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Museum Dedicated to Davenport’s Jazz Legend Opens July 24 – Page 5

Mike Schulz on ‘War for the Planet of
the Apes’ and ‘The Big Sick’ – Page 9

Five Essential
Hacks for
Summer – Page 3
Child-Custody Suite: The
Prenzie Players’ ‘The Caucasian
Chalk Circle’ – Page 7
Coach Me If You
Can: Richmond Hill’s
‘Rounding Third’ – Page 8
What’s Happenin’: The
Coathangers, Liza Anne,
and ‘Good People’ – Page 10
July 20 - August 2, 2017
2 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 939 • July 20 - August 2, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 939 • July 20 - August 2, 2017 3

Five Essential Hacks for Summer

ne of the joys of life is outsmarting something of a war on lye because, appar- shower is terrible. Federal law mandates get trisodium phosphate in the paint sec-
the bureaucrats and regulators. ently, it’s used in some drug-making pro- that you have a pathetic shower. You abso- tion of the hardware store. In most states,
They are constantly seeking to ruin cess. So there are restrictions, and most lutely need to remove the federally man- you can have it shipped from Amazon. I
our lives with demands, and free men big-box stores don’t carry it anymore. Lye dated flow stopper using a pair of pliers. would never do laundry without it; you
and women must resist. is no longer used in commercial pretzels This trick might be the single greatest can absolutely tell the difference. If you
Our laundry is not clean. The soap is for this reason, even though every pretzel thing you can do to improve your daily are using a dishwasher, the same is true.
deprecated and the water is not hot, if baker knows there is no substitute. life. If you actually follow the instructions
there is enough water even to do the job. But you can easily buy it from at Shaving
Many people have stopped using their Amazon. Use it with plenty of cold water. showerhead-revealed, you will look When I go to conferences, guys come
dishwashing machines because it seems It handles most any drain perfectly. forward to morning as never before. You up to me saying, “I just want to thank
like everything comes out worse. Many might enjoy your first real shower ever. you for ... ,” and I always want it to be
products at the store are no longer “new Your Water Heater What’s remarkable is the cost. about my writings on economics, poli-
and improved” but worse than ever. Even By law, water heaters are shipped with The best shower head, which is to say tics, and so on. But I know this will not
refrigerators have a tendency to wear out the temperature setting stuck between the one that is most hackable, only costs be the case. What they say is: “I just want
sooner than they used to. 110 and 120 degrees, and they usually $2 from the big-box hardware store. to thank you for telling me not to use
Here are five easy hacks to fight back. stay that way. When you get this little treasure home, shaving cream.”
It’s not hot enough to get your whites you take a pair of long-nose pliers to it Shaving cream is not necessary. It
Unclog Your Drains clean. It’s not hot enough to clean your and you can pull out the nasty flow stop- is even destructive, softening the skin
With ever less water rushing through dishes, either. Bakers know that 120 per in under a minute. to the point that it breaks down and
our drains – lower water pressure and degrees is the right temperature to rise becomes ever less tolerant to the razor.
ever more flow restrictors – drains tend yeast, which is to say that things grow in Your Laundry Soap To reverse the process just requires a few
to clog much more easily than they once this temperature. Blech. With no announcement, some 15 days of doing without. From so many
did. You might think that this is no prob- Bumping the temperature to between years ago laundry-soap manufacturers testimonies, I can promise that you only
lem because you can buy drain opener 130 and 140 changes everything. Yes, it removed all phosphates from detergent need water (although some people like to
at the store. But maybe you have noticed will feel hot, not warm, on your hands. But because of threatened government use a tiny bit of oil).
this, too: They don’t work like they once your dishes and clothes will be cleaner. regulation at the national level. No good
did, due to federal restrictions on retail Also with hotter water, you actually use less substitute has been found. What it means Hacking Life
distribution of chemicals. hot water for your shower, so if you have a is that you cannot buy any soap in the Why is it important to do these things?
Online forums are filled with solu- problem with the hot water running out, U.S. that actually works for your laundry, Because they make your life better. But
tions that involve putting steel snakes this will likely fix the problem. at least by traditional standards. there is another reason: They show that it
down drains. That’s not a terrible idea All it takes is a screwdriver – the set- The soap stays in the clothing, along is actually possible to act on your own in
for certain kinds of drains, but there is a ting is on the water heater itself, which with the oil and dirt that the soap is sup- ways that overcome the system that has
much easier solution. Lye is the tradi- has a temperature control dial on there posed to wash away. The whole function been given you. Live free to be free.
tional drain opener. You absolutely do somewhere – and you have a new life with of phosphate is to break down soap so
not want this stuff anywhere near your actual hot water and longer showers. that it can wash away with the water, car- Jeffrey Tucker is director of content for
hands, but if you’re careful you can open rying the dirt and oil with it. the Foundation for Economic Education
your drains as never before. The Shower The amazing news – and who knows (, where this article originally
In that past decade, there’s been You might not know this but your how long this will last – is that you can appeared).
4 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 939 • July 20 - August 2, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •


Governor’s Staff Changes
Resemble a Hostile Takeover

fter Governor Bruce Rauner hired Illi- As a corporate
nois Policy Institute President Kristina roll-up special-
Rasmussen as his new chief of staff, I ist, Rauner was a
reached out to one of the House Republicans big fan of creative
who voted to override the governor’s budget destruction and
and tax-hike vetoes. How was he feeling? outsourcing.
“You mean after the irate phone calls and Under-performing
e-mails and the letter that arrived at my house executives were
today telling me and my wife (by name) to tossed aside like
move out?” he texted back. “I’m doing fine – yesterday’s garbage.
seriously I am. I can just guess what the new And he’s doing the
chief of staff might have in store for me.” same thing now. Kristina Rasmussen
Rasmussen’s anti-tax group essentially wea- His once fiercely
ponized its Facebook page against lawmakers loyal staff is being treated worse than Pat
during the run-up to and aftermath of the Quinn’s staffers were when the Raunerites
overrides of Rauner’s vetoes. took over. If this looks like a hostile corporate
The group’s Facebook page generated hun- takeover to you, that’s because it is.
dreds of thousands of often profanity-laden And so we’re about to embark on an
and hate-filled comments, and even some adventure that I don’t think any state has ever
that appeared to advocate violent acts such experienced. The governor of a large state is
as lynching. It also succeeded in inundating outsourcing the operation of his government
legislators with calls and e-mails. At least one to a libertarian-minded activist think tank that
legislator, Representative Steve Andersson he helped fund before he was elected.
(R-Geneva), reported receiving death threats. The organization is hostile to unions, public
The group claims to have an “unblemished” pensions, taxes, and government regulations.
record of “decency, civility, and candor,” but It has railed against this state’s governance
that’s not how some of those legislators see it. for at least a decade, building up an impres-
So instead of trying to woo back those 11 sive operation that supplies free news stories,
Republican legislators who crossed him on the opinion columns, and even cartoons to
budget, the governor instead brought in the cash-strapped newspapers throughout the
very bane of their existence as his new chief of state. It has a legal arm that has filed or is
staff. You can’t send a clearer signal than that. handling anti-union lawsuits. It has mastered
Rasmussen quickly filled the governor’s social media to spread its gospel and whip up
office ranks with ideological allies. She hired the public and lash out at opponents online.
a new policy director, Michael Lucci – the It took over a statewide radio news network.
Illinois Policy Institute’s former policy direc- It employs researchers who regularly spit out
tor. She hired a new “special assistant,” Jean pieces about how Illinois lags behind other
Hutton – the Institute’s director of operations. states, particularly Indiana.
Laurel Patrick, who worked for Wisconsin In other words, it’s the perfect fit for Rauner,
Governor Scott Walker, was hired as the new a man of almost identical ideology who nurses
communications director. And Diana Rickert a constant obsession about “messaging.”
is reportedly being hired as the deputy chief The Illinois Policy Institute’s higher-
of staff for communications. Rickert is the ups didn’t seem all that troubled about the
Illinois Policy Institute’s vice president of two-year impasse and heartily cheered on
communications who once advocated firing Rauner’s attempts to use the fiscal crisis as
all state workers so that they could be rehired leverage to try to ram through his business and
on a new, cheaper pension plan. Her idea was political reforms.
derided as unworkable and not legal. We can probably figure that new executive
Rauner has always been a big fan of the orders and rules are on the way to further the
Illinois Policy Institute’s way of thinking governor’s new agenda. But he’s also bringing
and ways of doing business. He insisted, for in a bunch of governmental neophytes, so we
instance, that Rasmussen be included in can expect a lot of rookie mistakes.
some policy meetings. Rasmussen reportedly But what we probably won’t see is any leg-
voiced support at those meetings for things islative progress. Perhaps just the opposite, if
such as shutting down some state universities the disaffected Republicans decide to continue
and prisons, regardless of the consequences crossing the governor.
– including the possibility of a prison escape
during a hastily arranged facility shutdown. Rich Miller also publishes Capitol Fax (a daily
That’s just the sort of “bold” thinking that political newsletter) and
Rauner likes.
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 939 • July 20 - August 2, 2017 5
COVER STORY By Jeff Ignatius

Finally, a Home for Bix
Museum Dedicated to Davenport’s Jazz Legend Opens July 24

hen the Bix Beiderbecke Museum Inventing His Own Way
& Archive opens to the public on Davenport has long been a destination
July 24 in the River Music Experi- for fans of early jazz because of Beider-
ence basement, a major draw will be seeing becke, but a proper museum has been a
and being in the presence of artifacts from glaring void. A Bix cornet is part of the
the legendary jazz cornetist’s life – clothes Putnam Museum collection, and visitors
he wore, instruments he played, reproduc- can go to various historical sites – includ-
tions of letters he wrote. ing the musician’s grave and childhood
As museum developer Joe Hines said: home – in Davenport.
“An exhibit like this doesn’t offer explana- So for Bix aficionados and the organiz-
tions; it [gives] impressions.” ers of the 45-year-old annual jazz festival
While that might be typical of a bio- bearing his name, the museum has been a
graphical museum, the process of collect- decades-long dream.
ing those impressions and putting them It’s particularly important given that the
under one roof has required extraordinary self-taught Beiderbecke has never enjoyed
effort over decades. the sort of academic study given to one
The museum pulls heavily from a pair of his more-celebrated contemporaries.
of collections it purchased, but its objects As Commentary magazine noted in 2005:
come from far and wide. As project man- “Born two years and half a continent apart,
ager Carol Schaefer said: “We need to bring Bix Beiderbecke and Louis Armstrong,
his story together in one place, along with the two most influential figures in the
memorabilia that’s scattered basically all early history of jazz, emerged as major
over the world so that Bix followers can soloists on the same instrument (cornet)
really have a home to go to.” at the same time (early 1924). They were
“There’s anything and everything” in the viewed with awe by their contemporaries,
1,500-square-foot museum, said Bix histo- and their contrasting styles evolved over
rian Geri Bowers. “He died in 1931; we still time into the twin lines of descent from
have his vest that he wore in junior high which most of today’s jazz can be traced. ...
school. His family was so dedicated to him. Yet musicologists, while recognizing and
And we want to prove that to the people. acknowledging Beiderbecke’s enduring sig-
He was well-loved by his family. ... That vest nificance, have nonetheless been strangely
just drives me nuts. I think: What do I have reluctant to treat him in the same way they
of my children when they were young that I treat Armstrong.”
treasured? ... They kept all this stuff. Why? That lack of attention is mirrored in the
How? It’s amazing.” Quad Cities, where the Bix 7 road race
There’s also a cornet owned by Bix that is much better-known than the impact
was given to Gene Gast by the jazz musi- Bix historian Geri Bowers holding a cornet owned by Bix Beiderbecke, next to a figure of Bix that will Beiderbecke had on jazz. “The people of
cian’s brother Burnie. Howard Braren, be featured on the Hudson Lake stage. Davenport need to understand his life
the museum’s board president, explained and importance ... ,” Schaefer said. “A lot
that Burnie – then the sexton at Oakdale the Bix museum. We chose to show it closed, ... but next to of people don’t have the knowledge or the
cemetery, where Bix is buried – gave the Near the piano will be the register from it will be a graphic panel that will have a enthusiasm that we have about Bix. So you
nine- or 10-year-old Gast the instrument Bix’s funeral, which serves as a testament to couple of these open page spreads to show have to kind of reach out at the instruc-
when the boy helped pull weeds. both his tragically short life and the impact the written names. ... tional level to get them to understand the
And there’s the Wurlitzer baby grand, that life had on his contemporaries. “This “Without getting real sentimental ... , Bix story. That’s the challenge; we certainly
the only piano Bix ever owned, which was has just kind of appeared” in the past three you’re trying to offer a little bit of a tug have the artifacts.”
purchased by Bix scholar Albert Haim. months, Hines said. “It was found in the col- here, of things coming to a close, and Local jazz musician Josh Duffee said he’s
He knew the make of the piano and got its lections of Liz Beiderbecke-Hart ... .” He said already he’s being honored ... by the people excited that schoolchildren will be able to
serial number from the manufacturer, and he’s seen pictures of pages from the register, who knew him well or played with him. ... visit the museum and get a “CliffsNotes
then spent a year finding it. Braren said “but it’s always been images that are kind of “It’s going to be interesting to see how version” of Bix’s life, adding: “That’s going
that “nobody knew where the heck that scratchy, like photocopy, photocopy, pho- some people respond to ... being in the to bring more awareness of Bix to the Quad
piano went,” but Haim tracked it through tocopy – copy after copy. ... Clearly, nobody presence of a few of these objects ... ,” Hines Cities.” (While not actively involved in the
five different owners. “It wound up in Suf- was getting access to the original thing.” added. “You’re giving not only impres- development of the museum, Duffee said
folk County, Long Island ... in the home of Now, of course, museum visitors will be sions but hopefully inspirations for people some material from his archive related to
a couple with two girls who were learning able to stand next to the real deal. “We had to explore further. This might be an intro bandleader Jean Goldkette was scanned for
to play the piano,” Braren said. “They had to figure out how to display it,” Hines said, to some folks and offer a ... spark for them its use.)
no idea who Bix was, or any of the his- “because there are certain pages where to explore things in other media or in
tory of this piano.” Haim has loaned it to there are certain names that are interesting. other sources.” Continued On Page 6

On the cover: Top – Bix Beiderbecke Museum & Archive organizers (from left) Howard Braren, Geri Bowers, and Carol Schaefer in front of a re-creation of the Hudson Lake stage.
Bottom (from left) – museum artifacts in storage; Bix Beiderbecke; and the only piano Bix owned.
6 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 939 • July 20 - August 2, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

COVER STORY Continued From Page 5 By Jeff Ignatius

Finally, a Home for Bix Beiderbecke Museum & Archive came
from the purchase of two collections: one
held by Elizabeth Beiderbecke-Hart, and
Bix into its youth programs.
“This museum being embedded within
the RME is such a big deal,” Hines said.
Bix certainly merits the same level of the German American Heritage Center – 46 boxes of material accumulated by Phil “It’s wonderful how this museum will
esteem as Armstrong. As the Commentary before agreeing three years ago to build the and Linda Evans. “The Evanses spent their interact with, is embedded with, and is
article explained, the Davenport native was museum in the River Music Experience. whole adult life researching Bix,” Braren embraced by the RME.”
even more of a trailblazer: “Beiderbecke’s “We felt that this was a better home, and so said. “They physically went around the The “archive” of the organization’s title
style, which was all but fully formed did the board of the River Music Experience country and taped interviews with people will be housed in the Putnam and – in the
when he made his first recordings, was – that this was an ideal match,” he said. that played with Bix and knew Bix inti- near future – will be available for research
completely different from that of the New Once the location was chosen, work on mately. It’s all part of what we acquired.” by appointment.
Orleans-born cornet and trumpet players the museum began in earnest. Schaefer Those collections cost the museum I asked whether there were any plans to
who preceded him, Armstrong included. said the early steps were to “establish what $250,000, and construction of the museum digitize the archive’s photographs, letters,
Unlike them, he played with precise, at artifacts around the world were available,” space and its displays cost another and recorded interviews so they could be
times almost fussy articulation and a to draft a budget, and to raise money. $425,000. All that money has been raised, available to a worldwide audience on a Web
rounded, chime-like tone whose sound Although many of the people behind the Braren said, and the museum also received site, and Braren was receptive to the idea but
Eddie Condon famously likened to ‘a girl museum are also heavily involved in the a gift to cover half the operating expenses said it had not been discussed in any depth.
saying yes,’ sticking mostly to the middle Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Society and for its first three years. He added that the “It’s got to be done,” he said, but “we’ve had
register and avoiding the interpolated its annual festival, the museum was built museum hopes to build an endowment of to focus on getting this off the ground.”
high notes that became an Armstrong and will be operated by a separate not-for- at least $250,000.
trademark. His improvised solos had an profit organization. Museum organizers are optimistic they Creating a Voice
architectural balance similar to Arm- Fundraising started with $100,000 grant will eventually get annual attendance of The museum started to take shape with
strong’s, but they were more subdued in from the Bechtel Trust, and Braren added between 5,000 and 15,000 visitors, Braren the hiring of Hines, who began work in
their emotional impact. ... Beiderbecke’s that “our nine-member board collectively said. The Bix festival will obviously be a February 2016 and by July had finalized
‘cool’ lyricism was seen by his contem- has contributed well over $100,000 for popular time, and he said the River Music his exhibit plans. He said he was charged
poraries as an alternative to Armstrong’s this project.” Experience has agreed to work with the with “telling the story of Bix Beiderbecke
‘hot,’ extroverted virtuosity.” A large portion of objects in the Bix museum on musical events and integrating and his life in Iowa and where things went
That’s echoed by The Oxford Companion from Iowa.”
to Jazz: “Where Armstrong’s playing was Board members, he said, contributed
bravura, regularly optimistic, and openly many ideas, including re-creating the
emotional, Beiderbecke’s conveyed a range Hudson Lake stage in northwest Indiana
of intellectual alternatives. Where Arm- that Bix played on in 1926: “It was a matter
strong, at the head of an ensemble, played of my finding ways to synthesize it all,
it hard, straight, and true, Beiderbecke, arrange things in the form of a storyline of
like a shadowboxer, invented his own Bix’s life, and create an interesting archi-
way of phrasing ‘around the lead.’ Where tectural setting for things, as well as what I
Armstrong’s superior strength delighted in call creating a voice for the story.” He said
the sheer power of what a cornet could pro- that “voice” comes from a variety of com-
duce, Beiderbecke’s cool approach invited munication modes – from architecture to
rather than commanded you to listen.” graphics to music to lighting to video – that
That contrast is part of what appealed to supplement, complement, and highlight
local artist (and Reader contributor) Bruce the myriad artifacts.
Walters, who painted a mural backdrop for When I visited the museum space on July
the museum’s bandstand. “I was drawn to 12 – nine days before the invitation-only
Bix because of his many contradictions,” he opening – there was little sense of what
wrote. “He was, for example, famous in the the experience would be. The architec-
hot-jazz era but wrote beautiful Ravel-like tural shell and lighting were there, as was
piano compositions and can be regarded as the Bix-owned piano. The 1926 stage had
the father of cool jazz. Like Jimi Hendrix, instruments and its mural backdrop in what
one is left wondering what he would have appeared to be a final tableau, but it lacked
accomplished or how his work would have its centerpiece: a figure of Bix with a cornet
evolved if he had lived a full life; Bix would that was still in a storage room. (Bowers,
still have been alive in the 1980s if he had Braren, and Schaefer marveled at the detail
lived into his late 70s.” in his hands.) The work of bringing all the
components together still remained.
An Ideal Match When finished, the Bix museum will guide
Plans for a museum dedicated to Leon visitors in a circular path through 10 stations,
Bismark Beiderbecke have been kicked with a “Bix Lives” section serving as the entry
around for roughly 20 years, Braren and exit point, helping to sketch the musi-
said, and a 1,300-square-foot permanent cian’s broad and persistent influence.
Bix exhibit in the Putnam Museum was “The whole idea of that is to just present
announced in 2007, with a scheduled open- the splash of the whole range of differ-
ing in 2009. That project, he said, fell apart ent ways he impacted jazz,” Hines said
when it couldn’t secure grants. – everything from albums re-recording
After that, Braren said, organizers
looked for other potential sites – including July 2016 design plans by Joe Hines for the Bix Beiderbecke Museum & Archive. Continued On Page 19
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 939 • July 20 - August 2, 2017 7

The most comprehensive events calendar in the QC

Since 1993
Vol. 24 · No. 939 Submit your event listings to
July 20 - August 2, 2017 THEATRE By Victoria Navarro

River Cities’ Reader
532 W. 3rd St.
Davenport IA 52801
Child-Custody Suite
The Prenzie Players’ The Caucasian Chalk Circle, at the QC Theatre Workshop through July 22

(563)324-0049 (phone) ixty-six characters, a as a bloodthirsty corporal;
(563)323-3101 (fax)
beheading, star-crossed Angela Rathman as a con-
lovers, a woman and niving mother-in-law; and
Publishing since 1993 child on the run, wedding Elizabeth Sager, Chris Sand-
The River Cities’ Reader is an independent and funeral parties for the ers-Ring, and John Turner,
newspaper published every other Thursday, same guy (on the same day), respectively, as Brecht’s
and available free throughout the Quad a crazy judge, songs, and Doctor, Peasant Woman,
Cities and surrounding areas. another beheading all add and Prince Kazbeki.
© 2017 River Cities’ Reader up to an incredible evening The production’s five
of theatre courtesy of Bertolt lead actors, however, each
AD DEADLINE: Brecht and the Prenzie Play- played one character. Mattie
5 p.m. Wednesday prior to publication ers. Brecht is known for his Gelaude, as Grusha, showed
“epic theatre” works and, such a range of emotions,
PUBLISHER true to form, the Prenzies’ and with such a pall of
Todd McGreevy
staging of The Caucasian desperation, that she made
EDITOR Chalk Circle incorporates my heart ache. Alaina
Kathleen McCarthy Payton Brasher and Mattie Gelaude
a play-within-a-play – or Pascarella, impressive as
EDITORIAL rather, a parable-within- The Singer, served as our
Managing Editor: a-play – alongside social commentary, the best use for a tract of land, which leads narrator and moved the story along nicely,
Jeff Ignatius • occasionally absurd humor, sentimen- to the telling of a parable about a peas- Pascarella’s beautiful voice best show-
Arts Editor, Calendar Editor: tality, satire, and music. (Whew!) And ant girl, Grusha, who takes in a baby boy cased in her song about a bridge. Wholly
Mike Schulz • meeting this challenge are director Kate abandoned by his materialistic mother. believable as Simon, the shy young soldier
Contributing Writers: Amy Alkon, Jeff Ashcraft, Hannah Farence, her creative crew, and her stellar The child is the son of a deposed governor in love with Grusha, Payton Brasher
Bates, Rob Brezsny, Dee Canfield, Rich Miller, Frederick cast of 15 (10 of whom play multiple roles), and is in danger of being killed by soldiers, spoke to the girl in third-person, and she
Morden, Victoria Navarro, Brent Tubbs, Bruce Walters who made for exciting theatre on July 14’s and Grusha needs to reach her brother’s responded in kind; their charming, quirky
opening night. farm in the mountains, where she thinks conversations accentuated the characters’
ADVERTISING Having previously been to the QC The- she and the baby will be safe. Even though awkwardness and sweetness. Kitty Israel
Account Executive:
Lauren Wood
atre Workshop, I was surprised to find the she loves another, Grusha is forced into was scary as the self-absorbed mother traditional two levels of risers for audience marriage – for the child’s well-being – Natella, reminding me of Cruella de Vil.
Advertising Coordinator: seating reconstructed to make theatre- with a dying man, and after risking her And Aaron Sullivan, as the corrupt Judge
Nathan Klaus in-the-round, with four “gaps” serving as life many times over several years, the girl Azdak, commanded the space no matter
Advertising rates, publishing schedule, entrance points and additional stage space is eventually captured and put on trial. where he was. His manner and voice and
demographics, and more are available at for actors. The black risers surrounded a The biological mother, it turns out, wants natural delivery made his fully developed black floor with a black card table and four her boy back, and the case of who gets the character at times disgusting, shocking,
black cubes for performers to sit on – each child falls in the hands of a lunatic judge hilarious, and yet somehow … likable.
DESIGN/PRODUCTION featuring white veining that gave them who mocks the judicial system via ludi- Brecht’s story involves themes of class,
Art Director, Production Manager:
a marbled effect – with additional props crous decisions and the taking of bribes. privilege, social justice, love, power, and
Spencer Rabe •
Graphic Artist:
stationed to the side of one of the gaps. As mentioned, The Caucasian Chalk goodness, and the entire Caucasian Chalk
Nathan Klaus • (Props-wise, you should especially watch Circle features 66 characters, 61 of whom Circle cast and crew worked together
for the scene involving the ingeniously were played by 10 amazing actors who, in seamlessly to make a complicated story
ADMINISTRATION crafted bridge.) Farence’s and Jarrod every instance, were able to make whatever accessible while maintaining the classical
Business Manager: Kathleen McCarthy DeRooi’s set design put the actors in very- characters they were playing so distinc- intent of the original piece. Their creative
Office Administrator, Circulation Manager: close proximity to the audience, and the tive that I was never confused about who nuances and energy made for a satisfying,
Rick Martin • performers would, at times, interact with they were or how they fit into the story. brilliant theatre experience.
Distribution: Cheri DeLay, us; on Friday, one actor offered me a bite of They all deserve mention as my favor-
Greg FitzPatrick, N. Ingalls, H. Keyser, cheese, and another nudged me and asked ites of their many characters: Virginia The Caucasian Chalk Circle runs at
N. Rice, Jay Strickland
if I agreed with something said on-stage. Atwell as an unwelcoming sister-in-law; the QC Theatre Workshop (1730 Wilkes
This interactive effect engages the audi- Andrew Bruning as a touching, funny, Avenue, Davenport) through July 22, and
ence in the action and, for me, added to the kind brother; Andy Curtiss as a frighten- more information and tickets are avail-
tension in a play that has a lot going on. ingly mean back-from-the-dead husband; able by calling (563)484-4210 or visiting
Farence’s Caucasian Chalk Circle opens Dani Helmich as the judge’s perfect foil;
with a group of people trying to decide Tim Miller as a drunk monk; Matt Moody
8 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 939 • July 20 - August 2, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

THEATRE By Jeff Ashcraft

Coach Me If You Can TCH IT
Rounding Third, at the Richmond Hill Barn Theatre through July 23 WA
cross the street from my childhood
home was an open lot with worn-down
dirt spots and paths etched into the
grass, shaping a makeshift baseball diamond
– like something from the film The Sandlot. I
played ball there every summer, all summer,
from kindergarten through high school, and
getting a new baseball glove was always the Schulz’s Review of
best, except when you initially put the glove the Latest Movies On Demand
on your hand and realized it was stiff and
awkward. You couldn’t play catch, much less THE BOSS BABY
This animated treat looks terrific,
field a grounder, because new mitts need to especially when a villain’s origin
Dana Moss-Peterson and Andreas Renberg
be massaged, oiled, and broken in – a perfect story is visualized as an incredibly
parallel for what happens in the Richmond ornate pop-up book, and it sounds
Hill Barn Theatre’s “boys of summer” pro- He’s crass and sarcastic, but ultimately even better, due to the hilarious
duction Rounding Third. exposes a tender (if at times wicked) heart. script and winning vocal
Playwright Richard Dresser’s comedy On opening night, both actors seemed to performances of Miles Bakshi and
the incomparable Alec Baldwin.
opens with über-coach Don (not Donald) occasionally struggle with lines throughout
(Same day as DVD.)
meeting his new, nerdy assistant coach the performance, but it never impacted the
Michael (not Mike). The encounter is awk- story or pacing, and I’m sure some of the
ward and stiff, just like trying on that new uncertainty can be chalked up to opening- THE FATE OF THE
glove, and on occasion, these two fathers night butterflies. FURIOUS
from totally different worlds clumsily try If you’ve been to the Barn Theatre, you Director F. Gary Gray stages
to find some commonalities in coach- know the stage is set in the round, and beautifully ridiculous set pieces and
ing their kids’ team from first practice all director Skiles has wisely taken a minimal- gravity-defying stunts, yet proves just
the way to the championship. The play’s ist approach to the scenic design, utilizing as adept at keeping the proceedings
bouncy through the comic acting
structure, however, is simple: a series of short tables, chairs, dugout benches, and a few
and sharply edited banter – why
scenes flowing through an entire season of props. This black-box approach focuses the can’t most Bond movies be this
practices, games, and coaches’ meetings that audience’s attention on the growing relation- awesome? (Same day as DVD.)
illustrate how both men adapt to each other ship between the two coaches with minimal
while gaining new insight on what it means distraction. However, a big cheer goes out
to be a dad. to set builder Mike Skiles for also creating,
Beyond his topnotch work with a
Showing wonderful coaching skills, cleverly, the back end of Coach Don’s van. It cast led by the wonderful Chris
director Dana Skiles keeps the pace brisk was a nice touch to see how it was incor- Evans, director Marc Webb brings
but allows the script’s humor to flow porated into the theatre, and the intimacy tender melancholy to this custody
naturally, as opposed to pushing too hard of the set piece helped create some of the drama’s overall mood and
for quick laughs. She also throws some nice production’s best buddy-buddy moments. south-Florida setting, and
curve balls in her handling of the more Jennifer Kingry’s lighting and sound design screenwriter Tom Flynn provides
conversation as dryly hilarious as it
poignant moments. were also spot-on. I especially appreci- truthful. (Same day as DVD.)
The lineup for Rounding Third places ated the warmth of the lighting that was
veteran QC performer Dana Moss-Peterson reminiscent of early-summer evenings at the
in the lead-off slot as the win-at-all-costs ballpark, and the classic-rock tunes between
Coach Don. Batting second in this two- scenes genuinely set the mood.
player lineup is rookie Andreas Renberg (in Rounding Third, like that baseball glove
his first theatrical role with dialogue) play- of mine, is a bit rigid at first. But the more I
ing the “It doesn’t matter if you win or lose; oiled and popped the ball into the pocket, Catch your favorite movies
it’s how you play the game” Assistant Coach the more comfortable and soft it became, and shows from ABC, NBC, CBS,
Michael. These two performers spend the making it easier to catch a pop-fly or field a
FOX, STARZ®, ENCORE® and more.
entire production together, fleshing out their hard-hit grounder. And sometimes, as this
characters one pitched line at a time. play demonstrates, new friendships have Plus, watch over 19,000 titles
For someone who has never spoken on- to be worked on over and over, and broken at the press of a button!
stage before, Renberg brings Michael to life in before they become comfortable, too. So
with a credible and touching portrayal as we grab your glove and catch this unique base- WANT EVEN MORE? VISIT
learn there’s much more to this workaholic ball bromance at Richmond Hill, because
dad than him just wanting to have quality actions speak louder than coaches.
time with his son. I can only hope this is not & CLICK ON TV EVERYWHERE!
the last time Renberg will step onto the local- Rounding Third runs at the Richmond Hill
theatre field. Moss-Peterson, meanwhile, Barn Theatre (600 Robinson Drive, Geneseo)
hits a hard line drive in his take on Don, through July 23, and more information and
much like an over-the-top coach pushes a tickets are available by calling (309)944-2244
bunch of 10-year-olds to the breaking point. or visiting
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 939 • July 20 - August 2, 2017 9

Movie Reviews By Mike Schulz •

Coma Toast
THE BIG SICK in a wondrous hap-
When, exactly, did romantic comedies penstance, comes
become extinct? I’m not even talking through with no
about “classic” rom-coms such as When end of delights as
Harry Met Sally... or Sleepless in Seattle, warm and rich and
or that exceptional Julia Louis-Dreyfus/ hilarious as our
James Gandolfini charmer Enough Said leads’ pre-coma
from 2013 (the most recent example of rapport, from the
a truly topnotch one I can think of). tough-love sup-
I’m talking about the genre as a regular port of Kumail’s
staple of moviegoing, with headliners fellow comics
such as Sandra Bullock and Jennifer (the exceptionally
Lopez and, God help us, Katherine Heigl awesome Krut
falling for lesser stars in vehicles that Braunohler, Aidy
were once as abundant as Blumhouse Bryant, and Bo
horror flicks or crap reboots of ’80s Burnham) to the
TV shows. For anyone missing such lineup of Kumail’s
offerings, I would direct you to director prospective brides
Michael Showalter’s The Big Sick, which who are indistin-
just might stand as the most hysterical, guishable from
moving, swoon-worthy rom-com of the job applicants, yet
millennium. For anyone not missing are still granted
such offerings, I’d direct you to The Big their dignity. Best
Sick even more quickly, just so you can of all, perhaps, Kumail Nanjiani and Zoe Kazan in The Big Sick
see what this genre is capable of when are Hunter and
everything – and I mean everything – Romano, both of whom supply reams of solely to what the effects were in service Coppola of Apocalypse Now, especially
goes magically right. comedic warmth and texture, and both to: the unmistakable echoes of Vietnam in the mud-smeared, bloodshot visage
Its story inspired by the actual court- of whose voices should be immediately (or at least movies about Vietnam) in of Woody Harrelson’s menacing colonel,
ship of married screenwriters Kumail guaranteed eternal life in the Smithson- the opening siege; the seismic grief and a complicated sociopath with a messiah
Nanjiani (Silicon Valley’s Dinesh) and ian. The Big Sick is sublime. I’ll come up fury in the eyes of ape leader Caesar; the complex. There’s a bit of De Mille’s bibli-
Emily V. Gordon, The Big Sick finds with further superlatives after I’ve seen it overwhelming sight of the ape masses, cal epics and a touch of Cameron’s Aliens
Nanjiani playing a loose version of seven or eight more times. on foot and horseback, wandering an (the wide-eyed Amiah Miller plays a
himself as Kumail, a Pakistani-American endless desert like Israelites in search mute Newt), and loads of present-day
stand-up who meets comedy-club patron WAR FOR THE PLANET of the Promised Land. Reeves and his ironic commentary in the “Build that
Emily (Zoe Kazan). They fall hard for OF THE APES technical team produce miracles of wall!” subplot, with one scene featur-
each other. Kumail can’t commit, as his This probably won’t sound like the such matter-of-fact bravado that I was ing memorably ugly employment of
parents (the unimprovable Anupam compliment I mean it to be, but the frankly ashamed when, halfway through “The Star-Spangled Banner.” And with
Kher and Zenobia Shroff) demand he visuals in War for the Planet of the Apes the film, I found myself just a teensy bit necessary levity provided by Steve Zahn’s
marry a fellow Pakistani. Emily ends are so amazing that I frequently forgot bored and impatient with the narrative; touching, laugh-out-loud-funny Bad
their burgeoning affair. And when a to be amazed. Familiarity with them it may be an unfortunate sign of these Ape and Reeves’ compositional smarts
serious illness puts Emily in a medically certainly played its part, as the film is, of blockbuster-minded times that anyone and seriousness of intent helping mask
induced coma, Kumail has to confront course, the third in the rebooted POTA could ever take images such as War’s numerous plot holes, War of the Planet
not only his heritage and lingering series that took simian expressiveness to for granted. of the Apes – silly and cornball though it
feelings toward Emily, but the arrival previously uncharted heights in 2011’s What I pray I’ll never take for granted, occasionally is – proves unmissable for
of Emily’s parents (Holly Hunter and Rise of the ... and 2014’s Dawn of the ... , however, are blockbusters as thematically Andy Serkis’ triumphant take on series
Ray Romano), who are initially none the latter also helmed by War director expansive, thoughtful, and spectacularly protagonist Caesar, whom the motion-
too keen on spending time with the Matt Reeves. Yet aside from a trio of entertaining as Reeves’ fingers-crossed captured actor turns into a figure of
guy who broke their daughter’s heart. significant humans and hundreds of conclusion to the Apes saga – a work Lear-esque complexity and passion. Not
Aside from Jordan Peele’s framework unnamed military troops who may as whose cumulative impact would be inar- for nothing, but King Lear didn’t require
for Get Out, this simple scenario proves well be CGI, nearly everyone we spend guably lessened by yet another sequel. a sequel, either.
to be, thus far, the movie setup of the our 140 minutes with in this latest outing (Not that that’s ever stopped Hollywood
year. The wickedly deadpan Nanjiani is an ape – and it’s rather astounding before.) Details of its Apes-versus- For reviews of Spider-Man:
and luminous Kazan are a match made how quickly and completely we adjust to Humans storyline don’t really merit Homecoming, Wish Upon, The
in rom-com heaven; at the screening I that. There are, to be sure, effects-driven discussion, and would seem old-hat, Beguiled, and other recent releases, visit
attended, you could almost literally feel marvels by the truckload. But at some anyway, to anyone who’s ever seen a John
the audience’s pleasure in their spiky, point very early on, I stopped being Ford Western. Beyond Ford, though, the
affectionate chemistry. But The Big Sick, wowed by them, and instead responded movie boasts numerous callbacks to the
10 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 939 • July 20 - August 2, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

What’s Happenin’
Theatre – alongside co-stars
Liz Blackwell, Jada
handling of his material led the New York Times to call
Good People’s debut production “one of the more subtly
Good People Brooks, and Phil- surprising treats of this theatre season,” with Time Out
lip Cathoir – will New York insisting, “Good People has a quality rarely seen
Playcrafters Barn Theatre be doing in director on Broadway: It seems necessary.”
Friday, July 28, through Sunday, July 30 Nicholas Wald- So, perhaps, is David Lindsay-Abaire, as least as far as
busser’s take on David 21st Century plays, musicals, and movies are concerned.

T he second
in the Playcrafters
Lindsay-Abaire’s Good
People, a 2011 comedy/
drama that was a Tony
Donna Weeks, Jada Brooks, and
Chris Zayner
In honor of Playcrafters’ new summertime offering, let’s
honor its author with a guessing game: Which of the fol-
lowing did Lindsay-Abaire not write?
Barn Theatre’s Barn nominee for Best Play
Owl Series – a new and Tony winner for leading actress Frances McDormand. 1) t he script for the Pulitzer Prize-winning Rabbit Hole
program dedicated Set in present-day South Boston, Lindsay-Abaire’s sen- 2) t he book for the Tony-winning Shrek: The Musical
to one-weekend pre- sationally funny, incisive, and moving script centers on 3) the book for the Tony-nominated High Fidelity
sentations of new and Margie Walsh, a middle-aged blue-collar worker strug- 4) t he screenplay for the animated comedy Robots
challenging works – Phillip Cathoir and Donna Weeks gling to catch a break in between rounds of bingo and 5) t he screenplay for the action adventure Inkheart
runs July 28 through long waits in the unemployment line. But Margie thinks 6) t he screenplay for the 2015 Poltergeist
30, and featured among its cast are Donna Weeks, she may have found one in the unexpected form of Mike
Chris Zayner, and Pamela Briggs. I know them all, and Dillon, a former high-school beau who escaped the old Good People runs at the Playcrafters Barn Theatre at
they’re good people. For this show, they’ll be capitalized, neighborhood for a thriving career as a fertility doctor. 7:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday and 3 p.m. on Sunday,
italicized Good People. Don’t you just love it when actors What results as Margie and Mike reconnect covers the and more information and tickets are available by calling
stretch like that? thematic gamut from class anxiety to racial divides to (309)762-0330 or visiting
I kid, of course. But stretching is just what this trio hometown loyalty, and Lindsay-Abaire’s sharp, skillful

Answer: Trick question, as David Lindsay-Abaire wrote all of ’em. From a Pulitzer to cartoon ’bots to “They’re ba-a-a-a-ack!” Talk about stretching.

fun, funny introduc- doing better than pretty much everyone for the past
tion to female-fronted decade: blowing off the rules in the name of fun, and
garage punk, ... the making damn catchy records almost as an afterthought.”
sort of record you Following the critical and commercial success of
should give to your 2011’s Larceny & Old Lace, The Coathangers’ profes-
little sister.” And the sional stock rose exponentially with the 2014 release of
fact that the band has Suck My Shirt, which led to numerous festival book-
had hits with songs ings, nationwide concert sets, an appearance on Last
such as “Watch Your Call with Carson Daly, and a touring tenure with the
Back,” “Don’t Touch fellow Atlantans of The Black Lips. Ten years after their
My Sh--,” and “Shut formation, however, The Coathangers are now more in-
the F--- Up”? My demand than ever, with the band’s Nosebleed Weekend
little sister, at various debuting at number six on Billboard’s Top New Artist
points, has said all Albums chart and number four on its Alternative New
those things to me! Artist Albums chart.
Based in Atlanta, Meanwhile, music critics have been fawning in their
The Coathangers praise, with Paste magazine calling Nosebleed Week-

collective boasts end “a triumph” of “maniacally captivating tunes,”
Meredith Franco on bass, Stephanie Luke on drums, and Spin magazine insisting that “its excellence and
and Julia Kugel on guitar, with their stage noms de momentum vastly outweigh one’s ability to describe
The Coathangers guerre Minnie, Rusty, and Crook Kid Coathanger. Like it.” The Coathangers, by the way, recorded that album
those monikers, much of the musicians’ repertoire at North Hollywood’s legendary Valentine Recording
Daytrotter is intentionally jokey, ranging from their 2007 debut Studios, which used to be a home base for the Beach
Saturday, July 29, 8 p.m. album’s ode to Tonya Harding to Nosebleed Week- Boys and Bing Crosby; it was the first recording session
end’s “Squeeki Tiki,” in which one of the instruments to take place there in more than 35 years. If Bing weren’t

D avenport’s Daytrotter venue hosts an evening with
the indie-rock trio The Coathangers on July 29,
which also happens to be my little sister’s birthday. So
employed is a dog’s squeaky toy.
But as fans and reviewers will attest, what isn’t a
joke is the group’s ferocious talent, and their insistence
already deceased, learning that his beloved studio was
now home to the artists behind “Nestle in My Boobies”
might’ve done the trick.
imagine how delighted I was to land on the perfect gift that full-throttled punk rock needn’t be nihilistic. As The Coathangers perform locally with opening sets
idea in a review at, which called The attested, the trio’s latest by Residuels and Archeress, and more information on
Coathangers’ 2016 album Nosebleed Weekend “a great, album “exemplifies what The Coathangers have been the night is available by visiting
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 939 • July 20 - August 2, 2017 11
By Mike Schulz

What Else
Is Happenin’

The Western Den @ The Redstone Room -
July 21

Friday, July 28, and Saturday, July
29 – Street Fest. Forty-sixth annual
outdoor party on Second Street,
featuring live music, arts and crafts
vendors, children’s activities, and
more. Downtown Davenport between
Brady and Ripley streets. Free. For
information, call (563)823-2681 or visit
Tuesday, August 1, through Sunday,
August 6 – Mississippi Valley Fair.
Annual outdoor event with contests,
games, pageants, food and craft vendors,
and grandstand concerts with Dustin

Lynch, Tyler Farr, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Brett
acoustic set at the coffee shop in even the smallest of feelings into a Eldredge, John Mellencamp, and Randy
which she worked. She entered Nash- sweeping song.” The Chicago Tribune Houser. Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds
Liza Anne ville’s Belmont University to study
songwriting but was already booking
raves, “Liza Anne’s beautifully
rendered music has evolved from
(2815 West Locust Street, Davenport).
$5-10 daily gate admission; $50-55 Fun
Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel coast-to-coast performances not long folkish roots to an ethereal indie- Cards required for grandstand concerts.
Friday, July 28, 8 p.m. into her first year. And by her second, pop sound anchored by thoughtful For information, call (563)326-5338 or visit
she and fellow student Zachary Dye and poetic lyrics.” According to

O n July 28, Moeller Nights pres-
ents a concert with alternative-
folk singer/songwriter Liza Anne, an
recorded and produced her debut
album: 2014’s The Colder Months.
That release made some noise, with, “Liza
Anne has a beautiful, atmospheric
sound that makes every song she sings
Thursday, July 20 – Marbin. Concert
with the progressive jazz-rock band
artist whose birth name is Elizabeth seem like the most relaxing thing based in Chicago, featuring an opening
Anne Odachowski. Her Davenport calling it “a very strong, multi- you’ve ever heard. ... She makes me set by Steady Flow. The Redstone
set takes place at the Raccoon Motel, layered, emotionally mature want to melt into my chair and just Room (129 Main Street, Davenport).
a venue whose full name is the Triple debut from Liza Anne,” and become a puddle of existence ... .” 8 p.m. $9.50-11.50. For tickets and
Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon raving that I was gonna include more plaudits, information, call (563)326-1333 or visit
Motel. In honor of the condensing, its artist “has a phenomenal voice but I just listened to some of Anne’s
let’s just say that Anne’s career trajec- and the songwriting skills to receive songs online, and typing’s a bitch Friday, July 21 – The Western
tory and reviews are impressive, a some national attention.” Let’s when you’re a puddle. Den. Alt-folk musicians perform
compliment whose full praise should consequently hear it for those Stereo Liza Anne’s Davenport engagement in an RME Member Appreciation
Show, featuring an opening set by
read “so impressive for a 23-year-old Subversion psychics, because in will find her and her band performing
Honeysuckle. The Redstone Room (129
that you want to weep at the memory between sharing stages with the likes from the artist’s repertoire and forth-
Main Street, Davenport). 8 p.m. $11.50,
of your own wasted youth.” of Oh Hello and David Ramirez, coming third album Fine but Dying, free for RME members. For tickets and
Born on St. Simons Island, Georgia, and earning thunderous praise for and more information on the evening information, call (563)326-1333 or visit
and currently residing in Nashville, her sophomore album Two, national can be found at
Liza Anne started playing guitar attention is what Liza Anne has Saturday, July 22 – Unsane. Concert
at age 10, was writing songs by 14, deservedly received. with the New York-based hard-rock trio,
and toward the end of high school writes that Two “show-
performed a weekly Friday-night cases Anne’s keen ability to turn Continued On Page 12
12 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 939 • July 20 - August 2, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

Continued From Page 11

What Else Is Happenin’
featuring opening sets by Fashion Week Street, suites 102 and 104, Davenport). event’s Facebook page.
and Aseethe. Rock Island Brewing Company Wednesday through Saturday 11 a.m.-6 Monday, July 24 – Bix Beiderbecke
(1815 Second Avenue, Rock Island). 9 p.m. p.m. Free. For information, call (563)508- Museum & Archive Opening. Public
$13 advance tickets. For information, call 4630 or visit opening of the new museum honoring the
(309)793-1999 or visit life and career of the legendary jazz-cornet
Saturday, July 22 – Gaelynn Lea. EVENTS player, featuring family photographs
Classically trained violinist and songwriter Saturday, July 22 – 10th-Annual and objects, historical material, videos,
in concert, with opening sets by Ben De La Learn & Play Day. Annual event featuring interactive displays, and more. River Music
Cour and Johnnie Cluney. Daytrotter (324 interactive activities in which families learn Experience (129 Main Street, Davenport).
Brady Street, Davenport). 7 p.m. $8-12. For about life on a farm, petting zoos, working 10 a.m.-5 p.m. $3-5. For information, call
tickets and information, visit on a construction site, and more. John (563)326-1333 or visit
Wednesday, July 26 – The Goddamn Deere Pavilion (1400 River Drive, Moline). Friday, July 28, and Saturday, July
Cinderella … After the Ball @ Timber Lake
Gallows. Punk-rock musicians in concert. 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Free. For information, call 29 – Bottom’s Up Quad City Burlesque:
Rock Island Brewing Company (1815
Playhouse - August 1 through 5 Christmas in July. Holiday-themed
(309)765-1000 or visit
Second Avenue, Rock Island). 8 p.m. $10 Saturday, July 22 – 2017 National burlesque and humor with the Quad Cities
advance tickets. For information, call Thursday, July 27, through Sunday, troupe and area comedians. Circa ’21
Miss You-Can-Do-It Pageant. Stage
(309)793-1999 or visit August 6 – The Bridges of Madison Speakeasy (1818 Third Avenue, Rock Island).
celebration of girls and women with special
Friday, July 28 – Mary Chapin County. Tony-winning stage musical based 8 p.m. $18-20. For tickets and information,
needs and challenges. Adler Theatre (136
Carpenter. Five-time Grammy-winning on the Robert James Waller novel. Clinton call (309)786-7733 extension 2 or visit
East Third Street, Davenport). 5 p.m. $13-
singer/songwriter and Nashville Area Showboat Theatre (311 Riverview
20. For tickets, call (800)745-3000 or visit
Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee Drive, Clinton). Thursday through Saturday Saturday, July 29 – Quad-City Times
in concert. Englert Theatre (221 East 7:30 p.m., Sunday and Wednesday 3 p.m. Bix 7. Davenport’s annual foot-race
Saturday, July 22 – Zombie Prom
Washington Street, Iowa City). 8 p.m. For tickets and information, call (563)242- competition covering seven miles and
Quad Cities. Event hosted by the Factory
$52.50. For tickets and information, call 6760 or visit featuring runners from around the world,
of Fear and Terror at Skellington Manor,
(319)688-2653 or visit Thursday, July 27, through Sunday, with additional Quick Bix and Jr. Bix races.
featuring DJ sets, dancing, refreshments,
Saturday, July 29 – QC Metalfest. August 6 – Carousel. Rodgers & Races start at the bottom of the Brady
and more, with zombie attire required.
Annual outdoor celebration with Hammerstein’s Tony-winning musical Street hill. 8 a.m. $16-48 registration. For
Skellington Manor Banquet & Event Center
performances by more than a dozen classic. Timber Lake Playhouse (8215 Black information, call (563)359-9197 or visit
(420 18th Street, Rock Island). 8 p.m. $20-25.
local, regional, and national rock and Oak Road, Mt. Carroll, Illinois). Tuesday
For tickets and information, call (563)344-
heavy-metal bands. Bier Stube Moline through Saturday 7:30 p.m.; Sunday,
9187 or visit or the
(415 15th Street, Moline). 2-11 p.m. $5. For Wednesday, and July 29 at 2 p.m. $17-25.
information, call (309)797-3049 or visit the For tickets and information, call (815)244-
event’s Facebook page. 2035 or visit
Wednesday, August 2 – Dawes. Friday, July 28, through Saturday,
Los Angeles-based folk rockers in July 29 – How to Succeed in Business
concert. Codfish Hollow Barn (5013 Without Really Trying. Tony-winning
288th Avenue, Maquoketa). 7 p.m. musical comedy presented by debuting
$35-40. For tickets and information, visit theatre company On the Edge Productions, directed by Chris Tracy. Central DeWitt
Performing Arts Center (519 East 11th
THEATRE Street, DeWitt). 7 p.m. $15. For tickets and
information, call (563)249-8541 or visit
Friday, July 21, through Sunday, July
30 – Wait Until Dark. The Mississippi Bend
Friday, July 28, and Saturday, July
Players’ production of Frederick Knott’s
29 – Forgiven: A Fairytale. Brian D. Taylor’s
thriller about a terrorized blind woman,
inspirational family production presented
directed by Jeff Coussens. Augustana
by the Pearl City Players. Muscatine Center
College’s Brunner Theatre Center (3750
for the Performing Arts (901 Cedar Street,
Seventh Avenue, Rock Island). Friday and
Muscatine). Friday 7:30 p.m., Saturday 1 and
Saturday 7:30 p.m., Sunday 4 p.m. $12-15.
7:30 p.m. $5-10, ages five and under free.
For tickets and information, call (309)794-
For information, e-mail pearlcityplayers@
7306 or visit
Friday, July 21, through Sunday, July
Tuesday, August 1, through Saturday,
23 – Oklahoma! Rodgers & Hammerstein’s
August 5 – Cinderella ... After the Ball.
musical classic in a co-production with
Family musical comedy by Eddie Sugarman
Prairie Players Civic Theatre, directed by
and Jihwan Kim. Timber Lake Playhouse
Tim Holmes. Orpheum Theatre (57 South
(8215 Black Oak Road, Mt. Carroll).
Kellogg Street, Galesburg). Friday and
Tuesday through Saturday 2 p.m. (no
Saturday 7:30 p.m., Sunday 2 p.m. $15-20.
performance Wednesday). $8. For tickets
For tickets and information, call (309)342-
and information, call (815)244-2035 or visit
2299 or visit
Saturday, July 22, through Sunday, July
30 – Henry V. Genesius Guild’s production of
William Shakespeare’s dramatic history play. EXHIBIT
Lincoln Park (11th Avenue and 38th Street, Tuesday, July 25, through Saturday,
Rock Island). Saturday and Sunday 8 p.m. August 19 – Skylines & City Lights.
Donations encouraged. For information, visit Exhibition of new paintings by Jeff Allen and gallery owner Pat Beréskin. Beréskin
Fine Art Gallery & Studio (225 East Second
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 939 • July 20 - August 2, 2017 13
THEATRE By Victoria Navarro

Take the Plunge
The Dixie Swim Club, at the Playcrafters Barn Theatre through July 23

he faster we swim, the sooner we
win!” is the mantra of the five
characters in The Dixie Swim Club,
the latest production at the Playcrafters Barn
Theatre. Written by Jessie Jones, Nicholas
Hope, and Jamie Wooten, this comedy tells of
five Southern women who bonded while on
a championship college swim team and now
reunite every August for beach-cottage week-
ends on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. With Jackie Madunic, Sara Kutzli, Stephanie Moeller,
its focus on gatherings held when the women Ellie Gradert, and Mandi Wilson
are 44, 49, 54, and 77, the script requires quick
repartee and timing, and under the direction her friends, she isn’t very forthcoming about
of Jacque Cohoon, the stage quintet does not her personal life. Among Dixie Swim Club’s
disappoint. At the July 11 preview perfor- ensemble, Stephanie Moeller, as the former
mance, in fact, the audience’s laughter came nun Jeri, appeared the most comfortable with
so often, and was so hearty, that the actresses her Southern accent and most natural in her
– complete with Southern accents and charm flawless line deliveries. I must confess, though,
– had to sometimes wait for it to die down, that I was a bit distracted by her strong resem-
although they consistently kept the pace lively blance to actress Jayma Mays (the counselor
and energetic. on TV’s Glee), and although Moeller’s acting
Craig Cohoon, listed in the program as “set couldn’t be faulted in the play’s final scene, she
builder,” and scenic painter Crista Ashcraft did not look 77 years old.
immediately established a relaxed tone with There were, however, no distractions on
their beach-house set. Suitably airy and not my part whenever Jackie Madunic entered as
overdone with seashells and fish motifs, it Vernadette, considering the performer gets
comprised three specific areas: a porch with a some of the best lines in the show and offers
table and two sun-bleached rocking chairs; an deliveries to match. A woman with a son in
inviting living room with side tables and three prison, a lost daughter, and a lowlife husband,
comfy chairs; and a slightly raised level with Vernadette shows up at every get-together
a well-stocked bar. Most impressive was the with some kind of injury and accompanying
view through the French doors on the back hard-luck story explaining it, and Madunic
wall: a painted beachfront backdrop with tall comes through with great comedic timing
grass and large waves against an open sky, and facial expressions. On July 11, she showed
beautifully enhanced by lighting designer Bill particular enjoyment in her material when
Peiffer. Depending on the time, mood, and egging on her arguing friends, but was at
weather, that ocean sky could boast a pink her best when emoting about the honorable
hue, or a light or dark blue one, or, for a stormy place of biscuits in Southern culture, a bit
scene, a threatening purple, and I always that earned Madunic rousing applause from
appreciate when a production provides these our crowd.
sorts of extra details to enhance the theatre Jones, Hope, and Wooten don’t really delve
experience. into the gravity of some of their topics – such
The Dixie Swim Club’s cast, meanwhile, as the real reason Vernadette always has inju-
does a fine job of establishing distinct person- ries – and even though their comedy is meant
alities. Sara Kutzli is Sheree, the former team to be lighthearted, this may bother some
captain who still feels it necessary to organize people. Yet there are still serious and touching
everything from what the gals do to what they moments that give the show heart, while the
eat (including her inedible health-food treats), humor and eccentric characters make it relat-
and the performer is convincing as a woman able and entertaining. As in real life, the play’s
with a happy middle-class life and seemingly friends try to navigate the sometimes-choppy
no problems. In contrast is self-centered waters of relationships, family, jobs, finances,
Lexie, perfectly played by Ellie Gradert, who illness, and death … and find they can do so
oozes Southern charm as she goes through if they keep swimming together. May we all
four husbands, several hair colors and styles, be as lucky as the Dixie Swim Club ladies in
and numerous cosmetic surgeries, providing having similar friends to keep us afloat.
humorous fodder for the others.
As the successful, martini-drinking lawyer The Dixie Swim Club runs at the Playcrafters
Dinah, Mandi Wilson portrayed her char- Barn Theatre (4950 35th Avenue, Moline)
acter skillfully, suggesting a wisdom that the through July 23, and more information and
others don’t possess; although she’s fun-lov- tickets are available by calling (309)762-0330 or
ing, Dinah has hints of toughness, and unlike visiting
14 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 939 • July 20 - August 2, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •


Featured Images from the Quad Cities Photography Club
(The River Cities’ Reader regularly features II with a 70-200-millimeter lens and a 1.4
an image or images from the Quad Cities extender. The focal length was 225 millime-
Photography Club.) ters, and she shot at f/16, 1/250th of a second,
and ISO 200. Flash-exposure compensation

he Quad Cities Photography Club holds a was set to -2. Most post-processing was done
Photo of the Year competition at the end in Lightroom (cropping, reduced highlights,
of each club year. Members may enter in slightly increased temperature, and vibrance),
three categories: “nature,” “photo-realistic,” with sharpening was done in Photoshop.
and “altered reality.” Luke Clendenin earned the top prize in
Kim Binns’ image of hummingbirds in “altered reality.” He took the photo in the
the nest was chosen in the “nature” category. basement of his house, experimenting with
Kim explains that her brother-in-law noticed different ideas when he came up with the
what he thought was a small fungus on a tree concept. It is made up of three different shots
in his Moline yard, but as he was looking at it that were then combined in Photoshop. One
a hummingbird landed on it. Watching it, he was the boy lit by a lamp. The second was the
realized that it was a hummingbird nest, so bare light bulb in a lamp, with the exposure
he called Kim to come over and photograph lowered to show detail. The third was the light
it. She spent several days there over the next bulb lying on a table for its base in the final
few weeks enjoying this rare experience and picture. He used a Canon T5i with a Tamron
photographing the two tiny babies with the 90-millimeter VC macro lens on a tripod for
mom feeding them in their golf-ball-sized all three images, but using different settings
nest. This image was captured nine days before for each.
the babies fledged. Kim used a Canon 60D
with a 100-400-millimeter lens at 1/250th of a The Quad Cities Photography Club welcomes
second, f/5.6, and ISO 800. She used a tripod visitors and new members. The club sponsors
and fill flash. She then used Lightroom to numerous activities encompassing many types
make basic edits – to lighten, to adjust contrast, and aspects of photography. It holds digital
and to reduce noise. and print competitions most months. At its
In the “photo-realistic” category, Paula meetings, members discuss the images, help
Scherbroeck’s image of a red-eyed tree frog each other to improve, and socialize. The club
was selected. The photo was taken in the also holds special learning workshops and small
rain forest of Costa Rica in April. This frog groups that meet on specific photography topics,
was found in the vegetation near a pond on and occasionally offers interesting shooting
the hotel grounds after dark, so a flash was opportunities. The club meets at 6:30 p.m. the
needed to capture it. She wanted the black first Thursday of the month September through
background, so she adjusted the f-stop until June at the Butterworth Center, 1105 Eighth
her exposure was black, then used flash with a Street in Moline.
soft box off-camera quite close to the subject,
trying different angles to get the right expo- For more information on the club, visit
sure and look. She used a Canon 1DX Mark

Photo credits from top, clockwise: Paula Scherbroeck, Kim Binns, and Luke Clendenin.
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 939 • July 20 - August 2, 2017 15

ARIES (March 21-April 19): The convent that gave him sanctuary. For his first on them to help you bring your dreams to a
Greek word philokalia is translated as meal, the nuns served him warm pears with higher stage of development. Here’s another:
the “love of the beautiful, the exalted, cinnamon. I reckon that you’ll soon be Round up the support you need to transform any
the excellent.” I propose that we make it your celebrating your own version of a jailbreak, Leo. status quo that’s boring or unproductive.
keyword for the next three weeks – the theme It’ll be less drastic and more metaphorical than
you keep at the forefront of your awareness St. John’s, but still a notable accomplishment. To CAPRICORN (December 22-Janu-
everywhere you go. But think a while before you celebrate, I invite you to enjoy a ritual meal of ary 19): “Everything that irritates us
say yes to my invitation. To commit yourself to warm pears with cinnamon. about others can lead us to an
being so relentlessly in quest of the sublime understanding of ourselves.” So said psychologist
would be a demanding job. Are you truly VIRGO (August 23-September 22): Carl Jung. What the hell did that meddling,
prepared to adjust to the poignant sweetness that “I’m very attracted to things that I can’t self-important know-it-all mean by that? Oops.
might stream into your life as a result? define,” says Belgian fashion designer Sorry to sound annoyed. My cranky reaction
Raf Simons. I’d love for you to adopt that may mean I’m defensive about the possibility that
TAURUS (April 20-May 20): It’s a attitude, Virgo. You’re entering the Season of I’m sometimes a bit preachy myself. Maybe I
favorable time to strengthen your Generous Mystery. It will be a time when you can don’t like an authority figure wagging his finger
fundamentals and stabilize your generate good fortune for yourself by being eager in my face because I’m suspicious of my own
foundation. I invite you to devote your finest to get your expectations overturned and your tendency to do that. Hmmm. Should I therefore
intelligence and grittiest determination to this mind blown. Transformative opportunities will refrain from giving you the advice I’d planned
project. How? Draw deeply from your roots. Tap coalesce as you simmer in the influence of to? I guess not. Listen carefully, Capricorn:
into the mother lode of inspiration that never enigmas and anomalies. Meditate on the advice Monitor the people and situations that irritate
fails you. Nurture the web of life that nurtures of the poet Rainer Maria Rilke: “I want to beg you. They’ll serve as mirrors. They’ll show you
you. The cosmos will offer you lots of help and you to be patient toward all that is unsolved in unripe aspects of yourself that may need
inspiration whenever you attend to these your heart and to try to love the adjustment or healing.
practical and sacred matters. Best-case scenario: questions themselves.”
You will bolster your personal power for many AQUARIUS (January 20-February
months to come. LIBRA (September 23-October 22): 18): A source of tough and tender
I’ve compiled a list of four mantras for inspiration seems to be losing some of
GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Two you to draw strength from. They’re its signature potency. It has served you well. It has
talking porcupines are enjoying an designed to put you in the proper alignment to given you many gifts, some difficult and some
erotic tryst in a cactus garden. It’s a take maximum advantage of current cosmic full of grace. But now I think you will benefit
prickly experience, but that’s how they like it. “I rhythms. For the next three weeks, say them from transforming your relationship with its
always get horny when things get thorny,” says periodically throughout the day. (1) “I want to influence. As you might imagine, this pivotal
one. Meanwhile, in the rose garden next door, give the gifts I like to give rather than the gifts I’m moment will be best navigated with a clean,
two unicorns wearing crowns of thorns snuggle supposed to give.” (2) “If I can’t do things with fresh, open attitude. That’s why you’ll be wise to
and nuzzle as they receive acupuncture from a excellence and integrity, I won’t do them at all.” thoroughly wash your own brain – not
swarm of helpful hornets. One of the unicorns (3) “I intend to run on the fuel of my own deepest begrudgingly, but with gleeful determination.
murmurs, “This is the sharpest pleasure I’ve ever zeal, not on the fuel of someone else’s passions.” For even better results, wash your heart, too.
known.” Now here’s the moral of these far-out (4) “My joy comes as much from doing my
fables, Gemini: Are you ready to gamble on a beautiful best as from pleasing other people.” PISCES (February 19-March 20): A
cagey and exuberant ramble through the “power animal” is a creature selected as
brambles? Are you curious about the healing that SCORPIO (October 23-November a symbolic ally by a person who hopes
might become available if you explore the edgy 21): The world will never fully know or to imitate or resonate with its strengths. For
frontiers of gusto? appreciate the nature of your heroic example, the salmon or hare might be a good
journey. Even the people who love you the most choice if you’re seeking to stimulate your fertility.
CANCER (June 21-July 22): I predict will only ever understand a portion of your epic If you aspire to cultivate elegant wildness, you
that four weeks from now you will be quest to become your best self. That’s why it’s might choose an eagle or horse. For your use in
enjoying a modest but hearty feeling of important for you to be generous in giving the coming months, I propose a variation on this
accomplishment – on one condition: You must yourself credit for all you have accomplished up theme: the “power fruit.” From now until at least
not get diverted by the temptation to achieve until now and will accomplish in the future. Take May 2018, your power fruit should be the ripe
trivial successes. In other words, I hope you focus time to marvel at the majesty and miracle of the strawberry. Why? Because this will be a time
on one or two big projects, not lots of small ones. life you have created for yourself. Celebrate the when you’ll be naturally sweet, not artificially so;
What do I mean by “big projects”? How about struggles you’ve weathered and the liberations when you will be juicy, but not dripping all over
these: taming your fears; delivering a delicate you’ve initiated. Shout “Glory hallelujah!” as you everything; when you will be compact and
message that frees you from an onerous burden; acknowledge your persistence and resourceful- concentrated, not bloated and bursting at the
clarifying your relationship with work; and ness. The coming weeks will be an especially seams; and when you should be plucked by hand,
improving your ability to have the money favorable time to do this tricky but fun work. never mechanically.
you need.
SAGITTARIUS (November Homework: In what circumstances do you tend
LEO (July 23-August 22): Spain’s most 22-December 21): I suspect you may to be smartest? When do you tend to be dumbest?
revered mystic poet was St. John of the have drug-like effects on people in the Testify at
Cross, who lived from 1542 to 1591. He coming weeks. Which drugs? At various times,
went through a hard time at age 35, when he was your impact could resemble cognac, magic
kidnapped by a rival religious sect and mushrooms, and Ecstasy – or sometimes all Go to to check out Rob Brezsny’s
imprisoned in a cramped cell. Now and then he three simultaneously. What will you do with all EXPANDED WEEKLY AUDIO HOROSCOPES
was provided with scraps of bread and dried fish, that power to kill pain and alter moods and & DAILY TEXT MESSAGE HOROSCOPES
but he almost starved to death. After 10 months, expand minds? Here’s one possibility: Get people The audio horoscopes are also available by phone at
he managed to escape and make his way to a excited about what you’re excited about, and call 1-877-873-4888 or 1-900-950-7700
16 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 939 • July 20 - August 2, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

July 6 Crossword Answers For reviews of current releases,

Lewd Skywalker Buss on the “sexual over-perception bias” in
men suggests that the male mind evolved to be
A guy friend of 20 years and I once fooled
a bit dense to a woman’s signals that she isn’t
around years ago. Though he has a girlfriend,
interested. Basically, men seem evolutionarily
he keeps throwing sexual remarks into our
predisposed to make errors in judgment in And follow Mike on Twitter at
conversations, sending inappropriate texts,
and asking me to send naked photos. I wouldn’t
whether to pursue or keep pursuing a woman
– erring in whichever way would be least costly
be interested even if he were single, and I’ve
to their mating interests. So, for example, you
been giving subtle hints, like “Ha-ha … gotta
might eventually forgive this guy for all the tacky
go” right after he says something provocative.
come-ons, but his genes won’t if they miss that
But it isn’t working. How do I politely get him
vagina-shaped bus into future generations.
to stop without ruining a very long friendship?
In other words, in giving this guy “subtle
– Upset
hints,” you aren’t being polite; you’re being wildly
As a means of communication, hinting to a ineffective. Yank off the marshmallow fluff and
man is like having a heartfelt conversation with tell him: “I need you to kill all the sex talk. Imme-
your salad. diately. And yes, this includes requests for naked
This isn’t to say men are dumb. They just aren’t selfies.” (Be prepared to need to repeat yourself.)
emotional cryptographers. Social psychologist If he really is a friend, he’ll continue being one.
Judith A. Hall finds that women are generally He might even become a better one – the sort you
far better at spotting and interpreting nonverbal can call anytime, day or night, from the coldest
messages from, say, facial expressions and body place on the globe, and he’ll say, “I’ll be there with
language, including that female specialty: the pout. the sled dogs pronto,” not “Text me a shot of your
Women tend to use their own ability for boobs before you die of hypothermia!”
decoding unspoken stuff as the standard for what
they expect from men. So, for example, the longer
a man takes to notice that his girlfriend is pouting
Eau Gag Me
I love how my boyfriend smells, but I hate
(perhaps about what was initially some minor
his new cologne. The smell literally makes me
to-do) the darker things get – with hate glares
queasy. Is it even my place to ask him to stop
and maybe some cabinet-slamming … and
wearing it? How do I tell him I don’t like it
then the grand finale: “Hey, heartless! Time for a
without it being mean?
month-long reunion with your first sex partner –
– Plagued
a.k.a. your right hand!”
There’s also a major sex difference in how Try to focus on the positive: You find him
males and females speak. A body of research extremely jump-able whenever he isn’t wearing
finds that from childhood on, males tend to be a $185 bottle of what it would smell like if sewage
direct: “Gimme my truck, butt-head!” Females and verbena had a baby.
tend to be indirect, couching what they want in Unfortunately, it seems that his cologne and
hints and polite and even apologetic language: your immune system are poorly matched. Biolo-
“Um, sorry, but I think that’s my Barbie.” gist August Hammerli and his colleagues find
Psychologist Joyce Benenson points out that that a person’s fragrance preferences correlate
these conversational sex differences line right with their particular set of infectious intruder-
up with evolved sex differences in our, uh, job tracking genes, called the “major histocompat-
descriptions. Men evolved to be the warrior- ibility complex.” So in not liking your boyfriend’s
protectors of the species. This is not done with cologne, it isn’t that you think he’s an idiot with
coy hints: “Oh, Genghis, you look so much more bad taste; it’s that your … I dunno … your great-
tan and handsome while invading our neighbors great-grandma got it on with some hot peasant
to the north.” with the “verbena smells like dead, rotting
Women’s mealy-mouthing, on the other hand, chickens” gene.
dovetails with a need to avoid physical confron- The science is your way in: “Sadly, your
tation, which could leave them unable to have cologne does not play well with my genes … .”
children or to care for the ones they’ve already Cushion the blow with something sweet, like,
had. However, in women’s self-protectively not “I know you love it, and I wish I loved it, too.”
quite saying what they mean, they trade off being Suggest you shop together for a new cologne for
understood – especially by men. him – ideally something that makes you want to
Making matters worse, research by evolution- get naked, and not just down to your World War
ary psychologists Martie Haselton and David II gas mask.
Got a problem? Write Amy Alkon, 171 Pier Ave, #280, Santa Monica CA 90405, or e-mail ( Weekly radio show: Order Amy
Alkon’s book, Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F--- (St. Martin’s Press, June 3, 2014).
©2017, Amy Alkon, all rights reserved.
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 939 • July 20 - August 2, 2017 17

Live Music Live Music Live Music
Email all listings to • Deadline 5 p.m. Thursday before publication

Lewis Knudsen (6pm) – Steventon’s, – Kronos Resistor (4:50pm) – Dawes – Codfish Hollow Barn, 5013
1399 Eagle Ridge Rd, LeClaire IA Øde Vinter (5:30pm) – Aseethe 288th Ave., Maquoketa IA
Bobby Ray Bunch – The J Bar, 4215 Lynn Allen – River House, 1510 River (6:20pm) – Ethicist (7:05pm) Molly Durnin (6:30pm) – The Faithful
Elmore Ave., Davenport IA Dr., Moline IL – Close the Hatch (7:50pm) – Pilot Cafe & Spirits, 117 N Cody Rd,
Colt 45 – Riverside Casino and Golf Mary Chapin Carpenter – Englert Cantharone (8:35pm) – High LeClaire IA
Resort, 3184 Highway 22, Riverside Theatre, 221 East Washington St., Graves (9:20pm) – No Funeral North by North – Waverly – The
IA Iowa City IA (10:20pm) – Bier Stube Moline, 415 Horse Theory – Punch Drunk
Fastplants – Broken Ones (7pm) – Moeller Nights: Liza Anne – Triple 15th St, Moline IL Fighter (6pm) – Iowa City Yacht
Bogusman – Zuul – Punch Drunk Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Smooth Groove – River House, 1510 Club, 13 S Linn St, Iowa City IA
Fighter (10pm) – Gabe’s, 330 E. Motel, 304 E Third St., Davenport IA River Dr., Moline IL Ray Creature – Signal Decay – Soft
Washington St., Iowa City IA Winterland (6:30pm) – Woody Guthrie Tribute Night – Talk – Annalibera – Rozz-Tox, 2108
Feralings – Herbert Hoover National Weatherdance Fountain Stage, Uptown Bill’s Coffee House, 730 S. Third Ave., Rock Island IL
Historic Site, off I-80 at exit 254, West outside the Sheraton Hotel, 210 S. Dubuque St., Iowa City IA Tommy Pickett & Friends (5:30pm)
Branch IA Dubuque St., Iowa City IA – Rivertown Grille & Bar, 2606 W.
The Luckjoys (6:30pm) – Bettendorf
Public Library, 2950 Learning
Winterland Plays Jerry Garcia – Iowa
City Yacht Club, 13 S Linn St, Iowa SUNDAY 30 Locust St., Davenport IA
Tyler Farr – Mississippi Valley
Campus Dr., Bettendorf IA City IA Bix Jazz Services: The RiverCity 6 (8 Fairgrounds, 2815 W. Locust St,
Marbin – Steady Flow – The Redstone & 9:45am) – Redeemer Lutheran Davenport IA
Room, 129 Main St, Davenport IA
SATURDAY 29 Church, 1107 Tanglefoot Lane,
Soul Storm – Bass Street Landing
Plaza, , Moline IL Andrew Weathers @ Rozz-Tox - July 28 46th Annual Street Fest: Uncle
Bettendorf IA
Buddy Olson (3pm) – Ducky’s THURSDAY 3
Blue Wall (10am) – Gary Pickett Lagoon, 13515 78th Ave W., Taylor Alan Murphy & New Broom CD–

FRIDAY 21 Grille & Bar, 2606 W. Locust St., Second Ave., Rock Island IL (11:30am) – Hot Rods (1pm) – Have Ridge IL Release Show – Uptown Bill’s
Davenport IA Mark Hestness (6:30pm) – The Your Cake (3pm) – Bob Dorr & the Code 415 (4pm) – Parkside Grill & Coffee House, 730 S. Dubuque St.,
3 Men & a Molly – Baked Beer & Bread Greg & Rich Acoustic Duo – Faithful Pilot Cafe & Spirits, 117 N Blue Band (5pm) – Jason Carl & Lounge, 2307 5th Ave, Moline IL Iowa City IA
Co., 1113 Mound St., Davenport IA Kavanaugh’s Hilltop Tap, 1228 30th Cody Rd, LeClaire IA the WDB (7:30pm) – North of 40 Doug Brundies Big Acoustic Show Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz
Big River Brass Band – Bill Bowe St., Rock Island IL Sowflo – Rude Punch – Iowa City (10pm) – Downtown Davenport IA (11am) – Baked Beer & Bread Co., Festival: Bix Youth Jazz Band
Memorial Bandshell, Middle Park, Haphazard – 11th Street Precinct, 1107 Yacht Club, 13 S Linn St, Iowa City IA As Big as a Mouse – RIBCO, 1815 1113 Mound St., Davenport IA (6pm) – Swing Central (7pm) –
Bettendorf IA Mound St., Davenport IA Second Ave., Rock Island IL Greg & Rich Acoustic Duo (2pm) – Dave Bennett Quartet (8pm) –

The Candymakers & The Maytags Kidstock Session II Concert (noon) The Coathangers – Residuels – Len Brown’s North Shore Inn, 700 N. The Fat Babies (9pm) – Rhythm
(6:30pm) – Weatherdance Fountain – The Redstone Room, 129 Main St, Archeress – Daytrotter, 324 Brady Shore Dr., Moline IL City Casino, 7077 Elmore Ave.,
Stage, outside the Sheraton Hotel, Davenport IA 50 Shades of Rock – Bass Street St., Davenport IA Hi–Fi (5pm) – The Captain’s Table, Davenport IA
210 S. Dubuque St., Iowa City IA Little Mazarn – Seth Knappen – Rozz- Landing Plaza, , Moline IL Corey Wallace – Baked Beer & Bread 4801 River Dr., Moline IL Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz
Corporate Rock – 11th Street Precinct, Tox, 2108 Third Ave., Rock Island IL Aseethe – False – Cantharone – Co., 1113 Mound St., Davenport IA Jim Ryan (2pm) – Service Station Bar Festival: The Fat Babies (3pm) –
1107 Mound St., Davenport IA Rings of Saturn – Doppleganger – Artorias (9pm) – Community Ed James – Geneseo Brewing & Grill, 432 1st Ave. W., West Milan IL Putnam Museum & Science Center,
Crooked Cactus Band (5pm) – Black Hilt – Caught in the Crypt – Center – Ebony Tusks (10pm) – Company, 102 S. State St., Geneseo John Lake Studio Recital (2:30pm) – 1717 W 12th St, Davenport IA
Mercado on Fifth, Fifth Ave. Tumera Divine (6pm) – Gabe’s, 330 Gabe’s, 330 E. Washington St., Iowa IL The Mill, 120 E. Burlington St., Iowa Bix Porch Party: Don Estes & the
between 11th & 12th Streets, Moline E. Washington St., Iowa City IA City IA Erica Martin Band – Riverside Casino City IA Prairie Ramblers – Butch Bos
IL The RiverCity 6 (6pm) – Ardon Creek Cedar County Cobras – Herbert and Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22, The Outer Vibe – Brothers Glow – (11am) – Davenport Public Library
Dan Peart (6pm) – Steventon’s, 1399 Winery, 2391 Independence Ave., Hoover National Historic Site, off Riverside IA Gabe’s, 330 E. Washington St., Iowa (Main), 321 Main Street, Davenport
Eagle Ridge Rd, LeClaire IA outside Muscatine, Letts IA I-80 at exit 254, West Branch IA Greg & Rich Acoustic Duo – Green City IA IA
Friday Live @ Five: Lojo Russo Band Smooth Groove – Riverside Casino Lojo Russo – The J Bar, 4215 Elmore Tree Brewery, 309 N. Cody Rd., The Thrio Jazz (5pm) – Flatted Fifth Dirt Road Rockers – Bass Street
(5pm) – RME Courtyard, 131 W. 2nd and Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22, Ave., Davenport IA LeClaire IA Blues & BBQ, 300 Potter Dr., Bellevue Landing Plaza, , Moline IL
St., Davenport IA Riverside IA New West Guitar Group – CSPS/ Have Your Cake – 11th Street Precinct, IA Last Call Band – Riverside Casino
Grayson w/ Zack Zurcher – Soul Storm – River House, 1510 River Legion Arts, 1103 3rd St SE, Cedar 1107 Mound St., Davenport IA and Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22,
Kavanaugh’s Hilltop Tap, 1228 30th
St., Rock Island IL
Dr., Moline IL
Too Young to Quit – Uptown Bill’s
Rapids IA
Topper – Riverside Casino and Golf
Hoodstock: B-Tho – Young $ir –
Will Murk – Taybeez – JustIs – MONDAY 31 Riverside IA
Live Lunch w/ Chris Stevens (noon)
Jason D. Williams (8pm) – Colt 45 Coffee House, 730 S. Dubuque St., Resort, 3184 Highway 22, Riverside Def–Kittie BlinDogg – Shakes Big River Brass Band – Moline – RME Community Stage, 129 N.
Band (9:45pm) – Riverside Casino Iowa City IA IA – Whensday – Cimi Hendrix – BJ Township Activity Center, 620 18th Main St., Davenport IA
and Golf Resort, 3184 Highway 22, Unsane – Fashion Week – Aseethe Whoozdads (6:30pm) – Bettendorf Ingram & Lwazi – Marley Jap – St., Moline IL Lynyrd Skynyrd – Mississippi Valley
Riverside IA – RIBCO, 1815 Second Ave., Rock Public Library, 2950 Learning Asthmattic – Iowa City Yacht Club, Fairgrounds, 2815 W. Locust St,
The Maytags – The Candymakers –
Iowa City Yacht Club, 13 S Linn St,
Island IL
Windy City Dueling Pianos – The
Campus Dr., Bettendorf IA 13 S Linn St, Iowa City IA
J.E. Sunde – Har–di–Har – Priorities TUESDAY 1 Davenport IA
Minus Six (6:30pm) – Bettendorf

Iowa City IA Circa ’21 Speakeasy, 1818 Third Ave., – The Mill, 120 E. Burlington St., Iowa Blues Cafe (6:30pm) – RME Public Library, 2950 Learning
Minus Six – River House, 1510 River Dr., Rock Island IL City IA Community Stage, 129 N. Main St., Campus Dr., Bettendorf IA
Moline IL 46th Annual Street Fest: QC Rock Kid & Nic – Rhythm City Casino Resort Davenport IA Moeller Nights: Terra Lightfoot –

The Monica Bell Band – K & T’s Bike Academy (11:30am) – Doug Rhythm Room, 7077 Elmore Ave., Bob Schneider – Travis Linville – The The Steel Tide – The Velies – Triple
Rack Sports Bar & Grill, 3303 Brady Brundies Big Acoustic Show Davenport IA Mill, 120 E. Burlington St., Iowa City Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon
St., Davenport IA Buddy Olson (3pm) – Ducky’s (1:45pm) – The Blackstones (4pm) Northern Parallels 08: Mike Derer & IA Motel, 304 E Third St., Davenport IA
Smooth Groove – Rhythm City Casino Lagoon, 13515 78th Ave W., Taylor – Tony Hoeppner & Friends (6pm) Higgy – Rozz-Tox, 2108 Third Ave., Dustin Lynch – Mississippi Valley Molly Durnin – The J Bar, 4215 Elmore
Resort Rhythm Room, 7077 Elmore Ridge IL – Tomb (8pm) – Rolling Thunder Rock Island IL Fairgrounds, 2815 W. Locust St, Ave., Davenport IA
Ave., Davenport IA Extinguish the Sun – Mishandled (10pm) – Downtown Davenport IA Other Brothers Blues – Flatted Fifth Davenport IA Run-on Sunshine – Maggie5 –
Western Den & Honeysuckle – The – Sin Thetic – Gabe’s, 330 E. Andrew Weathers – Tree Branch Blues & BBQ, 300 Potter Dr., Bellevue Nautica the Great – Rozz-Tox, 2108
Redstone Room, 129 Main St,
Davenport IA
Washington St., Iowa City IA
Karl Beatty (11am) – Baked Beer
Twig – Harrison Phillis – Venereal
Crush – Rozz-Tox, 2108 Third Ave.,
QC Metalfest: Lord Giver (2:20pm) WEDNESDAY 2 Third Ave., Rock Island IL

Within the Grey – Autumn Rove & Bread Co., 1113 Mound St., Rock Island IL – Rezinator (2:50pm) – Post AD 6th Annual Taste of Jazz: The
– The Mamiltons – RIBCO, 1815 Davenport IA Angela Meyer – Baked Beer & Bread (3:20pm) – Crater (3:50pm) – RiverCity 6 (6pm) – Grumpy’s
Second Ave., Rock Island IL The Knockoffs (4pm) – Parkside Grill Co., 1113 Mound St., Davenport IA Upon the Death Horse (4:20pm) Saloon, 2120 E 11th St, Davenport IA
& Lounge, 2307 5th Ave, Moline IL Bettendorf Park Band Favorite’s

SATURDAY 22 Steve Morris: Have Drums, Will
Travel (2pm) – Len Brown’s North
Concert – Bill Bowe Memorial
Bandshell, Middle Park, Bettendorf
Bobby Ray Bunch & Brad Love Shore Inn, 700 N. Shore Dr., Moline IL IA
(4pm) – Mississippi River Distilling Catfish Keith – The Mill, 120 E.
Company, 303 N. Cody Rd., LeClaire
IA MONDAY 24 Burlington St., Iowa City IA
Earth Ascending – RIBCO, 1815
Brother Sun Sister Moon – Flatted Coupe De Ville – Moline Township Second Ave., Rock Island IL
Fifth Blues & BBQ, 300 Potter Dr., Activity Center, 620 18th St., Moline Frankie Joe & Kinfolk (6pm) –
Bellevue IA IL Creekside Vineyards Winery & Inn,
Carrie Newcomer – Drew Nelson – 7505 120th Ave., Coal Valley IL
Indian Creek Nature Center, 5300
Otis Rd SE, Cedar Rapids IA TUESDAY 25 Goddamn Gallows – Acoustic
Guillotine – Porchburner – Gabe’s,
Code 415 – Generations Bar & Grill, Adam Ezra Group – CSPS/Legion Arts, 330 E. Washington St., Iowa City IA
4100 4th Ave., Moline IL 1103 3rd St SE, Cedar Rapids IA Greg & Rich Acoustic Duo – Isle
Coyote – Captain Gravitone – Boat From the Arc – Three Finger Betty Casino Hotel Bettendorf, 1777 Isle
Motor – Iowa City Yacht Club, 13 S – The Sleepover – Gabe’s, 330 E. Parkway, Bettendorf IA
Linn St, Iowa City IA Washington St., Iowa City IA Hello Weekend Band – Riverside
Devin Clemons Band – Rhythm City Tuesday Live @ Five: The Dirty Casino and Golf Resort, 3184
Casino Resort Rhythm Room, 7077 Revival – RME Courtyard, 131 W. Highway 22, Riverside IA
Elmore Ave., Davenport IA 2nd St., Davenport IA High Top Fade – 11th Street Precinct,
Doug Brundies Big Acoustic Show – 1107 Mound St., Davenport IA
Baked Beer & Bread Co., 1113 Mound
St., Davenport IA WEDNESDAY 26 Jordan Danielsen (5pm) – Wide River
Winery - LeClaire, 106 N. Cody Rd.,
Gaelynn Lea – Ben De La Cour – Burlington Street Bluegrass Band – LeClaire IA
Johnnie Cluney – Daytrotter, 324 The Mill, 120 E. Burlington St., Iowa Kid & Nic – Rhythm City Casino Resort
Brady St., Davenport IA City IA Rhythm Room, 7077 Elmore Ave.,
The Generations! Band – Rivertown The Goddamn Gallows – RIBCO, 1815 Davenport IA The Knockoffs @ Parkside Grill & Lounge - July 23
18 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 939 • July 20 - August 2, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •

Jams/Open Mics
Karaoke Night – Thirsty’s on Third,
2202 W. Third St., Davenport IA
Cross Creek Karaoke – Hey Bryan’s, Karaoke Night – V.F.W. Post 9128, 2814 Karaoke Monday w/ Pierced
1140 15th Ave., Moline IL State St., Bettendorf IA Productions – Grumpy’s Saloon,
Cross Creek Karaoke (July 27) – Jim’s Karaoke Night w/ Mike Matthews 2120 E. 11th St., Davenport IA
Knoxville Tap, 8716 Knoxville Rd., – Hollar’s Bar & Grill, 4050 27th St., Open Mic w/ J. Knight – The Mill, 120 E.
Milan IL Moline IL Burlington St., Iowa City IA
DJ Night w/ 90s Music – Thirsty’s on Open Mic Coffeehouse (July 21) – First Say Anything Karaoke – Gabe’s, 330 E.
Third, 2202 W. Third St., Davenport IA Lutheran Church, 1600 20th St., Rock Washington St., Iowa City IA
Karaoke Night – Bier Stube Moline, 415 Island IL

15th St., Moline IL Soulshake – Gabe’s, 330 E. Washington
Karaoke w/ Double Dz – Purgatory’s St., Iowa City IA
Pub, 2104 State St., Bettendorf IA Karaoke Night w/ Okeedokee It’s
Open Mic w/ H.C. Wallace – Boots,
2228 East 11th St., Davenport IA
SATURDAYS Karaoke – Lynn’s BBQ & Saloon, 1151
E. Iowa St., Eldridge IA
Rock the House Karaoke – Bottoms Cross Creek Karaoke – Jim’s Knoxville Open Mic Night – Broken Saddle, 1417
Up on 7th, 1814 Seventh St., Moline IL Tap, 8716 Knoxville Rd., Milan IL Fifth Ave., Moline IL
Thumpin’ Thursdays DJ Night – DJ Dolla – RIDRS, 1722 Second Ave., Open Mic Night – Cool Beanz
Rascals Live, 1414 15th St., Moline IL Rock Island IL Coffeehouse, 1325 330th St., Rock
The Great American Dance Party Island IL

featuring DJ Floydstir (July 29) Tuesday Blues Jam w/ Mark Avey
– Village Theatre, 2113 E. 11th St., & “Detroit” Larry Davison –
Cabana Karaoke Night – Cabana’s, Davenport IA Cabana’s, 2120 Fourth Ave., Rock
2120 Fourth Ave., Rock Island IL Karaoke Night – The Grove Tap, 108 S. Island IL
Cross Creek Karaoke – Firehouse First St., Long Grove IA Underground Open Mic w/ Kate
Bar & Grill, 2006 Hickory Grove Rd., Karaoke Night – K & T’s Bike Rack Kane – Iowa City Yacht Club, 13 S.
Davenport IA Sports Bar & Grill, 3303 Brady St., Linn St., Iowa City IA
DJ Dolla – RIDRS, 1722 Second Ave., Davenport IA

Rock Island IL Karaoke Night – Miller Time Bowling,
DJ K Yung – Barrel House Moline, 1321 2902 E. Kimberly Rd., Davenport IA
Fifth Ave., Moline IL Karaoke Night – Roadrunners Hump Day Wing & Sing w/ Marybeth
DJ Lacey – Hawkeye Tap Sports Roadhouse, 3803 Rockingham Rd., – Hawkeye Tap Sports Bar N Grill,
Bar N Grill, 4646 Cheyenne Ave., Davenport IA 4646 Cheyenne Ave., Davenport IA
Davenport IA Karaoke Night – Thirsty’s on Third, Karaoke Night – 11th Street Precinct,
DJ Alex (July 28, 5pm) – Mercado on 2202 W. Third St., Davenport IA 1107 Mound St., Davenport IA
Fifth, Fifth Ave. between 11th & 12th Karaoke Night w/ Jim Harker – Karaoke Night – Circle Tap, 1345 West
Sts., Moline IL Hollar’s Bar & Grill, 4050 27th St., Locust St., Davenport IA
Fresh Wax: Slow Dance w/ Bob Moline IL Karaoke Night – RIBCO, 1815 Second
Herington (July 21, 9pm) – Rozz- Old-Time Gospel-Music Jam (July 22, Ave., Rock Island IL
Tox, 2108 Third Ave., Rock Island IL 3pm) – Uptown Bill’s Coffee House, Karaoke Night – Thirsty’s on Third,
Karaoke Night – Circle Tap, 1345 West 730 S. Dubuque St., Iowa City IA 2202 W. Third St., Davenport IA
Locust St., Davenport IA Twisted Mics Music & Entertainment Open Jam w/ The Channel Cats – Bent
Karaoke Night – The Grove Tap, 108 S. – Barrel House Moline, 1321 Fifth River Brewing Company, 512 24th St.
First St., Long Grove IA Ave., Moline IL Rock Island IL
Karaoke Night – K & T’s Bike Rack Open Mic Night – Boozie’s Bar & Grille,
Sports Bar & Grill, 3303 Brady St.,
Davenport IA
SUNDAYS 114 1/2 W. Third St., Davenport IA
Open Mic Night (July 26, 5:30pm)
Karaoke Night – Miller Time Bowling, Karaoke Night – 11th Street Precinct, – Milltown Coffee, 3800 River Dr.,
2902 E. Kimberly Rd., Davenport IA 1107 Mound St., Davenport IA Moline IL
Karaoke Night – Roadrunners Open Mic Night (5pm) – Lynn’s BBQ &
Roadhouse, 3803 Rockingham Rd., Saloon, 1151 E. Iowa St., Eldridge IA
Davenport IA


Bix Beiderbomb Presents (8pm) Circumstantial Comedy Show Christine Stedman (8pm) –
– Stand-up Open Mic (9pm) – (10pm) – BREW, 1104 Jersey Ridge Penguin’s Comedy Club, 208
Boozie’s Bar & Grille, 114 ½ W. Third Rd., Davenport IA Second Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids IA
St., Davenport IA ComedySportz (7pm) – The
Bobby Ray Bunch (8:30pm) – The
Grape Life Wine Store & Lounge, MONDAY 24 Establishment, 220 19th St., Rock
Island IL
3402 Elmore Ave., Davenport IA Honeycombs of Comedy (9pm) – Studio Series: Stand Up Showcase
ComedySportz (7pm) – The Iowa City Yacht Club, 13 S. Linn St., w/ Reena Calm (9:30pm) – The
Establishment, 220 19th St., Rock Iowa City IA Establishment, 220 19th St., Rock
Island IL Island IL
Dave Landau (8pm) – Penguin’s
Comedy Club, 208 Second Ave. SE,
Cedar Rapids IA Comedy Open Mic (7:30pm) – SUNDAY 30
Speakeasy’s Laugh Hard (8pm) – Penguin’s Comedy Club, 208 Circumstantial Comedy Show
Circa ’21 Speakeasy, 1818 Third Second Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids IA (10pm) – BREW, 1104 Jersey Ridge
Ave., Rock Island IL Rd., Davenport IA
Studio Series: Shakespeared!
(9:30pm) – The Establishment, 220
19th St., Rock Island IL Bix Beiderbomb Presents (8pm) MONDAY 31
– Stand-up Open Mic (9pm) – Honeycombs of Comedy (9pm) –

SATURDAY 22 Boozie’s Bar & Grille, 114 ½ W. Third
St., Davenport IA
Iowa City Yacht Club, 13 S. Linn St.,
Iowa City IA
ComedySportz (7pm) – The Christine Stedman (8pm) –
Establishment, 220 19th St., Rock
Island IL
Penguin’s Comedy Club, 208
Second Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids IA WEDNESDAY 2
Dave Landau (8pm) – Penguin’s ComedySportz (7pm) – The Comedy Open Mic (7:30pm) –
Comedy Club, 208 Second Ave. SE, Establishment, 220 19th St., Rock Penguin’s Comedy Club, 208
Cedar Rapids IA Island IL Second Ave. SE, Cedar Rapids IA
Studio Series: Nocturne Falls Studio Series: Dope Dojo (9:30pm)
(9:30pm) – The Establishment, 220 – The Establishment, 220 19th St.,
19th St., Rock Island IL Rock Island IL
Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know • River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 939 • July 20 - August 2, 2017 19
COVER STORY Continued From Page 6
By Jeff Ignatius

Finally, a Home for Bix GEE-WHIZ · July 20, 2017 July 6 Answers: Page 16

Bix’s work, honoring him, or influenced by musicians said that. ... He didn’t take good
him to movie and festival posters showing care of his health. ... If you’re not in good
his reach far beyond the 28 years of his life. health to begin with, and run down, and
“The story of Bix Beiderbecke, sometimes not eating, [and] drinking ... .”
quietly, is still very special to a lot of people Bix’s alcoholism is well-documented and
around the world,” he said. unavoidable, but his acolytes have tended
From there, the exhibit travels chrono- to dismiss other potentially problematic
logically through Bix’s life, starting with aspects of his life.
his Davenport home and family and There are stories of regular marijuana
moving through the various stages of his use that, depending on the source, are
professional career to his death from pneu- either established fact or total bunk. (The
monia in Queens, New York. It includes Quad-City Times in 2003: “Bix historian
separate sections for his time with the Rich Johnson, trying to track down those
Wolverine Orchestra, at Hudson Lake, with rumors of Bix’s drug usage, has done exten-
Jean Goldkette’s ensemble, and with the sive research on the subject. ‘Nowhere, not
Paul Whiteman Orchestra. from anyone who knew him, not from any
The museum will include ambient Bix reports, was Bix known to smoke mari-
music – a loop running 45 minutes to an juana or take any kind of narcotics.’”)
hour, Hines said – and tunes will also And his 1921 arrest that was either
accompany a half-dozen films by Lisa Ryan a source of shame for Beiderbecke that
in a touch-screen display with headphones. might have contributed to his alcohol
Two other pieces of video – each running abuse (according to the previously men-
about two minutes – will be available in tioned Commentary article) or completely
motion-activated displays. One is a home without merit (according to Haim’s
movie showing Bix on the road with the Web site, which
Goldkette orchestra, which Hines said proclaims: “The charges were dismissed:
includes “images of 1920s America.” The Bix is innocent.”)
ACROSS 80. Gather into clusters 37. _ Piper
other is film of a Paul Whiteman Orchestra Delving that deeply into Bix’s life is 1. “The More _ _ You” 83. Baseless 38. Miss de Mille
rehearsal, which he said “is the only known probably too much to ask for the museum, 5. Tropical tree 84. Break a sweat 39. At _ (quarreling)
... film clip that shows Bix actually playing which is obviously meant as a celebration 10. Wrong 86. Frailty 40. Swiss mathematician
15. Phloem tissue 87. State of stagnation 41. Severe
a cornet.” of a hugely important figure in American 19. Mountain pool 89. Commedia dell’_ 43. Recipe direction
music. There are three obvious aims to 20. Loaded 90. _ melba 44. Broccoli piece
Never the Whole Story the Bix Beiderbecke Museum & Archive: 21. Roofed patio
22. Number prefix
92. On the summit of
93. Liveliness
45. Expels
48. Hides worker
Bringing to mind the maxim that his- to explain and underline his importance 23. Hyperbolize 96. Metric measure 50. Havens
tory is written by the victors, it’s clear that to a Quad Cities audience; to become a 25. Hired gun 97. Loss of hair or feathers 52. A life science: Abbr.
27. Settles 101. Fastener: 2 wds. 53. A flower
the organizers of the Bix museum have mecca for his fans from around the world, 28. Plainsong 103. Leeway: 2 wds. 54. Lamellae
a version of his story they want to tell. many of whom come to the festival; and to 30. Fourscore and ten 105. Pisa’s river 57. _ cannon
31. Regretted 106. Pilot’s “OK” 58. Two-seat vehicle
“We’re trying to get truth, not fiction,” change the narrative about his family. 32. Worship 107. “_ _ Grows in Brooklyn” 60. “_ Well That Ends Well”
Bowers said. “I was relying on them [museum orga- 33. Deposit in a mine 108. Diminutive suffix 62. Belief system
“Bix’s life story sometimes we felt was nizers] to offer cues about the elements of 34. Obelisk, in printing 109. Check 63. Montana town
37. Drop 110. Loop in a lariat 64. Warship’s lowest deck
not accurately portrayed,” Schaefer added, the story ... ,” Hines explained. “An exhibit 38. Halos 111. Raises 65. _ _ Janeiro
noting in particular his relationship with like this is never the whole story. ... You 42. Concerning: 2 wds. 112. Pricey 66. Zola or Durkheim
his family. While it’s true that Bix’s family have to choose the degree of detail. You 43. Disreputable lawyer 67. Sew
46. Away DOWN 68. Oval windows
initially disapproved of his choice of a jazz- have to put a little fence around this.” 47. Mallard genus 1. Cerebral aqueduct 69. Tunnels
music career, it was ultimately supportive And the museum tells a story that many 48. Student 2. Old French marshal 72. Tidal bore
49. Clair de _ 3. Times 73. Get to
and proud of him – something the museum people will relate to, he added: “There’s a 50. Impertinent look 4. Stuffs 77. Battle of retailers: 2 wds.
will show in part through the volume of timelessness to it, of youth, of creativity, of the 51. Calendar abbr. 5. Ingenious 78. Like an infant
material that family members kept. razzle-dazzle of New York City ... . The tragic 52. More spartan 6. Kind of seal 80. Time of year
53. Dishonest ones 7. Lupino and McKinley 81. Medieval guitar
Not having seen the finished exhibit, sides are there, but the real joy is, also. And a 55. Golden- _ 8. Money at risk 82. _ Rachel Wood
it’s impossible for me to say the degree to lot of that joy was, clearly, in his family and 56. A cosmetic 9. Speaker’s offering 85. Mesopotamian king
58. Sweet or savory items 10. Place of sacrifice 87. Scarves
which the Bix Beiderbecke Museum & his home there in Davenport.” 59. Barracks in a garrison town 11. French river 88. Small shark
Archive will present its subject as a com- 61. “Lorna _” 12. First: Abbr. 90. South and ski
plex human being. But the organizers – as The Bix Beiderbecke Museum & Archive will 62. Sword sticks 13. Sink 91. _ nous
63. Farm machine 14. Man of Milano 92. Rags-to-riches author
fans and advocates of Bix – are naturally open to the public on Monday, July 24, in 64. MLB player 15. Java neighbor 93. Nova
likely to cast him in the best possible light. the basement of the River Music Experience 66. Co-founder of Dadaism 16. Ne plus ultra 94. Stoma
Bowers, for example, downplayed the (129 Main Street, Davenport). The museum 67. Vodka cocktail 17. Right now! 95. Fire: Comb. form
70. Fixes 18. Fashionable 96. Like fast food orders: 2 wds.
role that alcohol might have played in will be open weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5 71. Rectify 24. Sizing ingredient 97. City in India
Bix’s death, saying that he might have p.m., and adult admission is $5. 73. Is worthy of 26. Downy duck 98. Pigeon coop
74. Old French coin 29. Arizona tribe 99. Jot
been an undiagnosed diabetic. “I think 75. Seating area 32. Transform 100. Yank: Abbr.
Bix had other things wrong with him that For more information on the museum, visit 76. _ -memoire 33. Semi-automatic pistol 102. Scary yell
helped contribute to his death,” she said. 77. Gadflies 34. Lane or Ladd 104. Follower: Suffix
78. Paint carelessly 35. Bug
“He drank, he didn’t eat properly. All the 79. Pindaric 36. Cemetery worker
20 River Cities’ Reader • Vol. 24 No. 939 • July 20 - August 2, 2017 Business • Politics • Arts • Culture • Now You Know •


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