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Whats New Version 4.00

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1 PTM 4.00 General New Features & Improvements

Additional test sets supported

With the addition of DIRANA and TESTRANO,
PTM now supports the following test sets:
CPC 100 / CPC 80 with accessories

Data synchronization
Visualization of changed jobs / assets
Select all for subscribing locations

Insulation resistance test added

Perform HV DC insulation resistance tests with
any 3rd party HV DC IR tester on the market and
enter the data to PTM via direct input, data
interfaces, Excel import or via clipboard
Create IR test reports with PTM

2 PTM 4.00 Features & Improvements for Transformer Testing

Oil Analysis
DGA analysis for the transformer main tank according to IEC60599 and IEEE C57.104:
Assessment summary
Duval triangle 1, 4 and 5
IEC basic ratios including 3D-graph visualisation
Rogers, Doernenburg and MSS ratio methods
Key gas method
DGA trending

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Transformer testing with TESTRANO 600
Both guided and manual workflows supported
DF & Cap, short-circuit impedance, turns ratio, DC winding resistance and demagnetization tests

Full integration of DIRANA for power transformers including moisture analysis, dielectric response
test, tan()/PF, capacitance, insulation resistance, PI, DAR
Up to 20x faster testing than before due to revolutionary FDS & PDC+ combination
Automatic frequency range setting: Detects the optimum frequency range and ensures minimum
measurement time
Fully automatic measurement & assessment mode ensures optimal results without expert
Integration in PTM database
Databases for ester-filled transformers
Powerful reporting

The new DIRANA PTM software can be used with all existing DIRANA devices without an additional license!

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Sweep Editor for Tan Delta tests
Users are now able to create his own custom sweeps for tan delta tests:
Voltage sweep
Frequency sweep

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Templating for power transformer testing
Users are now available to create their own test list templates:
Sorted after Asset type/Phases
Can be applied to all kind of power transformers with automatic adaption to asset

Support of CP SB1 with single-phase transformers

Better comparison of TTR test results

Comparison of two tests without exact same test settings is now possible

New vector groups


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3 PTM 4.00 Features & Improvements for Switch Gear Testing
Automatic assessment for Motor Current test results
The Motor Current test now offers an automatic assessment of its new numerical results Inrush Current and
Charging Time. The assessment limits (absolute or relative) can be entered directly in the asset definition
(Assessment limits tab) or in the Motor Current test (Assessmentsection).

Automatic assessment for auxiliary contact timings

The assessment of CIBANO 500 Timing and Dynamic Contact Resistance tests now allows also the
automatic assessment of auxiliary contact timings (Switching time, Diff. to main and Duration). The
assessment limits can be defined in the asset definition (Assessment limits tab) or directly in the test
(Assessment section).

Automated stop of motor supply when charging is finished

The Motor Current test is now automatically stopped when the motor finished the charging process. The
CIBANO device monitors the current drawn by the motor during the charging process and automatically
stops the operation when no current is drawn anymore. The same applies for the Supply motor option
executed from any other CIBANO 500 test in PTM.

Permanent power supply on channel B3

The CIBANO 500 now offers to enable the channel B3 as permanent power supply. This power supply can
be switched on even if no test is currently running and it is not interrupted while executing a test. The voltage
level can be in the range of -300V300V DC or 0 240V AC. Since the CIBANO device can only put out
one voltage level at a time, the permanent power supply and other voltage outputs have to have the same
voltage level.

Megger import
PTM is now able to import numerical measurement data from Meggers CABAWin format. In the Manage
view, choose Import from Megger CABAWin from the Import menu in the job column and select the root
folder of the CABAWin job to import. PTM will then read available asset information and measurement data.
The data is imported in the PTM database.

Use conversion tables for contact travel measurements

The former Contact factor setting for contact travel measurements is extended to also load Conversion
tables that translate an angular transducer movement to a linear main contact movement (degree to
millimetres). PTM supports a generic CSV format (User Manual includes details) and Meggers TBL-format
for conversion tables. The conversion tables are added to the circuit breaker asset and can then be used in
the corresponding tests. It is still possible to use a linear factor which is then again the Contact Factor.

CIBANO 500 hardware self-test

The CIBANO 500 system is safer now. The device software performs a hardware self-test before executing
the first test after booting the device. The CIBANO 500 will automatically check vital components like the
switch-matrix output relays and report back if the test was passed or not. If not, PTM shows an information
with further instructions. The test will prevent the CIBANO system from executing tests with malicious

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4 PTM 4.00 Features & Improvements for Instrument
Transformer Testing
VT asset added

New tests for voltage transformers added

VT Ratio
VT Burden
VT PF & Cap.

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Whats New Version 3.50

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1 PTM 3.50 General New Features & Improvements

1.1 Automatic upgrade of CPC 100/80 embedded software

PTM automatically detects if an embedded software upgrade for CPC 100/80 is required and
provides an option to initiate the upgrade process.

1.2 Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP)

The Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) collects information about how you use
Primary Test Manager without interrupting you. This helps OMICRON identify which features to
improve. No information collected is used to identify or contact you. We encourage you to join the
program to help improve Primary Test Manager.

2 PTM 3.50 Features & Improvements for Testing Transformers

2.1 Improvement of DC Winding Resistance Test

When using the CP SB1, the user can select any tap position and automatically measure the
winding resistance of all three windings. With this option, selective three-phase measurements on
individual tap positions (e.g. mid, high, low) can be easily performed.
When testing windings with a DETC, automatic measurements on all three phases can be
performed using the CP SB1.
When testing windings without a tap changer, automatic measurements on all three phases can be
performed using the CP SB1.
When testing one-phase transformers, automatic tap control of the CP SB1 can be used to perform
automatic measurements on all tap positions.

2.2 Selective nameplate locking

After a test has been executed, only the nameplate parameters which affect this specific test will be
locked for editing. In contrast to previous versions, users will be able to change other nameplate
values (e.g. bushing data) if the tests linked to those parameters have not been executed.

2.3 Assessment status overview

In the assessment status overview, the user is able to differentiate if an assessment has been done
for every executed measurement and if an assessment has been manually corrected by the user.
Bug fix of representation of aggregated assessment status.

3 PTM 3.50 Features & Improvements for Testing Circuit Breakers

Automated suggestion of default Contact Factor. If not otherwise specified, the idealized Contact
Factor is automatically calculated from the measurement data and the nominal total travel in the
circuit breaker nameplate.

Auxiliary contact timing. Primary Test Manager now automatically detects the type of measured
auxiliary contacts and calculates their switching time, duration and time difference to the
corresponding main contact. These values are also part of the test report.

Motor current numerical results. Primary Test Manager now automatically calculates, displays
and reports the inrush current and charging time when doing a Motor Current test.

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Auto-update also available for CIBANO 500 device software. The auto-update of the Primary
Test Manager now supports to update the CIBANO 500 device software independently from PTM.

Closing time calculation in O-CO sequence. Primary Test Manager now calculates the main
contact closing time when executing an O-CO operation sequence.

Check hardware modules to restore configuration. Primary Test Manager automatically checks if
the connected hardware modules fit the prepared Hardware Configuration in the test. In case of a
mismatch it provides information to resolve it.

4 PTM 3.50 Features & Improvements for Testing Current


4.1 New tests for Current Transformers

CT Excitation
CT Winding Resistance
CT Ratio (Voltage Method)
CT Burden

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Whats New Version 3.40

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1 PTM 3.40 General New Features & Improvements
1. PTM DataSync via Web (additional license required)
a. In addition to the existing option to synchronize Locations, Assets, Jobs and Reports from
multiple local PTM databases to an SQL server you can now choose to alternatively
synchronize to a web Server.
b. You can synchronize data via any internet connection
c. Web server maintenance and backup of data will be provided
d. A new license is required to enable synchronization via Web
2. Custom Reports can be added and stored in the PTM database.

2 PTM 3.40 Features & Improvements for Testing Transformers

2.1 Dynamic OLTC Scan (DRM)

Dynamic OLTC-Scan (DRM): measurement and graphical representation of the DC current during
switching of an OLTC on all available phases. Filters can be applied for phase, parity of the tap and
up or down cycle. Taps may be switched automatically via switchbox or manually. In addition to the
measurement curve ripple and slope are shown in a table and in a graph similar to the DC Winding
Resistance Test. This feature requires CP SB1.
Dynamic shorting can optionally be deactivated for power transformers which have an OLTC on the
high-voltage side.

2.2 Trending
Historic trend analysis of Power Factor / Dissipation Factor / TanDelta and capacitance for
Transformers and Bushings

Available for the following tests

o Transformer Overall PF/DF/TanDelta & CAP
o Transformer Bushing C1
o Transformer Bushing C2
o Spare Bushing C1
o Spare Bushing C2

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2.3 Firmware for HGT1
Firmware for HGT1 is now installed onto the hard disk during setup of PTM.

2.4 FRANEO 800

2.4.1 New features
Import and export of CIGRE WG A2.26 data formats
Import and export of IEC 60076-18 data formats
Import of Megger FRAX Version 2.5 test files

2.4.2 Bug-fixes
Import of Doble SFRA test files: Imported 0 Files issue has been fixed
Calculation of the Winding Assessment Factors according to the DL/T911-2004 for low, medium and
high frequency fixed

3 PTM 3.40 Features & Improvements for Testing Circuit Breakers

3.1 Usability improvements

Grouping of measurement traces allows fast graphical result handling.
Results and assessment limits are separated to increase the user interface clarity.
Failed assessments are highlighted in red. Tooltip provides further information.
Redesigned hardware configuration view. Complexity removed by introducing tab view and the
possibility to collapse / extend channel configurations.
CB MC2 and CBTN3 modules now store and restore their phase assignment.
Phase assignments can be edited after the test execution.
Seamless CIBANO 500 embedded software update via PTM.

3.2 Contact travel feature improvements

Automated calculation of Contact Wipe for closing operation travel data.
Assessment of numerical contact travel results integrated.
Intuitive velocity zone wizard visualizes zone configuration in real time.
Contact velocity is calculated for up to eight customizable velocity zones.
Velocity zones can be specified using various reference definitions and freely adjustable offset

3.3 Extension of IOB1 functionality

Use the IOB1 output channels to supply and measure circuit breaker coils or motors.

3.4 Extended motor supply voltage range

Motors can now be supplied with negative DC up to -300 V.

3.5 Localization
CIBANO 500 device website now available in Chinese language.

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3.6 Test plan templates in Guided Workflow
Circuit breaker test jobs in Guided Workflow can be stored as templates.
Test plans in Guided Workflow can be loaded from existing templates.
Dedicated template editor available to organize circuit breaker templates and define favorites.

4 CPC 100 Toolset 3.40 New Features and Improvements

4.1 Completely reworked CP CU1 Templates:

For all reworked templates: Improved printing area and ability to disable cell color for print out.
Line Impedance Template:
o Distance Relay Performance Check: This tool allows to enter the relays present parameters
and shows the actual zone reach for all possible fault combinations based on the line
impedance test results. This helps to illustrate the effect of wrong parameterization in a
straightforward way.
Mutual Coupling Template:
o This template also features the Distance Relay Performance Check.
o Template now calculates the k-factor for four different cases: no mutual coupling present,
parallel line in operation, parallel line grounded on both ends, fault fed via parallel line.
Ground Impedance Template:
o Allows selection of applied Standard (IEEE 80 or EN 50522).
o Allows consideration of complex reduction factor for correction of the ground impedances
phase angle.
Step & Touch Voltage Template:
o This template now allows automated assessment according to IEEE 80 and EN 50522.
Reduction Factor Template
o Simplification of test procedure
o Calculation of the complex reduction factor

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Whats New Version 3.30

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1 PTM 3.30 General New Features & Improvements
1) Copy Job Use the copy job function to copy the exact job you previously created for a specific
asset including selected test list and test settings. Previous measurement results of the original
job will be cleared in the copied job. The job can only be copied for the asset of the original job.

2) Copy Test Copy a test within a job in the guided or manual workflow. All test settings,
hardware configurations and assessment limits will be copied. Previous measurement results of
the original test will be cleared in the copied test.

3) Screenshots as Attachments in Report Take a screenshot of a user defined clipping of your

PTM screen (e.g. result plot, wiring diagram, test settings). The screenshot will be added to the
list of attachments within a test and can be included in the report.

4) Automatic Update Notification From now on users will be automatically notified once a new
PTM version is available for download in the customer area of our website.

2 PTM 3.30 Features & Improvements for Testing Transformers

1) Sweep Frequency Response Analysis (SFRA): measurement and graphical representation of
the sweep frequency response of power transformers using FRANEO 800. Fully compliant
measurement line generation using predefined templates according to IEC 60076-18 and
IEEE C57.149-2012 standards. Advanced visualization and analysis of measurement data
according to DL/T911-2004 and NCEPRI. Smooth migration of FRAnalyzer 2.2 data to PTM.
Import filters for foreign data formats.

2) Dynamic OLTC-Scan (DRM) Beta Version: measurement and graphical representation of the
DC current during switching of an OLTC on all available phases. Filters can be applied for
phase, parity of the tap and up or down cycle. Taps may be switched automatically via
switchbox or manually. In addition to the measurement curve ripple and slope are shown in a
table and in a graph similar to the DC Winding Resistance Test.

This feature requires CP SB1 and is only available as a Beta Version. If you wish to use the
feature during the trial period please contact us at:

3 PTM 3.30 Features & Improvements for Testing Circuit Breakers

1) Increased EtherCAT Performance Faster detection of EtherCAT accessories. Measure timing
and contact resistance of up to 24 main contacts at the same time.

2) Support of EtherCAT Hub EHB1 More flexibility through EtherCAT hub. Add as many
EtherCAT ports to your test system as required. Use EtherCAT hub to reduce wiring effort.

3) Improved Test Configuration Assessment limits such as allowed coil current ratings or
minimum coil pickup voltages can be defined on the level of the asset nameplate and re-used for
all further tests. Tests are suggested for different circuit breaker types. Entries in circuit breaker
tests are pre-filled with asset nameplate data.

4) Additional Contact Travel Calculations Over-travel and rebound values are added to numerical
results. Up to eight customizable average speed zones can be added.

5) Range of Coil Supply Voltage Increased - Timing tests are extended to also support negative
coil supply voltages.

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4 PTM 3.30 Features & Improvements for Testing Current
1) Revised asset nameplate to include multi-ratio current transformers and support of IEC 61869

2) Extended CT ratio test to support multi-ratio current transformers

3) Miscellaneous improvements to CT PF/TanDelta & CAP test

5 CPC 100 Toolset 3.30 New Features and Improvements

1) New dynamic OLTC-Scan (DRM) test Beta Version

2) New temperature compensation for aluminum in Rwind, TapCheck and OLTC Scan (DRM)

3) Fix of TapCheck for EFL - incompatible tap naming

4) Fix of estop-problem: red light keeps flashing upon device deactivation

5) Fix in Rwind Test: no discharging on wiring errors

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CPC Toolset
Whats New Version 3.20

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1 PTM 3.20 General New Features & Improvements
1) PTM DataSync (additional license required)

a) Synchronize Locations, Assets, Jobs and Reports from multiple local PTM databases to one
central SQL server database

b) Synchronized data from the server will be available in the field to use for comparison and

c) Get automatic updates on Locations, Assets, Jobs and Reports created by other PTM users
within your company

d) Subscribe to a subset of the server database and get updates only for the data relevant to
the individual user

e) Increase the safety of your data by creating backups from one central server database

2) Choose the order in which columns are displayed in the Manage view. Drag & Drop the
individual columns where they should be displayed as shown for the Asset column in the
example below.

2 PTM 3.20 Features & Improvements for CPC

1) Testing of Transformers

a) Automatically assess Leakage Reactance Test results according to industry guidelines

b) Perform Turns Ratio measurements on Transformers with unconventional vector groups

(e.g. Phase Shifter) according to IEC 61378-1 without the automatic Tap Changer control of
the CP SB1 (CP SB1 still required)

3 CPC Toolset 3.20 New Features and Improvements

1) Demag: Improvements of the output-signal stability
2) TRTapCheck: Improved the overcurrent error on discharge behavior
3) VectorGroupCheck: New Connection Check implemented
4) RWinding: Improvements of the output-signal stability and wiring checks

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CPC Toolset
Whats New Version 3.10

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1 PTM 3.10 General New Features & Improvements
1) Import and export Location and Asset Data by using Microsoft Excel Template provided in
2) Export Test Result Data from PTM into Microsoft Excel format using the PTM Excel
a) The PTM Excel Converter has to be installed separately from PTM. Once installed it can be
launched out of PTM via Export button in the Manage View.
b) In order to use this new feature Microsoft Excel 2007 or a later version is required
c) PTM Excel Converter is only available for the current PTM version and cannot be used with
any previous versions of PTM

2 PTM 3.10 Features & Improvements for CPC

1) Testing of Transformers
a) Use the full automatic mode of PTM to perform Turns Ratio measurements on Transformers
with unconventional vector groups (e.g. Phase Shifter) according to IEC 61378-1

3 CPC Toolset 3.10 New Features and Improvements

1) TRRatio: IEC 61378-1 now supported in half automatic mode (CP SB1 with manual tap
2) TRTapCheck: Automatic Tap Cleaning Sequence more interactive
3) Added new test card Vector Group Check to automatically determine the transformers vector
group using the CP SB1.

4 New Handheld Grounding Tester (HGT1) Accessory for Step and

Touch Voltage Measurement with the following improvements
available (successor of current CP AL1)
1) Higher sensitivity (100 times more sensitive than the CP AL1)
2) Automatic recording of measured values referred to a measurement point. No need to note the
values on a paper sheet or something similar. Values are exported as .txt-file and are imported
by a dedicated Excel template.
3) Practically unlimited memory for measured values (Micro SD Card with 4 GB).
4) Input Impedance is selected via firmware. Means the device's hardware has been adapted to
our needs by including the different input impedance settings. There is no separate adapter
5) As a result of this, the input impedance is also recorded which allows
backtracking of the input impedance settings.

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CPC Toolset
Whats New Version 3.00

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1 PTM 3.0 General New Features & Improvements
a) PTM is now compatible with Windows 8 & 8.1 operating systems

b) PTM is now the combined PC Software for CPC and CIBANO 500

c) In the Manage area of PTM you can now duplicate asset nameplates - a fast and easy way to create
new assets with similar nameplate values

d) Document and distinguish between the designated Feeder and Phase for current transformer,
voltage transformer and miscellaneous assets

e) Attach additional measurements records in any kind of format to an existing job to keep all tests,
also the ones which are not directly supported, organized in the PTM database (e.g. DIRANA .drax,
FRAnalyzer .fra/.tfra, SF6 gas quality report)

f) PTM now also offers the user interface in Russian

2 PTM 3.00 Features & Improvements for CPC

2.1 General
> New Manual Control Mode available for Tan Delta / PF & Cap tests on any kind of asset

2.2 Testing of Transformers

> Automatically assess the test results while measuring
1) Overall Tan Delta / PF & Cap
2) Bushing Tan Delta / PF & Cap C1, C2
3) DC Winding Resistance Tests

> Compare measurement results to previous tests by overlay in the same diagram
1) Overall Tan Delta / PF & CAP
2) Bushing Tan Delta / PF & CAP C1, C2, Energized Collar
3) Surge Arrester Watt Losses
4) Turns Ratio (TTR)
5) DC Winding Resistance

> Demagnetize transformers using a new test in PTM

> Document Oil Analysis results of main and tap changer compartments and keep them organized
together with the electrical tests in the PTM database.

2.3 Testing of Circuit Breakers

> Compare measurement results to previous tests by overlay in the same diagram
1) Bushing Tan Delta / PF & CAP C1, C2, Energized Collar

2.4 Testing of Spare Bushings

> Compare measurement results to previous tests by overlay in the same diagram
1) Overall Tan Delta / PF & Cap
2) Bushing Tan Delta / PF & CAP C1, C2, Energized Collar

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3 CPC Toolset 3.0 New Features and Improvements
a) Added new test card for Demagnetization of Power Transformers

b) TR Ratio: IEC 61387-1 support for Transformer Ratio with unconventional vector groups

c) Improved performance characteristics of the CP TD1

d) The Polish language is now fully integrated in the embedded CPC software

e) Minor improvements were done at several test cards, e.g.:

> TR TapCheck: Automatic Tap Cleaning Cycles
> TR Ratio: Assistance to fill out the Transformer Ratio Table
> VT Burden: included correction factor "1/3"

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