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1Department of Chemical Engineering, Islamic University of Indonesia (

Today a significant increase in Islamic or sharia-based economy in the industrial sector such as
culinary, sharia insurance, Islamic finance, culinary, cosmetics, fashion, pharmaceuticals, entertainment
and tourism deposits. The Shariah Tourism Industry has the potential to develop Indonesian tourism.
Especially Tourism in the Special Region of Yogyakarta, which has always upheld the value of Islamic
culture and values of Yogyakarta Special Region as the tourism sector of Indonesia has the potential to
develop the halal industry of travel and tour if you see the development of tourism lifestyle trends
especially for religious adherents Islam.Yogyakarta is known as a favorite tourist destination that offers
a variety of unique tourism such as cultural history, Natural Beauty, Museum, Culinary and known as
Jogja never ending Asia, in terms of this Yogjakarta should potentially develop the halal tour and travel
industry. In Indonesia especially Yogykarta Halal tourism industry is still not maximal, if developed
more seriously Indonesia especially Yogyakarta is very big potential in the development of the halal
tourism industry, it's just some tour agencies that pack trips with halal system. The halal system in travel
and travel packages can have a good effect on safeguarding Islamic values and impacting the health of
tourists and tourists from holiday packages. This research would like to identify in terms of health food
products, environmental health with tourist attractions, places of worship and the convenience of
Muslim travelers who travel with the implementation of halal journey and halal tourism system. The
purpose of this research is to describe the potential of Halal tour and travel industry destinations in
Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta and analyzing the options of tourist destinations through
entrepreneurship and tourism to develop syariah tourism in Yogyakarta and to find a strategy that is the
place for the development of sharia tourism character of tourism destinations in Yogyakarta. It is
expected that this article can be a reference tour in Yogyakarta so that it can promote Yogyakarta Special
Region in Tourism sector, as well as income of the community by attracting foreign tourists both
Moslem and non Muslim, especially the development of Halal Tour and Tourm in Indonesia. This paper
contains the actual and ideal conditions about Halal tourism in Yogyakarta presented descriptively
consisting of preliminary and theoretical reviews, and conclusions.

Keywords: yogyakarta, Industrial halal travel and tour, Tourism development, Potential