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Name of Jail

Region 10

1. Implementation of
Decongestion Modes of Releases

Rule 114 of Revised Court/PAO/
Rules of Court (Cash Prosecutor's Office
1.a. Release on Bail 35 inmates 3 mos. 5 Released Paralegal JNCO 14.28%
bond, Property bond, (PO)/ Corporate
corporate surety) Surety/ and others

1.b. Service of Batas Blng. 85/R.A,
Maximum Imposable 6127/RA10592/ Sec. 16 Paralegal, Records Court/ Prosecutor's
Penalty of the Offense Rule 114 Revised Rules JNCOs Office/PAO
Charged of Court (RRC)

Sec. 5, (b) of
1.c. ROR (ReleaseUpon R.A.10389/A.M. 12-11- Paralegal, Records Court/ Prosecutor's
Reaching the Minimum 2-SC/Sec. 16 Rule 114 JNCOs Office (PO)
of the Principal Penalty of RRC

1.d. ROR (Release of DSWD/ Municipal
Indigent Upon the or City Sanggunian/
Sec. 6, R.A.10389 Paralegal JNCO
Recognizance of a Mayor/PO/PAO/
Custodian) Court/PPO

A.M. 12-11-2-SC/ Rule Paralegal JNCO/
1.e. Released on 119 RRC/ Act. Court/Clerk of
After 180 days Inmates Record
Speedy 8493/Circular No. 38- Court/ PO/PAO
Officer (IRO)

PPO/ Court/
1.f. Probation P.D. 968 Paralegal JNCO Prosecutor's Office

Transfer to Other By Virtue of a Paralegal JNCO Court BJMP Jail Commitment Order 1.A.k. Parole and with GCTA Act 3815 (RPC) IWD.1.D 968 Paralegal JNCO Prosecutor's Office for Probation Remand of Insular Court/Prosecutor's 1. 29 of Paralegal/ Records Fulltime Credit and Act 3815 (RPC) JNCO/others GCTA LGU/National l. etc.m.n.k.h. 29 of Paralegal/ Records Court/PAO and Fulltime Credit of Act 3815 (RPC) JNCO/others others Detention Warden/Deputy m. Service of Sentence without R. of P. 10592/ Art.g. 7 of P. Bail while Pending Submission of IR or PPO/ Court/ Resolution for Petition Sec. Dismissal of the Case (Alternative Dispute Resolution) 1. Service of Sentence R. 968 Paralegal JNCO Prosecutor's Office for Probation 1. 10592/ Art.j. Transfer to BuCor Paralegal JNCO Prisoners (Mittimus) Office/PAO. 10592/ Art. Records Probation Office JNCO/MSEC. 1.l.A. 9344 Paralegal JNCO Court/DSWD 1.A. 7. 97 of Warden/Paralegal.i.A. Service of Sentence Disaster Risk R. Transfer to DSWD R. 98 of Paralegal/ Records with Special Time Reduction Act 3815 (RPC) JNCO/others Allowance for Loyalty Management Council 1. 10592/ Art. Service of Sentence Without GCTA but with R. TAS 1.A. ROR (Pending Submission of IR or PPO/ Court/ Resolution for Petition Sec.D. Dismissal of the Case (Alternative Dispute Resolution) .

Others Prepared By: Unit Paralegal Officer . Designation of Assistant Paralegal JNCO 5. Paralegal Voluteer 4. . BJMP Program/ Rule Paralegal/IWD Court/PAO/PO/Cor 2. Dismissal of the Case (Incase of Death of Inmate) 7. Project Isaiah 10 3 mos. 4 Released thru Bail JNCOs and Inmates porate Surety/ and 40% 114 RRC others 3.