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Microcontroller-Based Dextrose Stand

with Infrared Proximity Detection for

Patient Use in Hospitals
This study aims to utilize the concept of automation to improve the convenience of patients
who are taking ivy fluids who may need to walk short or long distances by creating a
dextrose stand that will follow the patient.

Soldier Health & Position Tracking

The soldier Health and Position Tracking System allows military to track the current
GPS position of soldier
and also checks the health status including body temperature and heartbeats of
The System also consists extra feature with the help of that soldier can ask for help
manually or send a distress signal to military if he is in need.
The GPS modem sends the latitude and longitude position with link pattern with the
help of that military can track the current position of the soldier.
The system is very helpful for getting health status information of soldier and
providing them instant help.

Alcohol Sensing Alert with Engine

Locking Project
We usually come across drink and driving cases where drunk drivers crash their cars
under the influence of alcohol causing damage to property and life. So here we propose an
innovative system to eliminate such cases. Our proposed system would be constantly
monitoring the driver breath by placing it on the driver wheel or somewhere the drivers
breath can be constantly monitored by it. So if a driver is drunk and tries to drive the
system detects alcohol presence in his/her breath and locks the engine so that the vehicle
fails to start.
Water Level Indicator with Alarm
Generally, water stored in overhead tank is wasted due to over flow ,when the tank is full.
Water level alarm using micro-controllers like 8051 and AVR are shown in previous
articles.This article shows simple circuits of water level indicator with alarm.This circuit can
be used to indicate three levels of water in tanks.When metal contact is reached ,each Led
starts glowing.When the tank is full buzzer starts ringing along with this all LEDs are ON.

Password Based Circuit

This project gives a solution to this problem to ensure line man safety. In this
proposed system the control (ON/OFF) of the electrical lines lies with line man.This
project is arranged in such a way that maintenance staff or line man has to enter
athe password to ON/OFF the electrical line. Now if there is any fault in electrical
line then line man will switch off the power supply to the line by entering password
and comfortably repair the electrical line, and after coming to the substation line
man switch on the supply to the particular line by entering the password.