Smartphone Market Trends

Justin Lee

Players Types at 3G Era
Mobile 33% Device Makers

Internet Service 33% Providers

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Mobile Internet Services

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Source: IBM Analysis



Operator 33%

Voice Data Device

Content Service Browser Internet

Challenge to Mobile Device Makers Voice Data Content Service Browser Internet Device Average selling price down .

Challenge to Operator Voice Data Content Service Browser Internet Device .

Challenge to Operator Voice Data Content Service Browser Internet Device Voice ARPU down ARPU=average revenue per user .

Internet Service Provider Voice Data Device Browser Internet Content Service Challenge to .

Internet Service Provider Voice Data Device Browser Internet Content Service Challenge to Mobile devices have become important nodes .

Voice Data Device Content Service Browser Internet Smartphone .

What is smartphone? .

Source: Tech-faq .Smartphone is a small all-in-one device that is used for communication & computing functions.

often with the and ability to add applications. Source: Wikipedia .Most devices considered smartphones today use an identifiable open operating system .

OS .

Modern Smartphone OS Symbian OS .

Modern Smartphone OS iPhone OS .

Modern Smartphone OS BlackBerry OS .

Modern Smartphone OS Windows Mobile .

Modern Smartphone OS Android .

Modern Smartphone OS WebOS .

Linux Others 5% 2% Windows Mobile 14% Symbian OS 47% BlackBerry OS 15% iPhone OS 17% .

Management Contacts. WiFi.Voice. Calendar. Video GPS . SMS Multiple Connection Personal Info. Music. To Do List 3. Bluetooth Internet Browser & Email Multimedia Photo.5G.


was formed to exploit the convergence between PDAs and mobile phones. Symbian Ltd. NOKIA Ericsson Panasonic Sony Ericsson Samsung Motorola Psion .On 24 June 1998.

User Interface Platforms for Symbian OS S60 one hand operation UIQ touch MOAP(S) close platform Nokia N Series Sony Ericsson P Series NTT DoCoMo FOMA .

Nokia N95. is’s what computers have become !"#$%&'!#$! .

S60 Touch launched by Q4. 2008 Nokia Xpress Music 5800 Nokia N97 .

Nokia to acquire Symbian. make it open source by 2010 unified platform with common UI framework .

Symbian Foundation new support .

Most popular smartphone platform Best smartphone features Large global development community Too Complicated Slow .

iPhone OS .

Mac OS X based Platform for Apple Mobile Device iPhone OS iPhone iPod Touch .

Mobile internet & entertainment Direct manipulation UI .

iPhone OS Most attractive and usable smartphone Best browser App Store No copy and paste Apple’s control on 3rd party apps .

BlackBerry OS .

Software Platform for BlackBerry BlackBerry OS BlackBerry Flip BlackBerry Bold .


Wireless email QWERTY Keyboard .

BlackBerry Storm with Touch Screen .

BlackBerry Storm with Touch Screen .

BlackBerry OS Best email experience Good usability Less choice Bad web browser Not media centric .


Win32 based Platform combined with basic apps HTC Touch Diamond Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 .

Sync with Windows PC Outlook& Office Mobile .

Bad User Experience .

Windows Mobile 7 focus on user experience .

More choice Advanced hardware Design for business user Special apps Bad UI Bad web browser

Linux based Platform for Mobile Device T-Mobile G1 .

Open source platform Integrated with Google service Mobile internet .

Open Handset alliance Handset Manufacturers Software Companies Semiconductor Companies Mobile Operators Commercialization Companies .

No limitation Ultimate geek phone Lack of business function .

No limitation Ultimate geek phone Lack of business function Can’t sync with PC .

webOS .

Linux Based Platform with Web Technology Display Layer webOS Palm Pre .

Gmail. Facebook contacts in one place Information aggregation .Great User Experience Cards multiple activities at once Outlook.

webOS Too early to tell. .

Market Trends .

smartphones are driving above-average growth 27% Overall in global handset shipment Smartphone 24% 7% 9% 8% 2008 Source: IDC / Dec 2008 -2% 2009 2010 .

Pure-play smartphone vendors have become super-profitable Apple 35% 30% 26% 21% RIM HTC Nokia Source: Strategy Analytics / Jun 2008 .

Open Platform vs. Closed Platform .

9% Source: Canalys estimates / Nov 2008 .7% 5.2% 6.0% 51.8% 25.Smartphone vendor ranking changed last year.8% 2.6% 15.6% 5.3% 10.6% 17.4% 38.1% 17. Q3 07 Q3 08 Nokia Apple RIM Motorola HTC Others 3.

4% 38.0% 51.9% Source: Canalys estimates / Nov 2008 .8% 2.2% 6.8% 25.6% 15.6% 17.6% 5.7% 5.1% 17.3% 10.Apple shows 480% market share gain Q3 07 Q3 08 Nokia Apple RIM Motorola HTC Others 3.

6% 17.8% 2.7% 5.6% 15.1% 17.4% 38.9% Source: Canalys estimates / Nov 2008 .8% 25.0% 51.BlackBerry sees growth steadily Q3 07 Q3 08 Nokia Apple RIM Motorola HTC Others 3.3% 10.6% 5.2% 6.

Apple and RIM are relative Features available Whole OS closed platform Android Linux LiMo Core Apps Symbian OS User Experience Advanced Apps Windows Mobile iPhone OS BlackBerry OS Basic Apps Some Public API Some Public API Some Public Code All Public Code Source: Telefonica / Dec 2008 Platform openness .

77% Source: Adobe / 2008 of iPhone purchasers described themselves as very satisfied with their user experience. .

Why? .

Open platform are theorically wonderful. Open is a key to innovation. .

iPhone Killer? .

iPhone Killer? .

iPhone Killer? .



User Experience Matters .

Apple and RIM have full control of the hardware and software they use in their systems. .

Source: Business Week Technology and You / Nov 2008 .More tight control systems work better at real world.

Power of Open Source WebKit: open source browser engine .

Mobile Application Store .

com / Nov 2008 . Source: Compete.34% of Smartphone owners have not added an application to their phone.

” Carol. a smartphone owner Source: Carol / Jan 2009 .“I want to install applications on my smartphone. but I don’t know where to find them.

“If user don’t know how to add applications.” Patrick. a smartphone owner Source: Patrick / Jan 2009 . it’s a closed platform.

iPhone owners know how to add apps 34% 7% Smartphone owner iPhone owner .

Apple provide the unified source for iphone applications .

Apple provide the unified source for iphone applications .

” “We have more applications and more phones in the hands of people and that's what matters at the end of the day.“I'm not aware of anything. a general manager in Microsoft's mobile communications business Source: Cnet / July 2008 .” Scott Horn.

HP. Motorola. Asus 12% 18000 Palm OS Vendor Nokia etc.Apps variety is NOT market share Platform Symbian OS iPhone OS BlackBerry OS Windows Mobile HTC. Apple RIM Palm Share Apps 40% >12000 17% 10000 15% 2% 29000 Source: Canalys / Dec 2008 .

Microsoft Skymarket Apple App Store BlackBerry Storefront Mobile Application Store Android Marketplace Nokia Download! Plam App Catalog .

Next Generation UI .

Touch-Screen Phones increased 130% last year 9. 2007 Sept. 2008 Source: comScore Media Matrix / 2008 .2million Sept.6million 4.

Finger is the best stylus .

Invisible UI .

New Ecosystems Arising .

Illustration of a hypothetic ‘Apple’ centered ecosystem tem iTunes iPods TV ndent nue ation iPhones Mac OS X Safari Mac PCs Apple TV ting yalty or areness Large Developer Community Future Devices evice Sales unity 18 Sep 2008 . tent and brand are critical.rays of rich-media applications available to the consumer.

01 The new role of OEMs and Internet
players MUSIC
Nokia Music



LifeBlog/ Flicker


Nokia Maps





Life Diary






Android Store

TELEFÓNICA ESPAÑA Application Innovation & Open OS devices


How to Win?

Usability Content Solutions

not computers” Jeff Hawkins. Founder of Palm Computing .“I realized my competition was pen and paper.

Thank You! .

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