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To date, the construction industry in Malaysia plays a critical part in Malaysias

economy seeing its contribution to capital formation, employment creation and revenue
generation which bolster the countrys Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and financial
advancement. Government of Malaysia took an action pursuant to the astonishing growth and
stability of the construction industry. They announced that the industry will transform by
2020 by improving its quality, safety, environmental sustainability and productivity. This
action highlights the importance of quality in construction and acknowledging it as one of the
critical factors in successful construction project completion.

Many have taken it for granted, assuming that quality is negligible in the construction
project when in fact it plays a significant role when dealing with clients, money, safety,
project value, operational cost and contractors reputation. Therefore, a good project
management in managing the quality is required to ensure that quality is being controlled
along the project life cycle through implementation Total Quality Management (TQM). By
identifying factors affecting TQM implementation, will help in developing the Quality
Management Framework. Thus, the objective of this research are comprised of identification
of existing quality management factors in real projects, recognizing relationship between
clients, consultants and contractors with regards to quality management and developing
quality management framework for the industrys practitioners.

This research is emphasizing on the case study of the on-going quality management
practice in a construction company in Malaysia. The company was selected based on the
actual quality management system adopted by it. To ensure the objectivity of the data, data
collection was captured by comprehensive data gathering from the contractors, consultants
and client type of companies. For this research, a case study utilizing questionnaire and data
analysis method are used in order to analyse the factors affecting TQM implementation in the
construction companies. The identification of employee related, strategic planning,
teamwork, communication, organizational culture, top management commitment, continuous
improvement and customer related factors and analysis, the future occurrences of risks in a
building construction project could be minimized and avoided.