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Epilogue - Ashley
Epilogue - Destiny
Second Epilogue - Austin
Epilogue As Told By Brittney
Second Epilogue - As Told By Brittney






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Client 5: A Bad Boy Next Door Dark Romance
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60. Epilogue - Ashley

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61. Austin
62. Out and About - New York City
63. Destiny
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65. Destiny
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78. Out and About - New York City
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85. Destiny
86. Mistress Strokes
87. Out And About - New York City
88. Epilogue - Destiny
89. Second Epilogue - Austin

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Scandalous: A Secret Baby Dark Romance
90. Lance
91. New York Daily Journal
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94. Jocelyn
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126. Michael
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128. New York Daily Journal
129. Jocelyn

A Goodbye From Lance

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Man Chaser: A Secret Baby Dark Romance
130. Ethan
131. Brittney
132. Ethan
133. Brittney
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160. Brittney
161. Epilogue As Told By Brittney
162. Second Epilogue - As Told By Brittney

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Wicked Lil Brat: A Secret Baby Romance
163. Mason
164. MarketWatch Journal Flash Update
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170. MarketWatch Journal Flash Update
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197. Epilogue

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The 6 Train
198. Adrienne
199. Reese
200. Adrienne
201. Reese
202. Adrienne

And now, the last story

203. Bain Vacation
Mr. President

A Billionaire & Virgin Fake Fiance Romance

By Alexis Angel

Copyright 2017 by Alexis Angel

All rights reserved

This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places, and incidents either are
products of the authors imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to
actual events or persons is entirely coincidental. This work is intended for adults only.

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T hey call me President Player. I got my finger on your

You wanna be the chief of my Staff?
Rub my 12-inch lust muscle till it shines?
I can make you explode with the flick of a wrist.
Give you what I like to call an Executive O.

WHEN THE MEDIA starts going after my bad boy lifestyle I know its
time to switch it up.
Thats when I hire Ashley. Shell pretend to be engaged to me
so I can get the press off my back.
We gotta be careful and not get caught.
But its hard because shes just so damn gorgeous.
I just want to push that tight little body of hers up against the
Make her hail to her Chief. Over and over, till she cant walk.
Yeah, the relationship may be fake.
But her face is telling me that the pleasure is simply

AMERICAit time to meet your future First Lady. Also known as

my fake fiance.


"O h, fuck me harder, Mr. President!"

I slam my 12-inch cock into Jia Parkthe ambassador
from South Koreahard enough to knock a vase of flowers off
the side table that she's clutching in both hands. I watch as the
flowers tumble to the floor.
I've bent her over every inch of this hotel suitethe toppled
sleek American chairs are a testament to thisand I'm just
getting fucking started.
With both of my hands on her hips, I thrust again and again;
my hips are rocking back and forth as I ravage her from behind
with the force of a storm. With my thunder, I aim to give her a
hot fucking bolt of lightening that she'll never forget.
"A dragon was born in a stream," she purrs, her long blue-
black hair as dark as ink, and sticking to her neck with sweat.
"And that dragon is you." She's looking back at me with
smoldering eyes, waiting to see if I understand this Korean
It's not lost on me; I've done my homework.
I've prepared for this moment.
The dragon is a good reference. What the fuck did she think
she was dealing with, a bunny rabbit? No, I'm a man on a
mission, and I pack some serious fire between my legs.
"Kamsa-hamnida," I reply, thanking her in Korean, which
surprises her.
Yes, I can be savage between the sheets, but I'm also
"You're a man of many talents," she smiles, and the way her
lips seductively turn up at each corner of her mouth makes my
cock hard as granite.
Of course I am. Im Austin fucking Bain.
President of the United States.
The youngest President. At 35 years old.
The hottest President. Check out my bedroom eyes on the
cover of TIME Magazine. My 8-pack abs on CNN. My defined
body on Fox News.
Whether youre a Republican or Democrat, conservative or
liberal, theres no denying you want my cut pecs and broad
shoulders to be the one holding up this country.
And while youre at it, I can bet you want to be on your knees.
Get a good view of my giant fucking python as it pulses in your
Thats right. I might be the President. But I know what Im
I pull my cock out of her pussy with a wet pop, and turn her
around. I pick her up in my strong arms, lifting her off the floor,
and I watch as she runs her hands over my bulging biceps.
She's impressed.
She then wraps her slender legs around my waist, and I angle
my cock toward her wet pussy, teasing it by rubbing it back and
forth over her slick folds.
Fuck me, just keep fucking me, she cries out loud, as if it's
some kind of torture.
I smile back at her and do as I'm told; this time, there's no
teasing. I thrust at once, and drive my 12-inch cock so deep into
her that she lets out a violent scream.
She curls her toes and rakes her nails across my back and
shoulders before running her fingers through my hair and
pulling wildly.
She's now fucking me, grinding her pussy up and down my
cock, squeezing her legs around my hips for support. And then
her entire body tenses and she throws her head back, her mouth
is open wide.
"Oh, fuck," she moans mid-orgasm, the walls of her pussy
clenching and spasming on my cock.
I feel a trickle of sweat zigzag down my chiseled chest, and I
grin; this is better than any fucking gym workout.
I carry Jia Park to the bathroom, her legs still wrapped around
my waist and her wet pussy impaled on my cock. I'm going to
keep it buried inside of her pussy for as long as I can.
"Ga-ji-mah, don't go," she purrs.
"I'm not going anywhere without you right now," I reply,
grinning. And I'm about to prove it to her.
Let me just say that I'm not your average politician.
As the youngest president to ever assume office in the US
even younger than Theodore Rooseveltand like Teddy and his
band of Rough Riders, I do things my way.
You don't get to be the youngest president ever elected by
playing by the rules; you know what I mean?
And my cock is one of my greatest diplomatic tools. While it's
true that, for me work and sex go hand in hand like white on
rice, that doesn't mean I can't enjoy it. There's no shortage of
"I want more," Jia smiles devilishly, "so much more."
"So do I," I reply, grabbing her ass cheeks in both of my fists.
"So do I."
I head for the glass-walled shower. The elegance of the Sofitel
Hotel is everywhere, even in the bathroom. I feel the cool marble
flooring beneath my bare feet, and I slide the glass door open to
the shower.
I take her off my cock, and we both step foot into the shower.
I turn the knob, and in a minute, we're standing beneath a
steaming jet of water that's beginning to fog up the entire
I smile and turn her around, grabbing her hands and placing
them up against the marbled shower wall. I reach down and slide
my hand down the crack of her ass, and slide a finger into her
wet pussy until I reach her G-spot.
"Yes, oh yes," she shivers. "More."
I pull my fingers out of her pussy and drag them across her
lips. She smiles and opens her mouth, and begins sucking on my
fingers as I angle my cock with my other hand into her pussy,
and piston in and out of her.
"Does your pussy taste good?" I ask her, thrusting my hips.
She nods to me with a smile.
I keep thrusting until I feel the walls of her pussy spasm on
my cock once more. Jia is moaning and arching her back.
"That's it," I tell her, "Come for me."
"Oh yes, Mr. President! Yes! Yes!" she yells out, as her orgasm
takes over her body, loud enough for everyone in this fucking
hotel to hear. She's screaming loud enough to shatter the glass
of these shower walls.
"That's it," I grin. "Just like that."
You may be thinking that I just fuck people for the hell of it.
Sure, I love fucking beautiful women just as much as the next
guyand I'm fucking good at itno the bestbut you've got to
believe me when I say this is work too.
You see this little tryst with Jia Park? It's all a part of my job.
Don't believe me?
Well, it's just all part of my overall plan to help turn the
country around. Just you wait and see.
"Bae-go-pa, I'm hungry," Jia says, "for your cock."
"On your knees," I smile. I know I'm the best fuck she's ever
had. I'm the best fuck any woman has ever had. It's no secret
that I'm good in bed. Women worship my cock.
I watch as she obeys, and then opens her mouth as wide as
she can. I seize the opportunity and roll my shaft all the way in,
inch by inch.
Theres a wet sound when my tip hits the back of her throat,
but theres no denying itshe loves every single moment of
Theres nothing like almost choking on a 12-inch long cock, is
Thats it Suck it, I whisper to her, slowly sliding my cock
in and out of her mouth.
I stroke her cheek with the back of my hand and then, with
more force, rest my hand on the back of her head, pushing her
deeper onto my cock.
She's so deep that my balls are resting against her lips.
And then, I come undone.
Pleasure rages through my veins with an undeniable
intensity, and theres no stopping it.
"Fuck," I hiss, with my teeth clenched. "You feel so good."
I can feel my pulse beating a quick rhythm in the chords of
my neck. And then I bury my cock as deep as possible in her
throat again and exploderope after rope of hot cum is running
down her throat and she's eagerly swallowing it. I look down and
watch as her throat muscles contract, waves of pleasure coursing
through me.
Then I pull my cock out, and watch as she milks the last
strands of cum from my cock. She rubs the tip across her lips and
licks at it eagerly.
"Dangshin-eul aju manhi johaha eyo," she purrs. "I like
It's a good thing I brushed up on my Korean. "I think this is
going to be a good partnership," I smile.
Fuck. I love my job.
You see, I'm making the world a better place, one fuck at a
I may be a bad boy, but I've got a good heart. Yes, I'm rich but
I was raised to value public service and charity.
I know what you're thinking. And I know what this looks like,
but I'm not just in politics for the ego trip.
I care about the country maybe too much. The media loves
to portray me as some sex crazed bad boy, making waves just for
the fuck of it. But they don't understand my motives. There's
always a diplomatic reason behind my actions.
I look back at Jia as I prepare to leave. "Remember our deal," I
"I assure you," she replies, slipping her arms into a hotel
robe, "I will do my best to sway the South Korean President
toward a more open trade agreement with the US."
"Good," I reply, pressing my lips to hers in a final good bye.
"We'll be in touch."
I reach for my clothes, and get dressed.
Another deal consummated. This one will bring back a lot of
jobs back to America. Good, solid, manufacturing jobs. Back to
the fucking heartland. Where politicians forgot all about the
See, I made my billions on Wall Street, but I was already rich.
But I realized, life isnt just about making money and fucking
women. Well, thats good, but theres more. I already did the
Army after college. But I wanted to give back.
I could run my own charity, or I could actually help people by
running for office. Because sure as hell I could see that ordinary
Americans were getting shafted by the system. No one was
listening to their voices.
It was time to change that.
I promised to bring back jobs to America. To make
opportunities come to every American again - not just the token
few or well connected.
How can you be against that? How can you be against a
President who gets shit done?
I try to discreetly exit the hotel, but with the Secret Service in
tow, how discreet can you be? It's like trying to leave this place
undetected with bells on my shoes.
So despite my best efforts, as soon as I exit out the back of the
building, the press is all over me.
And watch. This is where its gonna start.
The flash of lights is everywhere and I pull a pair of dark-
shaded sunglasses over my eyes, waving off reporters.
"Mr. President, is it true you're having sexual relations with a
South Korean ambassador?" asks one red-faced reporter.
Another reporter jumps in, "Could I please have a moment?
The people would like to know what exactly you were doing at
the Sofitel Hotel. I'm guessing more than work."
I keep walking, looking straight ahead and ignore the
Then another reporter jumps forward, waving her arms, "Mr.
President! Over here! Just one questionI"
But Secret Service agents are all around me, and they don't let
her finish. Their arms are outstretched, "Step aside," they say.
"No questions. Give the President some space."
Just as I'm about to step inside of my limo, a scrawny reporter
as thick as a licorice stick manages to weave his way through the
crowd and in between the Secret Service agents. He has a
microphone in his fist and he's pushing it in my face.
"How does it feel to know you're being dubbed, 'President
Player'?" he asks.
President Player? Now he's gone too far. There's only so
much slander I can take before I snap, and his comment is the
final straw.
I feel my pulse kick into high gear. Who does this scrawny
bastard think he is? I love this country, and I work hard.
Enough is enough. I have the urge to put my fist right into the
middle of his face.
"Is that what you fucking think of me?" I say, feeling heat
building under my shirt collar.
I reach over and try to grab hold of his coat, but two Secret
Service agents hold me back. I'm trying to break free of their
hold, but they urge me to stop.
"Sir, get in the car," one agent says, guiding me into the limo.
"He isn't worth it."
I decide that they're right. These reporters aren't worth it, so
I quickly slide into the cool, black leather seats of the limo and
slam the door shut behind me.
I try to slow my breathing, as I lean into the seat, remove my
glasses, and look up at the roof of the car. But there's no denying
I loosen the knot of my tie. As much as I try to shake this
feeling, I'm frustrated.
Don't people understand how Washington, DC works?
They want results I'm getting results.
God fucking dammit. This deal with the South Koreans will
bring back at least fifty thousand good paying manufacturing
jobs back to America.
But the media?
All theyre going to care about is about my 12-inch cock and
who Im sticking it into.
I look out at streets of Washington DC as my motorcade drives
Let me just warn you before you start, babe, that this book is
designed with one specific purpose in mind.
To get you to forget your problems and make your panties
More than make them wet. To make you cum.
After you finish with me, you better have that significant
other or B.O.B. waiting for you. Because I can tell you that youre
gonna fucking need it.
Orif youre a bad girl, go ahead and flip the page and read
this in public. But by the time youre done, the person next to
you will be able to smell you.
I guarantee it.
So find someplace quiet. Preferably where you can take those
panties off.
And follow me for the fucking ride of your life.


G ive a man a gun, and he might win a battle. Give a woman a

dress tight enough, and she will win a war.
And tonight tonight Im here to win a war.
You look so fucking sexy, baby, Walter Billingham says, and
I can tell that hes mentally undressing me right now, his wide
eyes taking in every curve of my body. Hes sitting on the edge of
the bed, his paunch stretching his white shirt.
Do you think I look sexy? I ask shyly while, at the same
time, I let a devious grin light up my face. I close the distance
between him and I, and throwing one arm around Walters neck,
I sit on his lap.
You do You really do, he whispers, resting one hand on
my naked knee, his fingertips brushing against the hemline of
my Saint Laurent dress. I know I couldve seduced Walter even if
I decided to wear a simple off the rack dress, something equally
cheap and trashy, but I dont like to underestimate men. In my
line of business, thats a fatal mistake.
I like how you say it, I tell him, leaning forward and
brushing my lips against his ear. I feel something hardening
between his legs, and I choke down a chuckle as I realize that
Walters cock is as small as he is old. And hes old enough to be
my fatherno, make that my grandfather.
CEO of a pharmaceutical conglomerate, Walter has been its
leader for more than 25 years. Hes 60-something years old now,
and one of the most successful businessmen in the US. Thing is,
dear old Walter is as successful as he is greedy and immoral. He
built his fortune by raising the prices of a few specific drugs, and
he has never shown any remorse about it. What happened to the
feel-good American Dream, right? But thats the world we live in
now; the sociopaths are running the show.
You know what I find sexy? I continue, turning around on
his lap and opening my legs so that Im straddling him. Without
taking my eyes off his, I hike up the hem of my skirt, offering
him a sight of my black La Perla thong. Theres nothing sexier
than a powerful man I just cant resist it, I whisper, running
my fingers through whats left of his hair.
Well, its your lucky night. His hands trail down the side of
my body and, cupping both my ass cheeks, he gives them a soft
squeeze. He wets his lips with the tip of his tongue and looks at
me with an expression of anticipation.
And why is that? I ask him with a purr, biting down on my
lower lip.
Because Im here and Im all yours, baby, he continues,
and I offer him one mischievous smile. He spent the whole night
nibbling at the hook, and now he's swallowed it whole.
Not that I wasnt expecting it to happen. Men are predictable
creatures, you know? You just have to figure out which notes to
play and they always end up dancing to your tune. With Walter,
that was even easier than I thought.
I knew he was staying at the Sofitel, and I also knew that
Walter is a man that enjoys his liquor. So all I needed to do to
grab his attention was be at the bar after dinner, having a drink
by myself. Between showing up and trying to strike a
conversation with me, not more than fifteen minutes passed.
Usually Im the one making a first approach, but I guess that,
despite his age and looks, Walter is a self-confident man that
simply cant resist a woman like me.
Now, dont think that Im bragging, but men are always
attracted to my looks. Pair that with a refined fashion sense and
I can cut through a mans soul like a hot knife through butter.
Which is a good thing, considering what I do for a living.
Anyway, after having two drinks with Walter, he inevitably
invited me to accompany him to his room, and that despite the
fact that he has been married for more than 30 years. Youd
think that married men would be the hardest to seduce, but the
opposite is true. Theres no creature easier to seduce than a man
with a wedding ring on his finger.
Lets get you out of these clothes, I purr, softly bucking my
hips at him so that my crotch is pressed against his. Loosening
the knot on his tie, I then pull it out over his head; my fingers
move down to his shirt and I open his collar, popping button
after button and revealing his hairy chest.
Now youre talking, he groans, reaching for my breasts and
giving them a hard squeeze.
Oh, thats good, I moan, swaying my hips softly and
rubbing my pussy against the small hard shape under his pants.
Well, even though he has a small cock, at least he has no
problems getting it up.
Undress II want you to strip for me, he groans again,
his eyes narrowing slightly as he tries to claim the leading role in
this relationship of ours.
Anything for you, I whisper, slowly going to my feet as my
fingertips slide down his overgrown belly. I take one hand to his
crotch and, before standing up fully, I brush my fingertips over
his hard cock.
He remains in silence as I turn my back to him; moving
slowly, allowing the tension in the room to rise, I rest my fingers
on my shoulders and hook them on the straps of my dress. I tug
them down and let the fabric droop over my breasts, my dress
sliding down to my waist. Swaying my hips gently, I then let the
dress fall down my legs, and only then do I turn around to meet
Walters gaze.
Oh, fuck, he mutters under his breath, looking at me with
wide and anxious eyes. His eyes wanders up and down my body,
and the intensity of his gaze is almost enough to scorch the black
lace lingerie Im wearing.
Want to see more? I tease him, pulling at the straps of my
Yeah, he replies in a heavy tone, and I run my tongue
between my lips.
Then show me that cock of yours, Walter I want to see you
getting hard for me, I continue, taking one step toward him.
Reacting fast at my words, he fumbles with his belt and
unbuckles it; faster now, he unzips his fly and pulls both his
boxers and pants down to his knees.
Is this hard enough for you? he asks me, grabbing his cock
with two fingers and giving it two hard strokes.
Oh, yeah thats hard enough for me, I whisper, taking
another step toward him and leaning forward, taking my mouth
to his ear. And I also believe thats hard enough for the
camera, I continue as I look him in the eyes and point toward
the closet. The door is slight ajar, and its from that gap between
the door and the wall that a concealed spy cam has been set up.
What are you talking about? The lust in his eyes has now
been replaced by dread and confusion; as his gaze follows my
fingers, he starts to realize that he has fucked up immensely. But
now its too late. You fuckin bitch! he growls, going up to his
feet. I take one step back as he raises his hand to strike me and,
instead of showing him fear, I offer him one big grin.
Yeah, hit me, I dare him. Youre already knee-deep in a
world of shit, Walter. Hit me and well see that shit rise up to
your neck. My operatives are watching and recording all of this
and if you try to fuck with me, you can bet your ass that my
colleagues will start streaming this through the whole Internet.
Youll be done in a matter of seconds.
Still with his fist up in the air, he grits his teeth and hisses
desperately. He lowers his trembling hand then, a vein in his
forehead throbbing so hard that I wouldnt be surprised if his
head exploded.
You fuckin played me! he cries out, pulling his pants up
awkwardly and trying to hide his now shriveled cock.
I did, I shrug, picking my dress up from the floor and
squeezing myself inside of it.
Who put you up to this? he asks me through his gritted
teeth, and I look at him with a satisfied smile. He probably
thinks that a rival company hired me, or that this is an internal
coupmaybe someone wants to take his position as a CEO.
Thing is, the answer is not that complicated.
Your wife, I tell him. She got tired of your cheating ass
and wanted some proof so that she could ditch you. Turning my
back to him, I open the door to the closet and retrieve my small
camera. I pick up my purse from a chair in the corner and throw
the camera inside.
Please, dont do this, Walter cries out once more, his voice
now quivering. I look at him with one raised eyebrow and sigh;
realizing that he has my attention, he goes down to his knees
and claps his hands together in a praying position. I beg you,
dont do this. Youll ruin my life.
You shouldve thought of that before you decided to cheat on
your wife. At least theres still hope for her; maybe shell find a
decent man now. With that, I sling my purse over my shoulder,
straighten out the front of my dress and, without bothering to
look at Walter, I get out of the hotel room and close the door
behind me. From inside the room comes a sound eerily similar to
that of a grown man crying.
Oh, well.
Dont think that I take pleasure from ruining mens lives.
This might be what I do for a livingluring men into trapsbut
I dont do it on a whim. Before I take a job, I always do my
research in order to be sure that the guy deserves it. And Walter
Billingham deserves it.
Greedy businessman and unfaithful husband, he had it
coming. Not that Im surprised. Ive met my share of
businessmen, politicians and what have you and I cant say
Im very impressed by the one percent of the America. The way I
see it, theyre all highly paid con artists, ready to sell their souls
to the highest bidder. Im the Universes reply to all that
decadencein a way I'd like to think of myself as karma made
A virgin avenger. Thats me.
Im heading toward the main exit when I stop dead in my
tracks, realizing that theres a crowd outside the hotel. Judging
from all of the cameras and cable news vans parked there, Id say
something big is happening. I heard that Jia Park, the South
Korean ambassador, was staying here, so maybe its something
to do with her.
Taking a deep breath, I take one of the side doors that lead to
the street, and try to be as discrete as possible as I push my way
through the sea of reporters.
Yeah, hes a disappointment, I hear one of the female
reporters say in an upset tone. I thought President Bain would
be different and I dont-- I stop hearing what shes saying
when I distance myself from the crowd, but its not like I need
to. Of course our new Commander-in-Chief, President Bain, is a
If youre dumb enough to believe anybody in this hellhole
people like to call DC, youre bound to be disappointed.


President Player Caught Playing With His Python!

FROM THE DESK of Margie Preston our quirky and irreverent

political reporter.

IT LOOKS like President Austin Bain is using his time in office to

come up to speed. Did you see how I took yet another sex scandal
and did a double entendre?

BUT IN ALL SERIOUSNESS, critics of the President were quick to charge

that he was cheapening the role of the office and no other voice
was as loud as the ever-present critic of the administration,
Speaker of the House Bob Walker.

THE PRESIDENT HAS a job to do that the American people elected

him for, and I suggest he spend more time doing it, and less time
learning the ins and outs of all the pretty Washington ladies,
the Speaker commented to me when I asked him what he felt
about the current situation.

ALLIES ARE RESOLUTE HOWEVER that the President really hasn't done
anything wrong. In fact, they sort of have a point. Was there
anything really wrong with a man finding comfort, or whatever
you want to call it, in the arms of a woman? The President isnt
married. Hes not got a girlfriend as far as we can tell. No one

ADDITIONALLY, he hasnt given up any state secrets. He hasnt done

anything criminal. He hasnt lied about it. In fact, its quite the
opposite according to those closest to him. An almost TMI like
culture has developed around the President when he recounts
his past experiences with women he has been known to
associate with. Stories that are best left in the locker room and
not bandied about with men who no longer have the drive,
stamina, or ability to match them, according to one source.

SO IF ANYTHING, this has been just an embarrassment once again

for a White House that has become used to having to excuse a
single Presidents extra-curricular activities. And while there
may be nothing criminal about it, in the court of public opinion,
the real loser here is Austin Bain.


AMERICA NEEDS A DECIDER. What we have instead is President Player.

THATS RIGHT. Thats my new name for Austin Bain apparently
given to him by the media. President Player. And its this mans
job to somehow keep his finger ready on the nuclear launch
codes all while hes fixing schools and bringing back jobs.

I DONT KNOW if were supposed to be excited. Or scared.

BECAUSE PRESIDENT PLAYER has so much promise and potential. But it

seems to get lost every time an attractive woman comes into the
room. Will we be on the road to making America Tremendous
Again? Or will it all end with the flushing of a condom down a

ONLY ONE MAN knows the answer to this question, and his answer
will impact 320 million Americans.
And that man we call President Player.
Its going to be a long, long four years. Thats for sure.


"'P resident Player' is breaking news sir," Tracy, my Chief of

Staff says, slapping the front page of today's New York
Daily Journal down on my desk.
"What the fuck? You think I live under a rock? I know; I've
read the headlines on my phone about a hundred times today," I
reply, shaking my head. The truth is, the headlines make me
sick. I look across the oval office, beyond the serious and somber
faces of my trusted staff, across the curved walls, and I realize
that I'm furious.
I can feel my heart kick in my chest with tension, and I shove
one balled fist into the pocket of my suit pants.
Why is the press focusing on my personal life, instead of what
I'm accomplishing?
Can't they see what I'm doing? Is everything about scandal
and click-bait?
Where the fuck is the interest in the common everyday
American? Whos struggling? No one cares about that. More
about what kind of pussy my cock is going into.
I look back at Tracy. She's a petite woman, but don't let her
size fool you. She has the tenacity of a bulldog.
"My personal life isn't the issue," I say, shaking my head.
"I've been through great fucking pains to keep my personal life
totally private during the campaign."
Tracy nods her head and says, "That's true, but there were
still rumors."
"Sure, there were rumors," I reply. "Rumors, rumors, rumors.
It doesn't stop. There are always fucking rumors, but nothing
was ever provable during my campaign. Nothing is ever provable
campaign or not. Don't you agree?"
"Sir, that's exactly the problem," Tracy says, trying to drive
her point home.
"I'm not following," I reply, raising my eyebrows and
pressing a finger to my temple. I can feel my pulse throbbing
just beneath my fingertip.
"I just mean that you've guarded your personal life so closely
that it has just made people more curious," Tracy continues.
"You're young, attractive, rich, and single. You're also the
youngest President in the history of the United States and that's
left the public curious about you."
"So you think I should be completely transparent with my
personal life?" I ask, tapping my pen on the office's Resolute
desk in increasing agitation. "Don't you think I deserve as much
fucking privacy as anyone else?"
"That's not what I'm saying," Tracy replies. "Not exactly to
that extreme anyways. I think the public thinks that you're
hiding something."
"Hiding something?" I ask. "Like what?"
"I can't help you there," Tracy shrugs, her blouse bunching at
the shoulders. "It's just a hunch."
I lean back in my leather chair, and put my feet up on the
desk. None of my other advisors have dared to speak.
Then I hear Tracy clear her throat. "Another thing," she says,
and I can't help squinting my eyes shut. This can't be good.
She continues, "Living up to your promise to 'clean the cave'
has also earned you some powerful enemies."
I immediately put my feet down on the floor and sit up
straight in my chair.
"Like who?" I ask.
"Well, Bob Walker for starters," she says.
"That fucking bastard," I mumble to myself. He resembles
more of a marshmallow than he does a man. I campaigned
against him for the presidency. Walker thought for sure he'd be
president, and so did everyone else. But in a surprise twist of
events, he lost.
He's now Speaker of the House, but I know he's looking for
any chance he can get to snatch the presidency.
"I agree," Reese Dawson, my VP, says, speaking up and
breaking the silence. "He's been spitting venom ever since you
beat him."
Then Tracy continues, "The press isn't going to let up,
especially not with Bob Walker pushing them, but I have an
"You do?" I ask, raising my eyebrows in disbelief. "Go on."
"Well, the way I see it," Tracy says, "is that the press is going
to dig until they get something. It's like a dog digging up a bone
in a yardthey won't stop until they have what they are looking
for. So, I think we should give them something."
"Such as?" I ask, trying not to sound too skeptical.
"A wife," Tracy replies matter-of-fact. "Well a fiance. "
The entire Oval Office is silent. It's so quiet, I swear you could
fucking hear a cotton ball bounce across the carpet. Everyone is
staring at Tracy now in disbelief, including me.
But then it dawns on me that maybe she's right.
"We could hold a press conference," I suggest, standing up
from my chair and pacing behind my desk. I tend to do that
when I'm deep in though. Movement helps. "I understand that
my negotiations with the South Korean ambassador were above
board. I'll let the public know that I'd never do anything to
damage the most important relationship in my life."
"Exactly," Tracy chimes in. "That's perfect. And then you can
drop the bomb that you're engaged."
I hear murmurs of approval from my staff. They are all
nodding their heads in agreement. While this plan does seem
crazy, I also think it can work.
Then Tracy continues, "You can tell the press that you didn't
want your engagement to distract from the country's real issues
and that you and whatever woman we pick were on and off but
you realized after the South Korean ambassador that you needed
her in your life or something like that."
Jesus fucking Christ.
It might just work.
Tracy is right. Now I'm totally fucking convinced that this
plan is just crazy enough to work as long as I don't really have
to get married. Because there's no way I can agree to that.
Tracy seems to know exactly what I'm silently thinking and
she places one hand on my shoulder, "Don't worry, Austin, you
aren't really getting married. We're just giving the press, and
the public, what they wanta bone to dig up in the yard.
Something to grab onto."
"Okay, now that we've got that figured out, who are we going
to get to play the role of the fake fiance? It's not everyday that a
woman agrees to be put into that kind of spotlight."
"True," Tracy smiles, "but leave it to me. I'll handle it. I've
got just the woman we need."
Make sure you get me some sort of fucking ring too, I dont
care what. Something that looks expensive but doesnt cost too
much, I tell Tracy. She rolls her eyes at me.
What? I ask. I dont want to use my grandmothers
heirloom. Not for a fake fiance.
As she smiles and walks out of the room, I begin to wonder
what have I just gotten myself into?


I look at my computer screen and drum my fingertips on my

desk. Ive been staring at my schedule for the past five
minutes, trying to figure out why the Presidents Chief of Staff
has decided to set up a meeting with me. My sources say that its
connected with the recent scandal, the one with the South
Korean ambassador, but I dont see why the President would
need me right now. At first I thought of turning her down
straight away, but its not like you can shoot down a Tracy
Comerford without at least waiting to see what she wants.
God, Tracy Comerford. I used to go to school with her. We
havent kept in touch, and Im more than a bit curious why now
of all times shes coming to me.
Just like everyone else on Earth, Ive been following President
Austins scandal. His Chief of Staff setting up a meeting at a time
like this has managed to capture my curiosity, but again, I dont
see where I might fit in such a situation. Perhaps the President
wants to use me as bait so that he can gather some blackmail
material? Thats my bread and butter, I know, but when were
talking about the higher echelons of politics well, lets just say
that I dont like to meddle with Presidents. It wouldnt be the
first time someone holding compromising material just vanishes
into thin air, if you know what I mean.
I only turn my gaze away from the screen when I hear
someone knocking at the door to my office.
Yeah? I say, raising my voice.
Ashley, your ten oclock appointment is here, Mike tells
me, stepping inside the office and running his fingers down the
length of his tie. Hes been my assistant ever since I opened up
shop and, more than his good looks, he knows exactly what I
need and when I need it.
Yeah, send her in, I say, rubbing my temples and taking a
deep breath. With a quick nod, Mike turns on his heels and
waltzes out of the office. I look at him go, wishfully looking at
how good his ass looks in his dress pants. 25 years old and with a
body sculpted inside the gym, Mike is half-assistant, half-eye-
candy. Dont judge me; men have been employing eye-candy
since forever, and who am I to buck that trend?
One minute later, Mike steps inside my office with a woman
trailing after him, her button up shirt and pencil skirt telling me
straight away that shes a consummate professional.
Thank you for taking the time, Tracy greets me as Mike
leaves and closes the door behind him. She takes a moment to
glance around my office, and then she gives me an approving
nod. Nice taste, she compliments as I stand up and offer her
my hand.
Thank you, I tell her as she shakes my hand. Its not a
high-rise corner office, but I like it as it is.
I actually considered a corner office in some high-rise
building when I started hunting for a place where I could set up
shop, but in the end, I decided for something more discreet. It
makes sense if you take into account that one of the pillars of
what I do is discretion. Besides, although my office is not a
cavernous room, its enough to let anyone coming in know that
Im the one in charge inside these four walls. The dcor sleek,
modern, and elegant, does the rest.
So, to what do I owe the honor? I ask Tracy as I sit back
down, more than ready to get down to business. Ive never liked
to pussyfoot around anything. I wave at the seat in front of my
desk and she sits down, crossing her legs and folding her hands
over one knee.
Now let me be clear on one thing.
I know Tracy professionally and personally from the same
mutual friends back when we were in school. But we never really
interacted. This is all new for me.
I have a proposal for you. But I guess you already figured out
that much, havent you?
Yes, that much is clear, I reply, locking eyes with her.
Careful now, I think to myself, trying to read Tracys expression.
You see, weve never crossed paths against each other before, I
know enough about this woman to know not to fuck around with
her. Shes professional, efficient, and shrewd when she has to
be. You dont get to be the Presidents Chief of Staff just because
you know the right people; no, it takes guts.
Let me just make something clear, Tracy, I continue before
she can say anything, if the President is looking to get some
blackmail material on his opponents, Im out.
Oh? I see, she whispers while, at the same time, a hint of a
smile dawns on her lips. Youre in luck, though. What I came
here to propose has nothing to do with blackmail. We want you
to become President Bain's fiance. A fake fiance, sure, but it
has to be believable.
Is this how you decided to fight against this 'President
Player' scandal? I ask her, cocking one eyebrow. My sources
were right, but I never thought that Tracy would come in here
with something as crazy as this.
Youre right. How do you know?
I have my ways, Tracy, I simply tell her, not wanting to give
her more information than necessary. Secrecy is another
important pillar in this business.
I take it youre familiar with what has been going on then?
I am, I reply, thinking back to the confusion outside of the
Sofitel Hotel, and how every single channel on TV seemed to
become completely obsessed with Presidents Austin sexual
escapade with the South Korean ambassador.
Well, weve devised a PR strategy to pull the President out of
the mess hes in And, like I said, thats where you come in,
Ashley. If you accept this job, youll become his fiance so that
he can rehabilitate his image.
Thats all fine and dandy, but why come to me? I bet theres
a small army of eager women more than willing to play that part.
I mean, hes the 'President Player,' after all. I know, maybe I
shouldnt have jabbed at her like that, but what can I do? Ive
never been a big fan of President Austin, or any other politician,
for that matter.
Lets just say Ive been following your career. Youre an
interesting woman, Ashley, and I always thought that a woman
with your skills could be needed in a time of crisis. Youre smart,
discreet, and above all else, you wont get personally involved.
And thats exactly what the President needs right now. She
makes a short pause, perhaps for dramatic effect, and then
clears her throat. I know this is a lot to take, so feel free to take
a minute and let all this sink in.
I dont need to take a minute, I say right away, making my
decision in a heartbeat. My answers no. Im not interested; a
job like that would draw too much attention toward myself, and
thatd be game over for my company.
Im saying no, but you wanna know something?
My brain is the one controlling me here. Because the reptilian
part of me - the part thats only thinking about sex is
screaming yes. It wants to take my body and lay it all over Austin
Bain. To lick his abs. To rub his cock in my face. To grab his ass
cheeks and squeeze.
The part of me thats not talking wants to make a condition
that Ill be his fake fiance only on the condition that he takes
my virginity. Then cums buckets of cum all over me. Makes me
scoop it up and swallow it. And then defiles me all over again.
Seriously, you gotta be insane to pass up sex with this
President. Probably the hottest man who ever walked the planet.
But again, my brain says no.
Ashley, please. Think this through. Your President needs
you. Your country needs you. Austin is doing good work, and I
believe he might be the change this country has been sorely
missing. I believe in him, or else I wouldnt be here right now,
asking for your help. Please reconsider, she asks me and, even
though Im more than used to this for-the-greater-good
bullshit, I can tell that Tracy believes it.
I dont care if hes the President. Hes still a DC politician,
and I know the type. Forget about the United States or the
greater good; Austin is President because he has a massive ego,
nothing more. Besides, DC politics is something Im really not
interested in.
Well pay you. Well pay you very, very well, Tracy says,
switching gears in a fraction of a second. Maybe shes thinking
that if she cant reach me through emotion, she might be able to
do it through my bank account.
Answers still no, I sigh. Im doing well for myself, as you
can see, I say, casually waving my hand at the office.
Twenty million, she then shoots, and I have to take a
moment. Did I hear right? 20 million to pretend to be someones
I told you, Im doing well, I reply, trying to sound casual
even though my heart has picked up an urgent pace. 20 million
is a lot of money, even if business is booming. That much money
could be enough for me to change my life for good I could stop
seducing old men for a living. As fun as it is, it isnt exactly
something I want to be doing for the rest of my life.
How much do you want then? Our pockets are deep.
50 million, I reply, my heart now beating so fast that I feel
lightheaded. With 50 million in my pocket, I could just pack my
bags and leave this world of intrigue behind me. I could start a
new life wherever I want. Maybe try and do something that really
50 million then, Tracy whispers after a short pause, and I
can tell that she wasnt exactly prepared to settle for a sum that
high. Well, tough luck.
We have a deal then, I tell her, offering her my hand once
more. Gripping it, she shakes it as she looks into my eyes. I look
back at her but, really, all I can see right now are fat stacks of
50 million.
One last job.
And thenfreedom.


T he White Housetheres no other building on Earth quite

like it. Over the past 100 years it has carved a place for itself in
the psyche of billions of people, and it stands as the epicenter of
the modern world. As for me, I think it stands for the epicenter
of hypocrisy. Not that I should be complaining, I mean, its
exactly that hypocrisy that will net me a cool $50 million. How
does that saying go? If you cant beat em, join em.
Are you following all this? Reese Dawson, the Vice
President herself, asks me from across the table.
I am, I nod, looking around the table and offering a smile to
the few anxious faces looking at me. Theres the Vice President,
the Chief of Staff, and a few other members of the Presidents
inner circle, and theyre briefing me on the backstory Im
supposed to sell to the press. I met Austin at a charity event
two years ago and we started out as friends who knew each other
through other mutual friends. After realizing how big of a heart
Austin has, that friendship turned into something more I
didnt want to be in the spotlight, and so Austin did his best to
protect me from it. Weve been dating on and off for a while but
have grown closer and only after the latest scandal did Austin
and I realize that what we needed in our lives was each other, I
repeat, summing up everything Ive been told during the past
hour. I got this. Lets just make sure that Austin can do his
He will, Tracy tries to assure me, but she does that while
looking at her wristwatch. You see, Austin was supposed to be
here with us, but I guess he deemed himself too important to
meet his faux fiance on time. Hell be here soon, anyway,
Tracy continues, almost as if she could read my mind.
Maybe hes banging some intern, I chuckle, letting the
words out without a second thought. Hey, its not like Im being
mean; its very probable that Austin is really banging an intern.
He wouldnt be the first, anyway.
Banging an intern, Reese Dawns snorts, repeating my
words under her breath and chuckling after me. Then, noticing
that everyone is looking at her, she takes one clenched hand to
her mouth and clears her throat, pretending she didnt say a
Im about to say another joke when the door to the meeting
room swings open abruptly and President Bain steps through. He
walks toward his seat at the head of the table, adjusting his cuff
links as he goes.
Glad to see youre on board with this, he tells me as he sits
down, leaning back on his chair and grinning at me. What a
smug asshole, not even a word of apology for coming in late. I
guess that hes more than used to doing what he wants, when he
wants. Exactly the kind of man Im used to luring into my traps,
except this time, Im part of the assholes team. I guess $50
million has helped hide my moral qualms out of sight.
Tracy here was very persuasive, I reply casually, offering
him a cool stare. I dont even bother with greeting him; if he
thinks hes above that, so am I.
Good. It looks like she made the right choice with you, he
continues, talking to me as if were the only two people in the
room. Hes looking me in the eyes, but I can tell that, somehow,
the first thing he did when he entered the room was check me
out. Not that I can blame him; I did exactly the same thing.
The moment he entered the room my eyes were drawn to
him. To start with, its not everyday I get to see the President of
the United States up close. Sure, Im going to be playing a key
role, and that means Ill have to spend some time with him
but first impressions are always first impressions. And, hell, I
gotta give it to him; he looks even better in the flesh than on TV.
No, Im not changing my opinion. All Im saying is that, even
though he might be an egotistical asshole, he has the kind of
looks capable of provoking a very physical reaction in a woman.
Do I need to explain that one? I hope not.
Tailored suit, dominant posture, and arrogance as the cherry
on top of the cake; Austin knows people think hes the shit, and
he behaves like it. Of course, it also helps that hes extremely
handsome. Not only is he the youngest President in the history
of the United States, hes probably the most ripped one.
Seriously, he wouldnt look out of place in a movie set, one
where guys hang around shirtless while kicking the shit out of
each other. Makes me wonderdid he win the elections because
of his know-how, or because he looks good? No need to answer
this one.
So, youve been briefed on whats expected of you, right?
he asks me, his eyes never leaving mine. I feel a pleasant
warmness spreading through my body as I hold his gaze; running
my tongue between my lips, I give him a quick nod.
Yes, I have.
Good, he smiles, leaning back and crossing his legs. Well
keep this up for a year. Then youll be able to end our fake
engagement by claiming Im just too devoted to the country.
How noble of you, I whisper, rolling my eyes and
drumming my fingers on the table. But one year? I was thinking
of something more short-term.
No. Anything shorter than that and it wont work. The
public needs time to accept the Presidents new image, Tracy
cuts in, her smart eyes going from me to Austin. Itll have to be
one year.
If its going to be like that, Im going to need a bonus. An
extra $25 million will do it, I say in a heartbeat. Tracy is about to
protest the figure Ive just thrown, but Austin doesnt give her
enough time for her to do so.
Also, if theres any hint of a scandal with another woman
Ill walk on the deal. And Ill still expect to be paid.
Surely youre not saying that --
Thats exactly what Im saying, I shoot back, cutting Austin
short. No other women while our deal stands.
Jesus, Austin whispers, pursing his lips and exhaling
sharply. I guess youre right, though. The risk just isnt worth
it. Looking at me for a moment of silence, he then opens up
into a grin. We have a deal then.
Good. Now, wheres my ring? I grin back at him, raising my
hand and waving my fingers at him. A fiance needs a ring. An
expensive one.
Youre a high maintenance one, arent you? he laughs,
running his fingers down the length of his tie. Pushing his chair
back, he goes up to his feet and walks around the table, closing
the distance between him and I. Sliding one hand inside his
jacket, it comes back out holding a small square box. There you
go, he says, popping the box open.
I raise both eyebrows as my eyes fall over the biggest diamond
ring Ive ever seen. The diamond alone is probably worth a few
hundred thousand dollars, for Christs sake.
Not that you asked, but the answer is yes, I grin, offering
him my hand. Holding it gently, he slides the ring on my finger
and I hold my breath as I feel the touch of his skin on mine. His
hand is big and smooth, and I start imagining what else he has
thats big and smooth Ahem, anyway. Jesus.
Do I get to keep it? I ask Austin while, at the same time, I
try to pull my mind out of the gutter.
Sure, he laughs. He could give two shits about this ring,
and instead says, Youll want a memento.
A memento, right, I whisper, looking at the ring. The thing
is huge and gaudy, completely inelegant, but so what? I can just
sell it once Im done with Austin. Besides, the secret deal weve
cut inside this room is also an inelegant one, but its not like that
Welcome to your new life, Ashley, Austin says with a smile,
and I cant help but smile back at him, my lips reacting before I
can stop them.
A new life, huh? Doesnt sound that bad.
Good thing its not real.


I 'm standing in a small theater in the White House's West

Wingthe Press Briefing room. Half a dozen rows of chairs
are filled with eager reporters, each staring at me, waiting for me
to begin the press conference.
This is it.
This is the moment I go out and lie in front of the country.
Im gonna look into the cameras and lie to 320 million
Jesus fucking Christ. I cant believe Im having these qualms
right now, you know?
I mean, my administration doesnt have any major scandals
or anything. Weve run a tight campaign. We didnt do anything
fucking crazy.
Its the damned media. They dont care who fucking wins, ya
know? They just want to pull down and tear down whoever is in
charge. It sells newspapers or something. So they fixate on the
fact that Im a young, eligible bachelor. They pinpoint that and
they start trying to destroy me. Doesnt matter what party I am.
Doesnt matter what I believe in.
And now Im gonna lie to them. I have to. Its the only way I
can fend the media off long enough to actually help the
American people.
I'm standing at the podium, and I look over at Tracy, who's
standing off to the side of the room. She gives me a nod, and
that's my cue to begin. I take a deep breath, straighten my tie,
smooth the lapels of my suit jacket, and begin.
"Thank you all for joining me here today," I say. "I think we
can all agree that the media has been trying to unfairly portray
me in a negative light."
I give this opener and look around at the crowd. I hear hushed
murmurs ripple across the rows of reporters.
I continue, "Today, I'd like to address the 'President Player'
"Excuse me, Mr. Bain, what is your relationship to South
Korean ambassador, Jia Park?" one pudgy reporter blurts out,
interrupting my train of thought.
I do my best to brush him off. "I'm getting to that," I say. "I
would like to announce a new trade agreement between the
United States and South Korea."
I look around the room. Reporters are exchanging confused
glances with one another.
I continue, "I'm working very closely to hammer out the
details of this trade with the South Korean ambassador. But one
thing's for certainwe need to work together to meet these
goals. United we standapart we fall. These salacious rumors
need to stop."
"But Mr. Bain, what are you hiding? Why do you insist on
keeping your personal life shrouded in mystery?" another
reporter jumps in, shoving his microphone over the heads of the
"I've said this before, but I want to make it clear that my
private life does not concern the public," I reply. "My focus is on
the country and politics shouldn't be personal."
"But Mr. Bain, are the playboy rumors true?" another
reporter asks.
A number of reporters jump out of their seats at this
comment, all of them vying for my attention and calling out my
name, their cameras and microphones raised.
But I raise my hand to silence them.
"However," I say, "Since you've made this personal, I'd like
to take the time to make a very personal announcement."
Now the crowd is hushed, a silence unlike anything I've
witnessed falls across the room, like a silk blanket draped across
everyone's head.
I clear my throat and say, "I'd like to introduce you to my
fiance, Ashley Draper."
Now cameras are snapping and reporters are practically
falling out of their fucking chairs. Never in their wildest
imaginations did they expect me to make an announcement like
this. In their minds, I'm a playboynot a family man.
But they're eating it up. Their scowls are now smiles.
I watch as Ashley approaches the podium, and joins me. She's
wearing a classy white dress with smooth lines and figure
hugging curvescurves that I can't help but stare at. She looks
dignified, and dare I say angelic.
She's good at this, a real professional. If I didn't know any
better, I'd believe she was my fiance too.
The press is now clapping. One reporter is even yelling out,
"Congratulations Mr. President!"
This is going just as I intended.
They're eating out of my hand.
I'm not even sure I need this fake fiance, but God do I want
to fuck her. I take another glance at her perfectly round tits and
picture them both in my mouth and in my hands. My eyes travel
further down to her ass, which sways with each seductive step
she takes. I can picture bending her over my desk, hiking up that
white dress and
"When is the wedding?" a reporter asks, breaking my train of
"We'll make that announcement soon," I reply, "But for now,
I just want to reiterate the fact that I would never risk my
relationship, or the reputation of the country. My priorities are
on this great Nation, and on the future Mrs. Bain," I say.
Ashley walks up to me, joining me at the podium, and she
laces her arm in mine, giving me a soft peck on the cheek.
"Ashley, how did you meet Mr. Bain?" one reporter yells.
Another one asks, "Are children in your foreseeable future?"
"Let's not get ahead of ourselves," Ashley smiles, fielding the
last question. "One step at a time. I think we have our hands full
enough just planning a wedding, let alone future children."
The press reporters love her comeback. They laugh and nod in
How do you respond to the fact that the President has had
sex with numerous women before you? a reporter calls out.
I close my eyes and cringe.
I mean, I barely know Ashley and already I feel bad for her
having to deal with this.
And what kind of asshole is this, asking that kind of question.
In a heartbeat the cringe is over and Im about to fucking
address this myself when Ashley steps in.
Well, we just recently decided to get back together again, so I
can understand that the President had to go through a number of
different options until he realized that I was the best choice,
Ashley says with poise and grace. Were not all perfect like me,
after all.
Again laughter.
Jesus Christ. Shes good.
Any plans on the wedding? someone asks. Softball
Just me and Austin and 300 million of our closest friends,
she says with a smile and the room laughs again.
They fucking love her.
It quickly becomes apparent that they love Ashley. I feel a
tinge of jealously settle in my mind.
It's as if the press likes Ashley more than they've ever liked
me. I decide to jump in.
"I know this is exciting news," I say, "but I'd like to bring this
press conference back on track. It's my intention to keep our
country's best interests in mind and work hard to boost our
economy by facilitating important international trade
agreementssuch as the one with South Korea."
This time, there are no questions about Jia Park. Instead, my
comment is greeted with a full round of applause.
Arm in arm, Ashley and I exit the stage, along with Tracy and
my office staff. We walk into an office, away from the prying
eyes and ears of reporters, and when it's just Ashley, Tracy, and I
alone in the room, I turn to Ashley and say, "You're supposed to
be too shy for the spotlight."
"You're jealous, arent you?" she smiles.
I laugh. "You can't be serious," I lie.
"Look, the press loved me, and that's good for you."
"What are you? A professional liar?" I ask. "How is that good
for me?"
"The professional liar is you, Austin," she grins. "Don't kid
There's something about Ashley that I don't trust, but one
thing's for certain, she's sexy as hell when she stands up to me.
Most women don't.
"Let me remind you that I'm the President," I say.
"Well, I didn't vote for you," she laughs.
I stare at her, mouth agape.
She looks at Tracy and then toward me. "I have some business
of my own to attend to this evening. I have to go."
"That's fine," I reply. No sense keeping her around the White
House anymore today.
And with that, she turns on her heels and leaves. I silently
watch her saunter out of the room, her perfect ass swaying as if
it were waving goodbye.
Once she's gone, I turn to Tracy. "Do you think Ashley's really
the right woman for the job?" At this point, it feels like I have
more questions than I do answers. There are so many unknowns.
Tracy smiles, "Ashley is perfect."



FROM THE DESK of Margie Preston our intrepid and slightly kooky
political reporter.

HOLY COW! Did you just catch the news the other day? Or are you
one of those people who relies on my column for news? In which
case, Im sorry!

BUT IN ALL SERIOUSNESS, unless you live underneath a rock or have

been living without access to newspapers, television, radio,
Internet, or word of mouth, then you will have seen that the
President of the United States is now engaged!

THATS RIGHT. The worlds most eligible bachelor is off the market,
ladies. And a million pairs of panties probably came back on.
ITS NOT SO MUCH that President Player seems to have cleaned up
his act, its almost as if his latest stunts were enough to get his
head back on towards being the stable and solid Commander-In-
Chief that the United States is used to.

FOR THOSE PEOPLE wondering if the President has been cheating on

his fiance while they were dating, the White House Press
Secretary was quick to clear up any misconceptions.

THE PRESIDENT and Ms. Draper have had a casual relationship for
much of the time that they have known each other, despite the
fact that both of them cared about each other deeply, Cheryl
Maddox, the Presidents Press Secretary was quoted as saying.
When it became clear that President Bain was not happy in his
life, he and Ms. Draper rekindled their romance, and it was
rather whirlwind, culminating in an engagement.

SO AT LEAST President Player isn't a Cheater-In-Chief. Even if he is

settling down. And what a sad day for the country, ladies, when
our beloved President settles down. At least when he was out
sowing his wild oats, I used to think that if I managed to score
tickets to the right party or the right meeting wearing a
particularly low cut dress that had slits that ran high enough Id
somehow manage to attract the attention of President Playboy.
That he would take me in his Presidential limo and make me his
Chief of Staff. And oh, how I would worship that Staff of his.
With my mouth and with my hands. Until it came forth his
special Executive Orders all over me.
But that day may not come now. Because the President of the
United States is engaged to be married. I dont know whether to
wear black or not that day. But I will say know one thing. That
this handsome President with his bedroom eyes and 8-pack abs
that weve all seen on camera cant simply belong to one woman.
I refuse to accept that such a national treasure can be hoarded by
one woman. And by Ashley Draper? We dont really know much
about her anyways.

IF THATS one thing official Washington has been wondering its

who exactly is Ashley Draper. We all know what weve been told.
That shes a close friend of the President that he met through
mutual friends. But what does she do? Who did she do before the
President? These are all questions that need to be answered.

MAYBE ITLL BE a fun summer after all.



I ve never had a baby, but I imagine this is how it feels to

place your own child in the care of strangers.
Yeah, Kayla. Thats how its going to be for the next year, I
say, placing my phone on speaker as I bring a bottle of Pinot Noir
and a glass to the living room. I sit down on the couch and pour
myself a glass as Kayla replies.
Are you sure? We never run things without you she says,
and I notice the apprehension in her voice.
I trust you. Youll do fine, I reply, although I feel my heart
tightening inside my chest. My company has been my baby for so
long, and it hurts to let go of it. Still, theres no way around. It
needs to be done and, besides, Im leaving my most experienced
operative in charge.
Kayla Combs came on board during my first months of
operation, and she quickly became my right hand. Older than me
by a few years, shes in her early thirties now, she brought some
experience to the table when it came to handling business. While
I focused on getting shit done in the field, Kayla handled
everything else while, at the same time, she provided live
support whenever I needed her to. More than that, she also took
to the field a few times, and she did great. If theres anyone I
trust to run things in my absence, it's Kayla.
I sure hope so, she sighs. I did as you told me to. I cleaned
all records of your involvement with the company, so hopefully
nothing will lead back to you. The press will be digging for dirt,
but I think we did a good job in covering our tracks.
Good. One less headache. Raising the glass, I swirl the wine
around and then take a sip, the strong flavor of oak and morning
rain embracing my taste buds.
But I gotta ask. Are you sure of this? I mean, hes the
President. That kind of title comes with some baggage.
I know, Kayla, I sigh. But this is too good of a chance to
pass. $50 million, a $20 million bonus, plus a diamond ring
worth more than a few thousand? Yeah, thats the definition of a
chance too good to pass.
Got it, boss. Alright theres nothing left but to wish you
good luck. Ill do my best to keep things running smoothly while
youre gone.
Thanks, Kayla. Best of luck to you too, I finish, and then
shut down my phone and lean back against the couch. Ive
finally tied up all loose ends with my operatives, and Im ready to
fully devote myself to this new mission. Which, truth be told,
should be easier than anything else Ive done; I mean, all I gotta
do is pretend Im head over heels with a guy. I dont even have to
bother with seducing him. Its all for show.
I rest my phone on top of the coffee table but, the moment I
do it, it starts to buzz again. Laying my already empty glass of
wine by its side, I pick it up and read Tracys name on the screen.
Hey, I say, putting the phone against my ear.
Hi, Ashley. Im calling you to let you know that the President
is taking you to dinner tonight. Its going to be your first public
appearance as a couple, so make sure that youre ready to dazzle
the press.
Oh, dont worry. Im always ready to dazzle, I tell her.
I sure hope so, she chuckles. Were counting on you, she
finishes off and then ends the call.
Stretching, I go up to my feet and yawn lazily. I was looking
forward to a quiet evening, but what is a girl to do? I guess you
dont get to earn millions of dollars by sitting on your ass.
I put the cork back on the bottle of Pinot Noir and then head
toward my bedroom. My eyes fall over the engagement ring,
sitting on the nightstand. God, that thing is ugly; its too large
and too obvious. It just isnt my style, not at all. But whatever,
its not like Ill have to wear that thing for too long.
If Im not mistaken, Austin isnt going to last one single
month. Even if he impressed me with his little speech this
afternoon, I know that its all a facade. Hes no different from
any other man in DC, and Ill be surprised if he lasts more than a
month without cheating on me. Not that I care; itll just make
it easier for me to earn my money.
Alright, lets get ready, I whisper to myself as I undress,
throwing my dress and underwear on top of the bed. I step inside
the bathroom and turn the water on; I test it with the back of my
hand and, once its warm enough, I step inside the shower stall
and throw my head back. I close my eyes and run my fingers
through my hair as the warm water caresses my naked body, my
muscles relaxing from the days stress.
I sure would prefer to have a date with my bottle of Pinot Noir
this evening, but I guess Ive got to try and be optimistic about
the whole thing: as much of an asshole as Austin might be, at
least hes good looking. Some of my previous marks were men
that Id classify as an eyesore, so Ill take Austin as an
Okay, sure, to say hes an improvement is putting it lightly.
Austin is probably the most handsome man Ive ever met. To
think that he holds the most powerful office in this country (and
on this planet) is almost unbelievable; I mean, hed look good
playing the President on some Hollywood movie, but cmon!
How does a man like him end up leading this country?
I cant say Im surprised he has such a reputation. Powerful
and handsome, he must turn all womens panties into a wet
mess whenever he enters a room. I know it because it happened
to me. What? Dont act all judgmental on me. Just because I
dont appreciate politicians, that doesnt mean I cant appreciate
their bodies. And Austin has exactly the kind of body I like to
God, just thinking of it is enough to make me feel all tingly.
Chomping on my lower lip, I place my hands over my breasts and
give them a squeeze, feeling my nipples harden against the palm
of my hands. I let one hand slide down and over my stomach,
and then I hold my breath as I reach for my clit with two fingers.
I press down on it, and electricity shoots up my spine as I do it.
I wonder how Austin looks under those tailored suits of his
I can already imagine cords of muscles moving under his arms
and shoulders, his strong chest topping a wall of abs as hard as
stone I bet he has the kind of abs that women just cant resist
licking. And more than that, I bet hes also hiding something
pretty impressive between his legs. How do I know? Well, its
just a womans guess.
I start rubbing my clit harder now, images of Austins naked
body dancing behind my shut eyelids. Hmm, if he were here with
me right now I wouldnt mind that, not at all. I can almost feel
his hands running down my back as he soaps up my body, his
cock growing harder as he presses his body against mine.
Mm I moan softly, moving my two fingers fast and
allowing pleasure to invade my bloodstream. Taking my other
hand down to my pussy, I spread my inner folds wide and then
slide my index finger inside my wetness. I let out another moan,
and I feel my eyes rolling in their orbits as ecstasy builds up
inside my body, ready to blow up anytime now.
Still with my eyes closed, I imagine that the warm water
falling over my naked body is Austins embrace, and its like I
can almost feel his hard cock pressed between my ass cheeks,
desire making it pulse and throb almost too viciously.
Thinking of his cock does it for me.
I grit my teeth and hiss through them as an orgasm explodes
inside me, unleashing a column of fire up my spine. I keep
frozen in place as pleasure makes my muscles twitch and, only
when pleasure has washed over me, do I finally take my hands
out of my pussy.
God, I exhale, finally opening up my eyes and taking a deep
breath. I cant believe I just masturbated while thinking of
Austin. I must be going crazy.
I finish washing up in a hurry and then step out of the shower
wrapped in a large cotton towel. Tiptoeing into my closet, I look
at all the dresses hanging from the rack and pick one that I think
will fit the moment perfectly: its a sophisticated and yet sexy
cocktail dress, more than enough to dazzle all the photo-hungry
journalists. That will make them pay attention to me while, at
the same time, I wont be ruffling any feathers; its my job, after
all, to take the heat off Austin.
Half an hour later and Im ready to go. I take a spin in front of
my full-body mirror, smiling as I see how perfectly the dress
hugs the curves of my body. Satisfied, I start walking out of the
room and, just by chance, I see the diamond ring shining in my
God, I almost forgot to put the damn thing on.
Coming back to it, I pick it up from nightstand and slide it on
my finger. Alright, I think to myself as I look at the tacky
diamond on my finger, its show time.

T his is crazy.
It's not what I fucking do.
I don't put my entire lifeevery waking minuteinto one
woman. And yet here I am, sitting in the backseat of a
presidential limo, on my way to pick Ashley up, and I haven't
stopped thinking about her from the moment I met her.
Were going to go to dinner in Georgetown but all I want to do
is fuck.
Dont roll your eyes at me. You saw that body of hers.
Jesus fucking Christ.
I want to squeeze those ass cheeks. The only way I want to
stop is to run my cock between them. Those tits.
Dont forget those fucking gorgeous fucking tits. Squeeze
them together and run my cock through them.
Yes, yes, I know. I have a desire to rub my cock on everything
that looks attractive. Dont worry, I like steak, I wont be rubbing
my cock on it too. You probably wish though, dont you? Okay,
maybe not the steak, but you wish Id rub my cock on your face,
Dont lie.
Fuck, listen to me. I need to keep a cool head.
I need to focus. This is an opportunity for me to learn more
about her. Sure, I'd like to fuck herthat's no secretbut I'm
still weary of her. I know what she does for a livingshe's
crushed some of the most powerful men, and I don't want to be
yet another victim.
But, I trust Tracy.
And Tracy says that Ashley is the perfect woman for the job.
To say that I'm conflicted is an understatement. I just hope
Tracy's right.
The limo pulls up to her apartment.
She's outside, waiting. Punctual. Dont you think so?
I see her through the window and taker her in with my eyes.
She's wearing a short, tight, black cocktail dress that hugs her
every fucking curve. It's not too short; it's classy. Her breasts sit
at the top of her dress like two perfect scoops of vanilla ice
cream, and I think to myself that they look good enough to eat.
Like I said, she's a true professional. She looks fucking stunning.
The driver opens the door and ushers her in, and
immediately, I'm assaulted by her smell. It's floral, and brings a
burst of seductive femininity into the car. If it's possible to be
drunk off someone's smell, then this is it.
"It's good to see you," I smile, taking her hand and giving it a
quick kiss. Whether I trust Ashley or not, there is no way that
I'm not going to bang her.
She retracts her hand. "You can save the charm for some
other woman," she says, snapping her seatbelt into place. "I'm
not some nave intern, you know."
"I never thought you were," I smile. "You're a whole lot more
than that."
She rolls her eyes, but I see the hint of a smile forming on her
lips. "You don't know anything about me, except that I have
these exceptional tits, and a tight dress."
"That's not true," I say.
She laughs. "Of course it is. Men are so predictable. They
pretend to be different, but really, they're all the same."
She talks tough, but I can see that I'm having an affect on her,
no matter what she says. Still, her walls are clearly up, but I
know that I can get around them.
"How far are we from the restaurant?" she asks.
"We've only been on this ride for a few minutes; are you that
desperate to get off?" I say with a wink.
"Very funny," she says, trying to act annoyed with the double
entendre, but I can tell she found it amusing.
"We should be there soon," I smile. "I hope you're hungry."
"Downright ravenous," she grins.
"What's your favorite food?" I ask. "While we're here, I
might as well find out as much about you as I can. You're my
fiance, after all."
"Fake fiance, she corrects me, and I realize now that's the
second time I've been corrected for saying that.
She continues, "But if you must know I'm a big fan of
"Is that so?" I say, smiling. "What kind?"
Then she lowers her voice into a purr and bats her eyes. "The
longer the better."
"How long?" I ask, leaning in closer to her.
"Preferably anything 12-inches or more," she replies with
a devilish grin. "I can eat quite a bit when I'm hungry."
As she says this my fucking cock starts twitching in my pants.
It literally has a pulse of its own now.
I reach over and finger the delicate gold necklace draped
around her neck. "This is beautiful," I say. "But it could be
better, you know."
"How so?" she asks, grinning and enjoying this game.
"I think you'd look much better in a pearl necklace if I'm
being honest."
"And I think you'd look better if we loosened your tie just a
bit," she grins, sliding her small, manicured hand up my chest
and resting it on the silk knot of my tie. She gives the knot a
gentle tug, ever so slightly, and I can't help but feel my pulse
quicken under her touch.
Just as the limo pulls up to Marcel's, I turn to Ashley and ask,
"Why are you so cynical?"
But just then, the door opens and we are ushered out of the
car, greeted by a mob of photographers. Flashbulbs are going off
in every direction, and it's disorienting.
Realizing that we are now under extreme scrutiny, I turn to
Ashley and give her a kiss.
She kisses me back, and then whispers in my ear, "This is
why I'm so cynical."
Instead of responding, I smile because no matter what, I
intend to make her a believer. One way or another.
Over dinner, we discuss everything, from the state of the
country, to my campaign, and even why I want to be president.
We leave no stone unturned. And despite myself, I find that I'm
opening up to Ashley, just a little bit.
I wouldn't say that I trust her completelybut it's apparent
that we see eye-to-eye on a lot of things.
"And what about your business?" I ask.
At first she seems uncomfortable that the conversation has
shifted to her. Then she says, "I'm only exposing people for who
they really are. You can think of it as my much smaller way of
'clearing the cave.'"
I smile at the reference, and I feel my respect for Ashley grow.
She seems to be opening up a little more as well.
And while I'm getting to know Ashley Draper, I can't help but
notice how stunning she looks. Her gold, diamond earrings keep
catching the light of the restaurant, and glittering like stars, just
out of reach.
I can't take my eyes off of that dark, cavernous trail of her
cleavage, or the curves of her ass peaking out from under her
It's also clear that my cock wants her just as badly as I do.
Looking at Ashley in that gorgeous and tight dress is making
my cock stick out like a 12-inch lead pipe. People are gonna
notice this Presidential boner.
I need to not be in the public eye. That means less talking to
Time to change the point of view.

S o, Im actually having a good time.

Despite what I initially thought of Austin, he isnt half as bad
as I thought hed be. Hes fun, charming, and engaging and
surprisingly, he also seems sincere. He really does seem to want
the best for the country.
Also, him trying to hide his erection was the cutest thing.
Yes, I saw it. Sort of flattered too.
Wouldnt you be if some guy got hard for you and you still had
all your clothes on?
I know what youre thinkingIm being fooled by a master
manipulator. Thats a fair point, actually. I know how to spot
these types from far away, but I just dont see it in Austin and
thats whats really dangerous. I mean, hes the President of the
United States, and you dont get to be the Commander in Chief
without being a ruthless political operator. I have to be extra
careful around Austin, theres no doubt about it; I dont want to
fall for a person who doesnt really exist.
Right now hes driving me home, which means were riding
around DC in the Presidential Car. Aptly nicknamed The Beast,
the car is more of a tank than a limo. In front of us (as well as
behind) follow a few dozen SUVs, part of the presidential
motorcade. I shudder to think how much money the taxpayers
are paying just because Austin and I decided to have dinner.
Of course, I should also mention that my apartment building
now has a permanent security staff, headed by the Secret Service
itself. Although Im not the First Lady, the White House decided
to place me under strict security measures, which really, I dont
mind, although its a bit annoying, it beats being beheaded by
some jihadist asshole.
Why dont you spend the night at the White House? Austin
says, turning to the side so that hes looking straight into my
eyes. Theres a playful grin on his face, and I know that hes
toying with me. The press would have a field day if, just one day
after revealing his fiance to the public, Austin took her to the
White House.
Are you that desperate, Austin? I tease him, offering him a
grin of my own. I am just your fake fiance you better not
forget about the fake part.
Im not forgetting anything, he replies without giving it a
second thought. I just dont see what that has to do with
anything. Fun is fun.
Fun is fun Is that what you were thinking at the Sofitel
Hotel? I bet the South Korean ambassador loved that line.
As a matter of fact, she did, he continues, turning around
on his seat, a fire growing behind his eyes.
Good thing Im not an ambassador then, I chuckle, looking
out the window and avoiding his gaze. God, if I keep looking into
his eyes, I truly dont know what I might be capable of. I told you
before, I might not trust him to be completely genuine, but his
cut body and handsome smile Now thats something I know is
pretty genuine and dangerous too.
More than that, Austin knows how to use that tongue of his.
Hes charming and seductive, and he knows exactly what to say
and what to do in order to drive a woman completely insane I
wonder just exactly what other things he can do with his tongue.
I try to distract myself, watching the wide DC avenues roll by
us, but its almost impossible. My heart is drumming loudly
against my chest, and theres a whirlwind of wicked thoughts
dancing inside my head. And, to top all that, my pussy is as wet
as it has ever been. I can already feel my drenched thong sticking
to my skin; its so uncomfortable that I wouldnt mind just
taking it off
What did Austin say? Fun is fun, right? Well, lets have some
fun then. I dont want to be the only one going home horny and
frustrated. Let him taste his own poison.
Tell me, Austin, I start, turning around to meet his gaze
once more, Im curious. How are you going to survive one year
without women? Without sex?
Maybe I dont have to go one year without sex. You only said
I couldnt be with other women, after all he replies, his eyes
roaming up and down my body, and I can tell that he has already
started to undress me mentally.
I did. I guess you found that loophole quickly enough, I
chuckle, placing my hand on his knee as I do it. I take it off as
quickly as Ive touched him, but its enough to make a hard
shape start to grow between his legs. Shamelessly, I let my eyes
fall down to the bulging shape already tenting his pants.
Like what you see? he asks me with a cocky smile, not even
bothering to hide his hard-on. His cock seems to be massive,
bigger than any other cock Ive ever seen, and my knee-jerk
response is to tell him that yes, I love what Im seeing.
It takes more than that to impress me, I whisper with a
shrug, narrowing my eyes seductively. More than size, it takes
Well, you cant criticize without trying it he whispers
back at me, and I notice that his cock has grown even bigger with
the prospect of some real action. And, thing is, the same has
happened with my pussy; Im so wet right now that my fluids are
starting to drip down my inner thighs. If Im not careful, soon
enough theres going to be a wet patch on my dress.
Usually Im always in control of the situation, but with Austin
theres something about him (or, rather, there are a lot of
things about him) that just make me feel completely out of
control. And thats a feeling Im not very familiar with. Call me a
control-freak if you want to, but Im always at a loss whenever I
feel control slipping from my fingers. Except, right now, I dont
feel at a loss; instead, I feel ecstatic.
Fun is fun, right? I ask him, laying one hand on his knee
and then allowing my fingers to make the hike up to his crotch.
Fun is fun, he repeats after me, his grin widening as I rest
the palm of my hand over his hard cock.
Well, lets have some fun then.

T he moment I rest my hand over Austins crotch and curl

my fingers around his cock, its as if something snaps in his
He closes the distance between both of our bodies and places
one hand on the nape of my neck; tangling his fingers in my
hair, he looks me straight in the eyes and smiles. Not a grin, but
a smile. Then he leans into me slowly, and I find my eyelids
drooping by instinct. Our lips make contact a heartbeat later
and, right then, I know that I made the right choice by
surrendering to the lust fluttering inside of me.
Parting my lips, I slide my tongue inside his mouth and flick it
against his, kissing him with a passion so fierce and violent that
it makes me afraid. He holds my head as we kiss, his fingers
turned into claws as he grabs me by the hair.
Delicious just like I thought, he whispers as he pulls
back from me, that sweet smile of his still dancing on his lips.
Ive been dying to taste your lips.
What else have you been dying to taste? I ask him,
deviousness making my heart race faster. Still with my fingers
on his cock, I flatten the palm of my hand against his pulsing
member and apply some pressure there, enjoying the way an
expression of pleasure washes over his face.
I can ask the same thing, you know? he shoots right back at
me, placing one hand on my naked knee and sliding it up until
his fingertips are brushing against the hemline of my dress.
Reacting by instinct, I part my legs slightly, and he doesnt
hesitate; he runs his fingers up my leg, only stopping when he
has them brushing against my inner thigh.
Maybe I dont want to taste anything, I reply with a purr,
but the way his smile turns into a grin lets me know that he isnt
buying my lies. And, really, what I just told him is a lie because
right or wrong, Im dying to see how he looks under his suit and,
yes, Im also dying to feel the taste of his cock.
Well see about that, he whispers softly, once again leaning
into me and brushing his lips against mine. At the same time,
his fingers run up my inner thigh, crossing the remaining few
inches separating them from my wet pussy. I feel a shiver
climbing up my spine the moment I feel his touch on my thong,
and that shiver turns into an electric firestorm the moment he
flattens his hand against my wetness.
Applying exactly the right amount of pressure, he draws a
moan out of me as I lean back against the seat, throwing my
head back against the headrest and closing my eyes.
I let go of his cock and take both my hands to his face.
Holding him, I open my eyes and lock them on his; this time Im
the one closing the distance between our mouths, my lips
looking for his with a burning need. We kiss in abandonment,
savoring the taste of each others mouth while, at the same
time, Austin presses harder against my pussy. Moving his hand
up and down, left and right, he hits all the right spots, leaving
me wanting more So much more.
Youre pretty excited for someone who was playing hard to
get, he says with a grin, taking his mouth to my ear while he
presses his hand so hard against my pussy that I cant help but
let out another moan.
Youre one to speak, I chuckle, darting my hand to his
crotch and laying it on his cock. I curl my fingers around the
thick shape tenting his pants and, without a moments
hesitation, I grip his cock tightly. You want this much more
than I do, I tease him, moving my hand over his cock much in
the same way hes doing it to my pussy.
Maybe, he simply says, sitting up straight on his seat.
Moving fast, he takes his hand off of my pussy and grabs me by
the wrist; he pulls me up and into him then, and I sit on his lap
willingly. Im straddling, my knees on either side of his thighs,
and theres a fire burning deep inside my belly.
Biting down on my lower lip, I buck my hips at him and press
my crotch against his. The hemline of my dress hikes up to my
waist as I do it, and I throw my head back as I feel his thickness
pressed against the drenched fabric of my thong. Throwing my
arms over his shoulders, I start swaying my hips as I build a
rhythm, teasing and stroking him with just my crotch.
I do it for God knows how long, my body driven by deep lust
and desire, and it doesnt take long for Austin to try and match
my rhythm. He bucks his hips up at me as I move, pressing his
thick cock against my pussy so hard that I cant help but want
Youre so much more than just eye candy, arent you,
Ashley? he asks me, his voice heavy with anticipation.
Took you this long to figure that out, Mr. President? I
thought you had to be smart in order to be President, I tease
him, getting out from on top of him and sitting by his side again.
This time I lean back against the door, placing my heels on top of
the leather seat and spreading my legs; I pull my dress up to my
waist, offering him a nice view of my La Perla black lace thong.
Better late than sorry he whispers, his eyes widening as
he lowers his gaze and focuses on my wet thong. He remains
frozen in place for a few seconds, taking in the sight, and I can
almost feel the pressure inside the limo growing and growing.
When he finally comes for me, he places both his hands on
my ankles and, moving slowly, slides them up to my knees.
From there, he cuts inward and moves toward my inner thighs,
his fingertips once more brushing against my drenched thong.
Without taking his eyes off mine, he lets a devious grin take over
his lips and then flicks my thong to the side; he runs the tip of
his index finger up the length of my wet pussy and then, taking
his hand from between my thighs, raises it toward his mouth.
Brushing his fingertip over his mouth, I hold my breath as I
see him spreading my fluids over his lips. Delicious, he
whispers softly, and my heart almost bursts at that. Just from
this small action, I can tell that Austin knows what hes doing
when it comes to women. Not only does he know how to be dirty,
he enjoys it. And I like that I like that very much.
Delicious, and here for you to enjoy, I whisper back at him
and, without bothering to offer me a reply, he takes his hand
back to my pussy. Running his index finger along the length of
my pussy once more, he taps it over my clit a few times and, each
time he does it, its as if the unseen forces of desire are
hammering my mind. Moving unconsciously, I sway my hips
again, eager to feel him inside of me.
And thats exactly what he does.
Moving fast, he curls his finger upward and slides it past my
pussy lips, moving it all the way in and only stopping when his
fingertip is firmly pressed against my G-spot. See what I told
you? When most men dont even know where the clit is, Austin
found the way to my G-spot on his first try.
Now, lets see if your moans are as delicious as your pussy,
he says, flicking his wrist and sliding his finger in and out of me.
He does it slowly, but theres a crescendo to the way hes
fingering me. Almost as if I cant resist his words, a string of
moans start falling from my parted lips, the sound of my voice
filling the whole limo. Thank God the car is a wonder of modern
technology, built with both security and privacy in mind, both
the inner and outer walls are all soundproof, and that means
that the driver cant hear a sound of whats happening.
God bless the Presidency and its luxuries.
One more. I hear his voice, but I dont even register the
meaning behind his words; I only realize what he has just said
when he slides one more finger inside me, stretching my pussy
wide as he fingers me. The wet sound of his fingers going in and
out of my pussy blanket all of my thoughts and, for an instant,
its as if my brain has shut down.
Austin doesnt wait any time and, taking the chance, he
drives me even crazier. Lowering his thumb over my clit, he
starts stroking it while his fingers keep on ravaging my pussy,
his hand moving back and forth with the expertise of a man who
knows exactly what hes doing.
This is just a taste, Ashley, he whispers, placing one knee
up on the seat. Then, he leans forward, his body occupying the
space between my spread legs. Now on top of me, still pumping
his fingers into my pussy, he crushes his mouth against mine
and kisses me as if the worlds going to end in the next five to 10
Oh, fuck, I think to myself as I feel my inner walls closing in
around Austins fingers. Realizing it, he doubles down instead of
slowing down; sliding one more finger inside of my aching
pussy, he starts ravaging it with unbridled fury.
I cant even think straight right now. All my thoughts are
scattered inside my mind, like dried leaves tossed up in the air by
an Autumn breeze, and my body seems to be burning from the
inside out. Grabbing at Austins hair, I arch my back and prepare
for the inevitable explosion.
When it finally hits, it hits in full force. My nerve endings,
every single one of them, seem to be on fire, and even my brain
feels as if its about to melt inside my skull. Austin stops
fingering me as I start to come but, instead of taking his hand
out of my pussy, he keeps pressing down on my clit and G-spot
at the same time, the pressure of his fingers amplifying all the
pleasure raging through me.
Oh, God, I finally breath out, my lungs working overtime to
get the air in. Im breathing this hard and he has just used his
fingers. Sweet God, what else can he do?
Liked it? he asks me as he kneels between my legs, finally
sliding his fingers out of my pussy. I tremble slightly as I feel his
fingers leaving me, and I dont offer him a reply. All I do is look
him in the eyes and chomp down on my lower lip, eager for what
comes next. I know that look he whispers, narrowing his
eyes as mischievousness flickers there. Thats the look of a
woman with a delicious pussy.
Yes, it is, I merely say, my heart skipping a beat as Austin
lowers himself, his mouth tracing a straight line toward my
pussy. Except, instead of smacking his lips against my wetness,
he turns his head sideways and lays them on my knee. Gently
kissing his way down my leg, his head now buried between my
thighs, he kisses my soft flesh without ever reaching for my
pussy. Hes teasing me, trying to drive me completely mad
before he starts eating me out and you know what? Its
working. Oh, yeah, its working alright.
Now, I moan, tangling my fingers in his hair and trying to
push his mouth down against my wetness. I want it now
Look at how your tune has changed, he says, looking up at
me from between my thighs. Lowering his head again, he runs
his tongue over my inner thigh, flicking it against my skin softly.
His hands go over my outer thighs and, hooking his fingers on
the strings of the thong that lace my waist, he starts pulling
them down my legs. I raise my ass from the seat as he does it,
my skin prickling as I feel the wet fabric leaving my pussy.
Lovely, Austin whispers with a grin, his eyes focused on my
pussy. Parting his lips, he reaches for my drenched folds with
the tip of his tongue, running it up and down the length of my
pussy. I lie down on the seat, my head against the door, and close
my eyes as I surrender to the onslaught of sensations flooding
through me.
Lovely, yeah I say with a soft chuckle, running my fingers
through his hair and disheveling it. But I want more than
lovely, I continue, yanking on his hair and thrusting upward at
the same time. Obliging, he opens his mouth wide and rests it
against my pussy, the pressure of his lips making bright colors
explode behind my shut eyelids.
Thats thats, oh fuck, so good, I moan as Austin starts
jabbing at my pussy with his tongue, sliding it in and out
between my inner lips. Resting his forearm over my belly, he lets
his hand fall down and reaches for my clit with two fingers.
Pressing down on it, he starts rubbing it with the same rhythm
with which hes licking me.
I run my fingers back and forth through his hair, swaying my
hips from side to side and rubbing my wetness against his face. I
cant even say that Austin is eating me out; no, what hes doing
goes beyond that. Hes devouring me, ravaging my pussy with a
hunger no normal man would be able to compete with. And, God,
its so good it goes beyond anything I've ever expected. And if
he knows how to use the rest of his body as well as he can use his
tongue and fingers Oh, lets not even go there. I dont want to
be thinking of that right now, or else I might just come.
Working on my pussy like a true master, he slips his fingers
off my clit and replaces them with his lips. He sucks on me while
pressing down with his tongue, and then he opens his mouth
wide once more, sucking both my folds into his mouth as if
theyre the most delicious things in the whole universe.
Moaning hard, I arch my back even further, so much that my
spine feels like itll snap anytime now. Yanking on his hair hard,
I buck my hips against him and let pleasure erupt inside of me; it
explodes in my pussy, but then spreads outward until it reaches
my mind, where flames of ecstasy incinerate every sane thought
floating inside my skull.
Instead of stopping as I come, Austin starts licking me even
more fiercely, devouring my pussy as if he needed to do it in
order to survive. His tongue runs up and down the length of my
inner lips while his fingers are back on my clit, stroking and
rubbing wildly.
Guiding his free hand between my thighs, he opens up some
space with his mouth and then runs two fingers up and down the
length of my pussy. I let out a moan as I anticipate whats to
come and, the moment I buck my hips up once more, he doesnt
hesitate: he slides his two fingers inside me in a fraction of a
second, driving them straight to my G-spot.
Oh God, oh God, I moan, repeating my words as one orgasm
dies down inside of me, just to be replaced by the rumblings of
another one. My moan dies in my throat as I grit my teeth and
collapse on the leather seat, a tidal wave of pleasure crashing
against both my mind and body. I dont even know what to say or
what to feel right now; Ive never had so many orgasms in a
row... even when its just my hand and I.
Allowing my hands to fall from Austins head, I curl my
fingers and drag my fingernails across his shoulder blades,
digging them deep into his flesh over the fabric of his shirt.
Pulling at his shirt, I un-tuck it and then take my hands to his
chest; moving with a kind of brutish exhilaration, I grab at the
fabric and pull from side to side, all the buttons popping out and
scattering around the seat and the floor. Sighing heavily, I
spread my hands over his naked chest and run the palm of my
hands down from his pectorals to his abs, feeling the ridges of
muscle on his body. Sweet mercy, how is it possible for a man to
be this ripped? Has he turned the Oval Office into a gym?
I want your cock I breath out, adrenaline rushing into
my bloodstream. Pulling him back, I force him to lie down on the
leather seat and then I sit up, my trembling hands going for his
belt. Unbuckling it with an anxious but flowing movement, I
then pull his zipper down and flatten the palm of my hand
against the shape tenting his boxer briefs.
Then take it, Austin whispers, looking at me with his devil
eyes. His cock throbs against my fingers as he says it, and I find
myself hooking my fingers on the hem of his boxer briefs and
pulling them down, sending both boxers and pants down to his
Oh, God, I mutter under my breath as his cock springs free,
a rod of pure pleasure standing up to salute me. I dont think Ive
ever seen a cock this big; it has to be at least twelve inches long.
Its so big I dont even know if its going to fit inside my mouth,
but one things certain: Im going to try.
Curling my fingers around his shaft, I purse my lips in
anticipation, my skin prickling as I feel his warm thickness
against the palm of my hand. Flicking my wrist slowly, I start
moving my hand up and down the length of his shaft, stroking
him at a gentle but growing pace.
With each stroke I take, I find myself leaning into him, the
magnetic pull of his cock too strong for me to resist it. Not that I
want to resist it, anyway. In fact, its just the opposite.
Opening my mouth, I stop stroking him and close my eyes as I
wrap my lips around the tip of his cock. Sucking softly, I let the
salty taste of his pre-cum flood through me and, before I know
it, Im rolling my fingers down his cock. Going all the way down,
doing my best to fit it all inside my mouth, I only stop when I
feel its head pressed against the back of my throat.
Moving my mouth back, I grab him by the root of his cock and
start a pendulum motion, my mouth and hand moving as one. I
keep my eyes closed as I bob my head up and down, Austins
warmness filling me up completely. As I feel his cock pressing
down on my tongue, I cant help but imagine how it must feel to
have him between my legs, his shaft stretching my inner walls
as it goes deep inside my pussy He fits in my mouth, but would
he fit inside my pussy? Hm.
Thats so good, Austin groans, slightly thrusting upward
and driving his cock deep into my mouth. Tangling his fingers on
my hair, he forces me to stop my bobbing motion and then takes
charge of the whole situation, his thrusts growing rhythmic and
constant. He fucks my mouth eagerly, pistoning his cock into me
as if he were doing it to my pussy At least thats the
comparison my mind comes up with, the wetness between my
thighs aching to feel his throbbing thickness stretching my
insides wide.
Austin keeps on thrusting and only a slight spasm runs
through his cock, and then he slows down. Realizing thats my
cue, I resume my bobbing motion, this time applying a kind of
unbridled fury to my movements. I suck on him fast and hard,
mercilessly driving him to the edge of pleasure and throwing
him off it.
Pulsing once more against my tongue and the inside of my
cheeks, I taste his precum again and I know that hes close. So
close that my insides are already clenching with anticipation.
Using one hand to caress his balls, I roll them over my fingers as
I force my neck to keep working past exhaustion, my mouth
moving up and down his length.
Fuck, Im gonna -- he starts to say, but he never finishes
his sentence. Instead of words, he offers me his warm cum: his
cock erupts inside of me in a heartbeat and, thrusting upward
once more, he starts gushing his load into my mouth. I keep still
as he does it, allowing his seed to fill my mouth; except, instead
of cumming like a normal human being, Austin seems to have
gallons of semen inside of him. He fills up my mouth in a couple
of seconds, and his cum starts dripping out of my mouth, thick
beads of it sliding down my chin and tainting my skin.
I dont dare to move as he gives me his load, and I only
unwrap my lips from his cock when I feel the dying spasms of his
cock. Slowly sitting up, I look him in the eyes and grin, fully
knowing that my mouth is a wet glistening mess.
Cmere, he whispers and, giving me no time to react, he
grabs me by the hair and pulls me into him. Our mouths touch a
fraction of a second later, and I offer no resistance as he parts my
lips with the tip of his tongue, sliding it inside my mouth and
rolling it around his own load. Our tongues dance in an ocean of
cum, and we keep on doing it for God knows how long, time just
a meaningless construct.
When Austin finally pulls back, his own lips are glistening,
and a few drops of cum trail down his chin. With a wicked grin
on my lips, I lean into him and reach for these drops with the tip
of my tongue, scooping them up softly. Locking eyes with him
once again, I swallow all the cum still inside my mouth, and
without a moments hesitation, he does the same, his Adams
apple bobbing as his own semen makes its way down his throat.
This was --
Insane, he finishes my sentence, looking at me as if he had
never seen a woman in his life.
It was, I whisper, and thats when I feel the purr of the
engine becoming softer. Oh, fuck, I say, looking out the
window and realizing that were already outside my apartment
building. Frantically looking for my thong, I pick it up from the
floor and slide it up my legs. Moving quickly, I grab a tissue out
of my purse (it pays to be prepared) and wipe my face with it.
This was fun, I tell him, biting down on my lower lip as I
reach for the handle of the door.
Where are you going? he asks me with one hard breath,
reaching for me and curling his fingers around my wrist,
stopping me from opening the door.
Where do you think? Im going home, I tell him with a grin,
fully knowing that what we just did wasnt enough to sate his
Were not done, he tells me, lowering his voice and looking
at me with an expectant look. I know what he wants, and he isnt
getting it. Raising my hand, I wiggle it in front of his face,
showing him the large diamond ring on my finger.
Im saving myself for marriage. Im a traditional woman.
Youve gotta be fucking kidding me, he whispers, peeling
his fingers off my hand and looking at me with an expression of
disbelief. Dont tell me youre a --
Yes, I am, I tell him before he finishes his sentence. No
man in DCor anywhere else for that matterhas ever fucked
me. Its the truth, despite my assignments and operations, all
of which involved seducing men, Im still a virgin. What can I
say? I just havent found the right man. Sure, its a clich, but it
doesnt make it any less true.
No man has ever fucked you he repeats, disbelief
spreading to his tone of voice. Then, as if remembering
something, his face lights up with a grin. Well, no mans ever
been President at 35 either, Ashley. Im a man who likes
Good. Because youve never had a challenge like me, I tell
him and, with that, I reach for the door and open it. Before he
has the time to stop me, I step onto the sidewalk and start
walking toward my apartment buildings entrance.
President Playeroh, if only the press knew exactly how
much the name fits him.

On A Date With The President

FROM THE DESK of Margie Preston our intrepid and daring political

HANDCUFF me to the bed and spank me till I pass out, if the

President of the United States and his new fiance didnt just
wow the entire jaded Washington establishment with their date

I MEAN, if the pictures that the press took that have been going
viral all over social media today havent melted your heart and
made you believe in the power of transcendental love then either
youre dead or just a hater of democracy. I mean we had the most
powerful man in the free world holding the door open for a lady.
Nuzzling her on the neck during dinner. Putting his hand on the
small of her back. Holding her hand as she crossed the street.
Gazing into her eyes as they make plans for forever.
HOW IS this not affecting people? How is Senator Bob Walker still
out there dismissing this President as all talk when he says hes
going to clear the cave? The President can clear my cave, thats
for damn sure. And then he can park his Python in there anytime
he wants, Ill tell you what.

IF YOURE ROLLING your eyes, allow me to explain my rather

unorthodox style of commentary on this one.

IVE SEEN a lot of Presidents come and go. Ive seen them come in,
do their thing, pass their laws, spin the media, play up to their
bases, and then leave town. Sometimes they get along well with
Congress, and sometimes Congress ends up investigating them.
But never in all my days have I seen a President who comes to
Washington and then does everything that he said he was going
to do. And enjoys himself as he does so. Lets not kid ourselves
here, folks. President Austin Bain is having the time of his life.
And now that hes engaged, its clear hes having a blast. How
many other Presidents actually enjoyed the job?

CONTRAST this to Senator Bob Walker. I have spies in his office and
you know what they told me the other day? The latest rumor
going around Washington is that Ashley Draper is a virgin. As in
has never had sex with any man before. But theyre covering it
up and not making a big deal of it. Why?

BECAUSE IF THE public found out, they might be more inclined to

support President Bain than they are now. And polls show that
the public loves Ashley Draper and Austin Bain.
SEE the kind of jadedness that makes people vote for those who
say this city is broken?

BUT LOOK how much of a non-issue the President has made it.

AND THATS IMPORTANT, because while we might call him President

Player and what not, were seeing the man for the first time in
the company of a woman he truly loves. And its telling what we
see. We see a good, kind, chivalrous man. And no matter the
political party, you take a strong man who has all these qualities
and you make him the leader of a nation, the country cant help
but to prosper.

THERE IS hope for us yet.


I 'm sitting behind my desk in the oval office with my fingers

laced behind my head, but I might as well still be sitting in
the cool leather seat of my limo with Ashley nuzzled by my side.
It's like a scene playing on a continual loop in my mind. A
scene I can't pause or shut off.
Her words, her smell, and her gestureseverythingit all
haunts me.
If I'm being honest, the fact that Ashley's still a virgin excites
me, like uncharted territory just begging to be conquered. I'm a
competitive person, and now I'm determined to be her first.
It's amazing, given her line of workthe amount of men she
comes in contact with. Don't you think?
She's smoking hot, head to toe. Her tits are some of the most
perfect pair of breasts I've ever seen and I've seen, held,
licked, and sucked on a lot of tits.
How she's managed to stay a virgin is beyond all
comprehension. I can't even wrap my head around it, as hard as I
try to.
Now I'm trying to focus on today's meeting, but that's
proving difficult.
"Do you want the good news first, or the bad news?" Tracy
asks me, and I snap back to reality.
"Good, I guess," I say, although I'm not really sure that it
matters at the end of the day.
"The good news is that the press has dropped the 'President
Player' angle," she replies. "They love Ashley. That's definitely a
good thing."
I sigh and think to myself, of course they do. What's not to
"But that's the only good news I'm afraid," Tracy says,
looking at me with a serious gaze. When I see that gaze, I know
she means business.
"And the bad news?" I ask, bracing myself for whatever Tracy
is going to throw my way. At this point, I figure it must be pretty
"The bad news is Bob Walker, as usual," she says, "he's
trying to block you at every turn."
"No surprise," I reply, shaking my head. If that's the worst
thing she tells me today, I can live with that. That guy has always
been a bastard, and a thorn in my side. "What's he doing now?" I
ask, although I hardly care.
"He's trying to lobby the opposition to your new jobs bill,"
she says.
I scoff at her comment. "Walker doesn't have the numbers.
He's just blowing a bunch of hot air, and I'm not buying it."
I pause for a second. Besides, what kind of politician doesnt
like jobs? Give me a fucking break.
Tracy shrugs and gives me a look.
I know that look. The truth of the matter is that politicians
can now say whatever they please and then do what they please
once in office. The public forgetfulness is something that good
politician cultivate.
"I don't know, Austin," Tracy says. "I'm worried that Walker
can sway just enough votes. He's owed a lot of favors. I've
crunched the numbers myself."
No fucking way. Not on my watch, I think to myself.
"I'm not having it," I say, pointing a finger at no one in
particular. I'm just trying to get my point across. Suddenly, I'm
feeling fired up. "Walker's not getting away with this."
"What do you think we should do?" Tracy asks, her eyes
skeptical and hopeful at the same time.
"I intend to make Walker look like an ass," I reply. "So here's
what I need you to do."
I watch as Tracy pulls up a task app on her cell phone. I swear,
she's one of the most organized people I know.
I continue, "Plan a Town Hall in Walker's home state."
"Why in his home state?" Tracy asks.
"Because I'm going to pitch the damn jobs bill directly to
Walker's fucking constituency," I reply.
"You do realize that Walker's going to go ballistic," Tracy
says. Her hands are on her hips, and I know she's trying to think
this through from every angle.
"I'm not even remotely worried about Walker," I say, waving
one hand in the air, trying to give off a casual air. "In fact, I want
Ashley to accompany me."
Everyone nods in agreement, and we wrap up. The meeting
ends, and each of the staff members go about their daily duties
at various end of the White House.
But I ask Tracy to stay behind.
And now that we're alone, I speak to her frankly.
"I want Ashley to move into the White House," I say.
Tracy looks at me wide-eyed, and her lower jaw seems to
nearly drop to the floor. "I don't know," she replies, but I can
tell that's an understatement. She's thinking I've lost my
fucking mind.
"You don't know what?" I ask.
"Austin, I just don't think it's a good idea. I mean having her
move in is pushing it a bit, don't you think?"
"Why?" I ask. "She's my fiance isn't she?"
"Fake fiance," Tracy clarifies.
"Of course I know that," I say, almost embarrassed at the slip.
"I just meant that to the public, she's my fiance. Wouldn't it
seem more realthe relationship I meanif Ashley moved in?"
I can still see the disbelief in Tracy's eyes.
"Is this for the public," she asks, "or for you?"
"Oh come on!" I say, trying not to feel irritated. "Think about
it. If she moves in, we won't have to assign a Secret Service
detail to her."
Tracy glares at me, trying to decide whether or not this is a
good idea.
"She can sleep in a separate wing," I say, trying to win Tracy
over. "And we'll be saving taxpayers' money."
That idea seems to win her over because now Tracy is nodding
in agreement.
"That does make a lot of sense," she says.
"Of course it does!" I reply. "And I don't want to give the
opposition any ammunition to use against me."
"Okay, okay," she replies, raising a hand as if she's heard
enough. "I see your point."
"That's the spirit," I smile, grinning from ear to ear and
patting her on the shoulder. "I told you it was a good idea. And
besides, those are the only kinds of ideas I have."
I'd say that's going a little too far, Mr. Cocky," she laughs.
"But I'll give this one to you."
Just as I'm about to leave the office, I turn to Tracy and say,
"I'll handle Ashley."
Tracy just grins.
"Sure you will."

Y oga usually helps, but not today.

I always try to work out in the evening and, taking into
account all the stress from this fake fiance play, I decided to
go for an evening yoga class. I was hoping itd help me get my
mind off Austin, but what do you know? It didnt work.
But what was I expecting, anyway? After what happened
inside the limo, hes been on my mind every waking minute.
And, just between you and I, hes also been inside my dreams
and they always end up being the scorching kind of dreams, if
you know what I mean.
The kind that makes you sleep naked because you know the
panties will be drenched when you wake up.
Stepping outside the building where I had the yoga class, I
swing my gym bag over my shoulder and look at the black SUV
already waiting for me. Theres one buff secret service guy
waiting by the passenger door, and I cant help but sigh heavily;
having a security detail of your own isnt as glamorous as it
might seem. Its just annoying, really. Although I appreciate
what they do for me, I hate being followed around every minute
of the day.
Ill be walking home, I tell my secret service guy as I tie my
hair into a bun.
I strongly advise against that as--
Its just a few blocks away, I cut him short, already starting
to turn my back to him. You guys can follow me in the car.
Very well, he replies apprehensively, clearly not happy
with my decision but obliging all the same. I strut down the
sidewalk, just another commoner blending in with the crowd.
Everythings fresh on peoples minds and, even if anyone
recognizes me, they probably wont believe its that Ashley from
TV, the one about to become the First Lady. Supposedly.
I let my mind drift back to Austin, and to how my opinion of
him is slowly changing. Did I really believe him to be such a bad
guy? Because, really, he doesnt seem that bad. I know, I know
hes probably just a master manipulator, but if helping him
somehow helps the country Im all for it. And, besides,
whoever he is underneath his presidential facade, at least I know
hes fun. And by fun I mean... well, you probably know what I
mean, dont you?
I think back to how he handled me back in the limo, and to
how he wanted more and, really, I wanted more as well. But
Im still a virgin, and Im not about to offer that virginity on a
silver platter to Austin just because hes the President. Okay, the
fact that he seems to know what hes doing helps, but still
To make matters worse, soon enough Im going to be stuck
with Austin on a plane. Yeah, I know, Air Force One is supposed
to be huge, but I guess Ill be seeing enough of him during the
flight to Arizona, his home state. I spent the whole day
preparing for the trip, and all I could think about was the fact
that Im going to be stuck on a plane with him. God, how do I
make this madness stop?
Turning onto my block, I can already see my apartment
building rising in the distance. I start walking at a brisk pace,
and thats when I feel a heavy hand landing on my shoulder. I
told the Secret Service to hang back, but I guess they simply
couldnt resist following me this closely. I turn around andoh
shit, this isnt the Secret Service.
Facing me is a tall guy in a hoodie, overgrown stubble
covering his cheeks and reaching down onto his neck. His eyes
are bloodshot and he reeks of alcohol.
The ring, give it to me, he growls, his eyes falling on the
hideous ring on my finger. Seriously, Im being mugged because
of this stupid tacky thing?
Fuck off, I growl right back at the mugger while I reach
inside my purse, trying to fish my mace from the inside. But,
before I can do it, the man pulls a knife from inside his jacket.
Oh, shit.
I look over his shoulder, but I cant see the Secret Service SUV
anywhere. Things arent looking good, but Im not giving this
asshole the ring. As tacky as the ring might be, Im not in the
custom of being robbed quietly.
GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME! I start screaming, and the
muggers eyes widen in surprise. I half-expect him to turn on his
heels and start running down the street but, instead, he pushes
me against the wall next to me and brings the knife up to my
neck. I feel the cold kiss of the blade against my neck and I hold
my breath, my heart pumping adrenaline through my
I try and kick the bastard between the legs, but he just jumps
back to avoid my feet, his knife still against my throat.
Gimme the fuckin ring, you bitch! he growls once more,
but his voice is drowned by the sound of heavy engines coming
up the road. I look over the mans shoulder to see the
presidential motorcade turning onto my block, a door in the
presidents limo swinging open fast.
The ring, bitch! The man shouts again, but I dont even
hear what hes saying. My eyes are focused on Austin, watching
as he jumps out from the still rolling limo and starts running
down the street, closing the distance between him and I.
The moment the mugger is within his reach, Austin just grabs
him by the collar and yanks him back. The knife leaves my neck
as Austin pulls the mugger away from me, and that happens
because the bastard spins around fast and tries to stab Austin.
Sidestepping him, Austin grabs the man by the wrist and just
turns it back harshly; the knife drops to the floor and, at the
same time, the nauseating sound of bones breaking reaches my
ears. Cocking his arm back, Austin then rams his fist into the
muggers face, and a heartbeat later the man is laying on the
ground unconscious, blood dripping down his broken nose.
Are you okay, Ash? Austin asks me, coming up to me and
placing one hand on my face and the other on my waist. Only
then do I realize that my hands are shaking.
II think so, I tell him, brushing my fingers over my neck,
right on the spot where the blade was just a few seconds ago.
Sir! Are you okay? A small army of Secret Service agents
comes up to us, and they quickly form a perimeter around Austin
and I.
Yeah, yeah, Im fine, Austin tells them casually, waving his
hand around. He jumped out of his limo so fast that the Secret
Service didnt have any time to catch up. A man of action, that
much is true.
With both his hands on my shoulders, Austin lets his eyes
roam up and down my body, trying to check if Im hurt. As hes
doing it, a few cop cars park close to the presidential limo, and
the police hauls the unconscious man up to his feet and then
drag him inside one of the cars. The man just made an attempt
on a sitting president; I guess its going to take a while before
hes out on the streets again.
Parking just before the police cars, a few dozen vans from the
local press show up in a flash. They were probably following the
motorcade, and they were drawn here by the sudden stop. The
Secret Service didnt have enough time to set a big perimeter, so
it doesnt take much time before Austin and I are huddled
together inside a small circle of agents in black suits, a crowd of
reporters shouting questions in quick succession.
Ashley, did you --
Mr. President, can you give us a comment?
Are you hurt?
Did you knock out that man, Mr. President?
The questions are so many, and theyre coming so fast, that
all I can hear is an angry buzz, almost as if the reporters have
turned into a swarm of wasps. Running one hand through my
hair, I take a deep breath and think of what my next words are
going to be. This is an excellent opportunity to show the White
House that the millions theyre paying me are well worth it.
Thank you for your concern, everyone, I say, raising my
voice and looking at the reporters with a smile. If it werent for
Austin, I have no idea what might have happened. Just goes to
show that he wasnt kidding when he said hed be tough on
crime, I chuckle softly, grabbing Austin by the arm and pulling
him into me. I look at him with a growing smile, hoping that
some journalist will snap a picture of my loving look toward the
President. Only then do I realize that I dont need to pretend that
I feel thankful toward Austin He saved me, he protected me,
and Im truly grateful for it. Because, just like I told the
reporters, I have no idea what might have happened.
Lets go, Ash, Austin whispers, lacing his arm on mine and
trying to guide me toward the presidential limo.
I guess it goes to show that the President isnt only a man of
his word; hes also a man of action. I feel safe in his hands, and I
think that the American people should also feel safe under his
presidency, I continue saying into a microphone that someone
shoved into my face, taking small steps as I follow Austin back to
the limo. Yup, Im inspired right now, and the reporters seem to
be eating it up.
What were you thinking, Ashley? Austin asks me as we step
inside the limo, one of the Secret Service agents closing the door
behind us. You cant ditch your security detail. You know its
dangerous, he continues, but I just lean into him and lay my
head against his shoulder.
Just take me home, Austin, I whisper.
I will, he replies softly, placing one hand on my head and
leaning in to kiss my forehead.

I don't think I've ever felt so much adrenaline course

through my veins. Watching a fucking man assault Ashley
hold a sharp knife blade against her throat, and not knowing if
he's bluffing or notwell, I couldn't jump out of the limo fast
The car was still rolling, and my driver was yelling for me to
wait, to think about my safety! he said, but how could I? Did he
really expect me to just sit back and fucking watch that? What
would've happened if that man decided to push that knife into
her throat?
No, I can't even think about that. I shake the thought from
my mind like a bad dream.
The fact of the matter is that Ashley's life was in danger and I
couldn't allow anything bad to happen to her. I refused to be a
bystander to that. It's true that the fucking asshole nearly
succeeded in stabbing me as well, but I was never worried. One
swift punch to his face, and I knew I had him.
"Please promise me that you'll never ditch your security
detail again," I say, looking Ashley in the eyes. We're standing in
her bathroom, and I notice a cut on her side. It's bleeding
through her shirt. That has to be from the mugger. His blade
must've nicked her, and she didn't even realize it.
Adrenaline is an amazing thing. With it, you feel almost super
human. Pain disappears. Sometimes you even feel invincible
faster than a missile, and stronger than Mr. Universe stronger
than steel.
"I promise," she replies. "And thank you again. You saved my
"I'm just glad I found you in time," I say. "I don't even want
to think about what could've happened, had I not have shown
up. But that's over now and you're bleeding."
I point to her shirt, and at the bloodstain blooming across the
cotton fabric.
"It's nothing," she says, dismissively.
"No, you're losing blood," I reply, concern growing in me.
"It's superficial, but definitely bleeding. I want to take you to the
I can feel my concern turn into anger. I'm angry at the
thought of anybody hurting Ashley. I have an overwhelming urge
to protect her.
"It's fine," she says, glancing down at the stain. "Besides, we
have a good narrative going, don't you think? I think a visit to
the hospital will look bad. It'll throw an ugly wrench in our plan,
that's for sure."
"I appreciate that you're thinking about me," I say, "but if
we're not going to the hospital, I insist that you let me take a
look at that cut. Take your shirt off."
She smiles. "I thought you would be the type who liked to
undress a girl."
I look at her for a moment and then close the distance
between our bodies. I drag one hand softly up her arm, brush
against the side of her cheek, and then place it on the nape of
her neck, feeling the long, soft waves of her hair.
We hold each other's gaze for a moment, and then I lean into
her slowly. Our lips make gentle contract, just grazing that soft,
delicate skin.
I detect the hint of a smile on her lips, and then she parts her
mouth and I slide my tongue inside of her warmth, basting it
against her tongue, as passion mounts.
I move my hand up to the base of her head, tangling my
fingers in her hair, and with a pent up lust, I yank her head back,
kissing her deeply.
You are unlike any woman I've ever met before perfectly
delicious, I whisper, pulling my mouth back from hers.
"You're pretty tasty yourself," she grins. "I could kiss you all
"You want this?" I tease, giving her a smile.
"Oh yes," she purrs and reaches out to me, slowly dragging
her hands up the ridges of my chest.
"First things first," I say, teasingly. "Let's take a look at this
She pouts her lips, but I delicately grab the ends of her shirt
and pull it up and over her head. My eyes travel the length of her
body, as she stands there, naked from the waist up, with only a
bra, and I watch as goose bumps ripple across her skin.
"You're cold," I say, placing my hands on her.
Immediately, the feel of her takes me back to memories of the
limoour kiss, my hand on the inner softness of her thigh, my
fingers traveling up her legs until they were inside of her.
Just thinking about this makes my cock twitch, and I can feel
it growing hard, pulsing and pushing on my boxer briefs.
But I try to shake it from my mind.
Now's not the time to be getting turned on. I have to stay
focused on taking care of Ashley.
"I agree," I say, trying to bring myself back to reality. "The
cut isn't serious. But it does need to be cleaned and bandaged.
Do you have a first aid kit around here? Maybe just disinfectant
and bandages?"
"I do," she replies. "It's just in this cupboard, over here
I watch as she tries to lift her arm up above her head, and
winces, quickly bringing it back down.
"Just stay still," I urge her, "I'll get it. No need to move."
I rummage through her cupboard until I find the small white
box with a red cross. I open it and take out the provisions I need.
I take a bit of antibiotic cream and gently rub it into her cut,
and then place a bandage over it. She winces for a moment, and
then smiles.
"Thank you doctor," she whispers into my ear. "But you know
what I think?"
"What's that?" I smile.
"I think you should kiss me and make me feel better," she
As she says this I realize that my connection for Ashley is
Of course, just one look and she turns me on quicker than a
light switch, but it's more than that.
I care about this woman. About her safety, her well being.
That trepidation I felt in the beginning is dissolving, and I'm
beginning to trust her.
Im the fucking ruler of the free world. But Im willing to give
up everything for this woman.
What's happening to me?

I m tired of holding back. Ive been holding back all of my

life and now now its time to let go. The world has placed
Austin in my path, and Id be a fool to let him go without
surrendering to him. My mind and soul demand it, and my body
needs his. More than any other time in my life, I know this is it.
This is the man I must surrender to.
I want you I find myself saying, my fingers grabbing at
his shirt and pulling him into me. I need you, I continue,
unbuttoning his shirt button by button, my fingers slowly
moving down the front of his shirt and revealing the cut muscles
on his chest.
He runs his fingers through my hair as I lean and rest my lips
against his pectorals, laying gentle kisses all over his skin.
Tugging at his shirt, I untuck it and then push it down his arms,
allowing it to float down to the floor.
I want you too so fucking bad, Ashley, he whispers
against my ear as I press my chest against his, my nipples
hardening against the cups of my bra.
Then take me, I whisper back at him, my skin prickling as I
feel his fingers running up the side of my body. He reaches for
the clasp of my bra, right between my shoulder blades, and
unhooks it; then, pushing its straps down my arms, he leans in
and kisses the rising curve of my breasts. His lips slide down to
the outer edge of my bra and, grabbing it between his teeth, he
pulls it down to reveal my rosy tips.
Take me, I repeat once more, tangling my fingers in his
hair and pulling him into me harshly. Coming willingly, he parts
his lips and then wraps them around my hard nipple, taking it
into his mouth and running vicious circles around it with his
tongue. He yanks the bra off my body and, while he keeps
sucking on my nipple, he cups both my tits and squeezes them
softly, my flesh shifting under the touch of his fingers.
I want that cock of yours, I continue, the words finding
their way into my mouth. I run my fingers over his back, moving
them down until I meet the hem of his pants. I want to feel it
inside my mouth Stretching my fingers wide, I slide them
under his pants and boxers, closing my eyes as I feel his ass
cheeks under the palm of my hands. I want to feel it inside my
pussy I want to feel it everywhere, I moan as he nibbles at my
nipple, pulling it between two rows of pearly white teeth.
You can do whatever you want with my cock, Ashley, he
replies, his words like a maddening spell. Taking my hands off of
his ass, I move them over to his belt and hook my fingers on the
buckle. I start unbuckling it slowly, my eyes locking on his as he
pulls back from my breasts, flames of desire and lust flickering
behind his smart eyes.
Pulling his belt out from its loops, I dont even blink as I let it
fall down to the floor and then undo the top button on his pants.
Holding my breath, I pull his fly down and flatten the palm of my
hand against the growing shape under his boxer briefs.
Ever since I tasted your cock for the first time I cant think
of anything else, I admit as I curl my fingers around its shape,
feeling its thickness pulse against me. Its so big, I breathe
out, my chest rising as I take a deep breath, imagining how it
must feel to have something so monstrous inside of me,
stretching my virgin pussy wide... Is it going to hurt? God, is it
even going to fit?
That makes two of us he says, cupping my tits and
squeezing them again. Your pussy has driven me mad he
continues, and I feel his cock pulse wildly against my fingers, as
if words were working in tandem with the boiling blood rushing
down to the huge member between his thighs. I want to taste it
again, Ashley. I want to --
I place one finger over his lips, hushing him, and offer him a
sweet but devious smile.
You can do anything you want, I purr, my heart tightening
inside my chest as I say it. Anything you want With that, I
let my knees buckle under my weight and I lower my body,
kneeling in front of him.
I run one fingertip over the length of his cock, measuring it,
and then I lean forward and tilt my head slightly. Opening my
mouth, I rest it against the shape of his cock and suck it over the
fabric of his boxers, closing my eyes as the wild desire to have
him inside my mouth takes over me.
I take my hands to his waist and, hooking my fingers on his
boxer briefs, I pull my head back. With a quick movement, I tug
both his boxer briefs and pants down, sending them to his
ankles. His cock springs free fast, slapping the back of my hand,
and I feel lightheaded as I see the size of his member in all of its
glory. Seriously, how is something so big going to fit inside my
Its all yours, babe, he tells me, noticing the hungry look in
my eyes. He kicks off his shoes in a hurry and then, stepping out
from his pants and boxer briefs, he simply brushes them aside
with his feet.
All mine, I repeat, biting on my lower lip and reaching for
his shaft with my hand. I curl my fingers around it, its warmness
spreading to my skin, and I feel my pussy growing so wet that
Im almost afraid of becoming dehydrated.
Slowly, I start moving my hand up and down the length of his
shaft, stroking him at a growing pace. I grow even wetter with
each stroke of my hand, my mind busy imagining how it must
feel to have his cock sliding in and out of me at the same rhythm
with which Im stroking him. I never felt desire like this, a
completely overwhelming urge to have a man inside of me But
were not talking about just any man, are we? Were talking
about Austin, the most handsome man Ive ever met.
Leaning in, I part my lips and rest them against the tip of his
cock, tasting his pre-cum and closing my eyes as I do it. Still
stroking him, I open my mouth as wide as I can and start rolling
my lips down the length of his shaft, only stopping when I feel
the skin at the base of his cock. With his long inches buried deep
inside my mouth, I open my eyes and look up at him, wanting to
see the expression on his face as he takes in the sight.
Theres a mischievous grin on his face as he gazes at me, and I
can tell that hes enjoying the scene unfolding under him.
Placing both his hands on my head, he grabs me by the hair and
starts rocking his hips slowly, his cock moving in and out of my
mouth at a growing pace. Allowing him to fuck my tight little
mouth, I remain frozen in place, caressing his balls with my
hand and feeling their weight against my palm.
Fuck, I love your tight mouth, Ashley he groans, picking
up the pace and rocking his hips at a more urgent rhythm. His
balls slap my chin over and over again, and I wouldnt mind if he
simply fucked my mouth until he came.
Now slowing down, he finally slides his cock out of my
mouth; wasting no time, I start stroking him again, doing it fast
and hard right from the beginning. My hands move so fast that
all I see is a blur, my pussy aching and begging my mind to allow
him between my legs.
I could spend all day like this, on my knees, I tell him,
looking into his eyes as I run the tip of my tongue down the
length of his shaft. I take my mouth to his balls and, sucking one
in, I let it roll inside my mouth as I lap at it with my tongue.
Opening my mouth even more, so much that my jaw starts
complaining from the effort, I take both his balls inside my
mouth and suck on them, my hand still furiously working on his
I wouldnt mind having you all day on your knees he
groans, running his fingers through my hair. Maybe I shouldve
put that in the contract, he whispers, throwing his head back
and closing his eyes, simply surrendering to the way Im
handling his 12-inches of pure pleasure.
Fuck, Austin groans again, his cock throbbing against my
fingers. Grabbing me by the wrist, he forces me to let go of his
cock and then pulls me up to my feet. Taking one hand to my
waist, he then pushes me back and sits me down on the edge of
the tub. I need to taste that pussy. Right now, he growls and,
waiting no time, goes down on one knee. Pushing my yoga pants
down, he throws them to the side and allows his gaze to fall on
my skimpy black thong, the fabric drenched with my fluids.
Running his hands from my knees to my inner thighs, he
then grabs my thong and starts pulling it down. I raise my ass
slightly so that he can pull it off me, and then I lift one leg up at
a time, the wet fabric sliding down my smooth skin easily.
Your smell is enough to drive me fucking mad, Austin
whispers, raising my thong and taking it to his mouth. Closing
his eyes, he takes a deep breath and then just lets the thong fall
to the floor at his feet. I cant get enough of that perfect pussy
of yours, he says as he comes for me, parting his lips and
wrapping them around my clit softly. I let out a purred moan as I
feel the tip of his tongue circling my clit, lightning darting up my
spine as waves of pleasure crash against me, a perfect storm of
pleasure brewing inside my body.
Youre so good at it, I moan as Austin lips fall from my clit
and go down the length of my pussy, his tongue running over the
space between my wet folds. I run my fingers through his hair
and, moaning once more, I pull him against me harshly. My
moans grow louder as, without hesitation, Austin presses his
mouth violently against my pussy and starts to suck and lick in a
frenzy, his tongue and lips working on my wetness with the fury
of a man possessed. So good I moan again, my voice growing
heavy with pleasure.
Gently, I start swaying my hips from side to side, rubbing my
pussy against his mouth as he eats me out. He doesnt even
come up for air; he just keeps ravishing me almost too violently,
and it doesnt take long for me to start feeling that old familiar
pressure building inside me.
D-dont stop, Austin, dont stop, I somehow find the
strength to say, every single muscle in my body tensing up like a
coiled spring. Before I even know what happened, high voltage
electricity runs up my spine and a fireball of ecstasy explodes
inside my skull. My eyes roll in their orbits as a moan turns into
a scream, my muscles twitching fast and out of control as the
first orgasm of the day takes over me.
Oh God, I breath out, yanking on Austins hair and
expecting him to take his mouth off of my pussy. Instead, he just
redoubles his efforts and, in a smooth motion, he places two
fingers against my pussy and slides them deep inside, his
fingertips going straight for my G-spot. Jabbing at my clit with
his tongue, he starts to finger me at a frantic pace, and the
orgasm raging through me seems to grow in intensity, pleasure
making every single cell in my body burn up.
Taking my hands out from his hair, I grab at the edge of the
tub as that pressure inside of me grows into something so
vicious Im afraid I might pass out. The orgasm that spreads its
wings inside of me has already died down, but I feel another one
coming to replace it, its heavy footsteps already echoing in the
empty chamber of my mind.
FUCK! I scream as ecstasy simply bursts inside me without
even a warning shot. It just erupts its way into existence,
scorching my nerve endings in the process and crushing
whatever rationality still existed inside my head. I grab at the tub
so hard that I feel all blood draining from my hands, an all-
consuming fire making me feel weak and spent. Ah, the wonders
of multiple orgasms! It sure feels good to be a woman.
Finally taking his fingers out of my pussy, Austin stands up in
front of me. Offering me a gentle smile, he takes the two fingers
he had inside of me to my mouth, and I react on pure instinct;
opening my mouth, I allow him to slide his fingers in, the sweet
musky taste of my own pussy inundating me at once. Sucking on
his fingers as he slides them back out of my mouth, I smile back
at him and go up to my feet.
Fuck me, I whisper as I press my naked breasts against his
chest, my own words making my skin prickle. I cant believe this
is happening ... I just cant believe Ive finally found a man to
whom I can surrender.
Are you sure? he whispers back at me, tucking a stray lock
of hair over my head. I reply in silence, softly nodding; his
question made me sure of what Im doing. To know that he cares
about what I want, about what I need thats enough for me.
Thats all I need.
Without saying anything, Austin just smiles at me and grabs
me by the hand. Walking past me, he pulls me after him as he
steps inside the tub; he turns the water on and, checking it with
the back of his hand, he then takes us both under the stream of
warm water, his hands running up the side of my body.
I never thought Id be this happy with a woman, he says,
his eyes never leaving mine. Then, when his hands fall on my
hips, he forces me to turn around and pushes me forward.
Reacting by instinct, I place the palm of my hands against the
tiles on the wall and, feeling the warm water cascade down my
body, I jut my ass back at Austin.
I close my eyes as I feel his thickness pressed between my ass
cheeks, his cock pulsing wildly with desire. Swaying my hips
from side to side, I rock my body against his and stroke his cock
with my ass, the flowing motion of my body dragging my mind
into the depths of unconsciousness. Right now Im not thinking
rationally, nor do I want to. I just want to surrender to this
moment, to exist without thinking of it.
Slightly rocking back, Austin grabs his cock with one hand
and angles it down, its tip brushing along the length of my ass
crack. Then, placing his shaft between my thighs, he rests the
head of his cock against my drenched folds. I go on tiptoes,
looking for the perfect angle, and Austin allows one inch of his
cock inside of me.
The moment I feel that piece of him inside of me, its as if my
mind goes blank. Without even thinking about what Im doing, I
just lower myself over his cock and allow all of his inches to slide
deep inside my pussy. His thickness strains against my inner
walls on the way in, stretching me in such a way that I cant even
think straight. In fact, I cant even think at all; my brain is too
busy trying to process the onslaught of sensations flooding
through me, ecstasy taking over my body and shutting down
everything else.
Are you okay, Ash? Austin asks me, brushing my wet hair
over one shoulder and sliding his cock out slowly.
Im much Im much more than just okay, I breath out
and, the moment the words leave my mouth, I start slamming
my body against his, making his cock slide in and out of my
Thats my girl, he says and, with that, his fingers dig deep
into the flesh of my waist. Forcing me to stand still, Austin then
takes charge and starts pounding me fiercely, his cock ravaging
me in a way that I didnt think to be possible. My God, I never
knew that sex could be this good. Had I known that, I sure as hell
wouldnt be a virgin. On the other hand, though, maybe sex is
this good because of the man with whom Im sharing this
moment I doubt itd be this good with anyone else.
No, I made the right choice when I decided to wait for the
right man to claim my virginity.
Its so good, I moan, my eyes rolling in their orbits each
time Austin thrusts, every single muscle in my body as taut as a
nocked arrow.
Its fucking perfect, he groans, his thighs slapping my ass
cheeks over and over again. Youre so fucking tight, Ashley
youre so fucking perfect, he continues, his words finding their
way into my mind like some enchantment. Allowing one hand to
wander around my waist, he then allows two of his fingers to fall
down and he presses them against my clit; without a moments
hesitation, he starts rubbing my clit while he fucks me, the
rhythm of his fingers and cock in perfect harmony.
Right now, I feel like the luckiest woman on Earth. Most
women just give up their virginity to some half-drunk guy on the
backseat of a car, and I had the opportunity to wait and do it the
right way. I dont know what I did in some past life, but it sure as
hell mustve been something importantat least important
enough for karma to repay me with a man as handsome as
Youre so good, Austin, I moan, throwing my head and
allowing the warm water to cascade down my body. Youre so
so fucking good, I continue, the words caressing my throat on
the way up like honeyed wine.
No, youre good, he says, grabbing my hair and forcing me
to keep my head thrown back as he slams his cock into me, his
thighs slapping my ass over and over again. My inner walls are
being pushed back by his thickness with each thrust of his, and I
seriously doubt that my pussy will ever be the same after this
and I dont care, I really dont. As long as I can have his cock, I
dont care about anything.
The only problem with all this? I think Ive just became a sex
addict. Except, of course, Ive only became addicted to Austins
glorious 12 inches. Its not that surprising, anyway; I think that
every woman that ever experienced Austins cock has become
addicted to it.
Oh, God, I think that Im close, I whisper, my voice so low
that I can barely hear my own words. Groaning, Austin doesnt
even offer me a reply; he just lets go of my hair and grabs me by
the hips, keeping me in place he slams his cock into me with all
of his might.
I have to take a deep breath and still myself, trying to stop
myself from falling forward and crashing against the wall.
Come, Ashley, come for me, Austin says into my ear, his
words causing a chain reaction inside my body. First my skin
prickles, then my nipples seem to become harder than theyve
ever been. My breathing becomes ragged and, at the same time,
a ball of fire seems to have taken over my belly. A kind of
exhilarating pressure starts building up and, in a fraction of a
second, that chain reaction collapses.
My eyes roll in their orbits and, at the same time, an
avalanche of pleasure crashes against me. I open my mouth to
scream, but no sound leaves my lips. I just gasp for air, my brain
trying to process what the hell is happening inside of me. How is
such pleasure possible? My God, I never even knew that to feel
this much ecstasy was even possible. But it is, oh God, it is.
My pussy has tightened up around Austins cock, choking it
like a vice, and every single muscle in my body is acting as if Im
being zapped by a Taser. Twitching and spasming, my muscles
grow tired from the effort and, when I realize it, I have my face
pressed against the tiles in the wall.
That was I trail off as Austin starts thrusting again,
fanning the flames of ecstasy that are dancing inside my mind.
He pistons into me with all of his strength and, if he doesnt
break this maddening rhythm, I know it wont take that long for
me to cum again. And, by all means, let it happen fast; I can
hardly wait to feel that kind of pleasure again.
That was perfect, Austin whispers against my ear, bucking
his hips against me with wild intensity. And so is this, he
groans, burying his cock so deep inside of me that I dont feel the
orgasm sneaking up on me. It just happens in a heartbeat; one
moment Im feeling his inches slide deep inside my pussy and,
the next, fireworks are going off inside my skull and behind my
closed eyes.
Amplifying all that, his cock starts pulsing at the same time,
hammering against my inner walls. Realizing that hes about to
cum, I thrust back against him, somehow having enough clarity
to do it. That does it for him.
The moment my ass cheeks slap his thighs I feel his warm
seed spilling inside my pussy. His cock throbs violently, an
endless stream of semen filling my pussy fast. I can feel thick
ropes of cum already dripping down my thighs, the warm water
washing all that way.
Moving slowly, Austin slides his cock out of my pussy, each
inch that goes out making me shudder. The emptiness his cock
leaves behind feels almost heartbreaking, and I cant wait to
have him inside of me again.
I dont even know what to say, I whisper, finding enough
strength to turn on my heels. Our eyes meet and, suddenly, Im
hit by the realization that the pleasure Ive felt was more than
just physical. Whether I like it or not, Im falling for Austin.
And Im falling hard.
You dont need to say a thing, he whispers, running one
hand through my hair and offering me a gentle smile. You were
perfect, he continues, softly brushing his lips against mine and
kissing me in a way that makes my heart flutter inside my chest.
But I have one thing to ask you.
Are your cameras recording? I hope so, he tells me with a
smirk, raising one finger and pointing up at the ceiling. I follow
his finger with my gaze, and my eyes land on the mini-camera I
have set up there. When I started my company, investing in a
high-tech security system for my apartment was one of the first
things I did. Yeah, I know all about your security system,
Austin chuckles, reading my thoughts.
Yes, everythings recorded, I grin at him, throwing my head
and closing my eyes, a genuine laugh bubbling up to my lips.

I never thought that being with a woman could be this

But, God, fucking Ashley was extraordinary. Something out of
this world. And to think that Im her first man, that no one else
has done this with her What have I done to deserve this
opportunity? Seems like God has decided to favor me.
What are you thinking about? Ashley asks me as she steps
out of the tub and wraps a cotton towel around her naked body. I
watch her as she does it, smiling as I take in the perfect curves of
her body. Just looking at her is enough to make my cock twitch.
Yeah, Im almost ready to go again.
Thinking of you, I say and, the moment the words leave my
mouth, I almost regret saying them. I mean, I sound like a wuss.
Who says shit like this? Maybe someone whos in love, but thats
not me. Im not the kind of guy to fall in love or any of that
bullshit. Im a realist. But Ashley I mean, Jesus, Ashley is
something else.
Pushing all these thoughts to the back of my mind, I get out
of the tub and grab one of the towels hanging behind the door;
drying my hair and chest with it, I then wrap it around my waist
and follow Ashley to her bedroom.
Liar, youre just thinking of my pussy, Ashley tells me,
spinning around and throwing me one of her delicious smiles.
Well, that too, I reply. I mean, after having a taste, its not
like I can think of anything else.
Oh? Her smile widens and then she hooks her fingers on
the towel. So what happens if I do this? She gives the towel a
gentle tug and the fabric falls down from her body, and my heart
tightens up like a fist as her breasts and curves reveal
themselves to me. Yeah, I know I saw her naked just 30 seconds
ago, but what am I going to do? She drives me fucking crazy
and she knows it.
Well, if you do that, I might have to do the same. With that,
I let the towel fall from my waist, my cock twitching again as I do
it. Yeah, if she keeps teasing me like this Im going to be as hard
as a rock soon enough.
Want to see how you fared back there? she asks me,
pointing with her chin at the bathroom behind me. Or is that
going to bruise your ego?
My ego can take it, I grin, taking one step toward her.
Maybe it can, maybe it cant, she replies in a heartbeat,
turning her back to me and walking toward the nightstand. From
inside it, she takes a tablet and taps the screen twice; as it lights
up, she then taps it a few more times and the giant flat screen
mounted on the wall facing her bed turns on. Ready?
Show me, I tell her, turning to face the TV with one arched
eyebrow. Even though Ive done some crazy shit in the past, Ive
never been curious enough to record any of my sex marathons.
I'd rather do it than watch it, but right now I dont know; I just
want to relive that moment from moments ago. I want to see the
expression on her face as my cock slid inside her pussy and
robbed her of her virginity.
A few seconds later, the image on the screen trembles and
both me and Ashley appear on the screen. Shes sitting on the
edge of the tub and Im kneeling between her legs, eating her out
with gusto. I gotta say, its a bit weird to be watching myself on
screen, but hell Were both looking good. Very, very good.
Is it safe? I ask her, looking at her and then back to the
Yeah, its streaming from my own private server. Its as
secure as secure could ever be.
Good, I whisper, more to myself than to her. Right now Im
completely focused on whats happening on the screen; in there,
were already both inside the tub, Ashleys ass pressed against
my cock. I watch everything unfold in silence, my heart kicking
and punching against my ribcage as I wait anxiously for the
moment when I slide my cock inside her pussy. When that
moment finally arrives, I even hold my breath.
I take a deep breath as I watch her expression on the TV, one
of pure pleasure, and I feel my cock hardening and becoming as
solid as concrete.
Like what you see? I hear Ashleys voice from behind me,
and she presses her naked body against me as I look back at her
over my shoulder. With her round and perfect tits pressing
against my back, she places both her hands on my chest and
slides them to my abs, feeling each one of them patiently before
diving further down. When she curls her fingers around my cock,
I take another deep breath and feel lust well up inside my chest.
I fucking love it, I breath out, and then turn around to face
No ego bruises? she chuckles, gently giving my cock a
No, not a chance. I think my ego has just grown, actually, I
shoot back at her, enjoying our little back-and-forth. More than
being able to hold her own physically, Ashley also knows how to
spar using her words. And I fucking love that about her. Well, to
be honest, I dont think theres anything I dont love about her.
I think it wasnt just your ego that grew, she laughs, once
more squeezing my cock. Never taking her eyes off of mine, she
lowers herself and goes down on her knees in front of me, my
cock still in her hand.
Turning to the side so that I can look at the screen, I smile to
myself, realizing that I would've never done this with any other
woman. Knowing that there are cameras around to record me
while I fuck her but, even though I know there are cameras, I
trust Ashley. Even though she could use the recording to bury
me, I know she wont. I feel it in my gut, and the world will come
to an end before I stop trusting my gut.
What are you doing down there? I ask her in a teasing tone
while, at the same time, my cock pulses hard against her fingers.
What does it look like? Im doing something I cant do while
standing up, she purrs and then she starts leaning into me,
parting her lips and allowing her tongue out. She doesnt look
away from me as the tip of her tongue touches my shaft, and I
cant help but smile down at her, enjoying the way with which
shes handling me right now.
Taking her hand out of my hand, she then runs the tip of her
tongue down the length of my shaft, going all the way down to
my balls. Opening her mouth wide, she doesnt hesitate and
sucks both balls into her mouth, wrapping her lips around them
and pressing with her tongue. I groan as she does it, pain
blending with pleasure, and then I rest my hands on her head,
running my fingers back and forth through her hair.
I dont know where you learned that, but youre a fucking
goddess with that mouth of yours
Learned? she laughs, my balls popping out of her mouth.
This is pure talent, it cant be learned, she purrs and then,
using only the tip of her tongue, she runs it from the base of my
cock to my tip, doing fast and vicious circles around it.
I expect her to wrap her lips around my cock anytime now, but
I guess shes enjoying the way with which shes teasing me right
now. Instead of taking my cock into her mouth, she simply keeps
licking my shaft, moving her head up and down as she goes.
And, fuck, that alone feels fucking amazing.
And when she finally wraps her lips around the tip of my cock
I swear to God, I have to hold my breath and grit my teeth to
stop myself from coming. I dont know how she does it, but her
lips and tongue surely were blessed by the gods of sex. And the
rest of her body as well, especially that tight pussy of hers
Hell, now that Ive tried it, I doubt Ill find anything quite like it.
No, Im pretty sure of it, even if I make it my lifes purpose to
fuck as many women as possible, Im certain that I wont find a
woman that can induce such a maddening reaction in me. I
mean, whenever Im close to her, I just fucking lose it. The word
control simply loses its meaning.
I look down at her, my gaze meeting hers, and thats when
she starts pushing her lips down the length of my shaft. She
goes all the way down, taking my cock to the back of her throat,
and then climbs back up. Repeating that motion endlessly, she
starts picking up the pace with each passing second.
When she starts going as fast as she can, shes not even using
her hands. No, her hands are on my ass, her fingers digging into
my ass cheeks as she sucks my cock as if it were the most
delicious thing in the world. I can tell that shes pushing through
the pain, her jaw and neck probably complaining from the effort.
When she takes a break, pulling back and allowing my cock to
jump out of her mouth, she curls her fingers around my shaft
and starts stroking him harshly. She does it as fast as she was
sucking on me, each coming and going motion of her hand
making me lose all semblance of control.
I tangle my fingers in her hair and yank on it, almost too
harshly, but she doesnt even seem to care. She just moans as I
do it, and I can tell that she isnt doing it for showno, shes
moaning because shes enjoying the moment, her whole body
enjoying the way my cock desires her.
Taking her tongue back to my cock, she uses its tip to circle
my head, and then sucks on me for a while. Im not a loud guy
during sex, but now I cant stop myself from groaning, the sound
of my voice almost sounding like a moan.
Yanking on her again, I force her to stop moving her head
and, allowing instinct to drive me, I start thrusting. Fucking her
little mouth fast, I guide it and out of her at a furious pace and,
judging by the look on her face, shes loving every second of it.
Realizing that Im close to the edge, I try to pull my cock out
of her mouth, but she just follows after me and rolls her lips
down my shaft. She does it all the way down, her lips once more
brushing against the skin on the root of my cock. Then, losing all
control (much as it happened to me) she starts sucking while she
bobs her head back and forth, doing it so eagerly youd think she
only has a few minutes to live.
Fuck, Ash, I groan again, throwing my head back and
closing my eyes. I feel so close to coming and, yet, I dont want it
to happen before I ravage that sweet pussy of hers once more.
Somehow, I find the inner strength to resist and, taking one step
back, I manage to pull my cock out of her mouth. Stumbling
back, my legs meet the edge of her bed and I fall back, sitting
down on the mattress while I take deep breaths, trying to catch
my breath.
Moving fast, just like a leopard closing in on her prey, she
comes after me and jumps on top of my body. Without even
giving me a moment to catch my breath, she places both her feet
on either side of my thighs and squats over my cock; grabbing it
with one hand, she keeps it pointing straight up and then lowers
herself, sliding all of my inches deep inside her pussy.
Oh, God I neverI never knew sex could be this good,
she moans, closing her eyes and jumping up and down over my
hardness. She does it over and over again, the way with which
shes doing it tells me that she enjoyed her first time as much as
I enjoyed taking her virginity.
And, fuck me, for a virgin girl she knows exactly how to
handle a mans cock. In fact, shes better than all other women
Ive ever been with. None of them would be able to compete with
the sheer force of nature that Ashley is. Her body is all made of
fury, and her mind is like something that cant be bent; these
two things combine into something so perfect it almost hurts to
think about. Wondering what that something is? Easy: its
mind-blowing sex.
Riding me hard, she drives herself to the edge and then jumps
off it without looking back, her inner walls closing in around my
cock. She moans and then screams, her voice quivering as she
comes and stops moving all together, her knees replacing her
feet by the side of my thighs.
Still with my cock inside her pussy, I take the chance to roll to
the side; still in the throes of pleasure, she doesnt even resist.
She simply follows the movement of my body and lies down
against the mattress. Now on top of her, her legs laced around
my waist, I place one hand on her face and look straight into her
eyes as I start to thrust.
I do it slow and gently, wanting to enjoy the moment, needing
it to last forever. One thing I can tell you: I wouldnt mind being
frozen into this moment for all of eternity. Some moments are
like that; they arent to be rushed, and you know theyre going to
leave a mark on you for the rest of your life.
And this is one of these moments.
Thrusting while I look into her beautiful eyes, I brush my lips
against hers and surrender to the sweet embrace of desire. More
than just lust, theres a deep connection that weve forgot,
something so strong that I dont know if we can break it, even if
we try to.
Its so good being here with you, she whispers, an
expression of happiness taking over her face. Stroking her cheek
with my hand, I smile as her words reach me.
It is its perfect, I reply, once again leaning in to kiss her.
We keep on fucking at a gentle rhythm for God knows long,
time losing all meaning around us. Theres no rush, theres no
pressure to get things done; were simply enjoying the present
moment, embracing it for all its worth.
And thats all it takes.
My slow deep thrusts inside Ashleys tight pussy are enough
to make my whole body tense up, and it doesnt take long for my
cock to start throbbing against her inner walls. Holding my
breath, I make an effort not to cum, needing her to come first.
Lucky for me, were so in sync that, the moment my cock
starts to pulse, Ashley is taken by an orgasm. Dragging her
fingernails across my back, hard enough to draw blood, she then
buries them deep on the flesh over my shoulders and moans
against my ear, her body twitching as if shes having a seizure.
The sound of her voice against my ear is enough. My cock
pulses even harder and, no longer holding my breath, I simply
submit to my bodys needs. I feel my seed burning its way up my
shaft, and then I start gushing my whole load inside Ashleys
pussy. Not moving as I come, I let her moan against my ear as
she lives through her orgasm, both our souls dancing together
even though our bodies are frozen in place.
Only when my cock finally stops spurting all of my cum, do I
allow myself to slide it out from her pussy. Rolling to the side, I
simply collapse by her side, looking up at the ceiling as I try to
catch my breath. I smile to myself as I realize that theres
probably a hidden camera somewhere in the ceiling, and that
what we just did has been recorded as well. I must remember to
ask her for a copy. What? Its kind of exhilarating to see Ashley
and I on the screen, so what? Dont judge, lest you be judged. Or
something like that.
Allowing my left hand to slide down over the bedsheets, I go
looking for her hand. Finding it, I lace my fingers with hers.
Thank you, I find myself saying, my voice just a whisper.
For what? she asks me, turning around on the bed so that
she can look at me. I turn around as well, and look into her eyes
for a long moment, gathering my thoughts.
For being you, I reply, not knowing what else to say. As a
reply, she simply smiles and squeezes my hand in hers.
I dont even know why I said that. Im not the kind of guy to
go around saying romantic stuff, and I have no idea why Im
starting now. Sure, Ashley is definitely a special girl but does
that justify the way my heart skips a beat every time she enters
the room? Or the way my cock becomes as hard as rock every
time I glance at her body?
All I know is that, ever since I met Ashley, Ive been dreaming
of her every night.
If thats a good thing or a bad one, I have no idea.


FROM THE DESK of Margie Preston the political reporter with the
heart of gold

COULD the future First Lady of America be a clear and present

danger to the national security of the United States?
Thats the line of reasoning and thinking being put out by
Speaker of the House Bob Walkers office today. Their argument?
The way that Ms. Draper as the fiance to the President of
the United States is affecting him, its clear that she is affecting
his judgment and ability to make decisions, a spokesman for
the office commented when contacted.
Just the other day, the President of the United States rushed
out from his presidential limousine and onto a Washington DC
street to enter into an altercation with a mugger. This mugger
was carrying a knife. Can you imagine the Constitutional crisis
that would have occurred if the President were to have gotten
stabbed? Would a simple assault and possible rape have turned
into an assassination of the President of the United States? The
spokesman went on to say.

LET me just pause for a moment there to tell you that in my

personal life I do not like Bob Walker. His office is going on the
record to say that some kinds of crimes like rape are less of an
issue than other kinds such as the President of the United States
getting stabbed. Its as if one form of crime is acceptable, but for
the nature of his argument, the other kind of crime is not if it
involves stabbing the President. I get the President is important,
but so is the life of every single female in the United States.

BUT ONCE YOU get past all the icky contemptuous sneering that's
been coming out of the Bob Walker camp, you see that there is a
kernel of truth is whats being said.

HOW MANY TIMES prior to announcing Ms. Draper as his fiance has
the President jumped out of a speeding car to start fighting with
a knife-wielding mugger?


TO BE FAIR, one incident by itself doesnt make the case that the
President is going from single bachelor with a dedicated focus on
clearing the cave and making America tremendous again, but it
falls into a pattern. All of a sudden were seeing this President
out on Date Night. Hes sticking up for his girlfriend. Hes doing
everything that a normal fianc would.
EXCEPT THERE IS nothing normal about this situation. There is
nothing normal about dating and getting married to the most
important man in the free world. The man who with the touch of
his fingers on a button, could bring blackness and death upon
the world.

AND NO, not that button! The nuclear button! Get your mind out of
the gutter. Were talking about Austin Bain and his rapidly
evolving First Lady to be.

HES the President of the United States. So unless they are doing
the whole thing as a show for our benefit where they pretend to
be in love, the President really is changing to suit the moods of
his lady.

ALL I HAVE to say is let's hope that its a good change. After all,
two people cleaning the cave is way better than one!

I look out the window, watching the blanket of clouds below

us. The steady hum of the engines makes my mind drift off
and, if it werent for Austin being here with me, Id fall asleep
like a baby in a matter of minutes.
What are you thinking of? he asks me, looking up from the
handwritten sheets of paper sitting on his desk.
Nothing and everything, I reply, yawning lazily as I stretch.
Were sitting inside the Presidents office inside Air Force One,
and Ive been keeping him company while he goes over his
Now thats a politician's reply, he chuckles, his eyes once
more dancing over his speech. Youd do well if you went into
politics, Ash.
Im doing well already, in case you havent noticed, I laugh,
wiggling my hand up in the air and showing him the diamond
ring on my finger. I might not be a politician, but I guess Im
doing a good enough job on the backstage. And, you know,
backstage is where the real magic happens.
I wont argue with that, he whispers without taking his
eyes off his speech, his lips slowly moving as he tries to rehearse
his words silently.
I want to do more than just work in the backstage, though.
Ive planned some visits to local schools.
Oh? he says, finally raising his head to look at me. You
dont have to do that, Ash.
I know, its not like that, I tell him with a smile. I want to
do it. Im in a position where I can do some good, and I want to
use it. I guess your passion for changing the world has rubbed off
on me, I laugh, my eyes never leaving his.
I think I rubbed more on you than just my passion for
changing the world, he shoots right back without wasting a
breath, his eyes narrowing deviously.
Definitely more than just that. I fold my legs, patting the
front of my dress, and lean back against my seat by the window.
My mother used to be a teacher, you know? It isnt easy for
teachers, specially when its so hard for schools to get proper
I guess you did your homework, didnt you?
I did, I reply. Im not just a pretty face, and it feels good to
have Austin acknowledge it. When I knew wed be flying to
Arizona, I decided to wield whatever influence I might have to try
and do some good. I figured that visiting a few local schools
could be a good thing to raise awareness. All it took was one call
to Tracy, and she loved the idea. We blow so much money on so
many other things, I just think we could use some of that money
on raising our youth.
See? Thats why I said youd do well as a politician. In the
good sense, he adds after he sees me frowning. Im glad to see
youre more than just what meets the eye Most women in your
position would be happy to just take the money and do as little as
That isnt me.
I know and thats why Im glad Tracy chose you, he says,
getting up from his seat and walking around his desk. He comes
over to me and takes the seat in front of mine. I look at him with
a gentle smile, completely unable to wipe it off my face. It just
feels good to be appreciated; most men just look at me as some
kind of sex object, and I couldnt be happier that Austin sees
more than that in me. Women like to be seen as beautiful, yeah,
but sometimes they want more than just that. They want to be
seen as equals.
And you? Ready for the Town Hall?
Guess so. I have a perfect speech, and this is where I fucking
shine He gazes out the window and falls into a deep silence,
and I can tell that hes thinking about Walker. More than a thorn
in his side, Walker is a time bomb about to go off. And without
Is it safe to push his buttons? I ask him, not sure if this
Town Hall is the best course of action for Austin. Hes trying to
wage war with Walker, and flying over to Arizona means that
Austin is willing to meet him in the battlefield and fight for the
voters face-to-face.
Fuck Walker, he breaths out, but I notice the lines on his
forehead deepening. That guy is a bastard. America is lucky he
isnt in the White House now. The government would be overrun
by all kinds of bullshit. Turning to me, he then offers me a pale
smile. You voted for him, didnt you? I know he might look like
someone who cares about this country, but that couldnt be any
further from the truth.
I didnt vote for him, Austin, I voted for you, I confess,
returning his smile. I told you I hadnt just to piss you off.
With that, I go up to my feet and close the distance between us;
sitting on his lap, I throw one arm around his neck. Back then, I
wasnt sure if you were the right man to be sitting in the White
House, but now now I believe you, and Im glad I voted for
I bet youre glad, yeah, he chuckles, brushing the back of
his hand against my cheek. If I wasnt President, you wouldnt
be here right now.
And that would be a shame, I whisper, turning on his lap so
that Im facing him.
A damn shame, he repeats, his voice growing heavy while
his eyes roam down to my lips. Reaching for me with his mouth,
he brushes his lips against mine and then grins. Now, tell me,
Ash How would you like to join the Mile High Club?
Do I get a membership card? I tease him, placing my hand
on his already hard cock and giving it a soft squeeze.
No, but you get something else, he chuckles, his cock
pulsing hard against my fingers.
Ill take it, I whisper, leaning into him and closing my eyes.
Our lips meet and I realize that, more than just lust, Im starting
to fall for him.

L ooking into Austins eyes, I let the inevitable happen and our
mouths meet. My eyelids droop as it happens and, next
thing I know, his tongue is inside my mouth. I turn around on
his lap and, opening my legs, I straddle him as I throw both my
arms over his shoulders.
Mr. President, I whisper, bucking my hips at him and
pressing my crotch against his.
Very polite, he chuckles, taking his hands to my ass and
giving it a soft squeeze. Tugging on my dress, he pulls the fabric
slightly up, and then brushes the palm of his hands against the
naked skin on my ass cheeks, his fingers running over the fabric
of my thong.
I might be polite but my body isnt, I tell him with a
wicked grin and, as I say it, I find myself sliding down from his
lap and kneeling on the floor. He opens his legs wide so that I
can fit my body there, and then he leans back against his seat, an
amused smile on his lips.
I always loved girls with a body who didnt know how to be
polite, he whispers at me, and I dont even need to think of a
reply. It just appears on my lips and flies out on its own.
Thing is, Austin, Im not a girl. Im a woman, I say, placing
my hands on his knees and running them up to his crotch.
There, I press down on his cock, already hard and pushing back
against his pants. Allowing my fingers to roam upward, I
unbuckle his belt and open his fly, the palm of my hand now
pressing down against his hard cock over his boxer briefs.
Looking up at him, I return the grin of anticipation dancing
on his lips. Without breaking eye contact, I start leaning forward
and, just because my mouth touches the fabric of his boxer
briefs, I tilt my head slightly and rest my lips over his shaft. His
cock pulses against my parted lips, becoming even harder as it
pushes back against his boxer briefs.
Mm, I moan softly, my eyelids drooping as I start to suck
him even though theres the fabric of his underwear between our
bodies. Taking his hands to my head, he runs his fingers through
my hair; I use my free hand to reach between his thigh and cup
his balls with one hand.
Your mouth, Ash, I need it now, he groans and his words
somehow unleash fury inside my head. Forgetting all about the
teasing torture I wanted to inflict on him, I hook my fingers on
the side of his boxer briefs and tug them down, sending both his
pants and boxer briefs down to his ankles. His cock jumps out on
in a hurry and, before I can even think about what I want to do, I
reach for it and start stroking him right away.
With my hand turned into a fist, my fingers gripping his shaft
tightly, I flick my wrist almost too violently. Im almost afraid I
might be hurting but, aside from groans of pleasure, he doesnt
complain. And so, I just keep on doing it, sighing heavily as I
watch my hand flying up and down the length of his shaft. Sweet
mercy, I could stroke him like this forever. Or suck him or fuck
him. Or, really, do anything that involves his cock and me.
My mouth, uh? I ask him with a purr, and he doesnt
answer: he just swallows hard, his Adams apple bobbing as he
does it, and then he tangles his fingers in my hair and pulls me
into him, my lips now dangerously close to the tip of his cock.
Your mouth, he now nods, taking his fingers out of my hair
and resting his arm on the armrests of his seat.
The President asks, the President gets, I say with a chuckle,
angling his cock down with one hand while, at the same time, I
open my mouth as wide as I can. Closing my eyes, I dive forward
and take his whole length at once, his 12 inches rolling over my
tongue in a hurry.
Instead of going at it slowly, my body demands me to go as
fast as I can right from the start. And who I am to go up against
what my body demands of me? Obliging, I summon all strength
to both my jaw and neck, and start bobbing my head as fast as I
can. Helping me, Austin thrusts while I suck on him and, both
our bodies working in harmony, I simply surrender to the
symphony produced by the way my lips roll down his shaft.
Rolling his balls over the open palm of my free hand, I caress
his balls as I suck him hard. I do it fully knowing that, soon
enough, all the cum that his balls are busy producing will be
unleashed upon my body. And I just cant waitreally, Im not
kidding. With Austin it seems like there are no limits; even after
he has come, theres always space for an extra dirtiness,
especially when it involves both our fluids. What can I say? Its
fun to be a dirty woman.
Fuck, I hear Austin groan again, and his cock pulses slightly
against my tongue. Realizing that hes already dancing close to
the edge, I almost stop, but then I just redouble my efforts,
enjoying the way his cock fills up my mouth and not caring if he
comes now. If it happens, it happens Ill just make him get
hard again so that he can please me.
Needing to refill my lungs with air, I take his cock out of my
mouth and take a deep breath; even though Im still using my
hand to stroke him, Austin takes the chance to take off his shoes
and push his pants and boxer briefs down his legs, allowing
them to fall on the floor at his feet. Then, reaching for his own
chest, he unbuttons his shirt in a hurry and then pushes it down
his arms.
Now completely naked, I allow my eyes to roam over to his
abs and, the moment I see his hard muscles, I feel my insides
clenching. It doesnt matter how many times I see him naked;
each time feels like the first time, and thats a blessing I cant
even begin to describe.
Like what you see? he asks me, softly swaying his hips.
Always, I reply without having to think about it. I keep on
stroking him for a short while but, needing something else from
me, Austin curls his fingers around my wrist and forces me to
I want you I want your pussy, Ash, he tells me, his eyes
narrowing as his voice grows heavier. Taking my hands back to
his knees, I push myself up. Without breaking eye contact, I take
my hands to my shoulders and push the straps of my dress
down, allowing it to droop over my tits. As I pull the dress down
to my waist, showing Austin my lace bra, I then sway my hips
from side to side and allow the dress to fall in a bunch at my feet.
Like what you see? I ask him the same question he asked
me, grabbing both my breasts and squeezing them. Then, taking
one hand to my back, I unclasp my bra and simply take it off,
biting down on my lower lip as I release my hard nipples from
the oppression of the bra.
What do you think? he almost growls and, bending over, he
grabs me by the hand and pulls me into him. I stumble forward
and, before I know it, Im straddling him again; except this time
the only barrier between us is my thong, his cock pressed against
it and staining it with his pre-cum.
I almost try to get up again just so that I can take my thong
off, but Austin solves that problem quite easily. Grabbing it with
one hand, he flicks it to the side so that he can look at my wet
There she is, he whispers, his eyes struggling between
looking at my eyes or at my pussy.
And its all yours, I whisper back at him in the same heavy
tone, almost too desperate to feel his thickness buried inside my
pussy once more. As I speak, I raise my hips up and, grabbing his
cock with my hand, I angle it so that its tip is pointing straight at
where it matters. Which, of course, means Ive aimed it toward
my pussy.
And he doesnt mind, not at all.
All mine, he growls, repeating my words. Then, in a short
moment that seems to last for just a fraction of a second, he
thrusts upward and hammers his cock into me. Arching my back,
I let out a loud scream as his thickness fills me up. The moment
that happens, something inside my mind simply snaps: I throw
my arms over his shoulders and start riding him fast and hard,
almost as if I were a porn star in one of these super expensive
movies men seemingly enjoy. Although, just between us, I think
that my performance beat those of a porn star. And no, Im not
bragging; Im just saying it as I see it.
I mean, Im riding him so hard that, only after just a short
minute, beads of sweat are already pooling on my forehead, locks
of hair becoming plastered to my face. And that just makes me
go even harder, the drops of sweat trickling down my back
caressing me like soft kisses.
Austin grabs me by the ass as I fuck him because, yeah, Im
the one doing the fucking right now, and he keeps them there to
feel the sway of my body, allowing me to keep my own rhythm.
One of his hands escapes from my ass, though, and he takes it
to my right breast. He squeezes it harshly and then, letting go,
he pinches my hard nipple between his thumb and index finger,
unleashing a blend of painful pleasure inside my body.
Oh, God, fuck, I let out in a torrent of words, fireworks
going off behind my eyelids. I realize that Im about to come and,
just a fraction of a second later, thats exactly what happens. My
pussy tightens around his cock like a vice, choking it hard, and I
let out a wild moan as I come.
I feel my fluids dripping down my pussy, creamy and thick,
and that just makes Austins cock slide more easily in and out of
my pussy.
I want you to taste me, I breathe out, not even knowing
what the hell Im saying. But then something clicks in my brain,
and I realize that I need his mouth on my pussy, and I need it
this very second. Pushing my feet against the seat, I stand up
over Austin; with my feet on either side of his thighs, I push my
thong down my legs and simply kick it off. It flies through the air
in a wide arch and lands on his desk, falling right on top of his
speech notes.
Funny, Austin says, his gaze going straight to my sticky
thighs. Because tasting that pussy is exactly what I want right
now. With that, he takes both his hands to my crotch and pulls
me into him. Placing one feet over the armrest, I let myself go
and simply press my pussy against his face; I sway my hips from
side to side, rubbing my fluids all over his face while he flicks his
tongue against my inner lips, scooping up the cream thats
covering my pussy right now.
Jabbing with his tongue at my insides, he licks me up
furiously, devouring me in such a way that my insides seem to be
on fire right now. And, not happy with it, he takes two fingers to
my clit and starts rubbing on it, hell bent on making me come
once more.
Placing one hand against the side of the plane for support, I
then start thrusting against Austins mouth, enjoying the way in
which hes licking me. Oh God, thats so- I start to say, but
the rest of the sentence never leaves my mouth. Instead, a wild
moan climbs up my throat, clawing at my tongue and exploding
into the air like an omen of things to come.
I feel my pussy spasming slightly and, with a few taps of his
thumb against my clit, Austin amplifies all the pleasure running
through my body. Feeling my legs growing weak, I take my pussy
off of his face and climb down from the seat, my knees trembling
the moment my feet touch the floor.
I press my back against the wall and close my eyes for a few
seconds, trying to catch my breath. When I finally open them
back up, Austin is already standing in front of me, his cock
pulsing as if begging me for more. Reaching for him, I curl my
fingers around his shaft and pull him into me; taking one step
forward, he presses his body against mine and guides his lips
straight to my mouth.
My eyelids droop as our lips make contact, the musky scent of
my pussy crawling up my nostrils and making me feel
Delicious, isnt it? Austin asks, that sweet grin on his face.
Swear to God, I never met a man that could make feel weak in
the knees with just one grin. That, of course, until I met Austin.
Yes but not as delicious as having you inside of me, I
shoot right back at him; then, I turn on my heels fast and place
my hands against the curved wall of the plane.
Facing the window, I spread my legs wide for better support;
Austin comes up to me once more, closing the distance between
us, and presses his body against mine, his hands sliding down
the side of my body before finally stopping on my waist.
Looking out at the clear blue sky, I smile to myself and thrust
my ass back, pressing my ass crack against his cock. Down
below, I can see the Grand Canyon, deep valleys carved into the
stone by the unseen forces of nature. And here we are, forty
thousand feet up in the air, completely naked and anxious to
fuck as if this was our last moment on Earth. And, truth be told,
it might be. You just never know, right? Carpe Diem.
Shuddering as Austin takes his hands to my ass, his fingers
tracing the curve of my ass, I sigh heavily. His fingers go all the
way down and, finding the gap between my thighs, Austin starts
caressing my pussy lips tenderly. Then, replacing his fingers
with his cock, he takes his hands back to my waist.
Fuck me fuck hard, I beg him, and he doesnt hesitate:
he thrusts right away, ramming his cock into my pussy with one
single thrust. My breathing grows ragged as I feel his familiar
thickness inside my pussy once more, its warmness spreading to
the rest of my body. I dont know, is there anything better than
having Austins cock inside my pussy? Its as if instead of being
made of flesh, his cock is made out of magic.
The sound of his thighs slapping my ass fill the whole room
as he fucks me, his fingers digging deep into the flesh of my ass
cheeks. Looking for my clit with his free hand, he sends it
around my waist and then presses down on my pleasure bud with
one fingertip, tapping and rubbing it in a matching rhythm to
that of his cock.
Allowing my head to fall forward, I press my forehead
against the wall and try to keep standing up as Austin fucks,
each thrust of his like a firestorm. With each passing second, my
body starts growing more and more tense, and I know that I
wont be able to endure this pace for much longer. Im either
going to bend or break.
Of course, I dont bend and I dont break. Instead I just come
my brains out, my orgasm turning into sound as it erupts from
between my lips, the sound of my voice loud enough to rattle the
frame of the airplane.
Sliding his cock out of me in a hurry, Austin then forces me to
turn around. Taking his hands to my ass cheeks, he pulls me into
him; reacting on sheer instinct, I lace my legs around his waist
and throw my arms over his shoulders.
I cant get enough of your pussy, Austin groans as he
lowers me over his cock, the lips of my aching pussy parting to
take in the whole length of his cock. Sheathing it to the hilt
inside of me, he wastes no time and resumes his thrusting
motion, fucking me as fast as he was doing before.
Harder, I beg him with one simple word, but thats all it
takes. He starts pistoning into me with such a fury that, a few
seconds later, beads of sweat start forming on his forehead. The
muscles in his arms bulge as he holds me up, and I cant help but
look at them and feel like the luckiest woman in the world. I
mean, Im just a simple woman, and Austin is richer than God,
more ripped than a cover magazine model, and hes also smart.
Oh yeah, and hes the President of the United States. Seriously,
how did I end up here, aboard the Air Force One with the
Presidents twelve-inch cock buried deep inside my pussy?
Life moves in mysterious ways, I guess. Either that or God
really loves me.
Derailing my train of thought, I feel my pussy cramping once
more, and my eyes roll in their orbits as a violent orgasm stabs
my mind through and through, its cut deep and murderous.
OH GOD! I scream at the top of my lungs and, even though
my eyes are wide open, I cant see a thing. My brain is too busy
with trying to process the violence of this orgasm, and I guess
that secondary functions (such as sight) have shut down
Fuck, I hear Austins voice cutting through that mental
haze, and I feel his cock throb inside of me. Knowing that hes
about to cum, I push against his chest with my hands and take
my legs from around his waist. Forcing him to put me down on
the floor, I know exactly what I need to do.
Going down to my knees, my lungs working so fast they feel
like theyre on fire, I reach for Austins cock right away.
Grabbing his cock, my fingers curling around his thickness, I
start stroking as fast as I can right from the start.
I flick my wrist, my hand moving up and down the length of
his shaft, and I feel the first spasms running through his shaft.
Soon enough hes going to unleash an ocean upon my naked
body, and you can trust me when I tell you that Ill love every
second of it. I dont know, theres just something about having
the most perfect man on Earth giving you all of his seed and then
showing that he isnt afraid of it. Sure, it might be a weird thing
to say, but I can tell you that few things are more erotic than an
handsome man licking his own cum out of your pussy.
Cum cum for me, I whisper at him, looking up so that his
gaze meets mine. I dont know if he was just about to cum, or if
my words worked on him, but as soon as I finish speaking a long
rope of gooey cum jumps from the tip of his cock and hits me
across the face. I dont have any time to react; as soon as that
happens, another strand of cum follows after, and then another
and another.
I keep on stroking him as he cums and it seems that, with
every stroke of my hand, more and more cum gushes out of his
cock. Seriously, he holds so much cum inside of him that its
almost unbelievable. Its almost inhuman. But, feel free to call
me greedy, I want all of it. And so I keep on stroking him, not
stopping until his cock finally stops pulsing against the palm of
my hand.
My face is completely covered with semen, so much that I can
barely open my eyes. Thick ropes of it are already dripping down
my neck and climbing the rising curve of my breasts, going
around my nipples and then continuing down to my stomach.
My body is a wet mess, and I couldnt be any gladder that were
aboard Air Force One, a plane with showers on board.
I think of getting up and crushing my cum-coated lips against
Austins mouth but, perhaps reading my thoughts, he lowers
himself in front of me and goes down to his knees. Reaching for
me with both hands, he places them on either side of my face
and, holding my head in place, he leans toward me.
My lips part by instinct and my eyelids droop; next think I
know were kissing, cum dripping down both our chins as our
tongues wrestle over an ocean of cum. The manly taste of his
seed climbs up from my mouth and into my brain, making me
almost delirious.
I cant help it, Austin whispers as he pulls back from our
kiss. I get fucking crazy whenever Im with you, he continues,
smiling as his eyes light up with amusement. Ive never done
this kind of stuff with anyone else, you know? he says, and I can
tell that, in a way, hes opening up to me. Hes telling me that,
amidst this wickedness, lies a kind of trust he was never capable
of offering to any other woman.
Unable of providing an adequate response to his admission, I
simply offer him a tender smile. Not needing an answer, he
simply smiles back at me and leans in again; going straight for
my nipples, he wraps his lips around my right one and uses his
tongue to trace its contour, making it move in fast circles around
it. He then moves to my left nipple and does the same there, his
tongue cleaning my skin and drying it from the cum that coats it.
When he finally has licked all of the cum from my nipples, he
slides the tip of his tongue down my body, only stopping when
has his lips firmly pressed against my clit. Sucking it into his
mouth, he laps at it with his tongue, drawing a long purr out of
my lips.
I wish we could stay here forever, I tell him, running my
fingers through his hair as he finally takes his mouth off of my
Me too, he simply breathes out, but I dont need him to say
anything else. His two words were truthful, and thats all I need
from him.
Moving slowly, as if his body weighs a ton, Austin then sinks
down onto his seat. Bending over, he grabs my hand and pulls
me toward him; I sit on his lap again and we remain like that for
a long time, enjoying the silence as we both gaze out the
window, the eternal valleys and ridges of the Grand Canyon
coming into existence underneath us.
Its almost ironic when you think of it; rocks are almost
eternal in their insignificance, but the moments that really
matter are as ephemeral as a passing breeze. Perhaps the trick is
in not wanting to become a stone, but in learning how to enjoy
the breeze.
As for me, Im enjoying this breeze.
More than just that, Im loving it.

T he crowd is going wild. A sea of clapping hands erupts

across the audience.
It feels good to come out here and accomplish what I set out
to do, and it hasn't been easy. This crowd was a tough nut to
"What's the biggest challenge for you, as President, when it
comes to realizing this jobs bill?" one constituent asks. "Can you
shed some light on that for all of us?"
"Sure, good question," I reply. "I believe the challenge will be
in prioritizing the right infrastructure projects that are going to
propel jobs, and the economy. And I've thought a lot about this
and have worked with a lot of different infrastructure, so I
believe I have a plan in place that will do just that."
"Mr. President," another man says, standing up from his
seat, "And what about the private sector?" He must be in his
70s, and looks like a retired businessman.
"Another great question," I smile. "The private sector is
ready to invest in these projectsall of themright now. And
who wouldn't want that?"
I hear more clapping now, and a woman stands up, a
microphone clutched in her hands.
"Will these infrastructure projects really create jobs, just as
your bill is proposing?" she asks.
"Yes, absolutely," I say. "But it won't be easy. History has
taught us that nothing worth fighting for is ever easy. But this
bill will create jobs not just for today, but for future generations
as well because this infrastructure will need maintenance
long-term operation. And of course that means more jobs, for
us, and for our children."
The clapping continues, and I'm on a roll.
I raise my hands to quiet the crowd and continue, ""But Bob
Walker opposes this bill."
I hear some booing and hissing ripple through the audience.
The energy immediately changes into something dark and
brooding, like a storm cloud looming on the horizon.
"I urge each and every one of you to let Walker know how you
feel! In fact, I suggest you do it now," I say, giving the audience
both his direct phone number and email address. I figure now's
as good a time as any. I watch as people scribble this information
on scraps of paper, or input it directly into their cell phones.
Some are even dialing him in their seats, not willing to waste
another minute, and the trend catches on like wildfire. Phones
are starting to ring and people are calling Walker on the spot.
They're flooding his phone line, and jamming his inbox.
I realize that I'm finally able to sell people on my vision for
the whole country, and it feels good. This is what I've always
And to top it off, I'm winning over Bob Walker's hometown
I'm being honest with them. I'm delivering the facts to them.
I'm giving them the truth. Nothing is sugarcoated.
And because of that, it's a sweet victory.
"So remember," I say, wrapping everything up in a nice, neat
package, "for the biggest gains, believe in Austin Bain!"
People are on their feet now, clapping and smiling, and loving
it. They can see that I truly care about the future of this country,
and I couldn't be happier. In fact, I'm feeling lighter than a
helium balloon.
A chant erupts, "Four more years! Four more years! Four more
Victory. Sweet victory.
I walk off of the stage, and look for Tracy and Ashley. I
immediately see them waiting for me in the wings.
"Nice job," Ashley smiles, wrapping her arms around me and
giving me a tight hug.
"Yeah, you really won that tough crowd over," Tracy agrees.
"So, good news," Ashley beams. "The school tour was a
"That's great," I smile, giving her another hug. "Tell me all
about it."
"Well, I really connected with both the parents and the
teachers. It all felt so natural," Ashley says. She's so happy that
she's glowing. "And the last I looked, both social media and the
press are reacting favorably."
Tracy pulls out her phone and scans through her Twitter feed.
"The hashtag #GainWithBain is trending nation wide," she
smiles. "Listen to some of these tweets. One man tweeted,
'What r u waiting for? MOVE. We need jobs NOW
#GainWithBain.' And here's another one: 'Keep speaking the
truth. Thank you Mr. President #GainWithBain.'"
"Sounds like you've really made a positive impression,"
Ashley winks at me.
"I can say the same about you," I reply with a grin.
Tracy looks up at us both and says, "You two make a great
teamthat's for sure, but I'm still worried about antagonizing
Bob Walker. He's not going to be happy about all of this. In fact, I
can picture him staring red-faced at the headlines."
"I'm not worried about Walker," I say. "I've always told you
that man was full of steam. Nothing more."
"I'm not so sure, Austin," Tracy says. "You shouldn't
underestimate him. He still has a very large pool of supporters
that we can't ignore. I mean it."
"I know," I say. "Believe me, I know he has supporters of his
ownand a lot of them, but there's no way Walker will be able
to afford to piss off voters."
"That's true," Tracy nods, but I can see a hint of worry etched
into her face. I wonder if she's holding something back.
I know she's right. I can never get too comfortable.
Tracy looks down at her phone and checks the time. "You two
better get to the airportquick. Your flight leaves in less than
an hour. And whatever you do, don't forget about tonight. You
have a fundraising dinner to attend."
Ashley and I give Tracy our word that we won't forget the
dinner, and before we know it, we are back in the presidential
limo, en route to the airport.
Ashley places her hand in mine. And I smile as I slide into the
cool leather of the seat and think to myself, so this is what
victory feels like.

Dynamic Duo!

FROM THE DESK of Margie Preston our political reporter and lately,
resident dating expert

WHEN THEY SAY two heads are better than one, they arent joking.
The dynamic duo of Ashley Draper and Austin Bain already
seems to be paying dividends for the country.

DONT GET ME WRONG. Im still crushing over the Chief Executive of

America, Inc. His fine body and gorgeous physique. But I also
want to see him succeed in his mission to Make America
Tremendous Again and it looks like hes doing that quite well
with help from his fiance.

WOMEN USED to be the bane of President Bain, an anonymous

source from inside the White House commented to me. But
lately, with just one woman, hes able to get the country to focus
with laser sharp precision on the issues that it needs to tackle
head on.

THIS ABILITY TO focus on issues and get them sorted has been
evidenced just as early as yesterday when Speaker of the House
Bob Walker, in his quest to be the thorn in the Presidents side,
was cast a crushing defeat. The President and future First Lady
arrived in Walkers home state, and delivered a large town hall
style meeting. The First Lady also got in a tour of some schools
with some comments to the press.


BY THE END of the town hall meeting, phone lines were jammed at
the offices of Bob Walker and emails were pouring in supporting
the President.

GAIN WITH BAIN! an admirer chanted when asked what about the
President she found so compelling. Hes fucking hot. But he
understands the problems of working class Americans who are
struggling to keep from falling behind. Hes trying to help us and
everyone else is trying to take him down!

THE SENTIMENT WAS ECHOED throughout the nation. In a random

sample survey conducted by Washington Beat in partnership
with the New York Daily Journal, over 80% of Americans
indicated that they approved of the job performance of the
President. A further 78% of Americans indicated that they
believed that Ms. Draper would make a good First Lady.

A WHOPPING 67% of Americans believed that she had the right

temperament and demeanor to help the President overcome
challenges he may have had.

AND FINALLY, 95% of Americans believe that the President is much

better off with Ms. Draper than without her. Fun fact though
that the poll also measured. Roughly 72% of all female
respondents wished that they could switch places with Ashley
Draper and be the Presidents fiance.

WELL, that 72% of female Americans (and quite a few men too, Ill
wager) also includes me. And while I am disappointed that I
wont be able to run my tongue down the Presidential abs any
time soon after meeting him at a bar and having him take me to
the back room where he would take me to paradise three or four
times with those 12 inches that Washington rumors say hes got
swinging between his legs

OH MY, well, that went a bit off track, I suppose. Nevertheless, I

think we are going to have a very fine White House with a very
amazing First Family if the last several weeks are any indication.

ITS GOING to be an amazing rest of term. Im looking forward to it!


Y oure the queen of the ballroom, Austin whispers into my

ear as we waltz through the room arm-in-arm. I look up at
him and smile, a warm feeling making my heart beat softly.
Thank you, Mr. President, I whisper back at him teasingly,
my smile widening as another senator lines up to greet us.
Austins Town Hall performance was a show for the ages,
something akin to Jimmy Hendrix at Woodstock, and everyone
seems to have decided to turn this fundraising dinner into a
celebratory gala of sorts. Of course, luck would have it that the
place would be packed with all the usual DC suspects. But what
was I expecting? You dont go to the Ritz to mingle with your
everyday American. And, although Im not interested in
impressing all this supposed elite, thats the reason Im now
wearing an expensive deep blue Carolina Herrera gown. I might
not want to impress anyone tonight, but I have to do it; its part
of being Austins fiance.
Congratulations, Mr. President, another senator says,
shaking Austins hand heartily and then turning to shake mine.
Its been like this for the past 20 minutes, since we strolled
inside the room that an army of senators, aides, pundits and
what have you, have lined up to congratulate Austin on his
terrific performance at the Town Hall. Judging by the way some
of these senators are speaking, youd say that the Presidential
elections are just going to be a formality, one to open the way
into four more years of Austin as President.
More than just a great success for Austin, the Town Hall was a
kick in the balls for Walker. Austin wiped the floor with Walkers
reputation and, after his little stunt of giving Walkers phone
number to the audience, Ive heard that all of his staff has been
buried under all the calls theyre receiving. The media should
change Austins nickname from President Player to President
Giving Austin a moment of privacy with one of the senators, I
step to the side and accept a flute of champagne from one of the
passing waiters. I lean slightly against one of the walls at the end
of the ballroom, watching him from a distance.
I can hardly believe that, just a few weeks ago, I felt nothing
but disdain toward Austin. And now look at me, feeling proud of
my man. And, yeah, I said my man. I cant say exactly when I
started developing feelings for Austin, but it happened. At first I
thought it was just lust and desire, a physical craving that
somehow was making me feel all confused, but I quickly realized
that it was more than just that.
And now, looking at him in his perfect tuxedo, his strong
posture dominating the room, I cant help but feel proud that
Im his fiance. I know Im just a fake fiance but, somehow,
this feels real. Taking a deep breath, I try to push all these
feelings to the back of my mind, after all, I have a job to do.
Finishing with the senator, Austin makes his way toward me,
dodging a long line of people still expecting a personal word
from the President.
This is going well, isnt it? he asks me, placing one hand on
my waist and looking around the room with a confident smile.
Its going perfectly, I reply, keeping mental notes of how
everyone in the room is reacting to him. Most people are genuine
in the way theyre congratulating Austin, but some of them just
rub me off in the wrong way. And, trust me, if theres something
Ive learned how to do, its how to read people. I guess that the
talents that helped me turn my company into a success are
coming in handy now.
But its going to be even more perfect once we get out of
here, he whispers offhandedly, his words barely audible.
Oh, whys that? I reply in the same tone, looking at him
and running my tongue between my lips. Its not like I need him
to say it ... but I want him to.
Celebrating here is fine but I want to do a celebration of
our own once we get home. A naked kind of celebration.
Youre in luck ... I whisper teasingly, offering him a wicked
grin. Ive already saved us some time. He arches one eyebrow,
waiting for an explanation, and I just smile and breathe out
softly. Im not wearing anything under this gown
Jesus, he mutters with a chuckle, stealing my flute of
champagne and downing the whole thing at once. You keep
saying stuff like that and I might end up fucking you in front of
all these people.
Doesnt sound so bad, I laugh, but I quickly shut up as a tall
man with balding hair steps through the double doors of the
ballroom all by himself. Even though Ive never him, Ive seen
his face enough times on TV to know who he is.
Bob Walker, Speaker of the House and Austins sworn enemy.
I can feel the tension rise in the room as Walker ambles
through the ballroom, his beady eyes finding Austin and me.
Without a missed step, he makes a straight line toward the both
of us, an arrogant smile adorning his thin lips.
Mr. President! he greets Austin with his high-pitched
voice, offering him his hand.
Walker, Austin replies coolly, taking the mans hand into
his. Glad youve found the time to show up.
Oh, I wouldnt miss a party like this for the world, would I?
And who is this lovely lady? he asks, turning to me as his grin
widens. He knows exactly who I am, but hes still insisting on a
formal introduction. This is the kind of man who needs the
political game of intrigue more than he needs the air to breathe.
My fiance, Ashley, Austin introduces me, and I offer
Walker my hand. He takes it in his and, instead of simply
shaking it, he bends over and kisses the back of my hand with a
flourish from his free hand.
Glad to finally meet you, he tells me, locking his eyes with
mine. Although I cant say exactly what it is, theres something
in the way hes looking at me that just makes me uncomfortable,
as if there were bugs crawling under my skin. I see that the
lovely Korean ambassador has been forgotten, he continues,
straightening his back and looking straight at Austin. Hes
provoking him, throwing him the hook and bait in the hopes
that Austin bites on it.
I didnt take you for the kind of man who would read the
tabloids, I say before Austin can utter a single word.
I dont read the --
They just print anything, dont they? All they want is to sell
and I guess that some people out there just enjoy their
conspiracy theories. I started by being subtle but the more I
speak, the bolder I grow. Im just glad you didnt bring your tin
foil hat to the party, Mr. Walker. Although, I must say, I think
itd suit you, I tell him casually, as if I was commenting on the
Seems like youve found a smart woman, Mr. President,
Walker throws at Austin, completely ignoring my remarks. Then,
his gaze falling over me, he looks down my body with an
appraising expression on his face. Perhaps too smart for her
good, he whispers, and I cant even tell if he meant for me to
hear it.
I guess its true; some men are really intimidated by women
with a brain, I find myself saying before I even take the time to
measure my words. Theres something about Walker that just
unleashes that combative side of me.
I swear to you, its like the air goes quiet around me. You ever
been in that situation where it seems like everyone is now
looking at you?
Well, thats me now.
Walker is quiet. Hes sizing me up.
Sometimes pretty little ladies should know when to just shut
up and look pretty, he says with an evil smile.
En garde.
Sometimes old blowhards should know when theyre
outmatched, I reply back with a steely voice. I can tell that
Austin is looking at the two of us. But my eyes dont move from
Before Walter can reply, though, Austin grabs me by the arm.
But I shrug him off.
Old blowhards might know more than they let on, Walker
replies back coolly. Enough to wipe the fake smile makeup off
pretty little ladies. Never underestimate what an old man can get
up to.
No its not just Austin. There are literally a circle of people
watching me.
And his reply is baiting me. Merde.
Oh, I know for a fact what old men can and cant get up, I
say, eyeing him and pointedly looking at his crotch. And Im
not worried about what they can try to get up. Because I know it
wont last more than an hour when the Viagra wears off.
Walker doesnt know what to say. And before he can do
anything, I leave him sputtering, turning around and walking the
other way.
Enjoy yourself, Walker, Austin says in a hurrying after me.
What? I whisper as he pulls me across the ballroom,
leading me toward a quiet place.
Hes a dangerous guy, he says in a hushed tone. You dont
want to become his target.
Its a bit too late for that, isnt it? Besides, I dont like men
like them, always prancing around as if they own the world.
Im serious, Ash. I worry about you. He turns to me and
looks me in the eyes, an expression of concern deepening the
soft lines around his eyes.
Dont worry about me, I tell him, running my fingers down
the length of his tie. Men like him dont scare me.
You know, Ash, I like it when you get tough, Austin replies,
lowering his voice until it becomes a barely audible whisper.
You do? I ask him, taking one step toward him and almost
pressing my breasts against his chest. Why dont you show me
exactly how much you like it? This time Im the one lowering
my voice, anticipation filling my words.
Just wait till we get home and --
Why wait? I cut him short, the gears inside my mind
already turning fast. I know where all the security cameras are;
which means that I also know where the blinds spot are.
He doesnt even try to argue against me. He simply matches
up the desire dancing inside my head with his words.
Lead the way, Ashley.

H olding his hand in mine, I lead him through the crowd

with a kind of coiled patience. Im trying to act normally,
as not to raise any suspicions, but its hard to act normally with
your fluids dripping down your legs. Thats one of the drawbacks
of not wearing any underwear. Yeah, you didnt think I was just
teasing him, did you? I wasnt joking when I told him I wasnt
wearing anything under my gown. Theres something
outrageous and obscene about wearing a gown so expensive its
almost outrageous, and having nothing between it and your skin.
I love it.
Where are we going? Austin asks me with a whisper, and I
can tell that hes as impatient as I am.
Broom closet, I whisper back at him, a grin dawning on my
lips as I say it. You see, this isnt the first time Im at the Ritz. I
once had a mission that involved a high-ranking lobbyist, and he
was staying here at the time. I studied the blueprints of the
whole place back then, and I remember a small broom closet that
could offer some privacy if needed be. I never got the chance to
use it, but I guess that having that information in the back of my
mind turned out to be a useful thing.
Just going to get some air, Austin his security detail as two
Secret Services agent try to follow us out of the ballroom.
Reluctantly, they stay behind us. I lead Austin down a corridor
and, looking over my shoulder to try and make sure that no one
can see us, I head straight toward a discrete door.
Here we are, I say, turning the handle and walking inside
the cramped room. Austin follows after me, closing the door
behind us and hitting the light switch on the wall.
Wow, you werent kidding, he says, looking around at all
the cleaning apparel piled up to the ceiling in the small room.
No, I wasnt, I reply. Grabbing him by his shirt, I offer him
a wicked grin and pull him into me. Our lips meet as he rests his
hands on my waist and, the moment that happens, I simply
close my eyes and submit to all the lust screaming inside my
mind. God, I needed to be alone with him. If I had to wait until
this whole thing was over, Id go insane.
And now here I am, inside a broom closet with the President
of the United States. Yeah, my lifes that crazy.
When I accepted this job, I had no idea my relationship with
Austin would become this insane. I thought I wouldnt even have
to see him outside of formal functions, for Gods sake But now
here I am, hiding with him while we should be out there,
greasing the gears of high society But, oh well. Its so much
better to be with him in here.
Surrendering to his kiss, I let all the lust inside my body grow
and grow until it becomes something else entirely. Something
that I just cant control. Something that I dont want to control.
Tilting my head sideways, I curl my fingers over the fabric of
his shirt and press my mouth against his as hard as I can, parting
his lips with the tip of my tongue; then I just slide it inside his
mouth, both our tongues dancing in a frenzy of lust. Lost in our
kiss, I let the seconds passes us by as my pussy grows even
Pulling back from him, all I have the time to do is take a deep
breath; with his hands still on my waist, he pushes me back and
pins me against the wall. Grabbing me by the wrists, he forces
me to raise both my arms up and pins them over my head.
What if we get caught? He asks me, but the grin on his lips
tells me that hes enjoying the moment, the adrenaline of
knowing that its possible we might get caught adding to the
whole experience. I know it because I feel exactly the same.
Then we get caught, I reply, each words that flies out from
between my lips making my blood boil, my veins burning with
all the desire rushing through them. My thong is a wet mess
right now, my fluids drenching the fabric in a way that hasnt
happened before. As good as everything is with Austin, we were
never in a situation where we might be caught.
Sure, I know, what a reckless thing for us to be doing But
thats part of being alive. Truly alive, I mean.
Youre insane, he says, smiling at me while flames of lust
dance behind his eyes.
Yes, I am, I chuckle, throwing my head back and offering
him my neck. Without hesitating, he leans forward and presses
his mouth against my soft skin, pleasure flooding my mind as if
a dam has just burst. Escaping from his hold on my wrists, I
move as fast as I can and grab his shirt, my fingers working
furiously as I unbutton it. I could just pull at the fabric and make
all the buttons pop out, but I dont think itd be a good idea for
Austin to go back to the ballroom with a ruined shirt, his six-
pack out in the open for everyone to see.
Untucking his shirt, I let the palm of my hands then run over
the muscles in his chest, my heart tightening as I feel the hard
contour of his pectorals and abs. God, I simply cant get tired of
his perfect body. Its as if God himself designed every inch of
Austins body, hell bent on creating the perfect man.
Closing the small distance between us, Austin presses himself
against me, the touch of his naked skin making that fire inside
of me grow even fiercer. Placing one hand on the back of my
neck, he tangles his fingers on my hair and kisses me again, our
tongues wrestling against one another as fireworks go off behind
my shut eyelids.
Lost in our kiss, I feel one of his hands go down my body;
grabbing at the front of my gown, he pulls it up and then slides
his hand toward my inner thigh. My skin prickles as I feel his
fingertips on my skin, and I start swaying my hips by instinct.
Perhaps trying to check if I was telling him the truth before, he
brushes his fingertips between my inner thighs, his fingers
immediately finding my naked pussy.
Youre the devil, he whispers, pulling back from our kiss
and smiling at me. He keeps on brushing his fingertips over my
inner lips, but I need so much more than his slow teasing. And,
right now, Im the one in charge.
Taking my hands to his naked chest, I push him back and
then hike the front of my gown up to my waist. Grabbing him by
the wrist, I guide his hand back home, forcing him to press its
palm hard against my pussy. Groaning, he presses his thumb
against my clit and starts stroking it softly, my mind spinning as
he does it.
Wearing no underwear really turned out to be a good idea,
theres no doubt about it.
Moaning softly, I surrender to his touch, his fingers caressing
my pussy in such a way that I cant even open up my eyes. My
fingers are still curled around his wrist but, just for now, I allow
him to keep whatever rhythm he wants to. I mean, I can always
take charge, cant I?
Allowing his thumb to fall from my clit, he then uses his
index finger to go up and down the length of my pussy, smearing
my fluids all over it. Wanting his whole hand pressed against my
pussy, I buck my hips against him, but he resists my dominance
holding me by the waist with his free hand, he slams me back
against the wall, knocking a few cleaning buckets from a shelf
right over us. They crash at our feet and we just look at each
other like teenagers on the verge of getting caught, listening to
our parents footsteps walking by the room where were locked.
Looking into my eyes, he uses his index finger to part my
folds and then, turning his wrist around, he flicks his thumb
against my clit. A loud moan bubbles up to my lips as he does it,
but I grit my teeth and try to silence myself. I cant forget where
I am, or else Ill end up screaming like a banshee. It isnt easy to
resist the urge to moan and scream, though as he presses down
on my clit, its as fire is consuming every single muscle in my
body, my nerve endings feeling like sharp needles spread all over
Kicking it up a notch, he flattens the palm of his hand against
my pussy and starts rubbing it fiercely. I press my legs together,
keeping his hand in place, and he takes the change to slide one
of his fingers inside my pussy. I throw my head back as he does
it, hitting the wall, and I have to silence another moan as I feel
his fingers making the way up my pussy. Curling it upward, he
goes straight for my G-spot and presses so hard against it that,
this time, I cant contain the moan in my mouth.
Oh God, oh God, I say, pleasure crawling under my skin as
the movement of his hand blankets my mind with ecstasy. Then,
wasting no time, he slides another finger inside me. OH GOD,
I shout and, thankfully, Austin reacts fast: raising his free hand,
he places it over my mouth and muffles my scream.
Fingering me hard, he flicks his wrist and ravages my pussy,
all while drumming his thumb against my clit. It doesnt take
long for pleasure to start welling up inside of me, his fingers
playing exactly the right notes. My mind starts to spin out of
control and, before I even know it, an orgasm explodes inside of
My whole body trembles and my muscles spasm as, moving
slowly, he starts sliding his fingers out of my pussy. Now we
can get started, he whispers, taking his wet fingers to his
mouth and sucking on them, my fluids making his lips glisten.
Lets get started then, I purr, my voice mellow from the
orgasm still running through my veins. I reach for him with my
mouth and, kissing him, I close my eyes as I taste my own
wetness on his lips.
Placing his hands on my shoulders, he pushes the straps of
my gown down my arms, and I dont resist as he pulls the whole
thing down my body, the fabric kissing my body on the way
down. Im not wearing a bra either so, the moment the gown
falls at my feet, Im completely naked except for my high
heels, that is.
Fuck, youre the most beautiful woman on Earth, Ash, he
exhales and, grabbing me by the waist, he forces me to turn
around. Slamming me against the wall once more, he closes the
distance between us and presses his crotch against my ass.
Reacting without a moments hesitation, I jut my ass back
against him and start rocking my body, feeling the hardness in
his pants and already imagining how its going to feel once he
shoves it inside of me. God, I cant wait.
Grinding hard against him, I let out a low moan as he leans
into me, kissing my neck as his hands go straight for my breasts.
Cupping them and squeezing, he pinches both my hard nipples
at the same time, and I feel my heart tightening up inside my
chest again, my pussy begging for his cock.
Fighting back against his hold, I turn around to face him;
without waiting for his reaction, my hands dart to his belt and,
doing it as fast as I can, I unbuckle his belt and pulls his zipper
down, desire coordinating the movements of my fingers. The
bulging shape inside his boxer briefs pushes back against my
hand and I just curl my fingers around it, gripping his cock so
hard that he groans.
He reaches for my breasts again and, squeezing them as hard
as Im gripping his cock, he draws a moan out of my mouth.
Leaning in, he wraps his lips around my right nipple and sucks it
into his mouth, his tongue dancing in gentle but fast circles
around it.
I want you, I want you so much, I breath out, hooking my
fingers on the side of his pants and pushing them down. They
fall to his ankles, and Austin kicks off his shoes in a hurry;
stepping out of his pants and boxers then, he pushes his shirt
down his arms and offers me the most deliciously wicked smile
Ive ever seen.
With Austin standing completely naked in front of me, the
sight of him almost too perfect for a common mortal, I feel as if
my something has just snapped inside my mind.
Allowing my eyes to dart straight to his cock, I curl my fingers
around it and throw all caution to the wind. Taking one step
forward, I push Austin back until hes the one with his back
pressed against the wall; then, placing my hands on his
shoulders, I force him down. He slides down the wall hesitantly,
sitting down on the floor, and I move fast with cat-like
movements. Climbing on top of him, I grab his cock and guide it
toward where I need it to be.
I grit my teeth as I feel the tip of his cock resting against my
wet pussy lips and I let instinct take the steering wheel. Raising
my hips slightly, I then lower them so that my pussy swallows
the tip of his cock. Youre so tight I want to fuck you so bad,
he groans and, with that, he grins at me and thrusts hard. His
cock slides inside of me fast and I throw my head back, gritting
my teeth hard as I try choke down a scream.
You have no idea how much I want to scream right now. Even
my lungs seem to be on fire. I mean, Austins twelve-inch cock is
enough to make any woman scream. Sure, Im not the most
experienced woman when it comes to having such a huge thing
shoved deep inside my pussy, but I dont believe Im out of place
when saying that this urge to scream is simply too
I keep frozen in place for a long while, my body trying to grow
accustomed to Austins monstrous thickness. As if that was
Raising my hips once more, a moan escaping my lips, I
succumb to the maddening urge to impale myself on his cock
and start moving up and down in a coming and going motion, his
cock sliding deep inside of me.
Placing my feet on either side of his thighs, I use them as
leverage to start going faster, Austins cock completely
demolishing my aching pussy. I do it for as long as I can, my
limbs growing exhausted with each passing second.
Perhaps feeling that exhaustion taking over me, Austin then
decides to take the lead. Resting his hands on my ass cheeks and
squeezing them hard, he starts thrusting upward, his rhythm a
violent one right from the start. His cock flies in and out of my
pussy at such a mind-bending pace that I dont even know if Im
breathing right now. Hell, I dont even know if Im alive as far
as I know I might have died and gone to Heaven.
Somehow, I manage to try and match the rhythm with which
hes trusting, but its almost impossible. I rock my body a few
times, but that exhaustion takes over my muscles once again.
Which isnt a problem, really Austin is fully devoted to giving
me the fuck of a lifetime, and so he holds the whole rhythm by
This is perfection. This is transcendence.
If I knew this would be the consequence of taking up this
assignment, Tracy would have had no problem convincing me.
Forget about all the millions. Austins cock would be payment
Slapping my ass cheeks over and over again, Austin keeps on
pounding me with the fury of a God, driving me to the edge of
pleasure. I feel my muscles tensing up and I realize that, more
than being over the edge, Im already diving down pleasures
Im gonna-- I start and, sensing that Im about to let out a
mighty scream, Austin cups my mouth with one hand. I scream
out against Austins hand, the sound coming weak and muffled.
My body is on fire right now, and I wouldnt be surprised if that
was literally happening if I opened my eyes right now and saw
flames dancing around both my legs and arms, Id just assume it
was part of fucking a man like Austin. Seriously, pleasure like
this doesnt belong to the realm of common mortals.
More, I simply whisper, my voice completely shot.
The lady asks, the lady gets, he replies, leaning forward and
laying me down on the floor as his cock pops out of my pussy.
The moment I feel my back against the floor, I find some
strength left inside of me and I use it all to turn myself around.
Going on all fours, I jut my ass back against him and wiggle my
ass from side to side, inviting him in.
I love the sight from here, he whispers as he kneels behind
me, slapping me hard with the back of his hand, the sound of it
almost too loud. I just hope no one hears it and decides to
Jutting my ass further back, I grit my teeth as I feel the tip of
his cock once more pressed against my pussy. Slapping my ass
once more for good measure, he then thrusts fast and drives his
cock deep into me.
He doesnt build a rhythm this time no, this time his
rhythm starts at full force, the rage of lust making him fuck me
like a man possessed. Thrusting like a man consumed by
madness, he slams his cock so hard into my pussy that I have no
idea if Ill ever be able to walk again. Not that Im complaining
oh, no, far from it. As far as Im concerned, Austin can fuck me
as hard as he wants to. And thats exactly what I tell him.
Harder! I whisper, desire turning into sound as the words
leave my mouth. Harder, please! Im asking him to go harder
but, between you and me, I have no idea if I can actually survive
it. All I know is that I want it to happen. I want to come so hard
that I might pass out and be unconscious for a whole year.
Thrusting violently, he conducts me like a maestro would
conduct an orchestra, his cock the perfect instrument in a
symphony of pleasure. I feel the rumbling of an orgasm inside
me and, closing my eyes and pursing my lips, I prepare for
whats about to happen.
Dont stop! Dont you dare to stop! I hiss through my
gritted teeth, thrusting back at him with all the strength left in
my body, my ass cheeks slapping his thighs hard.
Fucking me without a trace of mercy or gentleness, he
destroys my rational mind with his cock, driving it so deep inside
of me that he might split me in half. Chomping on my lower lip
hard enough to draw blood, I turn my fingers into claws and drag
them across the floor as an orgasm explodes inside of me,
making my heart stop beating or perhaps making it beat so
fast I cant even feel it. I dont even know anymore.
Instead of stopping as I come, Austin just redoubles his
efforts, thrusting so hard that I dont even know if Im still
feeling the same orgasm. His cock simply makes pleasure erupt
under my skin and sends tendrils of ecstasy to choke down all
rational thought inside my mind.
Wait! I cry out in a hushed tone, pushing my ass back and
forcing him to stop. Surprised by what I just said, he stops
moving, and thats when the clear sound of footsteps reaches us
both. Theres muffled chatter coming from outside the broom
closet, and I feel beads of sweat starting to form on my forehead.
What if a janitor decides to come and pick some cleaning
material? We didnt even lock the door behind us, such was our
Luckily, the footsteps and the chatter starts dying out in the
distance. Only then do I realize that I was holding my breath.
Taking a mouthful of air, I exhale sharply as Austin resumes his
thrusting motion, using his cock to stab me with murderous
Closing my eyes, I let our bodies fuse into one, and I dont
even notice the time passes us by. Right now were in a world of
our own, one where only pleasure and lust exist. One where we
simply cant be disturbed by the so-called real world because,
right now, this broom closet is the whole extent of my real
Im going to cum, Austin groans suddenly, jolting me out of
my reverie.
Me too, I breathe out, recognizing the whole pressure
building inside my chest as the warning sign of an impending
orgasm. The moment I say it, that pressure unfolds into
something fierce and violent, and I feel pleasures fingers
reaching for my neck and choking me hard.
My pussy clamps down on Austins cock, tightening it hard,
and I have to grit my teeth to stop myself from screaming. At the
same time, the warmness of Austins seed spills into me, his
cock throbbing hard against my inner walls. I keep in place as he
gushes his whole load inside of me, and it doesnt take long for
me to start feeling heavy beads of semen dripping down my
A sudden wild desire taking over me, I launch myself forward
and turn around as fast as I can. Grabbing his cock fast, I dive
into it with my open mouth, swallowing it whole as a thick
strand of cum shoots straight into me. Wrapping my lips around
it, I let Austin cum inside my mouth, filling it up to the brim in a
matter of a few heartbeats.
Feeling the dying spasms of his cock against my tongue, I
slide his twelve inches out and then open my mouth, showing
him the whole mess he created inside of me.
Lovely, he grins and, as a reply, I close my mouth and
swallow his whole load, his delicious seed washing down my
Lovely and delicious, I whisper, throwing myself back.
Laying on the floor of the cramped closed, I prop myself up on
my elbows and spread my legs, offering Austin a nice view of my
dirty pussy. But look at the mess youve made
Still with a dazed smile on his lips, he looks down at my
pussy, taking in the scene. Ropes of cum are dripping out of my
pussy, and my inner thighs are glistening from his juices.
I cant go out like this, I tease him, biting down on my
lower lip.
No, you cant, he agrees, deciding to play the game to
which I invited him. Leaning in without taking his eyes off mine,
he parts his lips slightly and reaches for my pussy. I close my
eyes and throw my head back as I feel his mouth landing on my
wetness, his tongue running up and down the length of my pussy
as he scoops up his own load.
Flicking his tongue over every square inch of my pussy, he
licks me dry, only stopping when his tongue is rasping against
my inner lips. Then, turning his head from side to side, he uses
the tip of his tongue to clean my inner thighs.
There, much better, he whispers, slowly going up to his
knees. I look at my him and my heart skips a beat as I notice a
thin strand of cum dangling from his lips. Forcing my body to
start working again, I kneel in front of him and, without saying a
word, grab him by the hair and crush my mouth against his.
I take whatever cum there still is in his mouth inside of mine,
both our tongues wrestling for all that dirty loot. By the time we
pull back from each other, were already running out of breath.
This was crazy, he tells me, but what he really wants to say
is that he just loved what happened. And the craziness between
what we just did just adds to the way he loved it.
Yeah, it was, I reply, reaching for my gown and picking it
up from the floor. Going up to my feet, I squeeze myself inside
the gown once more, feeling as if Ive just taken a two-year long
vacation. Sometimes sex is the only thing you need to feel
completely renewed. At least thats the case for me ever since I
met Austin.
Lets go back, Austin says as he buttons up his shirt. But I
still want to fuck you again once were out of here, he
continues, his eyes flickering with lust once more.
I wasnt expecting anything else, I chuckle, wondering
what the hell happened to me.
Just a few weeks back I was a virgin who didnt believe in
men. And now here I am, laughing with a man that embodies
everything that I hated and craving his cock more than I crave
the air I breathe.
Life it really is a surprising journey.

F ucking finally! Austin laughs as he pushes the cork out

of the champagne bottle. It flies up in the air and crashes
on the floor after bouncing off the ceiling; a torrent of bubbly
champagne starts gushing out of the bottle and Tracy and I rush
to place our glasses under the stream of alcohol.
Alright, one more! Austin continues in a gleeful tone,
handing Tracy the open bottle of champagne and opening
another. Were inside Tracys office, and the room is completely
packed with staff members, all of them in a celebratory mood.
Why? Easy enough: Austins jobs bill has just passed.
Despite Walkers best efforts, Austins showmanship was just
too much for the disgruntled Speaker of the House. And, after so
many months of pushing his bill and fighting the Senate, Austin
has finally done it.
Come here, he tells me, resting the second bottle of
champagne on Tracys desk and coming up to me. He takes one
hand to my waist and pulls me into him, his lips looking for
mine. This victory youre part of it, you know? he tells me,
looking into my eyes with a soft smile.
Smiling back at him, I tuck one lock of hair over my hair. No,
this is all you, I tell him, going on tiptoes and brushing my lips
against his again. All you, I repeat, pushing one glass of
champagne into his hands while I take a sip from mine.
We deserve this break. I think Im finally putting all the
scandals and bullshit behind my back, and thats -- He trails
off as the door to Tracys office swings open, and an intern with
disheveled hair steps inside.
I I the young intern starts, bending down and placing
both hands on his knees as he tries to catch his breath.
Walker Walker just held a a press conference. The intern
finally manages to say and, judging by the tone of his voice,
whatever Walker said at the press conference wasnt good.
Wasting no time, Tracy pulls her phone from her purse and
boots it up. A few seconds later and shes holding her breath.
Fuck, she hisses, and thats all I need to know that whatever
happened, must be really bad; Tracy never curses.
Whats going on? Austin asks her, and her eyes jump from
him to me.
Walker, he he wants to impeach you.
Impeach me? Thats absurd! How the hell does he --
Austin, Tracy whispers, lowering her voice and wetting her
lips with her tongue. He said that your relationship is a fake
one Hes saying that you made a fool out of the country and
out of your voters. Hes saying all sorts of things about your
integrity, and hes calling for a special investigation.
Austin doesnt say anything and Tracy goes to the television
and turns it on.
Its the news. The TV screens are usually on in here, but the
one day they were off is the day that Speaker Walker has to try
and impeach the President.
You know? Its like, can the universe give us a break?
Tracy turns up the volume.
And I have it on good authority, that the President of the
United States, acting in collusion with his Chief of Staff, Tracy
Comerford, have engineered a situation to fool the American
people into believing for whatever reason that hes going to get
married, Walker says on television.
The room is silent. I can hear my own heart beating so loudly
Why, I dont know, the President would want to do this, but
this woman we have no idea over. We need to investigate her and
we need to remove a President with such bad judgment, he
Tracy turns off the television. The sounds of laughter and
cheer, just a few moments ago, have vanished.
Fuck, Austin mutters, his face suddenly growing pale.
Walking around Tracys desk, he sinks down onto her chair,
staring at the glass of champagne in his hand, almost as if it held
the answers he needs. Ashley, Tracy The two of you, stay.
Everyone else, leave the room. Please.
Nobody dares to question him; I hear the shuffling of feet as
everyone rushes out of the office, and then someone closes the
door. The mood inside the office was a celebratory one, but now
that mood has soured like a bad wine.
Were fucked, Austin growls, looking up to meet Tracys
gaze. Hes gripping the glass in his hand so tightly that I expect
the glass to shatter sometime soon. Hes angry, I can tell, and
that makes my heart tighten up inside my chest; after how hard
he's worked, everything could go up in smoke.
How the hell did he find out? Tracy says as she sits on one
of the chairs lined against the wall of her office. Shes pinching
the bridge of her nose, a nervous tick that surfaces whenever
shes at a loss on what to do.
This plan was too risky we shouldnt have done this,
Austin whispers, still looking down at his glass. Maybe hes right
but, still, his words make my heart ache; if it werent for this
plan, Austin and I would have never crossed paths. But I cant
think of that now. No, I came to the White House to do a job, not
to fall in love.
Fuck, Austin continues, finally letting go of his glass and
slamming his fist down on the desk. The glass wobbles from side
to side and tumbles forward, champagne spreading over the
surface of Tracys desk. This is fucking serious.
Calm down, Tracy says, jumping up to her feet. We can
we can hold a press conference and deny all this. He doesnt
have any proof, and we made sure nothing exists in writing.
Even if he manages to provoke a special investigation, no one
will be able to figure out we hired Ashley. He cant prove a thing,
and I think that we --
Youre forgetting something, Tracy, Austin cuts her short.
If we go down that route, Id have to really marry Ashley, he
says, pursing his lips and giving Tracy a cold stare.
Without saying a word, I sit down on the chair facing Tracys
desk and look down at my lap, Austins words echoing inside my
head. The way he said it, its almost like the last thing he wants
in the world is to marry me. Somewhere along the way, I guess I
started believing that our fake relationship was becoming
something else but I guess I was wrong.
No one will have the guts to impeach you, I finally manage
to say, looking from Tracy to Austin and putting my game face
on. I have enough dirt to bury at least half the senate. They
wont lift a finger against you.
No, Austin dismisses me with a wave of his hand. Im not
sinking down to that level. I thought you knew me better,
Ashley. Im better than that Then, changing gears fast, he
narrows his eyes into slits and locks them on mine. Who in
your office knew about the deal?
What are you trying to say? Only one other person knows of
our deal, and I trust her with my life, Austin. Dont try and
accuse me or my people, when youre the one surrounded by
people who make their living by lying!
Dont act so mighty now. Thats exactly what you do for a
living, he says flatly, his cold stare making me feel as if
someone stabbed me through the heart.
I hold my breath for a few seconds, and then I let the air out
of my lungs fast, exhaling sharply. Screw this; I dont have to put
up with this bullshit.
God, I was doing fine before they came up to me and dragged
me into this mess. Here I am, trying to help him and hes
treating me as if Im some stupid intern whose mistake caused
all this. No, Im not going to allow him to treat me like this.
Standing up fast, I take the ring off of my finger and throw it
against him. Austin doesnt move as the ring bounces from his
chest and falls on the floor at his feet.
It was your stupid dick that put you in this mess, I hiss,
offering him a cold stare of my own. Maybe your dick can think
of a way out. Snapping my heels together, I turn around to
Grabbing at the handle, I open the door and, before leaving, I
look at Austin over my shoulder.
Check the Oval Office for bugs. My office is as clean as a
whistle; I made sure of it. If I were Walker, thats how I would've
done it.
Without giving him enough time to think of a reply, I slam
the door behind me.
I should've never gotten involved in this whole charade.

I watch as she slides the ring off of her slender finger, and
throws it at me. Even though it's a completely unexpected
actI mean, I couldn't have guessed that this was going to
happen, even if you offered me millions of dollarsso I stand
there and watch it all as if it's in slow motion. And when it hits
my chestthat very moment of impactit snaps me out of my
fucking rage. It's instantaneous.
You know whats fucking hilarious?
I never cared for that fucking ring. I was happy when she was
asking if she could keep it when we were done.
But her handing it back to me.
I dont know. Its got a feeling of finality to it.
It was your stupid dick that put you in this mess, Ashley
says, her words hitting me like venom, and her eyes cold as ice.
I've never felt her as cold and distant as she is right now, not
even when we first met. Maybe your dick can think of a way
She leaves, slamming the door shut behind her, and in that
moment I realize that I've hurt her. This knowledge makes my
mind reel.
I want to go and run after herto wrap her in my arms and
tell her that I'm so fucking sorry, more sorry than she'll ever
know. I want to tell her that it all came out wrong, and that I was
just pissed off at the whole situation and what's at stake, and
that I'm an asshole for jumbling my words and allowing them to
fall out of my mouth in such a tangled mess.
Of course, I don't do any of those things.
I've really fucked things up, and I know that.
I know that this is serious as a heart attack.
But as much as I want to run after Ashley, I know I have to
handle this situation just right, with a degree of delicacy. I need
to use a deft hand, or I'll not only lose Ashley, but the White
House as well.
I can't let that happen. I won't let that happen.
There's a whole lot at stake here.
In fact, everything is on the fucking line. And I can't rely on
anyone else to solve this for me. I have to solve it for myself.
This is just another hurdle, in a series of never-ending hurdles
that life is going to throw my way, and I've got to overcome
Haven't I overcome gigantic roadblocks in my life before? I
need to think of this as just another one. I need to keep a cool,
calm head.
And I'm Austin fucking Bain. I refuse to be a footnote in
Remember when I told you that I'm a competitive person?
Yeah, well, competitive is an understatement. I don't even know
the meaning of the word 'lose.'
And Ashley's words haunt me. She said to check the Oval
Office for bugs, and it makes sense, now that I think about it.
I think she's right. Why wouldn't Bob Walker try to bug this
I just wish I had thought of that sooner.
Immediately, I call Tracy into my office, and as she steps in, I
close the door behind her. "Listen, have the Oval Office swept
for bugs," I instruct her, "and quickly."
"I'm assuming you don't mean the kind that crawl on
multiple legs. You think someone's been spying on us?" she
asks, her eyes wide.
"Not someone," I say, "Bob fucking Walker."
I can see the realization of it dawn on her face. There's a
moment of recognition, and she seems to agree. The more I
think about it, the more sense it continues to make.
"I'm on it," she says.
"And one more thing," I continue. "Arrange a televised press
When?" she asks.
"For tomorrow night, I can't waste any time."
"What are you going to say?" Tracy asks.
That's a damn good question. I'm wracking my brain.
"Truthfully, I don't know," I reply. "But I'll figure that out."
Tracy nods, making notes in an app on her cell phone.
"Oh, and another thing," I say. "Just make sure Ashley is
"Are you sure that's a good idea? She stormed out of here, and
seemed pretty upset."
"Just do it, pleaseit's important."
Tracy reluctantly nods her head, as if she's resigned to the
idea and there's nothing she can do about it. "Okay, I'll do my
"Thanks, I believe in you, Tracy."
"That's a lot of pressure," she grins.
"I know you'll make it happen," I say, patting her on the
As Tracy leaves the office, my mind continues to spin like a
top, twirling through every possible scenario, every possible
narrative that I could give at tonight's press conference.
What I know for certain is that I'm not giving up Ashley.
I'm not giving up the presidency. No. Weve done too much
good. Weve fixed the country too much. Too many people are
still left to help.
I pace around the office like a tiger pacing inside of a cage. I
feel that every muscle in my body is tense, and ready for action.
If Bob Walker thinks I'm going to step out of the arena with
my tail tucked between my legs, he's sorely mistaken. If there's
any fucking man up to this challenge, it's me.
I remind myself that that this is where I am because I took
chances. I knew from the beginning that it was a risky endeavor.
And still, I took that risk.
Why? Because at the end of the day, life favors the bold.
That's the honest fucking truth. That's where real success can be
Show up. Be bold. Fake it if you have to.
I don't give a fuck what anyone says. I will always take my
And that's exactly what I'm going to do tonight.
Roll the dice. Spin the roulette wheel. Play my hand.
Tomorrow night, I'm going to fucking take my chances in
front of the entire world.
An idea starts formulating in my brain. I can feel a switch in
momentum, and I feel like I'm onto something. I don't give a
fuck if anyone thinks that this is the craziest idea ever.
You know why? Because no matter whatcome hell or high
waternothing is stopping me. Tomorrow night I'm going down
in history.
For good or for badI'll be in the next generation of history
books, that's for fucking sure.
I scroll through every legal contact I have in my phone.
It's time to call the experts.

Future First Lady? Or First Mistress? First Booty Call?

FROM THE DESK of Margie Preston our savvy but slightly sappy
political reporter

WOW WEE!!! Did you see the last 24 hours people? Have you
followed on whats been happening? Because events are
changing minute to minute and if you dont keep up, youll soon
find yourself needing a map youll be so lost.

BUT JUST IN case you missed something that happened in the news
because you know, life, let me break it down for you.

SO, to startthe President is single again!!! Yay!! It turns out that

Mr. President is really just Mr. Fake Fianc. At least thats what
the offices of Speaker of the House Bob Walker are stating. To
quote the Speaker in his televised address, I have irrefutable
proof that the President of the United States hired Ms. Draper
with the express intention of pretending to be his fiance for the
purposes of publicity. The whole operation was a political PR job.
With no goal other than to deceive the American people.

IF THAT SOUNDS A BIT HARSH, the Speaker went on to get even harsher.
Ms. Draper received no vetting from the government. She was
not cleared for any sensitive information. And in her prior
dealings, she has rubbed shoulders with many people who work
for institutions and states that could be hostile to the interests
of the United States. Its entirely possible that Ms. Draper traded
sexual favors to a President who is known to like sexual favors
for information that she might not have gotten otherwise.

DID that sound like he was accusing Ashley Draper, the woman
we thought would be our future First Lady? Here is what the
Speaker of the House went on to say.

LET ME BE VERY, very, clear. I am accusing the woman that we

know as Ashley Draper as being a spy. I dont know for what
government or institution, but its clear that she is in the White
House, just moments away from the nuclear launch codes under
false pretenses.


WAIT TILL what what the Speaker of the House had to say today.
ITS COME to my knowledge that Ms. Draper deals in the trading
of information and embarrassing secrets. She entraps people
into embarrassing situations. My staff was able to dig this out.
Its now clear to me that our President is being extorted by Ms.
Draper into selling state secrets. This redoubles my calls for
impeachment and imprisonment of this President due to his
unfitness to serve the highest office of the land.

SPEAKER of the House Bob Walker. Fierce opponent of Austin Bain.

Calling for his impeachment. And it seemed just the other day
the country was getting ready for a White House wedding. Now
we might be getting ready for a White House jailing.

NOT TO BE OUTDONE, the White House has responded to the charges

that Bob Walker has made. But its odd, because theyve just had
one message.

THE PRESIDENT WILL ADDRESS the nation. Tonight, commented

Press Secretary Cheryl Maddox.

I WAS SUPPOSED to go to CrossFit. But this is the perfect excuse to

miss it. Its going to be an interesting evening, thats for sure.

W hats gotten into him? I ask Tracy as we walk down a

corridor at a brisk pace, heading toward the conference
No idea, she shrugs, trying to appear calm and in control,
but I know that shes a wreck underneath her professional
demeanor. Against his own advice, Austin has decided to hold a
press conference, and he hasnt even told Tracy a word of what
hes going to be saying. Maybe all this stress has gotten the best
of him. And if thats whats happening well, then, were all
fucked. But its not like we can stop him; hes the President of
the United States, after all, and when the President wants
something, he usually gets it.
Even if thats a press conference that might dictate his own
I know what youre thinking; what am I doing back at the
White House, right? After the heated exchange of words between
Austin and I, I was on the verge of leaving for good. And I did.
Went back to my apartment for the night. But a deal is a deal,
and Ive never backed out of one. And Im not going to start now.
And, besides, despite how much of an asshole he was toward
me I still believe that hes the right man to be leading this
Thing is, Tracy tells me, stopping before we enter the wing
of the White House opens to the reporters, a bug was found in
the Oval Office. Just like you said. And its as clear as water that
Walker is the one behind it. Theres a forensics team up there as
we speak.
Maybe he plans to use that as leverage against Walker?
If that were the case, I doubt hed call a press conference.
Hed do it behind closed doors.
Well, lets hope he has a plan then, I whisper as I step with
Tracy inside the conference room, taking our seats on an area
cordoned by the Secret Service. The room is completely packed
with the White House press corps, and the mood is one of
nervousness and excitement. Whatever Austin says at this press
conference, history will be madeone way or another.
Hes late, I tell Tracy as I look down at my wristwatch. My
heart aches as I remember the first time I saw Austin, back when
I was being briefed on what my job would be; but this time the
mood is a sour one, and no intern joke finds its way to my lips.
Tracy opens her mouth to respond but then closes it again as
Austin strolls inside the room by a side entrance, buttoning his
jacket as he assumes his position behind the podium.
Good evening, everyone, he says into the mic, his gaze
wandering over every single person in the room. His voice is
deep and serious and, for the first time, he has adopted a
presidential posture that would make George Washington proud.
Ever since I assumed the Presidency, the press has been
obsessed with my personal life. With this new allegation that the
Speaker of the House has made against me, I think its time I
finally address all that has been said. Bob Walker was correct:
Ashley was brought on board as my fake fiance.
His words hit the room like a nuclear bomb and, before hes
bombarded with a thousand questions, he raises one hand up in
the air, calming everyone down. It isnt that hard: everyones too
stunned to do anything, and that includes me.
Its time this country knows the truth. I owe it to all of the
Americans who have put their trust in me. Pausing for a couple
of seconds, as if gathering his thoughts, he then continues.
Despite what Ive told you, Ive broken no laws. No crime was
committed; Ashley wasnt given access to any classified
information. But, yes, Ill admit this whole ruse was an ill
conceived plan, and the country deserves better of me.
The Speaker of the House is, however, trying to use this
mistake against me. And hes doing it in such a way that proves
hes the wrong person to hold the Presidency. As we speak, a
special forensics team is investigating Bob Walker and it seems
like a foregone conclusion that the Speaker of the House was
involved in illegal wiretapping.
This time, theres a slight oh of surprise washing over
everyone in the room. The President is revealing that his fiance
is fake, the Speaker of the House is involved in wiretapping
whats happening with this country?
I take full responsibility for my mistakes, Austin continues,
his presidential tone demanding the attention of everyone in the
room. But I also want to take responsibility for the good Ive
done. Under my presidency, the nation is better off than it's ever
been. Public funding has improved, our ill-conceived
involvement with foreign states has been reduced, and
unemployment is at an all-time low. During the past decade, the
world has looked at the United States as an empire too big for its
own good, but now the tide is turning. The world is, once again,
looking up at us as a role model, capable of leading by example
instead of by force.
HELL YEAH! someone shouts from the back of the room,
and I turn back to see that the shout came from one of the
reporters. Hes on his feet, ready to applaud Austin, but then
realizes that everyone is looking at him and he sinks down onto
his seat, embarrassed.
Sure, my methods might be unconventional. I dont care
about whats politically correct; I care about results. I care about
making this country greater than it has ever been. And this is
why Americans all over the country voted for me because they
want results. They want things to be better and things are
better. And they will keep on getting better.
With that, he falls into a deep silence, his gaze wandering
over the room with a kind of poised confidence. I half-expect the
room to erupt with a million questions but, instead, every just
stays silent, allowing everything that Austin has said to sink in.
At some point in our recent history, things changed for us,
Austin says from the podium. It wasnt about whats best for
everyone, or even working to compromise to make the country
great. It began to become about whats best for me. What do I
want, versus what do we want. Whats good for us became
uncool when compared to whats making me feel good right
Theres silence.
We began to want things for ourselves without paying for
them, Austin says. And we didnt want to deal with our
problems. And so we forgot ourselves. And we created a
machine. A beast that fed our desire to forget.
Photographers are clicking.
How did we do that? Austin asks. He pauses and smiles.
We created a media machine that began by pitting us against
each other. They scared the shit out of us and made us forget
that were all fucking Americans. But they did it well. They made
us forget and they knew that no matter who was elected, they
would make money by tearing that person down and half the
country would cheer them on. So theyve been coming after me
and mydalliances and saying its the end of the fucking world
when Ive done so much good. They measure the inches on my
cock and spend time on that rather than the millions of jobs Ive
brought back. And you can bet your last dollar that when Bob
Walker made those accusations, they seized on it.
Theres an embarrassed silence. Austin looks from his
I challenge anyone, in this room or in the whole country, to
say Im not the best thing that has ever happened to this
country, he says and, in this very moment, he doesnt look like
a President of the United States; he looks like a God King,
descended from the heavens to give fire and wisdom to the
humans living under him. If this was a battlefield, I believe that
everyone in this room would follow Austin straight into the arms
of death.
WERE WITH YOU! one of the onlookers lining up the war
on the far corner shouts and, a few seconds after, more shouts of
support start exploding through the room. Before I know it,
everyone is up on their feet, clapping their hands and whistling.
This impromptu standing ovation lasts for a few minutes, and I
dont think theres any doubt in anyones mind, the country
stands behind its President.
I guess that, even though my assignment was a failure, we
succeeded in what was our purpose. The country stands with
Austin and now now Im no longer needed.
Im going now, I tell Tracy, going up to my feet. With all the
confusion in the room, I can probably sneak out without anyone
Except Austin has other plans.
One more thing, Austin says into the mic, his strong voice
booming over the loud celebratory ruckus. Everyone quiets down
in response, and even I turn on my heels to see what else
Austins going to say. And when I turn around, I realize that hes
looking straight at me.
Even though my relationship with Ashley started the way it
did He takes a deep breath, a few cracks showing in his poised
posture. Shes the best damn thing that has ever happened to
me. And I dont want to lose her just because Im
unconventional. Still looking straight at me, he goes around the
podium and starts walking down the aisle, heading toward me. I
remain frozen in place, my mouth slightly ajar as I try to wrap
my mind around what Austin has said.
Did I dream it? Or did he really say he didnt want to lose me?
Coming up to me, Austin takes both my hands in his and
offers me a gentle smile. The cameras are all focused on us, and
everything thats happening is being broadcasted to the entire
world. Im on the world stage now, billions of eyeballs on me.
What are you doing, Austin? I tell him in a whisper, my
heart's racing so fast I wouldnt be surprised if it simply jumped
out of my chest.
The right thing. The country needs a First Lady like you, he
replies with a whisper of his own and, without waiting for a
reply, he goes down on one knee.
Youre the best thing that has ever happened to me, Ashley.
I love you like Ive never loved anyone or anything and I need
you by my side. With that, he reaches inside his jacket and
brings out a small box. Popping it open with a flick from his
thumb, he shows me the most beautiful ring Ive ever seen,
something antique and with a discrete diamond cresting the
golden band. Will you marry me?
I I stammer, not knowing what to say, but then every
single thought inside my head falls into alignment. Yes! Yes, I
will! I tell him, biting down on my lower lip as I feel the sting of
tears in my eyes.
Smiling gently, Austin takes the ring out of the box and,
grabbing my hand, he places it on my finger. It fits perfectly,
almost as if destiny wanted that ring to be mine.
Its beautiful, Austin, I whisper as he stands up in front of
me, his eyes on mine.
It was my grandmothers. And now its yours, Ash, he tells
me, placing one hand on the nape of my neck and leaning in to
kiss me.
All around me, the room seems to explode with the flash of
cameras and the quick chatter of reporters and onlookers. But I
dont care about any of that, and I barely even register any of it.
Right now, Im the happiest woman in the world.

W e left the conference room, both our bodies and souls

begging for us to surrender to the moment. Ignoring the millions
of questions raining down on him, Austin simply grabbed my
hand and lead the way out of the room. I walked after him as if I
was living a dream, corridor after corridor, hallway after hallway.
Everyone we passed smiled at us, but no one dared say a word.
They all knew this moment was one to be shared only by Austin
and me. Now, completely lost inside the White House, I halt to a
stop and force him to look at me.
Where are we going? I ask him, my heart beating fast inside
my chest.
The Oval Office, of course, he replies in a single breath, and
then starts walking again, dragging me after him. The moment
we step foot inside the Oval Office he simply closes the door
behind us and locks it.
What about Tracy? She probably needs to talk with you right
now? I ask, but my body doesnt care about any of that. The
only thing my body cares about is the man standing right in
front of me.
Dont worry. I left her a message telling her to run
interference for a couple of hours. This moment is just ours,
Ashley. And I want you to know that That youre my
everything. I dont know what would be of me if I didnt have you
by my side.
Ill be by your side Always, I tell him, looking into his
eyes and feeling my heart beat at a happy pace. Ive never felt
this happy, this complete Never in my wildest dreams did I
think Id ever felt like this. And it has nothing to do with the fact
that Austin is rich, or that hes the President. No, I would love
him if he was just a struggling musician, or a waiter at a
restaurant. I would love him no matter what. I love you,
Austin I really do.
I love you too, he smiles, taking one step toward me and
caressing my cheek with the back of his hand. Leaning in, he
brushes his lips against mine, kissing me gently as my eyelids
We kiss in abandonment, the happiness inside my chest
almost too much for me to take. I could cry right now, swear to
God I could. This kiss is so perfect, and it seals the love between
us in such a way that I could cry a river of joyful tears.
Pulling back from my kiss, he looks into my eyes and smiles, a
deep tenderness in the way with which hes looking at me. For a
man as cocky and hard as he is, there are a lot of things that the
world doesnt know about Austin. Such as how tender and gentle
how he can, and how he has the biggest Earth out of everyone I
know. The moment the voters put him in the White House, they
made the best decision of their entire lives.
Breathing softly, his hands go down the side of my body, and
he rests his fingers over the dimples on my lower back. Leaning
in again, we kiss as I grab his jacket and push him down his
arms. We let it fall down to the floor, and my fingers go straight
for his shirt, unbuttoning it with a kind of slow patience. When
its finally open, I untuck it from his pants and brush my fingers
over the naked wall of abs on his stomach.
Pressing his body against mine, he leans in and, instead of
taking his lips to mine, he lays them on my neck, gently nibbling
at my skin. At the same time, his hands go around my waist and
he hooks his thumb on the hem of my skirt. My heart is beating
fast, anticipation making it pick up the pace.
I cant believe were going to fuck in the Oval Office.
Still running my fingers over the valleys between his abs, I
then let my hands follow an upward line up to his chest. Holding
the side of his face, I go on tiptoes and run my tongue along the
crevice between his lips.
Pulling me close, he lets of my skirt and grabs my blouse,
pulling it up. I lift my arms up in the air and allow him to
undress me, my lace bra revealing itself to him. Looking at me
with an eager smile, he pulls me back into his embrace; my
breasts press against his naked chest, and my skin prickles as we
make contact.
His hands go around my body and, grabbing the clasp of my
bra, he unhooks it with a quick flick of his fingers. Pulling it out,
he pushes both straps down at the same time, and he then
throws the bra onto the floor. My nipples become even harder as
the cool air in the office laps at them, and I feel a column of fire
climbing up my spine.
Mimicking his movements, I grab his shirt and push it down
his arms, allowing it to float down and land right on top of my
blouse and bra. Smiling at him, I let my fingers hike down his
naked chest before I grab his belt; unbuckling it with slow but
sure movements, I then hook my fingers on his pants and pull
him into me.
He grabs me by the ass eagerly, the palm of his hands fitting
perfectly over the curve of my ass cheeks, and he squeezes them
softly. My nipples brush against his skin, and I close my eyes, my
fingers working as if they have a life of their own; I pull his
zipper down and then, turning my hand around, I flatten the
palm of my hand against the bulging shape tenting his boxer
Letting go, I use my index finger to trace the contour of his
hard member over the fabric of his boxers. I exhale sharply as I
feel him pulse against my fingers, but I just keep on teasing,
fully knowing that the more I do it the bigger the payoff is going
to be. And if theres something I love, its a good payoff.
Lets take you out of these clothes, I whisper as I nibble at
his lower lip. Grabbing at his boxer briefs, I push them down and
his cock springs free immediately, brushing against my fingers.
Allowing desire to make my movements wilder, I push both
pants and boxers down his legs. He kicks off his shoes fast and
then steps out of his clothes, kicking them to a faraway corner of
the office.
I take one step back, my eyes widening as I take in his naked
figure. If Leonardo Da Vinci was alive, hed make a sculpture out
of Austins body, theres no doubt of it in my mind.
My body acting with a life of its own, I lower myself to the
floor. Kneeling in front of him, I rest my hands on his knees and
then let my fingers slide all the way to his inner thighs, Austins
breathing growing deeper as I close in on his cock. Looking up at
him, I start leaning in but I stop right before my lips touch the
tip of his cock. Grinning, I part my lips and dart my tongue out,
flicking it against his cock. He shudders as I do it and, exhaling
sharply, he rests both his hands on the top of my head.
Using one hand, I cup both his balls and roll them over my
fingers, feeling how busy they are producing all the cum hes
going to unleash over my body once were done. With my free
hand, I trace the contour of his cock, my index finger sliding
from the root of his member to its tip, and then doing the same
movement on an opposite direction. I do it over and over again,
teasing him mercilessly.
Finally succumbing to my own desire, I lean forward and rest
my lips against the tip of his cock, softly kissing it. Opening my
mouth, I then wrap my lips around it, feeling his warm flesh
over my tongue. Sucking on him gently, I allow my lips to roll
down the length of his shaft. I go all the way down, only
stopping when the tip of his cock is firmly pressed against the
back of my throat.
Fuck, Ash, he groans, tangling his fingers on my hair.
Rolling my lips back, I start bobbing my head back and forth over
his cock, pressing against his shaft with my tongue. Grabbing his
member with my right hand, I then start to stroke him with a
matching rhythm to that of my mouth, enjoying the way hes
breathing heavily.
Doing it like this is enough to turn my thong into a wet rag. I
can already feel my fluids dripping down my inner thighs, and I
cant wait to rub that wetness against Austins hard member.
Moving back, I allow his cock to pop out of my mouth and I
grab it with both my hands. Looking into his eyes, I start
stroking him as fast as I can, hell bent on stopping only when
hes dangling over the edge of an orgasm.
I do it for almost a minute and then, without a break to my
movements, I open my mouth as wide as I can and swallow his
cock whole, his shaft sliding over my tongue in a hurry. Sucking
as fast as I can, I let go of his cock and take both my hands to his
ass, squeezing his ass cheeks and pulling him into me at the
same time. Reacting to my movements, he yanks on my hair and
forces me to stop sucking.
Taking the lead, he starts thrusting, fucking my mouth as if
he were doing it to my pussy. He groans as he does it, and I cant
help but open my eyes to enjoy the expression on his face.
With his head thrown back, Austin has his eyes closed, a grin
of pure delight commanding his lips. Hes moving his hips fast,
ravaging my mouth and succumbing to the lack of control that
has taken over his body.
Then, surprising me, he takes one step back: letting go of my
hair he pops his cock out of my mouth. Moving fast, so fast that I
dont even have the time to react, he grabs me by the wrist and
pulls me up to my feet.
I always wanted to do this, he whispers, pushing me back
until my ass is pressed against the piece of history thats the
Presidents desk. Growling, he pushes my skirt down my legs
and then, hooking his thumbs on the string of thong that laces
my outer thighs, he undresses me completely.
Now that Im completely naked, he takes his hand to my ass
and pushes me up; I go up willingly, sitting down on the desk as I
spread my legs and lace them around his waist. Pulling him into
me, I hold my breath as he closes the distance between the two
of us, the tip of his cock brushing against my drenched folds.
Fuck me, Mr. President, I purr at him, my pussy aching to
feel his thickness stretching me wide. As if reading my thoughts,
he thrusts right away, pushing his shaft inside of me so fast that
I feel my mind breaking apart. His thickness strains against my
inner walls on the way, and it fills me up so completely that it
seems like his cock was made solely for my pussy. Well, I guess
now I can say that his cock is only mine, though thats what an
enjoyment ring means, right? Oh, sorry. I meant engagement
ring. Because, hun, thats right these twelve inches of pure
pleasure are my sole property to enjoy with as I please.
With a vicious rhythm right from the start, Austin thrusts
over and over again, his cock completely demolishing my pussy.
With my legs laced around his waist, I keep him trapped in place
not that I need to, though. I doubt hed go anywhere, even if I
let him. His body needs mine as much as mine needs his.
I throw my head back as he ravages me wildly and, feeling a
scream climbing up my throat, I open my mouth and let it
explode in the air. The Oval Office is soundproof and, even if it
wasnt, what do I care? Right now Ive surrendered to pleasure
and, if anyone wants to listen in, please be my guest. Even
Presidents need a healthy sex life And Ill make it my purpose
in life to make sure that President Austin has one of the
healthiest sex lives in all of history.
Fucking me until all my muscles grow sore, he then decides to
go even harder. My legs grow limp as he thrusts viciously but, at
the same time, I feel my insides clenching. Just a fraction of a
second later and a thermonuclear explosion takes over my mind,
bright colors and sounds bouncing around my skull.
Screaming and moaning, I throw myself back, collapsing on
top of his desk and sending a few of the folders piled there
tumbling down to the floor. I expect him to stop now but, of
course, Im wrong. Right now, he has no brakes, and nothing on
Earth would be able to make him stop.
With his hands placed on the back of my knees, he pulls me
into him and pounds me slower now; but slower doesnt mean
hes being any gentler. Instead, he has replaced speed with
strength, the brutish thrusts of his hips making me feel on the
verge of passing out. Seriously, theres so much pleasure
running through my mind right now that I wouldnt be able to
tell you my name if you asked me.
Curling my fingers around the edge of the desk to steady
myself, I just spread my legs wide and allow him to fuck me as
hard as he wants, another orgasm building on the back of the
last one. Hitting me out of the blue, I let another wild scream
echo through the room, the sound of my voice stabbing the
silence wildly.
I do it until my throat grows sore and then, for good measure,
I do it some more. Only when my throat gives up on me do I shut
up, whimpering as the orgasm raging inside my body turns my
body into a quivering mess.
Tired already? He whispers, leaning in to lay a gentle kiss
on my lips.
Never, I reply with a purr, his teasing words waking some
hidden reserve of energy inside of me. I sit up on the desk as he
slides his cock out of me and, not even wasting a second, I turn
around and assume an all-fours position, wiggling my ass from
side to side and inviting him in.
Accepting my invitation in a heartbeat, he comes up to me
and, angling his cock downward, he rubs it tip along the length
of my pussy. Without any kind of warning, he simply thrusts and
forces his whole twelve-inches inside of me with one quick
movement. I let out another wild scream, one that bounces off
the walls and comes back to my eardrums at full force.
Pounding me with a gentle fury only Austin is capable of, he
drags me down into a world where pleasure reigns supreme, one
where orgasms always come in a dozen. Sounds like a fantastical
world to live in, doesnt it? It sure does and, if it were up to me,
Id make sure that every woman visits this pleasure land at least
once in a lifetime.
Thrusting back against Austin, I impale myself on his cock
over and over again, taking part of the responsibility in building
another orgasm. It comes quickly enough just a couple of
thrusts more and the muscles in my throat grow tense, making a
supreme effort to push out a scream shrill enough to rupture my
own eardrums.
Completely lost in a daze of ecstasy, Im jolted out of it when I
hear a loud noise coming from one of the side doors. I raise my
head just in time to see someone kicking the door open; before I
can even blink, three Secret Service agents run into the room
with their handguns raised. Their eyes automatically dart to
every corner in the room, even after seeing the two of us, almost
as if their programming didnt allow them to process whatever is
in front of them before all threats are neutralized.
But, of course, eventually they lower their gun and, for one
long second, they just stare at us. Let me rephrase that: they
stare at my naked body, on all fours, my breasts wagging as I
look at them in embarrassment. I bet my cheeks are as red as
I cant see Austin, as hes standing behind me, but I already
know that theres a massive grin on his face. I mean, he didnt
even bother to take his cock out of me!
Were were sorry, sir. Weve heard screaming, one of
the agents say, his cheeks also becoming flushed. I cant help
but notice that theres a bulging in his pants - just by looking at
us, hes already hard. I dont know if I should feel even more
embarrassed or just plain proud.
No worries, boys, Austin merely says, as if this is nothing
to him.
Well let you to it, sir, one of the agents says, and soon they
turn on their heels and go out of the room. I cant help but smile
as I notice the proud tone in the way the agent spoke. Its a good
thing that Austin could trust these guys with his life, or else the
headlines tomorrow would be a riot to read.
Oh my God I dont believe this, I whisper, burying my
face against my forearm in embarrassment.
Weve just gave them something they will never forget,
Ash I bet this is the kind of story theyll be telling their
I cant help but smile - even in the strangest situations,
Austin can always see the positive side of things.
Well, I find myself saying. Lets give them a story worth
telling, then.
As soon as the words leave my lips, I start thrusting back at
Austin, slamming my ass against his hips. Responding to the
movement of my body, he matches me thrust for thrust, his cock
completely destroying every single nerve ending inside my
pussy. His cock moves so fast in and out of my pussy that I cant
even tell when its going in or going out. Not that it matters,
really all that matters is that hes inside of me right now.
Screaming at the top of my lungs after all, the Secret Service
already knows what were doing in here , I do it until my throat
starts complaining from the effort. And then I just scream some
Somehow, knowing that the agents outside can hear us, it just
makes me scream even louder. Even my throat seems to have
temporarily forgotten that its raw.
Smacking my ass hard, Austin amplifies the pleasure Im
feeling and, even though my throat feels too raw for me to
scream, I cant stop a loud moan from escaping my lips. Slapping
me again, he does it multiple times, and that hard enough to
leave a red mark on my flesh.
The last time he smacks me, he does it so hard that another
orgasm simple rises from the pain reaching my brain. It hits me
like a brick, and I almost collapse on top of the desk as I feel it
rage through me, its intensity enough to make me pass out.
Somehow, I hold on to consciousness.
Sweet pleasure still courses through my veins, but I dont
stop. Somehow, I think that Austins insatiable hunger is
rubbing on me. I push past all my limits and continue thrusting
back at him until I can feel pressure mounting inside of me once
again; but before I can come, Austin laces my waist and pulls me
Picking me up from the desk as his cock pops out of me, he
then carries me in his arms toward one of the couches in the
center of the office. He lays down, bringing me down after him,
and I dont hesitate I sit on top of his cock, my back turned to
him, and lower my pussy over his pulsing member. I bend
forward as I start jumping up and down over his cock and,
grabbing at his ankles, I ride him until my body seems to be on
I dont even stop when another orgasm explodes inside of me.
No, I just keep on riding wildly, screaming and moaning in fast
sequence, every single thought inside my mind scorched by the
immense pleasure Im feeling. Then, rising from all that
emptiness, a single thought takes shape.
Fuck me All of me, I say, rising and sliding his cock out of
my mouth. I climb down from the couch and, once more, I
assume an all fours position, this time on the floor.
Ive been waiting for these words, he whispers, going up to
his feet and walking around my body. Kneeling behind me, he
doesnt hesitate he pushes his cock down and, with his free
hand, he spreads my ass cheeks wide. I close my eyes and grit my
teeth as I feel the tip of his cock pressed against my ass hole.
Do it Fuck me I need you to I find myself saying, the
words falling out of my mouth fast and heavy. He doesnt say a
word instead, he just feeds one inch of his cock into my ass,
and it feels like as if his thickness is going to rip me in two.
Of course, that doesnt happen.
What happens is that, as he slides his twelve inches inside of
my ass, I start feeling pleasure well up inside of me. The kind of
pleasure capable of making me pass out and this time for good.
Knowing that Ive never done anything quite like this, Austin
goes slow as he starts to thrust. Still, it doesnt take long for him
to start nursing a rhythm, one merciless and implacable. And, by
the time his rhythm has grown to its full splendor, I dont even
feel any pain all I feel is a kind of destructive pleasure, one
thats shaking me to the core.
Fuck, I moan, shutting my eyes as I try to survive the
onslaught of pleasure. I feel everything in me tense, as if my
body had become the taut string of a violin, and I hold my breath
as one final orgasm takes over my very soul.
Grinding my teeth together, so hard they might break, I hiss
through them as if Im a woman possessed. Fire and lightning
rage through my body, going up and down my spine, and my
brain feels as if its about to explode into a million tiny pieces.
Im about to fall forward and collapse onto the floor when I
remember that Im not done yet. Oh, no, I need to inflict the
same kind of pleasure upon Austin.
Gritting my teeth, I push through the exhaustion and start
rocking my body back, forcing Austin to keep on thrusting. I
dont need to ask twice fully understanding what I require of
him, he digs his fingers into my hips and starts to go as fast as is
humanely possible, his cock sliding in and out of my pussy so
fast itd be impossible for any other man to try and replicate
what Austin is doing right now.
The intensity of his thrusts finally unleashes another orgasm
inside of me And this orgasm, God, how do I even describe it?
Its just outside of the realm of everything Ive ever experienced.
Its soft and fierce, its gentle and wild And all that at the same
time. Its pleasure in its purest form, its raw intensity
completely destroying my rational mind.
Screaming so loud that my lungs might pop like balloons, I
finally feel his cock throbbing violently inside my ass. A
heartbeat later and I feel the warmness of his seed filling me up,
his semen dripping out of my ass and going down to my pussy.
Austin digs his fingers into my ass cheeks as he comes, groaning
loudly and in a way that I wasnt expecting. He isnt particular
loud during sex and, hearing him being this vocal, I dont know
It just makes my heart tighten up inside my chest while beating
Oh, fuck This was He trails off, not finishing his
sentence, and then slides his cock out of my ass. It pops out with
a wet sound and, at the same time, I feel all of his semen
streaming out of my ass. I look back at him over my shoulder,
and the look of pure madness in his eyes makes me shudder;
grinning, he then spreads my cheeks wide and leans into me
with his mouth open wide.
Crushing his mouth against my asshole, he then uses his
tongue to lick it dry, sliding it inside of me and running it around
in while circles. He scoops up all the cum that he offered me
seconds ago and then, pulling back, he looks into my eyes again
and just swallows.
Exhaling sharply, he then throws himself back and collapses
on the floor, laying flat on his back while his chest rises and falls
fast. Turning around, I go to his side and lay down next to him;
huddling against his body, one hand on his chest, I lean into him
and press my lips against him, feeling the saltiness of his own
cum in his lips.
I love you, Austin
Me too
And I want this all of this every day for the rest of my
life. Can you keep up? I tease him, softly kissing him again. His
response is a deep laugh, one that tells me what his answer is
going to be.
You should be asking that to yourself, babe, he says, and I
cant help but laugh with him. I mean, its true even though I
want it every day (or, for that matter, every single hour of the
day), Im not sure if my body can take it. Is there such a thing as
too much pleasure? And, more than that, is there such a thing as
too much happiness?
Looking into Austins eyes, the smile on his face a tender one,
I realize I already know the answer to that question.
No, its never too much.

President Player Scores A Win!

FROM THE DESK of Margie Preston our fearless and fun political

THE NATION WAS GLUED to its television sets today as the House of
Representatives overwhelmingly voted to begin criminal
proceedings against the former Speaker of the House, Bob

THE FORMER SPEAKER is charged with several felonies that include

spying on a public official, attempted blackmail, espionage, and
numerous violations of the USA PATRIOT Act. If convicted of all
charges, the Speaker of the House could face up to 102 years in
maximum security prison.

THE FORMER SPEAKER is currently being held in a Washington D.C.

jail and it was agreed by both branches of government that a
member of the government could not effectively do their jobs
while being incarcerated.

WE THINK its best for the nation if Bob Walker were no longer
the Speaker of the House, the new Speaker stated in an
interview. Mr. Walker has assembled a legal team to represent
him against what will most likely be an onslaught of criminal
proceedings but experts contend that based on the nature of the
crimes, jail may be more preferable.

LETs just say that somehow Mr. Walker is able to beat back the
charges that hes facing, this is the United States government
youre taking on. And this government is bringing over 150
separate charges against you for violating Federal laws. By the
time you clear your name and get released from jail, youre not
going to have any money left after the legal fees. Youll almost
wish you could go back to prison.

THE FORMER SPEAKER has indeed been denied bail and will spend the
remainder of the trial from behind bars.

THE PRESIDENT AND HIS FIANCE, Ms. Draper were out in Georgetown
dress shopping when news of the indictments was released. The
President had no comment other than to say that he was
confident that the American justice system would do its work
quickly and he was comfortable with whatever findings were
LETS JUST BE CLEAR, Bob Walker threatened my fiance with being
a spy, the President continued. So if he gets out of jail, he
better watch his back. I say hes better off where he is right now.
Safe from me.

THE REMAINDER of the Presidents comments were then shushed by

White House aides, his fiance and other staff who did not want
him to make a scene and enter into a situation that he was not a
part of.

SO, ladies of Washington and America, I think while we had some

hope that the most eligible bachelor in the world was back on the
market, its probably fair to say that this time, he is well and
truly gone. Hes never looked happier. Shes got a glow. And you
know what? The country is on the right track. For the first time
in a long time, people actually feel that things are headed in the
right direction.

ITS a great time to be an American. And heres to another

wonderful four years.

T here's nothing sweeter than the feeling of victory going

after somethingespecially something where the stakes are
raised and you know you have to succeed. That's the kind of
victory I'm talking about, and right now, I'm basking in the glow
of that.
Well, I take back the part about victory being the sweetest
thing in the world. There is one thing sweeterI'll admit that
nothing tops Ashley.
I'm sitting in the Oval Office with Tracy and Ashley, and
Tracy's giving me the details of Bob Walker's sentencing for
illegal wiretapping. I'm leaning into my leather chair, my arms
folded behind my head and my feet resting on top of the desk.
"Consider it an early wedding gift," Tracy smiles.
"I still think you should've let me get married in Vegas, like I
wanted to," I say.
She playfully slaps the palm of her hand to her forehead. "Are
you kidding me, Austin? A public proposal demands a public
wedding. Vegas would never work."
Ashley chimes in, "And you can't get any more public than
proposing to me in from of the entire world during a televised
press conference. And there's no way I'm getting married in
Vegas! I don't even know why you think that's a good idea."
She laughs and leans over, planting a quick, playful kiss on
my lips.
"Besides," Ashley continues, "with the economy on the
upswing, people want a little glamour."
"She has a point," Tracy says. "I have to say that I agree with
"Oh greatso now you're both ganging up on me?" I laugh.
"Two against one. That doesn't feel very fair to me."
"Just because you've gotten the country back on track in just
100 days," Ashley says, "Doesn't mean that we can go and plan a
wedding that fast. These things take time, and lots of planning."
"And why is that? Who says we can't move quickly?" I ask.
"Everyone knows that there's nothing slow about Austin Bain."
"Is that so?" Ashley says, a devilish smile spreading across
her lips. Her smile alone makes my cock fucking hard. "And tell
me, just how fast does Mr. Austin Bain move?" I watch as her
eyes travel to my lap.
"What do you say I show you just how fast I am?" I grin. I'd
like nothing more than to lift up the tight skirt she's wearing
and bend her right over this desk.
Ashley walks over and sits in my lap, raking her fingers
through my hair. Her touch sends an electric thrill down my
"We can arrange that," she purrs.
I look down and notice that my zipper is somehow halfway
unzipped, even though I haven't touched it, and I joke with her,
"See? You're so hot, even my zipper is falling for you."
I watch as Tracy gets up from her chair. I almost forgot that
she was still in the room; I've been so magnetized by Ashley.
"Okay, okay, I think that's my cue to leave," Tracy says,
waving one hand through the air dismissively, as if she's trying
to shoo us out of her line of sight like annoying little house flies.
"I'll leave you two alone. But do me a favor and stay off the desk,
will you? It's a historical relic."
"I don't know what you're talking about," I smile. "Do you
Ashley plays along with my game. "Nope. Can't say that I do.
Now, why would we even want to be on this desk?"
"Very funny you two," Tracy says, smiling. "Play innocent all
you want, but I'm not falling for it. I'm not that gullible; I wasn't
born yesterday."
All three of us share a laugh at that.
Then Tracy walks out of the office, and as she leaves, we hear
her lock the door behind her.
As she closes the door, I realize that I really don't know what
I'd do without Tracy. She's been such a huge part of my success.
I make a mental reminder to myself that I need to get her
something incredible as a thank you gift for everything she's
done for me.
And you want to know what the most important thing is?
Without her, I wouldn't have Ashley in my life.
It's her that I have to thank for that.
"What are you thinking?" Ashley asks, wrapping her arms
around my neck, and breaking through my thoughts.
"I thought you always knew what I was thinking?" I reply.
"Well, you're usually thinking about fucking me," she smiles.
"So, I'll play the odds and guess that's exactly what's going
through that head of yours."
She rakes her hands through my hair again, and this time
grabs a handful of hair and gives it a playful tug.
Is this the end for us is probably what youre asking, arent
I think were just starting. And even though this story is
almost done, dont think we wont pop up somewhere
throughout the other books either. In fact, if youre really clever,
and keep your eyes open, you might see something fun buried in
the pages of this book.
Anyways, getting back to the the present, I look at Ashley and
shes still running her hands through my hair. She gives my hair
another playful tug and this time I think of her like a cat, looking
for attention.
I laugh, wrapping my arms around her waist. I then close the
little remaining distance between us, and press my lips to hers.
"I love you," I whisper, my mouth resting on her ear.
"I love you more," she purrs, and then playfully adds for
emphasis, "Mr. President."

I hope you liked Mr. President!! Hope it kept your interest!!

I always view novel releases like a day at the fair or something

fun. At least thats how when I buy a book, I look at it. I go to the
beach, or to my balcony, with a nice tall vodka tonic and lounge
chair and get ready to spend an entire afternoon.
So even though this novel was 50,000 words, I wanted to give
you some more content.

To fulfill this goal, here is what I am providing some extra

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Followed by a copy of Python, by Alexis Angel.
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And then finally a copy of Wicked Lil Brat by Alexis Angel.
After that, I have two short stories.
The 6 Train, which is a short story by Mona Cox.
Followed by Bain Vacation, another short story.
Both are never before seen and brand new. They will never be
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Our goal in this is simple.
To entertain you as long as we can to give you the best
experience with the words that we hold so dear. Because while
we may be in various corners of the world, the fact that we are
sharing these brings us closer together we feel.
Thank you so much for reading!



C lient 5: A Bad Boy Next Door Dark Romance

THERE ISNT a woman alive that I cant buyand Im rich
enough to pay.
I knew I had to have Ashley since the night I saw her. She was
so f*cking gorgeous.
I know its only a matter of time before shes mine. With my
8-pack abs, chiseled face, muscles, and tats, Ive never met a
woman whose panties didnt melt just by looking at me.
Take the pants off and ain't nothing in the world gonna save
her from Arsen Hawke.
Sure, she can say whatever she wants to pretend shes got a
She can say she doesnt fall for bad boys.
She can try to scare me off by saying she comes with a high
price tag.
But none of that f*cking matters to me.
Because Ive already fallen for that curvy body of hers. For
that beautiful face and soft lips. And Ill pay anything to ravish
her. Even if it means agreeing to pay the ultimate pricemy
Client 5 is a full-length standalone romance with a
guaranteed Happily Ever After, no cheating or cliffhangers.

O h baby, I love sucking this huge cock of yours, Sophie says

as she runs her tongue up and down my shaft in the way
that only a stripper can. Its getting me so fucking horny.
I can hear the steady beats of Lil John playing through the
club as I look down through the glass at the main stage of the
strip club. Its a pretty crowded evening, and I idly wonder if
some of the patronsthose poor, lonely schmos with no place
else to berealize that the mirrors theyre looking up at are
really one-sided and that I can look down from them at any
point. Including times like now, where Im completely naked
getting my cock sucked by a blonde stripper as a brunette one
rubs her hands all over my body.
But just as soon as I wonder, the brunetteI think her name
is Heather?starts twisting my nipples and I decide its a stupid
fucking thing to wonder about and I should just concentrate on
the task at hand. That task being namely to fuck the living shit
out of these two strippersnew girls to the club, but definitely
old hands at this game. They know whats fucking what, thats
for sure. The moment they started at the club, I could tell they
were fucking eyeing me. Deciding if it was in their best interests
to fuck me or not. Could they advance their careers by boning the
Let me take a moment to fucking introduce myself, since its
clear we havent met and youre just now popping into the
picture as I have my cock going in and out of one womans
mouth and my hands roaming the fake tits of another.
My name is Arsen Hawke.
Yes, I know what youre saying to yourself right now.
That Arsen Hawke. Yes. The 30-year old son of the billionaire
smut lord of America. The son of the man the nation knows as
the Corrupter. Collectively, my fucking dad is responsible for
putting out 83 Internet live web cams, 23 Pay-Per-View
channels, 3 magazines, and 5 different streaming porn services
through the Internet. All beamed directly into your home for
your little son or daughter to consume when youre not looking
further destroying what little of the moral fiber is left of Western
democratic values.
That Arsen Hawke that you read about in the tabloids. The
same one that you see on E! Online. With the chiseled 8-pack
abs, rugged face, icy blue eyes, and tattoos designed by some of
the most gifted artists of our time. Fuck, I dont even know why
Im describing myself. You know everything about me. You know
that Im good looking as fuck. That on the off-chance that I
decided to stop by your town or city, you would probably tell your
husband that you were going out so you could see me signing
autographs at the mall. Just catch a glimpse. Maybe youd hope
to see me take off my shirt. Maybe youd even get close enough
to see my ripped physique. Fuck, maybe I would make eye
contact with you and flex my pecs for you. Tell you to come
closer so you could see my 1% body fat body. Youd be pretty
close then, maybe Id even touch you. Thats when youd go
fucking crazy, because thats what I do to every girl around me.
Youd try not to at first, but you wouldnt be able to help
yourself from looking at the bulge in my pants. That 12-inches of
pussy pleasing pistoning that youve read about. Fantasized
about. Youd be so close to touching it. Tasting it.
If I told you to get in the limo with me, you wouldnt even
think about anything else. Fuck life. Forget every fucking
obligation you ever had. All youd want to do is get in for maybe
the most illicit and exciting moment youd ever have with
someone who is fucking larger than life.
Once inside and in private, Id take your hands in mine and
tell you that this is temporary and its nothing permanent. Youd
agree. Anything to have a taste of me. Anything for a feel. Youd
nod your head, and Id take my pants off, showing you my thick,
pulsing, veiny cock.
And fuck if you wouldn't go fucking crazy. Sure, Id let you
suck it like these two strippers right now, who are both taking
turns running their tongues around the tip of my cock. But then,
Id turn you over on all fours and Id fuck the living shit out of
you. I swear to fucking God you would cum enough times that by
the time I was done with you, you would be nothing more than a
quivering mess of flesh on the seat. Sex coma? Talk about
fucking sex amnesia.
And you would do anything for another taste of that cock.
Anything I fucking wanted you to do. Thats why Id want to get
the fuck away as soon as possible. But I would leave you with
memories that would last a lifetime as I flew off to my next
destination. Maybe Singapore. Or, maybe London. I hear its nice
this time of year.
So, yeah, that Arsen Hawke.
But there's so much fucking more that you dont know about
me. What about the fact that I haven't talked to my dad in 6
years, ever since my mom died of cancer and got no help from
him since he had already divorced her. That Ive been living on
my own, at the age of 30 at One57 on Billionaires Row in New
York City. That despite my body and looks and my fucking cock, I
have a fucking brain. Harvard fucking MBA, baby. But, no. You
don't know that about me. And quite honestly, Im not
Arsen, I want your cock inside of me, baby, Sophie moans
in her most slutty voice. I look down at her. She sees the look in
my eyes and smiles lusciously and takes Heather. The two trade a
wet, sloppy kiss for my benefit, and then turn away from me,
facing the window overlooking the club. They're both naked
fuck their stripperswhat do you expect? But what really blows
my brain is when they both bend over, jutting their asses out at
Which one of us do you want to fuck first? Heather asks,
her eyes twinkling with this lust game that their playing for me.
Im only fucking human, okay? I tear open the condom
wrapper and sheath myself as I grab Sophies waist with both
hands, and push my quivering cock into her pussy. Shes wet, Ill
give her that. But not really that tight. Fuck it, itll get the job
Within seconds, I have a good, steady clip going, pistoning in
and out of Sophies canal as she moans lewdly. To further
stimulate me, Heather starts licking and sucking Sophies tits.
Im building up my tempo, increasing my pace, and I can hear
my balls slapping against the underside of Sophies ass in tune
with the music.
Fuck me, harder, Arsen! Sophie screams and I oblige the
slut, pounding into her with enough force to topple someone
over. Its a good thing she has the window as leverage, steadying
herself as I go mercilessly at her cunt.
Another few seconds and I can tell Ive gotten Sophie past the
point of no return. Three more strokes, two, one, and bingo. Her
pussy clamps up around my cock like a vice and I feel her entire
body shudder.
Oh fuck! Sophie screams and I can tell that her body is
being wracked by an orgasm as her muscles clench and
My turn, Heather says and uses her hands to play with my
tennis-ball sized balls as I slow down. Heather guides me out of
Sophie and leans her back on the window, lifting her leg and
giving me easy access inside of her. I slide in, slick with Sophies
juices and begin the process again as she wraps her arms around
I feel Heathers tits against my chest. Sophie is still quivering
and shaking next to me as the new song starts up.
And thats when I fucking see her.
The new dancer that gets on stage.
Shes new. I know it. Ive fucked so many of the fucking
strippers in this club, they should seriously give me some sort of
award for not catching any STDs. But then again, I always protect
myself to the max.
But this girl. Ive never seen her before.
Or have I? She seems so familiar, and shes so beautiful I feel
like I know her.
Shes got blonde hair that comes down to her shoulders.
Fuck, her face is so fucking gorgeous. With the sweetest most
innocent eyes and the most beautiful face. But so what if her face
is sweet and innocent looking; her body is fucking sinful. Tits
that are perfectly shaped and big. A perfectly tapered waist.
Slender legs. An ass that's
Fuck, Im going to cum. Im going to cum so fucking hard. I
need to calm the fuck down. I can usually go forever. What the
fuck is wrong with me?
Baby, I just felt your balls tighten up, Heather says with a
wicked grin. Its okay, I know my pussys tight.
Actually her pussy is the opposite of tight. I might as well be
fucking a plastic bag, but I somehow dont care at this point in
Ive maybe only fucked Heather for five minutes now but I
pull out, and toss off my condom as if in a daze.
Its because I am in a daze. Im staring at that girl as she
twirls around on the pole.
My heart rate is increasing. Im not going to last much longer.
Both Sophiewhos calmed down and returned back to earth
and Heather get on their knees and start jerking me off. They
use their tongues to rub the underside of my cock.
And more stimulating than what those women are doing, I
look down and I see the stripper from Heaven bent over on the
pole, shaking her ass.
Holy fucking Christ.
I cant take anymore.
I fucking explode.
I shoot out arcs of cum. Rope after rope of cum is leaving my
body and I feel electric impulses go from my nuts to my brain,
paralyzing me. My muscles freeze and I can only experience the
convulsions that tear through my body.
I watch as my semen lands on Heather's forehead, her chin,
inside of her mouth, on Sophies tits, and on her nose. As I come
back to reality, I can hear myself breathing harshly. I look down
to see my cum dripping from both of their faces and chins onto
their bodies.
Normally, Id be pleased at my handiwork. But today, I search
desperately for the stripper.
But apparently, her song is over because shes leaving the
I need to go downstairs. I need to talk to her.
But thats when the phone rings.
My personal phone. My cell phone. Never ignored, because
its always important.
And only one person usually ever uses it to call me. Its no
surprise that its on the windowsill behind the strippers. I reach
over and grab it and turn it on. This better be quick. I need to go
downstairs and find this girl.
Oh, what about the ones in front of me, youre wondering? On
their knees, cooing and purring and licking my cum?
Whatever. I dont fucking care what they do tonight. Im done
with them.
Gerard? I say into the phone. He usually doesn't call in the
evenings. He doesn't usually want to interfere whateveror
whoeverIm doing.
Arsen, the calm off-English voice of Gerard comes
through. You need to meet me at the Plaza Hotel immediately.
Your father just died of a massive heart attack.
Its like I hear the fucking words, but dont understand them.
Arsen, Gerard says after a pause. Your father, Sloane, is
dead. You are now the sole owner of Hawke Media and you need
to come over. Now.
Well, fuck.
I need to get the fuck out. I need to go to the Plaza and meet
Oh, listen, if youre still here. This seems like its going to be
a fun ride. Youre welcome to stay along. If its not your cup of
fucking tea, no harm, no foul. But if you stay on and move onto
the next page, then take my fucking advice and go somewhere
you can be by yourself. And maybe take your panties off if you
dont want to do laundry. I wont have time to remind you
because I gotta get to the fucking Plaza. Like now.

E very other stripper in this club will hate me, but I've got to
say it anyways. I like it when Im on stage. But not for the reason
you think. Sure, Im getting naked and sure Im getting "rained
on." When the customers make it rain the club actually
changes a $100 bill for them for 100 singles and then lets the
customers throw the bills over you, in effect making it rain.
It makes it a bitch to collect though. But I can deal with that.
No, I like being on stage because I dont have to hustle and
work the main floor. I can be by myself. Most dancerswe
prefer dancers and not strippersprefer earning the lap dance
cash from the clients one to one. I like being up on stage. Most
dancers only use the stage as an advertisement, to catch a mans
eye so when they go down to the floor, people remember them. I
wish I could stay up here forever.
Dont get me wrong. Its not like I cant get anyone to agree to
a lap dance. Its actually the opposite. Guys just flock to me.
Sometimes they stand in line for me to grind on them.
No, I hate this part of the night because I have zero respect
for the guys that come in here.
I mean, if theyre married, what the fuck are they doing in
here by themselves? Creeping me out is what theyre doing. I bet
their wife or girlfriend will really appreciate them coming home
smelling of cheap body spray at the end of the night.
If theyre here in a group, well, thats slightly better, but still,
kinda skeeves me out. I mean, theyre here watching each other
get hard as some girl rubs herself on them. Sure, Im okay to go
out with my girlfriends and hit on guys while theyre there. But
with women, we know its just harmless fun. These guys in the
clubthey have this glint in their eye and theyre crazed.
Dont get me wrong. Im not some innocent little virgin
whos never been told the facts of life. I mean, I work in a strip
club, right?
But something about the patrons just causes me to want to
stay on stage.
Maybe its the hundred times a night I have to make sure guys
know that they cant touch me. I can touch them. Or how theyll
try to buck their hips as Im grinding on them, just so they can
go a little deeper.
Maybe its because at the end of the day, theyre judging me
based on my looks and putting a monetary value on it.
Thats probably it. When I go out with my friends and we talk
to guys, Im not putting a dollar value on how much Id pay to
talk to the guy or flirt with the guy. Even if I make out with him
or go home with him, its not like Im asking him how much it
costs. But these guys think that they can have me just because
theyre carrying fat stacks of $20 notes.
Sure, thats what Im here for. Technically, the more I can
make them think that, the more money I make, and the more I
can pay off the student loans that funded my Art History degree
from Yale. The degree that still hasnt landed me any sort of
meaningful job.
Its been roughly one year since I graduated. Im now 24 years
old, and this is my second month stripping. It got to the point
where I had to decide whether not stripping was worth not
paying rent and moving out of the city and back home with my
parents. I must have sent out at least seven hundred resumes by
then. Gone on dozens of interviews. But ended up with nothing.
Not the sexy things you thought were going through my head
as I rub myself on the crotch of some 50-ish Wall Street guy with
a receding hairline and a pretty big paunch, is it?
I turn my head back toward the guy a little to give him some
attention. You like that, baby? I ask with a slight pout. Inside,
Im wondering if his wife knows where hes at. I saw the ring on
his finger. I wonder if he has a son or daughter and if hes put
away enough for college. Will his kids have to take out student
loans because Daddy gave me their book money this semester?
Could you, uhm, maybe turn around a little bit, darlin? Mr.
Wall Street asks me, bringing his hands up, but remembering
what I said about touching. I kinda want to see, uhm, your
Sure. They all want to see my breasts. They want me to mash
it on their faces. They want to stick out their tongues so they can
play with my nipples. Whatever.
I like it just fine sitting here, I say to him and turn back,
grinding my ass on his crotch a little faster.
There have been a few times Ive made a guy cum just by
grinding on him. Thats been funny. Hes had to walk around
with a giant wet spot. Especially if his friends were here. Once it
was just a guy. He came in his pants. I seriously didnt even
know he did until I felt his pants get all wet. I mean, his cock
must have been tiny because I couldn't feel anything. Anyways,
he just went back to his table and ordered another beer. Sitting
in his own cum. Thats the kind of people that come to these
But, your breasts
I don't let the man finish. I need to establish whos boss.
Do you see that line over there, hon? I ask him, gesturing
my head to the line of guys waiting to ask me to give them a
dance. If you dont like this, you can go back to the end of the
Surprisingly, Mr. Wall Street has more self-worth than I give
him credit for. He pushes me off gently as I feel his hands on my
back force me into a position where Im standing.
Thats fine, he says. Can I have my money back?
The song isn't even half over and hes got a legitimate point.
But its people like him that attract the attention of the floor
manager and the House Mom. I know all eyes are on me as I
reach into my heels and pull out the wad of cash Ive collected,
peeling off a $20 note and turning around and walking away
toward the bar. I can hear the collective groans of at least half a
dozen people as they watch me leave. Guys who were waiting
their turn to get their cocks stimulated by my hot ass.
Whatever. I seriously don't have any fucks left to give them
right now.
I order a glass of wine at the bar, and sip it contentedly for a
Misty, a voice says and I dont even need to turn around to
know who it is. You left a lot of guys unhappy on the floor.
The face associated with the voice sits down next to me. Its
the House MomYasmine. Every club has a House Mom. We tip
her out at the end of the night. In return, she takes care of the
girls. She gets us dinner. She makes sure we don't get too drunk.
Sometimes she helps with our outfits and tells us when were up
on the main stage. But more than anything else, she makes sure
that we make money for the club.
Its not really the best idea to just walk away when you have
people lined up for you especially when some girls have no one
to dance for, Yasmine says again.
I shrug and take a sip of my drink. I needed a break, I say.
Youve been needing a break since you started, Misty,
Yasmine says, using my stage name again. My real name is
Ashley Lane. But on the floor, its like I have a pen name. And
its only professional for her to use it. Are you sure you want to
be here?
Thats the rub, isnt it? I graduated cum laude from Yale
University. Sure, Art History may not be Engineering, but its
still Yale. What am I doing at a strip club?
I need the money, Yasmine, I say to her for the millionth
time. You know that.
Isnt there anything else you could be doing to make money
instead of making yourself miserable every night from 8 pm to 4
am? Yasmine asks, as she too orders a glass of wine. This cant
be good for you.
Its not a question I havent asked before.
But there is one unavoidable truth in America for a woman
today that is kind of depressing but still hard to escape.
That truth? Sex will always sell.
No matter what you end up looking like, women can always
make money selling some form of sex. Which is basically what
Ive been reduced to because of my financial situation. A sex
I just wish I could find something that pays like this that
didn't involve I begin, looking for the proper words, but
Having to deal with men? Yasmine asks, as if shes in my
head. I look up at her because she hit the nail on the head. She
smiles at me.
If I didnt have to deal with ugly guys all night, I could still
do this, I tell her. Hell, I could do a lot more.
Yasmine pauses for a moment, as if thinking to herself. I
wonder whats going through her head.
Finally, she reaches into her bra, and pulls out a business
card. I had no idea she kept things in there, but she hands it to
Take the night off, darling, she tells me as I take the card.
And call these people in the morning.
Simulated Pleasures LLC, I read aloud.
Same owner as Scorchers, Yasmine says nodding, referring
to the strip club. Only you can work from home and its a phone
sex line. They could use someone with as much imagination and
intelligence as you.
I look at Yasmine, grateful. This could totally be it!
Thank you, Yas Im about to say, but Yasmine has already
gotten up from her chair and interrupts me.
Now go home, she says. Im serious. Youre no good

ITS NEARLY midnight by the time I get my makeup off, tip out the
DJ, the makeup girls, Yasmine, the waitress, as well as the club.
Im waiting on 6th Avenue for a taxicab but tonight, theyre
hard to come by. Finally, I see one that stops and I go to get in.
Just as I get inside, the door opens from the other end. A man
gets in.
This is my cab! What the fuck!
59th and Fifth Avenue, please! the man literally shouts at
the driver. I can tell he just came in from the club.
Hey buddy! I yell at him and he turns to me. His eyes widen
and he looks at me as if he knows me.
I cant lie. Hes cute. More than cute. Hes gorgeous. Hes
muscled and hes got a smirk and if he wasnt coming out of the
club, I would totally be crushing on him right now.
This is my cab, I manage to finish.
It takes a moment, and finally the guy speaks.
Listen, uhm, Miss, he says. My dad just died and the cab is
already on its way
Whatever. This is the last time Im going to have to deal with
people from a strip club.
Just make sure you give me the money before you get out, I
say and pull out my phone.
I put on my earbuds and turn on my music. I would have loved
to just stare at the guy, but his stop comes by way too fastin
like 5 minutesand he hands me a $100 note before rushing out.
34th and 8th, I tell the cabdriver, wondering what kind of
people Ill be dealing with on the phone sex line.
Regardless of what theyre like, at least Ill be safe from
people like this guy who just tossed me a C-note.
Im okay if I never have to go inside a strip club again. Or deal
with the people who frequent them.
Well, I mean, I wouldnt mind if I run into the guy who got off
at the Plaza again, though.
Just saying.

T he taxicab is taking me past the Plaza, where Gorgeous Jerk

got off, and is heading onto 8th Avenue. I look at my watch as we
approach Times Square.
Its just barely midnight. I can see Peters apartment on 50th
Stop the cab! I yell to the driver who stops with the
characteristic lack of surprise based on having seen everything
most likely in his tenure as a New York City cabdriver. I pay the
fare and get out of the car, heading toward Peters building on
the corner of 50th Street and 8th Avenue.
Peter lives by himself in a 4 story walk-up, and as someone
who graduated from college a couple of years ahead of me, the
fact that he has a job and an apartment to himself makes him a
pretty big catch in the dating pool of New York City.
I reflect on this as I take the keys to his apartment out of my
purse and open the front door.
Thats right. Hes given me a set of keys. I think he gave them
to me last month after wed been dating for two months. I
know what he sees in me. He thinks Im hot, or whatever. I
mean, I try to work out and look good. I save up for things like
dresses or heels or yoga pants. I dont spend obsessively going
shopping all the time, and Im not vain, or anything. But I try to
look cute. And I guess he appreciates it. I mean, if you ask me,
there are a thousand other prettier girls you can find at any given
momentIm not anything that special, but Peter always likes
showing me off for whatever reason.
But then again, arent I kind of doing the same thing? I know
that's what you were thinking maybe, werent you? When I said
the fact that Peter has a job and his own apartment makes him a
catch, I did my own aspect of superficial judging there I think.
I mean, on paper, thats great. But hes not perfect. I dont
think theres such a thing as a perfect guy. Hes okay to look at
hes tall enough, and hes not like super hot, but hes not ugly.
Hes just average.
We have sex. I mean, it is what it is. Its not like super-crazy
sex or anything. Like Im not yelling at the top of my lungs.
Sometimes I dont really cum. I mean, everyone knows that to be
a girl means sometimes a guys cock isnt going to do it for you,
right? And Peter isn't a big fan of going down on me, so
sometimes I just fake it to make sure everything is going well. I
mean, a part of me is really turned on and gets really wet
knowing what I can bring him to. What I can do to him.
Thats what Im thinking about tonight. Im thinking I want
to have sex. I want to fuck. But is his 5-inch cock going to satisfy
me tonight? Some nights Im lucky. If Im coming from the club,
already kind of horny, then sure, I can get off no problem. But
some days, 5 inches, no matter how hard, doesn't really do it for
Maybe if Peter worked out a bit more. But every time I ever
bring it up, he talks about how busy he is from work and how
much he needs to decompress. I guess I can understand that. I
mean, the guy who shared the cab with me todayhe was hot.
Obviously doesn't miss a gym day. Gym day is every day for
someone like that.
I wonder what having sex with someone like that would be
like as I finish climbing the four sets of stairs and open the door.
Maybe tonight I can close my eyes and pretend that Peter is
the Gorgeous Jerk. If I keep my eyes closed and not think about
the body Im feelingthe slight man boobs and bit of a potbelly
I guess I could pass it off.
Oh fuck, baby, thats so good. Just like that, I hear Peter say
from his room. Hes got a one-bedroom apartment in Midtwon
West and I know he basically pays an arm and a leg for it, with
very little left over to afford.
But thats not what Im thinking about as I hear him again.
Oh fuck, fuck baby, I hear him.
Is he jerking off? Maybe I should have texted him instead of
just coming up here like this.
I don't know why I make my footfalls softer.
But then again, I also don't know why my heart is beating so
Im at the threshold to his bedroom. The door is closed. I hear
the bedsprings squeak.
Someone is in there with him.
I give myself a moment to close my eyes and prepare for the
I mean, I thought we were good together. That this was as
good as it gets. But maybe I was wrong? Maybe I wasnt good
enough for Peter? I dont know, okay. Have you ever been in a
situation like this? Because I havent. I don't know if Im
thinking right.
I open the door. I dont even both knocking.
The reaction is almost immediate.
Peter is on top of someone and he stops while he's raised up.
He twists his head back and sees me. His eyes go wide.
Ashley! Peter exclaims.
I just stand there as he looks back down to whoever it is below
him and then to me, like a deer caught in headlights.
Ashley, what are you doing here? Peter asks again.
I say nothing. No, thats not true. I think I shake my head.
Yes, Im shaking my head.
Ashley, Peter says again, as if saying my name again is
going to mitigate what Im seeing.
And what Im seeing is searing into my memory. I see Peter
get up off of whomever he's with. His dick is hard and slimy.
He tries to cover himself, but the woman grabs the blanket
and raises her head.
Shes blonde like me. She has huge boobs. Not so slender.
Kind of a fucked-up face.
Yes, okay, Im being unfair. Whatever. I have the right to be
unfair right now.
Ashley! Peter says again.
I wish there was something I could do to make everyone see
what an asshole my ex-boyfriend is.
Im not thinking. Thats why I pull out my phone.
I turn on Facebook. I select the option to go live.
Sure, Im young. I have thousands of friends on Facebook. So
does Peter. We have so many mutual friends in common. People
from Peters work are my friends.
I push the button and voila. Were live on Facebook.
Everyone, I say pointing my iPhone toward Peter who is
standing there frozen, his dick is hard. Say hello to my ex-
boyfriend. He used to be my boyfriend, but I just got home from
work a few minutes ago. Im about four hours early. And I found
him in bed with
The woman doesnt seem fazed at all. She gets out of bed and
I wince as I see her tits sway. Did he cheat on her because I don't
have as big of tits as her? I mean, I have D cups. Shes definitely
She looks to me.
Hey, love bug, she says with a wave as she picks up a pair of
panties. Im Laura. You can find me on the corner of 42nd and
8th Avenue. I charge $100 for the half hour. $150 for the hour. Do
you want my website or something?
A hooker?
A fucking hooker?
Peter Theller, my boyfriend, was cheating on me with a
hooker who stands outside of the Port Authority Bus Terminal?
Peter Theller, I say, surprisingly calm. I just want to make
sure all my friends know, so they don't have to ask when they
find out why we broke up, that I caught you cheating on me with
a hundred dollar whore that you found outside of the bus
I zoom into his face. Hes sputtering.
I move the camera down.
Peters cock, which was as hard as a 5-inch cock could be,
starts to deflate. Despite myself, I can't suppress a smirk. This is
Ashley, turn that off! Peter says angrily.
Doesn't matter. He can try to turn my phone off. Hell, he can
break it if he wants. It's already gone live. And itll play forever.
And ever. Till the end of time.
I have nothing else to say to you, you stupid, selfish, piece of
shit, I say to him. My voice is even calm. Still.
Am I acting crazy? The jurys gonna be out on that one, babe.
But I don't work 8 hours grinding my ass on other guys cocks
not to be able to roll with the punches. And Im not gonna put up
with this shit.
Not when there are guys who look like the Gorgeous Jerk
walking around out there.
I turn off my phone and turn around.
Nice to meet you! the hooker calls out. Im Laura. In case
you didn't get that.
I don't know how, but Im out the door.
Peter is calling out to me. But I couldnt care less at this point.
I run down the stairs. They go by in a flash. All of a sudden
Im outside. I run across the street and down the stairs into the
I catch the downtown C from Port Authority. I dont know
where Im going, but Im glad that at least Im headed home.
I sit down on the bench in the train car and I think about
crying. But no. No tears for him! Never for him!
I will survive this. I will fucking survive!

I m sure that had my father been here at this point, he

would've been the first to join me in congratulating the
Board of Directors of the Metropolitan Museum of Art on their
opening of their new Impressionist Wing, I say to the polite
applause and some knowing laughter. Im sure he would've
been particularly taken with the nudes.
The laughter is a bit lighter now, people more at ease.
On behalf of the Met, I am honored that his last act was to
grant this gift, I finish and this time the applause is
Of course it fucking is. People will take money from anyone,
no matter how fucking wealthy they already are. Never mind
that half the people in this room would've never fucking allowed
my dad to come near their daughters when he was alive. And
could you fucking blame them? I couldnt. The guy literally made
billions of dollars selling smut. I must've had at least six
stepmothers in my life. I lost track after a while. Each one came
all giggly, then watched as they fell into neglect as their bodies
aged, until they left with their suitcases that they came with, and
a fat settlement check.
Now theyre dedicating a wing of the fucking Met to him.
Dont get me wrong. It cost money. But its the least I could do,
allocating a portion of the money from the sale of the live sex
webcams that he controlled and writing a check to the fucking
Thats right. Its only been ten fucking days and Ive already
started selling pieces of my dads smut empire.
Dont get me fucking wrong. I love to fuck. I mean, the first
time you saw me, I was fucking two strippers, remember?
Youre father would have been very proud of you, some
random old guy says as I descend the podium. I have no idea who
the fuck he is, but he takes the stage after me. I navigate around
all the fucking leeches that surround this place. As long as Im
making a name for myself by distancing myself from my dads
smut kingdom, and giving away some money to them, theyre
content to come let me inside. But the moment I start going
against their rules, theyll pull back the red carpet and leave me
out in the cold.
I find Gerard waiting for me outside the Met on the steps.
Hes looking through his phone, checking emails. Always a good
lawyer. Always on top of things. Hell, he basically raised me after
my Mom died and Dad started marrying women left and right.
When I moved out of the house before college because I just
couldnt get into Dad living with three other women, it was
Gerard who fucking made sure I didnt go off the deep end. Sure,
I like to party. I like to get wild. But trust me when I tell you that
Id be having a lot more than tattoos on my body if Gerard
werent there to bring me back when I started to stray.
Luca Gianonis left two emails and a voicemail while you
were inside, Gerard says. Hes still talking about the rest of
the strip clubs as being on the table.
Great. Does no one in this fucking city buy into the sex
business except the fucking mob? Id rather not sell to them if I
can help it, but if no one else is at the fucking table, I cant really
help it.
We have no more other offers? I ask, incredulous. The
strip clubs bring in close to five hundred grand a night when you
combine them.
Gerard shrugs. They also cost roughly three hundred grand a
night combined when you add it all up, he says.
Hes got a point of course. Strippers arent cheap. In fact,
theyre fucking expensive. But oh my fucking God, what a great
fucking expense to throw money at.
Ive always been a fan of strippers. But I swear its like ever
since that night a week and a half ago, I cant get strippers out of
my fucking head.
I sigh as I get into the car and Gerard gets in next to me.
You thinking of heading to Scorcher's again, Arsen? he
asks. Hes got a touch of fucking pity in his eyes. I cant blame
the guy as I nod.
I got to find this girl, I tell him. Ive been searching high
and fucking low for the stripper who was on the pole. I dont
know her name. I dont know when she works. No one else at the
club seems to either.
You want to know the bitch about the whole thing, though?
Its that same night I shared a fucking cab with her. I could've
asked her for her name at least that night.
Dont you knock me for being quiet that night. Im sorry, it
was just that my Dad had just died, okay? Sex wasnt really going
through my head at that point. This isnt like some fucking plot
hole or something you can mention in the review. You try getting
news that your estranged family member has just hit the fucking
bucket and you have to manage a sprawling multi-billion dollar
sex empire and see if you remember the small details.
The car pulls up outside the strip club where I had first seen
this gorgeous, blonde haired, perfectly curved woman ten
fucking days ago. With a name like Scorcher's, Im not sure what
I'm going to find instead. But fuck it. If I come up empty, maybe
I can fuck another stripper.
Way to look at the fucking bright side, eh?
I walk in, and instantly Im greeted by the House Mom,
Yasmines been eyeing my fucking cock for years. Shes got to
be the oldest one in this joint. And a fucking vet too, seeing girls
come and go.
Youre here for another one of my girls tonight, Arsen? she
asks me with an arched eyebrow.
Im looking for someone, I tell her. Sure shes been eyeing
me, but Ive never really given it up to her. Never really know
why. Just the circumstances werent right probably.
Lets go upstairs, Yasmine says as she turns around. I look
at her ass flex and instantly Im reminded of the blonde.
Yasmine turns her head back to look at me. To your office.
I follow dutifully. Fuck it, if I dont try to get my dick hard
thinking about boning Yasmine. But its like every time I think
about ass, or tits, or pussy, theres just one image that keeps
coming into my head.
Yeah, you fucking guessed it. The blonde goddess that I saw
last week.
We get upstairs and the music is a bit more subdued.
Yasmine slides over to me, rapidly erasing any personal space
that I may have had. But I dont mind. I wrap my arms around
her back and squeeze her ass.
Ive been waiting for this for a long time, Arsen, she coos.
I knew you were coming tonight. Youve been here every night.
But ever since you had Sophie and Heather, you havent taken
any other girl. I think I know why.
Maybe this is going to be my lucky night. Does Yasmine
That explains it! She didnt want to fuck me, but thats what
she had to make it look like to the other girls.
Jesus, Ill never figure women out, you know?
Youre done with those girls, arent you, baby? Yasmine
asks. I dont know why, but I nod.
You need someone whos finally caught your eye, dont
you? she asks. Fuck, shes on the money.
You need someone who will treat you just right, Yasmine
She couldnt be more clued in if she tried.
You know where I can find her? I ask and Yasmine smiles.
Her hand comes to rest on my crotch.
Wait a fucking second!
What do you mean, babe? Yasmine asks, a glint in her eyes.
But Im too caught up and I dont pay attention.
I think she was what? 5 7. Blonde hair. Body like a
goddess. Last time I saw her was ten days ago, the night I had
Sophie and Heather up here, I tell Yasmine.
Stifling a look of disappointment, Yasmine backs off.
Thats where I saw her for the first time, and then I actually
shared a cab with her, but I didnt get a chance to talk to her
much, I say.
Yeah, Im a fucking asshole because Yasmine looks
completely fucking disappointed. I guess she really did want to
fuck me tonight, huh?
But you know what? Im going to be the first one to admit that
in reality I am a fucking asshole. I got nothing to fucking hide. So
there. Ill be completely honest about it with you as to who I am.
I mean, Im sorry if it hurts your feelings, but would you
rather I lie?
Youre talking about Ashley, Yasmine says quietly.
So this Stripper Goddess has a name! Finally.
Is she working tonight? I ask her.
She doesnt work here anymore, Yasmine says and I think I
see a glint of pleasure at the total look of devastation that wracks
my face. "Her stage name is Misty, but her real name is Ashley
Lane. Don't tell anyone that I told you."
Just my fucking luck. The one woman I obsess about ends up
being the one who doesnt work here anymore.
But Yasmine has a heart of gold, because her next words are,
She started working at Simulated Pleasures last week.
Fucking bingo!
Good thing I didnt sell that place yet.
First thing tomorrow, Im stopping by there and finding out
how to get ahold of this girl.
I rush over and kiss Yasmine on the lips.
Hell, I break it off before she wants more. I know what I do to
women. And I dont want to go down that road now with anyone
but Stripper Goddess. Wait. I mean Ashley.
Thank you so fucking much, Yasmine, I say and she just
looks at me in a daze as I rush down the stairs.
I got to get ready for tomorrow.
Its going to be a great fucking day. I can feel it.

I t's been exactly one week of taking calls and I've learned a
few things: never ask permission questions, never asked if
they're married, and hot girls aren't bored. So when the phone
rings, I immediately snap into character. I lower my voice almost
to a whisper. I finger the lace of my braAgent Provocateur
and then run my hands up my stockings. I know some people
can do this job while they're washing the dishes, or mopping the
floor or something, but for me, I have to be all in. I can't multi-
task. I think it should feel authentic, and wearing the heels and
lingerie instantly gets me into character. I even turn down the
lights. I find that the darker the room is, the more I can focus on
the voice on the other end of the line.
I answer the call and sit back on my bed. I whisper in a soft,
sultry voice. The secret is to keep your voice smooth as a stick of
butter. "Hi, this is Misty. Who am I speaking with?"
I hear a man clear his throat. "Mike."
I wait for more but it doesn't come. "That's my favorite name
for a man," I purr, urging him on. "You sound strong and
"You can say I'm strong. I work constructionconcrete pump
"Oh that's good because I could use a few pumps of your hot
concrete. I'm so glad you called. My neighbors have been fucking
all day and listening to them has made me so horny"
"That makes two of us," he says.
"And I've got a secret to tell you. I'm not wearing any
"Is that right?" he replies, and I can almost hear a smile in
the way he asks.
"I've been so horny. I can hardly stand it. I haven't had sex all
day and it feels like forever. I have myself so worked up and hot
that I'm lying in front of a fan, and the cold air is making my
nipples hard. Do you like hard nipples, Mike?"
"Mm hmm," he mumbles, and I continue.
"What kind of girls do you like?"
"Young, blonde, and busty," he says without hesitation.
"Well, you're in luck. I'm 18, and I have long, blonde hair that
goes down to my tiny waist. I wish you were here with me right
now," I say, just above a whisper, and Mike lowers his voice as
"What would you do to me?" he asks, as if it were a shared
"Oh Mike, I'd make sure my lips touched every manly inch of
you. I'd start by nibbling on your earplayfully, but then I'd get
more serious and move my lips down to your neck and I'd touch
your strong chestI can tell you have a strong chest just by your
voice. And I'd run my tongue over your nipples, circling them a
few times."
"And what else?" he asks.
"I'd let my mouth move down your body even further, my
tongue resting in the deep V above the waistband of your pants. I
can even taste the salt on your skin and it leaves me wanting
moreso much more."
"Is your pussy wet?" he asks.
"Oh yes, you make me so wet. I'm soaking wetit's your
voice, your bodyyou have me so turned on, Mike. My pussy is
throbbing for you. I'm in the mood to fuck."
"Cut or uncut cocks?" he asks.
"I love all cocks."
"What would you do to my cock?"
"I'd unbutton your jeans after you've had a hard day at work,
and I'd slip my hand over your cock. Both of my hands would
work their way up and down your shaft until you're nice and hard
and then I'd place my lips on it. First kissing the tip, and then
slowly basting it with my warm, wet tongue, moving up and
down your manhood."
"Mm hmm, I like that," he says.
"But I wouldn't stop there. I'd wrap my lips around your cock
so tightly and take you deep into my throat. I'd take it so deep
that I might gag. Would you like it if I gagged on your cock?"
He doesn't answer, but I can hear him breathing heavier, so I
"Do you like it when I suck on your cock like this?"
"Yesmm hmmmore," he answers at a whisperor is it a
"Good, because your cock tastes so good. I can hardly stand
it," I say, and I can hear him jerking himself offskin slapping
"Mike, my pussy is so wetI want to ride your cock. I want
you to give it to me. I'm going to straddle your lap and lower my
pussy onto your thick, hard shaft with my breasts in your face. I
want you to take my nipples into your mouth."
Then I hear Mike coming, his breathing overtaking the
conversation, so I decide to enact my own climax as a spectacular
When his breathing slows, he asks, "Can I get your phone
"Oh Mike, I'm so flattered, but my dad would kill me if I gave
out my number. I'm still in high school. I'm 18, remember? Let
me give you my four-digit calling code so you can call me again
in private."
He agrees, somewhat reluctant, and we end the call. I lie back
and stare at the ceiling. Yasmine is right, I think to myself. This
is much better than stripping. At least I can use my imagination
during these calls. At Scorcher's, what you saw is what you got.
There's no masking the fact that you're on a stage being judged.
But during these calls, the people on the other end of the line
have to use their imaginations toowhich is also great because
it eliminates my old routine waxing, makeup, manicures,
pedicures, and you name it.
I think about putting on a pair of yoga pants and heading to
the gym, but then my eye travels to the stack of bills piling up
next to my bed. Shit. Unlike Scorcher's, this job also doesn't
leave me with cash in hand every night. I better go pick up my
paycheck from the phone sex company headquarters, Simulated
Pleasures LLC.
I quickly dress and hail a cab outside. When I tell the driver
where I'm going, he gives me an odd look. Is it a look of
judgment, or something else? I can't tell. I decide to ignore it and
place my ear buds into my ears and stream music through my
phone, drowning out the outside world.
After 20 minutes, the cab pulls up to a large, non-descript
white building. If it weren't for the address, I'd never know that
this is the headquarters for one of the largest phone sex
companies in the country. I don't know what I was expecting,
but it wasn't this. I'm still listening to my music, and decide to
leave my ear buds in. I hand the driver the money and give him a
curt smile. As soon as I leave the cab, I walk toward the building,
rounding a corner.
And then I feel itlike taking a bowling ball to my back. I'm
struck in the back and I try to turn around but my arms are
pinned behind my back. Without my hands, I can't remove my
ear buds or stop the music streaming through my phone, so it's
impossible to hear what's going on around me. I'm screaming
and thrashing my head from side to side, and the movement
causes the ear bud on my right side to fall out. I can now feel a
man's hot breath on my neck, "Shut up! Just shut up right now!"
He's placing his hands over my mouth, muffling out my
screams, and I bite down as hard as I can. It's my only option and
it's instinctual. I feel the flesh of his fingers pinched between
my teeth, and that's when he hits me; he hits me hard enough
on my head to shut me up. I'm feeling dazed, but when I finally
get a look at the man's face, I'm shocked.
"Shut up! Just shut the fuck up! You want to humiliate me on
Facebook live and then ignore all of my calls for a week? Well, I'll
show you what I'm going to do about that!"
The look in his eyes is one of pure rage and a battered ego. I'm
also surprised at his strength. He was never one to work out
much, and I attributed his soft body to weakness, but he's
stronger than I anticipated. It's shocking, really. Without saying
another word, he brings his hands around my neck and squeezes.
I place my hands on top of his, trying to pry them loose, but it's
not working. I can feel myself running out of breath and in a tiny
voice I manage to squeak, "You're hurting me, stop!"
And just when my entire world starts to fade to black, he
stops. I can't believe it. I open my eyes just in time to see
another man between us now. He's bigtall, muscular, and
broad shouldered. He's not the kind of guy you want to fuck
with, and I watch as his fist crashes into Peter's face, breaking
his nose.
"If I ever see you around here again, I'll fucking kill you," he
growls, clenching Peter by the collar of his shirt, and when he
lets go, Peter turns around and runs, not bothering to look back.
"Are you okay?" the man asks.
As he looks down at me, I get the vague feeling that I know
him from somewhere. I'm rubbing my throat and besides being
emotionally rattled, I'm fine. "I want to thank youwhat you
didmost people wouldn't get involved, but you saved my life."
When I finish talking, I look into the man's eyes again, and I
realize where I know those intense icy blues fromthe cab ride
from the club.
"Wait I've seen you somewhere," I say. "You're the guy
who tried to steal my cab outside of the club the other night."
"It was an emergency. I don't normally jump into other
people's cabs."
"Look, I appreciate your help but I have to go."
"Wait. I'd like to take you to dinner, I"
"I'm sure you're a nice guy and all, but I hope you'll
understand that I'm in no mood to be setting up a dinner not
after my ex-boyfriend just tried to murder me."
"Forget him. He no longer matters. Just say yes."
I look at himhis eyes the color of perfect weather, his
strong, broad shoulders, and gentle smileand even though I'm
feeling bruised and frazzled, and I promised myself I'd never go
out on a date with a man who frequents a place like Scorchers, I
surprise myself and say yes.

W ith a last look in the mirror I close the locker door and
head out of the locker room at the New York Athletic Club. Sure,
its filled with the same fucking fancy people that I spoke to at
the Metsome of these people are still scandalized that Im in
their precious little club of theirs. But guess what? Im now
worth at least $5 billion dollars. If I want to go around joining all
the most exclusive clubs in Manhattan, I have the money to buy
my way in. They dont. Theyre sitting on their piles of fucking
reputation and fake integrity thats as hollow as a fucking clam
shell. Probably got their house mortgaged five times over and a
mountain of fucking debt. Theyre probably just hoping that they
die before the bill comes due so everyone will at least think
theyre prosperous and dignified now. Who the fuck cares once
theyre dead, right?
Well, fuck that. I told you once before when I was with
Yasmine at Scorcher's and Im telling you again. Im always
going to be fucking honest with you. You may not like what I
have to say or how I say it, but I dont give a fuck.
I hand my gym bag over to the attendant at the bar, who takes
it to the cloakroom.
I have a young lady who will be meeting me outside the
Club, I tell the matre d and he nods and proceeds to go check.
Thats right. I figured what better way to put Ashley at ease
than by asking her to have a drink with me while were
surrounded by a bunch of rich old men. Oh right. Let me clue you
in on a few things. Gorgeous Stripper from Scorcher's whom I
rescued a few days backher name is Ashley Lane. Used to work
at Scorcher's but literally, it was her last day working on the first
day I met her. Now she works at Simulated Pleasures as a phone
sex operator. She has no fucking idea who I am or the fact I own
the whole fucking thing. And honestly, Im not in any mood to
tell her.
Just seeing me in the gym would've made you laugh
hysterically. There I was with my tattoos squatting hundreds of
pounds. Benching the weight of some people. And these ancient
men, with their big egos out in the real world just stared at my
physique as they walked on a treadmill. Each of them looked at
me jealously. And when I went to shower, I knew all eyes were on
me. Well on me, and my fucking foot long pleasure stick. It
dangled from my crotch like a sex snake.
If youre rolling your eyes at me thinking its fucking lazy that
I invited a girl to have a drink with me at my gym, then you can
fucking stop. The New York Athletic Club is more than just a
fucking gym. It's got 2 bars, 3 dining rooms, a drawing room, 3
libraries, hotel rooms to spend the night, and two formal
ballrooms for events.
Its also got a swimming pool, gym, shooting range, and
fucking art gallery. A fucking art gallery. So yeah, you could say
that it might be a fucking nice place to take a girl on a date.
Especially if its a private fucking club that she normally
wouldnt have admission to.
Your lady friend is waiting in the lobby, Mr. Hawke, the
matre d informs me and I nod my head and walk out toward the
foyer. Yes, Im hurrying. Because I want to fucking see her, okay?
Told you Im honest.
And Jesus fucking Christ, this girl does not fucking
disappoint. Shes standing there in a black dress thats tight
without being indecent. It ends just above the knees. Shes got
stockings and black heels on. Her hair is made and shes got
makeup on and it makes her look fucking sexy.
I feel my cock twitch just by looking at her fucking gorgeous
body. The way those slender legs are holding up her frame. I
want to suck them one at a time until she squeals. That waist.
Fuck, that ass. The dress is just tight enough to hug her curvy ass
and I want to take each ass cheek in each hand and fucking
squeeze them. God fucking dammit. Those fucking tits. Her
dress ends in a wraparound strapless top but it showcases those
marvelous tits like nothing Ive ever seen before.
The way youre looking at me, its like youve forgotten what
I look like naked, she says to me with a smile as she walks up to
me. She hesitates and I decide for her, leaning in and kissing her
on the cheek. I can smell her perfume. Its intoxicating.
Its like seeing you for the first time, I tell her. You notice
what I did? I didnt fucking swear. See? I can be fucking civil if I
need to.
Flattery will get you nowhere, Mr. Hawke, she tells me with
a teasing smile.
Then what about vodka? I ask, taking her hand and walking
her into the bar that I came from. Because this place makes the
best dirty martinis in New York City.
Ashley gasps as she sees the interior. Yeah, this is how the
fucking other half lives all right. The bar is fucking plush. The
wood at the bar is polished to perfection.
And literally every fucking face turns to the two of us. To the
son of the smut lord and the fucking gorgeous woman on his
arm. Women stare at us hungrily, and their husbands look at me
jealously. Fuck em.
Lets get a table? I ask Ashley, but Im not really fucking
asking because I lead her over and sit her down.
Its a nice place, Ashley says as she looks around. Im
Surprised that I would come here? I ask.
Surprised that youre going through the effort, she says
and smiles at me. Oh dont get me wrong. I totally appreciate it
and love the fact that were on a real date.
What the fuck would we be doing otherwise? I ask. Im
fucking sorry but I cant help myself.
Fuck, she says, and her eyes are looking right at me. Im
silent. A part of me thought wed get right down to that and
this was some elaborate hotel so you wouldnt have to go far.
I live at One57, I tell her. So Im literally a block away.
Ashley rolls her eyes. Well that makes sense now, she says.
You think someone like me isnt able to take girls on dates?
I ask a bit curious where this conversation is going.
You stole my cab, she says with a twinkle in her eye.
Coming out of a strip club. Which is all I know about you. Sorry
for not expecting more out of you.
I laugh. She smiles at me. Youre probably looking at me
thinking Ive gone fucking crazy. Laughing at what she said.
But dont forget. Im the one in control here. Not her. My
laughing is just a sign that Im not fucking threatened. Because
Im not.
Then what the fuck are you doing here? I ask. Yeah, yeah, I
know what youre going to say. But she said fuck first.
Waiting to see how youre going to try and fuck me, she
says and leans back as the waiter brings our dirty martinis to the
table. He gives her a sidelong glance, obviously hearing the last
part of our exchange. Ashley smiles and twirls her hair in one
finger absently.
What do you do? she asks me.
I raise my glass. Steal cabs from women outside of strip
clubs so I can rescue them from ex-boyfriends during the day.
She smiles and raises her glass and we click in a toast. Thank
you for the other night, she says to me.
Dont mention it, I tell her. I was just passing by.
I hope you know that it doesnt entitle you to sleep with me
or anything like that, she says to me, staring into my eyes.
I dont think it entitles me to anything, I say to her and she
looks at me with curiosity. Where am I taking this, shes
probably wondering. But I know youre still wondering what it
would be like if I fucked you.
If Id gotten up and whipped out my 12-inch cock and waved
it around, Ashley wouldnt be any more surprised it seems like.
Thats what Im wondering? she asks me, her eyes wide.
I nod my head. Since you got on your way over here. Youre
also wondering about these tattoos you can faintly see
underneath my shirt the way your eyes are moving.
Ashley takes a sip of her martini and leans closer on the table
toward me.
What else am I thinking? she asks, this time into a bit more
of a smile. Im curious because you seem to know so much
better than I do.
Youre thinking if my apartment is only a block away, how
you can legitimately end up giving me an opportunity to ask you
to come up, I reply back to her, not breaking her stare.
So you can fuck me? she asks, pretending to make sure.
So you can cum till you pass the fuck out, I clarify for her.
That good? she asks back with an arched eyebrow.
Even better, I parry back to her.
She pauses for a moment. So didnt you just give me the
opportunity to legitimately give you the chance to ask me to go
to your apartment? Ashley asks with a twinkle. When you
brought up the whole fact of bringing it up, cant I take it?
I smile. This was fucking easy I think to myself as I beckon
the waiter and get up. But unlike most girls, this one knows what
shes doing. She might end up being quite a bit of fun.
Well see. Like I told herand youmy apartment is literally
a block away.
She gets out of her chair.
Are you taking me up on my legitimate chance? she asks
with amusement. Are we going to your apartment?
I figured Id show you around, I tell her. I know what Im
doing. Im the one in control, remember?
Then maybe I should do this, she says and takes two steps
She reaches over and grabs my head with both hands and
pulls my mouth close to hers. In a moment, Im kissing her. Our
lips part and our tongues meet as our eyes close. She massages
her tongue gently over mine and Im in heaven.
Before I know it, shes pulled back.
Ill meet you outside, she says and turns around. I watch
her hips sway and her ass cheeks flex as she walks out.
Every eye in the restaurant is on me. I literally have no idea
what to fucking do.
But I do know one thing though.
Im a fucking idiot if I ever thought I was in control with this
I cant wait to find out what happens next.

O ne57. I never thought Id actually step foot into one of the

most exclusive condominiums in the world. But here I am, riding
in One57s elevator, arm in arm with a drop-dead gorgeous man,
Arsen Hawke. The place looks amazing, but to tell you the truth,
I dont pay much attention to it. By the time he opens the door to
his apartment, theres only one thing dominating my mind: sex.
Theres something about him that tells me Im in for quite a ride

I step inside his apartment, and the moment I hear the door
closing behind us Im on him. I turn on my heels and press my
mouth against his. Our lips touch and my soul starts to boil. Its
all it takes reallyone taste of the Devils lips and I know Im
damned. Whatever he wants to do to me, Im his.
I part my lips slightly, my tongue reaching for his and dancing
in slow soft circles around it. His hands are on my waist, his long
fingers firmly planted on my hips. We kiss in abandonment, my
fingers running through his hair and disheveling it as my heart
beats faster and faster. I let my hands fall down to the side of his
face and I trace the hard lines of his jaw, the warmness on his
skin calling to me.
Im going to fuck you, he suddenly says, taking one hand to
my neck and yanking on my hair, forcing my head back. I open
my eyes, locking them on his, and I stop breathing for a whole
second as he continues. Im going to fuck you so hard you wont
even know your name when were done.
Each word that leaves his lips is like opium, traveling from
my ears to my brain and drowning it in numbness. I try to think
of an appropriate response, but all I can do is mouth an anxious
yes. He takes one step forward, pushing me back and pinning
me against the wall. My heart is drumming so hard I half-expect
it to claw its way out of my chest anytime now.
I own you. Right now, youre mine, he says, leaning in and
whispering in my ear, his full lips brushing against my skin. My
heart rises and falls at a hurried pace, my lungs working
overtime as his eyes seem to devour me. Impatient with my
silence, he yanks harder on my hair, his lips turning into a hard
line. Say it.
What the hell is going on? If any guy treated me like this in
the strip club Id have the bouncers kick his ass in the blink of an
eye. Hell, I wouldnt tolerate this from any of my past
boyfriends! But, somehow, his hard eyes locked on mine, I find
my brain shutting down, my unconscious hidden thoughts
crawling out of their cages.
Im yours, I find myself saying, my voice sounding foreign
to my own ears.
You are, he grins, the way his lips curl upward makes him
look even more beautiful. And youll do everything I tell you
I will do everything you tell me to, I repeat, my mouth
turning dry. Of course, as my mouth goes dry, my pussy becomes
wetter than it has ever beenmaybe theres some correlation
Still with one hand on my hair, he takes the other one to the
hemline of my dress, the tip of his fingers brushing against the
naked skin above my right knee. I feel my skin prickling as his
fingers hike up my leg, gently lifting the dress in the process.
The closer he gets to my pussy, the wetter I become, a wildfire of
desire spreading inside of me. I almost reach for his wrist and
force his hand against my pussy, but Im so entranced by his
touch I simply stand still, the perfect victim to his teasing.
Unblinking, I stare into his eyes as his fingers close in on my
groins, my insides burning with anticipation. But instead of
simply going for it, he simply traces the contour of my thong
with his index finger, going back and forth over both my groins
without actually touching my pussy. Guided by unconscious
desire, I find myself bucking my hips at him, aching to feel his
hand on me. The moment I do it, he takes his hand out from
under my dress and yanks on my hair again.
Stand still, he tells me, deviousness flickering in his eyes. I
nod, pursing my lips and trying to ignore my own instincts.
Stand still, I repeat to myself, the words echoing inside my head.
In an instant, his hand is under my dress again, his index finger
gently running along the place where fabric and skin meet. He
goes like that for what seems like an eternity, although it
couldnt have been more than a minute. Its easy to lose track of
time when youre so wet your juices have soaked your underwear
completely. Then he finally turns his wrist and flattens the palm
of his hand over the front of my thong. I cant help but gasp as I
succumb to the pressure of his fingers on my pussy. I throw my
head back and close my eyes, a sweet numbness embracing every
single one of my nerve endings.
Arsen starts rubbing my pussy softly, his fingers pressed tight
over my wetness. A purred moan leaves my lips as he does it, the
whole world fading away around me. With a flick of his fingers
he pulls my thong to the side and brushes one fingertip over my
labia, his touch making my brain almost explode.
Youre so wet, he says, his finger going back and forth over
my drenched lips. I love it.
Please, I mutter, not even understanding what Im asking
for. I want him to slide his finger deep inside of me, I want to
feel his cock pushing past my inner lips and lodging itself inside
my pussy. I want it all, and I want it right now.
Before I can even react, he parts my inner lips and slides his
finger in, moving it inside me like a hook and pressing his
fingertip in that sweet hidden spot. I moan again, this time
louder, and he presses harder against my G-spot. I swear to God,
Im so delirious with desire I have no idea how Im managing to
stand still.
He starts to move his finger in and out of my pussy, each time
his hand moves the rhythm growing. Soon enough his finger is
moving so fast Im no longer moaning, Im just trying to keep
breathing through the avalanche of sensations that rages inside
of me. Letting go of my hair, he takes his other hand to between
my thighs and presses his thumb over my clit, applying just
enough pressure to force a moan out of my lips once more.
Working on my clit with his thumb, his index finger flying in
and out of my pussy, he guides me to the edge and, with a simple
word, throws me off of it.
Come, he whispers, his lips brushing against my ear.
Come for me.
Just like that, I go off. I close my eyes again, breathing hard
through my gritted teeth as all muscles in my body become tight
and hard, uncontrollable tension pooling in every single fiber of
my being. Like a bomb, pleasure explodes inside of me, my
muscles letting go of all that tension as a forceful scream leaves
my throat. My voice quivers as he stops moving his finger and
just presses it hard against my G-spot, rubbing it there with the
mastery of a man who knows women almost too well.
I press my back against the wall, trembling as he slides his
finger out of my pussy and looks me in the eyes.
This was just a taste, he grins, that sweet mischievousness
in his lips driving me completely mad. Plenty more to come If
you behave, that is. As he speaks, he brings his fingers up to my
face, and lays the one he had inside of me against my lips. The
scent of my own pussy climbs up my nostrils, and I find myself
opening my mouth gently, allowing him to slide his finger in. He
slides it all the way in, my tongue running along its length and
licking it dry of my own juices. Tasting myself I grow even
wetter, wanting much more than to just be fingered. I mean, if
he can make me feel like this using only one finger and one
word, what else can he do? Oh, judging by the look in his eyes,
Im going to find out pretty soon.
My instincts taking the wheel, I reach for his crotch, anxious
to feel him and find out what he hides under his expensive
clothing. But, the moment my hand is just an inch away from
him, he moves quickly and grabs my wrist.
Not yet, he tells me firmly, letting go of my wrist and
taking a step backward. Youll have to earn that.
I lick my lips, anxious to do whatevers necessary to earn it. I
still cant believe Im letting him act like this, dominating me as
if I were nothing more than a naive innocent girl But hes so
damn intoxicating. And Im not just talking about his good looks;
no, it goes deeper than that. One hard look into his eyes is
enough to realize that Arsen Hawke is more than just a man;
hes almost from a completely different breed. Standing here, in
the presence of a man who seems so perfect its almost
unbelievable, what else can I do than obey every single one of his
words? Sure, I wont let him push me around forever but my
body demands me to do it right now. I cant help but submit.
Arsen takes another step back and loosens his tie, opening
the top button of his shirt as his eyes wander all over my body. I
feel him devouring every single inch of naked skin in me, and I
know hes aching for more.
Turn around, he tells me, his voice leaving no room for
hesitation. The moment his words caress my eardrums, Im
turning on my heels, my back to him as my heart thumps louder
against my chest. Your dress, take it off. Slowly.
I take one deep breath, moving my hands to my shoulders and
pushing the straps of my dress down my arms. I feel the fabric
drooping over my breasts, and I pull on it until my dress is
hanging around my waist. Hooking my fingers on it, I sway my
hips from side to side, slowly letting the fabric fall down my legs
into a heap at my feet.
His shoes click across the floor as he takes one step toward
me; I fight against all of my urges and remain in place, every
fiber in my body screaming for me to turn around and face him. I
feel his fingertips over the dimples in my lower back, and then
he runs them all the way up to my shoulder blades; he moves his
fingers across the edge of my bra, stopping only to undo the
clasp there. He does it with one single movement, the cups
drooping over my breasts.
I half-expect him to pull the straps down my shoulders, but
instead he takes one step back. Take it off, he commands me,
my arms moving by themselves in response. I push the straps
down my arms, and then I let the bra fall down to the floor, right
on top of my dress. My nipples are hard, almost desperate to feel
his fingers, mouth, and skin on them.
For a long second, he says nothing. I close my eyes as I feel
him appreciating my body, the air around both of us becoming
heavier and charged with electricity. I can almost feel the
desperate need he has to see me taking my thong off, and still he
waits, letting the fire of anticipation rage in both of our bodies.
You look so fucking perfect, he says, moving fast toward
me and pressing his body against mine. My hands go to the wall
and I unconsciously jut my ass back at him, my rear pressed tight
against his crotch. I sigh deeply as I feel his thick shape straining
against his pants, pulsing with desire and lust. He laces my
waist, pressing his forearm over my stomach as he pulls me into
him, bucking his hips at me at the same time. Hes thick and
long, probably the biggest I have ever felt And let me tell you,
when you work in a strip club you get to feel a lot of cocks.
I sway my hips from side to side, the bulging in his pants
pushing against my ass cheeks as I move. Arsen runs his free
hand up and down my side, his long fingers only stopping when
they meet the small string of fabric that delineates my thigh
he hooks them there, on my thong, and pulls viciously. Just one
pull and he tears my thong apart, the fabric sliding off my body
in such a hurried way that I cant help but gasp.
His lips are on my neck as I grind my ass against his cock,
everything in me burning with a frantic desire to get him out of
his clothes. I reach behind my back, wanting to place my hand
over his crotch, but once again he grabs my wrist, pinning my
whole arm behind my back.
You want it that much? He asks me while I try and fight
back against the hold he has on me. Its impossible: hes simply
too strong.
I do, I respond, leaning forward and pressing my forehead
against the wall, as my breathing grows heavier. The moment
the words leave my lips, he lets go of me. He takes two steps
back, the absence of his body on mine almost too painful to
endure. Reacting on instinct, I turn on my heels, my feet making
me follow after him.
Stop, he says firmly, and I stop dead in my tracks. Were
just a few inches away, and that is almost enough to drive me
insaneto know that I could just reach for his shirt and start
peeling it off of him On your knees, he continues, my body
once again responding without his commands having to be
filtered by my brain. I dont know what it is about him, but the
moment he speaks, I do it. As soon as my knees touch the floor,
my heart is pounding hard again, my eyes glued to the thick
shape straining against his pants. How bad do you want it?
I want it bad, I say, my voice quivering as he starts to
unbuckle his belt. I cant even blink, my eyes glued to whats
happening in front of me. With slow teasing movements he
takes the belt out from his pants and throws it on the floor; his
fingers then go back to his crotch, unbuttoning it with deliberate
and maddening patience. Each buttons he undoes, my heart
kicks and punches harder against my ribcage And with each
button he pops out, his cock strains harder against his boxer
Then have it, Arsen says, reaching for my hair and yanking
my head back. He leans down toward me and presses his mouth
against mine, our kiss one of wildness and frenzied lust. When
he stands up again, my hands are moving toward his crotch; I
hook my fingers on the side of his pants and slowly pull them
down to his knees. My fingers go up his legs and over his
underwear, but never touching his cock. I want to touch it more
than anything, but I want to make him feel the poison of
anticipation in his veins.
I let my fingers move up and downup to his waist and then
down to the hem of his boxers. I do it over and over again, never
taking my eyes off of his thick shape, seeing it pulse more
harshly every time my fingers go near it. Then, unable to put it
off any longer, I flatten the palm of my hand against his bulging.
I bite my lower lip as I feel him under my hand, his cock so big
my insides clench. Is he going to fit inside me? Is it going to
Leaning forward, I close my eyes and tilt my head sideways. I
part my lips slightly and rest them against the shape of his cock,
sucking on it over the fabric of his boxers. It pulses against me,
eager to be set free and unleashed upon my body. Oh, I yield to
its wishes pretty easily: hooking my fingers on his boxer briefs, I
pull them down, his cock springing free in a heartbeat. As I lay
eyes on it, I feel my heart tight inside my chest. To feel it is one
thing, but to see it God, hes hugeand absolutely perfect.
I run my fingers over his groins and, my heart drumming so
fast it might burst any moment now, I rest my index finger over
his shaft. As slowly as I can, I slide it up from his root to the
glans, then move it back down again; stretching my fingers wide,
I cup his balls, feeling their weight with the palm of my hand. I
roll them over my hand, their warmness spreading to my
fingers, hand and arms, and filling me with uncontrollable
The moment I realize what Im doing, Im already leaning
forward, my fingers curling around his shaft and pointing it
straight to my mouth. I part my lips and rest them over his
glans, scooping up his pre-cum with the tip of my tongue and
letting his salty flavor inundate me.
His hands are on my head, but hes just feeling the gentle
sway of my body, letting me follow my own rhythm. I lap at his
glans with my tongue, running it in slow circles around his tip as
I start moving my hand back and forth, his pulsing thickness
feeling alive under my fingers.
Moving my head sideways, I run my tongue from his tip to the
root, licking the whole length of his shaft as I look up at him.
The moment we lock eyes, I feel my pussy clenching
something primal and wild roars inside of me, and I know that in
a few heartbeats Ill be completely out of control.
I open my mouth wide and, leaning forward, wrap my lips
tightly around his tip; I keep moving forward, his shaft rolling
over my lips and tongue as he slides deep inside of my mouth. I
feel it pushing down on my tongue and straining against my
cheeks but I keep going. I only stop when I feel his tip at the back
of my throat, my mouth completely filled with his cock.
I start bobbing my head, moving it back and forth over his
cock. Going from his tip to the base, I start to go as fast as I can,
cupping his balls with one hand. With my free hand I grab his
shaft and, moving it in tandem with my mouth, I start to stroke
him. Suddenly, I feel his fingers hooking themselves in my hair
and he forces me stop. I look up at him, his cock still inside my
mouth, and he simply grins. Deviousness flickering in his eyes,
he starts to thrust, making his cock slide in and out of my mouth
at a growing pace. It doesnt take long for him to be moving so
fast I have to open my mouth as wide as I can, his cock fucking
me relentlessly. Closing my eyes as his shaft flies in and out of
me, I cant help but wonder how its going to feel when hes
doing this to my pussy.
Still holding my head in place, he rests his free hand on my
shoulder and lets it fall down to my breasts. Easing down his
rhythm, he runs his fingers over the curve of my right breast and
circles my hard nipple carefully. Then, the moment he pulls his
cock out of my mouth, he pinches my nipple between his thumb
and index finger; I gasp, my insides clenching as my hand starts
moving again, stroking him as fast as I can.
Electricity spreading across my body from the pressure hes
applying on my nipple, I lunge forward, my parted lips resting
against his shaft. I lick his cock sideways, running my lips and
tongue over his length and going down to his balls; there, I open
my mouth and suck one in, rolling it around inside me as I keep
on stroking him furiously. Looking up at him, I cant help but
feel victorious delight from seeing him with his eyes closed,
head slightly thrown back in ecstasy. He might know how to
drive women completely insane, but Im not a woman anyone
should underestimate. After all, I was the reason thousands of
men lied to their wives and went to the strip club to spend their
hard-earned cash.
Suddenly, Arsen yanks on my hair and forces my head back,
my eyes locking on his. Hes breathing hard, the corner of his
lips turning upward. Stand up, he tells me. Reluctantly, I let
go of his cock and go up to my feet.
I dont even have enough time to think about whats
happening: hes on me in an instant, his body pressed tightly
against mine. He pins me against the wall, one hand cupping my
left breast while the other grabs one buttock. I throw my head
back, his lips on my neck; he nibbles my skin there gently, going
all the way from my neck to my lips. We kiss in abandonment,
my anxious hands darting to his collar.
I start unbuttoning his shirt, my trembling fingers fumbling
with the buttons on their way down. His hard pectorals brush
against my knuckles and, the moment the last button pops out, I
run both my hands from his stomach to his chest, feeling every
hill and ridge of his muscles. From his perfectly carved
abdominals to the ropes of muscles in his arms, everything in
him seems designed with only one objective in mind: perfection.
See those male models that often don the covers of magazines?
Yeah, they dont hold a candle to Arsens body. In fact, perfect is
a poor word to describe him.
He doesnt give me much time to appreciate his body, though;
as I pull his shirt down his arms, he grabs me firmly by the hips
and makes me turn around. I place my hands on the wall as I face
it, suddenly feeling more exposed than I have ever been in my
entire life. And I used to be a stripper, for Gods sake! But with
Arsen its different Hes perfect in every sense of the word
and, somehow, I want him to feel the same way about me too.
I stand still, not moving and barely breathing as I hear him
kick off his shoes. I hear the rustle of his pants and I can almost
picture him as he strips nakedmore than anything I want to
look over my shoulder at him, but I manage to control these
urges. Then I feel him breathing close to my neck. As his mouth
touches my skin I close my eyes by instinct, succumbing to the
perfect way his velvety red lips caress the contour of my neck.
Carefully grabbing a handful of hair, he brushes it over my
shoulder, his kisses hiking up to my ear.
Youll moan, he places one finger over my spine, right
below my neck. Youll scream, his finger starts to move down,
tracing the valley of my spine until it reaches my lower back.
And then youll beg me to fuck you, he almost growls,
brushing his fingertip over the curve between my ass cheeks. I
tremble and shiver, my skin prickling as his words blanket my
rational mind. Moan, scream and begthat seems like a perfect
menu, if you ask me.
Ill moan and scream, I repeat after him, the sound of my
voice coming out quivering and weak. As I start to speak he runs
his finger down to between my legs, caressing my wet folds
gently. And then Ill beg! The last word comes out as a gasp,
his finger pushing its way past my pussy lips and burying itself
deep inside of me.
Slowly, he takes it all the way out, once again running it along
the length of my pussy. He only stops when he reaches my clit,
first circling it, and then pressing hard on it. Its stronger than
myself: I cant help but moan.
Thats a start, he whispers, running his finger down and
sliding it all the way in. Flicking his wrist, he fingers me in a
pendulum motion, each time his finger goes in his pace
increasing. Im moaning, and Im doing it as hard as I can; still,
the moment he slides one more finger inside of my pussy I stop
moaning. What I do is grit my teeth and scream through them,
my eyes shut tight as I succumb to the pleasant warm electricity
that fills every single muscle in my body.
He goes fast and vicious, fucking me with his two fingers until
I cant take it anymore. I press my forehead against the wall and
let out a loud and mighty scream, my muscles convulsing as
pleasure rages through my veins. The moment I start screaming
he turns his wrist around and, moving his fingers inside of me,
presses hard on my G-spot and starts to rub me there. I scream
even louder, my throat already starting to hurt.
Fuck me I whisper, the words tumbling out of my lips like
a magic spell. Fuck me, Arsen I repeat, my voice coming out
honeyed and mellow. Please.
I told you that youd beg, he whispers, still rubbing my G-
spot and sending waves of pleasure through me.
Please, please, I repeat, intoning the words like a mantra.
I love the way you beg, Ashley, he continues, taking his
fingers out of my pussy and running them up my stomach,
tracing an upward line with my fluids. He goes all the way up to
my face, and then presses his fingers against my lips; I open my
mouth once more, eager to feel my own juices again. I suck his
fingers dry as he moves them in and out of my mouth and, in an
instant, its over: he takes them out and moves them in a line
around my neck and down my back, tracing the curve of my
buttocks with maddening patience.
Ive already stopped screaming, but Im still breathing hard
through my gritted teeth. But the moment he runs his finger
over my ass crack, a loud moan fills my mouth. Pressing gently,
he slides his finger between my ass cheeks until he finds my
anus; there, he presses harder, drawing little perfect circles
around it. Then, no warning at all, he slides it in an inch, my
body tensing up like a nocked arrow.
Oh, God! I mutter, a web of delight covering all of my
senses. Please, Arsen I cant take it anymore. Fuck me now
Even though I cant see him, I almost feel his mischievous
grin. He takes his finger out of my ass, and in a heartbeat, hes
pressing his cock between my thighs, angling it so that his glans
is pushing against my inner lips.
I push my hips back at him and his cock pierces me like a
spear, burying itself in me to the hilt. I dont even moan or
screamfor a few seconds, I even stop breathing completely,
just taking in the pleasure that hes injecting in me. His massive
cock is straining against my inner walls, filling me up in a way no
other man has done before. Its almost as if Arsens cock was
designed solely for the purpose of fucking me. For a while, I
thought that having something so massive inside of me would
hurt Well, I was mistaken. If theres any pain, its one so well
hidden in a veil of pleasure that its simply impossible to notice.
Slowly, he slides his cock out, but only to bury it in me again.
He starts slowly, the whole notion of time fading away as he
thrusts. Seconds stretch into minutes, and minutes into hours.
Eternity is at my fingertips, his body on mine the most perfect
thing I have ever experienced. And when he starts to thrust
harder I almost explode, a cascade of moans climbing up my
throat and rolling over my tongue. Not only does he go harder,
but he goes faster too, his thighs slapping my ass with such
strength that the sound of flesh on flesh fills the whole room.
Lacing my waist with one arm, he lets his hand fall down to
my pussy, two fingers reaching for my clit. The moment he
applies just a tiny amount of pressure there, I cant help but let
out a scream so loud Im sure Im going to have a sore throat
tomorrow. But who cares?
I come like a madwoman, pushing my hips back at him with
such ferocity that he has no other choice but to slide his cock
deeper than before. I grit my teeth as his shaft lodges itself
inside me, all of his length pushing back against my inner walls.
My forehead is still pressed against the wall, all my muscles
burning and trembling with pleasure as I succumb to a perfect
orgasm. I take a deep breath, ready to rest for a few seconds, but
he doesnt even allow me that: before the orgasm has subsided
hes pistoning into me again, his body moving with such
perfection that I just wish for him to keep going like that for all
Oh, God I mutter to no one in particular, my arms
growing so weak that I have to support myself with my forearms
against the wall. Still with his fingers on my clit, he starts to
circle it with fast movements, charging my whole body with that
sweet electric current of delight.
Come for me, Ashley, he says, his voice pushing me toward
the edge. Do it Dont hold back. Just like that I come again,
hissing through my gritted teeth as my body starts to convulse. I
feel spent and exhausted but somehow Im still aching for more.
More I beg of him as he starts to slide his cock out of my
pussy. I want more
Dont worry, Im not done yet, he says, placing both his
hands on my waist and turning me around. I turn on my heels
quickly and, now facing him, our eyes lock. His expression is one
of insatiable hunger and I realize that, from this point on, I
wont have to beg him to fuck me anymore.
Moving fast, he places one hand under my right buttock and,
spreading his fingers wide, forces me to lift my leg up. I lace it
around his waist and over his ass, pulling him in; he comes
willingly, grabbing my other buttock and lifting me up from the
floor. Crossing my legs behind his back, I place my straight arms
over his shoulders as he angles his cock so that its aiming right
at my pussy. With a grin full of lustful promises, he thrusts, his
cock parting my inner lips in the blink of an eye.
This time he doesnt build the rhythmno, he goes all in
right from the start, moving his hips so furiously that its almost
impossible to tell when hes thrusting in or thrusting out. He
leans in toward me and kisses me, his tongue immediately
finding the way between my lips; our tongues wrestle against
one another as our bodies move in a violent dance of sin and
Im not innocent or naive, and I have a fair share of
experience under my belt, but this Oh, this is something else
entirely. Ive never been fucked like this, so hard that it feels like
blue flames of ecstasy are licking me from the inside out,
threatening to scorch every single nerve ending I have.
Its funny, actuallythe first time I saw Arsen I put him
down as just another creep from the strip club. Sure, he was hot
and all that, but I had no idea that he was a Man. Yes, a Man with
capital M, one of those guys who you think are long extinct. If
this was a Western, hed either be the bandit or the Marshall
thered be no secondary role for someone like him. And by God,
its so damn refreshing! Two months in the strip club and I was
already up to the eyeballs with men who spent their whole life
adrift, the glistening skin of paid strippers the only joy they take
out of life.
Arsen quickly derails my train of thought by going even faster
somehow, hes still able to do it, his thighs moving so fast that
it should be physically impossible. Still with his hands holding
me by the ass, he pushes my cheeks apart, moving one hand
slightly he reaches for my anus with one finger and starts to
caress it slightly, my brain almost exploding with the sensory
overload. His cock ravaging me, his finger on my ass, his chest
pressed against my hard nipples This is too much.
I scream like a banshee, the muscles in my neck straining to
accommodate the violence that climbs up my throat. The
moment he feels my body tensing up, he presses his finger
against my anus more harshly and slides it in halfway, my ass
clenching around it.
Instead of letting me savor my orgasm, he simply keeps
thrusting, feeding one more inch of his finger into my ass. My
hands turn into claws and I bury them in his back, hard enough
to draw blood. He doesnt even register it: he simply keeps
fucking me as if he needed to do it in order to survive.
Scratching his back, my eyelids droop as I feel my eyes rolling
in their orbits. The pleasure that rages through me is so intense I
still cant believe I havent passed out yet. Do you think Im
exaggerating? Well, if you do, then youve never been with a man
like Arsen. Seriously, I never believed that such intense pleasure
could even exist in this world.
His cock flies in and out of me at furious pace, ravaging me
completely as my muscles keep on spasming as if I were having a
seizure. Riding pleasures peak, I start feeling another wave of
ecstasy coming for me; two heartbeats later and it crashes
against my mind, scorching all of my nerve endings and making
my body go limp. If he wasnt holding me, Id just collapse onto
the floor like a used rag.
Somehow, even though I can barely feel anything aside from
the fires of pleasure, I notice his cock spasming harshly inside
my pussy. Hes on the edge as well, and its a good thing too; I
doubt I could endure one more minute of such delight. Who
knew that pleasure could ever be too much?
I sigh deeply as his cock starts to twitch uncontrollably,
gushing his warm seed deep inside of me. He stops moving his
body as he comes, filling me up to the brim with thick ropes of
white cum. He keeps cumming for what seems like an eternity,
gushing so much semen that it starts dripping out of my pussy
and pooling on the floor at our feet.
Slowly, he lowers me down as his cock finally stops spasming.
He pulls it out of me gently, a shiver going up my spine as he
does it. I lean back against the wall, tilting my head back and
breathing deeply; his hand go down the side of my body and,
when I open my eyes, hes on his knees. Our eyes meet and a
savage grin burns on his face immediately. Without warning, he
leans forward, pressing his mouth against my pussy; reacting by
sheer instinct I lay my hands on top of his head as he licks my
folds, scooping his own cum.
Oh, God I whisper, his lips sucking my folds dry. He jabs
at my insides with his tongue, pushing it past my inner lips and
using it to lick his cum. Pulling back, he goes up to his feet, his
eyes never leaving mine. He doesnt say a word, he just leans
into me with slightly parted lips, his semen making his mouth
I close my eyes as he kisses me, pushing my tongue inside his
mouth. His salty flavor inundates me at once, and I just have to
open my mouth wide. I take all the cum he holds inside his
mouth, feeling thick drops of it dripping down my chin. When
my mouths full, I finally pull back, my heart almost ready to
Swallow, he says with a wicked smile, drops of semen still
hanging on his lips. I dont even filter his command; I just do it. I
swallow every single drop of cum, feeling its harsh manly flavor
burning down my throat. Good girl, he tells me, leaning into
me for one final kiss.
Arsen Hawke, where the hell did you come from?

T he rays of the sun wake me up from probably the most

relaxing fucking sleep Ive ever had in my life. I turn around and
see the mass of straight, blonde hair, and an arm wrapped
around me. In any given morning, youd probably expect that
this would be a normal occurrence. But youd be wrong. Because
I would never have even let them stay till morning.
But today?
Today, its different. Today I actually smile when I feel
Ashleys nails lightly scrape over my chest. I let my mind wander
as I feel her thigh nestle itself against my naked groin. My cock
starts coming to life as I reach over and feel her tight, perky ass
within arms reach. I can feel her pussy pressed against my upper
thigh. 50 million nerves are attuned to the feeling of her folds on
my skin. I could fucking get lost in her body more than Ive ever
gotten lost in anything in my goddamn life.
But then I hear the beeping coming from the other room. I
sigh. Its the fucking video phone. Most likely it's Gerard. It
must have been going on for a while because the beeps, or rings,
increase in frequency the longer someone is trying to reach me.
As carefully as I can, I extricate myself from Ashleys grasp
and get out of bed.
I look over at her beautiful fucking body still asleep. Shes so
fucking cute. Like a button. Her mouth is slightly open as she
breaths in and out and all I want to do is wake her up and eat her
pussy again. Then fuck her with my throbbing cock until she
passes out like she almost did last night. Then cum all over her
and have her suck me dry. God, all I want to do is fuck her so
badly. I can tell this is going to lead to problems ahead. Cant
But guess what?
I dont fucking care. And yes, I had to say fucking in there.
To emphasize the fucthe point.
The beeping continues and jars me out of my sexual fantasy
and I pad over to the living room. I see whos calling and see that
it is in fact, Gerard. I accept the call and before you ask, yes Im
naked. But thats fine because I arrange the camera to just
capture my upper body; I dont think Gerard is going to mind
seeing me shirtless. But I wouldn't want him to see my giant
cock. Hes my friend and I dont want him to feel any level of
insecurity or envy, you know?
Sorry to call so early, Arsen, Gerard says once he comes on
the screen. I look at the clock. Its 7:30 am. Hes already dressed
in a crisp suit and tie, sitting in his office downtown. The guy
must wake up at around 5 to get there from the Upper East Side.
Its not a problem, Gerard, I say as I leave the field of vision
for a moment to turn on the coffee maker in the kitchen. What
can I do for you?
Actually, I have some good news, if thats what youre
calling it, Gerard says as I come back into view. Mr. Giannoni
has come back from his clients and hes stating that we might
have a tentative offer on a few more of the properties that were
looking to sell.
Which ones? I ask. This is key.
Theres a pause from Gerard before he answers. Hes
prepared to purchase the whole portfolio, sir.
The entire thing?
In one shot, I could be done with Dads ridiculous smut
business? I could free myself from the filth that he peddled?
Everything, Gerard? I ask again, raising my eyebrows. In
one swoop?
Gerard shrugs. He certainly seems amenable to taking the
entirety of your holdings. But if I would suggest an alternative, I
would say that we do it piece meal.
The method doesnt really matter to me. If I can get rid of
everything, then this is something I should totally look into.
But one thing bothers me.
Gerard, who does this lawyer represent? I ask. If Im going
to be giving up Dads life work for some cash, I want to know
who Im selling it to. Despite the fact that its all X-rated smut, I
want to make sure at least that Im not fucking over the people
who do the work day in and day out. And that could easily
happen if I end up selling to someone shady.
I can certainly find that out, sir, Gerard says. However the
buying party is going to be an LLC based out of Delaware, most
That makes sense. You want to know the easiest country to
launder money in? Its not fucking Switzerland, or the Bahamas.
Its right here. The United States of America. With our secretive
banking laws and the ability for one company to own another,
anyone can buy anything while still remaining fucking hidden
from the world.
Im not comfortable selling the entire fucking company if I
don't know who Im selling it to, Gerard, I say into the video
monitor. I just want to know where all these peoples
livelihoods are going to end up.
I agree, sir, Gerard says. We wouldn't want to sell to
someone who is completely disreputable, but I also want to point
out that there will be a certain level of
Seediness? I ask with a smile.
Gerard smiles at me. A certain type of character who will
come to define the market, yes, he agrees with me. And yeah,
hes got a fucking point. I mean, youre not going to see blue
chip companies like Disney try to buy the Sex Palace on 3rd
Avenue that my Dad built in 2010, or the Swinger's Club in
Miami. Thats not going to be purchased by Coca-Cola. But still, I
want some type of fucking standards.
I mean, who is this guy representing? Is it a company? Or a
person? Something, anything, is all Im looking for, I tell
Maybe we should start our transactions with a limited subset
of properties then and try to ascertain more information,
Gerard suggests.
Thats a pretty good idea. Give this Mr. Giannoni something
and then dangle the prize in front of him in exchange for more
I like that, I tell Gerard. Why dont we sell the entire strip
club portfolio first and see what we can find out?
Im not worried about selling the strip clubs. The only real
employees in a strip club are the managers and the bouncers and
theyre all tough as fucking nails. Dad had strip clubs from
Myrtle Beach to San Francisco to New York City. Even if its
fucking ISIS buying these clubs, the girls will all be able to simply
move on and the guys that work thereheaven help anyone that
tries to fuck around with them.
Agreed, lets get the paperwork sorted on that. And what do
you think the earliest we can prepare for signature would I
dont get a chance to finish because Gerard interrupts me.
I think we can discuss this a little later on today, sir, he
says and my eyes flash up to see him on the monitor. Hes
looking past me, somehow. I didnt realize I was bothering you,
Arsen. Thought you normally slept alone.
I turn around and see Ashley standing at the door to my
bedroom. Shes looking into the living room, wearing one of my
collared shirts.
God, she looks so fucking cute.
I barely get a chance to register as Gerard says goodbye and
hangs up. He probably felt a bit awkward, which is a fucking riot
considering that we were talking about selling off pieces of a sex
But who cares about business deals when the hottest fucking
girl is standing just a few feet away from me wearing nothing but
my shirt?
Who were you talking to? Ashley asks, as she takes a step
closer to me.
My lawyer, Gerard, I say, desperately aware that my cock is
starting to harden and stick up. Ashley notices too.
I overslept, she says, rubbing her eyes.
Thats okay, I say, standing still. I was going to come back
to bed
No, thats okay, Ashley says and I can see her hands come
up and begin to fiddle with the buttons. Shes got a bit of bed
head, and for the millionth fucking time I think how goddamn
cute she looks.
What was he talking about? Ashley asks me, coming up to
me. Selling strip clubs?
Oh. Fuck.
Here it is, isnt it. I never fucking told her what I do. Where all
this money comes from.
But what have I always told you?
That Im going to be fucking honest. No matter what.
I own the strip club that you used to work at, I tell Ashley
and I see her large eyes grow wider as she looks at me. The
night that I ran into you in the cab, I own that club.
You own a strip club? Ashley asks.
Among other things, I reply. My dad was a big deal in the
sex industry.
Is she going to leave? Is she going to ask me why I do what I
do? Is she going to be a prude?
God, I dont think after what we did last night, she can even
be a fucking prude.
But being a billionaire sex trafficker is sort of different from
say, being a billionaire banker. I wonder what her reaction will
If you were at the club and you own it, she starts and comes
closer still. Why did you never get a dance from me?
Wow. Not what I was expecting.
I dont say anything as Ashley gently pushes me back and I sit
down on the leather chair next to the video monitor I take video
calls on.
Ashley turns on some music on her phone and turns up the
Its 7:47 am and Im about to get a lap dance from the hottest
fucking woman Ive ever met.
Ashley turns her back to me and slides off my shirt, showing
me the back of her naked body.
Her toned ass bounces in front of me as she moves her weight
from one foot to the other.
The thing about her is that she doesnt look like a stripper.
Her tanned skin doesnt speak of countless nights spent under
neon nights, and her face still looks fresh and full of candor. She
doesnt seem like a product, built to seduce over and over again,
as if in a production line. She looks as real as the girl next door,
just perhaps not as innocent.
Ashley looks through strands of her hair at me as I sit a few
steps from her. The movements of her body match the flow of
the music, her hips rocking from one side to the other. She
moves her neck in a circle and, with her hand, whips her hair
With a strut to her step she comes near me, her feet making
her turn; she leans forward, her ass at my eye level. Her long
fingers caress her round cheeks, and I bring my hands up to her
ass, resting on the sides.
I can feel my cock stirring as I touch herher ass is apple
shaped, her skin soft and without blemishes, a gentle firmness
to it. I allow my fingers to explore, tracing the outline of her ass,
my fingertips reaching for and caressing the dimples in her
lower back.
She turns on one heel, her hands going down her body as she
sways her hips. She can feel my gaze upon her, and my mouth is
already dry with desire. Grabbing his hands she guides them
over her flat belly and up to her tits. Her nipples are hard against
my fingers, almost begging to be licked, and as I gently squeeze
she allows a smile to light up her face.
Ashley climbs on top of me, each of her knees resting besides
my legs, and brings her breasts closer to my mouth. I can almost
feel her salivate as I take one nipple between my lips, nibbling
She starts rocking her hips back and forth, pressing herself
down onto my crotch as my tongue runs around her nipples, my
long fingers embracing her firm and perky tits. She leans into
me, pressing my face against her cleavage, and tugs on my
earlobe with her mouth. My cock strains against my pants as my
hands went to her hips, feeling her warm and soft skin.
She straddles me, her pussy now rubbing against my cock.
Her hips go slow, keeping in sync with the mellow music, but
starts going fast and hard as the rhythm of her body starts to
gain a cadence of its own. A warmness starts spreading over her
pussy as it presses against the long shape of my hard cock.
Suddenly, Ashley realizes something as she looks into me and
stares into my eyes. From where Im sitting, it looks like
something primal, something wild and primitive that floods her
heart and mind, tainting her thoughts with sex.
Her fingers go to my face and with a grin on her ripe lips, she
starts stroking my cheek, her knuckles brushing against the
hard muscles in my chest as she comes down.
I push my hips up matching the rhythm of her body, my cock
pulsating as hot blood flows through it. I take one silken nipple
inside my mouth, sucking at it with abandonment as my other
hand squeezes the creamy flesh of her breast. She groans in
pleasure as my white teeth gently nibble on her, her fingers
resting on my naked shoulders as her body keeps grinding
against my own.
In a swift motion she rises up and, turning her back to me,
lowers herself once more onto my crotch, my cock hardening
even more as it nestles comfortably between her ass cheeks.
Back and forth she goes, her ass rubbing against me as her pussy
becomes wetter. Her hands go behind her back and she caresses
my inner thighs, feeling my thick tip along the way, inflaming it
with desire; she cups it with her fingertips, feeling my cocks
head swelling against her touch.
With one hand still cupping her breasts, a hard erect nipple
trapped between my fingers, my other hand slides down the arch
of her back. My breathing grows ragged against her neck and,
with one hand, I press my cock against her ass crack, my shaft
nestling between her cheeks as it pulses almost too painfully.
Someones getting enthusiastic She says, her words soft
and mellifluous as she gets up, her hands resting on her hips.
I lick my lips unconsciously, my eyes longing for the pink
fleshy slit between her thighs. I want to taste her, to ravage her
whole body and make her moan and scream. Just one look at her
eyes and I know she can read all that in my face.
She leans into me and, with one hand sliding down my chest
and over my hard abs, she goes down on her knees. She draws a
deep breath, seeing for the first time my entire cock, its length
enough to give her pause.
She curls one hand at the base of my cock, the other one
gripping over it. She moves her hands slowly up my shaft, her
eyes lock on mine, reading the burning desire written all over my
She comes closer, her tongue slowly sliding out of her open
mouth and resting over the base of my cock, twisting up its shaft
and lubricating my cock. When she gets to its head she opens her
mouth wide, allowing her lips to savor my manhood as they
encase my glans. But she doesnt stop there; her lips keep
progressing over my cock, making it slide over her dancing
tongue as it pushes down her mouth, filling her.
I exhale slowly as the nerve endings on my cock brush against
the inside of Ashleys cheeks. This is too fucking good. Shes
going down on my cock as deep as she can, still enough of my
length left out for her to grasp with one hand. Her movements
ebb and flow, a whirlwind of sensations spreading from my cock
to the rest of my body. She knows what shes doing, every single
flick of her tongue and bob of her head a calculated movement in
a frenzied dance.
My stomach clenches in pleasure as my cock burns hotwith
just her mouth she's ready to make me cum. I instinctively reach
for her head, my hands wanting to guide her movement as I
explode inside of her, but her plans arent the same as mine.
Pulling her head back she takes my cock out of her mouth, her
fingers curling around it gently.
Dont even think about it, she says, her tone soft but
commanding. Your cock is now mine, and you can only cum
when I say so.
I almost grab her by the hair and pull her head back to my
cock, shooting my load into her face despite her bossiness. But,
instead, I grit my teeth and clench my muscles hard, feeling my
semen receding back down deep inside my body. Lets let her
have some fun. Lets let her take control. Lets see what shes
got inside of her.
I nod.
Good, she whispers, her tongue jabbing at the tip of my
head. Very goodNow, can you take more?
The palms of her hands go to my chest, pushing me back
against the leather couch. Like a tiger ready to jump on its prey
she climbs on top of me, her movements fluid and deliberate.
She grabs my cock with one hand and, rubbing its head against
her pussys moist outer lips, she whispers her question once
more against my ear.
Can you take more, Mr. Hawke?
I can take a lot more. That was my curt response as, with an
upwards push of my hips, I sheathe my cock deep inside her, her
inner warmness embracing my pulsing skin. She moans as I felt
the walls of her pussy stretching and stretching, working hard to
accommodate my thickness. I plant my hands on her ass, pulling
her cheeks with outstretched hands as my cock pounds her
pussy without mercy.
Fuck, Im close once more, my cum straining deep in my
body, aching for release. I dont care if I cum in her mouth or in
her pussy, I just want to feel that sweet discharge of electricity
running through my body, my cum gushing out in a torrent. But,
once more, she can feel my urges and she yanks on my hair, her
voice against my ear leaving no space for disobedience.
Dont you fucking dare! She whispers, her hips now
setting the rhythma more gentle tempo, enough for me to
catch my breath and pull myself together. You want to cum real
bad, dont you?
You bet I do, I thought to myself, unable to pronounce the
words as I struggle against the urge to shoot my load inside of
I know you do. She whispers, swaying her thighs and
delighting herself as my thickness rubs against her insides. But
Im in charge here I tell you when to cum.
I bury my face between her tits, breathing her scent in. Im
going crazy, my cock feeling hard as steel, my tense muscles
almost bursting at the seams as sweat starts trickling down my
body. I don't know for how much longer I'm able to hold on.
She rides me hard, showing no mercy to the pleading in my
face. My cock's hers, even if only in this short moment of time,
and she can do with it as she pleases.
Now She moans, tugging at my ear with her pearly white
teeth. Now Im going to come. Im going to come and youll
have to remain hardSay it.
Youre going to come I manage to say through gritted
She pulls hard on my hair, her voice commandeering him.
And Im going to remain hard. I mutter.
Yes Yes, you will. Her knees chafes against the leather
couchs pillows as she rocks her body over me, my cock sliding
furiously in and out of her, her juices covering it over and over
again. She takes her fingers to her clit and, throwing her head
back and closing her eyes, she presses and rubs on it, thunder
spreading through her loins. Her body jolts as my cock goes
deep, hitting that sweet spot buried deep inside her. She
screams, pushing her shaking thighs against me as her hands
pull my hair uncontrollably. She doesnt know anything at the
moment... but she doesnt care. In that single moment, the only
thing she cares about is the endless explosion of pleasure
happening all over her body, making her skin boil as if she's
about to disintegrate.
She grins, breathing in deeply as I pull out my cock from
inside of her now too sensitive pussy, her whole body shuddering
as its thickness passes through her outer lips.
Stroke it Stroke it for me She tells me, grabbing my
wrist and guiding my hand. I do as Im bid, my fingers grasping
my member and moving up and down. I know I cant hold much
longer and, if I try to, something will pop inside my head.
Cum Cum for me
Three words. Three words from her and my cock immediately
explodes, warm white semen gushing outward and covering her
belly in thick ropey strands. My fingers claw at her ass as my
whole body feels as if its ripping apart, my muscles so tense I
can almost swear I hear the flesh tearing apart from the bones.
Holy fuck! I mutter through pursed lips, my brow
furrowed in effort. Im gushing so much cum that its splattering
her whole body, dripping down from her tits and belly to her legs
and pussy and then, finally, trickling onto the floor in thick
I close my eyes and lean back, my exhausted and trembling
body reclining against the couch. I sigh heavily, tender fingers
softly grasping my hair, and force my eyelids open. Ashleys eyes
are on me, watching, a twinkle of mischievousness on them.
I give her a wide devilish fucking grin and, still reeling myself
from everything, tell her the first thing that crosses my mind.
You are fucking amazing.
She says nothing, but something flashes behind her eyes
something that seems confident and yet sad at the same time.

H i this is Misty, who am I speaking with? I say into the

phone as I lean back. Ive put on white lace stockings
with a matching white lace thong and lace bra. I have heels on,
and I decide to recline on my sofa.
The truth is, I need this. I need to get back to de-
personalizing the sexespecially after yesterday morning.
I can still remember the events as they happened.
You are fucking amazing, Arsen said to me as I stared up at
him, his cum dripping from my face and body. In that moment,
the fog of lust began to slowly clear from my brain and for a
moment, I feltwhat was it? Familiarity? Love?
I quickly got up from the floor of his living room and ran to
the bathroom. I showered as quickly as I could and put on my
clothes to look as presentable as possible.
Where are you going? Arsen asked me when I emerged all
prepared for the day.
Some of us have to work, you know? I asked back,
He snorted and took a step closer to me. I took a step back.
I cant understand why.
Hi Misty, the voice on the phone breathes. My name is
Oh, Ive been waiting for someone like Max with a sexy
name all day long, I coo into the phone. What are you
As Max goes on and on about what hes wearing, I think back
to how I left Arsens apartment yesterday morning.
I thought we could get brunch, Arsen said to me as I made
for the door.
I kept walking.
Is everything okay? Arsen asked again. This brought me up
short. I turned to him.
Why didnt you tell me that you owned the strip club? I
asked him.
He stared at me, putting on a robe so he wasnt completely
naked and walked over.
Does it bother you? he asked.
I think it did bother me. Even now, I think it still bothers me.
What bothers me the most though is what Yasmine said, I
replied back to him. She said that the owner of the strip club
also owned the phone sex company that I work at. Called
He didnt let me finish. Simulated Pleasures, LLC, he
finished my sentence for me. And yes, I own that as well.
At first I didn't know what to say. But I know that Arsen was
watching me.
That means you know what I do for a living, I stated. It
wasnt so much a question as more a statement to myself. You
know what Ive had to do in the past. How Ive had to dance.
Arsen nodded. I dont care about any of that, he said. I
only inherited this company from my father
But I didn't let him finish. I dont think this is appropriate,
Arsen, I said. You own the company I work for, and I dont
think wed ever be equals in any sort of relationship.
Arsen snorted and looked at me. Are you fucking serious?
he asked as he got up. You didnt let me cum just now till you
were ready for me!
My defenses must have gone up because I gave him a fake
plastic smile and looked at him. Goodbye Arsen, I said. Take
And with that I walked out of his apartment toward the
elevator. I stayed still all through the elevator and kept my
composure. It was only when I get into the cab that I looked into
my lap and tried to make as little noise as possible as I began to
Hello? the voice of Max jars me awake from my reverie.
I start and look at the meter on my computer. I recently
installed the software that the office gave me. It shows how long
the call has been going and the estimated charges as well as the
royalties I should expect.
Are you still there? Max asks, a bit unsure as to why a
phone sex operator would put him on hold.
The thought makes me smile and I let my smile color my
voice. Im still here, baby, I whisper into the phone. Just
hearing you talk started getting me so hot and bothered I needed
a place to lay down.
Oh yeah? I can see the ear-to-ear grin on Maxs face as he
asks this. What are you wearing?
Oh baby, I put on a special lace white thong on for you just
now, and a matching bra, I reply back. Do you like that?
Mmm-hmm, Max says into the phone. I like that a lot.
How do you want me? I ask him. Ive been learning.
Sometimes I lead the conversation. Sometimes when Im feeling
generous, I let the client lead. Ive been trying to get the clients
talking more instead of just getting them off as quickly as
possible. I think it does two things. It keeps them on the phone
longer. But more importantly, having them talk about
themselves starts making them regulars. They end up investing
in me emotionally.
I want to bend you over and slide your panties off, Max
whispers into the phone.
Ooh, yeah, baby, I like that, I say into the phone. I cant
help it, but I picture bending over the table in my kitchen with
Arsen behind me.
I want to rub my hands up and down your body, and take off
your bra so I can lick those hard nipples of yours, Max says
Oh, theyre so hard right now, I say into the phone. And
guess what? They are. Because Im thinking of this happening to
me. With Arsen, no less. I cant help it. I cant get his body out of
my head. But more than his body. Hes got the heart of a saint. I
know he says hes not a good man. But hes been nothing but
gracious to me. Kind, warm, protective loving.
I want to use one hand to squeeze those nipples as I suck
them, Max says into the phone. I want to use the other hand
to smack that ass.
I close my eyes and picture Arsen squeezing my tits. Of Arsen
slapping my ass cheek.
Sounds like you like it, baby, Max says. I didnt realize it
but I had given an involuntarily moan into the phone.
I want to slap that ass, Max says again. Hes breathing
erratically. I can tell hes stroking himself. Hard.
Ohhh, baby, I moan. Hes starting to have an effect on me.
I bring my free hand down and begin to gently rub my clit over
my panties.
I want to lower my face and use my tongue to lick around
your folds, Max says.
Arsens face as he licked my pussy goes through my head. As
he scooped out cum with his tongue before he fed it to me.
Ohhhh, I groan as arcs of pleasure start to permeate
through my body. Max continues, obviously excited by the fact
that his words seem to be having a real and noticeable affect on
I want to pull out my cock and Max continues but
somehow I stop paying attention to what he says.
All I can see, and trust me, it seems so real, is Arsen stroking
his thick, 12-inch cock in front of me. Im on my knees. Then all
of a sudden Im grinding my ass against that hard cock of his.
Like yesterday morning. Feeling it pulse. Thick and hard.
I can feel Arsens hands on my body as I begin to stimulate
my clit. I can feel his thick and powerful tongue flick my clit. I
can feel him use his tongue to press against my clit, playing with
it. Teasing it. Massaging it. Biting it. Licking it. Sucking it.
Oh my God. What am I doing? Is Max still on the line?
I dont care. But I dont dare talk. All I do is moan. All I do is
breathe and mewl.
In my head, Arsen is my Angel of Sin. I run my tongue
between the creases of his abs. He runs his tongue over my
Shudders of pleasure go through me. My body seizes up. I let
loose a growl. And then a lewd moan escapes my lips as I forget
all about what's polite. A seizure of ecstasy travels through my
body and Im left shaking for a moment.
Im light-headed when I open my eyes. Im panting.
Sweating. Hot.
That was so fucking hot! Max says into the phone.
I want to reply, but I cant. I just lay there, my panties damp
and my body satisfied.
Im calling you back every day! Max says. He says
something more but I honestly am having trouble paying
attention. Its the most I can do to tell him Ill be waiting and
then he hangs up.
I look at the computer. He was on the line for 15 minutes.
Thats at least $54. With $26 going to me. Not a bad gig for 15
minutes of work.
I could get used to this.
And then an email pops up on my phone.
Congratulations on a solid 5-star rating from all clients over
the last 24 hours! the email reads. It goes on to congratulate me
on my repeat clients and my rating.
I read it and realized that I just made Arsen half the money
that Im getting. Maybe it goes to other people, but its based on
a company he started and still owns.
The thought chills me. With so much sex at this mans
disposal, why is he interested in me? And how long will it even
last? With those looks and body of his, Im surprised if he ever
speaks to me again. Its already been over 24 hours and I havent
heard from him at all.
Dont get me wrong. Im not prude or anything. Ive had a
pretty dirty past and Im very, very sexual as you can tell.
But Arsen is a line thats in a completely different league. And
right now, this job and the money it affords me needs to take
priority. The only way I can do that is by keeping Arsen Hawke at
arms length.
I hope to myself that his gorgeous body will start to fade from
memory over time.
But the part of my brain that uses logic tells me that Im
already in too deep. Theres nothing I can do now, it tells me.
Great. Thanks for nothing, brain!

"Y ou've made a smart choice," Luca Giannoni says, clapping

his meaty hand on my shoulder. "I was beginning to think
you weren't going to take my calls." His hand could belong to a
Sasquatch. I swear it's hairy enough, and there's no doubt that
this guy is an animal. I feel the weight of his hand on my body
and wonder why he thinks he needs to be so passive aggressive.
"It's been a busy few weeks," I say, and shrug off the
comment. But honestly, all I can think about is how I haven't
had sex with Ashley in over a week.
"Sure it has, but listen, don't ever mistake my kindness for
weakness. Mr. Morozov doesn't take well to being ignored."
I sense the thinly veiled threat in his voice and I hand him the
signed document, slamming the pen down on the desk. I need to
get out of this office before he really pisses me off and I do
something I shouldn't. "Well, none of that matters anymore.
Here's the paperwork. The ownership transfer of these clubs is
now in the hands of Mr. Morozov."
With one hand rolled into a tight fist in the pocket of my suit,
I turn around and give him a wave with my other free hand.
There's a fake smile plastered across my face, and I leave the
room before Luca can respond. I walk outside, and hail a cab. The
sun is so bright that I take a moment to stop and find my
sunglasses. The cab pulls up and as I open the car door and slide
into the back seat, I think about the transaction that just
Here I am, a fucking Harvard MBA graduate, and I'm making
deals with the Russian mob. What the hell am I doing with my
life? And as soon as I ask myself that question, Ashley pops into
my mind. Fuck she's beautiful maybe even perfect. I've seen a
lot of smoking hot women in my lifetime, but she tops them all.
Fucking her was unbelievable it's been painful that it's been
over a week. I pull out my phone and decide to send her a text. I
hesitate for a moment, staring at the chat screen, and thinking
about what exactly to say. Fuck it; I'm definitely overthinking
this. Why am I acting like such an idiot? I text, "Let's meet up."
Before I can even slip the phone back into my pocket, she
responds, "I don't think that's a good idea."
What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I text back, "Why
I wait for a few minutes, but she doesn't respond. I give it
another couple of minutes, and still nothing. This is driving me
crazy. If she doesn't want to reply to my texts, I'll reach her
another waythrough her direct phone sex line. I'm not one to
give upI always get what I want.
I dial her line and wait. The phone rings, and then I hear her.
She picks up.
"Hi, this is Misty. Who am I speaking with?"
The first thing I notice is that her voice sounds different
smooth and sultry, and I swear my cock is already twitching.
She's a good actress, that's for sure. But she can't find out it's
me on the other end of the line, so I lower my voice and muffle it
with the fabric of my suit.
"King Henry."
"Oh, I've never spoken to a king before," she purrs.
"Good, because I'm the only king that matters. You belong to
me, don't you?"
"Mm hmm," she whispers.
"Tell me that you belong to me, Kitten," I demand.
"I do. You're my king and I belong to you," she coos,
maintaining a smooth, even voice.
"Good, Kitten. Now I want you to tell me what you'd do to my
cock if I was with you right now."
"I'd do so many thing. First, I'd"
I cut her off. "You mean, King Henry. Say my name when you
talk to me."
She pauses for a moment, and I hear her breathing deepen.
"Yes, King Henry. I'd worship your cock. I'd slowly unbutton
your pants and drop them to your feet. I'd wrap my arms around
your big, strong body and pull you tight against my ownmy
breasts and my hard nipples would be pressed under the weight
of your manhood. My nipples are hard just thinking about you.
My lips would then touch yours, and I would nibble on you with a
hunger you've never felt before."
"And what kind of a hunger is that, Kitten?" I ask.
"Stop, and address me as your king before you continue. If
you mess that up again, you'll have to spank yourself."
"Yes, King Henry. I'd bite you in a trail of hunger, starting on
your lips, and then moving down until I reach the ridges of your
stomach. I'd slide my hands over your thighs and between your
legs moving slowly until I've reached your large, hard cock.
Oh, I'm so wet right now just thinking about you."
"Stop touching your pussy. I can see you doing that because I
can hear it in your voice. You can't touch your pussy until I
command you to. Do you understand that?"
"Yes, what, Kitten?"
"Yes, King Henry."
"That's better. Now spank yourself for not addressing me
"Yes, King Henry," she says, and then I hear a loud slap. I can
tell she's naked. It's the sound of skin on skin. She's slapped
herself so hard that her ass is definitely red.
"Now show me how you'd worship my cock."
"Yes, King Henry. I'd get down on my knees and wrap my
hand around your cock and glide it into my mouth and deep into
my throat. I'd take your entire shaft down my throat, until I
couldn't anymore."
Now she's got me hooked, and I make sure the driver isn't
watching as I slip my hands down my pants, stroking my cock,
and I continue. "I want you down on all fours," I command her.
"Yes, King Henry."
"Are you down on all fours right now?" I ask, just to be
"Yes, King Henry. I'm down on all fours," she replies at just
above a whisper. I can barely hear her.
"Good job Kitten. Now finger your pussy and make sure
you're ready for me."
"Oh, god I'm ready for you King Henry. My pussy is throbbing
for youfuck it's so wet."
Do you have any toys you use to play with yourself? I ask.
Theres a pause. Yes, King Henry, she replies.
Good, I say. Go get it.
Theres a rustling and I can hear the phone being put down.
Shes obedient. Thats what being horny does to her.
A minute later, shes back.
I have it, King Henry, she says.
Good, describe it, Kitten, I tell her.
She gasps. Its a footlong dildo, its black, and its ribbed,
King Henry, she says to me.
Close your eyes because thats now my cock in your hands,
Kitten, I tell her and I can just see her laying down with the sex
Yes, King, Ashley says.
"Good, now I want you to glide my cock into you. Grab it like
it's the last cock on earth."
"Oh god, you're cock is so big King Henry I'mI'm gliding
it deep, really deep ininside of me, and I can barely"
But before she can finish her sentence, I can hear every
muscle in her body spasm and I know she's coming. I stroke my
cock faster and faster, and then with my eyes clenched shut,
ropes of cum erupt from cock. I don't give a shit about anything
around methe driver, or otherwise, and I continue to come.
When I finally open my eyes, I realize it's all over my suit pants. I
don't wait for Ashley to say another word, and I hang up our call.
I can hardly believe that just happened. I take off my suit
jacket and hold it in front of me. That's all I need is for the
doorman at One57 to catch a glance at the stain on my pants.
He's never say anything, but still. Just then, the cab pulls up to
my apartment. I pay the fare, and quickly get out of the car, and
then I feel it. My phone is vibrating in my pants pocket with an
incoming text message. I quickly take it out and read it. It's from
Ashley, "OK, maybe you're right. Let's meet up later."
I can't help but smile at the small victory. See, I told you. I
don't take no for an answer; I always get what I want.

I knock on his door, shifting my weight from foot to foot as I

wait for a response. Sure, I could've pressed the electric
doorbell, but what the hell? Ive always been a little old
fashioned. It doesnt take long: a few seconds after my first
knock I hear footsteps from the other side. I take a deep breath
to calm myself as Arsen opens the door, a wide smile on his lips.
He looks at me shamelessly, his eyes wandering from my face
to my breasts, and then down to my waist. God, the way he looks
at me is so goddamn intoxicating.
You look good, he says, stepping to the side and inviting
me in. Oh, of course I look goodtight black dress and the
tiniest lace thong I could find, I came ready for action And
something in the tone of his voice unleashes that wild beast I
keep hidden inside of me. My mind goes blank and, next thing I
know, Im walking toward him with a sure step. I grab him by the
collar of his shirt and before he has the time to react I press my
mouth against his. His eyes widen in surprise, but he regains his
composure quickly enough, his hands immediately darting to my
waist. Someones pretty eager.
You cant imagine how eager I am right now, I shoot back,
pressing my hand against his crotch. Hes already as hard as
rock, so I curl my fingers around the shape of his cock, grinning
wildly at him. To say that Im eager is putting it mildly, really,
after that phone call with Client 5, "King Henry," I just cant wait
to feel Arsens cock once more. In a sense, its weird. Here I am,
jumping into Arsens arms because a strangers voice drove me
completely insane with pleasure. A day in the life of a sex phone
operator, uh?
I like eager. Good, he simply whispers, a flicker of darkness
in his eyes. Ive set something in motion that I cant stopand,
hell, it sounds so damn good.
With his hands on my waist he pushes me back across the
hallway and into the living room. I walk backward awkwardly,
only stopping when my ass meets the edge of his leather couch.
On the way there my eyes wander to the wall where he pinned
me The one where he fucked me relentlessly, memories of the
most perfect sex Ive ever had flooding my mind.
I take my fingers to his collar, ready to start unbuttoning it,
but he's faster than I am. Hooking his fingers on my hip, he
makes me turn around and, with one forearm across my
shoulder blades, bends me over the couch. I bite my lower lip as
he grabs my ass harshly, his long fingers bunching up my dress
as he touches me. A gasp leaves my lips as he slaps my buttocks
with the back of his hand, the sound of it almost too
Since our last time together, he says, leaning forward and
whispering against my ear, I couldnt stop thinking about
bending you over and spanking your perfect little ass. He does
it again then, smacking my other buttock even more harshly.
Have you been thinking of just that? I ask, looking at him
over my shoulder. His smile turns into a wicked grin
immediately, telling me the answer before he even speaks.
Oh, no. Ive been thinking of a lot more. Still grinning, he
runs his hands up my legs and slides them under my dress, his
long warm fingers going over the curve of my ass cheeks until
they meet the fabric of my thong. He grabs it harshly and I bite
down on my lip as I prepare for him to take it off of me; but,
somehow, he changes ideas. His hands go down and he curls his
thumbs around the hemline of my dress, pushing it up to my
waist; then he goes down to his knees and I feel my heart
starting to drum wildly in anticipation. Whatever he has in store
for me, I can barely wait.
I close my eyes as he lunges forward, pressing his mouth
against my pussy and breathing in my scent. His hands are on
my buttocks, grabbing my curves and keeping the dress up in my
waist. Sucking my pussy over the fabric of my thong, his touch
makes me close my eyes and moan in excitement. It might be an
obvious thing to say, but theres something wildly erotic about
having a mans mouth between your thighs. Especially when he
enjoys it almost as much as I do.
With a flick of his fingers he pushes my tongue just an inch to
the side, baring my wet folds. Lapping at me with his tongue, he
runs it between my pussy lipsup and down, up and down, the
rhythmic motion pulling me into a trance of delight and ecstasy.
I curl my fingers hard around the edge of the couch, my body
tightening as he jabs with his tongue, slowly sliding it into my
I gasp as, with a sudden movement, he places his hands on
my hips and tugs on my thong harshly. He pulls his head back,
sliding the fabric down my legs at the same time; before I even
have the time to prepare for it, hes on me again, mouth wide
Oh, God I moan, his tongue working me with such
perfection I dont even feel the urge to move. I just want to stand
still and bask in pleasure. He has other plans, thoughwith his
hands on my hips he makes me sway my body, pushing my pussy
against his mouth as I bend even more over the edge of the
couch. His hands then run over to my buttocks and he grabs me
firmly, smacking his hands against my flesh; he massages my
ass for a while and then, no warning whatsoever, slaps me hard
across the cheeks with the back of his hand. I grit my teeth, the
pain of it mixing with the pleasure hes inflicting upon me with
his mouth.
I try to open my eyes but I cant even do that; every single
fiber in my body is filled with pleasure, and theres little that my
brain can do right now except try and process all of it. Suddenly,
all hell breaks loose. Still sucking on me, he angles his head
slightly so that he can fit two fingers over my pussy. He slides
them in quickly, a loud moan leaving my lips as I feel his
fingertips pressed against my G-spot. I come immediately, my
muscles becoming as rigid as concrete before they start to shake
and tremble, releasing all the tension inside of them.
Supporting myself with my hands on the couch, I motion to
turn, but he grabs me by the hips and keeps me in place. Im
not done, he simply says, pulling back from my pussy. The
moment the last word leaves his lips he dives in again, sucking
on my labia as he laps at me with his tongue, an electric storm
raging through me. He slides his fingers back inside of me, but
this time he starts flicking his wrist as well.
Im no longer standing still; I start to thrust back at him,
pressing my pussy against his mouth, my ass cheeks against his
face. He licks me even more furiously, devouring my pussy
relentlessly as I fill the whole apartment with my quivering
A shiver goes up my spine as he places both his hands on my
ass, grabbing my cheeks once again. He moves his fingers
further in, spreading my cheeks apart and sliding his thumb over
my ass crack. When he goes over my anus he stops, applying a
gentle pressure there as fireworks start to go off behind my
eyelids. Im on the verge of coming again, only a few moments
after Ive just exploded.
He slides his tongue over the whole length of my pussy,
electricity pooling in my muscles as he goes. Moving back and
forth in a rhythmic motion, he suddenly keeps going, his tongue
sliding from my drenched lips to between my ass cheeks. I
tremble as I feel him go, and I clench my ass as an instinctive
reaction. He doesnt care for my embarrassment; he simply
grabs my ass harder, forcing me to spread my cheeks as he
moves his tongue up my crack. Theres not much that I can do
but yield. I relax my body, my chin quivering in delight as his
tongue goes over my anus. He presses it there, and then starts
circling that sensitive spot with entrancing movements.
As he licks my ass he moves one hand to between my thighs,
placing two fingers over my clitoris. He starts to rub me there at
once, all the electricity in my body turning into a raging storm.
With his fingers on my clit and his tongue on my ass, I come
undone; I grit my teeth and shout through them, thrusting back
against his face as my whole body starts to tremble. Im grabbing
the edge of the couch so fiercely my knuckles have turned white.
Slowly, he pulls back from me. I dont even move; I just
remain bent over the couch, hanging limply by the waist. Im
breathing hard, my eyes still closed as I try to reel from all the
ecstasy still burning in my body.
Arsen goes up to his feet and, leaning into me, whispers
against my ear. That was just a taste of whats to come, he
tells me, his hands still resting on my buttocks. He moves them
to the side and hooks his fingers on my hips, making me jut my
ass back at him. I press my cheeks against his crotch, feeling his
bulging shape between my cheeks. Swaying my body from side to
side, I start grinding against him, the urge to feel him inside of
me growing and growing. God, I want him so damn much!
Suddenly, I stand up straight and turn on my heels, facing
him with a grin on my lips. Before he even has the time to stop
me, I reach for his crotch and grab his thick cock. Right now, its
my turn to take the lead.
One hand wrapped tight around his cock, I place the other one
against his chest and push him back, my eyes never leaving his.
Hes grinning now, allowing me to lead him and anxious to see
whats on my mind.
The moment his back hits the wall I let go of his cock and
place both my hands on his shirt. With a savage grin, I pull on it
as harshly as I can, ripping the fabric and making all the buttons
pop out and scatter around the floor. Flattening my hands
against his chest, I close my eyes and run my fingers over his
hard muscles, feeling every turn and curve of his pectorals and
abdominals. It doesnt matter how many times I touch and see
them, they always have the same affect on me. And his tattoos
They add that edge of unruliness that I just cant help but love.
I let my hands go further down and then, when I meet the
contour of his pants, I unbuckle his belt and pull it out of its
loops. My fingers trembling with the anxiety of anticipation, I
unbutton his pants, a shiver going through me as his cock tents
his boxer briefs and presses hard against my knuckles.
All strength leaves my body and I go down on my knees. As I
go, I hook my fingers on his underwear and pull them down, his
cock springing free right in front of my face. More than
anything, I want to grab it, to open my mouth wide and let him
slide it in all the way But first I want to take a good look at his
naked body: I tug on his pants and underwear as he kicks off his
shoes, and then I pull them out as he lifts his feet. I look up, my
heart beating wildly as I take a mental picture of the naked man
in front of me.
His body screams sex, all of it. Hes muscled, but not in a fit
or trendy waymore than a cover model, he looks like a warrior,
ready to rip apart anyone that dares stand in his way. And, of
course, when he puts all these muscles to work My pussy
clenches just at the thought. Really, have I ever been this wet?
My eyes wander over every inch of him, but they inevitably
stop on his cock. Long, thick and pulsing with desire. I dont
even think about it, I just lean forward and open my mouth,
rolling my lips down his shaft and taking him all in.
My eyelids droop as I feel his cock going over my tongue, his
glans pressed against the back of my throat. I hold there for a
long second and then I go back, sucking hard on his tip as I allow
his cock out of my mouth. Running my tongue in slow soft
circles around his glans, I start to caress his balls, moving them
gently over my fingers.
Arsen lays both of his hands on my head, and hooking his
fingers on my hair, he pulls me into him. I open my mouth as
wide as I can immediately, letting him guide me toward his cock;
the moment my lips are on him again, I start to bob my head
back and forth, sucking on him as hard as I can. I wrap my
fingers around the root of his member and I start moving my
hand at the same time as my head, stroking and sucking in a
coming and going motion. I start slow, but it doesnt take long
for him to urge me to go faster, the slight pressure of his fingers
on my head the only directions I need.
Moving as fast as I can, I have to stop for a few seconds, just
enough to catch my breath. I look up at him, my heart fluttering
inside of my chest as I see him with his eyes closed, enjoying my
mouth on him. Stroking him fast, I tilt my head sideways and
lick the whole length of his shaft, going down toward his balls;
there, I open my mouth wide and suck one ball in, rolling it over
my tongue, and then I do the same with the other one. Theyre
heavy and warm, filled with a seed that I cant wait to feel all
over my body.
Ive never been one to go full-blown kinky, but with Arsen
somehow that seems to be the standard. And I just love itthe
dirtier and naughtier, the better. He just makes me feel unlike
anything I have ever experienced I never even knew sex could
be this good. And let me tell you, Ive always garnered the
attention of experienced, hot men. Sure, my asshole ex wasnt
anything to write home about, but I never really had a reason to
complain until I met Arsen. In a sense, he ruined me for other
men. And thats just lovely.
Placing my lips on his shaft, I run them back up to his tip, and
then I take his cock inside of me once again. Bobbing my head as
fast as I can, I dont stop until I hear his hard breathing, his
fingers like claws in my hair. I would have gone all the way and
let him fill my mouth with his cum, but he has other plans. He
pulls his cock out of my mouth, and with that devious grin on his
lips, goes down to his knees right in front of me.
He places his hands on my shoulders and pushes me down to
the floor, climbing on top of me. I open my legs by instinct and
grabbing his cock, he starts to rub its tip against my labia. I
thrust at him, eager to have him inside of me, but he takes his
time. He just keeps rubbing his glans back and forth over my
labia, each time he does it pressing forward just an inch.
Please, Arsen I found myself saying, my hands going to
his shoulders and trying to pull him in. This time, he doesnt
fight back against my pleas. He responds by thrusting, his cock
piercing me in a heartbeat and drawing a loud scream out of my
lips. Before I can even process whats happening, he starts to
thrust viciously, his cock coming and going out of me like a
I cross my legs behind his back, locking him in place as he
thrusts. My hands are now on his chest, my fingernails digging
in his pectorals as his body sways.
Harder, I tell him, not even sure if I can take it. But harder
he goes, his hips moving so fast that a wild numbness spreads
from my pussy toward all of my limbs. I lay back as he fucks me,
my pussy tightening around his cock like a vice. Breathing hard
as if Im about to suffocate, I arch my back as my body tenses up.
Dont stop! I shout, fireworks exploding inside my head as I
come. He keeps thrusting through my orgasm, my fingers
clawing at his chest as sweet release takes control of me.
Im screaming like a madwoman, my limbs flailing as if I were
having a seizure. Even so, he doesnt ease up; somehow, he
starts going even faster, not allowing my orgasm to crawl back to
wherever it came from. Instead, he keeps it alive inside my
muscles, fucking me until I have to scream again, another
explosion taking place inside of my head. I come for the second
time in a row, the first time that has ever happened in my life.
Two orgasms in the space of a few heartbeats? I thought that was
something that only happened in books!
Oh God, I mutter as Arsen slows down, gently pulling his
cock out of me. Im almost reluctant to let it go, but I know
theres still more to come. Way more.
I dont even know where I find the strength to do it, but
supporting myself on my elbows, I sit up. Moving with cat-like
movements, I push Arsen down on the floor and climb on top of
him, straddling him. I grab his cock, pointing it at my pussy as
my eyes lock into histheres hunger there, one that I just know
will consume me. And thats exactly what I want to happen. To
be consumed by Arsen Hawke.
I ease myself down on his cock, biting on my lower lip as I feel
his thickness parting my labia and sliding in. I let him go all the
way in and, the moment his cock is sheathed in me, I start
swaying my hips back and forth. He grabs me by the ass, bucking
his hips at me as I move; we become one like that, our motion
one and the same.
With my hands on his chest, we go slowly and tenderly, his
cock gently sliding in and out of my pussy as our bodies rock. I
lean forward, gently brushing my lips against his. I arch my back
then, and start to move faster; he matches my movements by
thrusting harder as well, the sound of his thighs slapping against
my buttocks filling the whole room. It doesnt take long for us to
be lost in a frenzy of motion, thick beads of sweat pooling on my
We keep moving until Im soaked in sweat, stray locks of hair
plastered to my forehead. I feel beads of it running down my
back and, even though I feel the claws of exhaustion reaching for
me, I keep moving furiously over his cock. Wanting to go one
step further, I stop moving just for the time necessary for me to
plant my feet by the side of his thighs. Without taking his cock
from inside of me, I lift my body up and squat down over his
waist, allowing his cock to go even deeper than before.
We change glances and his lips curl upward into a grin as he
reaches for me, two of his fingers pressing down on my clit as go.
I feel that electric pulse inside of me once more, and just a few
heartbeats after that, a tiny spark of pleasure turns into a
wildfire of delight.
My pussy clenches around his cock and I ease myself down,
my knees touching the floor once again. I lean forward, my
forearms across his chest as I tremble in ecstasy. I cant even
moan or scream anymore; my vocal chords have reached their
limit, and all they can produce is a small croak of pleasure.
I roll to the side limply, spreading both arms and legs on the
floor as I stare at the ceiling, my chest rising and falling at a
quick pace. God, Im so exhausted And still, I want more! I
dont know what Arsen does to me, but whenever Im with him I
turn into an insatiable beast. Which works just fine, since he
seems even more insatiable than I am. Between the sheets,
were truly a match made in Heaven. That is, if we were between
any sheetsit seems that with him we dont even have the
necessary patience to get anywhere near a bed. Im not
complaining, though; his naked body is the only furniture I need.
Taking a deep breath, I summon whatever strength still lives
inside of me and go up to my feet as Arsen sits up.
Looking him in the eye, I throw him a dirty smile as I sashay
across the living room and move toward the bedroom. Its time
to fuck on a proper mattress. With Arsen following after me, I
enter the room and climb on top of the bed with my knees; I go
on all fours and sway my ass from side to side as an invitation. I
dont need to say more; he crosses the room with two wide
strides, firmly grabbing my hips as he positions himself behind
me. I look back over my shoulder, a fire burning in my eyes.
What are you waiting for? I ask, biting down on my lower
lip. Fuck me. Hard. Arsen throws me a coy grin and, grabbing
his shaft, presses his tip against my labia.
You asked for it, he says and, with a smirk, thrusts. As his
cock strains against my inner walls in its way in, a violent
scream climbs up my throat and explodes in my mouth, waves of
ecstasy riding through me as Arsen starts to fuck me viciously.
I lose all notion of time as he thrusts into me; my body
burning as my mind slowly drowns. My rational mind vanishes
into oblivion, and all thats left behind the wheel are my primal
and savage urges.
I thrust back at Arsen, matching the movements of his hips.
My ass cheeks slap his thighs, the sound of flesh on flesh driving
me even more crazy. Im sweating once more, pushing my body
past all limits and forgetting about the exhaustion that is
seeping from my muscles to my bones.
Gritting my teeth, I exhale sharply as he spreads my cheeks
apart with his hands; he then runs his index finger over my
crack, placing it against my anus. Slowly but steadily, he slides it
in, a long moan tumbling out of my lips as I feel him go in. His
whole finger inside of me, he starts to fuck me even more
relentlessly; Im not even moving anymore, Im just there taking
it in and trying not to pass out from all the pleasure.
Arsen I moan, the way his name feels on my tongue like a
perfect aphrodisiac. Arsen. Dont stop! Dont STOP! I shout
as loud as I can, my lungs hurting from the effort. I come
violently, a shiver of ecstasy going up my spine as he stops
moving, his cock deep inside of me.
My body still trembling, he pulls his cock out slowly, each
inch that slides out between my labia making me tremble even
more. The moment he lets go of me, I collapse on top of the
mattress, seeing all black. I have to take a few deep breaths to
steady myself, trying hard not to pass out. Who knew that
obscene amounts of pleasure could make you pass out? I didnt,
but now that I do, I just cant help but want to see how far I can
go. Im a woman who loves challenges, what else can I say?
Sitting up on the bed, I turn to Arsen and spread my legs,
grabbing both my breasts as I look into his eyes.
Dont tell me you're already tired, I tease him, pinching my
right nipple between my thumb and index finger.
You should know me better by now, he shoots back, placing
his hand on my knees and spreading my legs even further.
Approaching me, he grabs his shaft and guides it home,
immediately thrusting without even letting me prepare for it. It
slides easily inside of me, my pussy already used to
accommodating his thickness. Rocking his body against mine,
we start fucking again, all my nerve endings crying with delight.
Christ, Arsen has given me more pleasure in an hour than all
other men combined during my whole life.
My hands go to his back, and I lower them over the curve of
his buttocks. Grabbing his ass, I urge him to go faster, bucking
my hips at him as he thrusts. He takes the hint quickly enough,
his rhythm growing with each stroke. Leaning into me, he goes
for my breasts, laying his mouth right between them as he keeps
on fucking me, his lips move over the curve of my right breast
and he wraps them around my nipple, sucking eagerly.
I throw my head back, an exhausted moan on my lips as I
succumb to his body. If the human body didnt have all these
silly limitations, Id want to remain here forever, Arsens cock
deep inside me. I mean, is there anything better than this in the
whole world? I really, really doubt it.
Letting go of my nipple, he takes his mouth to my neck,
nibbling at the soft skin there, and then moves upward to my
I cant get enough of this, he whispers, his hands on my
hips. I could fuck you like this forever, he continues, almost as
if he could read my thoughts. I open my mouth to speak, but I
cant even do that; my vocal chords are spent, and my brain is in
no condition to form a coherent sentence. Thankfully, this is no
time for conversation. He grabs me by the hair and yanks my
head back, thrusting with such strength that I cant help but
open my mouth and scream, my throat burning with the effort.
Hes ravaging me, fucking me without grace or mercy. Like a
wild beast, hes showing me what a real man can do with a
womans body. I bury my fingernails on his back, gritting my
teeth and preparing for the incoming storm. I already feel its
roar inside of me, thunder and lightning looming on my minds
horizon. This time, Im truly not sure if I can withstand thisI
mean, how many times have I come since I got here? Too many
to count, Im sure.
Every single muscle in my body tenses up, my nerve endings
charged with electricity as I feel the fuse of pleasure burning up.
Two heartbeats, one deep breath, and I just explode: all the
tension in my body frees itself, a painful scream leaving my
mouth as my brain turns into mush. This is way beyond anything
I have ever experienced And still he keeps thrusting. He fucks
me as if tomorrow would never come, ignoring all my shouts of
ecstasy - my throat is raw and hurting, but I just cant help it.
Suddenly, he stops; his body turns rigid, his muscles
becoming as hard as concrete. I look at him, see him with eyes
closed and gritted teeth, and prepare for whats to comeand I
mean that pretty literally. His cock starts to spasm and a thought
crosses my mind. With both hands on his chest, I push him to
the side and, moving as quickly as I can, I go down on my knees
and lean forward. I wrap my lips around his cock just in time, a
torrent of cum filling my mouth at once. Cupping his balls as he
comes, I stay in place while he empties his whole load inside of
my mouth. His flavor is salty and raw, manly like everything in
He keeps cumming for what seems like forever, his cum
gushing inside my mouth with no end in sight. I feel my mouth
becoming full, but even then I dont pull back; I remain still,
strands of cum dripping down my lips and chin. Its simply too
much for me to hold it all in my mouth, and it keeps on coming.
Thicks drops fall to my breasts, my chin covered in his semen
Only when Im a wet mess does he finally stop, pulling his cock
out of my mouth with an exhausted grin.
Proud of what I just did, I smile at him, opening my mouth
and showing him his own cum.
You look lovely like that, he says, leaning forward. His lips
touch mine and, before I even know what Im doing, Im pushing
my tongue inside his mouth, opening my mouth wide and
swapping cum with him. Remember when I told you that the
kinkier the better? This was what I was talking about: never in
my life did I think Id find a man with whom Id be doing this
And damn, it feels just so damn fine!
When our kiss ends, I open my eyes and lock them on his; I
lick my lips wantonly, scooping whatever cum I can, and just
swallow it. He looks at me as if he were entranced, the
expression on his face one of pure delight.
When Im done, I simply collapse on the mattress, spreading
my legs and arms to the side, exhaustion suddenly filling every
fiber of my being. And this time, theres no fighting it; the
moment I feel the softness of his sheets against my back, I close
my eyes and Im out.
WHAT TIME IS IT? Oh God, I fell asleep in Arsens apartment. I look
to my side and there he is, his naked body still pressed tight
against mine, the warmness of his skin seeping through mine.
It pains me to leave him. I wouldnt mind closing my eyes and
going back to sleep, my naked body against his But theres a
whisper inside my head: Ive got work to do. "King Henry," my
new client, is going to call me at noon, and I want to be home by
the time I get the call. Oh, who am I kidding? Its not even about
work I just want to talk with him again.
And so, with a perfect naked man lying by my side, I get up
and get dressed. I could reschedule the call, I know thatbut
somehow theres something inside of me thats aching to hear
that voice on the other end of the line. I leave the apartment on
my tiptoes, wondering why the hell I'm caring so damn much
about a man Ive never even met.

I dont know why Im so fucking excited to talk to Ashley

when she was just here a couple of hours ago. But regardless
of the fucking reason, I shower, shave, go work out, and get
some food at the gym, and by the time Im sitting down in front
of my computer, I have nervous excitement going through me
like Im 16 and in high school all over again.
What the fuck is going on? Im about to call a phone sex
operator. Regardless of whether I had showered or shaved or
whatever, shed be looking to get me off. This is a sure fucking
thing. Its nothing to get excited about. Its nothing to revolve
my day around.
But thats exactly what Im fucking doing. Youre probably
laughing at me right now. I seem like that fucking 40-year-old
virgin if you ever saw the movie where Steve Carrell puts on the
candles and shit before putting on the fucking porno so he could
jack off. Hell, chances are Dads company produced that porno in
the first place. And now I wonder how much the old man is
turning over in his grave when he sees his only fucking son
getting a fucking hard on getting ready to pay money to talk dirty
with one of his own phone sex operators.
Jesus fucking Christ. I gotta calm the fuck own.
I turn on the computer at my desk and scan through my
emails. Theres nothing major going on in the world of sex today
thats interfering with my trying to divest out of this shit. I pull
up the research on the Morozov family of companies that I had
asked Gerard to do. That man is worth his fucking weight in gold.
Not only did breaking up the company into chunks to sell give us
who Luca Giannoni was working for, but it gives me a chance to
dig a bit deeper and see just who Im selling to.
But wait, its already noon. And that means Ashleys waiting
for me to call her.
Actually, let me fucking rephrase that. Shes waiting for
"King Henry" to call her.
Whatever, dont look at me right now like that, ok? Until I
met her, I used to be a normal, well-adjusted asshole. Sure, I
used to fuck women left and right, but I never fucking lied to
them. But with her, Im living a double fucking life.
Hi this is Misty, who am I talking to? she purrs into the
phone and my heart skips a beat at hearing her voice all over
Its King Henry, Kitten, I say with the affected gravelly
voice. Im not using the coat anymore, and despite the computer
showing me that emails are arriving; my mind and concentration
are completely focused on the line.
Ive been waiting for you, sir, Ashley says with a purr.
Have you now? I say to her while my cock stiffens at her
submissive tone. Im not sure I believe you Kitten.
Its true, I came home just so I could take your call, she
What are you wearing, Misty? I ask, taking charge of the
conversation. Tell me.
I lean back as Ashley starts to describe what shes wearing. I
have on a purple lace thong with purple stockings and garters,
she says. And a light purple matching lace bra.
I close my eyes, imagining the beautiful Goddess who was
with me just a few hours ago and how shes lounging in sexy
lingerie now to talk to me.
A part of my brain tells me this is wrong. This is fucking
crazy. That I have plenty of work to do today.
Fuck, I even look toward the computer. Theres an urgent
email that just came through from Gerard.
But the reptilian part of my brain tells me that Ashley wasnt
wearing any purple lingerie when she left here this morning. She
must have changed. Or shes making this whole thing up.
Did you just put it on? I ask into the phone. Was that what
you were wearing before? Be honest with me, Misty.
Theres a pause on the line and I know shes debating how far
to go into this conversation. Because Ive just blurred the edges
of fantasy and reality now and if she plays along then shes
walking into fucking wonderland with me.
I changed into this just for you, she tells me slowly. I put
it on after I showered once I got home.
Did you come from somewhere else? I ask. Fuck, dont look
at me okay. I dont know why Im asking this. I know perfectly
well where she was.
Theres another pause.
Yes, she says on the phone.
Yes, what? I ask harshly.
Yes, sir, she corrects herself. Good, shes listening.
A man? I ask with another question almost immediately.
Yes, sir.
Fuck. My cock is twitching in my pants for some reason. I
glance at the computer at the email from Gerard. It reads simply:
Whatever. I cant give it the time it needs right now because
my next question to Ashley is just, Did you fuck him?
Shes either going to hang up, or shes going to go along with
what Im saying.
I decide to take it further and tell her, Im buying you right
now, Misty. That means I own you. That means you do whatever I
tell you to do. Tell me you understand.
Another pause. Has she hung up? Has she put me on mute?
I understand, sir, comes her response. Her voice is soft. Its
not so sultry. Its more real.
Good, I say, unbuckling my pants and pushing them down.
Now, tell me the truth. Did you fuck him?
Yes, sir, she replies. Yes, I fucked him.
Did you cum?
Yes, sir.
Good, I say, not sure why Im getting off to this, but Im
unwilling to fucking stop. Are you touching yourself now?
Again, she responds without shame. Yes, sir.
I want you to stop, Misty, I say to her. I hear a whimper on
the other end of the line. It sounds of disappointment. But Im
too far gone. My mind is in a haze of lust and its not controlling
anything I say or do at this point.
Look south, towards downtown, Misty, I tell her.
I am, sir, she replies. My apartment faces downtown.
Do you see the spires of the city? I ask. Imagine the
biggest one is my cock. Imagine my giant cock going inside of
you. In and out. Fucking you.
I hear her moan.
Can I touch myself, sir? she asks, a bit breathlessly.
Jesus fuck. My cock is rock hard as I say, No, not yet. Are you
staring downtown?
Yes, sir. Why am I staring out the window? she asks.
Because what you see outside your window represents the
highlight of human achievement, Misty, I say to her. Im not
fucking lying, but Im not sure why Im telling her this. When I
was a kid in the city, my Dad would take me every Sunday to the
Empire State Building so we could look out on the skyline. He
would tell me that as long as I was willing to work hard, those
buildings represented the idea that I could do anything.
Thats sweet, Misty says.
Fuck. Her name is Ashley. I cant forget that. Im starting to
think of her as Misty as my Kitten. This is fucking dangerous.
Fuck sweet, I tell her harshly, scared at how much Ive
given away. I want you to picture my cock, Kitten.
Yes, master, she says and now Im just completely hooked.
Where the fuck did she get that in her head to call me master?
Is it hard, sir?
I grunt, my hand working my cock. Its veiny, thick,
throbbing I start but Ashley interrupts me.
Can I put my mouth on it, master? she asks. Can I run my
tongue over the tip?
Fucking Christ.
Can I run my tongue up and down the shaft, sir? she asks
with a sweeter voice and my body shudders. Can I spit on it and
then smear it over your big, throbbing head?
I cant take any more, but shes not done.
Can I lick the precum thats coming out with my tongue?
And then can I jerk your cock while you watch me?
I cant answer. Im too far into this fucked up world. Im past
the point of no return.
Can I put my finger on your slit and smear that precum across
the head of your cock, master? she asks me sweetly.
Im going to cum, I manage to get out.
I still have my bra on because you wanted me to keep it on,
do you want to cum on my tits? Ashley asks. My big, soft, firm,
tits, she adds for emphasis.
Urrgh, I say out loud. Dont ask me what I was trying to say
because I have no fucking idea. My mind is in a state of paralysis
as my orgasm rips through me and I shoot out spurt after spurt
of thick, viscous cum out of my cock and onto the floor.
Im panting as electric shocks of pleasure race through my
body and by the time Im done I dont know how Ive managed to
keep holding onto the phone.
Ashley is waiting on the other end of the line. I can sense a
smile on her voice as she speaks to me.
Can I touch myself, now, King? she asks.
Fuck me. Im going fucking crazy for this girl.

I ts a pleasant evening and I look out toward the Hudson

River from where Arsen and I are sitting at dinner. Were at
an outdoor restaurant called Southwest New York that serves
Tex-Mex near the South Street Seaport. With our table literally
right next to the water, it's been a pleasant evening.
I look at Arsen. Hes staring back at me.
God, hes so freakin hot. I swear, just staring into his
smoldering eyes is enough to get my panties wet. The way those
eyes seem to look into my soul. The way that face is shapedits
so lean and tight. And then theres that body. Youve heard me
go on and on about his body before, I know, but its so good its
worth saying again and again. If I could, Id tell everyone I know.
I mean, I wouldn't tell my Dad or anything, but aside from him,
Id shout from the rooftops how much I enjoyed Arsens bulging
biceps, his 8-pack abs that are oh so defined, his powerful legs,
his wonderful pecs, or his strong back.
But while his body is great to run my hands over and lick, I
think what is completely unforgettable is basically that 12-inch
cock that dangles from his legs. When that thing gets hard, I can
barely wrap my hands around it. Its as thick as my wrist. And
it's so painfully delicious when it stretches my insides out.
What are you thinking? Arsen asks me, reaching across the
table and taking my hand. I can see the tattoos go up and down
his arm. Tell me.
I take his hand and smile at him. Ive never had a man sit
across from dinner and ask me what Im thinking. To take an
interest the way that Arsen has.
Hes wealthy, cute, and considerate.
How is it that I'm not head over heels in love with this guy?
I cant believe Im sitting here complaining to you about this.
I must sound like the worlds most spoiled girl or something.
But its true; I can't say that Im in love with Arsen. And I
know the one major reason for that.
Henry. Client 5.
Its been two days since the last time we spoke at noon. Two
days since Ive heard his powerful, commanding voice. A voice
that basically says fuck the worldthese are his rules and you
can either obey them or get off the bus. Two days since he
basically made me his over the phone.
Do you want to know something? I haven't told anyone yet,
because Ive kept it a secret.
Two days ago, when we were together on the phone, when he
told me he wasnt going to let me touch myself, I got so turned
on just listening to himself telling me what I could or couldn't
do. When he forced me to call him sir or master or "king,"
and started telling me to imagine Lower Manhattan and imagine
his cock and how it would feel to have him plunge into and out of
me, I swear to God I was dripping wet. I was panting. I could tell
my heart rate had increased just from hearing his voice.
But thats not what I have to tell you.
What I have to tell you is this. As I got him off with my words,
it was turning me on like nothing else tooto the point where
listening to my words and the effect it was having on him was
only making me hungry to hear more. When he finally came, my
body was a quivering mess. I hadnt been allowed to touch
myself and it was like desire was overwhelming every aspect of
my body.
When King Henry finally let me touch myself, I desperately
brought my fingers to my clit underneath my panties. And it
took me maybe five seconds and three flicks before I exploded.
Thats what I wanted to tell you. Thats what Ive been
thinking about for the last 48 hours. What kind of a man can get
me so keyed up, so on the brink already, that it took absolutely
nothing to push me over the edge?
Its like he can make me cum with just the sound of his voice.
Youre probably shaking your head at me. Thinking Im just a
stupid little girl, but I swear to God, I honestly think that if he
wanted to, he could get me to cum just by talking to me.
But it's not just about cumming. He said something to me the
last time we talked. He talked about how his Dad would take him
out to the Empire State Building to give him a view of the city.
Telling him that anything was possible. It sounds almost like
Its like youre a million fucking miles away, Arsen says
again and I snap back to reality.
I shake my head and smile at him.
I was just thinking about work, I tell him, squeezing his
hand. I dont want to lie to Arsen. I dont want to throw away
what I have with him. Because it's good. Hes a good man. He
may have been a bad boy before this, but I know hes trying for
my sake to rein it in.
We havent had the conversation yet about being exclusive.
And Im glad. Because as much as I like Arsen, I cant explain it
but my mind keeps going back to Client 5. To Henry.
You mean the guys who call in to talk to you? Arsen asks
and gets up.
Weve finished dinner and decide to take a walk down the
waterfront. Its a nice evening and the water is peaceful.
I have maybe about 6 regulars who call in, I tell him as I
grab his hand and squeeze it reassuringly.
I may not be completely sure about Arsen, but hes here, with
me, right now. The sex is phenomenal. I would have never
imagined sex could be this good before I met him. And hes kind,
considerate, and open. I dont want to lose him because of
Henry, who Ive never met.
But Im still looking forward to the Client 5 call I have
penciled in for tomorrow morning.
Well, youre regulars probably see you the same way I do,
Arsen says, looking at me. They probably know a girl like you
doesn't come by every day and theyre doing whatever they can
to hold onto you.
Its like hes not jealous at my job at all, and thats the surreal
part. Does he know that my words are supposed to get other
mens cocks hard? That I tell them the nastiest things I can think
of so that these men shoot loads of cum all over themselves?
That even more than porn, the act of talking dirty over the
phone is perhaps the most intimate one can get before actually
having sex in person?
Its such a nice night tonight, I say out loud, trying to
change the subject.
Arsen looks around, and humors me with a smile. Ever since
they finally finished construction around the Freedom Tower,
this area has gotten a lot nicer without so much construction,
he says to himself.
Did you follow the construction or something? I ask him.
Ive never really had strong opinions on it one way or other.
He sighs. Ive always wanted to build things, he says out
loud, more to himself than anyone. I just never got the
Im silent for a moment, but I think about Arsen. A son who
wanted to do so much, but raised by his father in a completely
different way and now managing reluctantly a family business he
wanted no part of.
I squeeze his hand. Well, soon youll have sold everything
your Dad left you, and youll be able to spend your time the way
you want to, I tell him as we slow down and he faces me.
Maybe you can go build a building somewhere somehow.
Arsen looks at me as I smile at him. Im trying to make my
face look cute. He breaks into a bittersweet smile and takes a
step closer.
I want to spend that time with you, he tells me and I can
feel his breath on my face.
I want him to wrap his arms around me and pull me close to
him. To hold me and never let me go. I want to squirm against
his body, feel his cock grow hard. I want it to poke into my
crotch. I want to feel it against my ass. I want to boil his blood
with my body. To tempt him. To tease him.
All that may happen with this kiss.
But then, theres always going to be Client 5 in the back.
Because no matter what I do with Arsen tonight, no matter how
many ways I give myself to himno matter how much I let him
own me, in the morning Ill be rushing out the door to take the
call from Client 5.
Arsen brings his face down to meet mine.
And I take a step back.
He looks at me with concern and tears start to come down my
Theres only one thing for a lady to do in this situation.
I turn around and start to run away.

W hat the fuck just happened? I say something niceand

trueand she bolts on me? And crying! I look in astonishment
as she runs down the sidewalk, my body frozen by surprise.
Wake up, Arsen! I cant let her go like that!
I start running down the street, my feet flying over the
pavement as I close in on her. Her heels are clicking, the sound
getting louder with each step I take. Then she looks over her
shoulder and, realizing Im following after her, cuts into a dark
What the hell is she thinking? Running into a dark and
deserted place like that this late? Now I really cant let her go.
I reach for her, my fingers curling around her wrist as I pull
her in. She turns to me, her makeup slightly smeared from the
tears. With one hand around her waist I take the other one to her
face and brush her cheeks gently.
What were you thinking, Ashley? You cant wander away like
that, its dangerous, I say, waving at the deserted alley, the pale
lights of the street barely reaching us.
She says nothing, her wide eyes staring into mine as if she
truly doesn't know what to say. My heart is beating like a
motherfucker, making my bones rattle. I cant lose her! Fuck, I
cant even believe Im saying thisme, Arsen fucking Hawke.
But its true I cant stand the thought of losing her. I need to
say something, to make whatever hesitancy she holds inside her
heart go away But, just like her, I cant find the words.
Shes breathing hard now, her body so close to mine I can
almost feel the warmness of her skin through her clothes. Fuck,
my cock is already twitching just by having her this close.
Theres something about her that makes me lose all control
And even though were outside, I cant help but let instinct take
over. I push her back against the wall, my hands on her waist as I
lean in to kiss her.
I swear, I just wanted one more kiss. But now that my lips are
on hers, theres no way that were going to be able to stop. No
fucking way. Her hands are already on my back, pulling me in, all
of her hesitation thrown out of the window. I let my hands go up
her side and, grabbing a handful of her beautiful blonde hair, I
yank on it; she throws her head back, opening her eyes and
returning my gaze. One look and I can already tell shes as
hungry as I am for more.
Who cares if we can be caught going at it? Who gives a fuck,
really? If anything, it only adds to the moment.
Im going to fuck you, I tell her, breathing as hard as she is.
My bloods boiling, my hearts drumming and my cock is already
hard as steel. Im ready for battle. Right now, I add, leaning
forward and pressing my lips against her neck. Her hands slide
down my back and she traces the contour of my belt; then,
stretching her fingers wide, she grabs my cock harshly, all of her
desire contained in that one simple motion.
Still kissing her neck, I let one hand fall to her chest and I
squeeze her right breast, feeling the perfect fleshy curves
molding to my hand. My other hand goes around her waist and I
cup her ass, the memories of her naked body flooding me at once
as I grab her. My cock pulses against her hand, so strongly I
wouldnt be surprised if it just ripped its way out of my pants.
Yes, I want to fuck her this bad.
She curls her fingers even more tightly around my shaft,
slightly moving her wrist up and down and stroking me over the
fabric of my pants. Acting as if it had a will of its own, the hand I
have on her breast falls down her chest and goes straight to
between her thighs; bunching up her dress, I flatten the palm of
my hand there, cupping her pussy harshly over all of her
clothing. There are layers of fabric between the two of us, but the
anxious way shes breathing already tells me she is soaking wet.
And, fuck, just thinking of that makes me want to go down on
my knees and taste her right here. And why the fuck not?
Both my hands go to her waist and, pinning her against the
wall, I go down. My eyes never leave hers, a spark of desire
flickering in her face as my knees touch the floor; she knows
whats coming, and she cant wait for it. I throw a quick glance to
the side, making sure theres no one around to see us, and I go
for it: I hook my thumbs on the hemline of her dress and lift it
up to her waist, pressing my mouth over her thong at the same
The moment my lips touch the wet black fabric, I breathe in.
Her scent hits me at once, sweet and intoxicating Just like a
drug, it makes me fucking high. I forget all about where I am; the
only thing my mind can process is the perfect wet pussy right in
front of me. I suck on her over the fabric, her juices hitting my
tongue immediately; swear to God, I suck so hard I think her
thong goes dry. With a flick of my fingers I push it to the side
then, my lips meeting her labia. I close my eyes, savoring her
most intimate parts with my mouth. How can a woman taste this
fucking amazing? I could eat her out for hours and hours.
Slightly tilting my head sideways, I suck her folds inside my
mouth, her juices coating the inside of my mouth. I part my lips,
letting my tongue run over the length of her pussy, and then I
circle her soft clit. She trembles slightly, her hands now on my
head, disheveling my hair. I place one hand under her ass,
forcing her to lift one leg up; she does it willingly, placing her leg
over my shoulder. Grinning, I pull back just for one second, my
eyes opening as I look up at her: she has her eyes closed, her
back against the wall as her chest rises and falls softly. God, she
looks so fucking sweet.
I go for it once more, my eyelids closing as I wrap my lips
tightly around her clit. I suck on it, pressing down with my
tongue at the same time; her fingers curl around my hair more
harshly, I can already feel her breathing becoming even harder.
That just makes me suck on her even more eagerly, her flavor
inundating my mind and making me lose all sense of self.
Opening my mouth as wide as I can, I press it against her
labia, jabbing my tongue past her inner lips as I place one arm
over her waist, my hand reaching for her clit. I find it with two
fingers, and I immediately start rubbing her soft sweet spot. A
tenuous moan leaves her lips, her hands running back and forth
over my hair; then, her fingers like hooks on my hair, she pulls
on my head as she thrusts with her hips. I go fucking insane, her
scent climbing all the way up to my brain like a bullet. Im no
longer eating her out. Im fucking devouring her, my tongue and
fingers working her with a hunger only Ashley can tame.
I keep on sucking and licking until I feel her close to the verge
of ecstasy. Then I keep going, her moan turning into a loud sigh
as she arches her back against the wall, her body becoming as
tense as a coiled spring.
Thrusting hard against my mouth, she comes hard, holding
my head in place as I feel sweet little spasms taking over the
muscles in her thighs. Only when the pressure in her fingers
eases up do I pull back, slowly opening my eyes and looking up at
her. Her eyes are still closed, her head against the wall as she
tries to catch her breath. I put the leg she has over my shoulder
down on the floor and stand up, her dress falling down over her
waist and covering her. I almost reach for it, anxious to simply
rip it off and shred it to pieces, but saner thoughts prevail and,
somehow, I manage to control my urges.
You taste so fucking amazing, I whisper against her ear, my
cock tenting my boxer briefs and pants. I love how your pussy
tastes, Ashley.
A smile on her lips, she opens her eyes slowly and purrs, her
words driving me completely insane.
Let me taste it then, she says, and Im leaning forward
toward her before I have even understood her words. Before our
lips touch, she runs her tongue from my chin to my mouth,
taking in her own fluids; then, our mouths pressed tight against
each other, we both part our lips and let our tongues wrestle
against one another, my hands all over her perfect body.
I press my body against her, my crotch on her inner thigh.
She moves her leg teasingly, rubbing my hard cock and almost
making me lose my sanity. Pulling back from her kiss, I take one
deep breath, my heart beating so fast Im feeling fucking dizzy.
Once again I look over my shoulder, trying to make sure that the
alley were in remains deserted. Im so fucking hard I cant even
think straight, so I have to blink my eyes twice before my brain
can process that yes, were still alone in our hidden New York
I want your mouth on me, I find myself saying, a grin
dawning on my lips. I want you to open that little mouth of
yours, and I want to fuck it.
She grins back at me, a flicker of defiance in her eyes.
Or what? Sassy, yes, but she already knows how I play this
Theres no 'or' with me, I tell her, my fingers on the nape
of her neck. On your knees, I command her, the tone of my
voice leaving no room for a challenge. She goes down on her
knees at once, her hands sliding down my chest until she has her
fingers hooked on my belt. With her index finger she traces the
contour of my cock, her eyes locked on it. As she starts to
unbuckle my belt my cock pushes harder against my pants,
pulsing with raw uncontrollable desire. Fuck, I need this bad.
My belt taken care of, she starts to unbutton my pants, my
cock pushing out. I cant help but close my eyes and sigh sharply
as she presses the palm of her hand against it, massaging my
shaft with slow cautious movements. Then, no warning at all,
her fingers curl around the hem of my boxer briefs and she tugs
them down; my cock jumps free immediately, the cool air of the
street sending a shiver up my spine.
I open my eyes, looking down at Ashley as she grabs my cock
with her small delicate hand. I dont really like to brag about my
size but, seeing my member in her hand, I just cant help but be
impressed by it. Yeah, this is meArsen Hawkethe gift God
sent to ladies on this Earth.
As Ashley starts to stroke me, her hand moving back and
forth over my shaft, I place both my hands on top of her head
and run my fingers through her silky hair. Her head sways gently
as I move my hands, her mouth dangerously close to my cock;
her lips are slightly parted, as if shes readying herself.
You want it? I ask her, slightly moving my hips forward so
that my glans is just an inch away from her delicious lips. She
nods obediently, looking up at me with those big eyes of hers.
I do, she replies, licking her lips. A lot.
Then open your mouth, I tell her, her lips parting
immediately. I take one hand off of her head and, placing my
hand over hers, I grab my cock, pushing it down and aiming it
straight at her mouth. I brush the tip over the gap between her
lips, slowly moving my cock left and right. Im going to fill that
sweet mouth of yours, I tell her, gently moving my hips forward
and pushing my glans inside her mouth. Both hands again on
her head, I keep it in place as I push my cock deeper in, sliding it
over her tongue until I can almost feel the back of her throat.
Suck for as long as you can Soon enough its going to be deep
inside your wet pussy. As I speak, she wraps her lips hard
around my shaft, almost as if my words were sending ripples of
anticipation through her mind.
With careful deliberate movements, she starts to bob her
head back and forth, my cock sliding in and out of her mouth at a
rhythmic pace. Then I hear something and I hold her head still,
looking over my shoulder to the end of the alley; theres a
metallic rattle behind a trash can and then something falls to the
ground. My heart kicks against my ribcage, but soon enough my
surprise is replaced by reliefa ginger cat jumps into sight,
quickly darting out of the alley as it spots us. Fuck, that damn cat
really got me for a moment.
One second later and Ive already forgotten all about it:
Ashley fights back against the hold I have on her, pushing her
lips down my shaft until they meet the skin at the base. She
pushes further down and I cant help but look down and marvel
at the sight, my whole length inside of her mouth. I dont even
know how shes doing it. I have had many women trying this
feat, but theres always an inch or two they simply cant fit
inside their mouths. But Ashley isnt one to give up; as her lips
meet the base of my cock she looks up at me, slowly rolling her
mouth back over my shaft.
Good girl, I tell her with a grin. It feels so fucking great to
have my whole cock inside of your little mouth. As a response,
she goes back down again, her eyes never leaving mine as she
moves. I breathe out deeply, trying to keep myself together as
she starts to caress my balls with one hand. Sweet Jesus, if this
continues for too long Im going to fucking cum in her mouth.
Not that Id mind; I just cant allow myself to come without
feeling her pussy lips wrapped tight around my cock. Thatd just
be sad.
Wanting to take control, I grab her head harshly, forcing her
to stop moving. The moment shes still, I start to thrust, fucking
her mouth just like I promised her I would. I look down, my heart
beating fast as I watch my shaft flying in and out of her mouth. I
go fast, as fast as I can, closing my eyes as I feel my insides
clenching. I force myself to slow down until I stop, my cock
spasming inside her mouth as I take a deep breath, stopping
myself from coming. And let me tell you, thats not an easy
fucking taskright now I want nothing more than to fill her
warm mouth with my cum and see it drip down her chin to
between her breasts. I can already imagine myself scooping
whatever spilled out of her mouth with my tongue. Yeah, Ashley
drives me fucking crazy, I know. And hell, I just love it. I've
never had a woman make me feel like this; each time she
touches me I'm another step closer to losing control.
I pull my cock out of her mouth, the tip popping out with an
audible sound. Come here, I whisper, grabbing her hand and
making her go up to her feet. The moment shes standing right
in front of me, I waste no time: I take one step forward, pinning
her body against the wall as I press my mouth against hers. We
kiss in abandonment, my hands going down from her waist to
her thighs, hurriedly lifting her dress up. Her dress bunched up
at the waist, I let my fingers go to her inner thighs and I flick her
thong to the side, my heart almost exploding as I feel my glans
rubbing against her wet folds.
One hand guiding me, and then one thrustIm in like that,
my thickness straining against her insides as my shaft slides
deep inside of her. I cant even tell you how fucking great her
pussy feels. It doesnt matter how many times I've fucked her;
this feels fucking amazing. Her tightness around my thick cock
is unlike anything I've ever experienced And Ive fucked
virgins, experienced women, young and old; Ive ran through the
whole catalog and I've never found someone like Ashley. Yeah, I
know Im praising everything about her, but what can I do? Its
just the truth!
Youre so tight, I whisper in her ear, rocking my body
against hers as I thrust. I could fuck you forever.
I want you to, she says, all her tears and fears from just
minutes ago long forgotten. All that matters now is this sweet
surrender to our carnal urges The rest are just details. Right
now, my cock inside of her, everything is right with the universe.
Every little fucking thing.
I cup her ass as I fuck her, my thrusts becoming faster as I
lean in to kiss her. My hands squeeze her ass hard, and then I
slide it under her thong, the warm curves of her buttocks making
my cock throb harshly inside of her. I run my outstretched
fingers over her ass crack, my mind close to the boiling point.
Im thrusting so hard I dont even know how she manages to
take it; I usually moderate my intensity, not wanting to hurt
women with my huge cock, but I just cant control myself with
her. Whenever Im with Ashley, its all the way or no way. And,
as amazing as it is, she keeps up with me. True, around Arsen
Hawke most girls turn into insatiable little creatures, but
Ashley Oh, Ashley is different: not only is she insatiable, she
turns me into a hungry beast as well.
I slow down for a bit, my body assuming a more gentle
rhythm as she presses her head against my shoulder, breathing
softly as our bodies rock. I place one hand behind her neck and
yank on her hair, baring her neck as she opens her eyes and
looks at me. I give her one hard thrust, a sudden moan forming
on her lips.
Youre mine, Ash, I tell her, my cock sliding out from her
pussy. Your mouth, your tits, your pussy all mine. Say it.
My mouth is yours She repeats, and I give her one hard
thrust. My tits are yours. One more thrust. And my pussy
is I dont even let her finish: I just thrust as hard as I can, the
last part of her sentence replaced by a moan through gritted
Thats it. Now I want you to come for me I whisper in her
ear, pistoning my cock as fast and hard as I can. She claws at my
chest, tugging on my shirt harshly, and then buries her mouth
on my shoulder, muffling a scream of ecstasy as she comes. Is
there a sound more beautiful than this? I could hear her come
endlessly Theres something magical about her voice,
something that just reels me in. I think back to my phone calls
with her, when I pose as King Henry, and I feel more boiling
blood racing to my cock. To imagine her home alone, wearing
nothing more than sexy lingerie while she fingers herself
hearing my voice Its almost enough to make me go insane.
I tuck one stray lock of hair behind her ear, my thrusts
slowing down. Pulling my cock out of her pussy, I grab her by the
waist and make her turn around before she even has the time to
resist it. I press her against the wall, once again lifting her dress
up to her waist. This time I dont simply flick her thong to the
side Oh, no, I push it down her legs and then I bend over to
pick it up. Grabbing it between my fingers, I rise up, my cock
brushing against her naked buttocks. I take her underwear to my
face and breath in her scent, my cock pulsing against her ass.
Im keeping this as a souvenir, I tell her, pushing her thong
into my pocket. I might want to remember this later tonight
She says nothing; as a response she simply pushes her ass at
me, my cock trapped between her cheeks. Swaying her body, she
strokes me like that until I cant take it anymore. I grab my cock
and point it down, pushing it between her thighs until I feel the
warm touch of her labia. Lacing her waist with one arm, I simply
thrust, my shaft pushing through her inner lips and once again
feeling the warm embrace of her insides.
I grit my teeth as I fuck her, my thighs slapping her ass as I
ravage her body. My cock going in and out of her, I press my
mouth against her ear, breathing hard.
Im going to cum inside of you. Im going to fill you up until
it starts dripping down your legs And, since I took your thong,
Im going to have to lick you dry, I tell her, bucking my hips at
her until my whole body feels on the verge of exploding.
Oh my God She mutters, the words coming out of her
like a quivering moan. It only makes me go harder. I go so hard I
feel my legs cramping up, her whole body suddenly becoming as
tense as mine. One final thrust and thats it; I cant hold it in me
anymore. Breathing out harshly, I feel my cock spasming
violently and I come, my warm semen gushing inside of her.
As I start to come, her pussy becomes even tighter around my
shaft and she leans forward against the wall, hissing like a feral
cat. Shes trying hard not to scream, an orgasm as violent as my
own raging through her petite body. I close my eyes as we
surrender to the avalanche of pleasure that engulfs us, our
bodies just a tiny vessel in a sea of sin and ecstasy.
Fuck, I must have been crazy to fuck her in a place like this,
where anyone could see us! But we got lucky, no one caught us
my cock finally giving its last spams, I slide it out from her
pussy. I make her turn around again, her body almost limp as
she tries to catch her breath. Before she even opens her eyes, Im
back on my knees, holding her dress up with my hands as I lean
in toward her pussy.
Thick strands of cum hang on her labia, beads of it already
dripping down her legs at a steady pace. I part my lips, my
tongue reaching for one drop of semen as it slides down her
thigh. I scoop it up, tracing the way to her pussy. There, I open
my mouth and suck on her labia, my tongue licking the salty
juices that have just left my cock.
I dont stop until my mouth is brimming with cum, and then I
just swallow it. I dont even think about it; I just fucking do it.
And then I lick her dry, my tongue brushing against every inch of
her pussy until theres nothing left to lick. Slowly, I pull back
and go to my feet, letting go of her dress and allowing it to fall
down, covering her.
I kiss her tenderly, her tongue dancing around mine as she
takes in the flavor of my cum into her mouth. We lock eyes,
then, and I know that whatever happened before we got into this
alley, wont be resolved tonighteverything in due time. I push
my boxer briefs and pants up, tuck my shirt in, and give her a
broad gentle smile.
Lets get out of here, I tell her. Arm-in-arm, we waltz into
the street again, my cock twitching as I remember rather
indecently what I have stuffed down my pocket: Ashleys wet

HI, this is Misty, who am I talking to? Ashley says, her voice
coming at me like the most perfect sound in the whole universe.
Yes, Im calling her againyou can keep that judgmental look to
yourself. Its stronger than me.
Last night, after our quick dirty romp in a back alley, I got her
a cab home and took another one myself. I tried to get some
sleep, but all I managed to do was lay around in bed wide awake,
tossing and turning while memories of her tight pussy floated
around my mind. Eventually, I just got up; I picked my pants
from the floor and took her used thong from inside my pocket,
bringing it up to my face so that I could breath her scent in. That
was all it took for my cock to stiffenjust feeling the soft fabric
on my fingers made me ache for release again. Remember when I
told you that Ashley makes me insatiable? This is what that
Alone in my bedroom, I just had to jerk myself, my eyes
closed as I pictured her delicious naked curves. You know, I
couldnt even remember the last time I masturbated like that;
whenever I had an urge, I could just pick some random hot
woman and fuck her brains out. But not anymore, not since I
first laid eyes on Ashley Now I cant bring myself to fuck
anyone else, my cock suddenly going monogamous. Thats a first
for me.
So, yeah, dont judge me if the first thing I did after waking up
was sit down on my couch and pick up the phone. A man can
only resist so much, after all.
Who do you think? I say, pressing the phone against my ear
as I mouth the words with my grave King Henry voice. I almost
feel like the Batman, juggling two identities, one that makes
Ashley come with my cock, and another that does it using just
Its you, Henry. Ive been waiting for your call, I hear her
say, her purred words making my heart pump warm blood
straight to my cock. It gets hard, tenting my pants as I lean back
against the couch.
Have you? I dont know if I believe you, Kitten. After all,
youve been fucking other guys while you keep on taking my
calls, I say, propping my feet up on the coffee table as I rest my
hand over my crotch, feeling my hard bulge with the tip of my
fingers. I just cant help but ask her about well, me. But, for a
few seconds, theres only silence on the other side of the line.
Its true, sir I spent all night thinking of you, she tells
me, her voice letting through a hint of Ashleys true personality.
Theres honesty there, shes no longer playing a character.
Somewhere along the way, King Henry has stripped Ashley out of
her Misty persona.
Is that so, Kitten? And what did you think about?
I thought of The way you make me feel. I get so very wet
whenever you take control." I know you do. Now tell me,
Kitten What are you wearing right now? I start massaging my
cock over the fabric of my pants, taking my time with it. Hell, I
never thought Id be one of those guys who does thiscalls a
phone line so that they can get off. But with Ashley There are
no limits to what I will or will not do.
Im wearing a tiny little robe And underneath it, an even
tinier black lace thong, she tells me, my fingers curling around
my bulging. No bra. Christ, this is insane.
I like that, Kitten. I like that a lot. But I would prefer you
naked I say, drawling out the last part of my sentence as I
imagine her there, lying in bed with only her thong on. Take if
Yes, sir, she purrs, and then theres a long silence, followed
by the sound of her moving about. She is actually taking her
clothes off; this is not some imagination carrousel. I am naked
Good. Where are you, Kitten?
In bed All alone.
Good. Close your eyes now. I want you to imagine my hand
on your skin, my fingers running from your navel up to your
breasts I say, her breathing growing louder. But dont touch
yourself, Kitten. Not yet; only when I say so.
Yes, sir, she says, the tone of her voice telling me about the
state her pussy is in right now: soaking wet.
I want you to feel my body pressed against yours, my cock
sliding deep inside of your wet pussy I continue, my own eyes
closed as I picture the scene. What I wouldnt give to be there
now, lying in bed next to her naked body. Imagine my big cock
going all the way in, stretching you wide as I fuck you.
Yes, I I am, her words sound more like anxious moans
now, and I can tell shes eager for my permission to touch
herself. But if she wants that, shes going to have to wait. I
want that so much, sir You cant imagine how much.
Oh, yes, I can, I tell her as I push my pants down, my cock
jumping free against the palm of my hand. I grab it, feeling it
pulse against my fingers as I hear Ashleys hard breathing
through the phone. Calling a sex line might be a fucked up thing,
but Im too into it right now; there are no brakes on this train.
I want you hard, she says suddenly. Tell me that youre
I am hard, Kitten And my thick cock is right here, waiting
for those lush lips of yours. I start stroking myself, moving my
hand up and down at a quickly growing rhythm. This is fucking
insane; it might not be the first time Im doing this, but it
doesnt make it any less crazy.
I want it in my mouth, she blurts out, almost as if she has
no control over what shes saying. I want to curl my fingers
around it and suck on it as I stroke you And I want to look you
in the eyes as I do it, my mouth full with your cock. I want to
pleasure you, and I want to touch myself as I do it.
Fuck, Im jerking myself hard now, her words turning into
pictures inside my head.
My nipples are so hard, sir. And my pussy is so wet Can I
please touch myself, sir? Please She asks me, genuinely
begging for my permission. Christ, she could just lie, go ahead
and do it, but no, she really wants me to say it, to allow her to do
Yes, you can touch yourself, I tell her, taking a deep breath
before I do it. I dont want to sound like a fucking breathless guy
thats stroking himself into oblivion, although thats exactly
what I am right now. I want you to slide two fingers inside of
yourself as you rub your clit, Kitten.
She doesnt even say anything; her moan is all that I need to
hear to know that shes doing it. Here we are, miles apart and
still pleasuring ourselves, even though she has no idea that
"King Henry" is the guy who actually fucked her last night.
I want she starts, trying to push the words out of her
mouth between her hard breaths. I want that big cock of
yours So damn much, she moans, her honeyed voice climbing
all the way up to my brain and stabbing it right in the middle. I
want to make you cum, and I want you to do it all over me, sir. I
want you to cover me with it while Im on my knees, my mouth
open wide as you fill me up.
That does it for me. I dont even tell her Im about to come, I
just explode before I have the time to think about it. I groan into
the phone, but I dont think she hears me; shes moaning loudly,
almost screaming as if I was actually there, my cock buried
inside of her pussy. I sit there, grabbing my cock while thick
ropes of cum gush out of it, the sound of her orgasm numbing
my mind. This might be fucking insane, but it doesnt make it
any less good, let me tell you that. Sure, the real thing is way
better But this beats just using my imagination, theres no
question about that. And, of course, Im pretty sure of who shes
going to turn to after King Henry has left her in a wet mess: good
ol Arsen Hawke.
I I just couldnt help myself, sir, she says, her voice a
quivering mess. I had to come. I just had to.
I know, Kitten. Its alright, but next time, remember: youll
only come when I tell you to.
Yes, sir. I promise.
Good, I continue, leaning back against my couch as I close
my eyes and take a deep breath, endorphins still raging through
me like a fucking hurricane. Are you this obedient with
No Not at all, sir, she says, sounding genuine but still
breathing hard.
Not with anyone? I hear some slight hesitation, so I press
harder. Tell me.
Just Just one man, she finally confesses, her voice
wavering almost as if shes afraid her response will earn her a
That friend of yours you told me about? I ask her,
suddenly feeling morbidly curious about what shes going to tell
this Henry character of my relationship with her. Is she going to
Yes Yes, hes the one.
And does he make you come, Kitten? Does he fuck you like
you want me to fuck you? I ask, feeling slightly anxious as I wait
for her response. Christ, what the fuck am I doing?
Yes, sir He does. He does fuck me like that.
Good A girl like you needs a good fucking. Tell me, when
was the last time he fucked you? Tell me about it.
Last night, she replies, her voice now more steady. We
fucked outside, in a tiny alley near Freedom Tower. I came three
times, she continues, and I can almost hear the anxiety in her
words as she waits for my response.
Now, a nice girl like you fucking in a public place? I like that
wild side of yours, Kitten, I really do. And what better place to
unleash that wild side but there? The place has gotten a lot nicer
without so much construction.
Theres a long silence on the other side of the line, almost as
if I had said something indecent. I almost ask her if shes still
there when she starts to speak again.
Im glad, sir. I dont want to displease you, she tells me,
and I can feel her honesty. She really wants to please Henry.
Holy fuck, is this situation getting out of control?
And what about your friend? Do you want to please him as
well? I continue, unable to stop.
I Im sorry, sir, I really got to go, she says, cutting the
conversation short.
Well talk again. Soon, I promise her, and I can almost see
the smile on her face.
I hope so, sir, she tells me before hanging up. When I take
the phone out of my ear, theres already a text message from
Ashley flashing on the screen.
Im coming over, it says.
Of course.

H ere I am again, riding the elevator to Arsens apartment

once more. Why do all my phone calls with King Henry
end up like this? I cant help but text Arsen, anxious to have
someone quench my thirst for a real man. Arsen and Henry
These two really are tying my mind into knots.
With Arsen, everythings perfectfrom the way he treats me
to the way he fucks me, theres nothing that I can point at. So
why am I not surrendering to him like I damn know I should?
Hes the perfect man, for Gods sakehot, wealthier than God,
and totally into me! First, I resisted his advances because I knew
he was not only a smut lords heir, but my boss But thats not
the real reason behind my reluctance toward taking the final
step, the step into his arms. No, on that point I can only lay the
blame at King Henry's feet, Client 5.
I know, I know You probably think that Im being silly. Torn
between two men when I havent even met one of them. I never
saw his face, and I dont know a damn thing about himand
still, theres something about the way he speaks to me that
draws me in, almost as if hes pulling me into a deep trance from
which theres no escape. I swear to God, just knowing that hes
going to call me is enough to make me wet. And every single
minute that I spend talking with him on the phone Sweet
Jesus, I should be the one paying, not him. All of our
conversations end with me soaking wet, trying to recover from
another mind numbing orgasm his words have unleashed upon
me. I know it sounds crazy, but what do you want me to tell you?
Its the truth. And thats the reason Im here now, at One57
because theres only one man capable of turning into reality the
fantasies King Henry whispers into my ear. And that man is,
drumroll, Arsen Hawke. I know, no surprise there.
As the elevator opens with a gentle ding, I step into the
hallway, walking steadily toward Arsens front door. Im still a
few feet away from it when it swings back on its hinges, Arsen
standing behind it with a grin on his face. My heart immediately
feels tight inside my chest, my pussy already wetyes, Im this
desperate to feel his body on mine, Im not ashamed to admit it.
Ashley, he greets me, stepping back so that I can enter his
apartment. He closes the door behind me as I turn to face him, a
smile on my face.
Arsen, I say, taking one step toward him. Were close now,
just a few inches between our bodies. None of us move though,
we just stand still, enjoy the way the air around us seems to grow
heavier. We are looking into each others eyes, sparks of
electricity flying across the distance that separates us.
God, I might not be able to stop thinking about King Henry,
but whenever Im this close to Arsen Everything else just fades
away. I dont even know if its because hes the best man I have
ever met, or because he fucks me like a God. Either way, he just
makes me melt like butter on a scorching hot day.
Im glad you texted me, he starts, cutting through the
silence. I spent all morning thinking of you And thinking of
last night. I cant wait to get you out of those clothes.
A shiver goes through me as I imagine him, alone in his huge
luxurious apartment, thinking of me and getting hard. Has he
ever masturbated while thinking of me? And the panties he stole
from me last night Has he already given them any use? Just
thinking of that makes me even wetter, if thats even possible.
The memories of what happened near Freedom Tower race
through my mind and I bite my lower lip, wanting an encore. But
then, something that King Henry said to me crosses my mind;
its weird, but both Henry and Arsen have talked about the very
same thing, and using the exact same wording While talking
about the area around Freedom Tower, the two of them
mentioned it looks a lot nicer without the construction. I know,
its probably just a stupid coincidence, but I have to wonder
Have you ever called one of your phone operators? From the
sex line? I find myself saying, still unsure if I should even be
mentioning this. I dont want him to think Im some kind of
What? Why would I? He asks, taking a step back and raising
one eyebrow at me.
I dont know. Maybe you wanted to see if they were doing
their job I say, feeling more and more unsure of what Im
saying. Christ, why did I even bring this up? Im feeling more
foolish by the second. He bridges the distance between the two
of us, his hands on my waist as he grins at me.
Why in the hell are you even asking these questions, Ash?
Hes right, you know? Why am I grilling him like this? They said
the same thing, but that was just a stupid coincidence, right?
I I dont know, I reply, sighing and looking up into his
eyes. It was just something silly, it doesnt matter. What
matters, I continue, placing my hand against his chest, is that
Im here right now.
Oh, yes, you are. And Im going to make sure that coming
here was the best decision you made today, he grins at me,
pulling me in and pressing his mouth against mine. I close my
eyes, reacting by instinct and surrendering to his kiss, his tongue
sliding inside my mouth and dancing around mine in soft circles.
His hands go from my waist to my ass and, grabbing it harshly,
he squeezes both my cheeks in such a way that I pull back from
his kiss, sighing heavily. Were just kissing, and I already want
him inside of me, his thick cock pulsing against my insides. Why
do I become such a wet mess whenever our bodies are pressed
I reach for his cock, my fingers curling around his thick shape
but, before I can grab it as harshly as I want, he stops me. He
grabs my wrist and takes my hand out of his crotch, a devious
grin on his lips.
No, he simply says, pulling back from me and taking one
step back, his eyes never leaving mine. This time, youll do
what I tell you to, when I tell you to. Im taken aback by his
words, boiling blood raging through my veins, but I manage to
nod at him. I almost say yes, sir, but I caught myself before I
did it. Youll obey, and youll only come when I tell you to come.
Understood? I shiver, King Henry's whispers of dominance
during our calls turning something very, very real right in front
of my eyes.
Yes, Arsen, I tell him, my heart starting to gallop. His grins
turns wider and, the moment he speaks, my heart almost jumps
right out of my chest.
No, dont call me Arsen. Youll call me sir.
Yes, sir, I say, the words tumbling out of my lips easily. I
lick my lips, suddenly feeling dizzy. Am I really talking with him
as I talk to Henry? Whats going on here? And why am I getting
wetter and wetter?
Good, he continues, that maddening smirk on his lips. I
have to fight hard against the urge to just walk toward him and
rip his clothes out of his body, push him into the ground and
ease myself on his huge cock. But, only God knows how, I
manage to restrain myself.
Turning his back to me, Arsen walks across the living room
and sits on his couch, crossing his legs and leaning back as his
eyes wander up and down my body, mentally peeling off my skirt
and blouse.
Come closer, he tells me, my feet immediately carrying me
toward him until he tells me to stop. Good. Now, take your
blouse off.
My fingers dart to the hem of my blouse and I pull it out over
my head, throwing it somewhere on the floor. I want to keep
going, to unfasten my bra and let him see my breasts and hard
nipples But, obedient, I wait for his commands. I knowwhat
the hell happened to me? Ive never been one to care about the
whole bedroom dominance thing But since Arsen and King
Henry entered my life, I cant help but crave it. And to think that
I was used to being the dominant one, in and out of the bedroom!
Now your bra, he continues, and my fingers going to my
back, obediently unhooking my tight lace bra. I push the straps
down my shoulders and arms, the cups slowly drooping over my
breasts; I tremble slightly as I feel the fabric brushing against my
hard nipples before finally falling down to the floor, his eyes
immediately hiking down from my face to my tits. Even from
here, I can see the hunger in his eyes, and more than that, I can
see the gigantic bulge inside of his pants. Theres no better
feeling in the world than to know that a man like Arsen is taking
this much pleasure just from seeing my breasts, thats for sure.
Grab your tits, Ash. I want you to play with your nipples.
I dont even think about it. I grab my breasts eagerly,
squeezing the soft flesh between my fingers before I brush the
palm of my hand over my nipples. I bite my lower lip, taking one
hard tip between my thumb and index finger and gently rubbing
it. I bite my lip harder, but its stronger than me. I part my lips
and let a soft moan fall from my mouth, my body burning in a
state of frenzied desire and anticipation. Arsen is playing me like
a maestro plays his orchestra, and he knows it.
He gets up from the couch, and my eyes immediately dart to
his crotch. I try and suppress another moan, but its simply
impossible; the sight of his tented pants is almost enough to
make me lose my mind. God, I just want him to tell me to go
down on my knees and take his thick veiny cock inside my
With slow deliberate steps, he walks toward me, and stops a
few feet away. If I just reached for him I could grab his cock... But
I dont. As hard as it is, Im doing my best to submit. And its
hard. Very, very hard. Almost like as if you havent eaten
anything for three days, and then someone sits you down at a
buffet, telling you that you can only eat when they tell you to.
Sure, you might be thankful, but you just want to devour
everything in front of you. I have to be honest here, though: as
painful as it is to be this close to him while restrained by his
commands, I have to admit it makes me as hornier as I have ever
been. I cant explain it. Maybe I might just have never met a real
man, one that could truly dominate me, but I never felt like this
before. Only with Arsen and King Henry.
God, why cant I stop thinking of a man I have never met?
And, of all times, when Im here, half naked in front of Arsen?
Still, it doesnt seem wrong. In fact, it seems pretty adequate,
since hes treating me in the exact same way Henry uses to drive
me utter and completely crazy.
Arsen extends his arm, reaching for me with his outstretched
fingers. He stops before he touches me, his index finger just an
inch away from the valley between my breasts. The corner of his
lips turns upward mischievously, and then he slowly lowers his
fingertip over my skin. I shiver almost instantaneously, my
eyelids drooping as he touches me. I can even feel my heart
pumping warm blood to my pussy, and all this just because he
has laid one finger on me. Is this really happening? If hes
making me shiver with just one fingertip, I dont even want to
imagine what hes going to do to me with the rest of his body.
His fingers slide down from between my breasts to my navel,
and then back up again. This time he traces the contour of my
left breast, going up its curve and circling my nipple. I tremble
slightly, swallowing hard as I use all of my willpower to keep
still. I just want to jump on top of him and be fucked as hard as
humanly possible, but I dont want to ruin this - I mean, the
anticipation is completely murdering every hint of rationality in
me, but I cant say Im not enjoying this and in a most
wickedly indecent way. Maybe I just like being tortured like this.
Pinching my nipple gently, he keeps the pressure there for a
few seconds, and then lets go of it, his finger once again going
down and over my stomach. I almost start praying for him to go
lower, to caress my labia on the way down, but his movements
dont take him near my pussy: he simply moves his finger up
and down from my navel to my breasts, caressing my nipples
every time he gets near them and making me breath so hard I
dont even know how in the hell I still havent passed out. My
skin is prickling, my muscles burning with so much desire I
might just spontaneously combust any time now.
You want more, dont you? Arsen asks, still grinning as if
he owns me, and damn, right now he does own me. You want
my cock in that tight little mouth, dont you? I nod, moving my
head up and down with anxious movements. I must look
desperate right now. But its true, I really, really want his cock
No, I need it. Take off your skirt, he says with that
commanding tone of his, his fingers still caressing one hard
nipple. I hook my fingers on my skirt and, swaying my ass from
side to side, push it down and let it fall on the floor at my feet.
His eyes go from my breasts to my thong, and I can almost feel
him peeling it off of me just with the power of his mind.
Unconsciously, he licks his lips, almost as if he wants to devour
me like he did yesterday.
I cant wait to bend you over and feel my cock deep inside of
you... But first, he leans toward me, his lips against my ear as
he speaks, youll have to come. As the words roll out over his
lips, he slides his finger all the way down to my thong, pressing
one fingertip over my clitoris in such a way that I simply see red.
My muscles spasm and jerk, and I feel my knees buckling under
my weight. Holy hell, is this really happening? One touch of his
on my clitoris and Im already coming, waves of pleasure
crashing against me in a devastating way. How is this even
Good girl, he whispers. But its not enough. I need more.
With that, he grabs my thong and pushes it against the side of
my outer thigh, ripping it off of me in one sudden and violent
movement. I let out one loud moan as I feel the fabric tearing
and then sliding over my skin, the cool air caressing my
drenched pussy. He throws my thong to the floor and, pulling
me in with one arm around my waist, he presses two fingers
against my clit and starts to rub viciously, my muscles tensing
up and charging with electricity. I almost fall into his embrace,
my knees still week from the orgasm; Im like a ragdoll,
supported only by his strong arms.
Pressing my head against his chest, I shut my eyes and simply
surrender to the devastation he is unleashing inside of me. I
cant see or hearthe whole world is nothing but a blur to me,
the only thing in existence right now being his fingers on my
clitoris. And, sweet Jesus, does he know how to use them! He
rubs them in fast circles, applying just the exact amount of
pressure to make me moan as if Im losing my sanity.
Come, he whispers, and I feel my body starting to convulse.
My muscles spasm and all the electricity they held inside of
them rages free through my body, taking over every single one of
my nerve endings and flooding my brain with an ocean of
pleasure. More, Arsen whispers again, turning his wrist and
letting his fingers slide down from my clit to my labia. Without
even letting my orgasm subside, he slides his two fingers inside
my pussy, moving them in a hook motion and guiding them all
the way toward that sweet maddening spot inside of me. His
fingertips pressed tight against my G-spot, he starts rubbing me
there, pressing on my clit with his thumb. I love the way you
moan when youre coming, Ashley, he says, moving his fingers
in and out of me at break neck speed.
I dont know how Im surviving this. I truly dont. A few flicks
of his wrist and I explode again, my mind a nuclear wasteland. I
dont even moan this time. I simply let my body be taken over by
a seizure of ecstasy and throw my arms over his shoulders,
supporting myself as my knees grow weaker.
Slowly, he pulls his fingers out, bringing them to my lips. Im
breathing hard, my muscles still twitching as he brushes his wet
fingers over my lips; my own scent inundates me, and I almost
lose consciousnessseriously, my brain cant even process how
much I want Arsen to fuck me right now. To feel this much
desire should be illegal.
Please I mutter, my voice sounding as if Im so weak I
shouldnt even be speaking. Please, Arsen.
I love how you beg, he says, his hands running through my
hair. But what are you begging for? Tell me."
I want I want you to fuck me, Arsen. Please, fuck me, I
beg again, my trembling fingers starting to unbuckle his belt.
Somehow, I manage to do it, and then I automatically unzip his
pants. His massive cock strains against his underwear, pushing
at my fingers, and I turn my wrist around so that I can grab it.
Im so high in ecstasy right now that his cock seems even bigger,
almost as if I cant even grab it with just one hand; I tug his
boxer briefs down and, taking my other hand to his shaft, grab it
as harshly as I can. Please I repeat, stroking him with both
hands as I breath hard against his chest. My body feels so weak I
can barely lift my head.
Since youre asking so nicely, he says, picking me up from
the floor with a sudden movement. I place my arms around his
neck as he walks across the living room; he puts me down in the
couch, and I summon whatever strength I still have inside of me
and go on all fours, jutting my ass back at him as I sway it from
side to side.
I let out a loud moan as he smacks my buttocks with the back
of his hand, the pain travelling upward to my brain and turning
into pleasure somewhere along the way. He does it again and
again, the sound of his hand against my flesh a maddening
sensual song.
When he stops, my back is arched and Im thrusting my hips
back at him. He brushes two fingers over my labia and then,
pressing his glans against my inner lips, he thrusts with one
quick and masterful movement. With one arm around my waist
he places his two fingers over my clit as he starts to thrust, his
cock pounding into me in the most sweet and savage way.
Somehow, these two things arent contradictory; Arsen knows
how to fuck and make love at the same time. The best of both
worlds. It really makes me wonder Why did I waste so much
time with losers like Peter? A 5-inch cock? Please! And, besides,
Arsen is much more of a man than my loser ex will be ever be
And, unlike how it was with Peter, I really love Arsen.
Waitwhat did I just say? I love Arsen? I could lie and tell you
that I just thought this because my brain is all scrambled from
the way hes fucking me But I wont do that. Its time to admit
it: Im falling in love with Arsen Hawke. The problem is that as I
finally realize this, I realize something else as wellKing Henry
is as much in my mind as Arsen is. In a way, Im falling for him
too. Now you truly must think Ive lost my mind, I know.
Theres no time to think this through, thoughhis arm
around my waist, Arsen pulls me into him as he rolls to the side,
my body following his as he lies back on the couch. Im sitting on
top of his cock, my back turned to him, so I do the only thing I
can: I start to rock my body back and forth, my body still burning
with pleasure.
His hands are on my ass as I sway my hips, and I close my
eyes and bite down on my lip, imagining the way he must be
looking at my ass cheeks bouncing. I throw my head back, my
hair falling down my shoulders, and I cup my own breasts,
squeezing them eagerly as I moan. I ride him as hard as I can, my
muscles aching from the effort; I can already feel beads of sweat
forming on my forehead, so I take that as a sign that Im on the
right path.
You look lovely from here, he says, and I cant help but
smile. I was right; he was really staring at my ass as we fuck. I
never actually cared if the men I've been with looked at me while
we fucked, but with Arsen I relish that. What could be better
than having the man of your dreams looking lustfully at your
body while his cock is buried deep inside of you?
My skin boiling, I feel sweat on every single pore, beads
sliding down my spine as I jump up and down on his cock. I ride
myself into oblivion, and I only stop when I feel my pussy
tightening around his cock; my whole body tenses up and,
gritting my teeth, I scream as loud as I can, my voice bouncing
off the walls with enough strength to shatter glass.
Then, not wanting to waste a single second, I turn around, his
cock still inside of me. Im facing him now, so I lean forward and
press my mouth against his as I start to rock my body again. He
starts to thrust as well, and it doesnt take long for his
movements to make the sway of my body almost meaningless. I
stop then, sitting on top of him as he bucks his hips at me; he
cant stop ravaging me even when Im on top. Thats obvious, of
course Arsen is not the type of man who just lays back and lets
his woman do the job. Oh, no, he relishes every opportunity to
show me whos truly in charge.
Oh, God, I sigh, my tits bouncing up and down as he rams
his cock into me. His thighs are slapping my ass once more, his
member working furiously as the first thunder of ecstasy roars
inside my mind. A few heartbeats and thunder turns into a
raging storm, every fiber in my body tensing up before I finally
blow up, my lips flailing as I come. I breathe hard through my
gritted teeth, my head resting against his chest as I cum my
brains out.
I remain like that for what seems like an eternity, my lungs
struggling to get the air I need in. My body wants to quit, but my
mind still wants to go on, and whenever Arsen is concerned, I
already know whos going to be the winner in that struggle.
Rolling to the side, I lay on the couch by his side, thankful that
his couch is wide enough for the two of us. I turn my back to him,
his hand resting on my waist, and he takes the hint fast enough.
He moves to the side, his chest pressed against mine as he
angles his cock with one hand, pushing it between my thighs and
lodging his glans over my pussy. I thrust back gently, his cock
slowly sliding inside of me. I moan gently almost immediately, a
shiver going up my spine as his shaft pushes back against my
inner walls; my pussy is as sensitive as it could be, so every little
movement from him sends shards of delight through my nerve
endings. As if he knew that, he starts to rock his body gently, his
motion no longer one of wildness and lustful desire - theres just
tenderness and love. Yes, love... He doesnt even need to say the
words, my heart is already whispering the truth: Arsen Hawke
loves me.
While one hand of his remains on my waist, the other one
rests over my right breast, the tip of his fingers brushing against
my nipple as our bodies sway. I close my eyes, surrendering to
the moment and wishing for it to never endright now, theres
no outside world, nothing I need to worry about. And, just for a
small window in time, even King Henry is forgotten
Damn, why did I have to think of him? Just thinking of his
name makes me breath hard and, these wicked instincts of mine
taking over, I start to move my hips back even harder, urging
Arsen to drop all tenderness. I dont even need to do it more
than once, as if he could read my mind, his fingers turn into
hooks and he buries them in my waist, the rhythm of his thrusts
growing with an unstoppable fury. Christ, Im moaning again,
harder than before.
Are you ready, Ash? Arsen asks, the hand he had on my
breast going up my neck as his fingers bury themselves in my
For what? I manage to ask between moans as I lift one leg
up in the air, angling myself so that his cock goes deeper inside
of me.
Youre going to come hard, Ash And youre going to do it
only when I say so, he tells me, his lips brushing against my
ear. I can feel his grin on my skin, my pussy already tightening
as his words reach me.
I I dont know if I can do that now, I tell him. Im too far
gone to be able to control myself, and he must see that. I cant
hold off on an orgasm!
You will do it. You will do what I say, he yanks harder on
my hair, thrusting violently as I scream.
Yes Yes, I will, I submit, disregarding everything that my
own body is telling me. How could I do otherwise when Arsen
tells me to do it like that? I couldnt!
Oh, yes, you will Because youre mine, Ashley, and you
want to obey me as much as you want me to fuck you, he
whispers into my ear, his words like spears through my heart. I
start bucking my hips at him, my ass cheeks pressing against his
rock hard abs as his cock comes and goes at an unrelenting pace.
Im gritting my teeth and pursing my lips, trying to focus hard so
that I dont succumb to a sudden orgasm. Its almost impossible,
especially now that Im consciously trying to control it. Even so,
Im managing to do it so far. But its getting harder Oh, its
getting way harder. I can feel my pussy already clenching around
his shaft, and my hands have balled into fists, my fingernails
buried in the palm of my hands.
Wait, he whispers, slowing down his rhythm. I breathe out
deeply, my body on the verge of exploding. I he says, the
sound of it caressing my eardrums as he suddenly thrusts as
hard as he can, his cock flying all the way in and hitting my G-
spot. I let out one loud scream, but magically I dont come.
Want you One more hard thrust, and one more scream.
To Oh my God, its going to happen, its really going to
happen! Come.
I lose it. I really do; my body starts to convulse, my mind
dissolving as I become one with the universe. Im sorry if Im
being a bit too mystical right now, but thats exactly what
happens. I come so hard that it goes beyond the physical realm.
Its transcendent, an almost religious experience. I think of
nothing: my mind is a white canvas, the brushes of pleasure
writing all over it lines of pure unadulterated ecstasy.
Oh my God I hear myself saying, the words sounding
foreign to my own ears. That was That was more than perfect.
My body limp, I feel my mind trying to reboot. As I rise from
the deep waters of my unconscious, I bring one memory back
with me to the surface. My words to King Henry: I want to make
you cum, and I want you to do it all over me, sir. I want you to
cover me with it while Im on my knees, my mouth open wide as
you fill me up. As I open my eyes, theres one certainty in my
mindwhat I told Henry, Im going to do with Arsen. The
thought somehow wakes my muscles up, and I roll down to the
floor, going down to my knees at once.
My eyes lock on Arsens and he grins at me, sitting up on the
couch as he runs one hand through his disheveled hair.
Wordlessly, he goes up to his feet, my arm raising as I reach for
his cock. My fingers curl around his shaft and I start to stroke
him, my heart beating fast as, once again, fantasy blends with
reality. This might be insane, not to mention flat out wrong, but
it almost feels as if Im with King Henry and Arsen at the same
Come for me I whisper, looking up at him as my hand
goes back and forth over his cock. Come for me, Arsen His
cock starts spasming against my fingers, thick white ropes of
semen gushing out. Just like I pictured when talking with Henry,
I open my mouth and stick my tongue out, strands of semen
immediately covering it as I tilt my head back. I dont stop
stroking; I keep jerking him as he comes, his cock still spasming
each time it shoots at me.
He has his eyes closed, his hands on top of my head as he
opens his mouth to exhale sharply. Seeing his pleasure, I start
stroking him even harder than before, wanting to empty him
completely. As if he has a never-ending supply of cum inside of
him, he keeps shooting; my mouth is brimming with cum, his
warm juices already covering my face. He only stops cumming
when Im drowning in it, the skin on my chest glistening from
the warm gooey layer that covers it.
Slowly, I peel my fingers off his cock as he finishes, his fast
breathing finally slowing down. A grin on my lips, I go up to my
feet and press my body against his, my cum-covered breasts
rubbing against his hard pectorals. I lean in to kiss him, opening
my mouth wide and allowing all of the cum I hold inside to drip
down to his lips. We kiss as if we were possessed, swapping cum
and rubbing it all over our naked bodies. Time becomes
meaningless as we surrender to wickedness, his salty flavor
blanketing both our minds.
By the time were done, we collapse onto the couch, sitting
side by side. We look at each other, grinning as we realize the
state were in. Theres cum coating his lips, and its already
dripping down his chin and onto his neck; the skin on his torso
is also glistening, strands of the cum that covers me imprinted
there. Im not in a better state, in fact, Im even dirtier that he
is, thick drops of cum still dripping down my face and chest.
I throw my head back against the headrest and stare at the
ceiling in silence, my chest slowly rising and falling. My hand
reaches for Arsens and I grab it, squeezing it gently under my
I cant even begin to describe what just happened In my
mind, its as if King Henry and Arsen fused into one person and
gave me one of the most mind-blowing orgasms I've ever had.
God, I must be going crazy.

T he lawyer leans in close. The smell of his cologne is an

assault on my senses. I watch as he dips his sashimi in a puddle
of soy sauce and wasabi, casually stirring the dark mixture with
the tips of his chopsticks. "I need you to understand something
about Mr. Morozov," he says. "Simulated Pleasures LLC is the
only profitable phone sex operation in the entire tri-state area
and he insists that he wants to buy it. He's not a patient man."
"I've told you before. I'm not interested in selling," I reply,
refusing to entertain the thought. In fact, I almost can't believe
we're still talking about this.
"I'm afraid he won't take no for an answer."
I wait for a moment before responding. My impulse is to tell
this guy to go fuck himself, but I'm trying to stay calm and
rational. I'll admit that my patience is wearing thin, and what I'd
really like to do is put my fist through his teeth. As I'm thinking
about the best way to respond, a waitress approaches us,
bringing a sake sampler and breaking the silence. Nobu 57 has
always been known for their world-renowned sake collection. I
grab one of the small cups and gulp it down. It's smooth, and the
sweet rice flavor lingers long past the drink itself.
"I don't envy your position. I understand that you're here
representing your client and his best interests, but like I said,
I'm adamant on retaining full ownership of this company."
"Tell me," he asks, "Why does a man like youa man with a
Harvard MBA and a polished business acumen under his belt,
want to own a phone sex company?"
"You said so yourself, it's profitable."
"Spare me the bullshit. You could invest in Silicon Valley. You
could have your hand in a number of more profitable niches. So
why this?"
His question catches me off guardand mostly because he's
right. I could invest in tech, or even real estate, and easily triple
my earnings. I know that phone sex is being replaced with live
web cams and porn streamed for free on cell phones. Why am I
insisting that I keep this part of the business? And then it hits
me. I know it makes sense to sell, but if I'm honest with myself,
there's an obvious and irreplaceable piece to this whole
operationAshley. Who the fuck am I kidding? My mind is
blown every time I'm with her. Damn it, I can't let her go; I love
her, and I'm finally ready to admit that.
"I'm sorry to disappoint you, but my answer is still no.
Regardless of my background, or what you think I should or
shouldn't be investing in, I'm invested in Simulated Pleasures
LLC and I plan to keep it that way. And that's final."
I hear him exhale in one irritated breath. "You say that now,
but I urge you to reconsider what you're saying."
"I've considered it a great deal already."
"Well, I'm not one to give up so easily," he says, taking
another bite of sushi. I watch as a bit of the bright orange Tobiko
fish roe is caught in his mustache. I get up to leave the
restaurant to show that this conversation is over, and formally
thank him for lunch. He continues, "You'll be hearing from me
again; I can assure you of that."
I walk out of Nobu 57 and onto the street. This meeting with
the mob's lawyer has made me realize a lot of things and I
immediately take my phone from my pocket and dial Ashley's
direct phone sex line.
The same soft, sultry voice I've grown to love answers and
comes on the line. "Hi, this is Misty. Who am I speaking with?"
"It's your king."
"King Henry, I'm so glad you called. I was just trying on a new
set of lingerie that I bought yesterday, and now I'm lying in bed,
dreaming of you, lightly fingering myself under all this lace. I
wore it extra special, just for you."
"You belong to me, don't you?" I ask, masking my voice
again, and asserting my will. It's as if I need to hear it from her
mouth, one more time.
"Yes, what?"
"Yes, I belong to you King Henry, and only to you."
"Good. I needed to hear that. Today especially."
"Oh god, you have no idea," she says, just above a whisper.
"Stop touching your pussyyou know I can always tell when
you're touching yourself. It belongs to me. Place your hands by
your side, right now."
"Yes, King Henry."
"It pleases me when you obey," I continue. "Every king needs
a queen. Are you ready to be my queen? Are you ready to always
belong to me and do as I say?"
"I need you," she says, and I hear her breathing quicken. "My
pussy throbs for you."
While she says this, I text Ashley's personal cell phone.
"What's your address? I'm coming over. Arsen" I watch as
speech bubbles appear, and I can tell she's typing. Within a
moment, her address appears on the screen and I smile,
continuing to talk, and jumping back into my character as King
I deepen my voice again. "What would you do if I had you
locked in my castle for a day? Are you thinking about it, and
picturing yourself here, with me at my throne?"
"Yes, I'm picturing it can you feel my breath on your body
as I move slowly in between your thighs?"
"Good, Kitten. It pleases me when you follow my directions.
"I'd move my hands over your legs and then deep into the
secret retreat of your thighs. I'd take a moment to marvel at your
big, strong muscles and your impressive manhood that stands
taller than any javelin I've ever seen. The knights in your court
must all be jealous."
"I like where this is going," I say with a smile.
"I'd place my mouth on the tip of your huge cock, basting it
with my tongue in a circular motion. Doing this makes me so
hungry for you, and I want your manly taste to fill my mouth. I'd
lick the entire length of your shaft, and cup your balls in my
hand, gently pinching and rolling them in between my fingers."
"And then what would you do?"
"I'd ask you to sit down on your throne while I climb into your
lap, naked, wet, and eager. I'd straddle your lap, while you took
my breasts into your mouth. With your strong hands grasping
my hips, I'd slowly lower myself onto your shaft, feeling the
length of your cock fill my pussy. I'd pace myself at first, riding
your cock and rocking my hips until my entire body quivered."
"Good, now I want you stand up and bend yourself over my
throne because I want to fuck you from behind. I want to grab
your ass and feel it in my hands. Are you bent over?"
"Yes. Oh god, II can hardly stand it. I can feel your cock, it's
so big."
"I feel the weight of your breasts in my hands as I grab onto
them, pinching your nipples between my fingers and thrusting
into you quicker and quicker," and as I say this, I feel my cock
harden, and I walk at a faster pace. I hear my shoes clicking
against the city sidewalkfellow pedestrians are a blur to me,
and all I can think about is Ashley. I need to get to her
apartment. I look at the street signs and I know I'm getting
close. I hear her moaning and breathing heavy on the other end
of the phone, her voice now just above a whisper.
"King Henry, IIIoh god, I'm going to cum, I'm"
"Good, I want you to come for me. Come now. I command it."
Her voice is ragged and labored, and with that, I hear the
convulsions in her voice and the gasps and I can picture her body
in the throws of climax. I'm now at her apartment and I know
that I quickly need to end the call.
"Until next time, my queen," I say, and I hang up before she
can respond.
I walked faster than I thought and now I'm finding myself
standing in front of her door. I knock. I don't hear her in her
apartment. But I know she's home.
I knock again. She's here; that much I know. I mean, I just
had her on the phone. And then I hear it, the lock on her door is
released and it slowly opens. She is standing in the doorway, her
face flushed and in the sexiest lingerie I've ever seen in my life.
We are both looking at each other, and for the first time, we are
both at a loss for words.

I run to the door as fast as I can, hearing Arsen already

knocking for the second time. Crap! I didnt expect him to
get here so fast! I mean, my heart's still racing, and I didnt even
have the time to change. Im still wearing the lingerie I had on
when I was on the phone, a matching set of a deep purple lace
bra and thong.
I have just come, talking with Henry on the phone, and Im
still wet from that conversation And now here he is, Arsen
Hawke in the flesh. This time I didnt even need to text him,
telling him Id be coming overno, this time he was the one
doing the texting, almost as if he could guess I was having one of
my private moments with King Henry.
I have no idea how hed react if he found out Im into one of
my clients, a man I have never even met. Would Arsen be mad?
Or would he just shrug it off? Oh, yeah, who am I kidding? What
man would shrug off the fact that his rival is a disembodied
voice? That would be like a punch in the gut. But none of that
matters now What matters is that my heart's still racing, and
that my body is craving something wild and furious.
Just in time, I tell him, after an awkward, silent pause. I'm
grinning as I reach for him and curl my fingers over his belt; I
pull him inside the apartment, shutting the door with the ball of
my foot as I go. He follows me with a smile, and that hunger Ive
come to know so well flickering in his eyes. Before I even have
the time to gasp, he grabs both my wrists and turns my body
around, making me lift my arms over my head as he pins me
against the wall.
Hello again, he grins, the way his lips curl upward making
my insides clench. My eyelids droop as he leans into me, my lips
parting as our mouths touch. I run my tongue over his lips,
breathing in his scent and allowing desire to take the steering
Suddenly letting go of my arms, he lets one hand of his fall
down to my waist, the other going up my neck as his fingers run
free through my hair. He pulls back from me and I open my eyes,
locking them on his as I lick my lips with anticipation.
This time Im the one leaning in, straining against the hold he
has on me as our lips touch again. I let my tongue push the way
into his mouth, and tilt my head sideways as we kiss in
abandonment. My hands are running free over his chest, feeling
the hills and valleys of his abdominals as I caress him over the
fabric of his white shirt; my fingers go all the way down until
theyre stopped by the hem of his pants, and then I just pull on
his shirt, untucking it. I take my fingers to his collar and I tug on
it as hard as I can, making the buttons pop out as I open my eyes
and let them wander over the chiseled muscles on his chest.
Desire raging through my veins, I hurriedly push his shirt
down his arms, my fingertips immediately finding the way to his
bare chest.
With what sounds like a growl, he yanks on my hair, forcing
my head back as his mouth goes to my neck. He lays harsh kisses
against my skin, the hand on my waist going around it and over
the curve of my ass. A moan climbs up my throat and explodes
into the air, my hands going around his body and to his back. I
feel his warm skin as my fingers go down, and then I just push
my hands underneath his pants, feeling his hard buttocks
against my skin.
If Im being completely honest with you, which I am, trust me
, I never once in my life imagined it was possible to feel this kind
of crazed lust. I mean, when is too much, too much?
My hands leave his ass and I focus on his belt, unbuckling it
and pushing it out of its loops with a quick movement. I waste no
time and go straight for his crotch, flattening the palm of my
hand against his already hard cock, massaging him over his
jeans. I start tracing the contour of his bulging with the tip of my
index finger, but I stop suddenly. Screw this, I need to feel him
right now!
I unbutton his pants as hard as I can, his cock pulsing against
my fingers as I take care of the buttons. He starts kissing my
neck harder and, when Im finally done, starts nibbling at my
skin; I flatten my hand again, the only barrier between me and
him being his boxer briefs. Well, why wait, right? I hook my
fingers on the hem of his underwear and push it down, both his
pants and boxers sliding down to his knees.
"Someones pretty horny," he says, almost laughing. Oh, he
has no idea how horny I am right now Just as much as he has
no idea what I was doing before he got here.
"I am horny," I tell him, my fingers curling around his
massive cock. And you cant imagine how much. My pussy
pulses as I grab him, anticipating how its going to feel when
hes deep inside of me; Ive fucked him a lot of times already, but
I still cant get past the fact that hes freaking huge. Whenever
we fuck, I always get surprised when I find that I can actually
walk afterwards.
Oh, I think I have a pretty good idea on how horny you are
But now Im here to solve that, Ash, he tells me as his hand
goes up my side, his long fingers squeezing my right breast as he
stops kissing my neck and locks eyes with me. Theres a wide
grin on his face, one that holds promises of moans and screams
before hes done. Its not as if thats a surprise, though; I always
moan and scream when Im with him. Always.
Taking both hands to my back, he undoes the clasp on my bra;
his fingers go over my shoulder blades and, grabbing the straps,
he pushes them down my arms. The cups droop over my breasts
and then finally fall over as he lets go the bra, allowing it to float
down to the floor. Moving fast, he leans into me and wraps his
lips around my right nipple, sucking eagerly as he laps at it with
his tongue. I run my fingers through his hair as he sucks, my
head thrown back as I sigh heavily.
Changing breasts, he now devotes his attention to my left
nipple, this time applying just a bit more pressure. I grab him
harshly by his hair, pulling his head against my tits and forcing
him to suck hard. He does it eagerly, sucking on one nipple as he
squeezes the other breast, but then he pulls back with a grin.
Im the one in charge here, he tells me, an expression of
amusement in his face. As he speaks he lets both his hands go to
my ass, and he cups my cheeks hard. I moan in a low tone as I
feel my flesh under his fingers and then, before I even know how
he has done it, he has me lifted up against the wall, my legs
crossed on his lower back as I rest my arms over his shoulders.
I buck my hips at him immediately, his cock brushing against
my pussy; I do it harder, pinning his shaft between my crotch
and his body, and then I start to rock my body, grinding against
him as if I were delirious. Well, in fact, I am deliriousdelirious
and crazy to have him inside my pussy. Remember how I told you
I was already wet when he arrived? Well, the state I was in back
then doesnt even hold a candle to how I am right now: my thong
is completely drenched and my fluids are starting to drip down
my thighs.
Being this close to Arsen Its just like being home. You
know that feeling you get when you arrive home after a long
trip? Where you feel safe and perfectly at ease? Yeah, thats
exactly it. Except, of course, you probably dont get wet when
you come home after the holidays. Unless you have someone like
Arsen Hawke waiting on you, that is.
"You got here right in time," I whisper, my brain not even
filtering the words coming out of my mind. I was so wet If you
took any longer Id just have to start fingering myself. He grins,
squeezing my ass cheeks harder as he presses his crotch against
No, you wouldnt dare, he tells me. Youd wait Youd
wait because just playing with yourself wouldnt be enough. You
need my cock, Ashley.
I do. I need it bad, I confess, desire crawling under my skin
as I grind against his thick cock. Hell, hes so damn right.
You can have it If you promise to be nice, he teases me,
moving his fingers under my thong and closer to my ass crack.
I promise Ill be nice, I repeat, my insides burning as I
feel his fingertips nearing my anus. He runs his index finger
along the length of my crack, only then pressing it over my hole.
I press my forehead against his shoulder as he slides his finger
one inch in, using his other hand to flick my thong to the side.
As he moves his finger in, he thrusts at the same time, his glans
touching my labia and easily piercing me in a fraction of a
I claw at his back, my fingernails digging on his muscles as he
starts his see-saw motion, his cock moving in and out of me
with clockwork precision.
Its always like this with him, it seems. I mean, just take a
look at what happened; he knocked on my door and, just a few
minutes after I saw him, he already has his cock buried to the
hilt inside of me. We didnt even get enough time to get to the
bedroom! Not that weve fucked many times on a bed, actually
every other place seems to work fine for us.
My pussy pulsing as he fucks me, I consciously tighten it
around his shaft, intensifying the pleasure tenfold. I only last a
few seconds, and then I have to ease the pressure. Even so, its
enough for me to let out one harsh scream, my throat already
starting to complain. I really need to tone down on the
screaming; after all, I make a living with my voice. It sounds
fancy when I put it like that, doesnt it? But I do have a lovely
voice, just ask the dozens of guys Ive made come over the
phone, theyll have a quick answer to that.
Even though Im making a mental effort not to scream, I just
cant help it; one mighty thrust from him and here I go again,
my mouth open wide as I roar, my vocal chords straining from
the effort. He thrusts with the same strength once more, and I
open my mouth to tell him not to stopof course, all I manage
to do is moan as if I have a 12-inch cock inside of me. Oh, right, I
do have a 12-inch cock inside of me.
My fingernails dig deeper into his flesh as I come, the orgasm
I had when I was on the phone with King Henry only feeling like
a small appetizer right now. Nothing beats the real thing At
least with Arsen. With my loser ex Peter, I actually did a better
job when I was by myself. But, of course, theres nothing I can do
with my fingers that will ever match what Im feeling right now.
Arsens cock is just magical, as silly as that may sound. As proof
of that, Im still screaming, my small apartment filled with the
sound of my voice.
When I finally stop screaming, Arsen puts me down on the
floor. The moment my feet reach stable ground I realize my legs
are quivering, all muscles in my body still twitching and
spasming as I reel from the second orgasm of the day. But I dont
need to fight this exhaustion, as a matter of fact, I can just use it
in my favor.
I go down on my knees, my hands sliding down Arsens legs
and meeting his pants and boxers, still hanging by his knees. I
push them down to his ankles and he does the rest by kicking off
his shoes and stepping out of his clothes. Arsens naked body
finally in front of me, I lick my lips as I curl my fingers around
his shaft, my hand immediately moving back and forth over his
My tongue darts out and I reach for his glans, circling it as I
keep on stroking him. A shiver goes up my spine as I feel the
scent of my pussy still lingering on his cock, and I picture it
coming and going out of me like a piston. I lap at his tip
incessantly, teasing him, and then go down the side of his shaft,
tracing its length with just the tip of my tongue until I reach his
balls. There, I suck one in, taking it inside of my mouth and
twirling it around before I go back up. Once at the tip, I open my
mouth wide and let his shaft roll over my lips and deep into my
When I feel my lips touching the skin at the base of his cock, I
wrap them around his meaty flesh as hard as I can, slowly rolling
back. I go over to his tip again, but I dont let it out of my mouth;
instead, I go down once more, repeating that coming and going
motion over and over again, with slow deliberate movements.
Only when he places his hands on top of my head do I pick up the
pace, moving my head back and forth as fast as I can, deep
moans rising from my throat and vibrating against his cock.
I caress his balls as I suck him, moving them around over the
palm of my open hand. Then, satisfied with my quick pace, I grab
his shaft again, the movement of my hand matching that of my
mouth. Sucking and stroking, I drive him over the edge. I feel his
cock pulsing inside of my mouth, pushing down on my tongue,
and only then do I slow down. I roll back my lips, allowing his
cock to pop out of my mouth while my hand keeps on working
My urges whipping at my brain, I go up to my feet, never
letting go of his cock. I press my back against the wall, ready to
let him take me again right there, but he just grabs my hand and
steps back.
Lets go somewhere more comfortable. I want to try your
mattress, he says with a devious grin, pulling me down the
hallway and into the living room. There he heads down the
corridor to the left, instinctively going toward the only room
with the door open. I step inside after him, my hand hitting the
wall as I look for the light switch; I hit it, a cozy orange light
filling my bedroom as he places both his hands on my waist and,
with an almost too violent movement, throws me on top of the
bed. My body bounces on the mattress and, before I can do
anything, he climbs on top of me, his hands on my knees as he
parts my legs. I lay back, panting as he grabs my thong and
slides it down my legs, throwing it off somewhere.
Placing his open hand over my pussy, he slides one finger in,
hooking it upward until hes touching my G-spot. He starts
rubbing it, pressing there until my back is arched and Im
sighing heavily.
Feels good, doesnt it? Just wait until its not my finger
inside of you, but something else He promises me, sliding
one more finger inside of me. As he starts to move his two
fingers in and out of my pussy, he presses his thumb over my
clit, rubbing it with wide circles until my eyes are shut and Im
bunching up the sheets. With one masterful stroke he presses
hard on my G-spot as he applies the same kind of pressure on
my clit. I come in a heartbeat, my hands moving erratically over
the sheets as a convulsion of pleasure takes over both my mind
and body. Im shaking and trembling, all of me descending into a
feverish state as he takes his fingers out of my pussy.
Im still coming when he presses his glans against my labia,
feeding one inch of his cock into my pussy. Reacting
unconsciously, I lace my legs behind his back and reel him in,
forcing him inside at once. His cock sheathed in me to the hilt, I
start thrusting erratically, lifting my ass up from the mattress as
I force his cock in and out of my pussy.
It doesnt take more than a few seconds for him to take the
lead; my hips are no longer moving and Im just laying back as
he starts to thrust, his hips moving so fast that my brain starts
to overheat. I claw at his back, scratching and clawing as I urge
him to go even faster, even if that means leaving me in a
catatonic state once were done. I dont even care if Im hurting
him - all that I care about right now is that he fucks me as hard
as humanly possible, using that gigantic cock of his to stretch
my pussy wide and ruin me completely.
Oh, God I moan, the blood in my veins starting to boil.
God isnt here right now, Ash, he whispers into my ear, his
pace never dropping. But I am, he concludes, burying his cock
so deep into me that he just rips a scream out of my throat.
He pulls back out slowly, just to thrust with all his strength
again. He does that over and over againsliding out of me as
slowly as possible, making me hold my breath, and then going
back in harshly. It doesnt take long for my eyes to be rolling in
their orbits, my muscles tensing up as electricity pools in them.
Im like a bomb about to go off, and theres no disarming me.
With each thrust of his I can feel the clock ticking down - until it
finally reaches zero.
A numbness blankets my mind as I come, but this time I dont
moan or scream. I try to, but the only sound that my throat
produces is a weak groan. My muscles twitch as if Im being
electrocuted, adrenaline coursing through me as it mixes with a
batch of endorphinsa pure cocktail of sinful decadence.
I collapse on top of the mattress, mentally and physically
exhausted. Arsen gives me a break, pulling his cock out of me
But, of course, what he has in mind isnt really a break: he starts
kissing my neck, his lips tracing a downward line toward my
breasts. He kisses the curve of my tits, lingering for a few
seconds on each of my nipples, and then continues its descent
toward the valley between my thighs. His kisses make my skin
buzz and, the closer he gets to my pussy, the more my body
starts to awaken from its stupor. When he finally reaches his
target he starts by gently kissing my groins, taking his time as I
recover from that mind numbing orgasm.
His lips go over every single inch of my inner thighs, carefully
caressing my skin before he finally dives in: parting his lips, he
fits them around my clit and sucks it in, circling it with his
tongue at the same time. Feeling as if pleasure itself was
stabbing me in the spine, I thrust, pressing my pussy against his
mouth; he responds by opening it wide, placing it over my labia
and sucking on my folds.
Feeling my lungs and heart about to explode, I try to calm
myself and breathe deeply, but thats an almost impossible task.
The more I try to do it, the more furiously he starts to lick me,
his mouth completely ravaging me. As he starts to slide his
tongue past my labia and into my pussy, he presses his forearm
across my waist and his thumb over my clit, massaging it. Even
though even my soul is burning, I cant fight the urges that beg
my mind for more: I sway my hips back and forth and from side
to side, rubbing my mouth against his face as I start to succumb
For the millionth time today, I come. I bury my fingers in his
hair and keep him in place as I thrust as hard as I can, my pussy
pressed tight against his mouth. I let the waves of pleasure crash
against my soul, rapture enveloping me. Right now Im on cloud
nine, just on the corner of the seventh heaven: if ecstasy has an
address, this has to be it.
As he slowly pulls back, I know that I wont be able to keep
this going for much longer. For the first time since we started
fucking, I literally feel on the verge of truly collapsing. Like with
most drugs, I guess I can also OD on Arsens cockwhich, to be
honest, doesnt really sound like a bad thing.
Even so, I dont want to give up. My body might be shutting
down, but my mind will push through. So I do what I have to. I
roll on the bed, going on all fours as I feel his eyes going straight
to my ass. Getting up in a hurry, he gets out of the bed and grabs
me by the waist, pulling me back so that my knees are on the
edge of the mattress; standing up, he positions himself behind
me, running two fingers over the length of my pussy before
pressing his body against mine. I feel the outline of his abs with
my ass, but I dont have the time to focus on them; in just
another second he has his cock between my thighs, my labia
parting as he pushes it in. I arch my back as he slowly eases
himself in, that sweet thickness of his straining against my
Fuck me, Arsen I beg. As hard as you can. I cant even
believe Im saying this. I can barely hold the position Im in, let
alone survive the fucking I begged for. But, oh well If I cant
survive it, at least thatll be a nice way to go. Oh, okay, I know, I
know Sometimes I get too dramatic. But what do you want? I
just cant help but act over the top whenever Arsen is concerned.
I mean, who would have thought that Id do all the crazy things
Ive done with him? Never once in my life did I believe Id have a
sex life like this. For Gods sake, with him to come three times is
just a standard affair! This is what fantasies are made of. And if
youre jealous of me, well, thats something that I can
understand. But Arsen Hawke is mine, and Im not really
inclined to share. Sorry.
And yes, I said it: Arsen Hawke is mine. And I love him. I
admit it, and I accept it. Still, its not easy Even though I know
how I feel toward him, theres still one problem, and that
problem is King Henry. My mystery king. As much as I try to do
it, I simply cant push him out of my mind. The man has sunk
his hooks into me, and I have no idea how to take them off.
All thoughts of Henry vanish as the sound of Arsens thighs
slapping my ass cheeks start to fill the room. My heads down,
my hair hanging over my face, but I still smile; Ive come to
relish that sinful sound, something wicked and pleasurable to it.
Perhaps I like it so much because it translates as me being
fucked hard by a perfect man.
He has one hand on my ass, his other one holding my left
breast as he pinches my nipple. I moan subdued, my throat too
spent to do anything that demands more of an effort. Even so, all
my muscles cramping, I start to rock my body against his,
impaling myself on his cock. As I start to do it he slaps my ass
hard with the back of his hand, this time just once, but hard
enough that I know theres going to be a mark there for the next
few hours. And thats just fine; I love indecent mementos like
My arms feeling weak, I go down, supporting myself only with
my forearms. Feeling me go limp, he laces my waist, one arm of
his holding my ass up as he keeps on ravaging me. God, I dont
think Ive ever felt this tired in my entire life This tired and
content, I mean.
Arsens thrusts dont take long to do their joba fire rises
inside of me, driving away all exhaustion, and I start pushing my
ass back against him once more. My whole body tenses up, every
fiber in me becoming as solid as concrete, and I brace for impact.
And, this time, it seems that I wont be the only one burning up:
Arsens cock is already twitching hard inside of me, kicking
against my inner walls as I feel his fingers digging deep into my
We dont say a word. We let our bodies do the talking and we
just surrender, the high tide of pleasure sweeping us both. I fight
back against the pain in my throat and give birth to one final
scream, the sound of it so shrill I feel my eardrums recoiling. As
my voice quivers, I feel my insides becoming warmer, his cock
shooting a river of cum inside of me. We remain still and locked
in place, our bodies in communion as we both climax.
He fills me up to the brim, his cum dripping down my legs
and staining the sheets under me. And still he keeps cumming -
Arsen truly is a God among men. Ripped as a model, hung as
God Its only fitting that when he cums he has gallons of it to
shoot. Not that Im complaining, far from it. In fact, I absolutely
love it: to see him cum like that and knowing that Im the one
responsible for it Well, do I need to say anything else? His
pleasure is my pleasure.
I dont move until hes done, his cock finally stopping all
movement. By then the sheets under me are a wet mess, strands
of cum going down my legs and pooling around my knees.
The moment he slides his cock out I simply collapse on top of
the mattress, lying on my stomach. Swear to God, the moment I
feel the soft sheets under my belly, I drift off to sleep almost
immediately. My eyelids droop and its as if Im unconscious,
even though my bodys still registering everything around me.
I feel Arsens fingers tracing the outline of my ass, and
placing both his hands between my thighs, he makes me spread
my legs. Even though Im barely conscious I cant help but sigh
heavily as I feel his face between my thighs, his mouth once
again on my labia, licking me dry. His tongue goes up and down
my folds in such a gentle way that the corner of my lips curl into
a tenuous smile, almost as if I were in a dream, the kind of dream
from which you dont want to wake up.
He keeps going until there isnt anything left to lick, going as
far as licking the strands of cum that slid down my legs. Finally
done, he joins me on the bed, lying next to me. I roll to the side,
snuggling against him with one arm across his chest. Its time to
stop fighting the urge to slip into unconsciousness, and thats
exactly what I do. With my eyes closed, I take one deep breath
and Im out.
I dive head first into the void, a dreamless sleep engulfing me.
But, before I drown in it, I still have the time to feel my heart
fluttering inside of my chest, a pleasant warmness crawling
toward my mind. God, I couldnt be happier right now. Whatever
happens, nobody will be able to steal this moment from me: our
naked and exhausted bodies pressed together, both Arsen and I
drifting off.
Ive never been what youd call a romantic But, wow, this
just feels right.

I look out of my office window and across the impressive city

skyline. I can't sit still any longer and I'm pacing back and
forth like a caged lion, my fists are balled in the pockets of my
suit pants. I look back at Gerard sitting at the conference table
and say for the second time, "I'm not selling."
I feel the tension in my jaw ease a little after releasing those
words, but I look over again at Gerard and see that my frustration
has simply transferred to him. We've been arguing for over 45
He shakes his head and slaps his palm down on the table. "I
don't understand! It makes no sense!"
"I don't expect you to understand." My voice is now resigned
to the situation.
"Why?" he asks. "Why do you insist on holding onto
Simulated Pleasures LLC? You've released your ownership on
everything else. Just explain that to me!"
"Why can't you take no for an answer?" I reply.
"I told you everything that Luca Giannoni has told me, sir.
Mr. Morozov has taken a special interest in your phone sex
operation, and he's keen to purchase it from you. He's offering
you an excellent price. You won't get this price anywhere else. I
can promise you that. Why not sell before the ship sinks?"
"Who says the ship will ever sink?" I ask. "You heard yourself
that this is the most profitable phone sex operation in the tri-
state area."
"Come on, Arsen. You know as well as I do. Phone sex won't
remain profitable forever. Young people want web cams and free
porn streamed to their cell phones. Why call when you can see
the real deal, you know what I mean?"
"Phone sex is an art. I don't think it'll ever be completely
dismissed like you say it will."
"Maybe so, but it'll be relegated to some small niche. Why
not cash in when the money's still very good? You'll be a very
rich man from the sale of this."
"I'm already a rich man!" I growl. "Are you forgetting that?
I'm worth billions, so before you say another word about money,
I want you to remember everything Dad left me with."
My mood has soured again, and I want nothing more than to
end this meeting, but Gerard can be like a fly that won't go away
and his incessant buzzing in my ear is wearing me down. He's
doing a good job of making me think that this issue may never go
away. Nothing I say seems to deter him. He always has a
rebuttal, and frankly, it's pissing me off.
I know rationally speaking I should be blaming this on Luca
Giannoni and the Russian Mob that wants to buy me out. But
instead the anger is manifesting itself toward the one man who
is always there for me.
And hes giving it right back to me as much as Im giving it to
"Yes, yes, of course you're a rich man! No one is doubting or
forgetting that. But who has ever said no to more money? Arsen,
I just don't understand it. It's completely irrational and
bordering on madness! Why are you so hell bent on throwing
away a golden opportunity? Why can't you see the value in this
Maybe its the way the mob is going to treat the staff? I say,
Whats wrong with how they treat their staff? Gerard asks.
Its always on the up and up.
You wouldnt feel a little guilty knowing we just sold
someones business to the mob? I shoot back.
It didnt seem to stop you from unloading the porn studios,
the web cam operations, the sex dungeons, the brothels, the
escort services, and strip clubs, Gerard says. Name one time
for the other businesses when you brought up an issue with how
the mob treats its workers.
Thats not the same Gerard, and you know it! I shoot back.
The strip clubs independently contract out to the girls. They
can leave any time. Hell, we dont even know if theyll come in
on any given night if its raining or snowing. And the bouncers
and managers are all men; they can take care of themselves.
The other businesses? Gerard asks.
Theyre too decentralized. The sex dungeons, if the mob
wanted to lay down the law or do anything, no one would show
up. And we contractually dealt with everyone on the web cam
operations or the porn studios. The escort services we just got a
cut. Nothing much would change.
And so nothing much would change for this sale either,
Arsen, Gerard says, getting up and grabbing a glass of water and
running his hands through his hair. This is the best deal thats
out there and youre dragging your feet.
These people that work at Simulated Pleasures have never
worked with gangsters before, I tell Gerard.
And neither have you, Arsen, Gerard says to me. Were
not dealing with blue chip corporations here. They can make this
Then why would I want them in the lives of my current
employees? I ask back. I think Ive got a point.
But I know that Gerard has one too. Why didnt I care so much
about letting the mob into the livelihoods of the employees at
the other establishments? I mean, fuck, I just told myself back
then that they were tough and they could handle themselves.
Arsen, Gerard says sitting down and leaning back in his
chair. Something is bothering you about this entire situation.
Ever since your father died the single goal youve had was to rid
yourself of your fathers empire and start from scratch at
something else. To cleanse yourself of his filth, as you put it. But
the closer we get toward achieving that goal, the more you pull
Im silent as he continues. You asked me to find out who Mr.
Giannonis client was. Against my better judgment I pursued it.
And I found out. You wanted to break the sale into pieces. We did
that. Now at the last business, you hold everything up. Luca
Giannoni and Mr. Mozorov have been patient, he says in the
voice filled with wisdom. But if we are to continue, I need to
know what your reasons for holding us back are. And I need to
know now.
Perhaps it's the way he's askingquestioning my sanity, or
maybe it's because I feel as if I've been interrogated for nearly an
hour straight, but just then, I lose it.
"I'm in love with a girl!" I snap, slamming my fist down on
the conference table and flashing my snarled mouth at Gerard.
"There, I've said it. Are you fucking happy? Is that good enough
for you, Gerard?"
Hes taken aback, clearly not expecting this to fucking tumble
from my mouth.
"Arsen, I don't understand. What does you being in love with
a girl have anything to do with the sale of Simulated Pleasures
"She's one of the phone sex operators."
He stops for a moment, and a pregnant silence fills the air.
For a few awkward moments, neither of us says anything, and
then I continue, "She doesn't know."
I see a wave of understanding come across his face and he
finally speaks. "You should tell her."
"Who are you, my fucking therapist as well as my lawyer?"
"I mean it."
"What good would that do?"
"Well, for one, are things getting serious?"
I think about that question for a moment. Have things gotten
more serious between Ashley and I? It feels like it certainly can,
but am I imagining that? Where exactly do I want this to go?
Where does she want this to go? I love her. That much I
"I don't know," I say, and that's the truth. I grab the glass of
water sitting on the conference table and take a sip. My face is
"If you think things willor canget serious, you should tell
her," he says, noticing that my mind is pre-occupied.
I don't say anything, but I nod my head in agreement. Of
course he's right, but that's easier said than done. It's one thing
to sit here at this conference table and say these thingsand
even agree with themthan it is to approach the woman you
know you love about a secret that you've been keeping from her.
Things are working right now. We're fucking happy. I don't want
to fuck it all up by coming clean. If she finds out that I've been
masquerading as King Henry, there's no telling how she'll react.
"It's not something you want to hide forever," he says,
breaking my train of thought.
"I don't know what I want."
"Oh come on now," he says, almost laughing. "Quit kidding
"Says the man who's strong arming me into selling the one
business I'm adamant on keeping."
"It's just obvious to me that you want the girl, so do
something about it."
I look at him and know he's right.

I f Arsen is going to keep feeding me like this, Im going to

have to start spending an extra hour at the gym. I mean,
seriously. Were sitting on his terrace balcony, overlooking
Central Park. He has a massive table thats laid out with
breakfast. I have my choice of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage,
slices of white or wheat bread, fruit, yogurt, granola, and
Oh, theres also pancakes. Theres coffee, tea, orange juice
and cereal.
Apparently, the building concierge has been instructed to
prepare a breakfast spread every day for Arsen since Ive started
spending more and more time with him.
Arsen however, is just eating some bacon and a croissant,
with some coffee, and reading the New York Daily Journal. The
sound of taxis and delivery trucks wafts over to our little terrace
in the clouds and I look over at my handsome breakfast
You live very well, Arsen, I tell him, smiling. He looks over
at me and smiles. Last night he took me to the MOMA where we
saw the unveiling of some new Frederick Hart sculptures that
hadnt been released to the public after the sculptors death.
Variations on Three Goddesses and Cross of the Millennium on
both bronze and acrylic resin. I look into the room. Arsen bought
one of the pieces and its sitting in the living room, purchased
and now forgotten. Which would be fine if it was a dress from
Bloomingdales, except that this tiny sculpture costs around
After we got home, he wasted no time in celebrating his
acquisition by unzipping my black dress and kissing my neck.
Actually, if were being completely honest here, I was already
wet when he pulled me over at the MOMA and whispered into my
ear, I want to fuck you senseless right now, Ash. Just rip your
fucking panties off and shove my cock inside of you and pound
you till you scream so loud that only the fucking birds can hear
I mean, sure, I had splurged a bit on the dress. It was backless
and showed off my ass pretty good. But work has been great. I
got a $500 bonus this week. So I mean, I didnt mind that I was
having that effect on him.
I take a piece of toast and bite into it, thinking back to last
night. It had been a nice night, so by the time his clothes were
off and my panties wereI dont actually know what happened
to them. Either he ripped them off or I took them off, but we
threw them somewhere and I cant find them this morning. I
think I saw my bra in the kitchen sink. Oh well. Where was I? Oh
yeah, by the time I was naked, we actually ended up on the
terrace. He lay me down on the table and proceeded to defile me
in the most delicious ways possible.
Seriously, having sex with this man each time is like having
sex for the first time with him. I cum at least once for sure, but
as many as eight times. Although by then, the orgasms are all
ripping up my body in one wave after another. There have been
times Ive blacked out for a few minutes because its just too
much pleasure. And then afterwards, Im in like some sort of
post-orgasm coma, where I just sit there blinking and enjoying
the endorphins going through my body.
What are you up to today? Arsen asks me looking up from
his paper with a look like he just remembered something as I
look at him. Ive never really made a big deal about our
schedules, telling him that my schedule is pretty flexibleI
mean, I can work whenever. But still, out of habit I pull out my
And I freeze.
I have a meeting with Client 5 on my calendar. Oh my God!
How could I have forgotten? I thought it was yesterday.
No way Im letting him go to another girl. Not because Im
worried about losing the fees. No, more because I want to talk to
As sexed up as Arsen has gotten me, King Henry hits another
spot in my brain and in my heart. Because we only talk for little
bits, I crave the time I have with him jealously. I need him.
But the meetingor callor whatever is scheduled in ten
I look over at Arsen, wondering what it is that I can say. I
mean, what can I even say to someone, anyone, if I have to leave
in 10 minutes? Like, sorry I didnt realize but I have to go have
phone sex with a client? To the man who is feeding me
How did I ever end up in a situation like this? Where Im lying
to two men?
Ash, I need to go do something real quick that I forgot,
Arsen says not looking me in the eyes. I nod absently, wondering
how Im going to get away. You think youll be okay having
breakfast for like half an hour or so? I just need to pop out real
quick but Ill be back, I promise.
Wait a second! Hes giving me an out. This is almost like
Divine Providence or something giving me an opportunity.
Although later on I need to remember to make sure and find out
where hes going. Under normal circumstances Id be pretty
curious where he was off to, but right now, Im not going to take
a gift horse and look it in the mouth. Not this girl. I'm smarter
than that.
Ill just go lay down for a little bit then, I tell him with a coy
smile. Still a bit exhausted from last night.
I give him my best innocent smile and kiss him goodbye
thinking to myself how ironic this situation must be because
normally I would be so curious where hes off to.
But not right now.
Now, in this moment, Ive already started getting wet
thinking of King Henrys deep, gravelly voice. Within a minute,
Arsen is out the door. I rush inside and it takes me just a few
seconds to slide off my yoga pants and whip off my tank top. I
lounge on the bed in my bra and panties, my heart trembling at
the call that will get re-routed to my cell phone.
Four minutes to go. They seem to last an eternity. My heart
rate increases with each passing second. I feel the dampness in
my pussy and can tell that without even talking to me, King
Henry has gotten my panties wet.
At last, the call comes and the phone vibrates. It startles me
and for a second Im scared. But the fear doesnt stop me from
accepting the call and with a shaky voice filled with excitement I
speak into the phone.
Hi this is Misty, who am I speaking to? I say, seeing Client 5
on the screen and holding my breath till he speaks.
Theres a pause and a rustle and finally, Hi, Misty, where are
Now its my turn to pause. I dont know what to answer.
Are you at home? he asks me.
N-No, I say.
No what? he retorts.
I close my eyes. No, King Henry.
Good, you remembered.
Yes, King.
Where are you? Are you with someone? At their place? he
asks me and I close my eyes.
Yes, King, Im at someone elses place. On their bed, I
answer. My heart is beating at what hell say.
What are you wearing? he asks.
I have on a pink cheeky and a lace pink bra, King, I reply
back. Im on his bed talking to you.
Does he know youre talking to me? my King asks.
No, King, I tell him. He went out for a while.
Does he make you cum when you fuck him? my King asks.
I gulp. But Im this far in anyways. And Im so wet. Yes,
King, he makes me cum, I reply. And I cant help but add,
Good, the King says. I want you to touch yourself and tell
me what youre doing.
I have my fingers under my panties, I tell him. Im
stroking my clit.
Are you wet, kitten? he asks.
I gasp. A momentary shudder goes through me. Yes, King, I
say. Im very wet.
I want you to imagine me next to you, kitten, he says. I
want you to imagine me pressing my fingers over your wetness,
sliding one finger into your pussy.
My heart races as I begin to stroke my clit to his words.
I want you to think of my hands stroking your clit, faster,
and harder, and faster still, he says and my fingers time
themselves to stroke with every cadence of his speech. I let out a
Are you enjoying this, kitten? he asks.
Yes, King, I reply. Please dont stop.
Beg me to not stop, he orders. Beg me to keep going. To
tell you how my tongue traces the contours of your pussy and
flicks itself against your nub.
Oh my God. Im panting as my fingers continue.
Tell me, he commands.
Please dont stop, King, I moan as he breaths deeply.
Please dont stop licking my pussy.
I want to slide another finger inside of you kitten, do that for
me now, he commands and I do as he says.
I want to hook it inside of you and massage your walls while
my tongue flicks your clit, he continues.
The way he says the word clit sends shivers up my spine and it
times perfectly with my fingers as they do their work.
Are your nipples hard? he asks me. I can feel that they are
and it takes me a moment to clear my throat. Yes, King, my
nipples are hard for you.
I want to twist them. Do that for me, he orders and I pull
my bra down, place the phone on the bed putting it on
speakerphone and begin to flick and twist my nipple.
It feels so wrong, doing this on Arsens bed. I know what Im
doing. But I just dont care at this point. Lust has overtaken my
brain as King Henry comes through the speakers of the phone.
Now imagine my cock, thick and hard, kitten, he says.
Blood pumping through its veins as it hovers over you, ready to
penetrate your pussy. Imagine it as it slides in and fills you.
Expands you.
I cant take much more of this. Im going to cum soon. I feel
the threshold lowering and myself passing the point of no
Imagine my hands over you, squeezing your ass as I pound
your pussy, he says over the phone. Imagine as I suck your tits
and spank your ass. Hard.
I wouldnt care at this point who walked in the door. At that
very moment Ive lost myself to the pleasure Im about to
Imagine my hands as they spank your ass cheeks. My cock
pistoning in and out of you
I dont hear any more. Ive lost the capacity. I close my eyes.
The body of Arsen Hawke is over me in my head with the voice of
King Henry. Fucking me. Dominating me completely.
I let go and cum.
Waves of pleasure go through my body and I let out a moan
that is earthy and lewd at the same time. A fire spreads from my
loins and rips through my body, leaving me sweating and
trembling as my muscles seize up and contract. Pleasure knocks
me out and my eyes roll back inside my head. I arch my body and
feel myself give way to numbness and nothingness. Im awake,
but incapacitated by fire. And ice. Im weightless but cant move.
My body twitches and I lose my sight. Stars fill my vision and I
lose myself in a void.
When I come to, Im breathing heavily. So is King Henry on
the other side of the phone. My heart is pounding and I take the
Are you there? he asks me.
Yes, King, I say weakly, still recovering from the orgasm
that ripped through my body.
Good, be kind to your friend when he returns, King Henry
says, and with that he hangs up.
Leaving me lying there on Arsens bed.
My panties are wet so I take them off, and I throw my bra
across the room as well. Im lying naked in a haze on Arsens bed
and all I want is more sex. I dont care if Arsen asks me what Im
doing when he comes back in and I lay there.
After a few minutes, I hear the door open and footsteps come
into his room.
Im staring at the ceiling, lost in a sea of post-orgasmic bliss
when I notice him taking his clothes off. He joins me on the bed,
kissing my stomach, and then my tits. I shudder. Not in fear, but
in pleasure as his hands roam my body before settling on my
mound, pressing down on it.
Im ready for more and I wrap my arms around him and pull
him closer to me.
You look like you need a good fucking, Arsen says with a
Less talk, I say to him, wrapping my legs around his torso
and bucking my hips like a wild woman. More cock.
Im going to have a price to pay at one point. I know that. But
for now, all I can think of is the moment. I just pray that this
pleasure never stops.

I m standing in Gerards lushly appointed downtown law

office. For as much as my office has the power and glamor
of Midtown, Gerards has that old world style found only in
Lower Manhattan. With its winding non-numbered streets and
history that predates America, Gerard seems to fit right in. I
mean, the building his offices are in have fucking gargoyles
outside of them to get rid of the excess rainwater. Talk about
something you dont see in Modernist, cubist, Midtown.
Were having our weekly wrap-up on disposal of the
properties that Dad left me.
I think if we move in this direction, we should be
approaching full divestiture within three to four months for
certain, Gerard says with the characteristic seriousness. But
despite his normal seriousness, theres something about him
that seems a bit off.
Gerard, I ask, eyeing him. Theres something different
about you.
He looks at me from his desk, and then gestures to his tie.
Thats it!
Its a maroon tie with white hearts.
A lady friend of mine suggested that I lighten up the
wardrobe a bit, sir, he tells me a bit stiffly.
For everything thats going on with Luca Gianoni and the
divestiture, I cant help but laugh out loud like a fucking kid.
I didnt know you were dating someone, Gerard! I say out
Id prefer not to talk about that now, he says to me, a bit
flustered. Already too many changes in my life, if you know
what I mean.
He looks at me and I nod. I know exactly what hes talking
But still, I cant get the thought out of my head. How different
my lawyer is now than say six months ago. Back then, if you said
you saw him in a tie with hearts on it, hed tell you to go fuck
I mean, I totally get it. Dont get me wrong. Im not fucking
Ashley does the same thing to me.
Im thinking about this as I sit in my limo as I leave Gerards
office and head uptown.
In the short amount of time Ive known her, Im doing things
that the old me would have had a fucking heart attack if he ever
Forget the one and done policy of one night sex, or at most
the use em and lose em philosophy of two weeks of raw lust
and then a diamond necklace and a Dear John, Im starting to go
to the Till Death Do Us Part side with this woman.
It doesnt help probably that were always so close by. Ashley
loves cavorting around my apartment; its so much bigger at
One57 than the tiny rat-hole that she lives in near Penn Station.
And sure, I want to do different things for her. To protect her and
keep her happy. So its no surprise Ill join her in making dinner
even though I have a perfectly decent personal chef.
It's just that I've never felt the way I do with Ashley with
anyone. Not a single fucking person I've ever met. And the
things that she does, when other girls tried it on me, I'd fucking
snort and it would slide right off me. When Ashley does it, it
looks so cute it seriously melts my fucking heart.
Dont believe me?
Well first off, I dont fucking care if you believe me or not, but
just to show you, lets take what happened yesterday.
I was in my office in Midtown, wrapping up some meetings.
Now, I see the gears in your brain trying to figure this out so
let me just explain real quick. I may be trying to get rid of Dads
fucking smut empire, but Im also having to manage the vast
amount of money. Thats a fucking job in and of itself.
But all of a sudden, who do we have but Ashley walking into
my office around 3 pm.
Arsen, can we go to dinner tonight? she asked me, batting
her beautiful fucking eyes. Normally girls bat their eyes at me
and I immediately get all fucking defensive. I was exhausted as
fuckhaving to wake up at 6:30 in the fucking morning after
having hours of sex the night before will fucking do that to you.
But I looked at her, and all I could say was, "Sure, Ashley. I'll
have one of the girls outside make some reservations to Per Se."
Now, my personal secretaries are more than capable of
making me dinner reservations and letting me know, but in this
instance, I followed up with them three times to make sure it
was fucking perfect. And then I made sure my car was ready and I
even got to Ashleys apartment ten minutes ahead of time. As if I
had nothing better to do than take this woman out to dinner.
But let me tell you, when she finally did come down, it was
completely worth the fucking wait. I would have waited a whole
fucking month just to see her in that amazing blue dress that
was tight in all the right places, hugging her curves and
emphasizing her slender but still curvy body. All of a sudden,
being exhausted completely left my mind and all I wanted to do
was fuck. I tried not to stare at her wolfishly as she turned away
from me and began walking to the car, swaying her ass. She
knew that I was staring too, because she stopped before getting
in, turned her head back to me, and asked me with a leer,
"Feeling all right, Arsen?"
"I just want to fuck you so badly right now, Ash," I told her,
not holding back any punches. And I did. I wanted to pound her
doggie style with my 12-inch cock till we both collapsed from
cumming too hard.
"Always the romantic," she teased before she got into the
I could see the outline of her thong against that skirt, it was
so tight. I know youre not supposed to see visible panty lines,
but Id seen her ass so many times, I could tell where it was.
All through dinner, she gave me flirty smiles and kept my
cock hard till I couldn't wait to get her back to my condo. I kept
imagining bending her over and having her hold onto the
windows in my living room as she stared out into the urban
canyons of New York City as I fucked the living daylights out of
But she just leaned back into me into the car and nestled her
head on my chest. I could smell her shampoo.
Arsen, Im really sore from last night and this morning,
she mewled in a little voice. She was talking into my chest and I
had my arm wrapped around her protectively. I dont know if I
can have sex again tonight.
What the fuck? After keeping my cock hard all through dinner
with that fucking dress and that fucking back and forth, I was
like a coiled spring. I would have been pissed off with any other
girl. But Ashley? I just brought my lips to the top of her head and
gave it a light kiss.
"That's okay, babe," I said softly. "You're not going
anywhere. We can chill tonight."
She looked up at me with those adorable eyes. "Really?" she
asked. I nodded.
"Can we just watch a movie and snuggle?" she asked.
Now at this time, had the old Arsen Hawke been present
hell had my late fucking father been presenthe would have
kicked my fucking ass for being a pussy. Because all I said was,
"Absolutely, babe. Anything you want."
And Ashley gave a few squeals of delight and pressed herself
into me in happiness. All I could feel was her tits pressing
against me. All I could imagine was spreading those legs and
taking her.
And so there we were an hour later, Ashley picking out a
fucking romance movie. Not even a fucking romantic comedy
that I could laugh to, but a goddamn romance movie.
"Yay! I love this movie. It's so long too!" she said bouncing up
and down happily as I watched that ass jiggle. Then she looked at
me. "You sure you're okay with this, right?"
I nodded, "Yeah, I'm good. Don't worry."
"Great," she said. "Let me go change into some pajamas."
And with that she sprung off the couch and into the
When she finally did come out I swear to God my eyes were
about to explode as I looked at her.
She was wearing a pair of black lace boy shorts that upped her
ass so fucking deliciously and a black lace camisole. My cock
nearly exploded in my pants I was so fucking horny.
"I got this the other day," she said with a sly smile. "Do you
like it?"
If these were pajamas, then I wanted to see her fucking
At first I couldn't say anything. All I could do was stare. But
eventually I looked at her. "I fucking love it. I could fuck you so
hard right now, Ash," I growled.
"Yeah, but you said you wouldn't, right?" she asked.
I nodded. She smiled and came closer. "Great!" she exclaimed
and then sat down basically on top of me, wiggling her body until
she found every nook and crevice and somehow wedged herself
into me. I wrapped my arms around her and she nestled in. I
could fucking feel her ass rub up and down on my hard cock until
it settled between her ass cheeks. Ashley didn't say anything,
except look at me and give me a sly grin as she asked, "You going
to be okay, Mister?"
"I'll be fine," I lied. I didn't know what the fuck I was going to
The movie started and pretty soon I felt Ashley clench and
unclench her ass cheeks, squeezing my cock. Classic stripper
That was the fucking last straw! I was cool going to dinner and
seeing her in that get up. I was okay not having sex. I was even
okay watching a fucking chick flick that was three fucking hours
long with her hot fucking body pressed up against me. But this
was just too much.
I began to thrust up against her, but after the first one, I
stopped myself. I had promised Ashley. And fuck me, I honestly
would trade not having sex with her as opposed to not being
around her. It wasn't easy, but I actually fucking liked being on
the couch with that fucking romance movie as long as she was
And then she wriggled her ass against me again and my
thoughts went crazy. Again and again. I'm thinking I'm going
fucking crazy, not being able to move or do anything. I might as
well just have passed out right then and there it felt so good. But
even had I passed out, Id be waking up right there just because
her ass felt so fucking good.
Finally, after what seemed like hours, she stopped.
She turned over and pressed her body to mine, bringing her
face inches from mine.
"This is hard for you, isn't it?" she asked with a cute looking
pout and blinking eyes.
"Very hard, babe," I grunted, not knowing what else to say. I
was beaten down.
All of a sudden that cute pout turned into a wicked grin. She
gyrated her crotch on my cock a little bit as she said one word.
I looked at her in surprise as she continued, "Consider it
payback. For keeping me awake till 6:30 am this morning when 5
hours earlier you said just the tip. And then leaving me in a sex
haze all day."
And that's when her smile turned sultry and I realized Ashley
Lane had been playing me the whole day, getting me all hot and
bothered and leaving me no recourse but to take it. I brought my
hands and grabbed her ass. Hard. She squealed and we fucked
hard again that night. I may have ripped off that camisole of hers
trying to get at those tits and get my mouth on them. We used
that sofa in ways that the Scandinavians who designed it would
never have imagined in their wettest of fucking dreams. And I
know for a fact that that romance movie was done a fucking long
time before we finally fell on each other, exhausted and happy.
At least thats what Im thinking and I realize that I have a
fucking smile on my face. But fuck it, I dont care at this point.
I go up the elevator to my condo and find Ashley waiting for
me standing in front of the door in a trench coat.
Surprise! she yells at me and I literally jump. I had the
concierge downstairs give me a ring when you started on your
way up.
Your surprising me by waiting for me in front of the door? I
No, silly! she says with a pout. This is how Im surprising
And she whips open her trench coat to reveal her oh-so-sexy
body clad in nothing but black stockings, a black lace thong and
matching black bra. The material was supple and left just enough
to the imagination that I could feel my cock harden instantly. If I
didnt get it out of my pants soon it was going to tent and then
fucking claw its way out.
I got them for you today, she says with a shy smile. Do you
like it?
But I dont answer. And she doesnt press me further.
Because Ive already bounded over and taken her in my arms and
thrown us onto the same sofa that saw so much action yesterday.
Half my clothes are off and I pause to look into her eyes.
You are so fucking gorgeous, I whisper to her, as if
She doesnt say anything. Just pulls me closer to her for a
You know, I take it back. If the old Arsen tries to come over
and call me a pussy for what Ashleys done to me, Ill kick his ass
for being an idiot.
Because this is fucking Heaven with this girl.

S eventy-five.
Thats how many days its been since Arsen first met me
when I was still a stripper outside of Scorcher's. I dont know if
you remember, but that was the night that he got into my cab
and got off at the Plaza. If he hadnt taken the cab in that
direction, I would have never gone through Times Square and
gotten out to find Peter cheating on me. Peter would have never
attacked me outside of the Simulated Pleasures offices, and I
would have never had sex with Arsen, and King Henry would be
all I would be thinking about.

Thats the first time Henry called me. He was, and still is,
referred to in the Simulated Pleasures databases as Client 5, but
to me hes King Henry. This job was never supposed to be a
permanent operation. It was supposed to be like stripping.
Something I do to tide me over for money until I start putting my
Art History degree from Yale to use. Lately, Ive come up with a
newer plan that you may not like. That plan is to have as much
phone sex with Henry and as much real sex with Arsen as
possible, because I wont be able to hang on to both forever. That
much is clear. I have to come clean to one of them.
SIXTY-TWO THOUSAND three hundred and ninety one.
Otherwise known as $62,391. Thats how many dollars Client
5 has been billed in the last month. Charges start at $9.99 a
minute and out of that $62,391, Im getting big bonuses, thats
for sure. Just from Client 5. Who Im starting to fall in love with.
When Im not feeling guilty because I'm also falling in love with
Arsen. The only positive about all of this is that Im making more
money for less effort now than what I was doing at the strip club.
It gives me more time to go to the gym, start paying off student
loans, and start laying the foundation for my future. But every
time I get a call that shows Client 5, my future comes crashing
down. Every time I see Arsen, along with the excitement comes
the crushing guilt at how this is all going to end.

That's how many times I've cum in the last seventy-five
times Arsen and I have had sex. And it keeps getting crazier and
crazier. Its like a drug. I cant get enough. Every time I have
him, I cum. And every time I start to normalize, the first thing I
want is more. I would be fine if you took away food, water, and
sleep from me, as long as you left Arsen and his cock. Weve
done it in every room and surface of his apartment and mine.
Hes taken me in publicnot just near Southwest New York, but
other areas as well. One afternoon we went for a walk in Central
Park. I was teasing him about his shirt. He ended up slapping my
ass playfully. I was wearing yoga pants and I could feel the slap
of his hand on my ass cheek. It reminded me of when Henry had
me slap my own ass. Arsen saw the look on my face and I
brought my hand to his crotch and felt his cock thicken in my
hand. We ended up having sex on a bench, hoping that no one
would discover us. A week later, I gave Arsen a blowjob in a
taxicab coming back from dinner. The next morning he returned
the favor and used his fingers to hit my G-spot enough times in
a come hither motion that he brought me to a giant orgasm
underneath the table of Le Cirque. Im not lying when I say Im
addicted to sex with Arsen. I would shuck myself on his cock all
day if I could. The only thing that would draw me away would be
having to take a phone call from King Henry.

Thats how many times Henry's made me cum. If I have to be
honest, I never thought that working as a phone sex operator
would mean I would be having regular orgasms. In fact, I think
most people would agree with me when I say that I was pretty
convinced I would have to up my faking game. I mean, it was
already pretty goodremember, my last job was at a strip club,
but still, over the phone people can tell when youre not into
something based on your voice. But every time he calls, my heart
starts to beat faster. I pick up and hear his confident,
commanding voice asking me what Im wearing. Then he tells
me what he wants me to do to that will please him. In that
moment, I exist for his pleasure. To service him. He owns me.
After hes done with me, my mind stays in a fog of lust and
confusion for several hours afterward. I can still go about my
day, but its as if Im sleepwalking. Because the day feels empty
without the large presence of Henry in my heart.

Thats how many times Ive tried to tell Arsen that I love
another person in addition to him. But I can't do it. I mean,
dont get me wrong. I haven't even told Arsen that I love him, so
were a long ways away from me telling him I love two people.
And I cant honestly say I love him when my soul aches for
someone else as well. I know Im going to have to choose one
day. Never mind how crazy it sounds that Im giving myself to
someone I havent ever seen. Whose only interaction with me
has been through his voice over a phone sex line. I can tell that
King HenryClient 5, feels the same way about me, from the
snippets that he tells me of his family or of him growing up. The
sighs I hear when we talk. Even the silences are things that I pay
attention to. With Arsen, his very presence is stimulation
enough. And I have so much more with him. I can see him. I can
touch him. Taste him. The impact he has on me is spread out
over so many senses. Henry's impact is just based on what I can

Thats how many other people know about my dilemma.
Remember Yasmine? From Scorcher's? Figures that she should
be the one I go to with all my troubles. But believe it or not, ever
since I left, she and I have been getting close. We meet up for
coffee or go to yoga together now on a regular basis. Im happy to
spend time with her because she understands the problems Im
I think you need to tell Arsen whats going on, Yasmine
advises me one afternoon after yoga. I had come to yoga after an
appointment with Client 5 where I literally shook and convulsed
as my fingers on my clit brought me to a mind-numbing orgasm.
You cant keep going on like this. Youre going to drive yourself
I know, I agree with her. But its already been so long I
don't know how I get out of the hole Im already in.
The longer you stay silent, the deeper that hole gets to climb
out from though, babe, Yasmine says and I know shes right.
The only problem isnt sitting with Arsen or Henry. Its
sitting with me.

Thats how many hours ago I texted Arsen, telling him that I
needed to see him. He seemed okay and we made plans to meet
at the Central Park Boathouse.
I got there before him and ordered a dirty martini from the
bar in the Main Lounge, looking at the Lake in Central Park as it
surrounded the veranda of the Boathouse outside.
Im sitting here now, as I see Arsen approach. He must have
entered the park from the 81st Street entrance to the Park. I can
hear a piano from the far corner of the Lounge and I wonder if
this will be the last time that we have together at the Boathouse.
Arsen comes up to me and comes over to kiss me but I shy
away. He takes a step back and looks at me with concern.
What's going on? Arsen asks, and I wonder if he can
imagine what Im about to tell him.
My Dad always says to rip a band-aid off as quickly as you can
instead of prolonging the misery. And if Im going to do this, I
might as well get it over with. I close my eyes and take a deep
breath. Then I look at Arsen.
I love you, I say to him, and look at his eyes.
To say that there is surprise going through them is an
understatement. What he doesn't understand is why I look so
Well, Ash, I lo I dont let Arsen finish because I don't
want him to say something that hes going to have to take away
so I interrupt him.
But I also think Im falling in love with someone else, I say.
I pause to give him a moment.
Oh, Arsen says after a moment. Well, fuck.
Despite myself I allow a brief smile. It wouldnt be Arsen
without an F-bomb.
Who is it? Arsen asks. Anyone I know?
I close my eyes and sigh to myself. This is the hard part.
I dont think so, I say to him. Its going to sound silly
Arsen, but its someone I work with.
But you work as a phone- Arsen starts but then lowers his
voice. As a phone sex operator. You don't work with anyone
except for the people that call you.
I look at him, hoping he understands. After a moment of
matching my gaze, it dawns on him. Oh, he says. Youre
falling for a person thats calling you?
I nod. A single tear starts to form in my right eye.
Ive been talking to him for some time now and hes single
too, I say, rushing the words out. He lives in New York City
also and hes in real estate.
Arsen looks at me like I just slapped him with a glove. His
eyes are stricken. I can't imagine what he must be going through
right now. How betrayed he must be feeling. I take a sip of my
Does he go by the name of King Henry? Arsen asks.
What the fuck?
I don't think neither of us notice as my martini glass drops to
the floor.

D oes he go by the name King Henry? I ask with a smirk and

Ashley freezes in time. Its like her muscles seize up, and
not the good kind of seizing like when I make her cum. This is
the bad kind, as if she's having a fucking stroke.
The martini glass falls to the ground, the olives from her
drink rolling toward my shoe. Im vaguely aware of the elderly
couple next to us at the bar turning to look at us.
Oh my God, Ashley whispers. Whisper is a strong fucking
word actually. Its more like she croaks it out, like her mouth has
just gone dry. Her skin is starting to look pale and I can see her
eyes widen and narrow, as if shes trying to figure something
Youyoure but she stops and doesnt finish.
I nod my head at her, hoping itll calm her down. King
Henry, I say to her trying to smile but wondering if Im fucking
smirking instead. Thought it was an appropriate name, dont
I dont get a chance to respond because her hand reaches out
at the speed of fucking light and slaps my cheek. I wince. I
wasnt fucking expecting that; thats for sure.
I taste a tiny trickle of blood on my lip and I can tell that the
immediate people around us are all staring now. The people
beyond them are pretending they don't know what's going on
but trying to look anyways. Fuck em all, anyways.
You fucking bastard, Ashley says. Her voice is cold, low,
and gravelly.
Im about to say something but she doesn't even fucking care
anymore because she just turns around and walks away,
clutching her purse.
I look at the bartender who comes by to serve drinks and I
look at the olive that rolled close to my shoe.
I dont know what the fuck has gotten into me, but I bend
over and grab the olive and the glass and hand it to the
bartender. He nods to me.
Fuck it. This is fucking insane. I need to go after her.
I race out of the Boathouse and scan the surrounding area
looking for Ashley.
Shes not hard to miss. Cute girl, shoulder length blonde hair,
curvy body, fantastic ass. Dressed to kill in a black casual dress
with a pair of black heels that are making it difficult for her to
storm off across the up and down sidewalk of Central Park.
I run toward her.
Ashley! I yell to her, hoping she sees me, and stops. She
doesn't. A few passers by stop and look at me as I race past
them, but I dont have any more fucks to give no matter what
they do. Ashley, stop and fucking listen to me.
Stay away from me, you fucking asshole! Ashley shouts and
stops walking. But instead of turning toward me, I see her pause
and take off her heels. Shes going to want to walk fast and shes
getting ready.
But by then Ive caught up to her.
Hey, give me some credit here, okay? I may drink and fuck all
night long, but I have a body made of steel. Genes that are
fucking blessed. I used to play football in high school and college
and I still got the moves. Of course I could keep up with Ashley.
But theres a fine fucking line between having her say no and it
being cute and then forcing my presence on her. And I never,
ever, ever, fucking do that.
Just let me explain, I say to her, trying to buy some time.
Theres nothing to explain, Arsen, she says, still not
looking back at me. This whole thing was a big fucking joke to
you. Youre a sick, perverted creep.
No Im not, Ashley, I reply as I match her stride. Shes
walking toward the gates to the park on 72nd and 5th. Fuck, shes
going to hop into a cab or a bus from there and I won't be able to
do a goddamn thing about it. I cant force her to stay. Just let
me explain. I love you.
Well that fucking gets her to stop all right.
And why wouldn't it? Ive never, ever, said it to another girl
before. Ive never felt it for another girl. Ive never even
contemplated anything remotely close to it with another
woman. The very thought of falling in love with someone three
months ago would have me getting on a fucking plane and
getting as far away from her as possible.
But now? Now, Im standing there like a fucking kid, watching
Ashley turn around and stare at me.
I love you, Ashley Lane, I tell her, not sure why Im so
fucking nervous all of a sudden.
Ashley smiles for a moment, and thats when I know Im
You love me? she asks and takes a step forward on the balls
of her feet. Thats why for basically the entire time you knew
me, you pretended to be someone else?
I didnt pretend to be someone else! I yell, but she answers
right back and I can see the fire in her eyes.
You pretended to be someone on the phone that wasn't the
same you in real life, Arsen! Ashley yells. Sure when you were
with me you were Arsen Hawke. But then how many times did I
hurry out of your apartment to go to work? How many times did
you ask me what I did when you knew the answer?
I never lied to you about anything I begin but she cuts me
off and for a moment I think shes going to slap me again.
You didnt lie to me? Ashley asks with a note of incredulity
in her voice. Arsen I fell in love with you on the phone and you
know how much it was tearing me up every time you and I were
together to think how I could be falling in love with you at the
same fucking time?
For once, Im silent. Her fucking words have silenced me.
You want to know what its like to go through what I did for
the last month? she asks me. You want to know what I feel
like standing here in front of you after the things you had me do
on the phone?
Fuck. In all of this, I forgot how crazy we had gotten.
You had me call you King! You told me not totouch myself
on the phone. You did things with me that were private and so
intimate for me and it was a big fucking joke for you! Ashley
yells as her face turns red. You must have gotten quite a laugh,
I never thought about it as a joke, I say slowly and she looks
at me. I only called your line because you wouldn't see me.
Because you wanted to stay away after our first night.
You know what? Ashley asks me, but I can tell it's fucking
rhetorical. I should have listened to myself that day. I shouldnt
have texted you back. I should have just gotten myself off and
not thought of you at all. I wouldnt feel so deceived and
humiliated right now.
I take a step close to her. Dont feel humiliated, babe I
begin but she looks at me and I see her face contort.
Stay the fuck away from me, you fucking creep! she yells.
You lied to me! You had a million chances to tell me. You had to
wait until I told you I loved you to spit it back at me. To laugh in
my face. Well, Arsen Hawke, or King Henry, from now on, youre
just Client 5 to me, okay. Some fucking loser who has to pay per
the minute to get off.
She turns away and walks toward 5th Avenue. The suns going
down and its reflecting off the condos and co-ops lining the
street across the Park.
Ashley I call out, wondering if I should keep going after
her. But she answers the question for me.
Stay the fuck away, Arsen, or Im screaming rape, she says.
She pauses for a minute and I think shes going to turn around.
As long as I can keep her talking.
By the way, just in case you were wondering, she says, still
with her back turned to me. I quit. Id rather starve than work
for you one more day.
I watch her walk to the sidewalk and I swear to you it feels like
someone just shot a hole at the bottom of my heart. Ive never
ever felt like this before. But you want to know what the worst
part it?
Its the feeling that I get because I know I fucking deserve
this. That all my shit has come back to fucking haunt me. That it
made me a cocky, arrogant, and selfish asshole that didn't
realize there was anything wrong with what I did. And it hurt the
one person in the world I wanted to hold and fucking protect.
The one person in the world I love.
I watch as Ashley crosses the street and jumps into a cab. I
dont know if Im imagining her looking at me as the cab drives
away. The windows to the cab are rolled up so its hard to tell,
but within a few seconds the cab is gone and it doesnt fucking
matter anymore.
I walk to the sidewalk, where Ashley had passed by just a few
moments ago. People walk by me, into the park, out of the park,
going uptown, going downtown, all caught up in their lives. I see
girls walking dogs, a hot dog vendor packing up for the evening,
a kid crossing the street with a kite. Everyone going about their
business, in their own little worlds, not realizing that mine has
just been blown to hell.
New York fucking City. The loneliest big city in the world.
Serves me right.

I bite into the honey almond croissant, wiping a few flaky

pastry bits from my lips. I watch as Yasmine sips her
medium roast coffee. She ordered a chocolate croissant, which is
an indulgence for her, and instead of biting into it, she's eyeing
it suspiciously. She's one of those women who refuses to eat
anything with sugar and butter 99% of the time in fear her ass
will start ballooning out, but come on, we're both having brunch
at Balthazarone of those places where it's as if you've been
transported to Montmartre at the turn of the century, yet it's
still 2016, and it's still SoHo. In other words, you don't skip the
pastries at this place. Besides, Yasmine had the body of a
Victoria's Secret Angel from a young age, and she still maintains
it. One pastry isn't going to do her in.
"You're lucky you weren't at the club last night," she says.
"Some guy tried to pick me up like a bowling ball right on the
stage. I lost my shitlike, really lost it, Ash."
"What happened?" I ask, my eyes going wide. And then I do a
double take. And what were you even doing on stage? Youre a
house mom!
Yasmine laughs.
Just because Im 35 doesnt mean that I cant dance from
time to time, baby, she says with an arched eyebrow. Besides
it makes me feel sexy.
Oh wow. Now this is just what I need to get my mind off of
missing Arsen.
Feel sexy, Yasmine? I ask, and lean in. Who is he? Dont
tell me its one of the bouncers again!
Again, Yasmine laughs and takes a sip of her champagne.
Hardly, she says. And I cant tell you. Call it attorney-
client confidentiality.
So, hes a lawyer? I ask. She just smiles at me and stays
silent. After a moment, I move on. So what happened to the guy
who tried to pick you up literally?
"I hit him. Repeatedly. And then the bouncers showed up and
asked me what the hell was going on. I had to recount the whole
thing to them, and they asked me if I hit him open palmedlike
a slapor close fisted. Do I look like I'd slap someone?"
I watch as she balls her fist in reenactment. She has a point.
Despite her small size, she's got a hard exterior. Cross her or her
dancers, and shell come after you with the power of a MAC
"No, you're right. I could picture you close fisting that
"It's like letting a dog piss in the middle of your living room,
you know? Sure, I could've let the bouncer take care of him, but
then he'd never learn. He'd do it again to some other girl, in
some other club, and the cycle would never end."
"I guess you've got a point."
"I swear I need to get out of that place. The money's good,
except on Mondays. Can you believe I danced for a solid 45
minutes and only made $25 on Monday? If that were a Friday
night, I'd have made $500. My family keeps asking me when I'm
going to get a real jobthey know what I do, but they pretend
like they don't. It's always awkward."
I nod my head in agreement. I can understand where she's
coming from. I couldn't even tell my family about it. They still
think I'm serving coffee somewhere while I try finding a place to
put my Art History degree from Yale to use. But let's be real
serving coffee won't pay NYC rents.
"Anyways, enough about me," she continues. "You're lucky
you got out when you did. It was a smart move. Sit in bed all day
at talk dirty on the phone. Im glad one of my girls got out."
"I'm not so sure," I say, shaking my head and looking down
at the last bits of my pastry. I don't even want to look Yasmine in
the eyes, in fear she'll recognize something in me that I haven't
even admitted to myself.
"What's that supposed to mean? I thought you were doing
great at Simulated Pleasures? Aren't you one of the highest
grossing operators?"
"I am, but it's complicated."
"How complicated can it be? You take a call, act as part
seductress and part therapist for as long as possible, and get
them off. Voila!"
"It's been a crazy last couple of days."
"So whatyou have some crazy stalker now calling at all
hours of the night? Keep him on the line and rack up those
minutes, girl."
"It's not a stalker. I'm falling for one of my clients."
"You can't be serious?"
"Serious as a heart attack."
"Rule number one, never fall for a client, especially not over
the phone! Ashley, come on! He can be anyone. You don't know
him at all. You've never even seen the guy. He could be an ex-
con with a tattooed face for all you know."
"Actually, you're wrong. I do know who he is, and that's the
I watch as she chokes on her champagne. "Now you've lost
me. I don't understand."
"Do you remember Arsen from Scorcher's? Intensely blue
eyes, hot body, and billion dollar playboy?"
"THE Arsen Hawke? Sure. I mean, who could forget a guy like
that? So, where's this going?"
"Well, last night I found out that Arsen is the client. He's the
same person. But he's been hiding that from me for weeks. For
countless calls, he's been calling my direct phone sex line and
masquerading as a 'King Henry.' We were having the most
mind-blowing phone sex. I mean, I was supposed to be getting
him off, and yet, there he was, making me come so hard every
time. It was like he could read my mind. I couldn't get him out of
my head. But as this was all happening, I was meeting up with
Arsendinner, drinks, sex, and I found myself falling in love
with him. But then I started pulling away from Arsen when I
realized I was falling for a man on the other end of my phone
too. It all became so emotionally confusing. It didn't feel right to
be falling in love with two separate people."
"Wait a minute. You're in love with Arsen Hawke?" Yasmine
asks, eyes wide in disbelief, and seemingly ignoring a good
majority of my story.
I nod my head but before I can respond she says, "You and
ever other girl in New York City! Come on Ashley, he's the
biggest playboy in this city!"
"That's the thing. I think he loves me tooat least that's
what he'd said. I've really fallen for him well, until a few
nights ago anyways. Now I don't know what to think."
"What happened last night?" she asks.
I stare off at the happy couples brunching, smiling, drinking
their $6 orange juices, as I recall the events of the Boathouse.
"That's when everything came crashing to the surface like some
horrific car accident. He admitted to me that he was the man
calling into my sex line. He said it so casually, as if it were the
easiest thing in the world. I can still hear him ask me, 'is it King
Henry?' and right as those words left his mouth, it felt like my
entire world was shattering. I knew he wasn't lyinghe couldn't
have possibly known about that caller any other wayand it felt
like everything I'd known was a lie."
Yasmine takes a sip of her champagne and pushes her
croissant around her plate a bit with the tips of her fake, neon-
pink nails. "I don't know it just sounds so weird, don't you
think? The whole notion that you can fall in love with someone
just over the phone."
"I don't want to sound cheesy, but until last night, nothing
felt weird at allit all felt like fate, Yas."
"Fine, fine," she says, throwing in the towel to her argument.
"So what's the problem? You're being an idiot. That's what I
think. Go get Mr. Perfect. You loved him on the phone, and you
loved him in real life."
"How can you say that? You make it sound so easy. I was lied
to, remember? He knew all along what he was doing."
"You're over reacting. I get that it hurts to be lied toI mean,
that'd piss me off too, but the bottom line is you're in love with
the same person. You pulled away from Arsen after you slept
with him, and it's obvious that he was just trying to find another
way to get close to you."
"I don't know it still feels so wrong. I said things did
things that were so personal on the phone."
Listen, Ashley baby, Yasmine says. Ive known Arsen
Hawke a lot longer than you. And let me tell you that before he
met you, that man knew how to tear shit up.
Yeah, I know, I say to Yasmine resignedly. I know I could
make him happy though.
You did from the moment he met you, now that Im
remembering that far back, Yasmine says.
That stops me up short. I look at her and lean in closer.
What are you talking about, Yas? I ask.
Shes silent. I wait. She looks at me. Finally she sighs.
Alright, fine, she says. You know that Arsens dad used to
own the club before he died. He started the whole empire.
I nod to Yasmine. Arsen has told me all this.
Well, Arsen used to come in and fuck the girls if they wanted
a ride, you know? Kind of like a welcome committee. Not all of
them, and not every time. But hes been known to wet his
whistle with a Scorchers girl quite a few times, Yasmine says.
What shes saying isnt a secret. I used to hear girls talk about
Arsen in the dressing rooms. About his body. His appetites. His
giant cock. But what you dont know is that the night you left
early, like a week later he came back.
Now Im curious as Yasmine continues. Comes in and I think
oh, maybe its time for me to finally take big boy for a ride, and
Im flirting with him.
I wince as I think about Yasmine sharing the same man that I
love but she continues. Motherfucker completely shot me
down, she says. Instead asks me if I knew where that pretty
blonde haired girl with a nice tits and hot ass and blue eyes went.
I told him she didnt work at Scorchers no more. That I sent her
over to work at Simulated Pleasures.
I freeze. Arsen had seen me at the club. And he had been
looking for me. He had singled me out. And he had wanted me.
Guy didnt even touch one hair on all this, she says, using
her hands to gesture to her body. I was ready to suck his cock
right there on the main floor too it was one of those nights.
But alls he wanted was you, babe. Havent seen him inside the
club since.
He just wanted me I say to her softly, but Im speaking
more to myself.
Since the moment he met you, girlfriend. So Id go a bit easy
on him, Yasmine says, finally taking a bite out of her chocolate
croissant. "If anything, Arsen was trying to protect you."
"How's that?" I ask.
"Well, he sold his company in chunks to the Russian mob.
I'm sure he was trying to protect you for as long as he could.
They probably would have pressured you for sex or something to
keep working there."
Her words stun me. What if that's true? Could that be it? Was
Arsen just trying to keep me safe and protected?
I ask, "How do you know all this?"
"I have my ways."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
She thinks for a moment, as if she's not sure whether to say
anything or not, but then continues, "Do you remember that
slightly old lawyer who always hangs around Mr. Arsen Hawke?"
"Vaguely," I say, thinking of the times Ive seen him on the
video conference screen or hes come by Arsens One57
apartment. Gerard?
"Well, he's the lawyer Arsen uses for everything, including
selling the pieces of his company to the Russian mob. And hes
held out selling Simulated Pleasures as long as he can because
hes worried about how the mob is going to treat the girls that
work there."
"How do you know that?"
"Let's just say I've seen himboth inside and outside of
the club."
"Noyou two are having an affair?"
Yasmine motions her fingers over lips, as if she's zipping
them shut.
"Fine, don't tell me," I say. But as soon as I say it, I realize
that I may have everything wrongyet again. If Yasmine is
right, then Arsen hasnt just loved me. Hes protected me. And
all Ive done is to repay him with scorn.

I look out the window of the limo as it's drives down 8 th

Avenue toward my club, a hopping spot named Climax. Its

on 31st Street and 8th Avenue and I can see that the line to the
fucking club goes nearly one fucking city block.
Jesus Christ, I think. I'm making money hand over fist on this
fucking club. But thatll be for only another month. Because in
30 days, the ownership of Climax will transfer over to Mozorov.
And this will be his club.
Were going to fucking crush it tonight! my friend Jonathan
says next to me and I look over. We've known each other since
college. Same fraternity. One of my closest friends. But it takes
effort for me to smile tonight.
Its been three fucking days since Ashley decided to say
goodbye to me and never look back. Or has it been more? I dont
even know anymore.
I know that shes not working at the agency; Simulated
Pleasures received a formal letter of resignation from her a few
days ago. Her line has been silent. She must have blocked my
phone number because she doesnt answer calls, it doesnt go to
voicemail, and she doesnt answer texts. I cant find her on
Facebook. And no answer comes from my emails.
So like any good friend, when Jonathan saw the misery I was
in during our racquetball game, he decided to gather three of our
closest friends and go out on the town.
Normally, this is something Arsen Hawke would be ready for
in a heartbeat. To go out into New York City and tear it up. Get
drunk and fuck women.
You just need to fuck it out of your system, man, Jonathan
says to me in the limo, bringing me back.
Youre right, I agree. Im going to fuck it out of my system
multiple times with as many bitches as I can find.
I really fucking hope hes buying it because right now Im just
faking this whole goddamn thing.
We exit the limo and the five of us start drawing looks from
the people who are standing in line to get into the club. They
may vaguely recognize me; Ive been photographed a few times,
but they cant place from where. Still, I look good tonight so its
no fucking surprise that they take out their phones and snap
pictures in case I happen to be famous.
Thats right. Theyre taking pictures of me as I walk to the
entrance of the club.
Because I look fucking good tonight, baby.
My 6 foot plus frame.
The way my jeans and shirt are untucked, with my shirt
unbuttoned, showing off a part of my chest.
Everyone knows I have a fucking cut body. But tonight, these
sluts are just going to love running their hands along my
chiseled 8-pack abs and ripped pecs on the dance floor.
Im going to make them lick me on the dance floor.
I turn and smile and dont stop the cameras at all.
If I was an asshole before Ashley and Im miserable without
her, well then, maybe its time to go back to what worked.
The people outside of the club are staring at me right now.
Theyre entranced. The way my shirt is tight around my ripped
body, highlighting what needs to be highlighted. I know they can
see the bulge in my pants, the 12 inches of thick cock that I have
swinging between my legs. Ready to be unleashed at a moment's
notice to fuck the stray female of the herd that crosses my
I know theyre staring at my face. At my strong fucking
jawline. My deep, soulful eyes.
So Ashley wants to leave me, shes free to go. Doesnt mean I
have to mope.
I swagger to the entrance, completely aware that I own the
fucking club. But no one outside waiting in line knows that yet.
Or if they do, they havent said anything.
Time to show them just how big a deal I am.
I glance at the bouncer and he gives me a nod.
Welcome back, sir, he says and I nod back, indicating to my
four friends to come inside.
Inside the music is bumping and vibrating and I lead our way
to the VIP area where a table is already waiting for us.
But in the time it takes to get there, Jonathan and our friends
pick up a girl or two each, talking and spitting game out at the
various ladies that we pass. They start with eyes for me, but once
I pass, the friends swoop in and take over.
I shrug. This is just how the game is fucking played. The
jesters in the court get the Kings castoffs.
I look around me and see the women watching me. Weve
attracted a fair crowd of interest. These women are dressed as
skanky as they can get.
Now, dont fucking worry. I havent gotten all prudish and all.
I mean come on, Im in love with a fucking stripper or phone sex
operatorhowever you want to call it.
But these girls, and there are five of them approaching me
directly, are trying to dress themselves up so they can look like
hookers or porn stars or something.
Because they think thats what the guys out in the world
fucking want.
Well, Ive fucked porn stars and strippers. And Ill tell you all I
can think about right now is sitting on a couch fucking cuddling
with a romance movie on.
Fucking Christ.
The gaggle of girls approach me.
Sure, I wont lie. Theyre cute. I wont deny that. But theyre
cute in a skanky way. Not in an Ashley way.
Fuck, I can tell Im not in a good mood.
I need a fucking drink.
I open the bottle of scotch at the table and pour some into a
glass. I sigh as the girls sit down at the table. I lean back, seeing
what they're going to say. It may be too much to hope for, but
maybe someone will say something the same way Ashley did.
When she used to talk, it used to make me fucking think.
"Evening, ladies," I say, putting my arms back on the sofa.
"Im Arsen. Whats your name?"
"I'm Joanna," the blonde next to me on my right says with a
"I'm Lauren," next to her.
"I'm Sarah," her friend says.
"I'm Deb," the one on my left chimes.
"I'm Carrie," the one next to her says. She doesn't hold back
though. "I give good head."
Jesus fucking Christ. So much for fucking small talk I guess.
I look around me. Jonathan is talking to some girl thats
sitting next to Sarah.
The other three friends have somehow gone off in their own
Im here by myself. Usually, not a problem.
But it gives me a chance to look around me. I mean, really
look around me.
To girls who wear as little as possible and go out at night,
hoping they find someone to go home with.
To guys looking for something cute to stick their fucking dick
To people looking to drink and forget.
To others looking to just forget.
Too many people talking too loud, trying to drown out the
fucking silence.
I sound like Im fucking high right now or something, dont I?
Well, Im not. Because its starting to make sense.
These arent bad people. Strippers arent bad people. Hell,
hookers, phone sex workers, models, web cam girls, these arent
bad people. The people who provide and the people who
consume, these arent horrible evil people.
I mean, I remember my Dad started out by writing smut and
selling it online. That grew. He didnt stop. Sure, he was sexual. I
mean, I still remember the day outside Starbucks. I was just
about to talk to some random gorgeous girlwhat little of her
that I remember reminds me of Ashleywhen I saw him with
his two new girlfriends.
I remember we fucking fought. That was the last time I saw
my Dad. I traveled and stayed busy for the two months after that.
And he died.
Because I was too proud to realize that Dad was making
people happy.
Were all fucking lonely. And some of us are lucky to have
that one person or group of people who complete us. Who make
us realize that someone out of 6 billion people cares whether
were alive or dead. Its a basic foundation of being a fucking
And thats why we crave it. We read about it. We watch
movies about it. We join Facebook to connect. Because as human
beings, we want to connect on a deeper level than anything else.
Dad was providing one avenue for it. Sex.
Sure, theres other ways. But I never realized how important
that connection was because; up till Ashley Ive been one of the
most disconnected motherfuckers on the planet.
All of a sudden I have to go.
"Where are you going?" Sarah asks.
"Gotta get something done, babe," I say, drawn into the
conversation. I need to see about a girl.
"Can I come with you?" she asks.
And there it goes. Boom. Why would I take you home with me
when Im going to go look after a girl? After just meeting you?
What kind of fucked up alternate reality are you living in?
"No," I say, basically figuring a question like that only
deserves a one word answer.
"Can I?" Deb asks, her face lighting up.
What the fuck? She thinks because I didn't take her friend,
she now has a better chance?
I sigh and take a large drink of my scotch.
"Do you want to fuck me?" she asks me, batting her
At least Dee is a bit more reserved. She just brings her fist to
her mouth and makes a blowjob motion, then smiles at me.
I know what you're going to say to me, okay? Not every girl is
like this. There's some with great personalities. I know what
you're going to say. Three months ago I would have told you that
you were just trying to be nice.
But now, knowing what I know, I agree with you. Because Ive
met the girl for me.
And Id rather fucking die than give up on her and let her go
without even trying.
Goodbye, ladies, I say and within seconds Ive walked out of
the club.

TWENTY MINUTES LATER, I meet Gerard at his house.

Gerard, I say, giving him a piece of paper that I hastily
scrawled a note on in the back of the limo. Can you make sure
Ashley gets this letter?
Gerard looks at me. Its obvious he just woke up. Im at his
front door in the hallway on the 17th floor of his condo.
You wrote a letter? Gerard asks me. By hand?
I shrug. She wont take my calls or texts and wont answer
emails. And she wont see me, so you know, next best thing is to
pass a note.
Very well, sir, Gerard says. I know just how to get it
delivered to Miss Ashley.
I thank Gerard and walk to the elevator and then out the
Sure, its a shot in the dark. But somehow, Im feeling good
about this shot in the dark.
Now the ball is in her court. Lets see how she plays.

I won't lie when I say that Im not surprised when the

doorbell rings that Saturday morning. Would you believe me
if I told you that Ive been looking forward to but dreading this
moment ever since I thought there was a chance that Arsen
might show up.
Im pretty sure he will show up. I mean most guys cant hold
out that long. And they break down and go show up, even if they
say theyre not going to. Thats just the power that women have
over them. Remember Peter? You remember, my ex-boyfriend
who was cheating on me? Roughly 60,000 words ago? I didnt
answer his texts for a several days and what did he end up doing?
Stalking me and attacking me outside the Simulated Pleasures
Now I don't think Arsen is going to attack me or anything. He
may be a bad boy, and may be too tough and cocky and arrogant
for his own good, and he may have lied to me in the most
horrible way possible, but I somehow still know that underneath
that tortured exterior is a good man. A solid man.
See what I mean now about looking forward to while dreading
this moment at the same time?
The bell rings again and I go to the door. Im dressed to kill,
with a white short skirt that I know hugs my ass, a black silk t-
shirt that accentuates my curves very nicely, beautiful pearl
earrings, and white heels.
Ive been dressing up like this every morning, on the off
chance that I run into Arsen. Its not a big deal. Its just
something I do to feel good about myself, okay?
What? Dont look at me like that. It has absolutely nothing to
do with the fact that Im so completely horny right now, alright.
If thats what youre thinking, I would appreciate you taking
your mind out of the gutter. Im a good girl. Really!
I dont even bother looking through the peep hole but just
open the door. I wonder if Arsen will be on his knees.
I open the door.
Hes not on his knees.
Hes not even here.
Instead, Yasmine from Scorcher's is standing there, and Im
guessing shes just gotten off work.
I know Scorcher's will have Last Call at 3:30 am, and then
officially turn the lights on and close at 4 am. Getting the people
out of the VIP Room and private booths can take as long as 4:30
am. Cleanup and tipping out of the club probably takes Yasmine
till 5:30 am. If she doesnt go home with any of the guys, shell
probably get breakfast, which will take her to 7:30 am. And then
she must have taken a cab over here.
Im usually up and changed by 7:30 am nowadays too, so it
must have worked out perfectly.
If youre wondering, yes, Ive become an early rise ever since I
walked away from Arsen and his alter-ego King Henry and quit
working at Simulated Pleasures.
I think it has to do with the fact that Im notyou know,
getting fucked. At least thats what Arsen would say if he were
here. And Id scowl at him and he would smirk at me.
Stop it!
Youre thinking about your man? Yasmine asks me
standing at the entrance to my door. Shes wearing surprisingly
modest clothesskinny jeans and a tank top with a fur lined
jacket. Shes got her Louis Vuitton bag, and her gold hoop
earrings, but thats the only level of ostentatiousness that shes
displaying today. She could be a typical New Yorker from below
14th Street with that outfit. I back up and let her into the
apartment. She comes in and promptly drops her bag on the
floor and stretches out on the couch.
Here, she says, pulling an envelope out of her bra and
handing it to me. Your man asked me to give this to you. Says
you won't take his calls, that youve blocked his number and his
email from reaching you.
Its true. Ive blocked all aspect of Arsen from contacting me.
The rational part of my brain says I did it to not have to deal with
someone who deceived me so cruelly. But the reptilian part of
my brain is telling me its because I wanted him to come to me.
Apparently I didn't figure he could go through my friends to
reach me.
I take the letter and against my better judgment start reading
it. Its only a few lines, scrawled in the confident, collected hand
of Arsen Hawke.
He gave it to Gerard last night to give to me, Yasmine says
yawning on the sofa and kicking off her boots. Told him to tell
me to give it to you. I told him it felt like high school, passing
notes along in recess, but you know how guys get.
Im reading it.
And it takes everything I have to not cry.
I try to compose my thoughts, but my brain is going a mile a
minute. My heart is beating even faster.
I pull open my laptop sitting on the dinner table and open the
spreadsheet. Call it a habit, but I kept track of every minute I
spent on the phone. I do some rough calculations and all of a
sudden it makes sense to me.
Everything makes sense.
Yasmine, I call out. I need to go see your man.
Whaaaa. Yasmine drawls and I can tell shes falling
Where is Arsens lawyer? I ask. Wheres Gerard?
Hes usually playing racquetball in the morningsI think,
Yasmine says in a whisper. New York Health and Racquet
I thank her and get my coat as well as the letter that Arsen
wrote me.
By the time Im out the door, I can hear the soft breaths
coming from Yasmine as she falls into sleep.

THE NEW YORK HEALTH AND RACQUET CLUB is located on 51st Street
Between Park and Madison Avenues. Its also one of those old
boys clubs that doesnt allow women. So I wait.
Around 8 am, I see the front desk man point to Arsens lawyer
as he emerges from the interior of the club and approaches me.
Can I help you, Ashley? Gerard asks.
I take a deep breath. Weve never actually formally spoken.
Sure, Arsens mentioned Gerard in almost every other
conversation and Ive seen him around and been in his presence
numerous times. He even saw me almost naked during a video
conference after our first night being together. But weve never
directly spoken.
Now, however, we have cause to.
I hold up the letter Arsen sent me.
Do you know whats in this? I ask.
Gerard looks at the letter and then he looks at me. I do not,
but I can only assume its Arsen trying to give an explanation of
his behavior.
Let me read it to you, I say and I pull open the letter. Gerard
takes my arm and takes me over to a sofa so I can sit down.
I clear my breath and begin. Dear Ashley, I start and look
over at him. He gives me a look and I smile and keep going.
The last few days without you have been fucking terrible, I
read. I smile as I read and look over to Gerard. Hes shaking his
head with a little bit of a smile too. He has a sense of humor it
seems and all of a sudden I can see what someone like Yasmine
finds attractive in this older, much more distinguished looking
I gotta be honest. I went out to Pasha today hoping a
nightclub with the boys would get my mind off things, but
nothing is the same when youre fucking gone. I know it was
fucked up of me to make you call me King Henry and not tell you
it was me you were talking to, I continue reading and I see
Gerard raise his eyebrow. Thats what I thought. I keep going.
The Russian mob has been after buying the company for as long
as Dads been dead, because its one of the only profitable outfits
in the region, but I know how these guys treat their employees.
And I could never put you in that sort of danger. I could never let
you work for them. I sold everything else but Simulated
Pleasures and I I held onto it because you were there. But as I
kept talking to you, I sort of realize now why Dad did what he did
and why it was so successful. He was lonely. And by providing
the things that he did, he helped other people out there in the
world who were lonely find at least a little bit of temporary
happiness. A small pleasure. Not a replacement, thats for sure.
But maybe a small escape. Maybe a chance to not have to think
about real life. Because babe, real life without you is so fucking
boring, and it took talking to you on a pay-per-minute line for
me to understand that. But you dont want anything to do with
me, so Im letting you know that as long as youve quit, Im
going to sell Simulated Pleasures in the morning. Gonna sign the
paperwork. So you never have to worry about me again. Just
know that I fucking love you.
I fold the letter away and look at Gerard. He looks at me.
It seems that Arsen has realized what drove his father at
last, Gerard says. And it seems he has you to thank for it.
I nod and smile. I never knew how much Arsen cared for me. I
mean I guess I knew. But I never consciously acknowledged the
fact. But theres more to this mystery.
Arsen mentioned something about this being the only
profitable operation in the region? I ask Gerard.
The elder lawyer nods. Thats correct, he says to me.
What are they basing that on? I ask.
Well, its all very complicated, but usually they base any sort
of company profitability on the prior quarter. Thats why
companies report quarterly earnings He tries to continue but
hes just confirmed what I was thinking.
Where is he, Gerard? I ask. I have urgency in my voice.
He should be getting into the office in around half an hour
for a meeting at 9 am and then he should be meeting with Luca
Giannoni to finalize the deal later on this evening at 5 pm at Del
Friscos, Gerard says.
I get up from where Im sitting. Are you supposed to be
there? I ask.
Gerard nods. I should hope so, he says with a smile.
Considering I have the paperwork.
I smile and feel like hugging him. Then let's go, Gerard. Im
coming with you tonight, but first I have something I need to get
Gerard looks questioningly at me as I beam brightly at him.
Its time for the company to meet Misty with the silky voice.

T o be quite honest, Im actually a bit relieved that the

Russian mob tries to affect gangster living based on what they
see from The Godfather and such. I mean, we could be fucking
sitting at a Russian restaurant in Brighton Beach to sign these
papers if they had suggested it instead of Del Friscos right in the
heart of Times fucking Square. I mean, what would they even
serve at the Russian place if we had to schlep all the way over
there? Borscht? Dumplings? Im no fucking Cossack, if Im going
to be doing a deal with the mob, let it be at least at a world
famous steak house where they pour good wine.
Were seated at a large table by the window, overlooking
Broadway. Ever since the mayor turned Broadway into a 24/7
pedestrian zone, its gotten a lot weirder and crazier in Times
Square. Ever walk by and see the women with just the body
paint? The angry Elmo? The Naked Cowboy? Thankfully I dont
have to look at a naked fucking cowboy as I decide what cut of
meat I want to be putting in my mouth tonight.
Gerard is sitting next to me and Luca Giannoni and his
employer, Dimitry Mozorov are sitting across from me. Mozorov
is red-faced from the vodka hes been drinking and with his dark
suit with red tie and grey hair on his portly body he looks like a
fucking corporate Russian Santa Clause.
Ever since Luca here told me about your late fathers empire,
the Simulated Pleasures business is one thats caught my eye,
Mozorov is saying with a thick Russian accent. Ive looked at
the 90 day charts and Im impressed at how this small operation
has such high margins, Mr. Hawke. You should be commended.
I take a sip of my scotch and laugh sardonically. Sure, I should
be fucking commended. For causing the love of my life to quit
the job she was using to get on her feet and then selling it off to
mobsters after she left. Im a real fucking saint.
How about we wait until after dinner to sign the papers?
Gerard asks the table and I look at him with surprise. This is the
same guy that several days ago was asking me why I was
dragging my fucking feet?
Mozorov shrugs. Whether we eat first or eat later makes no
difference to me, he says, grinning and rubbing his hands
together. Tomorrow morning, we will be new owners of
Simulated Pleasures and a new day will dawn for the callers.
What is it that you plan to do? I ask, more out of morbid
curiousity than anything else.
Mozorov looks at Giannoni and nods.
Since it doesnt matter much if we tell you now that youre
going to sell, we can be a bit more upfront with our plans, the
lawyer says. We plan to cut the percentages that the operators
make in half, Giannoni says to me, taking a sip of his wine.
Then after a period of time, we play to make them salaried
How do you know theyll stay? I ask.
We plan to start them off with lucrative contracts that they
agree to, with steep payments to the company if they decide to
quit, Mozorov answers for him. It will work similar to the way
your gentlemens clubs operate eventually, where well just
provide the infrastructure and expect them to pay us to use our
The operators will be responsible for advertising themselves
and doing their own promotion, significantly lowering the total
costs to the company, Luca Giannoni says as he drains his wine.
And should the operators not be able to turn a profit for
themselves, the only way theyll get out will be through a sizable
payment to the company to break their contract.
Theyre going to fucking prey on the women doing the work.
Not on the johns. But the women. Jesus fucking Christ.
But theres nothing I can do, unless I pull out of this deal. Ive
effectively screwed over the entire company. I don't even know
how many women are working as phone sex operators. I never
cared. I just wanted to get rid of the operation so blindly that I
never thought there was a human element to it.
I look over at Gerard. Somehow, despite the fact that what
Luca Giannoni described as a form of employment extortion, he
doesn't seem too troubled; its like the man has suddenly lost
touch with his fucking conscience. Doesnt he fucking care that
while we eat beef tartare and drink wine were coming up with a
deal that will screw over countless hardworking women all over
the city?
Is any of this fucking legal? I ask out, not caring anymore.
Mozorov shrugs. Who cares, he says with a shrug and a
grin. If we get in trouble we just cancel all the contracts and
close up shop. Guaranteed by then well have turned a tidy
Jesus. These organized crime people should start working on
Wall Street if they havent already. Theyre both fucking snakes
in the grass.
Sorry, Im just in a fucking awful mood. Its like life has me by
the balls and is squeezing as hard as it fucking can.
I take a sip of my scotch and stare out the window.
Actually, Mr. Mozorov, I dont think youll be successful at
what youre proposing, a voice says and I turn my head toward
What the fuck! It cant be.
All of us have turned to the fucking angel standing in front of
us, dressed in a tight white skirt and black top that shows off her
tits. Shes made up to look like a fucking doll and just seeing her
makes my cock twitch in my pants. She extends her arm toward
Ashley Lane, formerly of Simulated Pleasures, she says to
Mozorov. May I sit down?
Hand it to Mozorov, he rolls with the fucking punches and
takes Ashleys hand and gently brings it to his lips. Pleasure to
meet you, young lady, he says as Gerard rushes out of his chair
and ushers her in to sit next to me. Gerard gets another chair and
sits down. And did I just see a look pass by between him and
Ashley? But theyve never talked before, so it couldnt matter.
Ashley turns to me. Howve you been, Arsen? she asks me.
I give her my cockiest, smirkiest smile, trying to act cool.
That good, huh? Ashley asks sarcastically. Fuck, shes here
to bust my balls too, I guess.
But out of nowhere, she reaches over and takes my hand in
hers. I look down to see this and when I look back at her, shes
But it doesnt last. She turns toward Luca Giannoni and
Mozorov and begins to speak.
Gentlemen, I know youre wondering what Im doing here in
the first place, she says and smiles at them. They cant help but
grin like dirty old men looking at her. And the truth is I needed
to tell you something that if I didn't would probably mean you
would be buying this company without all the facts.
Now both men are interested. They lean in.
The fact of the matter is, that I started work at Simulated
Pleasures about three months ago, Ashley says. I used to be a
dancer at Scorcher's, but I wanted something where I didnt have
to take off my clothes. And before you say anything, yes I went to
college. But I got a degree in Art History.
Ah, that makes a lot of sense, Gerard says and Ashley gives
him a look of annoyance at his subtle put down of her degree. I
cant help but crack a smile.
At the same time, I met Arsen maybe a few days before I
started working at the company, she says.
Both men nod, waiting for her to continue.
Heres something you dont know about the two of us,
Ashley says and leans in as if telling them a secret. Arsen used
to call in and talk to me on the pay-per-minute line.
Mozorov doesnt understand. Why couldn't he just call you
directly? he asks.
Ashley shakes her head. He didn't want me to know it was
him, she says. And I didnt. I knew him as King Henry. And he
hid his identity from me.
Mozorov looks at me. Why would you do something like
I shrug. She didn't want to date a bad boy at the time and I
wanted to fuck her, I say, wondering if hell understand. When
at first she wouldn't give me the time of day, its the only thing I
could think of to still talk to her. It just kind of took on a life of
its own, I guess.
The Russian gangster stares at me for a second. Then he nods.
I guess kind of sweet, no? he asks Ashley, turning to her.
At first I was mad that he lied to me, Ashley admits and
then pauses to look at me. But the more I thought about it, the
more I realize it was just another side of him that I was falling in
love with.
Now it's my turn to fucking freeze. Is this really happening?
And while it took me a while to make peace with it,
gentlemen, the thing you have to understand is that the time
Arsen spoke to me added to my totals. And so the program
automatically sent me more people to talk to because it thought I
was that goodable to keep people on the line for a long time.
And I was so hot from talking to him, maybe I was actually able
to keep people paying.
Soall the profitability that we see, is because of the two of
you? Luca Giannoni asks, starting to put the pieces of the
puzzle together.
Ashley nods and I jump in, ready to make the final sale.
Maybe its not 100% me and Ash, I say to Luca, But the
fact that Im calling specifically for her and I dont care how
much it costs me is causing the computer to send more clients to
And I have so many regulars now, gentlemen, that if I were
to leave the company, it would start being unprofitable fast,
Ashley interjects.
Thats actually true, I tell the two men. After Ashley quit
when she found out, the company began a stretch of negative
revenue days that hasnt picked up yet.
And just to let you know, Im not coming back if Arsen sells
Simulated Pleasures to you, Ashley finishes off. She turns to me
and looks me in the eyes. I think it should stay with him.
Something that maybe we can build together.
So without this girl, wed be buying a money-losing
venture? Mozorov asks Luca. His lawyer only nods.
Mozorov turns to me and looks me in the eyes. Is there any
way you can see yourself forgiving me for getting out of this deal,
Mr. Hawke?
And there you go. The tables have fucking turned.
I lean back, taking Ashleys hand in mine. Her eyes are on me.
Theyre filled with love.
Gerard is looking at me as well. His eyes are filled with
Luca and Mozorov are looking at me, their eyes filled with
hope. That I have mercy in my soul.
I look across the table.
I think if you can pay for dinner, we can call it a day, I say
with a smirk.
Done, Mozorov says, raising his glass and holding it out.
Deal, I say raising my scotch glass. We clink and drink.
I turn to Ashley. I dont even fucking care that there are
people around me as I look into her eyes.
Ash, I say. Im sorry
But she doesnt let me finish. Instead she places her index
finger over my lips. She holds it there for a second, and then
gives me a smile.
I cant fucking help it at this point. I reach over and bring her
face closer, drawing her in for a kiss.
When we come up for air, the people around the table are
And the world has been made whole again.

H appy endings They are real. Forget everything you have

ever read about the cold harsh world where no happiness
can be found: its all bullshit. If you know where to look, its
there, waiting for you. Sure, it doesnt show up on your doorstep
with a bow wrapped around it, but it exists. If I found happiness
and lovewhy cant you and everyone else?
It started when Arsen Hawke entered my life out of nowhere,
hijacking my taxi. And now here we are, checking in at the
Hilton, barely able to keep our hands off of each other. We left
the restaurant in a hurry, all thoughts of business vanishing the
moment our lips touchedall that mattered was the heat in our
bodies, the incessant desire that wrapped itself around both of
us. Our minds and bodies burning, there was little else we could
do than leave Del Frisco's and head straight for the closest hotel;
lucky for us, all it took was a short stroll to the other side of the
I love you so damn much, Arsen says, stopping right in
front of the door to our room. You cant imagine how much,
Ash. I smile, taking one step forward and pressing my body
against his. I look into his eyes, resting one hand on his face and
leaning in for a gentle kiss.
I know And I also know how much, I tell him, whispering
each word. Because I feel exactly the same. Im sorry it took me
this long. Before I can say anything else, he presses his finger
over my lips, just like I did to him before.
It doesnt matter. Were here now, just the two of us.
Yes, just the two of us, I repeat, licking my lips
unconsciously as the same thought crosses our minds. Grinning,
Arsen turns to the door and slides the magnetic key across its
slit, turning the handle and walking inside the room. I follow
after him, closing the door behind me. Still smiling, I walk past
him, making an enormous effort to not jump on him right away.
I want to do this right, after all. Its time for us to be able to enter
an apartment or a room and get past the hallway.
I sit on the edge of the bed, my eyes locking on his. He comes
over to me, going down on one knee as he holds my chin
between his thumb and index finger. My heart is racing, lust and
love mixing into one dangerous combination. This time there are
no worries, no consequences to consider Arsen and I, were
finally one.
I rest my hands on his face and pull him in, my eyelids
drooping as I lean in toward him. Our lips touch slowly, our
mouths fitting as if they were matching pieces of the same set.
We barely move; we just stand still, our slightly parted lips
brushing against one another while we let reality sink in. This is
really happening and Im not even talking about the sex right
Forever, Ash, he whispers, his lips leaving mine. Im
yours forever. Theres a smile on his face, one full of
tenderness and grace.
Promise me that, I whisper back at him, pressing my
forehead against his as I take a deep breath.
I promise you, Ash. Forever, he says, his fingers once again
under my chin. He makes me look up at him, his smile slowly
turning into a grin. But you know what that means, dont you?
He continues, my heart beating faster as the tone of his voice
changes. It means that youre also mine Mine to do as I
I wouldnt want it another way, I tell him with a grin of my
own. I hesitate, but then I say something that crosses my mind,
something that reminds me of the hours I spent on the phone
with him. Sir.
Good girl. His grin widens and he goes up to his feet, his
crotch right in front of my face. I cant help but notice the
bulging there, the contour of his cock calling to me. Looking up
at him, I slowly raise my arm and let my fingers fall on his
crotch. I press slightly, feeling his thick cock with the palm of
my hand. Its almost insane to think that this cock right here is
now mine Only mine. Yes, this is my life now, getting to fuck
the perfect guy with the perfect cock for the rest of my days.
I curl my fingers around his thick shape, my eyes never
leaving his as I start stroking him over the fabric of his dress
pants. Flicking my wrist softly, I move my hand back and forth,
his fingers threading through my hair as the atmosphere around
becomes heavier.
I never wanted to fuck anyone as bad as I want to fuck you
right now, he says, his fingers turning into hooks and wrapping
themselves around long locks of hair. I gasp as I feel his
fingertips running over my scalp, and then he yanks on my hair,
forcing my head back.
What are you waiting for, then? I shoot back at him, my
heart pounding violently as I anticipate whats to come. Im
right here. Yours to handle, yours to do whatever you want to.
Is that so? He asks mockingly, still keeping my head in
place. I grab his cock hard, my fingers wrapped tight around it as
his shaft pulses.
Thats exactly so. Im yours, sir, I purr at him, my voice
sounding as if I were Misty once again. Something wild and
dangerous flickers in his eyes, and I lick my lips lewdly, wanting
him to unleash all that wildness upon my body.
Letting go of my hair, he places his hand over my right
shoulder and pushes me harshly; I fall back, my body bouncing
on top of the mattress as he climbs on the bed. I barely have
enough time to blink as he slides his fingers up my leg and under
my skirt, flattening the palm of his hand against my pussy. He
presses hard, my thong sticking against my folds as I realize that
Im as wet as the Pacific. Thankfully, the way hes pressing me
on my pussy tells me something that I desperately wantthis
time therell be no teasing. This time, therell no working toward
a climax because the whole thing is going to be one giant
relentless climax.
Are you ready? Moan, scream, come. You know thats whats
going to happen, Arsen tells me, pressing his body on top of
mine as he starts to rub my pussy. I swallow in dry, licking my
lips as I open my mouth to speak. No words leave my lips,
though, and I only let out a small croak.
I exhale sharply as he takes his hand out, only to slide it to my
thigh and grab my thong. He pulls it down my legs, and I lift my
legs up as he takes it off of me. Looking me in the eyes, he takes
the thong to his face and breathes in my scent before throwing it
to the floor.
Delicious, he tells me with a grin, his hand once again
sliding to between my legs and finding my wet folds. I want to
taste more of that, he continues, brushing his fingers up and
down my labia. He starts to circle my clitoris with his index
finger, tracing a path around it and then pressing down as I arch
my back, my body fully knowing that I wont leave this room
before Im utterly and completely spent.
I start to move my hips, lifting my ass up from the mattress
as I push my pussy against his hand. He reacts by letting go of
my clitturning his wrist around, he hurriedly slides his index
and middle finger inside of me. Moving both fingers back and
forth, he guides his free hand to my waist, sliding it under my
blouse and making the hike up to my breasts; his fingers curl
around my right breast and he starts to pull on the cup of my
bra. As my hard nipple pops out, he grabs it in a heartbeat,
caressing and pressing it between his fingers.
My hands move as if they have a consciousness of their own,
and I grab my blouse by the hemline. Sitting up awkwardly, I pull
it over my head and throw it to the side, Arsens eyes honing on
my chests naked skin. Before I can lie back again, his hand goes
to my back and he unclasps my bra with a masterful flick of his
fingers, pushing the straps down my shoulders. Biting my lower
lip, I push the bra down my arms, letting it fall on the bed as
Arsens hand cups my breasts eagerly, moving from one to the
other, his fingers squeezing my fleshy curves harshly.
Were just warming up, he tells me as he starts fingering
me harder, flicking his wrist so fast that I already feel my insides
start to clench.
I love to warm up, I grin at him, once again biting on my lip
as I slide one hand down my stomach and press on my clit with
two fingers. I start to rub myself as he fingers me, electricity
pooling in my muscles.
My eyes start to close as I feel all that electricity aching to be
set free, and my fingers move even faster over my clit. Feeling
me near to pleasures peak, Arsen slides his fingers deeper in
me, hooking them upward and pressing against my G-spot. I
arch my back, my own fingers flying over my clit as sparks of
ecstasy explode inside of me. I breathe out deeply, a quivering
moan tumbling out of my lips the moment I open my mouth.
Oh, God I whisper, Arsens fingers starting to move once
more. He doesnt let me recover from my first orgasm, but by
now Im already used to it - besides, why would I want to rest?
Even though we now have the rest of our lives to explore each
others bodies, I dont want to waste one single minute.
I reach for his crotch again, my hand massaging his cock
before I focus on his belt; I unbuckle it as fast as I can and then I
unbutton his pants, my brain trying hard to focus on the task at
hand. The moment the last button comes undone his cock
pushes against my hand, tenting his boxer briefs; I just hook my
fingers on his underwear, pushing both his pants and boxers
down to his knees. He kicks off his shoes in a hurry and I do the
rest, pushing all the fabric down his legs and onto the floor.
I grin wildly, his fingers never easing up. Wanting to see his
naked body in all its glory, I reach for the collar of his shirt and I
start unbuttoning it as fast as I can, my eyes hungrily travelling
down his chest as it comes into sight. It doesnt take long for me
to be entranced by his rock hard abs, each muscle of his like a
perfect monument to manhood.
My elbows on the mattress, I sit up on the bed and reach for
his cock. I curl my fingers tightly around his shaft and I start to
stroke it, matching the rhythm of his own fingers. I lean in, my
lips parting as I move toward his cock; I want to feel him inside
my mouth, his member pulsing against my tongue as it rolls over
my lips. Im almost there when he grabs me by the air, stopping
me just one inch away from his glans.
Who told you to do that? He asks me with a smirk, slowly
taking his fingers out of my pussy. I didnt tell you I wanted my
cock sucked, did I?
No, sir, I mutter, my eyes hesitantly going from his cock to
his face. I know what hes doing, and its driving me completely
crazy. He knows that I want to feel him, so hes just torturing me
with pent-up anticipation.
Thats right, he grins, slightly easing the pressure of his
fingers on my hair. I let my head go forward by instinct, and he
just grabs me harshly again. You just cant help yourself, can
I I cant. I want it so much, I tell him, licking my lips as I
imagine my tongue running down his shaft. God, I want to taste
him so damn much.
Then youll have t o wait. Because I want to taste you first.
He pushes me back on top of the mattress then, not saying one
more word. His fingers on the hem of my skirt, he pushes it
down my legs furiously, flinging it to some faraway corner of the
room. He leans into me then, his hungry lips laying hurried
kisses down my neck and into my breasts. Kissing the curve of
my right breast, he sucks my nipple inside his mouth, twirling
his tongue around it as he squeezes my other breast. He doesnt
linger there, though: in a few seconds hes kissing down my
stomach and over my navel, only stopping his descent when his
lips find my wet folds.
My hands dart to his head, and this time Im the one yanking
on his hair. As I hold his head, I thrust upward, pressing my
pussy against his mouth. He obliges to my desires willingly:
opening his mouth as wide as possible, he sucks on my labia,
running his tongue all over the length of my pussy. Up and down
he goes, the pendulum motion of his tongue forcing me to close
my eyes as my heart pounds against my eardrums. I sway my
hips from side to side, rubbing my drenched pussy all over his
face as he keeps licking me.
I gasp as he flicks his tongue against my clitoris, brushing two
of his fingers over my labia. In the blink of an eye, he slides
them inside me, curling them upwards until they meet my G-
spot once again. He knows every secret little spotin and out of
my bodyand he isnt afraid to go after them.
My hands run through his hair as he devours me, his tongue
lapping at my clitoris so intensely my muscles start to burn, the
hellfire of pleasure waking up inside of me. The flames of ecstasy
rage harder as he places his hands on the back of my knees and
forces my legs up, angling them so that he can ravage my pussy
completely, it doesnt take long for my muscles to start
twitching menacingly. Im going to come again, and its going to
happen soon.
My fingers are like thorns on his hair but he doesnt
complain: he just sucks as hard as possible, keeping his fingers
pressed tightly against my G-spot. I grit my teeth and breath out
through them, my muscles tensing up and down in a fraction of
a second. I close my eyes and moan, thrusting as hard as I can
against his mouth while a violent orgasm rages through me,
endorphins overloading my nerve endings.
I want you in my mouth, I manage to say, looking down
at Arsen. Hes still between my thighs, holding my legs up. I
want you in my mouth, I repeat as he lowers my legs, his eyes
never leaving mine. Slowly, he pulls back from my pussy, my
juices dripping down his chin.
How bad do you want it? How bad do you want my cock
inside that little mouth of yours, Ash? Hes getting up now,
climbing up on top of me. With each of his knees by my side, he
kneels over me, grabbing his cock and pointing it toward my
mouth; its just a few inches away so I crane my neck, trying to
reach for it.
Bad. I want it bad, I mutter. Taking pity on me, he brushes
his glans against my lips, moving it from side to side as I open
my mouth slightly. Patiently, he allows his shaft to slide inside
of me, the salty taste of his precum flooding me. With his hands
on my hair once again, he guides the movements of my head,
making me go back and forth over his throbbing member. I keep
doing it until the muscles in my neck start to hurt, and then he
takes the lead: keeping my head in place he starts to thrust, his
shaft going in and out of me at a breakneck speed. I moan as he
fucks my mouth, the sound of it travelling up my throat and
vibrating through his cock.
Then, no warning at all, he stops and pulls his cock out of my
mouth. Without a word, he rolls to the side and lays his back on
the mattress.
Lets make this more interesting, he says, that contagious
grin of his making my pulse quicken. He doesnt even need to
explain, I just know what he wants me to do. Moving fast, I sit up
and turn around, my ass to him; I open my legs and move toward
him, placing my knees on the side of his head. I ease myself
down, his mouth once more on my pussy as I lean forward,
grabbing his cock by the root. Pointing his shaft upward, I open
my mouth and let it roll over my lips.
My hips are being guided by unconscious desire, the strings of
sinful pleasure working me like a puppet. I rub my pussy against
his mouth as I suck on him, and we pleasure each other like that
for God knows how long, the notion of time just an abstract
concept now. Seconds stretch into minutes, and minutes seem
like a whole eternity - all that matters right now is the way hes
pushing his tongue past my labia, and the way his thickness
pulses against my tongue. I could say that theres nothing better
than having in my mouth, but I just cant ignore the fact that it
feels much better when its buried deep inside my pussy.
Riding his face, I only stop when my pussy starts to tighten
up, waves of pleasure crash against the edges of my mind and,
before I know it, Im coming again. We havent even started
fucking and Im already coming for the third time. If the
Olympics of Sex were a thing, Arsen and I would be gold
medalists; I have no doubt about it.
I pull his cock out of my mouth, a deep moan bouncing off the
walls the moment his tip pops out. My eyes roll in their orbits,
static electricity running under my skin as every single muscle in
my body twitches and trembles.
Sighing deeply, I roll to the side, my arms sprawled as I lay on
the mattress by his side. I look at him, grinning, and press my
mouth against his; he pushes his tongue past my lips and I taste
my pussys juices in him, their flavor giving me renewed energy.
I bite my lower lip and sit up on the bed, once again climbing on
top of him. Straddling him, I point his cock toward my pussy and
ease myself down; but before I can guide his length home, he
grabs me by the waist, stopping me from doing it.
No, he says sternly, an expression of mischievousness on
his face. You didnt beg for it He teases me, holding me
tightly. I try to fight against his hold, but its useless. Theres no
way Im going to feel his cock on me unless he hears me begging.
Please, Arsen. Please, I whisper, still trying to ease myself
down on him.
That doesnt sound very sincere, Ash. Try harder, he says
with a grin, not letting go.
Please, please. I need you to fuck me I need to feel your
cock inside of me. Ill do anything. The words fall out from my
lips easily, each one of them brimming with true desperation.
Thats more like it, he smiles, taking his hands out of my
waist. I go down immediately, his cock burying itself in me to the
hilt as a shrill scream leaves my lips. Gosh, theres truly no
better thing in the world than having a cock like Arsens
straining against my inner walls, his veiny shaft ramming me
When all his cock is inside of me I start to sway my hips,
rocking my body back and forth as I lean forward and place my
hands over his chest. I curl my fingers, my fingernails digging
into his chest, but he doesn't even register it; he simply bucks
his hips at me, forcing me to stop moving as his thrusts grow
harder and more violent. I just close my eyes and surrender to
him, letting him fuck me with the ferocity of a man that
demands nothing less than the whole world.
Oh, God, I sigh, his shaft burning its way through my
pussy. Pleasure stabs at my mind, poking holes in it as my
hormones get thrown into disarray. My pussy tightens around
his cock like a murderous vice and I claw at his chest, coming so
hard I half-expect my heart to simply burst.
Im still trying to catch my breath when he sits up, his cock
still in me. His eyes lock on mine, and leaning forward, he
whispers into my ear.
Its time we get started. His words make my heart feel tight
inside my chest, the anxiety of anticipation washing over me.
Get started? What does he mean by that? God, Ive already came
four times and only now is he talking about getting started?
He cuts my line of questioning short, placing his hands on my
ass and going up on his feet. Moving fast, I lace my legs on his
lower back, my arms going over his shoulders. He takes one step
forward and pins me against the wall, immediately starting to
trust as fast as he can. His cock pierces me so violently that our
bodies are rocking back and forth against the wall, my back
hitting it and making a loud hollow sound with each of his
thrusts. The paintings on the wall start to waggle, threatening to
crash on the floor, but were way past caring, in fact, we go even
harder. One of the paintings crashes onto the floor, the glass
shattering with a sudden loud sound; a few heartbeats after that,
the second painting comes down, the glass miraculously
surviving this time.
With a lustful growl Arsen starts kissing my neck and, pulling
away from the wall and still holding me, takes two steps toward
the small table on the corner of the room. With just one hand on
my ass he uses the other one to throw everything on top of the
table to the floor. A lamp, the phone, a bunch of newspapers,
you name itit all comes crashing down in an instant. The
tabletop clear, he sits me on the edge, his rhythm building up
We kiss, our tongues wrestling against one another as we let
desire consume us. Were tearing the whole place apart and Im
screaming my head off. I start wondering if everyone on this
floor can hear the ruckus were causing and, as a response, the
phone Arsen just threw on the floor starts to ring. He simply
ignores it, working his cock into me with the fury of an insatiable
man. The annoying sound of the phone fills the whole room for
what seems like an eternity, and I pull back from Arsens kiss,
looking him in the eyes and then nodding at the phone.
Sighing, he slowly pulls his cock out of me and bends over,
picking the phone from the floor. He presses the green button
and takes it to his ear, his eyes still locked on mine.
Mr. Hawke, starts the voice on the other sound of the line,
an hint of hesitation in it. Is everything alright?
Oh, everythings perfect. Thank you. But Im busy right now
so --
Well, sir, thats exactly why Im calling your room. Im sorry
for disturbing you but I guess that, uh, you being busy is
somewhat noticeable. We have been getting some calls from our
other clients and theyre Well, theyre complaining about the
noise, sir.
Noise? What noise? Arsen asks, smirking at me.
Well, Im sure its nothing, sir, the man obviously lies,
trying his best to be professional while making sure his rich
troublemaker client doesnt get offended. Just Uh, make sure
you dont make too much noise.
Sure, thank you, Arsen responds, ready to throw the phone
on the ground again.
Uh. And have fun, sir, the man finally adds, this time his
voice with an edge of genuinity to it, if not a bit of jealousy as
ARSEN ENDS the call and winks at me devilishly.
Hes right, you know? Were going to have fun. No more
words from him, he pushes his cock inside my pussy again,
thrusting furiously as if we had never stopped. He pounds me
mercilessly, my hands running up and down his back until I
finally place them over his firm buttocks, urging him to keep up
the rhythm. And thats exactly what he does; he keeps the pace
until my moans turn into an all-out scream, all the keep quiet
admonishments from the hotel manager long forgotten. Who
cares about a little noise when Im having the time of my life
right now?
I scream so hard my throat burns, my mind exploding as I
come. My hands run erratically all over his body as a violent
shiver goes up my spine, the pleasure of climax infecting even
my soul.
More, I pant, my body still reeling from the orgasm. Arsen
pulls his cock out of me, and moving as fast as my buckling
knees allow me to, I climb down from the table and move up to
the wall, turning my back to Arsen and placing both my hands at
shoulder-height. I jut my ass back and not a second after he
smacks my buttocks hard with the back of his hand. He does it
again and again, my ass cheeks burning. Well, this is going to
leave a mark.
Arsen grabs me by the waist and, with one simple thrust, he
starts fucking me again, pistoning into me as if we only had
minutes to live. I move my hips back against him, trying to
match his rhythm; even though its impossible to do so, this
time I dont quit. I do my best to keep moving, my ass slapping
against his thighs as the sound of flesh on flesh blends with my
Dont stop I mutter. I cant even hear myself say it, the
sound of our bodies collapsing against one another drowning out
the sound of my voice. DONT STOP! I scream at the top of my
lungs. Arsen doesnt need my directions, but it just feels good to
say it out loud. Dont stop, I repeat a third time, the words
only a whisper now. But its all it takes for me to come again, the
fires of hell racing through my veins as they scorch every single
one of my nerve endings.
Even though Im coming my brains out, I keep pushing my
hips back at him, eager to drive him to the edge of insanity.
Maybe its the way Im screaming, or maybe it has to do with
how I keep thrusting back at him, but Arsens cock starts to
spasm violently inside of me almost immediately.
Cum inside of me, I hear myself saying, his member
pulsing with a vengeance as it sprays my insides with his warm
cum. I stop moving now, allowing him to empty his whole load -
it takes forever, his cock spasming and throbbing as an endless
fountain of semen fills me up to the brim. His juices start
dripping down my thighs, thick strands of it going down my legs.
And still he keeps going.
I grit my teeth and move as fast as I can, taking his cock out of
me and turning toward him as thick strands of cum fly
everywhere. I go down to my knees in the blink of an eye,
grabbing his cock and aiming it at my face - just a few seconds
after that and my face is coated in his fluids, thick ropes of it on
my tongue and lips. I jerk him off, moving my hand back and
forth as I drain of every single drop he holds inside of him.
His spasms dying down, I slowly peel my fingers off of his
cock. I lean forward, reaching for his shaft with my tongue and
licking it dry as I lock eyes with him. When Im done, he joins me
on the floor, kneeling in front of me; he places his hands on my
chest, smearing his cum all over me as he squeezes my tits hard.
His hands slide over my soaked body easily, his own semen
acting as lubricant.
This, everyday. For the rest of our lives, he tells me, his
expression one of love and wickedness. Thats what I want.
No, I tell him, struggling to get the words out as my lungs
work hard to get the air in. Thats what I want.
And thats exactly what youll have, he responds, leaning
toward me and laying his lips on mine. I brush my tongue
against his lips, and he sucks it eagerly, cleaning it of the cum
that covers it.
Ill hold you to that promise, Arsen.
You better.
This right here This is perfection. Happiness. And if I can
have it, anyone can. Just make sure that if you want to go on a
quest for a perfect man to stay away from Arsen Hawke This
man right here is mine, just mine. And Im just his. And thats
exactly how its supposed to be.
Happy endingsoh, yes, they are very real.

H i, Im Tricia Loomis with Good Morning Manhattan, and

today Im at the company headquarters of Hawkelane
Media Inc. where we catch up with two of New York Citys most
dynamic and successful couples, Arsen and Ashley Hawke, the
news reporter says, standing in the center of the product display
Is it me, or is she being slightly condescending?
Im in the product display room today of Hawkelane Media
because Arsen and I are being interviewed by the television show
Good Morning Manhattan regarding the runaway success of a
revamped adult entertainment company.
Oh right, I may have forgotten to explain, this is one year
after that evening at Del Friscos. In case you were wondering,
my showing up actually was for the best. Thats right. I didnt
come in and ruin everything.
Actually, Mr. Mozorov couldnt have been more
understanding about it. Once he understood that Simulated
Pleasures was only profitable because of me, and that I was going
away, he lost complete interest in the phone sex outfit. When he
realized that a majority of the profits had been created because
Arsen was calling me, he also began to shy away from the
industry in general. But through it all he was a very charismatic
and friendly old Russian man. It was kind of surreal actually, one
moment listening to him as to how he was going to bankrupt
hundreds of women into sexual slavery and the next moment
hearing him tell us stories of his growing up in St. Petersburg
during the age of Perestroika.
But that was a year ago. Arsen and I were together. And back
then, that was all that mattered. Its all that matters today, too.
After that night where we were reunited, there was seriously at
least a month or two where I wanted to be by his side every
minute of the day. We had sex like five times a day until both of
us were worn out.
But once that period ended, Arsen looked at me one day as we
lay in bed after having a marvelous afternoon lovemaking
session. I was still breathing heavily with my face nestled on his
chest when I felt him play with my hair and move my head
slightly so he could look me in the eyes.
What do you think I should do with the last piece of Dads
legacy? he asked.
I looked hard at him. Well, have your reasons for selling it
Arsen shrugged at me. I used to feel that there was
something wrong with openly hawking this stuff and thats why
Mom wasnt around, even if she was dead, he said. But I get it
now that this brings happiness to peoples lives. With my MBA, I
could easily make Dads operation viable again, he said.
I propped myself up on an elbow and looked at him. This is
the man that I had fallen in love with. And with my Art History
degree, I could handle most of the creative branding, I told him.
You wouldnt want to work the lines? he asked me with a
I used my free hand to tickle him. He squirmed, and I moved
lower. Without realizing it, my free hand grabbed onto his cock,
and I began to squeeze it.
Within minutes, the idea of a reborn Hawke Media Group was
being consummated quite noisily on that bed.
MR. HAWKE, your company has really blazed a trail forward in
bringing adult oriented entertainment even more mainstream
than it has ever been. Many people call you a visionary. Others
call you a smut peddler like your father with fancier technology.
What are your comments to them? the reporter asks Arsen as
the news camera points to him. Im standing to the side, content
to let Arsen take the interview.
But he doesnt listen to my directions.
I couldnt have done it without the help of my wife, Ashley,
he says, gesturing towards me. I gasp as the news camera swivels
and takes a picture of me. Shes the one that had the idea for a
FaceTime app for our services, a Skype app, and a Facebook Live
daily feed. Shes really harnessed social media.
Mrs. Hawke, any comments? Tricia the reporter asks,
looking at me. Shes looking triumphant. I dont understand
why she wants to make us uncomfortable.
Im frozen. I wasnt expecting to be put on the spot.
Its true though on some level. Every time we had
brainstorming sessions for what to do next, Arsen could execute
like nothing else, but he came to rely on me for ideas. But I need
to be honest, if it werent for his questioning, I would have never
have gotten the juices flowing to come up with the idea. And
before you start snickering, thats mental juices, okay? Oh my
God, talk about mind in the gutter.
Its more of a back and forth between Arsen and I that
results in some of the ideas that we have coming to me, I tell
the camera sweetly, belying my thumping heart at being on
television for millions. If he werent asking the right questions,
I wouldnt be coming up with the ideas.
How did you come up with the idea to partner with Oculus
Rift to provide on-demand virtual reality re-enactments of
popular romance e-books? Tricia asks.
Oh, thats easy, Arsen says and the camera swivels back to
him. We were in the shower together, and having some fun,
when I said everyone should be so lucky to have someone so
good at Arsen trails off as he realizes just what hes done.
Tricia has a wide smile on her face, with a gotcha grin. Arsens
just embarrassed himself on live television. This is what
reporters live for.
But not if I can help it.
Taking a deep breath and summoning every last bit of courage
I have, I take several steps over to my husband. The man I
married six months ago in a wedding that the New York Journal
called the Social Event of the Year.
I wrap my arm around Arsens and take my hand and move
his face over to mine. He looks at me, and I smile at him. He
sees into my soul through my eyes and I think he realizes that
together, nothing can stop us.
Thats when I look to the camera.
Arsen and I were having sex in the shower, I say without
any trace of embarrassment and I see Tricia the reporter gasp.
He was fucking me so good doggiestyle, when he said to me
that if everyone had someone like me in their lives who could
fuck so good then a lot of the problems in the world would be
Uh-uhm, right Tricia says, starting to visibly sweat.
Thats when I pulled out and got on my knees and began to
suck him off, I say to Tricia, making sure to look her directly in
the eyes. And I started saying what if we had a movie that went
along with a dirty book. And then what if we could somehow take
the step of creating that world one step further for people. And
thats how Naughty Realities was born. From shower sex.
Tricia is visibly sweating. She didnt expect me to get this raw.
Its only 8 am on the East Coast. People are still getting up.
Although, I say sweetly, giving the reporter a break. If
theres anyone else in this world we rely on more than anything
else, its Arsens lawyer and his beautiful wife and my good
friend, Yasmine.
Gerard and Yasmine smile from where theyre seated at the
couch. Theyve just been married a month ago. It shows in how
close they sit and the fact that they cant stop touching one
The interview continues for a little bit longer, mainly with
Gerard and Arsen answering questions on the business end. How
the proliferation of high-tech phone sex has created a new
industry in America. How readily accessible virtual erotic
encounters have literally taken the fight out of ISIS when used
successfully. And how the future looks for Hawkelane Media.
Things are looking up, Arsen says, looking at me as he
I look down. Theres a tent beginning to form in his trousers.
I smile. Looking up indeed.
Within minutes, the interview closes and Tricia and her
cameraman are out the door. Gerard and Yasmine follow soon
Arsen and I eventually make our way to his office, where he
closes the door as I pull myself into him and kiss him.
I can feel my breasts mash against his hard body. I can feel
his hands squeeze my ass and I gasp as a finger travels lightly
over the opening to my pussy.
Unfortunately, Im going to have to leave you here. Dont
worry, Im not kicking you out. You havent seen enough yet.
Theres plenty more to come. Dont you ever worry about that.
Theres always more to cum.

So, Client 5 is one of the publications that I pulled from

availability. I wanted people who read this book to have
something special.
Next is a copy of Python, by Alexis Angel.
Then I put in a copy of Scandalous, by Alexis Angel.
This then has a copy of Man Chaser by Alexis Angel.
And then finally a copy of Wicked Lil Brat by Alexis Angel.
After that, I have two short stories.
The 6 Train, which is a short story by Mona Cox.
Followed by Bain Vacation, another short story.
Both are never before seen and brand new. They will never be
published anywhere else separately.
Our goal in this is simple.
To entertain you as long as we can to give you the best
experience with the words that we hold so dear. Because while
we may be in various corners of the world, the fact that we are
sharing these brings us closer together we feel.
Thank you so much for reading!


P ython: A Secret Baby Bad Boy Romance

I got a 12 inch python and Im gonna hide it in your bush
Theres not a woman alive able to tame me. You wont be the
first to try. You wont be the last to fail.
You wont get past my 8-pack abs, rugged face, and ripped
Lets not forget the name of this book.
Once you see my python twitch, your mouth will go dry.
Itll get thicker and youll want to touch it.
Itll change its color and youll want to taste it.
And once you do
My venom will shoot inside of you.
And drive you mad.
Thats the power of the Python, baby.
**Come join Alexis Angel in this full-length standalone
romance. No cliffhanger but its going to be a scorcher with
scenes of MF, MFMM, and very mild FMF. HEA? You know it,

"U NNNNGGH," comes the lewd moan of Melissa as she closes

her eyes and pants. She's feeling my finger rub roughly
against the nub of her clit, pressing down on it and squirming,
making her mind blow up.
Yeah, I fucking know what I'm doing to her. I'm getting her
wetter than she was just a second ago.
The pleasure that I'm sending through her makes her arch
her head. Her skirt and thong are lying on the floor of the private
booth that we're in.
But the other two girls to the right and left of her take a
moment to bring their faces lower.
That's Josie on the right. And Lisa on the left.
Josie sticks her tongue out and licks up my shaft. Lisa sticks
her tongue out too, but she runs it lightly over the underside of
my head and then on my slit.
"Fucking Christ, Josie," I say, throwing my head back. "That
feels fucking good."
"Good, because that was me," Lisa says. I look down at her.
She's giving me her sexiest stare. She's still wearing her bra, but
fuck that. I'm not sure I want to fuck her just yet, especially
while her lips are wrapped around the tip of my cock and she
begins to bob her head back and forth.
My hands have retracted from Melissa's clit and she's now
mewling and sucking on my balls along with Josie.
I watch as the two of them find their mouths coming closer
together near my nuts.
Before I know it, their tongues are playing with each other;
their hands are caressing each other, and they're sharing a kiss.
God, that's so fucking hot. I mean, the whole girl-on-girl
thing is hot too, sure.
But just the raw sexual nature of what's going on in here.
Outside, these women are prim and proper. Josie is a fucking
lawyer for Kane Price. She does contracts and litigation all
fucking day. Melissa is a nurse practitioner at NYU Langone
Hospital. And Lisa is a Professor.
But they made the trip out here to Queens, to come to Python
my club. And they followed directions. They left their
inhibitions at the fucking door.
They drank the tequila shots from the crotches of my ripped
waiters. They danced. And they fucking had a good time.
So it's no surprise that when I walked into the club for the
night, I saw the three of them and I knew I needed to at least go
say hello.
Oh, fuck.
Where the hell are my own manners?
So, I actually know who you are. I knew who you were when
you downloaded the book based on the device data that you're
using. Don't ask me to fucking explain that; it's too complicated.
And you actually know who I am too, darlin. Well, unless you
live under a fucking rock I guess.
My name is Austin Price.
Don't gasp. Yes, I'm really that Austin. And no, I'm not 8 feet
tall like they fucking say. I didn't wrestle five mountain lions
and climb the Empire State Building.
Sure I'm a badass, but that shit that people say about me is
just crazy.
I think it's because they think I'm some kind of god amongst
men. Maybe they're fucking thinking that with my 6' 4" frame,
my bronzed skin, my 8-pack washboard abs, and ripped
physique I'm some kind of fucking sex god.
Okay, I can understand that. Yeah, I guess you could say I
qualify as a sex god. But babe, my fucking soulful blue eyes
they're so deep that you'll get lost in themand my strong
jawline and warm smile will have you falling in fucking love fast,
even as I fuck you.
That's what's happening to Melissa, Josie, and Lisa. They
started out with a dare for Melissa. It was her birthday. Lisa came
up with the dare that Melissa should try and unzip me with her
mouth. Well, it was a little too successful. Before I knew it, that
warm, sweet mouth was engulfing my cock and I was sighing.
Oh yeah, Melissa was sucking my cock good. But she couldn't
deep throat me all the way. It's alright. Not too many women
I mean, come on, you know what I'm packing. It's been in the
papers. It's been online. I've got a fucking 12-inch trouser snake
swinging between my legs. A foot of lust muscle to take you to
fucking paradise.
That's how Lisa and Josie, after trading looks that basically
said fuck it, decided to get in on the action.
I mean, how could you sit there and watch me get a blowjob
and not get fucking hot? My 12 inches of veiny, throbbing, cock
standing upright like the fucking Washington Monument. With
the spit that the girls were putting on it, it glistened under the
lights of the club.
Yeah, how the fuck could you not get turned on by that?
But then again, they were hot the moment they came into
this club. That was the real thing. There was no way you could
come into Python and not get turned on.
Because you see, Python is a different sort of nightclub.
It's a different sort of world.
You probably think based on what you know about me that
I'm some shady guy with a ripped body and a big cock, I bet.
That's from everything you've heard about me.
But there's more.
Sure, I used to do porn. I did a lot of porn back in the day. All
male-female contemporary stuff. I posed on romance covers for
my boy Eddie Cleveland and Mona Cox. But I really got famous
with Hawkelane Media and their direct video chat sex lines.
That's what really started bringing in the money once Arsen
Hawke got married and started to modernize the company with
his wife.
But did you know that before porn I went to fucking college?
That's right.
I graduated from Iowa State with a Bachelors in something I
don't fucking remember. I wasn't really feeling working for
someone my whole life. That's when my buddy got shot and
almost died in Afghanistan. And so I spent four years over in the
Middle East, killing terrorists and helping innocent people get
out from under the yoke of fucking ISIS.
Came back and crashed with my buddy in New York for a
couple of days. During that time we went to a party where Arsen
met me.
Sized me up real good. We started doing shots of Jamo.
Started fucking talking. He was s sharp dude. Straight talker. No
fucking bullshit.
Just like me.
Arsen told me if I worked hard, did my hustle right, that there
was money in video sex chat.
I gave it a go. Worked my fucking ass off. Went from on
demand sex chat to online streaming.
And boy was I fucking successful.
You probably remember my face on the cover of Time
Magazine when I became the highest paid male actor, and then
the next year when I became just hands down the highest paid
person in porn, period.
Sure, I worked with Kane. But honestly, I got out of the
business before the whole virtual reality stuff. I was already
worth about $760 million dollars.
That's right.
I'm not some New York City billionaire who lives in One57.
No, I fucking live downtown, right next to the subway.
Specifically, the E train, which takes me to my club in Long
Island City, Queens.
See, I used about $50 million to start this place last year, and I
named it Python.
I'm going to give you one guess why.
"Oh, fucking cum for us Austin," Melissa moans as she jerks
my shaft and plays with my balls.
Yeah, that's why. I named it for cocks.
Not just mine, though.
"Come on, big boy," Josie says, smiling lewdly at me and
running her tongue along my head. She's naked and her tits are
glistening from where Melissa was sucking them.
I'm looking at three beautiful faces looking up at my cock as
they lick it. As they stroke it and jerk it. Touch it and fucking
taste it.
"Come over all of our faces, Austin," Lisa says, opening her
Fucking Christ.
I can't fucking take anymore.
One last jerk from Melissa and I groan, closing my eyes as my
nuts tighten.
I start to spew.
It's a good thing Melissa is aiming my giant rod because I
would've just cum up in the air and it would've landed on me.
But she points my cock at her mouth and opens wide as arcs
of my cum race out and onto her waiting tongue.
"Mmmm," Melissa says with a smile.
Lisa's next, and two ropes of thick, gooey, juicy cum hit her
on the forehead and the right cheek.
Josie doesn't waste any time. She just wraps her lips around
my tip and starts to suck as I start to shoot.
My eyes travel back into my head as my cum shoots out and
goes down her throat. She milks it, her mouth using air pressure
to suck me fucking dry.
The ladies are slurping and sucking, and when Josie lets me
out of her mouth, they take turns licking my sensitive head,
paralyzing me in overstimulated pleasure.
See, Python is a place where this shit is possible.
We're in a private fucking booth, but if you want, you can go
get a private room, with as many people as you want. You can
also go near the main stage, sit and enjoy the show. You can
hang out at the bar, or you can sit separate from everything in
the dining room.
It's a place where women come to look at fucking men.
And not just men walking around.
I went out and I got the most ripped, most cut, and most
statuesque men you could fucking find all over the country.
Men with large muscles.
And even larger cocks.
I put them on the floor or on stage or behind the bar.
Shirtless. With tight boxer briefs.
They exist for your fucking pleasure.
You ever been to Hooters?
Well, welcome to fucking Python. Please do feed the fucking
But this is really the last part that's going to tell you to take
your fucking panties off and come inside, beautiful.
And that is, Python has a strict entrance policy.
No men.
Just women.
Not even gay men.
A place where women come and let their fantasies run wild.
Do whatever they want. Whether it's just for an evening out like
Melissa and her friends, or a bachelorette party, or even a
corporate retreat. Fuck, I've seen it all.
Just one year, and it's already packed. Already making a
profit. Already fucking famous as New York City's Woman
Fuck, I'll take that name. And I guarantee you that you will
fucking like it too. In fact, by the time I say we're done at the
end, you're going to be so fucking wet that I'm seriously telling
you right now to take your fucking panties off.
Send the kids off to school or tell them to go watch some TV.
Fuck, put 'em to bed if you need to because you're not going to
care about life in a few more pages. You're just going to want to
fucking cum.
Don't say I didn't warn you, babe.
Welcome to Python.

B ringing you the skinny on the hottest attractions in and

around Gotham

TODAY Out and About New York City takes you to the club that's
become the hottest sensation in the five boroughs.
Sitting in a nondescript section of Long Island City in Queens,
among warehouses and industrial areas that are just in the
process of being gentrified, is New York City's hottest club.
Welcome to Python.
But, while some of the clubs across the East River might be
exclusive, Python takes it to a whole new level.
If you're a man, only one word. Fuhgeddaboudit.
That's right.
Python's owner, Austin Price doesn't allow in any men
through the front door as guests. The club caters strictly to a
female clientele. But where they don't take men as guests, they
employ mostly men as entertainers.
And it's no wonder why it's women only.
Because if these women let their boyfriends and husbands see
what goes on in this club, there's no way they'd ever be allowed
to go back in again.
First off, Out and About wasn't even allowed to send a male
We had to send a woman.
And after the first night, she had to go back again.
In fact, she's been back to Python every night since.
"There's something there for everyone," a club-goer
commented. "If you want to sit back and watch the men lick
each other's muscles, you're absolutely welcome to do that."
But that's not all. Not by a long shot.
"If you want to have them lick you, it's totally possible. Want
to run your tongue across their abs? They let you do that too,"
another female partier admitted.
But that's not the real shocker.
"Got enough money? Get a private show. Or a private room,
complete with it's own bed. You want to know what goes on
there? Maybe you should pay the fucking dolla bills to find out,
eh?" Austin Price, the owner suggested to us when we pressed
And pressing is just the beginning.
From the very entrance, the club is filled with stimulation
that delights the senses, whether your senses favor looking,
listening, smelling, touching, or even tasting.
"It's like a bar where the men go gather and look at women
wearing Daisy Dukes with big knockers," one 68-year-old
woman describes it. "Only in this place, it's the women staring
at the beefcakes with the big dicks."
Critics have raved over the party atmosphere that Python has
brought to Court Square, as bars and eateries have opened up
around it to serve the diverse female clientele that frequent the
"The neighborhood has been transformed entirely," City
Councilman Rod Serling said when asked about the
establishment. "It's economically revitalized the area for sure."
All this is nothing new to Austin Price, the one time porn star
turned entrepreneur.
"All we're here to do at the end of the day," he says to us with
a winning smile, "is to please women. Is there anything so
wrong with that?"
We don't think so. And we're pretty sure neither will you.

Located at 21-30 Varick Street
Court Square, New York 11104

HOURS: 12:00 pm to 5:00 am

Days: 7 Days A Week
Cover: Yes
Cost: $$$
Stars: Five

S ome books are so fucking hot that you should wear gloves
while handling them. No, Im not talking about Alexis Angel. I
mean, everyone reads her, but she can only do so much. But
theres also smut thats published by guysthe ones that leave
you boiling from the inside outyour pussy becoming a literal
faucet. Sure, theyre a mess when it comes to the laundry bill,
but what's a girl gonna do? I mean, can you say drippy, babe?
Because thats what I am right fucking now.
Growing up, my teachers always told me that I should read
more, and I actually took their advice to heart. I guess theyd
prefer me to read the classics, but hey, in my heart Eddie
Cleveland is a modern classic, okay?
What? I mean, who else could make me this wet for a
woodsman? A freakin woodsman. Sometimes I wish I could be
saved by one as well.
Sadly, there are no woodsmen around New York City,
especially not Manhattan. Especially if we take into account that
were inside a strip club. My strip clubin case you didnt realize
it with the flashing red letters outside, the ones that read Dirty
And yeah, Im Destiny. Actually, my name is Destiny Renee,
but everyone just calms me Destiny around here. And whats
with the Dirty part? Well I mean, this is a strip club, so the
name seemed fitting, I guess. I swear babe, Im not rolling my
eyes. Im actually really glad youre here and I absolutely love it
that you wanted to spend some time with me. I can be a bit
abrasive and aloof at times, let me just let you know. So please
dont mind me. And honestly, Ill try to be a bit more patient.
Anyways, where were we? Oh right. Dirty, why the dirty, right?
Well, the club name seemed to fit. And I like to think Im a dirty,
dirty girl.
Hey, dont judge; this is the 21st century, okay? Women can
finally live outside of a kitchen and be their own selves.
Thats right. I said it. Im not your normal woman who excels
in the three Cs. You know, cooking, cleaning, and cock sucking.
Im good at cock sucking. Very fucking good.
But cooking and cleaning? I have a private chef and a maid to
do that.
I place the kindle down on my desk and stand up, stretching. I
flip back so that I cant see the coverits getting me wet just by
looking at itand I turn on my heels so that Im facing the
curved wall-to-ceiling windows behind me. Theyre a one-way
mirror actually, and since my office is right above the main
stage, I can take a good look at whats happening in my club
whenever I want without ever leaving my little cave here.
Not that I dont leave my office; I like to mingle with the
customers (specially the hot ones), and sometimes I even show
up on stage. I dont do it often now, but sometimes the
customers get so loud, chanting my name, that I have no other
choice but go up there and shake my ass for them.
I kinda like it. Right, if youre going to judge and call me a
slut, then you know what? I have two words for you.
Fuck off.
Yeah, Im a slut. And a damn good one too.
I look down at the stage where two dancers are dancing over
what seems like a carpet of one dollar bills, and the place is
packed as usual. Which fits me just right, since Im in the mood
for some fun tonight. I mean, its Eddie Cleveland and his
fucking woodsmans fault; that guy has gotten me so wet right
now that I need to fuck something. Narrowing my eyes into slits,
I try to find someone who looks like fun. But it doesnt seem that
Im in luck tonight. The main floor is packed, sure, but these are
all guys in their forties and fifties, most of them probably drunk
out of their minds. Right, keep spending, fellas. All those women
are laughing at you ugly assholes.
Someone sitting close to the stage grabs my interest. Hes
an acquaintance, if I can call him that.
Okay fine.
Fuck it. Let me just be straight with you from now on. That
guy down there Im looking at is a grade A asshole. A bastard.
His name is Lester Vicks, and hes the Commissioner of Police
for the NYPD.
Yeah. The top man in law enforcement. He's quite a powerful
guy, and hes a regular. And by regular I mean that he comes
here almost every night, drops hundreds, sometimes thousands
of dollars.
Now, dont take this the wrong way and start thinking that
Im full of myself, but I know the real reason he comes here all
the time: its because of me.
The first time he came was on opening day, and I was up on
the stage twirling on a pole when he waltzed in the floor, that
look of self-importance on his face. But I remember the way his
eyes lit up when he saw me dancing, sliding down the pole as the
crowd threw dollar bills at me. I dont think Ive ever seen a man
become that stunned ever since.
Destiny, its an honor to meet you in person, he told me
that night when I stepped down off the stage. I was polite
enough to have a one-on-one conversation with him since he
stuffed more than a dozen one hundred dollar bills in my thong
and between my tits. Im nice like that, ya know?
By the look he had on his face, I knew immediately that he
recognized me from
Right. Were being honest.
Well, he recognized me from his laptop screen, most likely.
You see, when I chose the name Dirty Destiny for my club, it
wasnt just because it was a fitting name for a strip club. Dirty
Destiny was my, uhm, nom de plume when I did porn. Yeah,
thats right, I was a porn star, and a good one at that.
Dont you remember the Daddy Dont Tease Me series?
That was me.
What about Shaving Private Ryan? Yep.
You ever watch those taboo movies? Banging My Hottie
Yeah, I did a lot of porn.
I mean, where do you think I got the money to open up a club
of my own? In Manhattan? Right in the heart of Midtown on
Broadway and 52 Street.
I loved doing porn. No need to feel bad.
I mean, being a porn star wasnt exactly a childhood dream of
mine. But once I graduated UCLA and took my chances as a
model, I was hooked. I went from regular modelling to topless
photoshoots (they paid so much better), and I loved living the
high life. I travelled all around the world making lots of money,
and once Arsen Hawke entered my life I knew what I had to do.
Thats right, that Arsen Hawke, the king of porn himself.
He offered me the chance to go and work for him, and I
couldnt say no. It wasnt just about the money (even though he
almost drowned me in it), but more about finding out who I was.
And I like sex.
I like it a lot. So it was only logical for me to become a porn
That didnt last long, although I worked in the industry long
enough to earn a legion of rabid fans. I always had a good laugh
when I saw men doing online polls, trying to figure out if I was
the best porn star of this generation, or perhaps even the
greatest of all time. But in the end, it just wasnt for me. Its a
high-stress job, and most girls burnout pretty easily. Not to
mention that some just take the money and funnel it into drugs.
I didnt want to end up like that, so I took my money and left,
and all this with Arsens blessing. I was actually surprised that
he didnt mind me leaving, since I was probably one of his
biggest earners, but thats Arsen, a shrewd businessman, but
more than that, an amazing human being.
Anyways, so thats how I ended up here on Broadway, running
my own club. Im living the dream, you better believe it. Sure,
not everything is perfect, and the one thing between me and that
elusive perfection is none other than Lester. He spends a lot of
money here, sure, but I dont care for it, and thats probably
because most of the money he spends here is money Ive given
him myself. Yeah, thats right, Lester is one of those guys, the
ones that wield their power and position to step on the people
they should be protecting. I dont take it personally, though. Part
of working in this business is dealing with shady characters like
him; it comes with the territory.
Theres one thing in his favor, though: hes actually quite
easy on the eyes. Hes in his early forties, but he has been
blessed with good genes. I mean, if you have a crooked cop whos
extorting you, it helps if hes hot, right? Tall and broad
shouldered, he keeps fit enough to be mistaken for a thirty year
old. Which is pretty amazing, if you consider that hes the police
commissioner. Still, it doesnt really surprise me that he
managed to climb the ranks that fast; hes as shrewd and
calculating as anyone can be, and proof of that is the fact that he
doesnt mind lining up his pockets with my protection money.
But I pay him nonetheless He made it pretty clear the day we
had our first one-on-one conversation. Youll pay, or Ill close
you down, he told me, making it pretty clear that he was just
one phone call away of shutting me down. So, yeah, that was
But I tolerate him. And today, I think I can do a bit more than
tolerate him. I have an itch to scratch and, since Im paying so
much money, I might as well make him work for it.
I step out from my office and walk to the edge of the balcony
overlooking the stage. The spotlights are on the dancers, so no
one sees me there, looking down at the crowd, no one but Lester,
of course. It almost seems that he wasnt looking at the dancers
but at the door to my office. Hes obsessed with me, and he has
told me as much. I cant stop thinking about you, he said to
me once, and another time he actually told me that I didnt
understand how much he "cared about me."
But hes never overstepped and, since I keep paying him his
cut out of my profits, he behaves like a dog on a leash. Tonight
Ill reward him for that.
Hes looking straight at me, so I give him an easy smile and
point with my head to a side room I have at the bottom of the
stairs. He gets up from his seat and ambles there, nursing a glass
of vodka in his hand, and I meet him halfway.
What do you think about a private dance, Lester? Sounds
good to you? I purr at him, placing one hand on his chest.
Ive been waiting all night for that, Destiny, he says, and I
cant help but notice that hes already hard, the shape of his
cock straining against pants. Grabbing him by the hand, I lead
him inside the room, pushing the door open with my hips. Once
inside I push him back onto the sofas that line the walls, and I
press a few buttons on the wall. The lights in the room become
dimmer, and sensual music starts, the sounds from outside
muffled by the thick soundproof walls.
Im going to put on a show for you, I tell him as I grab the
pole in the middle of the room and balance myself on it. Lesters
eyes are crawling all over my body, and I can almost feel him
peeling my short skirt and blouse off with his mind.
Maybe Ill put on a show for you as well, he grins at me, his
voice hoarse and filled with anticipation. Its your lucky day,
Lester, I think to myself, youre no woodsman, but youll do. I
start dancing around the pole, moving at the beat of the music,
and then I pull my blouse off and throw it on top of him. My eyes
never leaving his, I push down the zipper on my skirt and then
sway my hips from side to side, allowing the fabric to fall down
to my feet.
Like what you see, Commissioner? I ask him in a seductive
tone. I know he goes crazy whenever I call him Commissioner.
I love it, Destiny, he says, his eyes leaving mine and
devouring the way my lace bra and small thong cover my tits and
pussy. I could tease him so much more, drive him to the edge,
but I dont really care to. Hes already hard, and I have an itch to
scratch, so why bother? Its not like he really deserves all this
attention. I love seeing you at any time; youre so fucking
Then, I purr, walking up to him in my heels and climbing
on top of his body, straddling him, why dont you show me just
how much you love it? He gets so hard that I even feel his cock
poking at me through his pants, so I reach for it, grabbing it over
the fabric.
I unbuckle his belt then, and he does the rest, unzipping his
pants and pushing them down with his boxers to his ankles. I
grab his cock right away, but then stop before I can do anything
Condom, I simply tell him, and he bends over and fishes
one out from his pants. Yeah, he already knows how I roll, and if
he wants a piece of me, he has to play by my rules. Unwrapping
the condom, I push it down his cock, and use my free hand to
push my thong to the side. Finally, I ease myself down. I close
my eyes as I feel his tip against my wetness, but it slides inside
me easily; although he has a respectable eighth inches, believe
me when I say Ive had bigger.
I rock my hips against him as fast as I can and, using one
hand, I slide it under my thong and start rubbing my clit. I have a
feeling that Lester isnt going to last that long, so I need to make
good use of my time here. My eyes are still shut as I concentrate
myself, and thank God it doesnt take me long. All I do is think
about Eddie Cleveland.
Okay, dont laugh. Eddie is hot. His woodsman is even hotter.
Anyways, thats whos making me cum soon. Thats right. I
feel my heart beating faster and, with a slight moan, I come. And
just in time too because Lester is groaning as if Im stabbing
him, his face straining with pleasure.
I feel his cock spasm. And then the condom gets very warm
inside of me.
Fuck, that was intense, he breathes out and I roll to the
side, sitting next to him.
Yeah, absolutely, I lie, feeling no remorse about it. Intense?
Cmon, the only real reason I needed him was because I wanted
something more alive than a vibrator, otherwise I wouldnt be
here with him.
He takes the condom out, places it inside the wrapper, and
then pushes his pants up. He takes one cigarette out of the
pocket in his shirt, but I just pluck it out from his hands and
crush it under my heel.
No smoking in here darlin', you know the rules, I say with a
Do you have to be so uptight all the time? he protests, but
gives up on looking for the lighter in his pockets.
Thats why you love me so much, I tell him, picking up my
clothes from the floor.
Dont push your luck, Destiny, he says, and then falls
silent. He smacks his lips together, an annoying tick of his
whenever hes deep in thought, and the looks me in the eyes.
This cant be good.
Out with it, Lester, I say. Whats on your mind? Ive
already paid you your cut for the month, so dont come asking
for money because theres none for you.
Im really hoping he isnt looking to raise his tax. Im actually
making a lot of money with the club, but on the other hand I
make sure to share the profits with my dancers. I know how
tough it is to thrive in this world, and I want my girls to be taken
care of.
No, its not that, Lester says, looking at me with interest.
Have you ever heard about the Python Nightclub?
Python? Isnt that the club for women only in Queens? I
ask, thinking to myself. Ive heard of it before. The one making
all the headlines? I ask to clarify.
I dont know much about that club, but the hype about it is
incredible. Youd think that theyre handing out cocks made of
gold in there.
Thats the one, Lester says nodding. I need you to go
Me? I ask. Why would I go there?
Lester is silent as I look at him. I have enough on my plate as
it is, I really cant waste my time fooling around, Lester, I start,
but I can tell that he isnt even listening to me.
Theres something shady going on in that place, Destiny,
and I need you to be my ears and eyes in that place, he tells me.
He looks like he believes what hes saying. I cant send a cop
because it would attract too much attention right now.
Im still not convinced. Lester can see that.
So he continues with a sigh. Theres a woman A dangerous
one. Shes a street hooker known for robbing her clients. She's
even murdered a few. I think shes running a sex trafficking ring,
and I need to get to her, and I need to do it fast But the owner
of Python isnt letting anyone in without a warrant, so I need you
to do this for me.
Me? Investigating a sex trafficking ring? You gotta be fucking
kidding me. Im not Sherlock Holmes, for Gods sake.
No, youre crazy if you expect me to--
This isnt up for discussion. I want you there, or the Dirty
Destiny might have a surprise inspection from the NYPD Vice.
The bastard. If he wasnt the commissioner Id just punch
him right now. Go there, and try to either get a job or find some
way to get inside and be a fixture at the bar, Lester says with
Ill call you tomorrow, he finishes, and I stand there in
silence, holding my blouse and skirt to my chest as he bolts out
of the door and leaves me by myself in the room.
Fuck it, what can I do?
Time to pay Python a visit.

"T ake it off! Take it off! Take it off!" A chant erupts from the
fucking crowd.
You gotta love fucking 8 pm.
Seriously. Thats all thats going on here. 8 fucking pm and
these ladies are already like ravenous beasts looking for a meal.
I mean, sure, the ladies love a man with a long hose, and
tonight, Maverick, one of our dudes, is on the stage with a
Fireman costume on.
Yeah, hose? You catch that, doll?
Im talking about his fucking cock.
He knows where his money comes from. Hes on stage
stripping it all off and the women are screaming, and I fucking
mean screaming with the energy of a goddamn jet engine. Might
be like banshees, but banshees with dollar bills, doll. Fuck yeah.
Maverick is flexing his abs now, his muscular arms raised
above his head. He flashes them a smile that's fucking whiter
than a brand new pair of tighty whiteys.
You like that dont you?
You wish you were here with these women now too, huh?
Dont fucking lie to me. After you read that Out and About
piece I know a part of you imagined what it would be like.
Take your closest friends and go check it out. Dont tell the
husband though.
No honestly, dont. Hed be fucking insecure as fuck when a 6
foot 3 inch guy starts waving a long thick foot-long cock in your
Maverick points to a woman sitting in the front row. "Come
up here," he says.
"Me?" the woman squeaks, questioning Maverick. She's
looking around, wondering if he may be pointing to another
I sit back.
I fucking love this part.
Maverick nods his head. "Yes, you. Come up here and join me,
The crowd is screaming and clapping and urging her to get her
ass on that stage.
Once there, Maverick sits her in a chair and thrusts his hips in
her direction. He grabs a can of whip cream that he's been
keeping on stageit's one of his final movesand he squirts
some on her neck and collarbone. Then he leans in and slowly
licks it off. Her face is growing flushed and it's clear that she's
enjoying every minute of his performance.
That dude's an industry veterana fucking legend.
Dont get me wrong. Even if these guys are built, it can be
intimidating, stripping in front of a hundred frenzied women
yelling, "Show us your Python!" But Mavs a pro, and when he
lowers his fucking g-string, they go fucking crazy.
That's what Python's does best. It's what we're fucking
known for, pleasing the ladies. And tonight, I'd say we're doing
our job well.
Almost too well.
A group of women are sitting around a table, and I notice that
they've brought props. They're sipping their drinks from plastic
straws in the shape and color of purple cocks, and they're
wearing light-up tiaras with flashing cock LEDs.
Fuck, I love it.
I laugh out loud.
Dont get me wrong, doll. I'm glad they're having fun.
Everyone could use a little more fun and escape in their lives,
Especially nowadays.
In fact, once you're done reading about this place, fucking
come on over. There'll be a complimentary guest pass waiting
for you at the door. I guarantee you'll have the fucking time of
your life.
There's always a good mix of broads heresome young, some
old, some tall and some short. Theres some hotties. And then
there are some plainer onesaccording to society. I mean, I like
all women. I think theyre all fucking sexy. Why do you think I
made this club, anyways?
Anyways, fuck that. What Im trying to say though, is that no
matter what skin color or how much money these broads got,
theres one thing that makes them all the fucking same.
They're all looking for a good time.
I'm hanging in the back, leaning one shoulder against a wall,
and surveying the crowds of women at each table and booth. I'm
taking a mental head count. It's a full house, which means we're
doing great business tonight.
Then one woman in particular catches my eye. As soon as I
see her, that headcount I was just keeping gets erased as if my
brain's a fucking Etch-a-Sketch and someone just gave it a quick
and vigorous shake.
She's new. I havent seen her in here before.
And she's hot, that's for fucking sure.
Fuck. Quick and vigorous shake is what you need when you
look at that fucking broad.
Im serious. Im not just being crass to be crass.
I mean, look at those fucking gorgeous tits. I just want to
push them together and stick my cock in between them. Fuck.
That ass. Tight fucking ass. Makes any man want to slap it.
Squeeze it. Spank it.
My cock is fucking twitching with its own fucking heartbeat
just looking at her.
Shes got a slender body and a fucking tight waist. Golden
fucking tresses coiffed beautifully.
If I dont go over and talk to her now, my brain is going to
But something else catches my eyeI can tell she's fucking
confident. Like shes casing the joint. Like she fucking owns this
place already.
Im going to fuck her.
Ill try tonight. But I actually want to enjoy this.
Look at her. Fucking money. I fucking love that attitude shes
I mean, Ill beat it down when I beat up that pussy, but I
fucking love it.
She's talking to the bartender, Ben, a young college kid I
recently hired. She's leaning over and they're deep in
conversation. It's a fucking shame I can't hear what they're
saying, but her mouth is open in a wide smile and her plump lips
are the color of red wine.
She's wearing long, gold, hoop earrings that catch the
lighting of the club and it bounces off her neck in quick sparkles.
There's an intense look in her eye that says she's driven, and
smart. I fucking love a woman with ambition.
I need to know who this woman is.
Right fucking now.
I need to put a name to a fucking face.
I leave my spot in the back of the club and walk toward the
bar, and to the mystery woman. I pull up a barstool and sit up
right next to her.
"Let me guess, Sex on the Beach?"
"Excuse me?" she asks, turning in my direction.
"Your drink," I say, pointing to the rose-tinted cocktail in her
glass. "It's fucking surprising, that's all."
"Oh yeah? she asks, raising her eyebrow but playing along.
And why's that?"
Good. I definitely have her attention.
"Because it's so fucking typical," I say with a smirk as I look
at her, "and you're anything but."
"You wanna know what's really typical?" she asks me, a
smirk on her lips. "Is flirting with women at a bar."
"I'm just making an observation," I say, smiling and
shrugging my shoulders. If I'm honest, I'm fucking enjoying this
game. "Ordering a Sex on the Beach is a stereotypical girly thing
to do, that's all."
She smiles and thinks for a moment before responding.
"And how would you know anything about women? she asks
me, turning to me. I can see her eyes fucking twinkle.
Seems to me like you don't hire enough in this place," she
says. "It's all men. Like someone likes the sausage."
"That's kind of the point," I laugh. A fucking sausage fest is
what the females want.
What goes well with sausage? she asks me, a coy smile.
Mayonnaise and buns, I reply back and she gives me a
nasty grin that seriously leaves my knees fucking weak.
Fuck, Ive never been like this before with a girl.
But Im still cool. I still got my swagger. Not done with this
rodeo just yet. "So how did you know I run this place?" I ask.
"I have my ways," she says coyly. She notices the confused
look on my face and continues, "I'm kidding. Your picture and
title are hanging on the wall behind the bar. It doesn't take a
genius to put the two together."
Not sure what her angle is, but Ill go along for now.
"Well played," I smile. "What's your name?"
"I'm Destiny," she says, extending her hand to mine. It's
warm and slender and I notice her fingernails match the color of
her lipstick. Her petite hand makes mine look massive, which
brings a smile to my lips and makes my fucking cock twitch.
"So Destiny you looking for a job?" I ask.
"What, here? In this place?"
"You just called me out for not hiring enough women and if
I'm honest, this place could use a woman like you. Come join our
team as a manager."
Thats right.
You fucking heard me. Sure, its a snap decision. But I never
get this far without not trusting my gut and making snap
Besides, I'm in rare form tonight. Fuck. Here I am offering a
manager position to a woman I've never met in my life. I don't
even know if she's qualified. But something tells me she's
fucking worth it.
"I don't know I'd be awfully outnumbered," she hedges
"Which is exactly why you should accept," I say, making my
point further.
"I'll consider your offer," she says, grabbing her leather
jacket from the back of her stool and slipping it on. "Maybe I'll
see you around."
"Wait, I say, not letting her leave without a commitment. I
know better. Besides, I know shes feeling this. She wants to
ride. Let's do brunch tomorrow. 10 am. I'm making this easy
for you. All you have to do is say yes, doll face."
She's now standing and slings her purse over one shoulder.
She looks at me for a moment without saying anything, and
for the first time in my life, I think a fucking woman might
actually say no.
But instead she smiles and the first thing out of her lips is,
"You've got yourself a date then, Python."
Thats all she says before she turns and without looking back
walks out.
I cant move.
Im staring at that ass sway back and forth. Back and forth.
Fucking juicy ass. Makes me want to grab it. Squeeze it.
Python, eh?
She has no idea.

T heres a slight breeze in the air but the way the morning
sun falls on my skin makes it worth it. I lay back against my seat,
taking in the New York atmosphere as people around me engage
in idle conversation. To my left, a couple is talking quietly,
sipping lattes and nibbling at bagels while exchanging quiet
looks of shy complicity.
I always liked the 230 Fifth bar because of this. Theres an
inviting atmosphere, and it almost seems like youre sitting
inside a magic bubble while the true grit of New York stays
outside. Not to mention the viewthe bar sits on the 29th floor,
right on the rooftop, and it stands right in front of the Empire
State Building. That's why I chose this bar as the place for my
date with Austinno, sorry, I meant to say Mr. Python himself.
I could've settled for neutral ground, but why do something like
that when I can have the home advantage?
If Im being honest with you, I never thought that my visit to
Python would end up with me going out on a date with the
owner. And, of course, I never thought that the owner would be
someone like Austin
I half-expected a man in his fifties with the look of an
accountant, maybe some man boobs on his chest and some
dollar signs flashing in his eyes, but thats not what I found.
Oh, no, I found something else entirely.
Austin looks good, and thats just the most simple way of
putting it. Even with his clothes on, he outshined the male
dancers that were putting on a show on the stage. And they were
pretty hot. I mean, you saw them, right?
Why am I even asking. Of course you saw them. Or at least
saw what they were doing. Youre probably more interested in
those male dancers than lil ol me.
Why dont you Google the word python and Queens Long
Island City and see if a place like that really exists?
What was I even talking about?
Oh right. Austin fucking Price. The hottest man Ive ever met
in my life. I mean, the way his white shirt clung to his body,
hugging his biceps and hinting at a hard built chest my panties
were getting wet last night and they sure as hell are getting wet
just sitting here thinking about him.
I mean, Im sure I was dripping last night.
Its not a wonder that he didnt just sniff and smell my juices.
After I got home, I took out the vibe and really went to town.
And that orgasm that I hadthat Austin inspiredfuck. I think I
must've just passed out.
But, really, what fascinated me more than the way he looked,
was the way he moved and spoke.
I mean, its hard to explain, but Im good at reading people.
After working for so long in the sex industry you learn to do it
pretty easily; if you dont, you might find yourself in pretty
fucked up situations. Didnt read that casting director right?
Well then, all of a sudden you might find a fist up your pussy and
youre the one paying money.
So yeah, I had to learn how to read people.
And the moment my eyes found Austins, and when I heard
his voice I knew he was different than other men.
Okay. Fine. You want me to say it, dont you?
You want me to quit beating around the bush, thats fair.
Althoughif anyone is going to beat around my bush, I want
it to be Mr. Python himself.
But yeah, you win. Ill say it.
Alright, here goes: the moment I laid eyes on him, I knew I
had to fuck him. More than that, I knew he had to fuck me.
So here I am now, waiting around for someone I barely know
and I'm already imagining him with no clothes on.
Oh, dont worry, Im not ashamed of that: Ive learned long
ago that, as a woman, I have to stand on my own two feet. I am
what I am, and I want what I want. And I will never, ever,
apologize for it. Sure, some people dont like it when they come
across a strong willed woman like me, but what am I going to do?
Fuck them. I stopped caring what people thought about me a
long time ago.
Remember those two words, ladies?
Fuck off.
Women dont think its proper and dont like that Im
thinking about sex more than a guy? Well guess what? They can
fuck off.
Not some damsel in distress and that gets men angry? Well
they can fuck off.
Dont need a man to rescue me and that makes people
insecure? Well they can fuck off.
I love sex. And if youve got a problem with my mouth right
now, hun, then you havent seen what Im about to put in it
because I guarantee you that python belonging to Austin Price is
going to be slithering its way down my throat pretty soon.
Something snaps me out of my reverie, and I realize its my
cellphone vibrating inside of my purse. I reach for it, expecting
to see Austins name flashing on the screen, but instead it reads
Commissioner Vicks. I unlock the phone and put it up against
my ear.
Isnt it a bit early for you to be calling me? I ask him,
annoyed that it isnt Austin on the other side of the line. Still,
its a good sign; if he was the one calling me, it would probably
be to call off brunch.
Jesus, why am I this worried about Austin bailing on me? Its
not like I know him, or care for him. Get a grip, girl; if Lester has
an interest in Austin, it can only mean that Mr. Python himself
must have some dirt on him as well.
Its never too early for me to hear your voice, babe, Lester
says with that gruff voice of his. It always gives me the creeps
when he treats me like Im his woman, but what am I going to
do? Hes the Commissioner, and when you operate a strip club
you need some important people as your friends. You dont want
to be making the wrong people your enemies.
Yeah, sure, I dont mind having him around when I have an
itch to scratch courtesy of Eddie Cleveland, but that doesnt
mean I feel anything for that goddamn loser.
Far from it.
Still, Commissioner Vicks is a lovebird, ladies, and he has
fallen hard for me.
I know youre not calling me to read poetry, so out with it, I
tell him, growing impatient.
Austin is going to be here any time now, and I dont want to
be on the phone with Lester when that happens. After all, I
wasnt at Python as a customer, but as someone on a mission?
Well, I wouldnt be that serious about it, but the fact remains
that Austin doesnt really know the real reason behind me being
at Python.
Well, how did it go at Python? Lester asks, and I can sense
his eagerness in the way he speaks. God, I can almost imagine
him bending over his desk, his fingers curled tight around his
phone as he smacks his lips, anxiously waiting for my words.
They have some amazing dancers, let me tell you, Lester, I
tell him with a smile, leaning back against my seat and crossing
my legs. And the bartender knows his stuff. You should try it
out. Lots of women there and --
Cut it out, Destiny, this is serious, he cuts me short, and I
picture him smacking his lips together and balling his free hand
into a fist. I want to know if you saw something out of the
usual. Someone out of the usual, I mean.
Someone out of the usual? Well, youre going to have to be
more specific than that. I think that ripped man dancing in his
underwear for a crowd of manic women classifies as unusual, so
Im going to need more than that.
Look, did you see a woman with blue hair? he asks, and I
feel that were getting closer to what this is really all about.
Blue hair?
Yeah, shes a young woman. Somewhere around your age,
slender and beautiful, and she dyes her hair in a bright blue
color. Shes hard to miss. Did you see anyone like that? I think
back to my night at Python, but I dont remember anyone like
the person he's describing. Still, between the dark corners, the
private booths, and the bright stage, I think that I could've
missed that girl pretty easily.
I dont think I saw anyone like that there, I tell him, still
frowning as I try to remember the details from last night. I
mean, I could've easily missed her, the place was packed. Whats
all this about, Lester? Who is she?
Theres a few seconds of silence on the other side of the line,
and I cant tell if hes lost in thought or if hes looking for the
right words. Shes the girl Im looking for, he says curtly, and
something in the way he says it makes my skin prickle.
Why is she this important; shes just a run-of-the-mill
criminal, right? I ask him and pause, hearing him catch his
breath on the other line. Why do you care this much about
some girl sneaking around in a ladies club?
Shes important, thats all you need to know, babe, he
answers huskily.
Theres something about the way he called me babe just now
that makes my skin crawl.
Somehow, I dont think hes telling me the whole story.
The police commissioner doesnt go around investigating
common criminals, so what exactly has Lester pulled me into? I
have enough trouble as it is running my club, I dont need more
bullshit to worry about. If he didnt have the power to shut my
club down with a snap of his fingers, Id tell him to fuck off right
Lester, I dont like this. I have a business to run andshit!
Austin strolls inside the bar with that confident grin of his,
walking toward me as if he owns the place. Hes wearing dress
pants and a crisp white shirt, his smart eyes finding mine as my
heart starts to race. Listen, I have to go, Ill talk to you later.
Destiny, dont you -- I hear him say, but by the time his
words reach me Im already pressing my thumb over the screen,
ending the call.
Youre early, Austin says as he sits across me. God, he looks
even more handsome during the day than he looks under
Pythons lights.
I always like to arrive fashionably late, but I made an
exception for you today, I tell him with a smile, tucking my
phone inside my purse as all thoughts of Lester and his schemes
vanish from my mind. Of course, that means youre paying.
Sure. But I always like to get my moneys worth, he shoots
back, that devilish grin making my heart beat faster.
Python, huh?
Game, set, and match. Its time to dance.
Oh, this is going to be fun.

I take one hard look at the mirror in the elevator as it goes up

toward the 29th floor. Destinys probably already there, and
I want to make sure that I look my best.
No, you didnt hear me wrong.
I mean, I always look my best, and Im not one to worry about
the way I fucking look
But today Im meeting her for brunch.
Its a fucking special occasion, okay?
But no. Dont you dare read too much into it.
I mean, I dont even date. I dont even do thisbrunch, what
a fucking joke.
But I just had to ask her out.
Something came over me while talking to her at the Python
Actually, it was right when I saw her for the first time. There
was something about her She looked fucking stunning, sure,
but it was something more than that.
She looked like someone with fucking ambition. A woman
with ambition, strong enough to go after what she wants and
get it.
Thats why I offered her a position at Python so fast.
You probably think that Im some dumbass that just hires
anyone who walks up to me in a skirt, huh? Well, youre wrong,
babe. Im everything but a dumbass. In fact, Im pretty smart;
you dont get to run a club like Python by being an idiot, that
much I can tell you.
And you walk up to me in a skirt? Sure, Ill fuck you. Ill fuck
you real good with my giant fucking cock.
But I wont be hiring you. I wont trust you with my business.
Destiny, though?
She's something different.
Still, its too bad that I wont get to hire her. After she left I
found that she was Destiny Renee, the owner of the famed Dirty
Destiny, and I almost fucking choked on the whisky I was
drinking when I found out she used to be a porn star. Id like to
tell you that I was a complete gentleman and that I didnt look
her up online but Yeah, that was the first fucking thing I did
when I heard the word porn. I found some of her videos and,
holy fuck, is she hot.
Yes, okay, I found those videos and I fucking jerked off to her.
It took me maybe 5 fucking minutes to cum, and I came hard.
Shes got a tight fucking body and I sneer to myself thinking of
all the ungodly things I want to do to it.
I mean, remember how she looked perfect in that tight dress
she was wearing back at Python?
Right, that does nothing to what she looks like fucking naked.
I only realized just how perfect she is when I saw her on the
computer screen. Her heart-shaped ass seemed like just the
right fit for my hands, and her tits are so perfectly round that I
was almost salivating while watching her fuck.
And the way she fucks Where do I even start?
I dont mean to brag, but Im a fucking beast while between
the sheets. Sadly, I never found a woman capable of matching
me Until I saw Destinys videos. My first reaction was a simple
one: I have to fuck her. And my second reaction was an even
more obvious one I stroked myself until I came, and let me tell
you one more fucking time in case you didnt believe me, or you
moved onI came in gallons.
I did it in my office, and fine, I did it again when I got to my
And you wanna hear the best part? I didnt even remember
when was last time I had jerked off. You know, there are dozens
of willing women every night at Python, so I never really feel the
urge to go on a date with my hand. But when I typed Dirty
Destiny into my browser, well, lets just say that what followed
was inevitable.
Ding! the elevator suddenly chimes, forcing me back to
reality. I take one last look into the mirror as the doors slide
open, and then I start walking toward the bar. She chose 230
Fifth Avenue for our date-brunch-thing, and it seems like a
fitting place. I dont come here often, but its a nice place; there
are always hot fucking women lounging at any given time.
I scan the place with my eyes and, just like I told you, there
are at least twelve scantily clad fucking women I wouldnt mind
taking for a spin perched on the seats. But Destinys nowhere to
be found. I walk through the place and head toward the bar near
the terrace, and there she is, sitting by herself. Shes talking on
her cell phone when she sees me.
I walk up and, wasting no time, sit across from her.
Youre early, I say, and she just smiles at me, placing her
cell phone back into her purse.
I always like to arrive fashionably late, but I opened an
exception for you today. Of course, that means youre paying.
Sure. But I always like to get my moneys worth, I grin, and
I can already tell that Im going to have fun. Maybe brunch
wasnt such a bad idea.
Shes looking at me.
Holy fuck, are her eyes travelling up and down my body? Is
she thinking about how she wants to fuck me?
I match her back, my stare settling on those round swells of
her tits and that slender waist.
We eye each other like two boxers in the ring.
Its not even an awkward silence.
Its like two warriors getting ready for fucking combat.
When the waiter comes, we both order something, but I dont
fucking remember what and Im telling you that it doesn't
Because Im fucking mesmerized by her long legs, and by the
way her clothes seem to hug her curves so perfectly. You
wouldnt believe the effort Im making just to avoid reaching
over and just grabbing those tits.
So, I dont think youre going to take me up on my offer, I
start, and she lets out a bright laugh. The sound of it is enough to
make my cock twitch. In her videos shes always moaning and
screaming, and she has a voice perfectly designed for that.
What offer? The management job? she asks me and I nod.
I dont think so, she responds, plucking one strawberry off of
one of the trays the waiter has brought us.
I watch as she brings it up to her lips and opens her mouth,
sticking her tongue out and placing the strawberry on top of it.
While shes doing this, the gears inside my head start spinning
and I cant stop imagining how it must feel to have her smooth
lips wrapped around my shaft. Id give a lot of money to turn my
cock into a strawberry right nowif twelve-inch strawberries
existed, that is.
I have a lot on my plate right now, she continues saying,
and I almost ask her if she wants my cock to be one of those
things. Of course, I dont do it; Im not a fucking savage 24/7.
Dirty Destiny is a handful, Ill take it? I ask. She smiles,
realizing that Ive already figured out who she really is.
Handful is the right word, yes, she says, and then lowers
her voice. But I do like to keep my hands full. Fuck, shes
playing me like a fiddle. The moment she finishes speaking Im
already imagining her small fingers curled tight around my hard
Maybe I could help with that, I find myself saying, unable
to stop the words from leaving my mouth.
The food is sitting on the table between us, but I dont even
look at it; theres just one thing I want to devour in this place,
and it sure as hell isnt a fucking croissant.
Oh, are you making me a new offer? she laughs, and the
sound of her moans and screams of utter pleasure seem to flood
my mind.
I gotta have her.
I dont think I've ever wanted a woman this much
Besides, most women just throw themselves at my feet.
Destiny isnt that kind of woman by a long shot.
I know that shes fucking playing with me, but shes doing it
from a place of full confidence, not one of neediness. In fact, if
theres anyone needy, its gotta be me; Im almost desperate to
claim her pussy as mine.
But a flash of her eyes tells her she knows that Im playing
with her.
No guy has lasted as long as you have sitting across from me
and not given up, Destiny says, as if reading my mind. In case
you were wondering.
Im not most fucking guys, Destiny baby, I say gruffly.
I know that, she replies, and then flashes her eyes and
gives me a wicked grin. Python.
I could make you all kind of offers, Destiny. My heart is
picking up the pace, and I already feel boiling blood making
traveling between my legs. My cock is twitching again, and I
figure that I've got two minutes before Im wielding a fucking
mallet for a cock.
Do any of them involve working at your club? Destiny asks.
I like the hot men you have there, but itd take a lot for me to
leave my club Unless you have something really interesting
going on in there, she whispers, leaning in to me.
She stressed the last part of her sentence, but I have no clue
what shes talking about. Unless No, theres no way she knows
what we do at Python behind closed doors.
Of course theres something really interesting there, I flash
her a quick smile, and then just lean back against the seat.
Youre talking about yourself, arent you? she chuckles,
plucking one more strawberry and slowly biting into it. Forget
about my cock twitching, Im getting fucking hard now.
You said it, not me. But if you really wanted, you could come
and work for me. I could use someone like you. Surprising me,
she gets up from her seat. For a fraction of a second I think I said
something and that shes leaving, but she just walks up to me
and places her hands on her hips.
Sorry, Austin. Youll never convince me to leave my club,
she says softly. I mean, why would I do that?
Now its her turn to grin at me, a burning wickedness
flickering in her eyes. I mean, Dirty Destiny is so much better
than Python. Shes at least as cocky as I am, I have to give her
But Dirty Destiny being better than Python? Jesus, now shes
just fucking crazy.
You know, that fucking hurt, I say to her. Dont worry, doll.
Destiny knows Im fucking teasing her. She knows what kind of
rodeo I run. Your words, theyre... hard, I tell her, and then
she just leans and places her hand on my crotch, squeezing my
half-hard cock.
Were both silent as her hand squeezes my throbbing cock
one more time. My brain is about to fucking explode.
Not really. But its got potential, she says.
Did she really just fucking say that?
Or did I just imagine it?
I take one deep breath and look down, and theres her hand,
her fingers curled around the hard shape under my pants.
Acting without fucking thinking, I go up to my feet.
Our faces are close, and it feels as if the air separating our
mouths is electrified somehow. Leaning into her, I place my lips
next to her ear.
Lets get out of here, I whisper. Explore that potential.
She smiles.

W ell, I didnt expect to end up in his apartment, thats for

sure. But it just seemed like the right thing to do, you know?
Sure, Lester warned me all about Austinhow theres more
under the surface, how Python isnt really what it seems to be.
But Im a grown girl, and I can take care of myself. And this is
just sex, its not like Im going to marry him.
Youve been dying for this, havent you? I ask Austin the
moment we step inside his apartment, a devilish smile dawning
on my lips. He doesnt even show me around; he just pauses and,
with a growl, runs his hand up my neck and tangles his fingers in
my hair. He yanks my head back and, looking me straight in the
eye, grins.
Thats right, he tells me, his grin widening with each of his
words. But so have you, he continues, slowly leaning into me.
He stops when theres only one inch separating our lips and, as I
try to close the distance, he yanks harder on my hair. Then, he
finally crushes his mouth against mine, his full lips a perfect
Just one kiss, and he has already told me a lot about him. He
wants control He needs it. Even if I want the same things that
he does, he wants to be the one in charge. Not because he wants
to show off, or prove that hes manly. Its simply who he is, and I
doubt that he knows how to liveand fuckany other way.
Maybe Ill show him a thing or two After all, Im not known as
the submissive type.
I know what youre thinking, he whispers into my ear after
slowly peeling his lips off of mine. I know your type.
Do you? I ask him, moving fast and taking my hand right to
his crotch. I curl my fingers around the thick shape pushing
against the fabric of his pantshell, hes really big, but he
doesnt even react. You know nothing about me.
Oh, but I do. I know enough, he whispers again, both his
hands sliding down the side of my body and stopping right on
my waist. He pushes me back until I hit the wall, all air leaving
my lungs as I feel the solid surface against my body. One of his
hands goes back to my hair, and he grabs it again, holding my
head in place as he looks into my eyes. I know that you dont
like to be dominated That you prefer to dominate. But, babe,
youve never met a man like me.
You sure know how to talk, I tease him, staring at him in
defiance. My fingers are still curled around his mast, and it
pulses against my hand as I speak, sending a shiver up my spine.
But what I want... is to see what you can do.
Im not sure if you can take it, he says, his grin growing
larger as the pressure of his fingers on my hair intensifies.
Because once I fuck you, youll be hooked. I grin back at him,
squinting my eyes in a challenge.
Like I said Talks cheap. As if my words have struck a
chord, he forces me to turn on my heels and pins me against the
wall. I place both my hands on the wall for support, and he
presses his body on mine in an instant, his muscular torso right
against my back. I feel his hard pectorals, and are those abs?
God, I need to see what hes hiding under that shirt of his. He
looks good with clothes on, and I really cant wait to see what
hes hiding under his clothes.
My eyelids droop as, leaning, he brushes his lips over the
naked skin of my neck. His kisses are gentle, but under his
gentleness theres a coiled aggressiveness, an undertone of
danger and adrenaline I have to admit, I havent been this wet
in a long time. And he has gotten me curious; how good can he
His hands go up to my shoulders, and his fingers find the
straps of my dress. He pulls them down my arms, tugging at the
fabric until it folds over my chest and hangs limply around my
waist. Using only one finger, he traces a straight line down from
between my shoulders, his fingertip going over the ridges of my
spine until it finds the place where both thong and skin meet.
His fingers go sideways then, moving around my hips as he
traces the contour of my thong. Hes taking his time, and hes
doing it deliberately; hes teasing me, torturing me, waiting until
Im dying to have him But I know the game hes playing, and
Im not going to let him do it.
I thrust my hips back, pressing my ass against his crotch in
one sudden movement. I purse my lips, my heart tightening
inside my chest as I feel his hard shape between my ass cheeks.
How big is he? Ten, eleven inches? No, it has to be twelve at
least. And not only is he long, hes thick as well, like a tall can of
Coke. When I had my hand on his crotch, I could barely grab his
cock with just one hand I cant begin to imagine how itll feel
to have him inside of me. Now, Im not an innocent girl; Ive
fucked so many men that I lost count, and some of them were
truly big But I dont think Ive ever been with a man like
Austin. And, more important than having a massive cock, Im
starting to believe that he really knows how to use it. The way
hes touching my body, taking his time with maddening
patience Hes an experienced man, theres no doubt about it.
I start to sway my hips, moving my body in waves and
grinding against his cock. He keeps still, his fingers sliding over
my skin as he lays slow kisses on my neck, and doesnt match
my movements. Hes trying to see if he can make me lose
control; what he doesnt know is that I can also make him lose
control. I move my hips faster, pressing my ass hard against his
cock, and I feel his shaft pulsing violently between my ass
cheeks. Hes dying to fuck me; I can feel it.
Youre a nasty one, arent you? he asks me, his lips moving
close to my ear.
Why dont you find out? I shoot back, my eyes still closed
as I savor the way his thickness pushes against my ass. He
moves fast, and I gasp as he turns me around once, pinning me
against the wall and crushing his mouth against mine. I lose
myself in his kiss for a few seconds, my skin prickling as he
pushes his tongue inside my mouth. Hes a good kisser, and I can
tell you that it isnt that easy to find a man who knows how to
kiss a woman. Most of them slobber all over you, and others are
content with letting you lead them. But not Austin, no, he kisses
me in such a way that my thong grows damp, the fabric sticking
to my skin as I grow wetter.
Now, he starts, pulling me out of the trance Im in, on
your knees. His words hit me hard, the tone of his voice leaving
no room for a snappy comeback. If this was any other man, Id
say, no, you get on your knees, but right now, my knees are
buckling, and I find myself going down before I can do anything
about it. Good, he whispers, and I reach for him with both my
hands, moving almost unconsciously. I feel the leather on his
belt, and I start unbuckling it, the metallic clink of the buckle
sliding off sending a shiver up my spine.
My eyes widen as I see his cock straining against his boxer
briefs, and I bite my bottom lip, anxiety kicking in like the sting
from a wasp. I want to pull his boxers down, to see his cock in all
its glory But first I flatten the palm of my hand against the
shape of his cock, my eyelids drooping as I feel it throbbing
against me. Then, Austin lays both his hands on my head and I
cant help myself, I hook my fingers on his boxer briefs and pull
them down. His cock springs free, slapping the back of my hand
as it goes up. Moving as fast as I can, I reach for it and grab him,
first with just one hand, then with two. Remember when I told
you that he had to be at least twelve inches long? Well, I was
right. His cock isnt big or huge its massive, and it looks even
more so with my small fingers wrapped around it.
Like what you see? he asks me, but I dont even dare to look
up at him. No, hed see all the desire flickering in my eyes, the
burning need to feel his gigantic cock inside of me And I dont
want him to see how much I need it right now. I dont want to
hand him all control on a silver plate. If he wants that, hes
going to have to fight for it. I dont give handouts.
Maybe I do, maybe I dont, I tell him, finally looking up to
meet his gaze. He grins at my words, his eyes narrowing into
slits as he tangles his fingers in my hair.
Youre a terrible liar, Destiny, he whispers, and I realize
that Im not going to fool him. And why would I even try?
I try, though. With that, I start moving both my hands back
and forth over his shaft, stroking him with soft movements. I let
my eyes fall down to his cock once more, and my heart starts to
gallop as I look at every inch of his manliness, my fingers
wrapped tight around it. Forget about my pussy; Im not even
sure if I can fit him inside my mouth. But Im more than willing
to try, thats for sure.
Leaning in, I part my lips and flick my tongue at his cock. I
move my tongue in circles, running it around the tip of his cock
as I let his manly flavor inundate me. I close my eyes and, before
I even know what Im doing, my lips are on his cock. I part them
slowly, rolling them down Austins cock until his tip is inside my
mouth, his precum coating my tongue.
Right now, my pussy is so wet that I feel my own fluids
dripping down my inner thighs, and Im just using my mouth on
him! I dont even remember when the last time was that I felt
this insane when going down on a guy Maybe when I lost my
virginity? Even so, I doubt it; Im not the kind of girl that gets
carried away by every little thing. Especially if were talking
about men, and let me tell you, I know men. Lots of them. I just
dont think Ive ever met someone quite like Austin.
I go further down, opening my mouth so wide that I feel my
jaw tensing up, Austins shaft sliding down my tongue inch by
slow inch. I only open my eyes when I think that I cant go any
further, and I realize that Im still a long way from having all of
him inside my mouth. And that Well, that just cant be. Im
going to show him that he has never met a woman like me,
whatever it takes.
I look up and, the moment our gaze meets, I start pushing my
head down and forcing his cock inside of me. This time, I only
stop when I feel his cock pressing against the back of my throat
and my lips brushing over the skin at the base of his cock. He
groans slightly, a subtle grin on his lips as he watches me slide
back out. Refusing to look away from him, I go down once more,
except this time I dont go slowly. No, I go down in one single
movement, going all the way down him once more and then back
again. He grits his teeth and, as he shuts his eyes, thats when I
look away.
I close my own eyes, and thats when I start to bob my head
back and forth as fast as I can. My hands are still on his shaft
and, as I suck on him, I keep on stroking him at the same time.
My mouth and my movements are working in tandem, and I can
already feel him breathing hard; when I look up at him, he has
his head thrown back, his eyes still closed.
Fuck, he groans, and I smile. Well, I would smile if I didnt
have a cock as large as his inside of my mouth right now. Still, I
take my hands off of his shaft and, resting them on his waist, I
push his pants and boxer briefs down, sending them to his
ankles. My fingers slide up his legs and over the curve of his ass,
and I cant help but squeeze, his hard cheeks feeling as hard as
concrete under the open palm of my hands. My pussy clenches
as I imagine him using these cheeks of his to piston hard into
me, his gigantic cock impaling me. You sure know how to use
that tight mouth Austin whispers, his eyes finally open as he
looks down at me.
You havent seen anything, I respond, taking his cock out
of my mouth. I press my lips against the side of his shaft and
then I run them down until they brush against his balls. I cup
them with one hand, feeling their weight (and, oh, theyre
heavy) and then wrap my lips around the right one, sucking it
into my mouth. It fills my mouth easily, and I push it against the
roof of my mouth with my tongue. Wanting more, I open my
mouth as wide as I can and suck the other one in. I must be a
pretty sight, right? Austins huge balls inside my mouth. When I
pop them out of my mouth, they jump out with a wet sound and
then Im back to his shaft, running my lips up his length until I
wrap them around his cock once more. I resume my bobbing
motion, working him with my mouth furiously, but he grabs me
by the hair harshly and pushes me back, forcing his cock to pop
out of my mouth.
I think youve had enough, he grins at me, curling his
fingers around my left wrist and pulling me up to my feet. Even
when Im standing, Austin towers over me, so I have to look up
to meet his eyes.
Its never enough, I tease him, placing both my hands on
his chest and sliding my fingers over to the collar of his shirt.
We can agree on that. I bite my lower lip, still looking into
his eyes, and start unbuttoning his shirt, popping button after
button until his naked chest presents itself to me. My eyes widen
as I see the hard lines of his muscles, two rows of perfect abs
demanding all of my attention. Ive been with fit and ripped
guys, but this is something else entirely Where a six-pack
should be, Austin has eight salient and perfect pieces of muscle.
His pectorals are hard and defined and, even though I can tell
that the gym must be his second homePython being the first
they look more like the result of an outdoorsy lifestyle than a
product of a gym.
Youre not going to drool, are you? he asks me as he kicks
off his shoes and steps out of his pants and boxer briefs. I push
the open shirt down his arms and then take a step back, only
stopping when my backs against the wall once more. Fuck, I
think as I take in his naked body, hes perfect. Okay, I need to
keep my cool.
Youre the one drooling, I whisper, running my hands up
my stomach and squeezing my breasts over the cups of my bra.
Like a ferocious wild animal, he comes at me, a growl in his
throat. Grabbing both my wrists, he lifts my arms up and pins
me against the wall. He lays his mouth against my neck, but this
time he doesnt kiss me; instead, he bites, pulling at my skin
with his perfect white teeth. I sigh loudly as the pain of it turns
into pleasure, my brain releasing a batch of endorphins. Christ,
Im so wet right now, all of me screaming for him
My breasts are pinned between my body and his, and my hard
nipples are already aching to be set free. As if he can read my
mind, he lets go of one arm, which I lace around his neck, and
takes it to between my shoulder blades. His fingers land straight
on the clasp of my bra and, with a snap from his fingers, he pulls
it free. The cups droop lazily over my breasts, but he doesnt
want to wait; with his free hand, he grabs at the cups and rips
them off of my body in one urgent motion. I gasp as I feel the
fabric flying out, the cool air of his apartment lapping at my
nipples and making them even harder.
Finally letting go of my other arm, both his hands fly straight
to my breasts and he squeezes them, my flesh molding to his
fingers. The warmness in his hands seems to prickle my skin,
and from there it goes all the way down to my pussy, making it
burn, burn, and burn some more.
You know what Im going to do, dont you? he asks, his
hands turning into claws as he pinches both my nipples. It hurts
but, at the same time, it feels amazing.
Why dont you tell me? I respond, and he pinches my
nipples harder, electric needles stabbing my mind as he does it.
Im going to fuck you, he says, applying more pressure with
the tip of his fingers, and Im going to do it hard. Hes
pinching me so hard right now that I cant even keep my eyes
open. My heart is racing, and it feels like its beating straight in
my throat. I let out a small cry, my nipples starting to hurt so
much that I cant help but become even wetter. Fuck, Austins a
dangerous one, more dangerous than any drug I knowone taste
of him and youre hooked.
Im going to take your pussy, he continues, letting go of
one nipple and pressing his hand straight between my thighs,
his touch on my pussy drawing a sudden moan out of my lips,
and Im going to make it mine. I dont give a fuck about what
happens next Even if I never see you again, he whispers,
leaning in and dropping the words straight into my ear, your
pussy is going to be mine forever, and youre going to know it.
Jesus fucking Christ, my fluids are running down my legs. I
dont think this has ever happened to me before. I dont think
Ive ever wanted a man as much as I wantneedAustin right
now. This man is a God, theres no other way to say it. Even if
you compare him to his male dancers back at Python, Austin is a
breed apart, a King among kings, a God among gods.
Taking one hand to my hair, he yanks on it and forces my
head back; at the same time, he presses so hard against my
pussy that I cant help but moan again.
Youre so fucking wet, babe, he whispers again, the sound
of his voice lulling me into a dream like state.
I am, I simply say, my mind completely blank as the feeling
of his hand on my pussy pushes all other thoughts and words to
the fringes.
Yes, you are And, just like I said This is mine, he
growls, and them moves so fast that all I see is a blur: he takes
his hand off of my pussy, turns me around and grabs my dress.
Then, he pulls at the fabric so violently that I hear the fabric
ripping as he pulls it off of my body. Standing here, only in my
heels and thong, I feel my insides clenching. Mine, he repeats
as he hooks his fingers on the string of thong that laces my outer
thigh, tugging harshly until the fabric simply tears. He throws it
to the floor and then presses his hand against my naked pussy, a
glint of hunger and savagery in his eyes.
Yours, I find myself saying, my voice quivering as I feel his
fingers against my drenched folds.
See? You act all tough, but in the end you just cant fight it,
he tells me with a grin, running his index finger up and down the
length of my pussy. You want to be dominated, you just never
met a man that could do it.
I I start, stammering, but I close my mouth and fall into
silence. Hes right; I cant tell you exactly when it happened, but
Im aching to have him dominate me, to be treated like Im his
To be fucked as if my pleasure is my lifes purpose. God, Austins
so intoxicating that I can barely think straight right now.
Admit it, he says, pressing his index fingertip over my clit
and making my whole body tense up as high voltage pleasure
runs to me.
I Its not No --
Say it, he repeats, pressing even harder on my clit. I throw
my head back, hitting the wall behind me, and grit my teeth.
No, I hiss, closing my eyes as my brain seems to be frying
inside my skull. Im not going to submit this easily. I wont.
Other women might bend and fold, but thats not me. Hes right,
I do want to be broken and forced to submit, but Im going to
make him fight for it until the very last.
Stubborn, uh? I like that. Its going to make it so much
better when you start begging me. The sound of his voice
makes my skin prickle, his words like stabs of pleasure on my
soul. If he keeps on insisting, I dont know how much longer I
can resist, I really dont.
Thankfully, he says nothing else and simply slides his middle
finger inside my pussy, hooking it in me and curling it upward
until his fingertip is pressed tight against my G-spot.
Oh, fuck, I gasp as I feel him pressing there. He didnt even
need to probe or look for itno, he went straight for that hidden
spot inside of me, hitting it on his first shot even though we
have never been together. Its almost as if he knows my body
even better than I do. Hes not even moving his hand; hes
simply pressing against my G-spot while circling my clit with
one finger, rubbing it with soft but steady strokes. Dont--, I
start to say, but the rest of the words dont even make it to my
lips. I grit my teeth and moan through them, thunder and
lightning hitting me all at once. A storm of ecstasy hits me at
once, and every single muscle in my body tenses up and then
relaxes as high voltage pleasure runs through and makes them
Thats just an appetizer, Austin tells me, that delicious
smile on his lips as he slides his finger out from my pussy.
Before he slides it all the way out, I grab him by the wrist and
stop him.
More, I whisper, my voice so low its barely audible. But he
smiles at me all the same, sliding his finger back in. Except this
time he doesnt go for my G-spotno, he turns his hand
around, places his thumb over my clit and slides one more finger
inside of me. Flicking his wrist back and forth, he starts to finger
me with such a fury that a loud moan explodes in my voice.
He keeps moving his fingers until I feel the tension building
up inside my muscles once more, my insides burning as I feel the
claws of ecstasy all over my body. I open my mouth to say
something, but by the time my lips part, I have no idea what I
was going to say. In my mind, one thought pushes all others
away: I need him to fuck me. Like a mantra, that thought repeats
itself over and over again inside my head, drowning the rational
side of me.
Come, Destiny Come for me, babe, Austin whispers
against my ear and, just like a bomb, I go off. An orgasm
explodes inside of me with the intensity of a supernova, and I
feel beads of sweat forming on my forehead.
Fuck, fuck, I curse under my breath, every single muscle in
my body twitching and spasming. Pleasure rages inside of me
like a river after a flood, and my heart tightens up as I realize
were still on the appetizers; were yet to move to the main
course. As good as this might be, I cant wait to see what he has
in store for me.
Slowly, he slides his two fingers out of me and takes his hand
off of my pussy. He raises his hand and takes it to my face; with a
grin, he brushes his two wet fingertips over my lips. I react by
instinct, opening my mouth and allowing him to slide his two
fingers inside. As he pulls them back out, I suck them dry,
shivering as my own fluids meshes with the flavor of his cock
inside my mouth.
Good, isnt it? he asks me, and I find myself nodding before
I can stop it. Then, he moves as fast as a leopard, placing one
hand under one ass cheek and forcing me to lift my leg; at the
same time, he presses his body against mine, grabbing his cock
and angling it so that his cock is resting on my pussy. I push my
hips against him, ready to have him inside of me, but he simpley
looks into my eyes and grins. Beg, he whispers, that simple
word hitting me like a brick. I dont beg, I have never begged
and Im not going to do it.
No, I say dryly, taking both my hands to his ass and trying
to pull him in, forcing him to trust. But he remains still, frozen
in place as the Devils grin burns on his face.
Then, he starts and, still grabbing his cock, starts moving it
up and down, brushing its tip along the length of my pussy, you
wont get this.
I will, I hiss, I will. I repeat to myself, trying to fool
myself that if I say it enough times hell end up doing it. But the
fire in his eyes tells me that it wont happen; no, hes as
stubborn as I am, and this is a battle of wills.
Then beg, he says it again, and my hands turn into claws as
I dig my fingernails into his ass cheeks, doing my best to force
me into me. But all I manage to do is make him grin even more.
You beg, I shoot back at him, my chest rising and falling as
I start to run out of air, anticipation making my lungs collapse.
Finally, he does something, but its not what I expect, he puts
my leg down and then, grabbing me by the arm, pulls me off the
wall and pushes me into the living room. I stumble and grab at
the edge of his couch to steady myself; hes on me before I can
say anything, pulling me into him and forcing me to thrust my
ass back. He places his cock in the space between my thighs and
starts to slide his shaft over my drenched folds.
Youll beg, babe, he says, a deep certainty in his voice, you
just dont know it yet. He angles his cock up and, slightly
thrusting, forces his cock to part my inner lips. I open my mouth
and moan, my body tricked into believing hes going to thrust,
but he just keeps still, half of his cock inside of me as my pussy
and mind boil at the same time. Oh, God, I cant do this; I cant
resist it. I just cant.
Fuck me, Austin, just fuck me already, I hiss through
gritted teeth, my face contorted in an expression of painful
anticipation. I never needed a cock inside my pussy as I do now. I
need it more than I need the air to breathe.
You know what you have to do, he says, and I can feel the
teasing tone in his words, victory permeating the sound of his
voice. He knows he has already won. Fuck, I give up.
Fuck me, Austin, please. I need it, I need it bad, I cry out,
barely believing that Im begging someone to fuck me. Im
begging! I've never done anything like this in my entire life, but
now that Ive begun I just cant stop myself. Please I need you
inside of me Ill do anything, I --
One thrust of his and I fall silent. I dont even moan or
scream; my mouth just hangs open as he pushes his shaft inside
of me, his thickness straining against my inner walls on the way
in. I feel a scream inside of me, but the pleasure Im feeling right
now is so intense that I cant even bring myself to the point of
screaming. Im in a limbo, drifting between consciousness and
the depths of irrationality. Even though Im more than
experienced when men are concerned, I never knew that a mans
cock could make me feel something quite like this.
When his cock is deep inside of me, his long inches pushing
back against my inner walls, Austin takes one hand to my
stomach and slides it over to my right breast. Squeezing it softly,
he leans in and whispers into my ear. See? Not that hard,
right? And then he slides his cock out and then in again. He
starts to thrust, first at a slow pace, but it grows in a hurry, the
sound of his thighs slapping my ass cheeks seem to drown every
other sound, and thats everything that my brain can process...
aside from how it feels to be completely filled by a massive cock,
that is.
Placing his free arm over my back, he forces me to go down
and, placing my forearms across the edge of his couch, thats
exactly what I do. My back is arched and my legs are a straight
line as I bend by the waist; its in that position that Austin places
both his hands on my waist, hooking his fingers on my hips, and
starts to pound me with such intensity that Im afraid I might
pass out. And no, Im not exaggerating; what Im feeling is so
so amazing, so intense, that its pushing me to the edges of what
I thought was humanly possible. To feel this much pleasure
should be a sin.
Fuck, I hear him curse, the sound of his coming at me as if
hes miles away. Youre so fucking tight, he says, and I cant
help but smile at that. Even though I worked as a porn star, I still
managed to remain as tight as a sweet innocent woman giving
her first steps into the world of sex. Still, I wonder, for someone
with a cock like his, every woman on Earth must feel tight.
Its so fucking good I cry out as he keeps on ramming
me with his cock, his thick shaft completely destroying. After
hes done with me, I doubt anyone will call my pussy tight ever
again. So fucking good! I repeat, my brain not bothering to
filter out the words coming out of my mouth.
It is, he says, allowing one of his hands to fall between my
thighs; he reaches for my clit with two fingers and, the moment
he starts to rub me there, I come undone. This time I open my
mouth and both my lungs and throat are back to working; I let
out one violent scream that's shrill enough to shatter glass. My
pussy tightens around his cock like a vice, and the electric
spasms of pleasure take over my muscles once more.
Oh, God I moan, a lock of hair already plastered to my
forehead. Only when I open my eyes and take a deep breath, do I
realize that Im covered in sweat. My muscles are hurting, and
both my lungs and heart feel as if Ive stretched them to the
limit. And, Christ, all I did was stand in place as Austin fucked
me. Fuck What was this?
This, babe, he says, running one finger down my spine, is
what a real man does. Modesty isnt really his strongest virtue,
but how could it be? When youre a ripped god with a twelve-
inch cock, modesty must seem like the most foreign of words.
He slides his cock out of me and I stand up the moment it
pops out of me. I turn on my heels, facing him, and then grab his
hand; grinning at him, I guide him around the couch and then
place both my hands on his chest and push him down. He smiles
at me and lets himself go, sitting down; I climb on top of him
with cat-like movements, placing both my knees by the side of
his thighs.
Maybe its time you see what a real woman does, then, I tell
him, grabbing his cock and angling it toward my pussy. I lift my
hips and, guiding his cock until his cock is once again touching
my folds, I ease myself down. I bite down hard on my lip as I feel
his long inches lodging themselves inside of me again, but I
dont stop until all twelve of them are in me.
He places both his hands on my ass, but he doesnt urge me
to move. No, he wants me to take the lead He wants to see
what Im capable of. And Im going to show him.
I start swaying my hips at a gentle rhythm but, just like he
did, I quickly grow my rhythm into a frenzied blur of movement.
I move so fast that large beads of sweat start dripping down my
spine, more locks of hair becoming plastered to my forehead and
cheeks. And still I keep pushing myself, using the last reserve of
energy inside of my muscles to make him experience something
no woman has ever managed to make him feel. He thinks hell
hook me with sex? Once Im done with him, he wont be able to
think of anyone else. He wants to own my pussy? Well, lets see
how he likes it when I own his cock.
I keep moving until my heart seems ready to give out, but
instead of stopping, I simple change what Im doing: I raise my
knees from the couch and replace them with my feet. Now
squatting over his cock, I start lowering myself and jumping up,
fucking him at that same furious speed. My arms are resting over
his shoulders, and our eyes are locked, theres a fire rising where
our gaze meets and, the more we look into one another, the
more I realize Ive never met a man quite like him. And Im not
just talking about the sex No, its something else. Something I
cant quite put my finger on.
Tired, babe? he grins as I slow down my pace, my legs
refusing to continue that insane rhythm. Ill take over, he says
and, grabbing me by the hips, pushes me to the side and lays me
down on the couch. He follows after me, pressing his body down
on top of mine, all this without even taking his cock out. Im
breathing so hard my lungs seem like they are about to explode,
but I still want more; I lace my legs around his lower back and
kick him gently with my heels, urging him to fuck me.
You ask, you get, he whispers, more to himself than to me,
and then starts to thrust. Remember when I told you that he was
going fast? That was nothing compared to how hes fucking me
right now. I didnt even know that a human being could move
like this.
Oh, fuck, I hiss, closing my eyes as the pleasure that rages
through my veins inundates my mind. Im almost afraid of
coming; I can already feel that its going to be unlike anything I
have ever experienced before. Fuck me Hard Hard I
mumble, the words coming out of my mouth in a torrent. He
keeps his maddening rhythm until Im about to snap, and then
he somehow manages to go even harder. That does it.
OH GOD! FUCK! I shout, my voice so loud that my eardrums
feel its sting. My body is like a broken spring, one that was coiled
in such a way under harsh pressure that its only way out was to
snap. My hands move over the muscles in his back as I claw at
him, my fingernails like knives on his skin. I dont even know
what Im doing, to be honest; all I know is that bright lights are
going behind my shut eyelids, ecstasy inundating my mind with
the fury of a tidal wave. It crashes into me and I let myself be
dragged by it to the depths of pleasure, where I dont care if I
drown. After feeling something like this, its hard to care about
And you want to know the best part? He still hasnt stopped.
Thats right, while Im coming my brains out, Austin is still
thrusting at a violent rhythm. I come down from my orgasm, but
I still urge him to go on; hes close, I can tell by the way his cock
seems to pulse and twitch inside of me.
Cum, Austin, I whisper, my voice coming out of my mouth
honeyed and sweet, Cum for me. I want you to cum inside of
me I dont know if he was already on the verge, or if my voice
did the trick, but he finally cums. His cock spasms violently
against my inner walls, and I wince as I feel his thickness
becoming even harder. A warmness hits me all of a sudden, and
he starts filling me up with his seed. I lay back as he cums, his
eyes closed as pleasure takes over his body, but he seems to be
cumming like a geyser; his cock is gushing a never ending
torrent inside of me. I feel it dripping out of my pussy and down
my inner thighs, his juices pooling on the leather couch under
me. No wonder his balls are almost the size of tennis balls; they
have to be. I mean, look at how much he is cumming.
When hes finally done, he opens his eyes and looks at me.
Breathing in deeply, he leans in and lays his lips on mine,
kissing me softly.
Fuck, that was amazing, he whispers, gently pulling out
from me and sitting up on the couch. I nod, sitting up next to
him as his seed runs out from my pussy. Wanting to leave him
with a lasting memory, I do something I dont think any woman
did with him: I run two fingers over my pussy, scooping up a few
strands of his warm seed, and take them up to my mouth.
Always looking into his eyes, I slide the two cum-coated fingers
inside my mouth and lick them dry, popping them out of my
mouth with a wet sound.
I go back down to my pussy, using the same two fingers to
scoop some more cum, but this time I bring them up to his face. I
brush them over his lips and he grins at me, knowing whats on
my mind. The moment he parts his lips, I push my fingers inside
his mouth and a shiver goes up my spine as I feel him sucking on
them, taking his own cum into his mouth.
I guess I can still learn a thing or two from you, he tells me,
that easy tone on his voice.
You have no idea, I tell him, and I mean it. Somehow, I
dont think this is going to be the last time were together. No,
this was too good for that to happen. Our paths have crossed and
they wont veer off from one another any time soon. For better
or worse.

F uck, its already 4 pm, the clock on my bed stand tells me. I
should already be at Python, preparing the place for another
hard day...
And no, I dont mean that as a fucking pun.
You really have a filthy mind, dont you?
How in the hell did I oversleep? Im usually up beforeoh, I
remember now.
I look to the side and there she is, still fast asleep.
Fuck, she looks even more beautiful than I remember her to
be. And the way she fucks I never fucked anyone quite like her.
And I dont say that fucking lightly because by now Ive
probably fucked as many women as Genghis fucking Khan
Yeah, I also said the word fuck three times in the last
No, I dont use this mouth to kiss my mother with.
I use this mouth to lick pussy with.
You want me to maybe lick yours, doll?
What time is it? Destiny asks me in a lazy voice, rubbing
her eyes with her fists.
Does it matter? I ask.
Yeah, I was fucking worried about being late...
But then I realized shes still here, in bed with me, and
nothing else seems to matter anymore.
Well, a few things matter, for instance, the fact that shes
still naked and that I can see one of her perky tits.
Swear to God, shes so fucking squeezableall of her.
When I saw her naked in front of me earlier today I just lost it
those tits, that ass.
You know, there has to be a God or someone up there for
something so perfect to fucking exist.
Yeah, if youre thinking of telling me that she used to be a
porn star, youre not telling me anything new. But fuck that.
Think about what shes put her mind to and accomplished, you
Model turned porn star, porn star turned strip club owner,
and all by the age of twenty-six. Shes a special one, I have to
give her that.
No, I guess it doesnt, she answers my question, reaching
for me and sliding her hand down my solid 8-pack wall of abs,
until she rests it on my cock.
Im already fucking hard as granite, my erection tenting the
sheets, and I can tell she cant fucking resist this shit.
And Im all ready to be lewd right back with her. Yeah, baby.
Come to fucking Daddy. I take one hand and put it between her
thighs and flatten my palm against her pussy. Shes already wet
and ready to go, now this is my kind of fucking woman.
Before I even know what Im doing, Im already on top of her,
and she guides my cock to her wetness. I enter her with one
thrust, my shaft struggling to get inside of her. Shes so tight
that its hard to believe she used to be a porn star. I told you she
was special.
I start thrusting as she laces her legs around my back, and we
kiss just like we did yesterday, our tongues dancing in a frenzy
around one another. I hear my phone buzzing on the bed stand
probably Maverick wondering where I ambut I ignore it. I have
more pressing matters on my mind right now
I have my cock in more important places.
Dont fucking stop, she moans, her voice so sweet that I
dont even need to tell my body what to do.
Just hearing her sweet-as-pie voice say the word fucking is
enough to turn my knees to fucking jelly. Shes so dirty. Filthy.
But in the body of a pure and pristine little angel that gets
defiled each time.
Im going to fucking cum if I keep talking to you about
defiling her. Instead, I piston into her as hard as I can, and her
pussy tightens up around my cock as she comes. That does it for
me. Theres no escape now. I groan as I feel the cum travelling
up my shaft and then spraying her insides. Now this is how you
start your day.
I roll to the side, breathing hard, and just stare at the ceiling. I
can hear her by my side, breathing as hard as I am, and I let
myself be drawn by the sound of it. It wouldnt be so bad to wake
up and hear that every morning, would it?
Im late, she whispers then, cutting through the silence.
And judging by the way your phones buzzing, Id say youre
late as well.
Yeah, I simply respond, sitting up on the bed and reaching
for my phone. Its Maverick alright, and hes already left me
three text messages wondering where the hell I am. Im never
late, so hes already stressing. Calm your horses, the cavalry is
on the way, I type quickly, and then swing my legs off the bed.
I take one last look at Destiny, her perfect naked body almost
glowing with delight, and then get up with a sigh. It hurts to
leave when I know we could still keep going at it, but it cant be
helped. I have responsibilities, you know?
The sex was so fucking great.
So why does this feel so awkward?
Hundreds of women are depending on me for entertainment
and perhaps something more. Im going for a quick shower, you
Yeah, I have to shower as well, she suddenly says, getting
out of the bed completely naked. I look at her wide-eyed, not
knowing what to tell her.
Well, fuck now its really awkward.
I could just tell her to join me but Im not in the habit of post-
sex niceties, to be honest, so I have to say Im feeling a bit
uneasy about that. So, instead of inviting her to join me, I just
say that Ill show her the bathroom.
I take her to the private bathroom in my bedroom, and a few
minutes later were both standing under the warm running
water, washing away our sins.
Yeah, not the same bathroom.
Dont get your hopes up. Shes in my private bathroom, and
Im in the main one.
Fuck, I could be with her right now. But what would she think
of that? I dont want to come on to her too hard, which is kinda
fucking ironic, if you take into account the way we fucked last
And what the fuck is wrong with me?
I never overthink these things.
For a fraction of a second, I imagine being under the running
water with her, just showering like two regular people, and I
even picture myself helping her fucking shampoo her hair. I
must be running a fever, that has to be it.
To be absolutely honest with you, doll, I dont think I ever
remember the last time I ever wanted to be this close to a
woman. And when I say close, Im not talking about being
physically close. Its more than that.
Alright, let me fucking stop right here or next thing you know
Im writing poetry.
And youll just fucking snort, wondering what happened to
make an alpha male bad boy into a mewling kitten.
Fuck that.
Im over her.
I push all these rosy fucking thoughts out of my head and
finish showering. Like a fucking man.
I put on a black suit and, by the time Im finished getting
ready, Destiny gets out of the bathroom looking completely
stunning, even though shes wearing her clothes from when I
met her at 230 Fifth this afternoon.
Fuck, I whisper as I see her, and she raises one eyebrow at
What? she asks, and I dont know what to tell her. I settle
for the truth.
You look amazing, I say, and she arches her eyebrows even
Im not wearing any make-up, my hair is shit, and Im
wearing a creased dress, she purses her lips, probably thinking
that Im messing with her, but I just grin.
And you look fucking stunning, I admit, no longer caring
about what she thinks. I guess that theres actually a pretty
woman under all that make-up.
Asshole, she laughs, and then closes the distance between
the two of us and punches me playfully in the arms.
Thats me. Without even thinking, I place my hands on her
waist and pull her in, pressing my mouth on her. Its just a short
kiss, but the simplicity of it makes me wary.
I never bought all that romantic shit about magical kisses and
unicorns, but t