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Total Bilirubin (TB) Reagents Kit 2.

Incomplete mixture of specimen and reagents results in
【APPLICABLE INSTUMENT】 inaccurate assay. Always mix thoroughly before assay.
(Vanadate Method) For full-automated biochemistry analyzer. 3. All pipettes and instruments should be calibrated before
4. To ensure the accuracy of results, reaction temperature and
【SPECIMEN】 time period should be controlled strictly in assay.
5. Reagents storage and validity please see the package insert.
Fresh serum, or plasma. 6. Please refer to the local legal requirements for waste
【PROCEDURES】 7. This kit is for professionals and in vitro diagnostic use only.
Test Mode: two end point method;
For the quantitative determination of total bilirubin in human Temperature: 37℃;
serum and plasma Cuvette: 1.0cm;
Wavelength: 450nm;
Specimen: 10 ul;
【Specification】 R-1: 280, R-2: 70ul;
Reaction: down
150ml/box R-1:60ml×2; R-2:15ml×2
Test step
Addition Blank tube Standard tube Test tube
【PRINCIPAL】 Distilled water 7 µL - -
Under the particular term ( pH3.0 ) , Bilirubin can react with Standard - 7 µL -
Sample - - 7 µL
vanadic acid to form biliverdine in serum,Then the absorbance of R-1 210 µL 210 µL 210 µL
bilirubin at 450nm decreases and is proportional to concentration in Mixing and incubate for 3-5mins under 37℃,test each
Tube A2,△A=A2-A1
blood serum.. Therefore the total bilirubin concentration in the R-2 70 µL 70µL 70 µL
sample can be obtained by measuring the absorbance before and
after the vanadate oxidation. ΔA specific
T.Bili(μmol/L)=—————× Standard Conc.
Vanadic Acid ΔA standard
Bilirubin Biliverdin
It is suggested that each lab establish individual reference
【REAGENTS】 range.
Component Conc.
R1 Citrate buffer 100 mmol/L 1. Precision: Within run: CV≤4.0; Inter run: CV≤5.0
R2 Sodium metavanadate 10 mmol/L 2. Linearity: 0—684μmol/L

【STORAGE】 1. Can change the specimen and reagent volume based on
Stable for 24 months, direct exposure to sunshine avoided. analyzer requirement.

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