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August 2010


Major Copley, Company Commander
It is official – Maintenance Company has passed
the halfway point of its deployment and your Ma-
rine will be home before you know it. This month,
Headquarters 2 Maintenance Company will be hosting an all hands
Bar-B-Q to give the Marines time to relax and kick
Repairable Issue Point 3
back. Amongst the many events will be a Company
Communications 4 Volleyball competition – may the best platoon
Electronics win. Additionally, preparations are underway to
Engineers 5
ensure that the transition for 10.2 is a smooth as
possible and everyone is looking forward to their
Ordnance and General 6
arrival. They are walking into a substantial im-
provement in facilities on the IMA Compound with
Motor Transport 7 three new wooden office buildings, three completed Maintenance
Tents with A/C, and two large warehouses. By the time 10.2 arrives,
Forward Detachments 8 the new gym, new post office, and additional living quarters should
be completed aboard Camp Leatherneck. We continue to push the
Marines to their limits and they continue to stay strong and fo-
cused. These Marines are by far the best group of men and women
I’ve ever commanded. Start thinking about preparations to welcome
your Marines home, it’s not much longer.
Major J.R. Copley

First Sergeant Monroe, Company First Sergeant

Greetings families, another month has passed and the end of our de-
ployment is finally in sight. Even though the end is near we still have
a lot to accomplish before we depart. I wish that I could describe to
you the outstanding job that these Marines have accomplished thus
far. I will tell you that there are no finer Marines than the Marines of
Maintenance Company, Combat Logistics Regiment 15, and it has
been an absolute honor to be their First Sergeant. As I talk to them
their focus is on the mission but their hearts and minds are constantly on their families
back home. The stories of family members bring them joy when they talk about their
wives, sons and daughters. So to all of the families awaiting our return from all of the
warriors of Maintenance Company we love you and continue to pray for our safe return.
God Bless you and your families.

First Sergeant J. E. Monroe.

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Headquarters Platoon has completed another busy month provid-

ing support to the Company. Congratulations are in order to all
our Marines whose hard work earned a 91% on the recent MAGTF
Material Accountability Assist Team inspection. We would also
like to congratulate Cpl Gilbert and his wife Kelly on
their new addition to the family daughter Allison
Mackenzie. In July SSgt Crone and Sgt Adler joined
the MMO team and their intimate knowledge of the
supply system has been a tremendous help. The
weather is beginning to cool down (although not by
much!) and we are looking forward to seeing all of
our families in the near future!

Awards and Promotions

Jason Hollingshead Johnathan Handshoe

United States Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal

Shaun Hooks Samantha Miller

Josue Salais

Caleb Luikens
Stephen Jensen
Kevin Ohri Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal

Brandon Diggins Cpl Stephen Strybuc

Patrick Tinney

Thomas Grayson Gilbert Yates

Thomas Lang
Norman Bowser

David Leach
Armando Cruz

Christopher Foxhill
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The month of July has been another solid month for the RIP. We con-
Repairable Issue Point tinue our efforts of support to the Warfighter throughout Afghanistan
with unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness. The Marines have per-
formed magnificently, coordinating movements of personnel and equipment as we adjust our
support efforts to sustain changing mission requirements of the combatant battalions, all
without missing a beat meeting daily demands.

We also celebrated the 4th of July by throwing a barbeque that our junior Marines planned
and executed. This was a big hit, especially the opening night of “Club RIP”. A great time had
by all in celebration of our nation’s independence. Until next time keep us in your thoughts
and prayers.

-CWO2 Nemiah Johnson

Above: This is a tasty burger

Below: Club RIP

Above: SSgt Mac and MSgt

Lopez running the show Above: Cpl Carrillo and LCpl Valdez
prepare food for the BBQ
Below: Waiting in line for grub
Below: LCpl Parrish brings back
“the worm”
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Communications Electronics Maintenance

LCpl Palmer, LCpl Wallace and Cpl

Bennett are the best technicians the
Marine Corps has to offer

LCpl Wallace builds a test

panel for the Dirty Deuce,
CEM’s new second echelon

LCpl Rexwinkle always wins

staring contests. Always.

June has come and gone and the Marines of CLR-15 FWD CEM continue to
do great things. We have gone from one end of Afghanistan to the other to
support the communication needs of other units. With a MAAT-T inspec-
tion due, the Marines have put in long hours to ensure that the platoon is not only successful, but noteworthy as
well. Some great things have happened over the past month; to include promotions, awards, and most importantly,
some new additions to the CEM Platoon family.

First, let’s introduce you to the new family members: Aidan John Avila, son of Michele and Evaristo Avila, born June
22nd; Phoenix Sebastian Smith, son of Shannon and Christopher Smith, born July 9 th; and the most recent is Dylan
Joe Henderson, son of Laura and Joe Henderson, born July 13th. We would like to say congratulations to the new
mothers and fathers! Additionally, we would like to congratulate our newly promoted Corporal, Thomas Lang.

CEM Marines were sent out all across Afghanistan to replace faulty communication assets for other units. Deter-
mined to get the job done, Cpl Michael Braithwaite II and LCpl Matthew McDowell traveled to remote areas to replace
communication equipment for numerous vehicles. In the end, the mission was accomplished and these Marines re-
turned to Leatherneck with a new perspective on Afghanistan, and new stories to tell.

Many more bases were covered in completing this asset replacement. The Marines involved included: LCpl Aaron
Loftin, a reservist from Troutman, NC; Cpl Christopher Smith, an active duty Marine from Camp Pendleton; LCpl
Joshua Deardorff, a reservist from Warsaw, IN; LCpl Ryan Dyson, an active duty Marine from 29 Palms, CA; LCpl
Jacob Groth, a reservist from Wichita, KS; LCpl Russell Hubbard Jr, an active duty Marine from Camp Pendleton;
LCpl Dustin Wallace, an active duty Marine from Camp Pendleton; LCpl Logan Ali, an Active Duty Marine from Camp
Pendleton; and LCpl Devan Starling, , a reservist from Wichita, KS. These Marines were sent out to over 15 different
locations, by convoy, helicopter, and plane. These Marines showed great poise and attention to detail to ensure the
accomplishment of the mission.

We want to thank all of our family, friends, and loved ones for helping us stay focused. We’re well past the halfway
point now, and your support has kept us strong, diligent, and proud of our accomplishments. Stay strong, be safe,
and remember that CEM is still on the job.
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The Marines of Engineer Platoon have been turning and burning around the clock. The pace is gru-
eling and still hasn’t slowed a bit. We are still consistently pushing out gear left and right so that the war
fighters can stay in the fight. Even with all our preparation for the up-coming MMAAT(T) inspection, we still
complete high quality repairs on equipment for our supported units and continue to provide them with con-
tact (on site) missions. Recently, our Welders completed repairs on a fence at an entry control point here
aboard Camp Leatherneck. In a matter of seven days, Corporal Morgan Miles and Lance Corporal Quyen
Phan completed the repair that was originally assigned to the Royal British Engineers who, for months, failed
to accomplish that mission. For their expertise and dedication to the timely repair, Corporal Miles and Lance
Corporal Phan were recognized with Letters of Appreciation. Corporals Joshua Husted and Aaron Lungmus
both received Meritorious Masts from our Regimental Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Stewart,
in recognition of their hard work setting up a Surgical Company at a Forward Operating Base to our North.

We have also had several promotions this month. Thomas Grayson pinned on the rank of Sergeant
with the entire company and his brother, Lance Corporal Jared Grayson, in attendance. Aaron Lungmus,
Caleb Luikens, and Kevin Ohri were promoted to the rank of Corporal. They have earned their Blood Stripes
and have been properly welcomed into the Noncommissioned Officer ranks. In addition to our newly rein-
forced NCO line-up, some of our stellar performers have rejoined us from various Forward Operating Bases to
keep the gears turning and to enjoy the change of scenery in the luxurious Camp Leatherneck. Sergeant
Brian Temple, Corporals Melvin Rodriguez, Robert Johnson and Lance Corporals James Udovich, James Mor-
rison, Philip Bailey, and Cory Wilson just recently stepped back on deck and continue to perform miracles on
broken equipment. Sergeant Thomas Grayson along with Corporals Derek Reynolds and Grant McCord, re-
turned from Camp Dwyer to reinforce the Heavy Equipment side of the house for the duration of the deploy-

Congratulations to Corporal Joshua Heilmann and his wife, Brandi, who welcome their daughter
Chandler into our world.

Staying busy sure does make the time fly by. The clock is ticking and soon it will be time to head
home. Thank you all for your continued support! We really appreciate every letter, package, phone call,
email, and prayer you have consistently sent our way. Please remember that you are always in our hearts
and thoughts. Your care, love, and concern keeps us highly motivated and allows us to hold or heads high
with pride knowing that we are doing well in defending the nation and serving our beloved country. Another
month down, several to go! Think of it as the 7 th inning stretch… Pretty soon it will be the bottom of the 9 th;
we are up 7 to nothing. It’s almost over, chalk it up as a win, and we will see you soon!

Submitted on behalf of the Engineer Maintenance Platoon,

Sergeant Jesse Guerrero

LCpl Phan shows Cpl Lee

and Sgt Temple how to rip Cpl Miles prepares to
someone’s arm off weld a gate
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rdnance and General Support


Cpl Deconstanza lead the charge this month while the Marines prepared for a very important inspection. Serving as Floor Chief and Qual-
ity Control Inspector, Cpl “Deco” has made a significant contribution to the mission. Inspection preparation requires a team effort and
under his guidance, the Marines have been there to support each other, no matter what the task requires. From Tool Kit inventories to
developing Desktop Procedure binders for each overhead billet, Cpl Decostanza ensured that the Optics Section has set a high standard for
the for the company.

General Support

As General Support Maintenance pushes through their deployment, the pace is starting to pick up. Marines have inducted more gear this
month than they have the whole deployment. Marines within the platoon have built and established a tool room within their new tent and
the shop’s capabilities are growing closer to be fully functional. The Marines have successfully taken the old Company office and turned it
into the new fuel shop for the Fuel and Electric section within GSM. Throughout the past month all the Marines have been vigorously
working to prepare for their upcoming inspection.

M88 Wrecker Crew

This month has been quite busy between finalizing preparations for the MMAAT(T) inspection, completing the turnover of the three M88A2’s
for return to the states and maintaining our regular lifting schedule. The two crews (headed by Sgt Cook and Cpl Avila) have been working
both together as a single lifting team for the heavier lifts (over 70,000lbs) and separately for lifts that require either a single M88A2 or for
the teams to work separate locations, one to load and one to unload. For example, the Recovery section provided support for MTM provid-
ing 21 lifts over a ten hour period effectively re-locating the retro-grade lot. Cpl Chiurco made good use of the Main winch, demonstrating
the effectiveness of the M88A2’s straight line pull capabilities.

Infantry Weapons

The Infantry Weapons continued to remain busy this month conducting repairs for over 200 weapons for Units throughout the Area of
Operations. During the month LCpl Hansen was able to travel to a British base to conduct a one woman Maintenance Support Team. Her
ability to work independently and efficiently earned her praise from 1 st Marine Division.

Sgt Gallegos, LCpl Snell, and LCpl Salamone conducted a Maintenance Support Team in support of Forward Units. Traveling many miles
and working long hours for over 2 weeks provided Units the ability to maintain operations. Sgt Shepperd continued to stay busy while
everyone was away and managed to keep his sanity from the many tasks thrown upon him.


Sgt Hollingshead and LCpl Beard were finally able to hit the road this month and were instrumental in providing support to 1/11 Lima
Battery. There drive and determination were key in rebuilding a breech actuator. Shortly after their repairs were completed they were able
to see the reward to their work as 1/11 received a fire mission and effectively used the howitzer that was just repaired.

We love the smell of LAVs in the morning. Sgt Hollingshead councils

LCpl Beard on his tobacco habit
Motor Transport Page 7

By now the Marines of Motor Transport Maintenance (MTM) Platoon are in a groove and continue to expedite repairs on all Motor
Transport assets getting them back into fight and the battlefield. Working long hours and tolerating the 100 plus degree weather is
second nature now and feels like were right at home, for now. This month, the IMA Motor Transport section began working
24hours a day / 7 days a week with 2 crews, each crew works for 13 hours straight, repairing battle damaged vehicles. This
schedule was required due to the vast amount of vehicles needing repairs due to the terrain and being damaged by Improvised Ex-
plosive Devices (IEDs). This schedule has been very successful in support of the I Marine Expeditionary Force’s mission because it
gives the ability to repair the same vehicle non-stop until repairs are completed. This is decreasing the time spent within the main-
tenance cycle. Amazingly, each mechanic within the platoon realizes how vital their role is in supporting the I MEF and its opera-
tional forces. They perform their mission without complaints, even when other sections or units are getting the chance to enjoy
“normal hours”. Despite this, the motivation within the platoon is still very high. In the last month, we’ve had some VIP’s stop by
to catch a glimpse and try to understand how a maintenance platoon could take a vehicle that looks like scrap metal and literally
re-incarnate the vehicle back to operational level. This is due to the hard work and sweat of all the mechanics within the MTM
platoon. Their hard work is making a direct impact upon the operational forces in providing them a vehicle that is ready and op-
erational, even after they have been hit by an IED. From all ranks and units, we get thanks for the outstanding support we provide
to the entire I MEF. The Marines are very proud of their hard work and dedication especially when VIP’s speak of their accomplish-
ments and the difference they’re making in this fight. The mechanics hold their head up high, no matter how tired they are when
Maintenance Company’s accomplishments are mentioned, especially when MTM platoon are the ones mentioned. The next rotation
will have big shoes to fill and will have to hit the ground running, in order to keep up with the pace set by OEF 10.1, MTM Platoon.
We have Marines within the Platoon that have made a name for themselves. They’re Marines like Cpl Strybuc, with his technical
expertise are well known throughout I MEF and are requested by name to support convoys for VIPs throughout the area of opera-
tions. Cpl Strybuc is just one of the many outstanding mechanics within the MTM platoon.

Even with the extreme heat, the Marines at General Support Motor Transport continue to rise to the occasion themselves. As fast
as the vehicle come into the shop, the mechanics get to work diagnosing and repairing them so that they can get back out on the
road. Some of these repairs are as simple as changing out head lights while others involve changing out systems that require the
removal of multiple parts. The Marines have now completed over 460 repairs while putting in some long hours. In addition to
making the necessary repairs to the vehicles, the Marines have been getting ready for an upcoming inspection. They have been
reading technical manuals, technical publications and Marine Corps Orders. This has allowed them to learn the administrative
side of running a maintenance department. With all their hard work and attention to detail they have constructed the mainte-
nance shop here at GSMT into excellent shape. These young men continue to impress GSMT Company and CLR-15 every day by
maintaining their Motor Transport organic assets at 95% combat ready at all times.maintenance cycle for repairs. 34 TRAMs and
17 Bulldozers entered the maintenance cycle for corrective maintenance, during the past month. The Maintenance mission re-
quired constant logistical coordination and open communication between different work sections, safety awareness, lift support,
and transportation. Personnel changes were made at the IIP. Some Marines were sent back their assigned sections at the IMA,
while new billet holders were appointed in order for all IIP sections to be ready for the upcoming inspections.
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Maintenance Company Forward Detachments

Since our last update, the Forward Maintenance Detachment has had many achievements. We’ve had (2) Marines pro-
moted to Sergeant (Jensen and Diggins). Cpl Alvarado received a Letter of Appreciation for his commendatory service
while on guard duty under RCT-7. The following Marines were recipients of Certificate of Commendation for their sup-
port to 1stLAR, LCpl Saucedo, Cpl Daggs, LCpl Huizar and LCpl Dolly. We’ve also had several Marines who have in-
creased their MCMAP training and moved up to the next level. To round it all up we kicked butt in the Patriot Day
Games by competing against all 5 companies from CLB-5 and we won the big (3) events, which were the strong man
contest, flag football, and tug-o-war.

Above: Forward Detachment

Right: SSgt Cox, fastest gun in Afghanistan

Below: LCpl Lopez and the MATV