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Airtel Information Guide

Installation / Fault Date : 9 th nov

Login ID (Username) :
Password : 15311781
Speed in Your Plan : DSL 649 VALUE COMBO – 256 Kbps

To check Your Connection Speed go to Site
First Level Troubleshooting
If your Internet not working please restart your computer & off / on the modem and wait
2 min. then start.

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Beetel 220BX / 110BX / Wifi Router

(Check your modem LED status)
11 Red LED showing power: - If light not glowing checks your power plug and modem adaptor.
11 Yellow LED-showing Link: - If light is not glowing check the RJ11 cable, Splitter connection
and phone line (if line phone dead contact to phone dept.)

33 Green LED showing data transfer: - If this light not blinking please on / off the modem.
43 Last Green LED showing computer to modem connectivity: -If light not display check
USB / LAN cable. (In XP you can enable the LAN/USB connection)
Errors in modem/ Run time Error
Please Switch Off and Switch on Modem / PC Power
Dynamic IP For Internet Connection

IP - To 254
Subnet -
Gateway -
202.56.230. 54

5. User of WiFi Router must ensure that the security settings (details on our website ) of their “Wifi”
Router have been properly enabled to allow only authentic users. The simplest and the fool proof
method is by inserting MAC no. of your Laptop/ mobile device in the ADSL Wifi Router and allows
using the authorized MAC only.

Dialing Errors (if you configure Internet by Dial-up)

Windows Dial-up Networking Errors:-
• 602/633 Port in use. Port already open. Your modem is being used by another application.
• 619/629 The port was disconnected by the remote machine
• 645 Dial-Up Networking could not complete the connection to the server. Check your configuration
and try the connection again.
• 650 The remote access server is not responding.
• 678/628/721 The server is not responding. The computer you are dialing is not answering; try
again later. There is no answer. PPP Modem Connect Failure
• 691/718/635 Invalid username or password. Access denied because username and/or password is
invalid on the domain. Remote Server could not authenticate the connection or Authentication
Failed. Dial-up networking could not establish a connection; check your password and try again.
• 692 Hardware failure in attached device.
• 780 Dial-Up Networking could not negotiate a compatible set of network protocols you specified in
the Server Type settings. Check your network configuration in the Control Panel and try the
connection again. No PPP Protocols configured.
• 745 An Essential File Is Missing
To Create Email Id Go To Site
Logon to –
• Fill-up the login ID (username) and password then submit
• Click here to create email account.
• You can add Email choose any user name and password, for check our account simply logon your
mail go to site OR Through outlook Express

Outlook Configuration
• Follow these simple instructions to configure your Outlook Express: -
• Open Outlook express
• Click on tools and select Accounts
• On the pop-up window ‘internet accounts’ click on mail tab
• Click on add and select mail, which opens up the internet Wizard
• In the Display Name field type your name
• Click next
• In the internet Email address field, type your Airtel Email address as ('')
• Click next
• In the email server name field, select the following from the drop-down menu:

• M
 y incoming mail server is POP Incoming mail server
• Outgoing mail server
• Click next
• In the internet mail logon field fill the following: ('')
• Type password Click Next Click Finish
• Change your port number for SMTP Port no 465 and POP Port no 995
• Congratulations you have successfully

For usage Checking

11 If you want to check your usage Check through net expert
11 Online bill checking account from airtel site through customer care.

Complaints history

S.No. FTN No. Date Problem Resolution Engineer

Reported Provided Name
1 11483150 9/9/8 Miss.sunita Modemistalled on Prakhar
new pc