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The National Youth Commission (NYC) was established by virtue of Republic Act

8044 or the youth in Nation-Building Act, which was enacted in 1995. This bill provided
for the creation of a national Comprehensive and coordinated Program on Youth
Development. However, in 1999-2004, this provision was operationalized through the
criterion of a Medium-Term Youth Development Plan (MTYDP) from which all youth
programs and projects implemented by all government agencies are strategically
evaluated and monitored for their specific role in involving and enabling the youth as
able partners towards national development.

• Moving force in Filipino youth development.

• Ensure the convergence of youth policies.
• Mobilize resources for youth development.
• Provide support to youth and youth serving organizations.
• Demonstrate and advocate effective programs, projects and practices in youth

• Provides the youth with opportunities to be an active partner in Nation-building.
• Create new policies and advocates for youth development.


• Research, policy formulation and advocacy.
• Monitoring ad evaluation of youth programs, project and activities.
• Resource mobilization, networking, and partnership-building
• Social-marketing, public and media relations
• Education, training/institution-building

• Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program (SSEAYP_ - promote friendship and
mutual understanding among ASEAN member countries and Japan and the local
Youth in the respective countries.
• Ten Accomplished Youth Organization (TAYO) – is an annual search and
recognition program for outstanding contribution made by youth serving
organization nationwide.
• Government Internship Program (GIP) – provides summer work programs for
• Kapit-bisig Laban sa Kahirapan (KALAHI) – program of the administration
which give opportunities to those out-of-school and unemployed youth to be hired
as intern in government agencies and private companies through the help of
• Local Youth Development Program (LYDP) – responsible for the formulation of
policies and implementation of youth development programs in their localities in
coordination with various government and non-governmental organizations.
• Youth Legal Aid Program ( YLAP) – provide legal assistance to youth and
address the current problem of the Filipino youth who are maltreated and
oppressed and the compelling necessity to shield the youth against drug abuse and


In my own point of view, the National youth Commission (NYC) is an

organization that helps the youth becoming a good citizen of our country which inculcate

love for country and love for our fellow countrymen. Moreover, it gives youth the

opportunity to make policies and advocacies for youth development.

As a youth, I can say that the National Youth Commission (NYC) has a lot of good things

to offer that will enable the youth not only in our country but in other ASEAN countries

as well to explore themselves and be a part of the public and civic affairs. Through the

NYC’s programs it opened doors for us to at least express ourselves the way we want it,

it also provide good opportunities for less fortunate to be employed through the help of


It is really great that the past administration heard our voice as a youth and be

given a chance to be part of this program through the pursuant of the RA 8044 which

give us the power to be involved as partners towards national development. Furthermore,

there are lots of programs which serve as linkages that can bring-out our potentials of

becoming good leaders that will enable us to be of great service to our country and our

community. However, I just hope that through this programs, it will eradicate if not

lessen the number cases of drug abuse and child exploitations here in our country.