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5 August 2010

California Edition

Calendar UCI, Stanford Take A Bite Of Apple

Medical Schools Issue iPads to First-Year Students
August 5-6
Apple, Inc. made a name for itself in the The iPad’s embrace by a tradition-
1980s by trying to place its early models of bound and conservative institution such
7-)F+!8-*-4(0-!=-;)26!S(4!Z/)5-@![/22! personal computers in public schools as a medical school less than four months
<->1+!-4!;3)!/GE2)G)4;(;/-4!-<!4)D;! throughout the nation. It may wind up after its public release suggests its
5)4)*(;/-4!G)0/>(2!G(4(5)G)4;!;(>;/>+@! having the same influence on medical capabilities are a perfect fit with the
H\\JKH$6]\J@ education. needs of students, who are bombarded
Stanford University and UC Irvine with huge reading lists and graphic-
medical schools announced this week they intensive lectures.
3;;ENOOFFF@-E(2).)4;+@-*5O would be the first such institutions in the Clayman noted that in addition to
>-4<)*)4>)3;G2O"#$#O United States to integrate Apple’s iPad into making all required textbooks available
its everyday teaching. The universities through the device, podcasts, slides and
provided the devices to students on their videos of lectures would also be streamed
August 18 “white coat day,” the traditional first day of through the iPads, helping to reinforce the
classes. mass of information students must digest.
Stanford students received a slightly “The idea is that this should allow the
93)!:1;1*)!-<!=)(2;3>(*)!(40!?)&-40@! fancier iPad with 32 gigabytes of storage student literally to carry the entire
?1*%(4A!B(**/-;;6!?1*%(4A@!93)!8(2/<-*4/(! and wireless Internet access. The UCI curriculum in the pocket of his and her
*)<-*G!F/22!(<<)>;!/;+!/401+;*&@!HIJKH"##@ students received a 16-gigabyte version white coat,” Clayman observed. “If I give
with both access on wi-fi and 3G. The iPad a lecture to a group of students and go
L)5/+;)*!M42/4)N issued by UCI will contain all the books the back and ask questions a week later, 15%
first-year students need for their studies, to 20% will remember the information – if
:))+@(+EDU)V#W>JXYJIKYYY#KWX>$K(JW<K free of charge for a year. it’s a great lecture. The beauty of the iPad
0J<<)J#(0W(X “I am hoping this is right,” said UCI is that there is 100% retention and 100%
Medical School Dean Ralph V. Clayman, recall of the items.”
M.D. He made the decision to introduce The purchases of the iPads and ebooks
September 22-24 the multimedia device to students after for 104 incoming students cost about
studying iPads owned by friends and $100,000, subsidized by outside
colleagues. “The pages turned nicely, the philanthropy, according to Clayman.
B)0/>(2!Z).)2-EG)4;!SE)>/(2/+;+!C441(2! illustration and colors were phenomenal. No other medical schools in the U.S.
=)(2;3>(*)!8-4<)*)4>)@!P4>-*)!(;![&44! With the proper implementation, we can have or are planning to the use the iPad in
=-;)26!7(+!Q)5(+@!Z/+>1++/-4!-<!3-F! have...all the books in medical school its curriculum, according to a
*)<-*G!F/22!(<<)>;!;3)!).-21;/-4!-<!;3)! curriculum right at their fingertips,” he
HY\JKH$6$\J@! said.
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Top Placement... iPads (Continued from Page One)

Bottomless Potential
spokesperson with the American An Apple spokesperson declined
Association of Medical Colleges, the comment on Stanford and UCI’s decisions.
Advertise primary trade group for the nation’s The UCI initiative was put together
(877) 248-2360, ext. 2 medical schools. However, most medical and funded so quickly that decisions have
schools require students use laptop yet to be made about whether medical
computers, according to the AAMC. school students other than freshmen will
Stanford officials were unavailable to receive iPads, or if the curriculum will be
In Brief comment on its decision, which will be
publicly announced by the university
placed on the devices after the first year.
Clayman said the direction the program
today. A blog entry on the Stanford School will take will likely be decided based on
of Medicine website earlier this week said student and faculty feedback.
“The iPad allows students to view and There’s also the question of the
CDPH: Whooping annotate course content electronically, device’s longevity. Although it is supplied
facilitating advance preparation as well as to the students within a padded cover, it is
Cough Cases Continue
in-class note-taking in a highly portable, such a new product that there is not yet
To Grow sharable and searchable format.” The use any reliable data on its lifespan,
of the iPad will also cut down on the particularly in an academic environment.
consumption of paper, in line with the Clayman noted that several spare
Cases of pertussis, better known as
whooping cough, are up six-fold in university’s green initiative. iPads will be available at the student
California from a year ago, and In addition to its medical students, bookstore in case replacements or loaners
show no signs of slowing down. Stanford also issued iPads to first-year are needed. “I”m trusting that they’re
According to the California students earning a master’s degree in durable,” he said.
Department of Public Health, there
have been 2,174 cases reported so medicine.
far this year, compared to 349
reported in the first seven months
of 2009. The infection rate is the
highest in a half-century, according
to CDPH officials. There have been
Net Up, Growth Down At Health Net
seven reported deaths.
The largest number of cases have
Reports Higher Earnings, But Enrollment Still Down
been among infants in rural and
semi-rural counties. Fresno, Marin
and San Luis Obispo Counties Woodland Hills-based Health Net continued “We are very pleased with our solid
account for a third of all cases
its strategy of maximizing earnings from an second quarter 2010 results which were
CDPH is recommending that pre- enrollment base that continues to shrink driven primarily by favorable commercial
adolescents children receive during a steep recession. healthcare cost trends,” said Jay Gellert,
vaccinations or booster shots The insurer posted net income of $45.1 Health Net’s chief executive ofcer. “We
against the disease. . million for the quarter ending June 30, up continue to invest to reduce general and
11.4% from the second quarter of 2009, for administrative expenses in light of healthcare
earnings of 45 cents per share. Excluding the reform, our lower cost products are growing,
Molina Healthcare loss taken on the sale of its operations in the and our balance sheet is well-positioned
Northeast, earnings were 61 cents per share. with strong cash and a solid reserve
Helps Keep Kids Analysts had projected 55 cents per share. position.”
Program Afloat Revenue was $3.4 billion, down 14.2% Health Net trimmed expenses by $500
from the $4 billion reported in the second million compared to the year-ago quarter.
Long Beach-based Molina Healthcare quarter of 2009. Meanwhile, total enrollment in its health
has loaned $500,000 to keep the
California Childrens Academy
operating until the lawmakers are able
to hammer out a state budget.
The CCA provides services to
working-class and low-income
children at 18 locations throughout
Los Angeles County. It has more than Expert Healthcare Communications
200 employees, and was in danger of
ceasing operations without additional
cash. !White Papers !Media Campaigns !Newsletters

(818) 848-8510

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Longer ALOS!* Health Net (Continued from Page One)

Advertise plans has shrunk to just under 3 million, down lower-cost products were up nearly 9%.
from 3.6 million in the year-ago quarter, a Company ofcials say the enrollment
(877) 248-2360, ext. 2 decrease of 16.7%. Medi-Cal enrollment was drops were caused by the weak economic
up 50,000, to 877,000. environment.
*For our ads, not your hospital
In California, Health Net’s largest market, Nonetheless, Health Net raised its full-
overall commercial enrollment has declined year guidance from $2.07 a share to $2.17 a
7.8%, to 2.38 million from 2.58 million in the share due to what it called “favorable
In Brief second quarter of 2009. However, sales of business trends.”

“I can't begin to describe how

Dr. Keith Richman Passes Away
much that meant to us,” said CCA
executive director K.C. Brown.
Editorial Board Member Had Been FIghting Cancer
In a prepared statement, Molina,
which is the state’s largest Medi-Cal
managed care insurer, noted that a Keith S. Richman, M.D., a founding member from UCLA.
variety of not-for-prot organizations of the Payers & Providers editorial board, died A moderate Republican who often
heavily reliant on revenues from state July 30 at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical rankled his colleagues for cooperating with
programs are in danger of shutting
down due to the budget impasse. Center. He had been battling brain cancer Democrats and criticizing the role of special
“Organizations that are essential in since early 2009. interest groups, Richman was among the more
the community are in nancial distress The 56-year-old Richman had a passionate defenders of pension reform. In
and seeking nancing to meet their distinguished medical and political career, co- 2004, he proposed private management of
basic operating expenses until the
founding the Lakeside Community Health pension funds. In 2006, he made an
State budget is passed,” said Steve
O'Dell, a Molina regional vice Care medical group in unsuccessful bid for
president and chairman of the CCA’s Glendale, and serving treasurer, losing to Claude
board. three terms as an Parrish in the primary. He
Assemblyman representing more recently backed an
the 38th District in the San unsuccessful attempt to get
Fernando and Santa Clarita a pension reform measure
Kaiser Grants $13 Valleys between 2001 and on the November 2010
2007. ballot. He was a co-founder
Million to Community
Richman also held a of the California Foundation
Organizations singularly unique for Fiscal Responsibility,
accomplishment: the only which continues to
elected mayor of the San advocate on pension reform.
Oakland-based Kaiser Permanente
provided $13 million in Fernando Valley – and one Richman returned to
community grants to more than of the rare candidates to Lakeside after leaving the
700 organizations during the ever win two elections on Assembly and helped
second quarter of 2010. The grants the same ballot. engineer several mergers
were focused on fighting childhood
obesity, expanding access to However, Richman’s with other regional medical
healthy foods and providing 2002 victory over eight groups, as well as a strategic
healthcare to the uninsured. other candidates was tied relationship with
Recipients in California Keith Richman, M.D.
to the region successfully Providence Health’s
included $100,000 to the state’s
seceding from the rest of Los California division.
WIC Association to help women
and infant children have access to Angeles. It was a referendum simultaneously Richman is survived by his wife Suzan;
healthier food choices. rejected by voters citywide even as Richman daughters Dina Richman and Rachel Richman
“We are committed to won the mayoral contest and reelection to his Gordon; brothers David and Craig and sister
working with our community Assembly seat. Marla, and parents Monroe and Esther
partners to eliminate health
disparities and to help people get Richman was born in upstate New York, Richman.
through this recession healthy,” but his family relocated to the San Fernando A private funeral service was held on Aug.
said Raymond J. Baxter, Kaiser’s Valley when he was a young child. He 4. The Richman family asks that donations be
senior vice president of community attended Birmingham High School in Van made to the Providence Holy Cross Capital
benefit, research and health policy.
Nuys and then UC Davis, where he was a Campaign, P.O. Box 9600, Mission Hills,
standout baseball pitcher and was enshrined California 91346-9600, or Pet Orphans of
at its sports hall of fame. He later received his Southern California, 7720 Gloria Avenue, Van
medical degree and a master’s in public health Nuys, California 91406.

Payers & Providers OPINION Page 4

The Reasonableness of Keith Richman
'(&)*+!,!'*-./0)*+!/+! The Late Physician And Politician Will Be Sorely Missed
778?!@4!(441(2!/40/./01(2! My relationship with Dr. Keith Richman issues. Despite my hammer-and-sickle
+1%+A*/=B/-4!/+!CDD!(!&)(*! began relatively late in his life, when his political views, we actually had a lot in
EC$FD!/4!%12GH?!;B!/+!0)2/.)*)0! marvelous communications consultant common. Keith and I both grew up in the
%&!)I:(/2!(+!(!'JK! Bonnie Goodman set up a lunch meeting Valley and both graduated from Birmingham
(BB(A3:)4B6!-*!(+!(4!)2)AB*-4/A! in late 2008. High. We had a very cordial discussion, one
4)L+2)BB)*? I had written an article about Keith’s based on immediate mutual respect.
return to the medical group he had Indeed, if any dressing down occurred
founded, Lakeside Community during that lunch, Gov. Arnold
@22!(0.)*B/+/456!+1%+A*/%)*!(40! Healthcare. He had been termed out of Schwarzenegger was on the receiving end.
his seat in the Assembly in 2006 and had “He’s always trying to be everyone’s friend,”
EOPPH!"FOI"<Q# just lost the Republication Keith grumbled.
/4R-S=(&)*+(40=*-./0)*+?A-: nomination for state Treasurer In short, I had a lot of fun.
– both facts duly noted in my A few months later, I founded
T(/2/45!(00*)++N story. Payers & Providers. Keith was
O$O!U?!V-22&L--0!W(&6!X1/B)!Y I was told Keith wanted to a logical candidate to sit on
Y1*%(4G6!8@!D$Z#Z discuss my coverage a little the editorial board.
more in depth. I was also Despite having already been
under the impression he diagnosed with brain cancer,
wasn’t terribly pleased with Keith immediately accepted
what had been reported. my offer.
K(A)%--G I rarely get invited out for His first and only piece in
LLL?R(A)%--G?A-:[=(&)*+=*-./0)*+ lunch by c-suite level execs Payers & Providers – on
>L/BB)* or successful politicians (or keeping healthcare costs down
LLL?BL/BB)*?A-:[=(&)*+=*-./0)*+ in this case, both) whether in a post-reform environment –
supposedly testy or not. So I By helped make it one of the most
accepted. widely-read issues of the publication.
\0/B-*/(2!Y-(*0 Our lunch meeting took place on a However, I didn’t want to push Keith.
ridiculously cold and rainy day, with Shinkman He had other things to do, and fleeting
XB).)4!>?!9(2)4B/4)6!'*)+/0)4B6! the temperature hovering in the 40s. I time to spend with his family. I called
>3)!8(:0)4!]*-1= wore a black trench coat I bought during him a couple of more times, but he was
the time I had spent time traveling in the usually in a meeting, still trying to still get
^-++!]-20%)*56!83(/*:(4!-R!B3)! Midwest, but is useless in Los Angeles. something done. His time ran out on Friday.
Perhaps I thought it would make me He was only 56.
resemble a 1920’s bootlegger – and impart That lunch was the only time I spent in
\2(/4)!Y(BA32-*6!T?J?6!83/)R! the illusion I was intimidating, rather than person with Keith, but nonetheless I’m
T)0/A(2!_RR/A)*6!7?@?!8(*)!V)(2B3! the type of Democrat who if branded a tearing up as I write this. I’ve known far too
'2(4! Socialist could not make terribly outraged many people in recent years who have
denials to the contrary. suffered from cancer. I sometimes wonder
`)/B3!^/A3:(46!T?J?6!\a)A1B/.)! Keith drove Bonnie and myself to lunch who or will be the next victim, and what will
9/A)!'*)+/0)4B6!7(G)+/0)! in his decade-old Dodge. Instead of going be the final outcome.
8-::14/B&!V)(2B3A(*) to some of the fancy places I have had I also wonder what it would have been
business lunches, we went to BJs. It’s like like to have had another lunch with Keith,
Fridays, but with none of the glamour. perhaps on a sunny day when all is right
@++-A/(B/-4!-R!X-1B3)*4!8(2/R-*4/( Although a Republican, Keith held with the world, absent other pressing
values vastly closer to Eisenhower than matters, with nothing ahead but more time to
V)4*&!7-1%)B6!83/)R!XB*(B)5&! Reagan’s or Bush’s. He also had an talk and learn.
_RR/A)*6!`))4(4 understated sense of humor, having late in
his Assembly career introduced a Ron Shinkman is the publisher of Payers &
'1%2/+3)*[\0/B-*I/4I83/)R resolution insisting that Pluto remain a Providers.
planet. And he wasn’t angry with me.
Our conversation naturally gravitated
)0/B-*S=(&)*+(40=*-./0)*+?A-: Op-ed submissions of up to 600 words are
toward politics. We talked about
welcomed. Please e-mail proposals to
Proposition 13, the supermajority required, or call (877)
in the Legislature to raise taxes, and other 248-2360, ext. 3.

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quarterly audits, working with internal and external staff to correct performance
deciencies, identifying internal areas for improvement, serving as the compliance
contact with Plan Partners for member grievance oversight, provider services oversight,
and interpreting CMS/SNP Program requirements for L.A. Care. ! Additionally, this
individual is a resource to internal staff on compliance matters relating to CMS/SNP
standards, including, but not limited to, marketing materials, grievances and appeals,
member rights issues, and claims adjudication.! Responsible for performing internal
audits, monitoring for implementation of corrective measures, and interpretation of
CMS requirements. !Working knowledge of federal and state requirements is required,
as well as highly developed analytical skills and excellent verbal and written
communication skills.!

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