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Tuesday, 3 August 2010
The Mission

“for GJP t o be c om e th e n u m b er o n e
medium f o r E d u t a in me n t g lob a ll y ”

Copyright © Steve Trister 2010

Tuesday, 3 August 2010
Steve Trister
it e r/Prod ucer
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Com edy Act

After 2 years of performing Guru John Popolini, Steve has

decided that this year was the year, to really let the world now
about GJP.

Steve is planning a huge launch/showcase event on Monday 29th

November 2010. The venue is the stunning Cumberland Hotel in
Marble Arch, in the heart of central London. There will be a
mixture of TV/FILM/Events Industry professionals and GJP’s
disciples, 350 to be precise.

Steve has put together an offer for you, to have the chance to get
in early and purchase once of GJP’s Keynotes on “Networking”
for a heavily discounted price. You’ll also get 2 complimentary
tickets & a welcome drink each on Steve to the launch event too.

Copyright © Steve Trister 2010

Tuesday, 3 August 2010
What his disciples say.....
“absolutely amazing, everyone was laughing and “The feedback was ..."Very funny, and I really learned from
learning at the same time, it was easy to see the bad him". I highly recommend him to get messages across in a
habits that people have and enjoy seeing the funny side really entertaining fashion” - MD & Chief Strategist, Echo E-
to it” - Penny Power, Founder, Ecademy Business

“Hysterical as he took advantage of interactions, “GJP uses humour to deliver a very powerful message. The
circumstances and the location. All were woven into the no bulls!$t, straight to the point and unforgiving approach is
Guru's advice and made for a VERY funny session. This as refreshing as it is needed. The cold hard truth delivered in
unique idea is really clever and topical” - Mark Lee, the most hilarious, funniest way.” - Walter Cruz, Sales &
Chairman, Tax Advice Network Marketing Director, Great Expectations

“Guru John Popolini combines the tact of David Brent

with the compassion of Don Vito Corleone. John Cleese “Outstanding! Really good fun, great humour and I would
used exaggeration of the wrong way to do things with the hugely recommend you seeing him at the earliest
legendary Video Arts training films. Steve takes this to a opportunity!” - Andy Preston, International Sales Expert &
whole new level with live improvisation - a truly Professional Speaker
remarkable talent!” - Doug Holeman, Director, New
Dimension Enterprises

“The difference is that this was not just a set piece but Steve
“I really, really enjoyed last nights performance at the had transformed into a different character and was ad-libbing
Hippodrome, London - it was a very professional content excellent comedy! The brilliance of the Guru John Popolini
and delivery” - Glenn Watkins, Chief Executive, Ecademy character is that he is both very funny but also that listening
him is educational in a bizarre way!” - Richard White, Principal
Trainer Consultant, Pro Excellene

Copyright © Steve Trister 2010

Tuesday, 3 August 2010
What his disciples say.....

“Amazing! At times outrageous, but always spot on in “John Popollini does for Networking what Borat did for
your observations of people, their foibles, their desires, journalism. Really very funny!” - Suzanne Cauchi, Director &
their successes and failures” - Almira Ross, Director, Franchise Owner SALT (Europe) LTD
Fit4Growth Ltd

“Tell it how it is Guru John - don't flower it up !! This is

“unique technique..... he is entertaining,
a brilliant way to get across key issues” - Chris Windley,
informative, challenging and hugely funny” -
CEO, Seana Limited
Wendy Makepeace-Brown, Director, Relish People Ltd

“unique and extremely entertaining. Steve has

“Riveting to watch, I could not take my eyes off created a superhero and I'm already his number
him” - Chris Bose, High Commander, InPress one fan” - Samantha New-Fielding, Director,
Newphoria Ltd

“Excellent and provocative entertainment” - “Very entertaining, witty and perceptive, a comedic
Andrew Wilcox, Consultant, Trainer, Coach materpiece” - Dave Hillman, MD, BlackStar Search Limited

Copyright © Steve Trister 2010

Tuesday, 3 August 2010
The Networking Keynote
- Perfect as an ice breaker/warm up act for any event

- Gets delegates laughing, interacting and relaxed

- “How Not To Style” is highly educational
- Hugely interactive

- 25 minutes of serious fun!

Subject Matter Covered

u s tica
he Aco isize
in g uist er The GJP Stic Becoming a
L a n cifi ky
Enh Card “Spatial Snip
he art
How to e ri ng t ay
t w
cultivate the ng in a Mas “the 1 on”
ve s t i of ersati
mindset of a Why in ld be your v
cave u con
man/woman net sho iority
#1 pr

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Tuesday, 3 August 2010
ci n g
ro du Click the images
In t
below to see GJP in
action online*
* You need to be connected to the internet for videos to work

n g Twitter Suckse u s i n e s s
e t wo r k i
ss Small B p s
N u i d Guide e ss T i
e s s G Sucks

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Tuesday, 3 August 2010
e r
O ff

You Pay
For a gig as Guru John Popolini (GJP), Steve currently charges
£500 for a 25 minute set.

For August 2010 only you can purchase GJP just £350, where he’ll
entertain, enthrall and educate an audience of your choice.

After the big GJP showcase event this year, the price to have
Guru John Popolini at your event will start at £750 per gig. So
please take this opportunity and get in early.

PLEASE NOTE:This offer has to be paid in full upfront now. Due to

Steve’s current schedule he’ll be able to perform during Jan-Dec
a G J P
2011. Dates and Time can be agreed as soon as payment is made
For y n o t e
or on an ad-hoc basis. Expenses will also need to be covered if
k i n g Ke
you are based outside central London.
e tw or

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Tuesday, 3 August 2010
Contact Details

t o u ch!
Get in

CALL ME + 44 (0) 7970 480 216



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Tuesday, 3 August 2010