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Squre assignment


After the analysis of the objectives of this report I would like to give some
recommendation for
Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. I think by following these, the industry can
improve and can get advantages. Hence, the following recommendations can
be made in this regard:

If they reduce their medical expense or make a separate treatment

facilities for the poor people, then it would be very helpful for them.
If they create some education opportunity for the women then it
would be much benefited for the women education.
If they create some opportunity of handicraft for the village rural
people then it can make a way of income for them, especially for the

So, this is our recommendation about SQUAREs limitations. If they make

the overcome of their little limitations they can be a perfect corporate
business of the country.
Future Challenges:

Strengthen its position in the present markets

Work is in progress to enter into regulated markets in Europe and
United States
Export Market Bangladesh, export pharma product from Bangladesh,
Export finish goods, export pharmaceutical product Bangladesh
Square Pharmaceuticals is seeking other partners in Europe and the USA
for general products, Cephalosporins, ophthalmic and small volume
parenteral (SVP) products. The scope of a partnership could range from
contract manufacturing to collaborative R&D. The company is well
experienced in:
Site transfer regulations
Scale up products to commercial batches
stability studies
Square can provide products manufactured under the highest quality
standards at competitive supply prices and guarantee to a good supply chain

Before concluding this report, I would like to provide some recommendations to HSBC
which may help them in retaining their market share and survive in this fierce world of
competition for a long time.
They need to penetrate the market and build a wider geographic coverage through more
branches and ATM booths all over Bangladesh. By doing this ahead of their competitors,
they can grab a big chunk of this competitive market.
HSBC started a campaign called 1 goal where they follow one strategy all over the
globe. This sort of approach always does not work as if a multi-national company goes
global, their aim should be to think globally but act locally. Thus, HSBC should
concentrate on taking strategic decisions on a more local basis in order to stay
competitive and carry this brand image.
In order to save costs HSBC is hiring the minimum amount of people. Because of this,
the quality of work is lessened and employees are pressurized with too many work and
too difficult targets, as a result the employees only focus on quantity rather than actually
providing quality service. Again in this service industry, the key to success is quality
service. Thus HSBC should focus more on providing quality service rather than the total
number of services provided.
Finally as HSBC is trying hard on cutting down costs, one way they can achieve this is by
going green and becoming a paperless office. This strategy has been adopted by a few
multinational companies such as Grameen Phone, Unilever, etc. HSBC being a bank has
too many paper works and it also lengthens the process. If they can automate some of the
paper works, then they can slowly become paperless. This will not only reduce their
expenses but it will also increase their efficiency level and make decision making a much
faster and reliable process.

Dhaka-Shanghai Ceramics Ltd


This project paper presents new evidence in the effects of human resource management policies
and practice such as modern recruitment system, performance appraisal, enhanced training
program in ceramics industry. The evidence derived from authentic data and observation on
Dhaka-Shanghai Ceramics Ltd. In present competitive and dynamic environment, human
resource are now being viewed as the most valuable mean for gaining advantages over other.
Competitive advantages can only be achieved by building up highly motivated and skilled
employees. To fulfill the vision, mission, and core objectives of a company the management has
needed to established a effective and efficient human resource department and hired the
confident and most promising professionals. The prospect and the future of Bangladesh Ceramic
companies lies not only in this region but it spreads across the country. I would like to produce
some of the evidence aligning with this and with this I would like to conclude our project.

We used financial ratio analysis to analyze the financial performance and financial soundness of
the selected ceramic companies. Ratio analysis is certainly a very admirable device because it is
simple and it has a predictive value.


Dhaka-Shanghai Ceramics Ltd has practiced the standard human resource management. Here I
have some recommendations that identify avenues for improving the human resource
management policies of DSCL. From my conversation with the HR manager, I found that many
feel the need to improve their selection process. Although it is currently one of their strong
aspects, it has reached a stage whereby an up gradation is imminent. In addition, with the
increasingly changing world of business and fast moving skill requirements, the need to stay up-
to-date in their recruitment process is felt even more.

They should conduct regular survey in their organization regarding various issues of HR
within the organization and work according the result.
They should remain updated regarding the newly developed HR and MIS software so that
they can practice proper guideline.
To get effective and efficient employee, the DSCL should arrange proper training and
development programs.
The entire HR department should be well informed regarding the employment personal.
Employees development is needed for the own interest of the DSCL.
The organization should provide well direct compensation as well as direct to its staffs.
To evaluate employees performance the DSCL should follow promotion policy properly.
In order to get competitive advantage and to deliver quality product and customer service,
top management should try to modify the system.
DSCL needs to advertise through various Media about job vacancies.
Periodical performance appraisal and giving recognition and rewards to the qualified
employees to keep motivating them.
Proper training needed for ensuring efficient performance of the employees keep the
ongoing pace to grab the business worldwide with more efficiently and effectively.

1 Need to bring some innovative change on the product styling also in product diversification to
attract more customers also to have a firm grip on local and international market.
2 Barriers need to be removed for a certain period; time limit would be till the industry is fully
settled down to become a leading earning sector of the country.
3 Collaborate with other industries in terms of getting fully grasp on hi-technological factors.
4 Capturing international market by providing product which is perfect in terms of quality also price
its negotiable and flexible for the international buyers.
5 Make interesting deals with the suppliers which they cannot refuse, neither they become dissatisfied
for less rivalry and for long run business purpose.
6 Segments of the domestic and export market would be beneficial too.
7 Supply of ceramic goods needs to be increased in the domestic market to match up with demand.
Demand for ceramic products is high even at home as the local companies export much of the
products to the international market. Most of the ceramic factories import ceramics mainly from
8 International standard laboratory needs to be opened to maintain the quality.
9 Needs government support through lower interest rates.
10 To increase company image, brand image and for social responsibility, they can do some social
works like-tree plantation, blood donation programs etc.
11 They can increase the advertising effects. Billboard may be the best way in advertising of their