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Ryan Jay Sioc Grade XII STEM


Poetry can be defined as a literature in a metrical form or a composition

forming rhythmic lines. While a poem is something that follows a particular flow
of rhythm and meter. Poem definitely portrays a story, where you would clearly
notice the flow of the story by its playful words which follows a particular flow of
rhythm and meter. By this rhythm, words let you feel the true happenings and the
essence of the story.
Mayon! Ayon sa alamat, lason ng pana ni Pagtuga ang lumikha sa bulkang
libingan. In this activity speech choir, it brings us to the new world or to the world
where the story happened and it helped us to explore and to know the the main
story behind the poem Mayon by Kristian Serdon Cordero. It is so weird to act the
words literally without understanding what really is the main thought of those
words. But before we did the activity we read the poem about Mayon, lusaw na tae
is not that dirty as you think. It may appears to be a crazy word but its not.
Lusaw na tae describes a lava into more specific way, where they can express the
main thought that they wanted to. The performance task enables us to bring the
happenings in the poem, the meaning, and feelings behind those words.
Lusaw na tae seems to be a distracting word for other people. It may
appear as a jargon, but if you would really understand the phrase it extracts a
meaning that describes a lava. Not all phrase that sounds like that would contain a
meaning that portrays different thoughts in your mind. A poem follows a particular
rhythm where they play with words and give excitement on those rhythms.
Filipinos are so artistic in making poems, they really love to play with words and
they really love to express words into different way of describing it.
Poetry combines auditory and visual sensory materials with our memories to
provide us with a feeling, mood or idea. It seeks for the truth to make connections
that are deeper and more meaningful to the reader. Words are so meaningful, a
simple words could extract millions of meanings and feelings. Taking you to
another place in a way that prose cant do.
Ryan Jay Sioc Grade XII STEM


Kartilya or The Katipunan code of conduct served as the guidebook for new
members of the organization, which laid out the group's rules and principles. It
reveals the codes that a member should take into realization. In effect that who
would enter the Katipunan, will have an absolute faith and thoughts on the aims
and rules that has been established. The Kartilya opens up the mind of every
member for them to discover the true path of reason and enlightenment.
The 10 commandments is having a connection with the Kartilya, they both
give hint on how would things happen if you disobey the rules or the guides.
Kartilya serves a guidebook for the new members of the organization where they
laid out the groups rules and principles. In our house, my father and mother would
always remind us that we should not disobey their rules for we dont still know yet
the happenings in life. They will murmur and be angry with you if you disobey
their simple rules. Our parents guides as on everything, they want the best for us
and they wanted to make our life more meaningful.
The Kartilya seems to be the most respected thing in Katipunan, it
symbolizes everything and its modus is so clear in making a member more
respectful and knowledgeable. Kartilya contains things that informs a man on his
limitations and conducts. It is something that triggers the misconduct of every
Every day we think of what would happen if I will do that? Humans are so
imaginative and could not stop thinking of the possibilities. Respecting and giving
importance of a memorable thing could make your life colorful and meaningful,
good conducts and good manners gives you happiness. Having a colorful and
meaningful life gives you happiness and erases loneliness in your heart. Whatever
they want just respect, because in listening you can gain respect, and be a good
Ryan Jay Sioc Grade XII STEM


Reading belongs to the most important skill that a person must aquire. A
guidance to a better future. Reading helps us to explore the things we didnt know
and to those things we wanted to know. Reading engages our minds to indulge
with the happenings before, and what really happened before we live. Revolution
is a fundamental change in political power or organization structures that takes
place in a relatively short period of time when the population rises up against the
authorities according to Wikipedia. Revolution by the way are the changes
happening in specific area or organization.
Reading is probably the most important thing we must improve to become a
better person and to be knowledgeable. Sometimes we know that we can read but
we are so lazy on reading things that we must read. During our oral recitation, I
thought that the coverage of the recitation will only tackle on the papers that we
have read. In addition, here it is when our teacher asked me a question where it
cant be found in the resources. Then my mind was blank, I dont have any answer
on those question and it is all about the revolution which I forgot to review, and I
answered a wrong information.
Reading really gives a big importance on the things that you need know.
Revolution itself can be revive through readings, we should not underestimate the
our skills in reading because not all people can go into the other world of words
base on our readings. Some people would explore the other world when they take
up drugs.
Reading and revolution does make sense. Through our readings we can
explore and go into the imaginative world of words full of happenings that now a
days they are only just a stories and having an empty proof. Revolution can be
review on reading, word by word we will explore the world, which we wanted to
see. Ignorance will be vanish, indulging our self to something new, giving meaning
on the acts of before and making a wonderful world. Give time on reading, learn to
explore new things by just sitting down, without walking or even running.