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Spring 2017 - Comment Report for Benjamin Miller


2174 - Teaching Survey
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Creation Date Thu, May 18, 2017

What were the instructor's major strengths?

His major strengths are being able to meet on a one on one basis, and to also know how to use small groups to
improve our work and our groups.
He is very knowledgable and he is also very good at adapting to the student
Was always organized to a ridiculous level. Had a way of connecting all lessons and activities into one of the most well-
rounded classes I've ever experienced
Very well organized, very helpful, made course interesting
His knowledge for the course. Ben made the class interesting and although there was a great deal of work to complete
"by 10pm", everything he made us do was beneficial to enhancing us students as writers
I think that Ben was very good at giving constructive feedback and making you see new angles to your writing.
Ben had a way of presenting prompts in a way that makes them seem important. It made it much easier to find the
motivation to work on my pieces.
Enthusiastic, willing to help and explain in further detail, knowledgeable and informative. Also the tentative schedule to
keep the class on task was nice
connected well with the students
encouraged us to meet with him
knew what he was talking about
didn't teach just one way to write
Ben is always so supportive. I think this is his strongest attribute. No matter how much you feel like you're struggling, or
how terrible you think your work is, Ben is always there to lift you up and assure you you're doing your best and he can
see progress. He is exceptionally compassionate and understanding and I'm glad to have had him as a professor :D

What were the instructor's major weaknesses?

His one major weakness is sometimes he would talk down to us and make us feel like something less, and he would
also single students out a lot in front of the class. While this isn't that big of a problem, it was quite annoying to be
singled out, and caused many students not to participates as much.
He always encouraged group work and in many cases this was not helpful
Perhaps only that some lessons or activities seemed a little to rigid or scripted. Some freedom in some areas to spend
less or more time than planned would have been useful.
Getting the group to talk. There were many awkward pauses that kind of defeated the purpose of a class discussion
Sometimes I was hard to follow what was happening.
At times, time management. However, we always got to the important things and that is what matters
I sometimes think Ben is afraid to say something you've written is bad, or a tactic you've tried will be ineffective. His
compassion is a blessing and a curse #CryingEmoji

Benjamin Miller (ENGCMP 0207 - SEMNR IN COMPOSITN: EDUCATION - 1050 - Seminar) 2/3
What aspects of this course were most beneficial to you?

The comments on my work allowed me to build off my previous writing styles, and end the course with a much better
understanding of what good writing is.
The readings
I received poignant, concise feedback that allowed me to immediately improve my writing as well as know how to
maintain that level of skill on future pieces without Ben being there.
helped me improve as a writer, provided me with new ideas about writing and academics
shaped pieces and feedback
I really enjoyed reading the material for this course. It was very intriguing and I think that it was good "brain food" for the
essays that we had to write.
The criticism given was always helpful, constrictive, and meaningful.
It provided a new way of thinking about and engaging in the process of writing
learning about my strengths and weaknesses and how to overcome and mold some of them into creating a better
process for writing
The spacing between the assignments was nice. I really go to focus on each one in its entirety instead of feeling
rushed to just get something out like in other classes.

What suggestions do you have to improve the course?

I would put more manageable due dates on some of the longer writing assignments. Expecting us to write 1000+
words in two days along with out other classes led to sloppy work, and students making up excuses to not have their
work done.
Less group work
I would have enjoyed having more free writing time in class, especially before longer writing assignments were due.
Find a better way to get the class engaged. Its hard to get a group of students to give the response you want at 11am,
but I'm sure you'll come up with something
I think that sometimes the group work was not as beneficial as it could have been. Personally, I am not very good at
giving feedback to others so it was hard for me at times to figure out what to say about their work. I'm not entirely sure
how to fix that but it might have helped me help others more.
Enjoyed the way it was but would appreciate slightly more structure to class time.
Maybe restructuring of group work, as many students finished group work rather rapidly at times and then spent the rest
of the time chatting about things not pertaining to the class
Maybe more opportunities to integrate other subjects into the pieces we work on. Like for SP2 we had to write about a
piece we already read in class, and for SP3 we had to write about a topic of education that interested us. As someone
who's major isn't education (if I ever teach it will be in my own field with a Ph.D) I would like to get the most important
parts about being a teacher while also getting to integrate my own interests and research.

Benjamin Miller (ENGCMP 0207 - SEMNR IN COMPOSITN: EDUCATION - 1050 - Seminar) 3/3