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Project Proposal on Computer Interfacing


Subject: Computer Interfacing Sessional

Course: CSE-14
Section: A
Group: 04
Group Members:
1. MuimmahKabir (201414013)
2. RifatJabin(201414029)
3. Jakia Sultana Jyoti(201414031)
4. UmmeyHabibaBrishty (201414033)
5. Asif Kamal (201414040)

Date of Submission: 13th July 2017

Project Name: Warehouse automation & security system.

The main objective of our project is to develop warehouse with automated properties and
ensuring security of the warehouse. This project will also protect the warehouse from
environmental accidents such as fire, flood etc.

A warehouse is a commercial building for storage of goods. Warehouses are used
by manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers, transport businesses, customs, etc. They
are usually large plain buildings in industrial areas of cities, towns and villages.

Thats why, warehouse is very important for business purposes. Now-a-days technology is
advancing to a great extent. Most of the things around are being automated. So, in order to
keep pace with the recent world, warehouses must be automated which will reduce human
labor and will increase efficiency.

But a single error can cause damage to warehouse which may cause loss of millions of money.
And it may destruct well developed company as well as it will affect the country.

So, the project is being developed considering the above situations.

Whenever someone wants to enter the warehouse, she/he has to insert password to proof
herself/himself as an authorized person. After password is validated, the door will be open
automatically and the person will be allowed to enter inside. Whenever someone is leaving, the
door will also open automatically and will also be closed after he/she has left.

Trucks are used to load or unload goods to warehouse. In a werehouse many companies store
iteams. They all use company issued specific types of trucks. They all have a maximum capacity
and fixed truck/vehical weight.Now if goods reach the truck capacity, then no more goods will
allowed to store in the truck.

Now, sometimes due to heavy rain, flood may occur will may enter the warehouse. Moreover,
sometimes due to poor water system, water leakage may occur. These two events may cause
flood inside warehouse. So, in order to solve this, a system is imposed. If water level rises, a
drainage system will be activated where all the water will be drained. And person in charge of
maintenance of warehouse will be notified via SMS.
Many important goods are stored in warehouse which may need exact temperature to remain
fresh. If the temperature varies, many goods may be damaged or perished. So, due to any
technical problems, if any problem occurs to the air conditioning, it will be detected and
alternative power supply will be activated and this will also be notified.

Lastly, if fire starts inside the warehouse, then it will be detected and alarm will be started to
notify security in charge.

Above all, this is the brief description which will make the warehouse automatic and secured.

Desktop Study
Study 1:Comprehensive Warehousing and Fleet Logistics
Security Solutions:
In this system an array of services is included. The main features of this systems are intrusion
detection and burglar alarms, access control systems, video surveillance security, fire detection
and fire alarms. In addition, they provide remote managed services such as video guard tours to
fully support a business operation.
Study 2

Study 3

Block Diagram

Required Components
Arduino Uno
LM35 Temperature Sensor
LCD Display Nokia 5110

Flow Chart
SMS Alert Fire Alarm System:

Figure : Flow chart of Fire Alarm System

SMS Alert Temperature Monitoring System:

Figure: Flow Chart of Temperature Monitoring System

Key Features
People only can enter the warehouse if they provide correct password i.e. they must be
authorized person to enter the warehouse.

Doors will be open and close automatically and will be locked.

It will detect if any fire starts and will ring alarm to notify security in charges.

It will detect air conditioning failure and start power backup and send alert message to
in charge. If current temperature is greater than higher temperature or less than lower
temperature then it will send an alert SMS.
If water is accumulated inside the warehouse, water drainage system will draw all the
water inside the drain and send alert message to the person in charge.

It wont allow storing goods more than capacity.

Trucks are used for loading and unloading goods. Goods more than specific capacity
cant be loaded to truck.

Estimated Cost and availability in Bangladesh

Sr Product Name Cost Availability in
1 Arduino Uno Tk 1076 Yes

2 LM35 Temperature Sensor Tk 50 Yes

3 LCD Display Nokia 5110 Tk 120 Yes
4 HX711 Load Cell Amplifier Tk 380 Yes
5 Load Cell 500g Tk 650 Yes

Comparison with Desktop Study:

Name of the Parameter Our System Study 1 Study 2 Study 3

Access control System yes yes

Fire detection and Fire alarms yes yes

SMS alert system yes no

Temperature Monitoring yes no

intrusion detection and burglar no yes

video surveillance security no yes

Water leakage or flood detect yes no

Determination of Capacity yes no

This project may bring great prosper to the system of the warehouses. So, we are hopeful that
we can develop the above project following all the criteria. The real implementation of this
project may benefit business sectors as well as Bangladesh.