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1 where can I get a taxi?
toi co the bat taxi d dau? Jfl
. ...
2 excuse me, where s ? xin loi ... d
dau? 1
a the tourist information office
van phong thong tin du Ijch
b. the bus station
c. the train station
d. the police station
e. the harbour
. ... ...
3 is there a near here? c6 nao 6
gan day khong? R LEARN SMARTER.
a cashpoint
b bank
c supermarket
d hairdressers
e. chemists hieu thuoc
4. Town centre
5. Bus stop
6. Taxis
7. Underground Tau dien ngam
8. Hospital
9. Public library Thu* vien cong cong
10. Post office
11. Keep off the grass Ihong giam len co
12. Wet paint
13. Look left
14. Look right
15. do you know where there s an internet
cafe? ban co biet d dau co quan internet
ca phe khong?
16. do you know where the ... embassy is?
ban c6 biet dai su* quan ... d dau khong?
Japanese that
Russian Nga
17. do you have a map of the ...?
anh/ chj co ban do cua ... khong?
a. city thanh pho
b. town thj tran
18. where s the dddu?
a. city centre trung tom thanh pho
b. art gallery phdng then lam nghe thugt
c. museum bao tang
d. main shopping area khu mua sam chinh
e . market chd
f. railway station ga tau hoa
19. whats the best way of getting around
the city? di quanh thanh pho theo each nao
Id tot nhat?
20. where can I hire a car? toi co the thue xe
6 toddau?
21. we re looking for accommodation
chung toi dang tim cho d
22. we need somewhere to stay
chung toi can mot nai de d
23. do you have a list of ...?
anh/chico danh sach cac ... khong?
a. hotels khach san
b. B&Bs (viet tat cua bed and breakfasts)
nha nghi co phuc vu beta sang
c. youth hostels nha nghi cho thanh nien
d. campsites dja diem cho cam trai
24. what sort of accommodation are you
looking for? anh/chj can tim loai cho d nao?
25. can you book accommodation for me?
anh / chj co the dat cho d cho toi duoc khong?
27. what are you interested in? anh/ chi
quart tarn den firth vUc nao?
28. are there any ... on at the moment?
hiert gid co ... rtao dang dien ra khong?
a. exhibitions trien lam
b. cultural events sukien van hoa
c. sporting events sU kien the thao
29. are there any ...?
co ... nao dUdc to chCfc khong?
a. excursions chuyen tham quan ngan
b. tours chuyen tham quan vdng quanh
c. day trips chuyen di theo ngay
30. is there a city tour?
co chuyen tham quan quanh thanh pho nao
31. could you tell us what s on at the ...?
anh/ chj co the cho toi diet ... dang chieu gi
a. cinema rap chieu phim
b. theatre nha hat
c. concert hall phdng hda nhac
d. opera house nha hat opera
32. can I book tickets here?
toi co the dat ve d day khong?
33. do you have any brochures on ...?
anh/ chj co quyen hudng dan nao ve ...
34. local attractions
cac dia diem thu hut trong khu vac
35. can you recommend a good restaurant?
anh/ chj co the gdi y mot nha hang tot dadc
36. how much is a first class stamp?
tem Hang nhat gia bao nhieu tien?
37. how much is a second class stamp?
tem Hang hai gia bao nhieu tien?
38. I d like ..., please toi muon mua ...
a. an envelope mot chiec phong bi
b. a packet of envelopes mot tap phong bi
c. a jiffy bag mot chiec phong bi co dem lot
38. could I have ..., please? cho toi mua ...
a. a first class stamp
mot chiec tem Hang nhat
b. a second class stamp
mot chiec tem Hang 2
c. a book of first class stamps
mot tap tem Hang nhat
d. some first class stamps
vai cai tem Hang nhat
52. I d like to pay this bill toi muon thanh
toan hoa don nay
53. Id like to send some money to Poland
toi muon gCli ft tien den Baland
54. do you sell ...? 6 day co ban ... khong?
postcards bUu thiep
birthday cards thiep sinh nhat
Christmas cards thiep Giang Sinh
55. Id like to get a TV licence
toi muon dang ky giay phep xem TV
56.1 need to renew my TV licence
toi muon gia han giay phep xem TV
57. can you fill in this form, please?
anh/chi hay dien vao ddn nay
58. do you have a ...? ddayco ... khong?
photo booth bot chup anh
photocopier may photocopy
39. how many would you like?
onh/ chj muon muo boo nhieu?
40. how many are there in a book?
trong mot tap co bao nhieu cai?
41. I d like to send this parcel to ...
toi muon gCti goi hang nay den ...
42. how much will it cost to send this letter
to ? gCti thunay den ... hetbao nhieu tien?
43. can you put it on the scales, please?
anh/ chi dat no len can di
44. I d like to send this letter by ...
toi muon gCti thu nay bang dich vu . ..
a. Recorded Delivery Chuyen phat co theo
doi (khi chuyen can co chOky)
b. Special DeliveryChuyen phat dac biet
(chuyen phat trong[ ngay horn sau trong vUOng
quoc Anh, dupe den bu neu that lac hoac
hong hoc)
59. I d like to withdraw 100, please
toi muon rut 100 bang
60.1 want to make a withdrawal
toi muon rut tien
61. how would you like the money?
anh/ chj muon tien loai nao?
62. in tens, please (ten pound notes)
cho toi loai tien 10 bang
63. could you give me some smaller notes?
anh/ chj co the cho toi mot ft tien loai nho
duoc khong?
64. I d like to pay this in, please
Toi muon bo tien vao tdi khoan
65. Id like to pay this cheque in, please
toi muon bo sec nay vao tai khoan
66. how many days will it take for the
cheque to clear? phai mat bao lau thi sec
mdi duoc thanh toan?
67. have you got any identification?
anh/ chj co ID khong?
68. I ve got my toico ...
passport hg chieu
driving licence banglaixe
ID card chCfng minh thu
your account s overdrawn
toi khoan cua anh chj bj rut qua so du
69. Id like to transfer some money to this
toi muon chuyen tien song tai khoan nay
70. could you transfer 1000 from my
current account to my deposit account?
anh/ chj chuyen cho toi WOO bang tCr tai
khoan vang lai sang tai khoan tien gCti cua toi
71. I d like to open an account
toi muon md tai khoan
72. Id like to open a personal account
toi muon md tai khoan ca nhan
73. Id like to open a business account
toi muon md tai khoan doanh nghiep
74. could you tell me my balance, please?
xin cho toi biet so du tai khoan cua toi
75. could I have a statement, please?
cho toi xin bang sao ke
76. Id like to change some money
toi muon dot mot ft tien
77. Id like to order some foreign currency
toi muon mua mot ft ngoai te
78. whats the exchange rate for euros?
tf gia doi sang dong euro la bao nhieu?
79. I d like some ...toi muon motif .. .
US dollars
tien euro
tien do la My
80. could I order a new chequebook,
please? fl
cho toi xin mot quyen so sec mdi
81. Id like to cancel a cheque
toi muon huy cai sec nay
82. I d like to cancel this standing order
toi muon huy lenh chd nay
83. where s the nearest cash machine?
may rut tien gan nhat d dau?
84. whats the interest rate on this
lai suat cua tai khoan nay Id bao nhieu?
85. whats the current interest rate for
personal loans? lai suat hien tai cho khoan
vay ca nhan Id bao nhieu?
86. I ve lost my bank card
toi bi mat the ngan hang
87.1 want to report a ...
a. lost credit card mat the tin dung
b. stolen credit card mat the trn dung
88. weve got a joint account
chung toi co mot tai khoan chung
90. Id like to tell you about a change of
toi muon thong bao thay doi dja chi
91. Ive forgotten my Internet banking
password toi quen mat mat khau giao dich
ngan hang rUc tuyen cua toi
92. Ive forgotten the PIN number for my
card toi quen mat ma PIN cua the
93. Ill have a new one sent out to you
toi se cho ngildi gCti cai mdi cho ban
94. could I make an appointment to see ...?
cho toi dat Ijch hen gap ...
95. the manager ngitdi quan ly
96. a financial advisor ngudi tu van tai chfnh
97. I d like to speak to someone about a
mortgage toi muon gap ai do de ban ve wee
the chap
98. Insert your card DUa the vao
99. Enter your PIN Nhap ma PIN
100. Incorrect PIN Md PIN sai
101 . Enter Nhqp
102. Correct Dung
103. Cancel Huy
104. Withdraw cash Rut tien
105. Other amount So tien khac

106. Please wait Vui long dgi

107. Your cash is being counted
Dang dem tien cua ban
108. Insufficient funds Khong du tien
109. Balance So du
110. On screen Tren man hinh
111 . Printed Da in xong
112. Another service? Djch vu khac?
113. Would you like a receipt?
Ban co muon lay giay bien nhan khong?
114. Remove card Rut the ra
115. Quit Thoat