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Chapter 11
Kelompok 1 (R4F)

Diah Septiana Putri 201512500485

Annisa Nuur Fathyah 201512500537

Rini Tri Subekti 201512500545

Restu Fidia Pratiwi 201512500568

Sisilia Junidra 201512500508

page : 158 , Number 1,2, 4 &5

1. What is the difference between a cluster and a diphthong? -> A cluster is

a combination of two or more consonantal phonemes which belong to
one syllable. Diphtong is combination of vowels.

2. As far as consonant clusters are concerned, what is their relationship to

phonotactics? -> Their relationship to phonotactics is the rule in
phonotactics rule which determines which sounds can occur with which
other sounds in a language. Two languages may have the same
consonant, but each has its own rule to form a clusters. And Indonesian
has phonotactic rules which are not found in English.

3. How many initial consonants does English maximally have in a cluster?

What phoneme must come first, second, etc. Give some examples. ->
The maximum number of sounds for the initial clusters is three. First
phoneme must /s/, second /p/ /t/ /k/ and the ends /l/ /r/ /y/ or /w/ .
Example split, strong, stew, scream, square.

4. Give some examples of final consonant clusters -> Example help, bulb,
belt, bold, half and etc.

Chapter 12 (part 1)

R4F/Pendidikan B. Inggris


1. Annisa Nurussyifa 201512500483

2. Anisa Aprilia 201512500567

3. Syarifah Nabila 201512500569

4. Fais Jauhari 201512500595

1. Explain the difference between segmental and supra segmental phonemes. Give
Answer: segmental phonemes is the form of vowel and consonant sounds such as
/p/, /s/, /m/, //i/, /u/, and /o/. While, in language, there are other phonemes which
appear in the form of stress, pitch, tone, and intonation. These phonemes are called
supra segmental phonemes or the term prosody is also often used.

2. What is meant by a tone language?

Answer: A language that makes use of a pitch to distinguish meaning.

3. How many stresses are there in English? Give examples.

- there are 3 stresses in English: 1. primary
2. secondary
3. weak
- examples: /, fotogrfik/ photographic

The primary stress [ ] is in graph- , the secondary stress [ , ] is in foto- , and the
weak stress is without a symbol.

4. Using the sign / / primary stress, / , / for secondary stress, and no symbol for weak
stress, mark the following words indicating where the stresses fall:
i. Comfortable /km.f.,tt .bl/
ii. Commitment /,
iii. Economic /,
iv. Topography /
v. Military /ml..ter.i/
vi. Friendliness /

Chapter 12 (part 2)

I. programs
II. submitted
III. protesting
IV. contract
V. Insulted
VI. protest
VII. Permitted
I. Lucy lucy is a teacher who comes cames from Indonesia
indinesia (or other Indonesia speaking countries). she She may
teach Indonesian or other subject such as science or math.
II. Lucy lucy is a teacher who teaches Indonesian. She she does
not have to come came from Indonesia; she can be from Canada.
III. "The the house keeper who has an a light agile body"
IV. A man he is a maintains whose job is at a lighthouse and
operates the light and for signals"
V. They they have a house which is green
VI. They they are in a place where people plan plant seeds to
VII. "the first wife of the fat major" (A big fat majors wife)
VIII. "the wife who has fat major" (A wife of a fat major)

Chapter 13

Chapter 14
Group 6 (English Intonation)
Members : Adinda Syifaa Putri 201512500475
Elisa Nurliani 201512500477
Maulana Yusuf 201512500515
Gina Wardatul Uchro 201512500524
Class : R.4.F


1. What is the difference between a tone language and intonation language? Give an
2. How many intonation patterns are there in English?
3. What intonation pattern is used in an interrogative sentence having Q-Word such as
when or why? Give example.
4. Explain the subtle meaning of sentence below:
a. He will come, wont he [233-231]
b. He will come, wont he [233-231 233]
c. You love him [234]
d. No [233-231]
e. You dont really care for her [231-233]
f. Yes [233]


1. In a tone language, the pitch used determines the meaning of a word. In an intonation
language, a pich pitch does not determine word meaning.

2. 7 intonation patterns:
a. falling intonation
b. rising intonation
c. extra-rising intonation
d. extra-rising falling intonation
e. sustained intonation
f. falling & rising intonation
g. rising & falling intonation

3. Falling Intonation
Example: When do your finish college? [231]
Why didnt you call me? [231]

4. a. With a rising-falling intonation, the sentence request just confirmation, that is, the
speaker presumes that the person will come.

b. With rising-falling intonation (rising-rising intonation), the sentence may express a

surprise or the sentence truly seeks for information.

c. Extra-rising intonation, the sentence expressing surprise or a disbelief.

d. Rising-falling intonation, the sentence expressing statement.

e. Falling-rising intonation, the sentence expressing that the person thought 'you' are don't
care for her

f. Rising intonation, indicates that person expects to another person to continue the