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Issue 44, July 2017

The Quarterly
of Life Growth Inc.

14 Years of Chasing the

Holy Spirit Wind
By Rev. Bernadette A. Morales, LGI Senior Managing Director

The Wind blows wherever it Our 14th Anniversary theme, amazing how the Holy Spirit
pleases! Our hearts are indeed Building Lives, Changing Lives raised men and women among us
overflowing with much captures the essence of where we who have become channels of
thanksgiving for this glorious have been and where the Holy mighty revelations and guardians
season. For the past 14 years since Spirit is taking LGI. of our precious prophetic
its founding in 2003, LGI has community. They have now
remained committed to chase the These past years, the Lord become very passionate and
Wind wherever it blows. And what gave us distinctly powerful tools for committed prophetic intercessors;
an awesome and exciting journey such an awesome task. The most kingdom-instructors and deep
it has been! What started as a vital of which is the WindWatch, worshippers. After experiencing
prophetic word from the Lord in the formidable prophetic prayer the life-building power of the Holy
the heart of our founder, Pastor ministry of LGI that has become Spirit in their respective individual
Mina is now a Holy Spirit very instrumental in ushering a lives, they are now building the
movement of transformation strong prophetic culture where lives of others around them.
called to the task of building lives hearing Gods voice and seeking
and changing lives. His revelations and instructions Our WindWatch prophetic
have become a basic way of culture is clearly expanding to
existence. The results have been many parts of the Philippines. We
Ushering a far too astounding: restoration of can only imagine the exponential
Prophetic broken relationships; miraculous effect of this development - - -
provisions ; supernatural favors; lives upon lives are revived,
Culture and genuine intimacy with God restored and repositioned for the
and obedience to His will. It is glory of God!
Using the Tools of The Tools of Product
Prophetic Teaching and Development and
Kingdom-Instruction Marketing Innovations
These past years, we have been blessed with tools Another vital tool God gave us is the precious gift
that have allowed us to teach and train people in the of development and innovation. All these years, LGI
task of genuine transformation through our unique has developed quality educational and training
brand of prophetic instruction. resources that have reached clients both in the religious
and corporate circles. Our LGI biblical courses and
The LGI Prophetic School bears witness to LGIs seminar materials are distinctly prophetic and very
core conviction that Gods Word is the most unshakable relevant in their instructional design and visual
foundation of all. We praise God that LGI has become presentation. They are unique products of prophetic
instrumental in building lives that are doctrinally revelations that are intentionally and intelligently
founded and lives that bear the mark of genuine Spirit- designed to teach the whole person and enable them to
baptism. intimately experience God in the process.

These are men and women who know their faith The Holy Spirit has also taught us to welcome
intelligently; who are aware of the Holy Spirits identity paradigm shifts and Spirit-led innovations. At the start
as the Revealer of the deep things of God and who are of 2017, LGI was led by the Holy Spirit to make an
committed to authenticate their faith in various works of unprecedented move of faith. From being registration
service for the glory of God. Many of our former fee based, all our classes and seminars are now given
students have now established their own respective for free. As a result more people are flocking our classes
churches and ministries in various parts of the and seminars. These people, in turn, share their positive
Philippines while others have become key leaders and experiences to many more.
decision makers in their respective spheres of influence
in the government, private sectors and faith More importantly, we thank the Lord that through
communities. product innovation initiatives, we have re-structured our
courses and programs to make them easier to attend
Our distinct educational framework of sharing the and complete. Our 24 weeks Christian Life Skills
truth, showing the power and sharing the love has now Seminar has been re-structured to 5 monthly Quality of
become institutionalized through transferable Life Classes. From 3 registered students in our previous
curriculum and relevant instructional frameworks. Our structure, we were able to reach 20 to 35 participants
vision is to pass this prophetic educational legacy to the each monthly meeting. Our first run of the new Quality
generations to come. Our commitment is to pass these of Life courses will be completed this month, and we
precious teachings to faithful men and women so that have already and started our 2nd run. Our Quality of
they too can pass them to so many more! Life Corporate Series is now serving corporate groups
and organizations. They are also marketed to new
clients who may want the flexibility of designing their
own seminars based on their respective corporate

held last June 3, 2017
at the LGI Center with
Ptr. Alfredo Vasquez
(far right) delivering the
message of Gods
Expanding Our
Global Reach
Expansion is a powerful sign of life! It
is a concrete prophetic indicator that
change is truly taking place in our very
midst. It is just too awesome to realize that
even without the aid of sophisticated
promotion and marketing initiatives, and
abundant financial resources, LGI has
expanded its influence from Metro Manila
to many parts of the world. It is an
astounding favor from the Lord that a
small non-stock, non-profit organization
School of Visions and Miracles
will have opportunities and resources to
do global work.

The LGI global expansion is clearly

miraculous and supernatural. It is a
product of divine set-ups and anointed
The Wind
encounters with people who are being meaningful and fruitful life in a world full
used to propel LGI out of its comfort zone of desperation, decay and disorder.
to its prophetic destiny. This year, LGI Continues to Blow It has been prophesied by Joel that
in the last days, the Lord will pour out
went to Israel and Cambodia. We were
also invited to minister in New Zealand As we stand in the threshold of our His Spirit among all people, and His sons
this coming September. 14th year, LGI is clearly being positioned and daughters will prophesy. The
to be a prime mover in the prophetic desperate and dying world will become
Our former students and ministry movement. the very platform for Gods prophetic
volunteers who are now based people to rise like never before.
internationally are opening their own What used to be a movement
homes, spending their resources and using despised, misinterpreted and rejected by This is our shining moment! The
their influence to provide new platforms many is slowly finding its rightful place Lord will amplify our voices. He will
for LGI to reach and serve more people. and significance in the hearts of so many expand our influence and strengthen our
Those whom we have been faithfully who have been ripened for this special impact in every sector of society. He will
serving are generously giving back to LGI. season. What used to be hush-hush supply godly courage, genuine humility
This is the prophetic key that has prophetic activities kept among close and deeper love in our hearts. We will no
unlocked doors of provisions for us all friends have now made their way to open longer be in the fringes. We will be in the
these years: You take care of my people, public conferences, satellite classes, well- very center of His global prophetic plan.
and I will take care of you. Keep serving attended prophetic summits and global
and keep giving. prayer and worship initiatives. While the world is agonizing in the
midst of much decay, Gods true sons and
In the end, it will always come back LGI is clearly seeing how the Lord is daughters are being revealed. We are no
to us pressed down, shaken together and opening doors for our prophetic identity longer objects of mockery and ridicule.
truly running over! to grow and expand from Metro Manila We have reached our season of
to other parts of the Philippines and supernatural significance. In the face of
beyond. We see greater hunger for the much devastation and brokenness, LGI
Holy Spirit in the coming season. As will courageously mend and restore.
more and more traditional paradigms
and world views are losing their The Holy Spirit will lead the way,
effectivity and relevance in the lives of every step of it! His Wind will enable us
people, we see LGI being positioned to to soar higher than we have ever
provide a bold prophetic alternative for imagined!come back to us pressed down,
those who are willing to pursue a truly shaken together and truly running over!
I can only be grateful for everything that
the Lord allowed to come my way. I praise
Him for all the people who have
blossomed before my eyes; for families
that were miraculously restored; for
provisions that were supernaturally met;
for expansions that were previously
unthinkable but now have become a
reality; and for the prophetic fire that
continues to burn in all our hearts.
Pastor Bernie Morales

Closing Words
I am abounding with so much gratitude to God for my 4 who have blossomed before my eyes; for families that were
years with LGI as Senior Managing Director. As I wrote in my miraculously restored; for provisions that were supernaturally
facebook page, I came to LGI in 2013 at the crossroads of my met; for expansions that were previously unthinkable but now
life and ministry; in a season of deep pruning. have become a reality; and for the prophetic fire that continues
to burn in all our hearts.
The corporate ministry work was indeed a new terrain for
me after over 20 years in the parish context. There was much I thank the BOT Chair and the BOT members for allowing
learning, re-learning and unlearning. I remember looking at me to take a study leave in the US to pursue my full certification
SEC papers, financial charts and corporate documents with in Clinical Pastoral Education; and for giving me all the
mixed-emotions. It was entirely a new experience for me being opportunities to grow as a whole person in this season of my life.
given the major responsibility to make sure that LGI financially I am humbled by all the love, support, kindness and generosity of
survives, maintains its good moral reputation and does not get the whole LGI family.
sued! To top it all, to make sure that the organization is run
prophetically under the careful leading of the Holy Spirit in all The LGI Send-Off was too precious and full of love! I
its dealings and transactions. I could not have done it without cannot ask for more. I am looking forward to continually serving
the excellent and patient mentoring of Pastor Mina who kept LGI even in my
pushing me out of my comfort zone. limited
capacity as a
There were down moments where targets were not met, Director on
penalties had to be shouldered and programs were not leave. I know
Rev. Dr. Mina N. Palomo Editor-in-Chief
monitored as closely, but in the end, there was always grace and that doors will
Rev. Bernie A. Morales Managing Editor
help extended. I can only be grateful for everything that the continue to Rev. Cris C. Navarro Lay Out Artist
Lord allowed to come my way. I praise Him for all the people open for us !