a storm starts to brew in the nerve
endings around my pussy.
Carter has moved down from my clit, and now he has opened
his mouth over my soaking wet folds. He sucks them in, running
his tongue along them, and I cant help but thrust at him,
pushing my pussy against his mouth as hard as I can. Matching
my eagerness with his, he lays his arm across my waist and uses
two fingers to press on my clit, rubbing it in a fast circular
motion. His fingers and mouth turning a growing storm into a
hurricane of pleasure, I start moving my head erratically, almost
unable to control the movements of my own body. But I try as
hard as I can, hungrily sucking on Liams cock as I feel a wild
pressure mounting inside of me.
Thats my girl, Liam says, placing one hand on my head
and tangling his fingers on my hair. As if he knew that I couldnt
go on, he holds my head in place and starts to buck his hips at
me, sliding his cock in and out of my mouth. Fuck, I can never
get enough of your tight mouth he groans, his shaft pulsing
against my tongue and the inside of my cheeks. I might not be
able to see him, but I can hear his ragged deep breathing I
might be drowning in lust, but hes not doing any better.
As Carter starts to jab with his tongue, sliding it past my folds
and inside my pussy, I just lose it. My muscles tense up and,
feeling me on the verge of exploding, he starts pressing harder
on my clit. I arch my back and turn my head to the side, Liams
cock popping out with a wet sound as a moan of utter delight
bubbles up to my lips.
The fuse has been lit, and it takes only a heartbeat for an
explosion to take place inside my head; fireworks go off behind
my eyelids, and all rationality turns into dust as the shock wave
of pleasure hits my mind.
Oh, God, this is I start, my voice quivering, but I dont
know how to finish my sentence. There are no adequate verbs to
describe the raging ecstasy that has spread its wings inside of
me. Unable to see and to move, all that I can do is surrender to
pleasure. And, God, it never felt so good to surrender.
This was just the appetizer, Liam whispers, and then
presses his lips against mine. I feel them both moving over the
mattress, and the loud pounding of my heart drowns all sound
around me. One of themI cant tell whoplaces his hands on
my knees and spreads my legs wide, positioning himself there. I
pant, straining against my soft chains.
I want it I moan, my pussy aching for their cocks. Fuck
me Just fuck me already, I plead. Arching my back, I let out a
loud sigh as I feel the tip of his cockeither Liams or Carters
against my folds. His hands are on my thighs, and with just one
thrust, he slides all the way in. I open my mouth to moan, but all
I manage to utter is a small croak of pleasure.
As the man between my thighs starts to thrust, his
movements keeping a steady growing rhythm, I feel the other
one next to my upper body. Anticipating whats about to happen,
I open my mouth wide open, and just like that, a thick cock
pushes its way past my lips and lodges itself against the back of
my throat. Both mens cock inside of me, their movements
somehow match one another; their rhythm keeps growing and
growing, and it doesnt take long for them to be fucking my
mouth and pussy as if tomorrow would never come.
I cross my legs behind the back of the man between my
thighs, and he immediately reacts by placing his hands under my
knees. Pushing my legs up, he places them over his shoulders
and leans forward. As my body bends, his cock goes deeper
inside of me; I want to moan and scream, but with a thick cock
filling my mouth thats just impossible to do. As if he could
know what was going through my head, he takes his cock out of
my mouth, and I cry out loud, the muscles in my neck straining
from the effort.
Oh, fuck I gasp, the cock inside of my pussy filling me up
completely and pressing against a sweet spot deep inside of me.
Are you ready for our surprise? Carter says, and I realize he
was the one fucking my mouth; Liam must be the one between
my legs then.
Yes Oh, God, yes, I pant, more than ready for whatever it
is they have in mind. Without saying a word, Carter runs his
hands through my hair and starts undoing the ties knot. When
it comes loose, the fabric droops over my eyes and then he just
pulls it out.
I blink, my eyes trying to adjust to the light of the room. For a
few seconds, confusion fills my mind. Theres something
happening with the ceiling. I blink again, trying to realize if its a
TV there, and then I finally understand what theyve done. They
have installed a huge mirror there, one larger than the bed were
in. My lips curl into a wild grin as I look at our reflection; my legs
are over Carters shoulders, and his ass is flexing with each
thrust of his. I cant stop staring at the way the muscles in his
back move, his body a monument to engineering.
Fucking great, isnt it? Liam asks, looking into my eyes as
he reaches for my right breast and squeezes it.
Oh, fuck, yes I say with a trembling voice, the words
coming out of me one at a time, matching the rhythm of Carters
thrusts. Its amazing. I smile at Liam, and then I look at the
mirror again, my eyes drawn to the flat surface in the ceiling. To
see myself being ravaged by Carter, its almost as if I were
watching it happen to someone else Except, of course, I feel all
of it at the same time.
Harder, I urge Carter, eager to see his body moving, his
muscles moving in unison as he thrusts faster. Obliging, he
takes my legs out of his shoulders and, kneeling between my
thighs, starts ramming his cock at me almost too violently. In
the mirror, I see his ass flexing as he thrusts, the muscles in his
arms bulging as he supports himself on the mattress. I have a
feeling that this is going to be my new favorite room in the
Seems like someone is enjoying the fucking show, Liam
says, kneeling next to me. I glance at him, his hard shaft casting
a shadow over my face, and run my tongue over my lips. My
mouth is waiting for you, I tell him without using words; a look is
all that he needs. Grinning, he grabs his cock and brushes its
glans against my lips, rubbing it from side to side. Moving fast, I
crane my neck and part my lips at the same time, his shaft
sliding easily inside of my mouth.
As he starts to ravage my mouth, I turn my attention to the
ceiling once again. There, I see our reflections locked in a frenzy
of lust; Liam has both his hands on my head, guiding the
movement of my mouth, while Carter keeps on pounding me
mercilessly. To see it happening from all angles God, why
didnt I think of a mirror before? It almost makes me want to
cover this bedroom with mirrorsceiling, walls, everything To
see their naked bodies ravaging me everywhere I turn, now
thatd be something.
Still seeing everything unfold through the mirror, I see Liam
reaching for the bedposts, his fingers tugging at the knots that
keep me tied up. My body reacts by itself, and I use my arms to
push against the ties theyve used to keep me in place. As I feel
one knot loosening up, I tug harshly with one arm and it comes
free at once; immediately, I use my hand to grab at Liams ass,
my fingers curling on his firm ass cheeks as I feel the sway of his
hips. When he frees my second arm, its almost like the devil has
taken over me. Still with the ties hanging around my wrist, I grab
Liams ass and urge him to go faster, my mouth open wide as his
cock flies in and out of me.
I almost decide to suck him until he has no other choice but
come in my mouth, but I give up on it quickly; Carters rhythm is
growing with a fury, and I cant focus on anything but it. Each
thrust of his charges my body with an electric current that begs
to be set free, and thats exactly what happens. One violent
thrust and an electric thunderstorm takes over both my mind
and bodyas if someone had ran a nail through my brain, all my
limbs start to flail, my trembling fingers tugging at the sheets as
I squirm in place.
Even though Im coming hard, Carter doesnt stop thrusting.
Each time his cock goes deep inside of me, its as if pleasure
surges through me again, my orgasm a never ending cycle of
ecstasy. Never coming down, I keep screaming like a banshee,
my throat already hurting from the effort.
Feeling my orgasm subsiding, Carter slides his cock out of me
and I simply collapse on top of the mattress, my limbs sprawled
as my lungs struggle to get the air in. Feeling the last whispers of
pleasure under my skin and the pounding of my heart against my
eardrums, the flames of hell start burning high inside of me. I
look up at the ceiling, my own reflection staring back at me. I
grin, and the naked Vivian in the ceiling mirror returns the grin,
almost as if it were telling me to let go... To go all out. Sitting up
on the bed, I look from Liam to Carter, sin and depravity burning
inside of me. Thats me, the Queen of Hell and Sin, and Im
about to show them who theyre dealing with.
Turning around, I go on all fours, my ass turned to Liam. I
sway my hips from side to side as an invitation, and then I feel
his fingers hooking themselves on my waist.
Show me what youve got, Liam, I purr, thrusting back at
him. I feel the tip of his cock pressed against my drenched folds,
and that urges me to keep going. As hard as you can. Dont hold
back; fuck me like the slut I am. Your little slut. The words
come out of me as if they were the most natural thing for me to
say. I dont need to say more; Liam bucks his hips at me and
sheaths his cock up to the hilt, a loud scream exploding on my
Raising my head, I lock eyes with Carter then. What are you
waiting for? My tight mouth is waiting for you, I tell him,
parting my lips as he goes on his knees. Supporting myself with
only one arm, I reach for his cock and dive in, taking all of his
inches inside my mouth. Liam is the one setting the pace; as he
thrusts, I go forward, Carters shaft slides down my thong and
almost makes me choke. Like a pendulum, I swing back and
forth, my body ravaged by their massive cocks.
My heart feeling as heavy as a stone, I pull back from Carters
cock and look him in the eye, the need to have both cocks inside
of me becoming almost too overwhelming. Moving like a tiger in
heat, I let my body fall forward, Liams cock popping out of my
pussy. Without a seconds pause, I lunge at Carter, pushing him
down on the mattress with both my hands on his chest. He goes
down willingly, and in a heartbeat Im on top of him, grabbing
his cock and angling it straight up at my pussy.
Thats right, I tell him, grinning as if I was completely mad,
which I am. Im calling the shots right now. My rules now.
With that, I ease myself down on his thickness, his pulsing shaft
straining against my inner walls as it goes in. Carter rests his
hands on my shoulders, the strong muscles in his arms bulging
as he pushes me down, thrusting with all his strength. My mind
stabbed by pleasure, I let out a wild cry of pleasure as Carter
thrusts, his cock pounding my pussy as if his intention was to
leave me completely demolished. Sounds just fine, but I still
want more.
I lean forward, digging my fingernails into the strong chiseled
muscles in his chest and I bare my ass to Liam. Looking over my
shoulder back at him, I grin, flames dancing in my eyes. What
are you waiting for? My eyes ask him, and he gets the hint
almost at once. He kneels behind me and between Carters legs,
his long fingers settling on my waist. With one hand, he grabs
his cock and pushes it between my ass cheeks and against my
gaping hole.
Fuck my ass. As hard as you can, I tell him, the tone of my
voice a commanding one. If I were a Queen, he wouldnt take my
command any more seriously; thrusting as hard as he can, no
mercy to the movement of his hips, he impales me on his cock. I
can barely think straight right now; fuck, its a surprise Im still
alive right now. Maybe Ive died, and this is Heaven. But no
Heaven has nothing on this. Nothing beats having Carter and
Liam ravaging my pussy and ass at the same time.
Raising my head, I open my eyes and look at the wall in front
of the bed, the last sliver of rationality inside of me allowing me
one last thought: I must definitely get some mirrors up on the
walls as well. The ceiling isnt enough: if I had a mirror in front
of me, I could look Liam in the eyes as he destroys my ass with
the constant pounding of his cock.
Youre a fucking wicked one, Liam says, his fingers digging
into my hips. And I fucking love it, he continues, slapping my
ass cheeks with his thighs. You want more, dont you?
More! I simply cry out, my brain struggling to process what
hes telling me. The moment he hears me, he gives me three
hard thrusts, stretching my ass wide open and making my
insides clench in ecstasy. MORE! MORE! I scream out at the
top of my lungs, and both men start to fuck me in such a way
that I dont even know if my body will be the same after this.
Fuck, theyll have to carry me out of the bed in a stretcher; I
doubt Ill be able to move once were done.
Come, Vivian, I hear the sound of Carters voice, reaching
me as if he were on the other side of a tunnel. My eyes are closed
shut, and everything aside from their cocks starts to fade away;
all that my brain can register are the claws and jaws of a
murderous orgasm. This one is coming for me with a killer
intent, and I might just let it finish me off for good. Come
Carter repeats, and his voice strokes something deep inside of
me. Something in my soul.
My soul is boiling. My mind is drowning. My body is Fuck,
there are no words capable of describing what my body is going
through. Their cocks are a drug, and Im ODing on them. Call me
an addict, call me whatever you want - Im all of it, and them
I moan like a wounded animal, the sound shrill enough to rip
my eardrums apart. And that Well, that just makes them go
even harder. Swear to God, if a few months ago anyone told me
that Id have two cocks like these inside of me, Id send them for
a hike. Turns out, the impossible is possible after all.
As I come, Liam reaches for my tits and squeezes them
harshly; at the same time, I feel a spasm going through his cock.
As if it were contagious, Carters cock starts to pulse harshly
inside my pussy. Theyre close; no, fuck, theyre already at the
point of no return.
Moving with the urgency of impending doom, I push my body
forward, forcing both cocks out of me. My heart drumming a
song of lust, I climb down from the bed and go down on my
All. Over. Me. I say between hard breaths, my ribcage
feeling as if it were about to explode with each breath I take. I
throw my head back and look up at the mirror, seeing everything
unfold through our reflections: Liam and Carter get out of the
bed and stand over me, their massive cocks pulsing harshly as
they grab them. Without me needing to tell them what to do,
they start to stroke themselves, their ravenous eyes devouring
my naked body. I feel my own fluids dripping down my thighs
and onto the floor, and that just makes me want whats to come
even more.
As if the three of us were in sync, I open my mouth at the
exact same moment thick ropes of cum start to gush from their
cocks. White strands hit me straight in the face, coating my skin
and tongue in semen. They keep cumming as if they had a
never-ending fountain inside of them, their cocks spurting a
raging river all over me.
I grab my own breasts and start to run my fingers back and
forth, smearing their warm cum all over my tits and chest. With
two fingers, I scoop some of the cum thats dripping down
between my breasts, and then I take them to my mouth; parting
my lips, I slide my fingers in and suck them dry, Liams and
Carters raw saltiness coating my mouth.
Their cocks still spasming, they start to aim them at my
chest; my face is already covered in cum, and they want to cover
all the rest of my body. It drips down my neck and chest, down to
my stomach and then further down, my already drenched pussy
turning into a wet mess of fluids.
Look at the mess youve made, boys, I moan and purr,
looking down from the mirror at them. I smear their cum all over
my chest, an invitation flashing in my eyes. They exchange a
glance, almost as if they were communicating telepathically, and
then go down on their knees. I lean back, supporting myself with
just my elbows, and part my legs wide. Knowing what I want,
they lean in at the same time, opening their mouths as they
reach for my pussy. A shiver goes up my spine as I feel their
tongues running along my folds, scooping the mess of fluids that
coats me.
They devour everything, licking every single drop of semen in
my pussy, and then they start running their tongues up to my
stomach. Laying flat on the floor, I arch my back as they kiss me
all over, their lips sliding over my glistening skin. They go all the
way up to my mouth, their hungry lips reaching for mine; I kiss
them both, my tongue sliding inside their mouths one at a time
and scooping up the cum they hold there. Our mouths brimming
with cum, we look at each other and swallow at the same time.
Just like that, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. A
perfect ending to a perfect fuck; sorry if Im crass, but Im way
past being shy. After meeting Liam and Carter, Ive locked away
all of the decency a woman should maintain between the walls..
Looking up at the mirror, I smile at my own reflection. The
world might not understand, but it doesnt matterwere here,
were together.
And we love each other.

I feel Carters hand squeeze my ass through the thin material

of my skirt. He soon just loses patience and lifts it up. I
whimper and bite my lip to stay quiet. If anyone caught us, it
would be another scandal. And say what you will, hun, but Im
done with political scandals after the last one that almost took
us all down last year.
Although, to be quite honest, ever since we had that scandal,
a lot has changed.
Like what, youre probably wondering, huh?
Oh, yes, Carter moans as my hand travels inside of his
pants and grabs his cock. His trousers are unbuckled and Im
jerking him as quietly as I can. I wonder briefly if anyone can
hear us, but the roar of the crowd on the other side of the curtain
is too loud. My hand uses his own precum to lube his cock, and I
wonder if Im going to make him cum or not. It might be kind of
a mess if I got Carter Andrews to cum right now. Theres not
really a bathroom in sight, and hed have a giant wet spot when
he gushed out a gallon of his semen onto his pants.
But then he sticks a finger inside of my pussy and I forget
everything. I close my eyes as Carter starts kissing my neck and
working his finger in a come hither motion against my G-spot.
This is so good. Just the perfect pick me up that I needed this
So, you know about stuff changing; this is one of them, by the
way. Carter is now a lot more comfortable getting frisky in
public. Hes often the one suggesting it. I mean, Carter being
Carter is never going to actually come out and say it. But the way
he touches me. Or the way his eyes smolder I know what he
And who would blame him? One year since the deal that Liam,
Carter, and I put through the job of being Governor has become
infinitely easier. A few amendments to the environmental
legislation that Liam and Carter and I worked out mean that
factories and industries dont just shut down anymore.
Businesses are no longer discouraged from investing in the state.
No, rather, they receive tax credits that allow them to upgrade
and refit their factories to be less polluting. The businesses
arent saddled with huge costs, in fact theyre saddled with no
costs. The environmentalists are happy because with more
people using them the technology gets cheaper and cheaper.
And the jobsthe jobs keep pouring in. Not just the assembly
line, factory, and manufacturing jobs, but the industries that
have sprung up virtually overnight that specialize in retooling
and refitting these factories.
Its hard to believe, but the state is going through something
of an economic rebirth. Its got politicians across both sides of
the aisle talking about copying whats going on here.
But probably more important than anything else, its got both
sides talking. The era of hopelessness, where people couldnt get
past the arguments of the other side seems to be declining.
People are realizing the power of the American spirit that by
working together and standing together we can be more united.
Sure, we still have problems. They go on and on. But were
making progress finally. And its infectious.
And to think, all it needed was a threesome.
Speaking of threesome, where is
Thats when I feel another pair of hands reach over and pull
down my thong as Carter takes his fingers out. Before I can
respond, I feel the tip of a cock pulsing against my ass cheeks. I
grimace in pleasure as I feel it pressing against me. Into me.
I bend over slightly onto Carter to give Liam an angle. And I
feel his cock, parting my pussy lips. Im already wet; thats not a
problem. In one swift stroke, he fills me up.
Ungh, I grunt, and bite my lip again.
The state and the nation was a lot more accepting of whatever
Carter, Liam, and I got up to once we proved to them that we
could bring back jobs and save their environmentsomething
that because of special interests not many politicians were able
to do.
And the fact of the matter isIm in love. With two men. A
strong and silent alpha who I look up to, as well as a bad boy who
drives me crazy with desire. Both men have something unique
that I couldnt ever find ever find in just one man. I guess thats
why I never settled down. I was always looking.
But I can stop now.
The roar of the crowd continues and I know we cant keep
doing this forever. This cant be like the five-hour sex sessions
that weve had in the past, where each man takes turns fucking
me before both of them please me simultaneously.
Its true, hun. I really am the center of both their
relationships. They pleasure me and throw me into an orbit that
Ive never been in.
I turn to Carter, jerking him harder. I pull his cock out and
spit onto it, a fierce urgency in my eyes. He grunts. I can tell hes
Liam can sense the urgency in my body too, and he increases
his thrusts. This is going to be
Oh, my. I feel Liams cock throb inside of me and all of a
sudden, with Carters hands twisting my nipples, I feel
I close my eyes. They roll back into my head. Im losing my
grip on reality. Every sense is feeling sharp bursts of pleasure
amid a slow boil thats getting hotter.
Fuck, Liam breathes out harshly and I can feel his cock
spasm inside me.
Thats enough to push me over the edge. With their two hard
bodies pushed against me, I bite my lip from crying out as an
orgasm washes over me.
I shudder, moaning into Carters neck as I feel his cock start
to spasm. Liams slid my thong down to my legs and Id stepped
out of it and I feel Carters cum hit my pussy lips. Through my
wracking shudders of orgasm, I feel the interior of my pussy
contract around Liams cock, and he lets out a grunt and within
moments I can feel him spurt.
Pleasure clouds my sense of time. All I can feel is Liam
squirting inside of me. All I can feel is Carter shooting onto me.
Eventually, after I dont know how long, my eyes adjust to my
surroundings. I hear the crowd again. Theyre still cheering.
My breathing is ragged, and my heart is racing, but I bend
over as Liam pulls out and put my thong back on.
Carter uses his finger to smear some of his own juices on my
Good, I want them both inside me when I go on stage.
Itll be something only the three of us know. And you too,
babe. But youve been with us from the beginning, so youre like
a sister to me in a way. We can have a drink and laugh about it
later. How Liam and Carters semen are mingling inside of me,
dripping down my legs as I stand and gave a speech to 15,000
We sort of got lucky when this section of the backstage area
was uninhabited. A quick word to my staff and they made sure
no one came in or out or bothered the three of us until it was
time to go on stage. Theyre good like thatgiving us privacy.
By now, Carter and Liam have put their cocks back in their
pants and were trying to get as cleaned up as possible. Theres a
mirror next to us (why didnt we use that?) and I make sure my
hair is okay.
Listen, I know Alexis told you at the beginning to suspend
your disbelief so youre just going with it watching us have sex at
this rally, but let me just tell you there is almost nothing like
knowing your about to cum with this many people around you.
Or knowing that youve been filled up with obscene amounts
of another mans spunk and then talking to people and they
have no idea. As the two men stand by, looking innocent.
Okay, there is no way they look innocent of anything. But no
one would believe what we did.
Thats my life. Thats our life. A happy life, Ill be the first to
admit. One where we support and help each other. Where we
love each other. We take care of each other.
A family unitunconventionalbut nevertheless a beautiful
Something worth fighting for. Something that gives me hope.
At long last, Joyce and Ida, my campaign manager and press
secretary, walk back stage.
Joyce sniffs the air a bit. I bite my lip. Does it smell like sex?
But if thats what she thinks, then she keeps it to herself.
Theyre ready for you, Senator, Joyce says.
I nod and follow her to the edge of the curtain. I can hear
myself be introduced.
Yes, its been a good year. All of our political careers are on
the rise. Liam is going to run for Governor next year. Carter is
going to run for my Senate seat. And Im
Oh waitthey just announced me. I walk out on stage and
take the podium.
The cameras flash. But this time to capture history. The
people look up with attention, but this time with love.
Thank you all, I say into the microphone and pause. Thank
God I met Liam. And Carter. Ladies and gentlemen of Iowa, I am
here today to formally announce my candidacy for President of
the United States.
Like I said. Its been a great year.

W ell, howdy there, girlfriend.

Thats fucking right. Im talking to you.
You. The fucking reader. Okay, look, sorry, youre not the
fucking reader okay? Im actually really happy you read
through alright. I hope you liked it.
And yeah, I fucking broke the fourth wall. Dont worry, Alexis
doesnt know. She thinks Im out right now at the bar, drinking
the beer and watching Carter on TV. You know, where Tina Ling
comes in and tries to put her hands in my fucking pants and I
shoot her the fuck down?
Anyways, I got kinda bored and I wanted to get to know you.
And Vivians alright with it, so you know, you dont gotta worry
that Im cheating on her. As long as its with you, its completely
fucking fine.
And youre wondering why I said its not cheating? Because,
you babe, are gonna feel the 12 inch cock inside of you in a few
Yes, you. No, dont fucking look around you. Im talking to
you. There isnt some other reading this right? Most likely this
book only sells one copy in its whole run and its to you.
Yes you.
What? Youre not fucking rolling your eyes, are you? Youre
not wondering to yourself Oh God, this is so silly are you? I
guarantee its not going to be.
Whats my angle? Sorry, I was just staring at your tits and
thinking about what it would be like to squeeze them. You just
read about me, babe, and now youre going to have me. Im Liam
fucking Jeffries. And you are fucking mine.
Right, you asked what the angle was. I want you to be around
to read about my other fucking friends, okay? Theyre bad boys
too, and they want to show you what they can do. Theres Arsen,
the porn kind, in Client 5. But thats coming up after this as a
bonus book anyways. Then theres Lance Anders. Hes a 21 year
dude that fucks this older woman. You can find him in
Scandalous. And finally, theres Lucien Stone. Hes in prison but
he finds his fucking HEA with the sweetest little cute as a button
woman who really needs rescuing too. Thats in Jailbait.
Fine. You already read that shit or you got too much other
fucking shit going on? Just bear in mind youre saying no right
now but in a few minutes youre going to be all yes! yes! oooh
yes! as I totally make you fucking cum.
I mean after the last 80,000 words do I even need to describe
myself? You know the tats that go up and down my arm. Youve
seen my pecs on the cover. You can feel my abs. What? You
didnt see the cock? You know its there, under my pants.
Throbbing. Pulsing. Growing.
So if you want more of this shit, and you liked what you read,
why dont you at least sign up for Alexis Naughty Angels list?
That way you can listen to her go off and do her shit and maybe
be an ARC reader and get bonus chapters and all that good
fucking shit.
I know, this has got to be the strangest Also By the Author
and sales pitch to sign up, but hey, Alexis only asked me to ask
you. She didnt specify how. And this is the way I know best.
So fucking sign up for this shit, okay? You can sign up here:
Naughty Angels.
Or just go here:
Dont fucking worry, babe. Im all done selling the shit. I was
just helping out a friend, ya know? This body is yours now.
Just go find a quiet place where no ones going to bother you if
your cheeks get red. Because they fucking will.
And if you cant find a place, just drown it out, and imagine
yourself in my office. Deep, plus carpets. Overstuffed leather
chairs. Fucking books on shelves all around me. And a mahogany
desk, waiting for us.
Imagine me as I stand over you.
Imagine Liam Jeffries as I lean into you and close my eyes, my
heart thumping harshly during that eternal fraction of a second
during which I wait for our mouths to touch. When they do, I
part my lips ever so slightly, fitting them on your mouth. I feel
that dark energy of desire pulsing under my skin, an
uncontrollable need to claim you. Thats right - since the first
time I laid eyes on you that I wanted to claim you. To make you
My hands go down to your waist while we kiss, my tongue
wrestling fiercely against yours. My heart is racing, all of my
blood boiling as it races through my veins. Raw, violent desire -
thats the only thing Im feeling right now. And all because of
you, baby.
I take my fingers to my collar and hurriedly untie my blood
red tie. After I take it off and pull it around my neck, I push you
back with my body, your ass pressed against my mahogany desk.
Opening my hands, I place my fingers under your ass and lift you
up slightly, making you sit on the flat surface of the desk. As you
sit, I use one arm to sweep away everything thats on our path - I
dont even flinch when I hear the sound of a keyboard, a myriad
of papers and God know what else tumble down from the desk to
the ground.
I cant fucking wait to be inside of you, I say against your
ear, pulling out from our kiss. I nibble at your ear while you slide
one hand down my chest and over my belt, flattening it against
my crotch - oh, I love it, baby. There, throbbing with an almost
violent desire for you, is my massive hard cock. Yes, its this
hard because of you.
I dont say a word - Im under your spell, one of lust and
desire, and now theres no going back. Not that I want to go back
- not now that I feel the warmness of your body, the eagerness in
your eyes.. I want this as much as I do, dont you?.
I hook my fingers on your top and, with a simple vicious tug, I
rip it open, baring your black lace bra. Im completely out of
control and, damn, do I love being like this - Im so hard right
now that the fabric of my pants is on the verge of tearing apart.
You throw your head back as I grab you by the hair; you cant
help but moan as I bury my face between your breasts, my
tongue tracing the whole length of the valley between your tits.
I dont even bother with unclasping your bra, I simply hook
two fingers on the cup of your right breast and pull, freeing your
hard nipple. I pull on it with my index finger and thumb, and
your skin prickles as I do it. With both hands you grab my head,
forcing me down towards your chest; I go willingly, parting my
lips and taking your rosy nipple inside my mouth. It feels
delicious, let me tell you. I can feel you breathing raggedly
through gritted teeth as I circle your nipple with my tongue,
lapping at it with the ferocity of a man that wont be denied. Oh,
trust me on that, baby I wont be denied.
As I keep licking you, you let go of my head and I unclasp your
bra, pulling both straps down your shoulders. The moment I feel
the cups on your tits loosening, I yank them out of your body
harshly, throwing the bra onto the ground before lunging at you
again with my open mouth. You run your hands through my hair,
pulling on it with almost enough strength to hurt me, but I dont
care - Im grabbing your breasts, taking my time with each of
your nipples.
Fuck, I didnt know that it was possible to feel this much
pleasure just from sucking on your nipples. Where have you been
hiding all of my life, baby? Youre so fucking delicious that I just
want to taste every inch of your body.
You start to rub your hand in circles over my crotch,
massaging my hard cock in a frenzy. With my free hand I untuck
my dress shirt, pulling it from my pants. Letting go of my crotch,
you rest both your hands on my chest and push me slightly back
- I look at you with wide hungry eyes, desperate to feel every
inch of your body. With a wicked grin, I push on my shirt with as
much strength as I can muster, the buttons popping up with a
muffled sound and scattering around on the carpeted floor. I
push the crisp white shirt down my shoulders, anxious to feel
your fingers on my muscles. I know you want to touch my
pectorals and abs, no need to hide that from me, baby - Im
more built than any man you have ever came across, we both
know it.
You run your fingertips over my pectorals, letting them fall
down the hills of my washboard abs. If I was hard before, I dont
know what to say about the state Im in right now. Your touch
just makes me go fucking delirious.
Smiling, you unbuckle my belt; I know you want to take it off
and lower my pants, but I give you no time for it. Before you can
react Im on you again, my mouth tightly pressed against yours.
You part your legs wide, allowing me to fit my body between your
thighs. Im thrusting with my hips already, an almost
unconscious desire to feel my shaft against your pussy taking
control of me.
But, lucky for you, Im a patient man.
Pulling back slightly, I reach in between your legs with one
hand, taking my fingers under your skirt and up your inner
thigh. I cant help but grit my teeth the moment my fingertips
touch your drenched thong. I flick my index finger at it, tracing
the contour of the fabric with maddening patience. Then,
without warning, I press my flat hand between your thighs; I
hear you moan through gritted teeth, and the sound of it makes
me close my eyes as flames of pleasure go from my hard cock to
my brain.
With your hands on my lower back, you lace your legs right
above the hem of my pants, trapping me in place. Your fingers
slide down my back and under my pants, feeling the tight and
hard curves of my ass.
As you pull me in, I flick your thong aside, brushing the tip of
my index finger over your wet folds; I do it slowly in an upwards
motion, and then circle back around your clitoris with the
precision of a man that knows what he is doing - because, trust
me, I know what Im doing. I rest my other hand on your knee,
slightly hiking up your skirt; then, with an abrupt movement, I
place both my hands on your outer thighs, my fingers grabbing
at your thong. I pull it down and you lift your ass up as I slide the
soaking wet underwear down your legs and heels. For a moment,
I think of taking your heels off, but then I decide against it - they
look good enough on you for me to want to keep them on during
You lean back, supporting yourself on your elbows as I grab
the hem of your skirt and start pulling it out down your legs as
well. You sit there on top of my desk, completely naked if it
werent for your heels. You look so fucking perfect, and Im
aching to have my thick cock pushing through your folds and
lodging itself deep inside of you Im so utter and completely
hard that its starting to fucking hurt.
With a smirk, I place one hand on your chest and push you
down; you lay on your back, propping your heels up on the edge
of the desk as I grab your knees, making you open your legs wide.
You throw your head back, your eyes closed as you wait and
anticipate my next movement.
I move closer to you, my hands running up and down your
side, lingering over your breasts and then exploring every single
curve of your body. I lean in, my lips softly on your right knee; I
go up, kissing your leg almost all the way to the waist before I
take a shortcut towards your inner thigh. You gasp as my lips
take a route that leads to your pussy, always avoiding to touch it
entirely. Pressing with my thumb right above your clit, you just
lose it - you thrust your hips up, trying to meet my mouth with
your pussy, but I lay one forearm across your stomach and pin
you down to the desk. You try to break my hold, but youre no
match for my strength.
I want to set the pace and and you have no choice but do
whatever I want.
A quivering moan escapes your lips as the tip of my tongue
laps at your pussy, gently running across your slits length. I do
it painfully slow, taking my time as I scoop your juices - then,
when you least expect it, I lean forward and place my open
mouth over your pussy, sucking eagerly. You lift your feet up,
placing your legs over my shoulders as I ravage you with my
mouth; I suck and lick furiously, each time my tongue hits your
clit your body trembling as if a jolt of electricity is running up
and down your spine.
Your fingers run through my combed hair, dishevelling it as
you guide the motion of my mouth. When I wrap my lips around
your clit, sucking on it, your fingers turn into claws as you push
my head down. My tongue continues circling around in a perfect
rhythm, lapping at that sweet spot in you as if you were the most
perfect woman on Earth And right now, you are. And you taste
fucking delicious.
I take my forearm out of your stomach and, feeling your body
free, you grit your teeth and start to thrust at me, rubbing your
pussy harshly against my face. You move your hips from side to
side, spreading your juices all over my face as you start breathing
You try to speak between shorts breaths, but its hard for you,
I know it. You want to tell me not to stop, but theres no need for
it - I can read your thoughts on your body, and I wont stop. Not
because youre asking me, but because I cant.
My tongue lashes out at your clit with unrepentant fury and,
as you lace your legs behind my neck, you explode in ecstasy.
Your moans tell me that your soul is boiling, consciousness
drifting away from you as pleasure demands to take every
available space inside your mind.
Youre moaning hard and your body is shaking; even so, I
dont stop. Instead, I take one finger and press it right on top of
your clit, my mouth focused on your labia. My tongue starts to
jab at your insides with vicious strokes, matching the pace of my
finger. Youre still at pleasures peak, but Ill make that peak
grow and grow. Thats how I go about it, baby - Ill make you ride
the crest of a wave that doesnt stop reaching towards the
And then that waves crashes. And you scream... You scream
very hard. Oh, I love to hear your voice like this, high and
quivering as pleasure rages through you. Its the sweetest sound
I have ever heard.
Thrusting your hips at me, you hold me in place with your
hands on my hair and your legs tied around my neck. You come
violently, my tongue still jabbing at you at a frenetic pace. You
keep holding me tightly until your body stops shaking, and only
then do you loosen your grip. Slowly, I pull back out, your hands
falling to my sides as you try to catch my breath. I lean over you
and, then, my lips are on yours, the scent of your own pussy
inundating you Doesnt it feel good to taste your flavor on my
lips? Youre delicious, and you ought to know it.
One look at you, and I just know youre ready to go again.
You place your hands on my cheeks, pulling me into you as we
kiss; you open your legs wider, lacing them on my lower back,
and prop yourself back up on your elbows. One of your hands fall
from my face and you slide it down my chest towards the hem of
my suit pants; you unbutton them with just one hand, each flick
of your fingers making my cock even harder.
Its mine, your hands seem to say as you press your fingers
over my boxer briefs against my cock. You wrap them around my
thickness, and it pulses with raw energy. It begs to be set free,
and thats exactly what you do.
With your other hand, you grab on my pants and send them
down my legs; you do the same with my underwear, my cock
flying straight into your hand like a thick heavy bat. You grab it,
its warmness spreading to your fingers fingers.
I kick off my shoes to the corner of the office, stepping out of
my pants in a hurry. You sit up on the desk, your eyes widening
as you take in the sight of my naked body in front of you. Yes,
baby, Im all yours.
You bite your lower lip, locking eyes with me, and push me
back with as much strength as you can. I take two steps back as
you climb down from the desk and walk towards me. With your
lips still curled into a grin, you lean into me and kiss my neck,
your lips brushing down to my firm pectorals. You keep kissing
me, going down to your knees as you do it; your tongue traces the
outline of my abs, my muscles brimming with lust and
testosterone. When your kneecaps touch the carpet, your fingers
are already tightening around the base of my cock. You look up at
me and, my eyes never leaving yours, you let your tongue part
your lips and gently flick it at my glans.
I grins at you, desire stamped on my face. Fuck, I want you so
much you have no idea.
Opening your mouth, you wrap your lips around my tip and
then gently pull back out. You do it again and again, tracing the
whole length of my shaft with your index finger. I tremble
slightly and, the moment I do it, you lunge forward, opening
your mouth wide and sliding my shaft deep over your tongue.
Before I even have the time to exhale, you start bobbing your
head, my cock sliding in and out of your mouth at breakneck
speed. I dont know how you do it so perfectly, but I never had
someone doing it like you.
You pull my cock out for a few seconds and, during that small
moment, you stroke me as fast as you can, your fist flying over
from the tip to the root. Then, when your hand is going down my
shaft, you lean forwards again and take me in your mouth,
sucking and stroking in a pendulum motion.
I start to thrust too, my hands on top of your head. You let go
of my cock, placing both your hands on my round ass, and allow
me to match the rhythm of your mouth. My thrusts grow wilder,
as if Im not fucking your mouth but your pussy. Fuck, just
thinking of that is enough for my heart to send a special order of
lustful blood to my already rock-hard cock. I cant fucking wait
to be inside of you.
You lean back, my cock sliding out of your mouth with a loud
pop, and stand up. I dont give you the time to do anything else -
I grab you by the arms, pushing you back. Blindly, I guide you
until your back is against the glass door that leads out of my
office and into balcony. The cold glass makes your skin prickle, a
perfect antithesis to the wildfire raging in your pussy.
I want to fuck you so bad, I whisper, my mouth against your
ear. The sound of my own voice makes me even more delirious,
the need to be inside of you making my mind burn.
You open your mouth to speak, but I already know what
youre going to say. Without giving you the time, I place my
hands under your ass and lift you up; you react by instinct,
crossing your legs over my ass as I pull you against my chest.
Holding you against the glass with only one hand, I grab my cock
and guide its tip towards your pussy. You close your eyes and
shiver, feeling my fat head straining against your folds. Inch by
inch I lower you over my cock, the massive shaft rolling inside of
you as your inner walls strain to accommodate me. You feel so
fucking tight Fuck, I knew it would be good to be inside of you,
but I didnt expect it to be this fucking good. Could you be even
more perfect, baby?
You moan hard as my cock goes as deep as possible, your labia
brushing against my root. Slowly, I pull back out, drawing more
soft and honeyed moans out of you. I do it once again, sliding
deep inside of you and then back out again, but by the third time
youre already rocking your hips, jumping hard against my
length. We go like this until time stops making sense, the sound
of your back hitting the glass over and over again the only thing
that my brain is capable of processing.
Thump, thump, thump.
The sound pulls me deeper into an ocean of pleasure, the
constant pounding of my cock dragging me all the way down.
Thump, thump, thump.
It grows louder, and an image of the glass shattering crosses
my mind. I dont care. Im way past caring about anything right
now. Ecstasy is coating my brain, sweetening all of my thoughts
and washing over my body.
Swear to God, babe, I never had a woman that made me feel
like this. My life up to this moment feels like a fucking waste.
I up the pace frenetically, both my hands on your ass as I slam
my cock viciously at you. The sound of flesh on flesh meshes
with the sound of your body hitting the glass, but by now Im
already deaf to the world. And, with my eyes closed shut, Im
also blind. I feel your body tensing up, the electricity of pleasure
pooling on your muscles and preparing you for a climax so fierce
and hell bent on conquering you through and through. Your body
is a vessel for pleasure - nothing more, nothing less.
Your fingernails are like knives on my back, burying
themselves on my skin so hard you might draw blood. Then, one
hard thrust from me and you let go of me, your whole body
shaking. You place both your arms against the glass, by the side
of your body, as your pussy tightens like a vice around my girth.
Fuck, I hiss through gritted teeth, your cry of pleasure
following my words immediately after. You press your arms
against the glass firmly, your whole body trembling and shaking
with pleasure. I can almost feel your brain melting in ecstasy,
bright flashes of light behind your eyelids. Yes, come for me,
baby I say, my voice firm and steady as I feel your muscles
spasming, stabbed by that intense and wild pleasure.
You scream until your throat starts to hurt, and then you
scream some more - its pleasure turning into sound.
I put you down then, your trembling legs struggling to keep
you up on your feet. I grab you by the waist and, with a sudden
movement, make you turn around. I push you against the wall,
your hands instinctively hitting it at shoulder-height.
I smile at you, that hunger for your body shining at the corner
of my lips. You close your eyes again, surrendering to how it feels
to have my naked body pressed against yours.
You shiver as I place my hands on your waist, pulling your ass
into me. My shaft nestled between your ass cheeks, you start
rocking your body in a flowing motion, stroking my cock with
just your crack. You do it slowly, each time your body moves the
absolute definition of perfection. As you up the rhythm, my
breathing grows harsher and, soon enough, Im almost growling
in anticipation.
Im going to make you cum so hard you wont even know
your name when Im done, I tell you, the words coming out of
my mouth with the authority of a man that always gets what he
You breathe in harshly, the cool air of the room filling your
lungs as I grabs my cock and press it under your ass, my glans
snuggled between your labia. You go on your tiptoes and then
lower yourself again, the tip of my cock once more inside of you.
This time there's no subtlety about what we're doing. We're
going hard and violently, each thrust of mine a maddening
stroke charged with divine electricity. We are fucking, and we are
doing it as hard as we can, my thighs slapping your ass over and
over again.
I don't even know if I can endure the kind of pleasure thats
going to take over me once I cum, but I don't give a fuck about it.
Even if I die from pleasure, its going to be totally worth it - to
spend my last moments with a woman like you Id call myself
a lucky man.
My cock pulses hard inside your pussy - Im already dancing
on the edge of climax, but you dont stop me. Youre on the edge
as well, and each thrust of mine pushes you closer to it.
I wanted to fuck you hard, and thats exactly what Im doing
now. How could I do it otherwise with a woman such as you?
One final thrust and my train of thought stops. You explode,
moaning hardly through gritted teeth; I feel you summoning all
of your strength to remain standing up, your legs threatening to
buck under your weight as your body trembles in ecstasy.
One second after and I jump after you down into the abyss of
pleasure, my cock spasming violently inside of you. In a fraction
of a second, Im coating your insides with my warm cum. You
sway your ass softly as I gush my load inside of you, an almost
never-ending stream of semen filling you up to the brim. When
my cock stops shooting, I pull back slowly, strands of semen
dripping down your pussy and descending towards your legs.
You turn to me, smiling lazily. Fuck, I cant even think
straight right now.
Perfect, I tell you, thats what you are.
I grin, pulling you into my embrace. You let me put my arms
around you and, tilting my head to the side, I press my lips
against yours. We kiss softly, both our bodies still reeling from a
thunderous orgasm.
I dont know what got into me, but I just lost all control.
Youre not only easy in the eyes, you know how to drive a man
completely insane. Ive been through my fair share of women,
but I never met one like you.
Fuck, I cant wait to go another round with you.
You still rolling your eyes, babe?. This is all you, baby. Im
here, just for you.
And so are the fucking Naughty Angels:
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Now, take a few deep breaths, if you didnt skim through the
sex already. And get ready to read about Arsen and Ashley

Yeah, so take a few more deep breaths. And check out the blurb
for bonus and see if you want to read it or want to read it again.
Its pretty fucking hot. And dirty. Just the way you fucking like it,
you dirty girl.
Client 5: A Bad Boy Next Door Dark Romance

There isnt a woman alive that I cant buyand Im rich

enough to pay.
I knew I had to have Ashley since the night I saw her. She was
so fucking gorgeous.
I know its only a matter of time before shes mine. With my
8-pack abs, chiseled face, muscles, and tats, Ive never met a
woman whose panties didnt melt just by looking at me.
Take the pants off and ain't nothing in the world gonna save
her from Arsen Hawke.
Sure, she can say whatever she wants to pretend shes got a
She can say she doesnt fall for bad boys.
She can try to scare me off by saying she comes with a high
price tag.
But none of that fucking matters to me.
Because Ive already fallen for that curvy body of hers. For
that beautiful face and soft lips. And Ill pay anything to ravish
her. Even if it means agreeing to pay the ultimate pricemy
Client 5 is a full-length standalone romance with a
guaranteed Happily Ever After, no cheating or cliffhangers.
Hold onto your seats. It fucking starts now.

O h baby, I love sucking this huge cock of yours, Sophie says

as she runs her tongue up and down my shaft in the way
that only a stripper can. Its getting me so fucking horny.
I can hear the steady beats of Lil John playing through the
club as I look down through the glass at the main stage of the
strip club. Its a pretty crowded evening, and I idly wonder if
some of the patronsthose poor, lonely schmos with no place
else to berealize that the mirrors theyre looking up at are
really one-sided and that I can look down from them at any
point. Including times like now, where Im completely naked
getting my cock sucked by a blonde stripper as a brunette one
rubs her hands all over my body.
But just as soon as I wonder, the brunetteI think her name
is Heather?starts twisting my nipples and I decide its a stupid
fucking thing to wonder about and I should just concentrate on
the task at hand. That task being namely to fuck the living shit
out of these two strippersnew girls to the club, but definitely
old hands at this game. They know whats fucking what, thats
for sure. The moment they started at the club, I could tell they
were fucking eyeing me. Deciding if it was in their best interests
to fuck me or not. Could they advance their careers by boning the
Let me take a moment to fucking introduce myself, since its
clear we havent met and youre just now popping into the
picture as I have my cock going in and out of one womans
mouth and my hands roaming the fake tits of another.
My name is Arsen Hawke.
Yes, I know what youre saying to yourself right now.
That Arsen Hawke. Yes. The 30-year old son of the billionaire
smut lord of America. The son of the man the nation knows as
the Corrupter. Collectively, my fucking dad is responsible for
putting out 83 Internet live web cams, 23 Pay-Per-View
channels, 3 magazines, and 5 different streaming porn services
through the Internet. All beamed directly into your home for
your little son or daughter to consume when youre not looking
further destroying what little of the moral fiber is left of Western
democratic values.
That Arsen Hawke that you read about in the tabloids. The
same one that you see on E! Online. With the chiseled 8-pack
abs, rugged face, icy blue eyes, and tattoos designed by some of
the most gifted artists of our time. Fuck, I dont even know why
Im describing myself. You know everything about me. You know
that Im good looking as fuck. That on the off-chance that I
decided to stop by your town or city, you would probably tell your
husband that you were going out so you could see me signing
autographs at the mall. Just catch a glimpse. Maybe youd hope
to see me take off my shirt. Maybe youd even get close enough
to see my ripped physique. Fuck, maybe I would make eye
contact with you and flex my pecs for you. Tell you to come
closer so you could see my 1% body fat body. Youd be pretty
close then, maybe Id even touch you. Thats when youd go
fucking crazy, because thats what I do to every girl around me.
Youd try not to at first, but you wouldnt be able to help
yourself from looking at the bulge in my pants. That 12-inches of
pussy pleasing pistoning that youve read about. Fantasized
about. Youd be so close to touching it. Tasting it.
If I told you to get in the limo with me, you wouldnt even
think about anything else. Fuck life. Forget every fucking
obligation you ever had. All youd want to do is get in for maybe
the most illicit and exciting moment youd ever have with
someone who is fucking larger than life.
Once inside and in private, Id take your hands in mine and
tell you that this is temporary and its nothing permanent. Youd
agree. Anything to have a taste of me. Anything for a feel. Youd
nod your head, and Id take my pants off, showing you my thick,
pulsing, veiny cock.
And fuck if you wouldn't go fucking crazy. Sure, Id let you
suck it like these two strippers right now, who are both taking
turns running their tongues around the tip of my cock. But then,
Id turn you over on all fours and Id fuck the living shit out of
you. I swear to fucking God you would cum enough times that by
the time I was done with you, you would be nothing more than a
quivering mess of flesh on the seat. Sex coma? Talk about
fucking sex amnesia.
And you would do anything for another taste of that cock.
Anything I fucking wanted you to do. Thats why Id want to get
the fuck away as soon as possible. But I would leave you with
memories that would last a lifetime as I flew off to my next
destination. Maybe Singapore. Or, maybe London. I hear its nice
this time of year.
So, yeah, that Arsen Hawke.
But there's so much fucking more that you dont know about
me. What about the fact that I haven't talked to my dad in 6
years, ever since my mom died of cancer and got no help from
him since he had already divorced her. That Ive been living on
my own, at the age of 30 at One57 on Billionaires Row in New
York City. That despite my body and looks and my fucking cock, I
have a fucking brain. Harvard fucking MBA, baby. But, no. You
don't know that about me. And quite honestly, Im not
Arsen, I want your cock inside of me, baby, Sophie moans
in her most slutty voice. I look down at her. She sees the look in
my eyes and smiles lusciously and takes Heather. The two trade a
wet, sloppy kiss for my benefit, and then turn away from me,
facing the window overlooking the club. They're both naked
fuck their stripperswhat do you expect? But what really blows
my brain is when they both bend over, jutting their asses out at
Which one of us do you want to fuck first? Heather asks,
her eyes twinkling with this lust game that their playing for me.
Im only fucking human, okay? I tear open the condom
wrapper and sheath myself as I grab Sophies waist with both
hands, and push my quivering cock into her pussy. Shes wet, Ill
give her that. But not really that tight. Fuck it, itll get the job
Within seconds, I have a good, steady clip going, pistoning in
and out of Sophies canal as she moans lewdly. To further
stimulate me, Heather starts licking and sucking Sophies tits.
Im building up my tempo, increasing my pace, and I can hear
my balls slapping against the underside of Sophies ass in tune
with the music.
Fuck me, harder, Arsen! Sophie screams and I oblige the
slut, pounding into her with enough force to topple someone
over. Its a good thing she has the window as leverage, steadying
herself as I go mercilessly at her cunt.
Another few seconds and I can tell Ive gotten Sophie past the
point of no return. Three more strokes, two, one, and bingo. Her
pussy clamps up around my cock like a vice and I feel her entire
body shudder.
Oh fuck! Sophie screams and I can tell that her body is
being wracked by an orgasm as her muscles clench and
My turn, Heather says and uses her hands to play with my
tennis-ball sized balls as I slow down. Heather guides me out of
Sophie and leans her back on the window, lifting her leg and
giving me easy access inside of her. I slide in, slick with Sophies
juices and begin the process again as she wraps her arms around
I feel Heathers tits against my chest. Sophie is still quivering
and shaking next to me as the new song starts up.
And thats when I fucking see her.
The new dancer that gets on stage.
Shes new. I know it. Ive fucked so many of the fucking
strippers in this club, they should seriously give me some sort of
award for not catching any STDs. But then again, I always protect
myself to the max.
But this girl. Ive never seen her before.
Or have I? She seems so familiar, and shes so beautiful I feel
like I know her.
Shes got blonde hair that comes down to her shoulders.
Fuck, her face is so fucking gorgeous. With the sweetest most
innocent eyes and the most beautiful face. But so what if her face
is sweet and innocent looking; her body is fucking sinful. Tits
that are perfectly shaped and big. A perfectly tapered waist.
Slender legs. An ass that's
Fuck, Im going to cum. Im going to cum so fucking hard. I
need to calm the fuck down. I can usually go forever. What the
fuck is wrong with me?
Baby, I just felt your balls tighten up, Heather says with a
wicked grin. Its okay, I know my pussys tight.
Actually her pussy is the opposite of tight. I might as well be
fucking a plastic bag, but I somehow dont care at this point in
Ive maybe only fucked Heather for five minutes now but I
pull out, and toss off my condom as if in a daze.
Its because I am in a daze. Im staring at that girl as she
twirls around on the pole.
My heart rate is increasing. Im not going to last much longer.
Both Sophiewhos calmed down and returned back to earth
and Heather get on their knees and start jerking me off. They
use their tongues to rub the underside of my cock.
And more stimulating than what those women are doing, I
look down and I see the stripper from Heaven bent over on the
pole, shaking her ass.
Holy fucking Christ.
I cant take anymore.
I fucking explode.
I shoot out arcs of cum. Rope after rope of cum is leaving my
body and I feel electric impulses go from my nuts to my brain,
paralyzing me. My muscles freeze and I can only experience the
convulsions that tear through my body.
I watch as my semen lands on Heather's forehead, her chin,
inside of her mouth, on Sophies tits, and on her nose. As I come
back to reality, I can hear myself breathing harshly. I look down
to see my cum dripping from both of their faces and chins onto
their bodies.
Normally, Id be pleased at my handiwork. But today, I search
desperately for the stripper.
But apparently, her song is over because shes leaving the
I need to go downstairs. I need to talk to her.
But thats when the phone rings.
My personal phone. My cell phone. Never ignored, because
its always important.
And only one person usually ever uses it to call me. Its no
surprise that its on the windowsill behind the strippers. I reach
over and grab it and turn it on. This better be quick. I need to go
downstairs and find this girl.
Oh, what about the ones in front of me, youre wondering? On
their knees, cooing and purring and licking my cum?
Whatever. I dont fucking care what they do tonight. Im done
with them.
Gerard? I say into the phone. He usually doesn't call in the
evenings. He doesn't usually want to interfere whateveror
whoeverIm doing.
Arsen, the calm off-English voice of Gerard comes
through. You need to meet me at the Plaza Hotel immediately.
Your father just died of a massive heart attack.
Its like I hear the fucking words, but dont understand them.
Arsen, Gerard says after a pause. Your father, Sloane, is
dead. You are now the sole owner of Hawke Media and you need
to come over. Now.
Well, fuck.
I need to get the fuck out. I need to go to the Plaza and meet
Oh, listen, if youre still here. This seems like its going to be
a fun ride. Youre welcome to stay along. If its not your cup of
fucking tea, no harm, no foul. But if you stay on and move onto
the next page, then take my fucking advice and go somewhere
you can be by yourself. And maybe take your panties off if you
dont want to do laundry. I wont have time to remind you
because I gotta get to the fucking Plaza. Like now.

E very other stripper in this club will hate me, but I've got to
say it anyways. I like it when Im on stage. But not for the reason
you think. Sure, Im getting naked and sure Im getting "rained
on." When the customers make it rain the club actually
changes a $100 bill for them for 100 singles and then lets the
customers throw the bills over you, in effect making it rain.
It makes it a bitch to collect though. But I can deal with that.
No, I like being on stage because I dont have to hustle and
work the main floor. I can be by myself. Most dancerswe
prefer dancers and not strippersprefer earning the lap dance
cash from the clients one to one. I like being up on stage. Most
dancers only use the stage as an advertisement, to catch a mans
eye so when they go down to the floor, people remember them. I
wish I could stay up here forever.
Dont get me wrong. Its not like I cant get anyone to agree to
a lap dance. Its actually the opposite. Guys just flock to me.
Sometimes they stand in line for me to grind on them.
No, I hate this part of the night because I have zero respect
for the guys that come in here.
I mean, if theyre married, what the fuck are they doing in
here by themselves? Creeping me out is what theyre doing. I bet
their wife or girlfriend will really appreciate them coming home
smelling of cheap body spray at the end of the night.
If theyre here in a group, well, thats slightly better, but still,
kinda skeeves me out. I mean, theyre here watching each other
get hard as some girl rubs herself on them. Sure, Im okay to go
out with my girlfriends and hit on guys while theyre there. But
with women, we know its just harmless fun. These guys in the
clubthey have this glint in their eye and theyre crazed.
Dont get me wrong. Im not some innocent little virgin
whos never been told the facts of life. I mean, I work in a strip
club, right?
But something about the patrons just causes me to want to
stay on stage.
Maybe its the hundred times a night I have to make sure guys
know that they cant touch me. I can touch them. Or how theyll
try to buck their hips as Im grinding on them, just so they can
go a little deeper.
Maybe its because at the end of the day, theyre judging me
based on my looks and putting a monetary value on it.
Thats probably it. When I go out with my friends and we talk
to guys, Im not putting a dollar value on how much Id pay to
talk to the guy or flirt with the guy. Even if I make out with him
or go home with him, its not like Im asking him how much it
costs. But these guys think that they can have me just because
theyre carrying fat stacks of $20 notes.
Sure, thats what Im here for. Technically, the more I can
make them think that, the more money I make, and the more I
can pay off the student loans that funded my Art History degree
from Yale. The degree that still hasnt landed me any sort of
meaningful job.
Its been roughly one year since I graduated. Im now 24 years
old, and this is my second month stripping. It got to the point
where I had to decide whether not stripping was worth not
paying rent and moving out of the city and back home with my
parents. I must have sent out at least seven hundred resumes by
then. Gone on dozens of interviews. But ended up with nothing.
Not the sexy things you thought were going through my head
as I rub myself on the crotch of some 50-ish Wall Street guy with
a receding hairline and a pretty big paunch, is it?
I turn my head back toward the guy a little to give him some
attention. You like that, baby? I ask with a slight pout. Inside,
Im wondering if his wife knows where hes at. I saw the ring on
his finger. I wonder if he has a son or daughter and if hes put
away enough for college. Will his kids have to take out student
loans because Daddy gave me their book money this semester?
Could you, uhm, maybe turn around a little bit, darlin? Mr.
Wall Street asks me, bringing his hands up, but remembering
what I said about touching. I kinda want to see, uhm, your
Sure. They all want to see my breasts. They want me to mash
it on their faces. They want to stick out their tongues so they can
play with my nipples. Whatever.
I like it just fine sitting here, I say to him and turn back,
grinding my ass on his crotch a little faster.
There have been a few times Ive made a guy cum just by
grinding on him. Thats been funny. Hes had to walk around
with a giant wet spot. Especially if his friends were here. Once it
was just a guy. He came in his pants. I seriously didnt even
know he did until I felt his pants get all wet. I mean, his cock
must have been tiny because I couldn't feel anything. Anyways,
he just went back to his table and ordered another beer. Sitting
in his own cum. Thats the kind of people that come to these
But, your breasts
I don't let the man finish. I need to establish whos boss.
Do you see that line over there, hon? I ask him, gesturing
my head to the line of guys waiting to ask me to give them a
dance. If you dont like this, you can go back to the end of the
Surprisingly, Mr. Wall Street has more self-worth than I give
him credit for. He pushes me off gently as I feel his hands on my
back force me into a position where Im standing.
Thats fine, he says. Can I have my money back?
The song isn't even half over and hes got a legitimate point.
But its people like him that attract the attention of the floor
manager and the House Mom. I know all eyes are on me as I
reach into my heels and pull out the wad of cash Ive collected,
peeling off a $20 note and turning around and walking away
toward the bar. I can hear the collective groans of at least half a
dozen people as they watch me leave. Guys who were waiting
their turn to get their cocks stimulated by my hot ass.
Whatever. I seriously don't have any fucks left to give them
right now.
I order a glass of wine at the bar, and sip it contentedly for a
Misty, a voice says and I dont even need to turn around to
know who it is. You left a lot of guys unhappy on the floor.
The face associated with the voice sits down next to me. Its
the House MomYasmine. Every club has a House Mom. We tip
her out at the end of the night. In return, she takes care of the
girls. She gets us dinner. She makes sure we don't get too drunk.
Sometimes she helps with our outfits and tells us when were up
on the main stage. But more than anything else, she makes sure
that we make money for the club.
Its not really the best idea to just walk away when you have
people lined up for you especially when some girls have no one
to dance for, Yasmine says again.
I shrug and take a sip of my drink. I needed a break, I say.
Youve been needing a break since you started, Misty,
Yasmine says, using my stage name again. My real name is
Ashley Lane. But on the floor, its like I have a pen name. And
its only professional for her to use it. Are you sure you want to
be here?
Thats the rub, isnt it? I graduated cum laude from Yale
University. Sure, Art History may not be Engineering, but its
still Yale. What am I doing at a strip club?
I need the money, Yasmine, I say to her for the millionth
time. You know that.
Isnt there anything else you could be doing to make money
instead of making yourself miserable every night from 8 pm to 4
am? Yasmine asks, as she too orders a glass of wine. This cant
be good for you.
Its not a question I havent asked before.
But there is one unavoidable truth in America for a woman
today that is kind of depressing but still hard to escape.
That truth? Sex will always sell.
No matter what you end up looking like, women can always
make money selling some form of sex. Which is basically what
Ive been reduced to because of my financial situation. A sex
I just wish I could find something that pays like this that
didn't involve I begin, looking for the proper words, but
Having to deal with men? Yasmine asks, as if shes in my
head. I look up at her because she hit the nail on the head. She
smiles at me.
If I didnt have to deal with ugly guys all night, I could still
do this, I tell her. Hell, I could do a lot more.
Yasmine pauses for a moment, as if thinking to herself. I
wonder whats going through her head.
Finally, she reaches into her bra, and pulls out a business
card. I had no idea she kept things in there, but she hands it to
Take the night off, darling, she tells me as I take the card.
And call these people in the morning.
Simulated Pleasures LLC, I read aloud.
Same owner as Scorchers, Yasmine says nodding, referring
to the strip club. Only you can work from home and its a phone
sex line. They could use someone with as much imagination and
intelligence as you.
I look at Yasmine, grateful. This could totally be it!
Thank you, Yas Im about to say, but Yasmine has already
gotten up from her chair and interrupts me.
Now go home, she says. Im serious. Youre no good

ITS NEARLY midnight by the time I get my makeup off, tip out the
DJ, the makeup girls, Yasmine, the waitress, as well as the club.
Im waiting on 6th Avenue for a taxicab but tonight, theyre
hard to come by. Finally, I see one that stops and I go to get in.
Just as I get inside, the door opens from the other end. A man
gets in.
This is my cab! What the fuck!
59th and Fifth Avenue, please! the man literally shouts at
the driver. I can tell he just came in from the club.
Hey buddy! I yell at him and he turns to me. His eyes widen
and he looks at me as if he knows me.
I cant lie. Hes cute. More than cute. Hes gorgeous. Hes
muscled and hes got a smirk and if he wasnt coming out of the
club, I would totally be crushing on him right now.
This is my cab, I manage to finish.
It takes a moment, and finally the guy speaks.
Listen, uhm, Miss, he says. My dad just died and the cab is
already on its way
Whatever. This is the last time Im going to have to deal with
people from a strip club.
Just make sure you give me the money before you get out, I
say and pull out my phone.
I put on my earbuds and turn on my music. I would have loved
to just stare at the guy, but his stop comes by way too fastin
like 5 minutesand he hands me a $100 note before rushing out.
34th and 8th, I tell the cabdriver, wondering what kind of
people Ill be dealing with on the phone sex line.
Regardless of what theyre like, at least Ill be safe from
people like this guy who just tossed me a C-note.
Im okay if I never have to go inside a strip club again. Or deal
with the people who frequent them.
Well, I mean, I wouldnt mind if I run into the guy who got off
at the Plaza again, though.
Just saying.

T he taxicab is taking me past the Plaza, where Gorgeous Jerk

got off, and is heading onto 8th Avenue. I look at my watch as we
approach Times Square.
Its just barely midnight. I can see Peters apartment on 50th
Stop the cab! I yell to the driver who stops with the
characteristic lack of surprise based on having seen everything
most likely in his tenure as a New York City cabdriver. I pay the
fare and get out of the car, heading toward Peters building on
the corner of 50th Street and 8th Avenue.
Peter lives by himself in a 4 story walk-up, and as someone
who graduated from college a couple of years ahead of me, the
fact that he has a job and an apartment to himself makes him a
pretty big catch in the dating pool of New York City.
I reflect on this as I take the keys to his apartment out of my
purse and open the front door.
Thats right. Hes given me a set of keys. I think he gave them
to me last month after wed been dating for two months. I
know what he sees in me. He thinks Im hot, or whatever. I
mean, I try to work out and look good. I save up for things like
dresses or heels or yoga pants. I dont spend obsessively going
shopping all the time, and Im not vain, or anything. But I try to
look cute. And I guess he appreciates it. I mean, if you ask me,
there are a thousand other prettier girls you can find at any given
momentIm not anything that special, but Peter always likes
showing me off for whatever reason.
But then again, arent I kind of doing the same thing? I know
that's what you were thinking maybe, werent you? When I said
the fact that Peter has a job and his own apartment makes him a
catch, I did my own aspect of superficial judging there I think.
I mean, on paper, thats great. But hes not perfect. I dont
think theres such a thing as a perfect guy. Hes okay to look at
hes tall enough, and hes not like super hot, but hes not ugly.
Hes just average.
We have sex. I mean, it is what it is. Its not like super-crazy
sex or anything. Like Im not yelling at the top of my lungs.
Sometimes I dont really cum. I mean, everyone knows that to be
a girl means sometimes a guys cock isnt going to do it for you,
right? And Peter isn't a big fan of going down on me, so
sometimes I just fake it to make sure everything is going well. I
mean, a part of me is really turned on and gets really wet
knowing what I can bring him to. What I can do to him.
Thats what Im thinking about tonight. Im thinking I want
to have sex. I want to fuck. But is his 5-inch cock going to satisfy
me tonight? Some nights Im lucky. If Im coming from the club,
already kind of horny, then sure, I can get off no problem. But
some days, 5 inches, no matter how hard, doesn't really do it for
Maybe if Peter worked out a bit more. But every time I ever
bring it up, he talks about how busy he is from work and how
much he needs to decompress. I guess I can understand that. I
mean, the guy who shared the cab with me todayhe was hot.
Obviously doesn't miss a gym day. Gym day is every day for
someone like that.
I wonder what having sex with someone like that would be
like as I finish climbing the four sets of stairs and open the door.
Maybe tonight I can close my eyes and pretend that Peter is
the Gorgeous Jerk. If I keep my eyes closed and not think about
the body Im feelingthe slight man boobs and bit of a potbelly
I guess I could pass it off.
Oh fuck, baby, thats so good. Just like that, I hear Peter say
from his room. Hes got a one-bedroom apartment in Midtwon
West and I know he basically pays an arm and a leg for it, with
very little left over to afford.
But thats not what Im thinking about as I hear him again.
Oh fuck, fuck baby, I hear him.
Is he jerking off? Maybe I should have texted him instead of
just coming up here like this.
I don't know why I make my footfalls softer.
But then again, I also don't know why my heart is beating so
Im at the threshold to his bedroom. The door is closed. I hear
the bedsprings squeak.
Someone is in there with him.
I give myself a moment to close my eyes and prepare for the
I mean, I thought we were good together. That this was as
good as it gets. But maybe I was wrong? Maybe I wasnt good
enough for Peter? I dont know, okay. Have you ever been in a
situation like this? Because I havent. I don't know if Im
thinking right.
I open the door. I dont even both knocking.
The reaction is almost immediate.
Peter is on top of someone and he stops while he's raised up.
He twists his head back and sees me. His eyes go wide.
Ashley! Peter exclaims.
I just stand there as he looks back down to whoever it is below
him and then to me, like a deer caught in headlights.
Ashley, what are you doing here? Peter asks again.
I say nothing. No, thats not true. I think I shake my head.
Yes, Im shaking my head.
Ashley, Peter says again, as if saying my name again is
going to mitigate what Im seeing.
And what Im seeing is searing into my memory. I see Peter
get up off of whomever he's with. His dick is hard and slimy.
He tries to cover himself, but the woman grabs the blanket
and raises her head.
Shes blonde like me. She has huge boobs. Not so slender.
Kind of a fucked-up face.
Yes, okay, Im being unfair. Whatever. I have the right to be
unfair right now.
Ashley! Peter says again.
I wish there was something I could do to make everyone see
what an asshole my ex-boyfriend is.
Im not thinking. Thats why I pull out my phone.
I turn on Facebook. I select the option to go live.
Sure, Im young. I have thousands of friends on Facebook. So
does Peter. We have so many mutual friends in common. People
from Peters work are my friends.
I push the button and voila. Were live on Facebook.
Everyone, I say pointing my iPhone toward Peter who is
standing there frozen, his dick is hard. Say hello to my ex-
boyfriend. He used to be my boyfriend, but I just got home from
work a few minutes ago. Im about four hours early. And I found
him in bed with
The woman doesnt seem fazed at all. She gets out of bed and
I wince as I see her tits sway. Did he cheat on her because I don't
have as big of tits as her? I mean, I have D cups. Shes definitely
She looks to me.
Hey, love bug, she says with a wave as she picks up a pair of
panties. Im Laura. You can find me on the corner of 42nd and
8th Avenue. I charge $100 for the half hour. $150 for the hour. Do
you want my website or something?
A hooker?
A fucking hooker?
Peter Theller, my boyfriend, was cheating on me with a
hooker who stands outside of the Port Authority Bus Terminal?
Peter Theller, I say, surprisingly calm. I just want to make
sure all my friends know, so they don't have to ask when they
find out why we broke up, that I caught you cheating on me with
a hundred dollar whore that you found outside of the bus
I zoom into his face. Hes sputtering.
I move the camera down.
Peters cock, which was as hard as a 5-inch cock could be,
starts to deflate. Despite myself, I can't suppress a smirk. This is
Ashley, turn that off! Peter says angrily.
Doesn't matter. He can try to turn my phone off. Hell, he can
break it if he wants. It's already gone live. And itll play forever.
And ever. Till the end of time.
I have nothing else to say to you, you stupid, selfish, piece of
shit, I say to him. My voice is even calm. Still.
Am I acting crazy? The jurys gonna be out on that one, babe.
But I don't work 8 hours grinding my ass on other guys cocks
not to be able to roll with the punches. And Im not gonna put up
with this shit.
Not when there are guys who look like the Gorgeous Jerk
walking around out there.
I turn off my phone and turn around.
Nice to meet you! the hooker calls out. Im Laura. In case
you didn't get that.
I don't know how, but Im out the door.
Peter is calling out to me. But I couldnt care less at this point.
I run down the stairs. They go by in a flash. All of a sudden
Im outside. I run across the street and down the stairs into the
I catch the downtown C from Port Authority. I dont know
where Im going, but Im glad that at least Im headed home.
I sit down on the bench in the train car and I think about
crying. But no. No tears for him! Never for him!
I will survive this. I will fucking survive!

I m sure that had my father been here at this point, he

would've been the first to join me in congratulating the
Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Museum of Art on their
opening of their new Impressionist Wing, I say to the polite
applause and some knowing laughter. Im sure he would've
been particularly taken with the nudes.
The laughter is a bit lighter now, people more at ease.
On behalf of the Met, I am honored that his last act was to
grant this gift, I finish and this time the applause is
Of course it fucking is. People will take money from anyone,
no matter how fucking wealthy they already are. Never mind
that half the people in this room would've never fucking allowed
my dad to come near their daughters when he was alive. And
could you fucking blame them? I couldnt. The guy literally made
billions of dollars selling smut. I must've had at least six
stepmothers in my life. I lost track after a while. Each one came
all giggly, then watched as they fell into neglect as their bodies
aged, until they left with their suitcases that they came with, and
a fat settlement check.
Now theyre dedicating a wing of the fucking Met to him.
Dont get me wrong. It cost money. But its the least I could do,
allocating a portion of the money from the sale of the live sex
webcams that he controlled and writing a check to the fucking
Thats right. Its only been ten fucking days and Ive already
started selling pieces of my dads smut empire.
Dont get me fucking wrong. I love to fuck. I mean, the first
time you saw me, I was fucking two strippers, remember?
Youre father would have been very proud of you, some
random old guy says as I descend the podium. I have no idea who
the fuck he is, but he takes the stage after me. I navigate around
all the fucking leeches that surround this place. As long as Im
making a name for myself by distancing myself from my dads
smut kingdom, and giving away some money to them, theyre
content to come let me inside. But the moment I start going
against their rules, theyll pull back the red carpet and leave me
out in the cold.
I find Gerard waiting for me outside the Met on the steps.
Hes looking through his phone, checking emails. Always a good
lawyer. Always on top of things. Hell, he basically raised me after
my Mom died and Dad started marrying women left and right.
When I moved out of the house before college because I just
couldnt get into Dad living with three other women, it was
Gerard who fucking made sure I didnt go off the deep end. Sure,
I like to party. I like to get wild. But trust me when I tell you that
Id be having a lot more than tattoos on my body if Gerard
werent there to bring me back when I started to stray.
Luca Gianonis left two emails and a voicemail while you
were inside, Gerard says. Hes still talking about the rest of
the strip clubs as being on the table.
Great. Does no one in this fucking city buy into the sex
business except the fucking mob? Id rather not sell to them if I
can help it, but if no one else is at the fucking table, I cant really
help it.
We have no more other offers? I ask, incredulous. The
strip clubs bring in close to five hundred grand a night when you
combine them.
Gerard shrugs. They also cost roughly three hundred grand a
night combined when you add it all up, he says.
Hes got a point of course. Strippers arent cheap. In fact,
theyre fucking expensive. But oh my fucking God, what a great
fucking expense to throw money at.
Ive always been a fan of strippers. But I swear its like ever
since that night a week and a half ago, I cant get strippers out of
my fucking head.
I sigh as I get into the car and Gerard gets in next to me.
You thinking of heading to Scorcher's again, Arsen? he
asks. Hes got a touch of fucking pity in his eyes. I cant blame
the guy as I nod.
I got to find this girl, I tell him. Ive been searching high
and fucking low for the stripper who was on the pole. I dont
know her name. I dont know when she works. No one else at the
club seems to either.
You want to know the bitch about the whole thing, though?
Its that same night I shared a fucking cab with her. I could've
asked her for her name at least that night.
Dont you knock me for being quiet that night. Im sorry, it
was just that my Dad had just died, okay? Sex wasnt really going
through my head at that point. This isnt like some fucking plot
hole or something you can mention in the review. You try getting
news that your estranged family member has just hit the fucking
bucket and you have to manage a sprawling multi-billion dollar
sex empire and see if you remember the small details.
The car pulls up outside the strip club where I had first seen
this gorgeous, blonde haired, perfectly curved woman ten
fucking days ago. With a name like Scorcher's, Im not sure what
I'm going to find instead. But fuck it. If I come up empty, maybe
I can fuck another stripper.
Way to look at the fucking bright side, eh?
I walk in, and instantly Im greeted by the House Mom,
Yasmines been eyeing my fucking cock for years. Shes got to
be the oldest one in this joint. And a fucking vet too, seeing girls
come and go.
Youre here for another one of my girls tonight, Arsen? she
asks me with an arched eyebrow.
Im looking for someone, I tell her. Sure shes been eyeing
me, but Ive never really given it up to her. Never really know
why. Just the circumstances werent right probably.
Lets go upstairs, Yasmine says as she turns around. I look
at her ass flex and instantly Im reminded of the blonde.
Yasmine turns her head back to look at me. To your office.
I follow dutifully. Fuck it, if I dont try to get my dick hard
thinking about boning Yasmine. But its like every time I think
about ass, or tits, or pussy, theres just one image that keeps
coming into my head.
Yeah, you fucking guessed it. The blonde goddess that I saw
last week.
We get upstairs and the music is a bit more subdued.
Yasmine slides over to me, rapidly erasing any personal space
that I may have had. But I dont mind. I wrap my arms around
her back and squeeze her ass.
Ive been waiting for this for a long time, Arsen, she coos.
I knew you were coming tonight. Youve been here every night.
But ever since you had Sophie and Heather, you havent taken
any other girl. I think I know why.
Maybe this is going to be my lucky night. Does Yasmine
That explains it! She didnt want to fuck me, but thats what
she had to make it look like to the other girls.
Jesus, Ill never figure women out, you know?
Youre done with those girls, arent you, baby? Yasmine
asks. I dont know why, but I nod.
You need someone whos finally caught your eye, dont
you? she asks. Fuck, shes on the money.
You need someone who will treat you just right, Yasmine
She couldnt be more clued in if she tried.
You know where I can find her? I ask and Yasmine smiles.
Her hand comes to rest on my crotch.
Wait a fucking second!
What do you mean, babe? Yasmine asks, a glint in her eyes.
But Im too caught up and I dont pay attention.
I think she was what? 5 7. Blonde hair. Body like a
goddess. Last time I saw her was ten days ago, the night I had
Sophie and Heather up here, I tell Yasmine.
Stifling a look of disappointment, Yasmine backs off.
Thats where I saw her for the first time, and then I actually
shared a cab with her, but I didnt get a chance to talk to her
much, I say.
Yeah, Im a fucking asshole because Yasmine looks
completely fucking disappointed. I guess she really did want to
fuck me tonight, huh?
But you know what? Im going to be the first one to admit that
in reality I am a fucking asshole. I got nothing to fucking hide. So
there. Ill be completely honest about it with you as to who I am.
I mean, Im sorry if it hurts your feelings, but would you
rather I lie?
Youre talking about Ashley, Yasmine says quietly.
So this Stripper Goddess has a name! Finally.
Is she working tonight? I ask her.
She doesnt work here anymore, Yasmine says and I think I
see a glint of pleasure at the total look of devastation that wracks
my face. "Her stage name is Misty, but her real name is Ashley
Lane. Don't tell anyone that I told you."
Just my fucking luck. The one woman I obsess about ends up
being the one who doesnt work here anymore.
But Yasmine has a heart of gold, because her next words are,
She started working at Simulated Pleasures last week.
Fucking bingo!
Good thing I didnt sell that place yet.
First thing tomorrow, Im stopping by there and finding out
how to get ahold of this girl.
I rush over and kiss Yasmine on the lips.
Hell, I break it off before she wants more. I know what I do to
women. And I dont want to go down that road now with anyone
but Stripper Goddess. Wait. I mean Ashley.
Thank you so fucking much, Yasmine, I say and she just
looks at me in a daze as I rush down the stairs.
I got to get ready for tomorrow.
Its going to be a great fucking day. I can feel it.

I t's been exactly one week of taking calls and I've learned a
few things: never ask permission questions, never asked if
they're married, and hot girls aren't bored. So when the phone
rings, I immediately snap into character. I lower my voice almost
to a whisper. I finger the lace of my braAgent Provocateur
and then run my hands up my stockings. I know some people
can do this job while they're washing the dishes, or mopping the
floor or something, but for me, I have to be all in. I can't multi-
task. I think it should feel authentic, and wearing the heels and
lingerie instantly gets me into character. I even turn down the
lights. I find that the darker the room is, the more I can focus on
the voice on the other end of the line.
I answer the call and sit back on my bed. I whisper in a soft,
sultry voice. The secret is to keep your voice smooth as a stick of
butter. "Hi, this is Misty. Who am I speaking with?"
I hear a man clear his throat. "Mike."
I wait for more but it doesn't come. "That's my favorite name
for a man," I purr, urging him on. "You sound strong and
"You can say I'm strong. I work constructionconcrete pump
"Oh that's good because I could use a few pumps of your hot
concrete. I'm so glad you called. My neighbors have been fucking
all day and listening to them has made me so horny"
"That makes two of us," he says.
"And I've got a secret to tell you. I'm not wearing any
"Is that right?" he replies, and I can almost hear a smile in
the way he asks.
"I've been so horny. I can hardly stand it. I haven't had sex all
day and it feels like forever. I have myself so worked up and hot
that I'm lying in front of a fan, and the cold air is making my
nipples hard. Do you like hard nipples, Mike?"
"Mm hmm," he mumbles, and I continue.
"What kind of girls do you like?"
"Young, blonde, and busty," he says without hesitation.
"Well, you're in luck. I'm 18, and I have long, blonde hair that
goes down to my tiny waist. I wish you were here with me right
now," I say, just above a whisper, and Mike lowers his voice as
"What would you do to me?" he asks, as if it were a shared
"Oh Mike, I'd make sure my lips touched every manly inch of
you. I'd start by nibbling on your earplayfully, but then I'd get
more serious and move my lips down to your neck and I'd touch
your strong chestI can tell you have a strong chest just by your
voice. And I'd run my tongue over your nipples, circling them a
few times."
"And what else?" he asks.
"I'd let my mouth move down your body even further, my
tongue resting in the deep V above the waistband of your pants. I
can even taste the salt on your skin and it leaves me wanting
moreso much more."
"Is your pussy wet?" he asks.
"Oh yes, you make me so wet. I'm soaking wetit's your
voice, your bodyyou have me so turned on, Mike. My pussy is
throbbing for you. I'm in the mood to fuck."
"Cut or uncut cocks?" he asks.
"I love all cocks."
"What would you do to my cock?"
"I'd unbutton your jeans after you've had a hard day at work,
and I'd slip my hand over your cock. Both of my hands would
work their way up and down your shaft until you're nice and hard
and then I'd place my lips on it. First kissing the tip, and then
slowly basting it with my warm, wet tongue, moving up and
down your manhood."
"Mm hmm, I like that," he says.
"But I wouldn't stop there. I'd wrap my lips around your cock
so tightly and take you deep into my throat. I'd take it so deep
that I might gag. Would you like it if I gagged on your cock?"
He doesn't answer, but I can hear him breathing heavier, so I
"Do you like it when I suck on your cock like this?"
"Yesmm hmmmore," he answers at a whisperor is it a
"Good, because your cock tastes so good. I can hardly stand
it," I say, and I can hear him jerking himself offskin slapping
"Mike, my pussy is so wetI want to ride your cock. I want
you to give it to me. I'm going to straddle your lap and lower my
pussy onto your thick, hard shaft with my breasts in your face. I
want you to take my nipples into your mouth."
Then I hear Mike coming, his breathing overtaking the
conversation, so I decide to enact my own climax as a spectacular
When his breathing slows, he asks, "Can I get your phone
"Oh Mike, I'm so flattered, but my dad would kill me if I gave
out my number. I'm still in high school. I'm 18, remember? Let
me give you my four-digit calling code so you can call me again
in private."
He agrees, somewhat reluctant, and we end the call. I lie back
and stare at the ceiling. Yasmine is right, I think to myself. This
is much better than stripping. At least I can use my imagination
during these calls. At Scorcher's, what you saw is what you got.
There's no masking the fact that you're on a stage being judged.
But during these calls, the people on the other end of the line
have to use their imaginations toowhich is also great because
it eliminates my old routine waxing, makeup, manicures,
pedicures, and you name it.
I think about putting on a pair of yoga pants and heading to
the gym, but then my eye travels to the stack of bills piling up
next to my bed. Shit. Unlike Scorcher's, this job also doesn't
leave me with cash in hand every night. I better go pick up my
paycheck from the phone sex company headquarters, Simulated
Pleasures LLC.
I quickly dress and hail a cab outside. When I tell the driver
where I'm going, he gives me an odd look. Is it a look of
judgment, or something else? I can't tell. I decide to ignore it and
place my ear buds into my ears and stream music through my
phone, drowning out the outside world.
After 20 minutes, the cab pulls up to a large, non-descript
white building. If it weren't for the address, I'd never know that
this is the headquarters for one of the largest phone sex
companies in the country. I don't know what I was expecting,
but it wasn't this. I'm still listening to my music, and decide to
leave my ear buds in. I hand the driver the money and give him a
curt smile. As soon as I leave the cab, I walk toward the building,
rounding a corner.
And then I feel itlike taking a bowling ball to my back. I'm
struck in the back and I try to turn around but my arms are
pinned behind my back. Without my hands, I can't remove my
ear buds or stop the music streaming through my phone, so it's
impossible to hear what's going on around me. I'm screaming
and thrashing my head from side to side, and the movement
causes the ear bud on my right side to fall out. I can now feel a
man's hot breath on my neck, "Shut up! Just shut up right now!"
He's placing his hands over my mouth, muffling out my
screams, and I bite down as hard as I can. It's my only option and
it's instinctual. I feel the flesh of his fingers pinched between
my teeth, and that's when he hits me; he hits me hard enough
on my head to shut me up. I'm feeling dazed, but when I finally
get a look at the man's face, I'm shocked.
"Shut up! Just shut the fuck up! You want to humiliate me on
Facebook live and then ignore all of my calls for a week? Well, I'll
show you what I'm going to do about that!"
The look in his eyes is one of pure rage and a battered ego. I'm
also surprised at his strength. He was never one to work out
much, and I attributed his soft body to weakness, but he's
stronger than I anticipated. It's shocking, really. Without saying
another word, he brings his hands around my neck and squeezes.
I place my hands on top of his, trying to pry them loose, but it's
not working. I can feel myself running out of breath and in a tiny
voice I manage to squeak, "You're hurting me, stop!"
And just when my entire world starts to fade to black, he
stops. I can't believe it. I open my eyes just in time to see
another man between us now. He's bigtall, muscular, and
broad shouldered. He's not the kind of guy you want to fuck
with, and I watch as his fist crashes into Peter's face, breaking
his nose.
"If I ever see you around here again, I'll fucking kill you," he
growls, clenching Peter by the collar of his shirt, and when he
lets go, Peter turns around and runs, not bothering to look back.
"Are you okay?" the man asks.
As he looks down at me, I get the vague feeling that I know
him from somewhere. I'm rubbing my throat and besides being
emotionally rattled, I'm fine. "I want to thank youwhat you
didmost people wouldn't get involved, but you saved my life."
When I finish talking, I look into the man's eyes again, and I
realize where I know those intense icy blues fromthe cab ride
from the club.
"Wait I've seen you somewhere," I say. "You're the guy
who tried to steal my cab outside of the club the other night."
"It was an emergency. I don't normally jump into other
people's cabs."
"Look, I appreciate your help but I have to go."
"Wait. I'd like to take you to dinner, I"
"I'm sure you're a nice guy and all, but I hope you'll
understand that I'm in no mood to be setting up a dinner not
after my ex-boyfriend just tried to murder me."
"Forget him. He no longer matters. Just say yes."
I look at himhis eyes the color of perfect weather, his
strong, broad shoulders, and gentle smileand even though I'm
feeling bruised and frazzled, and I promised myself I'd never go
out on a date with a man who frequents a place like Scorchers, I
surprise myself and say yes.

W ith a last look in the mirror I close the locker door and
head out of the locker room at the New York Athletic Club. Sure,
its filled with the same fucking fancy people that I spoke to at
the Metsome of these people are still scandalized that Im in
their precious little club of theirs. But guess what? Im now
worth at least $5 billion dollars. If I want to go around joining all
the most exclusive clubs in Manhattan, I have the money to buy
my way in. They dont. Theyre sitting on their piles of fucking
reputation and fake integrity thats as hollow as a fucking clam
shell. Probably got their house mortgaged five times over and a
mountain of fucking debt. Theyre probably just hoping that they
die before the bill comes due so everyone will at least think
theyre prosperous and dignified now. Who the fuck cares once
theyre dead, right?
Well, fuck that. I told you once before when I was with
Yasmine at Scorcher's and Im telling you again. Im always
going to be fucking honest with you. You may not like what I
have to say or how I say it, but I dont give a fuck.
I hand my gym bag over to the attendant at the bar, who takes
it to the cloakroom.
I have a young lady who will be meeting me outside the
Club, I tell the matre d and he nods and proceeds to go check.
Thats right. I figured what better way to put Ashley at ease
than by asking her to have a drink with me while were
surrounded by a bunch of rich old men. Oh right. Let me clue you
in on a few things. Gorgeous Stripper from Scorcher's whom I
rescued a few days backher name is Ashley Lane. Used to work
at Scorcher's but literally, it was her last day working on the first
day I met her. Now she works at Simulated Pleasures as a phone
sex operator. She has no fucking idea who I am or the fact I own
the whole fucking thing. And honestly, Im not in any mood to
tell her.
Just seeing me in the gym would've made you laugh
hysterically. There I was with my tattoos squatting hundreds of
pounds. Benching the weight of some people. And these ancient
men, with their big egos out in the real world just stared at my
physique as they walked on a treadmill. Each of them looked at
me jealously. And when I went to shower, I knew all eyes were on
me. Well on me, and my fucking foot long pleasure stick. It
dangled from my crotch like a sex snake.
If youre rolling your eyes at me thinking its fucking lazy that
I invited a girl to have a drink with me at my gym, then you can
fucking stop. The New York Athletic Club is more than just a
fucking gym. It's got 2 bars, 3 dining rooms, a drawing room, 3
libraries, hotel rooms to spend the night, and two formal
ballrooms for events.
Its also got a swimming pool, gym, shooting range, and
fucking art gallery. A fucking art gallery. So yeah, you could say
that it might be a fucking nice place to take a girl on a date.
Especially if its a private fucking club that she normally
wouldnt have admission to.
Your lady friend is waiting in the lobby, Mr. Hawke, the
matre d informs me and I nod my head and walk out toward the
foyer. Yes, Im hurrying. Because I want to fucking see her, okay?
Told you Im honest.
And Jesus fucking Christ, this girl does not fucking
disappoint. Shes standing there in a black dress thats tight
without being indecent. It ends just above the knees. Shes got
stockings and black heels on. Her hair is made and shes got
makeup on and it makes her look fucking sexy.
I feel my cock twitch just by looking at her fucking gorgeous
body. The way those slender legs are holding up her frame. I
want to suck them one at a time until she squeals. That waist.
Fuck, that ass. The dress is just tight enough to hug her curvy ass
and I want to take each ass cheek in each hand and fucking
squeeze them. God fucking dammit. Those fucking tits. Her
dress ends in a wraparound strapless top but it showcases those
marvelous tits like nothing Ive ever seen before.
The way youre looking at me, its like youve forgotten what
I look like naked, she says to me with a smile as she walks up to
me. She hesitates and I decide for her, leaning in and kissing her
on the cheek. I can smell her perfume. Its intoxicating.
Its like seeing you for the first time, I tell her. You notice
what I did? I didnt fucking swear. See? I can be fucking civil if I
need to.
Flattery will get you nowhere, Mr. Hawke, she tells me with
a teasing smile.
Then what about vodka? I ask, taking her hand and walking
her into the bar that I came from. Because this place makes the
best dirty martinis in New York City.
Ashley gasps as she sees the interior. Yeah, this is how the
fucking other half lives all right. The bar is fucking plush. The
wood at the bar is polished to perfection.
And literally every fucking face turns to the two of us. To the
son of the smut lord and the fucking gorgeous woman on his
arm. Women stare at us hungrily, and their husbands look at me
jealously. Fuck em.
Lets get a table? I ask Ashley, but Im not really fucking
asking because I lead her over and sit her down.
Its a nice place, Ashley says as she looks around. Im
Surprised that I would come here? I ask.
Surprised that youre going through the effort, she says
and smiles at me. Oh dont get me wrong. I totally appreciate it
and love the fact that were on a real date.
What the fuck would we be doing otherwise? I ask. Im
fucking sorry but I cant help myself.
Fuck, she says, and her eyes are looking right at me. Im
silent. A part of me thought wed get right down to that and
this was some elaborate hotel so you wouldnt have to go far.
I live at One57, I tell her. So Im literally a block away.
Ashley rolls her eyes. Well that makes sense now, she says.
You think someone like me isnt able to take girls on dates?
I ask a bit curious where this conversation is going.
You stole my cab, she says with a twinkle in her eye.
Coming out of a strip club. Which is all I know about you. Sorry
for not expecting more out of you.
I laugh. She smiles at me. Youre probably looking at me
thinking Ive gone fucking crazy. Laughing at what she said.
But dont forget. Im the one in control here. Not her. My
laughing is just a sign that Im not fucking threatened. Because
Im not.
Then what the fuck are you doing here? I ask. Yeah, yeah, I
know what youre going to say. But she said fuck first.
Waiting to see how youre going to try and fuck me, she
says and leans back as the waiter brings our dirty martinis to the
table. He gives her a sidelong glance, obviously hearing the last
part of our exchange. Ashley smiles and twirls her hair in one
finger absently.
What do you do? she asks me.
I raise my glass. Steal cabs from women outside of strip
clubs so I can rescue them from ex-boyfriends during the day.
She smiles and raises her glass and we click in a toast. Thank
you for the other night, she says to me.
Dont mention it, I tell her. I was just passing by.
I hope you know that it doesnt entitle you to sleep with me
or anything like that, she says to me, staring into my eyes.
I dont think it entitles me to anything, I say to her and she
looks at me with curiosity. Where am I taking this, shes
probably wondering. But I know youre still wondering what it
would be like if I fucked you.
If Id gotten up and whipped out my 12-inch cock and waved
it around, Ashley wouldnt be any more surprised it seems like.
Thats what Im wondering? she asks me, her eyes wide.
I nod my head. Since you got on your way over here. Youre
also wondering about these tattoos you can faintly see
underneath my shirt the way your eyes are moving.
Ashley takes a sip of her martini and leans closer on the table
toward me.
What else am I thinking? she asks, this time into a bit more
of a smile. Im curious because you seem to know so much
better than I do.
Youre thinking if my apartment is only a block away, how
you can legitimately end up giving me an opportunity to ask you
to come up, I reply back to her, not breaking her stare.
So you can fuck me? she asks, pretending to make sure.
So you can cum till you pass the fuck out, I clarify for her.
That good? she asks back with an arched eyebrow.
Even better, I parry back to her.
She pauses for a moment. So didnt you just give me the
opportunity to legitimately give you the chance to ask me to go
to your apartment? Ashley asks with a twinkle. When you
brought up the whole fact of bringing it up, cant I take it?
I smile. This was fucking easy I think to myself as I beckon
the waiter and get up. But unlike most girls, this one knows what
shes doing. She might end up being quite a bit of fun.
Well see. Like I told herand youmy apartment is literally
a block away.
She gets out of her chair.
Are you taking me up on my legitimate chance? she asks
with amusement. Are we going to your apartment?
I figured Id show you around, I tell her. I know what Im
doing. Im the one in control, remember?
Then maybe I should do this, she says and takes two steps
She reaches over and grabs my head with both hands and
pulls my mouth close to hers. In a moment, Im kissing her. Our
lips part and our tongues meet as our eyes close. She massages
her tongue gently over mine and Im in heaven.
Before I know it, shes pulled back.
Ill meet you outside, she says and turns around. I watch
her hips sway and her ass cheeks flex as she walks out.
Every eye in the restaurant is on me. I literally have no idea
what to fucking do.
But I do know one thing though.
Im a fucking idiot if I ever thought I was in control with this
I cant wait to find out what happens next.

O ne57. I never thought Id actually step foot into one of the

most exclusive condominiums in the world. But here I am, riding
in One57s elevator, arm in arm with a drop-dead gorgeous man,
Arsen Hawke. The place looks amazing, but to tell you the truth,
I dont pay much attention to it. By the time he opens the door to
his apartment, theres only one thing dominating my mind: sex.
Theres something about him that tells me Im in for quite a ride

I step inside his apartment, and the moment I hear the door
closing behind us Im on him. I turn on my heels and press my
mouth against his. Our lips touch and my soul starts to boil. Its
all it takes reallyone taste of the Devils lips and I know Im
damned. Whatever he wants to do to me, Im his.
I part my lips slightly, my tongue reaching for his and dancing
in slow soft circles around it. His hands are on my waist, his long
fingers firmly planted on my hips. We kiss in abandonment, my
fingers running through his hair and disheveling it as my heart
beats faster and faster. I let my hands fall down to the side of his
face and I trace the hard lines of his jaw, the warmness on his
skin calling to me.
Im going to fuck you, he suddenly says, taking one hand to
my neck and yanking on my hair, forcing my head back. I open
my eyes, locking them on his, and I stop breathing for a whole
second as he continues. Im going to fuck you so hard you wont
even know your name when were done.
Each word that leaves his lips is like opium, traveling from
my ears to my brain and drowning it in numbness. I try to think
of an appropriate response, but all I can do is mouth an anxious
yes. He takes one step forward, pushing me back and pinning
me against the wall. My heart is drumming so hard I half-expect
it to claw its way out of my chest anytime now.
I own you. Right now, youre mine, he says, leaning in and
whispering in my ear, his full lips brushing against my skin. My
heart rises and falls at a hurried pace, my lungs working
overtime as his eyes seem to devour me. Impatient with my
silence, he yanks harder on my hair, his lips turning into a hard
line. Say it.
What the hell is going on? If any guy treated me like this in
the strip club Id have the bouncers kick his ass in the blink of an
eye. Hell, I wouldnt tolerate this from any of my past
boyfriends! But, somehow, his hard eyes locked on mine, I find
my brain shutting down, my unconscious hidden thoughts
crawling out of their cages.
Im yours, I find myself saying, my voice sounding foreign
to my own ears.
You are, he grins, the way his lips curl upward makes him
look even more beautiful. And youll do everything I tell you
I will do everything you tell me to, I repeat, my mouth
turning dry. Of course, as my mouth goes dry, my pussy becomes
wetter than it has ever beenmaybe theres some correlation
Still with one hand on my hair, he takes the other one to the
hemline of my dress, the tip of his fingers brushing against the
naked skin above my right knee. I feel my skin prickling as his
fingers hike up my leg, gently lifting the dress in the process.
The closer he gets to my pussy, the wetter I become, a wildfire of
desire spreading inside of me. I almost reach for his wrist and
force his hand against my pussy, but Im so entranced by his
touch I simply stand still, the perfect victim to his teasing.
Unblinking, I stare into his eyes as his fingers close in on my
groins, my insides burning with anticipation. But instead of
simply going for it, he simply traces the contour of my thong
with his index finger, going back and forth over both my groins
without actually touching my pussy. Guided by unconscious
desire, I find myself bucking my hips at him, aching to feel his
hand on me. The moment I do it, he takes his hand out from
under my dress and yanks on my hair again.
Stand still, he tells me, deviousness flickering in his eyes. I
nod, pursing my lips and trying to ignore my own instincts.
Stand still, I repeat to myself, the words echoing inside my head.
In an instant, his hand is under my dress again, his index finger
gently running along the place where fabric and skin meet. He
goes like that for what seems like an eternity, although it
couldnt have been more than a minute. Its easy to lose track of
time when youre so wet your juices have soaked your underwear
completely. Then he finally turns his wrist and flattens the palm
of his hand over the front of my thong. I cant help but gasp as I
succumb to the pressure of his fingers on my pussy. I throw my
head back and close my eyes, a sweet numbness embracing every
single one of my nerve endings.
Arsen starts rubbing my pussy softly, his fingers pressed tight
over my wetness. A purred moan leaves my lips as he does it, the
whole world fading away around me. With a flick of his fingers
he pulls my thong to the side and brushes one fingertip over my
labia, his touch making my brain almost explode.
Youre so wet, he says, his finger going back and forth over
my drenched lips. I love it.
Please, I mutter, not even understanding what Im asking
for. I want him to slide his finger deep inside of me, I want to
feel his cock pushing past my inner lips and lodging itself inside
my pussy. I want it all, and I want it right now.
Before I can even react, he parts my inner lips and slides his
finger in, moving it inside me like a hook and pressing his
fingertip in that sweet hidden spot. I moan again, this time
louder, and he presses harder against my G-spot. I swear to God,
Im so delirious with desire I have no idea how Im managing to
stand still.
He starts to move his finger in and out of my pussy, each time
his hand moves the rhythm growing. Soon enough his finger is
moving so fast Im no longer moaning, Im just trying to keep
breathing through the avalanche of sensations that rages inside
of me. Letting go of my hair, he takes his other hand to between
my thighs and presses his thumb over my clit, applying just
enough pressure to force a moan out of my lips once more.
Working on my clit with his thumb, his index finger flying in
and out of my pussy, he guides me to the edge and, with a simple
word, throws me off of it.
Come, he whispers, his lips brushing against my ear.
Come for me.
Just like that, I go off. I close my eyes again, breathing hard
through my gritted teeth as all muscles in my body become tight
and hard, uncontrollable tension pooling in every single fiber of
my being. Like a bomb, pleasure explodes inside of me, my
muscles letting go of all that tension as a forceful scream leaves
my throat. My voice quivers as he stops moving his finger and
just presses it hard against my G-spot, rubbing it there with the
mastery of a man who knows women almost too well.
I press my back against the wall, trembling as he slides his
finger out of my pussy and looks me in the eyes.
This was just a taste, he grins, that sweet mischievousness
in his lips driving me completely mad. Plenty more to come If
you behave, that is. As he speaks, he brings his fingers up to my
face, and lays the one he had inside of me against my lips. The
scent of my own pussy climbs up my nostrils, and I find myself
opening my mouth gently, allowing him to slide his finger in. He
slides it all the way in, my tongue running along its length and
licking it dry of my own juices. Tasting myself I grow even
wetter, wanting much more than to just be fingered. I mean, if
he can make me feel like this using only one finger and one
word, what else can he do? Oh, judging by the look in his eyes,
Im going to find out pretty soon.
My instincts taking the wheel, I reach for his crotch, anxious
to feel him and find out what he hides under his expensive
clothing. But, the moment my hand is just an inch away from
him, he moves quickly and grabs my wrist.
Not yet, he tells me firmly, letting go of my wrist and
taking a step backward. Youll have to earn that.
I lick my lips, anxious to do whatevers necessary to earn it. I
still cant believe Im letting him act like this, dominating me as
if I were nothing more than a naive innocent girl But hes so
damn intoxicating. And Im not just talking about his good looks;
no, it goes deeper than that. One hard look into his eyes is
enough to realize that Arsen Hawke is more than just a man;
hes almost from a completely different breed. Standing here, in
the presence of a man who seems so perfect its almost
unbelievable, what else can I do than obey every single one of his
words? Sure, I wont let him push me around forever but my
body demands me to do it right now. I cant help but submit.
Arsen takes another step back and loosens his tie, opening
the top button of his shirt as his eyes wander all over my body. I
feel him devouring every single inch of naked skin in me, and I
know hes aching for more.
Turn around, he tells me, his voice leaving no room for
hesitation. The moment his words caress my eardrums, Im
turning on my heels, my back to him as my heart thumps louder
against my chest. Your dress, take it off. Slowly.
I take one deep breath, moving my hands to my shoulders and
pushing the straps of my dress down my arms. I feel the fabric
drooping over my breasts, and I pull on it until my dress is
hanging around my waist. Hooking my fingers on it, I sway my
hips from side to side, slowly letting the fabric fall down my legs
into a heap at my feet.
His shoes click across the floor as he takes one step toward
me; I fight against all of my urges and remain in place, every
fiber in my body screaming for me to turn around and face him. I
feel his fingertips over the dimples in my lower back, and then
he runs them all the way up to my shoulder blades; he moves his
fingers across the edge of my bra, stopping only to undo the
clasp there. He does it with one single movement, the cups
drooping over my breasts.
I half-expect him to pull the straps down my shoulders, but
instead he takes one step back. Take it off, he commands me,
my arms moving by themselves in response. I push the straps
down my arms, and then I let the bra fall down to the floor, right
on top of my dress. My nipples are hard, almost desperate to feel
his fingers, mouth, and skin on them.
For a long second, he says nothing. I close my eyes as I feel
him appreciating my body, the air around both of us becoming
heavier and charged with electricity. I can almost feel the
desperate need he has to see me taking my thong off, and still he
waits, letting the fire of anticipation rage in both of our bodies.
You look so fucking perfect, he says, moving fast toward
me and pressing his body against mine. My hands go to the wall
and I unconsciously jut my ass back at him, my rear pressed tight
against his crotch. I sigh deeply as I feel his thick shape straining
against his pants, pulsing with desire and lust. He laces my
waist, pressing his forearm over my stomach as he pulls me into
him, bucking his hips at me at the same time. Hes thick and
long, probably the biggest I have ever felt And let me tell you,
when you work in a strip club you get to feel a lot of cocks.
I sway my hips from side to side, the bulging in his pants
pushing against my ass cheeks as I move. Arsen runs his free
hand up and down my side, his long fingers only stopping when
they meet the small string of fabric that delineates my thigh
he hooks them there, on my thong, and pulls viciously. Just one
pull and he tears my thong apart, the fabric sliding off my body
in such a hurried way that I cant help but gasp.
His lips are on my neck as I grind my ass against his cock,
everything in me burning with a frantic desire to get him out of
his clothes. I reach behind my back, wanting to place my hand
over his crotch, but once again he grabs my wrist, pinning my
whole arm behind my back.
You want it that much? He asks me while I try and fight
back against the hold he has on me. Its impossible: hes simply
too strong.
I do, I respond, leaning forward and pressing my forehead
against the wall, as my breathing grows heavier. The moment
the words leave my lips, he lets go of me. He takes two steps
back, the absence of his body on mine almost too painful to
endure. Reacting on instinct, I turn on my heels, my feet making
me follow after him.
Stop, he says firmly, and I stop dead in my tracks. Were
just a few inches away, and that is almost enough to drive me
insaneto know that I could just reach for his shirt and start
peeling it off of him On your knees, he continues, my body
once again responding without his commands having to be
filtered by my brain. I dont know what it is about him, but the
moment he speaks, I do it. As soon as my knees touch the floor,
my heart is pounding hard again, my eyes glued to the thick
shape straining against his pants. How bad do you want it?
I want it bad, I say, my voice quivering as he starts to
unbuckle his belt. I cant even blink, my eyes glued to whats
happening in front of me. With slow teasing movements he
takes the belt out from his pants and throws it on the floor; his
fingers then go back to his crotch, unbuttoning it with deliberate
and maddening patience. Each buttons he undoes, my heart
kicks and punches harder against my ribcage And with each
button he pops out, his cock strains harder against his boxer
Then have it, Arsen says, reaching for my hair and yanking
my head back. He leans down toward me and presses his mouth
against mine, our kiss one of wildness and frenzied lust. When
he stands up again, my hands are moving toward his crotch; I
hook my fingers on the side of his pants and slowly pull them
down to his knees. My fingers go up his legs and over his
underwear, but never touching his cock. I want to touch it more
than anything, but I want to make him feel the poison of
anticipation in his veins.
I let my fingers move up and downup to his waist and then
down to the hem of his boxers. I do it over and over again, never
taking my eyes off of his thick shape, seeing it pulse more
harshly every time my fingers go near it. Then, unable to put it
off any longer, I flatten the palm of my hand against his bulging.
I bite my lower lip as I feel him under my hand, his cock so big
my insides clench. Is he going to fit inside me? Is it going to
Leaning forward, I close my eyes and tilt my head sideways. I
part my lips slightly and rest them against the shape of his cock,
sucking on it over the fabric of his boxers. It pulses against me,
eager to be set free and unleashed upon my body. Oh, I yield to
its wishes pretty easily: hooking my fingers on his boxer briefs, I
pull them down, his cock springing free in a heartbeat. As I lay
eyes on it, I feel my heart tight inside my chest. To feel it is one
thing, but to see it God, hes hugeand absolutely perfect.
I run my fingers over his groins and, my heart drumming so
fast it might burst any moment now, I rest my index finger over
his shaft. As slowly as I can, I slide it up from his root to the
glans, then move it back down again; stretching my fingers wide,
I cup his balls, feeling their weight with the palm of my hand. I
roll them over my hand, their warmness spreading to my
fingers, hand and arms, and filling me with uncontrollable
The moment I realize what Im doing, Im already leaning
forward, my fingers curling around his shaft and pointing it
straight to my mouth. I part my lips and rest them over his
glans, scooping up his pre-cum with the tip of my tongue and
letting his salty flavor inundate me.
His hands are on my head, but hes just feeling the gentle
sway of my body, letting me follow my own rhythm. I lap at his
glans with my tongue, running it in slow circles around his tip as
I start moving my hand back and forth, his pulsing thickness
feeling alive under my fingers.
Moving my head sideways, I run my tongue from his tip to the
root, licking the whole length of his shaft as I look up at him.
The moment we lock eyes, I feel my pussy clenching
something primal and wild roars inside of me, and I know that in
a few heartbeats Ill be completely out of control.
I open my mouth wide and, leaning forward, wrap my lips
tightly around his tip; I keep moving forward, his shaft rolling
over my lips and tongue as he slides deep inside of my mouth. I
feel it pushing down on my tongue and straining against my
cheeks but I keep going. I only stop when I feel his tip at the back
of my throat, my mouth completely filled with his cock.
I start bobbing my head, moving it back and forth over his
cock. Going from his tip to the base, I start to go as fast as I can,
cupping his balls with one hand. With my free hand I grab his
shaft and, moving it in tandem with my mouth, I start to stroke
him. Suddenly, I feel his fingers hooking themselves in my hair
and he forces me stop. I look up at him, his cock still inside my
mouth, and he simply grins. Deviousness flickering in his eyes,
he starts to thrust, making his cock slide in and out of my mouth
at a growing pace. It doesnt take long for him to be moving so
fast I have to open my mouth as wide as I can, his cock fucking
me relentlessly. Closing my eyes as his shaft flies in and out of
me, I cant help but wonder how its going to feel when hes
doing this to my pussy.
Still holding my head in place, he rests his free hand on my
shoulder and lets it fall down to my breasts. Easing down his
rhythm, he runs his fingers over the curve of my right breast and
circles my hard nipple carefully. Then, the moment he pulls his
cock out of my mouth, he pinches my nipple between his thumb
and index finger; I gasp, my insides clenching as my hand starts
moving again, stroking him as fast as I can.
Electricity spreading across my body from the pressure hes
applying on my nipple, I lunge forward, my parted lips resting
against his shaft. I lick his cock sideways, running my lips and
tongue over his length and going down to his balls; there, I open
my mouth and suck one in, rolling it around inside me as I keep
on stroking him furiously. Looking up at him, I cant help but
feel victorious delight from seeing him with his eyes closed,
head slightly thrown back in ecstasy. He might know how to
drive women completely insane, but Im not a woman anyone
should underestimate. After all, I was the reason thousands of
men lied to their wives and went to the strip club to spend their
hard-earned cash.
Suddenly, Arsen yanks on my hair and forces my head back,
my eyes locking on his. Hes breathing hard, the corner of his
lips turning upward. Stand up, he tells me. Reluctantly, I let
go of his cock and go up to my feet.
I dont even have enough time to think about whats
happening: hes on me in an instant, his body pressed tightly
against mine. He pins me against the wall, one hand cupping my
left breast while the other grabs one buttock. I throw my head
back, his lips on my neck; he nibbles my skin there gently, going
all the way from my neck to my lips. We kiss in abandonment,
my anxious hands darting to his collar.
I start unbuttoning his shirt, my trembling fingers fumbling
with the buttons on their way down. His hard pectorals brush
against my knuckles and, the moment the last button pops out, I
run both my hands from his stomach to his chest, feeling every
hill and ridge of his muscles. From his perfectly carved
abdominals to the ropes of muscles in his arms, everything in
him seems designed with only one objective in mind: perfection.
See those male models that often don the covers of magazines?
Yeah, they dont hold a candle to Arsens body. In fact, perfect is
a poor word to describe him.
He doesnt give me much time to appreciate his body, though;
as I pull his shirt down his arms, he grabs me firmly by the hips
and makes me turn around. I place my hands on the wall as I face
it, suddenly feeling more exposed than I have ever been in my
entire life. And I used to be a stripper, for Gods sake! But with
Arsen its different Hes perfect in every sense of the word
and, somehow, I want him to feel the same way about me too.
I stand still, not moving and barely breathing as I hear him
kick off his shoes. I hear the rustle of his pants and I can almost
picture him as he strips nakedmore than anything I want to
look over my shoulder at him, but I manage to control these
urges. Then I feel him breathing close to my neck. As his mouth
touches my skin I close my eyes by instinct, succumbing to the
perfect way his velvety red lips caress the contour of my neck.
Carefully grabbing a handful of hair, he brushes it over my
shoulder, his kisses hiking up to my ear.
Youll moan, he places one finger over my spine, right
below my neck. Youll scream, his finger starts to move down,
tracing the valley of my spine until it reaches my lower back.
And then youll beg me to fuck you, he almost growls,
brushing his fingertip over the curve between my ass cheeks. I
tremble and shiver, my skin prickling as his words blanket my
rational mind. Moan, scream and begthat seems like a perfect
menu, if you ask me.
Ill moan and scream, I repeat after him, the sound of my
voice coming out quivering and weak. As I start to speak he runs
his finger down to between my legs, caressing my wet folds
gently. And then Ill beg! The last word comes out as a gasp,
his finger pushing its way past my pussy lips and burying itself
deep inside of me.
Slowly, he takes it all the way out, once again running it along
the length of my pussy. He only stops when he reaches my clit,
first circling it, and then pressing hard on it. Its stronger than
myself: I cant help but moan.
Thats a start, he whispers, running his finger down and
sliding it all the way in. Flicking his wrist, he fingers me in a
pendulum motion, each time his finger goes in his pace
increasing. Im moaning, and Im doing it as hard as I can; still,
the moment he slides one more finger inside of my pussy I stop
moaning. What I do is grit my teeth and scream through them,
my eyes shut tight as I succumb to the pleasant warm electricity
that fills every single muscle in my body.
He goes fast and vicious, fucking me with his two fingers until
I cant take it anymore. I press my forehead against the wall and
let out a loud and mighty scream, my muscles convulsing as
pleasure rages through my veins. The moment I start screaming
he turns his wrist around and, moving his fingers inside of me,
presses hard on my G-spot and starts to rub me there. I scream
even louder, my throat already starting to hurt.
Fuck me I whisper, the words tumbling out of my lips like
a magic spell. Fuck me, Arsen I repeat, my voice coming out
honeyed and mellow. Please.
I told you that youd beg, he whispers, still rubbing my G-
spot and sending waves of pleasure through me.
Please, please, I repeat, intoning the words like a mantra.
I love the way you beg, Ashley, he continues, taking his
fingers out of my pussy and running them up my stomach,
tracing an upward line with my fluids. He goes all the way up to
my face, and then presses his fingers against my lips; I open my
mouth once more, eager to feel my own juices again. I suck his
fingers dry as he moves them in and out of my mouth and, in an
instant, its over: he takes them out and moves them in a line
around my neck and down my back, tracing the curve of my
buttocks with maddening patience.
Ive already stopped screaming, but Im still breathing hard
through my gritted teeth. But the moment he runs his finger
over my ass crack, a loud moan fills my mouth. Pressing gently,
he slides his finger between my ass cheeks until he finds my
asshole; there, he presses harder, drawing little perfect circles
around it. Then, no warning at all, he slides it in an inch, my
body tensing up like a nocked arrow.
Oh, God! I mutter, a web of delight covering all of my
senses. Please, Arsen I cant take it anymore. Fuck me now
Even though I cant see him, I almost feel his mischievous
grin. He takes his finger out of my ass, and in a heartbeat, hes
pressing his cock between my thighs, angling it so that his glans
is pushing against my inner lips.
I push my hips back at him and his cock pierces me like a
spear, burying itself in me to the hilt. I dont even moan or
screamfor a few seconds, I even stop breathing completely,
just taking in the pleasure that hes injecting in me. His massive
cock is straining against my inner walls, filling me up in a way no
other man has done before. Its almost as if Arsens cock was
designed solely for the purpose of fucking me. For a while, I
thought that having something so massive inside of me would
hurt Well, I was mistaken. If theres any pain, its one so well
hidden in a veil of pleasure that its simply impossible to notice.
Slowly, he slides his cock out, but only to bury it in me again.
He starts slowly, the whole notion of time fading away as he
thrusts. Seconds stretch into minutes, and minutes into hours.
Eternity is at my fingertips, his body on mine the most perfect
thing I have ever experienced. And when he starts to thrust
harder I almost explode, a cascade of moans climbing up my
throat and rolling over my tongue. Not only does he go harder,
but he goes faster too, his thighs slapping my ass with such
strength that the sound of flesh on flesh fills the whole room.
Lacing my waist with one arm, he lets his hand fall down to
my pussy, two fingers reaching for my clit. The moment he
applies just a tiny amount of pressure there, I cant help but let
out a scream so loud Im sure Im going to have a sore throat
tomorrow. But who cares?
I come like a madwoman, pushing my hips back at him with
such ferocity that he has no other choice but to slide his cock
deeper than before. I grit my teeth as his shaft lodges itself
inside me, all of his length pushing back against my inner walls.
My forehead is still pressed against the wall, all my muscles
burning and trembling with pleasure as I succumb to a perfect
orgasm. I take a deep breath, ready to rest for a few seconds, but
he doesnt even allow me that: before the orgasm has subsided
hes pistoning into me again, his body moving with such
perfection that I just wish for him to keep going like that for all
Oh, God I mutter to no one in particular, my arms
growing so weak that I have to support myself with my forearms
against the wall. Still with his fingers on my clit, he starts to
circle it with fast movements, charging my whole body with that
sweet electric current of delight.
Come for me, Ashley, he says, his voice pushing me toward
the edge. Do it Dont hold back. Just like that I come again,
hissing through my gritted teeth as my body starts to convulse. I
feel spent and exhausted but somehow Im still aching for more.
More I beg of him as he starts to slide his cock out of my
pussy. I want more
Dont worry, Im not done yet, he says, placing both his
hands on my waist and turning me around. I turn on my heels
quickly and, now facing him, our eyes lock. His expression is one
of insatiable hunger and I realize that, from this point on, I
wont have to beg him to fuck me anymore.
Moving fast, he places one hand under my right buttock and,
spreading his fingers wide, forces me to lift my leg up. I lace it
around his waist and over his ass, pulling him in; he comes
willingly, grabbing my other buttock and lifting me up from the
floor. Crossing my legs behind his back, I place my straight arms
over his shoulders as he angles his cock so that its aiming right
at my pussy. With a grin full of lustful promises, he thrusts, his
cock parting my inner lips in the blink of an eye.
This time he doesnt build the rhythmno, he goes all in
right from the start, moving his hips so furiously that its almost
impossible to tell when hes thrusting in or thrusting out. He
leans in toward me and kisses me, his tongue immediately
finding the way between my lips; our tongues wrestle against
one another as our bodies move in a violent dance of sin and
Im not innocent or naive, and I have a fair share of
experience under my belt, but this Oh, this is something else
entirely. Ive never been fucked like this, so hard that it feels like
blue flames of ecstasy are licking me from the inside out,
threatening to scorch every single nerve ending I have.
Its funny, actuallythe first time I saw Arsen I put him
down as just another creep from the strip club. Sure, he was hot
and all that, but I had no idea that he was a Man. Yes, a Man with
capital M, one of those guys who you think are long extinct. If
this was a Western, hed either be the bandit or the Marshall
thered be no secondary role for someone like him. And by God,
its so damn refreshing! Two months in the strip club and I was
already up to the eyeballs with men who spent their whole life
adrift, the glistening skin of paid strippers the only joy they take
out of life.
Arsen quickly derails my train of thought by going even faster
somehow, hes still able to do it, his thighs moving so fast that
it should be physically impossible. Still with his hands holding
me by the ass, he pushes my cheeks apart, moving one hand
slightly he reaches for my asshole with one finger and starts to
caress it slightly, my brain almost exploding with the sensory
overload. His cock ravaging me, his finger on my ass, his chest
pressed against my hard nipples This is too much.
I scream like a banshee, the muscles in my neck straining to
accommodate the violence that climbs up my throat. The
moment he feels my body tensing up, he presses his finger
against my asshole more harshly and slides it in halfway, my ass
clenching around it.
Instead of letting me savor my orgasm, he simply keeps
thrusting, feeding one more inch of his finger into my ass. My
hands turn into claws and I bury them in his back, hard enough
to draw blood. He doesnt even register it: he simply keeps
fucking me as if he needed to do it in order to survive.
Scratching his back, my eyelids droop as I feel my eyes rolling
in their orbits. The pleasure that rages through me is so intense I
still cant believe I havent passed out yet. Do you think Im
exaggerating? Well, if you do, then youve never been with a man
like Arsen. Seriously, I never believed that such intense pleasure
could even exist in this world.
His cock flies in and out of me at furious pace, ravaging me
completely as my muscles keep on spasming as if I were having a
seizure. Riding pleasures peak, I start feeling another wave of
ecstasy coming for me; two heartbeats later and it crashes
against my mind, scorching all of my nerve endings and making
my body go limp. If he wasnt holding me, Id just collapse onto
the floor like a used rag.
Somehow, even though I can barely feel anything aside from
the fires of pleasure, I notice his cock spasming harshly inside
my pussy. Hes on the edge as well, and its a good thing too; I
doubt I could endure one more minute of such delight. Who
knew that pleasure could ever be too much?
I sigh deeply as his cock starts to twitch uncontrollably,
gushing his warm seed deep inside of me. He stops moving his
body as he comes, filling me up to the brim with thick ropes of
white cum. He keeps cumming for what seems like an eternity,
gushing so much semen that it starts dripping out of my pussy
and pooling on the floor at our feet.
Slowly, he lowers me down as his cock finally stops spasming.
He pulls it out of me gently, a shiver going up my spine as he
does it. I lean back against the wall, tilting my head back and
breathing deeply; his hand go down the side of my body and,
when I open my eyes, hes on his knees. Our eyes meet and a
savage grin burns on his face immediately. Without warning, he
leans forward, pressing his mouth against my pussy; reacting by
sheer instinct I lay my hands on top of his head as he licks my
folds, scooping his own cum.
Oh, God I whisper, his lips sucking my folds dry. He jabs
at my insides with his tongue, pushing it past my inner lips and
using it to lick his cum. Pulling back, he goes up to his feet, his
eyes never leaving mine. He doesnt say a word, he just leans
into me with slightly parted lips, his semen making his mouth
I close my eyes as he kisses me, pushing my tongue inside his
mouth. His salty flavor inundates me at once, and I just have to
open my mouth wide. I take all the cum he holds inside his
mouth, feeling thick drops of it dripping down my chin. When
my mouths full, I finally pull back, my heart almost ready to
Swallow, he says with a wicked smile, drops of semen still
hanging on his lips. I dont even filter his command; I just do it. I
swallow every single drop of cum, feeling its harsh manly flavor
burning down my throat. Good girl, he tells me, leaning into
me for one final kiss.
Arsen Hawke, where the hell did you come from?

T he rays of the sun wake me up from probably the most

relaxing fucking sleep Ive ever had in my life. I turn around and
see the mass of straight, blonde hair, and an arm wrapped
around me. In any given morning, youd probably expect that
this would be a normal occurrence. But youd be wrong. Because
I would never have even let them stay till morning.
But today?
Today, its different. Today I actually smile when I feel
Ashleys nails lightly scrape over my chest. I let my mind wander
as I feel her thigh nestle itself against my naked groin. My cock
starts coming to life as I reach over and feel her tight, perky ass
within arms reach. I can feel her pussy pressed against my upper
thigh. 50 million nerves are attuned to the feeling of her folds on
my skin. I could fucking get lost in her body more than Ive ever
gotten lost in anything in my goddamn life.
But then I hear the beeping coming from the other room. I
sigh. Its the fucking video phone. Most likely it's Gerard. It
must have been going on for a while because the beeps, or rings,
increase in frequency the longer someone is trying to reach me.
As carefully as I can, I extricate myself from Ashleys grasp
and get out of bed.
I look over at her beautiful fucking body still asleep. Shes so
fucking cute. Like a button. Her mouth is slightly open as she
breaths in and out and all I want to do is wake her up and eat her
pussy again. Then fuck her with my throbbing cock until she
passes out like she almost did last night. Then cum all over her
and have her suck me dry. God, all I want to do is fuck her so
badly. I can tell this is going to lead to problems ahead. Cant
But guess what?
I dont fucking care. And yes, I had to say fucking in there.
To emphasize the fucthe point.
The beeping continues and jars me out of my sexual fantasy
and I pad over to the living room. I see whos calling and see that
it is in fact, Gerard. I accept the call and before you ask, yes Im
naked. But thats fine because I arrange the camera to just
capture my upper body; I dont think Gerard is going to mind
seeing me shirtless. But I wouldn't want him to see my giant
cock. Hes my friend and I dont want him to feel any level of
insecurity or envy, you know?
Sorry to call so early, Arsen, Gerard says once he comes on
the screen. I look at the clock. Its 7:30 am. Hes already dressed
in a crisp suit and tie, sitting in his office downtown. The guy
must wake up at around 5 to get there from the Upper East Side.
Its not a problem, Gerard, I say as I leave the field of vision
for a moment to turn on the coffee maker in the kitchen. What
can I do for you?
Actually, I have some good news, if thats what youre
calling it, Gerard says as I come back into view. Mr. Giannoni
has come back from his clients and hes stating that we might
have a tentative offer on a few more of the properties that were
looking to sell.
Which ones? I ask. This is key.
Theres a pause from Gerard before he answers. Hes
prepared to purchase the whole portfolio, sir.
The entire thing?
In one shot, I could be done with Dads ridiculous smut
business? I could free myself from the filth that he peddled?
Everything, Gerard? I ask again, raising my eyebrows. In
one swoop?
Gerard shrugs. He certainly seems amenable to taking the
entirety of your holdings. But if I would suggest an alternative, I
would say that we do it piece meal.
The method doesnt really matter to me. If I can get rid of
everything, then this is something I should totally look into.
But one thing bothers me.
Gerard, who does this lawyer represent? I ask. If Im going
to be giving up Dads life work for some cash, I want to know
who Im selling it to. Despite the fact that its all X-rated smut, I
want to make sure at least that Im not fucking over the people
who do the work day in and day out. And that could easily
happen if I end up selling to someone shady.
I can certainly find that out, sir, Gerard says. However the
buying party is going to be an LLC based out of Delaware, most
That makes sense. You want to know the easiest country to
launder money in? Its not fucking Switzerland, or the Bahamas.
Its right here. The United States of America. With our secretive
banking laws and the ability for one company to own another,
anyone can buy anything while still remaining fucking hidden
from the world.
Im not comfortable selling the entire fucking company if I
don't know who Im selling it to, Gerard, I say into the video
monitor. I just want to know where all these peoples
livelihoods are going to end up.
I agree, sir, Gerard says. We wouldn't want to sell to
someone who is completely disreputable, but I also want to point
out that there will be a certain level of
Seediness? I ask with a smile.
Gerard smiles at me. A certain type of character who will
come to define the market, yes, he agrees with me. And yeah,
hes got a fucking point. I mean, youre not going to see blue
chip companies like Disney try to buy the Sex Palace on 3rd
Avenue that my Dad built in 2010, or the Swinger's Club in
Miami. Thats not going to be purchased by Coca-Cola. But still, I
want some type of fucking standards.
I mean, who is this guy representing? Is it a company? Or a
person? Something, anything, is all Im looking for, I tell
Maybe we should start our transactions with a limited subset
of properties then and try to ascertain more information,
Gerard suggests.
Thats a pretty good idea. Give this Mr. Giannoni something
and then dangle the prize in front of him in exchange for more
I like that, I tell Gerard. Why dont we sell the entire strip
club portfolio first and see what we can find out?
Im not worried about selling the strip clubs. The only real
employees in a strip club are the managers and the bouncers and
theyre all tough as fucking nails. Dad had strip clubs from
Myrtle Beach to San Francisco to New York City. Even if its
fucking ISIS buying these clubs, the girls will all be able to simply
move on and the guys that work thereheaven help anyone that
tries to fuck around with them.
Agreed, lets get the paperwork sorted on that. And what do
you think the earliest we can prepare for signature would I
dont get a chance to finish because Gerard interrupts me.
I think we can discuss this a little later on today, sir, he
says and my eyes flash up to see him on the monitor. Hes
looking past me, somehow. I didnt realize I was bothering you,
Arsen. Thought you normally slept alone.
I turn around and see Ashley standing at the door to my
bedroom. Shes looking into the living room, wearing one of my
collared shirts.
God, she looks so fucking cute.
I barely get a chance to register as Gerard says goodbye and
hangs up. He probably felt a bit awkward, which is a fucking riot
considering that we were talking about selling off pieces of a sex
But who cares about business deals when the hottest fucking
girl is standing just a few feet away from me wearing nothing but
my shirt?
Who were you talking to? Ashley asks, as she takes a step
closer to me.
My lawyer, Gerard, I say, desperately aware that my cock is
starting to harden and stick up. Ashley notices too.
I overslept, she says, rubbing her eyes.
Thats okay, I say, standing still. I was going to come back
to bed
No, thats okay, Ashley says and I can see her hands come
up and begin to fiddle with the buttons. Shes got a bit of bed
head, and for the millionth fucking time I think how goddamn
cute she looks.
What was he talking about? Ashley asks me, coming up to
me. Selling strip clubs?
Oh. Fuck.
Here it is, isnt it. I never fucking told her what I do. Where all
this money comes from.
But what have I always told you?
That Im going to be fucking honest. No matter what.
I own the strip club that you used to work at, I tell Ashley
and I see her large eyes grow wider as she looks at me. The
night that I ran into you in the cab, I own that club.
You own a strip club? Ashley asks.
Among other things, I reply. My dad was a big deal in the
sex industry.
Is she going to leave? Is she going to ask me why I do what I
do? Is she going to be a prude?
God, I dont think after what we did last night, she can even
be a fucking prude.
But being a billionaire sex trafficker is sort of different from
say, being a billionaire banker. I wonder what her reaction will
If you were at the club and you own it, she starts and comes
closer still. Why did you never get a dance from me?
Wow. Not what I was expecting.
I dont say anything as Ashley gently pushes me back and I sit
down on the leather chair next to the video monitor I take video
calls on.
Ashley turns on some music on her phone and turns up the
Its 7:47 am and Im about to get a lap dance from the hottest
fucking woman Ive ever met.
Ashley turns her back to me and slides off my shirt, showing
me the back of her naked body.
Her toned ass bounces in front of me as she moves her weight
from one foot to the other.
The thing about her is that she doesnt look like a stripper.
Her tanned skin doesnt speak of countless nights spent under
neon nights, and her face still looks fresh and full of candor. She
doesnt seem like a product, built to seduce over and over again,
as if in a production line. She looks as real as the girl next door,
just perhaps not as innocent.
Ashley looks through strands of her hair at me as I sit a few
steps from her. The movements of her body match the flow of
the music, her hips rocking from one side to the other. She
moves her neck in a circle and, with her hand, whips her hair
With a strut to her step she comes near me, her feet making
her turn; she leans forward, her ass at my eye level. Her long
fingers caress her round cheeks, and I bring my hands up to her
ass, resting on the sides.
I can feel my cock stirring as I touch herher ass is apple
shaped, her skin soft and without blemishes, a gentle firmness
to it. I allow my fingers to explore, tracing the outline of her ass,
my fingertips reaching for and caressing the dimples in her
lower back.
She turns on one heel, her hands going down her body as she
sways her hips. She can feel my gaze upon her, and my mouth is
already dry with desire. Grabbing my hands she guides them
over her flat belly and up to her tits. Her nipples are hard against
my fingers, almost begging to be licked, and as I gently squeeze
she allows a smile to light up her face.
Ashley climbs on top of me, each of her knees resting besides
my legs, and brings her breasts closer to my mouth. I can almost
feel her salivate as I take one nipple between my lips, nibbling
She starts rocking her hips back and forth, pressing herself
down onto my crotch as my tongue runs around her nipples, my
long fingers embracing her firm and perky tits. She leans into
me, pressing my face against her cleavage, and tugs on my
earlobe with her mouth. My cock strains is so fucking hard and
throbbing I have a feeling it might break if it keeps this up as my
hands go to her hips, feeling her warm and soft skin.
She straddles me, her pussy now rubbing against my cock.
Her hips go slow, keeping in sync with the mellow music, but
starts going fast and hard as the rhythm of her body starts to
gain a cadence of its own. A warmness starts spreading over her
pussy as it presses against the long shape of my hard cock.
Suddenly, Ashley realizes something as she looks into me and
stares into my eyes. From where Im sitting, it looks like
something primal, something wild and primitive that floods her
heart and mind, tainting her thoughts with sex.
Her fingers go to my face and with a grin on her ripe lips, she
starts stroking my cheek, her knuckles brushing against the
hard muscles in my chest as she comes down.
I push my hips up matching the rhythm of her body, my cock
pulsating as hot blood flows through it. I take one silken nipple
inside my mouth, sucking at it with abandonment as my other
hand squeezes the creamy flesh of her breast. She groans in
pleasure as my white teeth gently nibble on her, her fingers
resting on my naked shoulders as her body keeps grinding
against my own.
In a swift motion she rises up and, turning her back to me,
lowers herself once more onto my crotch, my cock hardening
even more as it nestles comfortably between her ass cheeks.
Back and forth she goes, her ass rubbing against me as her pussy
becomes wetter. Her hands go behind her back and she caresses
my inner thighs, feeling my thick tip along the way, inflaming it
with desire; she cups it with her fingertips, feeling my cocks
head swelling against her touch.
With one hand still cupping her breasts, a hard erect nipple
trapped between my fingers, my other hand slides down the arch
of her back. My breathing grows ragged against her neck and,
with one hand, I press my cock against her ass crack, my shaft
nestling between her cheeks as it pulses almost too painfully.
Someones getting enthusiastic She says, her words soft
and mellifluous as she gets up, her hands resting on her hips.
I lick my lips unconsciously, my eyes longing for the pink
fleshy slit between her thighs. I want to taste her, to ravage her
whole body and make her moan and scream. Just one look at her
eyes and I know she can read all that in my face.
She leans into me and, with one hand sliding down my chest
and over my hard abs, she goes down on her knees. She draws a
deep breath, seeing for the first time my entire cock, its length
enough to give her pause.
She curls one hand at the base of my cock, the other one
gripping over it. She moves her hands slowly up my shaft, her
eyes lock on mine, reading the burning desire written all over my
She comes closer, her tongue slowly sliding out of her open
mouth and resting over the base of my cock, twisting up its shaft
and lubricating my cock. When she gets to its head she opens her
mouth wide, allowing her lips to savor my manhood as they
encase my glans. But she doesnt stop there; her lips keep
progressing over my cock, making it slide over her dancing
tongue as it pushes down her mouth, filling her.
I exhale slowly as the nerve endings on my cock brush against
the inside of Ashleys cheeks. This is too fucking good. Shes
going down on my cock as deep as she can, still enough of my
length left out for her to grasp with one hand. Her movements
ebb and flow, a whirlwind of sensations spreading from my cock
to the rest of my body. She knows what shes doing, every single
flick of her tongue and bob of her head a calculated movement in
a frenzied dance.
My stomach clenches in pleasure as my cock burns hotwith
just her mouth she's ready to make me cum. I instinctively reach
for her head, my hands wanting to guide her movement as I
explode inside of her, but her plans arent the same as mine.
Pulling her head back she takes my cock out of her mouth, her
fingers curling around it gently.
Dont even think about it, she says, her tone soft but
commanding. Your cock is now mine, and you can only cum
when I say so.
I almost grab her by the hair and pull her head back to my
cock, shooting my load into her face despite her bossiness. But,
instead, I grit my teeth and clench my muscles hard, feeling my
semen receding back down deep inside my body. Lets let her
have some fun. Lets let her take control. Lets see what shes
got inside of her.
I nod.
Good, she whispers, her tongue jabbing at the tip of my
head. Very goodNow, can you take more?
The palms of her hands go to my chest, pushing me back
against the leather couch. Like a tiger ready to jump on its prey
she climbs on top of me, her movements fluid and deliberate.
She grabs my cock with one hand and, rubbing its head against
her pussys moist outer lips, she whispers her question once
more against my ear.
Can you take more, Mr. Hawke?
I can take a lot more. That was my curt response as, with an
upwards push of my hips, I sheathe my cock deep inside her, her
inner warmness embracing my pulsing skin. She moans as I felt
the walls of her pussy stretching and stretching, working hard to
accommodate my thickness. I plant my hands on her ass, pulling
her cheeks with outstretched hands as my cock pounds her
pussy without mercy.
Fuck, Im close once more, my cum straining deep in my
body, aching for release. I dont care if I cum in her mouth or in
her pussy, I just want to feel that sweet discharge of electricity
running through my body, my cum gushing out in a torrent. But,
once more, she can feel my urges and she yanks on my hair, her
voice against my ear leaving no space for disobedience.
Dont you fucking dare! She whispers, her hips now
setting the rhythma more gentle tempo, enough for me to
catch my breath and pull myself together. You want to cum real
bad, dont you?
You bet I do, I thought to myself, unable to pronounce the
words as I struggle against the urge to shoot my load inside of
I know you do. She whispers, swaying her thighs and
delighting herself as my thickness rubs against her insides. But
Im in charge here I tell you when to cum.
I bury my face between her tits, breathing her scent in. Im
going crazy, my cock feeling hard as steel, my tense muscles
almost bursting at the seams as sweat starts trickling down my
body. I don't know for how much longer I'm able to hold on.
She rides me hard, showing no mercy to the pleading in my
face. My cock's hers, even if only in this short moment of time,
and she can do with it as she pleases.
Now She moans, tugging at my ear with her pearly white
teeth. Now Im going to come. Im going to come and youll
have to remain hardSay it.
Youre going to come I manage to say through gritted
She pulls hard on my hair, her voice commandeering him.
And Im going to remain hard. I mutter.
Yes Yes, you will. Her knees chafes against the leather
couchs pillows as she rocks her body over me, my cock sliding
furiously in and out of her, her juices covering it over and over
again. She takes her fingers to her clit and, throwing her head
back and closing her eyes, she presses and rubs on it, thunder
spreading through her loins. Her body jolts as my cock goes
deep, hitting that sweet spot buried deep inside her. She
screams, pushing her shaking thighs against me as her hands
pull my hair uncontrollably. She doesnt know anything at the
moment... but she doesnt care. In that single moment, the only
thing she cares about is the endless explosion of pleasure
happening all over her body, making her skin boil as if she's
about to disintegrate.
She grins, breathing in deeply as I pull out my cock from
inside of her now too sensitive pussy, her whole body shuddering
as its thickness passes through her outer lips.
Stroke it Stroke it for me She tells me, grabbing my
wrist and guiding my hand. I do as Im bid, my fingers grasping
my member and moving up and down. I know I cant hold much
longer and, if I try to, something will pop inside my head.
Cum Cum for me
Three words. Three words from her and my cock immediately
explodes, warm white semen gushing outward and covering her
belly in thick ropey strands. My fingers claw at her ass as my
whole body feels as if its ripping apart, my muscles so tense I
can almost swear I hear the flesh tearing apart from the bones.
Holy fuck! I mutter through pursed lips, my brow
furrowed in effort. Im gushing so much cum that its splattering
her whole body, dripping down from her tits and belly to her legs
and pussy and then, finally, trickling onto the floor in thick
I close my eyes and lean back, my exhausted and trembling
body reclining against the couch. I sigh heavily, tender fingers
softly grasping my hair, and force my eyelids open. Ashleys eyes
are on me, watching, a twinkle of mischievousness on them.
I give her a wide devilish fucking grin and, still reeling myself
from everything, tell her the first thing that crosses my mind.
You are fucking amazing.
She says nothing, but something flashes behind her eyes
something that seems confident and yet sad at the same time.

H i this is Misty, who am I speaking with? I say into the

phone as I lean back. Ive put on white lace stockings
with a matching white lace thong and lace bra. I have heels on,
and I decide to recline on my sofa.
The truth is, I need this. I need to get back to de-
personalizing the sexespecially after yesterday morning.
I can still remember the events as they happened.
You are fucking amazing, Arsen said to me as I stared up at
him, his cum dripping from my face and body. In that moment,
the fog of lust began to slowly clear from my brain and for a
moment, I feltwhat was it? Familiarity? Love?
I quickly got up from the floor of his living room and ran to
the bathroom. I showered as quickly as I could and put on my
clothes to look as presentable as possible.
Where are you going? Arsen asked me when I emerged all
prepared for the day.
Some of us have to work, you know? I asked back,
He snorted and took a step closer to me. I took a step back.
I cant understand why.
Hi Misty, the voice on the phone breathes. My name is
Oh, Ive been waiting for someone like Max with a sexy
name all day long, I coo into the phone. What are you
As Max goes on and on about what hes wearing, I think back
to how I left Arsens apartment yesterday morning.
I thought we could get brunch, Arsen said to me as I made
for the door.
I kept walking.
Is everything okay? Arsen asked again. This brought me up
short. I turned to him.
Why didnt you tell me that you owned the strip club? I
asked him.
He stared at me, putting on a robe so he wasnt completely
naked and walked over.
Does it bother you? he asked.
I think it did bother me. Even now, I think it still bothers me.
What bothers me the most though is what Yasmine said, I
replied back to him. She said that the owner of the strip club
also owned the phone sex company that I work at. Called
He didnt let me finish. Simulated Pleasures, LLC, he
finished my sentence for me. And yes, I own that as well.
At first I didn't know what to say. But I know that Arsen was
watching me.
That means you know what I do for a living, I stated. It
wasnt so much a question as more a statement to myself. You
know what Ive had to do in the past. How Ive had to dance.
Arsen nodded. I dont care about any of that, he said. I
only inherited this company from my father
But I didn't let him finish. I dont think this is appropriate,
Arsen, I said. You own the company I work for, and I dont
think wed ever be equals in any sort of relationship.
Arsen snorted and looked at me. Are you fucking serious?
he asked as he got up. You didnt let me cum just now till you
were ready for me!
My defenses must have gone up because I gave him a fake
plastic smile and looked at him. Goodbye Arsen, I said. Take
And with that I walked out of his apartment toward the
elevator. I stayed still all through the elevator and kept my
composure. It was only when I get into the cab that I looked into
my lap and tried to make as little noise as possible as I began to
Hello? the voice of Max jars me awake from my reverie.
I start and look at the meter on my computer. I recently
installed the software that the office gave me. It shows how long
the call has been going and the estimated charges as well as the
royalties I should expect.
Are you still there? Max asks, a bit unsure as to why a
phone sex operator would put him on hold.
The thought makes me smile and I let my smile color my
voice. Im still here, baby, I whisper into the phone. Just
hearing you talk started getting me so hot and bothered I needed
a place to lay down.
Oh yeah? I can see the ear-to-ear grin on Maxs face as he
asks this. What are you wearing?
Oh baby, I put on a special lace white thong on for you just
now, and a matching bra, I reply back. Do you like that?
Mmm-hmm, Max says into the phone. I like that a lot.
How do you want me? I ask him. Ive been learning.
Sometimes I lead the conversation. Sometimes when Im feeling
generous, I let the client lead. Ive been trying to get the clients
talking more instead of just getting them off as quickly as
possible. I think it does two things. It keeps them on the phone
longer. But more importantly, having them talk about
themselves starts making them regulars. They end up investing
in me emotionally.
I want to bend you over and slide your panties off, Max
whispers into the phone.
Ooh, yeah, baby, I like that, I say into the phone. I cant
help it, but I picture bending over the table in my kitchen with
Arsen behind me.
I want to rub my hands up and down your body, and take off
your bra so I can lick those hard nipples of yours, Max says
Oh, theyre so hard right now, I say into the phone. And
guess what? They are. Because Im thinking of this happening to
me. With Arsen, no less. I cant help it. I cant get his body out of
my head. But more than his body. Hes got the heart of a saint. I
know he says hes not a good man. But hes been nothing but
gracious to me. Kind, warm, protective loving.
I want to use one hand to squeeze those nipples as I suck
them, Max says into the phone. I want to use the other hand
to smack that ass.
I close my eyes and picture Arsen squeezing my tits. Of Arsen
slapping my ass cheek.
Sounds like you like it, baby, Max says. I didnt realize it
but I had given an involuntarily moan into the phone.
I want to slap that ass, Max says again. Hes breathing
erratically. I can tell hes stroking himself. Hard.
Ohhh, baby, I moan. Hes starting to have an effect on me.
I bring my free hand down and begin to gently rub my clit over
my panties.
Im going to fucking lower my face and use my tongue to lick
around your folds, Max says.
Arsens face as he licked my pussy goes through my head. As
he scooped out cum with his tongue before he fed it to me.
Ohhhh, I groan as arcs of pleasure start to permeate
through my body. Max continues, obviously excited by the fact
that his words seem to be having a real and noticeable affect on
I want to pull out my cock and Max continues but
somehow I stop paying attention to what he says.
All I can see, and trust me, it seems so real, is Arsen stroking
his thick, 12-inch cock in front of me. Im on my knees. Then all
of a sudden Im grinding my ass against that hard cock of his.
Like yesterday morning. Feeling it pulse. Thick and hard.
I can feel Arsens hands on my body as I begin to stimulate
my clit. I can feel his thick and powerful tongue flick my clit. I
can feel him use his tongue to press against my clit, playing with
it. Teasing it. Massaging it. Biting it. Licking it. Sucking it.
Oh my God. What am I doing? Is Max still on the line?
I dont care. But I dont dare talk. All I do is moan. All I do is
breathe and mewl.
In my head, Arsen is my Angel of Sin. I run my tongue
between the creases of his abs. He runs his tongue over my
Shudders of pleasure go through me. My body seizes up. I let
loose a growl. And then a lewd moan escapes my lips as I forget
all about what's polite. A seizure of ecstasy travels through my
body and Im left shaking for a moment.
Im light-headed when I open my eyes. Im panting.
Sweating. Hot.
That was so fucking hot! Max says into the phone.
I want to reply, but I cant. I just lay there, my panties damp
and my body satisfied.
Im calling you back every day! Max says. He says
something more but I honestly am having trouble paying
attention. Its the most I can do to tell him Ill be waiting and
then he hangs up.
I look at the computer. He was on the line for 15 minutes.
Thats at least $54. With $26 going to me. Not a bad gig for 15
minutes of work.
I could get used to this.
And then an email pops up on my phone.
Congratulations on a solid 5-star rating from all clients over
the last 24 hours! the email reads. It goes on to congratulate me
on my repeat clients and my rating.
I read it and realized that I just made Arsen half the money
that Im getting. Maybe it goes to other people, but its based on
a company he started and still owns.
The thought chills me. With so much sex at this mans
disposal, why is he interested in me? And how long will it even
last? With those looks and body of his, Im surprised if he ever
speaks to me again. Its already been over 24 hours and I havent
heard from him at all.
Dont get me wrong. Im not prude or anything. Ive had a
pretty dirty past and Im very, very sexual as you can tell.
But Arsen is a line thats in a completely different league. And
right now, this job and the money it affords me needs to take
priority. The only way I can do that is by keeping Arsen Hawke at
arms length.
I hope to myself that his gorgeous body will start to fade from
memory over time.
But the part of my brain that uses logic tells me that Im
already in too deep. Theres nothing I can do now, it tells me.
Great. Thanks for nothing, brain!

"Y ou've made a smart choice," Luca Giannoni says, clapping

his meaty hand on my shoulder. "I was beginning to think
you weren't going to take my calls." His hand could belong to a
Sasquatch. I swear it's hairy enough, and there's no doubt that
this guy is an animal. I feel the weight of his hand on my body
and wonder why he thinks he needs to be so passive aggressive.
"It's been a busy few weeks," I say, and shrug off the
comment. But honestly, all I can think about is how I haven't
had sex with Ashley in over a week.
"Sure it has, but listen, don't ever mistake my kindness for
weakness. Mr. Morozov doesn't take well to being ignored."
I sense the thinly veiled threat in his voice and I hand him the
signed document, slamming the pen down on the desk. I need to
get out of this office before he really pisses me off and I do
something I shouldn't. "Well, none of that matters anymore.
Here's the paperwork. The ownership transfer of these clubs is
now in the hands of Mr. Morozov."
With one hand rolled into a tight fist in the pocket of my suit,
I turn around and give him a wave with my other free hand.
There's a fake smile plastered across my face, and I leave the
room before Luca can respond. I walk outside, and hail a cab. The
sun is so bright that I take a moment to stop and find my
sunglasses. The cab pulls up and as I open the car door and slide
into the back seat, I think about the transaction that just
Here I am, a fucking Harvard MBA graduate, and I'm making
deals with the Russian mob. What the hell am I doing with my
life? And as soon as I ask myself that question, Ashley pops into
my mind. Fuck she's beautiful maybe even perfect. I've seen a
lot of smoking hot women in my lifetime, but she tops them all.
Fucking her was unbelievable it's been painful that it's been
over a week. I pull out my phone and decide to send her a text. I
hesitate for a moment, staring at the chat screen, and thinking
about what exactly to say. Fuck it; I'm definitely overthinking
this. Why am I acting like such an idiot? I text, "Let's meet up."
Before I can even slip the phone back into my pocket, she
responds, "I don't think that's a good idea."
What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I text back, "Why
I wait for a few minutes, but she doesn't respond. I give it
another couple of minutes, and still nothing. This is driving me
crazy. If she doesn't want to reply to my texts, I'll reach her
another waythrough her direct phone sex line. I'm not one to
give upI always get what I want.
I dial her line and wait. The phone rings, and then I hear her.
She picks up.
"Hi, this is Misty. Who am I speaking with?"
The first thing I notice is that her voice sounds different
smooth and sultry, and I swear my cock is already twitching.
She's a good actress, that's for sure. But she can't find out it's
me on the other end of the line, so I lower my voice and muffle it
with the fabric of my suit.
"King Henry."
"Oh, I've never spoken to a king before," she purrs.
"Good, because I'm the only king that matters. You belong to
me, don't you?"
"Mm hmm," she whispers.
"Tell me that you belong to me, Kitten," I demand.
"I do. You're my king and I belong to you," she coos,
maintaining a smooth, even voice.
"Good, Kitten. Now I want you to tell me what you'd do to my
cock if I was with you right now."
"I'd do so many thing. First, I'd"
I cut her off. "You mean, King Henry. Say my name when you
talk to me."
She pauses for a moment, and I hear her breathing deepen.
"Yes, King Henry. I'd worship your cock. I'd slowly unbutton
your pants and drop them to your feet. I'd wrap my arms around
your big, strong body and pull you tight against my ownmy
breasts and my hard nipples would be pressed under the weight
of your manhood. My nipples are hard just thinking about you.
My lips would then touch yours, and I would nibble on you with a
hunger you've never felt before."
"And what kind of a hunger is that, Kitten?" I ask.
"Stop, and address me as your king before you continue. If
you mess that up again, you'll have to spank yourself."
"Yes, King Henry. I'd bite you in a trail of hunger, starting on
your lips, and then moving down until I reach the ridges of your
stomach. I'd slide my hands over your thighs and between your
legs moving slowly until I've reached your large, hard cock.
Oh, I'm so wet right now just thinking about you."
"Stop touching your pussy. I can see you doing that because I
can hear it in your voice. You can't touch your pussy until I
command you to. Do you understand that?"
"Yes, what, Kitten?"
"Yes, King Henry."
"That's better. Now spank yourself for not addressing me
"Yes, King Henry," she says, and then I hear a loud slap. I can
tell she's naked. It's the sound of skin on skin. She's slapped
herself so hard that her ass is definitely red.
"Now show me how you'd worship my cock."
"Yes, King Henry. I'd get down on my knees and wrap my
hand around your cock and glide it into my mouth and deep into
my throat. I'd take your entire shaft down my throat, until I
couldn't anymore."
Now she's got me hooked, and I make sure the driver isn't
watching as I slip my hands down my pants, stroking my cock,
and I continue. "I want you down on all fours," I command her.
"Yes, King Henry."
"Are you down on all fours right now?" I ask, just to be
"Yes, King Henry. I'm down on all fours," she replies at just
above a whisper. I can barely hear her.
"Good job Kitten. Now finger your pussy and make sure
you're ready for me."
"Oh, god I'm ready for you King Henry. My pussy is throbbing
for youfuck it's so wet."
Do you have any toys you use to play with yourself? I ask.
Theres a pause. Yes, King Henry, she replies.
Good, I say. Go get it.
Theres a rustling and I can hear the phone being put down.
Shes obedient. Thats what being horny does to her.
A minute later, shes back.
I have it, King Henry, she says.
Good, describe it, Kitten, I tell her.
She gasps. Its a footlong dildo, its black, and its ribbed,
King Henry, she says to me.
Close your eyes because thats now my cock in your hands,
Kitten, I tell her and I can just see her laying down with the sex
Yes, King, Ashley says.
"Good, now I want you to glide my cock into you. Grab it like
it's the last cock on earth."
"Oh god, you're cock is so big King Henry I'mI'm gliding
it deep, really deep ininside of me, and I can barely"
But before she can finish her sentence, I can hear every
muscle in her body spasm and I know she's coming. I stroke my
cock faster and faster, and then with my eyes clenched shut,
ropes of cum erupt from cock. I don't give a shit about anything
around methe driver, or otherwise, and I continue to come.
When I finally open my eyes, I realize it's all over my suit pants. I
don't wait for Ashley to say another word, and I hang up our call.
I can hardly believe that just happened. I take off my suit
jacket and hold it in front of me. That's all I need is for the
doorman at One57 to catch a glance at the stain on my pants.
He's never say anything, but still. Just then, the cab pulls up to
my apartment. I pay the fare, and quickly get out of the car, and
then I feel it. My phone is vibrating in my pants pocket with an
incoming text message. I quickly take it out and read it. It's from
Ashley, "OK, maybe you're right. Let's meet up later."
I can't help but smile at the small victory. See, I told you. I
don't take no for an answer; I always get what I want.

I knock on his door, shifting my weight from foot to foot as I

wait for a response. Sure, I could've pressed the electric
doorbell, but what the hell? Ive always been a little old
fashioned. It doesnt take long: a few seconds after my first
knock I hear footsteps from the other side. I take a deep breath
to calm myself as Arsen opens the door, a wide smile on his lips.
He looks at me shamelessly, his eyes wandering from my face
to my breasts, and then down to my waist. God, the way he looks
at me is so goddamn intoxicating.
You look good, he says, stepping to the side and inviting
me in. Oh, of course I look goodtight black dress and the
tiniest lace thong I could find, I came ready for action And
something in the tone of his voice unleashes that wild beast I
keep hidden inside of me. My mind goes blank and, next thing I
know, Im walking toward him with a sure step. I grab him by the
collar of his shirt and before he has the time to react I press my
mouth against his. His eyes widen in surprise, but he regains his
composure quickly enough, his hands immediately darting to my
waist. Someones pretty eager.
You cant imagine how eager I am right now, I shoot back,
pressing my hand against his crotch. Hes already as hard as
rock, so I curl my fingers around the shape of his cock, grinning
wildly at him. To say that Im eager is putting it mildly, really,
after that phone call with Client 5, "King Henry," I just cant wait
to feel Arsens cock once more. In a sense, its weird. Here I am,
jumping into Arsens arms because a strangers voice drove me
completely insane with pleasure. A day in the life of a phone sex
operator, right?
I like eager. Good, he simply whispers, a flicker of darkness
in his eyes. Ive set something in motion that I cant stopand,
hell, it sounds so damn good.
With his hands on my waist he pushes me back across the
hallway and into the living room. I walk backward awkwardly,
only stopping when my ass meets the edge of his leather couch.
On the way there my eyes wander to the wall where he pinned
me The one where he fucked me relentlessly, memories of the
most perfect sex Ive ever had flooding my mind.
I take my fingers to his collar, ready to start unbuttoning it,
but he's faster than I am. Hooking his fingers on my hip, he
makes me turn around and, with one forearm across my
shoulder blades, bends me over the couch. I bite my lower lip as
he grabs my ass harshly, his long fingers bunching up my dress
as he touches me. A gasp leaves my lips as he slaps my buttocks
with the back of his hand, the sound of it almost too
Since our last time together, he says, leaning forward and
whispering against my ear, I couldnt stop thinking about
bending you over and spanking your perfect little ass. He does
it again then, smacking my other buttock even more harshly.
Have you been thinking of just that? I ask, looking at him
over my shoulder. His smile turns into a wicked grin
immediately, telling me the answer before he even speaks.
Oh, no. Ive been thinking of a lot more. Still grinning, he
runs his hands up my legs and slides them under my dress, his
long warm fingers going over the curve of my ass cheeks until
they meet the fabric of my thong. He grabs it harshly and I bite
down on my lip as I prepare for him to take it off of me; but,
somehow, he changes ideas. His hands go down and he curls his
thumbs around the hemline of my dress, pushing it up to my
waist; then he goes down to his knees and I feel my heart
starting to drum wildly in anticipation. Whatever he has in store
for me, I can barely wait.
I close my eyes as he lunges forward, pressing his mouth
against my pussy and breathing in my scent. His hands are on
my buttocks, grabbing my curves and keeping the dress up in my
waist. Sucking my pussy over the fabric of my thong, his touch
makes me close my eyes and moan in excitement. It might be an
obvious thing to say, but theres something wildly erotic about
having a mans mouth between your thighs. Especially when he
enjoys it almost as much as I do.
With a flick of his fingers he pushes his tongue just an inch to
the side, baring my wet folds. Lapping at me with his tongue, he
runs it between my pussy lipsup and down, up and down, the
rhythmic motion pulling me into a trance of delight and ecstasy.
I curl my fingers hard around the edge of the couch, my body
tightening as he jabs with his tongue, slowly sliding it into my
I gasp as, with a sudden movement, he places his hands on
my hips and tugs on my thong harshly. He pulls his head back,
sliding the fabric down my legs at the same time; before I even
have the time to prepare for it, hes on me again, mouth wide
Oh, God I moan, his tongue working me with such
perfection I dont even feel the urge to move. I just want to stand
still and bask in pleasure. He has other plans, thoughwith his
hands on my hips he makes me sway my body, pushing my pussy
against his mouth as I bend even more over the edge of the
couch. His hands then run over to my buttocks and he grabs me
firmly, smacking his hands against my flesh; he massages my
ass for a while and then, no warning whatsoever, slaps me hard
across the cheeks with the back of his hand. I grit my teeth, the
pain of it mixing with the pleasure hes inflicting upon me with
his mouth.
I try to open my eyes but I cant even do that; every single
fiber in my body is filled with pleasure, and theres little that my
brain can do right now except try and process all of it. Suddenly,
all hell breaks loose. Still sucking on me, he angles his head
slightly so that he can fit two fingers over my pussy. He slides
them in quickly, a loud moan leaving my lips as I feel his
fingertips pressed against my G-spot. I come immediately, my
muscles becoming as rigid as concrete before they start to shake
and tremble, releasing all the tension inside of them.
Supporting myself with my hands on the couch, I motion to
turn, but he grabs me by the hips and keeps me in place. Im
not done, he simply says, pulling back from my pussy. The
moment the last word leaves his lips he dives in again, sucking
on my pussy as he laps at me with his tongue, an electric storm
raging through me. He slides his fingers back inside of me, but
this time he starts flicking his wrist as well.
Im no longer standing still; I start to thrust back at him,
pressing my pussy against his mouth, my ass cheeks against his
face. He licks me even more furiously, devouring my pussy
relentlessly as I fill the whole apartment with my quivering
A shiver goes up my spine as he places both his hands on my
ass, grabbing my cheeks once again. He moves his fingers
further in, spreading my cheeks apart and sliding his thumb over
my ass crack. When he goes over my asshole he stops, applying a
gentle pressure there as fireworks start to go off behind my
eyelids. Im on the verge of coming again, only a few moments
after Ive just exploded.
He slides his tongue over the whole length of my pussy,
electricity pooling in my muscles as he goes. Moving back and
forth in a rhythmic motion, he suddenly keeps going, his tongue
sliding from my drenched lips to between my ass cheeks. I
tremble as I feel him go, and I clench my ass as an instinctive
reaction. He doesnt care for my embarrassment; he simply
grabs my ass harder, forcing me to spread my cheeks as he
moves his tongue up my crack. Theres not much that I can do
but yield. I relax my body, my chin quivering in delight as his
tongue goes over my ass. He presses it there, and then starts
circling that sensitive spot with entrancing movements.
As he licks my ass he moves one hand to between my thighs,
placing two fingers over my clitoris. He starts to rub me there at
once, all the electricity in my body turning into a raging storm.
With his fingers on my clit and his tongue on my ass, I come
undone; I grit my teeth and shout through them, thrusting back
against his face as my whole body starts to tremble. Im grabbing
the edge of the couch so fiercely my knuckles have turned white.
Slowly, he pulls back from me. I dont even move; I just
remain bent over the couch, hanging limply by the waist. Im
breathing hard, my eyes still closed as I try to reel from all the
ecstasy still burning in my body.
Arsen goes up to his feet and, leaning into me, whispers
against my ear. That was just a taste of whats to come, he
tells me, his hands still resting on my buttocks. He moves them
to the side and hooks his fingers on my hips, making me jut my
ass back at him. I press my cheeks against his crotch, feeling his
bulging shape between my cheeks. Swaying my body from side to
side, I start grinding against him, the urge to feel him inside of
me growing and growing. God, I want him so damn much!
Suddenly, I stand up straight and turn on my heels, facing
him with a grin on my lips. Before he even has the time to stop
me, I reach for his crotch and grab his thick cock. Right now, its
my turn to take the lead.
One hand wrapped tight around his cock, I place the other one
against his chest and push him back, my eyes never leaving his.
Hes grinning now, allowing me to lead him and anxious to see
whats on my mind.
The moment his back hits the wall I let go of his cock and
place both my hands on his shirt. With a savage grin, I pull on it
as harshly as I can, ripping the fabric and making all the buttons
pop out and scatter around the floor. Flattening my hands
against his chest, I close my eyes and run my fingers over his
hard muscles, feeling every turn and curve of his pectorals and
abdominals. It doesnt matter how many times I touch and see
them, they always have the same affect on me. And his tattoos
They add that edge of unruliness that I just cant help but love.
I let my hands go further down and then, when I meet the
contour of his pants, I unbuckle his belt and pull it out of its
loops. My fingers trembling with the anxiety of anticipation, I
unbutton his pants, a shiver going through me as his cock tents
his boxer briefs and presses hard against my knuckles.
All strength leaves my body and I go down on my knees. As I
go, I hook my fingers on his underwear and pull them down, his
cock springing free right in front of my face. More than
anything, I want to grab it, to open my mouth wide and let him
slide it in all the way But first I want to take a good look at his
naked body: I tug on his pants and underwear as he kicks off his
shoes, and then I pull them out as he lifts his feet. I look up, my
heart beating wildly as I take a mental picture of the naked man
in front of me.
His body screams sex, all of it. Hes muscled, but not in a fit
or trendy waymore than a cover model, he looks like a warrior,
ready to rip apart anyone that dares stand in his way. And, of
course, when he puts all these muscles to work My pussy
clenches just at the thought. Really, have I ever been this wet?
My eyes wander over every inch of him, but they inevitably
stop on his cock. Long, thick and pulsing with desire. I dont
even think about it, I just lean forward and open my mouth,
rolling my lips down his shaft and taking him all in.
My eyelids droop as I feel his cock going over my tongue, his
glans pressed against the back of my throat. I hold there for a
long second and then I go back, sucking hard on his tip as I allow
his cock out of my mouth. Running my tongue in slow soft
circles around his glans, I start to caress his balls, moving them
gently over my fingers.
Arsen lays both of his hands on my head, and hooking his
fingers on my hair, he pulls me into him. I open my mouth as
wide as I can immediately, letting him guide me toward his cock;
the moment my lips are on him again, I start to bob my head
back and forth, sucking on him as hard as I can. I wrap my
fingers around the root of his member and I start moving my
hand at the same time as my head, stroking and sucking in a
coming and going motion. I start slow, but it doesnt take long
for him to urge me to go faster, the slight pressure of his fingers
on my head the only directions I need.
Moving as fast as I can, I have to stop for a few seconds, just
enough to catch my breath. I look up at him, my heart fluttering
inside of my chest as I see him with his eyes closed, enjoying my
mouth on him. Stroking him fast, I tilt my head sideways and
lick the whole length of his shaft, going down toward his balls;
there, I open my mouth wide and suck one ball in, rolling it over
my tongue, and then I do the same with the other one. Theyre
heavy and warm, filled with a seed that I cant wait to feel all
over my body.
Ive never been one to go full-blown kinky, but with Arsen
somehow that seems to be the standard. And I just love itthe
dirtier and naughtier, the better. He just makes me feel unlike
anything I have ever experienced I never even knew sex could
be this good. And let me tell you, Ive always garnered the
attention of experienced, hot men. Sure, my asshole ex wasnt
anything to write home about, but I never really had a reason to
complain until I met Arsen. In a sense, he ruined me for other
men. And thats just lovely.
Placing my lips on his shaft, I run them back up to his tip, and
then I take his cock inside of me once again. Bobbing my head as
fast as I can, I dont stop until I hear his hard breathing, his
fingers like claws in my hair. I would have gone all the way and
let him fill my mouth with his cum, but he has other plans. He
pulls his cock out of my mouth, and with that devious grin on his
lips, goes down to his knees right in front of me.
He places his hands on my shoulders and pushes me down to
the floor, climbing on top of me. I open my legs by instinct and
grabbing his cock, he starts to rub its tip against my labia. I
thrust at him, eager to have him inside of me, but he takes his
time. He just keeps rubbing his glans back and forth over my
folds, each time he does it pressing forward just an inch.
Please, Arsen I found myself saying, my hands going to
his shoulders and trying to pull him in. This time, he doesnt
fight back against my pleas. He responds by thrusting, his cock
piercing me in a heartbeat and drawing a loud scream out of my
lips. Before I can even process whats happening, he starts to
thrust viciously, his cock coming and going out of me like a
I cross my legs behind his back, locking him in place as he
thrusts. My hands are now on his chest, my fingernails digging
in his pectorals as his body sways.
Harder, I tell him, not even sure if I can take it. But harder
he goes, his hips moving so fast that a wild numbness spreads
from my pussy toward all of my limbs. I lay back as he fucks me,
my pussy tightening around his cock like a vice. Breathing hard
as if Im about to suffocate, I arch my back as my body tenses up.
Dont stop! I shout, fireworks exploding inside my head as I
come. He keeps thrusting through my orgasm, my fingers
clawing at his chest as sweet release takes control of me.
Im screaming like a madwoman, my limbs flailing as if I were
having a seizure. Even so, he doesnt ease up; somehow, he
starts going even faster, not allowing my orgasm to crawl back to
wherever it came from. Instead, he keeps it alive inside my
muscles, fucking me until I have to scream again, another
explosion taking place inside of my head. I come for the second
time in a row, the first time that has ever happened in my life.
Two orgasms in the space of a few heartbeats? I thought that was
something that only happened in books!
Oh God, I mutter as Arsen slows down, gently pulling his
cock out of me. Im almost reluctant to let it go, but I know
theres still more to come. Way more.
I dont even know where I find the strength to do it, but
supporting myself on my elbows, I sit up. Moving with cat-like
movements, I push Arsen down on the floor and climb on top of
him, straddling him. I grab his cock, pointing it at my pussy as
my eyes lock into histheres hunger there, one that I just know
will consume me. And thats exactly what I want to happen. To
be consumed by Arsen Hawke.
I ease myself down on his cock, biting on my lower lip as I feel
his thickness parting my folds and sliding in. I let him go all the
way in and, the moment his cock is sheathed in me, I start
swaying my hips back and forth. He grabs me by the ass, bucking
his hips at me as I move; we become one like that, our motion
one and the same.
With my hands on his chest, we go slowly and tenderly, his
cock gently sliding in and out of my pussy as our bodies rock. I
lean forward, gently brushing my lips against his. I arch my back
then, and start to move faster; he matches my movements by
thrusting harder as well, the sound of his thighs slapping against
my buttocks filling the whole room. It doesnt take long for us to
be lost in a frenzy of motion, thick beads of sweat pooling on my
We keep moving until Im soaked in sweat, stray locks of hair
plastered to my forehead. I feel beads of it running down my
back and, even though I feel the claws of exhaustion reaching for
me, I keep moving furiously over his cock. Wanting to go one
step further, I stop moving just for the time necessary for me to
plant my feet by the side of his thighs. Without taking his cock
from inside of me, I lift my body up and squat down over his
waist, allowing his cock to go even deeper than before.
We change glances and his lips curl upward into a grin as he
reaches for me, two of his fingers pressing down on my clit as go.
I feel that electric pulse inside of me once more, and just a few
heartbeats after that, a tiny spark of pleasure turns into a
wildfire of delight.
My pussy clenches around his cock and I ease myself down,
my knees touching the floor once again. I lean forward, my
forearms across his chest as I tremble in ecstasy. I cant even
moan or scream anymore; my vocal chords have reached their
limit, and all they can produce is a small croak of pleasure.
I roll to the side limply, spreading both arms and legs on the
floor as I stare at the ceiling, my chest rising and falling at a
quick pace. God, Im so exhausted And still, I want more! I
dont know what Arsen does to me, but whenever Im with him I
turn into an insatiable beast. Which works just fine, since he
seems even more insatiable than I am. Between the sheets,
were truly a match made in Heaven. That is, if we were between
any sheetsit seems that with him we dont even have the
necessary patience to get anywhere near a bed. Im not
complaining, though; his naked body is the only furniture I need.
Taking a deep breath, I summon whatever strength still lives
inside of me and go up to my feet as Arsen sits up.
Looking him in the eye, I throw him a dirty smile as I sashay
across the living room and move toward the bedroom. Its time
to fuck on a proper mattress. With Arsen following after me, I
enter the room and climb on top of the bed with my knees; I go
on all fours and sway my ass from side to side as an invitation. I
dont need to say more; he crosses the room with two wide
strides, firmly grabbing my hips as he positions himself behind
me. I look back over my shoulder, a fire burning in my eyes.
What are you waiting for? I ask, biting down on my lower
lip. Fuck me. Hard. Arsen throws me a coy grin and, grabbing
his shaft, presses his tip against my folds.
You asked for it, he says and, with a smirk, thrusts. As his
cock strains against my inner walls in its way in, a violent
scream climbs up my throat and explodes in my mouth, waves of
ecstasy riding through me as Arsen starts to fuck me viciously.
I lose all notion of time as he thrusts into me; my body
burning as my mind slowly drowns. My rational mind vanishes
into oblivion, and all thats left behind the wheel are my primal
and savage urges.
I thrust back at Arsen, matching the movements of his hips.
My ass cheeks slap his thighs, the sound of flesh on flesh driving
me even more crazy. Im sweating once more, pushing my body
past all limits and forgetting about the exhaustion that is
seeping from my muscles to my bones.
Gritting my teeth, I exhale sharply as he spreads my cheeks
apart with his hands; he then runs his index finger over my
crack, placing it against my asshole. Slowly but steadily, he
slides it in, a long moan tumbling out of my lips as I feel him go
in. His whole finger inside of me, he starts to fuck me even more
relentlessly; Im not even moving anymore, Im just there taking
it in and trying not to pass out from all the pleasure.
Arsen I moan, the way his name feels on my tongue like a
perfect aphrodisiac. Arsen. Dont stop! Dont STOP! I shout
as loud as I can, my lungs hurting from the effort. I come
violently, a shiver of ecstasy going up my spine as he stops
moving, his cock deep inside of me.
My body still trembling, he pulls his cock out slowly, each
inch that slides out between my folds making me tremble even
more. The moment he lets go of me, I collapse on top of the
mattress, seeing all black. I have to take a few deep breaths to
steady myself, trying hard not to pass out. Who knew that
obscene amounts of pleasure could make you pass out? I didnt,
but now that I do, I just cant help but want to see how far I can
go. Im a woman who loves challenges, what else can I say?
Sitting up on the bed, I turn to Arsen and spread my legs,
grabbing both my breasts as I look into his eyes.
Dont tell me you're already tired, I tease him, pinching my
right nipple between my thumb and index finger.
You should know me better by now, he shoots back, placing
his hand on my knees and spreading my legs even further.
Approaching me, he grabs his shaft and guides it home,
immediately thrusting without even letting me prepare for it. It
slides easily inside of me, my pussy already used to
accommodating his thickness. Rocking his body against mine,
we start fucking again, all my nerve endings crying with delight.
Christ, Arsen has given me more pleasure in an hour than all
other men combined during my whole life.
My hands go to his back, and I lower them over the curve of
his buttocks. Grabbing his ass, I urge him to go faster, bucking
my hips at him as he thrusts. He takes the hint quickly enough,
his rhythm growing with each stroke. Leaning into me, he goes
for my breasts, laying his mouth right between them as he keeps
on fucking me, his lips move over the curve of my right breast
and he wraps them around my nipple, sucking eagerly.
I throw my head back, an exhausted moan on my lips as I
succumb to his body. If the human body didnt have all these
silly limitations, Id want to remain here forever, Arsens cock
deep inside me. I mean, is there anything better than this in the
whole world? I really, really doubt it.
Letting go of my nipple, he takes his mouth to my neck,
nibbling at the soft skin there, and then moves upward to my
I cant get enough of this, he whispers, his hands on my
hips. I could fuck you like this forever, he continues, almost as
if he could read my thoughts. I open my mouth to speak, but I
cant even do that; my vocal chords are spent, and my brain is in
no condition to form a coherent sentence. Thankfully, this is no
time for conversation. He grabs me by the hair and yanks my
head back, thrusting with such strength that I cant help but
open my mouth and scream, my throat burning with the effort.
Hes ravaging me, fucking me without grace or mercy. Like a
wild beast, hes showing me what a real man can do with a
womans body. I bury my fingernails on his back, gritting my
teeth and preparing for the incoming storm. I already feel its
roar inside of me, thunder and lightning looming on my minds
horizon. This time, Im truly not sure if I can withstand thisI
mean, how many times have I come since I got here? Too many
to count, Im sure.
Every single muscle in my body tenses up, my nerve endings
charged with electricity as I feel the fuse of pleasure burning up.
Two heartbeats, one deep breath, and I just explode: all the
tension in my body frees itself, a painful scream leaving my
mouth as my brain turns into mush. This is way beyond anything
I have ever experienced And still he keeps thrusting. He fucks
me as if tomorrow would never come, ignoring all my shouts of
ecstasy - my throat is raw and hurting, but I just cant help it.
Suddenly, he stops; his body turns rigid, his muscles
becoming as hard as concrete. I look at him, see him with eyes
closed and gritted teeth, and prepare for whats to comeand I
mean that pretty literally. His cock starts to spasm and a thought
crosses my mind. With both hands on his chest, I push him to
the side and, moving as quickly as I can, I go down on my knees
and lean forward. I wrap my lips around his cock just in time, a
torrent of cum filling my mouth at once. Cupping his balls as he
comes, I stay in place while he empties his whole load inside of
my mouth. His flavor is salty and raw, manly like everything in
He keeps cumming for what seems like forever, his cum
gushing inside my mouth with no end in sight. I feel my mouth
becoming full, but even then I dont pull back; I remain still,
strands of cum dripping down my lips and chin. Its simply too
much for me to hold it all in my mouth, and it keeps on coming.
Thicks drops fall to my breasts, my chin covered in his semen
Only when Im a wet mess does he finally stop, pulling his cock
out of my mouth with an exhausted grin.
Proud of what I just did, I smile at him, opening my mouth
and showing him his own cum.
You look lovely like that, he says, leaning forward. His lips
touch mine and, before I even know what Im doing, Im pushing
my tongue inside his mouth, opening my mouth wide and
swapping cum with him. Remember when I told you that the
kinkier the better? This was what I was talking about: never in
my life did I think Id find a man with whom Id be doing this
And damn, it feels just so damn fine!
When our kiss ends, I open my eyes and lock them on his; I
lick my lips wantonly, scooping whatever cum I can, and just
swallow it. He looks at me as if he were entranced, the
expression on his face one of pure delight.
When Im done, I simply collapse on the mattress, spreading
my legs and arms to the side, exhaustion suddenly filling every
fiber of my being. And this time, theres no fighting it; the
moment I feel the softness of his sheets against my back, I close
my eyes and Im out.
WHAT TIME IS IT? Oh God, I fell asleep in Arsens apartment. I look
to my side and there he is, his naked body still pressed tight
against mine, the warmness of his skin seeping through mine.
It pains me to leave him. I wouldnt mind closing my eyes and
going back to sleep, my naked body against his But theres a
whisper inside my head: Ive got work to do. "King Henry," my
new client, is going to call me at noon, and I want to be home by
the time I get the call. Oh, who am I kidding? Its not even about
work I just want to talk with him again.
And so, with a perfect naked man lying by my side, I get up
and get dressed. I could reschedule the call, I know thatbut
somehow theres something inside of me thats aching to hear
that voice on the other end of the line. I leave the apartment on
my tiptoes, wondering why the hell I'm caring so damn much
about a man Ive never even met.

I dont know why Im so fucking excited to talk to Ashley

when she was just here a couple of hours ago. But regardless
of the fucking reason, I shower, shave, go work out, and get
some food at the gym, and by the time Im sitting down in front
of my computer, I have nervous excitement going through me
like Im 16 and in high school all over again.
What the fuck is going on? Im about to call a phone sex
operator. Regardless of whether I had showered or shaved or
whatever, shed be looking to get me off. This is a sure fucking
thing. Its nothing to get excited about. Its nothing to revolve
my day around.
But thats exactly what Im fucking doing. Youre probably
laughing at me right now. I seem like that fucking 40-year-old
virgin if you ever saw the movie where Steve Carrell puts on the
candles and shit before putting on the fucking porno so he could
jack off. Hell, chances are Dads company produced that porno in
the first place. And now I wonder how much the old man is
turning over in his grave when he sees his only fucking son
getting a fucking hard on getting ready to pay money to talk dirty
with one of his own phone sex operators.
Jesus fucking Christ. I gotta calm the fuck own.
I turn on the computer at my desk and scan through my
emails. Theres nothing major going on in the world of sex today
thats interfering with my trying to divest out of this shit. I pull
up the research on the Morozov family of companies that I had
asked Gerard to do. That man is worth his fucking weight in gold.
Not only did breaking up the company into chunks to sell give us
who Luca Giannoni was working for, but it gives me a chance to
dig a bit deeper and see just who Im selling to.
But wait, its already noon. And that means Ashleys waiting
for me to call her.
Actually, let me fucking rephrase that. Shes waiting for
"King Henry" to call her.
Whatever, dont look at me right now like that, ok? Until I
met her, I used to be a normal, well-adjusted asshole. Sure, I
used to fuck women left and right, but I never fucking lied to
them. But with her, Im living a double fucking life.
Hi this is Misty, who am I talking to? she purrs into the
phone and my heart skips a beat at hearing her voice all over
Its King Henry, Kitten, I say with the affected gravelly
voice. Im not using the coat anymore, and despite the computer
showing me that emails are arriving; my mind and concentration
are completely focused on the line.
Ive been waiting for you, sir, Ashley says with a purr.
Have you now? I say to her while my cock stiffens at her
submissive tone. Im not sure I believe you Kitten.
Its true, I came home just so I could take your call, she
What are you wearing, Misty? I ask, taking charge of the
conversation. Tell me.
I lean back as Ashley starts to describe what shes wearing. I
have on a purple lace thong with purple stockings and garters,
she says. And a light purple matching lace bra.
I close my eyes, imagining the beautiful Goddess who was
with me just a few hours ago and how shes lounging in sexy
lingerie now to talk to me.
A part of my brain tells me this is wrong. This is fucking
crazy. That I have plenty of work to do today.
Fuck, I even look toward the computer. Theres an urgent
email that just came through from Gerard.
But the reptilian part of my brain tells me that Ashley wasnt
wearing any purple lingerie when she left here this morning. She
must have changed. Or shes making this whole thing up.
Did you just put it on? I ask into the phone. Was that what
you were wearing before? Be honest with me, Misty.
Theres a pause on the line and I know shes debating how far
to go into this conversation. Because Ive just blurred the edges
of fantasy and reality now and if she plays along then shes
walking into fucking wonderland with me.
I changed into this just for you, she tells me slowly. I put
it on after I showered once I got home.
Did you come from somewhere else? I ask. Fuck, dont look
at me okay. I dont know why Im asking this. I know perfectly
well where she was.
Theres another pause.
Yes, she says on the phone.
Yes, what? I ask harshly.
Yes, sir, she corrects herself. Good, shes listening.
A man? I ask with another question almost immediately.
Yes, sir.
Fuck. My cock is twitching in my pants for some reason. I
glance at the computer at the email from Gerard. It reads simply:
Whatever. I cant give it the time it needs right now because
my next question to Ashley is just, Did you fuck him?
Shes either going to hang up, or shes going to go along with
what Im saying.
I decide to take it further and tell her, Im buying you right
now, Misty. That means I own you. That means you do whatever I
tell you to do. Tell me you understand.
Another pause. Has she hung up? Has she put me on mute?
I understand, sir, comes her response. Her voice is soft. Its
not so sultry. Its more real.
Good, I say, unbuckling my pants and pushing them down.
Now, tell me the truth. Did you fuck him?
Yes, sir, she replies. Yes, I fucked him.
Did you cum?
Yes, sir.
Good, I say, not sure why Im getting off to this, but Im
unwilling to fucking stop. Are you touching yourself now?
Again, she responds without shame. Yes, sir.
I want you to stop, Misty, I say to her. I hear a whimper on
the other end of the line. It sounds of disappointment. But Im
too far gone. My mind is in a haze of lust and its not controlling
anything I say or do at this point.
Look south, towards downtown, Misty, I tell her.
I am, sir, she replies. My apartment faces downtown.
Do you see the spires of the city? I ask. Imagine the
biggest one is my cock. Imagine my giant cock going inside of
you. In and out. Fucking you.
I hear her moan.
Can I touch myself, sir? she asks, a bit breathlessly.
Jesus fuck. My cock is rock hard as I say, No, not yet. Are you
staring downtown?
Yes, sir. Why am I staring out the window? she asks.
Because what you see outside your window represents the
highlight of human achievement, Misty, I say to her. Im not
fucking lying, but Im not sure why Im telling her this. When I
was a kid in the city, my Dad would take me every Sunday to the
Empire State Building so we could look out on the skyline. He
would tell me that as long as I was willing to work hard, those
buildings represented the idea that I could do anything.
Thats sweet, Misty says.
Fuck. Her name is Ashley. I cant forget that. Im starting to
think of her as Misty as my Kitten. This is fucking dangerous.
Fuck sweet, I tell her harshly, scared at how much Ive
given away. I want you to picture my cock, Kitten.
Yes, master, she says and now Im just completely hooked.
Where the fuck did she get that in her head to call me master?
Is it hard, sir?
I grunt, my hand working my cock. Its veiny, thick,
throbbing I start but Ashley interrupts me.
Can I put my mouth on it, master? she asks. Can I run my
tongue over the tip?
Fucking Christ.
Can I run my tongue up and down the shaft, sir? she asks
with a sweeter voice and my body shudders. Can I spit on it and
then smear it over your big, throbbing head?
I cant take any more, but shes not done.
Can I lick the precum thats coming out with my tongue?
And then can I jerk your cock while you watch me?
I cant answer. Im too far into this fucked up world. Im past
the point of no return.
Can I put my finger on your slit and smear that precum across
the head of your cock, master? she asks me sweetly.
Im going to cum, I manage to get out.
I still have my bra on because you wanted me to keep it on,
do you want to cum on my tits? Ashley asks. My big, soft, firm,
tits, she adds for emphasis.
Urrgh, I say out loud. Dont ask me what I was trying to say
because I have no fucking idea. My mind is in a state of paralysis
as my orgasm rips through me and I shoot out spurt after spurt
of thick, viscous cum out of my cock and onto the floor.
Im panting as electric shocks of pleasure race through my
body and by the time Im done I dont know how Ive managed to
keep holding onto the phone.
Ashley is waiting on the other end of the line. I can sense a
smile on her voice as she speaks to me.
Can I touch myself, now, King? she asks.
Fuck me. Im going fucking crazy for this girl.

I ts a pleasant evening and I look out toward the Hudson

River from where Arsen and I are sitting at dinner. Were at
an outdoor restaurant called Southwest New York that serves
Tex-Mex near the South Street Seaport. With our table literally
right next to the water, it's been a pleasant evening.
I look at Arsen. Hes staring back at me.
God, hes so freakin hot. I swear, just staring into his
smoldering eyes is enough to get my panties wet. The way those
eyes seem to look into my soul. The way that face is shapedits
so lean and tight. And then theres that body. Youve heard me
go on and on about his body before, I know, but its so good its
worth saying again and again. If I could, Id tell everyone I know.
I mean, I wouldn't tell my Dad or anything, but aside from him,
Id shout from the rooftops how much I enjoyed Arsens bulging
biceps, his 8-pack abs that are oh so defined, his powerful legs,
his wonderful pecs, or his strong back.
But while his body is great to run my hands over and lick, I
think what is completely unforgettable is basically that 12-inch
cock that dangles from his legs. When that thing gets hard, I can
barely wrap my hands around it. Its as thick as my wrist. And
it's so painfully delicious when it stretches my insides out.
What are you thinking? Arsen asks me, reaching across the
table and taking my hand. I can see the tattoos go up and down
his arm. Tell me.
I take his hand and smile at him. Ive never had a man sit
across from dinner and ask me what Im thinking. To take an
interest the way that Arsen has.
Hes wealthy, cute, and considerate.
How is it that I'm not head over heels in love with this guy?
I cant believe Im sitting here complaining to you about this.
I must sound like the worlds most spoiled girl or something.
But its true; I can't say that Im in love with Arsen. And I
know the one major reason for that.
Henry. Client 5.
Its been two days since the last time we spoke at noon. Two
days since Ive heard his powerful, commanding voice. A voice
that basically says fuck the worldthese are his rules and you
can either obey them or get off the bus. Two days since he
basically made me his over the phone.
Do you want to know something? I haven't told anyone yet,
because Ive kept it a secret.
Two days ago, when we were together on the phone, when he
told me he wasnt going to let me touch myself, I got so turned
on just listening to himself telling me what I could or couldn't
do. When he forced me to call him sir or master or "king,"
and started telling me to imagine Lower Manhattan and imagine
his cock and how it would feel to have him plunge into and out of
me, I swear to God I was dripping wet. I was panting. I could tell
my heart rate had increased just from hearing his voice.
But thats not what I have to tell you.
What I have to tell you is this. As I got him off with my words,
it was turning me on like nothing else tooto the point where
listening to my words and the effect it was having on him was
only making me hungry to hear more. When he finally came, my
body was a quivering mess. I hadnt been allowed to touch
myself and it was like desire was overwhelming every aspect of
my body.
When King Henry finally let me touch myself, I desperately
brought my fingers to my clit underneath my panties. And it
took me maybe five seconds and three flicks before I exploded.
Thats what I wanted to tell you. Thats what Ive been
thinking about for the last 48 hours. What kind of a man can get
me so keyed up, so on the brink already, that it took absolutely
nothing to push me over the edge?
Its like he can make me cum with just the sound of his voice.
Youre probably shaking your head at me. Thinking Im just a
stupid little girl, but I swear to God, I honestly think that if he
wanted to, he could get me to cum just by talking to me.
But it's not just about cumming. He said something to me the
last time we talked. He talked about how his Dad would take him
out to the Empire State Building to give him a view of the city.
Telling him that anything was possible. It sounds almost like
Its like youre a million fucking miles away, Arsen says
again and I snap back to reality.
I shake my head and smile at him.
I was just thinking about work, I tell him, squeezing his
hand. I dont want to lie to Arsen. I dont want to throw away
what I have with him. Because it's good. Hes a good man. He
may have been a bad boy before this, but I know hes trying for
my sake to rein it in.
We havent had the conversation yet about being exclusive.
And Im glad. Because as much as I like Arsen, I cant explain it
but my mind keeps going back to Client 5. To Henry.
You mean the guys who call in to talk to you? Arsen asks
and gets up.
Weve finished dinner and decide to take a walk down the
waterfront. Its a nice evening and the water is peaceful.
I have maybe about 6 regulars who call in, I tell him as I
grab his hand and squeeze it reassuringly.
I may not be completely sure about Arsen, but hes here, with
me, right now. The sex is phenomenal. I would have never
imagined sex could be this good before I met him. And hes kind,
considerate, and open. I dont want to lose him because of
Henry, who Ive never met.
But Im still looking forward to the Client 5 call I have
penciled in for tomorrow morning.
Well, youre regulars probably see you the same way I do,
Arsen says, looking at me. They probably know a girl like you
doesn't come by every day and theyre doing whatever they can
to hold onto you.
Its like hes not jealous at my job at all, and thats the surreal
part. Does he know that my words are supposed to get other
mens cocks hard? That I tell them the nastiest things I can think
of so that these men shoot loads of cum all over themselves?
That even more than porn, the act of talking dirty over the
phone is perhaps the most intimate one can get before actually
having sex in person?
Its such a nice night tonight, I say out loud, trying to
change the subject.
Arsen looks around, and humors me with a smile. Ever since
they finally finished construction around the Freedom Tower,
this area has gotten a lot nicer without so much construction,
he says to himself.
Did you follow the construction or something? I ask him.
Ive never really had strong opinions on it one way or other.
He sighs. Ive always wanted to build things, he says out
loud, more to himself than anyone. I just never got the
Im silent for a moment, but I think about Arsen. A son who
wanted to do so much, but raised by his father in a completely
different way and now managing reluctantly a family business he
wanted no part of.
I squeeze his hand. Well, soon youll have sold everything
your Dad left you, and youll be able to spend your time the way
you want to, I tell him as we slow down and he faces me.
Maybe you can go build a building somewhere somehow.
Arsen looks at me as I smile at him. Im trying to make my
face look cute. He breaks into a bittersweet smile and takes a
step closer.
I want to spend that time with you, he tells me and I can
feel his breath on my face.
I want him to wrap his arms around me and pull me close to
him. To hold me and never let me go. I want to squirm against
his body, feel his cock grow hard. I want it to poke into my
crotch. I want to feel it against my ass. I want to boil his blood
with my body. To tempt him. To tease him.
All that may happen with this kiss.
But then, theres always going to be Client 5 in the back.
Because no matter what I do with Arsen tonight, no matter how
many ways I give myself to himno matter how much I let him
own me, in the morning Ill be rushing out the door to take the
call from Client 5.
Arsen brings his face down to meet mine.
And I take a step back.
He looks at me with concern and tears start to come down my
Theres only one thing for a lady to do in this situation.
I turn around and start to run away.

W hat the fuck just happened? I say something niceand

trueand she bolts on me? And crying! I look in astonishment
as she runs down the sidewalk, my body frozen by surprise.
Wake up, Arsen! I cant let her go like that!
I start running down the street, my feet flying over the
pavement as I close in on her. Her heels are clicking, the sound
getting louder with each step I take. Then she looks over her
shoulder and, realizing Im following after her, cuts into a dark
What the hell is she thinking? Running into a dark and
deserted place like that this late? Now I really cant let her go.
I reach for her, my fingers curling around her wrist as I pull
her in. She turns to me, her makeup slightly smeared from the
tears. With one hand around her waist I take the other one to her
face and brush her cheeks gently.
What were you thinking, Ashley? You cant wander away like
that, its dangerous, I say, waving at the deserted alley, the pale
lights of the street barely reaching us.
She says nothing, her wide eyes staring into mine as if she
truly doesn't know what to say. My heart is beating like a
motherfucker, making my bones rattle. I cant lose her! Fuck, I
cant even believe Im saying thisme, Arsen fucking Hawke.
But its true I cant stand the thought of losing her. I need to
say something, to make whatever hesitancy she holds inside her
heart go away But, just like her, I cant find the words.
Shes breathing hard now, her body so close to mine I can
almost feel the warmness of her skin through her clothes. Fuck,
my cock is already twitching just by having her this close.
Theres something about her that makes me lose all control
And even though were outside, I cant help but let instinct take
over. I push her back against the wall, my hands on her waist as I
lean in to kiss her.
I swear, I just wanted one more kiss. But now that my lips are
on hers, theres no way that were going to be able to stop. No
fucking way. Her hands are already on my back, pulling me in, all
of her hesitation thrown out of the window. I let my hands go up
her side and, grabbing a handful of her beautiful blonde hair, I
yank on it; she throws her head back, opening her eyes and
returning my gaze. One look and I can already tell shes as
hungry as I am for more.
Who cares if we can be caught going at it? Who gives a fuck,
really? If anything, it only adds to the moment.
Im going to fuck you, I tell her, breathing as hard as she is.
My bloods boiling, my hearts drumming and my cock is already
hard as steel. Im ready for battle. Right now, I add, leaning
forward and pressing my lips against her neck. Her hands slide
down my back and she traces the contour of my belt; then,
stretching her fingers wide, she grabs my cock harshly, all of her
desire contained in that one simple motion.
Still kissing her neck, I let one hand fall to her chest and I
squeeze her right breast, feeling the perfect fleshy curves
molding to my hand. My other hand goes around her waist and I
cup her ass, the memories of her naked body flooding me at once
as I grab her. My cock pulses against her hand, so strongly I
wouldnt be surprised if it just ripped its way out of my pants.
Yes, I want to fuck her this bad.
She curls her fingers even more tightly around my shaft,
slightly moving her wrist up and down and stroking me over the
fabric of my pants. Acting as if it had a will of its own, the hand I
have on her breast falls down her chest and goes straight to
between her thighs; bunching up her dress, I flatten the palm of
my hand there, cupping her pussy harshly over all of her
clothing. There are layers of fabric between the two of us, but the
anxious way shes breathing already tells me she is soaking wet.
And, fuck, just thinking of that makes me want to go down on
my knees and taste her right here. And why the fuck not?
Both my hands go to her waist and, pinning her against the
wall, I go down. My eyes never leave hers, a spark of desire
flickering in her face as my knees touch the floor; she knows
whats coming, and she cant wait for it. I throw a quick glance to
the side, making sure theres no one around to see us, and I go
for it: I hook my thumbs on the hemline of her dress and lift it
up to her waist, pressing my mouth over her thong at the same
The moment my lips touch the wet black fabric, I breathe in.
Her scent hits me at once, sweet and intoxicating Just like a
drug, it makes me fucking high. I forget all about where I am; the
only thing my mind can process is the perfect wet pussy right in
front of me. I suck on her over the fabric, her juices hitting my
tongue immediately; swear to God, I suck so hard I think her
thong goes dry. With a flick of my fingers I push it to the side
then, my lips meeting her folds. I close my eyes, savoring her
most intimate parts with my mouth. How can a woman taste this
fucking amazing? I could eat her out for hours and hours.
Slightly tilting my head sideways, I suck her folds inside my
mouth, her juices coating the inside of my mouth. I part my lips,
letting my tongue run over the length of her pussy, and then I
circle her soft clit. She trembles slightly, her hands now on my
head, disheveling my hair. I place one hand under her ass,
forcing her to lift one leg up; she does it willingly, placing her leg
over my shoulder. Grinning, I pull back just for one second, my
eyes opening as I look up at her: she has her eyes closed, her
back against the wall as her chest rises and falls softly. God, she
looks so fucking sweet.
I go for it once more, my eyelids closing as I wrap my lips
tightly around her clit. I suck on it, pressing down with my
tongue at the same time; her fingers curl around my hair more
harshly, I can already feel her breathing becoming even harder.
That just makes me suck on her even more eagerly, her flavor
inundating my mind and making me lose all sense of self.
Opening my mouth as wide as I can, I press it against her
folds, jabbing my tongue past her inner lips as I place one arm
over her waist, my hand reaching for her clit. I find it with two
fingers, and I immediately start rubbing her soft sweet spot. A
tenuous moan leaves her lips, her hands running back and forth
over my hair; then, her fingers like hooks on my hair, she pulls
on my head as she thrusts with her hips. I go fucking insane, her
scent climbing all the way up to my brain like a bullet. Im no
longer eating her out. Im fucking devouring her, my tongue and
fingers working her with a hunger only Ashley can tame.
I keep on sucking and licking until I feel her close to the verge
of ecstasy. Then I keep going, her moan turning into a loud sigh
as she arches her back against the wall, her body becoming as
tense as a coiled spring.
Thrusting hard against my mouth, she comes hard, holding
my head in place as I feel sweet little spasms taking over the
muscles in her thighs. Only when the pressure in her fingers
eases up do I pull back, slowly opening my eyes and looking up at
her. Her eyes are still closed, her head against the wall as she
tries to catch her breath. I put the leg she has over my shoulder
down on the floor and stand up, her dress falling down over her
waist and covering her. I almost reach for it, anxious to simply
rip it off and shred it to pieces, but saner thoughts prevail and,
somehow, I manage to control my urges.
You taste so fucking amazing, I whisper against her ear, my
cock tenting my boxer briefs and pants. I love how your pussy
tastes, Ashley.
A smile on her lips, she opens her eyes slowly and purrs, her
words driving me completely insane.
Let me taste it then, she says, and Im leaning forward
toward her before I have even understood her words. Before our
lips touch, she runs her tongue from my chin to my mouth,
taking in her own fluids; then, our mouths pressed tight against
each other, we both part our lips and let our tongues wrestle
against one another, my hands all over her perfect body.
I press my body against her, my crotch on her inner thigh.
She moves her leg teasingly, rubbing my hard cock and almost
making me lose my sanity. Pulling back from her kiss, I take one
deep breath, my heart beating so fast Im feeling fucking dizzy.
Once again I look over my shoulder, trying to make sure that the
alley were in remains deserted. Im so fucking hard I cant even
think straight, so I have to blink my eyes twice before my brain
can process that yes, were still alone in our hidden New York
I want your mouth on me, I find myself saying, a grin
dawning on my lips. I want you to open that little mouth of
yours, and I want to fuck it.
She grins back at me, a flicker of defiance in her eyes.
Or what? Sassy, yes, but she already knows how I play this
Theres no 'or' with me, I tell her, my fingers on the nape
of her neck. On your knees, I command her, the tone of my
voice leaving no room for a challenge. She goes down on her
knees at once, her hands sliding down my chest until she has her
fingers hooked on my belt. With her index finger she traces the
contour of my cock, her eyes locked on it. As she starts to
unbuckle my belt my cock pushes harder against my pants,
pulsing with raw uncontrollable desire. Fuck, I need this bad.
My belt taken care of, she starts to unbutton my pants, my
cock pushing out. I cant help but close my eyes and sigh sharply
as she presses the palm of her hand against it, massaging my
shaft with slow cautious movements. Then, no warning at all,
her fingers curl around the hem of my boxer briefs and she tugs
them down; my cock jumps free immediately, the cool air of the
street sending a shiver up my spine.
I open my eyes, looking down at Ashley as she grabs my cock
with her small delicate hand. I dont really like to brag about my
size but, seeing my member in her hand, I just cant help but be
impressed by it. Yeah, this is meArsen Hawkethe gift God
sent to ladies on this Earth.
As Ashley starts to stroke me, her hand moving back and
forth over my shaft, I place both my hands on top of her head
and run my fingers through her silky hair. Her head sways gently
as I move my hands, her mouth dangerously close to my cock;
her lips are slightly parted, as if shes readying herself.
You want it? I ask her, slightly moving my hips forward so
that my glans is just an inch away from her delicious lips. She
nods obediently, looking up at me with those big eyes of hers.
I do, she replies, licking her lips. A lot.
Then open your mouth, I tell her, her lips parting
immediately. I take one hand off of her head and, placing my
hand over hers, I grab my cock, pushing it down and aiming it
straight at her mouth. I brush the tip over the gap between her
lips, slowly moving my cock left and right. Im going to fill that
sweet mouth of yours, I tell her, gently moving my hips forward
and pushing my glans inside her mouth. Both hands again on
her head, I keep it in place as I push my cock deeper in, sliding it
over her tongue until I can almost feel the back of her throat.
Suck for as long as you can Soon enough its going to be deep
inside your wet pussy. As I speak, she wraps her lips hard
around my shaft, almost as if my words were sending ripples of
anticipation through her mind.
With careful deliberate movements, she starts to bob her
head back and forth, my cock sliding in and out of her mouth at a
rhythmic pace. Then I hear something and I hold her head still,
looking over my shoulder to the end of the alley; theres a
metallic rattle behind a trash can and then something falls to the
ground. My heart kicks against my ribcage, but soon enough my
surprise is replaced by reliefa ginger cat jumps into sight,
quickly darting out of the alley as it spots us. Fuck, that damn cat
really got me for a moment.
One second later and Ive already forgotten all about it:
Ashley fights back against the hold I have on her, pushing her
lips down my shaft until they meet the skin at the base. She
pushes further down and I cant help but look down and marvel
at the sight, my whole length inside of her mouth. I dont even
know how shes doing it. I have had many women trying this
feat, but theres always an inch or two they simply cant fit
inside their mouths. But Ashley isnt one to give up; as her lips
meet the base of my cock she looks up at me, slowly rolling her
mouth back over my shaft.
Good girl, I tell her with a grin. It feels so fucking great to
have my whole cock inside of your little mouth. As a response,
she goes back down again, her eyes never leaving mine as she
moves. I breathe out deeply, trying to keep myself together as
she starts to caress my balls with one hand. Sweet Jesus, if this
continues for too long Im going to fucking cum in her mouth.
Not that Id mind; I just cant allow myself to come without
feeling her pussy lips wrapped tight around my cock. Thatd just
be sad.
Wanting to take control, I grab her head harshly, forcing her
to stop moving. The moment shes still, I start to thrust, fucking
her mouth just like I promised her I would. I look down, my heart
beating fast as I watch my shaft flying in and out of her mouth. I
go fast, as fast as I can, closing my eyes as I feel my insides
clenching. I force myself to slow down until I stop, my cock
spasming inside her mouth as I take a deep breath, stopping
myself from coming. And let me tell you, thats not an easy
fucking taskright now I want nothing more than to fill her
warm mouth with my cum and see it drip down her chin to
between her breasts. I can already imagine myself scooping
whatever spilled out of her mouth with my tongue. Yeah, Ashley
drives me fucking crazy, I know. And hell, I just love it. I've
never had a woman make me feel like this; each time she
touches me I'm another step closer to losing control.
I pull my cock out of her mouth, the tip popping out with an
audible sound. Come here, I whisper, grabbing her hand and
making her go up to her feet. The moment shes standing right
in front of me, I waste no time: I take one step forward, pinning
her body against the wall as I press my mouth against hers. We
kiss in abandonment, my hands going down from her waist to
her thighs, hurriedly lifting her dress up. Her dress bunched up
at the waist, I let my fingers go to her inner thighs and I flick her
thong to the side, my heart almost exploding as I feel my glans
rubbing against her wet folds.
One hand guiding me, and then one thrustIm in like that,
my thickness straining against her insides as my shaft slides
deep inside of her. I cant even tell you how fucking great her
pussy feels. It doesnt matter how many times I've fucked her;
this feels fucking amazing. Her tightness around my thick cock
is unlike anything I've ever experienced And Ive fucked
virgins, experienced women, young and old; Ive ran through the
whole catalog and I've never found someone like Ashley. Yeah, I
know Im praising everything about her, but what can I do? Its
just the truth!
Youre so tight, I whisper in her ear, rocking my body
against hers as I thrust. I could fuck you forever.
I want you to, she says, all her tears and fears from just
minutes ago long forgotten. All that matters now is this sweet
surrender to our carnal urges The rest are just details. Right
now, my cock inside of her, everything is right with the universe.
Every little fucking thing.
I cup her ass as I fuck her, my thrusts becoming faster as I
lean in to kiss her. My hands squeeze her ass hard, and then I
slide it under her thong, the warm curves of her buttocks making
my cock throb harshly inside of her. I run my outstretched
fingers over her ass crack, my mind close to the boiling point.
Im thrusting so hard I dont even know how she manages to
take it; I usually moderate my intensity, not wanting to hurt
women with my huge cock, but I just cant control myself with
her. Whenever Im with Ashley, its all the way or no way. And,
as amazing as it is, she keeps up with me. True, around Arsen
Hawke most girls turn into insatiable little creatures, but
Ashley Oh, Ashley is different: not only is she insatiable, she
turns me into a hungry beast as well.
I slow down for a bit, my body assuming a more gentle
rhythm as she presses her head against my shoulder, breathing
softly as our bodies rock. I place one hand behind her neck and
yank on her hair, baring her neck as she opens her eyes and
looks at me. I give her one hard thrust, a sudden moan forming
on her lips.
Youre mine, Ash, I tell her, my cock sliding out from her
pussy. Your mouth, your tits, your pussy all mine. Say it.
My mouth is yours She repeats, and I give her one hard
thrust. My tits are yours. One more thrust. And my pussy
is I dont even let her finish: I just thrust as hard as I can, the
last part of her sentence replaced by a moan through gritted
Thats it. Now I want you to come for me I whisper in her
ear, pistoning my cock as fast and hard as I can. She claws at my
chest, tugging on my shirt harshly, and then buries her mouth
on my shoulder, muffling a scream of ecstasy as she comes. Is
there a sound more beautiful than this? I could hear her come
endlessly Theres something magical about her voice,
something that just reels me in. I think back to my phone calls
with her, when I pose as King Henry, and I feel more boiling
blood racing to my cock. To imagine her home alone, wearing
nothing more than sexy lingerie while she fingers herself
hearing my voice Its almost enough to make me go insane.
I tuck one stray lock of hair behind her ear, my thrusts
slowing down. Pulling my cock out of her pussy, I grab her by the
waist and make her turn around before she even has the time to
resist it. I press her against the wall, once again lifting her dress
up to her waist. This time I dont simply flick her thong to the
side Oh, no, I push it down her legs and then I bend over to
pick it up. Grabbing it between my fingers, I rise up, my cock
brushing against her naked buttocks. I take her underwear to my
face and breath in her scent, my cock pulsing against her ass.
Im keeping this as a souvenir, I tell her, pushing her thong
into my pocket. I might want to remember this later tonight
She says nothing; as a response she simply pushes her ass at
me, my cock trapped between her cheeks. Swaying her body, she
strokes me like that until I cant take it anymore. I grab my cock
and point it down, pushing it between her thighs until I feel the
warm touch of her folds. Lacing her waist with one arm, I simply
thrust, my shaft pushing through her inner lips and once again
feeling the warm embrace of her insides.
I grit my teeth as I fuck her, my thighs slapping her ass as I
ravage her body. My cock going in and out of her, I press my
mouth against her ear, breathing hard.
Im going to cum inside of you. Im going to fill you up until
it starts dripping down your legs And, since I took your thong,
Im going to have to lick you dry, I tell her, bucking my hips at
her until my whole body feels on the verge of exploding.
Oh my God She mutters, the words coming out of her
like a quivering moan. It only makes me go harder. I go so hard I
feel my legs cramping up, her whole body suddenly becoming as
tense as mine. One final thrust and thats it; I cant hold it in me
anymore. Breathing out harshly, I feel my cock spasming
violently and I come, my warm semen gushing inside of her.
As I start to come, her pussy becomes even tighter around my
shaft and she leans forward against the wall, hissing like a feral
cat. Shes trying hard not to scream, an orgasm as violent as my
own raging through her petite body. I close my eyes as we
surrender to the avalanche of pleasure that engulfs us, our
bodies just a tiny vessel in a sea of sin and ecstasy.
Fuck, I must have been crazy to fuck her in a place like this,
where anyone could see us! But we got lucky, no one caught us
my cock finally giving its last spams, I slide it out from her
pussy. I make her turn around again, her body almost limp as
she tries to catch her breath. Before she even opens her eyes, Im
back on my knees, holding her dress up with my hands as I lean
in toward her pussy.
Thick strands of cum hang on her folds, beads of it already
dripping down her legs at a steady pace. I part my lips, my
tongue reaching for one drop of semen as it slides down her
thigh. I scoop it up, tracing the way to her pussy. There, I open
my mouth and suck on her folds, my tongue licking the salty
juices that have just left my cock.
I dont stop until my mouth is brimming with cum, and then I
just swallow it. I dont even think about it; I just fucking do it.
And then I lick her dry, my tongue brushing against every inch of
her pussy until theres nothing left to lick. Slowly, I pull back
and go to my feet, letting go of her dress and allowing it to fall
down, covering her.
I kiss her tenderly, her tongue dancing around mine as she
takes in the flavor of my cum into her mouth. We lock eyes,
then, and I know that whatever happened before we got into this
alley, wont be resolved tonighteverything in due time. I push
my boxer briefs and pants up, tuck my shirt in, and give her a
broad gentle smile.
Lets get out of here, I tell her. Arm-in-arm, we waltz into
the street again, my cock twitching as I remember rather
indecently what I have stuffed down my pocket: Ashleys wet

HI, this is Misty, who am I talking to? Ashley says, her voice
coming at me like the most perfect sound in the whole universe.
Yes, Im calling her againyou can keep that judgmental look to
yourself. Its stronger than me.
Last night, after our quick dirty romp in a back alley, I got her
a cab home and took another one myself. I tried to get some
sleep, but all I managed to do was lay around in bed wide awake,
tossing and turning while memories of her tight pussy floated
around my mind. Eventually, I just got up; I picked my pants
from the floor and took her used thong from inside my pocket,
bringing it up to my face so that I could breath her scent in. That
was all it took for my cock to stiffenjust feeling the soft fabric
on my fingers made me ache for release again. Remember when I
told you that Ashley makes me insatiable? This is what that
Alone in my bedroom, I just had to jerk myself, my eyes
closed as I pictured her delicious naked curves. You know, I
couldnt even remember the last time I masturbated like that;
whenever I had an urge, I could just pick some random hot
woman and fuck her brains out. But not anymore, not since I
first laid eyes on Ashley Now I cant bring myself to fuck
anyone else, my cock suddenly going monogamous. Thats a first
for me.
So, yeah, dont judge me if the first thing I did after waking up
was sit down on my couch and pick up the phone. A man can
only resist so much, after all.
Who do you think? I say, pressing the phone against my ear
as I mouth the words with my grave King Henry voice. I almost
feel like the Batman, juggling two identities, one that makes
Ashley come with my cock, and another that does it using just
Its you, Henry. Ive been waiting for your call, I hear her
say, her purred words making my heart pump warm blood
straight to my cock. It gets hard, tenting my pants as I lean back
against the couch.
Have you? I dont know if I believe you, Kitten. After all,
youve been fucking other guys while you keep on taking my
calls, I say, propping my feet up on the coffee table as I rest my
hand over my crotch, feeling my hard bulge with the tip of my
fingers. I just cant help but ask her about well, me. But, for a
few seconds, theres only silence on the other side of the line.
Its true, sir I spent all night thinking of you, she tells
me, her voice letting through a hint of Ashleys true personality.
Theres honesty there, shes no longer playing a character.
Somewhere along the way, King Henry has stripped Ashley out of
her Misty persona.
Is that so, Kitten? And what did you think about?
I thought of The way you make me feel. I get so very wet
whenever you take control." I know you do. Now tell me,
Kitten What are you wearing right now? I start massaging my
cock over the fabric of my pants, taking my time with it. Hell, I
never thought Id be one of those guys who does thiscalls a
phone line so that they can get off. But with Ashley There are
no limits to what I will or will not do.
Im wearing a tiny little robe And underneath it, an even
tinier black lace thong, she tells me, my fingers curling around
my bulging. No bra. Christ, this is insane.
I like that, Kitten. I like that a lot. But I would prefer you
naked I say, drawling out the last part of my sentence as I
imagine her there, lying in bed with only her thong on. Take if
Yes, sir, she purrs, and then theres a long silence, followed
by the sound of her moving about. She is actually taking her
clothes off; this is not some imagination carrousel. I am naked
Good. Where are you, Kitten?
In bed All alone.
Good. Close your eyes now. I want you to imagine my hand
on your skin, my fingers running from your navel up to your
breasts I say, her breathing growing louder. But dont touch
yourself, Kitten. Not yet; only when I say so.
Yes, sir, she says, the tone of her voice telling me about the
state her pussy is in right now: soaking wet.
I want you to feel my body pressed against yours, my cock
sliding deep inside of your wet pussy I continue, my own eyes
closed as I picture the scene. What I wouldnt give to be there
now, lying in bed next to her naked body. Imagine my big cock
going all the way in, stretching you wide as I fuck you.
Yes, I I am, her words sound more like anxious moans
now, and I can tell shes eager for my permission to touch
herself. But if she wants that, shes going to have to wait. I
want that so much, sir You cant imagine how much.
Oh, yes, I can, I tell her as I push my pants down, my cock
jumping free against the palm of my hand. I grab it, feeling it
pulse against my fingers as I hear Ashleys hard breathing
through the phone. Calling a sex line might be a fucked up thing,
but Im too into it right now; there are no brakes on this train.
I want you hard, she says suddenly. Tell me that youre
I am hard, Kitten And my thick cock is right here, waiting
for those lush lips of yours. I start stroking myself, moving my
hand up and down at a quickly growing rhythm. This is fucking
insane; it might not be the first time Im doing this, but it
doesnt make it any less crazy.
I want it in my mouth, she blurts out, almost as if she has
no control over what shes saying. I want to curl my fingers
around it and suck on it as I stroke you And I want to look you
in the eyes as I do it, my mouth full with your cock. I want to
pleasure you, and I want to touch myself as I do it.
Fuck, Im jerking myself hard now, her words turning into
pictures inside my head.
My nipples are so hard, sir. And my pussy is so wet Can I
please touch myself, sir? Please She asks me, genuinely
begging for my permission. Christ, she could just lie, go ahead
and do it, but no, she really wants me to say it, to allow her to do
Yes, you can touch yourself, I tell her, taking a deep breath
before I do it. I dont want to sound like a fucking breathless guy
thats stroking himself into oblivion, although thats exactly
what I am right now. I want you to slide two fingers inside of
yourself as you rub your clit, Kitten.
She doesnt even say anything; her moan is all that I need to
hear to know that shes doing it. Here we are, miles apart and
still pleasuring ourselves, even though she has no idea that
"King Henry" is the guy who actually fucked her last night.
I want she starts, trying to push the words out of her
mouth between her hard breaths. I want that big cock of
yours So damn much, she moans, her honeyed voice climbing
all the way up to my brain and stabbing it right in the middle. I
want to make you cum, and I want you to do it all over me, sir. I
want you to cover me with it while Im on my knees, my mouth
open wide as you fill me up.
That does it for me. I dont even tell her Im about to come, I
just explode before I have the time to think about it. I groan into
the phone, but I dont think she hears me; shes moaning loudly,
almost screaming as if I was actually there, my cock buried
inside of her pussy. I sit there, grabbing my cock while thick
ropes of cum gush out of it, the sound of her orgasm numbing
my mind. This might be fucking insane, but it doesnt make it
any less good, let me tell you that. Sure, the real thing is way
better But this beats just using my imagination, theres no
question about that. And, of course, Im pretty sure of who shes
going to turn to after King Henry has left her in a wet mess: good
ol Arsen Hawke.
I I just couldnt help myself, sir, she says, her voice a
quivering mess. I had to come. I just had to.
I know, Kitten. Its alright, but next time, remember: youll
only come when I tell you to.
Yes, sir. I promise.
Good, I continue, leaning back against my couch as I close
my eyes and take a deep breath, endorphins still raging through
me like a fucking hurricane. Are you this obedient with
No Not at all, sir, she says, sounding genuine but still
breathing hard.
Not with anyone? I hear some slight hesitation, so I press
harder. Tell me.
Just Just one man, she finally confesses, her voice
wavering almost as if shes afraid her response will earn her a
That friend of yours you told me about? I ask her,
suddenly feeling morbidly curious about what shes going to tell
this Henry character of my relationship with her. Is she going to
Yes Yes, hes the one.
And does he make you come, Kitten? Does he fuck you like
you want me to fuck you? I ask, feeling slightly anxious as I wait
for her response. Christ, what the fuck am I doing?
Yes, sir He does. He does fuck me like that.
Good A girl like you needs a good fucking. Tell me, when
was the last time he fucked you? Tell me about it.
Last night, she replies, her voice now more steady. We
fucked outside, in a tiny alley near Freedom Tower. I came three
times, she continues, and I can almost hear the anxiety in her
words as she waits for my response.
Now, a nice girl like you fucking in a public place? I like that
wild side of yours, Kitten, I really do. And what better place to
unleash that wild side but there? The place has gotten a lot nicer
without so much construction.
Theres a long silence on the other side of the line, almost as
if I had said something indecent. I almost ask her if shes still
there when she starts to speak again.
Im glad, sir. I dont want to displease you, she tells me,
and I can feel her honesty. She really wants to please Henry.
Holy fuck, is this situation getting out of control?
And what about your friend? Do you want to please him as
well? I continue, unable to stop.
I Im sorry, sir, I really got to go, she says, cutting the
conversation short.
Well talk again. Soon, I promise her, and I can almost see
the smile on her face.
I hope so, sir, she tells me before hanging up. When I take
the phone out of my ear, theres already a text message from
Ashley flashing on the screen.
Im coming over, it says.
Of course.

H ere I am again, riding the elevator to Arsens apartment

once more. Why do all my phone calls with King Henry
end up like this? I cant help but text Arsen, anxious to have
someone quench my thirst for a real man. Arsen and Henry
These two really are tying my mind into knots.
With Arsen, everythings perfectfrom the way he treats me
to the way he fucks me, theres nothing that I can point at. So
why am I not surrendering to him like I damn know I should?
Hes the perfect man, for Gods sakehot, wealthier than God,
and totally into me! First, I resisted his advances because I knew
he was not only a smut lords heir, but my boss But thats not
the real reason behind my reluctance toward taking the final
step, the step into his arms. No, on that point I can only lay the
blame at King Henry's feet, Client 5.
I know, I know You probably think that Im being silly. Torn
between two men when I havent even met one of them. I never
saw his face, and I dont know a damn thing about himand
still, theres something about the way he speaks to me that
draws me in, almost as if hes pulling me into a deep trance from
which theres no escape. I swear to God, just knowing that hes
going to call me is enough to make me wet. And every single
minute that I spend talking with him on the phone Sweet
Jesus, I should be the one paying, not him. All of our
conversations end with me soaking wet, trying to recover from
another mind numbing orgasm his words have unleashed upon
me. I know it sounds crazy, but what do you want me to tell you?
Its the truth. And thats the reason Im here now, at One57
because theres only one man capable of turning into reality the
fantasies King Henry whispers into my ear. And that man is,
drumroll, Arsen Hawke. I know, no surprise there.
As the elevator opens with a gentle ding, I step into the
hallway, walking steadily toward Arsens front door. Im still a
few feet away from it when it swings back on its hinges, Arsen
standing behind it with a grin on his face. My heart immediately
feels tight inside my chest, my pussy already wetyes, Im this
desperate to feel his body on mine, Im not ashamed to admit it.
Ashley, he greets me, stepping back so that I can enter his
apartment. He closes the door behind me as I turn to face him, a
smile on my face.
Arsen, I say, taking one step toward him. Were close now,
just a few inches between our bodies. None of us move though,
we just stand still, enjoy the way the air around us seems to grow
heavier. We are looking into each others eyes, sparks of
electricity flying across the distance that separates us.
God, I might not be able to stop thinking about King Henry,
but whenever Im this close to Arsen Everything else just fades
away. I dont even know if its because hes the best man I have
ever met, or because he fucks me like a God. Either way, he just
makes me melt like butter on a scorching hot day.
Im glad you texted me, he starts, cutting through the
silence. I spent all morning thinking of you And thinking of
last night. I cant wait to get you out of those clothes.
A shiver goes through me as I imagine him, alone in his huge
luxurious apartment, thinking of me and getting hard. Has he
ever masturbated while thinking of me? And the panties he stole
from me last night Has he already given them any use? Just
thinking of that makes me even wetter, if thats even possible.
The memories of what happened near Freedom Tower race
through my mind and I bite my lower lip, wanting an encore. But
then, something that King Henry said to me crosses my mind;
its weird, but both Henry and Arsen have talked about the very
same thing, and using the exact same wording While talking
about the area around Freedom Tower, the two of them
mentioned it looks a lot nicer without the construction. I know,
its probably just a stupid coincidence, but I have to wonder
Have you ever called one of your phone operators? From the
sex line? I find myself saying, still unsure if I should even be
mentioning this. I dont want him to think Im some kind of
What? Why would I? He asks, taking a step back and raising
one eyebrow at me.
I dont know. Maybe you wanted to see if they were doing
their job I say, feeling more and more unsure of what Im
saying. Christ, why did I even bring this up? Im feeling more
foolish by the second. He bridges the distance between the two
of us, his hands on my waist as he grins at me.
Why in the hell are you even asking these questions, Ash?
Hes right, you know? Why am I grilling him like this? They said
the same thing, but that was just a stupid coincidence, right?
I I dont know, I reply, sighing and looking up into his
eyes. It was just something silly, it doesnt matter. What
matters, I continue, placing my hand against his chest, is that
Im here right now.
Oh, yes, you are. And Im going to make sure that coming
here was the best decision you made today, he grins at me,
pulling me in and pressing his mouth against mine. I close my
eyes, reacting by instinct and surrendering to his kiss, his tongue
sliding inside my mouth and dancing around mine in soft circles.
His hands go from my waist to my ass and, grabbing it harshly,
he squeezes both my cheeks in such a way that I pull back from
his kiss, sighing heavily. Were just kissing, and I already want
him inside of me, his thick cock pulsing against my insides. Why
do I become such a wet mess whenever our bodies are pressed
I reach for his cock, my fingers curling around his thick shape
but, before I can grab it as harshly as I want, he stops me. He
grabs my wrist and takes my hand out of his crotch, a devious
grin on his lips.
No, he simply says, pulling back from me and taking one
step back, his eyes never leaving mine. This time, youll do
what I tell you to, when I tell you to. Im taken aback by his
words, boiling blood raging through my veins, but I manage to
nod at him. I almost say yes, sir, but I caught myself before I
did it. Youll obey, and youll only come when I tell you to come.
Understood? I shiver, King Henry's whispers of dominance
during our calls turning something very, very real right in front
of my eyes.
Yes, Arsen, I tell him, my heart starting to gallop. His grins
turns wider and, the moment he speaks, my heart almost jumps
right out of my chest.
No, dont call me Arsen. Youll call me sir.
Yes, sir, I say, the words tumbling out of my lips easily. I
lick my lips, suddenly feeling dizzy. Am I really talking with him
as I talk to Henry? Whats going on here? And why am I getting
wetter and wetter?
Good, he continues, that maddening smirk on his lips. I
have to fight hard against the urge to just walk toward him and
rip his clothes out of his body, push him into the ground and
ease myself on his huge cock. But, only God knows how, I
manage to restrain myself.
Turning his back to me, Arsen walks across the living room
and sits on his couch, crossing his legs and leaning back as his
eyes wander up and down my body, mentally peeling off my skirt
and blouse.
Come closer, he tells me, my feet immediately carrying me
toward him until he tells me to stop. Good. Now, take your
blouse off.
My fingers dart to the hem of my blouse and I pull it out over
my head, throwing it somewhere on the floor. I want to keep
going, to unfasten my bra and let him see my breasts and hard
nipples But, obedient, I wait for his commands. I knowwhat
the hell happened to me? Ive never been one to care about the
whole bedroom dominance thing But since Arsen and King
Henry entered my life, I cant help but crave it. And to think that
I was used to being the dominant one, in and out of the bedroom!
Now your bra, he continues, and my fingers going to my
back, obediently unhooking my tight lace bra. I push the straps
down my shoulders and arms, the cups slowly drooping over my
breasts; I tremble slightly as I feel the fabric brushing against my
hard nipples before finally falling down to the floor, his eyes
immediately hiking down from my face to my tits. Even from
here, I can see the hunger in his eyes, and more than that, I can
see the gigantic bulge inside of his pants. Theres no better
feeling in the world than to know that a man like Arsen is taking
this much pleasure just from seeing my breasts, thats for sure.
Grab your tits, Ash. I want you to play with your nipples.
I dont even think about it. I grab my breasts eagerly,
squeezing the soft flesh between my fingers before I brush the
palm of my hand over my nipples. I bite my lower lip, taking one
hard tip between my thumb and index finger and gently rubbing
it. I bite my lip harder, but its stronger than me. I part my lips
and let a soft moan fall from my mouth, my body burning in a
state of frenzied desire and anticipation. Arsen is playing me like
a maestro plays his orchestra, and he knows it.
He gets up from the couch, and my eyes immediately dart to
his crotch. I try and suppress another moan, but its simply
impossible; the sight of his tented pants is almost enough to
make me lose my mind. God, I just want him to tell me to go
down on my knees and take his thick veiny cock inside my
With slow deliberate steps, he walks toward me, and stops a
few feet away. If I just reached for him I could grab his cock... But
I dont. As hard as it is, Im doing my best to submit. And its
hard. Very, very hard. Almost like as if you havent eaten
anything for three days, and then someone sits you down at a
buffet, telling you that you can only eat when they tell you to.
Sure, you might be thankful, but you just want to devour
everything in front of you. I have to be honest here, though: as
painful as it is to be this close to him while restrained by his
commands, I have to admit it makes me as hornier as I have ever
been. I cant explain it. Maybe I might just have never met a real
man, one that could truly dominate me, but I never felt like this
before. Only with Arsen and King Henry.
God, why cant I stop thinking of a man I have never met?
And, of all times, when Im here, half naked in front of Arsen?
Still, it doesnt seem wrong. In fact, it seems pretty adequate,
since hes treating me in the exact same way Henry uses to drive
me utter and completely crazy.
Arsen extends his arm, reaching for me with his outstretched
fingers. He stops before he touches me, his index finger just an
inch away from the valley between my breasts. The corner of his
lips turns upward mischievously, and then he slowly lowers his
fingertip over my skin. I shiver almost instantaneously, my
eyelids drooping as he touches me. I can even feel my heart
pumping warm blood to my pussy, and all this just because he
has laid one finger on me. Is this really happening? If hes
making me shiver with just one fingertip, I dont even want to
imagine what hes going to do to me with the rest of his body.
His fingers slide down from between my breasts to my navel,
and then back up again. This time he traces the contour of my
left breast, going up its curve and circling my nipple. I tremble
slightly, swallowing hard as I use all of my willpower to keep
still. I just want to jump on top of him and be fucked as hard as
humanly possible, but I dont want to ruin this - I mean, the
anticipation is completely murdering every hint of rationality in
me, but I cant say Im not enjoying this and in a most
wickedly indecent way. Maybe I just like being tortured like this.
Pinching my nipple gently, he keeps the pressure there for a
few seconds, and then lets go of it, his finger once again going
down and over my stomach. I almost start praying for him to go
lower, to caress my folds on the way down, but his movements
dont take him near my pussy: he simply moves his finger up
and down from my navel to my breasts, caressing my nipples
every time he gets near them and making me breath so hard I
dont even know how in the hell I still havent passed out. My
skin is prickling, my muscles burning with so much desire I
might just spontaneously combust any time now.
You want more, dont you? Arsen asks, still grinning as if
he owns me, and damn, right now he does own me. You want
my cock in that tight little mouth, dont you? I nod, moving my
head up and down with anxious movements. I must look
desperate right now. But its true, I really, really want his cock
No, I need it. Take off your skirt, he says with that
commanding tone of his, his fingers still caressing one hard
nipple. I hook my fingers on my skirt and, swaying my ass from
side to side, push it down and let it fall on the floor at my feet.
His eyes go from my breasts to my thong, and I can almost feel
him peeling it off of me just with the power of his mind.
Unconsciously, he licks his lips, almost as if he wants to devour
me like he did yesterday.
I cant wait to bend you over and feel my cock deep inside of
you... But first, he leans toward me, his lips against my ear as
he speaks, youll have to come. As the words roll out over his
lips, he slides his finger all the way down to my thong, pressing
one fingertip over my clitoris in such a way that I simply see red.
My muscles spasm and jerk, and I feel my knees buckling under
my weight. Holy hell, is this really happening? One touch of his
on my clitoris and Im already coming, waves of pleasure
crashing against me in a devastating way. How is this even
Good girl, he whispers. But its not enough. I need more.
With that, he grabs my thong and pushes it against the side of
my outer thigh, ripping it off of me in one sudden and violent
movement. I let out one loud moan as I feel the fabric tearing
and then sliding over my skin, the cool air caressing my
drenched pussy. He throws my thong to the floor and, pulling
me in with one arm around my waist, he presses two fingers
against my clit and starts to rub viciously, my muscles tensing
up and charging with electricity. I almost fall into his embrace,
my knees still week from the orgasm; Im like a ragdoll,
supported only by his strong arms.
Pressing my head against his chest, I shut my eyes and simply
surrender to the devastation he is unleashing inside of me. I
cant see or hearthe whole world is nothing but a blur to me,
the only thing in existence right now being his fingers on my
clitoris. And, sweet Jesus, does he know how to use them! He
rubs them in fast circles, applying just the exact amount of
pressure to make me moan as if Im losing my sanity.
Come, he whispers, and I feel my body starting to convulse.
My muscles spasm and all the electricity they held inside of
them rages free through my body, taking over every single one of
my nerve endings and flooding my brain with an ocean of
pleasure. More, Arsen whispers again, turning his wrist and
letting his fingers slide down from my clit to my folds. Without
even letting my orgasm subside, he slides his two fingers inside
my pussy, moving them in a hook motion and guiding them all
the way toward that sweet maddening spot inside of me. His
fingertips pressed tight against my G-spot, he starts rubbing me
there, pressing on my clit with his thumb. I love the way you
moan when youre coming, Ashley, he says, moving his fingers
in and out of me at break neck speed.
I dont know how Im surviving this. I truly dont. A few flicks
of his wrist and I explode again, my mind a nuclear wasteland. I
dont even moan this time. I simply let my body be taken over by
a seizure of ecstasy and throw my arms over his shoulders,
supporting myself as my knees grow weaker.
Slowly, he pulls his fingers out, bringing them to my lips. Im
breathing hard, my muscles still twitching as he brushes his wet
fingers over my lips; my own scent inundates me, and I almost
lose consciousnessseriously, my brain cant even process how
much I want Arsen to fuck me right now. To feel this much
desire should be illegal.
Please I mutter, my voice sounding as if Im so weak I
shouldnt even be speaking. Please, Arsen.
I love how you beg, he says, his hands running through my
hair. But what are you begging for? Tell me."
I want I want you to fuck me, Arsen. Please, fuck me, I
beg again, my trembling fingers starting to unbuckle his belt.
Somehow, I manage to do it, and then I automatically unzip his
pants. His massive cock strains against his underwear, pushing
at my fingers, and I turn my wrist around so that I can grab it.
Im so high in ecstasy right now that his cock seems even bigger,
almost as if I cant even grab it with just one hand; I tug his
boxer briefs down and, taking my other hand to his shaft, grab it
as harshly as I can. Please I repeat, stroking him with both
hands as I breath hard against his chest. My body feels so weak I
can barely lift my head.
Since youre asking so nicely, he says, picking me up from
the floor with a sudden movement. I place my arms around his
neck as he walks across the living room; he puts me down in the
couch, and I summon whatever strength I still have inside of me
and go on all fours, jutting my ass back at him as I sway it from
side to side.
I let out a loud moan as he smacks my buttocks with the back
of his hand, the pain travelling upward to my brain and turning
into pleasure somewhere along the way. He does it again and
again, the sound of his hand against my flesh a maddening
sensual song.
When he stops, my back is arched and Im thrusting my hips
back at him. He brushes two fingers over my folds and then,
pressing his glans against my inner lips, he thrusts with one
quick and masterful movement. With one arm around my waist
he places his two fingers over my clit as he starts to thrust, his
cock pounding into me in the most sweet and savage way.
Somehow, these two things arent contradictory; Arsen knows
how to fuck and make love at the same time. The best of both
worlds. It really makes me wonder Why did I waste so much
time with losers like Peter? A 5-inch cock? Please! And, besides,
Arsen is much more of a man than my loser ex will be ever be
And, unlike how it was with Peter, I really love Arsen.
Waitwhat did I just say? I love Arsen? I could lie and tell you
that I just thought this because my brain is all scrambled from
the way hes fucking me But I wont do that. Its time to admit
it: Im falling in love with Arsen Hawke. The problem is that as I
finally realize this, I realize something else as wellKing Henry
is as much in my mind as Arsen is. In a way, Im falling for him
too. Now you truly must think Ive lost my mind, I know.
Theres no time to think this through, thoughhis arm
around my waist, Arsen pulls me into him as he rolls to the side,
my body following his as he lies back on the couch. Im sitting on
top of his cock, my back turned to him, so I do the only thing I
can: I start to rock my body back and forth, my body still burning
with pleasure.
His hands are on my ass as I sway my hips, and I close my
eyes and bite down on my lip, imagining the way he must be
looking at my ass cheeks bouncing. I throw my head back, my
hair falling down my shoulders, and I cup my own breasts,
squeezing them eagerly as I moan. I ride him as hard as I can, my
muscles aching from the effort; I can already feel beads of sweat
forming on my forehead, so I take that as a sign that Im on the
right path.
You look lovely from here, he says, and I cant help but
smile. I was right; he was really staring at my ass as we fuck. I
never actually cared if the men I've been with looked at me while
we fucked, but with Arsen I relish that. What could be better
than having the man of your dreams looking lustfully at your
body while his cock is buried deep inside of you?
My skin boiling, I feel sweat on every single pore, beads
sliding down my spine as I jump up and down on his cock. I ride
myself into oblivion, and I only stop when I feel my pussy
tightening around his cock; my whole body tenses up and,
gritting my teeth, I scream as loud as I can, my voice bouncing
off the walls with enough strength to shatter glass.
Then, not wanting to waste a single second, I turn around, his
cock still inside of me. Im facing him now, so I lean forward and
press my mouth against his as I start to rock my body again. He
starts to thrust as well, and it doesnt take long for his
movements to make the sway of my body almost meaningless. I
stop then, sitting on top of him as he bucks his hips at me; he
cant stop ravaging me even when Im on top. Thats obvious, of
course Arsen is not the type of man who just lays back and lets
his woman do the job. Oh, no, he relishes every opportunity to
show me whos truly in charge.
Oh, God, I sigh, my tits bouncing up and down as he rams
his cock into me. His thighs are slapping my ass once more, his
member working furiously as the first thunder of ecstasy roars
inside my mind. A few heartbeats and thunder turns into a
raging storm, every fiber in my body tensing up before I finally
blow up, my lips flailing as I come. I breathe hard through my
gritted teeth, my head resting against his chest as I cum my
brains out.
I remain like that for what seems like an eternity, my lungs
struggling to get the air I need in. My body wants to quit, but my
mind still wants to go on, and whenever Arsen is concerned, I
already know whos going to be the winner in that struggle.
Rolling to the side, I lay on the couch by his side, thankful that
his couch is wide enough for the two of us. I turn my back to him,
his hand resting on my waist, and he takes the hint fast enough.
He moves to the side, his chest pressed against mine as he
angles his cock with one hand, pushing it between my thighs and
lodging his glans over my pussy. I thrust back gently, his cock
slowly sliding inside of me. I moan gently almost immediately, a
shiver going up my spine as his shaft pushes back against my
inner walls; my pussy is as sensitive as it could be, so every little
movement from him sends shards of delight through my nerve
endings. As if he knew that, he starts to rock his body gently, his
motion no longer one of wildness and lustful desire - theres just
tenderness and love. Yes, love... He doesnt even need to say the
words, my heart is already whispering the truth: Arsen Hawke
loves me.
While one hand of his remains on my waist, the other one
rests over my right breast, the tip of his fingers brushing against
my nipple as our bodies sway. I close my eyes, surrendering to
the moment and wishing for it to never endright now, theres
no outside world, nothing I need to worry about. And, just for a
small window in time, even King Henry is forgotten
Damn, why did I have to think of him? Just thinking of his
name makes me breath hard and, these wicked instincts of mine
taking over, I start to move my hips back even harder, urging
Arsen to drop all tenderness. I dont even need to do it more
than once, as if he could read my mind, his fingers turn into
hooks and he buries them in my waist, the rhythm of his thrusts
growing with an unstoppable fury. Christ, Im moaning again,
harder than before.
Are you ready, Ash? Arsen asks, the hand he had on my
breast going up my neck as his fingers bury themselves in my
For what? I manage to ask between moans as I lift one leg
up in the air, angling myself so that his cock goes deeper inside
of me.
Youre going to come hard, Ash And youre going to do it
only when I say so, he tells me, his lips brushing against my
ear. I can feel his grin on my skin, my pussy already tightening
as his words reach me.
I I dont know if I can do that now, I tell him. Im too far
gone to be able to control myself, and he must see that. I cant
hold off on an orgasm!
You will do it. You will do what I say, he yanks harder on
my hair, thrusting violently as I scream.
Yes Yes, I will, I submit, disregarding everything that my
own body is telling me. How could I do otherwise when Arsen
tells me to do it like that? I couldnt!
Oh, yes, you will Because youre mine, Ashley, and you
want to obey me as much as you want me to fuck you, he
whispers into my ear, his words like spears through my heart. I
start bucking my hips at him, my ass cheeks pressing against his
rock hard abs as his cock comes and goes at an unrelenting pace.
Im gritting my teeth and pursing my lips, trying to focus hard so
that I dont succumb to a sudden orgasm. Its almost impossible,
especially now that Im consciously trying to control it. Even so,
Im managing to do it so far. But its getting harder Oh, its
getting way harder. I can feel my pussy already clenching around
his shaft, and my hands have balled into fists, my fingernails
buried in the palm of my hands.
Wait, he whispers, slowing down his rhythm. I breathe out
deeply, my body on the verge of exploding. I he says, the
sound of it caressing my eardrums as he suddenly thrusts as
hard as he can, his cock flying all the way in and hitting my G-
spot. I let out one loud scream, but magically I dont come.
Want you One more hard thrust, and one more scream.
To Oh my God, its going to happen, its really going to
happen! Come.
I lose it. I really do; my body starts to convulse, my mind
dissolving as I become one with the universe. Im sorry if Im
being a bit too mystical right now, but thats exactly what
happens. I come so hard that it goes beyond the physical realm.
Its transcendent, an almost religious experience. I think of
nothing: my mind is a white canvas, the brushes of pleasure
writing all over it lines of pure unadulterated ecstasy.
Oh my God I hear myself saying, the words sounding
foreign to my own ears. That was That was more than perfect.
My body limp, I feel my mind trying to reboot. As I rise from
the deep waters of my unconscious, I bring one memory back
with me to the surface. My words to King Henry: I want to make
you cum, and I want you to do it all over me, sir. I want you to
cover me with it while Im on my knees, my mouth open wide as
you fill me up. As I open my eyes, theres one certainty in my
mindwhat I told Henry, Im going to do with Arsen. The
thought somehow wakes my muscles up, and I roll down to the
floor, going down to my knees at once.
My eyes lock on Arsens and he grins at me, sitting up on the
couch as he runs one hand through his disheveled hair.
Wordlessly, he goes up to his feet, my arm raising as I reach for
his cock. My fingers curl around his shaft and I start to stroke
him, my heart beating fast as, once again, fantasy blends with
reality. This might be insane, not to mention flat out wrong, but
it almost feels as if Im with King Henry and Arsen at the same
Come for me I whisper, looking up at him as my hand
goes back and forth over his cock. Come for me, Arsen His
cock starts spasming against my fingers, thick white ropes of
semen gushing out. Just like I pictured when talking with Henry,
I open my mouth and stick my tongue out, strands of semen
immediately covering it as I tilt my head back. I dont stop
stroking; I keep jerking him as he comes, his cock still spasming
each time it shoots at me.
He has his eyes closed, his hands on top of my head as he
opens his mouth to exhale sharply. Seeing his pleasure, I start
stroking him even harder than before, wanting to empty him
completely. As if he has a never-ending supply of cum inside of
him, he keeps shooting; my mouth is brimming with cum, his
warm juices already covering my face. He only stops cumming
when Im drowning in it, the skin on my chest glistening from
the warm gooey layer that covers it.
Slowly, I peel my fingers off his cock as he finishes, his fast
breathing finally slowing down. A grin on my lips, I go up to my
feet and press my body against his, my cum-covered breasts
rubbing against his hard pectorals. I lean in to kiss him, opening
my mouth wide and allowing all of the cum I hold inside to drip
down to his lips. We kiss as if we were possessed, swapping cum
and rubbing it all over our naked bodies. Time becomes
meaningless as we surrender to wickedness, his salty flavor
blanketing both our minds.
By the time were done, we collapse onto the couch, sitting
side by side. We look at each other, grinning as we realize the
state were in. Theres cum coating his lips, and its already
dripping down his chin and onto his neck; the skin on his torso
is also glistening, strands of the cum that covers me imprinted
there. Im not in a better state, in fact, Im even dirtier that he
is, thick drops of cum still dripping down my face and chest.
I throw my head back against the headrest and stare at the
ceiling in silence, my chest slowly rising and falling. My hand
reaches for Arsens and I grab it, squeezing it gently under my
I cant even begin to describe what just happened In my
mind, its as if King Henry and Arsen fused into one person and
gave me one of the most mind-blowing orgasms I've ever had.
God, I must be going crazy.

T he lawyer leans in close. The smell of his cologne is an

assault on my senses. I watch as he dips his sashimi in a puddle
of soy sauce and wasabi, casually stirring the dark mixture with
the tips of his chopsticks. "I need you to understand something
about Mr. Morozov," he says. "Simulated Pleasures LLC is the
only profitable phone sex operation in the entire tri-state area
and he insists that he wants to buy it. He's not a patient man."
"I've told you before. I'm not interested in selling," I reply,
refusing to entertain the thought. In fact, I almost can't believe
we're still talking about this.
"I'm afraid he won't take no for an answer."
I wait for a moment before responding. My impulse is to tell
this guy to go fuck himself, but I'm trying to stay calm and
rational. I'll admit that my patience is wearing thin, and what I'd
really like to do is put my fist through his teeth. As I'm thinking
about the best way to respond, a waitress approaches us,
bringing a sake sampler and breaking the silence. Nobu 57 has
always been known for their world-renowned sake collection. I
grab one of the small cups and gulp it down. It's smooth, and the
sweet rice flavor lingers long past the drink itself.
"I don't envy your position. I understand that you're here
representing your client and his best interests, but like I said,
I'm adamant on retaining full ownership of this company."
"Tell me," he asks, "Why does a man like youa man with a
Harvard MBA and a polished business acumen under his belt,
want to own a phone sex company?"
"You said so yourself, it's profitable."
"Spare me the bullshit. You could invest in Silicon Valley. You
could have your hand in a number of more profitable niches. So
why this?"
His question catches me off guardand mostly because he's
right. I could invest in tech, or even real estate, and easily triple
my earnings. I know that phone sex is being replaced with live
web cams and porn streamed for free on cell phones. Why am I
insisting that I keep this part of the business? And then it hits
me. I know it makes sense to sell, but if I'm honest with myself,
there's an obvious and irreplaceable piece to this whole
operationAshley. Who the fuck am I kidding? My mind is
blown every time I'm with her. Damn it, I can't let her go; I love
her, and I'm finally ready to admit that.
"I'm sorry to disappoint you, but my answer is still no.
Regardless of my background, or what you think I should or
shouldn't be investing in, I'm invested in Simulated Pleasures
LLC and I plan to keep it that way. And that's final."
I hear him exhale in one irritated breath. "You say that now,
but I urge you to reconsider what you're saying."
"I've considered it a great deal already."
"Well, I'm not one to give up so easily," he says, taking
another bite of sushi. I watch as a bit of the bright orange Tobiko
fish roe is caught in his mustache. I get up to leave the
restaurant to show that this conversation is over, and formally
thank him for lunch. He continues, "You'll be hearing from me
again; I can assure you of that."
I walk out of Nobu 57 and onto the street. This meeting with
the mob's lawyer has made me realize a lot of things and I
immediately take my phone from my pocket and dial Ashley's
direct phone sex line.
The same soft, sultry voice I've grown to love answers and
comes on the line. "Hi, this is Misty. Who am I speaking with?"
"It's your king."
"King Henry, I'm so glad you called. I was just trying on a new
set of lingerie that I bought yesterday, and now I'm lying in bed,
dreaming of you, lightly fingering myself under all this lace. I
wore it extra special, just for you."
"You belong to me, don't you?" I ask, masking my voice
again, and asserting my will. It's as if I need to hear it from her
mouth, one more time.
"Yes, what?"
"Yes, I belong to you King Henry, and only to you."
"Good. I needed to hear that. Today especially."
"Oh god, you have no idea," she says, just above a whisper.
"Stop touching your pussyyou know I can always tell when
you're touching yourself. It belongs to me. Place your hands by
your side, right now."
"Yes, King Henry."
"It pleases me when you obey," I continue. "Every king needs
a queen. Are you ready to be my queen? Are you ready to always
belong to me and do as I say?"
"I need you," she says, and I hear her breathing quicken. "My
pussy throbs for you."
While she says this, I text Ashley's personal cell phone.
"What's your address? I'm coming over. Arsen" I watch as
speech bubbles appear, and I can tell she's typing. Within a
moment, her address appears on the screen and I smile,
continuing to talk, and jumping back into my character as King
I deepen my voice again. "What would you do if I had you
locked in my castle for a day? Are you thinking about it, and
picturing yourself here, with me at my throne?"
"Yes, I'm picturing it can you feel my breath on your body
as I move slowly in between your thighs?"
"Good, Kitten. It pleases me when you follow my directions.
"I'd move my hands over your legs and then deep into the
secret retreat of your thighs. I'd take a moment to marvel at your
big, strong muscles and your impressive manhood that stands
taller than any javelin I've ever seen. The knights in your court
must all be jealous."
"I like where this is going," I say with a smile.
"I'd place my mouth on the tip of your huge cock, basting it
with my tongue in a circular motion. Doing this makes me so
hungry for you, and I want your manly taste to fill my mouth. I'd
lick the entire length of your shaft, and cup your balls in my
hand, gently pinching and rolling them in between my fingers."
"And then what would you do?"
"I'd ask you to sit down on your throne while I climb into your
lap, naked, wet, and eager. I'd straddle your lap, while you took
my breasts into your mouth. With your strong hands grasping
my hips, I'd slowly lower myself onto your shaft, feeling the
length of your cock fill my pussy. I'd pace myself at first, riding
your cock and rocking my hips until my entire body quivered."
"Good, now I want you stand up and bend yourself over my
throne because I want to fuck you from behind. I want to grab
your ass and feel it in my hands. Are you bent over?"
"Yes. Oh god, II can hardly stand it. I can feel your cock, it's
so big."
"I feel the weight of your breasts in my hands as I grab onto
them, pinching your nipples between my fingers and thrusting
into you quicker and quicker," and as I say this, I feel my cock
harden, and I walk at a faster pace. I hear my shoes clicking
against the city sidewalkfellow pedestrians are a blur to me,
and all I can think about is Ashley. I need to get to her
apartment. I look at the street signs and I know I'm getting
close. I hear her moaning and breathing heavy on the other end
of the phone, her voice now just above a whisper.
"King Henry, IIIoh god, I'm going to cum, I'm"
"Good, I want you to come for me. Come now. I command it."
Her voice is ragged and labored, and with that, I hear the
convulsions in her voice and the gasps and I can picture her body
in the throws of climax. I'm now at her apartment and I know
that I quickly need to end the call.
"Until next time, my queen," I say, and I hang up before she
can respond.
I walked faster than I thought and now I'm finding myself
standing in front of her door. I knock. I don't hear her in her
apartment. But I know she's home.
I knock again. She's here; that much I know. I mean, I just
had her on the phone. And then I hear it, the lock on her door is
released and it slowly opens. She is standing in the doorway, her
face flushed and in the sexiest lingerie I've ever seen in my life.
We are both looking at each other, and for the first time, we are
both at a loss for words.

I run to the door as fast as I can, hearing Arsen already

knocking for the second time. Crap! I didnt expect him to
get here so fast! I mean, my heart's still racing, and I didnt even
have the time to change. Im still wearing the lingerie I had on
when I was on the phone, a matching set of a deep purple lace
bra and thong.
I have just come, talking with Henry on the phone, and Im
still wet from that conversation And now here he is, Arsen
Hawke in the flesh. This time I didnt even need to text him,
telling him Id be coming overno, this time he was the one
doing the texting, almost as if he could guess I was having one of
my private moments with King Henry.
I have no idea how hed react if he found out Im into one of
my clients, a man I have never even met. Would Arsen be mad?
Or would he just shrug it off? Oh, yeah, who am I kidding? What
man would shrug off the fact that his rival is a disembodied
voice? That would be like a punch in the gut. But none of that
matters now What matters is that my heart's still racing, and
that my body is craving something wild and furious.
Just in time, I tell him, after an awkward, silent pause. I'm
grinning as I reach for him and curl my fingers over his belt; I
pull him inside the apartment, shutting the door with the ball of
my foot as I go. He follows me with a smile, and that hunger Ive
come to know so well flickering in his eyes. Before I even have
the time to gasp, he grabs both my wrists and turns my body
around, making me lift my arms over my head as he pins me
against the wall.
Hello again, he grins, the way his lips curl upward making
my insides clench. My eyelids droop as he leans into me, my lips
parting as our mouths touch. I run my tongue over his lips,
breathing in his scent and allowing desire to take the steering
Suddenly letting go of my arms, he lets one hand of his fall
down to my waist, the other going up my neck as his fingers run
free through my hair. He pulls back from me and I open my eyes,
locking them on his as I lick my lips with anticipation.
This time Im the one leaning in, straining against the hold he
has on me as our lips touch again. I let my tongue push the way
into his mouth, and tilt my head sideways as we kiss in
abandonment. My hands are running free over his chest, feeling
the hills and valleys of his abdominals as I caress him over the
fabric of his white shirt; my fingers go all the way down until
theyre stopped by the hem of his pants, and then I just pull on
his shirt, untucking it. I take my fingers to his collar and I tug on
it as hard as I can, making the buttons pop out as I open my eyes
and let them wander over the chiseled muscles on his chest.
Desire raging through my veins, I hurriedly push his shirt
down his arms, my fingertips immediately finding the way to his
bare chest.
With what sounds like a growl, he yanks on my hair, forcing
my head back as his mouth goes to my neck. He lays harsh kisses
against my skin, the hand on my waist going around it and over
the curve of my ass. A moan climbs up my throat and explodes
into the air, my hands going around his body and to his back. I
feel his warm skin as my fingers go down, and then I just push
my hands underneath his pants, feeling his hard buttocks
against my skin.
If Im being completely honest with you, which I am, trust me
, I never once in my life imagined it was possible to feel this kind
of crazed lust. I mean, when is too much, too much?
My hands leave his ass and I focus on his belt, unbuckling it
and pushing it out of its loops with a quick movement. I waste no
time and go straight for his crotch, flattening the palm of my
hand against his already hard cock, massaging him over his
jeans. I start tracing the contour of his bulging with the tip of my
index finger, but I stop suddenly. Screw this, I need to feel him
right now!
I unbutton his pants as hard as I can, his cock pulsing against
my fingers as I take care of the buttons. He starts kissing my
neck harder and, when Im finally done, starts nibbling at my
skin; I flatten my hand again, the only barrier between me and
him being his boxer briefs. Well, why wait, right? I hook my
fingers on the hem of his underwear and push it down, both his
pants and boxers sliding down to his knees.
"Someones pretty horny," he says, almost laughing. Oh, he
has no idea how horny I am right now Just as much as he has
no idea what I was doing before he got here.
"I am horny," I tell him, my fingers curling around his
massive cock. And you cant imagine how much. My pussy
pulses as I grab him, anticipating how its going to feel when
hes deep inside of me; Ive fucked him a lot of times already, but
I still cant get past the fact that hes freaking huge. Whenever
we fuck, I always get surprised when I find that I can actually
walk afterwards.
Oh, I think I have a pretty good idea on how horny you are
But now Im here to solve that, Ash, he tells me as his hand
goes up my side, his long fingers squeezing my right breast as he
stops kissing my neck and locks eyes with me. Theres a wide
grin on his face, one that holds promises of moans and screams
before hes done. Its not as if thats a surprise, though; I always
moan and scream when Im with him. Always.
Taking both hands to my back, he undoes the clasp on my bra;
his fingers go over my shoulder blades and, grabbing the straps,
he pushes them down my arms. The cups droop over my breasts
and then finally fall over as he lets go the bra, allowing it to float
down to the floor. Moving fast, he leans into me and wraps his
lips around my right nipple, sucking eagerly as he laps at it with
his tongue. I run my fingers through his hair as he sucks, my
head thrown back as I sigh heavily.
Changing breasts, he now devotes his attention to my left
nipple, this time applying just a bit more pressure. I grab him
harshly by his hair, pulling his head against my tits and forcing
him to suck hard. He does it eagerly, sucking on one nipple as he
squeezes the other breast, but then he pulls back with a grin.
Im the one in charge here, he tells me, an expression of
amusement in his face. As he speaks he lets both his hands go to
my ass, and he cups my cheeks hard. I moan in a low tone as I
feel my flesh under his fingers and then, before I even know how
he has done it, he has me lifted up against the wall, my legs
crossed on his lower back as I rest my arms over his shoulders.
I buck my hips at him immediately, his cock brushing against
my pussy; I do it harder, pinning his shaft between my crotch
and his body, and then I start to rock my body, grinding against
him as if I were delirious. Well, in fact, I am deliriousdelirious
and crazy to have him inside my pussy. Remember how I told you
I was already wet when he arrived? Well, the state I was in back
then doesnt even hold a candle to how I am right now: my thong
is completely drenched and my fluids are starting to drip down
my thighs.
Being this close to Arsen Its just like being home. You
know that feeling you get when you arrive home after a long
trip? Where you feel safe and perfectly at ease? Yeah, thats
exactly it. Except, of course, you probably dont get wet when
you come home after the holidays. Unless you have someone like
Arsen Hawke waiting on you, that is.
"You got here right in time," I whisper, my brain not even
filtering the words coming out of my mind. I was so wet If you
took any longer Id just have to start fingering myself. He grins,
squeezing my ass cheeks harder as he presses his crotch against
No, you wouldnt dare, he tells me. Youd wait Youd
wait because just playing with yourself wouldnt be enough. You
need my cock, Ashley.
I do. I need it bad, I confess, desire crawling under my skin
as I grind against his thick cock. Hell, hes so damn right.
You can have it If you promise to be nice, he teases me,
moving his fingers under my thong and closer to my ass crack.
I promise Ill be nice, I repeat, my insides burning as I
feel his fingertips nearing my asshole. He runs his index finger
along the length of my crack, only then pressing it over my hole.
I press my forehead against his shoulder as he slides his finger
one inch in, using his other hand to flick my thong to the side.
As he moves his finger in, he thrusts at the same time, his glans
touching my labia and easily piercing me in a fraction of a
I claw at his back, my fingernails digging on his muscles as he
starts his see-saw motion, his cock moving in and out of me
with clockwork precision.
Its always like this with him, it seems. I mean, just take a
look at what happened; he knocked on my door and, just a few
minutes after I saw him, he already has his cock buried to the
hilt inside of me. We didnt even get enough time to get to the
bedroom! Not that weve fucked many times on a bed, actually
every other place seems to work fine for us.
My pussy pulsing as he fucks me, I consciously tighten it
around his shaft, intensifying the pleasure tenfold. I only last a
few seconds, and then I have to ease the pressure. Even so, its
enough for me to let out one harsh scream, my throat already
starting to complain. I really need to tone down on the
screaming; after all, I make a living with my voice. It sounds
fancy when I put it like that, doesnt it? But I do have a lovely
voice, just ask the dozens of guys Ive made come over the
phone, theyll have a quick answer to that.
Even though Im making a mental effort not to scream, I just
cant help it; one mighty thrust from him and here I go again,
my mouth open wide as I roar, my vocal chords straining from
the effort. He thrusts with the same strength once more, and I
open my mouth to tell him not to stopof course, all I manage
to do is moan as if I have a 12-inch cock inside of me. Oh, right, I
do have a 12-inch cock inside of me.
My fingernails dig deeper into his flesh as I come, the orgasm
I had when I was on the phone with King Henry only feeling like
a small appetizer right now. Nothing beats the real thing At
least with Arsen. With my loser ex Peter, I actually did a better
job when I was by myself. But, of course, theres nothing I can do
with my fingers that will ever match what Im feeling right now.
Arsens cock is just magical, as silly as that may sound. As proof
of that, Im still screaming, my small apartment filled with the
sound of my voice.
When I finally stop screaming, Arsen puts me down on the
floor. The moment my feet reach stable ground I realize my legs
are quivering, all muscles in my body still twitching and
spasming as I reel from the second orgasm of the day. But I dont
need to fight this exhaustion, as a matter of fact, I can just use it
in my favor.
I go down on my knees, my hands sliding down Arsens legs
and meeting his pants and boxers, still hanging by his knees. I
push them down to his ankles and he does the rest by kicking off
his shoes and stepping out of his clothes. Arsens naked body
finally in front of me, I lick my lips as I curl my fingers around
his shaft, my hand immediately moving back and forth over his
My tongue darts out and I reach for his glans, circling it as I
keep on stroking him. A shiver goes up my spine as I feel the
scent of my pussy still lingering on his cock, and I picture it
coming and going out of me like a piston. I lap at his tip
incessantly, teasing him, and then go down the side of his shaft,
tracing its length with just the tip of my tongue until I reach his
balls. There, I suck one in, taking it inside of my mouth and
twirling it around before I go back up. Once at the tip, I open my
mouth wide and let his shaft roll over my lips and deep into my
When I feel my lips touching the skin at the base of his cock, I
wrap them around his meaty flesh as hard as I can, slowly rolling
back. I go over to his tip again, but I dont let it out of my mouth;
instead, I go down once more, repeating that coming and going
motion over and over again, with slow deliberate movements.
Only when he places his hands on top of my head do I pick up the
pace, moving my head back and forth as fast as I can, deep
moans rising from my throat and vibrating against his cock.
I caress his balls as I suck him, moving them around over the
palm of my open hand. Then, satisfied with my quick pace, I grab
his shaft again, the movement of my hand matching that of my
mouth. Sucking and stroking, I drive him over the edge. I feel his
cock pulsing inside of my mouth, pushing down on my tongue,
and only then do I slow down. I roll back my lips, allowing his
cock to pop out of my mouth while my hand keeps on working
My urges whipping at my brain, I go up to my feet, never
letting go of his cock. I press my back against the wall, ready to
let him take me again right there, but he just grabs my hand and
steps back.
Lets go somewhere more comfortable. I want to try your
mattress, he says with a devious grin, pulling me down the
hallway and into the living room. There he heads down the
corridor to the left, instinctively going toward the only room
with the door open. I step inside after him, my hand hitting the
wall as I look for the light switch; I hit it, a cozy orange light
filling my bedroom as he places both his hands on my waist and,
with an almost too violent movement, throws me on top of the
bed. My body bounces on the mattress and, before I can do
anything, he climbs on top of me, his hands on my knees as he
parts my legs. I lay back, panting as he grabs my thong and
slides it down my legs, throwing it off somewhere.
Placing his open hand over my pussy, he slides one finger in,
hooking it upward until hes touching my G-spot. He starts
rubbing it, pressing there until my back is arched and Im
sighing heavily.
Feels good, doesnt it? Just wait until its not my finger
inside of you, but something else He promises me, sliding
one more finger inside of me. As he starts to move his two
fingers in and out of my pussy, he presses his thumb over my
clit, rubbing it with wide circles until my eyes are shut and Im
bunching up the sheets. With one masterful stroke he presses
hard on my G-spot as he applies the same kind of pressure on
my clit. I come in a heartbeat, my hands moving erratically over
the sheets as a convulsion of pleasure takes over both my mind
and body. Im shaking and trembling, all of me descending into a
feverish state as he takes his fingers out of my pussy.
Im still coming when he presses his glans against my folds,
feeding one inch of his cock into my pussy. Reacting
unconsciously, I lace my legs behind his back and reel him in,
forcing him inside at once. His cock sheathed in me to the hilt, I
start thrusting erratically, lifting my ass up from the mattress as
I force his cock in and out of my pussy.
It doesnt take more than a few seconds for him to take the
lead; my hips are no longer moving and Im just laying back as
he starts to thrust, his hips moving so fast that my brain starts
to overheat. I claw at his back, scratching and clawing as I urge
him to go even faster, even if that means leaving me in a
catatonic state once were done. I dont even care if Im hurting
him - all that I care about right now is that he fucks me as hard
as humanly possible, using that gigantic cock of his to stretch
my pussy wide and ruin me completely.
Oh, God I moan, the blood in my veins starting to boil.
God isnt here right now, Ash, he whispers into my ear, his
pace never dropping. But I am, he concludes, burying his cock
so deep into me that he just rips a scream out of my throat.
He pulls back out slowly, just to thrust with all his strength
again. He does that over and over againsliding out of me as
slowly as possible, making me hold my breath, and then going
back in harshly. It doesnt take long for my eyes to be rolling in
their orbits, my muscles tensing up as electricity pools in them.
Im like a bomb about to go off, and theres no disarming me.
With each thrust of his I can feel the clock ticking down - until it
finally reaches zero.
A numbness blankets my mind as I come, but this time I dont
moan or scream. I try to, but the only sound that my throat
produces is a weak groan. My muscles twitch as if Im being
electrocuted, adrenaline coursing through me as it mixes with a
batch of endorphinsa pure cocktail of sinful decadence.
I collapse on top of the mattress, mentally and physically
exhausted. Arsen gives me a break, pulling his cock out of me
But, of course, what he has in mind isnt really a break: he starts
kissing my neck, his lips tracing a downward line toward my
breasts. He kisses the curve of my tits, lingering for a few
seconds on each of my nipples, and then continues its descent
toward the valley between my thighs. His kisses make my skin
buzz and, the closer he gets to my pussy, the more my body
starts to awaken from its stupor. When he finally reaches his
target he starts by gently kissing my groins, taking his time as I
recover from that mind numbing orgasm.
His lips go over every single inch of my inner thighs, carefully
caressing my skin before he finally dives in: parting his lips, he
fits them around my clit and sucks it in, circling it with his
tongue at the same time. Feeling as if pleasure itself was
stabbing me in the spine, I thrust, pressing my pussy against his
mouth; he responds by opening it wide, placing it over my folds
and sucking on them.
Feeling my lungs and heart about to explode, I try to calm
myself and breathe deeply, but thats an almost impossible task.
The more I try to do it, the more furiously he starts to lick me,
his mouth completely ravaging me. As he starts to slide his
tongue past my labia and into my pussy, he presses his forearm
across my waist and his thumb over my clit, massaging it. Even
though even my soul is burning, I cant fight the urges that beg
my mind for more: I sway my hips back and forth and from side
to side, rubbing my mouth against his face as I start to succumb
For the millionth time today, I come. I bury my fingers in his
hair and keep him in place as I thrust as hard as I can, my pussy
pressed tight against his mouth. I let the waves of pleasure crash
against my soul, rapture enveloping me. Right now Im on cloud
nine, just on the corner of the seventh heaven: if ecstasy has an
address, this has to be it.
As he slowly pulls back, I know that I wont be able to keep
this going for much longer. For the first time since we started
fucking, I literally feel on the verge of truly collapsing. Like with
most drugs, I guess I can also OD on Arsens cockwhich, to be
honest, doesnt really sound like a bad thing.
Even so, I dont want to give up. My body might be shutting
down, but my mind will push through. So I do what I have to. I
roll on the bed, going on all fours as I feel his eyes going straight
to my ass. Getting up in a hurry, he gets out of the bed and grabs
me by the waist, pulling me back so that my knees are on the
edge of the mattress; standing up, he positions himself behind
me, running two fingers over the length of my pussy before
pressing his body against mine. I feel the outline of his abs with
my ass, but I dont have the time to focus on them; in just
another second he has his cock between my thighs, my folds
parting as he pushes it in. I arch my back as he slowly eases
himself in, that sweet thickness of his straining against my
Fuck me, Arsen I beg. As hard as you can. I cant even
believe Im saying this. I can barely hold the position Im in, let
alone survive the fucking I begged for. But, oh well If I cant
survive it, at least thatll be a nice way to go. Oh, okay, I know, I
know Sometimes I get too dramatic. But what do you want? I
just cant help but act over the top whenever Arsen is concerned.
I mean, who would have thought that Id do all the crazy things
Ive done with him? Never once in my life did I believe Id have a
sex life like this. For Gods sake, with him to come three times is
just a standard affair! This is what fantasies are made of. And if
youre jealous of me, well, thats something that I can
understand. But Arsen Hawke is mine, and Im not really
inclined to share. Sorry.
And yes, I said it: Arsen Hawke is mine. And I love him. I
admit it, and I accept it. Still, its not easy Even though I know
how I feel toward him, theres still one problem, and that
problem is King Henry. My mystery king. As much as I try to do
it, I simply cant push him out of my mind. The man has sunk
his hooks into me, and I have no idea how to take them off.
All thoughts of Henry vanish as the sound of Arsens thighs
slapping my ass cheeks start to fill the room. My heads down,
my hair hanging over my face, but I still smile; Ive come to
relish that sinful sound, something wicked and pleasurable to it.
Perhaps I like it so much because it translates as me being
fucked hard by a perfect man.
He has one hand on my ass, his other one holding my left
breast as he pinches my nipple. I moan subdued, my throat too
spent to do anything that demands more of an effort. Even so, all
my muscles cramping, I start to rock my body against his,
impaling myself on his cock. As I start to do it he slaps my ass
hard with the back of his hand, this time just once, but hard
enough that I know theres going to be a mark there for the next
few hours. And thats just fine; I love indecent mementos like
My arms feeling weak, I go down, supporting myself only with
my forearms. Feeling me go limp, he laces my waist, one arm of
his holding my ass up as he keeps on ravaging me. God, I dont
think Ive ever felt this tired in my entire life This tired and
content, I mean.
Arsens thrusts dont take long to do their joba fire rises
inside of me, driving away all exhaustion, and I start pushing my
ass back against him once more. My whole body tenses up, every
fiber in me becoming as solid as concrete, and I brace for impact.
And, this time, it seems that I wont be the only one burning up:
Arsens cock is already twitching hard inside of me, kicking
against my inner walls as I feel his fingers digging deep into my
We dont say a word. We let our bodies do the talking and we
just surrender, the high tide of pleasure sweeping us both. I fight
back against the pain in my throat and give birth to one final
scream, the sound of it so shrill I feel my eardrums recoiling. As
my voice quivers, I feel my insides becoming warmer, his cock
shooting a river of cum inside of me. We remain still and locked
in place, our bodies in communion as we both climax.
He fills me up to the brim, his cum dripping down my legs
and staining the sheets under me. And still he keeps cumming -
Arsen truly is a God among men. Ripped as a model, hung as
God Its only fitting that when he cums he has gallons of it to
shoot. Not that Im complaining, far from it. In fact, I absolutely
love it: to see him cum like that and knowing that Im the one
responsible for it Well, do I need to say anything else? His
pleasure is my pleasure.
I dont move until hes done, his cock finally stopping all
movement. By then the sheets under me are a wet mess, strands
of cum going down my legs and pooling around my knees.
The moment he slides his cock out I simply collapse on top of
the mattress, lying on my stomach. Swear to God, the moment I
feel the soft sheets under my belly, I drift off to sleep almost
immediately. My eyelids droop and its as if Im unconscious,
even though my bodys still registering everything around me.
I feel Arsens fingers tracing the outline of my ass, and
placing both his hands between my thighs, he makes me spread
my legs. Even though Im barely conscious I cant help but sigh
heavily as I feel his face between my thighs, his mouth once
again on my folds, licking me dry. His tongue goes up and down
my folds in such a gentle way that the corner of my lips curl into
a tenuous smile, almost as if I were in a dream, the kind of dream
from which you dont want to wake up.
He keeps going until there isnt anything left to lick, going as
far as licking the strands of cum that slid down my legs. Finally
done, he joins me on the bed, lying next to me. I roll to the side,
snuggling against him with one arm across his chest. Its time to
stop fighting the urge to slip into unconsciousness, and thats
exactly what I do. With my eyes closed, I take one deep breath
and Im out.
I dive head first into the void, a dreamless sleep engulfing me.
But, before I drown in it, I still have the time to feel my heart
fluttering inside of my chest, a pleasant warmness crawling
toward my mind. God, I couldnt be happier right now. Whatever
happens, nobody will be able to steal this moment from me: our
naked and exhausted bodies pressed together, both Arsen and I
drifting off.
Ive never been what youd call a romantic But, wow, this
just feels right.

I look out of my office window and across the impressive city

skyline. I can't sit still any longer and I'm pacing back and
forth like a caged lion, my fists are balled in the pockets of my
suit pants. I look back at Gerard sitting at the conference table
and say for the second time, "I'm not selling."
I feel the tension in my jaw ease a little after releasing those
words, but I look over again at Gerard and see that my frustration
has simply transferred to him. We've been arguing for over 45
He shakes his head and slaps his palm down on the table. "I
don't understand! It makes no sense!"
"I don't expect you to understand." My voice is now resigned
to the situation.
"Why?" he asks. "Why do you insist on holding onto
Simulated Pleasures LLC? You've released your ownership on
everything else. Just explain that to me!"
"Why can't you take no for an answer?" I reply.
"I told you everything that Luca Giannoni has told me, sir.
Mr. Morozov has taken a special interest in your phone sex
operation, and he's keen to purchase it from you. He's offering
you an excellent price. You won't get this price anywhere else. I
can promise you that. Why not sell before the ship sinks?"
"Who says the ship will ever sink?" I ask. "You heard yourself
that this is the most profitable phone sex operation in the tri-
state area."
"Come on, Arsen. You know as well as I do. Phone sex won't
remain profitable forever. Young people want web cams and free
porn streamed to their cell phones. Why call when you can see
the real deal, you know what I mean?"
"Phone sex is an art. I don't think it'll ever be completely
dismissed like you say it will."
"Maybe so, but it'll be relegated to some small niche. Why
not cash in when the money's still very good? You'll be a very
rich man from the sale of this."
"I'm already a rich man!" I growl. "Are you forgetting that?
I'm worth billions, so before you say another word about money,
I want you to remember everything Dad left me with."
My mood has soured again, and I want nothing more than to
end this meeting, but Gerard can be like a fly that won't go away
and his incessant buzzing in my ear is wearing me down. He's
doing a good job of making me think that this issue may never go
away. Nothing I say seems to deter him. He always has a
rebuttal, and frankly, it's pissing me off.
I know rationally speaking I should be blaming this on Luca
Giannoni and the Russian Mob that wants to buy me out. But
instead the anger is manifesting itself toward the one man who
is always there for me.
And hes giving it right back to me as much as Im giving it to
"Yes, yes, of course you're a rich man! No one is doubting or
forgetting that. But who has ever said no to more money? Arsen,
I just don't understand it. It's completely irrational and
bordering on madness! Why are you so hell bent on throwing
away a golden opportunity? Why can't you see the value in this
Maybe its the way the mob is going to treat the staff? I say,
Whats wrong with how they treat their staff? Gerard asks.
Its always on the up and up.
You wouldnt feel a little guilty knowing we just sold
someones business to the mob? I shoot back.
It didnt seem to stop you from unloading the porn studios,
the web cam operations, the sex dungeons, the brothels, the
escort services, and strip clubs, Gerard says. Name one time
for the other businesses when you brought up an issue with how
the mob treats its workers.
Thats not the same Gerard, and you know it! I shoot back.
The strip clubs independently contract out to the girls. They
can leave any time. Hell, we dont even know if theyll come in
on any given night if its raining or snowing. And the bouncers
and managers are all men; they can take care of themselves.
The other businesses? Gerard asks.
Theyre too decentralized. The sex dungeons, if the mob
wanted to lay down the law or do anything, no one would show
up. And we contractually dealt with everyone on the web cam
operations or the porn studios. The escort services we just got a
cut. Nothing much would change.
And so nothing much would change for this sale either,
Arsen, Gerard says, getting up and grabbing a glass of water and
running his hands through his hair. This is the best deal thats
out there and youre dragging your feet.
These people that work at Simulated Pleasures have never
worked with gangsters before, I tell Gerard.
And neither have you, Arsen, Gerard says to me. Were
not dealing with blue chip corporations here. They can make this
Then why would I want them in the lives of my current
employees? I ask back. I think Ive got a point.
But I know that Gerard has one too. Why didnt I care so much
about letting the mob into the livelihoods of the employees at
the other establishments? I mean, fuck, I just told myself back
then that they were tough and they could handle themselves.
Arsen, Gerard says sitting down and leaning back in his
chair. Something is bothering you about this entire situation.
Ever since your father died the single goal youve had was to rid
yourself of your fathers empire and start from scratch at
something else. To cleanse yourself of his filth, as you put it. But
the closer we get toward achieving that goal, the more you pull
Im silent as he continues. You asked me to find out who Mr.
Giannonis client was. Against my better judgment I pursued it.
And I found out. You wanted to break the sale into pieces. We did
that. Now at the last business, you hold everything up. Luca
Giannoni and Mr. Mozorov have been patient, he says in the
voice filled with wisdom. But if we are to continue, I need to
know what your reasons for holding us back are. And I need to
know now.
Perhaps it's the way he's askingquestioning my sanity, or
maybe it's because I feel as if I've been interrogated for nearly an
hour straight, but just then, I lose it.
"I'm in love with a girl!" I snap, slamming my fist down on
the conference table and flashing my snarled mouth at Gerard.
"There, I've said it. Are you fucking happy? Is that good enough
for you, Gerard?"
Hes taken aback, clearly not expecting this to fucking tumble
from my mouth.
"Arsen, I don't understand. What does you being in love with
a girl have anything to do with the sale of Simulated Pleasures
"She's one of the phone sex operators."
He stops for a moment, and a pregnant silence fills the air.
For a few awkward moments, neither of us says anything, and
then I continue, "She doesn't know."
I see a wave of understanding come across his face and he
finally speaks. "You should tell her."
"Who are you, my fucking therapist as well as my lawyer?"
"I mean it."
"What good would that do?"
"Well, for one, are things getting serious?"
I think about that question for a moment. Have things gotten
more serious between Ashley and I? It feels like it certainly can,
but am I imagining that? Where exactly do I want this to go?
Where does she want this to go? I love her. That much I
"I don't know," I say, and that's the truth. I grab the glass of
water sitting on the conference table and take a sip. My face is
"If you think things willor canget serious, you should tell
her," he says, noticing that my mind is pre-occupied.
I don't say anything, but I nod my head in agreement. Of
course he's right, but that's easier said than done. It's one thing
to sit here at this conference table and say these thingsand
even agree with themthan it is to approach the woman you
know you love about a secret that you've been keeping from her.
Things are working right now. We're fucking happy. I don't want
to fuck it all up by coming clean. If she finds out that I've been
masquerading as King Henry, there's no telling how she'll react.
"It's not something you want to hide forever," he says,
breaking my train of thought.
"I don't know what I want."
"Oh come on now," he says, almost laughing. "Quit kidding
"Says the man who's strong arming me into selling the one
business I'm adamant on keeping."
"It's just obvious to me that you want the girl, so do
something about it."
I look at him and know he's right.

I f Arsen is going to keep feeding me like this, Im going to

have to start spending an extra hour at the gym. I mean,
seriously. Were sitting on his terrace balcony, overlooking
Central Park. He has a massive table thats laid out with
breakfast. I have my choice of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage,
slices of white or wheat bread, fruit, yogurt, granola, and
Oh, theres also pancakes. Theres coffee, tea, orange juice
and cereal.
Apparently, the building concierge has been instructed to
prepare a breakfast spread every day for Arsen since Ive started
spending more and more time with him.
Arsen however, is just eating some bacon and a croissant,
with some coffee, and reading the New York Daily Journal. The
sound of taxis and delivery trucks wafts over to our little terrace
in the clouds and I look over at my handsome breakfast
You live very well, Arsen, I tell him, smiling. He looks over
at me and smiles. Last night he took me to the MOMA where we
saw the unveiling of some new Frederick Hart sculptures that
hadnt been released to the public after the sculptors death.
Variations on Three Goddesses and Cross of the Millennium on
both bronze and acrylic resin. I look into the room. Arsen bought
one of the pieces and its sitting in the living room, purchased
and now forgotten. Which would be fine if it was a dress from
Bloomingdales, except that this tiny sculpture costs around
After we got home, he wasted no time in celebrating his
acquisition by unzipping my black dress and kissing my neck.
Actually, if were being completely honest here, I was already
wet when he pulled me over at the MOMA and whispered into my
ear, I want to fuck you senseless right now, Ash. Just rip your
fucking panties off and shove my cock inside of you and pound
you till you scream so loud that only the fucking birds can hear
I mean, sure, I had splurged a bit on the dress. It was backless
and showed off my ass pretty good. But work has been great. I
got a $500 bonus this week. So I mean, I didnt mind that I was
having that effect on him.
I take a piece of toast and bite into it, thinking back to last
night. It had been a nice night, so by the time his clothes were
off and my panties wereI dont actually know what happened
to them. Either he ripped them off or I took them off, but we
threw them somewhere and I cant find them this morning. I
think I saw my bra in the kitchen sink. Oh well. Where was I? Oh
yeah, by the time I was naked, we actually ended up on the
terrace. He lay me down on the table and proceeded to defile me
in the most delicious ways possible.
Seriously, having sex with this man each time is like having
sex for the first time with him. I cum at least once for sure, but
as many as eight times. Although by then, the orgasms are all
ripping up my body in one wave after another. There have been
times Ive blacked out for a few minutes because its just too
much pleasure. And then afterwards, Im in like some sort of
post-orgasm coma, where I just sit there blinking and enjoying
the endorphins going through my body.
What are you up to today? Arsen asks me looking up from
his paper with a look like he just remembered something as I
look at him. Ive never really made a big deal about our
schedules, telling him that my schedule is pretty flexibleI
mean, I can work whenever. But still, out of habit I pull out my
And I freeze.
I have a meeting with Client 5 on my calendar. Oh my God!
How could I have forgotten? I thought it was yesterday.
No way Im letting him go to another girl. Not because Im
worried about losing the fees. No, more because I want to talk to
As sexed up as Arsen has gotten me, King Henry hits another
spot in my brain and in my heart. Because we only talk for little
bits, I crave the time I have with him jealously. I need him.
But the meetingor callor whatever is scheduled in ten
I look over at Arsen, wondering what it is that I can say. I
mean, what can I even say to someone, anyone, if I have to leave
in 10 minutes? Like, sorry I didnt realize but I have to go have
phone sex with a client? To the man who is feeding me
How did I ever end up in a situation like this? Where Im lying
to two men?
Ash, I need to go do something real quick that I forgot,
Arsen says not looking me in the eyes. I nod absently, wondering
how Im going to get away. You think youll be okay having
breakfast for like half an hour or so? I just need to pop out real
quick but Ill be back, I promise.
Wait a second! Hes giving me an out. This is almost like
Divine Providence or something giving me an opportunity.
Although later on I need to remember to make sure and find out
where hes going. Under normal circumstances Id be pretty
curious where he was off to, but right now, Im not going to take
a gift horse and look it in the mouth. Not this girl. I'm smarter
than that.
Ill just go lay down for a little bit then, I tell him with a coy
smile. Still a bit exhausted from last night.
I give him my best innocent smile and kiss him goodbye
thinking to myself how ironic this situation must be because
normally I would be so curious where hes off to.
But not right now.
Now, in this moment, Ive already started getting wet
thinking of King Henrys deep, gravelly voice. Within a minute,
Arsen is out the door. I rush inside and it takes me just a few
seconds to slide off my yoga pants and whip off my tank top. I
lounge on the bed in my bra and panties, my heart trembling at
the call that will get re-routed to my cell phone.
Four minutes to go. They seem to last an eternity. My heart
rate increases with each passing second. I feel the dampness in
my pussy and can tell that without even talking to me, King
Henry has gotten my panties wet.
At last, the call comes and the phone vibrates. It startles me
and for a second Im scared. But the fear doesnt stop me from
accepting the call and with a shaky voice filled with excitement I
speak into the phone.
Hi this is Misty, who am I speaking to? I say, seeing Client 5
on the screen and holding my breath till he speaks.
Theres a pause and a rustle and finally, Hi, Misty, where are
Now its my turn to pause. I dont know what to answer.
Are you at home? he asks me.
N-No, I say.
No what? he retorts.
I close my eyes. No, King Henry.
Good, you remembered.
Yes, King.
Where are you? Are you with someone? At their place? he
asks me and I close my eyes.
Yes, King, Im at someone elses place. On their bed, I
answer. My heart is beating at what hell say.
What are you wearing? he asks.
I have on a pink cheeky and a lace pink bra, King, I reply
back. Im on his bed talking to you.
Does he know youre talking to me? my King asks.
No, King, I tell him. He went out for a while.
Does he make you cum when you fuck him? my King asks.
I gulp. But Im this far in anyways. And Im so wet. Yes,
King, he makes me cum, I reply. And I cant help but add,
Good, the King says. I want you to touch yourself and tell
me what youre doing.
I have my fingers under my panties, I tell him. Im
stroking my clit.
Are you wet, kitten? he asks.
I gasp. A momentary shudder goes through me. Yes, King, I
say. Im very wet.
I want you to imagine me next to you, kitten, he says. I
want you to imagine me pressing my fingers over your wetness,
sliding one finger into your pussy.
My heart races as I begin to stroke my clit to his words.
I want you to think of my hands stroking your clit, faster,
and harder, and faster still, he says and my fingers time
themselves to stroke with every cadence of his speech. I let out a
Are you enjoying this, kitten? he asks.
Yes, King, I reply. Please dont stop.
Beg me to not stop, he orders. Beg me to keep going. To
tell you how my tongue traces the contours of your pussy and
flicks itself against your nub.
Oh my God. Im panting as my fingers continue.
Tell me, he commands.
Please dont stop, King, I moan as he breaths deeply.
Please dont stop licking my pussy.
I want to slide another finger inside of you kitten, do that for
me now, he commands and I do as he says.
I want to hook it inside of you and massage your walls while
my tongue flicks your clit, he continues.
The way he says the word clit sends shivers up my spine and it
times perfectly with my fingers as they do their work.
Are your nipples hard? he asks me. I can feel that they are
and it takes me a moment to clear my throat. Yes, King, my
nipples are hard for you.
I want to twist them. Do that for me, he orders and I pull
my bra down, place the phone on the bed putting it on
speakerphone and begin to flick and twist my nipple.
It feels so wrong, doing this on Arsens bed. I know what Im
doing. But I just dont care at this point. Lust has overtaken my
brain as King Henry comes through the speakers of the phone.
Now imagine my cock, thick and hard, kitten, he says.
Blood pumping through its veins as it hovers over you, ready to
penetrate your pussy. Imagine it as it slides in and fills you.
Expands you.
I cant take much more of this. Im going to cum soon. I feel
the threshold lowering and myself passing the point of no
Imagine my hands over you, squeezing your ass as I pound
your pussy, he says over the phone. Imagine as I suck your tits
and spank your ass. Hard.
I wouldnt care at this point who walked in the door. At that
very moment Ive lost myself to the pleasure Im about to
Imagine my hands as they spank your ass cheeks. My cock
pistoning in and out of you
I dont hear any more. Ive lost the capacity. I close my eyes.
The body of Arsen Hawke is over me in my head with the voice of
King Henry. Fucking me. Dominating me completely.
I let go and cum.
Waves of pleasure go through my body and I let out a moan
that is earthy and lewd at the same time. A fire spreads from my
loins and rips through my body, leaving me sweating and
trembling as my muscles seize up and contract. Pleasure knocks
me out and my eyes roll back inside my head. I arch my body and
feel myself give way to numbness and nothingness. Im awake,
but incapacitated by fire. And ice. Im weightless but cant move.
My body twitches and I lose my sight. Stars fill my vision and I
lose myself in a void.
When I come to, Im breathing heavily. So is King Henry on
the other side of the phone. My heart is pounding and I take the
Are you there? he asks me.
Yes, King, I say weakly, still recovering from the orgasm
that ripped through my body.
Good, be kind to your friend when he returns, King Henry
says, and with that he hangs up.
Leaving me lying there on Arsens bed.
My panties are wet so I take them off, and I throw my bra
across the room as well. Im lying naked in a haze on Arsens bed
and all I want is more sex. I dont care if Arsen asks me what Im
doing when he comes back in and I lay there.
After a few minutes, I hear the door open and footsteps come
into his room.
Im staring at the ceiling, lost in a sea of post-orgasmic bliss
when I notice him taking his clothes off. He joins me on the bed,
kissing my stomach, and then my tits. I shudder. Not in fear, but
in pleasure as his hands roam my body before settling on my
mound, pressing down on it.
Im ready for more and I wrap my arms around him and pull
him closer to me.
You look like you need a good fucking, Arsen says with a
Less talk, I say to him, wrapping my legs around his torso
and bucking my hips like a wild woman. More cock.
Im going to have a price to pay at one point. I know that. But
for now, all I can think of is the moment. I just pray that this
pleasure never stops.

I m standing in Gerards lushly appointed downtown law

office. For as much as my office has the power and glamor
of Midtown, Gerards has that old world style found only in
Lower Manhattan. With its winding non-numbered streets and
history that predates America, Gerard seems to fit right in. I
mean, the building his offices are in have fucking gargoyles
outside of them to get rid of the excess rainwater. Talk about
something you dont see in Modernist, cubist, Midtown.
Were having our weekly wrap-up on disposal of the
properties that Dad left me.
I think if we move in this direction, we should be
approaching full divestiture within three to four months for
certain, Gerard says with the characteristic seriousness. But
despite his normal seriousness, theres something about him
that seems a bit off.
Gerard, I ask, eyeing him. Theres something different
about you.
He looks at me from his desk, and then gestures to his tie.
Thats it!
Its a maroon tie with white hearts.
A lady friend of mine suggested that I lighten up the
wardrobe a bit, sir, he tells me a bit stiffly.
For everything thats going on with Luca Gianoni and the
divestiture, I cant help but laugh out loud like a fucking kid.
I didnt know you were dating someone, Gerard! I say out
Id prefer not to talk about that now, he says to me, a bit
flustered. Already too many changes in my life, if you know
what I mean.
He looks at me and I nod. I know exactly what hes talking
But still, I cant get the thought out of my head. How different
my lawyer is now than say six months ago. Back then, if you said
you saw him in a tie with hearts on it, hed tell you to go fuck
I mean, I totally get it. Dont get me wrong. Im not fucking
Ashley does the same thing to me.
Im thinking about this as I sit in my limo as I leave Gerards
office and head uptown.
In the short amount of time Ive known her, Im doing things
that the old me would have had a fucking heart attack if he ever
Forget the one and done policy of one night sex, or at most
the use em and lose em philosophy of two weeks of raw lust
and then a diamond necklace and a Dear John, Im starting to go
to the Till Death Do Us Part side with this woman.
It doesnt help probably that were always so close by. Ashley
loves cavorting around my apartment; its so much bigger at
One57 than the tiny rat-hole that she lives in near Penn Station.
And sure, I want to do different things for her. To protect her and
keep her happy. So its no surprise Ill join her in making dinner
even though I have a perfectly decent personal chef.
It's just that I've never felt the way I do with Ashley with
anyone. Not a single fucking person I've ever met. And the
things that she does, when other girls tried it on me, I'd fucking
snort and it would slide right off me. When Ashley does it, it
looks so cute it seriously melts my fucking heart.
Dont believe me?
Well first off, I dont fucking care if you believe me or not, but
just to show you, lets take what happened yesterday.
I was in my office in Midtown, wrapping up some meetings.
Now, I see the gears in your brain trying to figure this out so
let me just explain real quick. I may be trying to get rid of Dads
fucking smut empire, but Im also having to manage the vast
amount of money. Thats a fucking job in and of itself.
But all of a sudden, who do we have but Ashley walking into
my office around 3 pm.
Arsen, can we go to dinner tonight? she asked me, batting
her beautiful fucking eyes. Normally girls bat their eyes at me
and I immediately get all fucking defensive. I was exhausted as
fuckhaving to wake up at 6:30 in the fucking morning after
having hours of sex the night before will fucking do that to you.
But I looked at her, and all I could say was, "Sure, Ashley. I'll
have one of the girls outside make some reservations to Per Se."
Now, my personal secretaries are more than capable of
making me dinner reservations and letting me know, but in this
instance, I followed up with them three times to make sure it
was fucking perfect. And then I made sure my car was ready and I
even got to Ashleys apartment ten minutes ahead of time. As if I
had nothing better to do than take this woman out to dinner.
But let me tell you, when she finally did come down, it was
completely worth the fucking wait. I would have waited a whole
fucking month just to see her in that amazing blue dress that
was tight in all the right places, hugging her curves and
emphasizing her slender but still curvy body. All of a sudden,
being exhausted completely left my mind and all I wanted to do
was fuck. I tried not to stare at her wolfishly as she turned away
from me and began walking to the car, swaying her ass. She
knew that I was staring too, because she stopped before getting
in, turned her head back to me, and asked me with a leer,
"Feeling all right, Arsen?"
"I just want to fuck you so badly right now, Ash," I told her,
not holding back any punches. And I did. I wanted to pound her
doggie style with my 12-inch cock till we both collapsed from
cumming too hard.
"Always the romantic," she teased before she got into the
I could see the outline of her thong against that skirt, it was
so tight. I know youre not supposed to see visible panty lines,
but Id seen her ass so many times, I could tell where it was.
All through dinner, she gave me flirty smiles and kept my
cock hard till I couldn't wait to get her back to my condo. I kept
imagining bending her over and having her hold onto the
windows in my living room as she stared out into the urban
canyons of New York City as I fucked the living daylights out of
But she just leaned back into me into the car and nestled her
head on my chest. I could smell her shampoo.
Arsen, Im really sore from last night and this morning,
she mewled in a little voice. She was talking into my chest and I
had my arm wrapped around her protectively. I dont know if I
can have sex again tonight.
What the fuck? After keeping my cock hard all through dinner
with that fucking dress and that fucking back and forth, I was
like a coiled spring. I would have been pissed off with any other
girl. But Ashley? I just brought my lips to the top of her head and
gave it a light kiss.
"That's okay, babe," I said softly. "You're not going
anywhere. We can chill tonight."
She looked up at me with those adorable eyes. "Really?" she
asked. I nodded.
"Can we just watch a movie and snuggle?" she asked.
Now at this time, had the old Arsen Hawke been present
hell had my late fucking father been presenthe would have
kicked my fucking ass for being a pussy. Because all I said was,
"Absolutely, babe. Anything you want."
And Ashley gave a few squeals of delight and pressed herself
into me in happiness. All I could feel was her tits pressing
against me. All I could imagine was spreading those legs and
taking her.
And so there we were an hour later, Ashley picking out a
fucking romance movie. Not even a fucking romantic comedy
that I could laugh to, but a goddamn romance movie.
"Yay! I love this movie. It's so long too!" she said bouncing up
and down happily as I watched that ass jiggle. Then she looked at
me. "You sure you're okay with this, right?"
I nodded, "Yeah, I'm good. Don't worry."
"Great," she said. "Let me go change into some pajamas."
And with that she sprung off the couch and into the
When she finally did come out I swear to God my eyes were
about to explode as I looked at her.
She was wearing a pair of black lace boy shorts that upped her
ass so fucking deliciously and a black lace camisole. My cock
nearly exploded in my pants I was so fucking horny.
"I got this the other day," she said with a sly smile. "Do you
like it?"
If these were pajamas, then I wanted to see her fucking
At first I couldn't say anything. All I could do was stare. But
eventually I looked at her. "I fucking love it. I could fuck you so
hard right now, Ash," I growled.
"Yeah, but you said you wouldn't, right?" she asked.
I nodded. She smiled and came closer. "Great!" she exclaimed
and then sat down basically on top of me, wiggling her body until
she found every nook and crevice and somehow wedged herself
into me. I wrapped my arms around her and she nestled in. I
could fucking feel her ass rub up and down on my hard cock until
it settled between her ass cheeks. Ashley didn't say anything,
except look at me and give me a sly grin as she asked, "You going
to be okay, Mister?"
"I'll be fine," I lied. I didn't know what the fuck I was going to
The movie started and pretty soon I felt Ashley clench and
unclench her ass cheeks, squeezing my cock. Classic stripper
That was the fucking last straw! I was cool going to dinner and
seeing her in that get up. I was okay not having sex. I was even
okay watching a fucking chick flick that was three fucking hours
long with her hot fucking body pressed up against me. But this
was just too much.
I began to thrust up against her, but after the first one, I
stopped myself. I had promised Ashley. And fuck me, I honestly
would trade not having sex with her as opposed to not being
around her. It wasn't easy, but I actually fucking liked being on
the couch with that fucking romance movie as long as she was
And then she wriggled her ass against me again and my
thoughts went crazy. Again and again. I'm thinking I'm going
fucking crazy, not being able to move or do anything. I might as
well just have passed out right then and there it felt so good. But
even had I passed out, Id be waking up right there just because
her ass felt so fucking good.
Finally, after what seemed like hours, she stopped.
She turned over and pressed her body to mine, bringing her
face inches from mine.
"This is hard for you, isn't it?" she asked with a cute looking
pout and blinking eyes.
"Very hard, babe," I grunted, not knowing what else to say. I
was beaten down.
All of a sudden that cute pout turned into a wicked grin. She
gyrated her crotch on my cock a little bit as she said one word.
I looked at her in surprise as she continued, "Consider it
payback. For keeping me awake till 6:30 am this morning when 5
hours earlier you said just the tip. And then leaving me in a sex
haze all day."
And that's when her smile turned sultry and I realized Ashley
Lane had been playing me the whole day, getting me all hot and
bothered and leaving me no recourse but to take it. I brought my
hands and grabbed her ass. Hard. She squealed and we fucked
hard again that night. I may have ripped off that camisole of hers
trying to get at those tits and get my mouth on them. We used
that sofa in ways that the Scandinavians who designed it would
never have imagined in their wettest of fucking dreams. And I
know for a fact that that romance movie was done a fucking long
time before we finally fell on each other, exhausted and happy.
At least thats what Im thinking and I realize that I have a
fucking smile on my face. But fuck it, I dont care at this point.
I go up the elevator to my condo and find Ashley waiting for
me standing in front of the door in a trench coat.
Surprise! she yells at me and I literally jump. I had the
concierge downstairs give me a ring when you started on your
way up.
Your surprising me by waiting for me in front of the door? I
No, silly! she says with a pout. This is how Im surprising
And she whips open her trench coat to reveal her oh-so-sexy
body clad in nothing but black stockings, a black lace thong and
matching black bra. The material was supple and left just enough
to the imagination that I could feel my cock harden instantly. If I
didnt get it out of my pants soon it was going to tent and then
fucking claw its way out.
I got them for you today, she says with a shy smile. Do you
like it?
But I dont answer. And she doesnt press me further.
Because Ive already bounded over and taken her in my arms and
thrown us onto the same sofa that saw so much action yesterday.
Half my clothes are off and I pause to look into her eyes.
You are so fucking gorgeous, I whisper to her, as if
She doesnt say anything. Just pulls me closer to her for a
You know, I take it back. If the old Arsen tries to come over
and call me a pussy for what Ashleys done to me, Ill kick his ass
for being an idiot.
Because this is fucking Heaven with this girl.

S eventy-five.
Thats how many days its been since Arsen first met me
when I was still a stripper outside of Scorcher's. I dont know if
you remember, but that was the night that he got into my cab
and got off at the Plaza. If he hadnt taken the cab in that
direction, I would have never gone through Times Square and
gotten out to find Peter cheating on me. Peter would have never
attacked me outside of the Simulated Pleasures offices, and I
would have never had sex with Arsen, and King Henry would be
all I would be thinking about.

Thats the first time Henry called me. He was, and still is,
referred to in the Simulated Pleasures databases as Client 5, but
to me hes King Henry. This job was never supposed to be a
permanent operation. It was supposed to be like stripping.
Something I do to tide me over for money until I start putting my
Art History degree from Yale to use. Lately, Ive come up with a
newer plan that you may not like. That plan is to have as much
phone sex with Henry and as much real sex with Arsen as
possible, because I wont be able to hang on to both forever. That
much is clear. I have to come clean to one of them.
SIXTY-TWO THOUSAND three hundred and ninety one.
Otherwise known as $62,391. Thats how many dollars Client
5 has been billed in the last month. Charges start at $9.99 a
minute and out of that $62,391, Im getting big bonuses, thats
for sure. Just from Client 5. Who Im starting to fall in love with.
When Im not feeling guilty because I'm also falling in love with
Arsen. The only positive about all of this is that Im making more
money for less effort now than what I was doing at the strip club.
It gives me more time to go to the gym, start paying off student
loans, and start laying the foundation for my future. But every
time I get a call that shows Client 5, my future comes crashing
down. Every time I see Arsen, along with the excitement comes
the crushing guilt at how this is all going to end.

That's how many times I've cum in the last seventy-five
times Arsen and I have had sex. And it keeps getting crazier and
crazier. Its like a drug. I cant get enough. Every time I have
him, I cum. And every time I start to normalize, the first thing I
want is more. I would be fine if you took away food, water, and
sleep from me, as long as you left Arsen and his cock. Weve
done it in every room and surface of his apartment and mine.
Hes taken me in publicnot just near Southwest New York, but
other areas as well. One afternoon we went for a walk in Central
Park. I was teasing him about his shirt. He ended up slapping my
ass playfully. I was wearing yoga pants and I could feel the slap
of his hand on my ass cheek. It reminded me of when Henry had
me slap my own ass. Arsen saw the look on my face and I
brought my hand to his crotch and felt his cock thicken in my
hand. We ended up having sex on a bench, hoping that no one
would discover us. A week later, I gave Arsen a blowjob in a
taxicab coming back from dinner. The next morning he returned
the favor and used his fingers to hit my G-spot enough times in
a come hither motion that he brought me to a giant orgasm
underneath the table of Le Cirque. Im not lying when I say Im
addicted to sex with Arsen. I would shuck myself on his cock all
day if I could. The only thing that would draw me away would be
having to take a phone call from King Henry.

Thats how many times Henry's made me cum. If I have to be
honest, I never thought that working as a phone sex operator
would mean I would be having regular orgasms. In fact, I think
most people would agree with me when I say that I was pretty
convinced I would have to up my faking game. I mean, it was
already pretty goodremember, my last job was at a strip club,
but still, over the phone people can tell when youre not into
something based on your voice. But every time he calls, my heart
starts to beat faster. I pick up and hear his confident,
commanding voice asking me what Im wearing. Then he tells
me what he wants me to do to that will please him. In that
moment, I exist for his pleasure. To service him. He owns me.
After hes done with me, my mind stays in a fog of lust and
confusion for several hours afterward. I can still go about my
day, but its as if Im sleepwalking. Because the day feels empty
without the large presence of Henry in my heart.

Thats how many times Ive tried to tell Arsen that I love
another person in addition to him. But I can't do it. I mean,
dont get me wrong. I haven't even told Arsen that I love him, so
were a long ways away from me telling him I love two people.
And I cant honestly say I love him when my soul aches for
someone else as well. I know Im going to have to choose one
day. Never mind how crazy it sounds that Im giving myself to
someone I havent ever seen. Whose only interaction with me
has been through his voice over a phone sex line. I can tell that
King HenryClient 5, feels the same way about me, from the
snippets that he tells me of his family or of him growing up. The
sighs I hear when we talk. Even the silences are things that I pay
attention to. With Arsen, his very presence is stimulation
enough. And I have so much more with him. I can see him. I can
touch him. Taste him. The impact he has on me is spread out
over so many senses. Henry's impact is just based on what I can

Thats how many other people know about my dilemma.
Remember Yasmine? From Scorcher's? Figures that she should
be the one I go to with all my troubles. But believe it or not, ever
since I left, she and I have been getting close. We meet up for
coffee or go to yoga together now on a regular basis. Im happy to
spend time with her because she understands the problems Im
I think you need to tell Arsen whats going on, Yasmine
advises me one afternoon after yoga. I had come to yoga after an
appointment with Client 5 where I literally shook and convulsed
as my fingers on my clit brought me to a mind-numbing orgasm.
You cant keep going on like this. Youre going to drive yourself
I know, I agree with her. But its already been so long I
don't know how I get out of the hole Im already in.
The longer you stay silent, the deeper that hole gets to climb
out from though, babe, Yasmine says and I know shes right.
The only problem isnt sitting with Arsen or Henry. Its
sitting with me.

Thats how many hours ago I texted Arsen, telling him that I
needed to see him. He seemed okay and we made plans to meet
at the Central Park Boathouse.
I got there before him and ordered a dirty martini from the
bar in the Main Lounge, looking at the Lake in Central Park as it
surrounded the veranda of the Boathouse outside.
Im sitting here now, as I see Arsen approach. He must have
entered the park from the 81st Street entrance to the Park. I can
hear a piano from the far corner of the Lounge and I wonder if
this will be the last time that we have together at the Boathouse.
Arsen comes up to me and comes over to kiss me but I shy
away. He takes a step back and looks at me with concern.
What's going on? Arsen asks, and I wonder if he can
imagine what Im about to tell him.
My Dad always says to rip a band-aid off as quickly as you can
instead of prolonging the misery. And if Im going to do this, I
might as well get it over with. I close my eyes and take a deep
breath. Then I look at Arsen.
I love you, I say to him, and look at his eyes.
To say that there is surprise going through them is an
understatement. What he doesn't understand is why I look so
Well, Ash, I lo I dont let Arsen finish because I don't
want him to say something that hes going to have to take away
so I interrupt him.
But I also think Im falling in love with someone else, I say.
I pause to give him a moment.
Oh, Arsen says after a moment. Well, fuck.
Despite myself I allow a brief smile. It wouldnt be Arsen
without an F-bomb.
Who is it? Arsen asks. Anyone I know?
I close my eyes and sigh to myself. This is the hard part.
I dont think so, I say to him. Its going to sound silly
Arsen, but its someone I work with.
But you work as a phone- Arsen starts but then lowers his
voice. As a phone sex operator. You don't work with anyone
except for the people that call you.
I look at him, hoping he understands. After a moment of
matching my gaze, it dawns on him. Oh, he says. Youre
falling for a person thats calling you?
I nod. A single tear starts to form in my right eye.
Ive been talking to him for some time now and hes single
too, I say, rushing the words out. He lives in New York City
also and hes in real estate.
Arsen looks at me like I just slapped him with a glove. His
eyes are stricken. I can't imagine what he must be going through
right now. How betrayed he must be feeling. I take a sip of my
Does he go by the name of King Henry? Arsen asks.
What the fuck?
I don't think neither of us notice as my martini glass drops to
the floor.

D oes he go by the name King Henry? I ask with a smirk and

Ashley freezes in time. Its like her muscles seize up, and
not the good kind of seizing like when I make her cum. This is
the bad kind, as if she's having a fucking stroke.
The martini glass falls to the ground, the olives from her
drink rolling toward my shoe. Im vaguely aware of the elderly
couple next to us at the bar turning to look at us.
Oh my God, Ashley whispers. Whisper is a strong fucking
word actually. Its more like she croaks it out, like her mouth has
just gone dry. Her skin is starting to look pale and I can see her
eyes widen and narrow, as if shes trying to figure something
Youyoure but she stops and doesnt finish.
I nod my head at her, hoping itll calm her down. King
Henry, I say to her trying to smile but wondering if Im fucking
smirking instead. Thought it was an appropriate name, dont
I dont get a chance to respond because her hand reaches out
at the speed of fucking light and slaps my cheek. I wince. I
wasnt fucking expecting that; thats for sure.
I taste a tiny trickle of blood on my lip and I can tell that the
immediate people around us are all staring now. The people
beyond them are pretending they don't know what's going on
but trying to look anyways. Fuck em all, anyways.
You fucking bastard, Ashley says. Her voice is cold, low,
and gravelly.
Im about to say something but she doesn't even fucking care
anymore because she just turns around and walks away,
clutching her purse.
I look at the bartender who comes by to serve drinks and I
look at the olive that rolled close to my shoe.
I dont know what the fuck has gotten into me, but I bend
over and grab the olive and the glass and hand it to the
bartender. He nods to me.
Fuck it. This is fucking insane. I need to go after her.
I race out of the Boathouse and scan the surrounding area
looking for Ashley.
Shes not hard to miss. Cute girl, shoulder length blonde hair,
curvy body, fantastic ass. Dressed to kill in a black casual dress
with a pair of black heels that are making it difficult for her to
storm off across the up and down sidewalk of Central Park.
I run toward her.
Ashley! I yell to her, hoping she sees me, and stops. She
doesn't. A few passers by stop and look at me as I race past
them, but I dont have any more fucks to give no matter what
they do. Ashley, stop and fucking listen to me.
Stay away from me, you fucking asshole! Ashley shouts and
stops walking. But instead of turning toward me, I see her pause
and take off her heels. Shes going to want to walk fast and shes
getting ready.
But by then Ive caught up to her.
Hey, give me some credit here, okay? I may drink and fuck all
night long, but I have a body made of steel. Genes that are
fucking blessed. I used to play football in high school and college
and I still got the moves. Of course I could keep up with Ashley.
But theres a fine fucking line between having her say no and it
being cute and then forcing my presence on her. And I never,
ever, ever, fucking do that.
Just let me explain, I say to her, trying to buy some time.
Theres nothing to explain, Arsen, she says, still not
looking back at me. This whole thing was a big fucking joke to
you. Youre a sick, perverted creep.
No Im not, Ashley, I reply as I match her stride. Shes
walking toward the gates to the park on 72nd and 5th. Fuck, shes
going to hop into a cab or a bus from there and I won't be able to
do a goddamn thing about it. I cant force her to stay. Just let
me explain. I love you.
Well that fucking gets her to stop all right.
And why wouldn't it? Ive never, ever, said it to another girl
before. Ive never felt it for another girl. Ive never even
contemplated anything remotely close to it with another
woman. The very thought of falling in love with someone three
months ago would have me getting on a fucking plane and
getting as far away from her as possible.
But now? Now, Im standing there like a fucking kid, watching
Ashley turn around and stare at me.
I love you, Ashley Lane, I tell her, not sure why Im so
fucking nervous all of a sudden.
Ashley smiles for a moment, and thats when I know Im
You love me? she asks and takes a step forward on the balls
of her feet. Thats why for basically the entire time you knew
me, you pretended to be someone else?
I didnt pretend to be someone else! I yell, but she answers
right back and I can see the fire in her eyes.
You pretended to be someone on the phone that wasn't the
same you in real life, Arsen! Ashley yells. Sure when you were
with me you were Arsen Hawke. But then how many times did I
hurry out of your apartment to go to work? How many times did
you ask me what I did when you knew the answer?
I never lied to you about anything I begin but she cuts me
off and for a moment I think shes going to slap me again.
You didnt lie to me? Ashley asks with a note of incredulity
in her voice. Arsen I fell in love with you on the phone and you
know how much it was tearing me up every time you and I were
together to think how I could be falling in love with you at the
same fucking time?
For once, Im silent. Her fucking words have silenced me.
You want to know what its like to go through what I did for
the last month? she asks me. You want to know what I feel
like standing here in front of you after the things you had me do
on the phone?
Fuck. In all of this, I forgot how crazy we had gotten.
You had me call you King! You told me not totouch myself
on the phone. You did things with me that were private and so
intimate for me and it was a big fucking joke for you! Ashley
yells as her face turns red. You must have gotten quite a laugh,
I never thought about it as a joke, I say slowly and she looks
at me. I only called your line because you wouldn't see me.
Because you wanted to stay away after our first night.
You know what? Ashley asks me, but I can tell it's fucking
rhetorical. I should have listened to myself that day. I shouldnt
have texted you back. I should have just gotten myself off and
not thought of you at all. I wouldnt feel so deceived and
humiliated right now.
I take a step close to her. Dont feel humiliated, babe I
begin but she looks at me and I see her face contort.
Stay the fuck away from me, you fucking creep! she yells.
You lied to me! You had a million chances to tell me. You had to
wait until I told you I loved you to spit it back at me. To laugh in
my face. Well, Arsen Hawke, or King Henry, from now on, youre
just Client 5 to me, okay. Some fucking loser who has to pay per
the minute to get off.
She turns away and walks toward 5th Avenue. The suns going
down and its reflecting off the condos and co-ops lining the
street across the Park.
Ashley I call out, wondering if I should keep going after
her. But she answers the question for me.
Stay the fuck away, Arsen, or Im screaming rape, she says.
She pauses for a minute and I think shes going to turn around.
As long as I can keep her talking.
By the way, just in case you were wondering, she says, still
with her back turned to me. I quit. Id rather starve than work
for you one more day.
I watch her walk to the sidewalk and I swear to you it feels like
someone just shot a hole at the bottom of my heart. Ive never
ever felt like this before. But you want to know what the worst
part it?
Its the feeling that I get because I know I fucking deserve
this. That all my shit has come back to fucking haunt me. That it
made me a cocky, arrogant, and selfish asshole that didn't
realize there was anything wrong with what I did. And it hurt the
one person in the world I wanted to hold and fucking protect.
The one person in the world I love.
I watch as Ashley crosses the street and jumps into a cab. I
dont know if Im imagining her looking at me as the cab drives
away. The windows to the cab are rolled up so its hard to tell,
but within a few seconds the cab is gone and it doesnt fucking
matter anymore.
I walk to the sidewalk, where Ashley had passed by just a few
moments ago. People walk by me, into the park, out of the park,
going uptown, going downtown, all caught up in their lives. I see
girls walking dogs, a hot dog vendor packing up for the evening,
a kid crossing the street with a kite. Everyone going about their
business, in their own little worlds, not realizing that mine has
just been blown to hell.
New York fucking City. The loneliest big city in the world.
Serves me right.

I bite into the honey almond croissant, wiping a few flaky

pastry bits from my lips. I watch as Yasmine sips her
medium roast coffee. She ordered a chocolate croissant, which is
an indulgence for her, and instead of biting into it, she's eyeing
it suspiciously. She's one of those women who refuses to eat
anything with sugar and butter 99% of the time in fear her ass
will start ballooning out, but come on, we're both having brunch
at Balthazarone of those places where it's as if you've been
transported to Montmartre at the turn of the century, yet it's
still 2016, and it's still SoHo. In other words, you don't skip the
pastries at this place. Besides, Yasmine had the body of a
Victoria's Secret Angel from a young age, and she still maintains
it. One pastry isn't going to do her in.
"You're lucky you weren't at the club last night," she says.
"Some guy tried to pick me up like a bowling ball right on the
stage. I lost my shitlike, really lost it, Ash."
"What happened?" I ask, my eyes going wide. And then I do a
double take. And what were you even doing on stage? Youre a
house mom!
Yasmine laughs.
Just because Im 35 doesnt mean that I cant dance from
time to time, baby, she says with an arched eyebrow. Besides
it makes me feel sexy.
Oh wow. Now this is just what I need to get my mind off of
missing Arsen.
Feel sexy, Yasmine? I ask, and lean in. Who is he? Dont
tell me its one of the bouncers again!
Again, Yasmine laughs and takes a sip of her champagne.
Hardly, she says. And I cant tell you. Call it attorney-
client confidentiality.
So, hes a lawyer? I ask. She just smiles at me and stays
silent. After a moment, I move on. So what happened to the guy
who tried to pick you up literally?
"I hit him. Repeatedly. And then the bouncers showed up and
asked me what the hell was going on. I had to recount the whole
thing to them, and they asked me if I hit him open palmedlike
a slapor close fisted. Do I look like I'd slap someone?"
I watch as she balls her fist in reenactment. She has a point.
Despite her small size, she's got a hard exterior. Cross her or her
dancers, and shell come after you with the power of a MAC
"No, you're right. I could picture you close fisting that
"It's like letting a dog piss in the middle of your living room,
you know? Sure, I could've let the bouncer take care of him, but
then he'd never learn. He'd do it again to some other girl, in
some other club, and the cycle would never end."
"I guess you've got a point."
"I swear I need to get out of that place. The money's good,
except on Mondays. Can you believe I danced for a solid 45
minutes and only made $25 on Monday? If that were a Friday
night, I'd have made $500. My family keeps asking me when I'm
going to get a real jobthey know what I do, but they pretend
like they don't. It's always awkward."
I nod my head in agreement. I can understand where she's
coming from. I couldn't even tell my family about it. They still
think I'm serving coffee somewhere while I try finding a place to
put my Art History degree from Yale to use. But let's be real
serving coffee won't pay NYC rents.
"Anyways, enough about me," she continues. "You're lucky
you got out when you did. It was a smart move. Sit in bed all day
at talk dirty on the phone. Im glad one of my girls got out."
"I'm not so sure," I say, shaking my head and looking down
at the last bits of my pastry. I don't even want to look Yasmine in
the eyes, in fear she'll recognize something in me that I haven't
even admitted to myself.
"What's that supposed to mean? I thought you were doing
great at Simulated Pleasures? Aren't you one of the highest
grossing operators?"
"I am, but it's complicated."
"How complicated can it be? You take a call, act as part
seductress and part therapist for as long as possible, and get
them off. Voila!"
"It's been a crazy last couple of days."
"So whatyou have some crazy stalker now calling at all
hours of the night? Keep him on the line and rack up those
minutes, girl."
"It's not a stalker. I'm falling for one of my clients."
"You can't be serious?"
"Serious as a heart attack."
"Rule number one, never fall for a client, especially not over
the phone! Ashley, come on! He can be anyone. You don't know
him at all. You've never even seen the guy. He could be an ex-
con with a tattooed face for all you know."
"Actually, you're wrong. I do know who he is, and that's the
I watch as she chokes on her champagne. "Now you've lost
me. I don't understand."
"Do you remember Arsen from Scorcher's? Intensely blue
eyes, hot body, and billion dollar playboy?"
"THE Arsen Hawke? Sure. I mean, who could forget a guy like
that? So, where's this going?"
"Well, last night I found out that Arsen is the client. He's the
same person. But he's been hiding that from me for weeks. For
countless calls, he's been calling my direct phone sex line and
masquerading as a 'King Henry.' We were having the most
mind-blowing phone sex. I mean, I was supposed to be getting
him off, and yet, there he was, making me come so hard every
time. It was like he could read my mind. I couldn't get him out of
my head. But as this was all happening, I was meeting up with
Arsendinner, drinks, sex, and I found myself falling in love
with him. But then I started pulling away from Arsen when I
realized I was falling for a man on the other end of my phone
too. It all became so emotionally confusing. It didn't feel right to
be falling in love with two separate people."
"Wait a minute. You're in love with Arsen Hawke?" Yasmine
asks, eyes wide in disbelief, and seemingly ignoring a good
majority of my story.
I nod my head but before I can respond she says, "You and
ever other girl in New York City! Come on Ashley, he's the
biggest playboy in this city!"
"That's the thing. I think he loves me tooat least that's
what he'd said. I've really fallen for him well, until a few
nights ago anyways. Now I don't know what to think."
"What happened last night?" she asks.
I stare off at the happy couples brunching, smiling, drinking
their $6 orange juices, as I recall the events of the Boathouse.
"That's when everything came crashing to the surface like some
horrific car accident. He admitted to me that he was the man
calling into my sex line. He said it so casually, as if it were the
easiest thing in the world. I can still hear him ask me, 'is it King
Henry?' and right as those words left his mouth, it felt like my
entire world was shattering. I knew he wasn't lyinghe couldn't
have possibly known about that caller any other wayand it felt
like everything I'd known was a lie."
Yasmine takes a sip of her champagne and pushes her
croissant around her plate a bit with the tips of her fake, neon-
pink nails. "I don't know it just sounds so weird, don't you
think? The whole notion that you can fall in love with someone
just over the phone."
"I don't want to sound cheesy, but until last night, nothing
felt weird at allit all felt like fate, Yas."
"Fine, fine," she says, throwing in the towel to her argument.
"So what's the problem? You're being an idiot. That's what I
think. Go get Mr. Perfect. You loved him on the phone, and you
loved him in real life."
"How can you say that? You make it sound so easy. I was lied
to, remember? He knew all along what he was doing."
"You're over reacting. I get that it hurts to be lied toI mean,
that'd piss me off too, but the bottom line is you're in love with
the same person. You pulled away from Arsen after you slept
with him, and it's obvious that he was just trying to find another
way to get close to you."
"I don't know it still feels so wrong. I said things did
things that were so personal on the phone."
Listen, Ashley baby, Yasmine says. Ive known Arsen
Hawke a lot longer than you. And let me tell you that before he
met you, that man knew how to tear shit up.
Yeah, I know, I say to Yasmine resignedly. I know I could
make him happy though.
You did from the moment he met you, now that Im
remembering that far back, Yasmine says.
That stops me up short. I look at her and lean in closer.
What are you talking about, Yas? I ask.
Shes silent. I wait. She looks at me. Finally she sighs.
Alright, fine, she says. You know that Arsens dad used to
own the club before he died. He started the whole empire.
I nod to Yasmine. Arsen has told me all this.
Well, Arsen used to come in and fuck the girls if they wanted
a ride, you know? Kind of like a welcome committee. Not all of
them, and not every time. But hes been known to wet his
whistle with a Scorchers girl quite a few times, Yasmine says.
What shes saying isnt a secret. I used to hear girls talk about
Arsen in the dressing rooms. About his body. His appetites. His
giant cock. But what you dont know is that the night you left
early, like a week later he came back.
Now Im curious as Yasmine continues. Comes in and I think
oh, maybe its time for me to finally take big boy for a ride, and
Im flirting with him.
I wince as I think about Yasmine sharing the same man that I
love but she continues. Motherfucker completely shot me
down, she says. Instead asks me if I knew where that pretty
blonde haired girl with a nice tits and hot ass and blue eyes went.
I told him she didnt work at Scorchers no more. That I sent her
over to work at Simulated Pleasures.
I freeze. Arsen had seen me at the club. And he had been
looking for me. He had singled me out. And he had wanted me.
Guy didnt even touch one hair on all this, she says, using
her hands to gesture to her body. I was ready to suck his cock
right there on the main floor too it was one of those nights.
But alls he wanted was you, babe. Havent seen him inside the
club since.
He just wanted me I say to her softly, but Im speaking
more to myself.
Since the moment he met you, girlfriend. So Id go a bit easy
on him, Yasmine says, finally taking a bite out of her chocolate
croissant. "If anything, Arsen was trying to protect you."
"How's that?" I ask.
"Well, he sold his company in chunks to the Russian mob.
I'm sure he was trying to protect you for as long as he could.
They probably would have pressured you for sex or something to
keep working there."
Her words stun me. What if that's true? Could that be it? Was
Arsen just trying to keep me safe and protected?
I ask, "How do you know all this?"
"I have my ways."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
She thinks for a moment, as if she's not sure whether to say
anything or not, but then continues, "Do you remember that
slightly old lawyer who always hangs around Mr. Arsen Hawke?"
"Vaguely," I say, thinking of the times Ive seen him on the
video conference screen or hes come by Arsens One57
apartment. Gerard?
"Well, he's the lawyer Arsen uses for everything, including
selling the pieces of his company to the Russian mob. And hes
held out selling Simulated Pleasures as long as he can because
hes worried about how the mob is going to treat the girls that
work there."
"How do you know that?"
"Let's just say I've seen himboth inside and outside of
the club."
"Noyou two are having an affair?"
Yasmine motions her fingers over lips, as if she's zipping
them shut.
"Fine, don't tell me," I say. But as soon as I say it, I realize
that I may have everything wrongyet again. If Yasmine is
right, then Arsen hasnt just loved me. Hes protected me. And
all Ive done is to repay him with scorn.

I look out the window of the limo as it's drives down 8 th

Avenue toward my club, a hopping spot named Climax. Its

on 31st Street and 8th Avenue and I can see that the line to the
fucking club goes nearly one fucking city block.
Jesus Christ, I think. I'm making money hand over fist on this
fucking club. But thatll be for only another month. Because in
30 days, the ownership of Climax will transfer over to Mozorov.
And this will be his club.
Were going to fucking crush it tonight! my friend Jonathan
says next to me and I look over. We've known each other since
college. Same fraternity. One of my closest friends. But it takes
effort for me to smile tonight.
Its been three fucking days since Ashley decided to say
goodbye to me and never look back. Or has it been more? I dont
even know anymore.
I know that shes not working at the agency; Simulated
Pleasures received a formal letter of resignation from her a few
days ago. Her line has been silent. She must have blocked my
phone number because she doesnt answer calls, it doesnt go to
voicemail, and she doesnt answer texts. I cant find her on
Facebook. And no answer comes from my emails.
So like any good friend, when Jonathan saw the misery I was
in during our racquetball game, he decided to gather three of our
closest friends and go out on the town.
Normally, this is something Arsen Hawke would be ready for
in a heartbeat. To go out into New York City and tear it up. Get
drunk and fuck women.
You just need to fuck it out of your system, man, Jonathan
says to me in the limo, bringing me back.
Youre right, I agree. Im going to fuck it out of my system
multiple times with as many bitches as I can find.
I really fucking hope hes buying it because right now Im just
faking this whole goddamn thing.
We exit the limo and the five of us start drawing looks from
the people who are standing in line to get into the club. They
may vaguely recognize me; Ive been photographed a few times,
but they cant place from where. Still, I look good tonight so its
no fucking surprise that they take out their phones and snap
pictures in case I happen to be famous.
Thats right. Theyre taking pictures of me as I walk to the
entrance of the club.
Because I look fucking good tonight, baby.
My 6 foot plus frame.
The way my jeans and shirt are untucked, with my shirt
unbuttoned, showing off a part of my chest.
Everyone knows I have a fucking cut body. But tonight, these
sluts are just going to love running their hands along my
chiseled 8-pack abs and ripped pecs on the dance floor.
Im going to make them lick me on the dance floor.
I turn and smile and dont stop the cameras at all.
If I was an asshole before Ashley and Im miserable without
her, well then, maybe its time to go back to what worked.
The people outside of the club are staring at me right now.
Theyre entranced. The way my shirt is tight around my ripped
body, highlighting what needs to be highlighted. I know they can
see the bulge in my pants, the 12 inches of thick cock that I have
swinging between my legs. Ready to be unleashed at a moment's
notice to fuck the stray female of the herd that crosses my
I know theyre staring at my face. At my strong fucking
jawline. My deep, soulful eyes.
So Ashley wants to leave me, shes free to go. Doesnt mean I
have to mope.
I swagger to the entrance, completely aware that I own the
fucking club. But no one outside waiting in line knows that yet.
Or if they do, they havent said anything.
Time to show them just how big a deal I am.
I glance at the bouncer and he gives me a nod.
Welcome back, sir, he says and I nod back, indicating to my
four friends to come inside.
Inside the music is bumping and vibrating and I lead our way
to the VIP area where a table is already waiting for us.
But in the time it takes to get there, Jonathan and our friends
pick up a girl or two each, talking and spitting game out at the
various ladies that we pass. They start with eyes for me, but once
I pass, the friends swoop in and take over.
I shrug. This is just how the game is fucking played. The
jesters in the court get the Kings castoffs.
I look around me and see the women watching me. Weve
attracted a fair crowd of interest. These women are dressed as
skanky as they can get.
Now, dont fucking worry. I havent gotten all prudish and all.
I mean come on, Im in love with a fucking stripper or phone sex
operatorhowever you want to call it.
But these girls, and there are five of them approaching me
directly, are trying to dress themselves up so they can look like
hookers or porn stars or something.
Because they think thats what the guys out in the world
fucking want.
Well, Ive fucked porn stars and strippers. And Ill tell you all I
can think about right now is sitting on a couch fucking cuddling
with a romance movie on.
Fucking Christ.
The gaggle of girls approach me.
Sure, I wont lie. Theyre cute. I wont deny that. But theyre
cute in a skanky way. Not in an Ashley way.
Fuck, I can tell Im not in a good mood.
I need a fucking drink.
I open the bottle of scotch at the table and pour some into a
glass. I sigh as the girls sit down at the table. I lean back, seeing
what they're going to say. It may be too much to hope for, but
maybe someone will say something the same way Ashley did.
When she used to talk, it used to make me fucking think.
"Evening, ladies," I say, putting my arms back on the sofa.
"Im Arsen. Whats your name?"
"I'm Joanna," the blonde next to me on my right says with a
"I'm Lauren," next to her.
"I'm Sarah," her friend says.
"I'm Deb," the one on my left chimes.
"I'm Carrie," the one next to her says. She doesn't hold back
though. "I give good head."
Jesus fucking Christ. So much for fucking small talk I guess.
I look around me. Jonathan is talking to some girl thats
sitting next to Sarah.
The other three friends have somehow gone off in their own
Im here by myself. Usually, not a problem.
But it gives me a chance to look around me. I mean, really
look around me.
To girls who wear as little as possible and go out at night,
hoping they find someone to go home with.
To guys looking for something cute to stick their fucking dick
To people looking to drink and forget.
To others looking to just forget.
Too many people talking too loud, trying to drown out the
fucking silence.
I sound like Im fucking high right now or something, dont I?
Well, Im not. Because its starting to make sense.
These arent bad people. Strippers arent bad people. Hell,
hookers, phone sex workers, models, web cam girls, these arent
bad people. The people who provide and the people who
consume, these arent horrible evil people.
I mean, I remember my Dad started out by writing smut and
selling it online. That grew. He didnt stop. Sure, he was sexual. I
mean, I still remember the day outside Starbucks. I was just
about to talk to some random gorgeous girlwhat little of her
that I remember reminds me of Ashleywhen I saw him with
his two new girlfriends.
I remember we fucking fought. That was the last time I saw
my Dad. I traveled and stayed busy for the two months after that.
And he died.
Because I was too proud to realize that Dad was making
people happy.
Were all fucking lonely. And some of us are lucky to have
that one person or group of people who complete us. Who make
us realize that someone out of 6 billion people cares whether
were alive or dead. Its a basic foundation of being a fucking
And thats why we crave it. We read about it. We watch
movies about it. We join Facebook to connect. Because as human
beings, we want to connect on a deeper level than anything else.
Dad was providing one avenue for it. Sex.
Sure, theres other ways. But I never realized how important
that connection was because; up till Ashley Ive been one of the
most disconnected motherfuckers on the planet.
All of a sudden I have to go.
"Where are you going?" Sarah asks.
"Gotta get something done, babe," I say, drawn into the
conversation. I need to see about a girl.
"Can I come with you?" she asks.
And there it goes. Boom. Why would I take you home with me
when Im going to go look after a girl? After just meeting you?
What kind of fucked up alternate reality are you living in?
"No," I say, basically figuring a question like that only
deserves a one word answer.
"Can I?" Deb asks, her face lighting up.
What the fuck? She thinks because I didn't take her friend,
she now has a better chance?
I sigh and take a large drink of my scotch.
"Do you want to fuck me?" she asks me, batting her
At least Dee is a bit more reserved. She just brings her fist to
her mouth and makes a blowjob motion, then smiles at me.
I know what you're going to say to me, okay? Not every girl is
like this. There's some with great personalities. I know what
you're going to say. Three months ago I would have told you that
you were just trying to be nice.
But now, knowing what I know, I agree with you. Because Ive
met the girl for me.
And Id rather fucking die than give up on her and let her go
without even trying.
Goodbye, ladies, I say and within seconds Ive walked out of
the club.

TWENTY MINUTES LATER, I meet Gerard at his house.

Gerard, I say, giving him a piece of paper that I hastily
scrawled a note on in the back of the limo. Can you make sure
Ashley gets this letter?
Gerard looks at me. Its obvious he just woke up. Im at his
front door in the hallway on the 17th floor of his condo.
You wrote a letter? Gerard asks me. By hand?
I shrug. She wont take my calls or texts and wont answer
emails. And she wont see me, so you know, next best thing is to
pass a note.
Very well, sir, Gerard says. I know just how to get it
delivered to Miss Ashley.
I thank Gerard and walk to the elevator and then out the
Sure, its a shot in the dark. But somehow, Im feeling good
about this shot in the dark.
Now the ball is in her court. Lets see how she plays.

I won't lie when I say that Im not surprised when the

doorbell rings that Saturday morning. Would you believe me
if I told you that Ive been looking forward to but dreading this
moment ever since I thought there was a chance that Arsen
might show up.
Im pretty sure he will show up. I mean most guys cant hold
out that long. And they break down and go show up, even if they
say theyre not going to. Thats just the power that women have
over them. Remember Peter? You remember, my ex-boyfriend
who was cheating on me? Roughly 60,000 words ago? I didnt
answer his texts for a several days and what did he end up doing?
Stalking me and attacking me outside the Simulated Pleasures
Now I don't think Arsen is going to attack me or anything. He
may be a bad boy, and may be too tough and cocky and arrogant
for his own good, and he may have lied to me in the most
horrible way possible, but I somehow still know that underneath
that tortured exterior is a good man. A solid man.
See what I mean now about looking forward to while dreading
this moment at the same time?
The bell rings again and I go to the door. Im dressed to kill,
with a white short skirt that I know hugs my ass, a black silk t-
shirt that accentuates my curves very nicely, beautiful pearl
earrings, and white heels.
Ive been dressing up like this every morning, on the off
chance that I run into Arsen. Its not a big deal. Its just
something I do to feel good about myself, okay?
What? Dont look at me like that. It has absolutely nothing to
do with the fact that Im so completely horny right now, alright.
If thats what youre thinking, I would appreciate you taking
your mind out of the gutter. Im a good girl. Really!
I dont even bother looking through the peep hole but just
open the door. I wonder if Arsen will be on his knees.
I open the door.
Hes not on his knees.
Hes not even here.
Instead, Yasmine from Scorcher's is standing there, and Im
guessing shes just gotten off work.
I know Scorcher's will have Last Call at 3:30 am, and then
officially turn the lights on and close at 4 am. Getting the people
out of the VIP Room and private booths can take as long as 4:30
am. Cleanup and tipping out of the club probably takes Yasmine
till 5:30 am. If she doesnt go home with any of the guys, shell
probably get breakfast, which will take her to 7:30 am. And then
she must have taken a cab over here.
Im usually up and changed by 7:30 am nowadays too, so it
must have worked out perfectly.
If youre wondering, yes, Ive become an early rise ever since I
walked away from Arsen and his alter-ego King Henry and quit
working at Simulated Pleasures.
I think it has to do with the fact that Im notyou know,
getting fucked. At least thats what Arsen would say if he were
here. And Id scowl at him and he would smirk at me.
Stop it!
Youre thinking about your man? Yasmine asks me
standing at the entrance to my door. Shes wearing surprisingly
modest clothesskinny jeans and a tank top with a fur lined
jacket. Shes got her Louis Vuitton bag, and her gold hoop
earrings, but thats the only level of ostentatiousness that shes
displaying today. She could be a typical New Yorker from below
14th Street with that outfit. I back up and let her into the
apartment. She comes in and promptly drops her bag on the
floor and stretches out on the couch.
Here, she says, pulling an envelope out of her bra and
handing it to me. Your man asked me to give this to you. Says
you won't take his calls, that youve blocked his number and his
email from reaching you.
Its true. Ive blocked all aspect of Arsen from contacting me.
The rational part of my brain says I did it to not have to deal with
someone who deceived me so cruelly. But the reptilian part of
my brain is telling me its because I wanted him to come to me.
Apparently I didn't figure he could go through my friends to
reach me.
I take the letter and against my better judgment start reading
it. Its only a few lines, scrawled in the confident, collected hand
of Arsen Hawke.
He gave it to Gerard last night to give to me, Yasmine says
yawning on the sofa and kicking off her boots. Told him to tell
me to give it to you. I told him it felt like high school, passing
notes along in recess, but you know how guys get.
Im reading it.
And it takes everything I have to not cry.
I try to compose my thoughts, but my brain is going a mile a
minute. My heart is beating even faster.
I pull open my laptop sitting on the dinner table and open the
spreadsheet. Call it a habit, but I kept track of every minute I
spent on the phone. I do some rough calculations and all of a
sudden it makes sense to me.
Everything makes sense.
Yasmine, I call out. I need to go see your man.
Whaaaa. Yasmine drawls and I can tell shes falling
Where is Arsens lawyer? I ask. Wheres Gerard?
Hes usually playing racquetball in the morningsI think,
Yasmine says in a whisper. New York Health and Racquet
I thank her and get my coat as well as the letter that Arsen
wrote me.
By the time Im out the door, I can hear the soft breaths
coming from Yasmine as she falls into sleep.

THE NEW YORK HEALTH AND RACQUET CLUB is located on 51st Street
Between Park and Madison Avenues. Its also one of those old
boys clubs that doesnt allow women. So I wait.
Around 8 am, I see the front desk man point to Arsens lawyer
as he emerges from the interior of the club and approaches me.
Can I help you, Ashley? Gerard asks.
I take a deep breath. Weve never actually formally spoken.
Sure, Arsens mentioned Gerard in almost every other
conversation and Ive seen him around and been in his presence
numerous times. He even saw me almost naked during a video
conference after our first night being together. But weve never
directly spoken.
Now, however, we have cause to.
I hold up the letter Arsen sent me.
Do you know whats in this? I ask.
Gerard looks at the letter and then he looks at me. I do not,
but I can only assume its Arsen trying to give an explanation of
his behavior.
Let me read it to you, I say and I pull open the letter. Gerard
takes my arm and takes me over to a sofa so I can sit down.
I clear my breath and begin. Dear Ashley, I start and look
over at him. He gives me a look and I smile and keep going.
The last few days without you have been fucking terrible, I
read. I smile as I read and look over to Gerard. Hes shaking his
head with a little bit of a smile too. He has a sense of humor it
seems and all of a sudden I can see what someone like Yasmine
finds attractive in this older, much more distinguished looking
I gotta be honest. I went out to Pasha today hoping a
nightclub with the boys would get my mind off things, but
nothing is the same when youre fucking gone. I know it was
fucked up of me to make you call me King Henry and not tell you
it was me you were talking to, I continue reading and I see
Gerard raise his eyebrow. Thats what I thought. I keep going.
The Russian mob has been after buying the company for as long
as Dads been dead, because its one of the only profitable outfits
in the region, but I know how these guys treat their employees.
And I could never put you in that sort of danger. I could never let
you work for them. I sold everything else but Simulated
Pleasures and I I held onto it because you were there. But as I
kept talking to you, I sort of realize now why Dad did what he did
and why it was so successful. He was lonely. And by providing
the things that he did, he helped other people out there in the
world who were lonely find at least a little bit of temporary
happiness. A small pleasure. Not a replacement, thats for sure.
But maybe a small escape. Maybe a chance to not have to think
about real life. Because babe, real life without you is so fucking
boring, and it took talking to you on a pay-per-minute line for
me to understand that. But you dont want anything to do with
me, so Im letting you know that as long as youve quit, Im
going to sell Simulated Pleasures in the morning. Gonna sign the
paperwork. So you never have to worry about me again. Just
know that I fucking love you.
I fold the letter away and look at Gerard. He looks at me.
It seems that Arsen has realized what drove his father at
last, Gerard says. And it seems he has you to thank for it.
I nod and smile. I never knew how much Arsen cared for me. I
mean I guess I knew. But I never consciously acknowledged the
fact. But theres more to this mystery.
Arsen mentioned something about this being the only
profitable operation in the region? I ask Gerard.
The elder lawyer nods. Thats correct, he says to me.
What are they basing that on? I ask.
Well, its all very complicated, but usually they base any sort
of company profitability on the prior quarter. Thats why
companies report quarterly earnings He tries to continue but
hes just confirmed what I was thinking.
Where is he, Gerard? I ask. I have urgency in my voice.
He should be getting into the office in around half an hour
for a meeting at 9 am and then he should be meeting with Luca
Giannoni to finalize the deal later on this evening at 5 pm at Del
Friscos, Gerard says.
I get up from where Im sitting. Are you supposed to be
there? I ask.
Gerard nods. I should hope so, he says with a smile.
Considering I have the paperwork.
I smile and feel like hugging him. Then let's go, Gerard. Im
coming with you tonight, but first I have something I need to get
Gerard looks questioningly at me as I beam brightly at him.
Its time for the company to meet Misty with the silky voice.