NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML

having the earlier permission, the rally had to start before all the participants,
May 25, 2017 : 50 Years of Naxalbari Uprising including the substantial contingent of CPI(ML)-New Democracy from Bihar
and Odisha, could reach the venue. The large joint banner was succeeded
Homage at Martyrs’ Column by comrades of all organizations holding massive red flags, many
participating comrades from all organizations and the comrades who were
in Naxalbari; Rally and from West Bengal raising slogans. The slogans of the lead team upheld
Naxalbari as our path. Behind this leading contingent, the state committees

Meeting in Siliguri of our party walked behind their respective banner raising slogans to
Naxalbari martyrs, proclaiming Naxalbari as the path of Indian Revolution,
and hailing Coms. Charu Mazumdar, SN, CP, Raj Kishore, Vempatappu
On the occasion of 50 years of Naxalbari, ’Committee for Observance Satyanaryana, Kailasham and martyrs of Naxalbari, Mushaheri and
of 50 years of Naxalbari Uprising’ organized a programme at Siliguri on 25th Srikakulam. Slogans were also raised hailing Coms. Saroj Dutta, Kishanjee
May 2017 in which five revolutionary organizations including CPI(ML)-New and others.
Democracy participated. Our party mobilized participants from several
Around 3000 strong rally, nearly two third of them from CPI(ML)-New
states. Comrades from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Telengana, Andhra Pradesh,
Democracy, walked through the streets of Siliguri for an hour and a half,
Odisha, Punjab and Delhi joined comrades in West Bengal to take part in
reaching the Indoor Stadium where the mass meeting was held. Here, Com.
the programme, making journeys of over 24 to 48 hours which were stretched
Chandan Parmanik invited a five member Presidium on to the stage and
further by delayed trains. A large number of comrades participated in the
handed over to Com. Puronendu Shekhar Muhkerjee whom the five
programme on behalf of our Party.
organizations’ committee of West Bengal, which had planned and organized
Early on 25th May morning, around 200 comrades of the participating the programme, had designated as Conductor of the proceedings. The first
organizations, in which 3/4th were from our party, went in buses to Bengaijote item was a resolution placed by the five organizations’ committee of West
in Naxalbari where police firing on 25th May 1967 had killed 11 persons Bengal, condemning the Samadhan policy of the 10 Chief Ministers' meeting
including eight women and two children. A simple red sandstone memorial called in early May by the Home Minister Rajnath Singh against Maoists in
bearing the names of the martyrs stands in the grassy knell to mark the Bastar and vowing to oppose this war launched by the Govt. The
spot where they fell. A line of green stone busts of some of the great proceedings were conducted in Bengali, with some Hindi translations of
revolutionary teachers along with busts of Com Charu Mazumdar and others, announcements.
do not manage to rob the spot of its quiet simplicity. Here, at 9 AM, in the
Before the speakers were called, 5 people from Naxalbari village were
midst of rousing slogans, leaders of the five organizations paid homage to
introduced. They were from the families of martyrs or were themselves
the martyrs by garlanding the plaque one after another led by Com. Sushanto
participants in the movement. Thereafter West Bengal State Secretary of
Jha. Slogans were raised in Bengali, English, Hindi, Telugu, Odia, Tamil
CPI(ML)-New Democracy Com. Sushanto Jha was the first speaker. He
and Punjabi. Thereafter representatives of the various State Committees
emphasized that the programme was being held by five organizations who
of CPI(ML)-New Democracy paid homage at the memorial, including Coms.
upheld the path of Naxalbari as opposed to those who had taken the
P. Ranga Rao, P. Prasad, Ram Briksh, Suresh Chand, Bhala Chandra
parliamentary path. He was succeeded by Com. Somnath Chatterjee from
Shadangi, Dattar Singh, Aparna and others.
CPI(ML) State Organizing Committee, West Bengal, who stressed that the
The Rally commenced at 12 noon from Siliguri Junction. Due to the toiling people must oppose the attack by Narendra Modi on Bastar where
open tilt of the Administration (Siliguri Municipality is under the control of armed struggle has being conducted for 40 years. He also highlighted the
CPM) towards allowing the Rally of Liberation to proceed first despite our importance of the Telengana Armed peasant struggle which had given the

May, 2017 1 2 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
first epic jolt to the revisionists in India and brought the path of armed before this meeting was not whether Naxalbari path was still relevant. He
revolution on the agenda. He ended by saying there must be a concrete said the ruling classes laid a trap of official land reforms to distract the
programme formulated to oppose the attack on Bastar and support the movements. The next speaker was Com. Pronob Naik, who commented on
movement. the speeches of some comrades who spoke before him and dealt in detail
with the aspects of the Samadhan policy announced by Rajnath Singh
Com. Alok Mukherjee (CCM of CPI(ML) Kanu Sanyal) upheld the path against CPI(Maoist) in Bastar.
of Naxalbari and spoke of struggles including the movement in Kashmir.
He was followed by Com. V. K. Patole, Spokesperson of Jharkhand–Bihar After him Com B. Pradeep (General Secretary of IFTU) addressed the
Committee of CPI(ML) New Democracy. Paying homage to the leaders gathering. He paid homage to the martyrs of Naxalbari and Srikakulam and
and martyrs of Naxalbari he spoke of Com. SNS and the movement in to Coms. CM, SN, CP, DV Rao, Nagireddy and others. He emphasized
Mushaheri where the first movement after Naxalbari broke out outside West that the land issue is alive even in Punjab where so many said this issue is
Bengal, of the movement spreading to Darbhanga, Champaran, Bhojpur over and capitalist development has occurred. It is also alive in the anti
and Rohtas and of the martyrdom of Com. Raj Kishore. He emphasized acquisition struggles. History asserts itself and as Marxist Leninists can
that the importance of Naxalbari was that it linked the struggle for land with we still say that change in the social structure can be brought about by
the struggle for power. If not linked to land the struggle is anarchism and if parliamentarianism? If we say no changes have taken place in last 50
not linked to the struggle for power the land struggle remains only an years we would be dogmatists. Yes there have been changes especially
economic struggle. He also condemned the repression on ongoing land changes by the policies of globalization but they are not basic in nature
struggles of Dalits for their share of land in Sangrur Dist. of Punjab, on the and have not basically altered the situation in India. He ended by saying
movement led by revolutionaries of adivasis in defence of Podu lands in we must bring up massive people's struggles around a core of armed
Khammam area of Telengana and he also condemned the attacks of the struggle.
Modi Govt. on democratic intellectuals and institutes of higher education.
President of the meeting Com. Puronendu Shekhar Mukherjee was the
The next speaker was Com. Sukhendu Sarkar (Shramik Krishak last speaker and he read out from his writings on Development. After he
Sangrami Manch) who referred to an article written by Ashim Chatterjee ended his speech, he called on Harsh Thakor to speak. After his short
and discounted its positions on several counts, particularly the assertion intervention, the meeting ended with the singing of the Internationale in
that Naxalbari took place “inspite of” Com Charu Mazumdar. He was followed Bengali.
by Com. Bhala Chandra Shadangi (CPI(ML)-New Democracy spokesperson
of Odisha). He upheld the path of Naxalbari as the road to Indian revolution. The proceedings of the meeting were enlivened and participants enthused
He highlighted that Modi Yogi rule had heightened the danger of Fascism. by revolutionary songs presented by Com. Meghnath (WB), songs including
All those opposing them are branded as ‘ánti-national’ whether they are by Arunodaya (Andhra Pradesh) and comrades from West Bengal and
CRs, students, democrats, Muslims, Adivasis or Dalits. He said we must Telengana along with folk songs and an adivasi dance.
stand with all these sections and also advance the struggle. He hailed the The occasion was momentous, the gathering enthusiastic, energetic,
anti acquisition struggles of the peasantry, the land struggle by Dalits in passionate and many really excited to be in Naxalbari.
Punjab, the struggle in Bastar against which one lakh CRPF has been
pitted, and the struggle for self determination in Kashmir which is facing
the might of the Indian army.
Com. Subodh Mitra (CPI(ML)-Kanu Sanyal) spoke next, paying homage
to all the leaders and martyrs including Coms. Charu Mazumdar, D,V.Rao,
T. Nagi Reddy. He said he wanted to raise certain questions as the issue

May, 2017 3 4 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)

A prairie fire that erupted in Naxlbari engulfed the whole country.
Peasants took up arms in Naxalbari, showed the way to the Indian people
for their liberation. It made a complete break with revisionism and neo-
revisionism and upheld Mao Zedong Thought as further development of
Marxism-Leninism. It reaffirmed the programme of New Democratic
Revolution and path of People's War.
To mark the 50 th anniversary of that historic event, Punjab State
Committee of CPI(M-L) New Democracy took initiative to unite all the
communist revolutionary forces to mark this occasion. Five organizations
met and discussed the issue. Differences arose as CPRCI(ML) was not in
favour of holding any open programme and was in favour of joint publications veteran of Naxlbari movement, while addressing the gathering, said that
and small meetings. Other four organization decided to go ahead with the Naxalbari was the result of international and national conditions prevailing
programme and hold a big mass meeting and Rally in Ludhiana. But later at that time. He elaborately dealt with the conditions at that time. He said
on CPI(MLM) withdrew from it saying that this is the issue where maximum break with revisionism and neo revisionism was the landmark of Naxalbari.
programme is to be taken to the masses and they felt constrained in this He said developments of last fifty years have proved the correctness of
joint platform. So the three organizations i.e. CPI(ML)ND, Lok Sangram the orientation of naxalbari. When CPI and CPM have joined the ranks of
Manch and Inqlabi Lok Morcha decided to hold the programme. A joint ruling classes, comrades following the path of Naxalbari are the only political
poster and a leaflet were issued. Seminars, meetings were held at various force fighting for the people. He further said today when communal fascism
places and hundreds of villages. Memorial meetings were held in the villages is on the offensive and is presently targeting religious minorities, specially
of some of the martyrs of the Naxlbari movement. Muslims, Dalits, women and Left, naxalbari politics is the only hope for
On twenty fifth of May thousands of people - workers, peasants, Indian people. Com. Lal Singh Golewala of Lok Morcha said that Indian
students, youth and middle class people, men and women thronged the state is ruling by brute force of military. It has deployed more than five lakh
grain market of Gill road, Ludhiana with great enthusiasm. They were military in Kashmir and similar number in North East and two lakh para
shouting revolutionary slogans which thundered over the industrial city of military force in central India. Com Sukhwinder Kaur of Lok Sangram Manch
Ludhiana. Meeting started in mood of enthusiasm under the guidance of narrated the repression on the tribals in the Dandakarnya region to displace
the Presidium comprising of Com. Ajmer Singh, senior leader of CPI(ML)ND, them, so that foreign and native corporate can exploit the rich minerals of
Shinder Singh of Inqlabi Lok Morcha and Com. Balwant Makhu of Lok the area. Tribals have no option but to fight and Maosits are leading them
Sangram Manch (RDF). Two minute silence was observed to pay homage in this fight. Indian state, not the Maoists, are responcible for the violence
to the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in Naxlbari movement. Meeting in this region.
started with the revolutionary songs by Jugraj and Navdip Dhaula. Com Later on a rally was taken out on the Gill Road in which thousands who
Kulwinder Singh Waraich conducted the proceedings. had gathered for the occasion participated.
Com. Darshan Singh Khatkar, a senior leader of CPI(ML)ND and a

May, 2017 5 6 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)

May Day 2017 : Scenario The events at Maruti on 18th July 2012 and the subsequent judgement
bear an uncanny resemblance to the framing at Haymarket. The Maruti

for Indian Working Class
judgement comes as the natural sequel to a sequence of events which
were repeated like photocopies in one Multinational after another in India.
As the movement began for the right to form trade unions in MNCs and for
absorption of the contractual staff or for their rights, a sequence played out
Aparna in one affected multinational after another. In Graziano (Italian MNC) in
Greater Noida (UP) 2008, contract workers protesting for weeks suddenly
May Day 2017 came a month and two weeks after a district court in had a run-in with the guards (they are inevitably bouncers) and in the melee
Gurugram (Haryana) sentenced 13 workers-the twelve office bearers of the a HR manager was killed and over 100 workers arrested for murder. The
workers’ union and a thirteenth worker, Jiyalal- to life imprisonment for Govt. of UP responded by making the DM responsible for labour law issues
allegedly murdering an Indian manager in the multinational Maruti. The in the area and developing a ‘Quick Reaction’ armed force for the area,
prosecution, in this case the Haryana govt., had asked for death sentence. which would respond to the call of managements in 10 minutes time. The
It cam e a m onth and three days af ter t he Law Com m is sion’s case is still pending. Next came Nippon (Sahibabad, UP) where there was
recommendation to outlaw strikes by lawyers became public along with an exactly similar sequence of events. It was followed by Regency Ceramics
another recommendation opening India for foreign law firms. It came less in Yanam ( Andhra Pradesh)) where a contract workers’ leader was also
than five months since the Labour Secretary of India issued a notice stating killed. Several other incidents of such sudden violence in an ongoing
that 9 labour laws need not be implemented by Start-Up companies in the movement in MNCs with workers being arrested en mass for attempted
first three years of existence. It came three months after the Supreme murder or murder followed. These cases are still pending before courts and
Court decreed in the context of contract labour that equal pay should be workers are in various jails as workers fled and organizations collapsed
given for equal work. It comes while the threat of doing away with 44 hard before the sudden violence and all out repression. In this sequence came
won labour laws by the Govt. continued to hang like the proverbial Damocles the incident in Maruti on July 18th 2012. Hundreds of workers were framed
Sword over the head of the working class of the country. and 12 office bearers of the union have been sentenced for murder. It is
India’s ‘’Haymarket Moment’’ and this May Day the fight for the reversal of
Attacks on Workers in MNCs this verdict was the top task before India's working class.
May Day was a pagan spring festival of the western world chiefly
England. In 1886 three lakh workers in America including 40,000 workers Right to Hire and Fire-Axing Labour Laws
in the city of Chicago observed a day’s strike for an 8 hour working day as May Day 2017 saw the Central govt. preparing to basically finish off
part of the fight against capitalist exploitation. During a meeting on the many hard won labour rights. This is being done ’’innovatively’’ by replacing
days following there was a sudden bomb explosion in a workers’ meeting 44 labour laws- each of them hard won- by four labour codes in the name of
at Haymarket square following the speeches of the workers’ leaders. Four ‘pro worker simplification’’ of the laws. This push has to be seen in the
of the workers’ leaders were sentenced to death in the subsequent trial and context of the Central Govt. going all out to open all sectors of India for
the sentence was executed. In 1889 in Paris, one hundred years after the FDI and for prostrating itself before imperialism to ‘Make in India’ using our
Paris Commune, it was decided that May Day would be observed cheap labour and our raw materials.
internationally in memory of the strike by America’s workers. The
revisionists have subsequently tried to make it be observed as a day of The demand of the imperialist countries for doing away with India’s
festivities, but it is a day symbolizing the struggle against capitalist labour laws has been voiced since the advent of the ‘New Economic
exploitation and for socialism. Policies’ when a Japanese trade delegation raised objection to the need for

May, 2017 7 8 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
permission before closing down large industrial establishments. The focus The most important result is the change in the composition of the working
was on the need to do away with protection of employment. Successive class of India in the last quarter century. The predominant and growing
Central govts. since then have had this end in view. It began by offering workforce in the country is either contractual or casual-impermanent
massive VRS to govt. employees and public sector workers in the 1990s, basically. This is the large and growing section even among the Govt.
a move abetted by both the reactionary and so called left trade unions. The employees and the public sector. This is while the Contract Labour
news letter for workers of one of the latter unions wrote at that time that (Prohibition and Abolition) Act stands and while all these contract workers
while the trade union activists with stuck-in-the-mud ideas were trying to are employed in jobs of permanent and regular nature. Today contractual
prevent them, ’the workers were laughing all the way to the bank’. By the employees are dominant even in white collar jobs like journalism, teaching
time the unions moved due to workers’ resentment there was a new normal. in both schools and colleges, both doctors and employees in hospitals and
Govt. then simply stopped forcing VRS and waited for workers to retire, other service sectors. It is estimated that in 2014 (Mint) 47% workers in
while filling all empty posts with contract workers. Propaganda has been automobile sector were contractual,54% were so in energy and utilities,52%
on and is intensifying row about industry being ‘handcuffed by labour laws’ workers were contractual in cement industry and 34% workers were so in
and by 'inspector raj’. major companies. Whole departments in railways, govt hospitals, power
sector etc are given over to contractual employees. An interesting feature
The BJP RSS Modi Govt. has taken on the task of actually consigning of Modi govt.’s Swach Bharat abhiyan is its deliberate attempt to wipe out
major labour laws to the dustbin in one go. Goebellsian propaganda has the existence of the Class 4 workers from public memory, while at the
been unleashed making lack of ‘labour flexibility’ synonymous with industrial same time finishing off these jobs altogether in regular employment. In
stagnation. While moves to do this have been fought back by the working Delhi itself, municipal employees including a massive number of Class 4
class of the country with almost all trade unions except of the party in workers were driven to strike because they did not receive wages for three
power at the Centre opposing them, the struggle has been somewhat fitful. months while the BJP led Corporations and the AAP Delhi Govt. haggled
This is largely because of the consensus on pro imperialist policies among over who was responsible. Another pertinent figure which shows the state
the parliamentary parties of India. Yet, the Govt, has till now not dared to of permanent jobs is drawn from the public sector. Public sector jobs
actually place any of the new codes for enactment. Its attempt to directly dropped in 8 sectors reviewed by the Labour Bureau as
attack workers’ access to the massive Provident Fund deposits met such
a mighty challenge in the anger of the textile women workers of Bengaluru 2011-12 700000
that it was forced to totally withdraw the move. This May Day marked the 2014-15 155000
need for the working class to remain vigilant on this score. In the Budget
speech this February, the Finance Minister found it necessary to state that 2.5 times higher daily earning was recorded in the public sector at Rs
his Govt. would bring on the changes in labour laws this year. It is clear 945 against Rs388 in private sector in 2011-12.
that the imperialists’ are pushing for changes and the working class must
The irony is that the Supreme Court has, in a judgement this year
be prepared for relentless struggle as unitedly as possible. For this, vigilance
reiterated that contract workers should get equal pay for equal work even
against divisive agenda is the need of the hour but more of that later.
while the Law for equal remuneration is to be done away with totally in the
Demand Equal pay for Equal work proposed labour code on wages. The sleeping Court was no doubt forced
into pre-emptive action by the spate of brave struggles by contract workers
While the laws have not been formally changed centrally in the main especially in MNC automobile industries, by several smaller struggles of
yet, changes have been wrought by either openly violating them or contract workers for labour law implementation in public and govt. sectors
circumventing through Govt circulars or judicial interpretations. In this there in various parts of the country and the imminent threat of a spreading
has been total judicial complicity including of the highest court of the country. movement in contract workers. While fighting to defend the existing laws,

May, 2017 9 10 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
struggling for their implementation and to extend rights, this May Day gave to not employ women workers where there is scope to force implementation
occasion for the working class to focus on the need of raising a powerful of the law. The vast majority of the women workforce-almost 98%- is just
voice for implementation of the Supreme Court judgement. Side by side, it unprotected by labour laws like Maternity Benefit Act as they are also not
must be ensured that in jobs of regular nature, even if the contractor is covered by ESI services which ought to be compulsorily enforced. In the
changed, the workers cannot be changed. This at least gives some job overwhelming number of cases in the overwhelming number of sectors,
security to workers, while the struggle is kept up for regularization of contract women work for as long as possible during pregnancy and then usually
workers in regular jobs. have to leave jobs or at best take a few weeks off and then manage with
helpful relatives. For that matter there is an Act compulsorily providing for
Need to organize the workers in specific sectors crèches run by employers where ever more than 35 women are employed.
Workers in specific industries also face specific challenges. The All Labour Commissioners, all Labour Ministers and all Judges must be
construction industry is today estimated as the sixth largest economic blind if they have never observed that there are no such crèches in the
sector contributing 7.8% of GDP (EMIS Store, Oct 16th 2016). It is one of vast parts of the country including most probably in their own places of
the biggest employers after agriculture with an estimated workforce of 35 work. Another seriously exploited section of workers , entirely women, are
million and is the second largest receipient of FDI in service sector. The the ASHA and anganwadi workers. The ASHA workers throughout the
workers of this industry were badly hit in Modi’s ‘’pro people ‘’demonetization country are paid a pittance in the name of a stipend for voluntary work and
exercise. Throughout the country, huge funds are present with the Welfare then allowed to draw ‘’çommisions’ per case which are grandly quoted by
Boards of this sector drawn from cess paid by contractors and builders. authorities as though they are the source of a living wage. Yet on the
Govts. connive to access this money for their own use and the benefits shoulders of these workers India has been declared polio free. Anganwadi
given to these workers is almost nil where they do not unionize to demand workers have in various states over the years gradually inched up their
the same. They must be organized to demand adequate safety kits for wage through struggles, but neither is entitled to either minimum wages or
every single worker, an uniform compensation throughout the country for to statutory rights like ESI or PF.
accidental deaths and disabilities, better conditions of life and work and On 29th May 2017, Labour Minister Duttatreya spoke of 40 crore women
other rights ensured for them in the relevant Acts. employed as ASHA and Anganwadi (ET, 30th May 2017) and said that
Similarly hard hit by demonetization were the workers in the textile they would get yet another number : U-WIN i.e. Unorganized Worker
industry which has the largest section of informal workers, primarily women, Identification Number and be put under the Atal Pension Yojna Scheme.
attached to it. It contributes 11% to the export kitty and employs 40 million So no minimum wages and no ESI. Rather, the Minister also announced
workers directly and 60 million indirectly (IBEF March 2017).This is another that the new Labour Code- which makes minimum wages virtually
major employer in the country where labour laws are mostly given a go by. unenforceable by Labour Depts.- would be presented before the next session
of Parliament.
Women workers in various industries are the most exploited section. In
an interesting example, women attending an 8th March rally in Delhi asserted Yet among the major struggles of the past few years are the struggle of
that they did the same work as other contract workers in Delhi airport for the women garment workers of Bengaluru who fought to defend the right to
the same number of hours but received two third of the wages. A similar access PF for the whole working class and the women tea garden workers
complaint is raised by the women working in at least one of the hospitals in of Kerala who shunned pro management unions and fought their own battle
Singareni collieries in Telengana. Recently, the Modi govt, in a bid to win against the employers for their demands. Recently thousands of anganwadi
over the women workers and to establish credibility for its proposed changes workers laid siege to Bengaluru and sat on indefinite dharna for days for
in labour laws enacted some changes in the Maternity Benefits Act. The their demands. The organization of the women workforce in the country
so called ‘benefits’ are cosmetic because they are only one more reason remains an important task before the trade union movement this May Day.

May, 2017 11 12 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
It is imperative in order to strengthen the fighting capacity of the working
class especially when the attack on its existing rights on paper is so serious.
Tribals’ Struggle in Chettupalli
Class United can Defeat divisive Agenda
Village (Telengana) in Defence of
The single biggest threat to united action to beat back attack on labour Their Land
laws and to ensure implementation of basic rights to various sections is
the divisive agenda of the BJP RSS Govt. of Modi. Minorities, especially Exposing that its electoral promises were totally hollow, KCR's TRS
Muslims, are being targeted in a myriad of ways and the discourse is being Govt of Telengana has launched an all out offensive against land being
openly communalized to disrupt the unity of the people. The working class cultivated by Adivasis and non tribal poor. The KCR Govt. came to power
must remain alert against this disruption. Communalism and casteism are in June 2014 and 30 months have passed since then. In the election
the weapons of the rulers against the unity of the working class. This May manifesto, KCR promised that the TRS would give 3 acres of land to each
Day 2017, the working class of India faced with the challenge to maintain Adivasi and Dalit family by purchasing land. Not even one cent of land has
class unity for united actions for class interests. been given to Adivasis and distribution of land to Dalit families is farcical.
On the other hand the Govt. is evicting the Adivasis and poor non tribals
We must also be perceptive to the fallout of Govt’s strategies. For from land they have been cultivating for years together, some for close to
instance was the ban on ‘illegal’ slaughter houses in Uttar Pradesh. Now four decades. This is when they are entitled to pattas for the land under the
teh Govt. has announced ruled reagrding the sale and purchase of cattle Forest Rights Act 2006. They are doing this also on land for which the
for slaughter of animal fairs. No one can make a case for allowing illegal Tribals have already been issued patta certificates earlier. This offensive
units to run. However the method of implementation with vigilante squads, was started last year itself in the name of Harithaharam (Green Belt) and
has led to a shut down of the total industry. This in turn has an impact on crops over thousands of acres were damaged in the adivasi areas. This
the jobs of the workers employed in this industry as also on the estimated year, from February itself, eviction was begun well in advance of the sowing
2.5 million workers employed with the leather industry. There are better season by digging trenches in the cultivated land using JCBs. Forest officers
ways to ensure registration of all units, but in this manner a fascist method performing this task are accompanied by strong police force who are under
is being made acceptable, the real target are the Muslims who are the direction of the state Govt. to evict the cultivators.
largest section engaged in different aspects of this trade and also Dalits
who are the section involved in dealing with dead cattle for recovery of In Kothagudem District, this digging of trenches with JCBs to render
skin.The all India order is going to impact India's leather indusry which is land uncultivable has begun in Illendu, Tekulaplli, Gundala, Allapalli and
worth 13 billion dollars (Economic Times, 30th May 2017). Leather had Bayaram Mandals. It is accompanied by high pitched Govt. propaganda
been identified as a focus sector under Make In India, expected to grow to that the Tribals and other poor are cultivating the land illegally. Along with
27 billion dollars by 2020. The challenge before the working class to retain it is attacking them physically, damaging them economically and freely
class clarity, distinguish issues, oppose communal attacks and atrocities foisting false cases against the protesting people. Where Tribals are not
against Dalits and insist on democratic methods is great indeed. organized it is able to attack more freely. In these areas there is presence
of the revolutionary movement and here the people are coming forward to
defend their land. Here the Govt. is trying to drive a wedge between Tribals
and non tribals, locals and outsiders and instigating the people against
each other.
Resistance of the People of Chettupalli
In this background, on 27th March 2017 at noon forest officials along

May, 2017 13 14 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
with police and two JCBs came to Regulagudem, a hamlet of Chettupalli poor but from those who have occupied hundreds of acres of forest land.
Village panchayat and started digging trenches, trying to occupy 500 acres This false propaganda is with the sole intention of carrying on their drive to
of land. About 50 people gathered, mostly women, and appealed to them dispossess the Tribals and non tribal poor in these areas of land they have
not to dig trenches and tried to stop the digging. Foul and filthy language been cultivating for years. Last year acres of crops were damaged just
was used against the women and the people were threatened but the people before harvesting began; this year, survey of Illendu area has been
did not scatter and rather continued to question the officials. As the people completed in 5 mandals and the process of eviction by digging trenches
were in smaller number and the officials and police were in large numbers with JCBs had already commenced. This is what resulted in an angry fight
so the people were not able to stop the team or resist adequately. Keeping back by the people who had no other option to save the source of their
this experience in mind over 500 people were mobilized from surrounding livelihood other than defending their land. The struggle of the people of
nearby villages and prepared for resistance. On 28th March, forest officers Chettupalli is part of this fightback.
and police returned to Regulagudem and Chettupalli. They brought two JCBs
with them. Seeing the JCBs the people gathered and stopped the JCBs, It is clear that the Govt. of Telengana will try to occupy podu lands in
questioning the Forest officials and the police on why they were being other districts also and the task of defending the land will be faced by other
forcibly evicted from their only source of livelihood. The memories of the districts also. Meanwhile state level teams of AIKMS and POW leaders
incidents last year when Forest officials had damaged standing crops by have visited the Chettupalli villages and given confidence to the people in
running tractors over them, made the people even more apprehensive. When the face of the police crackdown against them. It is clear that the people in
the police did not withdraw, the anger of the people burst forth. Even as the other areas will also need to organize and resist the eviction teams en
JCBs were entering the land, in the melee one JCB and three motorcycles masse, while continually propaganda needs to be carried out exposing the
of the forest officials were damaged, with police claiming they were set on heinous designs of the state Govt. against the Tribal and poor people.
fire by the villagers. The TRS Govt. is entirely responsible for this clash, The Party should lead the people to form Protection Committees of
as the people have been pushed to the edge by the repeated attacks by Podu lands in different local areas, step up a campaign to dispel
the Forest officials on their lands which they have been cultivating for disinformation against the Tribals being spread by the State Govt through
years and which is the only source of their livelihood. newspapers and above all prepare the Tribals and non tribal poor for actively
Using this incident as a pretext and seizing the opportunity, Forest resisting en masse the attempts to evict them from their sources of
officials called up police from three police stations and raided the hamlet livelihood. On the one hand the Telengana Govt. has handed over seven
and Chettupalli village. They bet up and injured 15 women and 20 men, forest mandals for drowning by the waters of the Polavaram Dam to AP
ironically booked the tribal people under the Forest Rights Act and took Govt. after registering only a token protest and thus betraying the Movement
away 4 tractors and 15 motorcycles belonging to the families there. They for Telengana state. This will destroy pristine forests and displace thousands
also foisted another false case on 104 people. Now they are daily threatening of tribals robbing them of their traditional habitat. On the other hand the
the people with arrests, calling on them to surrender and threatening to Telengana Govt. is going all out to deprive the Tribals – the keepers of the
confiscate their belongings, terrorizing them in various ways to break their Forests- of their traditional habitats and their lands in the name of, strangely,
resistance to surrendering their land. ’saving forests’. It is uncontested throughout India that Tribals thus
displaced in the name of both ‘development’ and ‘protection of forests’
Police has gone to town propagating cooked up stories, insisting that over decades end up as cheap labour in the cities leading impoverished
armed squads of CPI(ML)-New Democracy were responsible, though the lives and tribal culture and way of life is totally ruined. Thus, along with
incident took place in the middle of the afternoon i.e. in broad daylight and preparing the Tribals and poor for direct, concerted, firm resistance against
hundreds of people participated directly and angrily. Police and forest officers attempts at dispossession, the democratic movement must be mobilized
are also hard at work trying to divide the people by asserting that they had against the anti people anti tribal measures of the Telengana Govt.
only gone to secure the land occupied by non tribals- that too not from the

May, 2017 15 16 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)

Kashmiri women and the predominantly Muslim, the courage to expose their faces openly while
confronting the Indian Army and to also withstand weeks and weeks of
Movement for Self determination curfews at a time for years and years, denial of civic amenities and civil
rights, rapes and sexual harassment by India’s armed forces, deaths of
near and dear ones and even decades of life as ‘half widows’’?
As late as the end of March 2017, pictures were flashing across
television screens and in social media of hundreds of women in the Kashmir In the introductory chapter of ‘’Women’s testimonies-Green of the Valley
valley, angry faces exposed, crowding around India’s army contingent which is Khaki”’ is a line about these women, ’’They are the ground which sustains
is trying to target some house in the background. There are also images of life in the midst of death...’’. To understand why the women of Kashmir are
thousands of women and youth throwing stones at the Army personnel on the streets fighting and why they raise the slogan of Azadi it would be
firing into some house where armed or otherwise Kashmiri youth are holed appropriate to take a quick look at the history of the movement for self
up and one can almost hear the vibrant, defiant slogans of Ázadi’’ raised determination which is on in the Kashmir Valley.
as the amassed people attempt to stop the attack. It is about these
thousands of women and youth that the Army chief of India had recently THE BACKDROP
threatened that those attempting to protect what he called ‘terrorists’’, would
The Dogra King of Jammu bought Kashmir valley from the British
be treated as terrorists themselves. In fact, even in the latest such incidents,
colonialists around 1846. Jammu and Kashmir was a separate kingdom
there have been civilian deaths as the people, predominantly women,
under British suzerainty. Within this state, a democratic movement began
attempted to foil the Army in such attacks.
under Sheikh Abdullah of National Conference against the feudal Dogra
The situation markedly intensified in April 2017. With the backdrop of king and this agitation also demanded land reforms in the state. This powerful
an ongoing stir against elections and the Army tying a young Kashmiri to movement challenged the feudal rule. The National Conference also
the front of its jeep as a ‘human shield’, the armed forces entered a Degree mobilized the women of the state in this struggle and there were a number
college in Pulwama in their ‘search’ operations on 17th April 2017. In the of all women’s rallies in the state in the leadership of the women leaders of
ensuing events 54 students were injured. Students throughout the Valley the National Conference. In 1931 a woman named Fazli died when the
went on strike and the insensitive state Govt. promptly closed down all King’s military opened fire in Srinagar against people protesting against
educational institutions for a week. The college and school students are the arrest of Abdullah, another woman (Sajida Bano) was killed in Shopian.
out on the streets and this time the women and girl students were
The state of Jammu and Kashmir became a part of India as a result of
predominant. In fact the streets have been taken over by angry schoolgirls
the conditional document of Accession signed by its Dogra King in 1947.
and this is a new feature of the movement. The Govt. of PDP-BJP has
India was engulfed in a communal holocaust and partitioned in 1947 by the
responded with tear gas spraying and pellet firing police and on 26th April
British with the agreement of the ruling classes of India. The over 500
three students sustained injuries in Pulwama, with one, a girl, sustaining
small kingdoms under the British in this area were given the option of being
pellet injury.
part of either India or Pakistan. In Junagarh there was a Muslim king with
Why were these thousands and thousands of women and now these predominantly Hindu subjects, hence a referendum was conducted there
thousands upon thousands of schoolgirls and women students pouring out to decide which option would be taken. In J&K, the King had been toying
into the streets, blocking the movement of India’s army in various parts of with the idea of an independent state but took the option of conditional
Kashmir and protecting the youth of Kashmir, armed or otherwise, uncaring accession to India when tribals from Pakistan entered Kashmir valley. At
about their own lives and security? What is giving these women of Kashmir, that time he was assured by Indian govt. that the will of the people of the
primarily an agrarian society (around 90% agricultural households among state would be subsequently ascertained and they would be able to decide
the rural households accoding to NSSO agricultual census 2011) and by majority whether they wanted to go with Pakistan or be part of India.

May, 2017 17 18 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
The same commitment was given by the Govts of both India and Pakistan personnel in search operations. The army of India behaved as an occupation
in the cease fire agreement before the UN in 1950. The willingness of force.
Sheikh Abdullah for accession to India, which he perceived as a secular
state, was also an important factor in the conditional accession. It is also In 1991 came the mass gang rapes by the Army in Kunan Poshpora.
relevant to remember that the demography of Muslim majority Jammu had On 23rd February, Army personnel from the 4th Rajputana Rifles entered the
by then been changed in the course of communal violence unleashed in villages of Kunan Poshpora late at night. Declaring a surround and search
1947, in which the forces of the Dogra king led the aggressors. operation, they made all the men leave the village. Then they gangraped
the women present, not sparing even the old women. The number of women
Subsequent to 1950 J and K remained a state under dominance of gangraped that night has been placed variably. What is important is that
India’s army with the Govt. pouring armed forces into the state. Democratic from within Kashmir as well as from the democratic movement in the rest
rights were impinged upon and the special status granted to the state was of India efforts were made to document the gangrapes and approach the
constantly violated. Sheikh Abdullah was jailed by the Congress govt. at civilian criminal courts for justice, but to no avail. The Armed Forces Special
the Centre and puppet Govts were installed in the state. The elections to powers Act (AFSPA) was in force in the state and all acts committed in the
the state Assembly after the Sheikh’s death saw intense participation by name of performing duty were just that-duty! The issue also went to the
the youth of the Valley and the rigging of those elections in favour of army courts but till today-26 years later, no one in the Army is guilty of
Farooq Abdullah turned the youth of Kashmir towards building militant committing those rapes. Thus has the Indian state and especially the
movement for the right of the state to determine its own future. The Judiciary too, betrayed the women of Kashmir valley.
demography of Jammu had already been changed by communal violence;
sustained efforts have continued since by the Indian ruling classes to The single most important factor driving women to actively take part in
communalize the struggle for the right to self determination of the state the movement for self determination has been human rights violations by
and it is now primarily a struggle of the Kashmiris i.e. of the Valley. the armed forces of India including sexual violations of Kashmiri women
with no avenue at all for justice in the latter cases. Husbands, fathers,
Since the last decade or so, one feature of the movement for self brothers and sons dragged out of homes by security forces and never
determination which has been on in the Kashmir Valley, has come to the returning. Children killed before the eyes of mothers. ‘Encounters’, in which
fore. It is the pouring out of masses of villagers onto the roads and highways the youth of the valley are killed and buried in unmarked graves. And, all
to participate in protests. The form closely resembles the Intifada struggle along, an attack on the basic democratic rights and a total denial of any
of the Palestinian people. One of the earliest such protests in Kashmir right to self determination by the political order of the country. It is these
was after the fake encounters following the massacre of Sikh residents of that have fuelled hatred for the way India is treating the people of Kashmir
the valley just prior to the Clinton visit to India. This form has also evolved and led to further and further alienation. Thus the Azadi demanded is also
and now there are massive outpourings of women protestors who not only an azadi from the rule of the armed forces of India.
oppose Army actions but also play a far more active role in the movement
in large numbers. Women’s Organizations
Two major women’s organizations were also formed in the course of the
Women Join the movement
struggle, though they differed on the course in accordance with the main
Most narratives maintain that women began actively participating in trends in the movement for self determination itself. In 1981 was formed
the movement for self determination from the 1990s. Initially they were the Dukhtaran-e-Millat (Daughters of the Faith). In 1987 it fought for state
part of the general resistance of the Kashmiri people to increasing repression wide reservation for women in buses. It also took up some anti dowry
by the Army and paramilitary on the movement for self determination. They actions. In 1990 on March 14th it called for a march to the UN office in
helped to hide militants, served as couriers, helped to mislead security Srinagar to demand that the agreement before the UN be implemented. In

May, 2017 19 20 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
1994, they called on women to pick up the knife against sexual harassment. street corners and sounding alarms to indicate the movement of the security
The DeM chief, Asiya Andrabi, has several times given interviews that her forces, 'blocking narrow allies and twisted staircases' so that the movement
organization wants that the state should be able to be a part of Pakistan of the armed forces was hampered, collecting money for bails and arranging
(one of the two options available to Jand K as per the UN Agreement of for food and clothing for the militants.
1950.) Along with this understanding, which is also the understanding of
many forces in the movement who are represented in the All Party Hurriyat The APHC has several women’s groups in its constituents. Apart from
Conference (APHC) which is an umbrella organization of several forces the D-e-M there is one faction of the earlier MKM, and also the J and K
fighting for the right to self determination, the DeM prescribes that Kashmiri mass movement led by Fareeda Dar. Zamrude Habib earlier headed one
women should strictly adhere to the veil. In 2001, it again took up a campaign faction of MKM and has now formed the AFKP-Association of Families of
for rigid enforcement of the burqa, which earned it the ire of college going Kashmiri Prisoners. Another woman, Praveena, heads the Association of
Kashmiri women students among others. This campaign was criticized by Parents of Disappeared Persons- the APDP. All these women leaders and
the militant organizations like Harkat –e – Muzahideen and Hizbul so many others besides them have been steeled in the struggle for self
Muzahideen and also by the APHC. In 2002, this organization was banned determination, have gone through long jail terms and lost loved ones in this
by the J and K Govt. and its leader, Asiya, arrested under POTA. However struggle.
in 2006, it took up a powerful exposure of sex scandals of high officials in Kashmiri women and the security forces of India
J and K involving the exploitation of women of Kashmir. Refusing CBI
investigation, in an interview in Kashmir Observer (a daily paper in the Kashmiri women are victims of the Indian state. They have borne the
state), Asiya stated, ’we never had faith in the CBI. We never trust Indian patriarchal attack of India’s army on the morale and psyche of the Kashmiri
judiciary ....... India, under a craftily hatched conspiracy to keep Kashmiris people by dishonouring its women. Rape and molestation are also being
slaves forever, is using rape and sex scandals as weapons of war....’. The used as instruments of repression. They are also bearing the feudal
Govt. of India and the Jand K Govt. slandered the movement while patriarchal culture of their own society, where raped women of Kunan
repressing it with jail terms, but despite that thousands of Kashmiri women Poshpora find themselves being rejected by their own society, where half
joined the protests. D-e-M leader Asiya has been unhesitant in declaring widows fend for themselves often without the family’s support etc. There
that Kashmiri women will not pick up guns until the men are all dead. The are reported to be 11,000 widows in the Valley and around 6000 half widows
organization is strict that women cannot be combatants or suicide bombers - women who do not know whether their husbands are alive even years
as the body of the women would be exposed to male gaze. after they ‘disappeared’-either arrested, or killed or fled. When families
lose the male members, the responsibility of carrying on economic activity
The other organization was the Muslim Khawateen Markaz (MKM) which in the family falls on the women. Most of the disappearances take place in
started in 1986 as social workers. In 1990, after the Gaunkadal blast in rural areas where usually the women are completely economically dependent
which India’s armed forces killed 60 Kashmiris, this organization joined on the men in the family.There seems to be no tradition of the movement or
the Azadi movement for self determination. Similar to the understanding society chipping in to help such families. This does not seem to deter the
of the JKLF (Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front) this organization too stood people or maybe the repression does not allow them to choose.
for an independent Kashmir, an option not part of the UN resolution. Thus
this organization advocated respect for all religions and wanted women to Women participated in huge numbers in the movement against land
‘dress to conscience’ holding that ‘jism pe libas’ is like purdah and the grab in the state in 2008 when land was being acquired in the name of the
only requirement is that the contours of the body of women and their hair Amarnath Yatra Trust. This movement attracted middle class women and
should not be revealed. They also wanted that Kashmiri pundits should women students as well. In 2010, 16 year old Farooq was killed on the
return to their homeland. The MKM chief saved the life of JKLF leader street and in the ensuing protests women came out in thousands and even
Hamid Shaik. These women were familiar in Kashmir working as guards at held separate marches. Then came the deaths of two young women in

May, 2017 21 22 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
Shopian, the prosperous apple town of Kashmir. Two sisters in law went
for a walk in their family orchards and ended up being found dead in a Missiles and MOAB :
Message To Russia
shallow gutter near their land. Govt ignored the presence of a paramilitary
camp close to the orchard, resorted to illogical evidence to deny rape and
instead insisted on death by drowning in the ankle deep water. A massive
protest movement ensued demanding Azadi and it led to a shut down for Donald Trump is nothing if not a businessman. He knows how to sell
days in the entire Valley and for months in the district. his ware or, more importantly to produce what is going to sell. In his
campaign to become President, Trump took the posture of an outsider to
In the protests following the killing of Burhan Wani in 2016, out of the cater to the anti-establishment mood among the people. That he could sell
first 65 dead, three were women, 400 women were among those seriously this newly adorned image speaks volumes of the need of the ruling elite to
injured and a young girl was among the first to lose her vision to pellets hoodwink the people and also persistent propaganda of the corporate media
fired by the Army. Yet they continued flooding the streets in protests against which kept describing this deep insider as a rank outsider and anti-
the Army and for Azadi. They flooded alleys and blocked roads to hamper establishment. So pervading was this propaganda that many believed it
the Army’s movement. They turned up in thousands in funeral processions. despite the fact that Trump had received more media space than all other
And so is the movement still on. candidates combined. In fact this was a sort of pre-emptive strike by the
The 2001 census showed female literacy to be 41.82% in J and K; the establishment so that the anti-establishment mood sweeping the people
sex ratio was 1000 men to 943 women in 2011 and female literacy 65.4%. does not throw up any surprise. And they are good at it, having done it in
country after country, India not excepted.
The best documented and most terrible mass gang rape by the Indian
Army in Kashmir was in the villages of Kunan Pospora, in the course of so This mood centred on kowtowing of the establishment to the interests
called search operations on 23rd February 1991. Those were, however not of big capitalists or what is called Wall Street and secondly perpetual wars
the only cases. The rape and death of Zubeda Akhtar of DooruIslamaba, being perpetrated by the establishment. During the campaign Trump
Tobanida Ghani of Bhatpora Langate, the deaths of young Asiya and Nilofer dramatically took up cudgels against the establishment, asserted that he
in Shopian are also only a few of the total incidents of sexual violence . In would challenge Wall Street and that he was against the wars being
Dardpora close to the LOC in Kupwara district, there are no men and the engineered by US Admn. world over. He praised Russian President Putin
women all half widows. So now even memory has become a form of and vowed to work with him to establish ‘peace’ in different regions of the
resistance. Kashmiri women and students are taking to poetry, to film world. To send proper signals to the disillusioned common people he vowed
documentation, to record the pain of their people, their conviction in their to target China and bring back jobs. In a way he had woven a narrative that
right to ‘azadi’ and their willingness to sacrifice. Essar Bathol, the petitioner the establishment was ignoring US citizens and throwing money around
in civil courts in the cases of Kunan Poshpora has co authored a book-‘Do the world, a process he vowed to reverse. He had also praised WikiLeaks
You remember Kunan Poshpora?’’. University student, film maker and poet during the campaign for having exposed the US establishment. He was
Uzma Falak writes of her land- helped by the exposures relating to the campaign of his rival, Hillary Clinton,
which were ascribed to Russian Govt.
‘Memory is not a victim but a survivor
Having done and dusted the election, Trump switched off the anti-
Like grandmothers, daughters, fathers, brothers
establishment mode and switched on a most brazen establishment mode.
Women, men and children of Kunan and Poshpora, Shopian, To the economic ministries he appointed those openly linked to Wall Street
Handwar, Dardpur, Kupwara, Uri, Srinagar, Kishtwar.... and to defence and foreign affairs the military men. He entrusted the
Memory is a festering wound.’’ exploitation at home to big business and plunder abroad to military men.

May, 2017 23 24 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
However, those he had grounded in his campaign to be US President maintain the status quo ante, somehow stop the wheel of time, somehow
encircled him with enquiries relating to interference in US presidential election wish away the signs of age, but it always recoils, boomerangs with unfailing
by Russian Govt., in particular Trump campaign's links with Russian Govt. certainty.
At root lay the larger question of making friends with Russia and abandoning
the US project of wresting more and more of Eastern Europe and bringing Missiles fired by US at Syrian airbase, most of which did not reach the
it under the umbrella of US military. Europe continues to be one of the target, or the MOAB dropped on Afghanistan, probably on an uninhabited
main arenas of struggle between the two biggest military powers in the area, were targeted not at Assad or IS but at Russia for having ventured to
world, US imperialism and Russian imperialism. US establishment is not become the arbiter of the destiny of the areas without even participation of
about to abandon this project, nor to concede ground to Russia in the Middle- US. Ceasefire in Syria where US has been replaced by Turkey as a guarantor
East. or deciding the future of Afghanistan where Russia sat at a high table with
China and Pakistan or Russian forays into North Africa: for all these a
Cornered, Trump did what most US presidents have done in such strong message had to be sent to Russia. MOAB and missiles were used
situations. He has sought to bomb his way out. He rained missiles at an as messengers. W hat better place to take a last ditch stand than
airbase in Syria after alleged chemical weapon attack by Syrian Govt. Afghanistan, this historic final resting place of empires run amok. Moreover,
against civilians, which they deny and which UN says cannot be proved. a message had to be sent to Europe also that the rumours of the demise of
He threw the mother of all bombs on Afghanistan, a 98 quintal bomb with a US superpower are exaggerated. In sending all these messages, Trump’s
nuclear weapon like mushroom, allegedly against Islamic State there. own message that he sought to give during his campaign has been lost.
Through these attacks, he spawned a new narrative, turned foes into friends But who bothers when so much is at stake, when Trump & family have so
and threw away all pretence of not wanting to be embroiled in wars abroad. many skeletons in their cupboard. People have been hoodwinked but they
Enlightenment dawned on him on April 12 that NATO was no longer obsolete always are by predatory big capital. There is no surprise here except that it
as he had been saying earlier. In a few days, he came full circle and came too soon!
embraced the designs of the US establishment, variously called the Deep
State. As a good businessman, he instinctively knew that the other course Trump was no anti-war candidate and is no anti-war President. What he
was risky and good business management is risk aversion. stands for is sharing the cost of military adventures of US imperialism by
its allies. That Trump would keep on harping and forcing on the allies.
Having thrown his aversion to wars abroad overboard, what is left is an What he has done away with is not military adventurism but avowed planks
outright reactionary, anti-immigrant particularly those from third world of 'human rights' and 'nation building' thereby embracing monarchs and
countries and anti-worker policy framework. Attacks on Asian immigrants dictators, not in shady rooms of conferences and meetings but openly in
are on the rise, including against the people from India. What is left to be full media glare. All that they have to do is pay up. And that they find a
rued is the nebulous character of the anti-establishment in the western small price to pay to be kept in power.
countries where corporate media has spewed so much venom against
socialism and communism though socialism remains the only way out for
these crisis ridden economies and societies. How this anti-establishment
is being repeatedly highjacked by the new characters with old policies, this
deep addiction to old wine in new bottles!
But the developments demonstrate the underlying drive of US
imperialism to attempt to roll back the developments in the world. No
superpower ever has consented to decline with dignity. And none has worked
to share or hand over the reins to its rivals. There is an urge to somehow

May, 2017 25 26 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
NAXALBARI IN THE EYES OF CHINESE COMRADES imperialism, and its number one accomplice, the Soviet revisionist ruling
clique, in addition to its old suzerain British imperialism, thus selling out
SPRING THUNDER OVER INDIA the national interests of India in a big way. So imperialism, Soviet
revisionism, feudalism and bureaucrat-comprador capitalism weigh like big
mountains on the backs of the Indian people, especially on the toiling
[We reproduce from Indian journals the following editorial in the Peking PEOPLE’S masses of workers and peasants.
DAILY of July 5, 1967
-Editor, LIBERATION ] The Congress administration has intensified its suppression and
exploitation of the Indian people and pursued a policy of national betrayal
A peal of spring thunder has crashed over the land of India. Revolutionary during the past few years. Famine has stalked the land year after year.
peasants in the Darjeeling area have risen in rebellion. Under the leadership The fields are strewn with the bodies of those who have died of hunger and
of a revolutionary group of the Indian Communist Party, a red area of rural starvation. The Indian people, above all, the Indian peasants, have found
revolutionary armed struggle has been established in India. This is a life impossible for them. The revolutionary peasants in the Darjeeling area
development of tremendous significance for the Indian people’s revolutionary have now risen in rebellion, in violent revolution. This is the prelude to a
struggle. violent revolution by the hundreds of millions of people throughout India.
The Indian people will certainly cast away these big mountains off their
In the past few months, the peasant masses in this area, led by the backs and win complete emancipation. This is the general trend of Indian
revolutionary group of the Indian Communist Party, have thrown off the history which no force on earth can check or hinder.
shackles of modern revisionism and smashed the trammels that bound
them. They have seized grain, land and weapons from the landlords and What road is to be follow by the Indian revolution? This is a fundamental
plantation owners, punished the local tyrants and wicked gentry, and question affecting the success of the Indian revolution and the destiny of
ambushed the reactionary troops and police that went to suppress them the 500 million Indian people. The Indian revolution must take the road of
thus demonstrating the enormous might of the peasants’ revolutionary armed relying on the peasants, establishing base areas in the countryside,
struggle. All imperialists, revisionists, corrupt officials, local tyrants and persisting in protracted armed struggle and using the countryside to encircle
wicked gentry, and reactionary army and police are nothing in the eyes of and finally capture the cities. This is Mao Tse-Tung’s road, the road that
the revolutionary peasants who are determined to strike them down to the has led the Chinese revolution to victory, and the only road to victory for
dust. The absolutely correct thing as been done by the revolutionary group the revolution of all oppressed nations and peoples.
of the Indian Communist Party and they have done it will. The Chinese Our great leader, Chairman Mao Tse-tung, pointed out as long as 40
people joyfully applaud this revolutionary storm of the Indian peasants in years ago : “In China’s central, southern and northern provinces, several
the Darjeeling area as do all Marxist-Leninists and revolutionary people of hundred million peasants will rise like a mighty storm, like a hurricane, a
the whole world. force so swift and violent that no power, however great, will be able to hold
it back. They will smash all the trammels that bind them and rush forward
It is an inevitability that the India peasants will rebel and the Indian
along the road to liberation. They will sweep all the imperialists, war lords,
people will make revolution because the reactionary Congress rule has left
corrupt officials, local tyrants and evil gentry into their graves.”
them with no alternative. India under Congress rule is only nominally
independent; in fact, it is nothing more than a semi-colonial, semi-feudal Chairman Mao explicitly pointed out long ago that the peasant question
country. The Congress administration represents not only the interests of occupies an extremely important place in the people’s revolution. The
the Indian feudal princes, but landlords and bureaucrat-comprador peasants constitute the main force in the national-democratic revolution
capitalists. Internally, it oppresses the Indian people without any mercy against imperialism and its lackeys; they are the most reliable and numerous
and sucks their blood, while internationally it serves the new boss, U.S. allies of the proletariat. India is a vast Semi-colonial and semi-feudal country

May, 2017 27 28 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
with a population of 509 million, the absolute majority of which, the rely on their great ally, the peasants, it is entirely possible for them to
peasantry, once aroused, will become the invincible force of the Indian establish one advanced revolutionary rural base area after another in the
revolution. By integrating itself with the peasants, the Indian proletariat will broad backward rural areas and build a people’s army of a new type.
be able to bring about earth shaking changes in the vast countryside of Whatever difficulties and twists and turns the Indian revolutionaries may
India and defeat any powerful enemy in a soul-stirring people’s war. experience in the course of building such revolutionary base areas, they
will eventually develop such areas from isolated points into a vast expanse,
Our great leader, Chairman Mao, teaches us : the seizure of power by
from small areas into extensive ones, and expansion in a series of waves.
armed force, the settlement of the issue by war, is the central task and the
Thus, a situation in which the cities are encircled from the countryside will
highest form of revolution. This Marxist-Leninist principle of revolution holds
gradually be brought about in the Indian revolution to pave the way for the
good universally, for China and for all other countries.”
final seizure of towns and cities and winning nation-wide victory.
The Specific feature of Indian revolution, like that of the Chinese
revolution, is armed revolution fighting against armed counter-revolution. The Indian reactionaries are panic-stricken by the development of the
Armed struggle is the only correct road for the Indian revolution; there is no rural armed struggle in Darjeeling. They have sensed imminent disaster
other road whatsoever. Such trash as “Gandhi-ism”, “parliamentary road” and they wail in alarm that the peasant’s revolt in Darjeeling will “become a
and the like are opium used by the Indian ruling classes to paralyze the national disaster.” Imperialism and the Indian reactionaries are trying in a
Indian people. Only by relying on violent revolution and taking the road of thousand and one ways to suppress this armed struggle of the Darjeeling
armed struggle can India be saved and the Indian people achieve complete peasant and nip it in the bud. The Dange renegade clique and revisionist
liberation. Specifically, this is to arouse the peasant masses boldly, build chieftain of the Indian Communist Party are vigorously slandering and
up and expand the revolutionary armed forces, deal blows at the armed attacking the revolutionaries in the Indian Communist Party and the
suppression of the imperialist and reactionaries who are temporarily stronger revolutionary peasants in Darjeeling for their great exploits. The so-called
than the revolutionary forces, by using the whole set of the flexible strategy “Non-Congress” government in West Bengal openly sides with the reactionary
and tactics of people’s war personally worked out by Chairman Mao, and Indian Government in its bloody suppression of the revolutionary peasants
to persist in protracted armed struggle and seize victory of the revolution in Darjeeling. This gives added proof that these renegades and revisionists
step by step. are running dogs of U.S. imperialism and Soviet revisionism and lackeies
of the big Indian landlords and bourgeoisie. What they call the “Non-
In the light of the characteristics of the Chinese revolution, our great Congress government” is only a tool of these landlords and bourgeoisie.
leader, Chairman Mao, has pointed out the importance of establishing
revolutionary rural base areas. Chairman Mao teaches us : In order to persist But no matter how well the imperialists, Indian reactionaries and the
in protracted armed struggle and defeat imperialism and its lackeys, “it is modern revisionists may co-operate in their sabotage and suppression,
imperative for the revolutionary ranks to turn the backward villages into the torch of armed struggle lighted by the revolutionaries in the Indian
advanced, consolidated base areas, into great military, political, economic Communist Party and the revolutionary peasants in Darjeeling will not be
and cultural bastions of the revolution from which to fight their vicious put out. “A single spark can start a prairie fire.” The spark in Darjeeling will
enemies who are using the cities for attacks on the rural districts, and in start a prairie fire and will certainly set the vast expanse of India ablaze.
this way gradually to achieve the complete victory of the revolution through That a great storm of revolutionary armed struggle will eventually sweep
protracted fighting.” across the length and breadth of India is certain. Although the course of
the Indian revolution will be long and tortuous, the Indian Revolution, guided
India is a country with vast territory; its countryside where the reactionary by great Marxism-Leninism, Mao-Tsetung’s Thought, will surely triumph.
rule is weak, provides the broad areas in which the revolutionaries can
manoeuvre freely. So long as the Indian proletarian revolutionaries adhere (Reproduced from November 1967 issue of Liberation)
to the revolutionary line of Marxism-Leninism Mao Tse-tung’s Thought and

May, 2017 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)

Inspiration of Naxalbari peasant uprising.
As we were Central government employees and having left orientation,
leaders formed study circles to educate and develop revolutionary politics
Y. Sambasiva Rao and lend support for revolutionary movements. Because of this, party units
were formed and educated to participate in revolutionary movements.
It was 1967. I was working as a time scale clerk in AUTR (Accounts Accordingly some of the employees resigned and joined in the revolutionary
Office Telephone Revenue) which was part of Telephone Department. We armed struggle.
were agitating for our demands. One day a rally and public meeting was
held. In that public meeting a popular leader from the Postal Department, Naxalbari peasant struggle showed the correct path to the Indian people.
Com. Purushottam Raju, gave a rousing speech. He severely criticized the It exposed the bankruptcy of the parliamentary path. As CPC mentioned,
Central Govt.’s policies. He hailed the Naxalbari peasant upsurge and Naxalbari movement was the “Spring Thunder over India”. So, we came to
condemned CPM’s role in killing the masses. It was an enthusing speech. the firm conclusion that armed revolution is the only path for the liberation
of Indian people. Com. Charu Mazumdar’s articles in Liberation gave much
Later, I along with some of my colleagues met him. He narrated how inspiration to us.
the CPM party had betrayed the people and how Naxalbari peasants fought
against landlords for land. He explained how the CPM party was adopting At that time our office was bifurcated. Union leaders asked me to go to
neo-revisionist policies. At that time, Post and Telegraph department’s Rajmundry because Rajmundry was weak in union activities. But, inspired
unions were dominated by communist forces; CPI and CPM, mainly CPM. by revolutionary politics I offered to go to Guntur which was the centre of
He suggested we read Marxist literature particularly Mao’s writings. He revolutionary forces in P&T Department. There too our party unit continued
gave us some copies of “Liberation” magazine which was circulated among with five of our colleagues. After finishing our work in the office, we used to
the revolutionary forces. meet rickshaw pullers and go to slum areas.

Since then, I received Liberation magazine regularly. I, along with three In 1967, Girijans of Srikakulam revolted against the exploitation and
other comrades, used to study every article. We waited eagerly for Liberation oppression by landlords. The State govt.’s police unleashed terror, took
issues. W hen we had doubts, we consulted that comrade and got away all the food materials, burnt people’s food materials and also their
clarifications. We also purchased some theoretical books of great teachers houses and agricultural implements. The Girijan people were left without
e.g. Communist Manifesto, Capital, History of CPSU(Bolshevik) and anything to eat or to do agricultural work with.
particularly Mao’s writings. I got a separate address and got Mao’s
On one side police unleashed terror, on the other side, the Party which
quotations, Mao’s Selected Works and Mao’s Military writings.
was leading that struggle did nothing. Party kept people silent without giving
We formed a party unit with four employees. In the process we came to any direction to resist the police.
the conclusion that CPM’s politics were neo-revisionist.
Panigrahi Subbarao wrote “Jamukula Katha” narrating how Girijans
When the Naxalbari peasant revolt's news spread all over India, workers formed Girijan Sanghams with the help of the Communist Party and fought
also got enthused. They were exploited by capitalists. As the revolt was against exploitation and oppression by landlords. It was enacted throughout
directed towards liberation of all the exploited, oppressed and suppressed the state. On one side Naxalbari inspired revolutionary ranks throughout
people, workers thought that they also will be liberated from exploitation. India, and Jamukula Katha of Panigrahi enthused those in the state.
New Democratic Revolution will be victorious with worker-peasant alliance. Thousands of people used to attend the meetings and listen to Panigrahi.
Hence, workers, particularily industrial workers, were happy with Naxalbari I attended three programmes in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. It was the

May, 2017 31 32 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
first time I heard Com. T. Nagi Reddy, who was the speaker in all three
programmes. Bhangore (W. Bengal) :
In the second half of the year 1968, Jamukula Katha was enacted in
Guntur. By that time we were working in Guntur. In that meeting, small Struggle Continues
booklets were distributed which were published by “Naxalbari Solidarity
Committee” criticizing AP leaders’ politics, particularly on utilization of
election throughout New Democratic Revolution and interview of Com. T. Tapas Roy
Nagi Reddy with Blitz Magazine. Till then, our Party unit was with APCCCR.
Our unit studied the booklet and came to the conclusion that we should For sometime, Bhangore, a place near Kolkata in South 24 Parganas
join AICCCR led by Com. Charu Mazumdar. We told the leader, who was District in West Bengal is in the news. The West Bengal government, since
attending to our unit meeting. the past few months, has unleashed a reign of terror here, killed two villagers,
A cadre meeting was held in Guntur. The leader who participated in that put a number of people in jail on false grounds, slapped UAPA against
meeting explained how Girijans fought against merchants and landlords them, and is trying to curb the democratic movement.
and also explained how CPM made the people inactive. After that, the Bhangore is a strategic zone for the corporate, Actually Bhangore is a
Committee formed two squads and started on October 25 1968. We urged vast fertile area situated very adjacent to Kolkata and also adjacent to
the cadres to come forward and join the armed struggle. Another colleague North 24 Parganas particularly to the new town Rajarhat, a dream city of
and I opted to join the armed struggle. As I had worked in the military, I Real Estate owners, promoters and corporate. It will not be out of context
was sent to Srikakulam Agency in the month of February 1969. I was kept to mention here that in Rajarhat, approximately six thousand acres of
as a Central Guerilla commander under the leadership of Com. Vempatapu agricultural land was acquired under the housing project evicting a number
Satyanarayana (VSN) and Adibhatta Kailasham etc/. of people from their homeland and the eviction was done by the CPI(M) led
Since then 48 years have passed. In the meantime so many splits Left Front government without proper and adequate compensation. Actually,
occurred, So many ups and downs were seen. So many leaders have died. the success of the new township project at Rajarhat provoked the promoters,
Also hundreds of cadres and people died. On one side these incidents are real estate dealers and the corporate world and of course also the Land
very painful to New Democratic Revolution. On the other side, I am very Mafia to cast greedy eyes on the very fertile land of Bhangore, adjacent to
proud to be a revolutionary cadre for the emancipation of Indian people. It new town city Rajarhat. It may be recollected that a vast area of Bhangore
is Naxalbari which gave the spirit to be a revolutionary. was earmarked for the Salem group during Left Front govt. led by Buddhdev
Bhattacharya but the evil could not be done due to the rage and anger of
the peasantry.
It has already been stated that Bhangore is basically an agricultural
area and is very fertile. Besides agriculture, pisciculture is another
occupation of the local people. There are a number of fisheries. It fact, a
good number of fisheries were created by the erstwhile zamindars and
jotedars to evade the ceiling laws prescribed in the West Bengal Estate
Acquisition Act, 1953. A vast quantum of benami land was possessed by
the peasants under the leadership of Kisan Sabha during United Front
regimes, i.e, from 1967 to 1969. Obviously the Naxalbari movement

May, 2017 33 34 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
influenced it but after the CPI(M) led Left Front came to power in West each other, some times violently.
Bengal in 1977, the CPI(M) revisionists took total control of the area. A
large number of erstwhile zamindars, jotedars and rich peasants either The so called development of Rajarhat prompted the Land Mafia to
took shelter under the banner of ‘New ruling party’ viz, CPI(M) or built an have an eye on the adjacent areas of Bhangore and they used muscle
amicable relationship with it resulting in the emergence of class collaboration power to grab land from the poor peasants at gunpoint and the dons were
in a new form. The voice of the poor peasants could not be raised as their their agents. The local administration has been purchased. And all the
voice was also controlled by the local leadership of the ruling party. The misdeeds have blessings from the upper sections of the Govt. and also
administrative land reform measures, viz recording of burgardars and the party machinery of TMC.
determination of ceiling surplus land also could not get momentum. In fact,
the settlement work under Land Reform Act in Bhangore was started in the
year 1985-86 although in most of the other parts of West Bengal it started But this scenario has now been attacked by the people of Bhangore.
in 1972-75. The situation of rebellion was there. The anger and rage were there in the
mind of the peasantry against the forceful land grabbing by the Land Mafia
In spite of these factors, the peasantry of Bhangore, mostly Muslims,
but they were afraid of the administration backed hooligans. The outburst
did a tremendous job to keep communal harmony intact. The rural economy
against the Land Mafias was seen against construction of a power grid
was maintained through agriculture, pisciculture and other auxiliary
project at Mauza – Tuna under Poluhat 2 Gram Panchayat. Approximately
42 bighas of multi cropped fertile agricultural land was acquired by the
Though very close to Kolkata and Rajarhat of North 24 Parganas, most state govt for the project. The acquisition was done using the Land
of the area of Bhangore was devoid of any development. Electrification, Acquisition Act 1894 (now abolished) in the year 2013.
Communication and other amenities of daily life were myths to the
inhabitants. Lack of education, lack of health system, lack of sanitation There is a specific guideline regarding such type of transmission. The
were common features. On the other hand, land mafias, syndicates, have guideline was circulated by the Central Govt. on 15 Oct 2015 regarding
emerged as a ‘social force’ riding on the shoulders of political parties, compensation. But in this case, the guideline has been totally violated.
particularly the ruling party, be it CPI(M) on Trinamul Congress. The villagers were opposed to such type of construction. The specific name
of the project is Construction of 400/220 KV substation (PCCILTD).
The villagers raised objection mainly on the following points:
After 2011, i.e., after the fall of CPI(M) led Left Front govt. and coming
of Mamta Banerjee led TMC govt. to power, it has been a one way traffic. 1. The market price of the land was Rs. 3,00,000 – 4,00,000
The CPI(M) become a decaying force. Even Rezzak Mollah, the erstwhile (in the year 2013) and these lands are only means of
Land Reform minister of West Bengal during the later part of the LF regime livelihood and also a source for future.
and his ‘followers’ joined TMC. Mollah was actually the local ‘don’ of the
CPI(M). The new ‘don’ challenged the already existing ‘don’ Arabul Islam 2. The lands are very fertile and they will continue to maintain
and several groups were created in the same party TMC. The Land Mafia livelihood through cultivation.
and syndicate were also distinctly divided into several groups. Moreover, 3. The land are multi cropped and yield paddy thrice a year.
Mollah group has been backed by higher leaders at the state level to maintain
their factional supremacy. TMC has no rigid ideology. It is a party with no 4. Their financial condition solely depends on these lands.
economic, social and political agenda, totally dependent on the image of
its leader Mamata Banerjee. And the obvious result is group fights between 5. They have no other lands except these.

May, 2017 35 36 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
6. They will face tremendous financial stringency if the land no official document has been published or circulated honouring the
be acquired. announcement. No discussion has been held also. On the contrary, on 16th
January this year, the police along with the hooligans attacked and
7. The adjacent villages of these land are densely populated ransacked the villages. But on 17th, the people resisted and were able to
and the high- tension line may create massive accident at beat back the attack. But in the meantime police firing killed Alamgirh
any moment. Mollah and Mafizzul Sheikh. Till date, the police oppression is continuing.
8. No consent has been taken from the owners of the land, Several villagers have been put into jail and have been charged with UAPA.
even no discussions have been held with them. The leaders have also been arrested and charged with UAPA. In fact, the
State govt. is very keen to put the entire activists into jail and slap UAPA
A good number of owners submitted a mass petition to the Collector against them. They are trying to suppress the movement brutally by using
South 24 Parganas immediately after they came to know that the given police forces, hooligans and draconian Acts like UAPA.
lands would be acquired. Their petition was not considered at all.
But people’s resistance continues. Till date, the work of construction of
The owners were in fact forced to surrender their lands at gunpoint by the power grid project is suspended. The villagers have so long successfully
the goons of the ruling party. But the anger and grievances did not die. The defied the entrance of police force and the hooligans. In fact, the hooligans
people of the locality were already anxious, apprehending serious danger and Land Mafia with the help of the police forced their way on several
from the viewpoint of environment, ecology and also regarding fertility of occasions and threatened the villagers with dire consequences but every
lands. They are also anxious regarding health problems. They apprehended time they had to literally flee away due to vigorous resistance of the people.
that the electromagnetic effect may cause damage to health. They were
also anxious regarding usage of Sulfur hexaflouride as insulators of high
voltage wire. They also apprehended that the power grid project would The Bhangore incidents have unmasked the WB Government. It has
considerably reduce the fertility of the lands. The apprehensions of the also unmasked the brutal character of the state machinery. On a peaceful
villagers were supported by the documents of some eminent scientists. democratic movement an Act like UAPA has been slapped. Not only the
But the State government, instead of taking the course of discussion with leaders of the “Jami, Jeebika, Basutantro and Paribesh Raksha Committee
the affected people, unleashed a reign of terror through its police force and have been arrested, the leaders of “Bhangore Andolan Sanhati Committee”
hooligans. But the people, instead of bowing down, retaliated. They become a forum formed in Kolkata with middle class intellectuals and several human
organized; and organized under the revolutionary forces, especially CPI right organizations including APDR, have also been arrested and charged
(ML) Red Star and other allied forces. They demanded unconditional under UAPA. It may be mentioned that immediately after the firing and
withdrawal of power grid project. The people formed “Jami, Jeebika, killing of the villagers by the police and hooligans the Sanhati Committee
Bastutantra o Paribesh Raksha Committee” (Committee for Protection of organized a massive procession in Kolkata and later on also organized
land, occupation, homestead and environment), launched democratic several forms of movements including deputation, propaganda, rally etc.
movement in support of their demands.
The Bhangore movement has unmasked the hypocrisy of the TMC as
But the Government took the course of oppression, declared Sec 144 well as the TMC Govt. At the time of coming to power, the TMC Govt. had
with a view to disallow any assembly. But the people, on 11th Dec, 2016, declared that it will not acquire an inch of land without the consent of the
violated Sec. 144 and assembled en masse including women, children, owners and in no condition will it acquire agricultural land. It may be recalled
young and old. The Govt. had to bend. The District Magistrate assured to that the TMC and its supremo Mamata Banerjee was a major component of
hold a discussion. The highest level of the Govt. announced that power the movements of Singur and Nandigram. The movements of Singur and
grid will not be constructed against the will of the local people. But till date, Nandigram against forcible acquisition of agricultural land under Land

May, 2017 37 38 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
Acquisition Act 1894, a demonic Act made by the British colonial rulers value.
and kept intact by the Indian ruling classes, ultimately marked the end of
Left Front regime in 2011 and brought Mamta Banerjee and her govt to So, to avoid and defy such type of provisions, the land acquisition
power. The Singur and Nandigram movements along with other movements, proceeding was completed in a hurry on 31.12.2013, just before the
against land acquisition and forcible displacement have also compelled enforcement of the new Act on 1.1.2014 !
the ruling classes to abolish the Land Acquisition Act 1894 and to enforce (e)
a ‘moderate’ act viz. The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in
Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act 2013. Prior to The Bhangore movement has completely unmasked the West Bengal
enactment, it was placed in the Parliament in the form of a Bill. So, Mamata Government led by Mamata Banerjee and her party TMC. It has created an
Banerjee and her party and Govt. very much knew in the year 2013 that the example in the sphere of democratic mass movement. But the movement
Land Acquisition Act 1894 would be abolished and a new one would be itself needs some development. It must be noted that the land problem is
enacted. But inspite of this and going against its own announcement and the principal one created by the Land Mafia not only in Bhangore but also
resolution and also defying the very essence of the movements of Singur in other parts of West Bengal and there mafias are very much backed by
and Nandigram against forcible acquisition of agricultural land, Mamata the govt machinery. In Bhangore despite oppression by the State govt.
Govt. acquired the agricultural fertile and multi-crop land in 2013, and that and the hooligans, the local people are organized but unity among the
too, by applying Land Acquisition Act, 1894. different striking forces needs to be further developed and the entire
revolutionary camp should come forward to fulfil the needs of the movement.
The summary of the case The role of the revisionists, particularly that of CPI (M) which has come
Case no. LA 4/35 of 2012 – 2013 forward to support the movement, must be critically assessed so that the
movement does not succumb to the parliamentary path.
Name of the Project Construction of 400/220 KV Sub States (PCCILTD)
But in can be said with clarity that the peasants of Bhangore and its
Mauza : Tona, J L. No. 18, PS Kathipur (block Bhangore – II), surrounding areas have created a democratic mass movement and again
unmasked the brutal character of state machinery and also the hypocrisy
Area : 13.44 Acres of Mamata Banerjee led TMC party. It can well be expected that the
Date of notification u/s 4(1) of Act I 1984 : 20.02.2013 movement will gain more support, more momentum and will help to expose
the phenomenon of land problem in West Bengal and will encourage the
Date of declaration of award u/s 11 of the Act : 31.12.2013 revolutionary forces for united efforts.
The new Act, i.e. Act of 2013 was passed in the parliament in September
2013 and came into force on. 1.01.2014 vide Gazatte notification 19.12.2013.
It is clear that the Govt. completed the case under Land Acquisition
Act 1894 in a hurry i.e., it somehow completed the proceedings on 31.12.2013
so that the case may not lapse, otherwise if the case was not completed
by 31.12.2013, a fresh case would have to be started under the new Act
which provides scope for (i) preparation of Social Impact Assessment study
(SIA), (ii) Public hearing for Social Impact Assessment, (iii) Publication of
SIA studies, (iv) Safeguarding food security, (v) consent of the affected
families and moreover, compensation had to be paid four times the market

May, 2017 39 40 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)

Human Shield : A New Low in the have been necessary and which would have cost several lives. Though
this reasoning is itself flawed and dangerous, it also flies in the face of the

Armed Conflict in Kashmir
facts of the case. The facts brought out by several media reports point to
a premeditated attempt to use a Kashmiri civilian as a “human shield” to
dissuade the stone pelting youth, rather to teach them a lesson. It is evident
Tying of a civilian to a military jeep and driving it thus through villages from the placard which was hung around the neck of Ahmed Dar, “This is
has become a new symbol of the Indian Army’s suppression of the mass the fate that will befall stone throwers.”
upsurge unfolding in Kashmir Valley. Defense by the Army Chief and the
Coming to the facts. On April 9 2017, by-election to Srinagar
Defense Ministry of this patently inhuman, shameful and cruel act shows
parliamentary constituency was held in which merely 7% of the electorate
the desperation that has engulfed the Indian Govt. and Army establishment
voted despite heavy Army and police deployment. In the re-polling in 38
in dealing with the present mass movement in Kashmir. The Army Chief
booths a few days later, barely 2% cast their votes. Farooq Ahmed Dar
has tied himself into knots defending this act by Army Major Nitin Leetul
happened to be among the few who had cast their vote on that day but the
Gogoi. It is not the first act of using civilians to protect Army from militant
Army has beem accusing him of leading a mob of stone throwers. He had
attack either in Kashmir or Northeast. But its open defense, rather praise
cast his vote in his village Chil at 8:30 AM. These facts have not been
by the Govt. and the Army, has been noteworthy. Govt. ordered an enquiry
disputed by the Army, nor even commented upon. Ahemd Dar is a weaver
into the incident but even before the enquiry took off, Major Gogoi was
who also knows carpentry. This artisan, after casting his vote, had gone to
conferred the Army Chief’s commendation card thus even publically
village Ultigam to condole a death. According to eye-witnesses he was
rendering the enquiry an eye-wash.
picked up by the Army from this village. According to the eye-witnesses
This incident has been much commented upon. Several main English he was tied to the Army jeep despite pleadings by the people to the Army
newspapers have editorially criticized this act and the Army Chief’s to not do so.
statements, even saying that the Army Chief’s statement shows that the
According to Major Gogoi’s and Army’s narrative, Dar was tied to the
Indian Army is fighting against the people of Kashmir. In fact this is the
military jeep to dissuade the stone throwers and to avoid having to fire
reality. The Army Chief has justified his statements as a “way to boost the
upon the people, in short to avert bigger conflagration! However, according
morale of young officers” of the Army. In the statements of the Army Chief
to media reports Farooq Ahmed Dar was tied to the jeep at around 10:45
and even of the Govt. there is no mention of rights given to the people
AM and was taken to several villages with the above mentioned placard
under the Indian Constitution, though Indian rulers have been repeatedly
hanging from his neck. From Ultigam village in Budgam district he was
arguing that any settlement of Kashmir problem has to be within the
taken to Gauripora, Hayatpora, Sonpa, Najan, Khospora, Rakhayee, Arizhal,
framework of Indian Constitution! However, the Army Chief and Defense
Mandi and finally to Hardpanzoo CRPF camp where this convoy reached
Minister have accepted that India is fighting a war in Kashmir. While Defense
at around 4 PM. He was let off only at 7 PM that day. This over five hour
Minister Arun Jaitley has described the situation as “war like”, the Army
long journey through the villages belies the claim of the Army that this act
Chief while commending the “innovation” of Major Gogoi, has said that the
was a decision at the spur of the moment, an “innovation”. The Army and
Indian Army is facing a “dirty war” in Kashmir.
Major Gogoi have not even commented on this narrative which has been
In order to justify this blatantly cruel and inhuman act, Army and even published in a number of newspapers. If it was indeed an “innovation” it is
Major Gogoi have kept silent over the facts of the case. According to Major a rather odd innovation which is expressly prohibited by the Geneva
Gogoi and the Army, Farooq Ahmed Dar was tied to the front of a military Conventions regulating conduct of Armies during a war, not to mention that
jeep to avowedly dissuade a nearly 300 strong crowd from pelting stones this shameful act is a total denial of the right of every citizen under the
thus saving military and election personnel for which otherwise firing would Indian Constitution.

May, 2017 41 42 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
In the context of use of a Kashmiri civilian as a human shield, the have opposed the democratic aspirations of the people of Kashmir,
provisions of Geneva Conventions have also come up in the discussion. particularly their right to self-determination, RSS-BJP dispensation ruling
India is a signatory to four Geneva Conventions which were adopted after presently at the Centre, has a vested interest in deepening the conflict.
the conclusion of World War II. These relate to conduct of Armies during RSS-BJP have been utilizing the incidents in Kashmir, particularly the
international conflict. There are three protocols, the first dealing with protests by the people, to deepen communal division in the country,
international conflict, second relating to victims of non-international conflict particularly in painting all Muslims as anti-nationals. This attempt is part of
and third relating to adoption of Red Crystal in addition to Red Cross and RSS's other attempts to communally polarize the people of the country.
Red Crescent. The second protocol relates to non-international conflicts Even on the issue of "human shield", RSS-BJP have tried to mobilize the
applicable to situations of armed conflict in the territory of signatory country. people to justify this patently unlawful and shameful treatment of a citizen.
The first two protocols were adopted in 1977. However, India has not signed In essence, RSS-BJP are propagating that laws of the land are insufficient
these two protocols. As Nirupama Subramanium has written in Indian and incapable of dealing with situations like in J&K. Ruling class parties
Express (26.5.2017) “Preceding each of the 4 Geneva Conventions is a have been enacting draconian laws in the name of dealing with situation
set of Common Articles and as an accessory India is bound by them.” like in J&K and still propagating that even these draconian laws are not
Common Article 3 prohibits even in cases on armed conflict not of enough to deal with situation as in Kashmir. Rulers have made the Indian
international character, the following acts in relation to persons taking no Army behave like an Army of occupation. On the other hand, these
active part in the hostilities including “a) violence to life and person, in draconian laws have been used to trample upon the democratic rights of
particularly murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture; b) the people of the country, particularly of the struggling people. Defence of
taking of hostages; c) outrages upon personal dignity, in particular democratic rights in Kashmir is therefore essential for democratic rights'
humiliating and degrading treatment; d) the passing of sentences and the organizations and all the struggling forces as this defence is intimately
carrying out of executions without previous judgment pronounced by a connected with the democratic rights of the struggling people.
regularly constituted court..” From the above it is clear that the Indian
Army has openly violated the provisions of the Geneva Conventions to What has been unnerving the Govt. is widespread and increasing
which it is signatory. participation of the people of Kashmir in the struggle. Hundreds and
thousands of people have been coming out in protests and throwing stones.
This act has been widely condemned not only by the democratic rights' They are intervening in the encounters between militants and the Army.
organizations and mainstream media but also criticized by many retired This nonlethal method of mass protests has put the Govt. and the Army on
Army officers, one of whom used to be incharge of J&K security. He even defensive. Army used pellets to disperse the stone-pelters blinding over a
felt ashamed of his uniform, called it a deplorable act and absolute error of thousand youngsters. These protests have become particularly sharp after
judgement of the officer. July 8, 2016 when Burhan Wani was killed by the Indian Army. The Army
Chief had earlier called such protesters as 'terrorists'.
The defence of this indefensible act by the Army Chief and the Govt.
shows both their predelictions as well as the ground situation in J&K, Stone throwing at oppressing rulers has been a widespread method of
particularly Kashmir Valley. The Army Chief, who was appointed by RSS- protest in the last phase though such incidents were reported earlier as
BJP Govt. superseding seniors, has been making even political comments, well. Some commentators have likened this situation to that of Palestinians'
ridiculing the question of dialogue with Pakistan, an issue on which only an Intifada. However, Kashmir's people have centuries' old tradition of throwing
elected Govt. can have a say though in the instant case his views are well stones at the oppressor Army. Armies of emperor Akbar, Maharaja Ranjeet
in line with the views of those ruling at the Centre. Singh and Dogra king were all greeted with stones. Several rulers had
even banned stone throwing even as a sport. Exasperated by this method,
While all the ruling class parties and the successive govts. run by them Army Chief Bipin Rawat has expressed his wish that these people, instead

May, 2017 43 44 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
of throwing stones were firing weapons so that he could then do what he protests. Universities and colleges have emerged as the new centres of
wants to do. What he wishes to do is not difficult to guess! opposition to the military rule in the state.
W hile use of a civilian as a human shield is worthy of strong Because of the growing protests and increasing participation of the
condemnation, it is necessary to see the full picture of the mass upsurge people in these protests, the co-operation of the local people with the Army
unfolding in Kashmir. PDP-BJP Govt. is presiding over one of the worst operations has come down and the people's sentiments against the rule of
violations of the democratic rights of the people. RSS-BJP Govt. has ruled Indian Army have grown. The abysmally low percentage of votes polled in
out any talks till the stone throwing stops in Kashmir. In fact, RSS-BJP are Srinagar parliamentary by-election is an ample proof though the Govt. and
not interested in any talks, stone throwing or no stone throwing. They do ruling class propaganda machine has blamed low polling percentage on the
not even admit that there is a problem to be solved in relation to Kashmir. militants terrorizing the people. Central Election Commission has indefinitely
For them, the only problem in Kashmir is one of terrorism and that too the put off another by-election for the fear of the message being sent by such
one exported by Pakistan. They routinely protray the Kashmiri militants as low polling percentages. This is despite the fact that Kashmir remains one
Pakistani nationals. Thanks to the indulgence of mainstream media, of the areas of most dense presence of security forces not only in India but
particularly electronic media, they do not even bother about the across the world.
inconsistencies in their claims. Recently, Union Home Minister Rajnath
Singh has claimed a big decline in the number of militants coming to India While the ruling dispensation will keep on fomenting trouble in the Valley,
crossing the border from Pakistan after their self-proclaimed successful while different ruling class parties would not go beyond platitudes as they
'surgical strikes'. However, participation of the youth in the protests has do not stand with the democratic aspirations of the people of J&K, the
been going up but they yet do not admit that it is the people of Kashmir revolutionary and democratic forces must stand with the rights of the people
who are rising against the military rule of Indian Govt. Despite their claim of J&K including their right to deternine their future. It must be done because
of decline in the number of people coming to India across border, they it is just. It must be done to safeguard the democratic rights not only in
continue to claim the upsurge in the people's movement is due to elements Kashmir but throughout the country. They must see the link between their
from Pakistan. This denial mode precludes any initiative from the Govt. to own rights and those of the people of J&K. The fight for democratic rights
hold discussions with the stake holders. PDP, constituent of the ruling is indivisible.
alliance, is pliable. In fact, the Govt. and the Army are not permitting political Revolutionary and democratic forces must bring to the people of the
expression of the people's aspirations branding them as 'terrorists' and country what is really happening in Kashmir and how the Indian Govt. and
routinely arresting leaders of the Hurriyat Conference. security forces are dealing with the people of Kashmir. They must combat
However, the propaganda unleashed by the ruling classes or the the false propaganda unleashed by the ruling class propaganda machine.
repression let loose by the Govt. is not going to make any difference to the A solidarity campaign focussing on the repression being let loose on the
ground situation in Kashmir Valley. Youth and students are coming out in people of Kashmir should be conducted to bring truth to the people. It is
increasing numbers in protests against the Govt. Use of pellets and even necessary to foil the ruling classes' conspiracy to pit the toiling people of
bullets have not dissuaded them from participating in these agitations. one region against others, of one nationality against others, of one set of
Recently, girl students are joining the protests in larger numbers and recently oppressed against other sets of oppressed. Exploited and oppressed people
many papers published photographs of girl students throwing stones at the must unite against the exploitation and oppression of the ruling classes
security forces. Obviously this development has not encouraged Indian and it is vitally necessary to fight the exploitation and oppression itself.
Govt. or PDP-BJP Govt. ruling in the state, to scale down their repressive
measures. Rather the Central Govt. has sent a large contingent of women
security forces to tackle this increasing participation of girl students in the

May, 2017 45 46 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
Elections to Five Assemblies the changed situation post-2014.

Anger of the People and
There are some important developments in ruling class politics in this
regard. Decline of Congress is quite serious particularly in Hindi heartland.

Advance of Fascism
Congress has lost the support of upper castes, having lost support of
Dalits and Muslims earlier. Congress tried to muster Brahmin support but
abandoned the project due to feeble response. This paved the way for
consolidation of upper castes in favour of BJP, a vote bank far more
Results of the elections to five state assemblies held in the months of consolidated than the vote banks routinely talked about by the corporate
February and March 2017 have witnessed rising anger of the people against media. There is an undercurrent in ‘mainstream’ propaganda that upper
the Govts. in saddle in these provinces. While ruling parties in Uttar Pradesh, castes represent nationalism while the rest of the communities represent
Uttarakhand and Punjab have faced serious defeats, BJP ruling in Goa sectarian interests. In UP upper castes constitute nearly 23% and with
and Congress ruling in Manipur too faced electoral decline. BJP, despite Jats included, are well more than one fourth of the electorate. This provided
lagging behind Congress in the number of seats in both these provinces, a solid vote base to BJP which was earlier divided mainly between
has resorted to rank opportunism and manipulation utilizing the offices of Congress and BJP.
Governors to come to power, though BJP’s rejection by the electorate in
these states was unmistakable. This has been an important aspect of the There is a second important aspect in the relative success of RSS-
electoral verdict. BJP plan of wooing sections of Dalits and OBCs for its pan-Hindu anti-
Muslim mobilization. CC resolution after 2014 Lok Sabha elections had
RSS-BJP Victory in UP, Uttarakhand noted the decline of caste based regional parties and observed, “Caste
mobilization of these parties was met by micromanagement of castes by
BJP scored big victories in Hindi heartland, UP and Uttarakhand. In a BJP through so-called social engineering. Mobilization of caste groupings
way it broadly conformed to the pattern of parliamentary elections of 2014 like backwards and Dalits has been weakened by mobilization of individual
with some decline in BJP vote share e.g. nearly 3% in UP and 9% in member castes of these groupings for securing their share of power. ….
Uttarakhand. Like its 2014 campaign, BJP conducted a sharp communally
polarizing campaign. With the help of media BJP leaders led by Modi created In a way this election signifies the end of the era of caste based parties
a rhetoric of appeasement of Muslims, with such baseless statements like though not of caste based politics as major parties of the ruling classes
“no shamshan in the villages but there are qabristans”, there being move to further fragment the mobilization of castes by these parties. In
“uninterrupted power supply on Eid but not on Diwali”. That these allegations fact, these parties had been born out of the mobilization of lower castes,
were freely circulated by the mainstream media showed how much ruling Dalits and backwards, against Brahmannical social order. When upper
classes wanted to bring communal schism to the fore to sideline the real castes were politically ruling, these mobilizations signified mobilization of
issues of the people. BJP buttressed its communal campaign with clever these social groups. However, when these parties came to power, these
caste arithmetic, trying to confine their rivals particularly SP and BSP to caste groupings were broken as these parties, wedded to the protection of
single castes. RSS-BJP had been trying for this pan-Hindu identity, the interests of ruling classes, did not do anything to address the root
mobilizing non-Yadav OBCs and non-Jatav Dalits in UP. In Bihar this cause of caste oppression in society, particularly semifeudal agrarian
campaign had faced the combined might of RJD and JD(U) and could not relations. In fact these parties of ruling classes rely on elites of these
emerge successful. Like Bihar, if the regional parties like SP and BSP social groups to harness their votes and only promote their interests, which
would have come together, BJP might have faced a similar defeat. Neither are mostly at variance with that of the common people of these castes.
of these challengers for power, as they have no positive programme for the On the other hand, their rule signified ascendency of a particular castes
people, could singly face the communally polarizing campaign of BJP in thereby alienating the other castes of the same group. The rise of elite

May, 2017 47 48 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
among these castes also intensified struggle among them for loaves of no heed to the problems of the people. Coupled with the rising anger of the
power, giving rise to emergence of several parties every one of them people on these basic issues, desecration of Sikh holy book and tardy
dominated by a particular caste group. It led to fragmentation of backwards response of Akali Govt. on that further enraged the people whose religious
and Dalits among these parties.” (ND, June 2014) distress became a reflection of their real distress.
BJP’s main rivals in UP, SP and BSP, had failed to draw any lesson AAP had an impressive performance in 2014 parliamentary elections,
from 2014 and mechanically repeated the old formulae. In particular they winning four seats. A year back, big crowds attracted by AAP leader Arvind
did not gauge their isolation from the social groups they claim to represent. Kejriwal gave an impression of AAP sweeping to power. However, Arvind
Taking this support for granted, they made a dash for Muslim votes believing Kejriwal practiced a high command culture, like Congress. Kejriwal sidelined
that it would take them to victory though these parties have done little to all recognized leaders from Punjab. So intoxicated had the AAP leader
undo the economic, social and political handicaps faced by Muslims. SP become by its social media campaign that he rode roughshod over all local
rule saw horrendous Muzaffarnagar killings of Muslims and forced migration leaders. Even the social media campaign launched by AAP became so
from villages of over 50 thousand Muslims. SP rule also saw a large number arbitrary that it lost credibility. AAP was solely banking on the negative
of incidents of anti-Muslim violence and leaders like Yogi Adityanath were perception of Akalis and Congress among the people and had nothing positive
allowed to threaten Muslims without hindrance. BSP rule too was to offer to the people on different issues faced by them.
characterized by large scale targeting of Muslim youth in terror-related cases
and foisting of false cases against them. However, the way SP and BSP AAP was the main beneficiary of the anger of the youth, particularly in
went about soliciting Muslim votes only helped communal polarization which rural areas. These sections have been hostile to Congress since Operation
was being carved out by BJP. Even otherwise they did not raise any issue Blue Star and genocide of Sikhs in Delhi and elsewhere. These sections
pertaining to the problems being faced by the people. While Modi and BJP also came to treat Akalis as betrayers and Akalis’ alliance with BJP became
leaders were offensive, SP and BSP leaders were mainly defensive and a further galvanizing point. This sentiment was widely shared by Sikh
complacent, not responding to their charges and not refuting their baseless Diaspora which was vocal in their support for AAP. While utilizing this
rhetoric of Muslim appeasement. anger went well for AAP, its identification with Khalistani extremists became
In Uttarakhand too, BJP broadly repeated its 2014 performance albeit a liability.
with reduced vote share, capitalizing on the failures of the Congress Govt. In Goa, BJP which has been mired in corruption, went down and finished
Exposure of Harish Rawat for corruption and a large number of Congress lower than Congress. While Congress did improve its tally, anti-BJP votes
leaders joining BJP had weakened the Congress. The real issues of the were split among different forces, stopping Congress short of majority. In
people, both in the hills as well as plains, found no mention in the campaign Goa also AAP was expected to do well but failed to get a single seat with
of these two parties. only 6% votes despite contesting all the seats.
Punjab : Congress Comeback, AAP Stumbles In Manipur, Congress lost its majority though getting highest number of
In Punjab, Congress swept back to power. While defeat of Akali-BJP seats. In this state where Army is engaged in anti-insurgency operations
combine was a foregone conclusion, AAP which was seen as the main and the state where AFSPA is in operation, BJP got a large number of
contender for power, has been relegated to distant second in a number of seats while it did not have any earlier. There was expectation of BJP getting
seats and third in the votes polled. Akali Dal rule had been marked by majority, but Congress played on Meiti-Naga discord to stem erosion of its
sharp rise in drug menace and all round Mafia raj under the patronage of base though it was not enough to get the majority. Irom Sharmila, known
ruling Akalis- transport mafia, education mafia, sand mafia and of course for her hunger strike against AFSPA in Manipur for nearly 16 years, received
drug mafia etc. Akalis imposed their dictatorial rule over the people paying only 92 votes.

May, 2017 49 50 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
In brief, while people’s anger against performance of local Govts. have shows deepening of communal politics.
been used by Hindutva forces in Hindi heartland, the same was not the
case in three other states. BJP Targets Odisha: Bhadrak Communal Violence
Performance of Communist Revolutionaries BJP has emerged as the second party to BJD in Odisha in the recently
held panchayat elections. Congress came a distant third. BJP is now trying
Our Party had fielded ten candidates in Punjab and one in UP. Where to expand in Odisha and recent communal attacks engineered by it in
we had not fielded candidates our party campaigned for NOTA. Our campaign Bhadrak show its game plan of deepening communal division for increasing
was built around real issues of the people and we tried to also give alternative its base. RSS mobilized its cadres and destroyed shops and properties of
policies on those issues. Our Party in Punjab particularly focused on the Muslims in Bhadrak alleging that Muslim youth had uploaded remarks
crisis of the imperialist sponsored model of ‘Green Revolution’ and struggle against Ram and Sita. But before police could act, RSS cadres went on a
of Dalits for their share in Panchayat land. In UP we highlighted the issues spree of destruction. Now BJP is holding its National Executive meeting in
of peasantry and agricultural labourers. We also campaigned for action that state. It is part of a determined effort by RSS-BJP to wrest control of
against police and administrative officers as well as people’s representatives that state. RSS-BJP are targeting eastern India where they had been
for their complicity in violence against minorities. Our campaign highlighted traditionally weak and are fomenting communal troubles.
the bankruptcies of ruling class parties and their lack of real concern about
the problems of the people. We also campaigned against undemocratic Byelection Results
nature of electoral process and the role of money, media and muscle power By-elections held this month, while conforming to general pattern, had
in the elections which distort the real opinions of the people. some important aspects. Firstly, AAP candidate was not only defeated
Though our comrades campaigned well and also received good response from Rajouri Garden Assembly constituency in Delhi (from which AAP
from the people, this support was not translated into votes polled by our candidate had been elected in 2015) but also forfeited his deposit. It is
candidates. Overall, votes polled by our candidates declined. This has to significant in view of coming municipal elections in Delhi. This defeat and
be seen in the context of increasing polarization of votes among the main its scale show that people are growing skeptical of AAP’s brand of politics
contenders of power. Identity based parties which raise the expectations of rhetoric but little work for the people. AAP Govt. has focused on showing
of coming to power in alliance with others also fare better without having obstructions from the Central Govt. which are a fact but it did not do much
any history of work through utilizing the caste based social structures. on the issues which are in its domain. Its defeat in Delhi may create an
Predominance of economic struggles in our work also is an important factor existential crisis for AAP. Ruling classes probably do not need to divert
in our polling small number of votes. middle classes from questioning the system because of rampant corruption
but rather would like these sections to back RSS-BJP.
Adityanath Made UP Chief Minister
Second important result of these by-elections has come from Kanti in
BJP has selected Yogi Adityanath as Chief Minister. RSS has made West Bengal where the Left Front candidate of CPI polled only 10% votes.
this choice as it feels emboldened after the massive victory in the most BJP emerged as the main opposition party, polling over 30 percent vote.
populous province of UP. They wish to change the political discourse by This election shows, like some earlier ones, that Left front vote and also
making their aggressive communalism as the mainstream. Yogi Adityanath, base is shifting toward BJP. This, coupled with mushrooming of RSS
Chief of Gorakhpur Math, long identified with Hindu Mahasabha, has been shakhas in West Bengal and aggressive celebrations of Ram Navami this
spewing venom against Muslims and has been calling for violence against year, shows that RSS-BJP is gaining support in West Bengal. It also shows
them. His Hindu Yuva Vahini is a vigilante group. Selection of Adityanath that revival of the electoral fortunes of Left front is not round the corner.

May, 2017 51 52 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
Most startling has been Srinagar parliamentary byelection where only increased.
7% of the voters cast their votes. The polling percentage further declined
to mere 2% in the repolling in 38 booths. It shows the depth of the struggle Modi led RSS-BJP victory will also mean greater efforts at anti-labour
of the people of Kashmir. Overwhelming majority of the people of Kashmir changes in the labour laws, more facilities to foreign capital even going
oppose Indian Govt. and the parties like PDP and NC have very little base beyond the existing ones. RSS-BJP nationalism’s hollowness is on open
among the people. RSS-BJP Govt. ruling at the Centre and part of the display by the quiet of their twitter happy PM and Foreign Minister over
coalition in J&K has been exploiting the situation in Kashmir to deepen murderous attacks on Indians in USA. They have been able to thrust upon
communal polarization in the country. It has no interest in winning over the the people demonetization of 86% of the currency causing tremendous
people of Kashmir and does not wish to take any step in furtherance of this hardship, which will encourage them to launch bigger attacks against the
objective. Indian Govt.’s attempt to show that trouble makers are only a people, particularly labouring masses. They will be more brazen in their
handful of people paid by Pakistan is being questioned even by the attacks to displace peasants including tribals from their land. Further erosion
mainstream media. Indian Army has been threatening the people of Kashmir of Govt. facilities in health and education, further impetus to corporatization
that even stone pelting people will be treated as terrorists. Use of a Kashmiri of agriculture and retail trade, further trampling of democratic rights under
youth as a human shield against stone throwing crowd has hit a new low in the boots of security forces and further adoption of even more draconian
Indian Army’s dealing with Kashmir agitation. laws are on the anvil. Even cruder attacks on the educational institutions,
more brazen attacks against minorities and sharper offensive against
Increased Danger of Fascism communist revolutionaries including bigger ideological offensive against
RSS-BJP represent the most reactionary section of the ruling classes left forces are expected. Their offensive against minorities, particularly
and their sharp offensive against the people. As the economic and social Muslims, will increase and so will the attacks on Dalits and other oppressed
crisis of the system is deepening, politics of the ruling classes is making a castes. There are several reports of increase in the attacks against Muslims
rightward shift. There has been increasing fascicization of state machinery in UP since BJP coming to power. Their campaign against abattoirs in the
and increasing offensive against the people. This offensive is couched in name of enforcing the law is to target Muslims. The fact is that the biggest
the rhetoric against immigrants in developed capitalist countries and against beef export firms are owned by Hindu businessmen. The very issue of
minorities in third world countries like India. Rise of RSS-BJP is neither caste oppression is sought to be erased even as pliable leaders of these
accidental nor a fortuitous development. It represents the need of the ruling sections are projected as show pieces. Further curbs on women and slander
classes to intensify their attacks on the one hand and to disrupt unity of of their struggles would be the order of the day. Anti-Romeo squads in UP
the people on the other, to pre-empt struggle against the policy framework and anti-Majnu squads in MP are targeting young people. It is aimed at
being imposed on the country by the ruling classes. Other representatives denying the young women the chance of interacting with young men and
of the ruling classes, though having differences, compromise with this make choices about their work and lives. While RSS-BJP are sharpening
section, attempting to adopt many of their policies. Though they project it their offensive, opposition sections of ruling classes are listless in their
as necessary to stem the tide of fascist forces, they lend more strength to opposition, even scared to raise the issues of people’s concern. Many of
the fascist offensive and disarm the people. these parties do not hesitate to use the same draconian laws to suppress
With increased strength in UP, RSS-BJP is expected to increase its the people’s movements in the states ruled by them. While RSS-BJP
strength in Rajya Sabha and will gain greater control over legislative agenda. ascendency increases the danger of fascism, unleashing of fascist
They will also be in a better position to get their nominee elected as repression is not limited to RSS-BJP but is a characteristic of the rule of
President. With their increasing strength, other wings of the state machinery ruling classes. However, while in semifeudal, semicolonial India all the
would also cave in. These would mean that some institutional hurdles in ruling class parties resort to fascist repression, threat of fascist dictatorship
imposing fascist dictatorship would be reduced. Danger of fascism has today comes only from RSS-BJP.

May, 2017 53 54 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
Communist Revolutionaries Should Unitedly Face This Challenge Attacks on Dalits
The situation calls for increasing initiative and action from the communist
revolutionaries. CRs should come on one platform to fight this growing Saharanpur and Fightback
fascist offensive, for projecting a people’s alternative and for building
struggles of the people on their issues and against the assault on democratic Shabbirpur village in Saharanpur district is the latest addition to the
rights in different walks of life as well as attacks on minorities, Dalits, growing list of places where Dalits have risen against the injustices and
women, tribals. Strength of the revolutionary forces would be very important atrocities of upper castes. On May 21st 2017, thousands of Dalits from
in resisting the fascist take over, in preventing it and overthrowing it if it is western UP, particularly Saharanpur, came to the Jantar Mantar protest
imposed. CRs may and should join with other struggling forces as well to site in the capital to express their resolve to fight against attacks on them.
face the attacks of the ruling dispensation where-ever necessary and
possible. The situation calls for a determined and serious response. Today’s Shabbirpur, coming after Una and Sangrur, has added a new dimension
tasks should be grasped and new initiatives and approach should be to the struggle of Dalits and oppressed castes in the country. In Una, the
unhesitatingly taken up to meet the challenge of the present situation. beating of Dalit youth by RSS hoodlums had led to big protests by Dalits
and progressive organizations in Gujarat. Those leading the protest had
(Approved by the Central Committee of CPI(ML)-New called for Dalits to shun skinning of dead cattle and demanded that Dalits
Democracy on April 22, 2017) be given land to which they are entitled. Una protests had once again
highlighted the question of land for Dalits. Una became a symbol of not
only a new wave of protests by Dalits but also the raising of land question
by oppressed castes in their fight against caste oppression and attacks.
Earlier, in Sangrur district of Punjab, Dalits had been struggling under
the banner of Zamin Prapti Sangharsh Committee for the share of panchayat
agricultural land legally earmarked for Dalits for lease. This land to which
Read and Subscribe Dalits are legally entitled was being enjoyed by Jat landlords through various
CPI(ML) Organs dubious methods. This struggle, continuing for last three years, has faced
serious repression by the state govt. and attacks by landlords. An 80 year
New Democracy English old woman, Gurdev Kaur, became a martyr last year in the attack by the
Pratirodh Ka Swar Hindi landlords. Ballad Kalan and Jaloor became symbols of resistance to the
landlords’ attacks. This struggle scored many victories forcing the Govt.
Voice of New Democracy Telugu to give lease to Dalits for their share of panchayat land in a number of
(Telengana) villages and reduce the price of lease. The land thus enjoyed by Dalits not
only brought economic gains but, and more importantly, social status.
New Democracy Bulletin Telugu
Women played a very active role in this struggle seeing land as an instrument
(A.P.) of freedom for harassment by landlords.
Biplabi Ganaline Bengali Shabbirpur witnessed vicious attacks against Dalits by Rajputs on May
Inquilabi Sada Rah Punjabi 5, 2017. The issue of playing loud music in front of Ravidas temple and
Dalits’ opposition to it, escalated into an all out attack against Dalits. A big
Sangrami Ekta Odia

May, 2017 55 56 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
crowd of Rajputs had assembled ostensibly to celebrate Maharana Pratap are welcome to participate in anti-Muslim violence but they dare not challenge
Jayanti. Rajput youth played loud music before the Ravidas temple and the hegemony of upper castes! Hindutva is a response of a section of
when objected to by Dalits made several rounds before the temple. This ruling classes to the growing struggles of the oppressed sections, to disrupt
crowd moved to attack the temple under the excuse that stones were pelted their unity and to bring them under the sway of upper castes, particularly
on them from inside the temple. The statue of Ravidas was broken, thrown landlords. That this Hindutva is quite cozy with corporate shows the joint
on the ground and things were also set on fire. A Rajput youth died while rule of big landlords and big capitalists in the country. Hindutva has also
coming out of the temple. Indian Express reported that according to the been and is a useful tool in the service of imperialist powers, particularly
postmortem, the cause of death was suffocation. This incident was used western imperialist powers. It is not accidental that ideology of Hindutva
to launch an all out attack against Dalits. Over 50 houses of Dalits were took birth and prospered under the aegis of British colonial rulers and is
consigned to fire. Their shops on the roads were burnt down. 12 Dalits still viewed by imperialist powers as a useful and powerful weapon against
were injured, one of them received serious injuries. Five of the injured were the anti-imperialist, progressive and democratic aspirations of the people
women. of this country.
Shabbirpur, a village nearly 25 kms from Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh, Shabbirpur has demonstrated complete connivance of police and
has had a long history of conflict between Rajputs and Dalits. In the month administrative machinery in these attacks on Dalits. Police not only watched
of April 2017, Dalits were prevented from installing a statue of Dr. B.R. this attack on Dalits but also participated in attacking Dalits. A number of
Ambedkar on the ground that they did not have permission to do so. But Dalits were arrested though they were the ones attacked. Police did not
Rajputs were allowed to take out a big procession without any permission, even record the statements of the injured till several days after the attack.
with police remaining spectators. Earlier conflicts had been on a number of Police had not allowed installation of Ambedkar statue in the name of lack
issues. The village has nearly one thousand Rajput and 600 Dalit voters. of permission but did not prevent Rajputs from taking out their rally. Dalits
Rajputs own most the land while some Dalits also possess some land, an were denied permission to hold a protest against Shabbirpur attack at Gandhi
eyesore for Rajputs who view this as the cause of their arrogance! Chowk in Saharanpur on May 9 and those who had assembled were
lathicharged, several of them injured.
Shabbirpur is not alone. Since Yogi Adityanath (Ajay Singh Bisht) Govt.
coming to power in UP, in several places attacks have been mounted Due to support of police and administration, attacks by Rajputs against
against Dalits. Sambhal, Badaun and Aligarh have been the more talked Dalits are continuing. On May 23, when BSP chief Ms. Mayawati went to
about centres of such attacks. While attacks against Muslims have been the area, Rajputs attacked, with swords and firearms, the Dalits returning
routine in western UP thanks to deep seated communalization of police from her meeting. In these attacks a number of Dalits were injured, thirteen
and administrative machinery, attacks against Dalits have grown in number of them seriously, and one youth died in the attack. This also has not
since advent of Yogi Govt. It is a sort of upper caste assertion after the spurred Modi-Yogi dispensation to act against the attackers. State Govt.
long spell of SP and BSP in power. Hindutva is essentially upper caste has confined itself to the timeworn tactic of transferring SP and DM, once
chauvinism and stands for preservation and perpetuation of power of upper after May 5 and second time after May 23. These are merely eyewash.
castes, basically their landlord sections. So the attacks against Dalits are RSS has a strong base among Rajputs in this and neighbouring villages
not an aberration but an essential part of Hindutva agenda. While Modi and and conducts shakhas in these villages.
the like from RSS make a show of their caring for Dalits, they wish only to
use them for attacks against Muslims to carve out communal polarization. While attacks against and atrocities on Dalits and other oppressed castes
Anti-Muslim rally held by BJP MP from Saharanpur, Raghav Lakhanpal, in are quite routine, these have grown in number and intensity since RSS-
the name of Ambedkar is a clear pointer to their design. The same Raghav BJP Yogi dispensation in power at the Centre. However, what distinguishes
Lakhanpal is siding with Rajputs in Shabbirpur. The message is clear. Dalits Shabbirpur and other incidents is the protest and resistance put up by

May, 2017 57 58 May, 2017
NEW DEMOCRACY Organ of the Central Committee, CPI(ML)
Dalits against these attacks. They are not willing to take these attacks
without resistance. The big demonstration held in Delhi on May 21 in which
Homage to Com. Khokan Mazumdar
a large number of Dalits from Saharanpur participated, shows the anger of Central Committee of CPI(ML)-New Democracy pays its homage to the
Dalits over this incident and the rising flames of resistance to these atrocities revolutionary memory of Com. Khokan Mazumdar, a veteran communist
among them. Bhim Army Ekta Mission had called for the protest revolutionary leader and a member of the Central Committee of CPI(ML)-
demonstration in Saharanpur on May 9 and for Delhi rally. Bhim Army Kanu Sanyal. He breathed his last on May 29 evening, only four days after
activists led Dalits particularly Dalit youth in these protests, even conducting the communist revolutionaries had observed the 50th Anniversary of the
road blocks at a number of places. They have been Dalits whose houses great and glorious Naxalbari Peasant Armed Struggle. He was 87 year old.
had been burnt and who suffered injuries.
Born in a poor peasant family in that part of earlier Bengal which is
While Mayawati has exhorted Dalits to remain only in BSP (this is today Bangladesh, Com. Khokan Mazumdar had been active in the
obviously targeted against Bheem Army), the anger of Dalit youth against communist movement since he joined united CPI in early fifties as a
oppression is boiling. In fact Ms. Mayawati had announced her rally only teenager. After coming to Kolkata in 1950s, he was active in the working
after the big turnout during Jantar Mantar rally on May 21, 2017 called by class movement and later went to North Bengal. He participated in Naxalbari
Bhim Army. Dalits are not satisfied with just placing a few of their leaders movement from the beginning and was among those whose names have
in power through elections, but want freedom from attacks by upper castes, been closely associated with that movement. He was part of the leadership
domination of the landlords belonging to these castes and freedom from which led the Naxalbari peasant armed struggle, which became a turning
discrimination. Saharanpur and before that Una, highlighted that leadership point in the history of the communist movement of India. He along with
of these agitations is willing to challenge the basis of caste oppression. Coms. Kanu Sanyal, Deepak Biswas and Khudan Mullick went to China
Intellectual sections from Dalits are also challenging the policy framework and met the leaders of the Communist Party of China including Com. Mao
of the ruling classes and are willing to stand by their convictions in face of Zedong. In several interviews he had said that Com. Mao showed keen
attacks by the Govt. Students of Ambedkar-Periyar Society in Chennai interest in Naxalbari movement.
and Rohit Vemula and others of Ambedkar Students Association in
Hyderabad Central University had raised the issues pertaining to different Com. Khokan Mazumdar remained steadfast on the line of Armed
anti-people policies of the Govt. These are positive developments for Agrarian Revolution. He was in the leadership of revolutionary communist
mobilization of these sections for revolutionary transformation of society. movement. He was a member of the Provisional Central Committee formed
There is an urgent need that all sections struggling against ruling classes in 1977. At the time of his death he was a member of the Central Committee
should come together. However, such a unity will be forged in the melting of CPI(ML)-Kanu Sanyal. He was living in Khemchi near Naxalbari. Since
pot of struggles. Its path may not be straight, its course may be somewhat the past ten years he was suffering from paralysis on the right side but his
long yet such a unity must be forged and can be forged. It is very important conviction in New Democratic Revolution and path of Protracted People’s
for intensification of struggle for new democratic transformation of India. War was firm and deep. He was above all forms of sectarianism and was a
Its need is urgent. strong proponent of unity of communist revolutionaries.
Com. Khokan Mazumdar made an important contribution to the
revolutionary movement of the country. Paying homage to Com. Khokan
Mazumdar, CPI(ML)-New Democracy vows to firmly advance on the path
of Armed Agrarian Revolution for which Khokanda had lived and worked.
Red Salute to Com. Khokan Mazumdar!

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