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FICO Configuration

Here you will find a basic tutorials for configuration SAP FICO. From my point of view, it is better to make
a full SAP FICO Configuration from A to Z and then to dive into the details. In this way you will start to
understand much faster what in the advanced books is talking about. These tutorials are part of my
learning of SAP and my search for valuable materials which will help you to become a SAP FICO
Define Countries | OY01 & OY07
Setting Country-Specific Checks | OY17
Create a New Currency | OY03
Set Decimal Places for Currencies | OY04
Check Exchange Rate Types | OB07
Ratios for Currency Translations | OBBS
Enterprise Structure
Define Company | OX15
Create Company Code | OX02
Assign Company Code to Company | OX16
Define Credit Control Area | OB45
Assign company code to credit control area | OB38
Maintain Controlling Area | OX06
Assign Company Code to Controlling Area | OX19
Define Functional Area | FM_FUNCTION
Create Operating Concern | KEP8
Define Segment for Reporting | S_AL0_19000003
FI Financial Accounting
Global Settings
Define Fiscal Year Variant | OB29
Assign Company Code to a Fiscal Year Variant | OB37
Define Posting Period Variant | OBBO
Assign Posting Period Variant to Company Code | OBBP
Activate Cost of Sales Accounting | S_ALR_87009606
Enter Global Parameters for Company Code | OBY6
Define Field Status Variants | OBC4
Assign Company Code to Field Status Variant | OBC5
Define Document Types for Entry View | OBA7
Define Document Number Ranges for Data Entry View | FBN1
Define Posting Keys | OB41
Document Change Rules, Document Header | S_ALR_87003720
Document Change Rules, Line Item | OB32
Define Tolerance Groups for Employees | OBA4
Assign User/Tolerance Groups | OB57
Change Message Control for Document Processing | OBA5
Assign Tax Codes for Non-Taxable Transactions | OBCL
Check Calculation Procedure | OBYZ
Assign Country to Calculation Procedure | OBBG
Define Tax Codes for Sales and Purchases | FTXP
Activate New General Ledger Accounting | FAGL_ACTIVATION
Define Ledgers for General Ledger Accounting | SM30_V_FAGL_T881
Define Currencies of Leading Ledger | OB22
Assign Scenarios and Customer Fields to Ledgers | S_ELN_06000019
Display Scenarios for General Ledger Accounting | S_ELN_06000018
Define Ledger Group | S_AL0_19000001
Define Variants for Real-Time Integration | S_ELN_06000002
Assign Variants for Real-Time Integration to Company Codes | S_ELN_06000003
Define Rules for Selecting CO Line Items | S_ELN_06000004
Define Account Determination for Real-Time Integration | S_ELN_06000006
Define Intercompany Clearing Accounts | OBYA
Define and Activate Non-Leading Ledgers | S_AL0_19000016
General Ledger
Define Chart of Accounts | OB13
Assign Company Code to Chart of Accounts | OB62
Define Account Group | OBD4
Define Profit Center Standard Hierarchy in Controlling Area | S_E38_98000135
Create Dummy Profit Center | KE59
Define Retained Earnings Account | OB53
Define Document Types for Enjoy Transaction | OBZO
Define Financial Statement Versions | OB58
Define Document Splitting Characteristics for General Ledger Accounting |
Define Zero-Balance Clearing Account | S_ALR_87008933
Edit Constants for Nonassigned Processes | S_AL0_19000017
Activate Document Splitting | S_ELN_06000009
Define Document Splitting Method | S_PL0_86000049
Define Document Splitting Rule | S_PL0_86000050
Assign Document Splitting Method | S_AL0_19000075
Define Business Transaction Variants | S_AL0_96000709
Classify G/L Accounts for Document Splitting | S_ALR_87008943
Classify Document Types for Document Splitting | S_ALR_87008944
Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
Define Default Document Type and Posting Key | OBU1
Define Account Groups with Screen Layout (Vendors) | OBD3
Define Screen Layout per Company Code (Vendors) | OB24
Define Screen Layout per Activity (Vendors) | OB23
Create Number Ranges for Vendor Accounts | XKN1
Assign Number Ranges to Vendor Account Groups | OBAS
Define Accounting Clerks | OB05
Define Sensitive Fields for Dual Control (Vendors) | S_ALR_87003179
Define Reconciliation Accounts for Customer Down Payments | OBXR
Define Alternative Reconciliation Account for Down Payments | OBYR
Define Tolerances (Vendors) | OBA3
Define Reason Codes (Manual Outgoing Payments) | S_ALR_87003271
Define Accounts for Payment Differences (Manual Outgoing Payment) | OBXL
Define Payment Block Reasons | OB27
Define Default Values for Payment Block | OBBC
Set Up All Company Codes for Payment Transactions | S_ALR_87100687
Set Up Paying Company Codes for Payment Transactions | S_ALR_87100688
Set Up Payment Methods per Country for Payment Transactions | S_ALR_87100689
Set Up Payment Methods per Company Code for Payment Transactions | S_ALR_87100690
Set Up Bank Determination for Payment Transactions | S_ALR_87100691
Check Search Fields for (Customer) Matchcodes | OBB2
Define Account Groups with Screen Layout (Customers) | OBD2
Define Screen Layout per Company Code (Customers) | OB21
Define Screen Layout per Activity (Customers) | OB20
Create Number Ranges for Customer Accounts | XDN1
Assign Number Ranges to Customer Account Groups | OBAR
Enter Accounting Clerk Identification Code for Customers | OB05
Define Tolerances (Customers) | OBA3
Define Reason Codes | OBBE
Define Risk Categories | OB01
Define Credit Representative Groups | OB02
Define Dunning Areas | OB61
Define Dunning Block Reasons | OB18
Define Dunning Procedures | FBMP
Define Interest Calculation Types | OB46
Prepare Interest on Arrears Calculation | OB82
Prepare Item Interest Calculation | S_P6B_12000174
Define Reference Interest Rates | OBAC
Define Time-Based Terms | OB81
Enter Interest Values | OB83
A/R: Calculation of Interest on Arrears | OBV1
BANK Accounts
Define House Banks | FI12
Create G/L Account for Cash Journal | FS01
Amount Limit Cash Journal
Define Document Types for Cash Journal Documents | OBA7
Define Number Range Intervals for Cash Journal Documents | FBCJC1
Set Up Cash Journal | FBCJC0
Create, Change, or Delete Business Transactions | FBCJC2
Make Global Settings for Electronic Bank Statement | FMLGD_H_ELKO
Asset Accounting
Copy Reference Chart of Depreciation/Depreciation Areas | S_ALR_87009194
Assign Chart of Depreciation to Company Code | OAOB
Specify Number Assignment Across Company Codes | AO11
Specify Account Determination | S_ALR_87009195
Materials Management
Maintain Default Values for Tax Codes | OMR2
Set Check for Duplicate Invoices | OMRDC
Sales and Distribution
Define Automatic Credit Control | OVA8

CO Management Accounting/Controlling
General Controlling
Activate Controlling Area Submodules | OKKP
Profit Center Accounting in CO
Maintain Controlling Area Settings | 0KE5